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Sonny and Shade (Finished)

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Author Topic: Sonny and Shade (Finished)  (Read 3226 times)
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« Reply #120 on: 23 August, 2008, 09:52:24 am »

Increase Views Saga: Chapter 88 – The Anime Convention Chapter (Judging the views from Fanfiction.net by the way >.>)

A bunch of men were sitting around a long rectangular table and were having a meeting. SA was one of the people sitting down. One man stood at a large board in front of the table which displayed a chart. He cleared his throat then looked around the table. “Gentlemen, I have called you here because we are in grave danger.”

“Danger from what?” One man asked.

“This graph shows our views, and we currently have around 5,000. This is not enough.”

“So how many do we need, boss?”

The man slammed his hand on the table. “Over nine thousand.”

“WHAT! NINE THOUSAND!?! There’s no way we can get that much!”

“I know, I was kidding, we need around 6,000.”

“So how are we gonna get that much, boss?”

SA stood up. “I can do it, but I’ll need help from someone.” He then looked at the door and it suddenly opened. SA2 walked in as a ray of light shined on him and walked up to the board. “Hello gentlemen, I may have the ideas you need. But first let’s start off with something I’ve wanted to do for a while…”


A week after the events of the Skill Saga, early in the morning, in one shop was someone going around in a black cloak. The mysterious person walked up to the counter where SA4 was and said, “Give me all your money.”

“Sorry, we elite ninja’s aren’t allowed to do that.”

Raizor’s four robots, David, Yukiko and Zulu suddenly appeared from all angles, got everybody in the store down on the floor, then the person wearing the black cloak took it off to reveal Slasha in her dark blue skin-tight battle suit. She then yelled, “Okay people, I’m low on money and stuff, so you guys will empty your pockets and give me everything you have!”

Raizor’s four robots got the civilians into a line as Slasha came by and started taking things from them. Meanwhile, Zulu pointed a gun at SA4 and said, “Female ninja’s aren’t an exception from the rules, on the floor, now.”

“We elite ninja’s aren’t allowed to do that either.”

“Where are you from?”

“No u.”

“No u? I’ve never heard of a place called No u. Do they understand English in No u?”

“No u?”

“English, elite jerkass! Do you understand it!?!” David walked up to Zulu and held him back. “Leave it man, it ain’t worth it.”

A bit away, Slasha took 10 bucks from one man then moved onto the next and gasped. “A-are these what I think they are?”

The man sighed. “Yes, they’re tickets to the animecon a week away.”

Slasha took the tickets. “Whoa! They only have like two of these a year! Boy did I get lucky today! Don’t worry, I’ll copy the tickets and send you the copies, and trust me, they’ll work, I’m a genius. Just a way of saying thanks.” She handed the man a pen and paper. “Just write your address and stuff down.”

Raizor walked in moments later and said, “Hey Slasha, mom says she wants to take you bra shopping later.”

“…Could you really have picked a worse time?”

“If I could have I would have said it then.”

“Oh, by the way, the cops are coming, so we gotta go.” Raizor said, pointing at the police cars very far down the road.

As the man handed Slasha the pen and paper, the villains ran out of the shop and jumped in a truck then it took off down the road. The cops chased the villains down several roads for a long period of time while Raizor’s four robots, David and Yukiko were firing at the cars and sent most of them spiralling out of control. Soon enough, Mads and Rush turned up in Rush’s ship while Mads was on top of the ship.

The side of the truck opened up, showing Slasha, Zulu and the four robots. Rush looked at them then asked, “Are you sure that’s safe?”

“Sure, Slasha wouldn’t allow me to get hurt, she likes me.” Mads replied.

Zulu handed Slasha a rocket launcher which she fired at Rush’s ship moments later. Rush flew up and dodged the attack by inches, the explosion caused a few cars to spiral out of control and destroyed half a shop. Rush narrowed his eyes at Mads and said, “Seems she doesn’t like you as much as you think.” As a lorry came down their side of the road, Rush flew under it, hit part of lorry and spun round a few times before tipping over, knocking them both out.

The villains stopped near the ship, Slasha jumped out and put one animecon ticket in Mads’ battle suit pouch which is barely used, then jumped in the truck and they took off.

A week later, Mads was explaining this story to Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber, Rush and Kat on the way to the anime convention in Rush’s ship. “And that’s how it happened, right Rush?”

“That’s right.” Rush replied.

“So how are you guys planning to get in?” Mads asked. “I only got one ticket.”

“We’ll wear our suits and hope they’ll allow us through.” Amber replied.

“Well good luck with that.”

Ten minutes later, Rush landed the ship near a car park leading to a very large white building with ticket booth’s at the front. The seven of them were standing far away from the booth’s as hundreds of people were queuing up. Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Rush were in their suits, they walked up to the area and waited in one queue.

“So what are you gonna do when you get in?” Sonny asked Mads.

“Well, visit a bunch of places and get the manga I need then walk around in my battle suit and see how many people take notice, since people do those kind of crazy stuff.”

Shortly after, they reached the front of the queue and Mads went on inside, the man then said, “You all need tickets to get in.”

“But we’re that superhero team!” Crystal protested. “We’ve saved the world like half a dozen times already!”

“Sorry, those are the rules, although I’ll allow the hot fox girl.”

“Oh, well thank you. See you guys inside.” Kat said before watching in.

Sonny thought for a second and then asked, “If I brought this hot catgirl, could I get in because I’m like dating her right now?”

“No you aren’t.” Shade said quietly.

“Yeah but he doesn’t know that.”

The man stood in silence for a few seconds and then said, “So you guys are the real superhero team?”

They all nodded in agreement.

“Alright, just answer a few questions, and then you can get in.”

Mads walked around the inside of the anime convention on the first floor and walked past a group of people dressed as SA2 as he continued to look around. Five minutes later, he walked up to an area where people were gathering around a large stage which had a red curtain over it. After a few moments, four lights around the stage light up as the Excel Saga opening theme played and the curtain rose up. Slasha was wearing a light blue and black hard leather suit while Yukiko wore a red and purple one and had dyed her hair blue (in other words, the same ones the main characters actually wear...). 

They began singing the theme into their microphones while Yukiko yelled, “Cough, cough, hack!” every few moments. Meanwhile, Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Rush entered the building to see dozens of people rushing about in all directions, and table stands in almost every direction while there was an escalator ahead.

“Man, that took ages.” Rush said with a sigh.

“Yeah, and did he really have to ask what color underwear I was wearing? What has that got to do with being the Psychic Angel?” Crystal asked.

“People like to know what colour underwear superhero’s wear, apparently.” Shade replied.

Back at the stage, Slasha and Yukiko had finished singing and were getting off the stage. Slasha then ran up to Mads and yelled, “Oh, hi Mads! I knew you’d come, some people got sick and stuff, and asked if me and Yukiko could fill in, so we did, and I kind of like this outfit, do you think it’s revealing? I don’t think it’s revealing, I think it’s awesome! Television needs more awesome suits! I better take this off, I’m starting to go nuts, oh wait, I am! Hahahaha...excuse me.” Slasha then quickly ran off.

The others showed up moments later and walked up to Mads. “Oh, hey guys, you finally got in.” Mads said as they arrived.

“Yeah, it was long.” Sonny replied.

“So what are you guys planning to do?”

“Stuff.” They all responded in unison.

“So where’s Kat?”

“She got in quicker for being a really hot fox...take that as you will.”


“I’m gonna take off and look around, later guys.” Amber said before walking off.

“Same here.” Crystal said before running off.

Sonny, Shade and Rush waved goodbye before walking off as well. Slasha came back shortly after wearing her regular outfit and yelled, “Okay, I’m ready! And I know this great store on the third floor that sells outfits of anime characters!”

“I must see this store.” Mads replied.

“Then follow me.” Slasha said as she walked on ahead.

Meanwhile, Crystal and Amber walked past a group of people who were talking about them.

“So which one of those guys do you like best?” One guy asked.

“I like that Psychic Angel girl; I wish she was my guardian angel.” Another man replied.

“I personally love that Wildfire girl, because she’s badass, and the blue hedgehog because he’s cool.” Another man responded.

“I just wanna cuddle Shade and hold him in my arms forever and ever.” One girl said.

“These people are weird.” Crystal said quietly as they walked by.

“These people exist everywhere, and very much so.” Amber replied.

Sonny, Shade and Rush were walking down several paths with dozens of people staring, pointing fingers at them, and a few girls yelling, “They look so kawaii!” and they eventually met up with Kat who was purchasing a manga at one stand.

“Kat, there you are.” Rush said as they walked up to her.

“Hi guys, just buying something I can read later. By the way, there’s a food court on the third floor.”

“I’m so there!” Sonny yelled as he ran off.

“Might as well check that out right now.” Shade said with a shrug as he walked on. Rush and Kat then followed shortly after.

A bit later, Mads and Slasha were walking out of a shop on the third floor and Mads was now wearing a thin red jacket, a black shirt and black pants.

“That place was awesome!” Mads yelled. “I can’t believe it, they got loads of clothes. Outfits like those school uniforms from Lucky Star, Ed’s outfit from Fullmetal Alchemist, Dokuro’s outfit from that club to death show complete with the halo, that dress Nanoha wears after transforming in MGLN, they had Kamina’s awesome shade’s from Gurren Lagann, Goku’s outfit from DBZ, Rena’s blood stained outfit complete with the hat from that one show with is totally nuts, X and Zero’s outfit’s from the Megaman series, Sailor Moon’s outfit after she transforms, and they even had copies of our battle suits, though you can tell they’re fakes, but still!”

“Yep, it’s awesome, and they got loads more.” Slasha replied. “And that paragraph was surprisingly long.”

“I gotta write this down.” Mads said as he took out a notebook.

“Isn’t that the notebook which you drew a picture of the stereotypical me in?”

“Yeah, I draw and write a lot of stuff in here, just normally not on camera. People say I’m a pervert. I disagree, I’m just sexually strange.”

“That’s...nice to know.”

In another area, as Shade walked along the same path, he spotted Ivy wearing her usual cardigan and skirt at one table and walked over to her. “And just what are you doing here?” Shade asked.

“This ninja guy is demanding rent, so we gotta pay up. I’m not here to cause trouble, I promise.”

“You better not be, just because part of my blood comes from you doesn’t mean I won’t hold back.”

“I was hoping you wouldn’t. Have a nice day, Shade.”


“What’s up? Wanna buy a mini-scythe?” Ivy said with a smile.

“...No thanks.” Shade said before walking off.

Crystal and Amber were on the second floor in a wide area full of various manga stands. Amber walked up to one stand and picked up a manga which had a grizzly bear flying a jet in space with dinosaurs and sharks chasing it while riding motorcycles as the jet was about to explode. “...Intense...”

Crystal walked towards one stand as one manga drew her attention (if you think you’ve seen this scene somewhere before, stop thinking). She picked up a manga which had Sonic and Shadow cuddling on the cover and opened it. “Could this be what I think it is...” she turned over a few pages and gasped. “Holy crap! It is! Is he really going to...” she turned over a page and gasped. “Holy crap! He did! This is wrong, yet I can’t. Look. Away!”

“Are you gonna buy that?” SA4 asked, sitting behind the desk.

“Uhh, I’ll think about it.” Crystal said before putting the manga down and walking off. As Crystal left, Amber walked up to the table and picked up the same manga, gasped at one page, looked around and then paid for it and whistled as she stuffed it into her pocket and walked off.

Back on the third floor, Slasha was standing by the stand Ivy was at as she explained the features of her mini-scythe’s. “It slices AND dices! And fits perfectly in rucksacks!”

“Awesome! I’ll take two!”

Yukiko suddenly appeared and pushed her away as she said, “No she won’t, and stop selling those.”

“But it’s a bargain!”

“Yeah, but it’s not safe for others around you.” Yukiko walked off as she said, “I’m off again, see ya.”

“Yeah, bye.”Slasha said as she waved.

Mads walked over to Slasha holding over a dozen different manga in his hands and said, “Okay, I got what I need.”

“Cool, I’ll be back in a bit then.” Slasha said before walking off.

Sonny, Shade, Rush and Kat were in the food court eating stuff that I’m too lazy to mention. “So Shade, you looked at that data disk yet?” Sonny asked.

“Nope, I’m gonna wait.”

“Why? You can look at it anytime.”

“I just don’t feel like it.”

“Can I look at it then?”

“No, because then you’ll tell me what’s on it.”

“No I won’t, I just wanna look.”


“Fine, we’ll do this the hard way.” Epic star wars music started playing as Sonny ran to another table and took someone’s plastic blue lightsabre. Shade jumped up and grabbed a red one then they both stared at each other as others watched. They both then dashed towards each other and began attacking, their sabres connecting with each other after each swing. They soon stopped and started twirling them in circles then Sonny hit Shade in the stomach, Shade quickly jumped and whacked Sonny across the face.

One guy wearing a Darth Vader outfit then said, “The force is strong in these ones...”

In another area, Slasha was back with a dozen manga and was looking through Mads’ notebook. “Y’know, these drawing’s are actually pretty good.”

“Thanks, but I know you’re just saying that.”

“No really, I can’t draw to save my life, but these are decent.”

“If you say so. I remember the times when I used to insult bad drawings, like this one time...”


Mads and Jessica Andersen were in an art class, painting and sitting next to each other. Mads looked over at Jessica’s painting and said, “Your art is sucks!”

Jessica looked at Mads and said, “Your grammars are horrible!”

Mads wiped a tear from his eye as he said, “Why you so mean?”


“That really didn’t happen, but the point is, it took me ages to actually draw decently.”

Slasha flipped over one page. “...I see.”

Back in the food court, Shade whacked Sonny’s lightsabre out of his hand using the force. Sonny then stopped for a few moments. “...That’s cheating.”





One man wearing a Yoda outfit then said, “Rules, there aren’t. Cheat, he did not.”

“Told you.” Shade said.

“Whatever...” Sonny replied.

Kat turned her attention to Rush and asked, “You want those fries?”

“Take them.” Rush said as he handed them over. “I still don’t get what’s so radical about those fries...”

Because the chapter was long enough already, an hour or two later, everyone was making their way to the exits around the anime convention. Yukiko was standing by one exit while Mads and Slasha stood further away talking. “So I had a lot of fun today, Mads.” Slasha said. “Good thing I gave you that ticket.”

“Oh, you gave me the ticket I found in the pocket of my suit?”

“Yeah, I robbed this guy who’s just ahead of me.” She said as she waved to him, he then waved back. “Guess I should get going.”

“Uhh, I was wondering...” Mads scratched his head as he avoided eye contact. “Maybe we could go see a movie sometime or something...”

Slasha slowly smiled. “Mads, are you asking me out on a date?”


“Tell ya what, if you become three times more evil than you are now, then sure, until then, let’s stick with the usual routine.” Slasha said with a evil smirk before she kicked Mads in the crotch, he then dropped to the ground and asked, “How? I wear protection now.”

Slasha pointed at her feet. “Metal shoes.” She grinned. “Well see ya later Mads.” She yelled as she ran off and left with Yukiko.

“Three times evil, aye?”

Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber, Rush and Kat approached Mads. Shade then said, “Get up, Mads, let’s go.”

“It’s gonna take a minute or so...”

“Kicked again, huh?” Sonny asked.

“Yup.” Mads slowly got to his feet. “Doctor says I should be careful though, about four more kicks there and I won’t be able to have kids.”

“I’m surprised you’re still able to.” Amber replied. 

“By the way, how can I become three times more evil?”

“Violate Crystal.”

“You dare and I’ll rip your arms off.” She said coldly.

“Ripped off arms or no date with Slasha...I’ll take the ripped off arms.”

“Seriously, just don’t.”

“Let’s get going then, guys.” Kat said as she walked off. The others quickly followed. Mads then said, “So seriously, my evil problem.”

“Solve that another time.” Rush replied.

They left the building and got back to Rush’s ship, hopped in it, then Rush turned on the engine and the ship flew off moments later.


“And that’s what I had in mind for a filler chapter!” SA2 said.

“Intriguing, Mr. Elite ninja, but about the views.” The boss said.

“No problem, I’ve invited others to help us out.” SA said as he pointed at the door. The door opened and SA3 and SA4 walked in and sat at the table. “Now let’s get to work.”
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« Reply #121 on: 27 August, 2008, 09:17:14 am »

Increase Views Saga: Chapter 89 –The Fanservice Chapter

The four ninja’s and the other business men were still sitting round the table. SA2 looked round at the three other ninja’s. “So, you guys got any ideas?”

SA cleared his throat. “Action and comedy is good and all, but sometimes even that isn’t enough, so I say we try one of the most used methods of all time: Fanservice.”

SA3 raised his hand to high five SA. “Short skirts and tight shirts, am I right?”

As SA was about to high five SA3, he looked at SA4 who glared at him, then quickly put his hand down. “No, you are wrong, very wrong.”

SA2 put one hand on SA4’s shoulder. “Relax; I’ll make up a subplot just for you, which doesn’t involve fanservice.”

“Well you really don’t have t-”

“No, I insist, now on with the show!”


Two weeks after the Anime Convention chapter, it was a normal, yet weird day as usual. Early in the morning at Amber’s house, Max was setting up a pyramid of cans by a wall; he then moved ten feet out the way next to a window and gave a thumbs up to Amber who was across the room holding a tennis ball. Ryan walked in just a moment before Amber threw the ball; she hit Max and sent him flying out the window.

Ryan shook his head. “You missed the cans by a long shot!”

“Who said I was aiming at the cans?” Amber and Ryan looked at each other and smiled.

Amber then heard her mom yell, “Amber, there’s a letter here for you!” Amber ran out the room and to the front where her mom handed her the letter. “Thanks mom.”

“Just don’t do anything reckless.” She said as she went back into the kitchen.

Amber opened the letter which read, “Hello, you have been invited to my beach house somewhere at the beach in Star Light City, complete with a Spa and food. There might be some tentacle monsters about but that’s not much to worry about...”

“So who’s beach house is this exactly?” Amber shrugged. “Sure, why not?”

Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Rush, Kat, Raizor, Slasha, David, Yukiko, Zulu, Nintendude, Ruby, Max, Jessica Andersen, Zoom, the Lounge members, Jessica, Kyle, Kevin, Alex, Adam, Felicia, Blade, Mark and Jenny were also invited (I’m gonna be too lazy to describe what everyone would wear there, and I’m sure you would too if you wrote over eighty chapters of this and had to describe over twenty characters outfits). Shade contacted Rush about the letter as Sonny played House of the Dead in the background. “Hey Rush, did you also get this letter about a beach house?”

“Yeah, it seems a lot of people did.”

“Light as well?”

Rush looked behind him to see Light staring at a window. “Well...Light hasn’t been very cheerful lately since he found out about Dr. Kurosama...”

“I see...he just needs some fresh air, I guess.”

“Yeah, so you going to that place then?”

“I guess so; I haven’t got much else to do.”

“See you soon then.” Rush said before disconnecting. He then turned to Light. “Hey Light, I think you need some fresh air, you haven’t left this place in weeks…”

“Chao…” Light replied quietly.

“Well the others and I are going to this beach house, wanna come?” Light slowly shook his head. “Well…just be sure to enjoy yourself once in a while.” Rush said before leaving as Light continued to stare at the window.

Two hours later, most of the others had arrived. Somewhere on a very wide beach far away with a forest nearby, “Wave Ocean: The Inlet” began playing in the background as it showed several parts of the scenery. After twenty seconds, Shany jumped out from the trees and began running down the wide open beach. After twenty more seconds he followed a rocky path which curled left and right around the beach, he then jumped over a large lump of sand and continued along the rocky path, spin dashed through a few rocks then ran towards the water ahead.

He then began jumping across stepping stones in the water at 01:00 and got to another part of the beach ten seconds later, he ran on ahead and jumped into a wide stone path area and dodged large stone pillars as he ran down the path which constantly curled right. He reached the end of the tunnel at 01:30 and ran along a wooden bridge over the water, turning left and right every few moments before hitting a ramp at 01:41 and flew across the sky as a dolphin jumped out of the water.

He then landed on another part of the beach, most of it covered in vines and palm trees at 01:52 and ran along, avoiding any obstacles as a few robots flew overhead and fired at the hedgehog. At 02:12, he began running along the regular beach again and dodging more rocks, he then ran through a loop at 02:23 and landed next to more stepping stones at 02:33 and jumped across them and made it to the beach house as the song stopped at 02:43.

Shany then glowed and separated into Sonny and Shade again. “Perfect timing, it seems.” Sonny said.

“Indeed.” Shade replied.

The beach house ahead was white and the roof was dark orange. The walls inside were light grey with sparkles to indicate it was meant to be silver while the floor tiles were red, blue and yellow. The two hedgehogs walked on ahead and passed a shower room, one unnamed room, and up to the last room which was separated into two sections and SA2 stood in between the sections holding several towels. “You two are Sonny and Shade, are you not?”

“Yeah, that’s us.” Shade replied as he nodded.

“The men’s hot spring room is to your left.”

“Ok, thanks.” Sonny said before him and Shade walked in. Every other guy who was invited was already there and most of them were in the pool. Shade walked up to Blade who had nothing on besides his mask. “Still keeping the mask on, huh?”

“You know it.”

“Long time, no see, Mark.” Sonny said as he waved at him.

“Yeah, you too.” He then quietly said, “Stupid blue hedgehog.”



“So anybody here tried to get to the girls side yet?” Sonny asked as he looked around.

Max nodded. “Those Lounge guys and I tried earlier, sadly that ninja kicked our asses, and he’s surprisingly good…”

Shade spotted the future Max in the pool and sat next to him. “Hey, aren’t you that guy who came from the future?”

“Yeah, we just got this weird feeling to come today, so we did.”


Raizor and Nintendude were playing a game of “Operation” by the side of the pool as David walked up to them and sat down. “What you guys doing?”

“Playing operation.” Raizor said as he picked up one bone. “Now be quiet, I need concentration.”

“I’m so gonna win this, dude!” Nintendude exclaimed.

On the girl’s side, everyone except Felicia was in the pool and they were all completely silent. Yukiko looked around and then said, “So…how bout them ninja’s?” Everyone else nodded and talked a little.

Crystal moved towards the older Ruby. “So, why did you decide to visit today?”

“I don’t know, I just had a feeling, maybe it was gas, I’m not sure.”

“Of course, it’s always gas.” Crystal said, sarcastically.

They then suddenly heard Raizor shout, “David! Stop touching it, you’re making it hard!”

“Innuendo at it’s finest.” Slasha said as she sat by Yukiko.

“Yup.” Yukiko replied with a nod.

“I should be kinda grossed out, but for some reason I’m not.”

“Yup.” Yukiko nodded again.

Somewhere high in the sky, Light was slowly flying over several mountains as he stared down at the ground. Soon he came towards a small village which was being attacked by dozens of demonic creatures and some of the places were on fire. Light held up a sign which said, “Now that’s just ironic, guess I’d better go sort this out.”

Light landed down in the village where people were running around, panicking and large huts were on fire as red and black demonic creatures were shooting things with small laser guns. Light ran along the path, punching out the demonic creatures, took one of the guns and blasted three more in his path. One demon was riding a forklift and drove towards Light who jumped through the top and punched out the demon.

Light then spent the next few minutes entering the huts and beating the demons inside while rescuing the people living there. Light was able to put out most of the fires by pouring water on them after finding several bottles of water in one hut. He ran on ahead towards a construction area to see Poison standing there with his back turned.

“Chao!” Light yelled in anger then held up a sign which said, “So you caused this?”

Poison turned to face Light. “Ah, you’re one of the doctor’s creations. What a surprise to see you here, but enough talking, let’s get started.” Poison said before getting into a fighting stance. Light hopped forward and punched his fist into the ground where Poison stood as he quickly flipped back. He then fired two waves of energy from his glowing sword which Light dodged by running right.

Light fired a white beam which Poison avoided by jumping up then fired a green energy ball at Light which hit him and knocked him back. As Poison landed down he fired a big green beam of energy diagonally and rushed towards Light who jumped up and kicked Poison, stopping the attack and knocking him back several feet. SA4 suddenly appeared on top of one roof and dropped down next to Light and then looked at Poison. “Oh, it’s you again.”

Poison turned around and quickly flew off seconds later, after Poison had left Light and SA4 walked up to the other villagers and SA4 began talking, “Sorry I didn’t get here fast enough.” She said with a sigh.

“It’s ok; you do enough as it is. All these demon attacks lately have been ridiculous but we’ve always had you show up to save us.” One woman said. “Thankfully this creature was here to help this time.” She said, looking at Light.

“I still feel responsible though.” SA4 then looked at Light. “So what’s you name?” Light held up a sign which said his name. “Light the Chao, huh? There’s a joke in there somewhere...so, wanna hang out or something?” Light nodded, the two of them then took off.

Back in the beach house, SA2 was still standing between the two sections and then heard a loud explosion. He walked into the men’s side to see the wall between the two sections destroyed and future Max and future Ruby standing by the wall. They both pointed at each other and said, “It was her/him.” In unison.

SA2 shook his head. “I’m just gonna move the pool’s together...”

An hour later, instead of two pool’s there was now one big pool which everyone was sitting in.

“Hey, what about my fear of water?” Sonny asked.

“That’s not important in this chapter.” Magic Voice replied.

“...Magic Voice?”

“Yeah, I show up on occasion when the writer forgets to put down who’s talking.”

Mads looked at Shade who was sitting next to him and said, “You know, for being a fanservice chapter, there hasn’t been much fanservice.”

“Considering the amount of action and comedy put into this story, nobody really deserves such service anymore, so bite me.”

“You seem grumpy today.”

“I’m always grumpy, so bite me.”

Crystal, Amber, Future Ruby and Future Max were together at one side. “So how long have you two been together?” Crystal asked.

“Since Fire X killed hundred thousands of people, duh!” Ruby replied sarcastically.

“So have you guys done it yet?” Amber asked. Crystal, Ruby and Max’s eyes were wide with shock. “What? Somebody was gonna ask eventually.”

“That’s none of your business.” Max said. He then lined in close and whispered. “And yes.”

Jessica Andersen swam over to Mads and Shade as Sonny sat next to them and said, “Hi guys, what’s up?”

“I’m grumpy, bite me.” Shade replied.

“Only if you’ll let me.” Jessica replied.

“So where you been?” Mads asked.

“Loads of places, I visited this ancient river palace place and fought a whole army of octopus’, then I discovered an ancient pyramid in the desert and beat this king of mummies in a card game, stayed for tea and biscuits, then took off. Then in the jungle I was chased down by a big dinosaur and he fell off a cliff after tripping on a shark in the middle of the road.”

“I think she’s nuts.” Sonny whispered to Mads.

“I’m not entirely sure...”

SA2 walked into the room again and said, “When you guys are done you should take turns having showers and stuff because the pool ain’t that clean.”

“K.” They all replied.

Felicia was at one side with Blade, admiring his big furry tail. “Wow, it’s so big and smooth!”

“I love innuendo.” Kyle smiled.

“It’s hard not to.” Alex replied.

An hour later, most of them were taking showers in turns to wash themselves off. The water was running in the shower as Sonny, Zoom, Jawo’ and Alex were watching through a gap in the door. Adam stood against a wall with his arms crossed.

“Don’t wanna watch, Adam?” Sonny asked.

“I’d love to, but its wrong guys.”

“If it is, I don’t wanna be right.” Zoom replied. “Strangely the water has been running for a minute now and Amber hasn’t entered the shower yet.”

Amber walked up to the four of them and said, “How guys, what you doing?”

“Watching Amber take a shower.” Alex replied. “She hasn’t gone in yet though.”

“I’m sure she’ll be going in any minute now.”

“Yeah.” Sonny replied. “Shouldn’t be too long now.”

“Well good luck guys.” Amber said before walking off.

“Thanks.” The four of them replied.

“Uhh, guys…” Adam began.

“Quiet Adam.” Alex quickly interrupted him. “Any minute now…” Adam just shook his head in shame.

Some time later, back at the unknown village, Light and SA4 were sitting on a grassy hill looking ahead at the sun which was beginning to set. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” SA4 said softly.

Light held up a sign which said, “Eh, seen one sunset, seen them all.”

“I’m just surprised you haven’t tried to grope me or anything.”

Light held up a sign saying, “I’m a hero chao, for Pete’s sake, that’s just not my style. So anyway, are you a double D?”

“That’s not important.”

“Maybe not for me, but it is for some people.”

“Anyway, hanging with you was a lot of fun; it feels like that fun lasted forever.”

Light held up a sign saying, “Calm down, it was only a few hours.”

“Yeah, but they were great hours, right?”

Light flipped over the sign which said, “You got me there.”

“So, you got somewhere to stay?”

Light’s sign read, “I stay with a super genius raccoon and this hot fox, but I don’t talk to them much, really.”

“Well, if you want to stay round my place anytime, all you have to do is ask.”

Light’s sign read, “I’d like that.” He then nodded and smiled.

Somewhere far away, Poison was walking down a clear path towards the village again when his mobile rang and he picked it up. Ivy was on the other end. “Poison! Stop slacking off and pick up my laundry!”

“But I’m busy!”

“I don’t care, just go do it!” she said before hanging up.

Poison sighed. “Geez, spoiled brat...”

At the beach house, everyone was in the food hall doing all kinds of things I’m too lazy to mention. The Lounge members were standing by a wall as Jawo’ drank a can of chaos cola and Dizi was eating a piece of chicken. “So why did we come anyway?” Visualpun asked.

HouseCallDoc shrugged. “For the lulz?”

“Oh right, that must be it.”

Mark was watching Jenny and Felicia play DDR when Amber called his name from behind. He turned around to see Amber holding a black maid’s outfit. “I thought you’d look really cute in this.”

“But those are for girls, and girls don’t dig guys in maid’s outfits.”

“Hmm, I didn’t think about that…” She said, putting her hand to her chin.

“Whew, that was close.” Mark said quietly.

Amber suddenly grinned. “But it wouldn’t hurt to try.” Mark quickly ran off as Amber gave chase.

Crystal and Kevin were standing near a table watching Max on a dance mat doing ‘the’ Jeh Jeh Rocket as Zulu did wheelies around the room. “So the other girl is your sister from six years in the future?” Kevin asked.


“Oh…if you don’t mind me saying, she’s pretty hot.”

“Everyone is hot in fairytale land, though it’s probably those mad skills of hers.”

Future Ruby noticed a box of eggo on one table and walked up to it. “Yay! Eggo!” she said as she picked up the box. “My eggo!” the younger Ruby yelled before tackling her. The older Ruby punched her into one table and began to run off. “No, it’s mine!” The younger Ruby leapt towards her older self and began biting her shoulder. “Mine!” The older Ruby tried to shake her off as her younger self kept biting her.

Future Max walked up to Crystal and Kevin. “Hey.” He then looked at the two Ruby’s. “What the…”

“I don’t even.” Crystal said.

Kyle stood by Kevin and said, “This is intense.” Kevin looked at Kyle and stood in silence. “…Go away.”

Back on the hill, Light and SA4 were still sitting down when Shade suddenly appeared a few feet behind them using chaos control. “There you are, Light, we have to go.”

“Guess I’ll see you soon, little buddy.” SA4 said. Light smiled back as he walked over to Shade and waved. Shade then teleported them both out of the area. SA4 slowly looked back at the sunset. “I hope you come back someday…”

Shade and Light arrived at the beach house. Light’s eyes widened as he gasped and held up a sign. “I didn’t even find out the name of that place!”

“I’m sure you can find out using the internet, or something, there are ways.” Magic Voice replied.

Light’s sign read, “Yeah, I guess you’re right…wait, Magic Voice?”

“It’s not worth explaining.” Shade said. After a short while of eating, communicating and having a jolly good time (by golly!) they all then left the beach house one by one late at night, and Light assured himself that he would return to the village to see SA4 again.

“Filler chapter, no.2!” SA2 yelled as he high fived SA.

“Wow SA2, that was…” SA4 thought for a second. “Surprisingly interesting. And how did you know I liked Light?”

