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Sonny and Shade (Finished)

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Author Topic: Sonny and Shade (Finished)  (Read 3201 times)
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« Reply #75 on: 24 March, 2008, 05:13:55 pm »

I used three songs for this one (which won't happen too often). And yes, I decided to do the Brawl thing, which might get annoying after a while...

Toxic Saga: Chapter 56 – A Hazardous Summer

A few months after the events of the Slasha Blaid Saga, it was summer and the date was the 10th of May. Crystal’s family had gone on vacation on the 26th of April while she explored the world while on vacation. Sonny and Shade also left Mads house on the summer holiday and went to travel the world separately while Mads also went on vacation recently. Amber’s parents would be away for a week and left Ryan to look after the house. At 11am in the morning, at a random forest area, a young girl was running along a stone pavement away from a big robot carrying a hammer.

She had light brown hair and aquamarine blue eyes. She wore a fitted olive t-shirt with a green skirt and green leather stiletto boots. She tripped up and the robot got closer to her. She quickly got back up and backed away slowly then looked behind her and saw something running down the path. Sonny came running down the path quickly, when he was 20 feet away from the robot he jumped high into the air, curled into a ball and went straight through the robot, he then slid along the ground and stopped after five feet.

The robot then exploded, afterwards he got up and spun round with his arms crossed and was grinning, the scene paused and the words, “Sonny the Hedgehog.” came up on a greyish bar below him. He then uncrossed his arms and pointed behind him as he looked at the girl. “Need a lift?” The girl stood in shock as the wind blew slightly.

In Downtown Green Hill City, a humanoid rock creature with four arms was destroying things in the streets with people running from the area. Amber flew into the area wearing her suit and kicked the monster in the stomach, knocking it into a building. She then put one hand on her waist, covered one finger on her second hand in fire and blew it out, the scene paused and the words, “Amber Salsar.” came up on a greyish bar below her.

The creature got up and ran towards Amber; it was then hit by a big beam from up above, knocking the creature out. Amber looked up to the right to see Crystal standing on a building with one hand on her waist and two fingers to her head on her second hand. The scene then paused and the words, “Crystal Clear.” came up on a greyish bar below her. She then waved at Amber. “Hi Amber, how ya been?”

“Fine, it’s been a while now. Have about another fight? For old times sake.”

“Sure, you go and I’ll follow.”

Amber nodded and then flew off out of the city and Crystal quickly followed her. At the forest area, Sonny and the girl were walking along the stone pavement, after a short while Camy stopped in front of them, the scene then paused and the word, “Camy.” came up on a greyish bar below it. Camy then changed into a screen and Raizor Blaid came up on the screen. The scene then paused and the words, “Raizor Blaid” came up on a greyish bar below him. “Hello Sonny, I am back once again to torment you and your friends.”

“So where have you been for the last few months?”

“I was frozen in the Antarctic Ocean for ages; I only recently reached an Island and warmed up enough to melt the ice. Anyway, I’ve decided the appropriate thing to do is pound your face into the ground.”

“Why me?”

Slasha Blaid then walked onto the screen, the scene then paused and the words, “Slasha Blaid.” came up on a greyish bar below her. She then pointed at Sonny. “Because you’re the reason that place blew up! Go back and read chapter 55, you caused this! If you accept our challenge, meet us at that colosseum which should be far ahead.” The screen then turned off and Camy flew away moments later.

Sonny looked at the girl moments later. “You don’t mind if I take care of this first, right?”

“I’m fine with it.”

“By the way, what’s your name?”

“Jenny Negi. There have just been a lot of monsters chasing me recently and I just wanna get back home.”

“Alright, hop on.” The girl then jumped onto Sonny’s back and he ran off down the path.

Crystal and Amber were flying in the sky across the sky, while Crystal was humming ‘A New Venture’. After awhile Amber looked back at Crystal. “Could you cut that out, it’s kinda annoying.”

“Oh, sorry...” 

Crystal stopped humming and they continued flying. Meanwhile Sonny was running through the forest as the Training theme from Sonic Rush Adventure played in the background. Sonny ran along the path for seven seconds, several small bats with laser cannon’s for arms them appeared to the sides. Seven seconds later they started firing as Sonny dodged the shots by moving from left to right. Six seconds later, Sonny jumped to the right and kicked one of the robots then continued running right.

The other robots continued firing at Sonny while he continued to move, at 00:27 one of them shot a tree down which he jumped over and continued moving. One of the humanoid robots then kicked it down the path as Sonny kept running. Sonny reached a cliff at 00:34 and looked back to see the tree log coming towards him. As it reached him he jumped and landed on the log as it rolled off the cliff and down a rocky path.

Sonny then turned around as some bat robots followed him and fired lasers. Sonny moved about the log avoiding the lasers, he then stuck out his tongue at the robots. Sonny turned round after a bit and the log eventually hit a big pile of rocks at 00:53 and stopped. Sonny then jumped off the log and jumped across the rocks as they went down the path. The last rock then landed in a river after thirteen seconds, he then ran across stepping stones in the river as the bats still fired at him.

At 01:20, he ran along he made it to land and ran along another stone pavement path with trees on the side and humanoid robots ahead. He threw one into one of the bats, blowing them both up, seconds later he ran into another robot and threw him at the second bat, blowing it up as well. Sonny then jumped over two holes and came to a halt at 01:34.

Sonny arrived at a large, tall circular stone arena area. The path around the outline was 15 feet higher but the parts at the entrance and exit were missing. Sonny walked into the stone arena and stood in the middle while Jenny jumped off Sonny’s back and stood outside the stone arena. Moments later the same robot Raizor used in chapter 31 rose from the sea outside the arena as Scrambled Eggman (Project Chaos) started playing. After six seconds the robot landed on the outline and then tried to land on Sonny as he jumped to the right on the higher path.

Sonny then turned around at ten seconds to see Raizor and Slasha in the control room who looked at each other two seconds later and laughed, seconds later they started firing missiles at Sonny who ran along the outline, avoiding them. Six seconds later he turned around and continued avoiding the missiles. The robot then fired a small beam out of its hand at 00:28 which he jumped over; the robot then fired a slightly higher beam which Sonny rolled under, the robot then fired a big beam which Sonny somersaulted out the way from, then using both hands it shot a beam above and below Sonny which he back flipped through. This then ended at 00:39.

Sonny then ran around the outline, the robot then pulled back its fist and tried to punch Sonny but missed and got its hand stuck in the stone area. Sonny then jumped onto the arm and ran along it, then jumped up and spin attacked the top at 00:52 and flew high into the air. He then landed back on the path at 01:04, the robot then fired bombs which Sonny avoided by back flipping and front flipping. The robot then fired a dozen missiles at 01:15 which Sonny dodged by running faster. The robot attempted to punch Sonny again at 01:28 and got its hand caught again. Sonny then turned around and ran up the arm and spin attacked it at 01:40 and flew higher into the air in slow motion.

The robot fired missiles in different directions at 01:58, destroying parts of the higher path before Sonny finally landed back on the path at 02:20. Sonny then ran round again as the robot fired a big beam, at 02:31 he then saw a multicoloured orb with the Sega logo on it land on the other side of path near the edge. He then turned around and ran back as the robot continued to fire. The robot then started firing missiles again at 02:40 while Sonny dodged them and kicked one missile back five seconds later.

The robot then attempted to punch Sonny again at 02:51; he jumped over the fist and reached the orb. He then attacked it a few times and it smashed, he then had an aura around him with the colors of the rainbow. He then jumped high into the air at 03:00, while Raizor and Slasha got out of the robot. He then rolled into a ball and headed straight down, going through the robot and creating a violent blue tornado effect from the attack which destroyed the robot completely as the song ended.

Raizor then flew off in his silver chair with Slasha hanging on as he said, “You won this round, hedgehog, but I’ll be back!”

Sonny then jumped off the top path and Jenny walked into the area. Sonny then looked at her. “Shall we get going?”

Jenny nodded and then climbed on Sonny’s back again and they ran off out the other side of the arena.

Later, Raizor made it back to his ground base and entered the main room where the four robots were playing a game on the big screen. The yellow robot stood up as they entered. “You guys are finally back! Where have you two been in the last few months?”

“That’s not important.” Raizor said before walking into another room. The robots then sat down and continued playing while Slasha sat down and thought for a while. A minute later Raizor came out riding his silver chair and went to the exit. “I’m gonna be out for a long while, personal business.” He said before leaving.

Slasha then sighed. “I need to think of something to make others pay.”

The blue robot then turned around. “Well there is a certain special liquid which hasn’t been used yet.”

“Hmm? What’s that?”

“Well you see, many months ago this demon called Fire X came, he was beaten by that pig tailed girl though. But he brought this black liquid with him, which made him able to recover from wounds, absorb energy blasts and loads of stuff, luckily he was finished off before he could do that kind of stuff…anyway, there was still some of it on his ship which we took before the others eventually blew it up.”

“Mind giving me some of that stuff? I just came up with a plan.”

“Sure.” He got up and walked into another room.

Slasha then took out a red mobile and phoned Yukiko. “Hey, I’ve got another plan.”

Yukiko was surfing on a water board at the beach, the scene then paused and the words, “Yukiko Ocen.” came up on a greyish bar below her. As she was on the phone, she then said, “Got it.”

Meanwhile, Crystal and Amber were standing on top of two mountains with many rocks around the area and the wind blowing.

Amber looked around before saying something. “So Crystal, I heard you’ve been travelling around quite a lot recently.”

“Yeah, I’ve been to a lot of places. I found Wally; I avoided the noid, and lots of stuff. I also visited some Amazon village and challenged someone to a fight, and won. Then this girl gave me the kiss of death. Well she said she was giving me the kiss of death but I still suspect she was gay...”

“Yeah, anyway, enough talking, let’s get to the fighting!”

“Yeah!” Crystal and Amber then got into a fighting stance. “Y’know, I’d like to know what our fighting stances actually look like because the writer never mentions that…”

“A fighting stance is a fighting stance, leave it be. Now let’s have a good DBZ style fight! But without the talking for several minutes after a few punches and a load of fillers.”

Meanwhile, Sonny and Jenny were walking along a grassy path. A creature then appeared 30 feet down the path carrying a black and red large gun. The creature revealed himself to be Zulu as he grinned, the scene then paused and the words, “Zulu the Lizard.” came up on a greyish bar below him. Zulu then fired the gun and a big net came out which hit Jenny, knocking her back and preventing her from moving. Sonny then looked down the path at Zulu who laughed then aimed the gun at Sonny.

