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Sonny and Shade (Finished)

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Author Topic: Sonny and Shade (Finished)  (Read 3226 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 21 November, 2007, 12:17:23 pm »

Ice X Saga: Chapter 12 – The Supreme Ice Demon

At Mads house, Sonny, Shade, Amber and Mads were still sitting in a circle.

Mads’ slowly shifted his eyes from left to right. “So…”

“Hey Mads’, why did you decide to give me the name Sonny, anyway?”

“Well, you were talking about how sunny it was outside, and I_like_sonic.”

“I see what you did there.” Amber said with a sly smile.

“I was hoping someone would.”

Sonny looked at Shade. “And what about you?”

“Well they had to decide on a pun, and Shade fit the bill.”

The place was silent for a few moments.

“I’ll explain more some time in the future.”

Mads then turned his chair towards the TV. “In the meantime, let’s watch some TV.” He then turned on the television. On the screen, Eggman made it back to his base with the Master Emerald. Tails and Knuckles then broke down the door shortly after and Eggman turned around to face them.

“Welcome, you two.” Eggman said as they entered. “Sorry to say but you’re too late, now that I have the Master Emerald I can hook it up to my new-”

“SHUT UP!” Knuckles yelled. He then jumped forward and punched Eggman through a wall and took the Master Emerald. “Unlike Sonic, I don’t chuckle.” He and Tails then walked out the exit.

“Surprising awesome.” Amber said.

“Damn straight.” Mads replied.

Back at the icy area, the ice creature and Crystal stopped on another frozen river.

The creature cracked his knuckles and smiled at Crystal. “So do you think you have what it takes to beat me?”

“I’ve only fought a few super powered individuals, so I guess I should do fine.”

“Well we’re about to find out.” The creature said as he raised his arm.

Crystal held out her hand. “Wait, I need to ask one question before we start.”


“Who are you?”

“My name is Ice X, the Supreme Ice Demon, from another planet. I was sent here to take over this planet, just as other demons were sent to different planets. I just didn’t expect anyone around here to be strong enough to destroy some of my minions.”

“If you came two weeks ago you wouldn’t have a problem.”

“Well that’s a shame.” Ice X quickly created three ice shards which appeared on his arm. “So are you ready to get started?”

“Yeah, I’m done.”

Ice X charged at Crystal while firing the three ice shards. Crystal deflected them left and right using her left hand then fired a purple wave of energy with her right hand. Ice X turned his hands into an ice shield and reflected it back at Crystal. Crystal jumped over it and tried to punch Ice X as he reached her.

Ice X ducked and punched her in the face. As Crystal went flying, Ice X grabbed her leg and threw her at a tree to the right. Crystal went through the tree and slid along the ice. As Ice X chased her, Crystal stopped herself with one hand and charged at Ice X, head butting him and sending him flying back. In Mads’ room, the four of them are still sitting in a circle.

Sonny scratched his stomach. “Man, I’m hungry.”

“I wonder what Crystal is doing now.” Shade said.

“A lame assignment, probably.” Amber said.

“You know what we should do? We should all go down to the HQ while Crystal is gone.” Sonny suggested.

Mads quickly stood up. “Great! I’ll grab my stuff!” He said as walked to the door.

“I’m taking the window!” Sonny shouted.

“No you aren’t.” Mads said.


Sonny, Shade and Amber got up and followed Mads out of the room. Mads went into the kitchen and saw the fruit fighting on the counter again. He then picked them up and put them in the blender.

Shade then walked in and looked in the fridge. “What happened to the fruit?”

“Blendery death.”

“I see…”    

At the icy area, Crystal and Ice X were fighting in the air while SA2 was watching from a tree. Crystal spin kicked Ice X, and then hammered him to the ground. Ice X landed in a bunch of tall icicles, Crystal then charged up her hands with purple energy and fired balls of energy towards the icicles, destroying the area.

As the dust cleared, a small section of water appeared but Ice X was nowhere to be found. A familiar voice came from behind her on a tree. “Nice work.” Ice X said as he floated up to Crystal.

“I didn’t think you’d be dead yet.”

“I’m far from it.”

Meanwhile, Sonny, Shade, Mads and Amber arrived at the old building and stopped by the lift.

“We’re allowed to enter through here now.” Sonny said, pointing to the lift.

They all entered the lift and soon ended up in the base where Commander Grey was still waiting.

Sonny waved as they walked up to him. “Hey Grey.”

“I thought you said you were gonna call me Ray?”

“I’ve started to like Grey better.”

“So who’s your friend there?”

Mads walked up to Commander Grey and shook his hand. “Hi, I’m Mads, the guy who let’s the two hedgehogs live at his house.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“By the way, where is Crystal?” Shade asked.

“She went to go take care of a small problem, she should be back soon.”

Amber began to walk to the door. “Well we’re gonna go look around the place, see ya soon.”

Sonny, Shade and Mads followed closely behind and they left the room, and then began to walk down the corridor. At the icy area, Crystal and Ice X were flying at fast speeds across the sky, Crystal soon tried to punch him, and Ice X blocked the punch with his arm and kneed Crystal in the face. Ice X charged at her as she flew back.

As Ice X was about to knee her in the stomach, she stopped the knee with her hands and covered herself in purple energy waves. Ice X slowly moved back, Crystal then took off her helmet and threw it down to the ground.

Ice X grinned. “Ready for more?”

“Yeah, go for it.”

The two of them floated in the same spot with purple energy waves still surrounding Crystal.
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« Reply #16 on: 22 November, 2007, 10:51:58 am »

Ice X Saga: Chapter 13 – Tip of the Iceberg

In the HQ, Sonny, Shade, Amber and Mads stopped at the weapons room and entered.
“So what’s this room?” Mads asked.

“The weapons room.” Shade replied.

“I think they got about 42 weapons here, in total.” Amber said.

“Yeah, let’s move on.” Mads said as he walked to the door.

The four of them left the room and continued walking down the corridor. They soon came to the training room and entered.

“I still need to try this place out.” Amber said as she looked around.

“So what’s this one for?” Mads asked.

“Training room.” Sonny said. “Let’s try this out.” He said as he walked up to the control system in the corner. Amber and Shade entered through the door on the left into the main area which was white while Sonny and Mads were standing behind a glass screen next to the control system.

Meanwhile, Crystal was still fighting Ice X. Crystal flew towards Ice X with a big trail of dust behind her as Ice X continued to fly back while facing her. Crystal reached Ice X moments later and started attacking him while he blocked the hits. Crystal tried to punch his face but Ice X grabbed her fist with his right hand and they both came to a halt. Ice X then whacked her back with his left arm and she went flying.

As she flew back, Ice X threw three ice shards. Crystal created a force field which deflected the shards in different directions then she stopped herself as she came close to an area covered in sharp icicles and charged at Ice X. Crystal covered herself with psychokinetic energy as she sped towards him. Ice X charged his hands with ice and fired a beam of ice. Crystal went round to the right and smashed into him quickly, breaking off his right arm as she went by.

Crystal stopped herself 15 feet away and took a few deep breathes before turning round. Ice X slowly picked up his arm and reattached it, and then turned to face Crystal.

“You’re stronger than I expected.”

“Thanks.” She said with a smile. “Did that even hurt?”

“If I wasn’t made of ice, it would have hurt a lot more.”

“That’s bad news for me then.”

“Yeah, well it’s time I got serious now.”

Ice X rushed over quickly and punched Crystal in the stomach, and then head butted her in the face, causing a cut on her forehead as she flew back. Crystal stopped herself in mid-air and fired a beam of purple energy at Ice X. Ice X dodged it and moved across the area with Crystal chasing him and firing waves of energy at him.

Back in the training room, Amber was firing blasts of fire at Shade while Sonny and Mads were still by the control system. SA2 walked by eating an apple.

“Now this here is cool.” Sonny said. “You can change many things about place, like the color, observe.” He said as he pressed one of the buttons. At that moment, the room started glowing blue as Amber blocked one of Shade’s kicks. Amber and Shade looked around the room as the color changed. “What the-”. Sonny looked around more on the control system. “Ah, you can also change the gravity level; let’s just change it to x3.” Sonny pressed a button which made the gravity in the main area heavier, making it harder for Amber and Shade to stand up straight.

“I’ve gotta get used to this.” Amber said as she managed to stand up straight.

“Sonny, could you stop messing around with the controls.” Shade angrily said.

“Fine, I’ll turn it back to normal.” He said as he changed the gravity. “I also need to learn a special move.”

“Good luck with that.” Mads said.

Sonny entered the main area and walked up to Amber and Shade.

“Alright guys, I need to learn a special technique.”

“What kind of technique?” Amber asked.

“You know how you and Crystal can fire big beams of energy and stuff, and Shade can fire those chaos spears?”

“What have my chaos spears got to do with this?”

“Well I was thinking, since we’re both hedgehogs I should have access to an attack, specifically special for me.”

Amber and Shade both remained silent for a few seconds.

“You’ve thought about this for a while, haven’t you?” Shade asked.

“Pretty much.”

Amber got into a fighting stance. “C’mon, let’s find that special technique!”

“Yeah!” Sonny yelled as he got into a fighting stance.

Shade stood by the wall while Mads left the room and walked down the corridor. At the same time, Ice X was still avoiding Crystal’s blasts while moving about the area. Raizor Blaid was in the background, high up in the air flying across the area in his silver chair. Ice X eventually fired an ice beam at Crystal who blocked it with a shield then landed on the ground.

Crystal charged at Ice X and tried to punch him in the chest, Ice X grabbed her fist and they moved back a few feet and came to a halt. Ice X then grabbed Crystal’s throat and began to strangle her.

“Are you ready to give up yet?”

Crystal charged her hand with energy but Ice X quickly kneed her in the stomach and made his grip around her neck tighter, which made her scream in pain. Ice X quickly turned his other hand into a sharp icicle.

“It’s time I put an end to this.”

A moment later, Ice X was punched from the side of his face by someone else, dropping Crystal and moving back a few feet. Next to Crystal stood Jessica who covered her arms in electricity. “Nobody here is dieing today but you.”

Crystal coughed for a moment. “Thanks, although coming a few moments earlier would have been great.” She said as she got up.

“So it’s two vs. one, is it?” Ice X said with a smile. “It makes no difference. I’ll still destroy both of you.”

“We’ll see.” Jessica charged at Ice X who knocked her back with a punch. Jessica flew towards Ice X again and tried to punch him but Ice X sidestepped it and twisted her arm behind her back. Crystal charged towards him from the side and punched him, causing him to let go of Jessica. Ice X kicked Crystal away from him and then moved behind Jessica, attempting to attack her again. Crystal tackled him and they landed a few feet in front of Jessica, with Ice X trying to push Crystal off him.

Jessica charged her right hand with electricity and pointed it at both of them. “Die, you freak!” She yelled as she fired a big blast of electricity at them. They both moved out the way and Jessica created a big explosion. Jessica stood in the same spot with dust around the area, Ice X head butted her as the dust began to clear. Crystal tried to kick him but Ice X grabbed her foot and threw her at Jessica, knocking them both over.

Ice X created a giant energy ball within seconds and threw it at them, there was a big explosion which could be seen from miles while Ice X stood, watching the explosion.
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« Reply #17 on: 22 November, 2007, 10:53:08 am »

Ice X Saga: Chapter 14 – New Techniques

Back at the HQ, Amber was firing small beams of fire with her finger at Sonny while he was avoiding them. Shade was still standing in the corner.

What new technique can I learn?” Sonny thought to himself.

“Still thinking, Sonny?” Amber asked.

“Yeah, I got nothing.”

“Well I’m sure you’ll get it eventually.” Shade said.

Meanwhile, Mads entered the entertainment room and sat down in a red chair, near SA2 who was playing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Mads looked at him as he sat down.


Back at the icy area, Ice X was flying away from Crystal and Jessica as they chased him while the Sonic 3D Boss theme began to play. Crystal went right and Jessica went left and they began to attack him, with him blocking the hits. Ice X tried to give Jessica an uppercut but she ducked and kicked him in the face. Crystal then punched him in the stomach, followed by a spin kick from Jessica, and then Crystal gave him an uppercut.

Crystal and Jessica both fired a beam of energy at Ice X as he flew back, who created an ice shield out of his hands and deflected it. Crystal and Jessica moved out the way and the blasts hit the ground, spreading smoke around the area.

In the training room, Sonny was moving around the room in a ball while Amber dodged the attacks as he moved around. Amber jumped over him as he came towards her. Amber soon started spinning in a circle and created a fiery tornado as Sonny came towards her again which hit him and he fell to the ground.

“Nice move there.” Sonny said as he slowly got up.

“Thanks, I’ve had that for a while now. So you thought of a move yet?”

“Nope. I still don’t have a clue.”