SA2 shrugged. “Chicks dig cute things, and cute guys for that matter.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll never understand this fanservice stuff.”

“It’s a guy thing.” SA3 replied. “Now, I think it’s my turn, since SA and SA2 have had there’s.”

“I get a turn too, right?” SA4 asked.

“As long as it ain’t too fruity.” SA replied.

“Quiet you.”

SA3 tapped his hand on the table, waiting for silence. “So, I’ll explain my idea next chapter.”

SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 43rd guest!”

Nintendude walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said. “I noticed we seemed to have left you off the list earlier.”

“I go by the name Nintendude, I’m male and I’m 21. My height is 6’1” and I weigh 172 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“Not really, dude.”

“Favorite song?”

“Oil Ocean from Sonic 2.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“I don’t know, dude.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“I need some kickass tunes for my Ipod, you got any?”

“I’ll show you after this ends...any moment now...”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 44th guest!”

Shany walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Shany, the unison of Sonny and Shade. My height is 4’0” and I weigh 85 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“No, and based on both our phrases, those two would be hard to combine.”

“Favorite song?”

“Don’t really have one, don’t need to.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Kicking ass and taking names gets dull after a while.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Anything other than the ultimate is NO good!”

“...That was kinda decent.”

Increase Views Saga: Chapter 90 – The TV Chapter, Part 1

They were all sitting round the table again. The boss looked at SA3 and said, “You may now proceed, green elite ninja.”

“Right.” SA3 said before standing up. “Since the anime and fanservice section has been taken, I thought I’d do something more wacky. Something I like to call, the TV chapter, where they’ll be dozens of random scenes and most won’t be connected to each other.”

“This sounds interesting…” The boss said as he nodded.

“Trust me, it will be.”


Sonny and Shade were sitting at Mads computer as Sonny was playing a MMORPG. He walked past a big yellow smilie face with arms and legs who was begging for money. “Should I walk off?” Sonny asked.

“That’s not a good idea.” Shade replied.


“Saying no brings out the worst in that guy, and he’ll follow you back to your safehouse and take away your items and steal your experience points.”

“Oh…that sounds bad.”

“It is.”


In a large pale white area, Sonny and Shade were arguing.

“SonicxAmy!” Sonny yelled.

“No! ShadowxAmy!” Shade responded.

Crystal ran up to them and yelled, “It doesn’t matter, SilverxBlaze!”

Amber walked up to the right of the screen and said, “Shipping, serious business people.”

Mads popped up from the left and yelled, “And how!”


Kevin, Kyle and Alex were standing near a building by some bushes as Kevin was talking to them. “So, Pure Ownage 2, eh?”

“Pure Ownage 2?” Kyle asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, it’s a good game.”

“You need to lend me it sometime.” Alex said. “Is that endless mode thing true?”

“Endless mode?” Kyle asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah.” Kevin said with a nod. “It’s mainly for experience. Now there’s one thing I think I must do.”

“What’s that?” Kyle asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Smack you until you stop that eyebrow crap.”

“It’s a habit, I can’t help it.”

“I’m sure you can’t, and what you said about girls being hard to understand was bull. It ain’t that hard, just visit blogs and stuff and you’ll learn some stuff. Some do like nice guys, they just seem to be hard to find, while some like the bad boy types for that wild spark kind of thing. Those are just examples though; I read blogs and stuff so I know more about this stuff.”

Crystal suddenly popped out of one bush and pointed at Kevin. “He knows too much, get him!”

Four grey ninja’s appeared and dragged Kevin into the girl’s bathroom a bit away as he yelled, “She lies! I know nothing!”

Kyle and Alex were silent for a short while. Alex then said, “I may need to read up on some blogs.”

Crystal pointed at him and yelled, “He wants to know more! Get him!” more ninja’s appeared and dragged Alex away as he shrugged. Kyle looked at Crystal and then walked off. Crystal had a serious look on her face and said, “No-one will ever know the truth, ever.”


On the screen it showed HouseCallDoc driving a 4x4 across a wooden bridge as a giant fish and missiles blew up parts of the bridge as he drove across and mutant monkeys attacked the vehicle. Magic Voice then said, “Intense!” In a dark voice.

It then showed Visualpun doing a wheelie on a steel rail while drinking a can of chaos cola, fighting off two white ninja’s parallel to him and blocking the gun fire ahead of him with his fists as Magic Voice yelled, “INTENSE!”

Jawo’ drove a truck off a cliff and then jumped across missiles and crashed through the window of Stickman’s ship and punched him through another window as Magic Voice yelled, “INTENSE!

Dizi sat at a table drinking a cup of coffee as Magic Voice yelled, “SO...DAMN...INTENSE!!!


Crystal, Amber, Ruby and Max were standing next to an alleyway on the streets. The others were wearing their normal clothes while Ruby was wearing a pink dress with a short pink skirt, and had pigtails tied with a pink ribbon. She sighed and then said, “Is this really necessary?”

“That’s what I’m wondering.” Crystal said in agreement.

“Of course.” Max replied. “It’s the only way; the police will be here any moment.”

“Fine.” Ruby said as she rolled her eyes. She walked down the alleyway and stopped in a big space which separated into several different paths. “Okay, KawaiiKitty42 is here!” she yelled.

A few middle aged men came out a few of the paths and walked up to Ruby. “You’re KawaiiKitty?” asked one man. “OMG! I could explode like any minute!”

“I brought the “toys” you asked for.” Another man said as he winked.

“I hope you’re as good as your profile suggests.” The third man said as he chuckled. Police officers suddenly came from all angles, knocking over trash cans and scaring a cat as one said, “Freeze! We caught you red handed! Get down on the ground!” The three men gasped then dropped to the ground with their hands above their heads.

“Good work, Ruby.” Max said as he and the two girls walked up to her.

“Yeah, just don’t expect me to do this again.” She replied as she narrowed her eyes at him.

Max gave Ruby a pack of Eggo which she shoved into her dress.

Zoom was speeding down the motorway yelling, “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!” while three cars he ran past yelled, “Hey! Hey! Hey!”

“Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!” He yelled again.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, Zoom Zoom…” One man said as Zoom ran past his car, somewhat annoyed.


On a beach, the girls team consisting of Crystal, Jessica Tricity, Melissa and Polly were playing the guys team, consisting of Sonny, Rush, Max and Ryan. After a while of playing, Ryan was starting to sweat, he then took his shirt off. Suddenly most of the people on the beach were staring at him. He looked around and then picked his shirt up and began to put it back on when someone put a gun to his head. He slowly turned right to see Polly smoking a cigar who then said, “Leave it off.” Ryan then slowly dropped the shirt.


Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads were at Mads house, watching a show on the couch. Moments later, Rush kicked down the door and ran in yelling, “Buttered toast!”

Mads looked down at the door then looked at Rush. “You’re paying for that.”


SA2 was standing on a pavement holding up a sign which had “The Blue Bomber” advertisement on it. As cars drove by he yelled, “Those other hater’s food places are whack, yo! Check out da bomber, dudes! The food is off the hook, ya heard?”


Kevin was leaning against a fence next to a few houses, looking ahead at nothing in particular. Kyle came running up to him wearing orange shorts as he waved and stopped a few feet away. “Hey, I was wondering, this guy I know has a really great ass, and it amuses me, but does that make me gay?”

“I personally don’t care, but I guess so.”

Kyle shrugged. “I think it’s just a phrase.”

“Keep believing that.”

“So what’s up with you?”

“I didn’t get much sleep last night. My older brother kept me up with some strange noises coming from his room.”


“Stop right there!” Kevin quickly said as he put his hand over Kyle’s mouth. “Something tells me the next thing you say will give me nightmares for weeks.”

Kyle removed his hand. “Oh please, it’ll be nightmares for days at best.”

Kevin looked down at his legs. “Hey, did you shave your legs?”



Kyle pointed at him. “Don’t you dare judge me.”


“Stop judging me!”


Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads were in Mads’ room sitting around a table and talking when suddenly someone started chopping down part of Mads’ door using an axe. Sonny’s face appeared where the gap was as he said, “Hereeeeeeeee’s Sonny!”

The four of them just looked at him, and then Shade said, “You have to stop doing that.”

“And you’re fixing that gap.” Mads added.


Mads was standing on a rooftop in his suit, late at night (the song “Okkusenman” would fit well here). Above him had a sign which said, “Animan 2.” Just before he flew off into the sky. It then showed Mads putting on his helmet, gloves, shoes, attaching missiles to his arm cannon and then loading it. Mads then quickly jumped across several platforms across water as robotic alligators attacked and reached a platform with a robot on it which Mads knocked into the river with a four punch combo. He jumped across more platforms before blasting two more robots before entering a metal door.

Mads began running from a giant boulder down some dark ruins then eventually ran through another metal door. He then flew through the air using his jetpack and blasted big robotic bees as he flew ahead. He blocked two blasts from one bigger bee then blew it up with a missile, flew ahead further and entered another door. Just a bit ahead was another, Mads charged his arm cannon just before he entered and found Madman just ahead of him. He ran around, dodging his bombs for a bit then knocked Madman out with a 6-hit combo attack and ran on ahead.

Mads walled jumped across two tall walls just ahead. After reaching the top, he jumped across platforms while firing at robots again. He soon slid under a passage then jumped over a wall and ran on ahead, took out a bottle of water with an “E” on it and drank some then took off as robotic spiders followed him. He blasted them as he flew onwards then reached a metal door and entered it. Mads met Leetman and effortlessly dodged his attacks and beat him with a six hit combo then moved on.

In the next room was Slasha piloting a large version of Tentallix which Mads fired at rapidly while also getting hit by a few of the blasts. It blew up shortly after and Slasha dropped to the ground, Mads then landed down and blew on the smoking arm cannon.


Late at night, Slasha was driving a Ferrari through the streets with Yukiko in the passenger’s seat. As Slasha stopped at a traffic light, two guys in another car stopped next to them. “Hey ladies.” One of them said. “How would you two like to come to my party this weekend?”

Slasha yawned, trying hard to ignore them while waiting for the light to go green, even though no-one was around. “No thanks.” Yukiko replied.

“C’mon ladies, you don’t know what you’re missing. Have fun while you can.” He then looked at Slasha. “You know you wanna come too.”

Slasha closed her eyes and very slowly a wide grin spread across her face. “You’re right, I do try to have fun, because after all…” she suddenly pulled out a rocket launcher and pointed it at the guy’s car. “Life should be a blast!” the two guys quickly jumped out of the gun and ran off in fear just before Slasha pulled the trigger, blowing up the car then she drove off, laughing maniacally as she did so.

After a few moments of silence, Yukiko said, “That pun was lame.”

“Yeah but the punchline was worth it.”


Future Ruby was in HouseCallDoc’s office. Ruby was explaining something to him as he sat five feet away with a chart in his hand. “So anyway, I’ve been having these stomach pains lately, but I don’t know why.”

HCD nodded. “I see, I’m gonna have to ask you to pull down your pants and bend over.”

“Uhh, why?”

“Standard procedure for these kinds of pains, it happens to a lot of people.”

Ruby shrugged. “Okay.” She got up, sighed and then began to pull down her pants.


Crystal and Amber were in the middle of a mall. Crystal wore a pink shirt with a ballerina on the front and a yellow skirt while Amber wore a red and blue version of that same outfit. Crystal was chewing bubble gum as she spoke to Amber. “So like, she said to him that they needed to break up, but he dumped her first, and she was like SO shocked and stuff, so she told his ex girlfriend and they egged his house.”

“Egging his house? That’s like SO last year.”

“Yeah, I know, anyway he went to go kiss her new boyfriend and it was like so awkward.”

Amber gasped. “OH NO HE DI-INT!”


“That’s like SO major gossip, and stuff.”

“Yeah, like totally. So like, his two ex girlfriends and his new girlfriend went to make out in a closet and now she like doesn’t like men anymore, and he’s like crushed and stuff.”

“That’s like, awesome and stuff.”

Crystal and Amber looked at the screen then Amber said, “The generic popular schoolgirl gossip discussion sketch, ladies and gentlemen.” while Crystal curtsied.


In a clear metal room, Crystal was laying on the floor with her eyes closed as Shade ran up to her. Crystal opened her eyes and said, “Shade, stay away from the dark side, let’s live in a world where only heroes live.”

“Crystal, there is no such world. It’s only a fantasy.”
“Yes, but I wanted to believe it. I wanted to live in a world where only heroes live, with you.” Crystal smiles up at Shade, and then suddenly goes limp.
Shade began shaking her. “Crystal! Crystal! Crystal! Crystal…Crystal…Crystal…” Shade picked Crystal up off the ground and yelled, “Auughhhhhh! No! This isn’t happening! There’s no reason for me to go on. Wha-What am I fighting fooorrruuurraaaggghhh!!!”

Crystal suddenly opened her eyes, shrugged and said, “I dunno, lolololololololololol!”


Back in the meeting, everyone was quiet while SA3 scratched the back of his head. “So, that’s what I had at the time.”

Everyone around the table talked a little while some nodded at SA3’s comment. SA4 then stood up. “Alright! It’s my turn! But it’ll have to wait until the next chapter…”


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 45th guest!”

Crystar walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Crystar, the unison of Crystal and Amber. My height is 5’8” and I weigh 133 lbs.”

“Cup size?”

Crystar shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“Very informative. Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“Nope, the mind is totally blank when mixing phrases.”

“Favorite song?”

“Maybe Twinkle Park from Sonic Adventure I guess.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“It’s better to have protection and not need it, than to need protection and not have it...take that as you will.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“So how much does this job pay?”

“That’s kinda personal.”

“And asking people about their cup size isn’t?”

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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 46th guest!”

Rux walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Rux, the unison of Ruby and Max. My height is 4’2” and I weigh 96 lbs.”

“Cup size?”

“I never said what gender I was.”

“Well that’s okay, I’ll find out after you hit puberty.”

“How do you know I already haven’t?”

“You’re a crafty one…”

“Damn straight.”

“Anyway, have you got a specific phrase which you say?”


“Favorite song?”

“A New Day from Sonic Rush.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“The world is a really messed up and stupid place, so some things technically don’t have to make sense.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Just so you know, I have hit puberty.”

“So your unison is a guy?”

“Or maybe I’m just well covered up.”

“I’ll find out, I have my ways…”

Rated M for madness and partial nudity, viewer discretion is advised.

Increase Views Saga: Chapter 91 – The TV Chapter, Part 2

SA4 cleared her throat as she stood up in front of the others around the table. “So SA3, do you mind if I continue where you left off?”

SA3 shrugged. “Be my guest.”

“Okay then, here we go!”


In an arts class, SA was walking down the room inspecting students so called “masterpieces”. He stopped by Felicia and watched her slash at a large board with her claws for a few moments until she was done. “What do you call it?” SA asked, amused by the picture.

“It’s exactly what it looks like.” She replied with a grin.

“Very well, carry on.” SA said as he walked on ahead. He stopped at Blade’s painting and gasped. “Now this is a masterpiece!”

Blade quickly spun around with his sword out by his side and his cape blowing in the wind as he said, “Victory…is my destiny.”

“Stop stealing other character’s quotes.” Felicia retorted.


Crystal, Amber and Mads were sitting at a table in a cafeteria. Mads was eating a tuna sandwich, Amber was drinking a can of chaos cola and Crystal was thinking to herself. Crystal suddenly asked, “Hey, why do we hardly ever talk about boys?”

Amber shrugged. “The writer can’t think of much funny stuff to say about matters like that, when he can maybe he’ll give it a shot.”

“Don’t get your hopes up.” SA2 replied as he walked past with a piece of apple pie.


In a bank, there were a dozen or so people walking about and throughout the place. Someone wearing a brown trench coat drove a motorbike into the bank and flung it to the side to reveal himself as Zulu. He took out a minigun and began firing ahead as the staff jumped out the way. Zulu made his way ahead to the vault, broke in and was making his way to the exit when Mads flew in and knocked him to the ground then clung to one pillar. “Seems it’s the Lizard again.”

Zulu got up and yelled, “Animan! This time I’ll get you good!”

Mads dropped down and tried to charge his arm cannon as Zulu ran towards him. Mads held his hand out moments later. “Wait! How do I shot solarbeam?”

Zulu paused for a few seconds and then shrugged.


On the beach, Jessica Tricity was watching Crystal spar with Kevin from afar. Amber walked up to her and waved as she said, “Hey there.”

“Hmm? Oh, hey.” Jessica said, noticing her.

“Watching Crystal again, huh? I didn’t know you swung that way.”

Jessica suddenly frowned, charged her fist with electricity and punched Amber in the stomach as she yelled, “I don’t!”

Amber held her stomach, laughing a little as she did so. “Next time, aim a little lower please.”

Jessica raised an eyebrow at her reply and then sighed. “You pervert…”


Early, one sunny morning, Ruby, Max and Danny were walking through a park. Max was wearing a tuxedo and a black mask. From far ahead, two giant waffle monsters came charging down the streets, knocking down buildings and causing destruction until they got near the park. Ruby turned to Max and asked, “What should I do?”

“Kick their asses, duh.”

“Right.” She said as she nodded. Moments later, the two waffle monsters noticed Ruby and as they prepared to punch her into the ground, she started spinning around naked for five minutes as she transformed. The monsters stopped and watched while Max turned around as she started.

“Hey, I think she’s actually started developing...” Danny said as he watched.

“Dude, you’re not helping.” Max replied.

As the two waffle monsters watched, one of them asked, “Hey, shouldn’t we be attacking her right now?”

“No, we have to wait until she’s done, we can’t disobey the rules.”


A minute later, Ruby had finished and was now wearing a yellow version of Sailor Moon’s sailor outfit. She put one hand on her hip and pointed at the monsters. “I’m the champion of the morning, Sailor Sun, and in the name of the Sun, I will eat you for breakfast!”

“That ain’t gonna happen today, little girl!” One waffle monster replied.

Max waved to her. “Hey, shouldn’t I be Sailor Sun, since I’m pyrokinetic?”

“That depends; do you wanna wear a sailor scout outfit with a short skirt?”

“...Never mind, carry on.”

She turned her attention to the monsters then pointed right. “Look, maple syrup!”

“Oh my gosh, where?” They both yelled as they looked right. Ruby quickly flew up and began eating one of the monsters as it yelled, “AHHHH! She’s eating me!” 


SA2 was riding a speedo in the sea and came towards a ramp with a bridge next to it. SA2 hit the ramp and flew over a shark which jumped up, attempting to eat him. As SA2 made it over the bridge, one guy yelled, “Whoa! SA2 just jumped the shark!”


Kevin was leaning against a fence next to a few houses, looking ahead at nothing in particular yet again. Kyle came running up to him again wearing the same orange shorts as he waved and stopped a few feet away. “Hey, turns out that guy who I thought had a really great ass just turned out to be Amber disguising herself as a guy, and then we had a good laugh about it for five minutes. Who was that one teacher who had an amazing ass again?”

“Ms. Buttcheeks.” Kevin said, continuing to look on ahead.

“Oh yeah, and those were some mighty fine cheeks…”

“So how many times have you shaved your legs?”

“Only a few times. Shaving them was actually really enjoyable.”

“Good stuff, huh?”

“You know it!”


In a dark room filled with many tables and chairs was a stage at the front. From the curtains on the stand, Slasha walked out from the right and up to the edge of the stage. A second Slasha wearing a sparkly black dress came out the left side and stood next to Slasha as most of the audience were shocked. Both of the Slasha’s began doing basic movements in unison then eventually did handstands and back flips while the audience were quite amused.

Eventually, the Slasha wearing a dress took it off and underneath was only wearing tight blue jeans and had a red bra on. She bent over and slapped her ass a few times as dozens of people in the audience cheered. The other Slasha was in a fit of rage, “What are you doing! Stop that right now!”

The Slasha previously wearing a dress stood up straight and reached behind herself to untie her bra when the other Slasha punched her to the ground which made dozens of people in the audience cry out in disappointment. Slasha stood over the other Slasha who was half naked and said, “Damn it, I told you to stop! That’s not funny!...And cover up my cleavage!”

Amber and DJ were walking down a street and DJ stopped at a red house and walked up to the door. “Hmm? What’s up?” Amber asked.

“I gotta tell my mom about my results.” DJ sighed. “This ain’t gonna be good...”

“Why? You did well in most of them.”

“Yeah but I didn’t pass maths, and she really wanted me to. Hopefully this won’t take long, just wait here.” DJ said before going inside. Amber stood by the door and only heard voices from inside as they both spoke in an African accent.

“Mama, I come home.” DJ yelled.

“So you no come home straight, eh? Eh?”

“No, mama, I was picking up my results.”

“So did you pass?”

“...Mama, I try, but I don’t get maths.”

“You don’t get maths? I did not raise you up like this, to put food in your stomach, and you don’t get maths!”

“But mama, I really try, I just don’t get.”

“Don’t tell such nonsense. Do you want to be a failure in life?”

“No mama.”

“Then you will study and take that exam again.”

“...Yes mama.”

Amber looked at the screen and said, “Serious Business.” as she nodded.


Late at night, Sonny, Shade and Mads were sitting in a circle on the floor in Mads room, telling ghost stories. Mads was in the middle of telling his story. “So she reached into the jar and...”

“She found cookies?” Sonny asked.

“Yes, but that’s not important. What she found was-”

“Nobody cares.” Shade said, interrupting him. “This story is lame.”

“Fine, Sonny, you have a go.”

Sonny cleared his throat as he leaned forward. “Now listen up, here’s the story, about a little guy that lives, in a blue world! And all day and all night, and everything he sees is just blue! Like him, inside and outside! Blue, his house with a blue little window, and a blue corvette, and everything is blue for him, and himself and everybody around, cause he ain’t got, nobody to listen...”

Shade sighed. “That’s a song, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I’m blue.”

“Damn straight.” Mads replied.


Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads were sitting on chairs in a brightly lit lime green room and next to them was a big bag of letters. Light, looking incredibly bored, floated by with a sign which said, “We interrupt this chapter to answer some mail from some fans.”

“Hi people!” Sonny waved. “As Light just said, we’ll answer some letters from our fans!” Sonny picked up one letter and read it out loud. “Hey Sonny, I’ve noticed that you’ve become a lot less perverted as this story has gone on, is that a case of growing up?

~Some guy

“Well, some guy, I guess I have grown up a bit, but not all that much. I still make occasional innuendo, but that’s done during the breaks.”

Shade picked up a letter and read it. “Hi Shade! Is it possible for a normal human to use chaos control if I get one of those thingies?


Shade shrugged. “I wouldn’t know, I’ve only seen a few humans use it, and they weren’t exactly normal either.”

Crystal picked up the next letter. “Hi there, Crystal. Considering your powers allow you to control objects with your mind and sometimes people as well, how come you rarely use that aspect? And also, does your monthly cycle affect your powers in anyway?


“Well, using that aspect of my powers drains them pretty quickly, so I don’t do it often to be safe. And no, my monthly cycle doesn’t increase or decrease my powers in anyway.”

Amber picked up a letter and read it. “Sup Amber? Anyway, I was wondering, besides those powers being used for fighting, are there other benefits to being pyrokinetic?


“Yeah, let’s of benefits. These supernatural powers make everything in life much more easy and enjoyable. Everything. Well not that, but everything else.”

Light handed another letter to Shade which he read. “So like in the Skill Saga, it was said that your blood, or half of it anyway, comes from that Ivy girl. So isn’t she technically like, your mom?


“Don’t read into these things too much, dude.”

Light threw a letter to Mads which he caught and read it. “Hey dude, where do you keep that blaster cannon strapped to your suit when you’re not wearing it?

~This guy

“The same place anime females keep their mallets. Next question!”

Light sighed and threw him another letter which read, “After being kicked in the crotch so many times, does it still hurt really bad when it happens?


“Luckily, it doesn’t, and thank goodness for that. Now don’t go falling in any well’s, Jimmy.”

Crystal picked up another letter and read it. “Hey Crystal, why do you continue to have that pigtailed hairstyle? That’s like a preteen hairstyle. Also, for being the Psychic Angel, you don’t seem very nice.


“I’ll have the hairstyle I want to have, and its twintails, damn it! People need to listen more. Also, life is really cruel, so I’ll start being nice when life stops being a b-”

“Whoa!” Sonny yelled, covering her mouth. “Careful there.”


Sonny picked up a letter which read. “Yo Sonny, here’s a question, pirates or ninjas?


“Pfft, that’s obviously a trick question; the real answer is robotic dinosaurs.”

Amber picked up one more letter which said, “Those suits you guys wear are really awesome, who makes them? And how do they feel?


“We have this super genius raccoon friend called Rush who made these suits. He makes all kinds of stuff, but doesn’t seem to get out much these days. And about your other question, the suits do feel good. The fabric is somewhere between hard leather and spandex, the same as the helmets which display the facial features, cover the hair but the back of helmet is open for hair such as ponytails and stuff, kind of Zero’s helmet from the MZ series. Sadly though, it isn’t as stretchable as it should be and it sometimes rides up in your a-”

Crystal quickly covered her mouth. “Okay, the suits are cool, I think she gets it. That’s all we have time for folks.”

The five of them waved while Sonny said, “Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?”

Light floated by with a sign which said, “Now get lost, ya noobs.” Before the screen slowly faded.


Back in the meeting room, everyone was silent and then SA4 said, “So that’s all I could come up with.”

Several people nodded while others talked to each other a little as they commented on it. The Boss then stood up. “So, do you elite ninja’s have anymore ideas?”

“Well, maybe one more.” SA2 replied.

“We do?” SA3 asked.

“Yup, group huddle, elite ninja’s!” The four ninja’s went to a corner and got into a group huddle while the other business men stared at them. One man then whispered, “This seems like serious business…” to another man.


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 46th guest!”

Toxic (the shorter one) walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Toxic; I’m technically genderless, but female after absorbing Kat. My height was 6’3” and I weighed 147.8 lbs.”

“Cup size?”

“Ask Kat.”

“Oh I see. Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“Sadly I haven’t. You’d think with a name like Toxic, I probably would, but sadly not.”

“Favorite song?”

“The Chaos Angel Map theme.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Life is more fun when you can take the shape of people you absorb.”

“Uhh, that’s personal tips for others.”

“I have none, sorry.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“So you free tonight?”

“I don’t care how silky smooth your figure may be, I’m not that kind of guy.”
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Increase Views Saga: Chapter 92 – The Gory Chapter

Two weeks after the fanservice chapter, it was another unusual morning, yet things on the streets seemed perfectly normal for once. There was an ice cream stand on one street and there were a dozen children in line. A short, busty, preteen schoolgirl wearing a school uniform with blue hair was walking away from the stand after paying for a strawberry ice cream cone. A fireball suddenly hit the cone and melted the ice cream. The girl gasped then looked on ahead to see Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads.

“The gig is up, you really hot loli!” Mads yelled. “We know you’re evil.”

The girl’s eyes glowed red as a blue aura appeared around her. Moments later, a large dark blue demonic creature with long sharp black spikes burst out of the girl’s skin and roared which had the five heroes in shock while everyone around the area ran off screaming. “Didn’t see that coming…” Mads said.

“So what’s the plan, Shade?” Sonny asked.

“Since when do I come up with the plans?”

“Since nobody else wanted to do it.”

“Okay, Mads, you go to the rooftops or something and fire shots from up there since you’re still concerned about being hit in the crotch.”

“Good thinking.” Mads ran off shortly after. Shade then looked at Amber. “Amber, you get right in its face and attack it, but just enough to distract it.”

“Got it.” Amber said before running on ahead.

“Crystal, you cover Amber in case she does something stupid.”

“Of course.” Crystal said before flying on ahead.

“Sonny, me and you will run round that creature at extreme speed and take it down one bit at a time.”

Sonny nodded. “Alright, let’s do this.” Sonny and Shade ran on ahead towards the demon as Crystal, Amber and Mads were attacking it.

One minute later…

The dark blue demon was tied up in a net and had punch marks all over its body as police surrounded the net. One police officer was shaking Shade’s hand as he said, “Thank you for your help, once again.”

“It’s what we do.” Shade replied.

The five of them were walking back when Sonny said, “You know, we beat this demon pretty fast today.”

“Yeah, it’s like it wasn’t trying.” Mads replied.

“And to think, a little girl like that could turn into that huge beast.” Crystal said.

Amber nodded. “Yeah, girls are weird.”

Crystal raised a finger. “Uhh…” Shade put his hand on her shoulder. “Wait for it.” Moments later, Amber stopped and said, “Oh wait…” while Shade said, “There you go.” And Crystal put her palm to her forehead.

Sometime later, the five of them were at Mads house and Adam arrived shortly after. Sonny and Shade were playing House of the Dead while Crystal and Adam were watching and Mads was downstairs. Amber walked into the room and said, “Hey Crystal, you should try this game.” Before giving a CD to Crystal.

Crystal looked at the CD for a moment. “I wanna be the Ninja?”

“Yup. I designed it with help from Rush. Sonny, Shade and Mads have all beaten it, it only took them an hour or two since it ain’t very long.”

Sonny and Shade nodded in unison as they continued playing.

“It was based on a game called “I wanna be the guy”, it was ridiculously hard. This is like a ninja edition. If you can beat it in under two hours I’ll be your servant for today.” She then whispered in Adam’s ear, “Or I can be your servant if you’d like.”

“No thanks.” Adam replied, moving further away.

“Okay, deal.” Crystal said as she shook Amber’s hand. She then put the CD into Mads computer and uploaded the game. After the title screen and a few more screens, Crystal chose to play as a red ninja and picked the fourth unsaved file. The red ninja started in a standard park with four trees straight ahead with a few apples hanging from them as “Metal Scratchin’” from Sonic Rush played in the background. Crystal shrugged and walked on, then moved back left and right when she reached the apples.

“Uhh, the apples don’t drop.” Amber said.

“Oh.” She continued walking on and as she approached the last tree it fell to the left and landed on her. As a game over sign came up, it played the last five seconds of ‘A New Venture’ as Crystal watched in silence. “…The last seconds of my favorite song is your game over theme?”

“Yeah, isn’t it awesome?”


Crystal continued playing the game, dieing a dozen times after the first screen as clouds shot lightning bolts, apples from the first few trees fell on her and birds who were sitting in the trees shot pellets at her. After dieing for a long while, Crystal came towards the end of the second screen where there was one tree. Crystal shook her head, believing Amber wouldn’t try the same trick again but moved slowly to be sure.
Crystal continued walking moments later and as she approached the tree, someone driving a motorcycle drove out of the tree and ran her over and Amber, Sonny, and Adam laughed while Crystal frowned. “…That’s not funny.”

“Yeah, it kinda is.” Amber said.

After a few more tries, Crystal made it to the third screen and threw a shuriken at a yellow save point just ahead. “Yeah, save point!”

“There’s just ten more to go past.”


Crystal jumped across gaps in the floor to reach a platform ahead when a wave of fire sprung up at the last jump, killing her. “Rage.” A minute later, Crystal made it onto the platform and followed the line of them which went diagonally left into the sky. On the next screen were four clouds with spikes above. She jumped onto the first one which went up slowly then jumped onto the next one which went down slowly. “Hmm? What are you planning here, Amber?”

“You’ll see.”

Crystal jumped to the next one which went up fast and jumped to the fourth one and as she did so, two spikes dropped and killed her. “Should have seen that coming…”

“I’m surprised you didn’t.”

After a short while, Crystal shot the save point at the end and made it past the screen and ran into SA. “A boss already?”

“I told you it was kinda short.”

SA jumped up and down firing shuriken which Crystal’s red ninja dodged while firing back. After a few moments, SA dashed towards the ninja and ran through him then jumped up and threw more shuriken as the game over sign came up. “Rage again.” After half a dozen tries of timing SA’s dashes and shuriken throws, Crystal beat him and moved on then hit a save point at the next screen. Crystal then jumped across clouds going diagonally up and as she reached the top platform, a plane flew into her. On the next try, she moved back down as the plane came then went ahead and towards a castle. The door then landed on her as she approached it.