He fired it at Sonny who jumped out the way at the last moment. Zulu then growled and fired several more nets which Sonny dodged by jumping and back flipping. Zulu then whistled and several of the Omochao robots from the other base entered the area and began to drag Jenny away. Sonny then ran over and punched one of the robots then fly kicked another while Zulu aimed the gun at him again.

As Zulu was about to fire, Shade using chaos control sped by and knocked the gun into the air as he ran past, he then came to a halt, spun round and threw a chaos spear at the gun, blowing it up. He then stood up and crossed his arms as he looked at Zulu, the scene then paused and the words, “Shade the Hedgehog.” came up on a greyish bar below him.

Zulu growled again then ran off and jumped on his bike then drove away. Sonny finished off the rest of the robots and got Jenny out of the net as Shade walked over to them.

“Hey Shade, what are you doing around these parts?” Sonny asked.

“Just passing through, you?”

“Just getting this girl back to her place, although several enemies have made this harder that it should be, as you just saw earlier.”

“Alright.” Shade then began to walk off as he said, “I’ll be seeing ya, Sonny.”

“Later, Shade.”

Jenny then quickly dragged him back. “Hold on, you can’t go now! I need to get back, and robots are chasing me, and it might be dangerous, and-”

Shade then began to walk off again as he said, “See ya, Sonny.”

“See ya, Shade.” Sonny replied.

Jenny then quickly dragged him back again and ran off towards a forest as she said, “Quick! This way!” Shade then looked at Sonny who shrugged as he followed them.

At Dr. Kurosama’s lab, he stood near a door with a dozen lab assistances around him. “Ok, ladies and gentlemen, I now introduce you to my new creation, I call it “Light the Chao.” He then opened the door and a two foot hero chao came out. It had yellow wings, a sharp point on its head, blue eyes, a blue halo and the tip of its hands, feet and tail were blue while the rest of its body was white.

The chao waved at everyone as it said, “Chao!” some applauded and clapped, others nodded, SA2 took pictures with a camera and one assistance said, “That Chao is so kawaii!”

Later, David made his way into the room as the scene paused and the words, “David K92.” came up on a greyish bar below him as Wrapped in Black started playing. Slasha and Yukiko came in after David made his way through the lab by shape shifting into Dr. Kurosama and the last room was empty. Yukiko then found a large circular container in the room and placed it near Light’s door then filled it with water. Slasha then took out a tube containing the black liquid and poured it in the container. As it completely filled the container and turned the water black David picked up Light and threw him in the water at 00:18.

The substance slowly started to cover the chao while the others waited. At 00:33, in another room, one of the male assistances picked up a sachet and said, “Wrapped in black, in black, in black, wrapped in black.” a female assistance then approached him and whispered, “Wrapped in black.” in his ear. He then opened the sachet and poured it in as they repeated themselves. He then took a spoon and stirred it as they repeated it again. He then took a sip as they repeated it one last time.

In the other room, at 00:48, one of the chao’s hands gripped the edge, four seconds later his second hand gripped the edge, after another four seconds one leg then got over the edge, then the chao climbed out four seconds later. Light was completely black while he had green wings, green eyes, the sharp point on its head was green and the halo, and the tip of its hands, feet and tail were green. It also had a skull icon with two bones crossed over each other right under it on its chest as it looked at Slasha, David and Yukiko. The chao quickly smashed down a door at 01:03 and ran though the corridors as one assistant warned others of the creature.

It then walked into a large room at 01:14 and encountered two dozen robots armed with guns. They then started firing seconds later, causing little damage while the chao blocked. Seven seconds later he started attacking by extending its arms and legs, knocking the robots back. At 01:45 it threw the last robot into a door then walked through it seconds later.

He continued moving and then the same mech Dr. Kurosama used in chapter 37 dropped down at 01:58. The mech started firing at the chao who dodged the shots, the mech then fired a big beam of green energy at the chao at 02:09. The chao put its hands forward and absorbed the beam, then fired the beam back which destroyed the mech at 02:24. Slasha, David and Yukiko then opened the door to the exit. Yukiko created a water board and her and David jumped on and flew off.

Slasha called the chao over and then she flew off after them as the chao came outside. The chao looked around for a few moments then spread its wings and flew slowly after them as the song ended.
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Toxic Saga: Chapter 57 – Thirst for Destruction

A bit after leaving the lab, Slasha, David, Yukiko and the chao stopped in a rocky area.

“So what should we do first?” Slasha asked. “This type of chao should be much stronger than the previous one, and can cause a lot of destruction!”

“Sorry Slasha but we have to really get going.” David said. “We’ve got things to do.”

“Yeah.” Yukiko replied. “We hope you have fun with your destruction though.” Yukiko created a water board and David jumped on. They then flew off as Yukiko said, “Take care.”

Slasha then sighed and looked at the chao who looked back at her. “I’ve decided I’m going to call you Toxic from now on. So, shall we go cause destruction?”

The chao smiled and then nodded. Slasha then flew off and the chao flew after her.

In the mountain area, Crystal and Amber moved through the air, clashing into each other as Egg Fleet from Sonic Heroes played in the background. Amber then flew down after ten seconds and fired a beam of fire as Crystal landed. Crystal jumped to the right a second before it hit her and fired a beam as she sped towards Amber.

Amber jumped across several rocks then jumped up and threw a massive fireball which Crystal flew under. Amber then jumped backwards and fly kicked Crystal, Crystal quickly recovered as she landed on the ground and slide tackled Amber. Amber landed on her hands and lifted herself up then kicked Crystal. A second later Crystal fired a beam which Amber avoided by moving right then tried to punch Crystal who blocked.

Amber then flipped over Crystal and tried to fly kick Crystal who jumped up. Crystal flew down and pounded the ground as Amber flew left. Crystal flew after her and they began attacking each other while avoiding several large rocks around the area. Crystal eventually punched her, sending her flying back. Amber then recovered seconds later and started chucking rocks at Crystal while she avoided them as she ran towards Amber. Amber jumped towards Crystal and began attacking her with her feet while Crystal blocked the attacks.

Crystal eventually grabbed her right leg and swung her round three times then threw her towards a mountain. Amber recovered as she almost hit the mountain and flew up onto it. Crystal then landed next to her and threw several punches while Amber dodged them as she moved down the mountain. Around the bottom of the mountain Amber jumped back, covered her fist in fire and sliced a tree in half. She then threw it at Crystal who did a spiral punch through it then gave Amber an uppercut.

Amber recovered in mid-air, turned upside down and kicked Crystal into a tree. Amber then flew towards her and punched a hole through the tree as Crystal moved. Crystal then ran forward and tried to punch Amber who caught her fist and kicked her high into the air. Amber then flew up, Crystal then recovered moments later and threw a big ball of psychokinetic energy towards Amber who threw a big fireball. They clashed and created a big explosion as the song ended.

Amber then flew up to the same level as Crystal. “C’mon Crystal, I know you can do better than this, you’re going easy on me.”

“Maybe...we’re just warming up after all.”

“Then let’s get straight to the real deal!”

“Whenever you’re ready...”

Meanwhile, in Star Light City, many policemen were firing at Toxic which caused very little damage. Toxic then extended its arm and swung it at the policemen, hitting them and sending then flying. A gust of wind then flew by and caught the policemen, placing them safely on the ground. Slasha who was sitting on a building then looked to her right to see Alex with one arm extended. The words, “Axel Macel.” then came up on a greyish bar below him as the scene paused.

Alex then fired a big blast of wind which lifted a car and threw it towards Toxic; Toxic got hit by the car and flew through a shop window. Toxic then jumped out the window moments later and smiled then fired a gust of wind back at Alex, knocking him into a wall.

Slasha nodded at the sight. “So it can copy moves, intriguing...”

Toxic then flew over to Alex and punched him through a building; Toxic then extended its arm and pulled Alex back then slammed him into the ground. Slasha then flew off the building and landed on the ground. “Enough playing around, absorb his energy or finish him off.” Toxic turned around and nodded then produced several tentacles from its hands which covered half of Alex’s body. It then started draining his energy and sparked with electricity as it did so.

Something then sped by in a ball and hit Toxic as it rolled by, stopping the creature from absorbing Alex’s energy. The creature then jumped onto a car and turned around to reveal himself as Zoom. The scene then paused and the words, “Zoom the Porcupine.” then came up on a greyish bar below him.

Toxic fired a gust of wind at Zoom, Zoom jumped off the car before it hit him and ran towards Toxic. Toxic extended both its arms and began trying to punch Zoom as he moved around avoiding the punches and then kicked Toxic, sending him flying back. Kat then dropped down from a building and got into a fighting stance as the scene paused and the words, “Kat the Fox.” came up on a greyish bar below her.

Slasha then looked over at her. “Hi Kat, where’s the others? This isn’t much of a warm welcome.”

“I came to take care of the problem myself since the others are busy, this shouldn’t be too hard since the power on your suit is still low.”

“On the contrary, I fixed it up earlier this morning, so it’s fine again.” Slasha then got into a fighting stance. “So let’s see how much of a chance you stand now.”

In a forest area, Shade was sprung into the air with Jenny on his back as Frog Forest from Sonic Heroes played in the background. After six seconds he landed on half a huge tree trunk going down and ran along it. He then jumped left and right over holes in the tree trunk. He reached the bottom at 00:30 and ran along, he kicked one robot out the way and fly kicked another robot then jumped across two platforms. He then ran up a wall onto a higher path very far up ahead at 00:42. He then hit a spring and flew high into the sky ahead and above a very large open tree with plants at the side going down for platforms.

Shade landed on the highest platform and jumped from platform to platform going down while punching and kicking robots which were on the platforms. He then made it to the bottom at 01:08 and ran along a wooden bridge outside jumping over holes in the bridge. He then hit a spring at 01:20 which led to a few other springs and he landed on a large vine at 01:34 then grinded along it as it went through the forest. He then reached the end of the vine at 01:52 and jumped high into the air.

He then landed on a lower path five seconds later and went through a loop, then seconds later went through another, then another seconds after, then he jumped up the sides of two walls to reach a ledge higher up. He then ran down the path, jumping over big rocks every few seconds. At 02:21 he jumped across three platforms before entering a darker part of the forest six seconds later as the song stopped.