Mads suddenly rushed into the room and approached the three of them. “I couldn’t help but overhear you need a special move.”

“Yeah, but where did you go to?” Sonny asked.

“I was in the entertainment room, it was pretty good.”

“So what’s this move you mentioned?”

“Well you remember in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Shadow had Chaos Spear and Sonic had a move called Sonic Wind to match Chaos Spear?”

Sonny put his hand to his cheek and gasped. “Ah, of course! I should be able to do that, since Shade can use chaos spear.”

“You also have to remember some people are more skilled than others.” Shade stated.

“Yeah, yeah.”

 Sonny got into a stance Shade does when firing a chaos spear. “Uhh, so what do I say?”

Mads sighed. “I thought you had this figured out.” 

“I thought I did.”

Amber sat down near a wall. “You should just change the words of Sonic Wind.”

“Oh right.” Sonny got into the same stance again. “Sonny wind!” He said as he swung his hand forward, but nothing happened. “What did I do wrong?”

Shade stood up and walked over to Sonny. “You’re doing it wrong!”

“How?” He asked.

“When you swing, you gotta feel the energy come from your hand. Find that energy and bring it out to the surface.”

“Alright.” Sonny said as he got into the same stance. Sonny stood still, concentrating on his hand for a short while until it started slightly glowing blue. “Sonny wind!” He shouted as he swung his hand again, shooting out a blue sharp energy disk which hit the wall and caused a small explosion. “That was cool, thanks Shade.”

“Your welcome.”

Amber quickly got up and stood near Sonny. “Now that you’ve got a move, let me show you one of mine.” She said with a smile. Amber created a big ball of fiery energy in both hands and put them together making a bigger ball in front of her. “Uhh, what should I call this blast attack?”

“Fiery blast?” Mads suggested.

“It sucks.”

“Burning Blaze?”

“It’s taken.” 

“Pyro Cannon?”

“Hmm, that’s pretty decent, it’ll do.” Amber charged up again and faced the wall. She yelled “Pyro Cannon!” and fired a big beam of fiery red energy at the wall, causing a big explosion which cleared up after a few moments.

Sonny slowly smiled. “Nice.”

“Thanks.” Amber replied.

“Shade, you got any new moves you’d like to try out?” Mads asked.

“I can honestly say I haven’t.”

Back at the scene, the Sonic 3D Boss theme started playing again while Crystal and Jessica flew towards Ice X who had his hands on the floor. Ice X quickly created a hand of ice which tried to crush Crystal and Jessica but Crystal moved right and Jessica moved left. Ice X continued to try and crush them with the hands as they got closer to him.

Crystal eventually got 10 feet away from Ice X, as she approached him he quickly tried to crush her with another hand but she quickly moved right. Jessica quickly kneed him in the back of his head as he was distracted. As Ice X turned around, she then punched him several times in the stomach then Crystal rushed in and kicked him in the face with both feet. Ice X slid back and stopped after a few moments. Crystal and Jessica got into a fighting stance as Ice X stood up straight.

Meanwhile, Sonny, Shade, Amber and Mads were in the entertainment room and were watching one screen. On the screen, Sonic chased Big to the top of a building. Big ran to the edge and turned around then put Amy down. Sonic then ran towards them until he was 15 feet away and shook his fist. “Have at me, 16-bit large cat with purple necktie, have at me!”

Sonny nodded. “Yeah, have at him, Big, have at him!”

Big ran towards Sonic as Sonic did the same. Big tried to punch Sonic who jumped on his face and knocked him out. Sonic then said, “Yeah, I’m de winner!” in an Italian accent.

Amy then ran over and said, “Sonic, I knew you’d come save me.” As she hugged him.

Sonny, Shade, Amber and Mads were completely silent afterwards.

Shade then sighed. “These shows get weirder everyday…”
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« Reply #18 on: 22 November, 2007, 06:00:24 pm »

Ice X Saga: Chapter 15 – Clearing out the Ice

Some time later in the HQ, Sonny, Shade, Amber and Mads were walking down the corridors again.

“Right, let’s go see Rush now.” Amber said.

“Who’s Rush?” Mads asked.

“Rush is this Raccoon who made our suits and stuff.” Sonny said.

“He must be pretty smart then.”

“He sure is.”

The four of them entered the room. Rush stood across the room by the machine he used to create their outfits. The four of them walked over to Rush.

“Good to see you, Rush.” Sonny said as they approached him.

“Hey guys, what brings you here?”

“We’re bored, so we’re wasting time here, and showing Mads the place.” Shade said.

“Hi.” Mads said as he waved at him.

“So where’s Crystal?” Rush asked.

Amber quickly yawned. “She’s off taking care of some problem. It shouldn’t be taking her so long to come back though.”

“Alright then.”

“Hey, I just remembered there were two rooms we didn’t see last time, could we maybe see those rooms?” Sonny asked.

“Yeah, let’s go right now.” Rush said as he walked to the door. The five of them left the room and continued walking down the corridor. They soon came to a room which was all silver with a few ships inside. “This is the ship room.”

Sonny, Shade, Amber and Mads looked around quickly before all of them left the room. Meanwhile, SA2 was watching at the icy area from a distance with binoculars. There was a big explosion in the main area which could be seen from far away. Crystal and Jessica climbed out from under a pile of ice while Ice X slowly walked towards them from 30 feet away. Crystal and Jessica took a few deep breathes before standing up straight.

Crystal sighed. “We don’t seem to be doing much damage.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed, this could go on for some time.”

“Well I’ve got an idea, but we gotta work together.”

“Fat chance, I dislike having to work with you.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Just to make sure he didn’t kill you.”

“Would you mind telling me what I did to make you so angry?”

“If you can’t remember than it’s not worth mentioning.” Jessica quickly covered herself in electricity. “But for now, let’s finish this freak.”

Jessica sped off towards Ice X as Crystal covered herself with psychokinetic waves of energy. “That’s more like it.”

Crystal caught up to Jessica and they flew towards Ice X, covering themselves in energy. Crystal flew straight through the right side of him while Jessica flew through the left, knocking off both his arms and damaging most of his body. They quickly came to a halt 10 feet behind him. Crystal jumped towards him at roundhouse kicked him three times, knocking him down with the third kick.

Jessica flew above him and started firing big blasts of electricity at him. Crystal joined Jessica moments later and fired energy waves at Ice X. After a short period of time, they landed on the ice and start breathing deeply.

Crystal collapsed on the ice. “We finally beat him.”

“Yeah, we got a bit lucky there.”

“Well it’s all over now.” Crystal said as she closed her eyes.

Back at the HQ, the five of them came to a blue door.

“So what’s in here?” Amber asked.

“The toilet.” Rush replied.

Shade raised his eyebrow at Rush. “Why did you decide to show us the toilet?”

“Incase someone’s gotta go.”

The area was silent for a few moments.

“No-one gotta go? Alright.”

“Is that all the rooms then?” Mads asked.

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“I guess we didn’t miss out on much last time then.” Sonny responded.

Sometime later at the suburbs, the ice had completely melted. Crystal woke up in a small white house where a young boy wearing a blue shirt with the number five on it, and grey pants was sitting next to her. He had blonde hair and blue pupils. Crystal was sitting on a grey sofa with a brown blanket covering her. She slowly got up and looked around.

“I was wondering when you’d wake up.” The boy said.

“Where am I?”

“At my house, that other girl suggested I bring you here.”

“You mean Jessica, right? Where is she?”

“She left like an hour ago.”

“An hour? Man, I gotta get going.” Crystal said as she ran to the door. “By the way, what’s your name?”

“My name is Mark, and thanks for defeating that monster.” Mark picked up Crystal’s helmet which was on a table near him. “And here’s your helmet.” He said as he threw it to her.

“No problem.” She said as she caught the helmet. “Well see you Mark.” Crystal flew off into the sky and towards the HQ. Crystal arrived at the HQ minutes later, and took the lift down where Sonny, Shade, Amber, Mads and Commander Grey were all there waiting for her.

“There you are, what took you so long?” Amber asked.

“The problem was a lot stronger than I expected.”

“Well I appreciate you taking the time to fix things down there.” The Commander said.

“Your welcome, but I’d rather not have to do that again for a while.”

“Now that you’re here, let’s get going.” Sonny said.

The five of them left the area. Crystal quickly changed back into her normal clothes and they began to walk down the streets.

“So what happened out there?” Shade asked.

“Not much. Just some Ice Demon I had to kill.” Crystal replied. “Although I wouldn’t even be alive right now if it wasn’t for Jessica…” She thought to herself.

Somewhere high in the sky, Jessica was slowly flying through the sky. She was holding one part of Ice X’s left hand. She looked at the dragon symbol for a moment, and then crushed it into tiny pieces with electricity and flew off faster. In an unknown location, Raizor Blaid was in a dark room, working on a robot behind a glass screen.
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Raizor Blaid Saga: Chapter 16 – Raizor’s Robot Team

At 12:30am the next day in Amber’s house (which was Sunday), Amber, Max and their dad were watching a show called ‘It Makes No Sense!’ On the screen was Espio the Chameleon, Charmy the Bee and a horse. Espio was combing the horse’s fur while Charmy was spinning in circles. Vector the Crocodile walked up to them moments later and looked at the screen. “It makes no sense!” He said as a laugh track was played in the background.

“I still don’t get this show.” Their dad said.

“Well it doesn’t make sense so you don’t have to get it.” Max explained.

“He speaks the truth.” Amber replied.

At Crystal’s house, Ruby was in the living room watching the same show when Crystal walked in with Polly and Melissa.

“Hey Ruby, I have friends over and we need the TV.”

“Can’t you use the one in your room? I’m watching a show.”

Crystal looked at the screen to see Espio hit Charmy in his forehead with a shuriken, and then Charmy flew into a wall. “…It makes no sense.”

“Exactly.” Ruby said as she nodded.

At the same time, Sonny, Shade and Mads were watching the show in Mads room.

“This show is pure win!” Sonny exclaimed.

“It’s completely random.” Shade said.

“That’s what makes it great.” Mads replied.

On the screen, Vector said “It Makes No Sense will return after this short commercial break”. The three of them then watched a commercial which said anime and manga was half price at a place called Otaku Universe.

Mads quickly jumped up. “OMFG, half price!”

“What does OMFG stand for?” Sonny asked.

“I’m not allowed to say it.”

Shade coughed. “Is it possible for you to tell us what Otaku means?”

“No way, I’d rather not spend that much time explaining.”

“We have enough time, this chapter is pretty long.”

“Oh, alright then.”

At Crystal’s house, her, Polly and Melissa were in the hallway. Crystal picked up her house phone and called Amber. “Hey Amber.”

“Hi, I’m guessing you’re lonely, right?”

“No.” Crystal said coldly. “Me, Polly and Melissa were gonna go down to that anime shop, you coming?”

“Yeah, I’m coming, time? Place?”

“1pm, my house.”

“K, see you then.” Amber said before she put down the phone. “…I forgot to ask where her house was…”

Crystal phoned Mads moments later after phoning Amber. “Hey, Mads, we’re going to that anime shop.”

“I’m there, time and place?”

“1pm, my house.”

“K.” He said before putting the phone down. Mads phoned up Jason seconds later. “Jason, Otaku Universe, my house, now.”

“I’m on my way.” Jason put down the phone and ran out his house.

Moments later, someone else phoned Mads house and he picked up the phone. “Hey Bob.” The person on the other end said.

“Who is this?”

“It’s me, SA2, this is Bob, right?”

“No, I’m Mads.”

“Whoops, wrong number, sorry.” SA2 hung up a second later while Mads raised his eyebrow for a few seconds then put down the phone.

“You two are gonna need to wear your disguises.” He said, pointing at the two hedgehogs.

“But those clothes suck!” Sonny cried in disappointment.

“You’re wearing them, regardless.”

“I’ll do it but I’m wearing my battle outfit under the clothes.” Shade said.

“Suit yourself, let’s just hurry up and go.”

Jason arrived at Mads house minutes later and the four of them left at 12:45. They got to Amber’s house at 12:50 where she was waiting outside for them.

“About time, let’s move.” Amber said as she walked off.

The five of them arrived at Crystal’s house around 1pm where Crystal, Polly and Melissa were waiting outside.

“So everyone’s here, right?” Crystal asked.

“Pretty much.” Mads replied.

“Great, time to go then.”

All of them began to walk down the street. “So where is this place?” Shade asked.

“It’s in downtown, Green Hill City.” Mads said.

Sonny slowly smiled. “So…”

“Yeah, he decided to name it after that.”

All of them began to walk through downtown. They soon came to Otaku Universe, the outside of the shop was dark blue while the inside walls were light blue. Inside the store, the corridors were packed with people.

“We’re gonna be here a while.” Melissa said, looking around.

“Yeah, let’s split up.” Mads said.

