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Sonny and Shade (Finished)

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Author Topic: Sonny and Shade (Finished)  (Read 3201 times)
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« Reply #90 on: 26 April, 2008, 06:55:55 pm »

SA2 walked into a big room filled with dozens of people sitting down. He walked up to a stage and to the microphone in the middle. “Hello people, this chapter was slightly shorter than expected so I thought I’d take the time to say a few things some people may have been wondering. First question!”

Most of the people suddenly stood up and there was loud commotion, SA2 then pointed at one woman who raised her hand and said, “Yes, you!”

“When writing this story, was it all planned?”

“No, it certainly wasn’t. Half the time it’s just made up as I go along, like the Slasha Blaid saga for one. I had the last few chapters in mind when I started; I just had to get to that point. Plus some ideas may not come to me until I just finish writing the chapter. Next question!”

A man raised his hand then stood up. “You chose to have five main characters, why is that?”

“Why not? That wasn’t really what I planned. When I first planned to do this, I only had three in mind, Sonny, Shade and Crystal. But I decided it needed more lulz and added Amber just so there was more than one girl in the team. Then I managed to find a purpose for Mads so I added him as well.”

Mike stood up to ask a question but one man quickly kicked him out the way. “WTF man? Why are there two girls and one guy? WTF man?”

SA2 took out a tranquilizer gun and shot the man then said, “This guy needs to calm down. Besides, Sonny and Shade are male hedgehogs, or have you forgotten that? Seriously, having two girls just means I can make a lot more jokes, compared to having two human guys and one girl on the team. Plus, I find it slightly easier, yet I have no idea why...”

SA then stood up. “Who would you is?”

“The Mario. Next question!”

A white ghost then put his hand up. “Why did you go with the idea of using Sonic songs for specific scenes?”

“Well sometimes using a specific song made it easier to make the scene, and I just like to normally put down what inspired it...plus it makes the scene more interesting. If I’ve put the song down, it can be found on Youtube...or Google.”

“Will you eventually use songs such as Open Your Heart and Live and Learn?”

“I’ll sure try.”

“And how do you come up with so many jokes?”

“Many things, exploring the interwebs, various conversations in real life, people at school etc. I didn’t really start to come up with many jokes until the beginning of the Raizor Blaid saga, and then it got easier soon after. Also, because of that, I decided to redo chapters 1-15 because they didn’t seem as good as they could have been, although chapter 9 & 10 haven’t changed much. Of course I can’t use every joke I come up with in a limited time period, otherwise I’d run out fairly quickly...and that’s NO good!”

A woman then stood up. “Your opinion on yaoi?”

“Do not want.”

“And on yuri?”

“Do want. Next!”

Another man stood up. “How do you come up with so many puns for names?”

“Just a habit I guess, but coming up with a full name such as Crystal Clear can be a bit hard sometimes. Plus, most characters names are meaningful, such as the fake name Slasha used: Summer Faycasion. Seriously, say it out loud.”

“And what chapter are you planning to stop at?”

“To be honest I haven’t been sure. Although the highest chapter I’d ever go to is 100, EVER, because the number 100 is cool and I’d run out of jokes by then. This ends the questions here, folks, now back to the story!”
Toxic Saga: Chapter 62 – The Fall of Wind X

On Cerenia, Amber and Kyle walked down a long hallway when suddenly wind creatures came running out of a door 30 feet away towards them. Kyle created two large blocks of ice on both sides, Amber and Kyle then pushed one block at the same time down the hallway. Amber then fired one beam of fire at each of the blocks as it travelled down the hallway, the beams bounced off the blocks as it travelled down, knocking out all the enemies by the time it reached the end.

Amber and Kyle then high fived each other then Amber said, “Now that was awesome.”

“Yeah, too bad nobody was here to see that...”

“Oh, yeah, that is a shame...”

At the HQ, Mark joined in with Mads, Slasha and Adam who were playing the fighting game when Crystal suddenly woke up, yawned and then scratched her head. “Did anything happen while I was out?”

“Not really.” Rush replied. “Although Ruby and Max still aren’t back yet.”

 “Well I’m sure it’ll be just fine.”

At the rocky area, Ruby and Max were still watching as Toxic and the unison between Sonny and Shade stood a few feet from each other. The hedgehog then said, “Thanks for buying some time, guys, I’ll take care of this now.”

“So what’s your name, hedgehog?” Toxic asked.

“I sadly didn’t have much to choose from, because unlike Sonic and Shadow, where the first name you think of is Shadic...or Shanic but the former is well known, it was harder for me. I decided to go with Shany, lame name may be lame, but what ya gonna do?”

“Well Shany, let’s see what you got.”

“Ladies first.”

Toxic flew towards Shany and formed her fingers into sharp claws then began attacking him with her claws while Shany avoided the attacks while moving back. As she tried to attack his feet, Shany jumped up and kneed her in the face, knocking her back a few feet. Toxic then extended one hand and tried to punch Shany who moved to the side, grabbed her arm and swung her round three times before throwing her into a pile of rocks.

As Toxic climbed out Shany shook his head. “What’s the point of having power if you aren’t fast enough to keep up with your opponent?”

Toxic jumped up and tried to kick him as he took a step back. Shany then quickly spin attacked her, sending her flying back. Using the soles of his air shoes, he sped along quickly to catch up with Toxic and kicked her left into a cliff.

Toxic flew out from the cliff moments later, curled up into a ball and headed straight for Shany who moved to the side as she approached him. Ruby and Max then jumped out the way as Toxic went by. Toxic did a U-turn and came back towards Shany then uncurled and started attacking him again while Shany blocked the attacks.

“This hedgehog is awesome.” Ruby said as she continued to watch.

“Tru dat.” Max replied.

Back on Cerenia, Amber and Kyle entered the door at the end of the corridor into a large balcony area where Wind X was waiting. He had white and grey skin with zigzag stripes and was in his full powered demon form. The top of his head was shaped slightly like a tornado and he had grey eyes. “So you finally arrived...” Wind X said as they entered.

“You must be Wind X.” Amber said.

“You are correct. Do you by any chance know the pig tailed demon girl?”

“You mean Crystal, right? Yeah, I know her.”

“She’s quite famous on my planet, managing to kill a few high class demons is an impressive accomplishment.”

“Enough talk.” Amber quickly jumped forward to punch Wind X, who moved out the way and punched her hard into a wall. She then dropped to the ground as Wind X laughed. “Make the best of the next few minutes as they’re sure to be your last.”

Kyle then ran over to her. “Hey, are you ok?”

“I’m fine; I’m not even close to being finished yet.” Amber then stood up. “Let’s kick his ass!”

“That’s more like it.” Kyle replied.

“Foolish mortals, prepare to be destroyed!” Wind X said in a cold voice.

“Let’s do the attack pattern routine.” Amber said.

“I’ve always wanted to use that on an actual enemy.” Kyle replied.

Amber and Kyle flew towards Wind X while moving in a circle then separated as they reached him as Amber went right and Kyle went left. An icy wall then appeared around Wind X which he broke down moments later. A glass block of ice then came at him from behind which he punched, he was then hit by a fiery beam behind the ice. Kyle then flew by and punched him as he flew past. Amber then kicked him as she flew past, knocking him to the ground.

As he got up, the ground then became covered in ice, he then flew up. As Wind X turned around fireballs came at him which he blocked. Kyle then fired icicles from behind which hit Wind X and got stuck in his skin. After slowly pulling out the icicles a beam of fire came at him which he dodged, an icy beam then came at him from behind which he also dodged.

Amber and Kyle meanwhile were higher up and flew towards Wind X as they moved in circles. They were soon covered by red and blue energy waves and crashed into Wind X and hit the ground. Amber and Kyle then moved back ten feet and high fived each other.

Wind X stood up and shook off the attack. “Nice routine there, but you’ll have to do better.” As Wind X ran towards them, suddenly someone wearing golden armor and a big golden sword jumped over Amber and Kyle and towards Wind X, and then sliced off his right arm. The demon let out an ear piercing roar as it fell on its knees from the pain. Steel and Tiara then arrived and Amber quickly whispered something to her.

The golden knight took off the helmet afterwards; he had orange hair and a beard with hazel eyes. After a short while of heavy breathing, Wind X finally stood up slowly and towards the golden knight. Amber who was now in her demon form, consisting of red wings, tail and glowing red eyes with no pupils quickly appeared and punched a hole through his chest then fired a blast of fire knocking Wind X back several feet.

A multicoloured orb with the Sega logo on it then floated past which Steel stabbed and an aura covered him. Steel then raised his sword into the air, which shined at the tip, and then he quickly moved towards Wind X and sliced him in half. Both half’s of the body then fell to the ground. Kyle then walked up to him and froze both half’s.

“That seemed a little too easy…” Steel said.

The golden knight turned round to Steel and put his hand on Steel’s shoulder. “I knew you’d come to find me, you’ve made me proud, my son.” They then hugged.

Amber then walked up to Tiara. “So who’s that?”

“That’s The King!

“Did it really have to be highlighted?”


Kyle then walked over and hugged Amber. The area was quiet for a few seconds and then Amber asked, “Why are you hugging me?”

“What’s wrong with hugs? The king and his son are doing the same.”

“If you don’t stop hugging me I’ll stab you…I mean it…I’m serious!...I give up…”

Back in the rocky area, Shany was unleashing a series of blows on Toxic as they moved back, then knocked her back with a spin attack, she then fell on both knees and breathed heavily as Shany walked over. Shany then said, “Get up; I’m not finished with you yet.”

Toxic quickly tried to slash Shany with her claws; Shany moved to the side and kicked Toxic up into the air then flew up. Shany then smiled and charged at Toxic as she blocked. A second before reaching her Shany teleported behind her using chaos control. Toxic then stopped blocking and looked around before Shany said, “Over here.” Toxic turned around and tried to attack Shany with several punches while he blocked them. He then kneed Toxic in the chest, flew slightly up and kicked her to the ground.

As Toxic got up she looked up and couldn’t find Shany, Shany then appeared to her right side and grabbed her arm before saying, “I’ll beat you to death!” Shany then kneed her in the chest again and then threw her. Shany then chased after her, jumped up so he was slightly above her and began punching and kicking her as she moved slightly across the ground. After a short while Shany teleported in front of her and kicked her up to the left, then teleported again and kicked her to the right, then once again to the left.

Shany then spun around and threw three chaos spears, connected together and in the middle of three sonny wind’s in a row which hit Toxic as she flew off and caused a big explosion before Shany landed on the ground.

At the HQ, Mads was in another corner of the room watching one screen and then said, “Hey, the next episode of Chaomon is coming on!”

“Wasn’t the last episode like months ago?” Crystal asked. “What took them so long?”

“Apparently they got complaints saying the show promoted animal abuse.”

“How could they have possibly thought that…” Crystal said sarcastically.

“I know! That’s just nuts!”

“…You know I was being sarcastic, right?”

“Shh! It’s starting!”

On the screen, Sonic and Shadow still stood far apart while the hero chao and the dark chao were still punching each other. A net then covered the two chao from up above. Sonic and Shadow then looked up to see big air balloon. Shadow then said, “Who are you?”

Two figures appeared in the air balloon with their backs turned. The first one then said, “Prepare for trouble!”

“And make it double!” the second one said.

“To protect the world from devastation!”

“To unite all people within our nation!”

“To denounce the evils of truth and love!”

“To extend our reach to the stars above!”

The first figure then turned around. “Jet!”

The second figure then turned around. “Wave!”

“Team Babylon blast off at the speed of light!”

“Surrender now or prepare to fight!”

Storm then appeared next to them and said, “Storm! That’s right!”

Crystal then said, “This show gets weirder every time I see it…”

At the rocky area shortly after Shany fought Toxic, Ruby and Max used chaos unison again then ran up to Shany. “I gotta say that last attack was awesome, and brutal!”

“Well thanks, I try.”

“...So you think she’s still alive?”

“Yeah, I made sure I didn’t kill her, because that thing has apparently absorbed Kat, so I’m gonna have to wait for Rush to build something to fix this.”

“...Yeah, I guess we could wait. In the meantime, do you wanna see my demon form?”

“You can do it too?”

“Of course, if my sister can do it who says I can’t?”

“...Which one of you two said that? Actually, never mind. Besides, there’s no moonlight.”

“I don’t need it.” Rux took out a black device with a white lens in the middle. “This here projects moonlight, needed to transform, awesome right?”

“Yes, that is awesome.” Said a familiar voice. Toxic stood on a cliff a bit away while her fox tail was missing. “Let’s see it then.”

“Are you forgetting when I kicked your ass?” Rux asked.

“I wasn’t serious then, but I am now.”

“Ok.” Rux pressed a button on the device which produced a hologram of the moon. Rux looked at it and then screamed loudly as big purple bat wings burst out from Rux’s back. Rux’s pupils disappeared and glowed purple, and grew a long purple tail with a sharp point at the end and had increased muscle mass. Rux then stretched slightly before standing up straight. “You don’t mind if I take over, do you, Shany?”

“By all means.”

Toxic slowly grinned. “There’s my fighter, you’ll provide me with a lot of energy.”

“Is that so?”

“Tell me, kid...” Toxic slowly turned around. “Have you noticed a certain part of me is missing?”

As Shany and Rux raised an eyebrow, Toxic’s tail crawled towards them from behind then jumped at them and expanded, preparing to absorb them. Shany turned around and quickly jumped out the way as it got to them, the black substance then covered Rux while Rux tried to shake it off, to no prevail. As Shany tried to attack it, Toxic quickly called it back towards her. Toxic then spread her arms and yelled, “You’re mine!” before it hit her and completely covered her.

Shany watched as Toxic slowly transformed. When Toxic finished she wore a light green jacket with two black lines going down both sides while she had big black bat wings. The point on top of her head also changed to a fire symbol with a crystal in the middle. Toxic then took one deep breath before frowning. “Alright hedgehog, you’re next.”

“You may have a power boost now but it won’t last long.”

“Same to you, as you have been in that form a while now. Now I should have the power to beat you.”

“I’ll just have to take this a step further.” Shany took out a small red chaos crystal and crushed it, then glowed red as he went into chaos boost mode and got into a fighting stance. “Let’s go.”

The wind then blew slightly as they stood in the same places for a few seconds.
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« Reply #91 on: 29 April, 2008, 05:01:34 pm »

In a large white room were two chairs. On one chair sat someone in a red ninja outfit who called himself SA3 and had it drawn on his chest. “Welcome to the bio section! Now for our first guest!”

Sonny walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“K. My name is Sonny the Hedgehog, I’m male, and my bio card says I’m 14. My height was 3’8” when this started and has recently become 4’0”, and I weight 77lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“That’s NO good!”

“Your hobbies?”

“Racing, eating, sleeping. You know, the basics.”

 “Favorite song?”

“Hmm…I always have liked the main theme of Sonic Rivals 2, Race to Win.”

“Favorite character?”

