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Sonny and Shade (Finished)

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Author Topic: Sonny and Shade (Finished)  (Read 3201 times)
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« Reply #105 on: 27 June, 2008, 06:47:42 am »


Sonic Universe Saga: Chapter 77 – Alternate Continuality

In the other universe, inside the base the others moved around blowing up the copies of Liquid to pieces while they continued to reform. Felicia stabbed one clone through the head with her claws then threw it behind her as Blade jumped up and sliced it in half. Jessica was dodging attacks from one clone when Kyle froze one of its hands. Jessica grabbed the frozen hand and threw the clone to the ground. Adam and the original Liquid were in the air; Adam punched a hole through the creature’s stomach then kicked it in the face, sending it flying back.

Liquid then grabbed Adam’s foot, swung him round and threw him at a water container; he flipped and landed on it. Ruby and Max then landed on it. Max then said, “Don’t worry, we’ll handle this guy.”

“You sure you can take him by your self’s?” Adam asked.

“No sweat, he isn’t so tough.” Max then looked at Ruby. “You ready?”

Ruby nodded. “Let’s bust some heads!” Ruby and Max then surrounded themselves with energy waves then flew towards Liquid. As they approached the creature Liquid turned around and tried to punch Ruby as she flew above the creature’s arm. Max tried to fly kick Liquid who whacked him out the way, then as Ruby spun round and flew back Liquid hit her with the back of its hand then punched her down. Max then kicked it in the head from behind then Ruby flew up and elbowed Liquid in the face.

Max then turned to punch Liquid who flew up and grabbed his leg and threw him at Ruby. Liquid then flew up 15 feet above them and fired a blue beam which Ruby and Max avoided at the last second, the beam then hit a water container and caused a big explosion below. Ruby and Max then fired a beam each of energy which caused a big explosion as it hit Liquid. From the explosion Liquid starting firing small energy blasts which Ruby and Max dodged which destroyed many banisters in the area. Ruby and Max then kicked Liquid in the back and dragged the creature down through one banister.

Liquid then flipped and kicked Ruby, Max then punched Liquid, Liquid then grabbed Max and slammed him into one container then threw him into another. Liquid then landed on one banister as Ruby flew towards the creature. Ruby tried to punch the creature but got her hand stuck inside it, Liquid then wrapped its arms around her and began giving her a bear hug. As Ruby started screaming Nintendude yelled, “Dude! Calm down, killing little girls aren’t cool.” Liquid turned to Nintendude and fired an eye laser which blew up the banister near the platform. Nintendude then ran off.

Suddenly Kevin flew through a wall into the base from outside and sped straight towards Liquid as it turned its head. Kevin then yelled, “Psychic kick!” before kicking Liquid, knocking it back a bit and letting go of Ruby, then spun and yelled, “Psychic punch!” before punching Liquid hard, sending the creature flying through several water containers. Kevin then helped Ruby up. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, thanks.”

“No problem, I was just waiting for the right moment to jump in.”

“A few moments earlier would have been better.” Ruby said before flying off after Liquid. Kyle was a bit below, jumped and kicked one Liquid clone in the head then looked up at Kevin. “Hey, when did you join the super powered side?”

“This morning a few hours ago, I’ve been practicing ever since, and I can say I’m quite decent.”

“Is it good stuff?”

“It sure is.” Kevin said before jumping down then punching one Liquid clone ahead. Alex fired a blast of wind which knocked over several of the clones; Kevin then picked up a large girder using psychokinesis and dropped it on them. Zoom rolled into a ball and went through one clone, bursting it into pieces. Max and Liquid were on a large water container and Max punched Liquid back a few feet. Ruby then landed a few feet behind Liquid.

Liquid flew up slowly while facing the same direction. Ruby and Max took off at the same time, flying up slightly faster and powering up as they flew up. Liquid stopped in the sky, Ruby and Max flew up a bit higher, changed sides and started attacking Liquid head on. Liqiud tried to punch Max as he moved back then tried to swing at Ruby as she flipped and flew up, Max then kicked Liquid in the face, then Ruby kneed Liquid from behind, Max then kicked Liquid’s face. Ruby then joined up with Max and they both punched Liquid in the stomach, making the creature cough up water.

Ruby and Max then quickly moved back, charged up a big beam and fired it, knocking Liquid into a large water container which poured a big amount of water into the area as the water level rose near to where the others were. The other liquid creatures then began to evaporate, shortly after the others left the lab area and started making their way out.

In another room, Nintendude and another figure covered by a black cloak were getting into a small ship as Nintendude said, “Sorry dude, I tried.”

“Well you didn’t try hard enough, I won’t forget this.”

“Yes, boss.”

SA2 ran towards the ship and yelled, “Stickman!” the unknown figure looked at SA2, “You again, I’m in no condition to finish you, we’ll meet again, elite ninja.” Stickman said before the ship took off through the roof. SA2 then ran down another corridor.

Back in the Sonic Universe, Crystal and Amber were jumping from side to side down a long path while blasting robot spiders clinging to the walls. They reached the bottom and walked through a metal door into a wide area with tubes containing purple liqiud, they continued walking and stopped five feet away from David and Yukiko. Yukiko then said, “Well it’s about time, now let’s have some fun.” Before shooting herself up with a fountain of water.

Amber smiled and said, “I’m all about having fun.” Before she flew after her. Crystal then looked at David who shape shifted into a copy of her and got into a fighting stance. David jumped towards her and did a spinning kick which Crystal avoided by moving back then fired a blast of energy which David avoided by flipping to the left and throwing several shuriken at her. Crystal ran while jumping onto tubes then started firing back at David who jumped and ducked while continuing to throw shuriken.

Amber and Yukiko were flying around in the air, shooting blasts of water and fire at each other and destroying tubes while avoiding the blasts. Yukiko fired a large wave of water which Amber dodged, Yukiko then punched her hard from behind, sending her flying and through a wall as Crystal dropped down near the wall. “Hey, Amber, are you oka-” Amber quickly flew out of the hole and punched Yukiko, knocking her into a wall, Amber then pumped her fist into the air.

Yukiko flew out from the hole and summoned two whirlpool’s of water around her then shot them towards Amber who dodged both then threw two waves of fire.Yukiko dodged them by descending as Amber did then and they rushed towards each other, and attacked each other while dodging at the same time. Crystal then fired a blast of energy at Yukiko who jumped out the way, then David did he same towards Amber who kicked it up to the ceiling.

In another area, Mads entered a wide room with bottomless spaces at the sides to see Slasha who was wearing the skin tight dark blue battle suit again. “Hi Mads.” Slasha greeted Mads as he entered. “Let’s continue our game, just like last time.” Slasha said before flying up. Mads shrugged and said, “I don’t seem to have a choice.” Before flying up as well. As Mads flew up Slasha fired a missile down towards him which Mads dodged and it caused a small explosion down below, Slasha then fired three more which Mads dodged two by moving left and right then blasting the third. “Since when do you have missiles?” Mads asked.

“Since I upgraded it a bit, it’s the same as how you have that small cannon strapped to your hand yet it seems invisible when you wear normal clothes.”

“I guess it just wasn’t made to make sense.”

“Indeed it wasn’t.” Slasha quickly flew towards Mads and tried to punch him as he flew right, making Slasha punch through a wall. Slasha then fired a charged shot which Mads avoided by descending to the ground. Slasha landed down then slid towards him while firing shots as Mads jumped over her while dodging the shots in the air. As Mads landed he fired back while Slasha avoided the shots by running right then jumped up and fired another missile.

Mads changed to the solarbeam shot on his arm cannon, rolled under the shot and fired a charged solarbeam shot which hit Slasha and knocked her off the edge of the large platform, the Mads quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her back up. Mads and Slasha then looked deeply into each other’s eyes for a few moments before Slasha smiled and said, “So anyway...” before kicking Mads in the crotch and laughing as he dropped to the ground. “I’ll see you later, Mads. And thanks.” She said before running off.

“Your welcome.” He said softly.

Sonny and Shade entered a big room to find Raizor in an orange hard leather battle suit which had three spikes on the helmet and had razor disks attached to the back of the hands. “Nice suit.” Sonny said as they saw Raizor.

“Thanks, I made it myself just a week ago, as you can tell.”

Sonny ran towards Raizor and jumped over him as Raizor tried to stab him with the blades, Shade then ran towards him and kicked him from the side, knocking him back. Sonny ran back towards Raizor, when he got close Raizor started trying to cut Sonny with the blades as Sonny dodged them while moving back. Shade jumped up and tried to hit Raizor with a downward kick but as he got close Raizor turned around and tried to hit Shade with one of the blades which he avoided by an inch and dropped down next to Sonny who moved a step back.

“So Sonny, got any plans?” Shade asked.


“Nope.” That’s it?”


“Well at least you were honest...”

“No more talking!” Raizor yelled. “You die now!” he said before throwing two razor blades at them which Sonny dodged by jumping right and Shade jumped left while one razor blade cut the side of his cheek. Raizor continued firing more blades while they continued to dodge them. “You’ll get hit eventually...”

“Keep dreaming, Raizor.” Shade replied.

“What he said.” Sonny responded.

At the Death Egg, the new robot combined of the four exterminators, Metal Sonic and Virus were high in the sky above the Death Egg and aimed its hand towards the ground, charged up and fired a large beam which caused a massive blast covering a 50 foot radius. Eggman who was still in his ship and talking to Eggman Nega responded to the attack. “HAHAHAHAHAHA! Get a load of that!”

“Quite amusing, Eggman, but I need to know how this all came together.” Eggman Nega said.

“Well you see, the four exterminators there are made from the same type of metal as Metal Sonic, and now they have combined, and Virus has joined them and provided them with an addition power boost, nothing can stop us now!”

Suddenly, Super Shadic spin attacked the large robot in the face then moved back. “Think again, Egghead.”

Eggman slammed his fist on a table. “No way! I don’t believe this!”

“Seeing is believing, Eggman, now watch me take this bucket of bolts apart.”

“EX, destroy that hedgehog!” Eggman yelled. The large robot then glowed for a few moments as Shadic got into a fighting stance.

At the Chaos Emerald shrine, Jessica, Light and Chaos continued to destroy the Eggman robots as they approched the shrine, soon large robots appeared. Jessica split into two and sliced one to bits with her swords, Chaos grabbed one and repeatedly slammed it on the ground while Light did a head butt and went through the robot.

Back at the Death Egg, Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2 started playing in the background as Super Shadic and EX stood in mid air, after sixteen seconds Shadic took off towards the robot. After ten seconds EX fired off four spiked missiles towards Shadic. Shadic dodged two by movng up and down then punched through the last two at 00:38. EX then fired a large neon red beam which Shadic diagonally dodged to the left, then EX fired another which Shadic dodged to the right.

EX then started firing small beams of energy which Shadic dodged left and right, EX then fired a bigger beam which Shadic rolled into a ball and went through it then hit EX in the head at 01:03 as he went past. Shadic flipped several times and turned round as EX fired another beam which Shadic dodged and went past EX from underneath. Shadic flew up and dodged more missiles before going through EX’s right arm at 01:21. EX then turned around and powered up for a few moments before firing one crab claw at Shadic which he dodged before firing the other which he also dodged.

EX then flew towards Shadic and tried to attack him at 01:45, while missing with each swing before Shadic spin attacked his head at 02:09. EX fired one missile which Shadic jumped onto then jumped off seconds later then kicked a second missile then went through the robot’s foot then flew up, avoiding EX’s beam attack at 02:30. EX loaded several dozens of missiles then fired them at 02:39 while Shadic moved about, dodging them. Shadic then spin attacked EX in the head again at 03:01.

EX fired a beam which moved around in a circle while Shadic did the same as he got closer, then jumped across from one missile, then jumped from the second and spin attacked EX’s right shoulder at 03:20. EX then fired heat seeking missiles which Shadic dodged by moving around in different directions while they followed him and used chaos control to teleport at 03:42 and make them smash into each other. Shadic then flew towards EX and went through its left shoulder at 03:50 then dodged many beams.

He then flew through multiple missiles and through EX’s left arm at 04:00, then turned round, rolled into a ball and became covered in several energy waves then flew towards EX, avoiding all the beams fired at him. Shadic then went through EX’s stomach at 04:22 then quickly crossed his arms, gave a thumbs up and smiled before EX blew up at 04:24 and fell inside the Death Egg as the song stopped. Shadic landed inside the Death Egg near EX as Metal Sonic crawled out and Virus vanished.

Shadic then seperated into Sonic and Shadow again. They then noticed that the others were gone and ran off as well. Eggman then said, “Blasted hedgehog! He managed to foil my scheme yet again!” Suddenly, Vector the Crocodile broke down a door and Team Chaotix entered. “Game over, Eggman, we found the computer room.” Vector said.

“A villain always leaves in style.” Eggman said before a portal opened up next to him and he walked in.

“So what now?” Espio asked.

“Let’s go eat!” Charmy yelled.

“Right after we take this ship down, let’s get to work boys!” Vector said before punching the control panel. “Behold, ninja power!” Espio said before throwing shuriken around the room.

In the Death Egg, Rouge killed a few robots in one room and pulled a few levers which caused a fin shield around the Death Egg to go down. She then contacted the Commander after getting out to fire. Outside G.U.N headquarters was a large cannon which fired at the Death Egg and set it on fire as it slowly descended to the ground.

In the lab area Sonny, Shade and Raizor were in, Eggman contacted Raizor and told him about the Death Egg. “Huh, those exterminators were destroyed and now the Death Egg is too? Yeah, I guess there’s no point now.” Raizor opened up a portal with the crystal. “You guys won, apparently. I’ll see you back in the other world.” He said before jumping in, Sonny and Shade then quickly followed and ended up back at the chaos emerald shrine where Crystal, Amber and Mads were also with Jessica, Rush  and Light.

“So what happened?” Amber asked.

“We killed the robots.” Jessica replied. “Then we played poker and Chaos left.”

“Aww...” Mads responded.

“So I heard we won?” Crystal asked.

Shade nodded. “Yeah, let’s go find the others.”

In the other universe, the others were walking out of the base and then watched it blow up shortly after. Kyle then said, “Have you ever noticed how enemy bases seem to always blow up?”

Everyone else shrugged. Kat then landed down in a big ship wearing a blue ninja outfit and said, “Hop in, guys.” They then all got in. Adam then asked, “Where did you get the suit?”

“Training session with SA.”


In the Sonic Universe, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Rouge, Blaze, Silver and Cream were standing on some rocks looking towards a sunset when Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber, Mads, Jessica, Rush and Light walked up to them. Big the Cat was in the background fishing, SA2 walked up to him and kicked him in the sea then took his place.

“Hey, so you’ll be going back now, right?” Sonic asked.

“Yeah.” Sonny replied. “Gotta protect our world and that kinda stuff.”

“I see. So you and the other hedgehog are friends, right?”

“You mean Shade? Yeah, we’re like best friends, right Shade?”

Shade turned his head and said, “Bite me.”

“See, best buds.”

“Right.” Sonic said nervously.

Shadow and Shade were talking, Shadow then said, “So you’re like the Ultimate Lifeform of your dimension.”

“Pretty much.”

“But you shouldn’t need to mention that you’re the ultimate, let your actions justify that.”

“You know what? You’re right.”

“Plus you need manly chest hair.”

“I’m not old enough to get that yet.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll come in time.”

A bit further away, Rush was talking with Tails about his arm cannon. “So it contains radioactive molecules combined with extreme heat to deliver a very strong charged shot.”

“I had a pretty big cannon once, I used it in Sonic Battle.”

“What happened?”

“The designers took it off me for safety reasons...”

“I see.”

Mads was talking with Knuckles. “So Knuckles, did you ever get those emerald shards?”

“Yeah, turns out some of the shards were inside those robots while a few were in random areas.”


A few minutes later after more randomness, a portal finally opened up then everybody there noticed. “Guess it’s time to get going.” Crystal said. “Well it was great meeting all of you.” Jessica said. Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber, Mads, Rush, Jessica and Light waved goodbye before jumping in the portal and going back.

On another cliff stood Eggman, Eggman Nega and Raizor. “So that’s how it went down, huh Eggman?” Raizor asked.

“Yes, and Team Chaotix made it out of the ship too. Although I guess it was nice working together with a fellow ally.”

“Right back at ya. Guess me and my friends better get going.” A portal opened up and Raizor, Slasha, David and Yukiko jumped in. Zulu then quickly drove into the portal with his bike seconds later.

In the other universe, Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber, Mads, Rush, Jessica and Light ended up on a street and started walking back to Mads house. “Well that was a new experience.” Jessica said.

“Yeah.” Amber said. “I even got the great princess Blaze the Cat to slap me, I may never wash my cheek again.”

“It’s best that you do.” Crystal replied.

Sonny then gasped and dropped to the floor. “I completely forgot, I never got Sonic’s autograph! Nooooooo!”

“Yeah you did.” Shade said as he pointed at Sonny’s shoe. Sonny then looked at it and gasped. “There it is! I didn’t even see him write it, he really is that fast...”