Amber pointed left. “Well I’ll be down there if anyone else is coming.”

“Let’s go left, to the left!” Polly shouted.

“Well us four will go left, we’ll see you guys in a bit.” Crystal said as the four girls walked off.

“I’ll stick with you guys then.” Jason said as he turned towards Mads and the two hedgehogs.

Down the left path, Polly, Melissa and Crystal soon stopped down one row and looked at some comics on the side. Amber continued walking and spotted DJ leaning on a shelf. They both nodded at each other as Amber approached him.

“You buying anything here?” Amber asked.

“Nah, just chilling. You?”

“Probably not.”

“You just bored?”

“I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.”

Down the other end, Sonny, Shade, Mads and Jason were looking through comics on one row. Mads was fifth teen feet away from Sonny, Shade and Jason, and picked up one manga. “Sweet, here it is!”

“What is it?” Jason asked.

“It’s Shakugan no Shana! They finally have it here!” Mads span around in circles while kissing the cover. Jason looked at Shade who spun his finger round multiple times near his head, suggesting he’s crazy. At the checkout, there were three big queues and the area was pretty big. In one of the queues were four robots similar to the ones Shade beat in the old factory.

There was a blue one there with the original three robots. They now had shoulder pads with an ‘RB’ symbol on them, shinier and stronger armor, and now had mouths which have 6 small gaps across it which they can speak through, which light up when they speak. The orange robot was at the front of one queue holding a Death Note manga. SA2 was behind the till.

“Hey, how much is this?” The orange robot asked.

“It’s 10 bucks.”

“Well that seems fair.”

“Although because you’re a robot, we’ll be charging an extra 10.”

“What! That’s an outrage!” He shouted as he slammed his fist on the counter.

“Them the rules.” SA2 shrugged.

The others had recently finished looking around and met by the queues.

“So what did you guys get?” Mads asked.

“I don’t feel like advertising with my words.” Crystal said.

The place was silent for a few seconds.

“It’s not that hard to understand.”

Mads joined the queue while the others stood in the same spot. The orange robot continued to hold up the queue when a voice box started speaking, “Attention all customers, angry orange robot in the facility!”

“I’m not angry!”

Sonny noticed the robots at the front of the queue. “Hey Shade, aren’t those the same robots you beat before?”

“Yeah, I think it is them, but now there are four instead of three.”

Amber slowly smiled. “Yeah, well I think me, Son, Shad and Crystal are gonna do some last minute looking around.” She said to Melissa, Polly and Jason as she ran off down one of the paths. The others followed her, Amber and Crystal went into a bathroom while Sonny and Shade changed into their team outfits without the helmets near the bathroom. Amber and Crystal came out of the bathroom moments later in their outfits.

“You all ready?” Shade asked.

“We sure are.” Crystal replied.

Crystal and Amber quickly covered themselves with waves of energy and smiled, then flew down the path, towards the queues. Sonny and Shade quickly followed. The four of them arrived at the queue moments later where the green robot looked at them.

“Look guys, it’s that black hedgehog from before.” He said, pointing at Shade.

The blue robot walked up to the green one and looked at Shade. “So this is the guy?”

“Yeah, that’s him.”

The orange robot dropped the manga and took out his glowing sword. “It’s time for some payback.”

“The blue one is mine!” Sonny yelled. He quickly jumped forward while curling up into a ball and spin attacked him, and then ran after him. Amber fired a small beam of fire at the orange robot who deflected it with his sword, it then went through many bookcases before evaporating by a wall. The orange robot moved forward to attack Amber; she floated back down one of the paths as the robot followed her.

Crystal jumped forward and began to attack the yellow robot with her feet, who blocked the attacks using his sword. The green robot took out his sword while this was going on. Shade tackled him as he finished taking out his sword. Crystal eventually knocked the sword out of the yellow robot’s hands and kicked him in the chin, sending him flying back. Everyone around the area continued to queue up and pay for their items while this was going on.

Down one end, the orange robot tried to punch Amber multiple times while she avoided the punches by moving left and right. Near the area, Sonny was fighting the blue robot. The blue robot tried to kick Sonny who blocked the kick, jumped up and punched the robot in the face pushing him back near Amber. Amber jumped over the orange robot and head butted him, sending him flying left. At that moment, Sonny kneed the blue robot in the face and sent him flying right.

Amber looked at Sonny who was a few feet to the right of her and gave a thumbs up. “Nice one.”

Sonny looked back at her. “Thanks.”. Sonny back flipped and began spinning on his head for a few moments. The blue robot quickly returned and barged Sonny into a pile of DVD’s. Amber blinked for a few seconds. “That’s gotta hurt…” The orange robot ran towards Amber, she saw him coming and shielded herself as the robot bashed into her and started pushing her back.

Down Shade’s end, the green robot was jumping around the area, trying to stomp on Shade as he continued to move. After jumping six times, he stabbed his sword into the ground as Shade avoided the attack; Shade then swept at his legs and knocked him over.

Afterwards, Shade kicked him into the air and then Crystal punched him in the opposite direction. At that moment, Mads was paying for his manga while Sonny was running from the blue robot in the background. Melissa, Polly and Jason were watching from far away.

“Spin attack yo, spin attack!” Polly yelled.

The yellow robot appeared from one corner and punched Sonny, knocking him towards the blue robot. The blue robot kicked Sonny into the air. Crystal flew by, grabbed Sonny and spun him round three times and then threw him towards the blue robot. Sonny curled into a ball and knocked off his head as he went past. Amber appeared ten feet ahead and punched Sonny back towards the two robots, covering him in fire.

Sonny went through both of the robots; they slowly heated up and exploded from the attack. Shade gave the green robot an uppercut, and then Crystal and Amber both fired a big wave of energy at the robot which caused it to blow up. The orange robot looked around, picked up the other robots parts and ran out of the store.

“Yeah, you better run!” Sonny yelled as he shook his fist.

Amber took a deep breath. “Now that was worth coming here for.”

Shade stroked his chin. “This is the first time we’ve fought together.”

“Yeah, I just noticed that.” Crystal replied.

A red light started flashing on Shade’s suit; Shade pressed a red button and heard Kat’s voice. “Hey guys, you need to get down here, I’ve recently discovered something.” She quickly hung up afterwards. The four of them quickly ran back to the bathroom and changed back into their previous clothes then met the others by the exit as Mads finished paying for his manga.

“There you guys are, you missed this really crazy fight.” Jason said.

“I’m sure we did, well we gotta go somewhere quickly.” Crystal said.

“I’ll see you guys soon then.” Mads replied.

Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber left the store and ran down the street. Mads then looked at the manga. “Oh boy! I’m so happy I could just scream!”

“Please don’t.” Jason replied.
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Raizor Blaid Saga: Chapter 17 – The Cyan Ultra Emerald

Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber arrived at the HQ a bit later where Kat was waiting for them.

“Hey Kat.” Sonny said, waving at her.

“You guys got here pretty quick, what’s with those outfits?” Kat said, looking at the two hedgehogs.

Shade sighed. “Mads suggests we wear them to look human.”

Kat laughed for a few moments. “Who’s gonna believe you two are human?”

“That’s just what I said.” Crystal responded.

“Could we get to the point of why we’re here?” Amber asked, seeming impatient.

“Oh right.” Kat quickly cleared her throat, took out a remote and pointed it at a screen in front of them. An image of a green crystal ball appeared on the screen. Crystal quickly picked up a gold book on a desk and started reading it.

“That looks very similar to something I’ve seen before.” Shade said.

“We’ve decided to call those, Ultra emeralds.”

“Why?” Crystal asked as she looked up.

“Because we couldn’t think of a better name, plus Chaos and Sol were taken.”

“Makes sense.” Amber said.

“I also saw your display at Otaku Universe, impressive.”

“All in a days work.” Sonny grinned.

“Ok.” Crystal stopped reading and put the book down. “So I just recently read part of the plot, and we have to go around finding these Ultra Emeralds before Raizor Blaid does.”

“Pretty much.” Kat shrugged.

“So how are we gonna find these emeralds?” Amber asked.

“Well Rush might be able to make a radar to find the rest if you can manage to find one.”

“I might know where one is.” Shade said. “Back on that base where I fought Sonny.”

“Really? But that’s underwater now.” Sonny replied.

“I guess you two will need underwater equipment then.” Kat said.

Shade shook his head. “Not needed, we’ll use the air bubbles we come across.”

Everyone looked at Shade for a few seconds.

“I’ve seen it in the games, it works.”

Sonny sighed. “Although I dislike water, I’ll go with Shade to go get that emerald, then we’ll come back and give it to Rush. But I’ll need high tech goggles and those things you breathe through.”

“Yeah, I’ll let Rush know.” Kat responded.

“Good luck, you guys.” Amber said.

Sonny and Shade took the lift out of the area. Meanwhile, the orange robot arrived at Raizor Blaid’s base which was built on a grass field within some mountains. SA2 drove past the base on a motorcycle. The building was grey with green flashing lights around the building, and the ‘RB’ symbol at the top in the centre. The orange robot approached some metal doors, dropped the other robot parts and typed in a code on a small gold machine in front of him. The door opened, he picked up the robot parts and entered. He soon came to a room where some parts were dark green and some were light green. In the middle of the room were steps leading up to a big screen. 20 feet behind the steps were three steel doors, one to the left, one to the right and one in the middle. Raizor Blaid was sitting by the stairs when the orange robot entered the room.

“Boss, we ran into a bit of trouble at that store.” The orange robot said as he approached him.

Raizor Blade put his palm to his forehead. “Oh joy, I get to fix them again.” He said sarcastically.

Some time later, Sonny and Shade were standing at the forest area which the underwater base was near. Rush arrived on roller skates with two black goggles and self-contained breathing apparatuses. Rush gave them the items.

“So do the goggles have X-ray vision and shoot out lasers?” Sonny asked.

“No, they’re just normal goggles.” Rush replied.


“We still appreciate it, Rush.” Shade said.

“Let’s get going, then.” Sonny said as he put the items on.

“Hurry back, you two.” Rush said.

“We’ll probably uncover a lot of random things down there.” Shade said.

Shade put on the items and the two hedgehogs ran into the water with Coral Cave from Sonic Rush Adventure playing in the background. Sonny and Shade ran down a long hill of sand for a few moments. They started running through an area filled with multi-colored rocks and mermaids. They soon approached an area with holes in the ground and started jumping across them. After a short while they came to giant springs which looked like jellyfish and jumped on them. The two hedgehogs continued to jump across the springs.

Sonny and Shade reached the base after a few moments and ran down a path filled with water. They ran into a big room and jumped onto one hook, swinging themselves forward and jumping towards the ones above. They finally landed on one of the gears fifth teen seconds later and jumped to the next one going up, moving around in a circle as they continued to jump from one to another. Sonny and Shade made it to the top and entered another room after ten seconds, then collected the Cyan Ultra Emerald left on a table as the music stopped.

Back at Raizor Blaid’s base, he and the four robots were sitting round a black table with the ‘RB’ symbol in the middle of it. The green robot and orange robot were sitting on the right side while the blue robot and yellow robot were sitting on the right side, with Raizor ahead of them.

“So would someone here mind telling me what happened down there?” Raizor said angrily. “And where’s my manga?”

The orange robot nudged the green robot, who then cleared his throat. “We ran into those two hedgehogs at that shop, and there were two others with them. Needless to say, we got our asses kicked.”

“So there were four? I’ll have to see this.” Raizor said as he took out a remote. He pressed a button and a flying camera flew into the room. It then changed into a small screen.

“What is that?” The orange robot asked.

“That’s just a robot I made yesterday, only designed to record things and such, I just call him Camy since I can’t think of a creative name.”

On the flying screen it showed some footage of the battle from a diagonal view. It showed Sonny going straight through the blue robot and yellow robot as a fireball before it cut off.

“Wow, you guys were getting owned pretty badly.” Raizor said as the video finished. “But enough about that, we have work to do.”

“What is it, Boss?” The yellow one asked.

Raizor Blaid took out a yellow Ultra Emerald. “This here is what we’re after, these gems.”

The four robots stared at the emerald in awe. Raizor put it back in his pocket after a few moments. “Now, there are seven of these gems somewhere out there, and they each contain immense power. We’ll need all seven for my plan.”

“But how will we find all seven?” The green robot asked.

“Emeralds normally react to each other, meaning it will glow brighter when another emerald is in close proximity.”

“So are we going to set off now?” The blue robot asked.

“Nah, we’ll start tomorrow.”

A bit later, Sonny, Shade and Rush got back to the HQ with the Ultra Emerald.

“You guys were pretty fast.” Kat said.

“Yeah, I’m pretty speedy, alright.” Sonny said.

“You guys got the emerald?” Crystal asked.

Rush took the emerald from Shade. “Yeah, we got it, now I’m gonna go make that radar. It should be done by tonight.”