In the city, Toxic was punching Zoom repeatedly in the stomach, then gave him and uppercut and threw him next to Alex. Slasha then kneed Kat in the stomach then punched her three times and roundhouse kicked her towards Toxic who hammered her to the ground. Slasha then landed next to Toxic. “Besides absorbing attacks and copying moves, is there anything else you can do?”

Toxic nodded and pulled off its right arm. Toxic then threw it to the ground and it slowly expanded and covered Kat. After covering her completely Toxic let out a shriek and the substance came back and completely covered Toxic. Toxic then began to slowly change and grow taller as the chao changed. After a short while Toxic finished transforming, now stood a 6’3” creature with a woman’s figure and a fox’s face and tail while everything else remained the same.

“Very nice.” Slasha replied. “Let’s get out of here then and find the ones I’m looking for.”

Toxic looked at Zoom and Alex. “What about these two?”

“You can talk now? Anyway, forget them, they should be thankful they’re not the ones I’m looking for, now c’mon.” Slasha said before flying off. Toxic turned around and flew off after her.

At the mountain area, Crystal and Amber were a few feet from each other, holding each others fists as they produced several energy waves. They both had several cuts and scratches and their battle suits were slightly dusty. Amber eventually pulled back her fists and tried to attack with a kick. Crystal blocked it and tried to uppercut Amber who moved to the side. She then grabbed Crystal’s foot and slammed her onto the ground. She then tried to slam her on the ground again but Crystal stopped herself with her hands and hit Amber with her second foot.

Amber ran forward and tried to punch her, Crystal side stepped the attack and kneed her, sending her flying back. Amber recovered in mid-air and touched the ground with one hand; she then swung her feet and tripped up Crystal as she came towards her. Crystal stopped herself with one hand and threw a rock which hit Amber’s leg and made her trip, Amber then also stopped herself with one hand.

They smiled at each other then flipped back up, jumped forward and punched each other in the face before taking a few steps back and breathing heavily. Crystal then saw an explosion very far away in a city. “I think we may have to put this off for now, there might be trouble.”

“That can wait; we’ll still got things to settle here.”

“Didn’t you see that?”

“Yes, and when we finish we’ll go take care of it together, understand?”

“Fine, but lets hurry this up.”

We’ll hurry this up, alright...”

In the forest area, Sonny Shade and Jenny were walking down a path with trees randomly around the path. Jenny then saw something jump across trees on the left side. Sonny then looked left. “Hey, what’s up?”

“I just thought I saw something.”

“We’d best be on the lookout then.”

Felicia then jumped out from one of the trees and attempted to attack Sonny and missed as Sonny jumped out the way. Felicia raised her head and the scene paused as the words, “Felicia the Cat.” came up on a greyish bar below her. She then started chasing Sonny, trying to stab him with her claws as he hid behind several trees and jumped over her attacks.

“Guys! Scratch behind her right ear!” Sonny yelled. “I heard she likes it there.”

Shade and Jenny continued to watch as Sonny ran. Felicia eventually tripped him back with her tail then grabbed his foot and repeatedly slammed him onto the ground.

Jenny then looked at Shade. “Aren’t you gonna do something?”

“She’ll wear herself out eventually.”

Jenny then walked up to Felicia and scratched her behind her right ear; she then stopped and quickly moved away. “Gah! I hate when people do that!”

“We could probably use your help.” Shade said. “Apparently there’s a base around here, run by someone called Nintendude. He seems to have a huge army of robots and has a few enemies working for him right now.”

“Hmm, alright. But once we finish nobody better interfere with me killing Sonny.”

“He’s all yours.”

“I’m not just like a piece of meat, y’know.” Sonny replied.

Jenny ran off ahead as she said, “Let’s go guys, follow me!” The others slowly walked in her direction.

Back in the mountains, Crystal was flying towards Amber and attempted to punch her, but Amber quickly punched her, sending her flying back. As Amber sped after her and tried to kick her, Crystal quickly recovered and kicked Amber. Amber recovered quickly and tried to punch Crystal as Crystal blocked, they then moved across the area, throwing several punches and kicks at each other as they blocked each others and sparks producing from the attacks which destroyed rocks around the area.

Crystal and Amber then landed down ten feet away, and then Amber quickly fired a large beam which Crystal jumped out of the way and threw rocks at her using her psychokinesis. Amber then punched the rocks in half, Crystal then flew up and raised a large part of a mountain using her psychokinesis, and she then took a deep breath and threw it towards Amber. Amber smiled and took out a red ultra emerald then teleported seconds before it hit her.

Crystal raised an eyebrow for a second then Amber appeared right in front of her and kneed her hard in the stomach, making Crystal cough up a bit of blood. Amber then hammered her down to the ground, flew down and kicked her across the ground. She then fired a beam of fiery energy; Crystal recovered as she slid across the ground and jumped out the way. Amber then saw a rock come towards her from the left which she punched, Crystal then flew towards her from the right and fly kicked her, sending her flying and flew after her.

Slasha and Toxic were flying across the sea when Toxic finally said something. “We may have to make a short stop to recover energy.”

“Fine, I guess we have a lot of time.”

In the mountain area, Crystal stood and braced herself as Amber flew towards her. Amber then teleported as Crystal tried to punch her and appeared behind her. As Crystal turned around Amber smiled and fired a big beam of fire with Crystal blocked at the last moment. The beam pushed her back 20 feet and then she took a deep breath as it evaporated.

Amber then walked over to her. “What’s the matter, Crystal? Not doing as good as you hoped?”

“It is a little hard when you have that emerald with you, and I see you’ve been pushing yourself kinda hard lately.”

“Yes, I found it necessary to measure up to you after your so called “World Trip”, because I was sick of it all.”

“All of what?”

“You, that’s what, for the longest time you’ve gotten on my nerves. Like with Fire X how you were the one to beat him and not me, and I couldn’t do much thanks to my bruised arm. Then how you saved me from Slasha Blaid’s attack in chapter 53, it sickens me that I was saved by someone I once considered a waste of space this time last year. Plus that other time which wasn’t noted when another demon came here; you saved me yet again and finished him off to add to further humiliation.”

“Well...I didn’t mean to damage your oversized ego. Plus that so called “World Trip” wasn’t much of a big one. I did meet this ninja though, he taught me a few moves and skills, his name was SA (yeah, just SA) and Sonny told me about him.”

“Trying to change the subject, I see.” Amber then turned away from Crystal. “Would you believe some people have started to think I’m nice?”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“I don’t like people viewing me as nice; I’m mean for a reason. You know, back when I was younger, around 13 I was constantly picked on at my school. Then I met a guy called Eddy, he reminds me a bit of Mads, except I didn’t think he was gay. As long as I was with him, I felt happy, confident and people left me alone. But he eventually moved away, and I was pretty hurt, considering I was pretty close to him. Things went back to normal afterwards, but a few days later, I beat up someone and acted in the same attitude you see constantly now.

Shortly after, some people feared me, some liked me for my attitude, and most people never dared to try and mess with me. It felt good to be feared, you won’t get much fear if people think you’re nice, you’ll just get walked all over which is why I had to change for the better. Into the same Amber you see now.”

“Well...can’t you get over your hatred for me and we can go check out that explosion?”

“I can’t do that, as you just noticed from the 10 straight minutes of flashbacks, I am emotionally scared and disturbed...booga, booga, booga!

“That’s not helping...”

“Fine, we’ll go check it out.” She then took out a purple ultra emerald and threw it to Crystal.

“Thanks.” Crystal turned around and tried to put it in one of the pouches on her suit as Amber walked towards her. “Together I’m sure we can take care of this easily.”

Amber then kneed Crystal hard in the back then elbowed her in the back of her head, knocking her out and to the ground. “There’s no way you’re gonna take the victory from me again.” Amber walked off, then looked at Crystal and flew off seconds later.
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That guy

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Long since I commented.

Mainly because I can't say anything I haven't said already <_<

I luff it.
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Cool, I'll update at some point tonight. >.>
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That guy

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You better.
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I bettar?
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That guy

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Yesh, you do.

Or else.
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That guy

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Serious business.
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Indeed. Ain't no messing with that business.
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That guy

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(only vid I can find right now >_>)

Toxic Saga: Chapter 58 – Burning Desire (see what I did there?)

As Slasha and Toxic flew across the sea and past SA2 who was swimming in the other direction, Toxic stopped over at Legna Island and landed down, Slasha then landed down afterwards. “Why are we stopping here?”

“I need to recharge.” Toxic said. “I’ll gain energy from the waterfalls here.”

 “Why? Couldn’t you have just absorbed water as we flew over here?”

“The water here is fresh, so it’s naturally better.” Toxic said before walking off.

“Whatever, I might as well take off this suit for now.” Slasha took off the blue battle suit and was wearing her normal clothes from chapter 46 underneath. “Good thing I actually wear clothes underneath this suit...”

Deep in a forest, Felicia was running past trees as the Windmill Village mode 5 theme played in the background. (The vid I found actually starts after seven seconds but whatever) She then whacked two robots out the way with her claws after four seconds and continued running. She then eventually jumped over a tree and hit a ramp after thirteen seconds and flew high in the air across a large gap and landed on another path 20 feet away twelve seconds later then ran forward and jumped on a big platform floating across a river seconds later.

Four robots then landed on the platform and took out green swords. Felicia stabbed one through the chest then threw it at another robot. One robot attempted to attack her as she rolled out the way and kicked its arm off then picked up the sword and sliced one robot in half behind her. She then turned around, jumped up and kicked the last robot into the water.

At 00:43, the platform sped up and moved left and right down the river while two more robots jumped on. Felicia elbowed one robot, the second robot then punched her. She flew back and landed on her hands, then flipped and kicked the robot off the platform then slide tackled the second. The platform then stopped near a forest path again at 00:58 and Felicia jumped off the platform. 

Felicia quickly ran along the path, jumping over fallen tree logs and under tree branches as a few bat robots fired at her for twelve seconds. Felicia then fly kicked one robot that came towards her, then spun and spin kicked two a second later. Then jumped up and kicked two robots, then slashed two robots with her claws, then she spun in circles with her claws out, destroying two more robots. She then jumped and hit two robots with two back flips, then destroyed two more with punches and blew up the last two by kicking two big rocks at them at 01:22.