A few turns later after entering the castle, it was a straight path with two tiny blocks near the middle of the room. Crystal walked down the room and stepped on one block, and then suddenly a rectangular stone pillar landed on her. “I can’t believe I didn’t see that…” Crystal tried again and a pillar landed down right near the end of the screen and crushed her, the next time she moved back as it landed down then went on. On the next screen she hit the save point then dodged more pillars until she encountered SA2 at the next screen. SA2’s attacks consisted and firing three shuriken diagonally, jumping about the room at incredible speeds and punching the ground, sending out shockwaves. After a dozen tries, she finally beat SA2 and moved on.

She hit a save point next to her and came to a bottomless pit with disappearing blocks. “Oh no, not the blocks! Anything but disappearing blocks!”

“Yeah, the others hated this part too.” Amber said while Sonny and Shade nodded. A bit later, Mads came upstairs and saw Crystal playing the game. “Oh, that game. How many times have you died?”

“Around 70 times, just got past the blocks.” Crystal replied. After exiting the castle, she jumped off a cliff and landed near a motorbike far below, hit a save point behind her then jumped on the motorbike. Suddenly, the save point got bigger, rounder and then started chasing after the red ninja like a giant boulder. “AHH! Run away!”

Crystal’s red ninja continued driving on the motorbike, throwing shuriken at a few moles ahead and jumping over small ledges, and then came to a disappearing blocks area which she died at half a dozen times before making it past. The red ninja then drove into a cave while the giant boulder got stuck in the doorway. Crystal hit the save point then jumped down a hole.

As the ninja fell, acid started raining down from the ceiling, coming slowly towards the ninja. Crystal grabbed one boost icon on the way down, speeding her up but missed the others and the acid eventually got her. After several more tries, she made it away from the acid and had to move about, dodging electric fences which fried the red ninja a few times before passing them. At the bottom after another save point was SA3 who’s attacks consisted of shuriken split into three directions, shockwave punches and firing small balls of fire from a gun.

While Crystal tried for a long while to beat SA3, the others eventually left the room and went downstairs. After a long while of trying, Crystal beat SA3 and looked at the clock which said she’d been playing for an hour and twenty minutes. Crystal’s red ninja walked on ahead and hit a save point at the next screen. Ahead was a straight path with little drills moving up and down randomly throughout the ground. Eventually, Crystal got past the area and exited the cave and made it outside where the sun was shining brightly. “Weird. I wonder what the other villains are doing right now...”

Meanwhile, Raizor, Slasha, David, Yukiko and Zulu were in a movie theatre, watching a movie (obviously). Zulu turned to the others and said, “I normally don’t say this often but I just wanna say, you guys are like my best friends and I really like the time we spend together.”

“We like you too, Zulu.” David replied. “Now let’s never speak off this again.” All the others nodded.

“Y’know, just once I’d like to see a movie where the good guys don’t win.” Slasha said.

“Story of my life.” Raizor said with a sigh.

“Blame the villain rule book.” Yukiko replied.

Back at Mads house, Crystal walked along slowly, walking past trees while nothing happened. Soon enough, the sun frowned and moved towards the ninja as it fired large laser beams. Missiles then appeared from the left side of the screen and started chasing Crystal as the sun was still firing energy beams and jumping over fiery pits and avoiding moles which popped out of the ground. Ten minutes later, Crystal made it to the end of the screen and hit a save point which then turned into a spring. The red ninja jumped on it and landed on a large missile going past high above which SA4 was on.

Her moves were a combination of the others but she also had a large laser cannon which she jumped around firing at Crystal. Crystal eventually beat SA4 and the missile crashed through a wall in a castle and displayed a self destruct timer as “Cosmic Fall” from Shadow the Hedgehog played in the background. The red ninja jumped in through the hole and hit a save point before going up some steps.

During the three staircases, some of the steps fell on Crystal from above quite a few times as she made her way up. After a minute, Crystal was walking down a hallway as the missile blew up, blowing up the stairs with it. Crystal walked down the hallway slowly, and on the last screen was three paintings and a save point. Crystal hit the save point from afar and then smiled. “I know the last painting is gonna fall so I just have to look out for it.” Crystal walked on and the first painting fell on her. “I hate it when she tricks me…”

Soon after, Crystal entered the doors and inside was a throne and another red ninja on the other side of the room. “Blasphemy!”

The other red ninja started flashing with the colors of the rainbow and used all of the other four ninja’s attacks while he had an attack which shot flames from the ground in random locations and threw a dozen shuriken at once which curved upwards and downwards that had to be wall jumped over.

During the constant failed attempts, Crystal eventually put her palm to her forehead and ripped off part of her forehead then ran around screaming. She soon did it again but ripped off part of her flesh, revealing her skull and then ran around screaming again. The third time she shoved her palm through her forehead and then dropped dead.

After attempting it several dozen times, Crystal eventually beat the final ninja a few minutes before two hours and jumped up and yelled, “Yes!”

It then showed the credits as the last ninja fell out a window and to his death. It then showed the red ninja walking down the castle hallways with dozens of other multi-coloured ninja’s trailing behind and they followed the ninja to the final room as the red ninja sat in the throne with a painting of the four ninja’s above it. Crystal shook her head as she looked at the painting. “I could avoid this, but nah, I’m done.” As the credits ended, one ninja took out a rifle and blasted the red ninja’s head off as the other ninja’s cheered. “…Didn’t see that coming.”

Downstairs, the others were sitting on the couch, watching TV. Crystal ran downstairs and up to Amber as she stood up. “I did it, I finished before two hours! In your face!”

Amber looked at the clock. “You’re right, it’s one minute before two. I guess you win.”

“Yeah, that makes you my slave for the next nine hours or so!”

Amber nodded. “But before that, you should read this note.” She said as she handed it to her.

“Hmm?” Crystal read the note which said, “I can’t believe you actually read this. Anyway, you’ve just been tricked, and when you finish reading this, you won’t see me until tomorrow, bye!” Crystal looked up to see Amber was gone and the door was wide open. “I can’t believe I fell for that...well I’m gonna hunt her down anyway!” Crystal ran out the house and slammed the door behind her.

Mads then asked, “So Adam, do you wanna watch Full Metal Alchemist or Gurren Lagann?”

“Is it okay if we watch normal TV? I don’t like anime much.”

Mads turned to Adam and said, “Get out.”

“Well I’m okay with anime but s-”


“Fine, later guys.” Adam said as he walked out.

“Later.” Sonny and Shade replied in unison.

In a mysterious location on the demon planet, one demon walked into a dark throne room where the demon king was sitting in the shadows ahead. The demon kneeled down at the steps. “Your majesty, the doctor is halfway through the project.”

“Excellent, continue to keep track of his progress.”

“And your majesty, would you please step out of the shadows?”

“I can’t do that for another few chapters, now be gone with you!”

“Yes, your majesty.” The demon walked off and shut the door behind him.
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Increase Views Saga: Chapter 93 – The Last Filler Chapter (It's not really filler, it's actually serious business but I'd rather not call it that)

It was two weeks after the gory chapter, and things had recently started to seem like serious business. There was not one cloud in the sky as there stood one lonely tree by some railway tracks. A train passed by the tree and as it did, a man sitting beside the driver looked out a window to see dozens of multi-coloured demons flying towards the train. “Those things are catching up!”

“I know, but this train can’t go any faster!” Moments later, there was a big tear on the rooftop, Ivy then pulled apart the top of the train and waved at them. At the far back of the train, three demons touched down on the back. As another two were close to landing, a big blast of energy went straight through the three demons just before the last two landed. The other two demons then looked behind them. Crystar jumped from far behind and landed on the train, knocked the demon in front off the train with two punches then spun round and roundhouse kicked the last one off the train.

She then looked ahead as her hair blew in the wind and spoke to Future Ruby telepathically. “Ruby, I found the train, you and Max try to get here as soon as you can, and in the meantime, I’ll do what I can.” Crystar ran on ahead and jumped across the karts, impaling demons she came across. She came towards one demon with laser turrents on its shoulders which fired at Crystar while she deflected the shots with her hand then kneed the demon and punched it off the train.

She continued jumping across and set one demon on fire by punching it. She then made it to the front of the train moments later as Ivy turned to her. “I don’t know who you are, but it’s not important. I’ve got things to do.” Ivy turned around and with one swipe of her scythe, a portal opened up which she jumped through then it closed. Shortly after, the man driving the train stopped as Crystal and Amber separated and walked up to the front.

“You guys alright?” Amber asked.

“Yeah, thanks to you.” The driver replied. He then looked at Crystal. “Hey, aren’t you that angel girl?”

“Psychic Angel? Yeah, that’s me.”

“That other girl said something about blaming the recent attacks on my “guardian angel.” The people around these parts can’t do much without demons invading and trying to kill them, and they don’t appreciate “heroes” like you.”

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Just steer clear of here. Due to your efforts, those demons actions have gotten worse. I know they’ll be a time when all of this finally ends, but until then, we’ve just gotta be cautious, and so have you, demon slayer.” The train started up seconds later and drove off as Future Ruby and Future Max arrived.

“You’re too late, guys.” Amber said. “We did it without you.”

“Aww man.” Max sighed.

“So where were you guys?”

Max started talking really fast and doing a variety of hand movements as he said, “Well we got lost and couldn’t find our way and some demons attacked and we felt like doing the unison thing but didn’t want others to find out Rux’s gender so we didn’t and we ran and eventually we found you here.” As he stopped his hand touched something soft.

Ruby looked down at Max’s hand, which was on her breast and was gently pressured. “Now, Max, what did I tell you about groping me in public?”

Max took his hand away. “Sorry, it was an accident, I swear!”

Ruby shook her head. “I’m afraid I’m gonna have to punish you for this.”

“Oh no! Anything but that!”

Ruby nodded. “That’s right, I’m gonna tickle the crap out of you!” She tackled Max and started tickling him while Amber said, “Get a room.”

“Can we use yours?”


 Crystal was still in her own little world, thinking to herself. “Demon slayer, huh...”

Later, the four of them were at Mads house, as usual. The two Ruby’s were away from the others, dancing to Jeh Jeh Rocket while the others were watching TV. Down in the city, many civilians stared in shock as Virus, Liquid and Poison walked down the streets. Virus blasted down a door to a TV studio and walked up to the reception desk where a woman was reading a magazine. “Excuse me; miss, would you mind directing me to the floor which has the highest viewed program at the moment?”

“That would be floor six.” She replied, continuing to read the magazine.

“Thank you.” The three of them flew up while Virus blasted a hole in the ceiling. The woman then looked up. “The hell?”

“This place is quite nice.” Poison said, looking around as they went through the floors with people screaming and running as they passed by each floor. On the sixth floor, Virus blasted through a news reporter’s desk as they ascended then Liquid whacked him aside. The camera crew in the room were frozen with fear as Virus turned to the screen. “I want you fools to put this announcement on every channel, now.” The camera crew all looked at each other, and then followed Virus’ orders.

As Virus came up on the TV at Mads house, they all called out Virus’ name, which got the two Ruby’s attention. Virus laughed to himself before he spoke. “Hello, viewers, I interrupt your programs to bring you an important message. I’m here to announce that your pathetic life’s just got a lot shorter. Soon after a month from now, shall be the end of this planet, when the demons wipe out your race and take over the planet.

My name is Virus, and I’m deadly serious. For those who may know, remember the strange behaviours of a few so called heroes a few months ago? I was behind that. Remember, you humans have just over a month, prepare while you can, and just because we can…” Virus turned to Poison and nodded. Poison then smiled, took out his glowing green sword and sliced off the news reporter’s head, clean off as he laughed and there were several gasps and screams.

Virus then turned to the screen again. “And I look forward to seeing you “Heroes.” on that day, especially the hedgehogs.” Virus created a pool of darkness which the three of them sank into and disappeared.

The others at Mads house had a serious expression on their faces as they continued watching while Sonny was smiling. Shade looked at Sonny. “Serious expression, Sonny.”

“Oh, hold on a sec.” He closed his eyes for a few seconds, and then opened them and had a serious expression on his face.

“That’s better.”

After a few moments, all of them except Mads left while giving a lame excuse. Mads then sighed and got up. “Might as well go work at the store then.”

Shade went to his creator’s lab on Mt. Tails and entered a computer room which a few people were researching in. A woman turned around and saw Shade as he entered. “Oh, Shade, what brings you here?”

Shade took out the data disk which Jawo’ gave to him. “I need to look this up.”

“Haven’t you had that for like two months now?”

“Yeah, what’s your point?”

“Why now?”

“Because it suddenly became essential to the plot.” He put the disk into a computer and heard Dr. Kurosama’s voice as text and images came up. “Hello Shade, if you’re hearing this it’s probably because something terrible has happened…or you’ve been snooping round too much. Anyway, I’ll play E-102’s theme to make this sadder.” He said before E-102’s theme from Sonic Adventure started playing. “There are a few things I have to explain. As you know, Skill was your prototype, with advanced A.I. capable of many human emotions.

One day I ventured deep in a forest, as you also know and found a deep cavern. It looked dangerous but something encouraged me to go on, and within there I found a mural predicting you and Sonny’s fight against that fellow in the giant robot. Anyway, a bit ahead there was a large room with a ray of moonlight shining on a pedestal which held a black book. I didn’t think I’d have much use for it so I left.

After that, I began work on creating you, much to Skill’s distain. That demon girl, dropped by soon after, as she seemed to have known I’d been to the cavern and volunteered her blood to speed the process of your creation. Afterwards, she left and never came back, and eventually, one of my greatest creations had come to life. Skill didn’t get on well with you, after displaying abilities which were overall better.

His behaviour lead him to do irrational things, and I soon had to shut him down for his own good. You were created to bring justice to this cruel world from people such as Stickman, and you have the power to do that…goodbye Shade…”

“…Please try your best to bring him back, Shade.” The woman said.

“I will.” Shade turned around and walked out the room.

Meanwhile, Sonny was at Jessica’s house and knocked on her door. Zoom opened the door and then Sonny said, “Hey Zoom, wanna go race or something?”

“I can’t, I’m grounded for getting knocked into the bathroom when Jessica was in the shower, because I was trying to pull a prank and slipped on a banana pill.”

“Ahh, that sucks.”

“Yeah, I’ll see you later.” He said before closing the door.

“Yeah…bye.” Sonny sighed and ran off and soon came to Jenny’s house and knocked on her door. After a few moments, the door opened and Felicia only poked her head through.

“Hey Felicia.” Sonny waved. “Wanna go for a jog or something?”

“I can’t, Jenny’s mom recently did the washing so I’ll have to wait a long while for my clothes to dry.”

“Can’t you just come out naked?”

“Just because you do it doesn’t make it right. Later.” She said before closing the door.

“…Well this totally sucks.”

At the HQ, Rush was working on a giant mech as Mark was talking to him. “Hey, so Rush, when are you gonna make me that suit, huh?”

“I don’t know, a month or so.”

“This can’t wait a month!...No seriously, you saw that purple thing’s announcement.”

“Fine, I’ll do it in about a week or so.”

“Thank you oh so much.”

Kat popped her head in the room and said, “Hey Rush, Teenage Supreme Elite Ninja’s is coming on.”

“Sweet!” he dropped his tools and left the room while Mark slowly followed.

At Otaku Universe, Mads was working behind the counter while SA2 walked into the back with a few boxes. Slasha walked into the store with a few comics and up to Mads. “Hey Mads.” She then dropped the comics on the table. “I’d like to return these.”

“Hey, and technically we aren’t allowed to do that.”

“Well you can make an exception for me, can’t you?”

“I would, but then I might get fired. So what you been up to lately?”

“I made a clone of myself, which rarely listened to me, and then mobsters kidnapped her, so it’s all good.”


“So you saw Virus’ announcement?”

“Yeah, everybody has been quite serious lately.”

“I didn’t even know that guy was still alive, anyway I’ll see you next week.” She said before walking off. Mads looked at a few of the comics, shrugged and then kept them.

Kevin, Kyle, Alex and Adam were sitting in a circle on a grassy field. Alex cleared his throat and then said, “Mine is like six inches.”

“Mine is too, dude!” Adam said before high fiving him. “Or maybe a bit more, I’m not totally sure.”

“Mine’s seven.” Kevin said.

“I guess I beat you all.” Kyle said. “Because mine’s eight inches.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Jessica Tricity asked as she walked over to them.

The four of them took out clear rulers. “These random rulers we picked out from a cardboard box on the street, what did you think?” Kyle asked.

“…It’s not important.”

“By the way, that’s eight inches as well.”

“What is?”

“I’m not sure exactly.”

In another location, Shade was walking through a forest when Blade called to him from high above and then dropped down next to him. “Hey Shade, it’s been a while.”

“It certainly has. Do you by any chance know where a dark cavern is around here, with some murals or something?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen it, just keep going straight.”

“Thanks.” Shade said as he walked on. “See you round sometime.”

Back at the park, someone driving a black motorbike with flames on the sides and wore a black jacket, pants and a helmet drove up to them. The person got off the bike and took the helmet off to reveal herself as Amber. “Hey guys.”

“When did you get a motorbike?” Kyle asked.

“My eighteenth birthday.”

“When did you turn eighteen?”

“Sometime before the fanservice chapter.”

Deep in the forest, Shade entered the dark cavern ahead and after passing a few spiked traps and crossing some ledges he wondered how the doctor made it through this place by himself. But he had no time to ponder such questions, as Ivy was standing by the pedestal in the last room with a black book in her hand which had a dragon symbol on it (and no, she didn’t grab a smash ball). “Well it’s about time you showed up, Shade, you just recently looked at the data disk Jawo’ gave you, huh?”


“Exactly as I predicted, it’s sad really.” She then looked at the screen. “And just so you know, not all demons are like this, so apologies to any others out there…like in the Disgaea series. Isn’t that Laharl awfully cute though?”

Shade waved. “Uhh, hello? I’m still here.”

“Oh right, well since I have time, I’ll inform you of my life story.”

“That’s not really ne-”

“Shut up and listen! So anyway, my life hasn’t always been that great. As you should know, I’m half demon, half human. My mom died a few decades ago from an illness, and my dad’s happiness sort of went with her. Intense training sessions with my father were pretty brutal, y’know, broken bones and such. Soon, he gave me this scythe for my 50th birthday. I’ve had this black book here for a few decades, where I left it the last time I came to this planet, mainly to hid it from my father, but I’ll soon find a use for this. There really would have been a fight scene here, but the chapter is kinda long, so it had to be skipped.”

With a swipe of her scythe, she created another portal. “The reason I had a hand in creating you is because the process of having offspring is long and ever so boring. And you were made for the forces of good; I never really had a choice. Take care, Shade.” She said before hopping in.

Shade looked around for a few moments and then took out an emerald. “I see…” He then teleported using chaos control.

Back at the park, the five of them were sitting in a circle again. “So you guys hear about that announcement thing with the demons?” Kevin asked. They all nodded.

Amber then sighed. “Y’know, today my mom said I should stop with these kind of clothes and be more ladylike.”

“I’d like you more that way, actually.” Adam replied.

“Well I like the way I am, and I won’t change for anybody. Everybody is different and we don’t have to act how society expects us to, if you like me then that’s okay, and if you hate me then I hate you too. It’s partly true what they say: Nice guys finish last.”

The others suddenly looked at Kevin who then frowned. “I’m not that nice.”

“And also, nice girl’s get taken advantage of. I’m submissive for no-one, not even traffic lights.”

“You should listen to traffic lights.” Kevin said.


Kyle nodded. “You tell em, people can do what they feel like, if I feel like shaving my legs, then I’ll shave my legs, damn it!”

“You what?”

“I’ve shaved my legs a few times, don’t you go judging me too.”


“Marvellous.” Kyle said sarcastically.

Crystal came walking up to them with her eyes the size of dinner plates, stopped suddenly and then sat in between Kevin and Jessica. “You okay?” Kevin asked.

“I just realized…” she took a deep breath. “OMG, I’ve come really close to death like half a dozen times now! I mean seriously, it’s not even funny, and this time we could actually die for all we know! Wow, I’ve gotten out of some really bad situations in the last year or so. And I seem to make enemies quite easily, there’s Ice X, Fire X, Psychic X, that demon girl, and Amber and Jessica both hated me for quite a while.”

“You should stop getting worked up.” Jessica said. “Relax.”

“Yeah, I guess so. I’ll freak out when that day comes…in the next chapter, presumably.”

At the HQ, Mads met Rush at the training room. “Hi Rush, what’s up?”

“Sonny and Shade are in there, sparring. The funny thing is, they’re not dodging each others attacks, and they’re taking the hits full force and just trying to see how long they can last.”

“I see, how long has this been going on?”

“About twenty minutes.”

“Wow. Hey, whatever happened to Magic Voice? Did he ask for too much money?” 

“Nah, he’s probably on vacation, he’ll be back next week…and it seems Sonny and Shade have knocked each other out…oh wait, they’re getting up…and they’re back down again.”

Virus, Liquid and Poison were sitting near a forest by a lake when a portal opened up and Ivy jumped out of it. “So guys, how long?”

“Just a little over a month.” Virus replied.

“A month? Isn’t that a little too much?”

“Any amount of time is too much, but I’d like to spend sometime getting to know the place before vanquishing its inhabitants.” Virus got up and floated off.

“Fine by me.” She then looked at Poison. “You go pick up my laundry.”

“You only wear like two things, why can’t you get it?”

“Because I told you to, now move!”

Poison sighed and walked off; as Ivy looked at Liquid the creature turned its head to the side.


In the meeting room, the four ninja’s separated and then SA said, “Well our job is done.”

“Thank you for your assistance, elite ninja’s.” The boss said.

“Anytime.” SA2 replied. The four ninja’s then left the room and closed the door.
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« Reply #126 on: 30 September, 2008, 07:37:41 pm »

Just thought I’d go ahead and list where to find the descriptions for almost all the characters because I’m sure it could be frustrating trying to find them yourself with so many chapters, and it would take too long to write it here (or just look through the info topic).

1.   Sonny the Hedgehog (Chapter 1)
2.   Shade the Hedgehog  (Chapter 2)
3.   Crystal Clear (Chapter 4)
4.   Amber Salsar (Chapter 5)
5.   Mads Andersen (Chapter 1)
6.   Rush the Raccoon (Chapter 7)
7.   Kat the Fox (Chapter 4)
8.   Commander Grey (Chapter 4)
9.   Light the Chao (Chapter 56)
10.   Ruby Clear (Chapter 5)
11.   Max Salsar (Chapter 10)
12.   Future Ruby (Chapter 32, casual clothing in Chapter 34)
13.   Future Max (Chapter 34)
14.   Zoom the Porcupine (Chapter 7)
15.   Jawooooooooooo (Chapter 3)
16.   Jessica Tricity (Chapter 6)
17.   Kyle Forst (Chapter 10)
18.   Kevin Levan (Chapter 32)
19.   Alex Macel (Chapter 47)
20.   Ryan Salsar (Chapter 19)
21.   Blade the Weasel (Chapter 49)
22.   Felicia the Cat (Chapter 47)
23.   Adam Clear (Chapter 59)
24.   Jessica Andersen (Chapter 70)
25.   Prince Steel (Chapter 60)
26.   Princess Tiara (Chapter 58)
27.   DarkxDizi (Chapter 26)
28.   HouseCallDoc (Chapter 26)
29.   Visualpun (Chapter26)
30.   Raizor Blaid (Chapter 3) 
31.   Slasha Blaid (Chapter 46)
32.   Nintendude (Chapter 59)
33.   Tentallix (Chapter 20)
34.   Dr. Kaito Kurosama (Chapter 50)
35.   Skill the Robot (Chapter 81)
36.   Stickman (Chapter 77)
37.   David K92 (Chapter 41)
38.   Yukiko Ocen (Chapter 43)
39.   Zulu the Lizard (Chapter 47)
40.   Leetman (Chapter 84)
41.   Madman (Chapter 84)
42.   Mark Simmons (Chapter 15)
43.   Jenny Negi (Chapter 56)
44.   DJ (Chapter 6)
45.   Melissa (Chapter 6)
46.   Polly (Chapter 4)
47.   Jared (Chapter 6)
48.   Jade (Chapter 6)
49.   Mike (Chapter 6)
50.   Jason (Chapter 6)
51.   Ice X (Chapter 11)
52.   Fire X (Chapter 33)
53.   Psychic X (Chapter 68)
54.   Wind X (Chapter 62)
55.   Virus (Chapter 74)
56.   Liquid (Chapter 74)
57.   Ivy (Chapter 73, half demon appearance in Chapter 81)
58.   Poison (Chapter 82)
59.   Toxic (Chapter 56)
60.   SA (Chapter 78)
61.   SA2 (Chapter 1)
62.   SA3 (Chapter 63)
63.   SA4 (Chapter 88)
64.   Shany (Chapter 61)
65.   Crystar (Chapter 63)
66.   Rux (Chapter 60)

Amazing how I came up with almost all of those characters. Anyway, the next six chapters are M rated (it didn’t have to be bolded, it’s just cooler that way) and with a story about demons, why wouldn’t it be?

Demon World Saga: Chapter 94 – Judgement Day

SA2 sat in a dark room and began reading from a book. “Several decades ago, on the demon planet, lived two kinds of demon races that shared the planet equally. Over time, the hospitality slowly began to fade and their hatred for each other started to show. On one side, Fire X convinced one half of the demon race that they should wipe out the others, and the other demons went along with his idea. After witnessing the attacks, the other race fought back, which led to an all out war between the two races. But the eviler demon’s, led by Fire X were overall stronger and things looked bleak for the other race. As their leader realized this, he gathered the strongest element demons around and got them to transfer their powers into a large meteor. The leader then threw it off the planet, hoping one day others will succeed where they failed…

Decades later, Dr. Kurosama created Skill, to free the cities grasp from Stickman’s clutches. Skill followed him to his base and after a long battle and some help from SA and SA2, he fell into a pool of orange radioactive substance, believed to be dead. A few years later, Shade was created, soon after Stickman had returned, and with Shade’s help he beat him again. Skill’s feelings quickly turned from jealously to hatred and he was soon shut down.

Another two decades later, Shade hit the super powered meteor with a chaos spear, as it circled the earth, breaking it up into dozens of pieces which crash landed on earth and gave others the power to do remarkable things. The chosen ones quickly mastered these powers, while finding others who shared a similar bond, like magnets.

Over the last year, many demons had tried to conquer planets, and villains had also tried to conquer the earth, while some find pleasure in destroying it. However, the constant defeat of supreme demons made other demons curious to come to earth, in search of the ones strong enough to beat them. On the 5th of October, a being of pure evil known as Virus announced the demons attack plan just a little over a month away. The demon attacks had only just begun…

It was late at night and the sky was as clear as day, except it was night time. Jenny was running through a clear path as a large robot with a hammer chased her. She tripped on a branch, as characters normally do at times like this and as the robot was about to step on her, Felicia flew towards the robot and hit it with a spiral claw attack, knocking it to the ground. She then flipped and landed in front of Jenny. “Try not to wonder off.”


As the robot got up, Felicia got into a fighting stance and ran towards the robot. She moved around, dodging its attacks as it swung its hammer then jumped onto the hammer and jumped through its head with her claws. As it dropped to the ground and stopped moving, Felicia nodded to Jenny and they both walked off.

Somewhere else, Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber were standing on a massive flying ship in four small corners as the wind blew and there were clouds in the sky as Final Destination from Super Smash Bros. Brawl played in the background. Several moments later, they jumped forward and began attacking each other, and dodging all hits as they moved across the ship. At 00:30 they entered a door and jumped on a platform going down diagonally to the right. They then began attacking each other with energy attacks as they moved around, flipping and sliding.

Thirteen seconds later they entered a large dark room with a ray of light shinning in the middle and Sonny flipped towards the other side as Crystal tried to hit him with a flying kick while Amber fired waves of fire at Shade as he jumped up and dodged them in midair. They exited the room and onto another platform going diagonally up to the right as they fired their energy attacks at each other again.

The platform travelled along a straight line at 01:06 as it sped up, moments later it went down in a zigzag pattern before stopping near a door, and then they flipped off the platform and went through the door at 01:16. They started travelling along a bridge outside, with Sonny and Shade on the left and Crystal and Amber on the right as they moved along, blocking each others punches and kicks. A moment later, Crystal and Amber spun and swapped places so Crystal was facing Shade and Amber was facing Sonny, then the four of them attacked with kicks.

Another moment later, Sonny and Amber jumped and swapped places then they attacked with punches before stopping quickly, then Crystal and Sonny back flipped through another door as Shade and Amber followed them at 01:29. They arrived in a room filled with snow and penguins skating on ice. They ran along, hitting each other with snow while Sonny kicked a snowman’s head at Shade which hit him. At 01:38, they entered another room which displayed a grassy field with one tree and the sun was shinning.

They moved about, throwing energy attacks and flipping about the area and left the room at 02:01 and onto a platform going down at an extremely fast rate as they continued attacking each other. As it stopped at 02:43, the clouds in the sky began to fade and sun came out before it ended.

This was being watched on a computer screen by Rush and Mads. As it ended, Rush turned to Mads and asked, “So how was it?”

“Pretty good, but why wasn’t I in it?”

“Not enough space.”

“That’s a lame excuse.”

“Well it’s better than saying I got lazy.”

“I guess that’s true.”

Outside on the streets, very deep underneath the ground, a green blast of energy shot up. Toxic emerged from the rubble and as she turned around she had a bright red dragon symbol on her forehead. “Judgement day has began.” She said with a smile. “…That was pretty cool, right?”

Over a period of half an hour, dozens of alien ships flew across the sky and several dozens of different demons dropped down from the skies and began causing havoc in the streets while civilians fled in terror. Sonny was running along a bridge packed with cars, which some were abandoned by their drivers as the demons invaded as Westopolis from Shadow the Hedgehog played in the background. Sonny jumped across the cars and spin attacked one demon far ahead before running on.

He ran through several streets and jumped over some police cars where several police officers were firing at a large green demon which was destroying buildings around the area. Mads was on top of a building near the area and aimed his arm cannon at the monster. He then fired a fully charged solarbeam shot which went right through it and killed the demon. Sonny soon ran past Crystal who was beating up a few demons on the pavement.

Amber was causally riding her motorbike through the streets in her suit when she saw people running in the opposite direction and some being attacked by demons. She quickly sighed then parked it and killed a few with a fiery blast, ran up to another and punched it through a glass window.

One man standing several feet away then said, “Hey, you’re that Wildfire chick, right?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“I, like so totally respect you, and not just because you’re hot, but because you’re awesome.”

“Thanks…I appreciate that.”

A few minutes later, Shade dropped down off a rooftop and met up with Sonny, Crystal and Mads who were fighting off an army of demons when Amber showed up to help. After a short while of fighting, they heard a familiar voice yell, “Enough!” which made the demons stop as the others did too. Ivy floated down and landed ten feet away from them as some demons moved out the way. “Nice to see you guys again during this pleasant evening.”

Sonny scratched his head. “Did you really have to pick tonight to start your demon invasion thing?”

“Yes, because I got bored of waiting.”

“So what exactly is your plan, Ivy?” Crystal asked.

“My plan is to use my black book at the sacred temple to turn the humans into half demon beings like myself…or just kill them instead.”

“That’s a stupid plan.”

“Oh, shut up…I’m guessing you guys will go to my planet and attempt to kill my father, right?”

The others remained silent.

“Heh, the thought of you defeating my father surprisingly amuses me; I’ll be cheering you on, really.” She then looked at Shade. “And Shade, this may probably be the last time I see you again, try not to die, okay?”

“I never realized you cared.”

“Only a little. To turn most of the population into half demon’s, I’m gonna need a virgin sacrifice.”

Amber raised her hand. “So that means all of us are up for grabs?” the other four and Ivy stared at her blankly for a few seconds while she sighed. “Why do people do that when I mention that?”