“See ya, Rush.” Amber said.

Rush left the room with the emerald and the others turned towards Kat.

“I guess there won’t be much to do until tomorrow.” Kat said.

“Looks like we’ll be seeing you tomorrow then.” Amber responded.

The four of them waved goodbye to Kat and took the lift up. They began to walk down the streets. SA2 was shooting balloons on a rooftop.

“So you two fought each other, huh?” Amber said, looking at the two hedgehogs.

“Yeah, we did.” Sonny said. “It was pretty even.”

“For now anyway.” Shade said.

After a bit, Crystal and Amber walked off in a different direction. “See you guys tomorrow.” Crystal said as they walked off. Sonny and Shade soon arrived at the house and climbed in through the window. Mads recently arrived and entered the house. Mads dad came into the room as he entered.

“Mads, could you come in the kitchen for a minute?”

Mads walked into the kitchen where his mom and dad stood in front of him with a serious look on their face.

“Mads, is it true that you went down to Otaku Universe and bought the Shakugan no Shana manga for half price?”

“Yes.” Mads replied.

Mads mom wiped a tear from her eye as Mads dad hugged him.

“You’ve made me proud, son.”

Sonny and Shade who were watching from the stairs looked at each other and raised an eyebrow. Shade stood up and cleared his throat.

“Since Mads isn’t here to do it, I guess I will. End of Chapter.”

End of Chapter
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Raizor Blaid Saga: Chapter 18 – The Red Ultra Emerald

The next morning, at break, everyone was in the cafeteria. Amber, Jason and Mads were sitting on the right side while Jade and Melissa were sitting on the left side. Crystal walked up to the table and slowly sat down near Jade. She had bags under her eyes, pale skin and was frowning. Amber looked back and forth between Crystal and Jade.

“I think Crystal’s gone emo.”

“Oooh!” Mads said as he jumped up. “I’ll get my camera!” He said as he ran off.

“I haven’t gone emo.” Crystal said, rubbing sleep from her eyes. “Not yet anyway, I’ve been playing this MMO game.”

“MMO?” Jason asked.

“It stands for Massively multiplayer online.” Melissa explained. “What is this game?”

“It’s pretty good, you go around doing quests and leveling up, buying armor and stuff. There’s also this laser arena type thing where you shoot people with lasers and get points.”

“So what’s it called?” Amber asked.

“It’s called Land of Leisure, L.O.L for short.”

“I once played MMO’s.” Jade said. “But they got old pretty quickly.”

“I assure you this one won’t.” Crystal responded.

Mads ran back to the table with a camera seconds later.

“False alarm Mads, Crystal hasn’t gone emo.” Amber said as he returned.

“Oh darn.”

At Mads house, Sonny and Shade were watching a radio show with Eggman as the host. The area Eggman was sitting in was white.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen, you’re watching Egg FM. Where I will be awaiting your calls and playing your favorite songs. Now for the first caller.” He said as he pressed a button in front of him.

“Hey, my name is Ray.”

“Hello Ray, welcome to Egg FM.”

“Yeah, could you play that one song, with all the beeping noises and such?”

“Wouldn’t you rather hear the E.G.G.M.A.N theme instead?”

“No, that theme is completely horrible!”

“Is that so? Well get a load of this!” Eggman quickly disconnected and switched to the next caller.

“Next caller, you’re on the air, insult my theme and you’re gone.”

“Could you put on Angel Island Act 1 theme?”

“But of course.” Eggman grinned and put on the Death Egg Act 1 theme from Sonic and Knuckles.

“Hey! I didn’t ask for that!”

Eggman threw his head back and laughed. Sonny and Shade were sitting on Mads bed, while Sonny had a bowl of nachos in his hand as they watched.

Sonny took a bite out of one of the nachos. “Oh Eggman, you player, you.” He said with a smile.

“I don’t care much for this.” Shade said. “But you know what really grinds my gears?” He continued, turning his attention to Sonny.


Shade picked up a copy of ‘Shadow the Hedgehog’ and showed it to Sonny.

Sonny looked at it for a moment then looked up at Shade. “What about it?”

“The guns, just because he’s black they suggested to him guns? He’s the ultimate lifeform, why does he need guns? And why is he driving around in vehicles when he has his air shoes?”

Sonny scratched his head for a few seconds. “Well I enjoyed it.”

“You would.” He said as he stared at Sonny with a cold glare. Sonny turned to the side, trying not to look at Shade. Back at Smal High, the others were in an IT lesson. In one row, Jessica was sitting on the far left, with Crystal to the right, followed by Mads, Jason, Amber and Polly. Crystal was looking at Melissa’s screen, while Mads was looking at Crystal’s, and so on. Melissa eventually looked right as Crystal looked away from her screen, as the others did the same.

“Are you copying me?” Melissa angrily said, looking at Crystal.

“No, of course not…what’s this work even about?”

Amber moved back on her chair. “That’s what I ask myself in a lot of classes.”

“All work and no work makes work a work work!” Polly shouted while waving her arms.

Amber slowly got up. “I’m gonna move for a short while because Polly still creeps me out.” Amber walked off and sat down near SA2 at a PC fifth teen feet ahead. Crystal looked at Mads moments later.

“So…what’s these random conversations I keep hearing about? What are those like?”

“Let me give you an example.” Mads said as he stood up. “Hey Amber.” He shouted.

“Yeah?” She said, looking up.

“You suck!”

“No u.”

“No me?”

“Yes u.”

“Why me?”

“…I dunno.”. Amber went back to working on the PC while Mads sat down.

“And that’s how it’s done.”

Later that afternoon, Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber went to the HQ and saw Rush who gave them the emerald tracker device. It was silver and had a few green buttons.

Crystal looked at the device for a moment. “So this is it, huh?”

“Yeah.” Rush nodded. “If you turn it on a green arrow with point in the direction of the nearest emerald. The other buttons just change the icon, really.”

“Wow Rush, you’re the best!” Sonny exclaimed.

Shade nodded. “This will make finding those emeralds a lot easier.”

Amber took the device from Crystal. “Yeah, time to get going. Crystal and I will go find the next one.”

“Alright, we’ll meet you guys in a bit then.” Sonny said.

Crystal and Amber rushed off while the others stayed in the room.

Somewhere else, Raizor Blaid was flying across the sky in a small airship with the other four robots. The outside was dark blue with a black line going across the middle, with a white line in the middle of the black line. At the centre sides it had the ‘RB’ symbol and the inside was red. There was a chair at the front where Raizor sat with a control panel, with three chairs in a row a few feet behind him, and another three chairs a bit behind at the back. The blue robot, green robot and orange robot sat in the first three seats while the yellow robot sat behind them.

Raizor turned round to face the robots. “Alright, I’m gonna land in the area of an emerald, then one of you will get out of the ship to go find it.”

“Why?” The orange robot asked.

“Because you’re all combat robots, which suck at beating those other guys, but are decent, none the less. Plus this ship may not be able to get into some areas, in case it’s in a cave or something.”

The green robot put his hand up and Raizor looked at him. “Green, what’s your question?”

“I’ve been thinking, could I get a new name, like hurricane or something?”

“No, you’ll be known as Green, because generic robots should have generic names.” The yellow robot put his hand up.

“Yes Yellow?”

“Can I hold the emerald?”

“No, because you’ll probably drop it.”

“Please? Just for a few moments?”

“Fine, but I’ll seal up the ship now for when you do drop it.”

The yellow robot took the yellow ultra emerald as Raizor put a glass shield around the ship. The yellow robot walked a few feet and tripped, the emerald flew out of his hand and hit the glass.

“Told you you’d drop it, butterfingers.”

Meanwhile, Crystal and Amber approached a cave and stopped.

“Looks like the emerald is in here.” Crystal said, looking at the device.

“Great, let’s hurry up and get it.” Amber said as she ran ahead. Crystal quickly followed her into the cave. As Crystal and Amber began running through the cave the Mystic Cave theme started playing.

They jumped along a trail of big rocks in a lake for the first ten seconds. They then swung from ropes connected to the ceiling for the next eight seconds. They then landed on a rock path, going around in a square diagonally up, changing direction every few moments. After twenty seconds, Crystal and Amber started flying up the side of a wall, and then flew along the ceiling five seconds later, then flew down the left side of a wall, then finally ran along the top area of the path. Crystal and Amber hit a ramp and landed 20 feet ahead on another stone path a few seconds later.

There were holes in the ground ahead where moles popped out of the ground. Amber swiped at them with fire once every second while Crystal back flipped, spun and did handstands as the two ran through the area. They hit another ramp twenty seconds after and landed on another on another path ahead a few seconds later. They then jumped along another trail of rocks and came to a rock door with dozens of red glowing buttons on it several seconds later. Crystal and Amber fired small beams of energy at the buttons, turning them green and then ran in the room seconds later. They entered a dark room with a long trail of stairs up to a platform. Crystal and Amber ran up the trail of stairs and collected the red ultra emerald from the platform as the music stopped fifth teen seconds later.

Back at the HQ, Sonny and Shade were still in Rush’s lab.

“So how are we gonna get to the area Crystal and Amber are at?” Sonny asked.

“With this.” Rush took out a second emerald tracker device. “It’s an emerald tracker tracker!”

“So what you’re saying is, it’s a tracker which tracks the emerald tracker?” Shade asked.

“Yeah, isn’t it great?”

“Wouldn’t it have been better to just make a second emerald tracker?”

“Hey! I’m not a miracle worker; you’ll use my machines and like them!”

“Fine, whatever.” Shade said as he took the tracker.

Sonny and Shade waved goodbye to Rush and left. They arrived at the cave ten minutes later and met Crystal and Amber outside by a river. SA2 was fishing across the river.

“Hey, did you guys get the emerald?” Sonny asked as they reached each other.

“Yeah, we got it.” Amber responded.

“How did you guys get here anyway?” Crystal asked.

“Rush made a radar to track the emerald radar.” Shade said.

“Wouldn’t a second emerald radar make more sense?”

“That’s what I said.”

Suddenly, Raizor Blaid arrived at the area and the four of them looked at the ship as it approached them.

“Well if it isn’t the four troublemakers.” Raizor said as he reached the area.

Sonny smiled. “What a surprise, it’s our old pal, Raizor.”

Crystal looked at Sonny. “So this is that Raizor Blaid guy you mentioned?”

“Yeah, that’s him.”

Amber stroked her chin. “What’s with the mustache?”

“Hey!” Raizor shouted as he pointed at her. “Don’t insult the mustache!”

“You’d probably look better without it.”

“I agree.” The blue robot said.

“Quite you.” Raizor said as he turned around.

Shade yawned. “Is there a point to this?”

Raizor turned round again. “Not really, I just felt the need to strike fear into your hearts and to inform that I’m out to get those emeralds, and I can tell you guys are doing the same. I would let my four robots fight you guys, but that’ll just be a waste of time. Good luck on finding those emeralds, I’ll be seeing you very soon.” Raizor turned the ship around and began to fly off.

Sonny scratched his head. “Weird, I was expecting a random fight for no reason at all.”

“Same here.” Shade responded.

Raizor Blaid was flying back to his base when the blue robot asked him a question.

“Boss, why didn’t we try and take the emerald from them?”

“Why take it now? It won’t help find the others, besides; we don’t have to worry about finding them anymore, because I have a plan.” 

Raizor Blaid flew off into the distance towards his base.
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Raizor Blaid Saga: Chapter 19 – The Blue Ultra Emerald

The next morning, Mads was getting ready for school; Shade was watching TV and Sonny was sitting on the bed, looking at the anime list. Sonny and Shade had recently told Mads about the Ultra emeralds.

“So how many of these emeralds have you found so far?” Mads asked.

“Only two, should be three by this afternoon.”

“You have a means of finding these emeralds?”

Shade turned around. “Yeah, we have an emerald radar…and another radar which finds the radar…”

“…K. Sonny, are you ever gonna pick an anime from that list?”

“Don’t worry man, I got it. I’ll be all over this list, the list won’t know which way I’m coming, I’ll be taking this list downtown!”

Shade and Mads both raised an eyebrow. “All the way?” They responded in unison.

“I dunno yet.”

“Well I gotta get going.” Mads said. “See you guys later.” He said as he walked out the door.

Later at Smal High, the others were watching a movie with another class. Amber looked at the screen.

“It’s just some educational video, which we have to watch with another class, both of which Kyle and that other girl who seems to hate Crystal are in.”

“Hey Mads, how goes that emerald thing with the others then?” Crystal asked.

“They said they were gonna go find one sometime later; after Sonny said he was gonna take that anime list downtown.”

“All the way?” Crystal and Amber responded.

“He doesn’t know yet.”

“You know what really grinds my gears?” Amber said. “Chores.”

“Tru dat.” Mads responded.

“For once I agree.” Crystal said. 