She then ran off deeper into the forest moments later. Somewhere deep in another forest, a bear was walking by some trees. Someone then shot a tranquilizer which hit the bear’s neck and knocked it out. 20 feet away Mads was holding a tranquilizer gun and standing by a tree and wearing his battle suit. The scene then paused and the words, “Mads Andersen.” came up on a greyish bar below him.

Mads dad who was 10 feet behind yelled, “Nice shooting, son.”

“It’s what I do.” A red light on the suit then started flashing. Mads pressed it and heard Rush’s voice. Rush was flying over the sea in his ship with the wind blowing, the scene then paused and the words, “Rush the Raccoon.” came up on a greyish bar below him. “Mads, we got trouble again.”

“But I’m on vacation!”

“Try telling that to Slasha, David and Yukiko.”

“Slasha’s back? That’s great!”


“Nothing, forget it.”

“So where are you?”

“Soviet Russia, so really, I should have called YOU!

“Yeah…so where in Soviet Russia?”

“Some forest place, I’ll fire shots up into the air so you know where to look, just don’t fly into the shots.”

“I think that’s self explanatory…”

Raizor was flying through the sky when his mobile rang. He then picked it up. “Hello?...Hello mom...Now? I’m kind of busy dealing with a personal issue...but that’s so far from here!...Fine, I’m going.” Raizor then rang up and called someone else. “Looks like I’ll have to get someone else to take care of it...”

On Legna Island, Slasha was laying down on the ground with her eyes closed while Toxic was around the other side of the Island, absorbing the water from a waterfall. Amber landed on the Island a bit away from Slasha. “It’s funny what you can find by just following a trail of destruction.”

Slasha then opened her eyes and saw Amber. “Ahh, Amber!”

Amber slowly walked towards her as she said, “Well if it isn’t my old friend, Slasha.”

Slasha got up and backed away slowly towards the battle suit. “So how’s life treating you these days?”

“I’m good, but I get the feeling you don’t seem to like my company…”

“Uhh…” Slasha then around and ran towards the battle suit, Amber then took out the red emerald and used chaos control to reach the suit before her then picked it up. “Well, what do we have here?”

“No! Be careful with that!”

Amber ripped the suit in half then threw it into the water. “Oops.”

Slasha gasped as she looked into the water. “Why?”

“Because I can.” Amber then walked towards her. “Now let’s have some fun.” She said with a smile.

In a forest area, Zulu was driving his motorbike and stopped in a wide open area in the middle of the forest. Felicia then ran up to the area and several Omochao robots appeared, Zulu then drove off and Sonny, Shade and Jenny arrived shortly after. Sonny and Shade moved around, destroying the robots, Felicia stuck her claws through one robot’s head then threw it at another robot.

A robotic scorpion then chopped down a few trees and entered the area. As Sonny, Shade and Felicia got ready to attack; a sharp sword flew down into the area and went straight through the scorpion. The scorpion produced a few sparks and then exploded, knocking the sword up into the air. Blade then appeared high in the air and caught the sword; he then landed in front of the others and put the sword away. The scene then paused and the words, “Blade the Weasel.” came up on a greyish bar below him.

“Nice timing.” Sonny said.

“What are you doing here?” Felicia asked.

“I invited him, of course.” Shade said as he walked forward.

Blade nodded. “I’ve been around these parts before, so I can get you to where you need to go, just follow me.” He said before running off.

Shade, Felicia and Jenny then ran after him. Sonny then said, “I’d like to see what he looks like under that mask...” before running after them.

At Legna Island, Toxic had finished absorbing water from the waterfall and flew round to the other side of the Island to see Amber who had Slasha in a headlock and was messing up her hair. “You don’t seem to like catching up with old friends, Slasha.”

“You’re gonna pay dearly for this.”

“Is that so? Maybe I should chop off your signature ahoge then.” 

“No! Not that!”

Toxic landed down 5 feet away from them and looked at Amber. Amber then looked up at Toxic and threw Slasha to the side. “So, this is your new monster, huh?”

“The name is Toxic, and I haven’t had a good opponent in quite a while, care to help me with that?”

“Heh, if you go up against me you’ll be dead in minutes.”

Toxic chuckled quietly to herself then grinned. “Let’s begin.”

Back in the deep forest, Blade ran along a clear path with trees on the side as The Wicked Wild from Sonic and the Secret Rings played in the background. After eight seconds he jumped across platforms to the left and right of him. He reached another path at 00:24. He jumped up two seconds later and sliced off a robots head, then the path curved upwards and he sliced at several robots on his way up. He then kicked a few out of his way and began running down a hill at 00:38 and reached a lake with platforms with robots on them at 00:45.

He jumped across the platforms, slashing twice at each robot and destroying them as he moved across. He got across at 00:53 then ran along, whacking enemies out the way with his sword, he then threw his sword into the air and punched one robot several time then as his sword came down he sliced the robot in half and ran ahead. He then ran along stepping stones at 01:08 and hit a spring seven seconds later and went flying diagonally right and landed on a wooden bridge at 01:23.

He then whacked robots out the way with his sword as he ran down the bridge for seven seconds. Blade then approached an intersection and went left and kicked one robot out the way, then punched another one and slide tackled another shortly after. He then spun round multiple times with his sword out, slicing multiple robots then gave one robot an uppercut with his sword. Blade then made it off the bridge and onto the ground again and ran along the path. A few robots on a cliff pushed a large boulder off the cliff at 01:44.

Blade ran down the path, jumping over fallen tree trunks, pot holes and slicing vines out the way as the boulder chased him. Robots ran towards him at 02:00 which he whacked out the way, avoided some of the robot’s attacks and kicked some backwards, knocking them into the boulder and slowing it down. He ran into a cave at 02:14 which the boulder crashed into and got stuck in the entrance. Blade came out the cave at 02:29, and then jumped across a few platforms before entering a deeper part of the forest as the song stopped at 02:44. (Cause I can’t be bothered to do the whole thing)

Back at Legna Island, Amber and Toxic were both in the sky. Amber fly kicked Toxic, knocking her into a mountain then landed on the ground. Toxic then blasted her way out of the mountain and walked out. Slasha then shouted, “Toxic, what are you doing? Finish her already!”

“I will in a minute, I’m still warming up with this body.”

Amber then took out a red emerald and teleported behind Toxic, and then kicked her, sending her flying. Amber flew after her and repeatedly punched and kicked her then blasted her away. Amber then flew ahead of her and hammered Toxic down to the ground. She then kicked Toxic up high into the air and flew after her. Amber then roundhouse kicked her into another mountain and started firing dozens of fiery blasts, destroying the mountain and covering the area in dust as she finished.

Slasha hid behind a large rock with a worried look as she watched the dust. When the dust cleared Toxic was still standing, she then stretched and yawned before lowering her head. Toxic then lifted her head and laughed for a few moments while Slasha smiled. Toxic then looked up at Amber. “Nice try, Amber, but I’m obviously in a whole other league compared to your limited power.”

“Is that so?” Amber moved higher into the air in the direct path of the sun then put her hands together in front of her. “If you’re really so tough, let’s see you take this attack head on!”

Toxic slowly spread her arms. “Let’s see what you got.”

Slasha moved further back and behind a rock then shouted, “You go get her, Toxic!”

Amber created a big ball of fiery energy in her hands, the ball slowly expanded until it was 5 feet tall, then it produced several circular lines around the outside of the ball and mad an eerie sound as it finished charging. “I would normally call this my Pyro Cannon, but I’m using the sun to power this move even further. From I song I liked, I’ve decided to name this, Eternal Blaze.” Amber then fired the giant wave of energy towards Toxic.

Toxic smiled and put her hands up, preparing to absorb the beam as Slasha lifted her head from behind the rock and her eyes widened in fear. “Holy sh-” The beam then hit the ground, covering a quarter of the Island, creating dust and a giant tidal wave around the outside of the Island. After the dust cleared parts of the Island were completely destroyed, Slasha opened her eyes to see she was still alive. Toxic stood in the same spot with her hands out which glowed green as she grinned and breathed deeply.

Amber slowly descended in shock. “How did you survive that? There’s no way you could have!”

“Didn’t anyone tell you? I can absorb energy attacks so your last move only succeeded in making me stronger.”

“What? Fine, I’ll pummel you to death.”

“That depends if you can touch me...”

Someone was watching the scene on a crystal ball in a dark room. Sonny, Shade, Felicia, Blade and Jenny came to a cliff and saw a grey base far up ahead.

“That’s the place, right?” Shade asked.

“Yeah, that’s it.” Blade replied.

The five of them got into a circle then Sonny said something. “So is there a reason why we’re breaking into this place? I mean, he hasn’t done anything bad yet, right?”

“He’s got a destructive weapon in the main room of the base, which he’s planning to use to blow up various locations. The only reason he hasn’t done so yet is because he needs a power source to get that weapon to full power.”

“So he’s almost done, right?”

“It would seem so.”

Sonny then turned to Jenny. “Why are those robot’s after you anyway?”

“Well you see, I kinda gained this power to grant wishes, but only three a day. But I have no idea how these guys heard about that.”

Felicia shrugged. “Word travels fast.”

Shade sighed. “Man, with the powers this race of demons have, no wonder they believe all other races are inferior.”

“Hey, you know what I just noticed?” Sonny said. “Jenny sounds very close to genie.”

“Wow…it really does.”

Blade then began to walk off down the cliff. “Let’s make our way inside right now and talk about this later.”

The other four followed him shortly afterwards. Back at Legna Island, Toxic had one arm extended and was dragging Amber across the ground then threw her into one rock. As she got up Toxic grabbed her leg and dragged her across the ground again, then lifted her into the air, swung her round and into another rock. Slasha then shouted, “Stop messing around and finish her off now!”

“Right, I’ll absorb her then.”

“No, don’t absorb her, destroy her completely.”

“Fine, whatever. And what better way to finish off an opponent than with their own attack.” Toxic put her hands together in front of her and created a big ball of fiery energy. As Amber stood up Toxic fired the beam towards her while Amber stood in the same spot. As the blast was a few moments from hitting her, someone teleported into the area, grabbed Amber and then teleported again.

The beam then hit the ground and covered the area in dust; after the smoke cleared Toxic couldn’t see Amber. Slasha then came out from behind a tree. “Nice job, Toxic, you finished off that girl for good.”

Toxic shook her head. “Nope, that blast wasn’t strong enough to completely destroy her, so the body should still be here. It seems she somehow managed to make it away.”