“What I don’t get is, why did we get seperated when we entered that world?” Crystal asked.

“I actually found out when you enter those portals your destination is where you want it to be.” Rush explained.

“That actually does explain quite a bit.” Shade said.

“But then why did I end up at some base with Team Chaotix and in the future with Silver the Hedgehog?” Crystal asked.

“Maybe you wanted to know what’s going on, and you wanted to meet someone with powers similar to yours.”

“...That actually makes sense.”

Rush then said, “I think we should go to the HQ first, plus I feel I should give yu something, Jessica, for helping out.”

“You don’t need to reward me, I enjoyed helping.”

“I still feel like doing it.”

Ten minutes later they were at the HQ where Ruby and Max also were and Rush gave Jessica a battle outfit with the stripes being maroon and with a sword icon on the front. “Man, this is awesome, thanks Rush.”

“I also like to help.”

Jessica felt the leather suit from top to bottom, then felt her chest again and sighed. Amber then said, “It’s cool, Jess, I personally think you have a DFC.”

“Uhh, thanks.”

“What’s a DFC?” Crystal asked.

“You don’t wanna know.” Jessica replied. “And do you mean that?”

“Yeah, some guys love that.”

“Let’s change the subject please.” Crystal said.

The area was silent for a few moments, Amber then said, “If I was a guy I would s-”

“Let’s change the subject!” Crystal yelled.

Shade looked at Max and Ruby and asked, “So what did you two do?”

“Went to some base and faced a liquid monster, then the others said their goodbyes and left, then we came back here.” They both said in unison.

“Sounds like a normal day.”

While Amber and Jessica were still talking Kevin walked into the room and up to Crystal. “Oh, hey, you’re back.”

“Hey Kevin, so did it work?”

“You mean the psychokinetic powers, if so, yes, and they are awesome, I was training a lot to master them.”

“Well they’re only temporary...”


“But they might stay if you see a ninja called SA, I learned a lot from him.”

“Ok then.”

“So anyway, now we can go on adventures together, and occasionally spar with each other!”

“I guess that means me being thrown through more walls...”

“Yeah, but now it won’t hurt as much.”


At Raizor’s base, Raizor was hammering away at a piece of steel when David walked up to him. “What you working on?”

“The next plan, it’ll take a long while but it’ll be worth it.”

“Well good luck with that.” David said before walking off.

On the beach all the Lounge members were resting in armchairs by the beach. “Seems we weren’t included in this saga.” Visualpun said.

“Well there’s always the next one.” Jawo replied.

“Did anyone bring suntan?” Dizi asked.

“Nope.” They all replied.
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« Reply #106 on: 30 June, 2008, 05:38:32 pm »


Filler Saga: Chapter 78 – Not Your Average Filler

A month after the events of travelling to the Sonic World, it was a bright summer’s day and Sonny was sitting in Mads room watching TV while Mads stood up, drinking a can of Chaos cola. Sonny then stretched and rolled his eyes as he said, “Gee, it sure is boring around here.”

Mads lowered the can from his mouth and said, “My boy! This peace is what all true heroes strive for!”

“I just wonder what Raizor’s up to.”

Shade then flew in through the window with his air shoes and stood up. “Hey guys, Raizor and his robots have seized the field of Green Hill.”

Mads put his hand on his chin. “Hmm, how can we help?”

“You can help by getting off your lazy asses so we can get down there.”

“Great!” Sonny said in excitement. “I’ll grab my suit!”

“There is no time, your shoes are enough!...Bring them anyway.” Shade then walked up to Sonny and Mads and said, “Chaos control, we’re off!” before they disappeared. 

At Crystal’s house, Crystal was in the bathroom taking a shower and as Ruby walked by the bathroom she heard Crystal singing ‘A New Venture’ while Adam was in Crystal’s room playing a game. “I still don’t see what Mads said was so thrilling about Metroid Space Madness…”

A voice in the game then suddenly said, “Samus is under fire!”

“OMG!” Adam said in shock.

“She sent an emergency directive! Join the fight!”

“Don’t worry, Samus, I’m coming!” he said as he hunched over. Crystal walked into the room shortly after wearing a purple towel and said, “You need to leave, I gotta get changed.”

“But Samus is under fire! I gotta join the fight!”

“You can continue your fight in ten minutes.”

“Oh, fine.” He said before getting up and leaving.

30 minutes later, Crystal and Adam were by the front door, ready to leave and were waiting for Ruby who came down shortly after. Crystal then opened the door and said, “Bye Mom, bye dad, just going to the park and stuff.”

“Try not to beat anyone up.” Her dad yelled.

“Sure, bye.” Crystal, Adam and Ruby then left the house and began walking down the street. “So now we’re going to Amber’s house then to this field area Shade said to turn up at.”

“Cool.” Adam said. “I haven’t been there in a while.”

“Is she still “coming on to you” as you say?”

“I can’t tell anymore, is telling someone what time you’ll be in the shower coming on to someone?”

“In Amber’s case it’s still hard to tell.”

The three of them soon walked past a bush which Kevin jumped out of and walked with them. “Hey Crystal.”

“Hey…what were you doing in a bush?”

“Waiting for you guys, your dad still doesn’t seem to like me…”

“Can you blame him?”

“A little, but I’m still a nice guy, what’s there to hate about me?”

“I don’t know. Just deal with it.”

“Oh, so you must be Crystal’s boyfriend which I’ve heard a lot about.” Adam said.

“And you must be her cousin, Adam, right?”

“Yep, that’s right.”

“Good stuff.”

“It truly is.”

Ruby looked at Crystal and asked, “Did you bring any eggo?”

“Yeah, you can have it later.”


At Amber’s house, Amber and Kyle were in her garden having a sparring session while talking. Amber tried to punch Kyle as he ducked while saying, “So did you hear they’re making Pure Ownage 3?” Kyle tried to kick her as she jumped out the way while saying, “Already? That was quick.” Amber threw a fireball which Kyle jumped over while saying, “Yeah, the second sold out so fast they started a third immediately.” Kyle threw one ice shard which Amber dodged by side stepping while he said, “Yeah, it took a while to buy copies again.”

Amber jumped forward and punched Kyle back a few feet as she said, “There’s also a new ninja called SA4, it’s a girl as well.” Kyle jumped forward and kicked Amber, knocking her back as he said, “Yeah, I know, the jiggle physics are amazing.” Amber spun and hit him with the back of her fist as she said, “I personally think they over did it.” Kyle then elbowed her in the face as he said, “Nonsense, they got it spot it!”

Amber head butted him back a few feet. “You would say that because you’re a guy. Anyway, I think that’s enough for today, and Crystal will be here in a bit anyway.”

“Yeah.” Kyle then looked down at Amber’s jeans. “Hey, are you bleeding?”

“…That’s a different kind of bleeding.”



A few minutes later, Crystal, Adam, Kevin and Ruby arrived at Amber’s house and Amber, Kyle and Max came to greet them. Amber then said, “Bye people, going to the park and stuff.” before closing the door. “Let’s get going then.”

In the middle of the streets, Sonny, Shade and Mads were walking along the pavement. Sonny pointed around at several people as he said, “Wow, what are all those people?”

“These are the people of Green Hill City, you must protect each.” Shade replied. He then took out a black ball with the sonicteam logo on it as he said, “Here is the ball!”

“Golly!” Sonny said as he held it.

“I think we should just skip this whole sequence and get straight there.” Mads said.

“That would be best.” Shade replied. A bit later, Crystal, Amber, Ruby, Max, Adam, Kyle and Kevin met up with Sonny, Shade and Mads at a very large field where Raizor was waiting across the field and Slasha was laying down, reading a comic book. Near Raizor was a football pitch with two goal posts very far away from each other.

“Alright Raizor, what is it?” Sonny asked.

“I challenge you and all of your allies to a game of football, or soccer in some places. Heroes vs. Villains, how does that sound?”

Everyone nodded in agreement. Sonny then said, “Guess we gotta make preparations then.” Within the next hour, Sonny contacted Felicia who left Jenny’s house and made her way to the field. Shade contacted Blade who was fighting SA while they both used swords in a small wooden hut. Blade then put his sword away and they bowed then Blade left. Crystal phoned Jessica who then got Zoom to come with her.

Kyle phoned Alex and he quickly made his way to the field. Mads phoned his older sister, Jessica who was sleeping and strapped to a wall in Stickman’s lab. As her phone rang she woke up and broke off the straps, yawned and walked out while Stickman sighed. Mads then contacted Rush who brought Kat and Light with him.

Meanwhile, Raizor contacted the Lounge members, David, Yukiko, Zulu, Nintendude, and brought along his four robots as well as a black and red Tentallix who brought Raizor and Slasha’s battle suits. Raizor then said, “Ok, you’ll only be allowed 15 out on the field at any one time.” Sonny then gave him a thumbs up.

Nintendude walked up to Raizor and said, “So you’re not mad at me anymore, right? If so, I’m sorry for those attempts to blow up your bases.”

“No, I still don’t like you, but I just don’t care today.”

“Ok then. Forget I said anything...dude.”

Everyone on Sonny’s side lined up and Rush stood ahead of them holding the ball. “Ok, there seems to be 18 people here, and Light, so a few will have to sit out for now.” Kevin, Kyle and Jessica Tricity decided to sit out. Rush then said, “Now who wants to start off the game?” Light jumped up and down while saying, “Chao, chao!” in excitement.

Rush shook his head. “No, Light. Now, who wants to start?” Light started jumping up and down again, Rush then said, “No, screw you, Light.” Light then frowned. Kat raised her hand. “I’ll do it.”

“Ok. Time to get into positions, people.” Rush said before walking onto the field. The rest except Kevin, Kyle and Jessica followed. The villains, Lounge members and Raizor’s robots walked onto the other side of the pitch. Kat was standing in the middle of the pitch with the ball, then moments later passed it right to Rush and began running down the field as Raizor’s four robots approached them.

Kat kicked the blue robot, then jumped as the yellow one tried to attack and punched it, tripped the green robot then elbowed the orange robot. Rush then passed the ball left to Ruby who ran near the offside line dodging the enemies which tried to attack and getting closer to the goal where Nintendude was the goalkeeper. Max was near the goal and waved, Ruby then kicked the ball in the air over Dizi towards Max. Max caught the ball in his hands and slammed it on the floor near the goal. “Yeah! Touchdown!”

The area went silent; Zulu then quickly tackled him while Crystal put her palm to her forehead. “Not that kind of football...”

Shortly after, they carried on playing as Sega Carnival from Sonic Riders started playing in the background. Sonny was running down the field with Shade by his side. Sonny ran past HouseCallDoc and kicked it over Visualpun. Raizor jumped up from the side and kicked the ball to the right. David then ran down the field with the ball and kicked it right towards Slasha as Max came towards him.

To the side of the pitch, SA and SA2 were sitting behind a brown desk. SA2 then said, “And we’re live at the Green Hill field where the heroes...and rivals are taking on the villains, but the Lounge members aren’t really evil...”

“I just can’t believe that guy did a touchdown, palm to forehead is correct.”

“Indeed it is, now let’s get back to the action!”

Slasha started firing charged shots at the other team as she ran with the ball; Zoom then came towards her while avoiding the shots. When he got close he jumped out the way and Sonny spin dashed through her legs, knocking her over then Jessica Andersen ran past with the ball. Jessica then split into two and the second copy took our Raizor’s four robots while Jessica ran past. Yukiko fired a blast of water which hit the copy.

Jessica then came towards Tentallix who started trying to attack her with its arms. Jessica kicked up the ball then dodged one arm, jumped up and kicked the ball, curling it into the goal. Jessica then ran down the pitch, back flipping and somersaulting while SA2 nodded. “She may not have certain other features, but she’s got skills, I can tell ya that, SA.”

“I couldn’t agree more, SA2. Getting past Tentallix isn’t easy, but she pulls it off in style.”

Zulu started off in the middle of the pitch with the ball, then passed it to Jawo’ who kicked it through Rush’s legs and to Dizi, as Crystal tried to slide tackle him he flew over with the ball then kicked it to HCD who ran down the field faster. Amber fired a few fireballs which HCD avoided by ducking and jumping then kicked the ball to Visualpun who was by the goal with Mads as the goalkeeper. Visualpun kicked the ball at the goal post, then it deflected off and hit Mads in the face before going in. The Lounge members then came together and high fived each other.

SA then said, “Hilarious and awesome, using the goal post to score was brilliant!”

“Indeed it was, SA. This match is only getting started!”

Sonny started off with the ball and ran past David and Yukiko then kicked it right towards Shade who ran through Tentallix, knocking the robot into the air and jumped over a razor blade Raizor fired at him. He then kicked it towards Crystal in front; she then jumped over Slasha and kicked it up to the left. Amber jumped up and spun then kicked the ball, covering it in fire and into the goal. Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber then ran back while high fiving each other.

Raizor walked up to Nintendude and asked, “Why?”

“It was on fire, dude!”

SA2 then said, “Whoa, I sure felt the heat there!”

“Team goals at their finest.” SA said with a nod.

Kevin, Kyle and Jessica were eating sandwiches from a basket near the field. Kevin then said, “This is pretty cool.”

“Yeah, we should be ready to trade spots soon though.” Kyle said.

“Hello, people!” A voice behind them said. The three of them looked behind to see the little girl from chapter 73 (Purple hair going down to her shoulders and blue eyes, an orange cardigan and a red skirt.). She sat down next to them and took out a box of doughnuts. “Want some?”

“Who are you?” Jessica asked.

“Just another person with powers. Want some doughnuts?” The three of them shrugged and took a doughnut. Back at the field, Raizor’s blue robot started off with the ball and passed it to Tentallix shortly after. Blade approached Tentallix and began knocking its arms back with his sword then Felicia ran past with the ball and kicked it down the field. As it came near the ground Zulu shoulder barged Zoom out the way and began running down the field, knocking Ruby and Max out the way.

Adam punched the ground and caused a shockwave of rocks which knocked the ball into the air. Yukiko jumped up and kicked it to David who was near the goal then David kicked Mads in the face and knocked the ball into the goal. Shade walked up to Mads and said, “Wow, Mads, you suck at being goalie.”

“Hey, I never said I was good, and I don’t even have powers either.”

Raizor then yelled, “Ok guys, we’re gonna take a short break.” Before the other team walked off the pitch. The hero team then did the same. SA2 then said, “Well that’s it for the first part, and the score is 2-2.”

“Come back soon where we’ll be commenting on this extraordinary match again.”


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Today we’re going to do something different, we’ll have guests 25, 26 and 27!”

Visualpun, HouseCallDoc and DarkxDizi walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourselves!” SA3 said.

“My name, or codename is Visualpun, I’m male and I’m 21. My height is 6’2” and I weigh 160 lbs.

HCD then spoke. “My codename is HouseCallDoc, I’m male and I’m 20. My height is 5’11” and I weigh 156 lbs.”

“My codename is DarkxDizi; I’m male and a century old since I’m a vampire. My height is 6’0” and I weigh 158 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?” SA3 asked. All three of them slowly shook their heads, SA3 then asked, “Favorite song?” All of them slowly shook their heads again. SA3 then asked, “Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“I like all women.” Visualpun said. “All women.”

“What he said.” HouseCallDoc said.

Dizi shrugged. “Being alive as long as I have, everyone starts to look the same.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?” SA3 asked.

“The line between good and evil isn’t all black and white.” Visualpun said.

“I got nothing.” HouseCallDoc said with a shrug.

“Being immortal isn’t that great when you outlive your friends.” Dizi said.

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?” SA3 asked.

“Why did you do three in a row?” Visualpun asked.

“It makes it easier that way.” SA3 replied.
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 28th guest!”

Jenny walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Jenny Negi, I’m female and I’m 13. My height is 4’2” and I weigh 93 lbs.”

“Cup size?”


“Never mind. Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”


“Favorite song?”

“Oh, that’s easy, Star Light Zone from Sonic 1.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”


“Forget it. Any personal tips you could give to others?”


“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”


Filler Saga: Chapter 79 - Turning Up the Heat

Kevin, Kyle, Jessica and the little girl were still eating doughnuts when Crystal and Shade walked up to them and sat down. “Who are you?” Crystal asked, looking at the girl.

“Oh, hey, my name is Rose.” She said as she smiled and offered a handshake.

“Hey, my name is Crystal.” She said as she shook her hand.

Rose suddenly stopped smiling. “Crystal Clear, the same girl who finished off Fire X?”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“We super powered people know a lot.”

“Really? What power have you got?”

“Uhh…I can’t remember…excuse me.” Rose said before walking off.

“…That was weird.”

“She doesn’t seem to like you.” Kevin said.

“I seem to have a thing for people hating me. There might as well be an anti-Crystal club…”

“Is this including the demons?”

“There would be a lot then, but being a superhero…or heroine ain’t easy. I remember back in middle school when that came up…”


Dozens of students were in a classroom sitting behind desks while a ninja wearing pink stood at the front of the class. “Ok class, what do you all want to be when you grow up?”

“An astronaut!” one boy said.