Amber cleared her throat. “I mean, sometimes it’s just annoying, when my mom nags at me for not doing them, although the only reason I didn’t is because I was busy and I would have done them faster if she didn’t nag at me. Which brings me to this flashback…”

“I generally don’t like flashbacks.” Crystal replied.

“Too bad, now sit back and listen.”

In the flashback, it showed Amber in her room on her PC. Her mom walked into the room moments later.

“Amber, how you done your chores?”

“Not yet, I will in a bit.”

Amber’s mom left and came back ten minutes later.

“Amber, could you start your chores?”

“Just give me a few minutes; I just need to finish something.”

Amber’s mom left and came back five minutes later. Amber’s dad walked past at that moment.

“Amber, I want you to start your chores.”

“Dad! Mom’s nagging at me again.” She yelled.

Amber’s dad poked his head into the room. “You’d avoid the nagging if you did what she said.”

“Very funny.” Amber’s mom said, rolling her eyes.

When the flashback ended, Crystal and Mads were both quiet.

“That really wasn’t needed.” Mads said.

“What he said.” Crystal replied.

In the downtown area, Sonny and Shade were walking down the streets in their battle outfits with pedestrians staring at them. They walked up to a bakery, SA2 walked into the shop while Zoom was standing outside, eating a cinnamon roll.

Zoom waved to the two hedgehogs as they came towards him. “Hey Sonny, good to see you again.”

Sonny walked up to Zoom. “Sup Zoom, what you been up to?”

“Speeding through streets and stuff, I entered a race for money recently as well.”

“That’s good to hear. I’ve got this anime list to finish, I’m gonna take that list downtown!”

Zoom raised his eyebrow. “All the way?”

Shade coughed. “Could we get going, we’ve still got something to do, remember?”

“Who’s your friend?” Zoom asked.

“That’s Shade. We’re just collecting these gems before Raizor Blaid does.”

“Oh, that Raizor guy. I saw him recently. Well, a small camera robot of his anyway. It flew off out of his ship as he flew across the sky.”

“That’s odd, thanks anyway. I’ll see you sometime soon.”

“Good luck with that gem thing.”

Sonny and Shade ran off down the street as Zoom walked off in the other direction. Back at Smal High, during the video Amber moved from her seat and sat next to Kyle. 

“Hello, my super powered rival.” She said as she sat down.


“Yeah, got a problem with that?”

“Not really.”

“Good, so you better keep improving for when it eventually happens again.”

Amber got up and moved back to her original seat. Mads got up and walked over to Mike who was across the room.

“Hey Mike, can I borrow your pen?”


Mads quickly picked it up and started walking away. “Thanks.”. Mike sighed as he walked off.

Sonny and Shade arrived at a snow filled area as the Ice Cap Zone Act 2 theme played. There were a group of penguins there building a snowman, SA2 sped past them on ice-skates. Sonny and Shade sped past them on snowboards which matched their outfits after 13 seconds. They continued moving in the same direction, seven seconds later they came to several bumps in the snow and went over them while traveling at the same speed. They went down a hill after eight seconds, passing trees covered with snow on the sides. They reached a corner at shortly after and turned to the right, then turned again a few moments later. Sonny and Shade went over several bumps again, before hitting a ramp eight seconds later, doing a few tricks in the air and grinding on a red rail at moments after.

They moved along the rail in a zigzag pattern while moving up and down. The rail ended near an icy cave at after several seconds, Sonny and Shade jumped off the rail and entered. They started avoiding bats while attacking them as they moved forward. After fifth teen seconds, they started avoiding giant icicles which fell from the ceiling by moving left and right. They approached the blue emerald on an ice block at shortly after. Sonny jumped off his board and picked it up at 01:37 as the music stopped.

Back at Raizor Blaid’s base, he was writing down something on a table when Camy entered the room.

“Ahh Camy, what news have you brought?”

Camy changed into a screen again and showed Sonny and Shade moving through the snow on snowboards.

“They’re doing well so far, it shouldn’t be long before they have the rest.”

The blue robot walked into the room moments later. “Boss, there’s someone other than those four who has an emerald.”

“Well who is it?”

“I can’t remember his name but he had black pants, a white cap, this glowing blue sword which he called a divine sprite blade, a-”

“You mean Jawo’?” Raizor said, interrupting him.

“Yeah, him.”

“Guess we’ll just have to go pay him a visit.”


“Nah, tomorrow.” He said as he sat back on his chair.

Later that afternoon, school was over and everyone went home. Amber had recently just gotten to her house and shut the door.

“Amber, hurry up and do your chores!” Her mom shouted as she entered the house.

“Yeah, I’ll get to it in a bit.”

Amber walked past Max as she went into the kitchen.

“Yo.” She said as she walked past him.

“Sup.” He replied.

As she walked into the kitchen, her older brother was sitting down. He had spiky blonde hair and green pupils. He wore a black jacket with a green shirt, dark blue pants and grey trainers.

“Hey big bro.” She said as she entered the kitchen. “You seem to come round more often now.”

“Yeah, I guess. So what’s going on with you these days?”

“The usual…well almost.”

“I heard a lot of crazy things have been going on a while ago on the news. Some mutant blue hedgehog running through the streets, then the same blue hedgehog and another black hedgehog defeat this guy in a giant robot. And then recently, someone in a black outfit with purple lines took out this ice creature, and then those two hedgehogs, and two others took out a team of robots in a comic book store.”

Amber smiled. “Yeah, it’s been a very crazy few weeks. But it’s been the best few weeks so far.”

“Maybe I should stick around incase something interesting happens.”

“Yes, you should…uhh, what’s your name again, Blitz?”

“Why do you keep forgetting my real name? It’s Ryan.”

“I dunno; guess it’s just a habit.” Amber walked out of the kitchen and to the stairs. “See ya, Ryan.” She said as she walked up the stairs.

At Raizor Blaid’s base, he was in a big steel walled area. In front of him was a machine with half a dozen long robotic arms. It was picking up many materials and starting to put them together. The yellow robot walked in as he stood there.

“Boss, what are you doing?”

“Working on another project, it’ll be done soon.”

“Well good luck with that.” The yellow robot said as he walked out.

Raizor Blaid continued to stand in the same spot, watching the machine.
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Raizor Blaid Saga: Chapter 20 – The Purple Ultra Emerald

We begin this chapter in an unknown area. The place was glowing neo blue like a virtual video game. Crystal in a blue armor outfit was running along the top path of the area, avoiding blue blocks which fell from the ceiling. Amber came out from behind a pillar, also in a blue armor outfit and started firing at Crystal with a red laser gun. Crystal dodged the shots by ducking and jumping. She soon jumped from the top path towards the bottom and somersaulted along the ground as she landed, with Amber still firing at her.

Sonny and Shade, also wearing blue armored outfits ran into the area and started firing at both of them. Crystal jumped behind another pillar while Amber ran up to a rock and kicked it towards them. Shade rolled out the way while Sonny flipped to the side while firing in the air. Sonny shot a pillar multiple times, which landed on Crystal. Amber laughed as Crystal got hit, and then Shade then shot her from behind. Amber started glowing red.

“Damn it.” Amber exploded into tiny red glass shards. Sonny walked up to Shade and shot him moments later, making him glow red and explode. In Mads room, Sonny and Shade were sitting next to each other at Mads PC, playing the game. Mads was sitting on his bed, reading his manga. Shade looked at Sonny as the game ended.


“Why not?” Sonny shrugged.

In the game, Ruby dropped down from the top path and shot Sonny, resulting in her being the winner.

Mads looked up from his manga and said “Owned.”

“Pfft, she got lucky.” Sonny said, viewing the results.

At Crystal’s house, Ruby was sitting by the PC and turned her chair round to Crystal.

“It’s all about waiting for the right moment.” Ruby explained.

“In other words, hiding until there’s only one person left, and then sneaking up on them like a coward?”


Same time later, at Raizor’s base, he recently activated a new robot. Its body was a grey sphere, with black lines to the sides. It had a small red circular sphere in the middle, which it used to see out off. It had four long metal tentacles, which were ten feet long and could be shortened. It was in a room, picking up items and rearranging them on a shelf with Raizor watching. The blue robot ran into the room moments later.

“Boss, we’ve located Jawo’!”

“Good, let’s take off then. Come along…machine I have no name for yet.” He said to the grey robot. The three of them left the room a moment later.

Later, at Smal High, it was lunch time. Amber, Mads, Jason and Jared were sitting on the right side of their table while DJ sat on the left side. Mads had a white paper bag next to him, Crystal and Melissa walked up to the table and sat down.

“OMG! Gurls! Mads yelled.

Amber shook her head. “You cut me deep there Mads, you cut me real deep.”

“So I see you’re pretty good at that shooting game, Amber.” Crystal said.

“Yeah, I’ve been doing that a lot recently.”

“Well you should be doing the main part of that game, L.O.L isn’t all about that.”

“Meh, maybe soon.”

“Hey, anyone here got a spare sandwich?” DJ asked.

“Well I got a tuna salad sandwich.” Mads said as he reached into his paper bag.

“Nah man, I’m not touching that tuna salad. Man’s gotta eat, but man’s also gotta have sense.”

“Suit yourself, anyone else want my sandwich?”

Everyone shook their heads except Jared.

“Jared, you want it?”

“No, I don’t even know what’s in that.”

“It’s tuna salad.”

“It’s hazardous.” Amber blurted out.

“There’s nothing wrong with my tuna salad.”

“The majority of the table disagrees.” Melissa said.

“Pfft, haters…”

At a grassy area, Jawo’ was sitting on a stump as Jawo’ arrived in his small ship.

“Hello again, Jawo’” He said as he landed.

“I was expecting you some time soon; I suppose you’re here for the emerald?”

“Yeah, how did you know I was coming?”

“I saw that little camera robot earlier.”

“I see. Anyway, I suggest you hand it over before I have to get serious.”

“Oh Raizor.” He said shaking his head. “You know your robots don’t stand a chance against me.”

“Well that’s where you’re wrong, I created a superior robot recently which should be enough to take out you and any of those other four involved in my business.”

The grey robot jumped out of the ship moved it’s tentacles around in the air for a few moments. “I think I’ll call this one, Tentalix.”

Jawo’ smiled. “Interesting, it certainly looks different from the others.” He said as he took out a grey ultra emerald. Sonny and Shade ran up to the area a few moments later and stopped a few feet from Jawo’.

“Weird, two enemies in the same place.” Shade said as they arrived.

“May I ask why you guys are here?” Jawo’ said.

Sonny scratched his head. “Well according to something we can’t tell you about, it says Crystal and Amber should be approaching this area, so now we wait.”

Sonny and Shade sat down and waited. Raizor Blaid and Jawo’ shrugged and also waited.

In an area near by, the Hill Top Zone theme started playing as Crystal and Amber ran along a grassy field. Along the path were stone pillars. After a few moments, Amber covered her hands with fire and swiped at the pillars every second, breaking them while Crystal went around them. They came to a wall with a path higher up after a short while, they jumped onto the wall then jumped to a wall higher up in the opposite direction, and then back flipped onto the path higher up. Amber continued to swipe at the pillars while Crystal avoided them. After ten seconds, they came to several stone blocks which they jumped across and landed on a path ahead after five seconds.

They ran along it for a few seconds then started jumping across stone blocks again. They landed on a higher path five seconds after, went through a loop and jumped off a cliff a few seconds later. Seconds later, they landed on another grassy path and ran into a cave. They jumped along rock pillars, descending as they moved along. Crystal and Amber landed on another grassy path fifth teen seconds after entering the cave and ran along it while avoiding bats.

Moments later they jumped onto a wooden box which went up like an escalator. They jumped off the box after a few moments and proceeded outside. They ran along the path and picked up the purple emerald off the grass before continuing to move along the path. Crystal and Amber arrived at the area where the others were a minute later.

“It’s about time you guys got here.” Sonny said as he got up.

Amber yawned while Crystal looked around. “What’s going on here?”

“And who’s this guy?” Amber said as she smiled at Jawo’.

“I’m Jawooooooooooo, but call me Jawo’, we’ve been here for like ten minutes, waiting for you two so I could kick Raizor’s ass and he’ll leave.”

“Yeah, keep thinking that.” Raizor commented. “Anyway, since everyone is now here, Tentallix, finish them off.”

Tentallix extended one of its tentacles and moved it along the ground, trying to trip everyone. Sonny jumped over it and hit the robot with a spin attack, making it fly backwards. Shade appeared behind it using chaos control and roundhouse kicked it towards Crystal. Crystal jumped and kicked it with both feet towards Jawo’. Jawo’ hit Tentallix with the back of his fist, spun round and knocked him to the ground with his arm.