“I have a lot. Shade who is a close friend and partner from time to time. Crystal who didn’t seem to like me much around the beginning but its cool now, Amber who I get along great with, and makes me laugh sometimes. Mads, who provides the food…and he’s cool too. Rush, who I play video games with sometimes when I visit him at the HQ. I have a lot so I couldn’t just pick one.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“I told you, I like a lot of characters.”

“I mean as in, really like characters, like a certain cat…”

“Once again, I like a lot of characters, nuff said.”

“Any personal tips you can give to others?”

“Being kicked in the crotch really hurts, even if there’s nothing there at the moment.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“I love fast food because…you know.”
Toxic Saga: Chapter 63 – Rock and Roll

Deep in a forest, The Lounge members were still chasing Nintendude in a 4x4 and eventually caught him when HouseCallDoc hit him with a steel pole. Dizi then asked, “Where did you get that pole?”

“I don’t know, the plot called for it.”

They then drove up to Nintendude and Jawo jumped off the 4x4. “Give up, dude.”

“You dudes annoy me, who are you working for?”

“Whoever’s paying us more.”

“Let’s kick his ass and leave.” Visualpun said.

“That sounds good.” Jawo replied. Jawo’s mobile then rang and he picked it up. “Hello?...Are you serious?...Fine, we’re on our way.” He then hung up.

“What’s up?” Visualpun asked.

“We got somewhere to be.” Jawo’ jumped back on the 4x4. “Let’s move.” They then drove off while Nintendude still stood watching.

Back at the rocky area, there was a big explosion near a cliff. Shany flew out from the smoke of the explosion and spin attacked Toxic then hammered her to the ground. She landed on both feet and as Shany came towards her she grabbed his leg with her tail and slammed him into the ground then threw him at some rocks. He flipped and landed on them with both feet, Toxic then flew towards him flying energy blasts which he dodged as he continued to move.

Shany soon jumped onto a cliff and threw a combination of a chaos spear and sonny wind (chaos wind) at her which she dodged. Shany then flew towards her with one foot out as Toxic did the same. They collided and kicked each other hard in the face. They then separated and spun several times as they landed on the ground then ran towards each other.

When they were a few feet away they jumped up and their punches connected with each other several times as they moved up and separated after each punch. High in the air they then began punching and kicking each other while avoiding each others attacks. Toxic then kicked Shany across the face, Shany quickly countered with a punch across her face, Toxic then punched him hard in the stomach, and then Shany gave her an uppercut which knocked her back.

Shany then grabbed her leg and threw her towards the ground. As she approached the ground she spun three times and landed on her feet, Shany then landed ten feet away. Toxic then smiled. “That was pretty fun, Shany. I didn’t think you’d be much of a challenge but surprisingly I was wrong. Shall we go again?”

“I’m ready when you are.”

They both got into a fighting stance again. At the HQ, Rush was busy fixing something in a room next to the entertainment room. Crystal then got up. “I’m going to go see what’s happening out there, something tells me something awesome is happening right now.”

“I’ll come too.” Adam said as he got up. They both then left, Jessica got up shortly after and followed as she said, “Might as well, ain’t got nothing better to do.”

Mads then yelled, “Hey Rush, you done with that thing?”

“I will be very shortly.” He replied.

Slasha then turned to Mark and asked. “So what’s your power?”

“The power to heal...”

“What kind of lame power is that?”

“What kind of lame power is not having any?”


On Cerenia, Amber, Kyle, Steel, Tiara and the King made it back to the castle where most of the residents there had returned after hearing of the demon’s defeat. One of the servants came up to the King and said, “Dinner will be ready in a short while.”

“Excellent news.”

Kyle then turned to Amber. “Wanna get back to that flashback?”

Amber looked at Tiara, “I’ll need my remote.”

Tiara threw her the remote and she then pressed a button.

Later that day of whatever name of the school Amber went to, it was lunch time. After lining up in a queue Amber looked at the screen. “Apparently tables here are sorted into categories. The ninja table.” She said as she pointed at a table SA, SA2 and SA3 sat at. “The emos.” She then pointed at one table where everyone wore black, constantly frowned and some smoked. “The tomboys.” She then pointed at a table where everyone wore either jeans or pants, with t-shirts, jackets and caps. “There’s more but I don’t wanna go on all day.”

Amber walked across the room, looking for a place to sit. As she walked by, the pink haired boy threw an apple at her head which hit her; she looked back at him then kept on walking. The boy then said, “El oh el.” the second said, “Ecks dee.” The third then said, “Roffle.”

Amber sat at the tomboys table; a few girls looked at her then carried on eating. A boy then walked over and sat down. He had black hair with three long sharp strands of hair sticking up slightly and his eyes were brown. He wore a black t-shirt with a ying yang symbol on it and black pants with a white line going down both sides. He also had black shoes.

“Who’s he?” Amber asked.

“Hi, I’m Eddy.” He replied as he offered a handshake.

“Uhh, hey.” Amber said before shaking his hand. She then looked at one girl across the table. “Is he allowed to sit here?”

“It’s cool.” She replied. 

“Well I gotta get going.” Eddy said as he stood up. “I’ll see you round ladies, and you too, red.” As he walked by the pink haired boy threw another apple which Eddy blocked with his tray. Amber then said, “thanks.” Without turning round.

Tiara then took the remote off Amber and paused it again.

“What’s the big idea?” Amber asked.

“Well...just to say thanks...I thought I’d give you something...” Tiara took out a long neon red whip which had a black handle and handed it to Amber.

“A whip? What am I gonna do with this?” she asked.

“I don’t know, it’s just a gift.”

“Looks pretty cool.” Kyle said.

Amber looked at the whip for a few seconds, then looked up at Kyle and smiled.

“...You really aren’t going to-”

“Damn right I am. You’re going to enjoy this.”

“I doubt it.” Kyle ran off and Amber ran after him. One servant then walked up to the King and said, “Your majesty, dinner is ready.”

“Great!” Steel said in excitement.

“I’m so hungry I could eat an octorok!” Tiara said.

The King then started laughing. “Hooooo hohohoho...dinner.”

At the rocky area, Toxic and Shany were high in the sky. Toxic kicked Shany and he landed in a pile of rocks. As Toxic approached the area, Shany burst out from the rocks and spin attacked her then followed her as she flew back. Toxic spun and landed on one foot then extended her second foot and hit Shany, knocking him threw several rocks before calling her foot back. Toxic then flew up to Shany who was no longer in chaos boost mode and knocked out. “It’s only a matter of time now…”

Toxic was then hit by an electrical blast and moved back a few feet then looked up to see Jessica. Adam who was on a floating rock platform threw a rock spire which got stuck in Toxic’s stomach. Toxic pulled it out then started firing green energy blasts at them both as they avoided them.

Crystal meanwhile was sitting on a cliff, using her mobile. “Hey Kevin, what’s up?”

“Not much, just doing stuff.”

“What kind of stuff?”

“Just stuff.”

“Is it by any chance…good stuff?”

“Yup. Just hold on a sec.” Kevin was wearing a pizza boy outfit and driving a scooter; he did a wheelie, hit a chair bumper and did a barrel roll before landing on both wheels. He then did another wheelie as he passed some people while saying, “Mad skills, I has them.” He then put the mobile to his ear. “What were you saying?”

“There’s a lot of crazy sh-I mean crap going on. I’ll tell you about it later.”

“K. I guess I’ll see you at the blue bomber later.” Kevin then hung up. When Crystal turned around to see the others, Toxic was busy deflecting Jessica’s blasts. Crystal jumped down and Toxic turned to her. “Ahh, Crystal, we meet again. This will be the last time.” She then extended her hands and grabbed Jessica’s foot then threw her at Crystal, knocking them both over.

Toxic then fired a fiery beam which they both moved out the way from. Back in Cerenia, while everyone else was eating, Amber was still chasing Kyle and whipping him as he ran. Amber eventually stopped and walked over to Tiara. “Hey, I think I should get going now.”

“Oh right, you’ve still got that crisis on your planet.”

The King put down his drink. “Mah gurl! This feast is what all true warriors strive for! Are you sure you can’t join us?”

Kyle then walked over rubbing his back. “She’s right, we really should get back.”

Steel then walked over and shook Amber and Kyle’s hands. “It was nice working with you two; I look forward to seeing you in the future.”

“Ditto.” Kyle replied. He then took out the prism of teleportation. “Guess we’ll get going now.”

“There’s no need, let me do it.” Tiara said. Amber and Kyle shrugged and then said, “sure.” Amber, Kyle and Tiara then stood together and Tiara lifted her staff into the air. “I’ll be back in a bit.” Amber and Kyle waved goodbye then the three of them vanished. Amber, Kyle and Tiara then appeared in an area where Future Ruby and Future Max were sitting on a mat, eating sandwiches.

“Whoops, a minor mistake.” Tiara said before lifting her staff up again. Amber then said, “I wonder what kind of child a psychokinetic and pyrokinetic would have...” before they vanished again.

Ruby then blinked for a few seconds before saying, “We should probably check up on those guys...”

“Yeah...” Max replied. “I also wonder what kind of child that would be...”

Amber, Kyle and Tiara then appeared at Legna Island.

Kyle then floated off as he said, “Great, seeing you again, Amber.”

“Gotta get going, huh?”

“Yeah, catch you later.” He said before flying off.

Amber then pressed a button on her suit. “I should find out what’s up right now...”

At the rocky area, Crystal’s suit blinked, she then pressed a button and heard Amber’s voice. “Hey, what’s going on now?”

“Amber? Where have you been?”

“Long story, I’m at Legna Island right now. That monster is still alive, right?”

“Yeah, Legna Island, huh? I’ll be there in a sec.” Crystal picked up the black moonlight device as Toxic ran towards her. Adam ran up to her with a green ultra emerald and Crystal used chaos control to teleport them out of the area before Toxic hit them.

The unison between Ruby and Max suddenly ended inside Toxic and she lost the green jacket. Toxic then looked around. “Darn...Legna Island, huh? Why not, I haven’t got anything better to do...” Toxic turned to Jessica who was knocked out and began to absorb her.

Meanwhile, Crystal and Adam appeared next to Amber and Tiara using chaos control. Crystal then said, “Wow, I never thought I’d get to use that…anyway, I’m glad your back, because I know a way we can win.”

“Well what is it?” Amber asked.

“There’s this technique called chaos unison where two people combine into one body and become amazingly strong, and then we can beat that thing.”

“You mean like fusion?”

“No, it’s something nobody has ever thought of and hasn’t been done before…”

“Well forget it because I’d rather die than join bodies with you.”

Adam opened his mouth to say something, then Tiara put her hand on his shoulder and they took a step back.

“What’s your deal lately?” Crystal asked. “…Wanna talk about it?”

“I’d rather not.” Amber said as she turned around. “Just leave me alone…”

They suddenly heard Toxic from far away flying towards the area and she yelled, “Marco!”

Crystal then put her palm to her forehead. “Great, she’s almost here…polo…Amber; we don’t have time for this, could we quickly do this and argue about it later?”

“Fine, I’ll handle it by myself.”

“That’s not an option, you know that. That thing is stronger than it was the last time you fought it. If we don’t do this we’re gonna die.”

“Really…the thought of you dieing puts a smile on my face.”

Toxic suddenly arrived and stood on a rock cliff far in the distance. Toxic now had a black cape and a lightning symbol on top of her head. “I’ll end this quick because I’ve got things to do.”

Crystal then turned to Amber. “Come on! That thing has absorbed several people already!”

“Why should I care?” Amber asked.

“And she blew up your TV!”

“No!” Amber looked at the ground in shock and shed a tear as she said, “My TV…”

Toxic then created a large energy ball and headed straight for them as she said, “I’m about to own some noobs!”

Amber quickly turned to Crystal and reached into one pocket on her suit and pulled out an emerald. “Fine, let’s do this, hurry up.”

“Really? But what about the dance thing?”

“Let’s just skip that.”

Adam and Tiara were standing behind a bunch of rocks, Adam then said, “I don’t have any clue what’s going on here…”

Crystal and Amber put the emeralds together as they said, “Chaos unison!” there was then a bright flash of light and the two morphed into one which made Toxic stop in midair and watch. When the light faded there stood a completely different person.

The person had black hair with a glowing red outline and one long bang of hair over her forehead, she also had golden eyes. The suit was stripes of red and purple while the symbol on the suit was a fire symbol with a crystal in the middle. The girl looked up at Toxic and smiled while Toxic slowly frowned.


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our second guest!”

Shade walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Shade the Hedgehog, I’m male, and my age is currently unknown. My height was 3’8” when this started and has recently become 4’0”, and I weight 77lbs.

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“I am the ultimate.”

“Your hobbies?”

“Pretty much anything that doesn’t annoy me…but that wasn’t being every specific, was it?”

“No, it wasn’t. Favorite song?”

“…Throw it all Away from Sonic Adventure 2, I guess.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“Nope, I’m not the liking kind of person. I’m just good friends with quite a few people, and Blade isn’t so bad once you get to know him.”

“I see. Any personal tips you can give to others?”

“Chaos control is not a toy, just ask Bob.”

“Who’s that?”


“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Appearances can be deceiving, that is all.”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our third guest!”

Crystal walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.
“My name is Crystal Clear, I’m female, and I’m 17 right now. My height was 5’6” when this started and became 5’8” a while back, and I weigh 118.7 lbs.”

“Cup size?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“You didn’t feel different about saying your weight…”

“…I see your point….B…I guess.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“Palm to forehead.”

“Your hobbies?”

“Playing games, going to the mall…doing the superhero thing…”

“Favorite song?”

“A New Venture…as if it hasn’t become obvious enough.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“Not that I’m aware of, besides, I’m fine. Serious stuff.”

“Any personal tips you can give to others?”

“Having to wear skirts is just an excuse for more fanservice.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Technically my hair style is twintails, not pigtails, even though they’re mistaken for them all the time. But whatever, twintails, pigtails, same thing…”

Toxic Saga: Chapter 64 – Mission to Rescue the others

At the HQ, Rush walked into the entertainment room with a big orange laser gun with spirals at the tip. “It’s finished!”

“What is that?” Mark asked as he turned around.

“It’s a beam which will shrink anything it hits, it’ll be needed. I’ll explain later, so let’s go everyone…you too, Slasha.”

“Why? I’m a bad person, remember?”

“Yeah, but we can’t let you stay here.”

“Then I guess the only way I’m coming is if you tie me up.”

A minute later…

Mads, Rush and Mark hopped in Rush’s ship while Mads jumped in with Slasha tied up and put her at the back. She then said, “I was kidding, you know…”

Back on Legna Island, the unison of Crystal and Amber was busy stretching both her legs then slowly floated up until she was 20 feet away from Toxic.

“So what’s your name then?” Toxic asked.

“It was hard to come up with one so I chose one which sounded cool, Crystar. It may not be much of a split name but it sounds cool and that’s all that matters.” She then pointed at Toxic and said, “The name is Crystar! Possibly one of the first girl fusion’s which actually has a purpose besides meaningless fanservice!”

“Very amusing.” Toxic replied.