“A stereotype!” one girl said.

“I wanna be a superhero!” Crystal said. Everybody then laughed at her and one boy said, “Silly rabbit, superheroes are for nerds!”


“And so, I became a nerd.”

“…That made no sense.”

Amber who was now standing to the right of Crystal said, “He’s right, you know.”

“Where did you come from?” Crystal asked.

“I don’t know. So anyway, what got you so interested in games then?”

“Well one day I visited a store...”


A few years ago, Crystal and her mother were entering a store called “Awesome Stuff ‘R’ Us” and looked around the store for a while. Crystal’s mom eventually picked up a pink dress and showed it to Crystal, “Aww, isn’t this cute, sweetie?”

“I guess so.” Something to her right then caught her attention and she walked over to see the game, Tetris. “Hey mom, can I get this?”

“Alright but I’m getting the dress as well.”

“Cool.” She replied as she picked up the game.


“And that’s how it went, and I loved it. With all the bricks dropping down and stuff, and the catchy music.”

“Interesting...” Kevin replied.

“So wait, why do you suck at most games then?” Amber asked.

“I don’t suck, people just cheat a lot.” Crystal replied.


At least I didn’t have to mention it...” Kevin thought to himself.

“I can still hear your thoughts, you know.” Crystal said.

“Well it was noticeable...”

“I guess...so what kind of person were you in middle school?”

“Well...you know that kinda guy in anime who gets into perverted situations by accident often? I was that guy...”

“Oh...I hated that guy.”

Amber shrugged. “I got nothing against that guy.”

Mads who was a bit away turned around and said, “I thought that guy was awesome.”

Sonny ran up to the area and said, “I thought that guy was cool.”

Shade appeared next to them using chaos control and said, “I thought that guy needed self control.”

“Seems everyone has an opinion on that guy.” Kevin said with a shrug.

Raizor was on the other side of the pitch standing in one spot and whistling, David then walked up to him. “So what are we waiting for exactly?”

“My robots to bring back a lot of sand, someone wanted a desert like field.”


“I don’t know, I guess its cooler that way.”

“Ahh, the rule of cool.”


Crystal and Kevin were sitting down near the pitch again, Crystal then asked, “So how many people have you dated anyway?”

“I don’t know, like half a dozen.”

“…Half a dozen?”

“Yeah, pretty much your usual stereotypes.”


Kevin and a shy pink haired girl wearing a pink dress were sitting round a table in a fast food restaurant. It was quiet for a while, and then Kevin asked, “So, you hungry?”

“A little.” She said quietly.

Minutes later, Kevin ordered some French fries while the girl had a salad. Kevin then asked, “You sure that’s all you want?”

“Yes.” She said quietly.

“That pink hair is pretty cool.”

The pink girl blushed while continuing to eat, Kevin sighed and said, “Talk to me, damn it!”


“There were also others such as a tsundere and an incredibly hyperactive girl who wouldn’t shut up.”

“You seem to attract a lot of weirdness...” Crystal said.

“My life would be pretty dull otherwise.”

Slasha was holding a machete and chopping some grass while saying, “Chop, chop, chop, slash, slash, slash!” Yukiko walked over to her and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Chopping up grass, and I’m experiencing myself chopping up people and hearing their cries of pain, Hehehe.”


“Come on, it’s a joke, laugh!”

“You scare me sometimes...”

Slasha frowned. “Please laugh, it’s supposed to be funny.”

“Then you have a sick sense of humour...”

At the stand where SA and SA2 were they were selling multicoloured orbs with Sega logo’s on them and several of the characters around the area were at the stand. Sonny and Jessica Andersen were standing 20 feet away.

“So do you have a girlfriend or anything?” Jessica asked.

“It’s pretty hard for a blue hedgehog, you know.”

“Mutant hedgehog.”

“Yeah, yeah, mutant hedgehog. Anyway, I have tried making some progress with Felicia.”


“The one who’s like a real example of a catgirl.”

“Oh, you mean the anthropomorphic cat. Well how did that go?”

“Well this happened...”


Sonny was standing in a field wearing a black suit and a bouquet of flowers in one hand. Sonny saw Felicia running towards him from behind and turned around as she came close and threw the flowers at her which she caught. She stared at them for a few moments then threw them to the ground and stepped on them. Sonny raised a finger then Felicia quickly took out her claws and smiled. Sonny then quickly ran off as Felicia chased him.


“And I haven’t tried anything since, but now that I think about it, I guess it’s just better that way.”

“That’s the spirit.”

“So what about you?”

“I’m not that interested in that kinda stuff.”

“That’s an excuse for lacking in the chest area, huh?”

Jessica quickly took out her double bladed sword. “What was that?”


Shortly after, Raizor’s four robots and Tentallix brought back many buckets of sand and covered the pitch in sand.

“Wait, how did they do that?” Rush asked.

“The world may never know.” Shade replied.

Kat then walked over with the ball. “Ok, Raizor said we’ll start off first again, so who’s sitting out this time?”

“Can I sit out?” Mads asked.

“You’ve be doing so anyway.” Shade replied. “Light, you be the goalie.” Light nodded and flew over to the goal.

Jessica walked up to Crystal and asked, “Is it okay if I take your place?”

“Ok, but on one condition, you need to tell me what your desire to start fights with me many months ago was about.”

“Fine. Remember the days in middle school when you met Melissa and Polly?”

“Yeah, we had some pretty good times back then.”

“Do you recall me being in any of those times?”


“Exactly, it’s like once you had new friends you forgot about your former best friend.”

“Wow, I never noticed that before...but couldn’t you have told me this ages ago? Or hanged out with the three of us?”

“I didn’t wanna seem like someone who was just “there” even if it sounds stupid.”

“Aww, Jessica, I’m sorry, I was stupid.”

“No Crystal, I was stupid.”

“No Jessica, we were both stupid.”

“But you were more stupid...”

“Hey, this isn’t time for insults, it’s time for hugging.” Crystal said before hugging her. Jessica then ran on the pitch to the others while Crystal sat next to Mads and Kevin. On the field, Sand Ruins from Sonic Riders started playing as Alex started in the middle of the field with the ball. After a short while he ran down the pitch then kicked the ball right to Blade soon after who kicked it up and started attacking Jawo’ who took out his divine sprite blade.

After several moments the ball came down and Felicia jumped over the two and ran off with it. Sonny waved at her a bit ahead then Felicia passed the ball and Sonny quickly shape shifted to reveal David who took off with the ball and jumped as Max tried to slide tackle him. Adam then summoned a rock wall which David ran into. Jessica Tricity then ran ahead with the ball and as Raizor’s four robots and Tentallix came towards her she took out a Sega orb, crushed it and jumped up. The sky suddenly turned dark and a massive beam of lightning came down from the sky and hit them, sending them flying.

Jessica Andersen then ran ahead with the ball and kicked it up towards Ruby and as it came close HouseCallDoc head butted it in the other direction towards Slasha near the offside line who ran down the field near the goal and kicked it up to the left where Raizor quickly jumped up and head butted it into the goal. Light picked up the ball and kicked it across the pitch towards Rush while Zulu tackled Rush before it reached him then ran down the field with the ball.

Zulu then got hit by a large block of ice and Adam ran down the field with the ball while he threw big rocks and a few enemies. As he approached the goal he kicked it backwards as Kat jumped up and flipped upside down then kicked the ball which Nintendude deflected to the left. Zoom quickly ran up and kicked it in the goal just before Visualpun and Jawo’ tackled him.

Nintendude kicked the ball to Tentallix who ran ahead and started flailing its arms about and trying to hit Sonny as he ran up towards the robot. Kat then fly kicked Tentallix from the side and ran towards the villain’s goal. Dizi then hit Kat with an eye beam and flew over others while holding the ball with his feet. Dizi eventually got hit by a chaos spear from behind then Shade ran down the field with the ball as Dizi dropped to the ground.

Shade kicked it ahead to Amber near the goal she then kicked it left towards Kyle then Kyle kicked it up towards the middle where Alex kicked it and curled the ball in the goal to the right.

SA2 then said, “Continuing on with this game, I’ve really got nothing to say except, I hope it gets much more nuts.”

“How nuts, SA2?”

“Nuts as in, mindless funny violence, not too violent though of course.”

“I see. So anyway, the score right now is 4-3.”

Back on the field, Yukiko started off with the ball and fired a blast of water at Felicia as she came running towards her. She then fired another water blast on the floor ahead which caused Sonny to slip and bash into Felicia. A cable then circled around Yukiko’s feet and tripped her up moments before Rush ran past with the ball then kicked it ahead towards Max. Max then kicked it over Raizor and Slasha as Ruby spun round and roundhouse kicked it into the goal.

Nintendude picked up the ball and kicked it straight forward to Jawo’ who kicked it and hit Blade, Zulu then jumped forward and punched the ball in the air which Visualpun attempted to head butt in the goal but Light kicked it back out. Raizor’s yellow robot then kicked it to the green one on the right who then kicked it and it hit Light as it went in.

Crystal, Mads and Kevin were sitting by Rose eating doughnuts. Rose then said, “This is pretty intense.”

“It’d be Mads if it wasn’t.” Mads replied.


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 29th guest!”

Mark walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Mark Simmons, I’m male and I’m 16. My height is 5’2” and I weigh 110 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“This can’t wait a month!”

“Favorite song?”

“Twinkle Park from Sonic Adventure.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”


“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“It’s hard for people to take you seriously when they think you’re cute.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“I wish my power was better, I mean seriously, what kind of lame power is healing? I barely ever get to heal!”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 30th guest!”

Steel walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is uhh, Steel, prince Steel to be exact, I’m male and I’m 18. My height is 5’11” and I weigh 145 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“I have no time to create such phrases.”

“Favorite song?”

“Kingdom Valley from that one game for the PS3 and Xbox360.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“No, and I’m already married.”



“Ok. Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“The pen being mightier than the sword is a load of bull, you can’t really cause damage with a pen.”

“I don’t think that’s the point of the phrase…so anyway, that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“I fight for my friends.”

Filler Saga: Chapter 80 – Anything Goes

Everyone was still on the pitch while Crystal, Mads, Kevin and Rose were still sitting by the pitch. Raizor’s yellow robot started off with the ball and took out its glowing sword and started to attack Blade as he moved back, the yellow robot then kicked the ball to the green robot ahead on the left side. The green robot attempted to shoot; Light punched the ball out to the right, the orange robot then kicked it back in.

SA2 then said, “The score is now, 5-5, and I’ve received word they’re playing up to seven goals, yet I don’t know why.”

“Probably because the number seven is lucky.” SA replied. “Now let’s get back to the action.”

Rush started off with the ball and kicked it up to the right to Kat, Kat then kicked it ahead and hit HouseCallDoc in the face, knocking him out while Tentallix whacked her out the way. Amber and Zulu ran towards the ball and grabbed each other’s arms, trying to push each other back for a few moments. Zulu then picked up Amber by her arms and slammed her into the ground head first then ran off ahead with the ball.

Jessica Andersen ran up to Amber and asked, “Hey, you alright?”

“Yeah, just fine, I just feel a little light headed.”

“Heh, always with the jokes as usual.”

“Yup. I’m a joker for sure.”

“Hey, are you bleeding?”

Amber pulled her head out of the ground and flipped back up. “Are you kidding me? You can see it through the suit? Stupid cheap hard spandex...”

Rush who was a few feet away shed a tear and ran off. Amber then ran after him yelling, “Wait! I was just kidding! The suits are still good!”

Zulu continued running and jumped over a few rocks Adam summoned then kicked it diagonally right to Raizor, he then ran a bit and kicked it diagonally right to Slasha who kicked it straight ahead to Tentallix who juggled the ball with its four arms, then whacked it into the goal using its top right arm.

Kevin sighed and stood up then walked onto the pitch towards the others. “Hey Amber, mind if I take your place for a bit?” he asked.

“Be my guest.” She said before walking off.

“Ok, Kyle, Alex, Adam and Jessica, group huddle.” Kevin said as he walked over.

“Me?” Jessica Andersen asked.

“No, the other Jessica.” Kevin, Kyle, Alex, Adam and Jessica got into a group huddle for several moments then separated. “Do we all understand the plan?” All of them nodded. “Good, let’s get to work.” Light then passed the ball to Kevin. Kevin ran down the pitch and as David and Slasha came towards him Kyle froze a small part of the field they were running on, making them trip up as Kevin went past.

As Raizor’s four robots came towards him, Adam created a large bat made of rocks and Kevin whacked the four robots out the way then as he approached Tentallix, Adam created a bigger bat and Kevin threw it at Tentallix using his psychokinesis and knocked out the robot. Raizor started firing razor disks which Kevin dodged before Alex hit him with a wind blast.

As Yukiko fired a water blast, Alex blew it towards Zulu and it drenched him. Jessica then shocked him with a small blast of lightning, knocking him out. Kevin then kicked the ball past the Lounge members and curled it in using his psychokinesis. The five of them then high fived each other before Kevin walked off to sit back down.

“Nice tactics.” Mads said.

“Yeah, that was some good thinking.” Crystal said.

Kevin shrugged. “I just noticed a few things.”

Raizor then called Sonny over to the middle of the pitch and they talked for a short while, afterwards Sonny walked up to Shade and said, “Raizor wants to clear out the sand, we’ll have to wait a bit to continue.”


Raizor was talking to the four regular robots about removing the sand from the pitch.

“Get rid of the sand? But we spent like an hour just getting it here!” The blue robot replied.

“Well I want it gone now; besides you guys aren’t that useful, so it’s in your best interest to cooperate.”

“Yes sir.” The four robots said in unison before taking buckets onto the pitch.

Amber, Mads and Jessica Andersen were standing near the pitch. Amber looked at Jessica who was wearing red shiny pants and said, “Nice pants.”

“Thanks, it was made to attract people’s attention to my-”

Mads quickly walked off as he said, “I’m just gonna leave before I get bad thoughts.”

Crystal and Shade were standing away from the others. Shade looked around and then asked, “So what was it you needed to tell me?”

“Well I decided to come to you because I know you wouldn’t laugh at me.”

“Of course.”

“Well…that Rose girl has a tail…”

“Are you sure y-”

“I’m perfectly sure, she had a long dark tail with a sharp point at the end, that just spells trouble. Plus she doesn’t like me, she’s totally a demon.”

“A lot of people don’t like you.”

“Yeah, but a lot of people don’t have tail’s. Anyway, just keep an eye out.”

“Well where is she now?”

“She left a short while ago, a shame really.”

At SA and SA2’s table, SA2 said, “While those robots get rid of the sand, we’ll have a short commercial break.”

SA3 and a guy with spiky brown hair, grey jeans and a red shirt were sitting by a wall. SA3 was drinking a can of Chaos cola while the other guy drank water. The guy then asked, “Why do you drink that crap?”

“It’s not crap, its chaos cola. Are you a bad enough dude to drink it?”

“Pfft, that stuff is for losers.”

Suddenly, Chaos 0 rose from a puddle near them and walked up to the boy and took out a can of Chaos cola. Chaos slapped him then offered him the can. The boy shook his head then Chaos backhanded him, sending him flying. Chaos then looked over at SA3 who raised his can and nodded at Chaos while Chaos did the same and looked as though he was smiling.

SA3 then looked at the screen and said, “Chaos cola, are you a bad enough dude to drink it?”

It then cut back to SA and SA2. “Now the robots have finished clearing out the sand so let’s get back to the game.” SA said. “The score is 6-6; one last goal means a win for either team.”

“This will be worth watching.” SA2 said.

“Indeed it will be.” SA replied.

Raizor started off with the ball and kicked it high up to Dizi who caught it with his feet, Zoom jumped up and tried to spin attack him as he dodged it. Shade then hit him with a flying kick from the other side, making him drop the ball. As Kat ran towards the ball Slasha slide tackled her and kicked it the left to Jawo’. Jawo then kicked it diagonally up to the right. Raizor’s blue robot ran after the ball when he slipped up on a patch of ice. Sonny quickly ran up to the area, jumped and flipped then kicked it down the field. Visualpun kicked it between himself and HouseCallDoc to the right before HCD got knocked back with a gust of wind.

Max then tackled Visualpun and Ruby ran off with the ball, as Ruby approached Tentallix she kicked it over the robot. Kyle, Jessica and Adam were running towards the ball when Zulu pounded the ground as he landed there, knocking them back several feet and ran off with the ball. Jessica Andersen threw a wooden log which she took out of her pants which hit Zulu, and then her copy kicked him while she ran off with the ball.

Crystal, Amber and Mads were sitting by the sidelines. Amber looked at Crystal and said, “I think we should become one.”

“Are you hitting on me?”

“No, I mean the unison thing.”

“Oh, well you should have just said so. Besides, we still don’t have the emeralds.”

“Yeah, we do.” Amber said before taking out a brown bag. “I took them ages ago.”

“Ahh. Hey, why are you bleeding?...Oooooh.”