“Have you really not seen the way you act?” Crystal asked.

After blinking for a few seconds, Ivy then said, “So anyway, I don’t care if you win or lose, and now I have to take care of business.” She then flew off.

Soon after, in one part of the city, Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber, Mads, Rush, Kat, Future Ruby, Future Max, Zoom, Jessica Tricity, Kyle, Kevin, Alex and Adam met up.

Sonny, Zoom and Mads were standing near one pavement and Sonny and Zoom were looking over at Crystal, Amber, Kyle and Kevin talking about something. Zoom nodded. “I don’t share much of my present life, do I?”

“Not really.” Sonny replied.

“Did you know Jessica has a maid?”

Mads suddenly turned around. “Wait, what?”

“Did you also know our maid is also a ninja?”

Wait. What?!?”

Over at the area where Sonny and Zoom were looking, Jessica walked up to them and said, “Hey, you know what I noticed? You two.” She said, pointing at Crystal and Amber. “Act a lot like you two.” She then pointed at Kevin and Kyle. The four of them looked at her for a few moments and then looked at each other again while Jessica walked off.

“So why did you two break up?” Kevin asked Amber and Kyle. “You seem perfect for each other.”

They both looked at each other then looked forward and shrugged. “For the lulz.” They replied in unison.

Crystal and Kevin both looked at each other and said, “Typical.”

Shade was standing with Rush and Kat. “So what’s the plan, Rush?”

“Well we’ll be going into outer space and travel to the demon planet ourselves in hope to stop this attack! As soon as Raizor gets here.”

“But wouldn’t that take like a week?”

“Shade does have a point, Rush.” Kat said.

“You guys will see once he gets here.”

Crystal and Amber were now standing in another area and Crystal was talking privately to Amber. “So since there was a chance this might have been our last night, Kevin and I finally did it.”

“Well that’s great, so how was your first time?”

“It was amazing; at first I was kinda confused as it was harder than I thought it’d be, but the experience was defiantly worth it, I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner.  Although we had to stop for a while and take a break before continuing.”

“Seems you two certainly had fun.”

“Yeah, elite mode on Pure Ownage 3 is ridiculously hard but fun at the same time.”

“…Wait, what?”

“What did you think I was talking about?”


Crystal thought for a second and then sighed. “Is that all you think about?”

“Did you really not hear yourself?”

“I guess not…besides we did it like two weeks ago…”

“I never thought I’d hear you admit that.”

“Times change.”

“Anyway, excuse me while I go to the toilet.” Amber said before walking off towards a conveniently placed toilet to the right and walked into the men’s room.

Future Max walked up to Crystal and scratched his head. “Wait, she still does that?”


“And here I thought it was just a phase she was going through…”

“Sadly not.”

At Raizor’s base, Raizor had recently finished building a second space station which was bigger than the last and had a big ‘RB’ symbol on the front. Raizor, Slasha, David and Yukiko were standing by it while Yukiko was eating a steak. 

“So we’re gonna go to the demon planet.” Raizor said. “David, you stay here and look after the base, k thanks.”

“I never said yes.” David replied.

“You didn’t need to. I’ll be needed there, you’ll be needed here.”



Slasha turned to Yukiko and said, “So you’re staying as well, right?”

“Yeah, I’ll fight some demons off, but I’ll have to wait a while before using my hands since I got a manicure earlier so I’ll only use my feet.” 

“Are you good with your feet?”

“Yeah, people tell me I’m great with my feet…oh, I see what you did there.”

“I was hoping you would.”

Raizor opened the space station door and walked in as he said, “C’mon Slasha, if you’re coming, hurry up.”

“See you guys soon.” Slasha said as she waved then ran into the space station. The door then closed and it slowly ascended into the air and took off towards the city.

“…I’m gonna go watch TV.” David said before walking into the base.

“Right behind you.” Yukiko said as she followed him.

Ivy, Poison and Liquid were standing on a building in the middle of the city as demons ran through the streets. Poison then said, “It seems things are going according to plan.”

“I guess so…” Ivy replied. “Where has Virus gone to?”

“He said he had important business.” Liquid said.

“Well forget about him then, we don’t need him anyway. Liquid, you get into place and Poison, you come with me.” Ivy said before flying off.

Poison sighed and said, “Take care, man.” before going after her.

Back in the other part of the city, Raizor’s space station touched down near Shade, Rush and Kat and the door opened. Raizor poked his head out and said, “Hurry up if you guys are coming.” Sonny, Shade, Amber and Mads quickly rushed on while Crystal was talking with Kevin a bit away. “So…this is it. This is gonna be pretty tough, and I’m not sure if I can succeed this time…”

“That’s nonsense. You know what I like most about you? It’s that you’re independent, strong willed, and that you fight to help people and not to boost your ego, unlike some people. The fact that we both like video games a lot and your emotions aren’t so bottled up helps as well. And that is why I believe you can go do what you need to and you’ll make it back alive.”

“Do you really mean that?”

“Yeah, I do. You go and beat the king while I’ll take care of business here.”

Crystal nodded and smiled. “Right, you better not die either.” She said before running off into the space station. The door then closed and it took off moments later.

Kyle dropped down near Kevin and said, “Did you really mean all that?”

“Well some of it anyway, it was mainly a confidence boost method.”

“Oh, good stuff.”

“Stop using my catchphrase.”

In an unknown location, Zulu was driving along a straight path on his motorbike and saw two giant demon birds to his right cuddling which caught his attention for a few moments, and then he shrugged it off and continued driving.


There was a dark room with a projector already set up. Slasha walked in and said, “Hi everyone! Due to popular demand, my chapter previews are now back on the air! Yay!” she said as she waved cheerfully. “Now onto business, nobody will be joining me here, it’s just me explaining some stuff.”

Several mobsters suddenly walked in and surrounded Slasha then took their guns out as one spoke. “We’ve finally tracked you down, Slasha, trying to fool us with that clone was a dirty trick, if we’re gonna molest some version of you, it’s gonna be the real thing. Now, if you would please, follow us.”

Slasha cheerfully smiled. “I’d love to, but sadly…” Slasha took off her top to reveal she had a metal body with a bomb on her stomach which was about to go off in five seconds. As she did so, the mobsters gasped.

There was a massive explosion and very far away on a cliff stood Slasha who laughed for a few moments before saying, “suicide robots, never leave the house without one.” She then cleared her throat. “So anyway, chapter 95: Chaos and Destruction.” She then looked back at the building. “Yes, that is irony.”
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Demon World Saga: Chapter 95 – Chaos and Destruction

Blade was running through a sandy area near a forest, slashing at demons he came across as he moved forward. He soon stopped at a bright light flashing in the sky. From the bright light, a knight with black armor with gold trim came flying out of the light and towards him. Blade slashed at the mysterious figure who flipped over the attack, spun around and stopped. The figure charged at Blade and took out a golden sword as Blade took his out.

They moved around in a circle, evading and blocking each other’s sword attacks and then separated moments later. The mysterious figure then said, “Wait, Blade, is that you?”

“You know me? Who are you?”

The figure took his helmet off and revealed himself as Steel. “Prince Steel from Cerenia, I didn’t expect to see you out here.”

“Oh yeah, I remember you now. What are you doing down here?”

“Tiara was kidnapped for some reason and brought here. Luckily I remembered one of her spells, due to plot conveniences and teleported here.”

“Do you know where she is then?”

“She was taken by a big winged green demon. We should go straight.”

“Right.” Blade and Steel quickly ran on ahead at a steady pace.

On the space station, the others were currently flying through space on the way to the demon planet. Raizor was sitting by the controls, Crystal and Amber were lying on two beds near a wall, Sonny, Shade, Rush and Mads sat round a table, playing a card game and Slasha was in the middle of the room spinning round in a chair.

By the table, Sonny put down a card as he said, “Breakfast.”

Shade then said, “I see your breakfast…” Then put down another card as he said, “And raise you lunch.”

“Supper.” Rush said before putting down a card, the three of them then looked at Mads who said, “Dinner.” as he put down his card.

Still spinning in the chair, Slasha moved in between the beds Crystal and Amber were on and said, “So, Amber is still a virgin and Crystal isn’t? The irony is overwhelming!”

“What has this got to do with the plot?” Crystal asked.

“Nothing, I just found that amusing.”

“Your psychotic personality scares people off, doesn’t it?” Amber asked.

“Sadly, yes.”

“Hey people!” Raizor yelled. “We’ll be arriving in about 20 minutes or so. Normally it would take like a week, but this space station is much faster and due to the fast moving plot, it also moves faster…don’t think about it too much. Anyway, be ready when we arrive.”

Mads nodded with a serious expression on his face. “Yeah, I’m gonna shoot to kill.” He then paused for a few seconds. “…Where did that come from?”

“I hope I’m not influencing you.” Slasha replied. “But that wouldn’t be so bad.”

“I’m sure.”

Back on earth, Blade and Steel were chasing the winged demon that was carrying Tiara who was asleep shortly ahead of them while slashing several demons which got in their way. When they got close enough, Steel jumped up and attempted to slice one of its wings off, missing the demon by a few inches. As Blade got close, the demon bird knocked Blade back with shockwaves from its mouth. As the demon flew off, a short sword boomerang hit the bird as it flew off, struggling to keep its balance.

Jessica Andersen jumped out from a tree and caught the boomerang in midair then landed in the middle of Blade and Steel wearing the same suit Rush made for her as they all got into a fighting stance.

“Hey, are we copying a scene from a game?” Steel asked.

“Shut up, Steel.” Blade and Jessica replied.

Back on the space station, Rush was wearing a big metal helmet which had little green lights flashing. He stood in the middle of the room thinking to himself. “Now that this helmet is completed, I should be able to hear others thoughts, and now seems like the time to try it out…”

He looked towards Sonny and turned it on and then heard his thoughts. “Man, I really don’t know where I’ll fit in here. I mean, Shade has a purpose in finding his creator, Crystal is here to beat the demon king, Amber seems to think this is her destiny, and Mads is just here because we are too, but I’m not sure where I’d fit in here…and I hope I didn’t leave the oven on.

“Hmm…” Rush turned towards Crystal and heard her thoughts. “Although I seem calm, I just wanna curl up in a corner and cry, but I can’t let anyone know I’m scared, it’ll all work out, because I’m a main character!...and stop reading my thoughts, Rush.

“Sorry.” He then listened to Amber’s thoughts. “I’m gonna do the impossible, break the unbreakable! I’m gonna fight the power! All the fools who thought I’d amount to nothing will see soon enough, this is where I can’t fail!

Rush shrugged. “Serious…” He then read Shade’s thoughts. “I have no idea what I’ll encounter down there, but nothing will stand in my way. I’ll bring him back, no matter what, even if it kills me.

Rush then looked at Mads’ thoughts. “I hope I’m not the only one feeling nervous...but then again, with a big group of people, the chance of victory is quite a bit high. Plus I can go hyper mode at anytime, and I brought protection, so yeah, that should be enough.

“Now let’s see…” Rush began reading Slasha’s thoughts. “I hope one day I’ll actually get to meet the Joker, that would be so awesome, and after I do, I’d get him to sign my-”

Raizor took the helmet off Rush. “No mind reading helmets until we land.”

“No fair…” Rush frowned.

Back on earth, on a long clear path, Jessica, Blade and Steel came down the path on a big wooden board with wheels as the Chaos Angel act 3 from Sonic Advance 3 played in the background. After a few seconds, demons starting jumping on and the three of them attacked them while moving around, knocking as many off as they could. Blade ducked other one demon’s attack and Jessica knocked it off with her short swords. Steel slashed one demon off the board then kicked another into a river they passed by.

Steel then dodged one demon’s attack and Blade fly kicked it off the board. One big demon with six arms jumped onto the board as the others disappeared. They all sliced one arm off at a time, then Jessica sliced off its head and Blade and Steel kicked it off together just before they entered a cave. Along the walls were torches as they went by slowly. They exited the cave at 01:06 and went down a hill, attacking more demons which jumped on.

Soon it went over a lot of small bumps and approached a river. The three finished knocking off the demons then Steel threw the last into a river before they jumped off as the board drove into it.

A bit later, on the space station, Raizor suddenly yelled, “Ok people, we’ll be landing now. After we do, we’ll make our way through the planet using a big kart Rush built. The space station will be protected by hundreds of robots previously built plus some bombs I’ll plant around the area. I’ll explain more after we get out there.”

A minute later, Raizor landed the space station in a huge clear rocky area and as he did so, dozens of demons came running towards the space station. Crystal ran out towards them as the door opened, yelling, “Don’t mess with me! It’s that time of the month!”

The demons suddenly turned around and fled in fear, Crystal then stopped chasing them. As Amber walked out, she asked, “Is it really?”

“You’ll never know.”

Rush ran out the space station yelling, “Pork chop sandwiches!”

“Please stop doing that, Rush.” Shade responded.

“But it’s my running gag!”

On earth, Ivy and Poison were walking down a mountain when Poison asked, “So where is this temple?”

“It’s…well I don’t know the exact location, but we’ll see it soon. Due to this black book, my associates in villainy are coming back to life to wreak havoc once more! Muhahahahaha!”

“Great.” Poison said sarcastically. “So do I have to do anything?”

“Not if you don’t want to.”


At the HQ, Light was playing with a Chao toy when he looked up and saw the news, which showed several dozens of demons breaking objects, setting fire to things and injuring people as a reporter spoke. “Here in downtown Green Hill City, there have been even more demon attacks, and they only seem to get worse over time. There have also been reports of a blue creature called Liquid, who has appeared in Marble City and some civilians have sighted Toxic, the black creature responsible for causing a wave of destruction many months ago in Star Light City.”

Light slowly took out a sign which read, “Now I know what I must do…”

At Mark’s house, he was also watching as the reporter said, “There seems to be a lot of demons with the surname, “X”. Hopefully they’ll be done destroying this peaceful city within a month.”

Mark suddenly stood up. “This can’t wait a month! The time has now come!” Mark quickly grabbed something out of the closet and ran down the stairs and to the door. “Bye dad, I’m going out to kick ass and take names.”

“Have fun, son.”

Mark then closed the door.

At Area 51, the UN were all sitting round a very large desk which covered half of the room while Commander Grey and the black and white agents I mentioned all the way back in chapter 4 were there. One man at the table nodded and said, “Serious business.” The others nodded as they agreed. SA2 ran into the room and yelled, “The demons are coming, guys!

“Send out all the troops, we must eliminate them!” Commander Grey ordered him.

SA2 nodded then threw a smoke bomb to the ground and disappeared.

“I need to find out how he does that…”

On the demon planet, Rush was fixing up a large shiny red kart as Un-gravitify from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity began playing in the background. Everyone hopped into it after a few moments, then Rush climbed in and started up the engine at 00:13. It then took off seven seconds later, hovering slightly off the ground and going around corners and bumps as they travelled along then at 00:48 they entered a rocky tunnel which went round in a spiral through the path then hit a ramp at 01:16 and flew high into the air.

They landed at 01:28 and sped ahead into an area with dozens of pillars and avoided them as they sped down the path and dodged some which fell near them. At 01:56 they turned right into a corner and continued turning as the path curled downwards. They sped through a dark underground path before coming out at 02:10, and then went along a path on a wall which curled left. They reached the top at 02:21 and slowly drove along the rocky path then went through a loop ten seconds later.

They hit another ramp at 02:38 and landed on a lower clear path at 02:44 and they soon passed by several demons in a few karts who chased them at 02:52. They continued moving, turning round corners and taking out demons which approached them. They entered a stone temple area at 03:15 which had stone doors blocking the paths. Slasha took out a rocket launcher and began blowing up the stone doors as they drove along.

At 03:47 they made it through the area and slowly entered a large hall with hundreds of symbols on the ground as they slowly came to a stop. They hopped out of the kart at 04:01 and Rush turned the engine off moments later, and then they began slowly walking down the path in silence.

“So do your parents even care that their kids have gone into space to fight demons?” Raizor asked.

“I’m sure nobody would have noticed if you didn’t point that out.” Shade replied.

“I’m sure some people noticed.”

“Let’s continue walking in silence, guys.” Rush said. Shade and Raizor then both nodded.

On earth, Kevin, Kyle, Jessica, Adam, Alex and Zoom were walking down some empty streets when Jessica looked at Kevin. “So where are we going exactly?”

“Crystal said they would be going to this sacred temple, we just gotta find it.”

“That’s harder than it sounds.” Alex responded.

“I know.” Kevin looked at Adam. “Hey Adam, couldn’t you somehow, like, become one with the earth and see where that demon girl is?”

“My powers don’t work that way.”

“Oh…well that sucks.”



Slasha was in a dark room by herself setting up a projector. As it started she began speaking as various clips came up. “Now, on the next Sonny and Shade:

Things will actually get more interesting and awesome, with some epicness on the side. Like more destruction and stuff, but don’t expect a plot twist, please don’t, or else I’ll get fired…so anyway, more stuff…yeah…I never realized how boring it is when no-one else is here with me, oh well.

Anyway, stay tuned, it’s sure to be a hit! All this and more in chapter 96: Appointment with the Doctor! My doctor is always happy to see me, due to my crazy antics, cheerful personality and vast knowledge…and maybe it’s because I made sure he was always smiling…permanently…nah, must be the first explanation. Well I’m gonna shut up now, so go home.” She said before turning off the projector.
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Demon World Saga: Chapter 96 – Appointment with the Doctor

In Raizor’s base, David was watching the news on a big screen while Yukiko was dodging Raizor’s blue robot’s attacks and then knocked him across the room using kicks. “Yeah, kickass!” Yukiko yelled.

“We should probably get out there and help.” David suggested.

“Just give me another ten minutes.”


Back on the demon planet, the others were casually walking down…wherever they were previously walking. Amber then randomly said, “Hey Raizor, remember that time when I burnt off your mustache and you like, never grew it back?”

“Oh yeah, then I was meant to kill you, which I’ll do after victory is guaranteed, hopefully.”

“Don’t count on it.”

“Where do we need to go to again?” Sonny asked.

“Just keep going straight ahead, it’s the right route.” Magic Voice replied.

“Hey, Magic Voice! You’re back!”

“Yeah, narrating while on vacation truly is cruel, is it asking too much to take some time off?”

“I hear ya, man, these guys just don’t care.”

“This voice sounds like a pretty cool guy.” Slasha said. “That voice comforts my soul.”

“Oh, stop.” Magic Voice said, flattered by Slasha’s comment.

“Guys, silence, remember?” Rush said. The others then nodded and they were all silent again as they continued walking.

On earth, somewhere in Star Light City, Toxic had just killed several civilians and was standing over one man who was badly injured. Light slowly floated down from the sky and landed ten feet away from Toxic as she turned around to face him. Light then took out a sign which read, “Toxic, it’s time you went back to being dead! And what’s with that dragon thing on your forehead?”

“Ahh, Light, it’s a pleasant surprise to see you down here, but now I can kill you here while I have the chance. The dragon symbolizes my rebirth, due to some supernatural force. I’ll have to thank them soon.” Toxic quickly shot a big blast of green energy which Light jumped over and flew towards her. Light threw two punches which Toxic dodged then a kick which she blocked. Toxic then grew sharp claws on one hand and attempted to scratch Light who flew back.

Light fired a wave of ice which Toxic dodged by flipping left, picked up a car and threw it at Light. He got hit and flew back with the car, then kicked it up, and as he did so he saw Toxic charging towards him. Toxic punched Light, sending him flying back. As he went past a lamppost he grabbed on and swung round and then flew back towards Toxic and head butted her to the ground.

Toxic shook off the attack then started firing bolts of lighting at Light who ran around, dodging them and was eventually hit, knocking him into a car. Toxic flipped up and threw a blast of fire towards him. Light quickly flew up with the car and towards Toxic who threw a ball of fire and blew it up. While she was distracted, Light kneed her from behind, then punched her in the face twice, kicked her several times in the stomach, then sent her flying with a psychokinetic blast before flying after her.

On the demon planet, the others were still walking and Slasha was talking with Amber. “Y’know, you’re not so bad after all, Amber.”

“Right back at ya, you crazy loon.”

“You remind myself of a slightly younger me, but a good me with super powers but isn’t highly intelligent…oh wait.”

“That’s kinda funny because-”

“Hey guys, we’re here!” Rush shouted.

“No need to shout.” Crystal replied.

“Sorry, adrenaline rush…”

Just shortly ahead of them were four paths. One went straight ahead from an intersection while there were two small paths on the left side and one on the right which led to teleporter’s and there were 7 ultra emeralds in the middle. They walked up to the middle and looked around.

“Looks like those sections in the final level of every Megaman game.” Sonny said.

“So which leads where?” Amber asked.

Using the emeralds in the middle, Shade transformed into Super Shade and walked diagonally down the left path. “I know where I have to be.”

“How do you know he’s down there?” Sonny asked.

“The signs.” Sonny looked to the path just next to it and said. “Oh.” The sign read, “Virus’ domain.” and said, “I’ll take care of Virus then. I’m not sure what I’ll find down there, so…” Sonny then transformed into Super Sonny and sped down the path and hopped on the teleporter then vanished seconds later.

After a moment of silence, Crystal walked down the right path and stopped when Amber asked, “So you’re really going alone?”

“Yeah, what did you have in mind?”

Amber slowly walked towards her as she said, “I think we should put the past behind us and work as a team, instead of being friendly rivals. I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda tired of all the bickering and trying to mentally get to each other, and I think we should act the way normal friends do…but only for the next few chapters.”

“I’m honestly shocked, and yes, let’s fight as partners.” Crystal replied before offering her hand. Amber shook her hand then they jumped onto the transporter and disappeared seconds later.

While Mads and Rush watched in silence, Raizor and Slasha quickly changed into their battle suits behind the two of them. Mads turned around and asked, “How did you do that so quickly?”

“None of your business.” Raizor replied.

“Ok guys.” Rush began. “Me and Raizor are gonna go back for something, while Mads and Slasha will scout on and see what you can find up there, but be careful. Any questions?”

Slasha raised her hand. “Is this an excuse for me and Mads to have some alone time?”

“Yes. Yes it is.”


“Good, now let’s get going.” Rush said before running off. Raizor slowly walked in his direction. As the two disappeared, Slasha looked at Mads. “So…how bout them arm cannon’s?”

On earth at area 51, several dozens of green soldiers and several mechs were standing outside the base near a mountain. Over the mountain were many different species of demons running towards the edge led by a skinny white demon holding a red dragon sword. “March on, men! Let’s take it down!”

One demon then asked, “Why are we doing this? I don’t wanna be killed and if I do, I want it to be one of the main characters that does it, or just an awesome character. I don’t wanna be killed by generic soldier #37.” The leader then stabbed him. “That’s for complaining!”

Over the mountain, all the soldiers were still waiting. Suddenly, all the demons came rushing and jumping down the mountain while one yelled, “Demons all up in this sh-”

“Cue bullet spamming!” one soldier yelled before they started firing at them. Some demons took out laser guns (Cause they can) and began firing back.

At Amber’s house, in Max’s room he was watching the news while talking on the phone. “Hey Dan, you watching this?”

“Yeah, end of the world, man.”

Max then saw his future self in one part of the city, punching one demon into a truck and said, “Hey, it’s that guy again. I’m gonna go down there, wish me luck.”

“If you die I want that black notebook you have.”

“What notebook?”

“Never mind.”

“Kay, bye.” Max said before hanging up.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Zulu was still driving down an empty path talking on a mobile. “So Raizor and Slasha have gone to the planet? And right now you guys are in Marble City?”

“That’s right.” David replied.

“So you’re helping out?”

“That’s right. What are you doing?”

“Helping in my own way, by not helping.”

“…Well that’s helpful.”

“It sure is. See ya.” Zulu said before hanging up.

Very far off in the distance, Jessica, Blade and Steel were walking towards the area as Blade said, “Looks like we lost that bird and Tiara.”

“Who?” Jessica asked.

“None of your concern really.” Steel replied.

“Whatever.” Jessica walked to the edge and saw Zulu from far away driving along a path. “Let’s follow the lizard!” she said before jumping down the cliff and running towards the area. Steel looked at Blade who shrugged before following her, and then Steel sighed before proceeding after them.

Ivy and Poison, meanwhile, stopped at one tall mountain and looked far ahead to see a dark large temple (it looks how you want it to look) and Ivy slowly opened her mouth wide in excitement. “Yeah! It’s here! Now I can get started!”

Poison looked to his left and saw the big demon bird, carrying Tiara who was now conscious and dropped her next to them. She had a glowing purple aura and a ‘V’ in her eyes.

“I see Virus helped us out with this…” Poison said.

“Yes, he did.” Tiara nodded. “I’m just a clone of his, but it’s all the same.”

“C’mon, you two!” Ivy yelled. “Let’s get going!” she said before running towards the temple.

As Poison and Tiara walked, Tiara asked, “So how do you two know each other? And why do you follow her orders?”

“Well, before I met Ivy, I lived on the streets for quite a long while, I forget why. Anyway, soon I met Ivy who was carrying around that black book, and seeing the state I was in, asked if I wanted to come with her. Obviously, I said yes, and then she said she had to talk it over with the Dark Assembly.”


It showed a scene of Ivy in a big palace and talking to SA4 then chose to see the Dark Assembly. There was a list of requests, such as “Permission to kill my dad.”, “Go up a cup size.”, “Dye my hair blue.” And “Trade my dress in for something skimpy.” She went further down and picked, “Get a servant/pet.”

She went to the large assembly hall where the high levelled demons each voted and when the vote was over; there were 732 nays, and 300 yeas. As Ivy sighed, SA2 walked in and sat at the back, then slammed his hand on the desk and yelled, “YEA!” The yeas suddenly went up to 800. One demon turned around and said, “But-” before getting hit in the forehead with a shuriken and dropping to the floor.

“We’d best not argue.” One demon whispered to another. “He’s an author created character.” The other demon nodded and the proposal was approved.


“And after that she came back, and using her black book, made me an immortal half demon being as well, and I’m grateful…regardless of how bad she treats me at times.”

“Well good for you.”

Kevin, Jessica, Kyle, Adam, Alex and Zoom were walking down a road in the city when Kyle looked up into the sky. “Hey, the moon’s out now, so we can do that demon thing now.”

“Has anyone here even done the demon thing before?” Kevin asked. “It’s actually more painful than Crystal and Amber make it look, apparently wings bursting out of your back really does hurt, but only for a few seconds. Anyway, let’s help some others close by.”

In the middle of a chaotic city, the SSBB boss theme started playing as the Lounge members drove down the street in a 4x4 with Visualpun taking aim at several demons as they drove by. After thirteen seconds, Jawo’ and HouseCallDoc jumped off by some demons burning down a building. Jawo’ punched out a few while HCD hit two with his pills then kicked one into the wall.

Zoom spin dashed through a few demons then flipped over a fourth and kicked it from behind. One demon carrying a torn off lamppost whacked him with it, then Adam punched the demon seconds before another demon kicked Adam, followed by Kevin tackling the second demon. In an area close by, Alex kneed one demon then threw it over Kyle who froze it then Jessica blasted it to pieces as it hit the ground.

A bit away, Mark hopped onto a rooftop wearing the same suit as Mads but it had white stripes. He ran along, jumping across rooftops as he got closer. He then jumped off a rooftop and shot a cable at a lamppost, swung down and fly kicked one demon. Ruby flew towards Psychic X from behind and attempted to kick him in the head as he ducked, then moved to the side and slammed her into the ground. Future Ruby then landed down and kneed him in the face, did a spinning kick then head butted him.

Future Max moved about the streets, flipping and rolling away from Wind X’s windy blasts. Max eventually fired a wave of fire which hit a car behind Wind X and sent him flying. A large golem made of rocks, called Earth X then punched Max hard at 01:30, sending him flying and threw the window of a large building. He travelled along it and came out the other side before hitting the ground and creating a large crater near the younger Max at 01:50. He flipped out of the hole a second later and flew off again.

Future Ruby and Psychic X were jumping across cars parallel to each other as they fired energy waves and dodged them by flipping and knocking them back. Future Ruby jumped up at 02:05 as Visualpun fired his laser cannon and hit Psychic X, then as a few demons ran towards Visualpun, Adam jumped in front and pounded the ground, knocking them back with a rockslide.

Mark fired at one demon, then connected his cable to one demon and threw it at another. Jessica knocked out one demon with an electric punch while Alex flipped over her and punched out a Sega orb and glowed with the colors of the rainbow at 02:37. He quickly spun round in circles around Wind X and a few other demons, creating a vicious vortex. Afterimages of him flew in all direction, slashing at them then he eventually hit them with a wind blast, slamming them into the ground at 02:42.

Jawo’ then took out his book of lymon and began summoning waves of sprite which hit several demons repeatedly. Future Max flew towards Earth X and kicked him in the face, then punched him repeatedly in the stomach. Earth X then swiped at Future Max as he continued to move back. Adam summoned a giant rock hand and whacked Earth X to the ground as the song stopped.

On the demon planet, Shade entered a wide room which glowed red every few seconds and had lava at the bottom. He walked along a metal surface towards a bigger version of Skill in his transformed state with the wings. Dr. Kurosama’s voice came from the robot. “Welcome Shade, I’m pleased that you came. Now you have to face me, right here.”

“If I must.”

‘It Has Come to This.’ (Erazor Djinn’s theme) from Sonic and the Secret Rings started playing as the copy of Skill flashed for a few moments. Skill then charged its hand with energy and pounded the ground, causing cracks all over the surface which then separated into blocks across the lava at 00:12. After a few moments, Shade jumped off one block and flew towards Skill. As he reached him, he attacked with a kick, slicing the block in half as Skill moved at 00:24.

They jumped around the blocks, firing energy blasts at each other for a short while. Shade soon jumped up towards him and threw a chaos spear which the robot avoided by flying upward as Shade followed him at 00:45. Skill turned around ten seconds later and fired multiple chaos spears at the same time, several times as Shade dodged them. Shade hit him as he flew past at 01:03, Skill then started throwing large waves of energy which Shade dodged and deflected at the walls.

They came to an intersection at 01:26 and Shade flew down the right path as Skill followed him. Near another intersection ten seconds later, Skill tackled him and they flew down, smashing against the walls until Shade broke free and hit Skill with a downward kick. They approached another metal surface below and landed on their feet at 01:55. They stood up and charged at each other, then teleported using chaos control. They moved about, creating shockwaves as they clashed.

Shade eventually hit Skill at 02:40 and the robot came crashing to the ground in pieces. Shade landed down seconds later and reverted to his normal form as the song stopped. He then quickly ran up to Dr. Kurosama who was inside the robot and took out a syringe. “Quick, take the antidote which I got off Light. He bit me a few times, but it had to be done.”

Kaito shook his head in despair. “It’s too late, Shade, the infection is far too deep that it’s almost time.”

“…I see…”

“Thankfully you came in time for me to see you one last time. You remember what I told you to do when this time came?”

Shade briefly nodded. With his final breath, he said, “Take good care of Light as well…” He then slowly closed his eyes. Shade stood there for a few moments, and then slowly walked off as he sighed.


Slasha sat in a brightly lit orange room with a projector next to her, and was drinking some orange juice. She then spat it out and yelled, “Wait! Did the doctor guy just die?!? Dude, that’s not cool! Th-that’s just…I don’t even know, it’s just kinda cold.”

Slasha cleared her throat and scratched her forehead. “There isn’t much to say, there’ll just be more stuff. Yeah, that’s good, more stuff. So, stay tuned, it’s sure to be a hit! All this and more in chapter 97: The Demon King! And I must say, it’s about time we finally get to see him; I just hope he looks good, being thousands of years old or something. I talk too much, so go away now.” She then switched off the lights.
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Demon World Saga: Chapter 97 – The Demon King

On the demon planet, Crystal and Amber were walking along a path made of green glass squares as Amber was talking. “Y’know, we’ve had some good times, like remember the time when I had gas and a cold at the same time, and I was sneezing and farting out fire?”