Moments later, the others in Rush’s ship landed at Legna Island and Rush used the cannon to shrink the four of them and the ship. Rush then heard Crystar’s voice in his head. “Hey Rush, can you hear me?

Yeah, I hear you.

Listen, while I’m taking care of that monster, I’ll blast a hole through her stomach, when I do so you fly your mini ship into her then when you get inside, get to the brain and get the others out, then I’ll finish her off.

…That actually was my plan.

…Let’s get started then.

By the way, her name is Toxic.

Yeah, thanks for that, now get going, there isn’t much time.

Rush started up the ship and flew over to the area Crystar and Toxic were at. Crystar then fired a fiery beam through Toxic, creating a small hole. As the hole appeared Rush flew in and Toxic closed the hole moments later.

Crystar then smiled and nodded. “Ok Toxic, let’s begin.”

“I just hope you’re strong enough to amuse me.”

Inside Toxic’s stomach, Rush landed the ship in a large area with parts of the black substance dripping from the ceiling. Rush, Mads and Mark then jumped out the ship while Mads carried Slasha. Rush then turned to them. “Ok guys, we gotta hurry up and find the others, they should be in the brain, because the plot says they are.”

“Couldn’t we just fly the ship up there?” Mark asked.

“No, the fuel will be needed. Now let’s move.” He said before walking on ahead.

Outside, Crystar and Toxic were moving about the sky, creating shockwaves as they clashed. Crystar eventually tried to fly kick Toxic who created a hole in her chest which Crystar flew through and landed on the ground. Toxic charged at her and tried to punch her; Crystar grabbed her fist and threw her at a cliff, then punched her through the cliff and flew after her.

Inside Crystar’s brain were Crystal and Amber. Amber was at a computer while Crystal was looking at something to the right. Amber then said, “Hey, are you gonna help? I can’t do all the work.”

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a bit.” Crystal replied. Crystal looked at one part of the brain which had part of Amber’s flashback; she looked around for a few seconds then watched it.


The next day in Amber’s flashback, it was lunch and she was walking around the playground when Eddy ran up to her. “Hi again.”


“You never did tell me your name yesterday.”

“Oh yeah, Amber Salsar, nice to meet you.”

They soon approached a boy who said, “Hey, I think you’re cute, wou-”

“Not interested.” Amber quickly said as she walked past.

“Heh, you just get straight to the point, huh?” Eddy said.

“Yeah, sure do.”

“I like that, how you just say whatever’s on your mind.”

“Yup, like did you know this is a flashback?”


The pink haired boy then threw another apple at Amber’s head which hit her and then laughed. Amber turned around and walked up to him. “Look, if you wanna start something, then I’m ready to go, anytime. Get up; I’ll kick your ass, right now.”

“Alright, let’s go, redhead.”

A minute later they were standing ten feet away from each other with dozens of people gathering round. Eddy stood next to Amber and said, “Are you sure you wanna do this? There are better ways…”

“Relax Eddy, I got this. Besides, I’m sure he would never hit a girl…”

A minute later…

Eddy was helping Amber into the building as she had a black eye and her hair was messed up. “I can’t believe he hit a girl!”

“I tried to warn you…”

“He’s a surprising good fighter for a guy with pink hair…”

“Will you stop this nonsense now?”

“No.” Amber quickly stood up and began to walk on her own. “Not until I kick his ass, he just got lucky because I wasn’t expecting him to take it seriously. But I’ll get better, then he’ll see!” Amber then quickly collapsed. “A little help?”

“Yeah, I’m coming…” Eddy said before walking over to her.


Outside, Toxic was firing energy blasts at Crystar who jumped about, dodging them. Toxic then threw a giant ball of energy and caused a big explosion, surrounding the area in dirt. When it cleared Crystar was nowhere to be found. Crystar then shouted, “Hey Toxic!” far behind her on a cliff. As Toxic turned around, Crystar bent over and slapped her ass before saying, “Your target is over here.”

Toxic then flew over and started firing more blasts as Crystar jumped about again. Meanwhile, inside Toxic, Mads, Rush, Mark and Slasha were walking down a dark path when a giant black and green worm with a large mouth approached. Mark hid behind Slasha and said, “Do not want.”

“Geez, you don’t see me getting scared…” Slasha replied.

“I’m not used to this.”

As the worm got near them Rush took out the toe missile and fired it at the worm which made it move back a few feet. It then roared as Mads threw a bomb at it. It then prepared to eat them and lowered its head and reach the others. Mads and Rush prepared to fire again. The worm then suddenly said, “Why you so mean?”

Mads and Rush were stunned and all four of them raised an eyebrow.

“I was just trying to have some fun…” The worm said.

“Oh, sorry then.” Rush replied. “Have you by any chance seen anyone…human?”

“Yeah, just keep going and you’ll reach two paths. The left path should take you there.”

“Thank you very much, bye.” Rush said before walking on.

The others followed while looking strangely at the worm. Outside, Crystal hit Toxic with an energy blast then spun round with her arms out; hitting Toxic in the stomach several times then moved up and kicked her in the face several times before knocking her back with a punch. “Come on, Toxic, get serious.”

“I only need to wait until your little trick wears off.”

“Then you’ll be waiting for quite a while.” Crystar slowly took out a multicoloured orb with the Sega logo on it. “I decided I’d save this for now, they just seem to be floating around these days…”

Inside Toxic, the others made it to the area with two paths, going diagonally left and right with green liquid down below. They went right and continued walking. In one large room a black puddle formed far in front of them and a black and green Tentallix rose from the puddle.

“Tentallix?” Slasha asked. “Why is he here?”

“I have no idea.” Rush replied. “But we got no choice but to take him down.”

Tentallix quickly fired two of its tentacles at them, which they avoided by jumping out the way. Rush then threw three bombs at Tentallix who jumped about avoiding them. Mads was on Tentallix’s left and fired a beam which hit it and knocked Tentallix into a wall. Tentallix quickly got up, opened its eye wide and fired a big green beam which Mads and Rush avoided. The beam created a big hole in the wall which closed up moments later.

“…Is that acid?” Mads asked in shock.

“I’m hoping it’s not…” Rush replied.

“Hello?” Slasha said as she waved from further away. “I could help out if I had a weapon…” Rush then threw Slasha a small laser gun. She looked at it and then said, “Lame.”

Tentallix fired another beam which Rush jumped over while Mads jumped out the way. Rush whacked Tentallix with his tail then repeatedly punched him then knocked him to the ground with a flying kick.

“Nice moves, Rush.” Mark said as he gave him a thumbs up.

“Thanks.” Rush replied. Tentallix then quickly got up a hit Rush with one of its tentacles. Mads then shot a cable through Tentallix. “Get over here!” He said before pulling Tentallix towards him. Tentallix quickly grabbed the cable with one tentacle and ripped it then hit Mads with a second tentacle, knocking him near an edge. Tentallix then attempted to jump on Mads and as Tentallix jumped in the air, it was hit by a missile and went flying off the edge into the green liquid below.

Slasha who was holding the toe missile then helped Mads up. “No need to thank me, let’s just keep going.”

Rush ran on ahead with Slasha close behind and Mads and Mark followed shortly after. Outside, Crystar crushed the multicoloured orb and had an aura around her. She then created a big ball of energy which glowed red and purple. “I haven’t actually got a name for this attack, for now I’ll call it, “blazing psycho ball.” She then lifted it into the air. “You ready?”

Crystar threw it at Toxic, who tried to punch it as the ball separated into two and moved in different directions. They then moved around, hitting Toxic a dozen times before forming back into one ball and hit Toxic, causing a big explosion as Crystar pumped her fist into the air.

When the smoke cleared, Toxic had several scratches and was breathing heavily, moments later the scratches vanished and she stood up straight. Crystar then said, “I didn’t wanna end this too fast, so I held a bit back.”

Adam and Tiara were still by the pile of rocks looking up and watching. Tiara then said, “This is nuts…” She then looked at Adam who was eating a slice of pizza and asked, “Where did you get that?” Adam then shrugged.

In the sky, Toxic smiled at Crystar. “I think you’ve been toying with me for a while now.”

“I also think you’re not showing me your full power.” Crystar replied. “I just think this next measure might be needed. Watch closely.” Crystar took out the black moonlight device and turned it on. Crystar then quickly transformed into her demon form, consisting of crimson wings, tail and glowing eyes. She formed a big aura and slowly raised her head. “The name is Demon Crystar.”

“So you can do it too…”


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our fourth guest!”

Amber walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Amber Salsar, I’m female, and I’m 17 right now. My height was 5’6” when this started and became 5’8” a while back, and I weigh 126.2 lbs.”

“Cup si-”

“C…a certain someone told me you’d ask.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“Well at one point I did say, “Can you feel the heat?” but I haven’t said it in ages…”

“Your hobbies?”

“Games, music, TV, going cinema…other stuff…”

“Favorite song?”

“The Allegro version of Deep Core from Sonic Rush Adventure.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“Yes, a lot.”

“Any personal tips you can give to others?”

“…Being funny is an act of being totally random.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“My hairstyle is technically a ponytail one, just with the ribbon a bit further down my hair…”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our fourth guest!”

Mads walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Mads Andersen, I’m male, and I’m 17 right now. My height is 5’8” and I weigh 132 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“I’d be Mads not to have one…see what I did there?”

“Yeah, I saw. Your hobbies?”

“Anime, manga, video games, more anime, TV, internet, did I also mention anime?”

“Favorite song?”

“A lot, but one of my favorites is Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“Well…I seem to have a weakness for insane female villains…”

“Any personal tips you can give to others?”

“As long as you try your hardest it’s always possible to succeed…unless you just plain suck.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Being an otaku is more than just collecting anime and manga, it’s the fact of getting all the collections of certain things which you can get, mainly for bragging rights…to be honest, I just made that up.”
Toxic Saga: Chapter 65 – Brought Down to Normal

Crystar and Toxic were still in the air as Toxic slowly rubbed her chin. “So…Demon Crystar, huh? Impressive, but let’s not forget that I still have the two kids, the lightning girl and the fox.”

“I’m assuming you haven’t absorbed Sonny and Shade, because I don’t see any spikes, why is that?”

“I thought I had all the power I needed, plus electricity is cool. You’ll soon see how foolish your attempts are.”

“Now you see, that doesn’t make a difference, regardless of how much power you’re holding back. As a unison we’re much more powerful than we are separately and in this demon form we could literally wipe the floor with you. But if you still think you stand a chance…” Crystar attempted to call Toxic over with a hand signal. “Come prove it.”

Toxic growled at her as she said, “I’ve had enough of loud mouth nonsense, if you won’t shut your trap then I’ll do it for you!” Toxic quickly charged at Crystar as she stood there. As Toxic tried to punch her, she moved slightly to the right, with Toxic missing her completely as she flew by. Toxic turned around and flew back trying to punch Crystar as she moved slightly to the right, with Toxic missing her again.

Toxic flew back and tried to kick her in the face as Crystar bent backwards. Toxic then tried to punch her from behind as Crystar bent forward for a second while still having her back turned. Toxic turned her head and growled at her again while Crystar slowly turned her head and grinned. Toxic then moved back and threw a ball of energy at Crystar. Crystar put up a shield as it approached her which sent it back towards Toxic.

As Toxic avoided the blast, Crystar quickly flew over and roundhouse kicked her into a pile of rocks. Inside Toxic, Mads, Rush, Mark and Slasha arrived in a large area. Rush then looked around. “I think this is it.”

“Then where are they?” Mads asked.

Rush looked on and saw several black circular pods in mid-air, connected to the ground. “Over there!”

The four of them ran over to see Ruby, Max, Kat and Jessica in pods, lined up with each other. Mark then said, “Great, now let’s hurry up and get out of here.”

“Yeah.” Rush replied. “I just hope the other two are fine…”

Outside, Crystar and Toxic were on the ground and Toxic was throwing several punches while Crystar avoided them as she moved back. Crystar eventually held out one hand which made Toxic stop for a second. Crystar then said, “Palm to forehead!” before hitting Toxic’s forehead hard with her palm, sending her flying into a pile of rocks.

Crystar then smiled. “Isn’t it awesome how you can turn a catchphrase into a standard move?”

As Toxic jumped out from the rubble Crystar created a fiery ball of energy which had sparks around it in both hands, put them together then put her hands to the side, she then fired the beam at Toxic, causing a big explosion which spread from one side of the island to the next.

Inside Toxic, the place started shaking then stopped moments later. Mark walked up to the pod Jessica was in and then said, “Let’s get started then.” He then attempted to pull on the black cables connecting it to the ground and ceiling, eventually ripping them.

Outside, Crystar and Toxic were standing 15 feet away from each other when Toxic’s cape and the lightning symbol on her head suddenly disappeared and she gained the green jacket again. She then said, “Hey, what happened?” while Crystar stood watching. Mads and Rush then quickly pulled on the black cables holding up Ruby and Max’s pod’s and ripped them off. Toxic then lost the jacket as she gasped. “What’s going on?” She then thought for a few seconds then looked at Crystar and said, “Excuse me for a few minutes.”

Toxic then shut her eyes and stood perfectly still. Inside Toxic, Rush and Mark moved towards Kat’s pod while Mads walked on ahead and noticed another pod further down. He then yelled, “Hey guys, look at this!” Rush and Mark walked up to him and saw Light the chao in one of the pods. “So this is the original, right?”

“Yeah, that’s him.” Rush replied.

“We should get back to getting these guys down.” Mark said.

Slasha stood ten feet behind them and aimed the toe missile at them. “Not so fast.”

Mads, Rush and Mark turned around moments later. “…Are you serious?”

“Very serious.” Slasha replied.

“You could have done this ten minutes ago yet you wait until now?” Rush asked.

“Yes, because why just kill you three when I could kill all of you together, then get out of here in your ship.”

“She makes a good point.” Mark said, looking at Rush.

Slasha then shrugged. “Don’t worry, I’ll try to make it quick and painless.” A black puddle formed a bit behind Slasha and Toxic slowly rised from it as she said, “I seem to have some unexpected guests…” Slasha then turned around and backed up a bit as Toxic said, “Who gave you four the right to enter my body!”

Mads looked around for a few seconds before saying, “That’s what she said.”

“Who said?” Mark said.

“Never mind.”

Toxic then looked at Slasha. “Hello again, Slasha, I see you’ve betrayed me, it disappoints me so...”

“Hey, you left me, so you’re now dead to me.”

“Right back at you.” Toxic said before extended one hand and hitting Slasha, knocking her into the wall of one side, Toxic then looked at Mads, Rush and Mark. “Now to take care of you three.”

Mads and Rush got into a fighting stance while Mark moved back. “Mads, attack pattern 2!” Rush yelled.

“...We don’t have any routine.” Mads replied.

“...Let’s pretend we do.”

Mads and Rush ran towards Toxic as she had her hands at her side. As they were five feet away Mads went right and Rush went left, Toxic then quickly extended her arms and spun around, hitting Mads and Rush and knocking them to the ground. Toxic then laughed. “That’s just not gonna cut it, care to try again?”