Raizor and David were throwing razor blades and shuriken as they got closer while Jessica deflected them with her swords. Nintendude then threw a bomb which landed near Jessica and exploded, sending her flying. Yukiko quickly ran off with the ball but was then hit by an electric blast just before Jessica Tricity kicked it back to Blade who dodged Jawo’s attacks while moving back. Raizor’s orange robot then kicked Blade and Zulu ran forward with the ball knocking quite a few people out the way.

Rush threw a Sega orb into the air which Felicia jumped up and slashed at with her claws, and became covered in a rainbow aura. As she landed she pulled back her paws and took out her claws. She quickly dashed forward and started slashing at Zulu repeatedly with her claws for several moments, then stopped for a second and sent Zulu flying with one last hit. She then kicked the ball ahead to Crystar as she ran past, whacking the Lounge members and Tentallix out the way. She then chucked two emeralds to Sonny and Shade to the right and continued running.

Crystar kicked the ball up then spin kicked it diagonally right to Kat who whacked it with her tail towards Adam ahead. Slasha got to the ball first and ran off with it; Adam then summoned a rock wall which Slasha blasted down. As she did, Shany ran straight past and took the ball while tripping her up. Shany ran past David to the right, then ran past Yukiko to the left and approached the goal.

Raizor held out his hand and said, “Noooo! Not into the goal!”

Shany kicked the ball up slightly and jumped up towards it then kicked it hard, knocking Nintendude through the goal with the ball. The ball travelled far off into the distance from the impact. As the hero team rushed over to Shany, Raizor dropped to the ground and yelled, “It buuuurns!”

In another grassy field, Mike was sitting down licking a strawberry ice cream cone, the ball then went through his stomach and he fell over, dead.

At the circled area where all the heroes were, Jessica Andersen looked at Crystar and asked, “So who are you? And how do you get hair like that?”

“I’m Crystar, the unison of Crystal and Amber.”

“Ahh, that’s pretty cool.”

“It sure is.”

Raizor walked up to the area while the other bad guys and the Lounge members walked off. “Congratulations, hedgehogs, you beat our team at a game of football, or soccer in some places.”

“No giant robot waiting to crush us, or anything like that?” Shany asked.

“Not this time anyway, well, another day, another evil scheme.” Raizor said before walking off.

Most of the others then waved goodbye and started leaving while Shany separated back into Sonny and Shade and Crystar separated back into Crystal and Amber.

“I guess its time to go home now.” Mads said. “Even though I barely got to do anything...”

“There’ll always be other times.” Rush replied.

Amber walked up to Adam and whispered, “Remember, ten o’clock tomorrow.”

“I’ll think about it...”

“Now let’s go to Mads house for some food!” Sonny said.

“Just in case anyone wants some I have drinks right here.” Jessica said before reaching into her pants and pulling out a 6 pack of Chaos cola. She then handed a can each to Sonny, Shade, Amber, Mads, Adam and Rush.

“Did you just pull those drinks out of your pants?” Shade asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“Just asking.” Shade said before taking a sip.

“Well let’s get going.” Crystal said. All of them started to walk away from the field as the wind blew gently.

SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 31st guest!”

Tiara walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Tiara, I’m female and I’m 18. My height is 5’7” and I weigh 128 lbs.”

“Cup size?”

“You do not need to know such things.”

“K. Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“I surely haven’t.”

“Favorite song?”

“Ocean Palace from Sonic Heroes.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“Only one.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Using magic spells is serious business.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“No more needs to be said.”
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« Reply #109 on: 12 July, 2008, 07:59:04 pm »

SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 32nd guest!”

Dr. Kurosama walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Kaito Kurosama, I’m male and I’m 47. My height is 6’4” and I weigh 182 lbs.”

“You’re really 47?”


“Wow. Anyway, have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Favorite song?”

“Probably the customization theme from Sonic Battle.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“I rarely get any screen time at all.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“I’ve lived a very fulfilling life…”

Skill Saga: Chapter 81 – The Demon Princess

A month later, on the 6th of August at 11am, Shade was in a dark unknown area thinking to himself. “I am this world’s ultimate lifeform, capable of taking down most enemies who dare to challenge me, and created to save the world and enforce the forces of good. Yet that’s all I know, and I yearn to learn more, and I hope that day when I do comes soon...

Shade suddenly opened his eyes and woke up on Mads floor, he looked to his right to see Sonny standing beside him and calling Shade. “Shade, come on, we got trouble.” Sonny said before leaving the room. Shade slowly got up and looked out the window, then walked out the room.

Crystal and Amber were already waiting downtown in their suits when Sonny, Shade and Mads turned up in their suits minutes later. They then started walking down the streets with some people staring in shock as they continued walking. “So who’s the bad guy?” Amber asked.

“We have no idea.” Mads replied. “Hopefully we’ll finish this quick.”

Shade’s mobile rang which played a monotone ringtone of Live and Learn. Shade stopped and answered the phone while the others walked on. “Hello?”

“Hey Shade.” Jawo’ said from the other end as firing and explosion were heard in the background. “I think you should get to your creator’s new lab as soon as possible.”

“Why? What’s going on over there?”

“The place is under attack from some devilish creatures, your help would be greatly appreciated.”

“Alright, I’ll be there after I take care of something.”

“Try to hurry.” Jawo’ said before hanging up.

In the middle of the city, a large green squid was blocking the entrance to a large building and some policemen were firing at the squid. The squid picked up one car and threw it at the policemen, as it approached them it was hit by a blast of energy, knocking it right. The squid looked left on top of a lorry to see Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads.

Crystal sighed. “Seems it’s a green alien squid, with tentacles…typical.” She then turned to the screen. “Well your fanservice tricks won’t work on me!”

SA2 who was sitting in a black and blue room watching this on television nodded slowly as he said, “We’ll see about that…”

Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads jumped off the lorry and ran in different directions around the squid as “Fight for My Own Way” from Sonic Adventure started playing. Sonny tried to slide attack the squid as it jumped up and pulled off a lamppost using one of its tentacles and threw it at Sonny, knocking him back with the lamppost. Shade threw a chaos spear which the squid blocked before landing back on the ground. Mads threw a bomb from behind which hit the squid and made it turn to face him.

The squid then tried to grab Mads with its tentacles while he ran off, Amber then hit the squid with a flying fiery kick and knocked it near a car. The squid picked up the car and threw it towards Amber; Crystal then flew by and stopped the car then placed it on the ground. Shade tried to attack the squid with a downward flying kick from behind and as he approached the squid, it turned around and grabbed his foot then threw Shade threw a window.

The squid then turned its attention to Amber and tried to grab her multiple times with its tentacles while she repeatedly burned them using one hand. Sonny then spin attacked it from the side and sent it flying back. The squid then grabbed a few of the police officers near the area and held them close to itself.

“So what now?” Crystal asked.

“We gotta think of a plan.” Amber replied.

Shade suddenly jumped through a building window nearby and landed near them, then picked up a car and in a fury of rage, tossed it at the squid, sending the squid flying into a building and dropping the policemen. The others looked at Shade strangely as he waited for the squid. After a few moments the squid jumped out of the hole it created in a building and landed near them again, then grabbed two lampposts to use.

Mads quickly cleared his throat then pointed right and shouted, “Look! An unbelievably cute, busty schoolgirl with a short skirt!” The squid quickly looked right and as it did so, Amber rushed towards the squid and started repeatedly punching and kicking it as she yelled, “Punch!” and “Kick!” The squid eventually fell to the ground; Amber then walked up to the squid and yelled, “YES!” in its face.

SA2 wearing a police uniform walked up to them and said, “Thank you once again in protecting the city from mutated threats such as these.”

“No problem.” Crystal replied.

The squid suddenly got up and quickly hit Mads in the crotch with one of its tentacles, making him drop to the ground then the squid quickly ran off. Amber walked up to Mads and said, “You really should start wearing a cup.”

“I’ll keep that in mind…”

Sonny looked at Shade and said, “You should be more careful, you know, you could have killed those guys.”

Shade shrugged. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

“Well that argument is pointless seeing as how that squid is out there somewhere.”

“So are you saying this is my fault?”

“Yeah, maybe it is.”

“Well then, I’ll just leave you to your personal beliefs and idiotic nature, I’ve got somewhere to be.” Shade said before walking off.

“Can you feel the angst?” Amber asked.

“I honestly can.” Crystal replied.

“I didn’t do anything wrong.” Sonny said. “Shade’s just being moody.”

Sometime later, Shade was running through a grassy field with very long grass on the way to Mt. Tails where Jawo’ contacted him from. “Annoying blue hedgehog, always thinking he’s right. So what if I threw a car at an enemy, nobody died but apparently that doesn’t cut it with him. The less of him I see, the better…I wonder if Chaos Emerald Z ever got cancelled, people were beginning to complain that it got generic. Anyway, enough thinking.

A small blue beam suddenly came out of some tall grass and missed Shade by an inch. He then stopped and looked around, while he heard rustling around the area. Shade threw a chaos spear ahead, and as it hit the ground the rustling stopped. Rose slowly rose from behind Shade wearing a black dress similar to Shade’s suit but had gold stripes and had a dragon symbol on the torso. She now had black wings and a long black tail. Rose took out a scythe which had a blue point at the bottom, the rest of the stick was red and the blade at the end was blue.

As she prepared to slice Shade’s head off he quickly jumped back then bent back as she tried to give him an uppercut using the scythe then jumped back a few more feet as she stabbed the blade into the ground with her head lowered. “Nice reflexes, Shade.”

“You must be a demon, right?”

She slowly raised her scythe while keeping her head down. “I am the daughter of the demon king, sent here to observe this planet for a while.” She then raised her head. “Ivy, the Demon Princess.”

“Sent here to observe us?”

“Yes, I’ve been here for several months now, just enjoying the scenery. I have now decided what fate humanity has bestowed upon themselves. And no significant hedgehog will stand in my way.”

“Sorry but I don’t care what plan you have, since it won’t succeed while I’m around.”

Ivy smiled. “It’d be in your best interest not to patronize me.” Shade quickly threw a chaos spear as Ivy swiftly dodged it, burning up some of the grass. Ivy twirled the scythe several times then started slashing at Shade while he avoided the hits while a few of the hits caused a few cuts. As she continued to attack she said, “You’re pretty fast, as expected, but you can’t keep this up forever.”

“You won’t need to if your opponent is caught off guard.”


Shade quickly hopped onto the flat surface of the blade as she swung the scythe again then flipped and hit her with his feet, sending her flying back. She flipped and landed on her feet. Shade then got into a fighting stance and said, “Care to try that again?”

Ivy slowly stood up and grinned. “I think that’s enough for now, after all, you still have somewhere to be getting to, right?” She said before running off.

“This is too weird…” Shade slowly turned around and continued his ascent towards Mt. Tails.

Meanwhile, Crystal and Amber were walking down one street. Amber then asked, “So I can sleep round your house tonight, right?”

“Sure, I guess so; we still gotta get up early tomorrow though.”

“Yeah, of course.”

Back at the mountain area, Shade spotted the base high above then ran up the trail towards it, jumping over small gaps and whacking robots out the way on the way up. One robot threw a bomb which he kicked back and blew it up. One robot then fired a missile from behind which Shade roundhouse kicked back which blew it up. He then jumped across a few more gaps and punched one robot out the way then made it to the entrance where HouseCallDoc was standing with a bruised arm. “Oh, Shade, you arrived.”

“What’s going on here?”

“There are these tall dark demon creatures all around the base, the others are inside rescuing others who work here.”

“And the doctor?”

“I have no idea where he is.”

“Well thanks anyway.” Shade said before running inside. Pieces of the ceiling broke apart and fell down as explosions were heard throughout the base. Shade avoided the pieces from the ceiling while moving along; he dropped into one room which had two 5 foot black and purple demon creatures shooting dark energy blasts at Dizi. Dizi eventually knocked them all out using his eye beams then fly kicked another demon as it entered the room while Shade ran past the room.

Shade wall jumped up to a path a bit ahead then jumped on large pieces of concrete then jumped left to another path and ran along it. Another demon dropped from the ceiling and tried to tackle him while Shade jumped and kicked it in its neck as he ran past.

Shade reached an elevator which looked damaged and didn’t work. He jumped on top of it and proceeded to wall jump towards the top while kicking any demon bats which got close. He soon reached the top and ran along a path which split into three while he went straight ahead towards a steel door. On the other side was a very large neon blue room with pillars around. Jawo’ and Visualpun were on the other side, Jawo’ was hit by a blast of energy and flew back towards the wall, then Visualpun was hit by a shiny large red arm and stopped near Jawo’.

“You okay, Visual?” Jawo’ asked.

“Of course, I really should be asking you that question.”

“I’m fine, it’ll take more than this to take me down, but this thing is pretty tough.”

Shade entered the room and ran up to Jawo’ and Visualpun, then looked ahead to see a large robot hovering slightly off the ground. It had three long curled blades on its head and back of its hands. The head, detachable arms, top half of its legs and its feet were red while the other parts were black. It also had two missile launchers on each shoulder. “So what is that thing?” Shade asked.

“Its name is Skill apparently, and it’s tougher than it looks.” Visualpun replied.

“Thanks for informing me, I’ll take it from here.”

“Well good luck.” Jawo’ said before him and Visualpun left the room.

Shade looked up at the robot and said, “Skill, huh? This robot seems different from the others…”

Blue Falcon from Shadow the Hedgehog started playing as Skill prepared to fire a round of missiles. Shade ran around the robot, avoiding the missiles then tried to spin attack Skill as it moved out the way. Skill then jumped up and tried to stomp on Shade several times and he ran around the area, somersaulting then jumping as the robot touched the ground. Shade soon spun around and threw a chaos spear which Skill blocked then as the robot stopped blocking Shade spin attacked its head and ran past.

Skill regained its balance and fired its right arm at Shade which hit him and knocked him into a wall, Skill then fired more missiles which Shade dodged by running and jumping. Skill then fired three big blasts of energy which bounced off the floor and moved around, one hit Shade while he dodged the second and third. He then tried to fly kick Skill as the robot flew up. Shade quickly wall jumped off a wall nearby and hit Skill with a punch then hammered the robot to the floor.

As Shade landed on the ground, Skill quickly got up and was ready to fight again. “That’ll be all for now.” Shade heard a familiar voice say. Dr. Kurosama slowly descended wearing a metal silver suit and stopped near Skill. He had a dark purple aura around him and his eyes were violet with a ‘V’ in the middle. “Well if it isn’t Shade, one of my greatest creations.”

“What’s going on here? Why are you doing this?”

“Must you need the answers to everything? Consider this a game, and you’re the player. I see you have a few cuts there, this shall be interesting. Let’s see how long your spirit can hold up before the other side starts to take affect.” He said before him and Skill teleported out of the area using chaos control.

“This is one random day…”

Shortly after, Shade met the Lounge members outside the base and told them what happened.

“So what, Dr. Kurosama was behind this?” Dizi asked.

“It looks that way.”

“So what are you going to do?” Jawo’ asked.

“I just don’t know right now.” Shade said before walking off in the other direction, while he waved his hand once from behind.


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 33rd guest!”

Stickman walked in and sat a few feet away from him, then took off his black cloak showing he was an actual stickman.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Stickman, I’m male and I’m 40. My height is 6’0” and I weigh 150 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“I haven’t even been seen much yet.”

“Favorite song?”

“The boss theme from Sonic 1.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“Look back at my catchphrase answer.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Take what you can get.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“…I know kung fu.”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 34th guest!”

Kevin walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Kevin Levan, I’m male and I’m 17. My height is 5’10” and I weigh 133 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“Good stuff.”

“Indeed. Favorite song?”

“Sunset Hill from Sonic Advance 3.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

Kevin looked around. “Is anybody listening to this?”

“I’ll just move on…any personal tips you could give to others?”

“When in doubt, look it up on the internet.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

Kevin looked around again. “Girl gamers are hot…”

Skill Saga: Chapter 82 – Corruption for the Soul

The next morning, it was 10:30 at Crystal’s house and Adam was sill asleep in sleeping bag on the floor. Crystal continued to hit him with a book until he finally woke up. “Adam, wake up, its 10:30, and we gotta go in an hour.” Crystal said as he finally woke up.

“Fine.” Adam said before getting up.

“I’ve already had a bath and everything; you should get start getting ready.”

“Yeah, sure.” A few minutes later Adam only had a towel on and was walking towards the bathroom. As he entered he saw Amber in the bath who looked at him. They stared at each other in absolute silence for a short while before Amber said, “Care to join me?”

“Although I’d love to, that’s certainly a bad idea.” Adam said before leaving.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Crystal, Ruby and their parents were sitting at the table, Ruby was eating a bowl of Egg-O’s as Crystal sat down. As Crystal reached across to grab the box of eggo, Ruby gave her a cold stare, Crystal then sighed and picked up the box of Egg-O’s while Ruby nodded.

At Mads’ house, Sonny was sitting on the couch in the living room watching television as Mads walked up to the couch holding a plate with a ham sandwich on it. As he sat down Mads’ dad walked up to them. “Hmm, where’s Shade? I haven’t seen him since yesterday.”