“No matter, I doubt she’ll be back anytime soon, let’s get out of here, already.”

“Right.” Toxic flew down and picked up Slasha then they flew off.

Some time later, the mysterious person and Amber teleported inside a big room of a castle. The person was female; she had brown hair in a ponytail with bangs of hair on both sides of her face and a golden tiara on her head with a green gem piece in the middle. She had yellow eyes, wore a white dress with blue dots around the bottom outline and the top. She was holding a long white staff in her right hand which had a blue orb at the end of the staff.

“So where am I now? And who are you?” Amber asked.

“You’re on a planet called Cerenia. My name is Tiara.”

“You’re joking, right?”

“Certainly not, I was watching your fight with that monster and I need your power to help me.”

“With what?”

“Almost a week ago, this monster landed on this planet, bringing its army of minions with it. My future husband to be who is a great swordsman went to look for the monster, after it captured the King. I haven’t heard from him in days and I can’t go off too far with those monsters around, so I need you to take care of them. Will you please escort me through the woods and protect me from the monsters?”

Amber closed her arms. “No.”

“Amber, the story can’t continue until you say yes.”


Tiara sighed. “This may take a while...”
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« Reply #87 on: 02 April, 2008, 02:59:29 pm »

(Didn't expect that, did ya?)
Toxic Saga: Chapter 59 – Welcome to Cerenia

Shortly after the events of chapter 58, Amber and Tiara were walking through some woods as Amber started talking. “So let me get this straight, you’re a princess, the King has been captured by some demon, the prince is out trying to find him, the demon’s minions are all over the place, and you can perform spells with that staff yet you still need help?”

“That’s pretty much it.”

“But wouldn’t you, the princess and the prince be related?”

“No, we’re not related, that kind of thing is frowned upon here.”

“It’s frowned upon in a lot of places.”

Suddenly, several grey humanoid creatures with glowing grey eyes and spiky shoulders surrounded the two of them. Amber then covered her fists in fire. “You can actually fight, right?”

“Well, I use my staff to cast spells, but bringing you here took a lot of power so I can’t do much right now.”

Amber sighed. “Fine, just try not to get in the way.” Amber moved forward and kicked one creature, then flew right and punched another. As the creatures got closer to Tiara who stood in the middle, Amber hit them with a blaze of fire. One creature then fired a gust of wind which Amber flew over and kicked it in the face. As Amber landed on the ground a bigger creature holding a spiked club entered the area.

The creature walked up to Amber as she stood in one spot. As the creature tried to crush Amber with the club, Amber side stepped the attack and kneed it hard in the stomach, slowly making the creature fall to the ground as she began to walk off. Tiara watched in shock and slowly ran to catch up with Amber. “Whoa! You just destroyed those guys like they were nothing!”

“Pfft, that was nothing; a lot of people on my planet could have done the same. Now which way do we go?”

“I think its east.” Tiara said as she walked east.

Back in the mountain area, Crystal woke up and stood up slowly then scratched her head and looked around. “I really should have seen that coming, now where did she go to?” Crystal then reached for one of the buttons on her suit. “This suit voice communication can sure come in handy...”

On Cerenia, Amber’s suit started blinking, Tiara then noticed it. “Is that meant to flash?”

Amber looked at the suit. “It’s probably Crystal, I won’t bother answering it.”

“Do you mind if I do?”

“Knock yourself out.”

Tiara pressed a button on the suit and Crystal’s voice was heard. “Amber, where are you? And how dare you attack me when my guard was down, I didn’t think you’d stoop so low.”

“Your friend Amber is on my home planet, Cerenia, to help me defeat a monster which has taken over my planet. She does not wish to speak to you for some strange reason.”

“...Is this a joke?”

“This certainly is not; I need your friend’s power to insure victory against this demon on my planet.”

“...Whatever, if you’re going to play practical jokes, I’ll just go by myself.” Crystal said before cutting the connection.

“Pfft, she annoys me more than before.” Amber said as they kept walking. Several creatures then surrounded them again. Amber jumped forward and began punching and kicking several of them. One of the creatures blew Tiara into the clutches of a bigger wind creature then they began to run off. When Amber noticed the big creature was half a mile away, she then sighed. “This is more trouble than its worth...” she said as she slowly walked in the creature’s direction.

Meanwhile, Zulu entered the control room of the mysterious base to see a chair by multiple screens. The chair spun round revealing a human male as he entered the room, the scene then paused and the word, “Nintendude.” came up on a greyish bar below him. He had a dark blue cap, brown hair and dark blue eyes. He wore a black jacket, a brown shirt with the Nintendo logo on it and dark blue pants with dark grey shoes. “So how did the mission go, Zulu?”

“I couldn’t really capture the girl.”

“And why not?”

“Because fighting two hedgehogs is quite a hassle. Besides, they’re on their way here now, and should be turning up shortly.”

“Nice work, Zulu. Before you ask, go see Mr. Mooyah for your pay.”

“Will do.” Zulu walked off as he quietly said, “lulz, Mooyah.”

In a very dark room, from an air vent high above, Felicia broke it opened and dropped down, Sonny then dropped down afterwards. “Man, it’s incredibly dark in here, I can’t see a thing!” Sonny said.

“Yeah, hold on to me so we don’t lose each other.”


There was silence for a few seconds. Felicia then sighed. “...Hold on somewhere else.”

“Ok.” The lights suddenly switched on moments later and Sonny was now grabbing Felicia’s tail. Dozens of Omochao robots were around them and had their guns pointed at them.

Sonny looked around and then said, “Well this was unexpected...”

“Yeah...and let go of my tail.”

Crystal was flying across the sea and pasted a small Island Kyle was lying down on. The scene then paused and the words, “Kyle Forst.” came up on a greyish bar below him. Kyle then sat up and waved as Crystal flew by. “Hey Crystal, over here!”

“Hmm?” Crystal looked in his direction and flew over. “What is it?”

“Have you seen Amber lately?”

“She’s apparently on a planet called Cerenia, helping save the place from some demon.” Crystal said as she rolled her eyes.

“Alright, thanks.” Kyle took out the prism of teleportation and vanished a second later.

Crystal floated in silence for a few seconds. “...Where did he get that from?”

Back at the base, Sonny and Felicia were escorted to a large room by the Omochao robots where there was a giant platinum cannon with gold stripes high up in the middle of the room. There were dozens more Omochao robots around the room and sitting by the giant cannon was Nintendude who looked down at Sonny and Felicia. “Dude! Is that Sonny the Hedgehog I see?”

“Yep, it’s me alright.” Sonny said with a grin as he nodded.

“I gotta say I’m a big fan of yours dude, you and the other four you’re usually with. Where are those other four?”

“They’re busy right now. Is it normal for a villain to be a fan of a hero team?”

“Well it’s not unheard of; anyway, coming in through a vent was kinda predictable to be honest.”

“I guess, but that was only part of my plan.”

“Really? So what was the plan?”

“We were the distraction, this was the plan.” Felicia said before clicking her fingers.

Shade and Blade burst into the room through a wall and fly kicked one robot, Shade then jumped left and punched another while Blade ran right and spun in circles with his sword out, destroying many robots. Sonny and Felicia then ran towards a long line of robots. Sonny spin dashed towards them and knocked them into the air while at the same time Felicia jumped up and did a spiral claw slash threw the robots. Sonny came to a halt and Felicia landed next to him, Sonny then ran right and Felicia ran left.

Nintendude watched them as they moved about destroying the robots. “Now why didn’t I notice those other two come in round the back?”

Shade flipped over one robot firing at him, he then put his foot through the robot and pulled off the laser cannon it had. He then fired at robots in other directions. Blade deflected one of the blasts with his sword which hit several other robots. A multicoloured orb with the Sega logo on it then hopped by him. He slashed at it a few times until it broke; he then had an aura around him with the colors of the rainbow. As several robots got close to him, he covered them with his cape in slow motion as the room went dark. He then delivered a sharp slash with his sword, destroying the robots as the area brightened up again. (Does this attack remind you of anything?)

Sonny slide tackled one robot then Felicia landed down and stuck her claws into it. Nintendude then attempted to charge up the cannon. “Since this isn’t going well, I’m gonna start blowing stuff up, dudes.” The cannon then flashed red moments later. “Hmm, and here I thought I needed more power, well here I go.”

“Oh no you don’t!” Sonny yelled. He then ran up to Felicia. “Throw me up there using your tail. Felicia nodded then grabbed his leg with his tail; she swung him round three times, jumped and then threw him at the cannon. Sonny rolled into a ball and hit the cannon, causing no damage and hurting his head as he fell to the ground. Felicia then laughed.

As Nintendude charged the cannon again, the Lounge members broke down a wall in a 4x4 then all of them took out laser cannons. The scene then paused and the words, “The Lounge.” came up on a greyish bar below them. Together they fired a big blast from the laser cannon’s at the larger cannon which tilted it up as it fired, shooting the beam into the air.

Nintendude then looked at the energy of the cannon. “Dudes! You totally ruined it, now it has no more power to fire!”

Shade jumped up towards one Omochao robot which was in the air and hit it with a downward kick, slamming it into the ground. He broke another multicoloured orb on his way down and an aura covered him as he slowly got up. He then clutched his fist as he glowed red with red energy waves surrounding him and a few of his vain’s could be seen as he said, “Death to all who appose me!”

Sonny then began to run as he said, “I have a feeling we should get out of here.” The others then followed. Nintendude ran out a door on the top path. Shade then jumped up near the large cannon, curled up into a ball and performed a large chaos blast, blowing up the entire room and creating an explosion which could be seen from far away.

Meanwhile, on Cerenia, Kyle walked up to several knight’s who were on the floor. “Geez, what happened to you guys?”

“This red-haired girl came through here, she was exceedingly strong.” One knight replied.

“She wore a black suit with a fire symbol on it, right?”

“Yeah, that was her.”

“Heh, no wonder you guys stood no chance.” Kyle walked on past the Knights.

Near Green Hill City, on a bridge, Toxic was walking down knocking cars out of the way as she moved across the bridge. Some civilians stopped their cars and ran in the other direction. Toxic then saw a ball of energy come towards her which she knocked away. Crystal then landed down 10 feet away from her. “So you’re the monster causing all this.”

Toxic looked back at Slasha. “This is another one of those five, right?”

“Yeah, just destroy her, and then we’ll go find those hedgehogs.”