Raizor sighed. “Yeah, you had to go and do your little tag team action on him, didn’t you?” Raizor looked around for a moment. “And where did the red haired girl go to?”
A small ball of fire suddenly hit Raizor’s mustache and completely burnt it off. “My mustache!” Amber floated down from the sky and smiled.

“That’s a nice improvement, too bad it won’t be permanent.”

“Oh, but your death soon will be.” He said angrily.

Jawo’ picked up Tentallix and threw him into Raizor’s ship. “So much for that robot.”

“Well it’s not like he can win when you team up on him.” Raizor said. “I’ll be seeing you guys soon.” He shouted as he flew off.

Crystal looked at the emerald radar. “It says that there’s one emerald here and that Raizor might have one. I’m guessing you have an emerald, Jawo?”

“That’s right.”

“We’re gonna be needing that emerald.” Shade said.

“I guess I could sell it to you for a price.”

“Or we could just kick your ass and take it.”

“Well four on one aren’t very good odds, fine just have it.” He said as he handed Shade the grey emerald. “I didn’t have much use for it anyway. Be sure to visit the Lounge sometime.” Jawo’ gave Sonny a blue card with a sprite logo on it. He then ran off very quickly.

“Great, now we got five emeralds.” Crystal said.

“We just have to find one more than we’ll get the last one off Raizor.” Shade said.

Sonny looked at the card. “I’ve gotta check out this Lounge.”

“Same here.” Amber responded.

“Everyone stand close, I’ll get us back to the base with chaos control.” Shade said.

Sonny, Crystal and Amber moved close to Shade and then teleported them from the grassy area to the HQ in seconds. The four of them went to visit Rush and gave him the emeralds.

“Wow, you guys got five already?” He asked in shock.

“Yeah.” Sonny replied. “Raizor already has one but there should be one more out there.”

“You guys could just give me the radar and I’ll find the last one.”

“Alright.” Crystal said as she handed him the radar. “Saves us a lot of time.”

“Contact us when you get that last emerald.” Shade said.

“Later Rush.” Amber said as she walked off.

The four of them left the room. Back at Raizor Blaid’s base, Raizor and Tentallix were in one dark room. Tentallix was swiping at targets with his tentacles. Raizor put his palm to his forehead.

“You’re doing it wrong. You jab the targets.”

Tentallix unleashed a sharp point from its two top tentacles and started jabbing at the targets, breaking them in half.

“Much better.” He said with a smile.
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Raizor Blaid Saga: Chapter 21 – Infiltrating Raizor’s Base

Later that night, Rush found the green ultra emerald in a forest. In the morning, Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber came to see Rush before going to Smal High.

“Hey guys, I got the sixth emerald.” Rush said as they arrived.

“That means we just have to get the last emerald off Raizor.” Shade said.

“Yeah, but we got school in a bit, so could we do this later today?” Crystal asked.

“Yeah.” Rush nodded. “You guys come back later and we’ll take one of the ships.”

The four of them left, Amber and Crystal went to school shortly after. At break, Amber, Crystal and Mads were sitting at one table.

Mads’ looked around. “Where is everyone?”

“Most people are on another table.” Crystal said.

“Also Mads, I need you to leave so I can say something.” Amber said.

“Why me?” He asked.

“It’s for people with powers.”

“I don’t mind, go ahead.”

Amber thought for a few seconds and then looked at Crystal. “So you started your period yet?”

Crystal raised her eyebrow at her. “Wait, what?”

“Yeah, the bleeding and u-”

Mads quickly got up and started walking away. “Forget this, I’m gonna go sit with the men”.

Mads walked over to another table where Jason, Jared, SA2 and DJ were sitting. “Sup men.” He said as he approached the table.

Jared turned round. “Get lost.”

“Bye men.” He said as he left.

Back at the other table, Amber cleared her throat.

“So you probably haven’t started, right?” Amber asked.

“Could you get to the point please?”

“Yeah, right. I was wondering, since you’re psychic can you hear my thoughts?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Try to guess what I’m thinking.” Amber said as she leaned forward.

Amber stared at Crystal while Crystal lowered her eyes and blinked a few times. “You think my outfit is horrible.” Crystal said coldly.

“That’s right! You can read minds!”

“Actually I just guessed. And my outfit is not horrible.”

“Actually yeah, it is.”

Mads’ walked over to the table again seconds later.

Amber looked at him. “Period.” Mads turned around and walked off again. In the afternoon, they had an IT lesson. The teacher was talking about networks at the front of the class while Amber and Mads were staring outside the window at SA2 giving a crocodile an uppercut.

“That crocodile just got owned.” Mads said.

“Amber, what is a firewall?” The teacher asked.

Amber quickly turned around. “Uhh, it’s a wall…and it’s on fire.”

“Palm to forehead.” Crystal said as she put her palm to her forehead.

At Raizor Blaid’s base, he and the four other robots were sitting round a table. Raizor was holding a list in his hand.

“So it’s settled, we’re getting two large pepperoni pizzas, stuffed crust, no anchovies-”

The blue robot interrupted him. “But boss, I like anchovies.”

“But you’re a robot, since when did you have taste buds?”

“I just like them.”

“All right, we’ll get anchovies, now on to important business. If my theory is correct, which it should be, those four should have collected the other six emeralds by now. That means they’ll be on their way here later today.”

“Should we prepare for that?” The Yellow robot asked.

“Not today, anyway.”

Later in the afternoon, Sonny and Shade met Crystal, Amber and Mads outside Smal High and they began to walk to the HQ.

“Yeah! It’s the weekend!” Amber shouted as she threw her hands in the air. Mads high-fived her.

“You guys going to see Rush now?” Mads asked.

“Yeah.” Amber responded. “We’re going to Raizor’s base.”

“Great, I’ll come along too.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Shade replied.

“Don’t worry; I’ll stay in the ship.”

“I guess that’s fine.”

The five of them arrived at the HQ five minutes later and met Rush in the ship room. Rush was standing by a red ship, similar to Raizor Blaid’s ship. The five of them walked up to Rush.

“Hey Rush, Mads is gonna come along as well.” Shade said as they stopped near the ship.

“Alright, let’s hop in and go.”

All of them jumped in the ship and took off down an underground route, soon leading to the outside and they flew across the sky towards Raizor Blaid’s base.

Rush turned round to the others. “Did everyone make sure to ‘go’ before we took off?”

“Go? What on earth are you talking about, Rush?” Sonny asked.

“The toilet.”

“Oh, I’m fine.”

“So is everyone alright?”

Everyone nodded. Sonny then looked at Crystal.

“Crystal, I’ve been meaning to ask for a while now, what’s up with that outfit you used to wear? The purple one on the first day we met you.”

“Oh, I designed that one myself, it took quite a long while, but it’s outdated compared to this outfit.”

“I never got to see that bad outfit.” Mads said.

“Same here.” Amber replied.

“Get ready guys, we should be near the base now.”

Rush landed the ship thirty feet from the base. Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber hopped out of the ship. SA2 drove by the base on a motorbike as they hopped out.

“We’ll be back in twenty minutes, tops.” Sonny said as he walked off.

“Be sure to steal some things.” Mads yelled. “Mainly his anime and special stuff which shall not be mentioned.”

“You got it.” Sonny shouted.

The four of them approached the metal door to Raizor’s base. Amber moved back after a few seconds.

“Looks like you need a code to enter.” Crystal said.

“And here I thought it would be something like an eye scanner or something.” Shade said.

“He must be low on money.” Sonny shrugged.

“Stand back people.” Amber said as she created a big ball of fiery energy in both hands and put them together making a bigger ball in front of her. “Pyro Cannon!” She shouted as she fired a big fiery beam at the door, breaking down the door with ease. Crystal looked at Amber who then looked at Crystal.

“My Pyro Cannon, a special attack which the others have seen.”

“I need a special attack…” Crystal said quietly.

The four of them walked in where the walls were green with stripes of black. There was one path to the right and one to the left.

“Hmm…Amber and I should go right.” Sonny said.

“Yeah. Let’s show this guy who he’s messing with.” Amber responded.

“We’re gonna own this guy, we’ll take him downtown!”

“All the way?” The others replied in unison. Sonny shrugged.

“See you guys at the end.” Amber said as she ran off down the right side. Sonny quickly followed. Shade and Crystal stared on for a few seconds then ran down the left side. Raizor Blaid was watching this on his security cameras with the other four robots.

“It’s about time they arrived.”

“Boss, what do we do now?” The green one asked.

“Take Camy and follow out the plan.”

The four robots left the room quickly. Down Sonny and Amber’s path, the route slowly descended and they ran into several basic silver robots, as tall as the other four. They punched and kicked them out of the way as they ran past. They hit a speed pad and then several springs, going up diagonally left and right. Sonny landed on the top path and then Amber landed softly on his head with her feet as he ran down the path. Amber covered them in a fiery shield as Sonny sped up towards a dozen silver robots standing randomly along the path. Sonny moved up and down, smashing into several robots and destroying them while Amber fired small beams of fire at a few of them. Ahead of them was a metal gate blocked by four steel bars with half a dozen silver robots behind the gate in a line, holding bronze square shields. Sonny ran faster as Amber covered them in even more waves of fire, going through the gate and robots, melting them both.

Down Shade and Crystal’s path, the route slowly ascended into a white lab room. Several silver bats came towards them as they entered, Shade rolled into a ball and Crystal kicked him at the bats. She then moved him around the area with her phychokinesis, destroying the rest of the bats. Afterwards, Shade and Crystal ran ahead and onto another green and black path again. They came to a wall with another path very high up; they jumped from left to right until they reached the top. Shade and Crystal jumped over a gate and then slid under a falling gate.

Sonny and Amber reached the end of their route and arrived at a blue door with the ‘RB’ symbol on it. Shade and Crystal came towards them form another side, covered in big waves of yellow energy. They stopped near Sonny and Amber, Shade then put his power rings back on.

“That was one impressive move.” Amber said.

“Thanks.” Shade said as he finished putting the rings back on.

The four of them turned towards the door and entered.
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Raizor Blaid Saga: Chapter 22 – Raizor’s Master Plan

The four of them walked in and went past many rooms until they came to the room with a long line of steps going up to a big screen. Raizor Blaid was standing at the top.

“It’s about time you four got here.” Raizor Blaid said as they entered.

“You knew we were coming?” Shade asked.

“Of course, why else would I have made it really easy to get here.”

“I did notice it was very easy.” Amber said, stroking her chin.

“Well let’s get a move on; I’ll be quite busy later.” Raizor took out a remote control and pressed a button, causing a dozen dark purple robot spiders to rise from spaces on the floor. They had green eyes and fangs. Small machine guns ejected from their backs and began to fire at the four as they moved out the way.

Sonny ran around the room, avoiding the gunfire. He rolled into a ball and went through a few spiders; he then stopped and looked at one spider that turned its attention to him. As it fired at Sonny, he went to the left and punched it right. Shade went through the spider with a flying downward kick. He then jumped up and blew up two of the robots with his chaos spear. Shade went straight through a few robots in half a second using chaos control, and then stopped at one robot and kicked it to the left. Crystal caught the spider with her psychokinesis and threw it at another one, blowing them both up. One robot behind Crystal began to fire at her and she caught the fiery pellets with her psychokinesis, destroying several other robots with the pellets, and then jumped back and roundhouse kicked the robot to the right. Amber turned around and punched the spider into the ground. Amber then fired a blast of fire to her left, destroying a few robots, and then to her right, destroying a few more. She then jumped up and slammed her fist into the ground, creating a long line of fire which destroyed a few more spiders. After a few more moments the rest of the spiders had been destroyed.

Raizor started clapping slowly as he walked down the stairs. “Bravo that was quite good; I guess you can take the last ultra emerald now.”

Shade raised his eyebrow. “What’s the catch?”

“There’s no catch, you beat me fair and square this time.” Raizor handed the emerald to Amber. “Now I’d appreciate if you guys left, I’ve got important business to attend to.” The four of them shrugged and made their way to the exit. They arrived outside after a short while and jumped into the ship where Mads and Rush were waiting.

“You guys only took about ten minutes. So what happened down there?” Mads asked.

“We beat up some robot spiders and then he just gave us the emerald, with no hassle at all.” Sonny explained.

“That’s strange.” Rush said.

“Indeed.” Mads’ responded.

“Never mind that, we got all seven now.” Amber said, lying back in her seat.

“You’re right.” Rush said as he started up the ship. “Let’s get back to the base.” Rush flew off towards the base seconds later. They arrived at the base a bit later and Rush flew the ship into the underground route to the ship room. They jumped out of the ship and looked around to see holes in the walls and the other ships had smashed windows and dents while SA2 was eating a sandwich in one of the ships.

“What on earth happened here?” Crystal said, looking around.

The five of them proceeded to the hallways where things were broken all over the place. They reached the main room to see people beaten up. The two agents which introduced Sonny and Shade to the HQ walked up to them.