“He’s out doing his own thing as usual; he’ll come back when he feels like it.” Sonny replied.

“Ahh, I see. Mads, shouldn’t you be getting ready for the trip, we’re leaving in an hour.”

“Oh, right.” Mads got up. “Sonny, you coming?”

“Nah, I’m gonna continue watching Chaos Emerald Z.”

“Wait, this is it? I thought that show got cancelled?”

“It was close but they managed to pull through.”

“Oh, cool.”

On the screen, Shadow and Omega were standing up in an amusement park while Shadow has a calculator in his hand and was typing in numbers. Omega turned to Shadow and said, “Hey Shadow, what does the calculator say about the equation?”

“Hmm, you may need to see this.” Shadow said as he raised his head and gave the calculator to Omega.

Omega looked at it for a few moments then said, “Gasp!” before crushing it in his hand.

“I wonder what the equation was.” Mads said.

“It was probably over nine thousand.” Sonny replied.

In the middle of a city, Ivy was sitting on a bench and talking to someone using a walkie-talkie. “So, we go for the main enemy headquarters?”

“Yeah, might as well start with one of the biggest threats.”

“True. So I’ll meet you there in half an hour?”

“Half an hour it is.” The other person said before the connection cut.

Meanwhile, Crystal, Amber, Adam, Ruby and Max met up with Mads at his house at 11:30 and got into his parents car. As they got in, Mads mom turned around and asked, “So how are you five today?”

Crystal suddenly started saying, “My memories they dance! My fairytales in trance! There’s no-one to believe! Nothing’s up to chance! My make-believes, reborn! My myths in mind, re-thought! I question all that’s known! The legends blurred and torn!”

“…That’s very nice, Crystal.”

Mads’ dad started up the car and started driving down the street.

“Just so the reader’s know, where are we going again?” Adam asked.

“To AGES land again, and we’re meeting quite a lot of people there as well.” Mads replied.

Mads’ mom soon put on the radio and turned it up as they heard a voice. “Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another instalment of Egg FM. First caller, please.”

“Yeah, hi, this is SA4.”

“What may I do for you, young lady?”

“Could you maybe play S.R.A surfin’, a remix of A New Venture from the True Blue album.”

“I luckily received that record a while ago, enjoy.” Eggman said before putting on the song.

Crystal quickly sat up. “Holy crap! There’s a remix? Whoa! It’s totally awesome!” Crystal and Ruby then started repeatedly nodding their heads to the beat and singing along while the others sighed.

At the HQ, Shade was sleeping in the room Rush stays in and was thinking to himself again. “So, a demon princess, my creator going evil all of a sudden, and this large robot which is pretty tough and seems different from other robots I’ve fought before. Things will start falling into place soon enough, I suppose, guess it’s time to wake up and get to work now.

Rush suddenly ran into the room yelling, “Orange soda!” which caused Shade to get up. “Shade, come quick! There’s trouble!”

“There always is…” he said with a sigh before getting up.

Shade and Rush walked to the main room where Kat and Light were looking up at the big screen showing Commander Grey in a room with explosions and demon creatures wondering in the background while some soldiers were firing at them. “This is Commander Grey reporting from Area 51, these demonic creatures have invaded the base, led here by these two kids with demon like powers, we need help down here as soon as possible…like today for instance.”

Shade began to walk off as he said, “I’ll take care of it, Light, I may need your help as well.” Light nodded and followed Shade.

“What about the others?” Kat asked.

“They’re all busy, I can handle it.” He said before leaving the room with Light.

Meanwhile, Crystal, Amber, Mads, Adam, Ruby and Max arrived at the gates of AGES land and they all got out of the car, and Mads’ dad paid for them to get in.

“That was awfully generous of your dad to pay for all of us.” Amber said.

“Well actually some guy gave me two hundred bucks for rescuing his wife at some enemy base a few weeks ago, true story.” Mads replied.

“I’m sure.” Amber said as she rolled her eyes.

“I’d be Mads to lie.”

They walked a bit ahead to the middle of the theme park and met up with Jessica Tricity, Kyle, Kevin, Alex, DJ (black male, grey hooded long sleeved top, black pants, grey shoes, black shades, black hair pointing up like a rift), Jared (black buttoned shirt, black jeans, top half of shoes are grey and bottom half is black, black hair covers his left eye and grey pupils), Jade (black shirt with green Mortal Kombat dragon on front, black stockings with white stripes, black boots, short black hair and grey pupils), Mike (green hooded top with green pants), Jason (spiky brown hair, black leather jacket and white shirt, black pants, black shades, black shoes, brown pupils), Melissa (long brown hair in a ponytail. She wears a jumper; torso is white while arms are red, blue pants and brown pupils), and Polly (long blonde hair, blue shirt, grey skirt, black leg stockings, light blue shoes, brown pupils).

“That was a pretty long paragraph…” Adam said.

“The writer remembers it so that we don’t have to.” Crystal replied.

Mads’ mom walked up to Mads and said, “Me and your father are going to go off and explore on our own, you kids have fun.” She said before leaving with Mads’ dad.

Amber thought for a second. “I think they might be going t-”

“Please don’t finish that sentence.” Mads quickly said.

“It’s been so long since we were all together.” Jason said.

“Yeah, like the Slasha Blaid Saga.” Crystal replied.

“So where to first?” Jessica asked.

Crystal took out a big map and looked at it. “Well there’s an area with food and stuff to the left, the rides are just ahead, and some other kind of stuff are to the right.” Crystal looked up to see the others had walked off ahead, she then ran after them yelling, “Hey, wait up!”

Outside area 51 were many soldiers firing at demonic creatures while they did the same. One soldier threw a grenade which blew up several demons while one demon fired a wave of energy which knocked back several soldiers. Light flew by and tackled a few demons to the ground while Shade ran past saying, “I’ll take care of the rest, when you finish just leave the area.” Light nodded and continued to punch and kick the demons outside.

Shade ran down the white hallways, slide tackling demons which appeared and fly kicking a few of them. He then entered a blue lab room which several demon creatures were in, he kicked a chair at one then punched another and threw it at the third creature. As the fourth tried to punch him he ducked and tripped it up then kicked it in the stomach before jumping over and exiting the room.

As he exited, a demon creature outside punched him and knocked him back, then started trying to stab Shade with its claws. Shade jumped over the creature and kicked it to the ground then ran on ahead. Shade continued running down a narrow hallway up to a steel door, he entered it to arrive in a large lime green room. There was a path ahead to the left going down to several control systems and a bit ahead of Shade were Ivy and another person.

The second person had shiny green hair with green eyes. He wore a black suit which had green stripes and the dragon symbol on the torso. He also had an electronic long green and white device attached to his arm with a small space.

“Well look who it is.” Ivy said with a smile. “Sadly, I haven’t got time to play, so you two have fun.” She said as she put a data disk she was holding in her pocket and walked out the room.

The other figure smiled as he looked at Shade. “Hello there, my name is Poison; I guess you could say I’m like her bodyguard.”

“I see.”

“So you’re Shade, I’ve heard you’re good.” From the electronic device on his arm he ejected a long glowing green sword. “Let’s find out!” Poison fired two waves of energy by swinging his sword, Shade slid under the first then jumped over the second and tried to fly kick Poison as he side stepped. He then began trying to stab Shade with his sword. Shade soon whacked his arm away and punched him in the face, knocking him back a bit.

Poison then jumped forward as Shade moved and stabbed his sword into the ground where Shade stood. As Shade attempted to punch Poison, Poison jumped up and kicked Shade. Shade bounced off the wall and spin attacked Poison then uncurled and landed on both feet. Poison punched the ground which sent a wave of energy which hit Shade and knocked him back.

Poison then put his sword away and said, “That was good, I look forward to doing this again sometime.” Poison said before leaving the room. Shade stood in silence for a few moments before leaving through the other door.

At AGES land, the others were still walking down a street path while SA2 was in the background creating balloon animals for kids. Kevin scratched his head for a second then looked at Crystal. “You know, for a while I was thinking this super powered thing would turn out badly, mainly in my favour.”

“How so?”

“Like this.”


Crystal and Kevin were in a room playing monopoly; a loud explosion was heard and could be seen from outside the window in the middle of the city. Crystal quickly got up. “Look like I gotta take care of business.”

“I’ll come with you.” Kevin said as he stood up.

“Now, who has the powers here?”

“…You do…”

“That’s right; now get back in the kitchen.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Kevin said as he put on an apron and walked away.


“Heh, that’s kinda funny, but you don’t really think I’d behave that way, right?” Crystal asked.



“No comment.”

“I’m not that mean…”

The others suddenly stopped in front of a rollercoaster ride which had a wide variety of twists, turns, loops and went up pretty high. Kyle then said, “This ride looks awesome.”

“Do want.” Amber said with a nod.

“Yeah! Rollercoaster!” Polly yelled.

The others except Crystal, Mads and Kevin rushed in. “Uhh, I’m gonna stay out here.” Crystal said as she backed up a bit.

“Want me to stay with you?” Kevin asked.

“No, I’ll be fine, you just enjoy yourself.”

“Alright.” He said before running after the others.

Amber came back and said, “Hey Mads, you coming?”

“Nah, I’ll be fine out here.”

Amber grabbed his arm and pulled him along as she said, “Nonsense, you’ll love this ride.”

“Noooooo! Have mercy!” Mads yelled as he was dragged in while Crystal sighed.

Shadow and Commander Grey were outside area 51 talking. “Thank you for your help Shade, but just who were those two?”

“I seem to be getting more questions than answers…”

“By the way, Light took off back to the HQ.”

“Yeah, well I’ll be seeing you.” Shade said as he walked off. Shade walked for a long while as he thought to himself. “So, now there’s another kinda demon who is like a bodyguard, and yet I know nothing more. Where’s MacGyver when you need him?” Shade suddenly stopped walking and collapsed on the ground.

Shade awakened in a dark wide open rocky area and looked around before hearing a voice say, “It’s been quite a while, Shade.”


“I’m honoured that you remember my name.”

“Where are you?”

“I’m in your head, I control your mind now, and you’ll find me just ahead.”

Shade walked down the dark path and came to a slightly brighter circular room where Virus was standing in the middle as Mephiles phase I from Sonic Next Gen played in the background. Virus now had feet and had a glowing small ball of purple energy in his hand. Far behind him was a dark purple and red eye on the wall. After twelve seconds Shade threw a few chaos spears over a short period of time which Virus dodged by moving around.

At 00:23, Virus fired beams of energy from beneath the ground which Shade dodged by moving around then Virus floated into the eye behind him at 00:33 and Shade jumped into it a second later. Shade entered a dark hallway with a few intersections and ran straight and into a pool of darkness 00:45 and into a bright red area as he ran along a rocky path with bats flying past. He ran up some stairs and entered an area with many paths in all directions at 01:08.

He ran along a few paths then saw Virus floating ahead below at 01:20 and dropped down to a path below, parallel to Virus’ path and followed him before they both went through a portal at ten seconds later. Shade arrived in a slightly dark area with massive rocks in a river of lava. He saw Virus ahead and jumped across them, he eventually looked at a ledge to the right and saw a piano being played by itself as he continued moving.

The place brightened up at 01:48 as he kept moving, then jumped into one last portal at 02:05. Shade then fell down a large hole with large dark purple and red eyes on the walls and ended up back at the start at 02:13 as the song ended. Virus who was a bit ahead of Shade said, “I’ll take care of our problems, in the meantime, I have a few friends which can keep you company.” Virus then descended into a pool of darkness and four copies rose from a pool of darkness around Shade.

The copies then smiled as Shade got into a fighting stance.

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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 35th guest!”

Ice X walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Ice X, I’m male, and I’m over a decade old. My height is 5’7” and I weigh 212 lbs. We elemental demon weigh a lot.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“I was only alive for like four chapters.”

“Favorite song?”

“Has Ice Cap Zone been said?”

“Well one half of it has.”

“I choose the second one then.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“Anything that moves, technically.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Drinks are always best served ice cold.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Just keeping cool…”

Skill Saga: Chapter 83 – Sonny vs. Shade (See what I did there?)

At AGES land, ten minutes later the others exited the ride and walked up to Crystal then they walked off together. Mads was shaking from being on the ride.

Amber then said, “Some day we’re gonna look back on this and laugh.”

“Not if I strangle you before that day comes.” Mads replied.

“So how was it?” Crystal asked Kevin.

“It was intense! Like that time we fought that creature with tentacles in that cave, weirdly enough it seemed to come after me more…”

“It was female.”

“Oh, well that makes some sense, and how did you know?”

“It was pink.”

“Well there’s that too…”

At Mads house, Sonny was still watching Chaos Emerald Z and on the screen were Super Sonic and Super Shadow. Sonic was powering up while Shadow was waiting while eating a burger. The news suddenly came on. “We interrupt this show for an important broadcast. According to witnesses, one of the world renowned heroes, Shade the Hedgehog has appeared in downtown Green Hill City, taking out any obstacles and figures in his path, we advise you to stay indoors in the meantime.” A woman said as it showed Shade with dark purple stripes and a glowing purple aura.

Sonny slowly got up. “I have no idea what’s going on, but I guess I’ll have to take care of this.” He said before running outside then closing the door.

Back at the park, the others were walking down another path. Jason then asked, “So which ride now?”

“How about that scroll shooter ride again?” Max suggested.

 “Yeah, that ride was tight!” DJ replied.

“You should just use normal words…” Jason said.

“All in favor for that ride, raise your hand.” Amber yelled as she did so. Everyone else also did the same. “The scroll shooter ride it is then.”

“Yay! Scroll shooter ride!” Polly yelled as they continued walking.

In downtown Green Hill City, Shade kicked a few cars out of his way as he ran down the streets and threw a street lamp through a building window. He came towards some cops up ahead who aimed at Shade. Shade jumped behind a car and kicked it at them. As it came towards them, Sonny spin attacked it from the side and landed on two feet. Shade then slowly smiled.

Inside Shade’s head, the four Virus copies slowly circled around him. Shade attempted to punch and kick the copies, while his attacks went through them as they laughed. On the outside, Sonny and Shade stared at each other for a while as a few people in the background watched and the wind blew gently. After a long while of staring at each other, Sonny blinked then Shade sighed. “Great, now we have to do the staring thing again…”

“Well sorry, geez…”

Somewhere in AGES land, Ivy was wearing the same outfit she wore during the filler saga while Poison wore a red shirt with short sleeves, black pants and blue shoes.

“So what’s the plan now?” Poison asked.

“Same as usual, we have fun for a little while.”

“But isn’t this the day to start it all up?”

“Yes, but first we need to wait for the right time.”

“...Whatever, let’s go have fun then.”

Back in Green Hill City, Sonny and Shade were still staring at each other in silence. After two minutes, someone shouted out, “Would you two hurry up and start, already?” Sonny and Shade ignored him for another minute, and then Shade said, “Let’s get started.”

“Lets.” Sonny replied. “We should find a more awesome area though.”


In another area, Dr. Kurosama and Skill entered a lab and Dr. Kurosama switched on the lights in the area then started working on a computer. Back in Green Hill City, Sonny and Shade were a few feet from each other, running side by side down a long hallway in a building as the Boss 2 theme from Sonic 3D Blast played in the background. Sonny soon threw a sonny wind which Shade hopped over then threw a chaos spear which Sonny dodged by suddenly stopping. Sonny then quickly spin attacked Shade through a wall and followed him.

As Sonny ran towards him, Shade jumped up and kicked Sonny right and through another wall. Shade jumped through the hole and tried to punch Sonny as Sonny rolled to the side then flipped and hit Shade with his feet, knocking him into a room high above. As Sonny jumped up to the room, Shade grabbed his foot and swung him round then through another wall behind him.

Sonny quickly got up and tried to slide tackle Shade and he hopped over Sonny then tried to kick Sonny as he continued to dodge the kicks. Sonny whacked away one of his feet then tried to punch Shade as he moved back. One of his punches eventually hit Shade, then Shade countered with a roundhouse kick which knocked Sonny through another wall and outside where he grabbed onto a clothesline, flipped and landed on a rooftop while Shade did the same.

Shade tried to spin attack Sonny which Sonny jumped over and threw a sonny wind; Shade turned around and jumped sideways over the attack then threw three kicks which Sonny blocked then jumped backwards off the rooftop, grinded along a rail on a balcony and jumped off and down some stairs to the subway. Shade watched for a short while then flew towards the area using his air shoes.

On the scroll shooter ride, the others were shooting at an Eggman figure who kept yelling the words, “AHH! You’re not gonna get away with this!” Crystal stopped firing and thought for a second. Adam then asked, “Hey, what’s up?”

“I’m sensing something really cool is happening…”

The subway was empty besides SA2 reading a newspaper on a bench. There were big stone pillars around. Radical Highway played in the background and after a few moments of silence a coin hit the ground as Shade entered. Shade looked up, then Sonny dropped from the ceiling and attempted to punch Shade while Shade side stepped the attack. He then hopped off the ground slightly and tried to kick Sonny; Sonny grabbed his foot and threw him towards a wall.