Crystal then threw a car at Toxic using her psychokinesis which she jumped over and Slasha jumped out the way. Toxic then extended her hand and tried to punch Crystal who flew up and away from the bridge. Toxic then spread her wings and flew after Crystal. Slasha then shouted, “Hey! What about me?” after a few moments she then walked off and sighed.

On Cerenia, in a grassy area with a few trees about the wind blew softly as Metroid Metal version of Phendrana Drifts played. A few rose petals floated in the air after thirty seconds and frogs hopped across a small pond. At 00:53, a dozen grey creatures walked down a path slowly. The big creature carrying Tiara walked through a gate to a small castle at 01:15 then it closed.

A second later Amber jumped from one tree to another, and continued moving then jumped high into the air at 01:24. She then covered herself in fire and flew down the path seconds later, smashing through a group of wind creatures; she then jumped and spun at 01:30 as she moved along the path then flew along the path again with a trail of fire seconds later. She smashed into another group of creatures then jumped at 01:39 and landed in front of the iron gate at 01:47.

At 01:50 Amber then created one big ball of fire in her right hand which glowed neon red, then did the same with her left hand, she then put them together and fired a beam which knocked down the door at 02:03, Amber then smiled. An alarm then sounded inside the castle and several wind creatures ran towards the entrance. Amber then slowly walked in at 02:13 to see several wind creatures forming a long line sideways. Amber began knocking the creatures away every second, then tripped some up and threw them at others.

One creature fired gusts of wind at her 02:37 which she avoided. She then punched him several times then kicked the creature into a wall at 02:44 as a big creature with two spiked clubs landed down. He tried to swing at her moments later while she dodged the attacks and kicked the creature at 02:56, knocking down the castle entrance. Amber then walked in and went up to a higher path at 03:06. As she walked down a long hallway dozens of wind creatures came down the path towards her.

She moved down the hallway, knocking the creatures left and right and eventually reached a room at 03:44 and knocked the door down. The big creature tried to attack her as she entered, she dodged the attacks and knocked down the creature at 04:00, Amber then ran out the room carrying Tiara on her shoulder with the creature chasing her. She then reached the end of the hallway at 04:18 and jumped down to the bottom floor seconds later then ran out the castle. She then jumped over the iron gate at 04:33 and kept running as the song stopped.

Back at Green Hill City, Crystal was firing blasts at Toxic who dodged them, as Crystal turned right at a building, she turned around and saw Toxic was gone. Toxic then kicked her down from the right and threw a lorry at her. The lorry was hit with an electrical blast moments before it hit her. The lorry then flew right and landed on Mike who was walking by. Jessica then landed down near Crystal and the scene then paused and the words, “Jessica Tricity.” came up on a greyish bar below her.

“Saving you is starting to get annoying.” Jessica said as she landed down.

Crystal then got up and into a fighting stance. Dozens of big rocks then flew into the area and landed on Toxic. She then broke out moments later and saw someone coming towards the area on a big rock platform. The person on the rock platform landed near Crystal and Jessica. He had black hair with a few bangs sticking up, a small black cap and yellow eyes. He wore a green and black striped top and dark green pants with silver shoes. 

“Who are you?” Toxic asked.

The boy pointed down then the scene paused and the words, “Adam Clear.” came up on a greyish bar below him. He then looked at Crystal. “Hey Crystal, remember me?”

“Adam, is that really you? It’s been years, where have you been?”

“Well when I heard you lived down here I just had to check it out, oh, and the destruction made it easier to follow.”

“So…you have elemental powers now.”

“That’s right, the power of earth, you know, controlling anything connected to the ground and stuff.”

“Hello?” Toxic yelled as she waved. “Could we get started?”

“I agree with the monster.” Jessica said. “And how exactly are you two related?”

“I’m her cousin.” He said quickly.

Toxic quickly picked up a car and threw it at them, which they all flew out the way from. Someone then threw another car at Toxic from high above which she jumped over. She then looked up to see Ruby sitting on a ledge. Ruby waved at her and said, “Hi!” the scene then paused and the words, “Ruby Clear.” came up on a greyish bar below her. Toxic extended her arm and tried to grab Ruby; Crystal flew by and grabbed Ruby before Toxic’s hand reached her. Crystal jumped about avoiding Toxic’s second hand as it tried to get her.

Jessica then fired a bolt of lightning which went through Toxic’s chest. Jessica then smiled. “You don’t wanna fight on an empty stomach, do you?” Toxic quickly inhaled, closing up the hole then fired a gust of wind at her which she dodged, moving about the air. Toxic then turned to Crystal and created a big ball of fire in both hands then put them together.

Crystal then raised an eyebrow. “Wait, that move looks familiar...” Toxic then fired the beam at Crystal who quickly fired back; the beam eventually hit Crystal and knocked her into a building. Ruby then flew towards Toxic as Adam joined her. Ruby fired several blasts of energy which Toxic moved back from, Adam then threw several rocks which Toxic blocked with one arm, then with her second hand fired several tentacles towards them both. They both flew back with Ruby blasting the tentacles as they got close.

Jessica ran towards Toxic covered in electricity and hit her, knocking her over as she ran by. Adam then flew towards her away on the rock platform. As Adam got close, Toxic extended her arm and broke the platform into four as Adam jumped up. Adam then commanded the pieces to hit Toxic; he then landed down in front of Toxic and kicked her into a building.

“We’re winning, guys! Let’s keep going!” Adam said as he ran forward.

2 Minutes later…

“We’re losing guys, retreat!” Adam said as he ran away. Crystal, Ruby and Jessica followed him while Toxic laughed as they ran off. Toxic then flew off out of the city as they left.
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Toxic Saga: Chapter 60 – The Power of Chaos Unison

Shortly after the events of chapter 59, Crystal, Ruby, Jessica and Adam arrived at the HQ to see Mads and Rush already there while Mads was carrying Slasha who was tied up. Max was also there with them. As they entered the main room where they were Max pointed at them and winked, the scene then paused and the words, “Max Salsar.” came up on a greyish bar below him. He then looked around. “I just had to get a good pose for my entrance…”

“Good thing you guys are here, we got trouble.” Crystal said as she breathed heavily.

“I know.” Rush replied. “Commander Grey told me.”

“And where is he?”

“On vacation as usual. I also told Mads shortly after. So where have you been?” 

“We just fought the monster and got owned, we’ll need something stronger to take it down.”

“I see. I also talked to Dr. Kurosama about that monster, a flashback is in order.”

In the flashback, Rush ran into Dr. Kurosama’s lab to see many destroyed things and the doctor on his knees, he ran over to him. “What happened here?”

“The chao I created, it changed. We tried to stop it, but it was hopeless.”

“And the coffee sachets?”

“We threw them away; they were too black, too strong…”

“Wrapped in black, huh?”


The flashback then ended. “Long story short, he told me of a technique which might be useful, Shade apparently already knows this.”

“What is it?” Max asked.

“Let’s go to the training room. We’ll need two ultra emeralds though, and we only got one.”

“Actually, I have one as well.” Crystal said.

“Great, that’s fine, follow me.” Rush said before leaving the room. The rest of them followed him. Rush looked at Adam as they walked. “By the way, who are you?”

“I’m Crystal’s cousin, Adam Clear.”

“Well nice to meet you.”

Jessica looked around as she said, “It’s weird I’ve never thought of coming here before...”

Crystal looked over at Mads. “Hey, how did you find Slasha anyway?”

“As Rush flew over the city we just noticed her walking down a street. I was told somewhere that you just had to grab a female on her upper arm to stop her in her tracks, which apparently didn’t work...three times. Luckily, I had that grapping hook gadget to tie her up...and of course knock her out.” Mads then walked off into another room as he said, “See you guys later.”

They arrived in the training room shortly after and stood in the main area. Ruby, Max and Rush stood ahead of the others. Rush then spoke. “Now, this special technique is called chaos unison. You do a small symmetrical pattern with two emeralds while saying the phrase then make the emeralds touch as you finish, the two will then combine into one body and will be much stronger together than they were separately.”

“You mean like fusion?” Ruby asked.

“Be quiet, do you wanna get us sued? So anyway after using the technique you’ll have a limited time to stay that way.”

“That sounds awesome.” Crystal said.

“What she said.” Adam said, pointing at Crystal.

Rush nodded. “Now let’s get started.”

Sonny, Shade, Felicia, Blade, Jenny and the Lounge members were standing outside Nintendude’s base. Sonny was holding some rope. Zulu was inside talking to Mr. Mooyah who was a cow in a lab coat. “Mooyah, I’m gonna need my money.”


“Totally serial.”

Outside, Shade turned to Jawo’. “What are you guys doing here anyway?”

“Raizor paid us to make sure this plan didn’t succeed.”

Nintendude then rode past the others outside on a bike saying, “I would have got away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling heroes!”

The Lounge members jumped in the 4x4 and took off after Nintendude as Jawo’ said, “We’ll take care of it, see ya soon.”

A light on Shade’s suit then started blinking. Shade answered it and Crystal’s voice was heard. “Sonny, Shade, we got trouble again. There’s this strong monster going about, we tried to take it down but its too black, too strong…we’re gonna need all the help we can get, try to come as soon as you can.” Crystal then cut the communication.

“I know just the technique.” Shade said as he turned to Sonny. “We’ll just need one more emerald.

“Right.” Sonny then slowly backed away past Felicia as Shade walked up to Jenny. “Hey Jenny, you said you could grant wishes, right?”

“Yeah, I haven’t even made one today.”

“Could you by any chance teleport me and Sonny to the nearest emerald?”

“Sure, Sonny, come here so I can teleport you.”

Sonny ran over, Felicia then began to run over as she yelled, “Not so fast!” She then was pulled back by something. She looked behind her to see her tail was tied to a tree. “Hey! No fair!”

“Maybe another time, Felicia.” Sonny said with a smile before him, Shade and Jenny teleported away. Blade then began to walk off, Felicia then shouted, “Hello? Little help?”

“Oh, right.” Blade turned round and chopped the rope then continued walking on.


“No problem.”

Felicia then ran off in the other direction. Back at the HQ, Max was holding a cyan emerald while Ruby held a purple one. They both jumped forward and landed on one hand as they said, “Chaos!” they then flipped up and landed on their feet as they said, “You!” and then jumped forward and missed each others hands, head butting themselves instead and then fell to the ground.