On the outside, Crystar suddenly glowed and separated into Crystal and Amber again. Amber then looked at Crystal. “No, I still don’t want to talk about it.”

Crystal shook her head. “There’s no need, while we were joined I had a little look around in your brain.”

“I see…”

“So…are you really a-”






“A little…this conversation could mean many things…”

“You’re right…” Amber then looked at Toxic who was still standing still. “I just wonder what’s going on in there…”

Inside Toxic, she stood in one spot as Mads and Rush ran towards her again. As they were five feet away Mads went right and Rush went left, Toxic then ducked and extended her arms as she spun around. Mads and Rush quickly jumped over her arms then ran towards her as she stood up.

Rush then punched her as he said, “Breakfast!” sending her flying back. Mads then kicked her from behind as he said, “Brunch!” knocking her forward a few feet. Rush then said, “Lunch!” as he ran forward and kneed her in the stomach, knocking her to the ground. Mads then jumped up and said, “Dinner!” before landing on her face then jumping back a few feet. Rush landed next to him and took out a laser cannon then they both aimed it at Toxic as she got up.

“Midnight snack!” They yelled before firing at her, creating a big beam and vaporizing her. As the smoke cleared Mark asked, “Is it over?”

Toxic’s laughter was then heard moments later which echoed around the area, “Silly noobs, you can’t beat me here. Maybe you’ve forgotten but this is all me! No matter how many times you kill me, I’ll just keep coming back!”

“Oh, right…” Rush said, scratching his head. “This doesn’t look good…” Toxic then quickly rised from behind them and then hit Mads and Rush with her arms then threw Mads at a wall. Toxic then laughed. “I think I’ll take my time finishing you guys.”

“You don’t have much time to spare.” A familiar voice said from behind. Toxic turned around to see Slasha grabbing the cables connecting Kat’s pod to the ceiling. “How would you feel if I pulled this out…”

“No! Let go of that!”

“So you’re giving me orders now? I created this side of you, remember?”

“If you tear that down, I’ll lose my power.”

“That sounds good, let’s give it a shot.” Slasha quickly pulled on the pod, ripping it out. Toxic then quickly dropped to the ground and produced a loud scream which caused everyone to cover their ears. She then slowly melted and disappeared into the floor. The place then started rumbling and Rush quickly got up. “Guys, we gotta get out of here, quick! Grab the pods and lets go!”

“Right!” Mads replied before picking up Ruby and Max’s pods then flew out the area with his jetpack. Rush grabbed Kat and Jessica’s pods, Slasha then grabbed onto Rush’s leg as he flew out on his jetpack while Mark sat on top of Rush.

On the outside, Crystal and Amber watched Toxic as she stood on a cliff, constantly screaming as she had green energy waves coming out of her.

“I think they did it.” Crystal said. “Toxic is transforming again…”

Amber looked back at Toxic to see how hopping around while screaming. “Toxic can sure bust some moves, that’s for sure…” Toxic then started spinning on her head while screaming.

Crystal then put her palm to her forehead. “Now this is just ridiculous.” Inside Toxic, the others made it to the ship and jumped in. They then took off as green liquid started to fill the area and they ended up outside moments later. After landing Rush returned the ship to regular size. Crystal and Amber then floated down to the four of them.

“What’s she doing here?” Amber said as she looked at Slasha.

“Hey, I helped out as well.”

“You were gonna kill us.” Mark replied.

“Quiet you.”

Amber then covered her hand in fire. “I suggest you leave before I finish what I started last time.”

Slasha slowly backed away. “Well I’ll be seeing you guys, and you too Mads.” She said before running off.

“Doesn’t see need like a jetpack or something?” Crystal asked.

Rush shrugged then looked up at Toxic who had finished screaming. “Hey, I think she’s done…”

All of them looked up at Toxic who was breathing heavily before standing up straight. Toxic looked exactly the same as after absorbing Kat but was four feet tall. (OMG, it’s over ten chapters!)


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our fifth guest!”

Rush walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Rush the Raccoon, I’m male, and I’m 13 right now. My height was 3’8” when this started and has recently become 4’0” and I weigh 70 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“Sadly I don’t.”

“Your hobbies?”

“Creating new gadgets…doing stuff…I need to get out more…”

“Favorite song?”

“Believe in Myself from Sonic Adventure 1 & 2…because it like, makes me believe and stuff.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“No, but I’ve heard a few like me…but only in the cute way, apparently…but it’s all good.”

“Any personal tips you can give to others?”

“Always believe in yourself…yeah, I know it was lame.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“I wish I was involved more…”
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« Reply #94 on: 08 May, 2008, 06:23:48 pm »

SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our seventh guest!”

Ruby walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Ruby Clear, I’m female, and I’m 11 right now. My height is 4’1” and I weigh 91.3 lbs.”

“Cup size?”

“I normally like drinking from big cups.”

“…Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“Nope, not a one.”

“Your hobbies?”

“Eating eggo, p-”

“Eating eggo doesn’t count as a hobby.”

“Well it should…”

“Favorite song?”

“Jeh Jeh Rocket because the beat is awesome.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“I have a lot of friends.”

“…Any personal tips you can give to others?”

“Having the mad skills can bring you closer to achieving the impossible.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Don’t touch my eggo and we’ll be friends for life.”

Toxic Saga: Chapter 66 – Brawling with the Beast

Crystal, Amber, Mads, Rush and Mark stood in the same spot with the pods, looking up at Toxic who stood on a cliff. Crystal then scratched her head. “Wait, this doesn’t make sense. You did get everyone out, right?”

“Well almost everyone.” Rush replied. “We kinda forgot the chao, maybe that would have made a difference. I think Toxic and Kat have been connected for so long that Toxic has some of her DNA stored in it’s memory which explains why there isn’t much of a change, even though her pod is no longer there.”

“Makes sense…”

Adam and Tiara flew over to them seconds later, Amber then looked at Adam. “So what’s your name then?”

“Hi, I’m Adam, Crystal’s cousin.” He said as he shook her hand.

“Hey, I’m Eve.”




Tiara then looked up at Toxic. “What is that thing exactly?”

“A mutated chao.” Mark replied.

“It’s a shame we couldn’t get that chao out.” Mads said.

Rush thought for a few seconds and then said, “There actually may be a way…without going back in, that is.” He then ran off as he said, “I’ll be back soon.”

As he reached the edge of the island, Slasha walked up to him and asked, “Could I by any chance get a ride, seeing as how I have no transport?...Please?”

“Fine, hop on.”

Slasha jumped on Rush’s back as he said, “Thanks Rush, I owe you one.”

“Yeah, sure.” He said before talking off out of the area.

The others then turned their attention towards Toxic again who was frowning, Toxic then slowly grinned and started producing screams so loud they shook the ground, the water in the seas and caused glass to shatter in several cities. During the constant screaming Sonny and Shade woke up and slowly stood then looked around. They then ran off out of the area. Toxic stopped screaming after 30 seconds then smiled. Afterwards she looked in the direction of the others and floated down to the ground.

Toxic then laughed and pointed at them. “Who shall be the first to meet their demise?”

Adam shrugged. “I guess it’s just down to hand-to-hand fighting now, huh?”

“How are we gonna settle this?” Mads asked.

“The way any fighters settle who goes first.” Amber replied. “Rock, paper, scissors!”

In another area, Raizor and the Lounge members had finished packing dozens of things into a van which then drove away. The other lounge members then jumped in their 4x4 while Raizor was talking with Jawo’. “We’re still cool, right?”

“Of course, I’ve never purposely done something to you and you haven’t done the same…right?”

“Yeah…not my idea for such plans anyway, here’s your pay.” Raizor said as he handed him 100 bucks.

“Thanks.” Jawo’ replied before jumping on the back of the 4x4. “See ya round, Raizor.” He said before they drove off. Raizor then jumped in his floating chair and took off as well.

Back on Legna Island, Mads, Adam, Mark and Tiara were standing on a small cliff 20 feet behind Crystal and Amber who were still busy playing “rock, paper, scissors.” while Toxic sat on a rock with her head down, waiting. Crystal eventually beat Amber by picking paper as she picked rock and pumped her fist into the air. “Yeah! I win!”

Amber sighed. “Aww, I wanted to go first…”

“Then you should have picked scissors.”

Amber then walked off towards the others as she said, “There’s a good chance I’ll still get my turn anyway.”

A news helicopter then suddenly flew over the area; the others then looked up at it while Adam asked, “What’s that doing here?” Mads then shrugged.

SA2 was in the helicopter, holding a video camera and looking down at Crystal and Toxic. “I’m reporting live at Legna Island where the action is about to take place, first up is that psychic girl, I forget her name…”

“It’s Psychic Angel!” Crystal shouted.

“Yeah, Psychic Angel, that’s it. An anonymous tip told us to check out this area, and it’s a good thing we did.”

Crystal stopped looking up at the helicopter and looked at Toxic. “Alright Toxic, let’s get started!”

Toxic still sat in one place, Crystal then asked. “Hello? We can start now?” Crystal then tilted her head to see Toxic was sleeping. “Hey! Now that’s just plain rude! Fine, I’ll make the first move.” Crystal flew forward and kicked Toxic, sending her flying on her back. Toxic then woke up as she still flew back, flipped and landed on both feet. As Crystal came towards her Toxic fired a small ball of energy which Crystal flew over.

Crystal then kneed her in the stomach, gave her an uppercut and knocked her back with a kick. Crystal then lifted several rocks using her psychokinesis and buried Toxic with them. Mark then asked, “Is it over already?”

“Of course not.” Amber replied. “It’s just getting started, as in, a warm up.”

Toxic quickly burst out from the rocks and punched Crystal, sending her flying back. Toxic then flew after her and prepared to fire a beam as Crystal did the same, resulting in a big explosion. Crystal jumped out from the smoke as Toxic followed her and attempted to attack her while Crystal moved back, blocking the attacks. Crystal then jumped over one of her punches and hit Toxic with a large rock using her psychokinesis.

As Toxic flew back slightly she chucked a green energy blast at Crystal which she whacked away with her arm then fired a blast back. Toxic avoided it by moving to the side then threw another blast which Crystal avoided by ducking then fired another blast. This kept up for a while, creating potholes all over the area. Crystal eventually kicked away one blast then charged at Toxic who backed up a few feet then fired a beam of energy at Crystal.

Crystal dodged it at the last second; Toxic then continued firing more energy beams which Crystal dodged by moving about the area. Crystal put her hands on the ground and fired a blast which made her fly diagonally forward and towards Toxic. She then quickly kneed Toxic and as she fell she grabbed Crystal’s foot and slammed her into the ground. Toxic then got up and swung Crystal round three times before throwing her into a mountain.

A purple beam came out of the mountain moments later then Crystal jumped out from it and landed 20 feet away from Toxic. Toxic then lifted her arms into the air and created a giant ball of lightning then threw it towards Crystal. As it reached her she tried to push it back but eventually hit the mountain which caused the ball to explode, which caused thunderstorms and the waves of water around the island to move at a rapid rate.

Crystal then flew out again from the mountain and then landed on top of it. SA2 then said into his mic, “Ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned because it’s about to become serious business. Even though she’s not wearing a helmet, it seems really hard to tell who this girl is, even when it should be quite obvious.”

The others on the cliff continued watching. “So that was just a warm up?” Tiara asked.

“Yup.” Amber replied. “I think now would be the time to shine some moonlight using your staff.”


Crystal stood on the mountain watching Toxic as she laughed. “There’s something strange about this form, I just can’t put my finger on it...” Crystal then saw a ray of light up in the sky and looked up. She then transformed into her demon form, gaining a big purple aura as she finished. “Man, I haven’t done this since...chapter 39.” Toxic jumped up onto a cliff moments later facing Crystal.

Adam then yelled, “Show me what you can do, Crystal!”

Crystal turned around and gave him a thumbs up, she then turned back around and frowned. “Ok, you freak, let’s see what you got.”

Toxic lowered her head and laughed quietly, then raised her head and laughed loudly as Crystal raised an eyebrow; Toxic then looked at her and grinned. Toxic then produced razor sharp claws and flew towards Crystal while Crystal jumped off the mountain and towards her.

Kevin was walking down a street when several people were watching TV screens outside one shop which showed the events on Legna Island. Kevin then took out his mobile and phoned Kyle. “Hey, do you know what’s going on now?”

“I do now, I might check it out, wanna come?”

“Do I need to ask? Meet me at that place, the blue bomber place.”

“K, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Kyle said before hanging up.

Back at Legna Island, the sky was slightly dark with lightning in the air as Wrapped in Black (Part 2) played in the background and Crystal and Toxic clashed several times in the air. They both spun down and hit two different rocks at 00:11 and dashed towards each other. They reached each other seconds later and there was a bright flash before they began attacking each other. They then separated and landed on the ground.

Crystal then threw a tree at Toxic using her psychokinesis which Toxic dodged by an inch as she ran towards Crystal then started attacking with her claws. Crystal caught one of her hands, Toxic then kicked Crystal in the stomach, forcing her to let go of her hand then Toxic flew up and started throwing waves of fire at her, which Crystal dodged by moving about.

Crystal then picked up a very large stone and threw it at Toxic who jumped over it and kicked Crystal. Crystal flew back and touched the ground with both hands then jumped towards her and caught her hand again as she tried to punch Crystal. Crystal then kicked her across the face twice from left to right, then in the stomach then up to her face before letting go of her hand and roundhouse kicking her into a pile of rocks.

Toxic jumped out from the pile of rocks and extended her arms, trying to attack with both hands while Crystal avoided them as she moved back, Toxic then flew down and pounded the ground, Crystal then flew up slightly and fired a big beam which Toxic dodged by running right. Crystal then saw a multicoloured orb with the Sega logo on it float past, shrugged then quickly blasted it, gaining a rainbow aura. Crystal then pounded the ground, knocking Toxic up and freezing her in the air. Crystal then waved her hand and dozens of giant glowing balls of psychokinetic energy hit her, causing a big explosion.

Back in an unknown forest, Zulu exited Nintendude’s base and hopped on his motorbike then drove off down a trail. In Cerenia, Steel was watching the fight using Tiara’s crystal ball. Back on Legna Island, Crystal slid along the ground towards Toxic who jumped out the way at the last second, then kicked her into the air, flew up quickly and hammered Crystal towards the ground diagonally. Toxic dropped down and flew in Crystal’s direction then kicked her to the ground before flying 20 feet away into the air and laughing.

Toxic lifted one hand into the air and created a large ball of green energy then threw it at her. Crystal fired a big beam of energy at it, pushing it back towards Toxic. Toxic then charged up a beam and fired it towards the ball pushing it back towards Crystal as Crystal pushed it towards her. The energy ball eventually exploded, surrounding the area in smoke. Toxic then flew out of the smoke and tried to stab Crystal as she moved a few feet back and breathed deeply.

Crystal then flew away towards the others standing on the cliff and looked at Toxic who sat on another rock.

“What’s up?” Adam asked.

“I figured out what’s weird about this form of Toxic’s, she never gets tired.”