Shade spun into a ball and bounced off the wall and missed Sonny by an inch then uncurled, hit the ground and quickly spun round towards Sonny. Sonny was blocking as Shade ran towards him then Shade jumped over him and threw a chaos spear in midair which hit Sonny and knocked him to the ground. Shade ran towards him again and as Sonny was getting up he tripped Shade, then as he went to kick him, Shade rolled out the way, flipped up and punched Sonny, who immediately countered with a kick. Shade then kneed him in the stomach, then Sonny hit Shade in the face with the back of his fist, then they quickly jumped back.

Sonny ran towards Shade, who jumped back a bit and threw a chaos spear. Sonny threw a bin which was close by that exploded on impact and covered the area in smoke. Sonny jumped out from the smoke and spin attacked Shade then uncurled, and roundhouse kicked Shade, sending him flying. Shade flew back and landed on one hand, then lifted himself up backwards and kicked another bin at Sonny. As Sonny whacked it out the way, Shade hit Sonny with a flying kick then gave him an uppercut.

Shade then took out an emerald and used chaos control at 01:16, jumped across two pillars, then hit Sonny with another kick, then Sonny created a big hole in the ground as he landed at 01:21.

Sonny slowly flipped back up and knocked Shade back with a elbow to the chest then tried to punch Shade as he side stepped it. Sonny and Shade then repeated countered each other’s attacks for a long while, Shade eventually threw a chaos spear which Sonny dodged by jumping back. Sonny then threw a sonny wind which Shade dodged by jumping back. They then leaped from the pillars towards each other and had their feet extended as they rushed towards each other. Their feet hit each other hard in the face; they then separated in slow motion and dropped to the ground as the song stopped.

At the theme park, the others were now sitting at some tables outside, eating. Kyle who was sitting next to Kevin, looked at him and said, “So, Ms. Ahonan…”

“Still single.”


“I just don’t know.”

Polly was a bit away, running after some birds and trying to kick them. Adam then asked, “Is she always this hyperactive?”

Melissa sat next to him. “Not really, it’s a ploy to stand out; you should see what she’s really like.”

“Ahh. So, like completely the opposite?”

“Guess you could say that.”

Crystal sat next to Amber after overhearing the conversation. “Hey, I thought you were also meant to be hyperactive.”

“I was, but the writing staff thought it was a bad idea for story purposes, so they took it out.”

“I see…”

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll continue my conversation with Jade.” Amber said as she looked at Jade sitting right next to her and waved her hand at her. “So anyway, I don’t see the deal in shopping. I mean, I just go to a shop knowing what I’m gonna get, get those things that make my way to the exit. Buying unneeded clothes and wasting like an hour looking around as a hobby isn’t that great.”

Jade nodded. “I’m starting to actually tolerate your company.”

“But then again, I did see this really awesome jacket and shoes recently…”

“I suddenly dislike you again.”

Crystal looked ahead to see Ivy and Poison walking round the corner in the distance. She then got up. “I’m just gonna go check something out, I’ll be back soon.” Crystal said before running off after them.

Mads nudged Jason and asked, “Can I say it now?”

“Go for it.”

Mads cleared his throat. “End of chapter…how was that?”

“Generic as always.”


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 35th guest!”

Fire X walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Fire X, I’m male, and I’m over a decade old. My height is 5’7” and I weigh 212 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“Demons don’t need ridiculous phrases.”

“K. Favorite song?”

“Lava Reef Zone act 1 from Sonic & Knuckles.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“Demons shouldn’t tamper in forms of weakness such as love.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Never let your guard down.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“…Insert pun related joke here.”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 37th guest!”

Psychic X (purple thin demon with small light blue ‘V’ signs down his shoulders) walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Psychic X, I’m male, and I’m over a decade old. My height is 5’11” and I weigh 212 lbs.”

“Why do you demons always say you’re over a decade old? That’s obvious but I want to know how old in numbers.”

“We demons age really slowly, take that as you will.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“I was killed too fast to get one…”

“Favorite song?”

“The extra boss theme from Sonic Advance 3.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“I hate people. Hate.

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Apparently pushing your psychic powers too far can cause psychic nosebleeds. I’m totally serious.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“This question crap sucks.”

“No, you suck.”

Internet ain't working, I'm uploading this from the library, nuff said.

Skill Saga: Chapter 84 – The Main Enemy Base

At the theme park, Ivy and Poison walked into a haunted house area and Crystal entered the house moments after them, walked to the middle of the large house and looked around. She then heard a voice from high above say, “Well hello there, “Hero”, I’ve been expecting you.” Ivy said before dropping down five feet to her right and taking out her scythe.

Poison then dropped down five feet to Crystal’s left. As Crystal looked at him Ivy said, “That’s just a friend, but you won’t live long enough for that to matter.”

Crystal shook her head in disappointment. “I don’t mean to sound egotistical but seriously, I’ve fought demons four times your size, and some little half demon girl with a scythe thinks she can beat me. I hope you have the skills to back up that claim.”

“I’m older than I look.” Ivy said as she raised her scythe with both hands. She then dashed towards Crystal and slashed at her feet as Crystal jumped up slightly. Poison then dashed forward and attempted to stab her as Crystal flipped out the way and fired a wave of energy which the two demons dodged.

Ivy flew diagonally right and stabbed her scythe into the ground where Crystal was standing while Crystal jumped back slightly then kicked her in the face and sent her flying. Poison meanwhile tried to attack from behind with his glowing sword and missed her by an inch, only causing a small cut on her shoulder. Crystal then spun round and punched Poison. As Ivy was getting up, Virus came out of a pool of darkness beside her and said, “I’ll take it from here.” Virus turned into smoke and entered the cut in Crystal’s arm as she was busy dodging Poison’s attacks.

Poison soon looked over at Ivy who briefly nodded then looked at Crystal and said, “Seems our work is done, we’ll be seeing you soon.” He said before running over to Ivy, pulling out an emerald and using chaos control to teleport out.

Crystal stared in confusion for a few moments. “…They can do it too?”

Back at the HQ, Sonny woke up in Rush’s room, scratched his head and looked around before asking, “Where’s Shade?”

Rush who was working on a computer a bit away said, “Light came down to that subway and only found you there. There was apparently a note which said Shade was taken to the E.V.I.L Corporation’s main base, which should be north of Raizor’s base.”

Sonny quickly stood up. “I’d better get going then, and thanks for bringing me here.”

“Hold on a sec.” Rush said before giving Sonny a syringe with very light blue liquid inside. “What’s this?” Sonny asked.

“Just give it to Shade when you see him.”

“Alright, well I’m off.” Sonny said before speeding out the door and down the hall. After exiting the HQ, Sonny ran down the streets then soon through several fields on the way to the base. On the way there, Felicia jumped out from behind a tree, ready to attack Sonny as he just ran past her. “Sorry, I’m kinda busy right now.” Sonny said as he ran past.

“Uhh, later then?” Felicia yelled.

“Sure, I’ll call you when I’m done.” He said before disappearing into the distance.

Shade woke up on a bed in a cell. He sat up and looked out the bars ahead to see loads of other cells. Nintendude walked up to Shade’s cell and said, “Ahh, you’re awake now. That was pretty fast.”

“Where am I?”

“The E.V.I.L main base, some robots found you outside the base and brought you here, I’m meant to tell the boss when you wake up.”

“And who’s that?”

“Stickman, most of the other villains follow him as well. There’s a meeting in a room up above where they are.”

“I see, so why do you guys work for Stickman?”

“Well he knows kung fu, has massive robots, inventions and other stuff.”

“You seemed to do pretty well without guidance when I saw you over the summer…well, before we trashed up the place…”

“I guess so.” Nintendude took out an emerald and gave it to Shade as he said, “I found this a while ago, but I don’t have much use for it.”

“Thanks.” Shade said as he took it. “So, could you let me out? I promise not to kill you when I do get out.”

Nintendude moved back a bit. “I can’t do that, the boss will kill me if I just let you go, and if you are gonna escape, you’d better not run into me, dude.” Nintendude shook his head as he walked off. “Well thanks anyway…dude.” Shade said as he watched him walk off.

Outside in the mountains, Sonny was approaching the base and looked up to see a large tall black base with clear lime green windows and several floors. Sonny then ran on ahead towards the base.

At AGES land, the others were walking down a path when Crystal joined up with them as they continued walking. “So where did you go?” Amber asked.

“I saw that half demon girl again, had a little fight with her and this other guy then they took off. I’m starting to feel weird…”

“Maybe it’s that time o-”

“No, it’s not that time. And where’s Ruby and Max?”

“They took off somewhere a long while ago.”

Crystal then walked off as she said, “I’m gonna go to the bathroom, I’ll catch up with you guys.”

Kyle turned to Kevin and said, “So what’s your opinion on Sunset Hill?”


“Alex says Sunset Hill act 3 had the best version, while I think act 2 was much better.”

“I’ve only heard act 1, I don’t care for the rest.”

“Are you telling me you can’t appreciate the awesomeness of act 2?”

“Never heard it.”

“You poor soul…so Jessica, which one do you think is the best?”

“Whichever answer gets you to shut up.” She replied.

“Act 2 it is then, yes!” Kyle said, pumping his fist into the air.

At E.V.I.L headquarters, in a large purple room while the floor was clear blue with gears working underneath, almost half a dozen villains sat round a long table. Raizor, Zulu, and Stickman were there while there were two others called Leetman who wore silver headgear and armor with numbers on each part, and Madman who looked like a clown with a red ‘M’ on his head.

“So, what do you all suggest we do about the demon problem?” Stickman asked.

“I think we should sit down and reason with them like gentlemen.” Leetman said.

Raizor shook his head. “Your opinion sucks, change it please.”

“Don’t make me get serious, Raizor, my skills are leet.”

“Your skills are lame.”

“Calm down, you two.” Stickman said.

Zulu sat up. “We haven’t got anything to worry about, make some strong robots and just kill them.”

Madman nodded. “Great idea, we’ll blow em’ up!”

Zulu quickly jumped out of his seat and across the table yelling, “YEEEEAAAARRRGGGGHHHH!” he then punched Madman into the wall while yelling “Punch!” He then called him over as he said, “C’mon!” 

Madman laughed and took out a bomb, and then everyone turned their attention to Nintendude who just walked in. “Shade is awake now.”

“Good.” Stickman said with a nod. An alarm then sounded and Stickman looked at the surveillance screens to see Sonny running down one hallway. Stickman then turned to the others and said, “Someone take care of that, please.”

Zulu walked off as he said, “I got it.” and crushed a Sega orb in his hand.

Sonny was running down an open hallway as “Crank the Heat Up” (Final Egg, part 2) played in the background. After a few seconds he jumped onto a spring which hit three other springs then flew across and hit four more springs and landed on another path, while turning a corner every moment. Sonny jumped across a gap and spin dashed through three robots at 00:15 then eight seconds later came to a room of platforms which he jumped across and reached a small hallway at 00:46.

He ran down the path going diagonally down while turning corners every few moments then hit a spring and landed near an elevator and entered it at 01:03. Sonny ran out of the lift 15 seconds later and jumped onto a middle rail, in between two other rails and grinded along it, with it twisting round corners and Sonny spin attacking robots on the other rails. He soon jumped off the rail and was running down a long hallway when Zulu punched down a wall behind Sonny at 01:40. Zulu was fully golden and just over five times his normal size.

He began chasing Sonny as Sonny sped up, spin dashing through robots and avoiding steel containers on the path. Sonny soon slid under a small space in a wall ahead then Zulu punched down a wall 15 feet to his left at 02:02 and ran in a straight line, throwing large rocks at Sonny on his right while Sonny dodged them. He ran out a door ahead and into a lift at 02:19 before Zulu could make it.

When Sonny reached a floor above at 02:34, Zulu punched down a wall to his left, Sonny then quickly ran right and avoided laser fire from some flying robots down the hallway, Sonny then jumped up a few platforms and jumped over a large gap at 02:49 and made it across and went through a door as the song stopped.

He arrived in the meeting room and pointed at Stickman. “Mr. whoever you are, where’s Shade?”

“You’re already too late.” Stickman said, pointing right at one screen which showed Tentallix on the ground and Shade walking out the exit.


“But you’re just in time for me to unveil my latest creation.” Stickman said as he took out a black remote and pressed a button. The wall behind the villains came down and showed a large mechanical golden cylinder. Part of it at the top came down to reveal a copy of Liquid. “Now, destroy the hedgehog, Liquid!”

Liquid looked down at Sonny, and then slowly looked at Stickman. “And what right do you have to give me orders?” Liquid swung its hand and fired a big blast of energy at Stickman, who jumped out the way and it hit a control panel, blowing it up.

“Uhh, thanks Liquid.” Sonny said as he gave Liquid a thumbs up. Liquid turned to him and fired another blast as Sonny jumped out the way. “Guess I spoke too soon.” Liquid started firing several blasts at electronic things around the area as the other villains walked towards the exit.

“Seems you have your hands full, see ya soon, boss.” Raizor said as he left.

“Hope you sort that out, dude.” Nintendude said before leaving.

Stickman jumped in a big robot version of himself and fired lasers at Liquid which the creature avoided. While this was going on, Sonny ran out the room.

Shade was walking down a path outside the base while looking at the emerald Nintendude gave him. “I have no idea where they’ll be right now, but maybe I could go check around that lab again for information.” Shade used chaos control and teleported out of the area.

At AGES land, most of them were sitting down again in a small eating area. Adam looked around the table at the others and asked, “Anyone got money?” most of them shook their heads. “Anyone got a woolly hat then?” Mike took out a woolly hat and handed it to him. Adam then got up, put it on and covered his face with it then ran off.

“What’s he gonna go do?” Alex asked.

“Who cares, I just hope it’s awesome.” Kyle replied.

Adam stopped in the middle of the area where many people were walking to different places and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, gather round as I make a sculpture of myself.”

Several dozen people moved towards the area moments later. Adam then sculpted a rock statue of himself with the woolly hat covering his face and his cap held out using rocks. He then did the same pose as people clapped and several people started putting money in his cap.

“Wow, that is awesome.” Kyle said. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that.”

“Same here.” Kevin replied.

Mads was standing by the entrance shaped like a heart to a ride and was stroking his chin as Amber walked up to him. “What’s this?” Amber asked.

“Some ride across water where you just sat down for like ten minutes, doesn’t sound too great, and what exactly are you gonna do for ten minutes in a ride like this?”

Amber thought for a second then ran off towards Adam yelling, “Hey Adam, come on this ride with me!”

Melissa walked up to Mads and said, “I’m not sure if you wanna hear this, but there’s this big green squid thing in another area here.” Melissa then looked around. “And where’s Crystal?”

“Amber said she felt ill. Anyway, I’ll go take care of that monster.”

A moment later, Amber and Adam were walking past with Amber pushing Adam towards the ride. “Uhh, so what kind of ride is this?” Adam asked.

“It’s like that rollercoaster ride, it’ll be fun.”

“Well ok, I’m sure it won’t be that bad.”

“Of course not.” Amber said with a smile.

As they entered, Melissa shook her head. “That poor soul…”

SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 38th guest!”

Wind X walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Wind X, I’m male, and I’m over a decade old. My height is 5’8” and I weigh 212 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“No, obviously it’d be a pun though.”

“Favorite song?”

“Windy Valley from Sonic Adventure.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“I like my prey to be a challenge…”

“…Okay. Any personal tips you could give to others?”

It’s coming.

“What’s coming?”


“…“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”


“Shut up about that, already!”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 39th guest!”

Virus walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Virus, I’m male, and I’m over a decade old. My height is 4’0” and I weigh 120 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“Would a being of pure evil consider having a phrase?”

“…I guess not. Favorite song?”

“Mephiles phase I from Sonic Next Gen, or maybe phase II, they’re both great.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“May I direct your attention to an answer above?”

“No. Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Installing antivirus software on your computer won’t save you from me.”

“Heheh, it sure won’t. Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Our time of reckoning will soon be at hand…remember that.”

Skill Saga: Chapter 85 – Where It All Started

Shade appeared outside the lab at Mt. Tails using chaos control and looked up at the place. “It’s a real shame…hopefully I can quickly gather information here.” Shade then ran on inside.

At AGES land, in one big area of the theme park with many stands, the green alien squid was ripping up things around the area and eating food from the stands. The squid was then suddenly hit in the back of its head with a blast of energy. The squid turned around to see Mads pointing his arm cannon at it. The squid then looked around and motioned civilians around the area to give them room as they watched.

Mads pointed at the squid. “You and me, no interruptions.”

The squid quickly hit Mads’ crotch with one tentacle, then pulled it back and started blowing on it while Mads laughed. “Ha! I was prepared this time.” The squid then hit Mads with a tentacle from the right and knocked Mads into a food stand. “Guess I wasn’t prepared for that…” Mads picked up a tuna sandwich next to him and started eating it as he got up. “Ok, let’s go again.”

“This is an utter waste of time if I do say so, myself.” The squid replied.