“You bring up the weirdest times…and yes, I do remember, you purposely kept trying to light my clothes on fire.”

“Yeah, good times.”

The ground suddenly started shaking and from a large hole to the side, flames emerged as a large red and white dragon head rose up from the hole and roared at them. Amber then turned to Crystal and said, “You should go on ahead.”

“You mean, like alone?”

“Well you said you were going to. What are you, a man or a mouse?”

“I’m neither.”

“Exactly! Now get going!”

Crystal shrugged. “Can’t argue with that logic. But before I leave…” Crystal took out the moonlight device which was last used in the Toxic saga and Crystal and Amber transformed into their demon forms. She then ran off ahead as Amber turned to face the dragon.

On earth, Zulu slowed down on his bike as he saw Jessica, Blade and Steel running towards him. Zulu stopped and turned the bike sideways slightly. As they approached the bike, Zulu hopped off and prepared to attack.

“Hold on. Let’s not start a fight over nothing.” Jessica said as she held out her hand. “Have you seen a big green demon bird fly by?”

“Well I did earlier.”

“Can you take us there?”

“Alright, but it’ll cost ya.”

“Sure, whatever.”

Zulu hopped back onto his bike. “Someone’s gonna have to walk. Well, two people actually.”

Jessica turned to Blade and Steel. “You two walk.”

“Why?” Steel asked.


Jessica hopped on the back of the bike and Zulu drove off slowly while Blade and Steel followed.

In the middle of a city where the other X ranked demons were, Future Ruby kicked Psychic X into a wall and dropped down next to him. “It’d be best to give up. I can beat you as easily as Crystal can. Now tell me, where’s that demon girl at?”

“What makes you think I’ll tell you?”

“Because I won’t kill you and you can go back to your planet. Or I could continue pummelling you to death.”

“Oh fine, but I still want a rematch with Crystal at some point.”

“Deal…I guess.”

Somewhere far away, Light flew towards a halfway built construction site and jumped up from floor to floor while Toxic followed him. She eventually shot a green blast up which blew up part of the floor and knocked Light to the ground. Toxic burst threw part of the floorboard and attempted to stab Light with her sharp claws as he quickly moved then kneed her in the face. Toxic retaliated by firing a beam of fire which knocked Light off the platform.

Toxic then jumped off and landed on his stomach as she dragged him all the way to the ground, then flipped and kicked him into a steel bar far ahead. Light slowly recovered and fired a small ice beam which froze her arm. She stopped and slammed it on the floor then grew a new arm. Light flew back up while Toxic followed again, extending her arm and trying to grab his foot. Light grabbed a steel bar as Toxic finally grabbed his foot and as she pulled Light back, he whacked her with it, making her stagger back. He then hit her once more and knocked her off and to the ground.

Light jumped down towards Toxic who was unconscious and froze her body and then melted it to pieces with a fiery beam. Light panted as he walked away from the area when Toxic slowly formed again and rose up. Light quickly noticed and thought, “I’ll have to find another way to finish this…” before running off with Toxic behind him.

On the demon planet, Crystal entered a massive room which glowed neon green every few seconds. As she entered, Fire X walked into the area from the right while Ice X appeared on the left. Crystal looked around before saying, “Well isn’t this a warm welcome? Nice to see you guys again.”

“You’re awfully cheery at a time like this.” Ice X replied.

“Well it’s better than whining.”


“Enough!” Fire X interrupted them. “Thanks to the demon princess’ legendary black book, we demons were given life again. We’ve been watching you for a long while now, Crystal, because we missed you oh so much. Psychic X set up the link; we knew when you went to bed, when you had breakfast, when you were in the shower! That’s right, everything.”

Ice X nodded. “And must I say, it was an amusing show for the last year.”

“Umm, privacy much?”

“We also know that you’re not a virgin anymore, so no more of that virgin power to protect you.” Fire X said.

“Umm, I never had that power.”

“Well, either way, you don’t have what it takes to go up against the king, and we’ll show you.”

“Go ahead, I’ve got time.” Crystal said as she stretched.

Fire X and Ice X came together and fused into a demon that looked like Ice X but had flaming fingers, shoulders, feet, waist and large flames on his head. “Now, prepare yourself.”

“Well this is new…”

The new demon threw an ice boomerang at Crystal which had flaming edges. Crystal jumped out the way and fired a psychokinetic beam at him which he blocked using a fiery shield. The demon then created dozens of ice replicas around Crystal and started firing icicles at her from all directions. She dodged several of them then was hit by the rest before the real one jumped forward and punched her back. She flipped up and kicked the demon with both feet.

He stopped after a few moments and created an ice shuriken with three flaming edges then threw it at Crystal who jumped out the way. As it came back he jumped on it and fired flaming icicles at the ground, spreading fire around. As Crystal jumped up to kick him, he grabbed her foot and blasted her into a wall then quickly kneed her in the stomach and backed off as she fell to the ground, and blacked out. 

“Yo, time to get up, helloooooooo?” she heard a voice call.

Crystal opened her eyes to find herself in an area surrounded by darkness and looking up at an older version of herself, without the purple ribbon in her hair. “Hi there.” She waved.

“Umm, who are you?”

“I’m the imaginary older you, or in other words, your older alter ego. I’m how you want to look when you get older.”

Crystal moved her eyes up and down for a few moments before saying, “I see…but how do I know really?”

“Well, I know when you first came up with your trademark phrase, observe.” She pointed ahead at an image which showed Crystal and Jessica in middle school sitting on a bench. Crystal was talking to Jessica. “You know, I need a catchphrase to stand out or something…hmm. Ahh, I got it! Arm to chin.” She said before putting her arm up to her chin.

“…Okay, I believe you. I was pretty stupid back then…” The younger Crystal sighed. “So what now?”

“You need help, so I’ll take over.”

“…Wait, what?”

“Just watch and learn.”

Crystal regained consciousness and stood up, then noticed she had angel wings now. “Angel wings? What happened to the demon ones?”

“I learned how to do this, it’s just for decoration.”

“Then what’s the point?”

“Rule #36.”


“I’ll explain when you’re older, now watch me work.” Crystal flew towards the fused demon and flipped over a flaming ice blade, then kicked the demon back into the air, jumped towards him then spun and kicked him three times before knocking him to the ground. The demon sat up and slid towards her, Crystal side stepped the attack and punched him into a wall then deflected several icicles.

“You’ve suddenly become good.” The demon said.

Amber suddenly ran into the area and stopped as she spotted Crystal and the fused demon. “Crystal, you go on, I got this.”

“I really don’t think you can-”

“Stop worrying, I’ll be fine.”

Crystal shrugged. “Suit yourself.” As Crystal ran off the demon said, “Say hi to the king for us.” The demon then turned its attention to Amber.

Back on earth, in the city, Future Ruby ran up to the others helping out and said, “Hey guys, I know where that demon girl is. She’s at some sacred temple very far south from here. Apparently she needs a virgin sacrifice for whatever she has planned.”

“Thanks for your help, Ruby.” Kevin said. “Now let’s get going, guys!”

“Stop acting like you’re a team leader.” Adam replied.

“Can’t I enjoy it for a while?”


In an unknown area, Blade, Steel, Zulu and Jessica who were on his motorbike, slowly came across Felicia who was laying face down in the dirt as they stopped. “What happened to you?” Blade asked.

“Some guys took Jenny, I couldn’t hold them all off.” She then got up. “But I know where they went, follow me.” She said before running off ahead with the others close behind.

At the sacred temple, inside there were dozens of lit torches high above on the walls, and Jenny was strapped to a coffin in the middle of the temple with four lights in each corner shining down at her. Ivy and Tiara stood next to the coffin while Poison leaned against a wall.

“Why am I here again?” Jenny asked.

“You’re not old enough to understand.” Ivy replied.

“So why don’t you just kill her now?” Tiara asked.

“I have to wait for the right time; there are some rules to my black book.”

“I see.”

“But…someone else here will have to kill her.”

“Why can’t you do it?”

“Well…I’ve never actually killed anyone.”

“Are you serious?”

Poison nodded. “Yeah, despite claiming to be pure evil, even I’ve killed more people than she has.”

“Umm, why do you need to kill me?” Jenny asked.

“Hush, grown ups are talking.” Ivy replied.

On the demon planet, Sonny was walking through a dark corridor as he heard Virus’ voice. “Welcome, Sonny, to my world. It was a gift, for helping with today’s circumstances. There are probably clones of myself on earth as we speak. You see, the original Liquid wasn’t killed, but I drained him of his life force, giving me the power to create copies. But enough of that, I look forward to meeting you shortly.”

Sonny continued slowly walking down the dark corridor with many doors on both sides as Mephiles Phase II from Sonic Next Gen played in the background. After ten seconds, a thin layer of white smoke spread along the ground. A few seconds later, Sonny saw ghostly visions of children shivering in the doorways as he continued walking. As he entered a large room at the end, some lights switched on and from a dark puddle in the middle, Virus slowly began to rise out of it. He was now slightly taller and had purple demon wings and a long tail.

Virus then clicked his fingers and created a puddle of darkness underneath Sonny’s feet at 00:58, which he fell into. Sonny fell down a long glowing red area with crystallized dark purple and red eyes on the walls and fell onto a glass platform travelling along a stream of light with Virus ahead. He jumped across the other platforms and jumped into another portal and ended up in a dark area at 01:22. He saw white footprints to his right and followed them which led to another portal at 01:44 which he jumped into.

He fell down another hole and tackled Virus on the way down, they then began punching and kicking each other while bashing against the walls. Virus grabbed Sonny with his tail and attempted to bash him into the wall but Sonny quickly spun into a ball and ripped off part of his tail then repeatedly spin attacked him before knocking him into another portal and following him at 02:08.

Sonny found himself travelling along a rock passage with blood stained walls and ran along it, dodging spears which came out from areas in the walls and then jumped into another portal at the end at 02:42. He appeared in a large dark room with a glowing dragon symbol on the ground and a clock in the distance. He slowly walked ahead and stopped at 02:58 as the lights switched on. Virus dashed towards Sonny and punched him in the face, and then Sonny countered with a kick to his stomach. They both kept attacking, matching each other blow for blow before Sonny knocked Virus back at 03:22 as the song stopped.

Virus laughed as he created a puddle underneath his feet. “That was rather amusing. But remember, no matter how much you try, as long as there is hatred and sin, I will always exist.” He sunk into the puddle and vanished. Sonny then flew off ahead to find his own way out.

In a dark throne room, a demon servant walked in again and up to the steps. “Your majesty, the psychic demon girl will be here shortly.”

“Excellent.” The demon king stepped out of the shadows. He had dark purple suave hair and red eyes. He appeared to be wearing a purple tuxedo and a black sleeveless vest with gold markings along it with a dragon symbol on the front. His pants matched the vest and he had a cape which was red on the front and black on the back. “Leave this area.”

“Of course, your majesty.” The demon bowed before leaving.

Somewhere outside, Altar Emerald from Sonic Advance 3 played as a dark sun was shining on the area below where there was a stone path with statues of demon lords on the sides as well as a statue of SA2. Crystal landed on the stone path after six seconds and quickly stood up, and then ran on ahead. Halfway down the path, four demons fired laser guns at her which she dodged as she got closer. She reached them by 00:24, and began knocking the guns out of their hands and kicking them to the ground then sped on towards more demons at 00:37.

She dodged more laser shots by flipping right and left then jumped up and hit them with a psychokinetic blast at 00:51. She reached two stone walls and wall jumped up them before reaching another stone path at 01:02. She ran along the second path as laser beams fired at her from within the statues, which she flipped, somersaulted and side stepped to avoid them.

At 01:33 she made it past the statues and came towards a massive purple blob monster with four tentacles. At 01:38, the creature grabbed her arms and legs with each tentacle. Crystal then pulled off all four tentacles one by one at 01:41 and whacked the creature with them several times before throwing it off the side of the path. She then walked on ahead and the song stopped at 01:56.

Elsewhere, Sonny arrived back in the teleporter room and reverted to his normal form and found Shade standing near the path. “So how did your search go?” Sonny asked.

“…He’s dead.”

“Oh…well if you need a shoulder to cry on, I’m here for you.”

“I don’t need to cry.”

“It’s okay to cry, everybody does at one point, honestly, I won’t think any less of you. Just let out the anger.”

“How about I let out the anger by taking it out on you?”

“I’d prefer if you cried on my shoulder.”


There was a lot of static on a TV in a dark room. Someone turned it to Channel 7 where Mads and Slasha sat behind a desk in a studio with a sunny background behind them. “Hello everyone!” Slasha said as she waved, while the audience cheered. “Welcome to my shopping channel! I’m your host, Slasha Blaid, and this is my assistant, Mads Andersen!”

The audience booed as Mads waved. He frowned. “Honestly, people these days…”

Slasha then said, “Today we’ve got a special product.” It then showed a picture of Tentallix on an orange screen as Slasha continued talking. “This is the highly advanced, battle robot, Tentallix. But he can do way more than just that. He cooks, he cleans, and he knows why kids love cinnamon toast crunch!”

Mads nodded. “Indeed. This all purpose robot comes with 2 packs of AA batteries, just in case, an extra power pack and even one for on the move. His tentacles are retractable, he fires lasers from the red dot on his chest, and he comes in a variety of colours.”

Slasha then said, “And for you ladies out there, he can do more with those tentacles besides fighting. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.”


“I’m not into that.”

“Okay. Well, during this week only, you can get your Tentallix robot for 599 US dollars!”

“Get yours today!” Slasha yelled. “Just call 0847-777-6969; we’ll discuss other methods soon.” As the audience clapped, the screen faded to black.

“You forgot to do the chapter preview.” Mads whispered after a few moments.

“Oh right, chapter 98: The Doomsday Dragon. Honestly, do these guys have a dragon fetish or something? Some people should be concerned about this.”

 “So…what are you into?”

“Well, sometimes, I like to-” The screen suddenly switched off.
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Demon World Saga: Chapter 98 – The Doomsday Dragon (I've updated the profile topic, fyi)

On the demon planet, by Raizor’s space station, dozens of robots were firing at the demons which tried to get close enough to board it. Rush and Raizor ran towards the space station, firing and deflecting any attacks the demons fired at them as they got closer. They made it to the space station and entered as the robots continued to fire. A hole opened at the top of the space station and two giant robots flew out.

One was the rebuilt RX, used back the Raizor Blaid Saga, and the second belonged to Rush. It was a giant robot version of Sonny but the design was a red and blue appearance of Shade with the Sonic Adventure 2 logo on its chest. They flew forward and then ran along the ground, wiping out dozens of demons with head on assaults and energy waves.

Meanwhile, Mads found himself standing in the middle of outer space with stars and comets randomly passing by. SA2 walked up to him and said, “?siht daer ot tpmetta enoyna diD”


“!Z cinoS, noos gnimoc yrots txen ym ot drawrof kooL”

“It’s like he’s trying to tell me something important…”

“.ssenisuB suoireS, segassem sdrawkcaB”

“This is nuts…”

In a dark rocky area, Slasha was standing over Mads unconscious body and kneeled next to him then slapped him. “Mads, wake up! That must have been some rock…” she looked around to see if anyone was around. She then leaned in to kiss Mads when he suddenly opened his eyes. Slasha quickly stopped and said, “Oh, hey Mads, what’s up? You cool?”

“Yeah…what’re you doing?”

“Not much, just chilling out.”

“Oh…can I get up now?”

“Oh, right.” Slasha moved back and got up. “You got hit by some rock while we were blasting demons.”

Mads rubbed his forehead as he got up. “I see, so how long was I out?”

“Only about two minutes.”

“Ahh, let’s get going then.”

“Of course.” The two of them then ran on ahead.

On earth, Light was jumping across buildings in the city as Toxic flew through the air, blasting at him. Light jumped off a building and ran along the streets, past Jared and Jade who were lying against a wall. Light passed Mike who was riding a bike and as Toxic also passed Mike; she turned her hand into a sword and sliced him in half as she ran on. The lower half of Mike’s body then crashed into a van.

At area 51, the demons and soldiers were still killing each other. The white demon with the dragon headed sword jumped onto one mech and jammed it through the glass screen. “Come out here and fight me!”

“If you insist.” A bomb hit the glass screen, breaking it and knocking the demon to the floor. Kat jumped out and high into the air, wearing a leather blue ninja outfit. She flipped and threw several shuriken in several different directions which hit five other demons. She dropped down and kicked back one laser beam a demon shot at her then slid under one demon coming towards her and kicked it into another.

The white demon got up and began slashing at her with his sword as Kat swiftly dodged the attacks, and then kicked it out of his hand and shoved her second foot right through his chest. Two other soldiers were watching, one then asked, “Since when could she do that?”

“She’s been training with those elite ninja’s for months now.” The second replied.

In the middle of the city, Future Ruby was running along buildings and hopping across them, sliding on rails and doing flips in the air as she was giving her younger self a piggyback ride.

“Yeah! More!” Ruby yelled in excitement.

“You seem to enjoy cautious stuff a lot, don’t you?”

“Well, we are one in the same, aren’t we, future me?”

“Huh? How do you know that?”

“Isn’t it obvious? We both love eggo, both our favourite songs are Jeh Jeh Rocket, you even know my recently created dance without me teaching you, what other evidence do I need? Only an idiot wouldn’t get it. I’m just glad I turned out to be pretty cool in the future.”

“Y-you think I’m cool?” The older Ruby said with a smile.

“Of course, now let’s speed up!”

“Right!” They continued moving along rooftops and through obstacles while Future Max and the younger Max flew through the air.

“Why doesn’t she just fly?” Future Max asked.

“I don’t know. So who are you?” The younger Max asked.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“I’ll find out soon anyway.”

“Don’t get your hopes up.”

In Marble City, David punched one demon to the floor and began talking on his phone to Zulu while Yukiko deflected some water blasts from Liquid and then fly kicked him in the background. “Hey Zulu, what you doing now?” David asked.

“Going to some temple. You?”

“Fighting for the sake of fighting.”

“You do that, see ya.”

“Yeah, see ya.” As David hung up, he looked down to see the demon’s right hand was missing as Yukiko stood next to him. “Hey, what happened to his hand?”

“Oh, I ate it.”


“What? I was hungry…”

Meanwhile, Kevin, Kyle, Jessica, Adam, Alex and Zoom were standing on a mountain near the sacred temple. Kevin then turned to the others. “Okay guys, we gotta be ready for anything that goes on here. Oh, and Jessica…”


“Please delete that fanfiction story of me and Kyle.”


“Don’t make me force you!”

“Try me.”

Kevin tackled her then Jessica yelled out, “Sexual harassment!”

Elsewhere, Light was flying around a large factory with spheres of liquid throughout the area. Light hid behind one container as Toxic flew past, searching the area for him. Light flew out and fired an ice blast which she dodged, it hit one container and it exploded, draining some purple liquid out of it. Toxic fired a big beam of fire which Light flew around the area, dodging. Toxic then laughed as she said, “Let’s Light the Chao, on fire!”

Light poked his head out from behind one container and held a sign saying, “That’s not funny.”

“Well somebody had to do it.”

Toxic turned her hand into a chainsaw and flew towards Light who flipped over her then landed on some steel bars and jumped across the spaces as Toxic followed. Light ducked as Toxic swung at him and kicked her down below. She grabbed onto one steel bar and swung round then flew back up and fired a green blast, blowing up most of them. Light jumped and grabbed onto one container then started running up it as Toxic did the same on one right next to his.

Toxic turned into a four long limbed spider and started trying to stab Light multiple times with her limbs as he moved left and right, somersaulted and flipped over them. Light jumped off the container and blasted it, releasing the liquid which hit Toxic, taking her down with it as it flowed along the floor of the factory.

At the sacred temple, Ivy and Tiara were still standing round the coffin.

“So Ivy, why are you doing this then?” Tiara asked.

“Why? Maybe because I was assigned to, or maybe it’s due to free will. Maybe I just want to see the world burn and suffer, like my heart. During my training sessions with my father, he never did show any weakness, any resistance, he attacked me relentlessly like I was an enemy. I assume it was to prepare me for now, to be able to take as much pain as possible, to kill without hesitation. Maybe he thought if he held back I’d think he was weak, a fool; a disgrace of his position. Those sessions only got harder as they went on.

The bleeding, broken bones, one time I even almost broke my spine trying to keep up. But today shall be a new beginning! Today will be different! That hard work will pay off!” Ivy took out her scythe as the time reached midnight. “It all ends tonight!”

The stone wall behind them then blew up and Kevin, Kyle, Jessica, Adam, Alex and Zoom walked in. “Not so fast!” Kevin yelled. “Your plan won’t succeed.”

Adam raised his hand. “If you don’t mind me saying, that was quite a sad story.”

Ivy nodded. “Thanks for listening, I guess.” She looked over at Poison. “Hey Poison, c’mon, let’s teach these guys a lesson.”

“Guess I haven’t got much of a choice.” He said as he took out his glowing sword.

“Virus, help us out, would ya?”

“Of course.” Tiara pointed her staff at them and fired a tornado blast which the others jumped out the way of. Alex fired a gust of wind which Tiara dodged by flying up, then she was quickly tackled by Jessica. Ivy and Poison jumped up and flew in circles around Kevin, Kyle and Zoom for a short while before dashing forward and attempting to slice them in half as the three jumped out the way. Adam broke off one pillar using his earth powers and threw it at Poison. The pillar hit him and it hit a wall.

Tiara flew down and whacked Adam with her staff, knocking him into another. Kyle quickly created a block of ice and kicked it at Tiara who melted it. While she was distracted, Jessica shocked her then kicked her towards Zoom who spin attacked her. Kevin flew back as Ivy chased him, frequently trying to slice him in half with her scythe and firing energy waves which he avoided. Alex fired a gust of wind from the side which knocked her off her feet, Kevin then fired a psychokinetic blast in her face which knocked her into a wall.

“Gah! Stupid humans!” She yelled as she got up. “Why must you interfere with my plan?!?”

“Because we wanna see tomorrow.” Adam replied.

“Well too bad, I guess I’ll have to take drastic measures and summon my adult form.”

Poison sat up from underneath the pillar. “Does that mean you’ll only be wearing black leather parts which cover your chest and waist?”

“I was gonna consider it, but I’ll stick with the dress.” Ivy produced a dark purple aura around her which grew bigger as she slowly changed. When she was done, she was now 6 foot, had purple hair down to her waist, and had purple demon hands and feet and really sharp teeth. She smiled at the others as she finished. “I shall change this world for the better. I’ve never intentionally killed before…but I guess there’s a first time for anything.” She took out her black book and threw it to Tiara. “Summon the beast.”

Tiara nodded as Ivy charged at Kevin again, who jumped over Ivy as she slashed at him. As Zoom jumped towards her from the side, Ivy fired a red blast and sent him flying. Alex fired gusts of wind at Ivy which barely affected her as she walked towards him, and then blasted him into a wall. Kevin, Kyle and Jessica rapidly fired energy blasts which Ivy blocked. Poison finally pushed the pillar off him and jumped in front of Ivy, protecting her from the blasts.

Ivy jumped up, created a massive ball of energy and threw it ahead, then quickly flew forward and spun in circles with her scythe, slicing the energy ball into dozens of smaller beams which shot in all directions as she kept spinning. Kevin, Kyle and Jessica jumped behind a fallen statue as she did this, blowing up half of the temple from the attack.

Kyle then said, “Did she just throw an energy ball, then take out her scythe and split it into dozens of beams which shot around the area?”

“Surprisingly yes.” Jessica replied.

“Damn, that’s awesome.”

“Yes, it was.” Kevin said. “But we gotta do something now, and where did that one with the staff go?”

“Outside, presumably.”

Tiara stood outside the temple with the black book and another white book in her hand. After reading out something quietly, she pointed her staff ahead and yelled, “Arise, Doomsday Dragon!” A massive beam of light and darkness rained down near the area, and a large three headed black crystallized dragon emerged from it. It also had a golden crystallized dragon symbol on its chest (as to be expected). The dragon roared which caught everyone else’s attention as Ivy grinned.

Jenny then said, “I have no idea what is going on, but I like it.”

Blade, Steel, Jessica, Zulu and Felicia were approaching the area as Jessica looked through some binoculars. “Whoa! Is that a black dragon?”

Zulu took the binoculars. “I gotta see this…” he looked through them. “Damn, that’s messed up.”

Blade looked at Steel. “Hey, you never told me Tiara could summon supreme black dragons.”

“Well, she can’t…as far as I know anyway.”

“Let’s just get going already.” Felicia said before running on ahead, the others followed seconds later.

On the demon planet, Rush and Raizor, in their giant robots were speeding through an area with tents and buildings with a wide variety of demons. Rush and Raizor whacked the ones who tried to attack them out the way while the rest minded their own business. Raizor talked to Rush through a communicator. “Hey Rush, tell the others to get to the main castle, and hurry up about it.”

“Fine, but there’s no need to be rude.”

“I’m an arrogant ****, and people love me for it.”

“You wish.”

In a rock cavern area, Mads and Slasha were side by side, firing at some demons as they fired back, with them dodging the blasts while taking them out. As one demon threw a sword from behind, Mads blasted Slasha, knocking her to the ground a second before the sword flew past her. Slasha looked behind her, and then said, “Thanks.”

“No problem.”

Half a minute later, one demon fired a large laser beam at Mads, Slasha tripped up Mads and the laser flew past him then Slasha shot the demon in the face.

“Guess we’re even.” Mads said as he got up.

“We seem to save each other’s lives somehow quite a bit.” A knife suddenly flew by and chopped off Slasha’s ahoge, which fell into her hand. Tears rolled down her face as she looked at it. “My ahoge! It took me months to get it like that!” Slasha suddenly pulled out a machete. “That’s it, you’ll pay with your lives, I’ll kill you all!” she said before running towards them.

Rush contacted Mads while Mads watched Slasha viciously attack the demons. “Meet at the big castle? Okay. Hmm? The noise? Oh, some demons cut off that big hair curl on Slasha’s head and she’s taking it pretty badly…yeah, I’ll see you there.”

Meanwhile, Amber and the fused Ice X and Fire X were standing still. Amber then said, “So, wanna know how I beat the dragon?”

“I think a lot of people would.”

“Well first, I said he stood no chance because I was the lovechild of Haruhi Suzumiya and Konata Izumi!”


“And while he was confused, I recited a five minute speech on love and friendship, which I’ll do right now.”

“No! Please, have mercy!”

“It’s too late. Now…”

Five minutes later…

“And that’s why, with the help of your friends, you’ll always have the strength to do anything, and-”

“Stop! Please! Just go already, just stop talking!”

“’Kay, thanks, bye!” Amber yelled before running off.

Crystal walked into the throne room where the demon king was sitting down with a glass in his hand. “You’re the king, right?”

“Yes, my name is Dark X, I assume you’re the psychic demon girl, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for quite a while.”

“As have I. But why do you look human?”

“It’s an ability, why do you have angel wings?”

“It’s for decoration. But that’s not important.” Crystal pointed at him. “Why do you feel the need to attack the earth?!?”

“I do this for the best, and for other demons which wish to pay me tribute.”

“Tribute? You steel others planets, and make them your slaves!”

“Perhaps the same could be said for all religions…”

“Regardless of that, mankind ill needs a savoir such as you.”

The king stood up. “Tell me, what is a man?”

“I know this one! A miserable little pile of secrets!”

“Correct!” he said before throwing the glass at her, which Crystal whacked out the way. “But enough talk, have at you!”

Egg Emperor from Sonic Heroes started playing as Crystal got into a fighting stance. “I’ve always wanted to be a superhero, regardless of how silly that sounded. I would have never thought gaining these powers would lead to me fighting the demon king himself. But killing high ranked demons was only to protect people which I cared about. I’m not a badass heroine, an angsty teenager, a damsel in distress, or a wise cracking hero. My name is Crystal Clear, Demon Slayer.” (Well, I was gonna use it at some point…)

“Very amusing.”

As Crystal jumped to punch him, he disappeared in a mist of smoke and fired a beam of energy from the side, knocking Crystal to the ground. Dark X landed down and pulled back his cape then fired a wave of purple fire which spread in circles around the ground as Crystal flew up. Dark X fired two beams which flew after Crystal wherever she went. She landed on a wall and jumped over the beams before they hit it.

As Crystal tried to fly kick the Dark X, he disappeared and reappeared right behind her, grabbed her leg and threw her at the wall and fired another blast which Crystal blocked. Dark X flew up and summoned a massive boulder of fire and threw it towards Crystal who jumped over it and punched him, then kicked him to the ground. Dark X raised his hand and a part of the floor was lit on fire, displaying a dragon symbol upon the flames.

“Hey, I think he’s holding back.” The older Crystal in her head said.

“How can you tell?”

“I’m older. And more combat wise, therefore I know.”

“Why would he hold back?”

“No idea, but just make the most of it.” Crystal flew down and towards Dark X who pulled back his cape and fired two more parallel beams which flew in circles towards her. Crystal flipped and flew between them, landed near the king and began throwing several punches as he moved back, then she tried to kick him, but quickly stopped and fired a blast of energy instead which knocked him back as the song stopped.

“Shall we get serious?” Dark X asked.

“I guess.”

Dark X took off his cape and threw it to the ground as Crystal got into a fighting stance.


Slasha was sitting in Raizor’s base with the other four robots and stood up. “On the next chapter of the Demon World Saga, through all our pain and suffering, we stand united, as one being, in order to bring down the forces of darkness and save the earth once again! Will we finally achieve peace for all species? Will we all live in harmony? Will my ahoge ever grow back? Find out in the last chapter of this saga, chapter 99: The End of an Era!”

The blue robot gasped. “Slasha seems so serious about this one…” The green robot nodded.

“That’s a bad sign!” the yellow robot yelled. “A bad sign!”

“It’s the end of the world! Everyone run!” The red one yelled. The four robots ran out the room screaming. After a few moments of silence, Slasha turned to the screen. “…Now it’s personal.”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our final guest, number 48!”

Dark X walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“I am the Demon King, Dark X, because the writer couldn’t think of a real name. My height is 6’5” and I weigh 225 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“I’ve appeared in two chapters, what do you think?”

“No need to be rude, geez. Favorite song?”

“Solaris Phase II…yes.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“Only my beloved daughter and my wife when she was still alive.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Coming second only means that you’ve failed.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“I wish to go out with a bang.”

“Don’t worry, you will.”

Demon World Saga: Chapter 99 – The End of an Era

On the demon planet, in the dark throne room, Crystal and Dark X were still standing in the same spots. Dark X then pointed one finger at her and begin firing small purple beams which Crystal dodged as she got closer, while a few barely missed her and caused a few cuts. Dark X took a step back as Crystal tried to uppercut him, then she kicked him back and hit him with the back of her fist.

Elsewhere, Mads was still watching Slasha as she continuously stabbed one demon with her machete as she laughed.

“Umm, I think he’s dead now…” Mads said. Slasha continued laughing as she stabbed the demon. Eventually Mads walked up to Slasha and slapped her which made her stop.

“Sorry, I got carried away…” She said before putting the machete away.

“Do you always carry that with you?”

“Of course.”

“Anyway, let’s go meet the others now.”

“Lead the way.” The two continued walking down the rocky path.

Sonny and Shade were on the rock path with a dark sun shining high above when they saw Rush and Raizor’s robots coming towards the castle from very far away. “RX, huh? That brings back memories.” Sonny said.

“Indeed.” Shade replied.

On earth, at the sacred temple, the dragon was still roaring outside as Kevin, Kyle and Jessica were behind one pillar. Jessica turned to them and asked, “Can I do the demon thing now?”

“Why are you asking me?” Kevin replied. “You could have done that before we got here.”

“I’ll do it too.” Kyle said.

“Go nuts.”

The Doomsday Dragon fired a beam from its mouth which blew up the roof of the temple as everyone ducked. Adam, in his demon form, with beige wings and tail, tackled the dragon, after a few moments the dragon whacked him with its tail.