“Yeah, I haven’t noticed one sign of her weakening at all, and I seem to be getting quite tired.”

“I can take over if you want.” Amber said.

“Alright, just try not to push yourself too hard.”

“Push myself harder, got it.” She replied before flying off.

“Why do I bother…”

Mads then sat down. “I’d likely get owned even if I had a turn…”

Shade was standing outside a shop in the middle of a city when Sonny came out the shop with two hotdogs. Shade then said, “Seems they’re all over at Legna Island.”

“I remember that place, good times.” He then offered Shade a hotdog. “Want one?”

“No thanks, let’s just get going.” Shade then ran off. Sonny quickly ate the second hotdog and ran after him.


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our eighth guest!”

Max walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Max Salsar, I’m male, and I’m 11 right now, 12 in a few weeks. My height is 4’3” and I weigh 99 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“If I did, it’d probably be something lame using my name as a pun.”

“Your hobbies?”

“Video games, sports, internet, etc.”

“Favorite song?”

“The Minor Boss theme from Sonic 3.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“Crystal, and maybe a few others…”

“Any personal tips you can give to others?”

“You gotta do things to the Max!”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Nope, totally out of ideas right now.”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our ninth guest!”

Kat walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Kat the Fox, I’m female, and I really have no idea how old I am. My height is 6’3” and I weigh 142 lbs.”

“Cup size?”

“C, as if it matters.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“No, and I never thought of having one until now…”

“Your hobbies?”

“The usual choices, I’ll leave it at that.”

“Favorite song?”

“Angel Island zone, act 1 from Sonic 3.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“I haven’t got any in mind.”

“Any personal tips you can give to others?”

“Taking charge of an underground high tech base, being aligned with places like Area 51 is quite difficult on your own, especially when your owner is on holiday most of the time…”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“I’d like to be involved in one saga where I don’t get kidnapped or absorbed…”


I would have uploaded this last night, but I had some problems I had to take care of...

Toxic Saga: Chapter 67 – The Light in the Darkness, Part 1

Back in Dr. Kurosama’s lab, he was watching a television while typing something in on a computer when Rush bust down the door and ran in and yelled, “Fried chicken!”

Dr. Kurosama quickly turned around. “Rush, what’s the trouble?”

“You know what’s going down at Legna Island, right?”

“Yes, it’s on the news.”

“Good, you see, I need some kind of device to separate the good chao from the mutated bad one. Mainly because I’m too lazy to make it myself.”

“I actually recently made something for this particular occasion, after getting beaten by the creature earlier today.”

“Great, but I gotta hurry back, so let’s move it along.”

At Legna Island, Amber landed ten feet away from Toxic who then stood up. “Hey Toxic, remember me?”

“Aww, yes, you’re the one I beat up here just earlier today.”

“Well this time I’m serial…very serial.” Amber looked up at the moon hologram in the sky and transformed into her demon form then randomly took out a stereo and put on the allegro version of Deep Core from Sonic Rush Adventure. They both then got into a fighting stance as the wind blew for the first eighteen seconds. They then ran at each other and Toxic started attacking with her claws while Amber avoided her attacks then jumped over her and kicked Toxic from behind.

Toxic quickly flipped up and fired a large gust of wind, blowing several trees towards Amber who jumped from tree to tree getting closer. As Amber reached Toxic she there several punches while Toxic continued to jumped backwards on several rocks then flew high into the air, Amber then flew up after her. At 00:37, Amber reached her and used chaos control to disappear, she then fly kicked Toxic from behind and knocked them both into the ground, then travelled along underground for a while, moving randomly around the island.

They then burst out from underneath at 00:55 with dozens of rocks flying out then moved about attacking each other in the air. Toxic created a hole in her stomach which Amber flew through; Toxic then punched her and kicked her afterwards, making her fly into one rock. As Toxic came towards her, Amber descended, grabbed her foot and threw her at some rocks still up in the air, then punched her down to the ground.

Amber then slowly descended to the ground as Toxic slowly got up and the song ended. Somewhere in the sky, Raizor was flying back to his base when he got a call which he answered, “Hello?”

“Hey Raizor, it’s me, Slasha, come pick me up.”


“Come on!”




“You suck.”

“That’s great news…so where are you?”

“In Marble city…have you noticed how all the cities named in this saga have been after levels from the first Sonic the Hedgehog game?”

“No, and I don’t care either. I’ll be there in a bit.”



“It’s like yay, only better.”

“I see, it’s starting to make sense…”

“By the way, could you pick up a cheeseburger on the way?”


Back on Legna Island, Toxic stood in one spot while Amber flew towards her from far away. As Amber was 20 feet away, Toxic put her hands out and fired several tentacles at her.

Mads then said, “Yay, tentacles!”

Amber quickly spun around several times, creating a fiery tornado and turning the tentacles to ashes as she moved forward. When Amber reached Toxic she then kicked her in the face and knocked Toxic into a cliff.

Mads then said, “Aww, tentacles...”

Toxic jumped out from the cliff and landed five feet away from Amber then said, “You aren’t as weak as I thought after all...”

“That’s right, and while we’re on the subject, I might as well continue that flashback.”

“I shouldn’t have said anything...”

“Quiet you.”


A few weeks later in Amber’s flashback, Amber and Eddy were walking down a hallway and looked at the screen. “So for the last few weeks I’ve been trying to avoid that pink haired guy, who seems to have an obsession about throwing apples at me...I wonder where he gets all those apples...but it’s all good. When the time comes, I’ll kick his ass, and how!”

“Who are you talking to?” Eddy asked.

“Nobody...I need to use the bathroom, I’ll be back in a minute.” Amber said before walking into the boy’s bathroom. Eddy then heard someone shout, “WTF, knock first!”

Amber came out a minute later and said, “Alright, let’s continue walking.”

Eddy opened his mouth to say something, then slowly closed it and shrugged, and then they started walking on. A bit later, it was lunch time and most people were in the cafeteria. Amber was sitting at the tomboys table and looked at the screen. “As I said last time, there are loads of tables around here, the nerd table, the ninja table, the emo table, this table, the girly girl table, the one dimensional stereotype table which a friend I might make in the future would fit in at...”

The pink haired boy then threw an apple at Amber’s head again. Amber then got up and walked over to him. “I try pretty hard not to be bothered by you, but you just make it too hard. Get up, I’ll kick you ass, right now.”

“Sit down, redhead; didn’t you learn anything from the last time?”

“You just got lucky because I wasn’t serious.”

The boy then got up. “I’m as serious as my pink hair.”

“Seriously, pink hair doesn’t work on guys.” Amber then pointed across the room at a girl wearing a black skirt, black stockings, a white vest and cape tried around her neck. She had a wand and pink hair and was sitting with a purple dragon. (Yes, this is a reference) “You see her? She can pull off the pink hair look, you can’t.”

“I don’t care what you think, what do you say to that?”

“I say this.” Amber quickly picked up a cherry pie and threw it in his face, the place was then silent.

Eddy looked around for a few seconds before shouting, “Food fight!” he then hid under a table as people started throwing food around the room, Amber then did the same seconds later.


A smile then spread on Amber’s face. “Man, that food fight was awesome.”

Toxic yawned. “Yes, I’m sure it was, now can we get back to our fight?”

“Of course.” Amber and Toxic then get into a fighting stance again.

Meanwhile, Kevin was standing outside the blue bomber when Kyle showed up. “Yo.”

“About time.” Kevin replied. “Do you know where this Island is?”

“Yeah, I’ve been there, and we can get there in moments.”


Kyle took out the prism of teleportation. “This. I’ll explain it later.” Kyle stood next to Kevin and they both disappeared.

Back at Legna Island, Amber and Toxic were throwing several punches at each other. Amber then kneed her in the stomach and Toxic quickly countered by kicking her in the face, Amber then elbowed her in the back of her head, Toxic then punched her in the chest, knocking her back a few feet.

Amber then threw a large ball of fire which Toxic dodged by back flipping then landed on a cliff and put her hands to the side. Toxic then charged up a ball of purple energy as Amber raised an eyebrow. “Is she doing what I think she’s doing?”

Toxic then fired a large beam at Amber who blocked as it got close; it then hit the ground, creating a shockwave which knocked back things around the area. The others on the cliff held onto things around as the wind blew strongly. When the wind stopped blowing there was dust surrounding the area where the blast landed. Toxic then heard Amber from inside the smoke say, “Let me show you how it’s done!” Amber then fired a large fiery beam which blasted off half of Toxic’s body as she moved out the way at the last second.

Toxic recovered several moments later while Amber flew up into the sky. Over at the cliff the others were standing, Kyle and Kevin suddenly appeared and everyone looked over at them and waved.

“Hey everyone.” Kyle said. “What’s going on now?”

“Amber’s fighting with Toxic.” Crystal replied.

Kyle walked to the edge of the cliff and looked up at Amber and Toxic who flew through the sky making bright flashes where they clashed in the sky. “Awesome.”

Kevin walked over to Crystal and rubbed his chin. Crystal then noticed seconds later. “...I didn’t expect for you to show up here.”

“I know too many super powered individuals.”

“I’ve noticed.”

“So this is your demon form, huh? Pretty cool.”

“You don’t think it’s weird?”

“Kinda cool, kinda creepy, overall...good stuff.”

“I see...” Crystal then turned around. “Has anyone got one of those orb thingies?”

“You mean this?” Mark asked before taking out a multicoloured orb with the Sega logo on it.

“Yeah, that. Pass it here.” Mark gave Crystal the orb, which she then threw towards the area Amber and Toxic were fighting. Toxic quickly flew down towards the orb and was hit by a fire blast before reaching it. Amber then kicked it, breaking it and gained a rainbow aura. Amber then created a large dragon made of fire around herself, which then fired a gigantic fireball which split into 3 large fireballs and moved randomly up and down, causing explosions throughout the island.

SA2 as still up in the helicopter. “Oh snap! Is this it? Has this redheaded girl beaten the creature who was wrapped in black?”

Toxic then suddenly jumped out from underground and landed five feet away from Amber then took a few deep breathes.

SA2 then looked into the camera. “Apparently not.”

Toxic the stood up straight. “I got lucky there, that would have probably finished me off.”

“I guess I’ll have to try it again.” Amber replied.

Over at the cliff the others were at, Rush arrived and ran up to Mads, then took out a tiny chip which had a picture of the sun on it but was white and gave it to Mads. “Here, put this in.”

“What’s that?”

“I chip for the light beam, which would prove useful here, just use it.”

“Ok.” Mads took the chip and put it in a slot in the suit. Mads then aimed at Toxic and charged up the arm cannon. Mads then fired a large beam which Toxic saw at the last second and was hit by it, knocking her back ten feet and to the ground. When Toxic was standing laid Light the chao, knocked out that got everyone’s attention.

“Wait, how did that happen?” Tiara asked.

“Well you see, Toxic is like the pure dark form of Light, well, until that thing started absorbing people. Considering that’s the light beam, it would hurt Toxic but not Light because Light is a hero chao...and isn’t evil as well.” Rush explained.

“Guess that makes sense...”

Over at the scene, Light slowly got up while Amber stood, watching the chao. “So this chao was inside that thing all this time? This might be interesting...”

Toxic flew out from the pile of rocks and saw Light who then noticed Toxic and fired a blast of fire while Toxic dodged it and threw a chaos spear. Light jumped over it and hit Toxic with a fiery kick; Toxic then punched Light, Light then quickly hit Toxic with an electric punch and knocked her to the ground.

Amber continued to watch them. “So that chao can copy moves too, I guess it isn’t a special trait for Toxic...”

In Marble city, Slasha was still waiting for Raizor on one street when Blade approached. Slasha then waved at him. “Hey, Blade, it’s been a long while, I can’t remember the last time we met.”

“The last time we met, you blasted me.”

“...No I didn’t...remember the other good times though?”

Blade slowly took as his sword while Slasha slowly backed away. “C’mon Blade, we don’t need to resort to violence...” Slasha then quickly began to run off and Blade ran after her.

SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “No bio for you, end of chapter.”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our tenth guest!”

Raizor walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Raizor Blaid, I’m male, and my age is private and shall always be. My height is 6’2” and I weigh 177 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”   

“The big bad villain doesn’t need a lame catch phrase.”

“Your hobbies?”

“I guess continuously trying to beat those hedgehogs could be considered a slight hobby, besides that, a little anime, a little games, a little bit being evil, you know.”

“Favorite song?”

“You might as well re-phrase that as, “Favorite Sonic song?” but whatever. Unanswered question will remain unanswered.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“Liking people is for losers.”

“Any personal tips you can give to others?”

“Trust nobody, it doesn’t hurt as much when they eventually stab you in the back…and they will.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Extra comments are also for losers.”

Toxic Saga: Chapter 68 – The Light in the Darkness, Part 2

Sonny and Shade were walking out of a cave somewhere in a forest and had two emeralds.

“Guess that should be all of them.” Sonny said.

“Yeah, hopefully it shouldn’t be over before we get there.” Shade replied. Shade then took out an emerald.

“I’ve gotta try using that chaos control technique at some point.” Sonny said. Shade then used chaos control moments later and they vanished.

At Legna Island, Light was running along the ground while Toxic had one hand extended and tried to grab Light. Light jumped onto one rock then jumped backwards and fired a chaos spear in the air which Toxic jumped out the way from then curled up into a ball and sped towards Light. Light flew up and Toxic hit the pile of rocks then continued to chase Light.

Amber then threw Light the red emerald she had, Light then looked at the emerald then looked at Amber in confusion. Amber then pointed forward and as Light looked he was hit by Toxic. Toxic then uncurled and dragged Light along the ground for a few moments. As Light tried to get up Toxic prepared to fire a beam at Light but Amber quickly kneed her in the back then kicked her to the ground.

As Toxic got up, Light quickly sped over and punched Toxic several times in the stomach, then kicked her several times in the face then gave her an uppercut.

The others at the cliff were still watching. Kevin then asked, “Hey, isn’t that a hero chao? Like the ones from Sonic Adventure 2?”

“Yeah, I’m just as surprised.” Crystal replied.

“For a small hero chao, he sure has some moves.” Adam said.

Ruby, Max, Jessica and Kat behind the others then started to wake up. Kat then stood up, yawned and looked around. “What’s going on here?”

“A lot of crazy stuff has happened.” Rush replied.

Light was flying in the air firing several fireballs while Toxic dodged them by jumping about. Toxic then jumped up and started attacking Light as Toxic reached the chao while Light continued to block. Light eventually tried to punch Toxic and missed, Toxic then punched Light in the stomach then kicked him in the stomach and dragged Light to the ground. Toxic then tried to punch Light again as he moved and kicked Toxic in the face, then tripped her up and kicked Toxic along the ground.

As Toxic travelled along the ground she flipped up, rolled into a ball and travelled underground, firing a green beam up from the ground as she travelled towards Light. Light flew left and Toxic continued to follow him. Toxic eventually flew out from underground and fired a large beam which hit Light and several cliffs. Toxic then flew over to Light as the smoke cleared and landed beside him. “Stupid chao, what made you think you could beat me?”