Adam laughed at the sight while Crystal put her palm to her forehead.

“Be careful next time.” Rush said.

Ruby and Max tried again, jumping to the side, sliding across the ground then Ruby slipped up before the third action. Adam then laughed again.

On Cerenia, Amber was running along an open area in some woods with Tiara on her back, a few creatures then appeared ahead. As they got ready to attack, several icicles flew into the area and impaled the creatures, making them drop to the ground. Kyle then flew down from the sky. “Hey Amber.”

“Kyle? How on earth did you get here?”

“The prism of teleportation, took it from Zulu at one point during the summer.”

“Could I be put down now?” Tiara asked.

“Oh, right.” Amber put down Tiara and then asked, “Where to now?”

“You should just keep going straight.” Tiara said before running off forward.

“What’s this about?” Kyle asked.

“I’ll explain sometime later.” Amber said before running ahead. Kyle quickly followed her.

At the HQ, after several more tries, Ruby and Max were standing five feet from each other. “You ready?” Max asked, Ruby then nodded. They both then slid by each other as they said, “Chaos!” they then flipped to the side past each other as they said, “You!” they then spun in circles towards each other and as the emeralds touched each other they said, “Nison!” there was then a bright flash around them and the two morphed into one. When they stopped glowing there stood a completely different person.

The person had curly dark brown hair and purple eyes. The person wore a light red jacket with two black lines going down both sides. The person wore a yellow shirt which had flames of fire on the shirt at the bottom; the pants were also red with two black lines going down them. The person also wore bulge shoes. “Awesome!” the new person looked at the clothes while the others in the room were in shock.

“So this is the unison of Ruby and Max, right?” Crystal asked.

“That’s right.” Rush replied. “Remember, you guys, you haven’t got very long to remain like that.”

“No sweat.” The new person said as they walked by the others. The person then stopped. “Hmm, what should I call myself…this is pretty hard…I guess Rux can do. Well, see you guys in a bit.” Rux said before running off.

“…So is that unison a boy or girl?” Adam asked.

“I think it’s best if we don’t know.” Rush replied.

“Excuse me while I rest.” Crystal said before walking off.

Meanwhile, Sonny, Shade and Jenny arrived at a large cave, glowing neon red inside.

“Here’s the nearest emerald?” Sonny asked.

Jenny nodded. “That’s right.”

Shade walked ahead as he said, “let’s get going then, you wait out here, Jenny.”

Sonny followed him in shortly after. At the HQ, Mads and Slasha were in one room. Slasha was still tied up and on a bed while Mads sat near the bed. Slasha woke up and looked around then saw Mads. “Oh, hey Mads, what you been up to?”

“I was on vacation until recently, until Rush told me about this monster problem.”

“Oh, yeah, that.”

“So could you enlighten me about that monster?”

“Well, you see, some of Raizor’s robots told me about some black liquid substance which provided enhanced effects, such as regeneration. They also told me they’ve been spying on that guy who made the chao and knew about it. So, I got David and Yukiko, snuck in there, and so on. By the way, that creature has absorbed Kat.”

“I see, I’m surprised you didn’t say anything about being knocked out, tied up and brought back here.”

“I don’t mind it much, that creature took off without me anyway.” 

“Ok then.”

“Although, if you untie me I promise I won’t run away.”


NO! This is me we’re talking about here, of course I’d run!”

“Thanks for being honest.”

“No problem.”

“I’ll be back in a while.” Mads said before walking out the room. 

Back in the cave, there was a stone path with fire below and a few volcanoes around as the Deep Core theme from Sonic Rush Adventure played. After a few seconds Sonny and Shade ran down the stone path, side by side. They approached an intersection which lead to two different paths and split up at 00:10.

On Sonny’s path, he quickly jumped along three platforms then fly kicked one robot. He then jumped onto a steel rail and grinded along it, avoiding flying robots by jumping and ducking. He then jumped towards one wall then jumped to the right onto another path and continued running.

On Shade’s path at 00:20, he jumped up and spin attacked three robots, then jumped towards a wall and wall jumped three times, reaching a platform higher up, he then hit a spring and landed on another path forward then caught up with Sonny at 00:30. They continued running for a short while, a volcano then erupted in the background and hot molten rocks came down towards them at 00:40 which they avoided by moving left, right and jumping as they continued moving.

At 01:00 they reached a tower with a staircase going along the sides from the inside, they ran along the staircase, changing direction every few seconds. They reached the top at 01:20, took out their boards and jumped on them before going down a lake of lava with their boards. They moved along the trail, hitting ramps in the lava and performing tricks on the way down.

They eventually reached the end of the lake by 01:41 and fell down to a cool area where a yellow emerald rested. They walked up to it and Shade picked it up at 01:50, they then teleported using chaos control a second later as the song stopped.

Somewhere else, Toxic was firing blasts of fire at buildings high up in the air over a river. A fire blast then hit her from the side and knocked her far into some rocks near the river. Rux then landed down on a ledge a bit ahead. “It’s time for me to take out the trash.”

“Another one, huh?” Toxic said as she slowly stood up. “I beat down one and another one appears to challenge me.”

“And hopefully the last, let’s get started, I haven’t got all day.”

“Anytime you’re ready.”

Rux quickly fired a blast of fire which Toxic jumped over then extended her hands and tried to grab Rux as Rux somersaulted under her hand then flew up and fly kicked Toxic into some rocks. Rux landed down next to Toxic as she got up and threw several punches which Toxic blocked, she then kicked Rux back, and then quickly grabbed Rux’s leg, pulled Rux back and punched Rux into some more rocks.

Rux then picked up many rocks using psychokinesis, covered one hand in fire and covered the rocks in fire then threw them towards Toxic. Toxic dodged the rocks by moving left and right. Toxic then extended one arm and tried to grab Rux as Rux ran, avoiding the hand while jumping over rocks. Rux then jumped into the air, turned round and fired a beam, resulting of a mixture of psychokinetic energy and pyrokinetic energy.

Toxic moved back and it hit the ground, covering the area in smoke. Rux then landed near Toxic and quickly elbowed her as Rux said, “Elite elbow!” Rux then quickly kneed her as Rux said, “Teh knee!” (purposely spelt like that) and then punched her as Rux said, “epic punch is epic!” knocking Toxic into a pile of rocks.

Rux then smiled. “Notice how my gender was never mentioned in the last few paragraphs?”

Toxic quickly climbed out from under the rocks. “Just who are you?”

“The name is Rux, because there aren’t many good mixtures of names I had to choose from.”

“Well if you wish to continue this, follow me.” Toxic said before flying off, Rux then quickly followed.

On Cerenia, Amber, Kyle and Tiara walked into a battlefield type area where dozens of wind creatures were running towards someone in the middle, he spun his sword around in a circle, knocking back the creatures. He had black hair with golden eyes. He wore a black leather jacket with a black shirt while the outline was gold. He had black jeans with three gold stripes going down it, black shoes and was holding a big long golden sword.

The person had recently finished off the monsters, slicing the last one in half. As he put his sword away on his back, the scene paused and the words, “Steel.” came up on a greyish bar below him.

Steel saw the three approaching the area and ran up to them. “Tiara? What are you doing wondering out here? And who are these two?”

“I was worried something had happened to you. I brought the red haired girl to protect me from strong monsters in the woods, her name is Amber.”

“Hi.” Amber said as she waved.

“And this here is a friend of hers, Kyle.”

“Sup.” Kyle said as he waved.

“Nice to meet you both.” Steel replied. “I assume you came to help me destroy the castle holding my father, help me defeat the demon and bring victory to my planet?”

“I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.” Amber replied.

“Then let’s go, we have no time to waste.” Steel said before walking on ahead.

“One more thing, what’s your real name? The writer listed it as Steel but that wouldn’t make much sense.”

“Who needs a royal prince name? Just call me Steel for now, it goes with my stereotypical badass attitude.”

“And here I thought you were gonna be all serious.” Kyle said.

“Well you thought wrong.”

The four of them kept on walking through the woods.
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*Is back from Turkey*

Toxic Saga: Chapter 61 – A New Hope Arrives

On Cerenia, Amber, Kyle, Tiara and Steel stopped by a small wooden bar and walked in. There were many tables with knights and monsters such as Minotaur sitting down, drinking.

“Why are we here?” Amber asked.

“I just need to talk to someone; I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Steel said before walking off towards SA2 wearing blue wizard clothes in a corner. Amber, Kyle and Tiara then sat down at a table.

“K, while we’re here I’ll be in the bathroom.” Amber said before walking off into the men’s bathroom.

“...Did she just walk into the men’s bathroom?” Tiara asked.

“Yeah, she does that a lot.” Kyle replied.

One Minotaur then sat down next to Kyle and started drinking. Kyle then looked at him. “Excuse me but a friend of mine is sitting there.”

The Minotaur stopped drinking and stared at Kyle. “What was that, pretty boy?”

“The name is Kyle, and that seat is taken, so it would be nice if you could kindly move please.”

The Minotaur then got up. “You got a problem with me, pretty boy?”

Kyle slowly stood up. “Chill man, just asking you nicely.”

“Come on, pretty boy, make a move!”

“I already have.” Kyle said with a smile as he pointed down. The Minotaur then looked down to see his feet were covered in ice. As the Minotaur then looked up Kyle punched him, sending him flying across the room and into a table, knocking it over. Many others then started punching each other and smashing glasses over each other’s heads while one knight randomly tackled a chair.

Shortly after Amber came out the bathroom while this was all going on, shrugged and then kicked a goblin. Tiara then stood by the wall and sighed.

In Marble City, Rux and Toxic flew high above the city, punching and kicking each other. Rux eventually flew above one of Toxic’s attacks and kicked Toxic to the ground. As Toxic got up Rux landed down and jumped towards her. Toxic quickly extended her arms to pull a large lorry over and proceeded to whack Rux with it as Rux said, “Oh noes!” Rux then got hit and went through a building wall with the lorry. Toxic followed Rux in and picked up the lorry and threw it out the way but couldn’t see Rux.

Rux then dropped down and punched Toxic in the face, knocking her threw another wall and outside again then tried to kick her but Toxic grabbed Rux’s leg and threw Rux at a lamppost. As Rux got up a multicoloured orb with the Sega logo on it floated past. Rux shot a beam of fire which broke the orb and had an aura with the colors of the rainbow. Rux then rushed over to Toxic and kicked her into the air; Rux then flew up and floated 10 feet away.