Jessica looked up at the moon and spawned big yellow demon wings, a yellow tail and yellow glowing eyes, then started shaking for a few seconds. “Ow, ow, ow! It hurts!” She stopped shaking and her eyes widened. “Whooooa! That feels soooo good.”

“Ahh, dirty thoughts!” Kevin yelled before covering his ears.

Kyle shrugged and looked up at the moon. “I’m gonna give it a try.”

Poison nudged Ivy. “Umm, shouldn’t we do something?”

“Let the dragon handle it, our work is done.”

“If you say so.” Ivy and Poison flew off while the others were distracted.

In the factory, Light was on ground level walking near a gap with the purple liquid flowing along it. Mark called to Light from higher up and waved. “Hey Light, glad to see you’re okay.”

Light smiled at him, and then was suddenly stabbed through the stomach by Toxic as she turned her hand into a low sharp sword. She laughed then threw Light far ahead to the ground. Toxic looked up at Mark. “What will you do, little boy?”

Mark looked ahead and saw SA4 making her way towards Toxic at the corner of his eye. “I’ll do my best to stop you with a fully charged shot.”

“Pathetic! One measly shot won’t stop me.”

“We’ll see.” Mark aimed at her and waited a few moments.

“So what’re you waiting for?” Toxic asked.

SA4 dropped down with a liquid nitrogen gun. “He’s waiting for me.” As Toxic turned around, she froze her with the gun then quickly kicked her into the purple liquid and then froze the liquid as well. Afterwards, Mark hopped down to Light’s side. “Light, you still alive?”

Light held up a sign saying, “Please hurry and heal me.”

“Oh, of course.” Mark placed his hands over Light and healed him. Light then sat up and held up a sign saying, “Thanks.”

“No problem.” Mark replied.

Light looked over at SA4, got up and then hugged her.

“Nice to see you too, Light.” She responded.

At area 51, the demons and soldiers were randomly killing each other, the mechs and large demons were pounding the crap out of each other, Kat was still swiftly moving about the area, skilfully killing other demons, and some were playing poker in a corner. One soldier beat the second in command demon in a game of poker which prompted him to stand up and say, “The invasion is off, let’s leave them in peace.”

Though shocked and confused, the other demons followed him out of the area as the others cheered. “Good job, Kat.” Commander Grey said through a communicator to her.

“I aim to please.”

“So those ninja skills, did the repeated kidnappings urge you to improve?”

“Pretty much.”

Back at the temple, the dragon was flying through the air, chasing Kevin in his demon form as he fired back at the dragon. Kyle broke a Sega orb in midair and transformed into a giant icy dragon and fired an icy beam as Kevin flew out the way, freezing the dragon three times over before he changed back. The dragon broke free moments later and roared before firing a fiery beam which hit him and the beam travelled along the ground before causing a big explosion near the temple.

Blade, Steel, Jessica, Zulu and Felicia stopped by the temple, then Felicia ran in and cut Jenny loose. “Jenny, are you okay? They didn’t do any sick twisted things to you, did they?”

“No, I’m fine, but what on earth is going on?”

Felicia shrugged. “I dunno.”

“Kill the dragon!” Yelled the others as they ran towards the area. The dragon was hit with an electrical beam from Jessica Tricity; it then fired a wave using only its tail which knocked her to the ground, hard. The dragon then yelled, “TRODGOOOOOOOR! TRODGOOOOOOOOR!

Jessica sat up and muttered, “Stupid obscure references…”

As Ivy and Poison watched from a far distance, Ivy reverted back to her child form. “So do you think the dragon will win?” Poison asked.

“It doesn’t really matter anymore.” Ivy turned around and began to walk off. “My job is done. Yours is too, you are hereby free from my command.”

“Are you gonna kill yourself? Don’t make me have to shed manly tears.”

“This was settled long ago, and besides, this benefits you.”

“How so?”

“If those guys do succeed in killing my dad, I’m meant to take over, but since I’ll be dead, that position goes to you.”

“…That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for me.”

“Yeah, just a way of saying thanks for sticking with me for all this time.” Ivy opened a portal with her scythe. “It’s for the best, trust me.” She said before jumping in, the portal then closed.

Tiara watched the others flying through the sky, attacking the dragon as it continued to blow up the nearby areas. As she saw Blade and Steel running towards her, she said, “I’ve played my part, now I’ll see how things turn out.” Virus said before leaving her unconscious body and drifting off.

In Star Light City, Liquid was firing waves of water at Yukiko, who flew left, then flipped to the right, then jumped over the last one and fly kicked Liquid off a bridge. David jumped forward and morphed into Jessica Tricity then covered his foot in electricity and kicked him into the river. They looked into the river moments later and Liquid was nowhere to be seen.

“Well this is lame.” Yukiko responded.

“You said it.” David replied.

On the demon planet, Crystal was still fighting the demon king. Dark X fired two diagonal waves, Crystal flipped over one, then slid under the other and did a spinning kick which he avoided by moving to the side and created four illusions of himself. The four illusions each fired a beam of energy which Crystal flipped over, then as the illusions fused she kicked him in the head and flew back several feet.

As Crystal took a few deep breathes, Rush and Raizor’s robots broke through a wall as Rush yelled, “Boom! Explosive entrance!”

Crystal and Dark X quickly focused their attention on them as they did so. “So that’s him?” Raizor asked as he looked at the king. “He looks…very humanlike.”

“Who cares!?!” Slasha yelled before slamming her fist on a control panel in RX’s control room. “My ahoge is gone, and he caused it!”

“It was just some big hair piece, get over it.”

“It was not just some big hair piece! It was my friend; we had many good times together…”

It flashed back to Slasha sitting on a swing; the ahoge had eyes and a smile drawn on it as it said, “Yay, fun!” It then flashed back to Slasha in a bubble bath as the ahoge said, “Yay, fanservice!” Afterwards it flashed back to Slasha in school, half covered in blood and chopping a boy’s limbs off with her machete while laughing as the ahoge said, “Yay! Psychopathic rage!”

It then returned to the present time and Slasha wiped a tear from her eye. “I’ll avenge you, poor ahoge…”

“Oh brother.” Raizor said, putting his palm to his forehead.

“Raizor! Let’s transform!” Rush yelled.

“Right!” The two robots joined together and began customizing themselves to join as one body (transformers theme would fit in here). After they were done, the new robot was twice as big, had spikes and the design was a mixture of blue, black and red. Crystal flew up and hopped in the robot as a hatch opened.

Dark X took out a shining purple crystal and plunged it into his stomach. He became shrouded in mist and vastly began to grow in size until he was the size height as the robot. He was now a completely dark purple demon with black horns, and the big crystal in the middle of his chest. He created a fiery purple sword moments later.

On earth, Open Your Heart from Sonic Adventure started playing in the background as Kevin, Kyle, Jessica, Adam and Alex got together in their demon forms. After ten seconds, on the demon planet, the SRX and the transformed state of Dark X were in a fighting stance. At 00:20, SRX quickly powered up then flew towards Dark X.

On earth, the five of them were flying in circles around the dragon, dodging its attacks as it swiped at them. Kyle then kicked the dragon left, Jessica whacked it back, Adam punched it downwards then Alex punched it in the stomach. The dragon then fired a beam which Alex dodged and it travelled along the ground before blowing up a large building in a city nearby at 00:40.

Meanwhile, police cars drove through the city firing at demons which attacked others and many humans were running through the chaotic streets. One man ran around randomly yelling, “What’s gonna happen to us?!?” Back in the air at 01:05, the three dragon heads shot big balls of red energy at Kevin who jumped across them then fly kicked the middle head as he flew past. Alex knocked the dragon back with a wind blast while Jessica punched Zoom towards the dragon and he hit it with a spin attack.

Jessica Andersen then threw her sword boomerang which hit the dragon at the back of its neck as Kevin, Kyle and Jessica lined up, and then kneed the dragon’s heads at 01:30. Adam created several spires and threw them at the dragon, which punched them to pieces as the others continued to attack. The dragon quickly hammered them to the ground, and then fired a large red energy ball which spilt into dozens of energy beams, blowing up parts of the area below as the others took cover at 01:58.

On the demon planet, Dark X blocked a few of SRX’s punches with his sword then kicked the robot back. Dark X fired a wave using his sword which SRX slid under, jumped up and kicked Dark X, then fired a wave of energy which Dark X dodged. As he ran towards him, Dark X created four illusions again and they each fired a beam which hit SRX and knocked him into a wall. SRX then jumped out the way as Dark X tried to punch him at 02:29.

SRX flew up and fired a beam which Dark X dodged by back flipping into the air, then raised his sword and fired a huge wave of purple energy from his sword which SRX jumped out the way of. SRX then jumped and fired a wave from underneath which Dark X deflected then attempted to plunge his sword into SRX as the robot jumped back at 02:52.

Dark X then held out his hand and started firing several dozens of small beams which SRX dodged by moving around the big room, ten seconds later, SRX started firing missiles which Dark X sliced in half, then put his sword away as SRX touched down at 03:28. They charged at each other, and then they moved in Dark X’s direction as SRX threw several punches which Dark X blocked. Dark X then did the same for a while.

SRX jumped back and slid under Dark X as he jumped up at 00:40, flew back and elbowed him forward, Dark X flipped up and punched SRX back, and then SRX knocked him back with a blast. Dark X began firing dozens of energy waves at SRX as the robot charged towards him from far away at 04:26. After a moment, an area in SRX’s chest opened up and Shany and Crystar flew out towards Dark X, while Mads blasted small demonic creatures flying off of Dark X’s body. The two spun in circles then blasted through Dark X’s purple crystal and his stomach, Dark X then exploded a moment later, reverted to his normal form and dropped to the ground.

Shany and Crystar landed next to him as a pool of blood formed around him. They then turned around and hopped back into the SRX and they blasted through a wall and flew off.

On earth, the others were still blasting the dragon and had already destroyed its left and right head, leaving just the head in the middle. “Come on guys!” Kevin yelled. “We can’t die here knowing I still have things I wanna do!”

“You mean like not dieing a virgin?” Kyle replied.

“Well I don’t have to worry about that anymore, but whatever, let’s kill the dragon!”

A bit later, Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber, Mads, Rush, Raizor and Slasha were travelling back to earth in Raizor’s space station. “I wonder what’s gone on since we left…” Sonny said.

“We’ll find out soon.” Shade replied.

Crystal and Amber were lying on the two beds again when Amber asked, “So how was it?”

“How was what?”

“You know, ‘It’”

“I’m not answering.”

“I’ll keep asking until you answer.”

“…It was great.”


Due to the chapter being pretty long, the writer skipped a couple of scenes. Most of the others on earth were standing epically near a river which the dragon hovered over as Solaris Phase II from Sonic Next Gen started playing in the background. After thirty seconds, Yukiko hit the dragon with a wave of water and shot a few arrows at it. Jessica Tricity then hit it with a beam of lightning, shocking it. Zoom then spin attacked it from the side while Alex flew by with Felicia as she clawed its head while they flew by. Tiara blasted the dragon as she flew round it while Steel and Blade stabbed it multiple times.

Kyle froze the dragon’s body then Zulu pounded away at it, while Kevin and Adam threw environmental parts at it. At 01:22, a dozen of Raizor’s robots touched down around the edge with Mads and Slasha in the middle, with all their guns aimed at the dragon. They then all fired one massive blast eight seconds later, damaging the dragon greatly. On a nearby cliff, the Lounge members stopped in their 4x4, got out with laser cannons and aimed one by one at the dragon. They rapidly fired at 01:41, causing some damage to the dragon.

At 01:51, from area 51 there was a satellite on the roof of the building. Someone input some commands and the satellite very slowly began to charge up and then fired a light blue beam at 02:20 which travelled slowly towards the dragon and broke its crystallized armor. Rush and Raizor’s robots were high in the sky and they charged up a beam in their hands, and then fired at 02:41. The beam went upward through the dragon, which caused it to explode moments later as the song faded.

Shortly after, some of them left while the rest waited by the river. SA2 stood around the area playing the result theme from Sonic Next Gen on a guitar. Future Ruby walked up to Crystal. “Welcome back, we had most things handled here. Oh yeah, Psychic X says he wants a rematch.”

“That’s good to know, I guess.”

“Also, my younger self is smarter than I realized, since she knows we’re the same person.”

“Doesn’t that affect your timeline?”

“Nope, when you beat Fire X it didn’t do much at all.”

“Oh, right. I learned I have an older imaginary alter ego, which left shortly after beating the demon king, while singing my favorite song...”


Sonny walked up to Zoom, Felicia and Jenny. “Hey guys.”

“Hey.” The three replied.

“So how were things?”

“It was crazy.” Zoom replied.

Felicia nodded then her and Jenny walked off while Jenny waved. “I’ll see you some other time, Sonny.” Felicia said as they left.

“Take care.” Sonny waved.

Shade was talking with Blade and Steel about earlier. “I never thought I’d see you again.” Shade said, looking at Steel.

“Just doing what I had to. And sorry about your creator dieing and all.”

“I’m okay with it as long as you stop bringing it up. And what about Ivy?”

“That demon girl? We have no idea what happened to her.”

“I see…”

As Tiara twirled her staff, Future Ruby and Future Max ran up to her as Max said, “Hey, you’re that girl who brought some people back to life in our world!”

“That’s right; back in chapter 69; Crystal told me to help you guys.”

“Well thank you so much for what you did.”

“Thank my book of magic spells.”

Mads and Slasha stood near the edge of the river, looking ahead. “This was one crazy night, huh?” Slasha asked.

“Yeah, we could have died. But let’s cut to the chase, I like you, you like me, so-”

Slasha covered his mouth. “No can do, Mads. We’re too different. You’re a happy-go-lucky hero with a kind spirit while I’m an evil psychotic genius…but I’ll think it over.”

Raizor called over to her as he, David, Yukiko and Zulu were leaving. “I’ll see you next week or something, Mads.” She said before running off to catch up with Raizor.

“Hmm…that was the first time she didn’t attempt to kick me in the crotch…”

Jessica Andersen stood near Mads and said, “You sure have weird tastes…”

“I have a weird life.”

“Touché. She may be crazy on the outside, but I’m sure she’s sweet in the bedroom.”

“I doubt it.”

“I know this stuff from experimenting.”

“What do you mean by-actually, I don’t wanna know.”

Crystal walked up to Kevin and said, “Let’s go kiss off camera because it’s sure to be interrupted on camera.”

“’Kay.” He said before they walked off.

A few minutes later, a few people started leaving. As they did, Amber turned to Adam and said, “You better sleep with one eye open, Adam, as I might come and **** you tonight!”


Kyle shrugged. “It ain’t **** if both people enjoy it…I’m sorry, that was in bad taste. **** is never funny.”

“It depends on the circumstances.” Amber replied. “But I’ll drop it.”

Everyone waved goodbye to each other and went there separate ways except Shade who was standing by the river, wiping his eye as Sonny walked up to him. “Shade, are you crying?”

“No, there’s just something in my eye.”


Shade pulled out a small needle seconds later and flicked it. “Yeah. Let’s get going then.”

Sonny and Shade walked off seconds later. Poison sat on one cliff as he looked down at the river and sighed. Liquid and Virus showed up moments later. Poison then said, “Ivy has left for good, she’s gone now.”

“That is quite a shame.” Virus replied. “What shall you do now?”

“Well…I’ve always wanted to go to Disneyworld.”

Liquid nodded. “She did what she had to do, don’t get yourself down. You go enjoy Disneyworld!”

“Yeah!” Poison flew off while Virus and Liquid followed him as the moon shined brightly.


Slasha was standing in the middle of a snowing street as it rained down from the sky while Slasha was wearing a Santa Clause outfit. “Hey everyone! So all the sagas are complete now, it’s time to end this…finally. As you can tell, the next one is a Christmas chapter, due to how close it is. It will, of course be uploaded on the 25th. So stay tuned, it’s sure to epic! All this and more in the final chapter: number 100!...Fine, it doesn’t have a name yet, not like it matters. Because we can, we’ll list all the songs used, the references and what chapters they were used in, and everything will be explained. Bye!”
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At long last it’s the final chapter. I hope you guys out there have had a great Christmas, or a decent one, or whatever. If you’re expecting the best chapter ever, you may be a bit disappointed, or not. It’s roughly around three times the length of an average chapter, because I tried to cram in the necessary parts. Anyway, enjoy.

Final Chapter: Chapter 100 – A New Beginning

It was early in the morning on the 25th of December. Sonny ran through an area resembling Green Hill Zone as the theme played in the background. After eight seconds he jumped onto a large rock, then onto a cliff and then jumped up to a higher cliff. At 00:15 he ran across a bridge and spin attacked a robotic fish as he ran by, then ran down a small slope, then afterwards jumped over some spikes before passing a checkpoint seconds later at 00:27.

Sonny then jumped across platforms moving up and down in the air then reached another cliff high above and then spin dashed, going through three robotic crabs at 00:40. Sonny went along an underground path through a wall which curled left and right as he went down until he reached the bottom at 00:53. Sonny ran along and jumped over a bottomless pit, then went down a steep slope and through a loop, ran past some trees and spin attacked a robotic bee, then jumped on a spring and went through three bees as he flew by.

He landed on another path at 01:06 right near a waterfall and ran along; spin attacking robots and jumping over spikes before reaching an area with bottomless pits at 01:19. He jumped left and right along small platforms then spin attacked two TV boxes before jumping along more and then running out of the area at 01:32 as the music stopped.

A bit later that day, as the sun rose and light shined through Amber’s window and brightened up her room, she quickly sat up as she yawned then jumped out of bed. “Woo! Christmas!” She yelled before jumping into her closet then hopping out moments later in her normal outfit.

At Crystal’s house, her phone rang in her room, causing her to wake up. She wiped the sleep from her eyes and picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Merry Christmas, Crystal! Woo!”

“Lay off the sugar, Amber.”

“So we meeting up later?”


“Usual place?”

“Usual place.” Crystal then put down the phone and got dressed. Afterward she walked downstairs and into the kitchen and saw a box of eggo on the table. As she picked it up, Ruby walked in and said, “Leggo my eggo!” As Crystal turned around she tackled her. Crystal then yelled, “Mom!”

Crystal’s mom walked in and said, “Ruby, stop biting your sister.”

“But she’s stealing my eggo!”

“Crystal, stop stealing your sister’s eggo.”


At Mads house, by 9 o’clock, he was fully dressed and downstairs opening his presents by a Christmas tree with his parents in the room. “So where are Sonny and Shade?” he asked.

“They’ll probably be here any minute.” His dad replied.

Sonny came rushing in from outside and yelled, “Woo, Christmas!”

Shade jumped down the stairs and yelled, “Hell yeah, Christmas!” before high fiving Sonny.

Mads looked at them and said, “That’s quite out of character...”

Shade nodded and closed his eyes. “Indeed it is, but alas, I wish not to feel sorrow on this glorious day…Maria...” He suddenly opened his eyes. “…Where did that come from?”

SA2 suddenly appeared out of nowhere next to Mads and took out a present. “Merry Christmas, Mads!”

“Okay seriously, who the hell are you? And why do you keep following us?”

“Just shut up and take the present, kid.”

Mads shrugged before taking it. “Okay then.”

At Raizor’s base, in one room Slasha had a secret agent with black hair and a tux strapped to a table and a laser was slowly moving up the table, aiming straight for his crotch.

“So you expect me to talk?” The agent asked.

Slasha sat down in a chair near the table. “Of course not, I expect you to die, now shut up and let me enjoy this.”

Raizor entered the room and walked past Slasha, she then turned her attention to him and asked, “Where you going?”

“I got a date, I’ll be back later.”

“You serious?”

“Yeah, world domination can wait, so bye.” He said before hopping into his sliver chair and flew out the base.

Slasha turned to the agent, took out a remote and pressed a button, stopping the laser. “Pfft, I’ll kill you another time.”

A bit later, Crystal, Amber and Mads met up at the Blue Bomber and entered the restaurant. Amber then shouted, “Woo, Christmas!”

Everyone else then yelled, “Yeah, Christmas!”

Crystal scratched her forehead. “Is this meant to be some running gag or something?”

Mads shrugged. “What isn’t a running gag in this story?”

The three sat down at one table then Sonny and Shade turned up shortly afterwards and ran towards the table yelling, “Christmas!”

“Hell yeah, Christmas!” Amber yelled before high fiving both of them.

“This is getting old.” Crystal said with a sigh.

“Y’know, I think we need a theme song.” Sonny said as he sat down.

“But we would have to change it every once in a while to fit the atmosphere.” Shade replied.

“How so?” Mads asked.

“Y’know, like from the start to the end of the Lounge Saga, the music would upbeat and more or less catchy, then from the Fire X Saga to the end of the Slasha Blaid Saga the music would be more soft-spoken, maybe slightly dramatic. Then from the Toxic Saga to the end of the Filler Saga, the music would be quite ****, with an awesome beat that would be better when you’re high. Then last but not least, the Skill Saga to now would be kinda inspirational, magically amazing, and pretty catchy to end it on a high note.” (Am I referring to something? You’ll never know)

“You’ve thought about this a lot, haven’t you?”

“Thinking is what I do.”

“So are you over that thing with all that stuff that happened?” Sonny asked Shade.

“Only a little, plus, Shadow and I have more to talk about now.”


Shadow and Shade were leaning against a wall, drinking cans of Chaos cola. Shadow turned to Shade and said, “So you killed your prototype, your creator died due to some virus, and your demon mother, only by blood, killed herself.”

“Yup.” Shade said before taking a sip.

“Life sucks, huh?”

“Yup.” He said again before taking another sip.


Amber then suddenly said, “Hey, remember that time when everyone participated in that crazy race and Raizor actually ended up winning? Or that time we slept over at Mads house and it sounded like there was a ghost around but it turned out to be Sonny snoring? Or that time we faced opposite gendered clones of ourselves? Or the time Crystal and I traded bodies with that jar of paradox for one day?”

“None of those times happened.” Crystal replied.

“Well they would have if this story went on longer.”

Slasha walked past the table moments later as Sonny started talking. “I heard there’s this Christmas event thing outside the town centre later today.”

“When is it?” Mads asked.

“Maybe 4pm or something.”

“Um, cool.” At that moment, Slasha walked back over to the table and whacked Mads with a baseball bat, knocking him out. She then dragged him away as she said, “Don’t mind me, please continue your conversation.”

“Um…” Crystal began. “Shouldn’t we do something?”

“Meh.” The other three replied with a shrug.

On the Demon planet, Poison, wearing his usual attire with the former King’s cape, walked up to the altar and sat down in the throne then sighed as another demon entered.

“Whatever is the matter, your highness?” The demon asked.

“Being King is boring and stressful, geez, I can see why Ivy killed herself rather than do this. Pfft, reward my ass! This was probably another way to torture me, that little…”

“I’m sure the princess didn’t know that, your highness.”

“I doubt it; anyway, please leave while I make a phone call.”

“Of course.” The demon said before leaving.

Poison took out a green mobile and phoned Tiara. “Hey Tiara, what’s up?...Yeah, I’m king now, some demons had to be taken care of, but it worked out…Well to cheer myself up, I visited Disneyworld…yes, there is a Disneyworld, I looked it up…well Disneyland sucks ass compared to that one, so there.”

A bit later, back on earth, Mads woke up in a large room within Raizor’s base. Next to him was his battle suit and a machete on the floor, an eerie voice then said, “Suit up, Animan.” Before dropping down from above. Slasha wore black metal armor over her battle suit and pointed her machete at him. “We shall do battle, prepare yourself!”

“…Slasha, is that you?”

“Uhh, I do not know this person you speak of.”

“You can stop pretending now.”

Slasha sighed. “Get your suit on and pick up the damn machete, already.”

“Fine.” A minute later he had finished doing so and was ready. “I wanna go after this though.”

“Of course.” Slasha charged at Mads and swung at his head as Mads ducked then jumped back as Slasha almost hit his feet. As Slasha attacked again, Mads blocked the hit with his machete. “Why are we doing this again?” Mads asked.

“You tell me.”

“I honestly don’t know why I’m going along with this…”

“So Mads, what do you want if you win?”

“Huh? Well I guess maybe you could be my maid for a day or so.”

Slasha smiled. “You’d like that a lot, wouldn’t you? If I win, you shall be my test subject for a day.”

“I may regret it…but okay.”

“Good.” Slasha quickly jumped back and removed the suit of armor then fired several missiles from her suit. Mads flew back while blasting the missiles with his arm cannon then fired a solarbeam shot at her which she dodged by flying up.

Meanwhile, Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber were at the HQ in the entertainment room with Rush. As they watched the screens, one advert came on which went, “Look forward to the brand new Sonic show, Sonic Z! It’s like Sonic X, except it’s funnier…and Chris Thorndyke isn’t in it…we’ll probably make that the description…yeah. It starts on the 1st of January, so check it out!”

“Cool.” Rush said.

“I heard the first four episodes will be broadcast five days apart, and then the rest will be on a weekly basis.” Shade said.

“Cool.” The others replied. Amber turned to the screen and said, “It’s a reference for those who still don’t get it.”

Rush turned to the screen and said, “Considering we never had time to display everyone’s super special attack, here’s the one’s we missed, starting with me, mortal kombat style, using dummies. The ones which are copies of others were taken out.”


Rush and a humanoid grey dummy stood in a stone chamber area. Rush crushed a Sega orb and jumped off screen. He came back with his ship and fired a barrage of missiles until the dummy eventually blew up, spraying blood all over.


Kat crushed a Sega orb then quickly put on her blue ninja outfit before charging at the dummy. Kat unleashed a series of swift punches and kicks before sending the dummy flying with a kick. She jumped towards it and attacked it several more times before slamming the dummy to the ground, then kicking its head off.


Light crushed a Sega orb, and then zapped the dummy with a beam of light, which vaporized the dummy completely.


Jawo’ crushed a Sega orb, and then took out his book of Lymon and summoned a giant hand made of sprite which grabbed the dummy and crushed it until it exploded.


HouseCallDoc crushed a Sega orb, and then threw dozens of multicoloured pills in the dummy’s mouth until it exploded.


DarkXDizi crushed a Sega orb and transformed into a flock of bats, and then all the bats flew past the dummy, eating the dummy completely before the bats joined up and reformed into Dizi.


Visualpun crushed a Sega orb and jumped up then aimed his laser cannon at the ground and fired a large beam, causing a massive explosion and blowing the dummy to bits.


Adam crushed a Sega orb then summoned a giant hand made of stone and squashed the dummy with it.


Jessica Andersen crushed a Sega orb and split into three. They then ran round the dummy, slicing off parts of its body until the dummy fell apart after ten seconds.


Tiara blasted a Sega orb then summoned a giant white dragon who fired a massive light blue beam in the face of the dummy, vaporizing it completely.


Raizor, wearing his battle suit, crushed a Sega orb. He took a razor blade and sliced its arms off, kicked it to the ground and began beating it with its left arm.


Slasha, wearing her battle suit, crushed a Sega orb. She then threw a bomb at the dummy and waited. Moments later after nothing happened, she shrugged, quickly took out her machete and threw it, impaling the dummy through its head. She pulled out the machete and repeatedly stabbed the dummy.


Tentallix threw away a Sega orb and instead picked up the dummy with two tentacles and ripped it apart.


Skill crushed a Sega orb and then curled up into a ball in midair, and blasted through the dummy’s stomach before stopping five feet behind it.


Stickman crushed a Sega orb, and then suddenly dozens of Stickman clones ran through the dummy, trampling it as they ran past.


David crushed a Sega orb and shape shifted into a T-Rex, and then ate the dummy in a single bite.


Yukiko crushed a Sega orb, and then took out her bow and began firing several dozen arrows at every point of the dummy’s body. When she stopped, the dummy slowly dropped to the ground.


Zulu crushed a Sega orb then punched the dummy a few times. As he was about to deliver the final blow, he stopped and ran off. He then came back with his bike and whacked the dummy with it, then jumped on it and repeatedly drove over it.


Virus crushed a Sega orb, then grew sharp claws and scratched the dummy. Virus then flew into the cut and proceeded to make the dummy rip its right leg off, then its left arm, and then finally its head.


Liquid threw the Sega orb away and instead charged at the dummy and impaled it on its horns, Liquid then ran through several walls before flinging the dummy to the ground.


Toxic threw away the Sega orb then grabbed the dummy and absorbed it, changing no part of her appearance.


Ivy kicked the dummy into the air, as the dummy came back down, Ivy jumped up with her scythe and spun several times, slicing the dummy multiple times before it hit the ground, the dummy then dropped like several slices of baloney.


Poison took out his green cyber sword and slashed off its right arm, then its left, then its right leg, and then its left leg. Poison then walked up to it and impaled it through the head.


Dark X crushed a Sega orb and created 20 illusions around the dummy, and then they all started firing finger beams at the dummy until it fell to the ground.


SA crushed a Sega orb and SA2, SA3 and SA4 joined him. They all surrounded the dummy and viciously attacked swiftly one by one for several moments before SA and SA2 kicked the dummy up, then SA3 and SA4 jumped up and slammed the dummy into the ground.


“They’re not meant to all be awesome, they’re just meant to be known.” Rush said with a nod.

Back at Raizor’s base, Mads and Slasha flew around, avoiding gunfire then Mads eventually kicked Slasha from behind and she fell to the ground. As he landed near her, she tripped him up then picked up the machete near her and stood over Mads, aiming at his throat. “I win due to the limited time we have.”

“Fine, can I go for now?”

“Yeah, sure.” Slasha walked up to the steel door and attempted to open it, to no prevail. She then started kicking the door for a few moments before saying, “Somehow we’re locked in…great…”

Mads shrugged. “Typical.”

In an unknown location, SA3 sat in a basic bedroom looking at something on a computer. SA walked in and over to him. “What you looking at?”

“Nothing important.”

After a few moments, they both tilted their heads to the side. “I didn’t know they could bend that way.” SA said.

“Neither did I.”

SA4 burst into the room seconds later and said, “Guys! SA2 spotted some giant robot in a city!”

“’Kay.” SA and SA3 replied in unison.

“What’re you guys looking at?” She asked as she walked over. She then tilted her head and said, “Wow…”

“Indeed.” SA replied.

Mads and Slasha were still stood in the large room a bit later, Mads was thinking to himself. “I wonder how long till someone comes…these types of situations normally don’t happen in real life…yeah, they don’t happen in real life. Maybe if I make a move, she’ll go dere-dere to the max; well either that or she’ll kill me, but whatever.

Mads walked over to Slasha, which made her raise an eyebrow, and then leaned in kissed her as passionately as I can be bothered to describe. Slasha was shocked by his actions, but didn’t pull away. After a few moments, they stopped, and then Slasha said, “Are you trying to make me go dere-dere to the max?”

“Wow, you do know a lot about anime…”


Just then, a blast of water knocked down the door and Yukiko walked in. After looking at the two, she said, “Should I come back in ten minutes?”

“No need.” Slasha replied. “Well let’s go to that Christmas event thing now.”

“How long have you two been here?”

“About ten minutes or so, why?”

“No reason in particular.”

Mads scratched his forehead. “So are we going then?”

“I guess.”

Sometime later, most people were gathered around a park area which was covered entirely with snow. There was a stage ahead where the Lounge members had gathered together several instruments. Jawo’ then said, “Okay guys, everyone knows what they’re doing, right?” The other three nodded. “We should still practice a bit first anyway.”

Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber, Mads, Rush and Kat were standing in one area when Mark ran up to them. “Hey guys, merry Christmas!”

“Yeah, Christmas!” Sonny yelled.

“What presents did you guys get?”

“We don’t talk about that kind of stuff.” Crystal said.



Mads cleared his throat and said, “Christmas isn't about the presents you get; it's about making other people happy. You might not care for your gift, but you just have to pretend you do, to make people happy. Sure, it's a problem that you really don't care, but try pretending you’re happy. When I get something I don't care about, I pretend to like it. To make that person happy. At the cost of my own happiness of course but that's the price. (Yes Mads, you actually did say this once)”

Amber shook her head. “Nonsense, it’s all about the presents, that’s why people look forward to Christmas. Nobody would care if there weren’t presents.”