Toxic was then hit by a beam of light and went flying back and to the ground. She then looked at the cliff the others were at, Mads then pointed at Adam who then punched Mads, knocking him off the cliff. Toxic got up and walked over to Light again. Amber then landed in front of Toxic. “Hey, aren’t we forgetting someone here?”

“Yes, and I’ll get to you once I’m through with the chao.”

“Who said I would let you finish the chao?” Amber said with a smile.

“...I don’t like you.”

“I hear that a lot.”

In Marble City, Blade was still chasing Slasha who then stopped and Blade ran up to her. “Why did you stop?”

“Because I just wanna though...why did you decide to help with my plan if you weren’t necessary evil?”

“Because before that all I did was travel to different areas, going through swamps, and jungles. It was good to work with others, even for the means such as trying to take over the world.”

“I wasn’t trying to take over the world, that’s so cliché these days it’s laughable. I just like to blow things up...speaking of which I never did blow up that island, mainly because I saw no point after everybody was off the island. Hey, are those bombs still on the island?”

“I doubt it; they’ve probably been deactivated by now.”

“I see...so was that true about you not having many friends?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Well...I guess I’m sorry about blasting you then after I got that prism thing.”

“I never expected you to apologize...”

“Always expect the unexpected.”

Raizor then floated down in his floating chair. “Hurry up, let’s go, or I’m gonna miss my daytime anime line-up.”

“Alright.” Slasha then turned to Blade. “I gotta go, I guess it was nice seeing you again, take care.” Slasha jumped on the back of the chair and Raizor took off. “Y’know, you need two seats for this thing.”

“Y’know, you should get your own hovering chair.”

Jenny was in her room, watching the news on TV and eating a cereal bar with Eggman’s face on it.

SA2 was still in the helicopter on the television. “Apparently there were two chao’s, except one’s entirely mutated and the other is one of those hero chao’s from Sonic Adventure 2. It may still be a while before this ends, right now there’ll be a commercial break, we’ll be right back!”

On the television screen was Eggman standing by a table. “Are you worried that your children aren’t getting the fibre and protein that they need? Well I assure you that I have the solution.” Eggman then took out a cereal box and slammed it on the tale as he said, “Get a load of this!”

Eggman then cleared his throat. “Try Egg O’s, as part of your well balanced breakfast! It combines the essential ingredients needed to keep you active and healthy during the day, with corn, wheat, rice, oats and being covered with a small layer of honey.” He said before pouring honey into a bowl of cereal bits of his face.

Eggman then took out a spoon and eat a spoonful then said, “No way! I can’t believe this! This is delicious! And it’s also healthy! For a limited time only, buy one box and get one free! You know what they say, the more the merrier!”

Jenny continued eating the cereal bar. “I gotta try that cereal...”

SA2 then came back on the television. “Welcome back, now we’ll get back to the action!”

Amber and Toxic were flying towards each other on the ground, as they reached each other Toxic tried to punch her while Amber jumped and kicked Toxic left, then flew after her and back flipped, hitting Toxic with her feet and knocking her info a mountain. While this was going on, Adam flew over while sitting down on a rock platform and picked up Light who was still lying in the pile of rocks then flew back over to the others and dropped him off.

Mark then ran over to the chao who was knocked out and said, “Hmm...this will only take a few moments.” He then placed his hands on the chao and the chao glowed for a second, and then the chao opened it’s eyes and smiled as it said, “Chao!”

“Sorry, I don’t speak chao.”

Max then sat down next to Light and started petting him. “Don’t ya just wanna hug him?”

“I sure do.” Ruby replied. She then sat next to Light and hugged him, Light then hugged back.

Mads looked around for a second before saying, “Now we just need someone to say he’s so kawaii...no, I won’t do it myself.”

Crystal then turned towards the area Amber and Toxic were fighting. “I’m getting bored here; I’m going back out there.”

“Good luck.” Kevin replied.

Crystal then flew off towards the area and fly kicked Toxic as she tried to shoulder barge Amber. “I’m ready to go again.”

Amber shrugged. “Whatever, two against one wouldn’t hurt.”

In a fiery location full of sharp long rocks, stood several creatures, including Ice X and Fire X with a giant screen in front of them. There was a purple thin demon with small light blue ‘V’ signs down his shoulders and was lifting up the screen using psychokinesis. On the screen were Crystal and Amber fighting Toxic.

Fire X then said, “Gah! I hate that girl, if I had another chance she’d be dirt beneath my feet. I know I could have beat her...”

“I don’t even remember her doing this thing with the wings and glowing eyes and such.” Ice X said.

“So I’m guessing you did lose due to your cockiness.”

“Yeah, but I never saw this technique, since when could she do this?”

“Apparently since I went to earth, and who are they fighting with? That creature is giving them more trouble than I did.”

The purple demon then said, “It’s some creature called Toxic if I recall correctly.”

“Why are you here anyway?” Ice X asked.

“I was beaten by that pig tailed girl, the same one as you. I was beaten so quickly I didn’t even get a saga...”

Wind X who was sitting on a rock behind him said, “Join the club.”

Back at Legna Island, Toxic flew towards Crystal and Amber and tried to slash at both of them; they moved back and fly kicked Toxic, knocking her back several feet.

Meanwhile, Raizor and Slasha made it back to Raizor’s base and entered the main room to see David and Yukiko sitting down watching the scene at Legna Island. “So what have you two been doing all this time?” Slasha asked.

“Making money by putting on a show with our abilities.” David replied.

Raizor then walked to the screen and asked, “So what’s going on here?”

“Those good guys fighting some mutated chao.” Yukiko replied. “Sonny and Shade should show up pretty soon.”

“Guess I could watch for a while...”


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our eleventh guest!”

Slasha walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Slasha Blaid, I’m female, and I recently turned 18...while I missed my birthday being frozen in a block of ice...my height is 5’9” and I weigh 145.7 lbs.”

“Cup size?”

“C, and proud of it. Apparently the term, “Evil is sexy.” Runs in the family…both sides…both genders…seriously.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“I’m just too lazy to come up with one, not that I need one.”

“Your hobbies?”

“Anime, manga, being evil, blowing stuff up, causing destruction, torturing people, laughing like a maniac, k-”

“Sorry to interrupt but we need to move on, I gotta eat soon. Favorite song?”

“Cosmic fall from that Shadow the Hedgehog game.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“If I told you I’d have to kill you.”

“…K. Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Burrito with extra cheese.”

“…Ok. Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“I’m not crazy, just misunderstood. There’s a fine line, people, but the line is pretty fin…”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our twelfth guest!”

David walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is David and my codename is K92, I’m male, and I’m 21. My height is 6’2” and I weigh 179 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“No, kind sir, I do not.”

“Your hobbies?”

“Besides shape shifting to confuse people, the basics.”

“Favorite song?”

“I don’t have a particular favourite.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“I love Yukiko and that’s all that matters.”

“Any personal tips you can give to others?”

“Tips lower the chance of workers at restaurants spitting in your food.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Nope, and there is no game called SA3.”

Toxic Saga: Chapter 69 – Toxic Waste

At Legna Island, Toxic continued to try and attack Crystal and Amber, who dodged her moves then attacked back, sending her flying each time.

“This is getting dull.” Amber said.

“You still don’t wanna talk about that thing?” Crystal asked.

“I thought you said you know all you needed to?”

“Well we weren’t joined very long so I didn’t have much time.”

“Maybe later if I feel like it.”

As Toxic got up and walked towards them again, something sped past and hit her in the face, something then sped by and tripped Toxic up as it flew past. Super Sonny and Super Shade then appeared on top of a cliff, which everyone noticed after a few moments.

“It’s about time you two showed up.” Amber said.

“I see you haven’t changed much.” Shade replied.

Sonny then said, “We would have been here a lot earlier but had to go find the last two emeralds to go super. Because you two each had an emerald, Ruby and Max had an emerald, I’ve got my emerald from earlier, so that just left two emeralds out there, which we went to go get. Luckily, we arrived on time to contribute.”

“Get lost, mutant hedgehogs!” Toxic shouted.

“I’m not a mutant!” Sonny yelled.

“Besides, what kind of creature does that make you then?” Shade asked Toxic.

“...Damn, ya got me.”

“Well, time to get started!” Sonny said before jumping off the cliff and flew towards Toxic. Sonny punched Toxic then flew after her; Toxic spun and extended her hand, tripping up Sonny. Before hitting the ground, Sonny rolled up into a ball and spin attacked Toxic, making her dizzy for a few seconds. Shade then hit Toxic with a downward kick, she then punched him and he flew back. Shade rolled into a ball and hit a rock pillar then flew towards Toxic again and hit her; Sonny then sped by in the opposite direction and hit her, making Toxic drop to her knees.

“Stupid spin attack, why do I never see that move coming?” Toxic said before struggling to get up.

Crystal then looked and Amber and said, “I think Sonny and Shade have it handled, we should give them space.”

“Yeah.” Amber replied. They then flew off and landed next to the others on the cliff.

“So could you maybe tell me now?” Crystal asked.

“You really wanna know? Fine, just let me get into character.” Amber said before turning around. Amber turned around a second later and frowned at Crystal.

“I’m sick and tired of always being stuck in your shadow, just because you beat that fire demon and I didn’t. No matter how much better I get, you always seem to steal the spotlight somehow. But does anyone ever come up to me and say, “Hey Amber, good job, you’ve made it so far on your own and done many great things without anyone’s help”, but no! There’re all to busy going, “Crystal’s so great, she can do anything!”

“People say that?” Crystal asked.

“And it’s only because you beat one demon!”

“Actually I’ve beaten three…”

“Big deal! I’m the best! I rock! Go me!” Amber then took a deep breath and smiled. “It also helps that I’m not exactly right in the head.”

“I’m noticed…”

Amber looked around to see everyone looking at her. “Personal business here, people.”

Back to the scene, Shade curled up into a ball and sped by, hitting Toxic again then stopped next to Sonny, Sonny then waved to the same three clones of SA2 which appeared on Raizor’s space station (chapter 54) who then started playing What I’m Made Of from Sonic Heroes. After ten seconds Shade took out two chaos crystals and threw one to Sonny, they both then crushed them and glowed bright red. Seconds later Sonny flew off towards Toxic.

Toxic got up and turned around as Sonny flew towards her. As Sonny reached her he began punching her in the face then kicked her back a few feet. Toxic then curled up into a ball and went underground, then came up behind Sonny. Toxic fired a beam which Sonny dodged by back flipping into the air. Toxic then fired several more beams which Sonny avoided before landing behind her at 00:40.

Sonny then kicked her, flew after her and then elbowed her, then flew after her again and kicked her into the air at 00:50. Toxic then extended her hand and tried to grab Sonny who flew up and dodged several energy shots. Sonny then curled into a ball and hit her four times before bouncing off a cliff and hit her four more times, knocking Toxic down to the ground at 01:15.

Shade then appeared in front of her using chaos control at 01:20 and kicked her, sending her flying. Shade then flew after her and punched her several times before kicking her into the air and dragging her down to the ground with a downward kick at 01:31. As Toxic got up then Shade kicked Toxic through a mountain, flew around to the other side then punched Toxic back through the mountain and she hit the ground at 01:40.

Toxic then ran up to Shade and tried to attack him as he kept teleporting using chaos control. At 01:55, Shade then kneed her in the stomach, and then the face then roundhouse kicked her back. Toxic then extended her hand and tried to grab Shade who flew around the area. Shade then spin attacked her four times, flew high in the air then came back and spin attacked her again four times before landing next to Sonny at 02:25.

Crystal and Amber then took out their emeralds and quickly used chaos unison again then sped off past Toxic and began unleashing a series of punches and kicks on Toxic at 02:40. Crystar then kicked Toxic up into the air and began attacking her again. At 03:04, Sonny and Shade each took out one emerald and used chaos unison and became Super Shany. SA2 then threw a Sega orb towards Shany which he punched and broke it, then was covered with a rainbow aura.

Shany then ascended into the air at 03:26 to the same height as Crystar and Toxic then rolled into a ball seconds later and became covered in several energy waves and sped off towards Toxic two seconds later. Crystar quickly descended and Toxic turned around. Shany went straight through Toxic’s stomach then a large wave of energy followed which caused Toxic to explode as the song stopped.

Raizor, Slasha, David and Yukiko were still watching at Raizor’s base. Raizor then said, “Although I hate to admit it, that wasn’t so bad.”

“I agree.” David replied.

SA2 was still in the helicopter and said, “It seems this new hedgehog has come and put an end to this madness, this is SA2 reporting from Legna Island.”

“This is nuts…” Tiara said after a few seconds.

“You’ll get used to it in a while.” Kevin replied.

Shany and Crystar then flew up to the cliff and landed next to the others. Kevin then walked up to Crystar, “Good job, uhh…”

“The name is Crystar; we just used a technique which is kinda like fusion, and joined bodies, becoming much stronger, and much cooler. Yes.”

“I see, and anyone can use this technique?”

“I suppose so. Anyway, high five!” she said before lifting her hand up.

Kevin quickly backed away. “No high five! Remember what happened last time?”


“Oh right, you two are joined together. Well anyway, when Crystal and I beat some game on the hardest difficulty, we high fived each other…and she sent me flying.”

“Oh yeah, it wasn’t that far anyway.”

“I flew through a wall, I was badly injured…”

“It still wasn’t that far.”

Rush walked up to Shany and asked, “So what would you name that last attack there?”

“Hmm…I guess I could call it the Super Extreme Grand Annihilation.”

“There’s something weird about that name, but I can’t seem to know what it is…”

“Are we gonna go eat now?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah, let’s get going.” Mads said.

“I’ll be back in a bit, guys.” Tiara said before teleporting out of the area.

An hour later at Mads house, pretty much almost everybody involved in this saga was there, with the exclusion of the villains. Crystal and Amber were standing in a corner and Crystal said, “So you were just angry at me for getting more credit than you do?”

“Partly, it’s mainly from suppressed emotions I’ve held in for many years, and I guess I just took that out on the person I hated most at that time.”


“I know you apparently looked in my brain while we were joined together, which I didn’t know could be done, but you probably know that Eddy guy left somewhere in the summer holiday.”


“And as some sort of gift, he gave me a blue ribbon.”

“Wait, is this the same one you’re wearing now? You’ve been wearing that for years?”

“No, it’s not the same one, I still have it, but I’m not wearing it now. It’d get dirty if I always wore it. So anyway, when it was time to go back to school, I thought it was time for a change.”


SA and SA2 were by a locker in the corridor and SA was talking to SA2. “So he was like, “Who would you is?” and I was like, “The Mario.”

“No way!”


Amber then came walking down the corridor in a new outfit. She had black jeans with a black belt which had a flame pattern on it. She wore a red shirt and a dark blue thin jacket and had a cap which was sideways and had the blue ribbon on. Amber walked up to SA and SA2 and said, “You two, follow please.”