“You can talk?”

“It can talk?” several civilians around the area said in unison.

“I can siiiiiiing!” the squid replied. “So what are you, some kinda Megaman or something?”

“More like Samus Aran…except I’m male, and I don’t have a cool metal suit.”

“Whatever.” The squid picked up a large piece of wood and threw it at Mads who blasted it in half then threw a bomb which the squid blocked with its tentacles. When it lowered them, the squid couldn’t see Mads. Mads then flew into the squid using his jetpack and head butted it, and then hit it with a charged blast as it flew back.

“Hey Mads.” He heard a familiar voice say. Mads then looked far behind him on a ledge to see Crystal in her battle suit with a dark purple aura and a ‘V’ in her eyes. Using her psychokinesis she threw a bumper car at him which he flew over. It then hit the squid as it attempted to attack Mads. Crystal quickly jumped off the ledge and ran off as Mads scratched his head. While he was distracted, the squid grabbed him with one tentacle and threw him into another stand.

In the E.V.I.L main base, Sonny was running through the corridors on the way to the exit and ran past Jessica Andersen who was coming out of a room with a bunch of robot parts and waved at her as she waved back. Sonny then turned another corner while she walked off in the other direction.

At the Mt. Tails lab, Shade was walking down the right hallway in the area he met Skill and came to a darkened computer room which was trashed. He walked on ahead and into another computer room which had barely been touched and saw Ivy at one of the computers who then turned her attention to Shade. “I knew you’d come here soon enough.”

“Where are they?”

“I see Virus has had some effect on you, to be honest I don’t know where your creator and that robot went to, and frankly, I don’t care. Now let’s continue where we left off, shall we?” She said as she took out her scythe. She then flew up and fired a wave of energy from her scythe which Shade dodged then threw a chaos spear. Ivy dropped down, dashed forward and slashed at Shade as he jumped over her, she then turned around, dashed towards him and tried to slash at him again as he jumped over and kicked her back.

Ivy threw her scythe up and fired a beam of energy which split into four blasts and aimed for Shade who dodged all four. Ivy’s arms and feet glowed then became dark and sharper. Ivy then hit Shade with her claws a few times then kicked him into a computer. Ivy tried to stab Shade as he slid under her, punched her in the stomach twice, gave her an uppercut then sent her flying with a knee to her chin.

Ivy sat on one knee with her head down then started laughing. “You’re still quite strong. This sensation of pain feels satisfying, I like it, no, I love it! You truly are worthy, I shall leave you for now.” She quickly got up, grabbed her scythe and flew out the room. Shade stood in one spot for a few moments before saying, “Worthy of what?”

Back at AGES land, Amber and Adam were walking out the exit of the ride and Adam sat at a table Melissa and Polly were at. “So was it bad?” Melissa asked.

“No way! It was awesome!”


“For a ride which was ten minutes long in a boat mysteriously shaped like a heart, it was still good.”

“…Yet again, how?”

“We got bored and started flinging parts of the ride at each other.”


Polly frowned, took out a cigarette and lit it. “Pathetic, if you go a ride like that you should friggin’ do what it was designed for, you moron.”

Adam turned to Melissa. “So this is what she’s really like, huh?”

“Pretty much.”

Kyle and Kevin were walking down one path as Kevin started talking. “You know, you were right, Sunset Hill act 2 is awesome.”


“It ain’t the best version though.”

“Your opinion no longer matters.”

Crystal suddenly turned a corner and came running towards them then flipped over them and turned right. Kevin looked back as he said, “If she’s wearing that suit it must be serious.”

“You gonna go?”


“See you at the bumper cars then.”

Kevin turned around and ran off in the same direction as Crystal. At the HQ, Rush, Light and Kat were in Rush’s room playing cards round a table when Shade walked in. Rush looked over at him and stood up. “Oh Shade, Sonny went to look for you. I see you’re still infected.”

“I’ve learned to somewhat control it, seeing as how it’s powers are still growing.”

“What’s with the dark purple stripes?” Kat asked.

“Virus trying to take over my mind.” Shade replied. “Though none of you guys have ever seen him.”

“We surely haven’t, anyway this was sent here earlier.” Rush said as he took out a tape recorder and gave it to Shade. Shade pressed play and Poison’s voice was heard. “Hello wannabe badass hero, I’m guessing you’d like to know the whereabouts of a certain someone. I’ll give you a clue, go meet them back in the past where things may have changed…flip this tape over when you find Skill.” Shade then stopped the tape.

“Go meet them back in the past?” Rush said in confusion. “What could that mean?”

“…I think I know. He means the place where I was created.”

“But wasn’t that underwater?”

“That may have changed recently, it seems.”

“Guess I should get Sonny to meet you there.”

“I guess so, and I’ll need the bike.”

“Why? You can run faster than vehicles.” Kat said.

“If I needed logic I’d go to a science lab.”

At AGES land, Crystal was running down a path, avoiding people left and right as Kevin followed her. Crystal jumped over a bush and ran through a park area and towards a go-kart area. She then suddenly spun round, picked up an empty go-kart and threw it at Kevin who stopped it with his psychokinesis a second before it hit him. As he lowered it Crystal fly kicked him into a house of mirrors with her. Kevin then threw her behind him towards one mirror. She flipped and touched the mirror with her feet then flew off ahead as Kevin followed her.

Back in the middle of the theme park, Mads was dodging the squid’s tentacles by moving about while firing at the squid as it deflected the blasts; it then hit Mads in the face with one tentacle and knocked him to the ground. Amber who was sitting at a table said, “Come on, Mads, you can do better than that, just like that one time in the Slasha Blaid Saga, that’s right, I was watching.”

“I’m just not motivated enough, I guess.” The squid threw a comic book at Mads and as it landed in front of him he looked down at the title which said, “Yaoi.” He then looked up and squinted at the squid. “Now it’s personal.”

Amber nodded. “You go kick some ass.”

Mads shot a cable which hooked on to one tentacle and pulled the squid towards him. As Mads pulled the squid he threw a bomb which blew up in its face then hit it with a charged shot, and then jumped up and kicked it in the face with both feet, sending it flying back.

As it got up it threw a plank of wood at Mads who moved diagonally right and stopped 10 feet in front of the squid then started firing at it. The squid blocked with its tentacles then charged forward. Mads jumped over the squid and fired a missile which hit the squid and it flew into the table Amber was sitting at as she moved.

Near the area was the bumper cars ride, which Kyle, Jessica, Alex and Mike were at. Jessica bashed into Kyle’s car from behind, then Alex bashed into Kyle’s car from the side. As Mike came towards Kyle’s car, Kyle looked around quickly then froze a part of the floor which Mike’s car went over and skidded out of control. Mike’s car skidded off out of the area and stopped near a billboard advertising Chaos cola. The giant plastic chaos cola then landed on Mike as he got out of the bumper car.

A few minutes later, they got off the bumper cars and were at a table. Kevin came walking up to the table, limping. Kyle looked over at him and said, “So where did you go?”

“For some reason I fought Crystal in this house of mirrors. And I now feel totally violated.”

“In a good way?”

“No. In a bad way.”

“It’s possible to be violated by a maturely cute girl in a bad way?”

“Whatever, I just need someone’s help.”

“I’ll help.” Jessica said as she got up.

Alex shrugged. “Haven’t got much else to do.”

“Let’s move then.” Kyle said. The other three then ran off while Kevin slowly limped. Meanwhile, Shade drove up to the river on a black motorbike where the old base used to be to see that it was just above the water. Shade got off the bike and walked up to the edge. Moments later Sonny came running up to Shade and stopped next to him. “I thought I’d see you out here.”

“How did you find me?”

“Rush told me you came here, I thought you’d be inside already.”

“Well I’m going right now.”

“First I’ve gotta do something.” Sonny took out the syringe and injected it into Shade’s arm. Shade quickly pulled back a second later. “Hey! What was that for?”

“Rush told me to use it on you when I found you. Something to do with those different coloured stripes.”

“Yeah, I got it.” Shade turned towards the base. “Time to make my way inside.” 

“I’ll just wait out here.”

“Suit yourself.” Using his air shoes Shade flew towards the base.

At AGES land, Jared and Jade walked up to a food stand which read, “Out to lunch.” Jared then said, “This guy has been out to lunch for two chapters now…”

In the base, Lost Impact from Shadow the Hedgehog played as Shade spin dashed through air vents then he exited the air vents after 15 seconds, went off a ramp and landed on a giant gear on a string and jumped across the gears before reaching a path at 00:26. Shade ran along the path in a large room filled with robots and metal containers while some yellow spider robots attacked him. Shade whacked them out the way and then exited the room and took a lift up at 00:40.

Shade exited the lift and entered a navy green room with many computers which were faulty and one kept blinking. Shade moved around the room, destroying several robots. He ripped off one robots arm and whacked it, then hit another robot by throwing the arm at it, then teleported behind another and kicked it to the ground. The last robot fired at Shade who moved left then right and then kicked it in the face. Shade exited the room and ran down a hallway at 01:35 where three turrents popped out of the ground.

Shade jumped over their lasers and punched them as he moved ahead then came to a long drop at 01:50 and wall jumped the path down while destroying robots clinging to the wall. He then jumped and flipped as he got near the ground at 02:16 and landed on the ground near a metal door at 02:19 as the song stopped.

SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 40th guest!”

Liquid walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Liquid, I have no gender, and I have no age. My height is 5’0” and I weigh 140 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

Liquid gave SA3 a cold glare for a few moments, and then SA3 said, “Favorite song?”

“Chaos 6’s theme from Sonic Adventure…yes.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“I surely do not.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“It is not safe to try and drink me.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Nothing more needs to be acknowledged.” 
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Sorry if I'm not supposed to post in here but.....

this is really good. I haven't rolled on the floor in a while. Although, it'll take a while for me to catch up. XD
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Thanks, this will go up to about 100 chapters just so you know >.>

I also see you've also started to use vids.  8)
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Following in the footsteps of the best!


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Yup, 100, cause it's a good number to stop at.
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 41st guest!”

Ivy walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Ivy uhh…just Ivy, I’m female and I’m many decades old. My height is 4’3” and I weigh 111 lbs.”

“Cup size?”

“Are you kidding me?”

“I guess so.”

“Although, you could ask my adult form…”

“We won’t have time, but I’d like to see that sometime. Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“Nope, some are really hard to come up with.”

“Favorite song?”

“Lost Impact from Shadow the Hedgehog, it’s just so…beautiful…”

“I’m sure it is. Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“On my planet that’s considered a major sign of weakness, but the only thing I like is causing pain and misery for others…as I’ve been assigned to do…”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“If you aren’t fast, you better be able to take as much pain as you can dish out, these words once had meaning to me.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

Ivy sighed. “I hate life…”
Just so some people know, the song "Hard Revenge" from Megaman ZX (the full song, not just the first chorus) inspired this particular chapter a lot (if you haven't heard the theme, you really should). You'll probably know why if you know what game that remix originally came from.

Skill Saga: Chapter 86 – Test Your Skills

In AGES land, Mads was still fighting the giant squid who had him pinned down and was slapping him repeatedly with its tentacles. Amber then yelled, “Come on, Mads, blast that fool!”

“It’s slapping is disrupting my aim!” Mads replied.

“Fine, I’ll take care of it.” Amber fired a small beam of fire hit the squid and knocked it off Mads. As the squid regained its balance, Mads hit it with a solarbeam blast. A Sega orb suddenly landed next to Mads with a note attached to it. He picked it up and read the note which said, “Use it wisely, because I’m watching.” Mads shrugged and crushed it in his hand as the squid got up.

Mads’ suit glowed with a rainbow aura, Mads then charged up his arm cannon which shined brightly moments later, then fired a very large white beam which hit the squid and made it shake violently as the blast engulfed the creature, annihilating all remains of the squid. Several civilians around the around cheered and applauded Mads. As this was going on Kevin, Kyle, Jessica and Alex ran past the area. Amber looked over at them and asked, “Where are you guys going?”

“Crystal’s gone nuts and we’re gonna go beat her up.” Kyle replied.

“You didn’t have to put it so bluntly…” Kevin said.

“Count me in.” Amber said as she joined them.

“You’re looking forward to this, aren’t you?”


“I’ll catch up with you guys.” Mads said as he continued to bow. The others then ran on ahead.

Meanwhile, Shade entered the steel door and ran into a large blue and grey room. Far ahead was a large golden circular machine with four emeralds on it which Skill was connected to and it had a large navy screen on it. Shade played the tape recorder again and listened. “If you’re playing this side of the tape, I’ll assume you’re there. Ahead of you should be Skill, hooked up to a larger machine and ready to do battle. Skill should be ready to start any moment now, good luck Shade.” Shade stopped the tape and looked at the machine which aimed its cannons at Shade.

The turrets and cannons on the golden machine began firing at Shade as he moved about, jumped up and threw a chaos spear which caused minimal damage. Skill fired one of its arms at Shade who kicked it back and destroyed one cannon. Shade then jumped over the laser beams it fired and kicked its second arm back as Skill fired it. Shade spin attacked one cannon then entered the machine through a hole and started destroying it from the inside. As it began to blow up, the floor started crumbling and began to fall.

Shade fell with the floor and looked ahead to see Skill who glowed brightly as the place rumbled. Shade took out a chaos crystal and crushed it, covering himself in a red fiery aura as Skill approached him. Skill hopped forward and Shade quickly jumped up as Skill punched the platform Shade was standing on in half. Shade kicked Skill in the face, and then Skill grabbed Shade’s foot and threw him towards a wall. Shade touched the wall and jumped towards Skill who flew towards Shade.

Skill began throwing several punches which Shade dodged by moving up and down, then punched Skill and hopped onto a falling platform behind the robot. Skill fired a blast of energy which blew up the platform as Shade moved, and then Skill fired its right arm which hit Shade. Shade climbed onto the arm, jumped ahead and hit Skill in the face with a downward kick, dragging the robot the bottom with him. Skill hit the ground hard, creating a big crater while Shade flipped and landed 15 feet ahead of Skill then looked around.

The area was grey with damaged robot parts and glass containers around the place. There was a fin layer of water along the ground and a wide screen 20 feet to Shade’s right. “I remember here…this is the place I woke up.”

“Very observant, Shade.” Dr. Kurosama replied, using a speaker box. “Sometimes I’m amazed how well you do when you’re fighting for something. You probably don’t know all the details, as is to be expected, so I took the courtesy to show you this…”


On the screen showed a humanoid robot the same height as Shade. It had the same black and red design as Skill and had a red blade curled back on its head. It walked up to a door as “How It Started” from Sonic and the Secret Rings played in the background. The robot looked into the room to see several lab assistants, Dr. Kurosama and Ivy by a glass container which Shade was inside. Several light green screens were around the container which displayed status reports.

On one screen was SA2 breaking some grey ninja’s bones at 00:33 then Skill left the area seconds later. At 00:40, Dr. Kurosama was in another room with Skill and ahead was a screen which Stickman was talking to the doctor. After ten seconds the connection cut then Dr. Kurosama looked at Skill and nodded. Skill sped down the corridors towards the exit and arrived outside at 01:05. Skill looked up at the night sky for twelve seconds, and then flew off ahead.

Skill flew across the skies and through the streets then landed on a building at 01:38 and saw Stickman driving a motorcycle down the streets. Meanwhile, Shade woke up and got out of the glass container and left the room as Dr. Kurosama told him about Skill at 01:55. Meanwhile Skill was chasing Stickman through the streets and as he sped up then jumped across three cars and fired a blast which knocked a gun out of Stickman’s hand at 02:22.

Stickman soon pulled out a rocket launcher and blasted the road behind him, knocking a few cars into the air at 02:35. Skill flew around, grabbing the cars and placing them on the ground as the robot moved ahead. Stickman went off road into a forest and stopped at a factory at 03:00, it opened and he quickly entered.

Skill arrived moments later and slowly entered while Shade approached the factory. At 03:15 lights switched on and a large robotic version of Stickman came towards Skill and pounded the ground twelve seconds later. Skill moved around while firing blasts which partly damaged the robot while Skill dodged its attacks. Shade was standing on a pillar at 03:54, crushed a chaos crystal and then jumped towards the large Stickman curled into a ball at 04:04.

Shade spin attacked the robot multiple times until it finally fell at 04:19 then he quickly turned around and threw a chaos spear at a surveillance camera.


The screen then switched off and Shade heard Dr. Kurosama’s voice again. “And just so you know, all that didn’t happen on the day you were created, I just felt like displaying those scenes, but those are the basics of what you need to know.”

“So my blood came from that demon girl?”

“Yes, she came to me over two decades ago and volunteered to help speed the process with her blood, I’m not sure why but I couldn’t exactly have turned her down. So technically, you two are related and you’re part demon, though it makes sense if you think about it.”

From behind Shade where the large version of Skill was, a big bright light appeared, dozens of robot parts flew across the room and out of the light walked the version of Skill which was Shade’s height. Dr. Kurosama then said, “Ahh, there he is. You may be the finished project, but Skill plays a vital part in my research. Skill is your prototype, and has a high A.I setting. Skill always hated you, because you were overall better. This hatred affected his systems and I had to eventually shut him down, but luckily he has the chance to face you again where you were made.”