“White agent, what happened here?” Shade asked.

“Those four tall robots and their flying camera came and trashed the place, and then took the ultra emeralds.”

“Would these four robots be blue, green, orange and yellow?”

“Yeah, that was them.”

“How did Raizor even find this place?” Crystal said.

“Something must have followed us here one time.” Amber said. “He’s a crafty one alright. At least we still have one emerald.” She said as she took out the emerald.

Sonny took the emerald off Amber as the black agent began to talk. “They also took Kat.”

“That’s NO good!” Sonny said as he sniffed the emerald. Sonny thought for a second and then bit a piece of the emerald. Everyone looked at Sonny in shock.

“Geez, are you that hungry?” Amber asked.

“Guys…this isn’t an emerald…”

“What?” Everyone responded in confusion.

“Yeah, its rock candy, shaped very well like an emerald…”

“…Mind if I get some of that?” Amber asked.

“Sure.” Sonny said as he gave her the emerald shaped rock candy.

“Palm to forehead.” Crystal said as she put her palm to her forehead.

“So let me get this straight.” Shade began. “They stole the ultra emeralds, they broke various stuff and trashed the area, then they took Kat and left?”

“That’s what happened.” The second agent replied.

“It’s surprising how a good day can turn out bad so fast…”

A bit later at Raizor Blaid’s base, the four robots and Camy arrived with the other six ultra emeralds. The blue robot walked in with Kat tied up on his shoulder.

“Finally, I got all seven emeralds. I barely had to do anything at all.” Raizor smiled.

“Alright Raizor, now tell me how you organized this plan.” Kat demanded.

“It was pretty simple to be quite honest. Time for a flashback.”

Everyone moaned for a few moments.

“I don’t care if you guys dislike it, the flashback is happening.”

In the flashback, it showed Raizor Blaid meeting Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber in his ship shortly after they found the second ultra emerald with SA2 still fishing across the river.

“After seeing those four I noticed they already had two ultra emeralds. Then I decided to let my flying camera, Camy as I like to call him, follow them back to your HQ and find out how to get in through that code. And then after they had finished getting the emeralds, probably after my encounter with Jawo’, I knew they’d be coming here to get the last one. I sent my robots to enter your HQ while they were here and take the emeralds while destroying other stuff for no reason. So I hid my emerald and gave them the rock candy replica of it, which I must say looked quite good.”

“You gave away my candy replica?” The yellow one asked.

“Sorry Yellow but it had to be done.”

“So what do you plan to do with the seven emeralds?” Kat asked.

“Kill any resistance, and any others that have annoyed me in the past, etc. You know the drill.”

“You do realize you’ll eventually be beaten, right?”

“I suppose, but I can try to prevent that, come on robot team, we need to hurry up with preparations before those four come back and search here.” Raizor Blaid and the four robots left the room quickly and hopped in Raizor’s ship and then flew off. Shade came back later to check but couldn’t find them. He then ran back to the HQ. The five of them went to the training room; Sonny and Amber were in the main area of the training room while Shade, Crystal and Mads were behind the glass screen. Sonny and Amber rushed at each other and clashed in the middle of the area, both of them trying to push the other one back using their foreheads and surrounded by blue and red waves.

Mads shifted his eyes from left to right. “So they’re gone?”

Shade laid against a wall with his arms crossed. “Yeah.”

“But what about the fox?”

“Raizor will expect us to come when he’s ready, we’ll wait.”

“Since we got time, you might as well tell us about yourself, Shade.” Crystal said.

“Well my creator found a mural deep in the caverns of this jungle, I was never told where exactly. On it had two yellow flying hedgehogs fighting someone in a giant mech. That inspired him to create me as how I look today. His name was Dr. Kurosama.”

“And where is he now?” Crystal asked.

“I have no idea; I haven’t seen him since a day before I met Sonny.”

“Yeah, well I’ll be seeing you guys later.” Crystal said, she then looked at Sonny and Amber who were still in the same position. “Hey Amber, I’m going now, you coming?”

Amber slowly looked over at her. “Alright.” Amber jumped over Sonny and Sonny ran into the wall. “See ya Sonny.” She said as she walked out.

“See ya Amber.” He replied with his head still stuck in the wall.

Shade and Mads looked at Sonny and then shrugged. Crystal and Amber left the HQ and began walking home.

“Oh yeah, I found out my older brother’s name, he’s at my house now.” Amber said.

“You act like that’s an accomplishment.” Crystal replied.

“I just forget sometimes.”

“Since there’s time, you should come to my house and then I’ll come to yours.”

“Alright but let’s hurry up.”

Crystal and Amber ran down the streets and reached Crystal’s house ten minutes later. Crystal opened the door and they both entered. They entered the living room where Ruby was watching TV. On the screen Charmy was running from a gorilla and Espio dropped a giant rock on him. Vector walked onto the screen and said, “It makes no sense!” before being tackled by the gorilla. Ruby looked at them as they entered.

“Hey Ruby, this is a new friend, Amber.” Crystal said.

“Hi Amber. Can’t Crystal be annoying?”

“Very, glad to meet someone who sees that.”

“Well you both annoy me anyway.” Crystal said, lowering her eyes.

The two of them left the room and walked into the kitchen where Crystal’s parents were. Amber walked up to Crystal’s dad and shook his hand.

“Mom, dad, this is Amber.” Crystal said.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Crystal’s dad and Mrs. Crystal’s mom.” Amber said, shaking their hands.

“Nice to meet you too.” They both said.

Crystal and Amber soon left after waving goodbye and went to Amber’s house. They went to Amber’s garage where Max and Ryan were lifting weights.

“Feel the burn, Max!” Ryan shouted as he watched him.

“I’m feeling a lot more than just the burn.” He said as he struggled to lift the weights.

“So that’s Max, my younger brother.” Amber said pointing at him. “And that’s Ryan, my older brother.” She continued, pointing at him.

Max managed to lift the weight back up and got up, then looked at Crystal. “Sup Amber, who’s your friend?”

“This here is Crystal, a new friend.”

“Damn, you look good.” Max smiled.

“Excuse you?” Crystal questioned him.

“Just a complement.”

“Hi Crystal.” Ryan said walking up to her. “Amber has already told me a bit about you.”

“Uhh…yeah.” Crystal slowly said as she stared at him. Amber clicked her fingers in front of her face and Crystal quickly shook her head a few times. “Nice to meet you, Ryan. Well I gotta get going now.”

“Well I’ll see you soon then.” Ryan said.

“Great…see you then.”

Crystal and Amber left the garage and went to the front door.

“I’ll probably see you tomorrow.” Amber said.

“There’s a good chance something will turn up tomorrow. Bye.”

Crystal left and walked down the street as Amber closed her front door.
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That guy

« Reply #26 on: 08 December, 2007, 10:41:36 am »

*Caught up*

....This is so awesome, I'm nearly writing woot.

Oh screw it, WOOT!
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« Reply #28 on: 08 December, 2007, 11:21:09 am »

Raizor Blaid Saga: Chapter 23 – The Space Station

The next day at Mads house, at 11:30 in the morning Sonny, Shade and Mads were sitting on Mads bed. Sonny and Shade were playing Mario Kart Double Dash while Mads was watching.

“Yeah, I’m in 1st place!” Sonny yelled halfway through the first lap.

By the beginning of the second lap, Shade got in front of Sonny.

“Hey, you’re blocking me!”

Near the end of the second lap Sonny moved left and right, trying to get past Shade as he also moved left and right.

“I’ve speed round eventually…”

Near the end of the third lap, Sonny started bashing Shade’s kart but ended up bashing into a wall at one corner. “You made me crash.”

“I am the ultimate.” Shade responded.

Moments later they heard a noise at the door and Mads dad entered to only see Mads in the room.

“I thought I heard somebody up here.” He said, looking around.

“Nope, just me talking to myself.” Mads replied.

Mads’ dad left and then Shade came out from under the bed and Sonny came out the closet.

“Would you guys just wear the clothes I gave you?”

“No, they suck ass.” Sonny replied.

“What he said.” Shade responded.

Crystal and Ruby were walking to Amber’s house. Ruby was riding her bike which was yellow.

“I like your friend, Amber.” Ruby said.

“You would.”

Ruby turned around and continued riding backwards. “Damn straight.”

Crystal looked at Ruby riding backwards. “How are you doing that?”

“It’s not that hard really.”

They arrived at Amber’s house after a short while and knocked on the door. Amber’s mom answered the door.

“Hello Crystal, come on in, Amber’s in the living room.”

Crystal and Ruby came in and Ruby left her bike near the door. They came into the living room where Amber and Ryan were playing a shooting game while Max watched. Ryan was behind a truck when Amber came round the right side and shot him.

“Owned.” She said with a smile.

“You got lucky.” Ryan replied. He got up to leave. “Hey Crystal.” He said as he walked past her.

“Hi.” She said as she looked back. “What you playing, Amber?”

“I don’t know to be honest, wanna play Killer Instinct?”


Somewhere high in the sky, was another base, it was twice as big as Raizor Blaid’s base and was silver with the ‘RB’ symbol on it and green flashing lights. It had a giant black and red cannon on top of it and a top antenna with glowing red lights going up it. The walls inside were light blue while the floors were dark with the ‘RB’ symbol on various walls. Raizor was in one of the rooms working on the blue robot while Kat was still tied up near a wall. Raizor stepped back when he finished working on the blue robot and it sat up.

“There, finished.”

“So what did you do boss?”

“I gave you and the other three robots weapons, I gave you built in rockets, I gave Orange missiles, I gave Green bombs and I gave Yellow some machine gun which fires small pellets.”

“Thanks boss.”

“I gave you those for a purpose; I will broadcast my message to all television sets that I will be destroying any resistance with the next few hours. Just as soon as Camy shows up.”

“Isn’t this the part where you do your evil laugh?” Kat asked.

“Nah. They seem quite generic now so I’m gonna go without one.”

“So where is this place?” She asked.

“This is my space station, like an advanced version of my original base.”

“But it’s not in space…”

“It will be in a few hours.”

A doorbell noise was heard; Raizor checked the screens to see SA2 outside with a jetpack holding two pizzas.

“Ahh, those must be the pizzas I ordered.” Raizor said as he walked out the room. He went to the main entrance and handed SA2 $30 as he took the two pizzas. “Keep the change.” Raizor shut the door a moment later and SA2 left. Back at Amber’s house, Crystal and Amber were playing Killer Instinct. Amber was in the corner blocking while Crystal continued you punch her.

“C-C-C-Combo breaker!” Amber exclaimed. Crystal continued to keep punching. Amber said it again moments later. She continued to say it until Crystal finally looked at her.

“Would you stop saying that, it’s annoying.”

Amber quickly attacked her with a 24-hit combo which finished her off.

“You cheat.”

Amber chuckled for a few seconds. “You get annoyed way too easily.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed…”

Meanwhile at Raizor’s base, Camy came into the room Raizor was in.

“Camy, there you are, now I can put my plan into action.” Raizor hooked Camy to the system and tried to get through to the UN using the antenna.

The operator picked up the signal.  “We get signal. Main screen turn on.”

Raizor appeared on a big screen ahead of them. One person stood up. “It’s you!”

“How are you gentlemen? All your base are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction.”

“What you say?”

“You have a few hours to survive, make your time.”

Raizor cut off the connection seconds later. Raizor Blaid then appeared on everyone’s TV sets, and wide screens in the city.

“Citizens of Green Hill City, lead me your ears and listen.”

At Mads house, Sonny, Shade and Mads were watching this.

“Looks like its go time.” Sonny said.

Shade looked at him. “Please don’t say that again.”

“So that’s Raizor?” Mads asked.

“Yeah, that’s him. We better go see Rush in a bit.”

At Amber’s house, Crystal and Amber were watching the same thing.

“Well this was unexpected…” Crystal said.

“It’s better than staying in all day.” Amber responded.

It cut back to Raizor as he began speaking. “Some of you may remember me from a few weeks back, my name is Raizor Blaid. The day of reckoning is upon you as I have completed my ultimate weapon, capable of wreaking havoc on the whole planet. In a few short hours I will destroy any threat to global conquest with this…” He said as Camy showed the red and black cannon.

In Amber’s kitchen, Max was looking up at the TV while Ruby walked over to him, drinking orange juice and spat it in his face as she looked at the screen. “Whoa! That’s one big ass cannon!”

“Yeah but spitting that drink in my face wasn’t necessary.”

“Oh, sorry about that.” She grinned.

Raizor continued on the screen. “I suggest you prepare for the worst. And for you four special individuals, you should know who you are; you’ll find me high in the sky, north-west of my original base.” He said just before he cut off the connection.

Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber made their way to the HQ shortly after and met Rush in the lab.

“Hi guys, you came pretty quickly.” Rush said as they arrived.