SA and SA2 walked with her on both sides and SA took out a stereo and put on “Work it out on the floor.” As they walked. SA then said, “Let’s get it going!”

Afterwards SA2 said, “Mama packed a sack lunch! Mama gave a juice box!” they then did the moonwalker for a few moments before spinning round, back flipping then pointed at a door as they touched the ground. Everyone in the corridor then looked over at them. As the beat started again, the three of them slid right and pointed at a boy, then slid left and pointed at a girl. Then slid back to the middle and pointed forward.

After walking for a short while, SA3 came out of one door and started singing the verses in the song. Afterwards SA and SA2 started doing the worm for a short while. The four of them then lined up and started hopping from side to side while pointing diagonally left and right.


“Hold on a minute.” Crystal said, interrupting Amber. “What has this got to do with anything?”

“Nothing, it was for the lulz, so moving on…”


Later that day in the playground, Amber and the pink haired boy I can’t be bothered to name were standing ten feet from each other with a crowd of people in a circle around them.

“That guy isn’t around to protect you anymore, that’s a shame though, he was pretty cool.” He said.

“I don’t need to be protected, because you just fail.”

“And you’re too egotistical.”

“I have the right to be now, which you’ll see in one minute.”

“Pfft, you wish.”
A minute later…

Amber was standing over the pink haired boy and pointed at him. “Consider yourself owned.”

“You fight pretty well, where did you learn that 64 hit kicking combo?”

“…Street fighter.”

“Cool, and why did you change your outfit?”

“These mysterious gusts of wind kept appearing over the summer holiday, I thought it was necessary.”

The boy then got up and began to walk off as he said, “well later, redhead, we should do this again sometime.”

“Looking forward to it.”


“And that’s the end. Ironically, we became friends soon after, although I picked on him for a while before that, and he dyed his hair again.”

“I see.” Crystal replied. “Oh yeah, and your TV wasn’t destroyed.”


“I made that up so we’d do the unison thing.”

“…Smart thinking.”

Sonny then ran past yelling, “This is the scene where some stuff is explained and we sprinkle some lulz on it, yay!”

The doorbell then rang and Kevin answered it. SA2 was at the door with 4 pizza’s, Kevin then paid him and took the pizza’s. Kevin then said, “These pizza’s are on me, guys.” Before setting them on a table.

Kyle then walked up to him and asked, “How did you afford these pizza’s exactly?”

“I’m a valued worker at that place so these are half price.”

“Interesting stuff...”

“No, my friend, its good stuff.” 

Felicia was sitting on the couch eating a slice of pizza, Sonny then sat down next to her. “Hey Felicia, I’m in the mood for a jog.”

“Go away, I’m eating.”

“Aww, come on!”

“Still eating, besides I’ve got nowhere to go, so you can wait.”

“You mean you have nowhere to stay?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Excuse me one sec.” Sonny said before getting up.

Jenny was across the room talking with Shade. “That was awesome what you guys did, with the unison thing and the spin ball thing, which was amazing!”

“It’s just part of the job.”

Sonny walked up to them and said, “Hey, you two. Jenny, you see that cat over by the couch? She might need a place to stay.”

“Yeah, I got it.” She said before walking off.

Sonny then said, “That thing earlier with carrying her around before making it to that base felt like that game, Yoshi’s Island.”

“Did you really have to say it?” Shade asked.

“Yeah, and the level select theme was awesome.”

“I agree. It isn’t that great on the second game though, and you can’t forget the drumbeat before the level starts.”

“That you can’t.”

Jenny walked over and sat down next to Felicia then said, “Hi. I heard you need somewhere to stay.”

“Not exactly need, but having somewhere would be nice.”

“Well I’ve always wanted a cat, but a talking cat is even better! Do you wanna live with me?”

“Sure, I’d be happy to.”

“Yay! This is the most day ever!”

“That makes no sense...”

Mark then quickly pointed at the TV. “Look, music video!”

On the screen was Blaze the Cat digging up holes in a garden by a house. Blaze then heard someone say, “DIIIIIIG!” and looked up. She then saw Amy and Cream with Cheese who was wearing sunglasses all walk towards her. Amy then shook her head and said, “Gardening girl, I told ya...”

Blaze then said, “Hey, I got a new dance for ya’ll, I call it the gardening girl.”

Cheese then pointed at her and said, “DIIIIIIG!

“You gotta grab a shovel and dig three times from left to right.” They then did the dance as Blaze started singing, “Gardening girl keeping it low! Watch me plant it, watch it grow! Watch me grab a shovel, then start digging up that hole! Can ya dig it TOOOOO!

“Dig that, gardening girl!”

“Can ya dig it TOOOOO!

“Dig that, gardening girl!”

Knuckles opened up his window shortly after and yelled, “SHUT UP!

Blaze, Amy and Cream then stopped shovelling.

Mark then sighed as he shook his head. Crystal then said, “Am I the only one who finds a pyrokinetic cat digging in a garden weird?” Mads then jumped onto the couch and turned the channel over, “Chaomon is about to start again.”

On the screen, the hero chao and dark chao who were in the net suddenly punched through it. Jet then said, “Cheap ass net, let’s kick their asses instead!” Jet, Wave and Storm each threw a chao ball and when they hit the ground, a running chao, flying chao and a power chao came out.

The hero chao and dark chao ran towards the other three chao. The hero chao then kicked the running chao in the crotch. The power chao slapped the dark chao, the dark chao then poked the power chao, knocking it over. As the flying chao flew towards the dark chao, the hero chao pulled its wings then the two chao started punching it.

Light then hopped onto the couch and started jumping up and down as he watched. Mads then said, “If more fights were like this I’d watch it more...”

Shade and Rush were watching Light. Shade then asked, “So what’s with the chao anyway?”

“Didn’t you know, Dr. Kurosama made him, with the ability to copy moves.”


“And apparently chao can be made by placing the SA2 game CD in a biotechnology container.”

“...Makes sense.”

Rush sighed. “I just made that up, apparently nobody cares if it makes since or not anymore...”

“…Makes sense.”

Blade then walked over to Shade as Amber was chasing Kyle with her whip in the background. Shade then high fived Blade, “Hey Blade, what’s up?”

“Shade, are you ok?” Rush asked.

“Yeah, I’m just chilling with Blade here.”

“…Are you high?”

Shade sighed and walked off as he said, “Geez, just because I’m not moody and depressed 24/7 doesn’t mean I’m not thinking straight, you make me sick.”

Blade then quickly left and ran into Steel. They both stared at each other for a few moments before Steel finally said, “Hi, my name is Steel, as I like to be called; I come from the planet Cerenia.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Blade the Weasel.”

“Nice sword you got there, is that silver?”

“Yes, it was a gift from someone called SA. Where did you get your golden sword?”

“It was given to me by my father, people normally where armor and such on my planet, but I’d prefer a casual look.”

“I see.”

As Amber and Kyle ran towards Tiara, she then said, “You know, you two seem to act quite similar.” Which caused them both to stop.

“I guess that’s just how we get on.” Amber said with a shrug.

“Yep, we’re like the same person as a different gender.” Kyle said.

“…That’s weird.” Tiara replied.

Crystal then quickly ran up to Tiara and asked, “Hey, you know all kinds of magic spells, right?”

“Yeah, with my magic book back on my planet, I can pretty much cast any spell.”

“I see, well I might need you to do me a big favour.” Crystal then whispered something in her ear. Tiara then said, “Yeah, I could do it, it’ll take a long while though. I’ll go as soon as this is over.” Tiara said before walking off.

“What did you ask?” Amber said.

“Just something special for a certain someone.”

“I also have a special announcement for others. Attention everyone!” After everyone looked at Amber, she then said, “Crystal continued to wet the bed until she was 11!”

“Hey! That’s not true!...sort of…”

“And her underwear is p-” Crystal quickly tackled Amber and they rolled around punching each other.

Adam then walked up to them both as they stopped. “Hey, mind if I stay at your place, Crystal?”

“You can’t, I’m meant to be on vacation right now.”

“I guess you could stay with me until they get back.” Amber said.

“Is that alright?” Adam asked.

“Sure.” Amber said as she got up. “The name is Amber by the way.”

“I gotta say, I’m loving that red hair.”

“Why thank you.”

“Get a room.” Crystal said before getting up. “And we never finished that fight, unless you’re too scared to continue.”

“I’m never scared to beat you. Let’s get going then.” Crystal and Amber ran out of the house while waving goodbye. Since the chapter was pretty long already, the writer skipped several things and around 6:30 everyone left Mads house besides Sonny, Shade, Mads and Rush. Sonny jumped into Rush’s ship outside, as did Rush and Mads. Sonny then said, “C’mon Shade, considering you haven’t got anything planned, you should come to. After we drop Mads off we’ll just fly to random places for a week or so before returning.”

Shade shrugged then jumped in the ship as he said, “Sounds good.” The ship then took off into the sky moments later as the Sonic 3 & Knuckles ending theme played.


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our thirteenth guest!”

Yukiko walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“We’ll have to speed along now, introduction please.” SA3 said.

“My name is Yukiko Ocen because if you put an ‘a’ after the ‘c’ it spells something else. I’m female, and I’m 19. My height is 6’0” and I weigh 168 lbs.”

“Cup size?”


“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”


“Your hobbies?”

“Exploring, eating…stuff.”

“Favorite song?”

“I like a lot equally.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“I love myself and that’s all that matters…oh yeah, and David.”

“Any personal tips you can give to others?”

“Surf’s up!”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“The dog ears and tail are a result of the jar of paradox, I just like keeping them.”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our fourteenth guest!”

Future Ruby walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“I’m the Ruby from six years in the future, my height is 5’6” and I weigh 119.9 lbs.”

“Cup size?”


“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“I wish I did…”

“Your hobbies?”

“Whatever my younger self said.”

“Favorite song?”

“The blaze remix of Jeh Jeh Rocket.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“Considering most died in my time, there isn’t a lot of options.”

“Any personal tips you can give to others?”

“Apparently pigtails make you look cuter than you really are...”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Nope, although something weird did happen in my time recently...”

Sonic Universe Saga: Chapter 70 – Alternate Universe

It was a month later after Toxic’s defeat, early in June. On a stormy night, in an unknown location there was a large robotic arena type area where there were several robots walking around. Something then sped by, blowing up the robots as it went through them; it then ran circles around one robot until it eventually blew up. The figure then stopped to reveal himself as Sonic the Hedgehog, the scene then paused and the words, “Sonic the Hedgehog.” came up on a greyish bar below him.

A dozen robots entered the area shortly after and pointed their guns at Sonic. A missile then hit the ground from high in the sky and the Tornado flew towards the area, firing more and destroying the robots. Tails then jumped out and landed next to Sonic then took out a small orange cannon, the scene then paused and the words, “Tails “Miles” Prower.” came up on a greyish bar below him.

Several robots then ran towards the two of them. Something came towards the robots from underground, blowing them up as it moved along. The figure moved towards Sonic and Tails and then burst out of the ground to reveal himself as Knuckles. The scene then paused and the words, “Knuckles the Echidna.” came up on a greyish bar below him. A giant robot and three dozen robots then came out, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles then ran towards them.

The phone then rang and the scene paused. Crystal who was playing the game at her house then picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey Crystal, it’s me, Amber, you gotta get to Mads house quick, he’s gone crazy!”

“I’ll be there as soon as possible.”

Crystal saved the game then switched it off, then left her house a few minutes later and ran to Mads house. She then knocked on the door and Sonny opened it. Mads was rolling around on the floor while Shade and Amber were sitting on the couch.

“So what is it?” Crystal asked.

“Mads has gone crazy!” Sonny yelled.

Mads then jumped up. “That’s right, crazy over the news I’ve received! I’ve learned my older sister is coming to visit today!”

Amber quickly got up. “Really? That’s great, your sister is cool.”

“Is this the thing you were gonna tell us after everyone was here?” Shade asked.

“Yup.” Mads nodded.

“You never told me you had a sister.” Crystal said.

“You never asked.”

“So when’s she getting here?” Sonny asked.

“In about an hour.”

An hour later, the five of them were on the couch watching the television. The doorbell then rang; Mads got up and opened the door. There stood someone with short spiky maroon hair and blue eyes, who was also flat-chested. She wore an aqua blue ruffled ribbon tie top, with blue leather gloves. She had black pants with green flames on them and lace-up cork sandals. “Hey Mads, great to see you.”

“Sure is.” Mads replied. “I see you haven’t changed much.” Mads said as he looked at her chest.

“Ditto.” She said as she looked down at his crotch. She then walked past him. Mads looked down and then said, “Hey!”

Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber got up and walked towards the two of them. Mads then said, “This is my older sister, Jessica.”

“Isn’t there already a Jessica in the main cast?” Shade asked.

“I guess you can call me Jess then. I’ve heard a lot about you guys.” She said then walked up to Amber and said, “I haven’t seen you in like a year now. So what’s up?”

“My ego.”

“Heh, just the same as usual.” Jess then moved on to Crystal. “You must be the girl who’s beaten quite a few demon’s.”

“Well I don’t like to brag…”

“I’m liking that pig tailed hair style, it makes you look…maturely cute.”

“Uhh, thanks…”

Jess then moved on to Shade. “You must be the ultimate, huh?”


“Moving at the speed of light using chaos control is really amazing.”

“You know about chaos control?”

“After hearing people mention it, I thought I’d try it out, no wonder you use it so much.”


Jess then moved on to Sonny. “Ahh, Sonny the hedgehog, likes races, eating, sleeping and having fun at all times with a cocky yet friendly attitude.”

“That’s me alright.” He said with a smile.

“So how fast can you run?”

“Really depends on what I’ve eaten to be honest. Sugar seems to work best.”

“So I see you’ve experimented a lot.”

“I guess so.”

“So what have you been doing over the last year or so, sis?” Mads asked.

“Tons of stuff, but I guess I should explain on the way to…wherever we’re actually going.”

Sonny then said, “I’ve told the people I know most to be there.”

“Same here.” Shade said. Crystal and Amber nodded as well.

“Let’s get going then.” Mads said before walking out the door. The others then followed. As they walked down the street Crystal asked, “So where are we going anyway?”

“The beach.” Mads replied. “Where it’s ok to stare constantly without being labelled a sick pervert.”

“Actually that rule still applies there.” Jess said.


“So anyway, I’ve done tons of stuff since last year. Including gaining special powers, just like you guys...apart from Mads.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

Jess then stepped ahead of the others and said, “Watch this.” She then split into two and both of them said, “Isn’t that great?”

“You can clone yourself? That’s awesome!” Amber responded.

Jess then combined into one again. “Not just that though. I visited some ancient temple and ate the agi agi no mi, granting me the power of extreme agility and reflexes.”


In an old temple, Jessica was running down a stone path with people shooting at her from 20 feet away and missing with every shot. Jessica came to a ledge and took out some rope then swung across and landed in a room. A giant boulder then fell into the room and started chasing her, she then ran for a while before entering another room while the boulder got suck in the doorway. She then saw the agi agi no mi on a pedestal, walked up to it and ate it. “…Tastes like chicken.”