“So Shadow’s prototype was a large dinosaur with a life support system on its back, and mine is a cross between me and Emerl from Sonic Battle?”

“Well we can’t all choose how we’re created. But enough of that, Skill, this is your one attempt to get what you want, exterminate that hedgehog with extreme prejudice!” Skill swung its hand back and got into a fighting stance as Skill said, “I am the ultimate! Ahahahaha!” as Crazy Robo from Sonic Adventure started playing in the background.

After eleven seconds Skill hopped forward and attacked with a flying kick as Shade ducked, then moved as Skill pounded the ground then jumped back as Skill tried to punch him. Shade then attacked with a kick, a slide tackle and an uppercut as Skill dodged the three attacks. Skill soon jumped back and splashed a wave of water at Shade who ran to the right and tackled Skill. They rolled about quickly then Shade threw Skill behind him.

Skill flipped and landed on his feet, then threw several metal containers towards Shade. Shade jumped across three containers, whacked three robotic parts out the way, then jumped across three more containers and attempted to punch Skill as he moved. They then started attacking each other while avoiding the other’s hits again, then separated and Shade spin dashed through Skill’s legs then turned round and came towards him again as Skill jumped out the way.

Skill picked up pieces of the floor from above and chucked them at Shade who ran about, dodging the pieces. Skill soon changed its right arm into a mini-cannon and began firing at Shade who spin dashed around the floor, then soon uncurled and took out an emerald as Skill did the same. They then disappeared and reappeared several times in the air, punching each other every time they used chaos control, then they eventually separated and landed on the ground.

At AGES land, Kevin, Amber, Kyle, Jessica and Alex were outside the house of mirrors (yes, I’m too lazy to explain what any of the places look like). Jessica raised an eyebrow. “Wait, why is a house of mirror’s here? It’s not even a ride, and this isn’t a funfair!”

“Leave your logic at the door, Jessica. From here we settle our problems like a true badass would!” Kyle said.

“By kicking ass first and asking questions later?” Amber asked.

“Exactly.” Amber and Kyle then high fived each other.

“Let’s just go.” Kevin said before walking in. The rest followed afterwards. They walked quietly through several mirror rooms while making faces at each other using the mirrors. In one room, Kevin looked at a mirror to his right and saw Crystal waving at him, he then yelled, “Take cover!” they all jumped behind a few mirrors ahead as Crystal fired a small beam of energy from the middle of the room. “I knew you’d come back, but you really shouldn’t have; now I’ll kill you all! Any questions?”

Kyle raised his hand. “Could you violate me like you did to Kevin?”

“Are you insane?” Kevin asked.

“No, I just got a lot of hormones.”

Amber thought for a second. “Oh yeah, I remember that phase I went through…”

“Screw you guys, I’m attacking.” Jessica said before jumping towards Crystal and throwing several punches which she blocked. Alex jumped out and knocked Crystal back with a gust of wind then as Jessica tried to punch her, Crystal fell over and kicked her back. Kevin fired a wave of energy which she jumped over and kicked him; he then stopped a second before hitting a mirror. Amber appeared in front of Crystal and Kyle appeared behind her. Kyle threw a block of ice and Amber fired several fireballs.

Crystal side stepped the attacks and the block of ice hit Amber, sending her flying back, and the fireballs lit Kyle’s hair on fire, causing him to run around for a short while before putting it out. Kevin then said, “Is it me or is Crystal better than she should be?”

“Maybe it’s because we don’t really wanna hurt her this way.” Kyle replied.

“We don’t?” Jessica asked. Kevin and Kyle looked at her, she then quickly said, “Yeah, of course we don’t.”

Meanwhile, Alex tried to punch Crystal several times as she moved back while dodging. As Kevin came towards her from the right she quickly kneed him in the stomach and flew back as she said, “Come on guys, show me your moves!” As she turned around, Amber punched her hard in the face as she yelled, “Punch!” which knocked her out. As the others gathered around Amber raised her arm and said, “YES!”

Kyle turned to Kevin and said, “So since Crystal never got to violate me, is it okay if I violate her?”

“Once again, are you insane?”

Amber quickly shouted, “Hey! Nobody gets to violate Crystal but me!” Everyone then looked at her weirdly. “No! That’s not what I meant. What I meant to say was, only Crystal can violate m-no, that’s not it either. Actually, forget I said anything.” She then looked at the screen. “That goes for you guys too…or else.”


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 42nd guest!”

Poison walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Poison, I’m male and I’m…not allowed to say this part. My height is 4’5” and I weigh 117 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“I was thinking something like, “The blade is poisonous.”

“…That’s lame.”

“No, you’re lame.”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Favorite song?”

“The final boss theme in Sonic Advance 3”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Not all snakes are poisonous.”

“I’m sure people already knew that. Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“I gotta pick up Ivy’s laundry soon…”

“Wait, Ivy and Poison…Poison and Ivy. Oooooh, Poison Ivy! Heh, I just got that!”

“Wow, you’re pretty slow…”
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Skill Saga: Chapter 87 – The Day of Reckoning

A bit afterwards, Amber, Kevin, Kyle, Jessica, Alex and Crystal were outside the house of mirrors. Amber called Rush who came to theme park 10 minutes later. “Did you know I had to pay to get in?” He said as he arrived. “I mean, I’ve helped save the world once or twice already, so technically I should get in free!”

Amber shrugged. “That’s life.”

Rush took out another syringe and injected it into Crystal then took it out moments later. “What is that?” Kevin asked.

“A blood sample from Light, which clears out the evil influence. Though Light is pretty mad at me for taking a lot of his blood…”

“I’m sure it’s all for the best though.” Amber replied.

“Yeah, but he bit me…”

“You complain too much.”

Back in the base, Shade and Skill were 10 feet from each other. Shade was breathing heavily and Skill sat on one knee, shaking and a few sparks were flying out of him. “Virus copy…I need…y-your assistance.”

“Virus can copy himself now?” Shade asked.

“Yes.” Dr. Kurosama replied. “And he’ll provide Skill with the boost of power needed to beat you.”

A dark purple ball of energy appeared above Skill and hit him with a ray of light; the sparks began to stop as Shade dashed forward and a barrier stopped him from interfering. Skill stood up moments later, completely healed. “Our fight ends now.” Skill glowed brightly then two large crystallized black and red wings burst out of its back and Skill became covered in a golden aura. “You’re not the only one who can transform. Follow if you wish to fight me.” Skill said before flying higher up.

Shade closed his eyes and the seven emeralds came together and circled around him, then he transformed into Super Shade and flew up after Skill. In the E.V.I.L Corporation’s main base, after a minute or so of blasting various machinery around the room, Liquid blasted a hole through a wall and flew off out of the base. Stickman then looked around the wrecked room and sighed.

At AGES land, it was nearing sunset as the others all waited by the entrance to the theme park. DJ, Jason, Jared, Jade, Melissa and Polly met them there soon after.

“So where were you guys?” Mads asked.

“I was busting some beats in this arcade, yo. And my man, Jason here, was busting moves. Jared and Jade were in this smoking area, which I never even knew they had, and we met Melissa and Polly at some go-kart ride.” DJ replied

“What happened to all the gangster talk?” Amber asked.

“It ain’t technically gangster talk, but it got old so I wanna stop doing that.”

“Okay, cool.”

“Today was a good day.” Mads said.

“I missed like half the day…” Crystal replied.

“There’ll always be other times.” Amber said.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Crystal then turned to Kevin. “And although I didn’t have much control over it, I’m really sorry about what happened at the house of mirrors when I-”

“AHHH! It’s okay! Just don’t mention it!”

“I’d really like to know what was so bad.” Kyle said.

“Same here.” Amber replied.

“I’m not saying.” Kevin said in anger.

“Come on! We won’t laugh, I swear!” Kyle pleaded.

Kevin sighed. “…She gave me a wedgie.”  Everyone except Mads, Kevin and Crystal burst into laughter. “It was an atomic wedgie…” the others laughed harder. “Some friends you are…”

“That’s harsh, guys.” Mads said. “It’s not nice to laugh at others pain. People usually laugh when I get kicked in the nuts, but that’s not funny, that hurts!” The others laughed even harder while Kevin put his hand on Mads’ shoulder. “They just don’t understand…”

“Tru dat, man, tru dat…”

Meanwhile, Shade and Skill were flying high in the air as “I am…all of me” from Shadow the Hedgehog played in the background as they created several shockwaves (I wonder if you can follow the words). After a few moments, Shade knocked Skill into a wall, then flew against the wall and rolled into a ball as Shade sped towards Skill. Skill quickly moved and fired a large blast upwards which caused pieces of the ceiling to fall as Shade jumped across them.

Shade attacked Skill with a flying kick, which Skill ducked under and moved then attacked with a punch which Shade jumped back from. The pieces from the ceiling then landed on the ground as Shade and Skill disappeared using chaos control. They moved around in the slow motion, slowly dodging each others attacks. Shade then punched Skill and Skill quickly countered with a kick then they both jumped back and got into a fighting stance.

Skill then attacked Shade with a flurry of kicks which Shade dodged then got hit by the last kick, Shade then attacked with a flurry of punches which Skill dodged but the last one hit him. Shade then hit Skill with the back of his fist, then Skill hit Shade with an elbow to the face, and then Shade kneed him in the chest. Skill flipped back and then flew up as Shade followed him at 01:24. Skill pulled his hand back as it glowed then threw three chaos spears which Shade dodged; they then hit the ground and exploded. Shade then appeared behind Skill and kicked him to the ground. As Skill came towards the ground he flapped his wings and flew back up.

Skill then fired a chaos spear at Shade which he dodged; Shade then quickly fired one back which Skill dodged. They then flew towards each other and their punches connected with each other several times as they moved up and separated after each punch. High in the air they then began punching and kicking each other while avoiding each others attacks then disappeared again using chaos control. They continued the same pattern again until 02:35 when they both started firing energy blasts at each other.

Every few moments Skill was hit by a blast until they stopped firing at 02:55 and flew towards each other. They started attacking each other again while avoiding the other’s attacks. As Skill went to punch Shade at 03:15 he quickly teleported, then went through one of Skill’s wings covered in a red aura, then spin dashed through the second wing a moment later. He then repeatedly spin attacked Skill as he flew by then spin attacked him in the stomach and dragged him down to the ground at 03:26 and created a huge wave of water as they hit the ground.

In another area, Crystal, Amber, Mads, Adam, Ruby and Max were going home in Mads’ parent’s car. “So did you guys have fun today?” Mads’ dad asked.

“I sure did.” Mads replied. “Though it could have been more fun.”

“My day was okay.” Amber said.

“Cool day was cool.” Adam said.

“I didn’t get much time to do stuff.” Crystal said with a sigh. “And what did you two do?” Crystal asked, looking at Ruby and Max.

“Stuff.” Max replied.

“What kind of stuff?”

“Good stuff.”

“…It seems that phrase is catching on…”

“Damn straight it is.”

Back once more at the old base, Shade was standing five feet away from Skill which had most of its lower half destroyed, a third of its head glowed red and its right arm was damaged. “Why…h-how can this be possible…I am the ultimate…I was meant to be…a hero.”

“Well a hero doesn’t lose his mind with jealousy when there are other’s better than him, he improves himself to rise up to their level.”

“Doctor...I need your help...”

“Sorry Skill, it seems Shade is overall better. You blew your last chance, and now serve no other purpose. Shade, you continue to impress me, I hope the best for you...maybe one day...together...we could be...” the connection cut and the place then went silent. Shade turned his attention to Skill after a few moments. “It didn’t have to end like this...I’ll leave you to rest in peace.”

As Shade turned round and began to walk off, SA2 played the ending tune from Shadow the Hedgehog on a piano. After a few moments he left through a door then as the theme ended Skill’s eye slowly stopped blinking. A minute later, Shade flew out of the base and landed near where Sonny was to see him talking with Jawo’.

“Oh, hey Shade.” Jawo’ said as he waved.

“Jawo? What are you doing here?”

“I just came to inform you that everyone at the other lab has resumed their work, and to give you this.” Jawo’ took out a data disk and gave it to Shade. “It has something to do with your creator, look at it whenever you’re ready.”

“I’ll think about it, and thanks.”

“Well, I’ll see you two around.” Jawo’ ran off and jumped on the back of a 4x4 and it started driving off.

“Nice guy.” Sonny said. “So what happened down there?”

“I came, defeated my prototype, found out how I was created, and did what had to be done. But the doctor is still out there, but for now, I’ll let things unfold by themselves.”

“Ahh, but what I don’t get is, how did that base rise above the water again?” Suddenly the base behind Sonny blew up and the remaining emeralds inside the base scattered in different directions. “Oh...never mind then. So...”

“Corruption, mystery, answers.”

“Moody, anger, lone wolf.”

“Misunderstood, desperate, fearless.”

“We cool?”

“We cool.”


“We may have our differences, and at times don’t get along as well as we should, or sometimes we don’t think straight, but when we need help the most, someone will be there...and that’s what makes us good partners.”

“If only Crystal and Amber were here to hear this...wait, did you just say I was a good partner?”

“I won’t say it again.”

“Well, I just wanted to say...Shade, you’re my best friend.”

“Really, Sonny? Well, you’re my best friend too!”


“No, you idiot! I don’t have best friends, and I hate you.”

“Oh, Shade, you’re so sweet!” Sonny said with a smile.

The area suddenly got windy and Rush landed down in his ship while Crystal, Amber and Mads were also in the ship. “Hi guys.” Rush said as the ship touched the ground. “Has everything been sorted out?”

“Yeah, it’s fine now.” Shade replied.

“So what have you guys been doing all day?” Crystal asked.

“Finding out about what I needed to know.”

All of them heard the sound of slow clapping faintly and looked up to the right to Ivy who shook her head as she frowned at them. “There are no victories here, just casualties.”

“It’s you again.” Crystal said in disgust.

“That’s right, “Hero”, I see you aren’t under Virus’ influence anymore, lucky you.”

“I always knew you were up to no good.”

“Yeah, yeah. You and your twisted sense of justice, killing other supernatural creatures just for touching down on this planet.”

“Hello? Quite a few have tried to conquer and destroy this planet, and one almost succeeded.”

“And what about the ones which don’t hurt people? I for one haven’t killed anyone since I came here. Will you kill me because I’m part demon and seem bad? And what about Shade, would you attempt to kill him because part of his blood comes from me?”

Crystal and Rush gasped while Sonny, Amber and Mads’ eyes were wide with shock as Shade continued to look at Ivy. “You guys didn’t know that did you?” Ivy said with a smile.

“Speaking of which, why didn’t you mention that earlier?” Shade asked.

“Tell me, would it really have made a difference if I did tell you?”

“Sadly, it wouldn’t have.”

“Exactly. And no, the writer did not just pull this out of his ass at the last moment.” She then looked at Crystal and said, “Just remember, “Hero” good and evil isn’t all black and white. The day will come soon, when the demons will launch a full frontal attack and wipe out your race, take care until then. And Shade, you’ll be welcome to join us when that time comes.” Ivy quickly turned around and flew off.

Sonny and Shade then hopped into the ship and they took off moments later. Everyone in the ship was silent as Rush piloted the ship. After a short while, Crystal said, “So Shade, since you’re part demon, does that mean you have that demon form ability?”

“I doubt it.”

Sonny then said, “You know, it’s funny how your superhero name is Chaos Demon, and funnily enough, you’re part demon. It’s like this was planned or something.”

After Sonny stopped talking everyone sat in silence again, then a minute later Amber looked at Shade. “Hey Shade, I’ve been wondering, just how old are you?”

“What has that got to do with anything?”

“It’s just so we can show you the proper respect you deserve; after all, you should respect your elders.”

“Respecting your elders, oh please. As if, Rush, could you tell Amber to get off my back?”

Rush scratched the back of his head. “Well...”

“Oh, you’re on her side, huh?”

“I’ve actually been meaning to ask as well.” Crystal said.

“Yeah, it wouldn’t hurt to know.” Mads said.

Shade looked at Sonny. “Do you feel the same way?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Well too bad, because I’m not saying.” Shade said as he crossed his arms.

“Would you tell me if I guessed?” Amber asked.


“So, early twenties?”

“I’m not saying.”

“Hmm...late thirties?”

“Still not saying.”

“Mid forties?”

“Would you drop it already!”

Late that night, Liquid was walking down a dark alley when Virus rose up from a puddle of darkness behind the creature. “Hello Liquid, nice to meet you.”

“And how do you know my name?”

“You could say I’m an old friend, now we need to make plans for our future. Your assistance would be appreciated and would benefit us.”

“So who is “us?”

Poison stepped out of the shadows and stood by Virus. “Hello there.”

“You’ll get what you desire most if you decide to help us.” Virus said. “Do we have a deal?”

“...Yeah.” Liquid shook Virus’ hand. “We have a deal..."
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