“Whatever, let’s just hurry up and get there.” Amber responded impatiently.

The five of them went to the ship room and jumped in the red ship. They then flew off out of the base and into the sky towards the base.

“Time to go kick some ass!” Sonny shouted. “I’ve been waiting for this.”

“Same here, Sonny, same here. I’ll be the one to finish him, or my name ain’t Amber Salsar.”

“That’s your surname?” Shade asked.

Amber nodded, Shade then looked at Crystal. “So what’s yours?”

“I’d rather not say.” Crystal responded.

“I’m sure it can’t be that bad.” Rush said.

“It’s Clear.” Crystal muttered.

“It’s what?”

“It’s Clear.” She said again with a sigh.

Shade sat up. “So that means…”

“Don’t say it.”

Amber smiled. “So that makes you…”

“Don’t you dare say it.”

“Crystal Clear.” Sonny grinned.

“Ba dum pshh! Amber said, pretending to play drums.

Crystal closed her eyes and sat back. “I’d appreciate if you guys don’t continuously mention that.” 

“We’re approaching the place now, guys.” Rush said.

Rush flew up a bit higher and towards the floating base in the sky. As they got near it, Raizor Blaid saw the ship on the screens. “It’s finally time for the games to begin!” He then pointed at Camy. “Camy, time to broadcast this event.” Camy showed the other five, arriving at the base on everyone’s televisions. Mads was watching in his room and took out a video camera. “I better record this.” He said as he switched it on. Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber jumped out of the ship and ran towards the entrance, which opened as they approached it.

“I’ll be there in a short while.” Rush said as they entered.

The four of them went dropped down onto another floor as the Flying Battery Zone Act 2 theme started playing. They began running for a few seconds, and then started jumping over big gaps on the floor for a few seconds. They started running again and then jumped over more gaps for a few seconds. A moment later they approached several robotic spiders from far away which started firing at them. They dodged the blasts and continued moving. The robots fired more; the four of them knocked the robots out of the way and ran into an elevator which was black with the ‘RB’ symbol on the floor. As the elevator moved Sonny and Shade picked up two guitars which were there and started playing them as Crystal and Amber tap-danced.

In the middle of downtown, various people were watching this on a giant widescreen. The man on 42 news stood near it and the cameramen focused on him. “Welcome to a special showing of 42 news, as a diabolical villain, known as Raizor Blaid is preparing to destroy any force capable of stopping him in a few hours. The same four individuals who fought a robot team at Otaku Universe last Sunday are making their way to him right now. Stay tuned!”

In Amber’s kitchen, Max was still standing in one spot, watching the TV. Ruby walked up to him drinking apple juice and spat it in his face as she looked up at the TV. “Cool, it’s those four from that book store!”

“Stop doing that.” Max said as he wiped the apple juice off his face.

Back at Raizor Blaid’s base, Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber ran out of the elevator at after a short while and onto an escalator going straight forward two seconds later. After a few seconds they jumped across platforms going up in a circle with the ‘RB’ symbol on them for a few seconds and landed on another escalator. After a few seconds they jumped across a few more platforms before landing on another path.

On the path were two small gaps in the ground on the left and right of the path. Giant razor sharp disks were traveling down the gaps multiple times. The four of them ran down the path, avoiding the disks by moving left and right. They ran into another elevator going up ten seconds later. Sonny and Shade picked up the two guitars in the elevator and began playing the beat as Crystal and Amber tap danced again. They ran out of the elevator after fifth teen seconds and went through another black door, which opened as they approached it.
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Raizor Blaid Saga: Chapter 24 – The Power of the Ultra Emeralds

Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber entered a big grey room with loads of boxes around the area. The four robots, Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow stood ten feet away from them on some boxes.

“Oh look, it’s the robots we owned at Otaku Universe.” Amber said as they entered.

“We won’t go down so easily this time.” The green one said.

The yellow robot nodded. “Yeah, we got weapons now.”

“Weapons can’t compare with skill.” Shade said shaking his head.

“He speaks the truth.” Crystal said, agreeing with Shade.

“Enough talk.” The blue robot said as he loaded the missiles. “Let’s go.”

Sonny moved a bit ahead of the others. “Like last time, the blue one’s mine.” As Sonny jumped towards the blue robot he fired a rocket. Sonny threw a Sonny Wind and blew it up and then he kicked the robot, sending him flying back. The yellow robot started firing at Crystal who put up a shield while the robot continued to fire. The orange robot started firing missiles at Amber. Amber spun multiple times, surrounding herself in fire as she moved to Orange. She gave him an uppercut and then kicked him to the left. Shade jumped up and hit the green robot with a Chaos Spear, and then elbowed him in the face.

Jessica was in her room, with Zoom sitting next to her, watching this. The walls in her room were light blue.

“Man, I should have gone with Sonny.” Zoom said.

Jessica slapped him at the back of his head. “Shut up.”

“Well you seem pretty bored today.” Zoom said, rubbing his head.

“I am, I need to start doing stuff like this. And you need to start wearing clothes.”

“Why, I ain’t got nothing to hide.”

“Because I let you stay here, that’s why. You’ll start wearing clothes or get the hell out.”


Downtown, Ryan was looking up at the big screen and smiled. In Raizor’s base, Raizor Blaid was watching this on the screens while Kat was still tied up. 

“Your bots are losing.” Kat said as she started to laugh.

“I wasn’t really relying on those four, they are just mid-bosses.”

“I see.”

“Yeah, I’ll be the final boss, in my hyped up robot. After finishing off those four, the first place I’ll destroy is my high school, which I left a few years ago.”

“So how old are you now?”

“That’s personal info.”

Back in the other room, Sonny was jumping across a lot of boxes, avoiding rockets flying towards him. One of them explodes near him and he falls into one of the boxes. He spin dashed out of the box and knocked the blue robot into the air. Green threw a bomb at Shade who kicked it into the air and it hit Blue, knocking him into some boxes. Amber was flying around the room with missiles chasing her. Amber landed next to Yellow and punched him in the stomach, and then quickly moved as the missiles hit the area. Crystal kicked Green from the side as he threw another bomb, which Shade kicked near Orange, as it exploded he flew back and landed in some boxes. Sonny ran up to Green and roundhouse kicked him into a box.

“That was too easy.” Crystal said, seeming surprised.

“C’mon, let’s go find Raizor.” Sonny said as he ran to the exit.

The four of them entered a large hallway area where the floors were red. There were paths higher up to the left and right. There was a very large red spinning top in the middle of the room. As the door closed Tentallix entered the area from another door.

Sonny smiled. “Hey there, metal head, ready for another beating?”

Moments later, Tentallix jumped up onto the spinning top and hooked itself to it in four places. It then turned on and began moving towards the others.

“This was unexpected.” Shade said in shock.

The four of them moved out of the way and began to fire energy attacks at it which didn’t seem to do much damage. It came towards them again; Sonny, Shade and Crystal ran right while Amber jumped to a path higher up and ran along it while the spinning top slowly destroyed the path. Sonny and Shade tried to spin attack the spinning top but got hit and flew back. Crystal caught Shade while Amber caught Sonny and flew up a bit higher.

“To stop it we’ll have to destroy Tentallix.” Sonny said.

“Well no duh!” The other three responded.

“Well sorry for pointing it out then.”

Amber moved to the left side of the spinning top as Crystal stayed on the right side. Crystal spun Sonny round multiple times, covering him waves of purple energy before throwing him towards Tentallix. Sonny hit him, making him tilt to the side and stop for a short while. Amber then spun Shade round multiple times, covering him in fire as she threw him towards Tentallix. As Shade hit Tentallix he started to malfunction slightly and dents in his armor appeared. Crystal and Amber continued to move around, throwing Sonny and Shade at Tentallix. Soon they both moved to one side and kicked Sonny and Shade at Tentallix, covering them in energy. As Sonny and Shade hit Tentallix he exploded moments later. Sonny and Shade landed on the ground with their backs to the machine as it exploded.

Crystal and Amber floated down and landed near Sonny and Shade as they ran towards the exit. The four of them left the room and moved along a white path with black and yellow zigzag patterns on the wall. At the end of the path was another black door with the ‘RB’ symbol on it and a zigzag pattern going down it. The door opened as they approached it.

As they entered the room and looked up the E.G.G.M.A.N Remix theme started playing. Twenty feet in front of them stood a giant mech. It looked similar to Emerl from Sonic Battle, but more muscular, metal shoulder pads with spikes on them and laser cannons in the middle of its hands. Its body, arms, legs and head was black while its hands, horn, and kneecaps were red. It also had red markings on its torso. Loads of robotic arms were fixing up the robot as the theme played. A light at the top turned on and Raizor Blaid hovered down and landed in the control room of the robot then the music stopped after thirty three seconds. Kat was behind a glass screen in one corner of the big room.

“Welcome, you four, I’ll call this the RX for now; I really need to know your names.”

“I’m Sonny the Hedgehog, or Blue Lightning, your choice.”

“Shade the Hedgehog, or you could call me Chaos Demon if you like.”

Crystal cleared her throat. “I’ll go by what I first came up with, Psychic Angel.”

Amber hesitated for a few seconds. “I haven’t really thought of a name…I guess Blaze would do.”

“Blaze is taken.” Crystal responded.

“So? I’m using it anyway.”

Raizor Blaid slowly started walking towards them in the robot. “Now that we know each other a bit better, let’s get started.” Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber got into a fighting stance as Raizor charged at them.

In the suburbs, Mark entered his house and turned on the TV to see Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber fighting Raizor Blaid.

“Wow, it’s that girl who beat the ice monster.”

Melissa and Polly were on the streets, watching it through a window.

“Yeah, go heroes, go!” Polly shouted.

Melissa looked at her. “I think you’ve had a bit too much sugar today.”

At Mads house, Mads phoned up Jason.

“Yo Jason, you watching”

“Yeah, I’m watching. It’s pure win”


Back at Raizor’s base, Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber moved around with the robot chasing them. Crystal flew over to Kat while the others continued to move. Crystal fired multiple blasts of energy at the glass which had no effect.

“We’ll free you after we beat Raizor.” She said as she flew in the other direction.

RX slammed his fist into the ground near Amber as she moved. Shade then ran towards the robot from far away.

“Time for me to kick some ass.”

“After me, amigo.” Sonny said as he sped past him.


Sonny stopped near RX and started punching and kicking it while saying, “Boom chika ah, boom chika ah, boom chika ah, boom chika ah, ain’t no thing but a chicken wing!” RX fired a big beam of energy at Sonny which hit him; he flew into a wall with his legs hanging out. “Ow…”

As Crystal flew towards RX Amber flew past her. “He’s all mine.” Amber punched and kicked RX for a few moments, causing no damage. RX kicked her and she flew back. “He’s all yours.” She said as she flew back. RX tried to kick Crystal but she flew over the foot, RX then punched her and she hit the ground. Shade threw a chaos spear which did no damage. RX turned to him and fired a big beam of energy; Shade dodged it and then got hit by RX’s foot and flew into Crystal. Sonny recovered and rubbed his head as Raizor laughed. 

“Don’t feel too bad, guys. Of course you wouldn’t stand a chance since this robot is being powered by the ultra emeralds.”

“Now it makes sense.” Shade said.

Crystal sighed. “Shade, could you got off me please?”

“Oh, sorry.” Shade got up and ran towards RX. RX started firing energy blasts as Shade avoided them, moving around the area.

Jared and Jade were in their room watching this.

“They aren’t doing too well.” Jared said.

“Meh.” Jade shrugged.

DJ was downtown; he walked up to the area where dozens of people were looking up at the big screen.

“Damn, this is one heavy fight.”

Many people looked at him in confusion.

“Slang word.”

Back at Raizor’s base, the four of them were moving around, avoiding RX’s attacks for a long while. RX was suddenly hit by a big energy beam and lost its balance for a moment. Raizor turned around to see Rush with a big neon green laser cannon in his hand, similar to a rocket launcher. Rush was carrying a big bag in his other hand.

“How did you manage to affect my robot with that cannon, I should have the brick wall effect, it’s being charged by the emeralds!”

“Not any more.” Rush replied. “I’ve destroyed all the machines around the area, powering up your mech, and have taken the emeralds.”

“I must have been paying attention to those four so much I didn’t notice. With those systems destroyed, the power will slowly start to disappear. No matter, I’ll finish this another time.” Raizor fired a giant blast of fire at the glass where Kat was, breaking it. Raizor pressed a button on a remote he was holding which opened up the roof to the outside. Raizor grabbed Kat and took off into the sky.

Rush tipped out the bag of emeralds. Sonny and Shade nodded at each other and stood near the emeralds. The emeralds slowly circled around them, moving faster every second. After a few moments they transformed into their super forms, with their suits also glowing yellow, and then flew up into the sky.
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