Rux then put both arms to the side and created three large flaming rings in each hand. “Here’s a new move, based on the Xbox I call it, the red rings of death.” Rux then threw three rings which descended from above and surrounded Toxic. Rux then threw the last three rings and altogether they created sphere around Toxic with the rings constantly moving at extreme speeds around Toxic, trapping her in one spot.

Rux then prepared to fire a big beam of energy as Rux said, “Hehehe, and now to finish you off!” Rux then fired the beam which hit Toxic and vaporized the red rings.

Back on Cerenia, Amber, Kyle, Steel, Tiara and SA2 were walking away from the bar while Tiara was talking to Kyle. “Why did you have to go and start that madness in there?”

“You saw, I was being nice while that guy was just looking for a fight, plus he called me pretty boy.”

“I thought you said you don’t mind people calling you that?”

“But it was the way he said it...”

“I agree.” Amber said. “You shouldn’t have started that.”

“I saw you as well.” Tiara replied as she turned to her. “You joined in as well.”

“Can you blame me?”

“No, I guess I can’t.”

The five of them stopped shortly after when three small wind creatures approached them with number’s 1 to 3 on their chests. The one with the number one on his chest pointed at Amber. “You must be the flame haze!”

“The what?” Amber asked.

The second wind creature slapped the first and stepped forward. “Excuse him, he watches too much anime.”

“So who are you guys?” Steel asked.

The three creatures got into a fighting stance. “We are the wind rangers! Let’s get ready to go, guys!”

Amber quickly stepped to the side and frowned as she said, “Bang.” She then fired two beams of fire which went through the second and third wind creature, making them drop to the ground. The first creature then gasped. “This isn’t right; you’re supposed to wait until we’re ready!”

“Did you really think we’d let you power up? This isn’t DBZ, y’know. Your fate was decided the second you showed up.” Amber fired another beam which went through the third wind creature and killed him.

“That was a bit harsh.” Steel said. “We still could have taken them easy.”

“Yeah, what’s up with you?” Kyle asked.

“Those guys just reminded me of days I’d rather forget.” Amber replied. “I think a flashback is in order.”

Several years ago when Amber was 13, she woke up early in the morning and left her room. As she walked down the hall she walked past Max. “Yo.”

“Sup.” He replied.

Amber walked into the bathroom and started to take her pyjamas off. The scene then fast forwarded as the present Amber held a remote and said, “We’ll just skip the pointless parts...”

“That part didn’t look so pointless...” Kyle replied.

Amber skipped to a scene where she was walking around a playground wearing a yellow short sleeved shirt with a heart on it, a red and blue skirt and white leg stockings. She also had no ribbon at the back of her head. She looked at the screen as she walked across the playground. “Hi there, and this is my first day at...whatever this school is called.

Amber walked up to an area where many people were standing around a smaller version of SA2 and SA who wore a blue ninja outfit with the Sonic Adventure icon on it.

“So how are we gonna settle this?” SA2 asked.

“Work it out on the floor?” SA asked.

“If you ain’t ready to dance get your ass to the door!”

“Let’s get it going!”

As SA and SA2 began breakdancing a boy with curly pink hair and his top and pants were yellow walked up to another boy and said, “I wanna play with your girlfriend.” He then turned around and said, “Roll with your boyfriend.” Two other boys wearing the same outfit then came up to him and they both walked on. They then barged past Amber as one said, “move, noob.”

“I may be a noob but red hair is so much cooler than pink hair.” Amber replied.

The three boys then stopped and turned around while one said, “Oh no she didn’t...” The one with pink hair then walked up to her. “So you don’t like pink hair, huh?”

“Pink hair is overrated, besides, it looks horrible on guys.”

“You just made a big mistake there, redhead.” The pink haired boy said as the three boys slowly walked away.

Tiara then took the remote off Amber and paused the flashback. “Could we get back to this later?”

“Fine, do we know where this Wind X’s fortress is?” Amber asked.

“Yeah, this wizard will get us there in no time.” Steel replied.

“Let’s breeze then.” Kyle said as he walked on ahead, the rest of them followed shortly after.

In Marble City, Rux was at a food stand eating a hotdog when several puddles of black liquid came together and Toxic slowly rose from it. Rux turned around as Toxic had just recovered. After a few deep breathes Toxic stretched for a few seconds. “You know, kid, you’re really starting to irritate me. It’s only a matter of time before I end your existence.”

“Well then, let’s get straight to round 2!”

Back at the HQ, Mads, Adam and Slasha were playing a game in the entertainment room, Crystal was laying down and asleep, Jessica was watching the others play as she sat and Rush walked from one side of the room to the other. “What’s taking those two so long? I hope it hasn’t gone wrong…”

“Why did you choose those two to do this anyway?” Jessica asked.

“Because, Crystal is apparently tired, you would most likely refuse, I’m not exactly the fighting type and…yeah, that’s it.”

“Yeah, I got ya.”

Rush looked at the screen. “What are you guys playing anyway?”

“Super Sonic Fighters Supreme.” Adam replied.

On the screen were Knuckles, Blaze and Metal Sonic. Blaze performed a three hit combo on Metal Sonic, knocking him back as Knuckles ran over. As Knuckles attacked Metal Sonic rolled past and kicked Knuckles at Blaze. Blaze jumped and tried to fly kick Knuckles who blocked, Metal Sonic then jumped forward and punched Blaze, knocking her off the screen. Knuckles then grabbed Metal Sonic and started punching him.

Metal Sonic eventually broke free and tried to punch Knuckles as he rolled behind him. As Knuckles attacked Metal Sonic rolled behind him and fly kicked him off the stage. Adam then stood up and slammed the controller on the ground. “Yes, I owned your asses!”

“I call hax on Metal Sonic.” Mads said.

“Same here.” Slasha replied.

On Cerenia, Amber, Kyle, Steel, Tiara and SA2 arrived at a big fortress as Evil Foundry (The Palace that was Found) from Sonic & the Secret Rings started playing. SA2 then pointed at it and said, “If truly free be stopped never through all that’s happening…” Amber, Kyle Steel and Tiara then ran inside and Amber and Kyle went left while Steel and Tiara ran right.

At 00:12, Amber and Kyle ran down a long hallway whacking wind creatures left and right. After thirteen seconds they ran up some stairs as more creatures came down, they then began firing blasts of energy at them on their way up.

At 00:40 on earth, Rux was high in the sky flying away from Toxic while flying blasts of energy which Toxic dodged while keeping up. Toxic eventually whacked one blast back, which Rux dodged by descending and landed in a rocky area at 01:00 while Toxic landed down at 01:06. Toxic then fired a beam of energy which Rux jumped over and towards Toxic. As Rux tried to punch her Toxic blocked with her arm then kicked Rux into a pile of rocks.

Toxic then dug her hand into the ground and tried to grab Rux as Rux moved around, avoiding the hand. Rux then levitated several rocks using psychokinesis and threw them at Toxic which hit her and almost knocked her off balance. Rux then jumped forward and kicked Toxic, sending her flying and flew after her.

At 01:34, Steel and Tiara made it to the end of one hallway and began jumping across platforms going up until they reached a higher floor at 01:48 and saw several wind creatures coming towards them. Steel moved along, whacking some out the way with his sword and impaling a few while Tiara fired bolts of lightning at the ones which approached them from behind, then froze one and whacked it with her staff.

At 02:02, Tiara stood behind Steel and pointed her staff forward as it glowed and a big ball of energy grew bigger at the tip. It was fully charged ten seconds later and Steel back flipped over her just before she fired the beam at 02:16, vaporizing all the creatures. They then ran ahead and came towards three big machine turrets at 02:30 which fired at them as Tiara quickly put up a shield.

The turrets stopped to reload ten seconds later, Steel then quickly moved forward and slashed at the turrets, destroying them. They then ran on ahead as the song stopped.

On earth, Rux flew towards Toxic as she moved back. Toxic quickly pulled off her arm and threw it towards Rux, while expanding as Rux got close. Rux moved to the right and blasted the arm then flew towards Toxic again. As Toxic called back the arm Rux kneed her in the face then punched her in the stomach multiple times before knocking her away with a kick.

Toxic then fell on one knee as Rux put both sides to the side. “I think it’s time to end this now.” Rux charged up a big beam of energy and prepared to fire it when Rux suddenly glowed white and separated into Ruby and Max. They both then looked at each other seeming confused and Max then sighed. “To be honest, I kinda saw this coming…it always seems to happen at the worst times…”

“That unison thing felt kinda weird.” Ruby said as she scratched her head.

“Yeah…” Max replied.

Toxic then slowly stood up. “Heh, to think you two almost beat me, but we all know that couldn’t happen, you two aren’t even main characters.”

“Is there perhaps a way we could sort this out?” Max asked.

“Well I guess I could let you live if you entertain me…”


“You figure it out.”

Meanwhile at the HQ, Rush was still walking about when the “Sega!” voice was heard, everyone then stopped while Rush walked out as he said, “It’s just the doorbell, I’ll get it.” Rush came back a minute later with Mark.

“Hey guys.” Mark said as he entered the room. “I came as soon as I could.”

“I called him here to heal Crystal.” Rush said.

“It should only take a few seconds.” Mark placed his hands on Crystal and she glowed seconds later, the scratches and cuts then disappeared. “Done.”

“Good job.”

“So when am I getting that battle suit?”

“You may have to wait another month…”

“This can’t wait a month!”

“Not this again…”

Back at the rocky area, Ruby was riding a unicycle and juggling bowling pins while drinking apple juice. Toxic and Max were standing ten feet away. Toxic then said, “Wow, she really has got the mad skills…”

“Told you.” Max then looked up high in the sky. “Hey, there’s someone coming!”

Ruby hopped off the unicycle, dropped the bowling pins and then pointed up. “It’s a Sonny!”

“It’s a Shade!” Max replied.

A hedgehog then landed down in the area. He was a very dark shade of blue with red stripes going down his spikes. The battle suit’s stripe pattern was the same while the icon on the suit was a chaos emerald with the Sonicteam logo in the middle. The shoes remained the same while having the soles of Shade’s shoes on them.

“It’s a both?” Ruby and Max said in confusion.

The hedgehog then slowly walked up to Toxic and stopped a few feet away.

“So little hedgehog, you wish to fight me?” Toxic asked.

“Fight you? I’ll kill you.”
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