Rush looked at the screen and said, “Don’t turn out like this, kids.”

Shade looked far behind him and saw Ivy wearing her usual cardigan walk off and then he turned to the others and said, “Excuse me, I need to do something.” before walking off.

Jessica Andersen ran over to them shortly after. “Hi guys!” she said as she stopped.

“I didn’t know you were coming today.” Mads said.

“Of course, it’s Christmas!” She replied.

“Woo, Christmas!” Sonny, Amber and Mads yelled. Mads then said, “Looks like I’m doing it now…”

“So anyway, I faced the abominable snowman, helped Santa Claus deliver presents, and some other stuff too R rated to mention.”


Ivy was walking away from the area and down a street when she saw Shade in an alleyway. “So I heard that you were dead.” He said as he walked up to her.

“Ahh, Shade, nice to see you again. And so you know, my clone died, not me.”

“That sounds like a generic asspull script.”

“I think my dad knew what I was planning, somehow, because I think he was bored of living for over thousands of years. He kinda knew I didn’t want to take over, nor did he think any other demon should, though he was particularly fond of Poison. Sending high class demons to earth played into his plan, because as that pig tailed girl beat those demons, she became more famous on our planet. If he was gonna lose his title, he probably wanted his defeat to be at the hands of someone who wasn’t a demon.”


Ivy grinned. “Half the plot just made a lot more sense now, didn’t it?”

“Pretty much. But how do I know the writer didn’t just make this up on the spot in an attempt to make it seem like half the plot did actually make sense?”

“Well if he did make this up, then it’s quite convincing.”

“Not really, your dad being responsible for half the things in this story isn’t very surprising, though it is a little amusing he could pull this all off.”

“I guess that would make him kinda a magnificent ba-”

“Careful there, we can’t say that word. And I still think that clone nonsense is a load of BS.”

“It’s true, remember that time at Area 51 when you met Poison, I was holding that data disk? It wasn’t just for decoration.”

“It was so significant that no-one took notice.”

“Well people should pay attention more. Anyway, my mom is alive again, so it’s all good.”

“Umm, how?”

“The black book and killing my clone over her resting place. I’m okay with the lifestyle I’m living now, you won’t tell anyone, right?”

“I don’t see a reason to.”

“By the way, your creator made a clone too, and if you want…” Ivy took out another disk. “You could always awaken him.”

“It just wouldn’t feel right that way.”

“Okay but if you change your mind…” She handed him the disk.

“Thanks. By the way, was there a point to the name you used earlier?”

“Oh, you mean Rose? It was my mom’s name, pretty cliché, right?”

“Very. So what about Poison?”

“I’ll visit him someday, I guess. Well anyway, I have a date in about an hour, so I’ll get going, see ya round some time, Shade.” She said before running off.

“…A date?...I don’t even wanna think about it…”

Raizor, Slasha, David, Yukiko and Zulu were standing in one area near the park doing nothing in particular. “Hey Raizor, didn’t you have that date?” David asked.

“That’s in an hour or so.”

“So why did you leave earlier today?” Slasha asked.

“Because you’re weird.”

“So when do you think you’ll have kids?”

“I’m not having kids, kids are for losers.”

“So you’re calling mom and dad losers?”

“Yes, mom and dad are losers.”

“I’ll be sure to tell them that.”


“But when you take over, how will your legacy continue if you have no kids?”

“…Shut up.”


“Because you’re being right.”

“Why can’t I be right?”

“Because that means I’m wrong.”

“Well whatever, it doesn’t matter, because it’s Christmas!”

“Hell yeah, Christmas!” David and Yukiko yelled in unison.

Zulu shrugged. “Christmas is overrated.”

Slasha took out her machete and repeatedly poked him with it. “Lies and slander! LIES AND SLANDER!”

“…Stop poking me with that.”

Crystal and Amber were standing together with Kevin, Kyle, Jessica, Alex and Adam. Everyone was silent, and then Amber turned to Kyle and said, “Hey, remember that time we robbed that truck for the lulz?”

“Oh yeah…”


Late at night, Amber and Kyle were loading boxes off a truck when several police cars stopped near them and one police officer yelled, “Put your hands where we can see them and get down on the ground, now!”

“Don’t worry officers; we’re just doing it for the lulz!” Kyle replied.

“Oh, never mind then. I hope you enjoy your lulz.” The officer said before they drove off.

“We will.” Amber replied.


“And many lulz were had.”

“Good times.” Kyle said with a nod.

“Most people in this story haven’t said a thing all throughout this chapter.” Kevin pointed out.

Crystal shrugged. “The writer probably ran out of funny dialog or material, so let’s cut to something different.”

The four elite ninjas were speeding down a street on a black motorbike which SA2 was riding. They flew off the track and into the air towards Stickman’s giant robot replica of himself who turned towards them as they did so. The four jumped off the bike then SA3 started firing dozens of fireballs from a gun, SA4 fired a massive laser cannon at him, SA threw dozens of shuriken at once and SA2 threw three which aimed at the bike.

Stickman yelled, “Extreme over the top action!” as he got hit by their attacks and then blew up as SA2’s shuriken hit the bike. Civilians in the city cheered as the ninjas went through an apartment window.

Back at the park area, the others were still standing around. Jessica then said, “Its funny how mistletoe hasn’t been mentioned once yet.”

“Oh yeah.” As Amber took one out, Adam suddenly ran off. She then shrugged.

Crystal created a telepathic link with Amber and said, “Your constant flirting with my cousin is a lame attempt to annoy me, isn’t it?

You know me too well.”

Shortly after, Crystal and Amber were standing separately from the group as Crystal was talking to her. “You know, with all the stuff I’ve gone through, with your hatred and constant insults and such, and I just wanna say thanks.”

“Um, why?”

“Because your constant putdowns gave me motivation to try harder at improving, and if I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” Crystal held out her arms. “Give me a hug, you lovable weirdo.”

“No, go away!” Amber said before running off. Crystal chased her yelling, “Hug me, damn it!”

Shade met up with Sonny, Mads, Rush and Kat again as Crystal and Amber ran by in the background. “Hey Shade.” Sonny said. “You taken care of your personal matter?”

“Yeah, it’s fine now.”

“Where is Light anyway?” Mads asked.

“He’s probably at SA’s place.” Kat replied.


Crystal and Amber stopped by them seconds later, and then Sonny said, “We should do the Christmas thing one last time.”

They all nodded, Sonny and Shade then yelled, “Woo, Christmas!”

Rush and Kat then yelled, “Yeah, Christmas!”

Afterwards, Amber and Mads yelled, “Hell yeah, Christmas!”

They all looked at Crystal who then shrugged and yelled, “F*** yeah, Christmas!”

They all gasped, Shade then shook his head and said, “Crystal, I’m appalled at your use of language.”

“You guys took all the other ones...”

Amber then randomly said, “Y’know, I imagine in some other dimension, Sonny’s like a hedgehog of ice and such, Shade is a hedgehog of like, black mist. Crystal’s an angel assassin, I’m a high ranked Demon lord, and Mads is a super powered half robot…this will be a reference at some point.”

Just then, Visualpun on the stage spoke into a microphone. “Okay everyone, we’re ready to get started. We also have a music video which Sonny the Hedgehog made, for this occasion.”

As everyone looked at Sonny, he looked around and waved. He then looked at the screen and said, “So this is the end. Now watch this music video I came up with.”

Jawo’ began playing his electric guitar as Endless Possibility from Sonic Unleashed played in the background. After five seconds, it cut to a scene of Sonny in Mads garage as the garage door opened during a sunny day. As Dizi played the drums, Sonny ran outside and down a grassy path. Sonny then ran past SA2 getting a Frisbee out of a tree, then ran past SA2 who was eating a sandwich, then jumped over SA3’s bike and then ran past SA4 who was at a hot dog stand at 00:19.

Sonny ran down a pavement, running past civilians and then jumped across four cars at 00:24 before landing on someone’s balcony, running along then jumping across four other balconies then jumping onto a roof at 00:37. Sonny ran and jumped across rooftops before hitting a spring at 00:56 which sent him diagonally right to another spring, then left to another, he then flipped and grinded along a rail at 01:01.

Four seconds later he landed on a building under construction and jumped across holes in the floor before going through a large loop then hitting a ramp and soaring into the sky at 01:10, then he flipped and his spines moved wildly before he landed on another building five seconds later. He sidestepped left and right, avoiding more holes before hitting a spring at 01:19, then another to the right, then one higher up before going down towards the traffic at 01:23. Sonny ran past all the cars, and then jumped on the side of a large truck and ran along it before flipping off and going through someone’s apartment window at 01:28.

It then cut to clips of Crystal and Jessica blasting Ice X to pieces, Sonny and Shade in their super forms spin dashing through RX, then Crystal, Future Ruby and Future Max blasting Fire X into space, Mads firing a large beam through Raizor’s large tentacled robot from the Slasha Blaid Saga, Super Shany spin dashing through Toxic, Shade slamming Skill into the ground, the Doomsday Dragon exploding and then Dark X exploding as Shany and Crystal stood together at 01:49.

Back at the scene, Sonny hopped across two rooftops, then jumped and grinded along a rail which curled as it went down, after getting off he jumped over two holes and hit a spring, and grabbed onto a crane which swung all the way round before he let go and landed on a platform at 02:08. He hopped left and right across the platforms and then jumped off the screen. Every character of any significance were standing in one area with Crystal, Amber and Mads ahead of the others. Sonny landed in the middle from the right while Shade landed on the left, as they stood back to back the Sonic Adventure 2 logo was below them which had silver S&S letters on it as the song ended.

As it faded to black, “Must Be Dreaming” by Frou Frou started playing as the credits rolled at the side (Try imagining that). It showed random clips in black and white, then as the tune started; it showed Sonny and Shade in the HQ with Kat pointing on the screen at a picture of Crystal. It then skipped to Crystal and Amber fighting atop a rooftop. It then cut to Crystal and Jessica hammering Ice X to the ground. It then showed clips of Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber collecting the ultra emeralds. As it got to the chorus, it showed Sonny and Shade transforming using the emeralds as the screen brightened up. It then showed RX malfunctioning and crashing, and then it showed several clips from the Lounge Saga before the chorus ended.

At 00:58 it showed clips of Future Ruby arriving, Fire X landing on earth, demon attacks in the city, Crystal reaching her demon form, Crystal blasting a hole through his stomach, Fire X under the black substances effects, then him being blasted into space at 01:04. The screen widened to reveal the AGES land theme park where it showed scenes of the team doing battle with David and Yukiko’s clones. Moments later, it showed Slasha writing something in a notebook, then cut to clips of her buying a pink wig, girly clothes, then cut to a clip of her swinging her cape then smiling before the chorus started at 01:23.

It then showed a clip of Slasha breaking down a wall in an unknown base and wiping out the others, then a scene of her firing a massive energy ball at Amber on Legna Island as Crystal put a shield up, then several of them running through Raizor’s space station, and then a clip of Mads and Slasha punching each other in the face before there was a blight flash at 01:49.

It showed a variety of clips from the Toxic Saga, from Toxic’s creation and the unisons, before a clip and Crystal and Toxic charging at each other and causing a bright flash of light at 02:01, then it showed more clips before Shany spin dashed through her at 02:15. It then skipped ahead to the Skill Saga where Ivy was introduced, then cut to a scene of Shade making his way through his creator’s base, then fighting Skill before Skill and Dr. Kurosama vanished from the room.

It then skipped ahead to Sonny and Shade fighting, and then Shade making his way through the base where he was created, then skipping ahead to fighting Skill’s average form before skipping to the Demon World Saga at 02:51. After showing a variety of clips, including the Doomsday Dragon and Dark X exploding, it cut to a scene of Rush’s ship flying off into the distance as a feather floated to the ground on a grassy field.


Sonny spent most of his days running round the world, occasionally running marathons he came across, and got speeding tickets regularly. Shade and Ivy met up on occasions to have somewhat of a mother-son relationship…as weird as that sounds. Crystal eventually started work in a big games company, and did the superhero thing during breaks. Crystal and Kevin broke up twice before getting together again and she had kids at the age of 26, to spite her older alter ego who said it’d be age 25. Amber became the leader of a biker gang, but got bored and left after hearing Crystal had a kid. Adam eventually grew to tolerate Amber and they eventually got married…yeah.

Mads owned Otaku Universe years later and Slasha became a doctor for some strange reason then they eventually got together, due to exclusive meddling as they wouldn’t accept the original ending for it being too dark. After they had a child, Slasha tried being good for their child’s sake…but 6 months later she said, “Screw it” and became evil again. Mads didn’t mind as long as their children didn’t follow in her footsteps…they did. Raizor soon discovered Ivy was a demon princess, and also a succubus, therefore they broke up, just because. His attempts to take over the world are still foiled by Sonny regularly. David and Yukiko used their abilities to journey around the world and do talent acts and make money.

Zulu continued to collect ancient treasures and sell them for money, and then eventually joined a rugby/football team; it quickly became the beat team ever. Kat became the official leader of Area 42 and commanded a large group and soldiers who used mechs regularly. Rush continued to create inventions, but he now got paid and spent more time outside. Light started living at the elite ninja’s home and trained with them, but still visited the others on weekends.

Ruby and Max became best friends at most; regardless of their future self’s who are more than that…and people found out their unison has no gender. Yes. Zoom became a mascot for the car company Mazda, mainly thanks to his name. The Lounge members became an official band, called “The Loungers.”…yeah. Jessica Tricity soon got a boyfriend and proved to others that she doesn’t swing that way, but it still didn’t stop the Yuri fanboys. Kyle actually made money by craving ice sculptures of people, apparently. Alex became a weatherman, and with Jessica and Kyle’s help, he became an awesome one.

Blade spent more time with Shade and still continued training with SA. He soon gathered four other knights and his group went around stealing from the evil and giving to the good…though they mainly stole from Stickman. Felicia did a bunch of cat food adverts, and then eventually set up a stand where people can scratch behind her right ear for $5. She got at least $500 a day, must have been the purring noises. Jessica Andersen continued to explore, but visited a bit more. Tiara’s magic also made her go up a few cup sizes, though it was temporary, sadly.

Steel and Tiara became King and Queen of their planet and lived happily ever after, and they’re totally not related by blood. Nintendude gave up villainy and worked for Nintendo, as generic as that sounds. Stickman didn’t do anything, because I said so. Leetman and Madman also did nothing, due to sucking too hard. Mark stopped crime quite a bit, and then just went back to healing. His healing skills became useful in later life, if you know what I mean…I didn’t mean anything by that, get your head out of the gutter.

Jenny got her own show called “I dream of Jenny.” about some dude who summons Jenny and gets free wishes. It eventually got cancelled for promoting paedophilia, Jenny still became rich though. DJ, um, became a professional DJ, because chicks dig DJ’s. Melissa and Polly did a stand up comedy act together, and got several contracts, because people loved Polly’s wackiness and mood swings, can you believe it? Jared and Jade became emo and died…but not really, they became moody successes for some reason. Mike got eaten by a snowman shortly after this chapter ended. Jason bought cars you’d imagine in your dreams, due to coolness. Ms. Ahonan got a date and stopped being single.

Ice X continued being a pimp on the demon planet, after being revived. Chatting up almost any demon, male and female, and it works, he’s that cool. Poison killed Fire X for turning against him after he became King. Psychic X lost again after challenging Crystal, and then did…psychic stuff. Wind X lived on earth for a while, and constantly blew up girls skirts using his wind abilities, good times. Shade eventually killed Virus using some technique, but was unsure if he was a clone or not. Liquid lived underwater with the fish and dolphins, and occasionally beat up sharks.

Ivy went to Ruby and Max’s school, despite knowing everything taught there, and she roams the streets at night looking for fun…but not that kind of fun, just killing criminals, she also visits Poison during the holidays. Poison eventually enjoyed being King after some advice from Ivy, which involved doing nothing at all. Dark X ruled the underworld and as Fire X attempted to join his side, Ivy’s clone put him back in his place. The Blue Bomber changed its name to The Blue Blur to void copyright infringement. Camy started work on the show, “World’s Funniest Animals.” Magic Voice got a job as that voice during blockbuster movie trailers. The four elite ninjas continued being elite warriors of justice, and eventually SA2 was sued for not mentioning all the Sonic characters are copyright of Sonicteam. The End
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Song list:

Sonic 1

Green Hill Zone
Final Zone
Sonic 1 Ending

Sonic 2

Chemical Plant Zone
Hill Top Zone
Mystic Cave Zone
Sonic 2 Final Boss
Sonic 2 Ending

Sonic 3

Sonic 3 Character Select
Angel Island SSBB mix
Carnival Night Zone Act 1
Ice Cap Zone Act 2
Sonic 3 Credits

Sonic & Knuckles

Flying Battery Zone Act 2
The Doomsday Zone
S&K Ending

Sonic 3D Blast

Puppet Panic Zone Act 2
Sonic 3D Blast: Boss theme 1
Sonic 3D Blast: Boss theme 2

Sonic Adventure

Egg Carrier
Sky Deck 2
Fight for My Own Way
Crank the Heat Up
Crazy Robo: E-101 MK II
E-102’s theme
Open Your Heart

Sonic Adventure 2

Radical Highway
Pumpkin Hill
3 Black Noises
SA2 Story Select
Aquatic Mine
Green Forest
Prison Lane
Eggman’s theme
Shadow’s theme
Live and Learn

Sonic Heroes

Grand Metropolis
Frog Forest
Egg Fleet
Egg Emperor
What I’m made of

Shadow the Hedgehog

Lost Impact
Cosmic Fall
Blue Falcon
E.G.G.M.A.N Remix
I am...all of me
ShTH Ending

Sonic Riders (and Zero Gravity)

Sand Ruins
Sega Carnival

Sonic & the Secret Rings

The Wicked Wild
The Palace that was Found
Blue On the Run
Let the Speed to Mend It
How It Started
It Has Come to This  

Sonic Next Gen (SONIC the Hedgehog or Sonic '06)

Wave Ocean: The Inlet
Vs. Character
Crisis City 1
Crisis City 2
Crisis City Whirlwind
Mephiles phase I
Mephiles phase II
Solaris theme 2

Sonic Advance Series

Sonic Advance 1 Special Stage
Chaos Angel Act 3
Altar Emerald

Sonic Rush (And Adventure)

Jeh Jeh Rocket
Jeh Jeh Rocket (Blaze mix)
Metal Scratchin’
Wrapped in Black
Wrapped in Black, part 2
A New Venture
SRA Surfin’
SRA Training
Coral Cave Zone Act 1
Hidden Island
Windmill Village theme 1
Windmill Village theme 5
SRA Boss Allegro
Deep Core
Deep Core Allegro

Other Sonic songs

Battle Highway from Sonic Battle
Sonic Mega Collection Extras Menu
Endless Possibility from Sonic Unleashed

Project Chaos

The Doomsday
Malicious Fingers
Scrambled Eggman
Live at the Sandopolis
Dead Batteries


Metroid Metal Prime: Phendrana Drifts
Work it out on the Floor
SSBB Waiting for Wi-Fi
SSBB Final Destination
SSBB Boss theme
Must Be Dreaming


Chapter 1

Sonic X (of course)
Donkey Kong (and a few chapters afterwards)

Chapter 2

Predator (Da Choppah)

Chapter 3

SA2:B (of course)
Sprite (and half the other chapters with Jawo’ in it)
Sonic X (the ring)
Sonic 3

Chapter 4

Sonic 2
MIB (Probably)
Polly Pocket
LoZ: The Faces of Evil (Horrible, horrible game, it’s also non-canon, for good reasons)

Chapter 5

Sonic 2
Sonic 1 (Starlight road)

Chapter 6

Mortal Kombat
South Park (Mike, throughout the whole story)

Chapter 7

Fantastic Four (the suits, but only a little)
DBZ (Try and guess)

Chapter 8

Star Wars (Though I’m not sure…)

Chapter 9


Chapter 10

Lucky Charms

Chapter 11 – Ice X Saga

Sonic 1
Double Dragon 3
From 11-15, a certain DBZ movie (Try to guess which one)

Chapter 12 – Ice X Saga

A friend’s username (I_like_sonic)
Knuckles’ theme
CD-I LoZ game

Chapter 13 – Ice X Saga


Chapter 14 - Ice X Saga

Sonic Adventure 2

Chapter 15 - Ice X Saga


Chapter 16 – Raizor Blaid Saga

Shakugan no Shana
Death Note
Chapter 17 – Raizor Blaid Saga


Chapter 18 – Raizor Blaid Saga

MMORPG’s (Just ‘Cause)
Super Mario Bros. Z (Emerald radar…kinda)

Chapter 19 – Raizor Blaid Saga


Chapter 20 – Raizor Blaid Saga

Megaman Legends (Sorta)
Metroid (Tentallix shares a few similarities with Ridley…)

Chapter 21 – Raizor Blaid Saga


Chapter 22 – Raizor Blaid Saga

S3&K (the mural, of course)

Chapter 23 – Raizor Blaid Saga

Mario Kart Double Dash
Killer Instinct
Zero Wing (All your base are belong to Raizor)
Sonic Adventure 2 (the basis of Raizor’s speech)

Chapter 24 – Raizor Blaid Saga


Chapter 25 – Raizor Blaid Saga

Sonic 1

Chapter 26 – The Lounge Saga

Mario Kart Wii
One Piece (Pirates)
Metroid Prime 3

Chapter 27 – The Lounge Saga


Chapter 28 – The Lounge Saga


Chapter 29 – The Lounge Saga

Megaman (Blue Bomber)

Chapter 30 – The Lounge Saga

DBZ (gravity training, yo)
Dance Dance Revolution

Chapter 31 – Fire X Saga

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (the very beginning)

Chapter 32 – Fire X Saga

DBZ Cell Saga (Clearly from 32-40)
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (Crystal’s hairstyle)
DBZ Dub (Troublesome ting had happen.)
Lucky Star (Spell Anatok backwards)

Chapter 33 – Fire X Saga

Yu-gi-oh (Trap card)

Chapter 34 – Fire X Saga

King of the Hill (Think about it…)
Negima (Amigen spelled backwards)

Chapter 35 – Fire X Saga

N/A really

Chapter 36 – Fire X Saga

Metroid Prime 3 (Hyper mode)
What’s happening? The song (Shade & DJ’s convo)

Chapter 37 – Fire X Saga

Hotel Mario (Losta spaghetti, horrible game)
Star Fox (Barrel roll, do one)

Chapter 38 – Fire X Saga


Chapter 39 – Fire X Saga


Chapter 40 – Fire X Saga

AVGN (Guess why)
Portal (Cake, it’s a lie)
Alternate Reality DBZ (Pie)
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (**** Expert is the opposite of Innocent Starter, and spell Anan Ikuzum backwards)
Lucky Star

Chapter 41 – Paradox Saga

DBZ (Chaos Emerald Z, obviously)
Alternate Reality DBZ (The card game)

Chapter 42 – Paradox Saga

DBZ (Again. Nine thousand)
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (Ahonan is Nanoha spelled backwards)

Chapter 43 – Paradox Saga

Power Rangers (Morphin time)
Street Fighter (“This is delicious!”)
The Matrix (…)
Terminator (He’ll be back…)

Chapter 44 – Paradox Saga

Megaman & Metroid (Respectivily)
Viewtiful Joe (“Henshin a go-go baby!”)

Chapter 45 – Paradox Saga

F-Zero (Show me your moves)
TV Tropes (Hero Secret Service…that’s right)

Chapter 46 – Slasha Blaid Saga

Death Note (Potato chips)
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness chapter previews (Almost all of Slasha’s ones, yes.)

Chapter 47 – Slasha Blaid Saga

Yu-gi-oh the abridged series (Apparently…)
Hotel Mario (Losta spaghetti)

Chapter 48 – Slasha Blaid Saga

Shakugan no Shana
Mortal Kombat
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Chapter 49 – Slasha Blaid Saga

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Kirby (Blade is one big reference...)
Power Rangers (Again)

Chapter 50 – Slasha Blaid Saga

Metroid Prime 3 (A lot of the second half)

Chapter 51 – Slasha Blaid Saga

Yoshi’s Island
Wario Land

Chapter 52 – Slasha Blaid Saga

Super Mario Bros. Z episode 6 (almost the whole chapter)

Chapter 53 – Slasha Blaid Saga

SMBZ episode 6 (Again)
SSBB (Most of the second half was inspired by the levels aboard Meta Knight’s ship)
Spider-man (Is your Sonny sense tingling?)
Chapter 54 – Slasha Blaid Saga

SSBB (Both chapter 54 & 55 are)
Megaman (obviously)

Chapter 55 – Slasha Blaid Saga

A DBZ movie (the end of the Android 13 one)

Chapter 56 – Toxic Saga

DBZ Majin Buu Saga (Most of chapters 56-69 )
Crash Twinsanity (Colliseum area)
SSBB (Yes, again)

Chapter 57 – Toxic Saga

N/A, besides the obvious

Chapter 58 – Toxic Saga

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Chapter 59 – Toxic Saga

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Chapter 60 – Toxic Saga

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Chapter 61 – Toxic Saga

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Chapter 62 – Toxic Saga


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Chapter 70 – Sonic Universe Saga

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Chapter 71 – Sonic Universe Saga

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Chapter 72 – Sonic Universe Saga

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Chapter 73 – Sonic Universe Saga

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Chapter 76 – Sonic Universe Saga

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Chapter 77 – Sonic Universe Saga

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Chapter 78 – Filler Saga

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Chapter 79 – Filler Saga

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Chapter 80 – Filler Saga

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Chapter 81 – Skill Saga

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Chapter 82 – Skill Saga

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Chapter 83 – Skill Saga


Chapter 84 – Skill Saga

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Chapter 86 – Skill Saga

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Chapter 87 – Skill Saga

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Chapter 88 – Increase Views Saga

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Too many other anime to list
Star Wars

Chapter 89 – Increase Views Saga

Megaman Zero 4 (Light saving that village from Poison’s demons)

Chapter 90 – Increase Views Saga

Mazda (Zoom zoom zoom!)
The Shining (Hereeeeeee’s the reference!)
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Chapter 91 – Increase Views Saga

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Chapter 92 – Increase Views Saga

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Super Mario Bros. 3 (The angry sun, yeah.)

Chapter 93 – Increase Views Saga

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SSBB (No smash balls indeed)
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Chapter 94 – Demon World Saga

Megaman Zero 3 (The Prologue)
Teen Titans (Toxic’s appearance, why? That’s a secret)

Chapter 95 – Demon World Saga

SSBB (Jessica, Blade and Steel’s scene...remind you of anything?)
Gurren Lagann (Do the impossible, break the unbreakable)
Batman (The Joker, obviously)

Chapter 96 – Demon World Saga

Death Note (Black notebook)
Disgaea (Dark Assembly)

Chapter 97 – Demon World Saga

Megaman Zero 3 (Crystal meeting Ice X and Fire X, why? That’s a spoiler)
Vampire Princess Miyu (Virgin power...applies to quite a few anime really)

Chapter 98 – Demon World Saga

Megaman Zero 2 (Ivy’s transformation...guess why?)
Lucky Star
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suziyama
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Megaman Zero 4 (Crystal’s speech, a little)
Golden Sun: The Lost Age (The Doomsday Dragon)

Chapter 99 – Demon World Saga

Homestar Runner (Trodgor)

Chapter 100 – Final Chapter

James Bond (no jokes here, folks)
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Long name, huh? Why? knife fight, that’s why)
Clannad episode 17 (dere-dere to the max! By the way, I’ve never watched it myself)
Mortal Kombat


But wait! There’s more! A while ago I had this weird idea to create “Sonic and Shade: The Movie.” And I went through with it, which I’ll put up on the 31st of December. It doesn’t really have to do with the plot of this story and is just for kicks. So, you can give me a review now or something if you’d like.
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Sonny and Shade: The Movie

It was six days after Christmas day, on December 31st (the same day I’m uploading this). In an unknown clear grassy field, there stood half a dozen individuals, Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber, Ruby and Max. A gentle breeze filled the air, the leaves rustled, and the description wasn’t that great but it was necessary. Ruby and Max stood side by side and took out two emeralds.

Max then yelled, “Ready?” Ruby nodded at him. They both then slid by each other as they said, “Chaos!” they then flipped to the side past each other as they said, “You!” they then spun in circles towards each other and as the emeralds touched each other they said, “Nison!” there was then a bright flash around them and the two morphed into Rux.

They then threw the two emeralds to Crystal and Amber ahead of them who did the same. Afterwards they passed the emeralds to Sonny and Shade to the right and they did the same also. As awesome inspirational battle music came on, the three rushed at each other. Crystar attacked Rux with a low punch, a straight punch then quickly spun and spin kicked Rux. Shany then elbowed Rux, and then kneed Rux, knocking Rux back a few feet.

Rux quickly powered up and had a glowing red aura. As Rux did so, Crystar charged up an energy blast and fired it, which Rux dodged a moment before Shany fly kicked Crystar. Rux charged at Shany and as Rux tried to punch him, Shany quickly teleported behind him. Rux did the same and this carried on for a few moments before Rux hit Shany with a fiery tornado attack.

Crystar flew towards Rux as Rux was charging a beam attack. Crystar flipped over the beam as Rux fired and landed behind Rux. She then unleashed a flurry of high and low kicks before knocking Rux face first to the ground. She then crossed her arms and said, “Wanna go some more?”

Rux quickly flipped up and fired an energy wave which Crystar dodged. She then fired back as Rux jumped over hers. Shany threw a chaos wind which hit Rux then punched Rux a few times before knocking Rux to the ground. Crystal flipped and landed next to Shany and frequently tried to punch and kick him as he quickly dodged her attacks, and then he jumped back as she did a fiery tornado attack. Crystar charged at Shany and elbowed him back a few feet, then flew after him and punched him in the chest a few times before sending him flying with a kick.

Crystar flew after him again and Shany regained his balance seconds before she reached him. Their right fists connected, and then their left fists, then they started dodging each others punches and kicks for several moments before they saw a beam of energy coming towards them which they both jumped out the way of.

As Rux ran up to them, a large solar beam flew past them and Mads waved from further away. “Are you guys done now?!?”

“Just two more minutes!” Shany yelled.

“Fine! We still going for ice cream?!?”

“Yeah, man! Ice cream is cool!”

“Damn right it is!”

“Why are we yelling when you could just walk over to us?!?”

“I don’t know!”

Meanwhile, Three minutes later…

Shany, Crystar, Rux and Mads were now standing near an ice cream kart eating ice cream (of course). What the flavours were won’t be mentioned.

“Why can’t I ever try that fu-I mean, unison thing?” Mads asked.

“Because you don’t have a significant other.” Rux replied.

“Oh right. And what’s with this, exactly? Wasn’t the one before this the last chapter? Wouldn’t this be contradicting that fact?”

“Think of this as like a DVD extra.” Crystar replied.

“I’ll try to.”

Meanwhile, in a place pretty far away…

Raizor, Slasha, David and Yukiko were sitting in Raizor’s base, watching a show on Raizor’s big screen.

“What are we even watching?” David asked.

“Who cares?” Raizor said with a shrug.

Just then, there was loud knocking at the door, Raizor got up and answered the door to find Zulu outside who strolled in on his motorcycle. “Hey guys, guess what I found?”

“A whole years supply of fresh chicken?” Yukiko responded.

“What’s your deal with food?” Slasha asked.

“I’m just hungry is all…”

“Nope, not food.” Zulu said, shaking his head.

“You found out you have no purpose for living?” Raizor asked.

“You wish.”

“You found Slasha’s yellow panties with the little red hearts on them?” David asked.

“Hey! How do you know about those?!?” Slasha responded.

“You just told me.”


“HEY GUYS, LETS STOP TALKING ABOUT THAT AND KEEP GUESSING WHAT CRAP ZULU FOUND!” Raizor sarcastically yelled while waving his arms.

“So anyway…” Zulu began. “After that bit of info I didn’t need to know, I’d like to tell you guys that I found this big gem in this big pyramid which contains big power, though the trip is pretty big…did I mention it was big?”

“So where is this pyramid?” David asked.

“Somewhere in the desert of course.”

“Let’s get moving then.” Raizor said.

“Right after we finish watching this show.” Yukiko said before turning to the TV.

“What show is it?” Zulu asked.

“Hell if we know.” Slasha said with a shrug.

Meanwhile, sometime later in another place pretty far away…

On 42 news (Chapter 1), the reporter was reporting on role models. “So in conclusion, anyone who whines about girls needing a female character to be a good role model and to tell you what’s right and wrong on a comedy show which wasn’t created for that purpose, is an idiot. You know who you are...and we have a caller, RAZR, you’re on the air.”

“Hello, unimportant person, anyway, I agree, some people just need to stop talking, like yourself for instance.”

“Is there a reason you decided to call in, besides insult me?”

“Well, this week, there is a reason. Hello troublesome heroes, I have received word of a super powerful gem in the Sahara desert, I will be making my way there shortly after this message. I just thought you guys should know...see you soon.” Raizor said before hanging up.

The reporter then cleared his throat. “Well, good luck, heroes, and farewell.”

Crystal was watching this at her house while talking to Melissa and Polly over the phone. “So you going?” Melissa asked.

“I haven’t exactly got a choice.”

“Bring me back a souvenir!” Polly yelled.

“Shouldn’t you be a bit less hyperactive today?”

“Bite me, “Demon Slayer.”

At Mads house, Sonny and Mads were getting ready while Shade was on the phone with Ivy. “I guess we have our work cut out for us again.” Shade said with a sigh.

“So I’ve heard. Enjoy your trip, Shade, and remember to pack extra underwear!”

“That’s not funny and it never will be.”

Meanwhile, a bit later at the HQ...

Crystal and Amber arrived to see Sonny, Shade and Mads already there in their battle suits.

“You guys got here fast.” Amber said, a little shocked.

“Once we saw the message, we knew it was business.” Shade said. “But not just business, serious business.”

“Let’s just go to Rush’s room now.” Crystal said.

And so, they were there moments later. As they knocked on the door, Rush opened up, all ready to go. “So we all ready? Used the restroom? All warmed up? No cramps whatsoever? Totally wide awake? Wearing clean underwear and such?”

“We’re all fine.” Mads replied.

“Then let’s go!” Rush yelled as he ran into the ship room and then jumped into his ship. The others hopped in shortly after. “Chilli Con Carne!” Rush yelled before turning on the engine, left the base and flew off into the sky.

Shortly after leaving the base, Sonny asked, “So where is Kat anyway?”

“Oh, she got kidnapped.”

“Again? Doesn’t she have like, elite ninja skills now?”

“They gassed her.”


“Why do you care so much anyway?” Shade asked.

“I care a lot about things.” Sonny replied. “And I was looking forward to using more innuendo, like these two times...”


Kat was in the entertainment room of the HQ, watching a screen when Sonny walked up to her and said, “Y’know, I’ve been thinking, I should change my suit number to number 6, and then you should have Rush make you a suit with the number 9 on it.”

“You know two new members?”

“No I...” Sonny sighed and walked off.

“Um, nice seeing you, Sonny, I guess.”


Sonny and Kat were building an electronic chair. Kat was looking at the instruction sheet and then put it down and pointed at a hole near her. “Okay Sonny, put your pole into the first hole.”

“Is the second hole available?”

Kat looked back at the map. “There’s a second hole?”

“I wish you’d become more aware of my comments...”


It returned to the present time as Sonny sighed. “It’s not fun when my comments aren’t even acknowledged...”

“So...where is this pyramid, exactly?” Rush asked.

“Hell if we know.” Amber shrugged.

“Just keep flying overseas, we’ll find it eventually.” Shade said. “Or we’ll just get lost, whichever comes first.”

“Well, this is meant to go on for a really long time to pad out the chapter, so we’re gonna occasionally make some stops during this journey, most likely a fanservice area at one point.”

Crystal shook her head. “Nah, that would be too obvious and would be insulting our attention span.”

“If you say so.”

Meanwhile, on Raizor’s space station...

Raizor was at the controls while David and Yukiko played cards at a table, and Slasha spun round randomly in a chair. Kat was tied down to a table near Slasha. “Y’know, this is really annoying. First I’m kidnapped by Raizor, then Slasha, then a few others villains, and now you guys again. Why must you feel the need to kidnap me?”

“For kicks.” Raizor replied. “Hey Zulu! So where is this pyramid?”

Zulu suddenly drove into the room on his bike and up to Raizor. “Just keep going straight.”

“Well that’s informative...”

“Hey, there’s some small city up ahead.” David pointed out.

“Let’s stop there to fill up on gas and visit the supermarkets!” Yukiko yelled.

“Well, we still have a long while, so we might as well.” Raizor replied.

And so, Raizor parked the space station…somewhere with a lot of space and they got off it.“Okay guys, we’re only gonna be here for a bit. I’ll fill her up, some of you guys get food, and...I don’t care about much else.”

“Imma go explore for a bit.” Zulu said before driving off.

Meanwhile, back in Green Hill City...

Ruby was watching television when the news came on. The reporter then said, “It seems, after a long period of time, Pedobear has returned!”

Ruby gasped before he continued talking. “He has somehow gotten aboard a kids school bus and is in a high speed chase with the police on Nou Avenue.”

“Man, Pedobear and I had some good times...”


It flashed back to 10 years ago (when she was 2) when Ruby was playing with blocks as a baby...in standard baby clothes and stuff, with a binky. Suddenly, Pedobear climbed through the window and charged at her. Ruby threw the binky to the floor, pushed the blocks aside and leapt at the bear. After a short period of attacks, Ruby kicked Pedobear out the window and yelled, “And don’t you come back!”

Just then, she heard footsteps and quickly got back into position and grabbed the blocks.

“Is everything fine down here, Ruby?” Her mom asked as she entered the room.

“Yes mommy.”


Seven years later, Ruby continued to keep foiling Pedobear’s plans to molest her. She was wearing her usual outfit when she walked up to an ice cream kart. “I’d like a spin dash scoop please.”

The person at the kart turned around to reveal himself as Pedobear. As Ruby gasped, the bear flung himself at her. Ruby quickly jumped and her knee connected with Pedobear’s face, knocking him back several feet. Ruby ran up to Pedobear and began attacking him with Pedobear blocking every hit. He then tackled her and they rolled around for a few moments before Ruby kicked him off her. As Pedobear got up, Ruby threw a park bench at him and he went through some bushes.

Ruby ran up to the bushes and looked for several moments; he was nowhere to be seen. “Man, he’s actually gotten good now; I gotta be on guard...”


“Good times...sadly I haven’t seen him since I hit puberty...”

Just then, the phone rang and Ruby quickly picked it up. Max was on the other line. “Hey Ruby, you watching the news?” He said faintly in a serious tone.

“Yeah, he’s back.”

“I remember seeing that bear when I was younger; I kicked his ass at least a dozen times.”

“Same here, though he improved over time.”

“I didn’t think I’d see him again.”

“Me neither. You ready?”

“I’m ready. The park.”

“Five minutes.”

“See you there.” Ruby put down the phone and nodded in a serious tone and then walked in a serious straight line towards the front door. “Bye mom, bye dad, I’m going to beat up Pedobear with Max.” She said, seriously.

“Have fun!” Both her parents replied.

She then shut the door, seriously, and made her way to the park, surprisingly calm.

Meanwhile, Raizor, Slasha, David, Yukiko and Zulu had finished their business in the city and were now getting back onto the space station while Yukiko carried a few grocery bags.

“So what did you guys do?” Kat asked as they entered.

Slasha sat down and then said, “Raizor filled her up, Zulu drove round and stuff, we got some food, and then me and Yukiko went to go do girly stuff, because it was in the script.”

“You could have invited me to do girly stuff.”

“Yeah, but then you would have run away, and we can’t have that.”

“I guess that’s true...”

“I’m glad you see my point.”

Meanwhile, ten minutes later after the space station had left, the others arrived in Rush’s ship and stayed in the city for around 15 minutes. As Crystal, Amber, Mads and Rush were waiting in the ship; Shade had finished talking to a civilian about which direction Raizor’s space station travelled in. Afterwards, Shade hopped into the ship and he called over Sonny. Sonny ran over carrying a hot dog in his hand.

“What is that?” Shade asked.

“A hot dog with chilli sauce.” Sonny replied cheerfully before eating it in one bite.

“…There’s a joke in there somewhere but I’m too lazy to point it out. Anyway, let’s go, we know which way they’re going.”

“Cool.” Sonny said before jumping into the ship.

Meanwhile, in Green Hill City...

On a one way street, Pedobear was driving at 75 mph avoiding cars in his path when suddenly Rux crash landed through the roof next to Pedobear wearing shades. Rux took off the shades and motioned Pedobear towards Rux. “Bring it.”

Rux and Pedobear attacked each other, with Rux landing at least three times more hits than Pedobear did while Rux steered the school bus as he fought Pedobear off. Rux kicked Pedobear out the window and shortly after brought the bus to a stop. Rux looked out the window towards Pedobear standing down the street who pointed at his eyes then pointed at Rux. Pedobear then quickly ran off as the children on the bus cheered.

Rux bowed a few times before walking off the bus. Rux then said, “Stay in school, kids.” before flying off.

Meanwhile, aboard Raizor’s space station...

Raizor sat at the controls again, Zulu practised punching combos on a punching bag, Slasha randomly spun around in her chair, Kat didn’t do anything because she was tied down, Yukiko lay down next to Slasha and ate a chicken, and David shape shifted into Slasha and imitated her for the lulz. As they approached a beach, Yukiko suddenly sat up and yelled, “Hey look, a beach! Let’s take time off of our important journey to provide a fanservice scene for the sole purpose of gaining more views!”

Raizor shrugged. “Sure, why not.” And with that, he landed near the beach.

Raizor, Slasha, David, Yukiko and Zulu didn’t do much besides lay on carpets by the sand, though the others were a little disturbed by Slasha’s bikini outfit which was yellow with little red hearts on it, mainly because part of it had blood on it...or maybe they were just assuming the worst.

Meanwhile, in an area which isn’t that important...

Rush’s ship was approaching the beach when Sonny pointed it out. “Hey look, the beach! Activate unneeded fanservice scene!”

Crystal sighed. “And here I thought the beach thing got old after chapter 70...”

As Rush landed the ship near the beach, David noticed it and said, “We’d better get moving, the competition is here.”

“Thank goodness, I was getting bored.” Raizor said, getting up. Within moments, he was fully dressed again. Before the others could ask, he said, “My assholish level is so high, it’s not worth wondering about these things.”

The five of them quickly ran off and jumped in Raizor’s space station. Rush pointed at the space station and yelled, “They’re getting away, after them!” As Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Mads and Rush jumped back in the ship, Amber asked, “So that’s a no on the fanservice scene?”

Rush started up the engine a moment before Amber said, “I thought so.”

Meanwhile, on a planet far, far away…

On the demon planet, the demon princess, Ivy, made her way to the castle and walked up to the throne room where one demon blocked the entrance. “Are you authorized to be here, little girl?”

“You naïve imbecile, don’t you know why I am? I’m the only child of the now deceased king, Ivy, the demon princess.”

The demon quickly moved aside and bowed. “I’m terribly sorry, princess, how kind of you to pay us a visit.”

“Yeah right, you forgot all about me.” She said before walking into the throne room. “Hey Poison!” Ivy yelled, waving at him.

“Ivy?” He said in confusion, wondering if his mind was playing tricks on him. He rubbed his eyes and saw she was still there, he then quickly leapt from his seat and landed next to her then hugged her. “I missed you so much!”

“Really? I didn’t expect that. Are you secretly a masochist?”

“Only if you want me to be. But how are you still alive? Didn’t you say you were gonna suicide?”

“Nah, I sacrificed my clone, it’s a long story, don’t ask. So how’s the king thing going?”

“Pretty boring, speaking of which, did you know it’d be really boring and gave me the title because of that?”

“I honestly didn’t know, I spent most of my time bossing around other demons and practicing with my scythe to wonder what business my dad was doing.”

“Well, can you at least tell me how to enjoy being king more?”

“Do nothing. Just do what you wanna do, most demon problems sort themselves out. So what do you wanna do?”

“I’ll tell you after a game of rock paper scissors.”

The two played rock paper scissors and Poison won with rock against Ivy’s scissors. He then walked off saying, “I’ll get the whip.”


“Y’know, the whipped cream?”

“The whip suddenly sounds a bit better...”

Meanwhile, on earth, in the sky...

Rush’s ship was gaining on Raizor’s space station. As they approached the space station, it began firing missiles and bullets from small holes around the outside of the space station. Rush evaded the shots while firing back, causing very minimal damage to the space station as they entered the desert. A few missiles soon hit Rush’s ship, causing them to crash land in a nearby city as Raizor’s space station continued to head towards the pyramid.

Moments after crash landing, the six of them slowly got out and Rush inspected the ship. “It doesn’t seem too damaged; I should have it fixed up in about ten minutes.”

“’Kay.” The other five replied, leaving the ship very quickly to look around.

Meanwhile, in Raizor’s space station…

They were all sitting in their normal spots before they arrived at the beach, in total silence. Slasha then said, “Y’know, its weird how some people just expect you to be embarrassed and blush when they look at you, even if you’re just laying down on the beach, life doesn’t work that way.”

“Anime stereotypes, don’t ya know.” Zulu replied.

“That doesn’t apply to me.”

Raizor suddenly spun round and said, “Okay guys we’re here, preparing to land!” he said as they arrived at the generic pyramid. “Getting ready to land!” Raizor said as the space station hovered over a spot. “Now landing!” He said before landing. “We’ve landed!” he said before turning off the engine.

“We got the point.” David responded.

Meanwhile, this running gag got old ten meanwhile’s ago…

Rush had finished fixing the ship and it was ready to go. Sonny, Crystal, Mads and Rush were already in the ship when Shade and Amber showed up seconds later and hopped in the ship with Amber carrying a bag with some clothes.

“Sorry about that.” Amber said. “Just trying on some new clothes.”

“In that one hut?” Crystal asked.


“The same hut Shade was in?”


“…And you couldn’t have found somewhere private?”

“Shade didn’t even take one look; if he didn’t dislike me I’d assume he was gay.”

Shade nodded. “That’s about right.”

“Pineapple juice!” Rush yelled before the ship took off at full speed towards the pyramid.

At the same time…

Raizor and Slasha in their battle suits, as well as David, Yukiko and Zulu entered the pyramid with David carrying Kat over his shoulder and Zulu leading them. Zulu punched out most things in the way, and the six of them evaded Indiana Jones style traps along the way then soon came to a stone door which Zulu punched down.

The others arrived at the door a minute later. They slowly entered and discovered a massive room with several branching paths around, and saw a sand trail going along the bottom of the massive room. Shade turned to the others and said, “Okay, those guys probably split up to find that gem faster, we should probably do the same to find it before them. They can’t have gotten too far.” And with that, Shade ran down a path to the right.

“Yeah!” Sonny yelled. “Time for one last speedrun, Sonic Unleashed style!”

“So you haven’t been trying to copy that style until now?” Amber asked.

“Not really. Remember to keep your eyes peeled, guys.” Sonny said before running off in Shade’s direction.

After a few moments of silence, Crystal finally said, “I’m guessing I’ll be stuck with Amber while you and Mads go of together, huh?” Crystal asked, turning to Rush.

“Pretty much.”

Crystal shrugged. “Can’t fight the status quo, I guess.”

“Damn right you can’t.” Amber said with a nod.

Meanwhile, at someone’s house…

Kevin, Kyle and Alex were at Kevin’s house, sitting on a couch and playing Pure Ownage 3.

“So what’re you doing these days?” Kyle asked.

“Not much, playing games and such with Crystal, not much in particular.”

“You still haven’t told us how you got that black eye last week.” Alex said.

“Maybe Crystal likes it rough.” Kyle replied.

“Ha ha, very funny.” Kevin said sarcastically.

“I’m not hearing you deny it.”

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and using his psychokinetic powers, he used a broom to unlock the door. Jessica Tricity walked in and sat on the couch. “Hey guys, Pure Ownage 3 again, huh? Mind if I join?”

“You know what they say…” he said, handing her a controller.

“Who doesn’t?” She said before taking it. “Besides, shouldn’t you be helping Crystal with that thing today, on the news?”

“When your girlfriend is capable of beating up demons three times her size it’s quite hard trying to be a knight in shining armor and not look foolish.”

“I see your point.”

“I wish more people would.”

Meanwhile, something something…

In the brightly lit pyramid, Sonny and Shade were travelling down a rocky path and spilt up as Sonny ran on ahead and Shade turned right. Shade ran down a big tunnel, punching and kicking rocky creatures out the way, then hit a speed pad and moved left and right, avoiding blocks in his path. At the end of the path he spin dashed through a golem then flipped a switch before jumping up.

Sonny ran along another route and past a recently opened door, jumping over blocks on the path which fell off, then drifted to the right as the path curved downwards. He curled into a ball and went through three creatures before going through a loop and hitting a ramp. He flipped then grabbed a pole sticking out of a wall further away and swung up to another path then hit a second switch.

Another door down Shade’s path opened and he ran through. He arrived in a large room with several mummies roaming around, which he slide tackled as he moved forward. He jumped on a spring at the end of the room and landed on the side of a pillar, then jumped to another diagonally right, then one to the left before running to the top jumping to a path ahead. He hit a speed pad, quickly went through a loop and jumped on a rusted rail, which led to out of the large room and to another tunnel. After reached the end of the tunnel, he pressed another switch.

Sonny jumped on a rail which arrived in a massive room with other rails in mid air and circular path with sand travelling along it below. Sonny flipped onto another rail moments later which spun round. He flipped to the right before the end of the rail and it went round several times while going down before he landed on the sandy path. A large golem began chasing him as he ran ahead, dodging stone blocks left and right and also jumping when the golem punched the ground. Sonny soon flipped over a stone block and exited the room through a small opening he slid under.

Mads and Rush had just exited a room full of large golems when they saw a shadow of a figure coming towards them. They got ready to attack, but lowered their weapons when they saw it was Kat in her ninja outfit.

“Oh Kat, what’re you doing down here?” Rush asked.

“I just got away from those villains; thank goodness I found you two.”

“Waaaaait a minute!” Mads said. “How do we know it’s really you?”

“I do have ninja skills now, you know. I got gassed, remember?”

“Okay, but I’ve got my eyes on you...”

In another area close by, Amber was zapping several golems with her small fiery beams while Crystal communicated with Shade. “So how are you guys doing?”

“We’re fine, doing pretty well so far.”

“Cool.” At that moment, Crystal saw one big golem throw a massive boulder at Amber from behind her. “Excuse me a moment.” Crystal quickly moved behind Amber and stopped the boulder with her psychokinesis, then knocked it back with a roundhouse kick which hit the golem and slammed it into a wall.

“You should do that more often.” Amber said a second later.

“It drains more power than you think, which is why I only do it occasionally.”

“Lame excuses.”

Mads, Rush and Kat approached a door which they knocked down and entered the massive room.

“So where are the others at the moment?” Kat asked, looking around.

“Somewhere around.” Rush said with a shrug.

Mads suddenly stopped in his tracks. “Hey Kat, what did I get you for Christmas again?”

“Uhh...a shirt?”

“Wrong!” He quickly fired a charged shot which Kat dodged by jumping out the way. “I got you a DVD box set of...well, that part isn’t important. Show yourself, David.”

Kat quickly morphed into David. “Well done, Mads, we really should have asked her that question...”

“I knew it; I was just too bored to pay attention.” Rush said with a shrug.


“Generic beam attack!” Mads heard Slasha yell from high above before firing at him. Mads flew up and landed on a platform opposite her. “It’s that time again, Mads.”

“Why do we always end up doing this?”

“Because it’s tradition, and I’m sure you enjoy it too, otherwise we wouldn’t still be doing it. Remember the first time, on that space station, with the sunset, and the awesome remix of Sonic 3’s final boss theme playing in the background...at least I think it was, I might have been hearing things.”

“Yeah, it was pretty awesome.”

“Exactly, now let’s begin.” Slasha jumped up and shot a charged blast at Mads who moved left and fired a beam attack. Slasha flew down and underneath the platform and fired up as Mads jumped off the platform and into another room.

Down below, David morphed into Sonny and ran in circles around Rush, punching him every few seconds. Rush soon threw several bombs around him which caused David to jump back and morph into Shade who then threw a few chaos spears at Rush as he jumped around and fired back at him. David morphed into Crystal and deflected the blasts while flying at him then fired a beam which Rush jumped out of the way from and threw several bombs at him. David morphed into Amber and fired a long wave of fire which blew up the bombs.

Back in the other room, Slasha flipped and skidded a few feet before stopping. Mads jumped over Slasha as he threw three bombs in mid air. Slasha evaded the bombs by moving diagonally right and left then shot a cable which connected to the soles of Mads shoes. She swung him round then threw him through a wall. Slasha jumped into the next room and charged at Mads who hit her with a charged shot as she got near him and knocked her to the ground.

As Mads ran towards her, she started sobbing and held her right leg. “Ow! I think my bruised my ankle!”

Mads stopped in his tracks. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, nor did I want to. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, I always say.”

As Mads went on, she slowly reached behind her with her other hand and grabbed a small capsule and threw it. As it hit Mads, several cables wrapped around him as he fell over and Slasha laughed. “Honestly Mads, you’re too gullible.”

“You fiend, taking advantage of my caring nature, you’re evil.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere.”

Sonny and Shade were fighting Raizor and Zulu near a long staircase with a golden gem at the very top. Sonny jumped, flipped and somersaulted around the area, dodging Raizor’s razor blades which he fired at him while moving closer to him. Sonny spin attacked him and they rolled around for a few seconds before Raizor kicked Sonny off of him. He then jumped up and attempted to stab Sonny with one blade as he quickly moved out the way.

Shade slide tackled Zulu then flipped and kicked him into the air. Zulu landed on his feet and pounded the ground, sending a wave of rocks at Shade who quickly moved right. As he did so, Zulu quickly punched him. As he flew into the air, he flipped and threw three chaos spears which Zulu blocked with blocks around the area, and then he threw two blocks at Shade who jumped across them and attempted to spin attack Zulu which he blocked and jumped back a few feet.

As this was going on, a mysterious figure appeared at the top of the stairs and picked up a big gem. The four of them noticed as the entire pyramid started rumbling and looked up to see Tentallix.

“Good job, Tentallix.” Raizor said.

The eye on its chest suddenly glowed bright red and RX and the large robot Raizor used in chapter 31 (and the first chapter of the Toxic Saga) came out from the darkness. The two robots combined together and a triangular space opened up in the middle. Tentallix stuck the gem inside it then also combined with the robot. The outlines of the robot glowed with golden energy.

The others arrived moments later with Yukiko carrying Kat and Mads still being tied up and hopping there.

“What on earth is going on here?” Yukiko asked.

Zulu cleared his throat. “Tentallix appeared, fused with two of Raizor’s other creations, used the gems power…” he then saw the robot point a finger at him. “And now wants to kill us, typical.”

“Why so serious?” Slasha said with a smile.

“I dislike that phrase because of how much it’s been used; never say it in front of me again please.”

“I’ll think about it.”

Amber scratched her forehead. “So, the robot problem?”

“Let’s do the unison thing and kick ass!” Sonny yelled.

Shade, Crystal and Amber all nodded while everyone else didn’t care very much.

“Don’t forget me, guys!” They heard a voice yell. Rux then showed up moments later.

“Um, what are you guys doing here?” Crystal asked.

“The news.”

“Oh right.”

“I overheard, now let’s do this!” They all nodded again, while the others didn’t care, again.

Tiara was watching this through a crystal ball. “Man, their adventures are so wacky it’s pretty amusing.”

Meanwhile, in a place very, very far away…

Light, wearing a small gray ninja outfit, was in a small cardboard city throwing shuriken at criminals and Stickman look-alikes. After a minute of doing so, the cardboard cut-outs stopped coming and SA4 popped up. “Well done, Light, you got 18 out of 20 that time!”

“Chao!” He yelled, raising his fist into the air.

“You’re so cute when you do that…”

Light held up a sign saying, “If I had a nickel for every time someone said that, I’d own a mansion.”

“Indeed you would, Light, indeed you would.”

Meanwhile, something something something…

Inside the pyramid, the fused robot got ready to attack as dozens of tentacles sprouted from random areas inside it. As Perfect Dark Gaia’s (Endless Possibility Remix) theme from Sonic Unleashed started playing in the background. As this happened, Rux gave their two emeralds to Shany and they used the seven to transform into Super Shany and fly towards the robot after ten seconds. The hedgehog travelled in a straight line, flying slowly towards it and dodging its tentacles by moving slowly left and right.

After thirty seconds, Shany crushed one tentacle with his foot, then another with a punch before speeding up and slamming through some tentacles while moving left and right. He jumped across one, and then jumped across another before smashing through more. At 00:48, he whacked one to the left, then another to the right, and then quickly flew past several other tentacles, flipping and sliding under them with lightning speed then bounced off one tentacle and into the air at 00:55 as he dodged more tentacles.

He then dodged one by inches to the left, then one to the right, flew straight past several tentacles, then curled into a ball and went through several more before hitting the robot in the face at 01:06. The robot quickly fired missiles which Shany avoided in zig zag patterns, and moved around the missiles, making them crash into each other.

Crystar then flew towards the creature at 01:16 from the side, which the robot noticed moments later. Crystar did a spinning tornado kick while flying through several tentacles, and then crushed one with a kick. Crystar grinded along one tentacle and punched two. She then swung along one and flipped over another moment later. She then punched half a dozen ones in her way before covering herself in a crimson aura as she charged at the robot at 01:51. She slid along another tentacle, punching two others which came for her, then jumping and hammering one before flying ahead.

Crystar then avoided several others while Shany destroyed a few on the left and Rux destroyed a few on the right. She reached the robot at 02:09 and fired just over half a dozen energy blasts at Tentallix before moving back.

The robot slowly stepped back several feet and gathered up energy before producing even more tentacles and missiles at 02:15. Rux then flew straight towards the robot seconds later. Rux obviously dodged, evaded, destroyed and blocked the missiles and tentacles as Rux made his/her/it’s way towards the robot. He vaporized most of them, along with Shany and Crystar and the three of them hit the robot’s head straight on at 02:48, as it slowly fell, and then the robot exploded when it hit the ground as the music stopped.

Shany turned to the left with his arms crossed and smiled while Crystar spun round to the right and Rux flew down and hovered right behind them as the results screen came up and presented them with an S rank.

Mads sighed. “I wish I had a unison partner…” He then looked at Rush who then said, “It would never work.”

The gem split into a hundred tiny gems which caused Zulu to sigh. “Great, now that priceless gem is ruined.”

After a few seconds, Slasha said, “Why so serious?” before running off as Zulu chased her.

Meanwhile, blah blabidy blah blah blah...

In the future, Future Ruby and Future Max were in a park having a picnic.

“Too bad we weren’t involved in this.” Future Ruby said.

“Yeah.” Future Max replied before biting into a sandwich.

Back in the present time, a little later, Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber, Mads, Rush and Kat were flying back to Green Hill City in Rush’s ship.

After a few moments of silence, Kat said, “It’s nice that this all worked out.”

“Yeah, shame about Tentallix getting destroyed again though.” Shade replied.

“He deserved it.” Amber responded.

“So is everyone here going to the new year’s countdown thing tonight?” Crystal asked.

“I’d be Mads not to.” Mads replied.

“It’s essential to the plot.” Shade said with a nod.

Skipping ahead to near the end…

The seven of them were at the New Year’s countdown where it was snowing, there was a massive crowd of people and there were only a few minutes until the new years.

“It’s almost time.” Shade said with a nod.

“We’ve noticed.” Sonny replied. “That Sonic Z show is starting tomorrow as well, and I’m looking forward to watching that.”

“Yeah, same here.”

Crystal nodded. “And this will be the very last chapter which will end in a few minutes; we’ve come so far too.”

“We came far for one reason.” Mads said before taking out a microphone and moving a bit away then pointed at Rush. “Hit it, Rush!”

Rush began playing a piano as Mads cleared his throat and put the microphone to his mouth. “Do the impossible, see the invisible!”

Slasha suddenly appeared out of nowhere with a microphone and pumped her fist in the air with Mads as they yelled, “Row row, fight the power!”

Slasha then said, “Touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable!”

They then came together and yelled, “Row row, fight the power!”

As Raizor, David, Yukiko and Zulu were watching, Raizor asked Zulu a question. “Hey Zulu, do you know any more priceless gems out there?”

“Not at the moment, sadly.”

“Ahh...I need to take a vacation again...”

As the others watched, Amber randomly said, “Hey, I just noticed we haven’t seen that ninja guy today.”

“Huh?” Crystal asked in confusion.

“Y’know, that black ninja guy who seems to appear a lot.”

“Oh, he’s over there.” Kat replied, pointing far behind her. “And here he comes now.”

SA2 quickly ran over to them and said, “Oh my gosh, there you guys are! Quick, we must get into positions, after the title screen, we need to open with the screen divided into five parts presenting one colour.” SA2 then ran up to Sonny. “We need you dodging traffic while running across the screen, and Shade needs to jump into the air and fire chaos spears at some enemy which isn’t decided yet.”

SA2 then pointed at Crystal and Amber. “We need you two standing opposite from each other with your hair flowing in the wind and looking sad, like to gain sympathy and such.” He then pointed at Mads. “You need to blast through the screen and Rush needs to upgrade his ship on screen for no reason at all. Then we’ll get all the secondary characters appearing in random scenes which will go be quickly.”

As SA2 continued to go on, Crystal turned to Amber and said, “What’s this guy on about?”

Amber shrugged. “He’s probably just making light hearted fun of normal anime openings.”

A bit later, after Shade had signed a few papers, SA2 suddenly vanished in a puff of smoke which left Shade confused for a few seconds before he shrugged it off. Rush placed a flying camera ten feet away from them and said, “Let’s take a group picture.” Before he approached them, they got into position, with Sonny making bunny ears over Shade’s head while he stopped when Shade turned to him. A puff of smoke appeared near them and out of the smoke came Light who landed on Kat’s shoulder.

“Nice of you to join in.” Kat said.

He held up a sign which said, “I couldn’t miss this.”

Rush cleared his throat and said, “Everyone say candy canes!”

“Cheese!” The others said in unison.

“I guess that works too.”

As the picture was taken, in the photo it showed Shade trying to strangle Sonny, Amber playfully glomping Crystal with Crystal having a shocked expression on her face, a bomb coming out of nowhere and exploding in Mads face, Rush being hit from the right with a snowball, Kat rolling her eyes at these events and Light pumping his fist into the air holding a shuriken.

Afterwards, they all sighed, due to the bad timing of unfortunate events. “Can we try again?” Crystal asked. “And Amber, stop doing that.”

“Just another ten seconds.”

“Is it just me, or are they a lot of sexual instances in this chapter?”

“It’s just you...y’know, you feel really soft.”

Crystal suddenly pushed her back. “Now you’re just creeping me out.”

Rush stared at the pictures. “I think we should leave them how they are, because it’s funnier that way.”

And so they did, and they spent the next ten minutes doing random stuff, and then came the New Year’s countdown and they watched the fireworks for around five minutes before leaving. Rush made many copies of the picture and they each kept a picture then left to go to their houses. After Crystal went home, she quickly got ready for bed, placed the picture on a purple heavenly picture frame. She then changed into her pyjamas and looked at the picture once more, which brought a smile to her face before she climbed into bed and covered herself with the sheets.



So that's that, feel free to comment or anything if you want.
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