“And that’s how it went down.”

The place was silent for a few moments, Shade then said, “Sounds like Indiana Jones.”

“I guess it does. I’ve also fought several monsters all over the world, such as a kraken.”

“Haven’t they got tentacles?” Crystal asked.

“Yeah. It was pretty hard beating one, but I enjoy what I do.”

“So you didn’t get violated or anything?”

“Nope, it was more concerned with killing me to be honest. You must like tentacles, huh?”

“No, I’m just asking. If it were me I’d probably get violated before I can lift my fist, according to the laws of fanservice…”

“I’m sure you would. We should go now anyway, we’ve wasted enough time.”

Sonny looked at Jessica’s chest, and then opened his mouth to say something. Mads quickly stood next to him and said, “It’s best if you don’t mention it, really.”


The six of them soon arrived at the beach, and then looked around.

“Do you guys come here a lot?” Jess asked.

“I guess.” Crystal shrugged.

Amber quickly flung her clothes off and said, “Hey, guess who I am.” Crystal turned around to see Amber wearing a flame patterned bikini. Crystal then said, “An idiot.”

“Silly Crystal, you need to watch more anime.”

Sonny turned to Mads and said, “So, we doing that dance thing again?”

“I don’t know, you got a song in mind?”


“I guess not then.”

And so, over the course of an hour or so, most people showed up and stuff, and the writer was too tired/lazy to describe what everyone was wearing so imagine what you will. Crystal was wearing a purple bikini top and was standing with Amber and Jessica while Melissa and Polly were playing volleyball in the background. Crystal was going through some pictures Jessica had taken. “You have some odd photos here.”

“I guess.”

Crystal stopped at one photo. “Why is there a photo of Amber rubbing suntan lotion on me?”

Jessica quickly took the picture. “You never saw that.”

Amber then said, “Hey, there’s a photo of Mads in a maid’s outfit.”

Mads then quickly ran over and took the picture, he then walked away as he said, “Pfft, this is obviously photo shopped.” He then looked around before putting the photo in his green trunks.

Jess was sitting in the sand and looked around the beach at others girl’s chests, then looked down at her’s and sighed. Blade was with Shade, with his clothes off except his mask, revealing his yellow fur. “What about the mask?” Shade asked.

“The mask stays.”

“Still want to remain mysterious, huh? I like that.”

Sonny was by an ice cream stand, and bought two strawberry ice creams from SA2. As he left the stand Felicia came running up to him in a spy cat suit, stopped next to him and then prepared to attack him while Sonny stood there. Felicia then cleared her throat. “Uhh, this is the part where you run and I chase you.”

“I don’t wanna spill my ice cream.” Sonny then offered her the second cone. “Want one?”

“Sure.” Felicia said before taking it. 

“So what’s with the outfit?”

“I thought I’d wear something different. Besides, who really wants to see an anthropomorphic cat in a bikini top?”

“You’d be surprised…”

Crystal and Adam were standing in one area and Adam was talking to Crystal. “So I can stay at your place again?”

“I don’t see why not, how was it at Amber’s place anyway?”

“It was great, we did fun stuff like every day. But I kept getting the feeling she was coming on to me…”

“Don’t take anything she does seriously…how so?”

“Well one time she spilled water on a t-shirt and asked me if it was see-through.”

“That’s it?”

“And another time she was walking around the house naked, then when she realized I was still in after she saw me; she shrugged then went to put clothes on. And one day she was using a lot of innuendo.”

“Don’t take it seriously.”

Ruby walked up to the two of them and said, “Hey Cry-chan, do you still have to wear a bikini even if you have nothing there?”

“Please don’t call me that, and where are you learning this stuff?”


The three of them then saw Jess walk past with only a towel around her waist and raised an eyebrow. Jess walked over to Amber who was reading a comic book and said, “What you doing?”

“Reading.” Amber then looked up and said, “Nice.”

“I know, right?”

Alex and Kyle were twenty feet away by a bench. Kyle was sitting on the bench while Alex stood up and had one hand out, focusing on Amber. “Now, I’m gonna charge up a wind blast which will surely blow off her bikini.”

“I doubt it.” Kyle replied.

“Just watch.” Alex fired a gust of wind; Amber stepped forward before it reached her resulting in her hair flowing in the wind.

“Told you it would miss.” Kyle said.

“That was just luck.” Alex fired another gust of wind which Amber avoided by taking a step back. “…I give up.”

Kevin then walked up to the bench and sat down. “Hey guys.”

“Hey.” They both replied.

“What’s a bench doing here?”

“I have no idea.” Kyle replied.

Crystal walked over to Amber and Jess and said, “What’s going on here?”

“Not much.” Amber replied. “Apparently the last time we did that unison thing I learnt you used to have a small crush on my older brother.”

“Yeah, so?”

“I just thought you’d wanna see this.” Amber said before pointing at the sea behind her. Ryan stood by the sea with his shirt off and was wearing tight blue jeans. A wave of water then covered him in slow motion while several people watched. Sonny, Shade, Zoom, Kyle, Alex and Kevin were standing at the bench area watching, Sonny then said, “That’s hot.” The other five then looked at him strangely, Sonny then quickly said, “In a straight way, of course.” The five of them then nodded and faced forward.

Sonny then quietly said, “That was close…”

Crystal, Amber and Jess were still watching. “That was quite amusing…” Crystal said.

“Sure was.” Jess replied.

“I would also try but I think I’d attract too much attention.” Amber said.

“It’s not hard to see why.”

Rush flew down in his ship and landed near an area Sonny, Shade and Mads were standing at with Light the chao also in the ship. He then got out and ran up to the three of them. “Guys, we got trouble again.”

“Now?” Sonny asked.

“Yeah, Raizor has kidnapped Kat again and has six emeralds.”

Shade quickly ripped off his skin to reveal his battle suit underneath. “Let’s go!”

“...How did you do that?”

“Action replay.”


“We’ll be coming back later, right?” Mads asked.

“Sure, why not.”

A few minutes later they were all ready to leave, Sonny, Shade, Amber, Mads and Rush were already by the ship while Crystal was talking to Kevin. “Considering Raizor took the time to get six emeralds, this might get tricky. So just in case...” Crystal covered one finger in psychokinetic energy and touched Kevin’s hand.

“What’s that for?”

“It’ll take a long while for it to work but it’s for safety measures.” Crystal then ran off as she said, “See you soon.”

Crystal then jumped in the ship with the other four. Rush then turned around and asked, “Are we all ready?” They all nodded. Jess then quickly jumped in the ship wearing her normal clothes. “Alright, let’s go.”

“Who are you?”

“Save introductions for later, let’s go!”

Rush shrugged and turned around then the ship flew off moments later. At Raizor’s base, David was mixing a techno beat and Raizor was holding a microphone while Yukiko had recently put up a disco ball. Raizor then said, “HO! I’m the man; I’m back with a new plan! HEY! It’s time to try again, turn it up my friend!” he said before pointing at David.

Slasha walked in the room and attempted to pull out the plugs, Raizor then said, “NO! We won’t stop, till that ball drops!” before pointing up at the disco ball. “NO! We won’t quit, get ready ya’ll, this is it!”

Slasha quickly walked up to David and slammed the record David was using on the floor.

“Well that was harsh.” David said.

Slasha shook her head. “No, my friend, that’s evil.”

“Still doesn’t make it right.”

Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber, Mads, Rush, Jess and Light suddenly broke down a door and entered the main room. Raizor then looked at them. “Nice of you all to join us.”

“Where’s Kat? And the emeralds?” Rush asked.

“I have the emeralds right here.” He said before taking out a small bag. “And Kat isn’t here. We lied about that part.” Yukiko then turned on a large portal machine ten feet behind Raizor. David and Yukiko then walked into it and Slasha quickly followed. “If you want the emeralds you’ll have to catch me first.” Raizor said before walking into it. The others ran up to the portal, shrugged and then entered one by one.

Shade arrived at a large beach area near a forest. The ground started shaking soon after and a large robotic red and white crab rose from the ocean. Shade then noticed it had a chaos emerald in its left claw, and then took out the seventh green ultra emerald. “These look quite similar...”

A figure then jumped high into the air from the forest area and stopped in the path of the sun, then sped by and knocked the chaos emerald out of the crab’s claw. The chaos emerald landed on the ground and the figure dropped down and picked it up, then turned around. The scene then paused and the words, “Shadow the Hedgehog.” came up on a greyish bar below him. The crab then fired its right claw at Shadow who quickly whacked it back with a kick.

It hit the crab, knocking it back a few feet then connected with it again. The crab then jumped up and landed somewhere far in the forest then kept on moving. Shadow then ran after the crab, after a few moments Shade followed him.

In another area Amy was whacking away Eggman robots with her hammer while more and more came at her. Amy then spun round in a circle and whacked several robots, the scene then paused and the words, “Amy Rose.” came up on a greyish bar below her. As the robots came towards her again, Sonny sped by and started spin attacking the robots while spin dashing through several. When the robots were finished Amy ran towards Sonny and hugged him. “Oh Sonic, I knew you’d come to save me!”

After a few moments Sonny slowly smiled. “Nice...”


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our fifthteenth guest!”

Future Max walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“I’m the Max from six years in the future, my height is 5’9” and I weight 123.4 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?” 

“I might still be doing things to the Max…”

“Your hobbies?”

“The same as six years ago.”

“Favorite song?”

“The Major Boss theme from Sonic 3.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“I grew out of that phase with liking older women, and didn’t like Ruby in that way until puberty.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Keep doing things to the Max.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Nope, still nothing.”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our sixteenth guest!”

Jessica Andersen walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Jessica Andersen, I’m female, and I’m 21. My height is 6’0” (for story purposes) and I weigh 140 lbs.”

“Cup size?”

“Next question.”


“Next question!”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“It’s been one chapter; nobody comes up with one that fast.”

“Your hobbies?”

“Fighting monsters, music, stuff.”

“Favorite song?”

“Sonic Boom.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“As I said before, it’s been one chapter.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Monsters are our friends, unless they really wanna kill you, that is.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“PK fire.”


Sonic Universe Saga: Chapter 71 – The Five Exterminators

Raizor, Slasha, David and Yukiko exited a portal and ended up in a large room within a flying fortress and controls to the left. Someone was sitting by the controls who then turned around to reveal himself as Eggman. The scene then paused and the words, “Eggman (Dr. Ivo Robotnic).” came up on a greyish bar below him.

 “Now that everyone is here, we can start on the plan.” Raizor said.

“So what is the plan?” David asked.

“Yes, we might as well explain the planning for this. Do you wish to explain, Eggman?”

“Of course.”


A few hours earlier in the same ship, a portal opened and Raizor stepped out of it. “Greetings, you must be Dr. Eggman.”

Eggman turned around. “And what do I owe of this visit?”

“My name is Raizor Blaid; I’ve spent about a week or so just trying to locate this particular area to offer you a proposition.”

“I’m listening.”

“I know about your constant defeats at the hands of Sonic and his friends, I too have some individuals I need to take care of. If we work together we can get rid of them both, we’ll just need to gather the emeralds and build five robots which will gather the emeralds in a short amount of time. I have a device which will open up portals throughout this world and allow the robots to collect them quickly.”

Eggman thought for a second. “I like the way you think, Raizor.”

“I thought you would.” Raizor then offered a handshake. “Do we have a deal?”

Eggman nodded and shook his hand. “We shall begin the preparations immediately.”

An hour later several Eggman robots were slowly working on a big robotic crab as the E.G.G.M.A.N theme played in the background. Cue epic cut scenes of Eggman robots working on building a large robotic crab, scorpion, snake, bear, eagle and mole while Eggman pulls levers and presses switches and a few robots breakdance in the background and one plays a guitar.

Shortly after, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were at a beach area fighting a giant black robot. Sonic spin attacked it and then was whacked aside. The robot then started chasing Tails and trying to stomp on him. Knuckles then landed next to Sonic and said, “Wanna give this guy the Sonic Boom?”

Sonic got up and smiled then said, “I got the Sonic if you got the Boom.”

Sonic Boom from Sonic CD then started playing as Sonic charged up his light speed attack and Knuckles charged his maximum heat Knuckles attack (both from Sonic Adventure) then Knuckles punched Sonic towards the robot. Sonic then went through the robot and it exploded.

A hologram then appeared showing Eggman. Tails then yelled, “Its Eggman!”

“It’s always Eggman.” Knuckles replied.

“Yeah, I know, I just wanted to make sure we all knew.”

“Hello again, Sonic.” Eggman said. “I now have a new plan, in a few short minutes I will activate a device which shall open up portals throughout this world, allowing others to get through to other areas within moments. I’ve sent five machines out to collect the seven chaos emeralds. Let’s see if you can get them I do.” The hologram then vanished.

Sonic then said, “Looks like we got our work cut out for us yet again.”

Knuckles then turned around and began to walk off. Sonic then asked, “Hey Knuckles, aren’t you gonna come help us out?”

“Sorry Sonic but I can’t be your second sidekick on this adventure, I’ve gotta get back to the floating island.”

“Then I’ll see you round, buddy.”

Tails then said, “Sonic, I have no idea what Eggman is planning, but I think I can find the emeralds a bit faster if I take the tornado back at my workshop in the Mystic Ruins.”

“Alright, we’ll try to meet up somewhere later.” Sonic and Tails then ran off in different directions.

At the main area of G.U.N headquarters the place suddenly shook violently for a few moments, crashing some computers and knocking everyone who was standing up to the ground. The Commander stood up after the shaking stopped. “Operator, what just happened?”

“Someone just set off a bomb. I’m getting a signal.”


“Turning on the main screen.”

Everyone looked at the main screen to see Eggman on the screen, The Commander then said, “It’s you!”

“HAHAHAHA! How are you today, gentlemen? I’m sorry to inform you but all your base will soon belong to us. You are on the path towards destruction.”

“What did you say?”

“You all have no chance to survive once my plan is complete, make use of the limited time you have.” The screen then turned off.

The Commander then turned around and said, “We must take off every zig.”

“Do you know you you’re doing, Commander?” the operator asked.

“Yes, that’s an order, and connect Rouge about the situation.”

“As you wish, sir.”

Elsewhere, Knuckles made it back to the floating island to see the Master Emerald was gone. “What? Who could have done this?” Knuckles then noticed a note by the altar, picked it up and read it. “Hello Knuckles, me and a friend decided to stop by and take the Master Emerald, for the lulz, as he puts it in his words. Yours sincerely, Eggman.

Knuckles threw the note to the ground. “Looks like I’m off treasure hunting again…”


Back at the present time in Eggman’s ship. Eggman then said, “And that’s the main aspects of that flashback.”

“Wait didn’t you say you made five big robots?” Yukiko asked. “Why are there six then?”

“The Snake robot was defective, even though it didn’t serve a purpose; it still did have one use…”

“So what’s the plan then?” Slasha asked.

“Right now only Raizor and I know, we’ll explain in due time, but right now we have to get to our destination.” Eggman then turned around and pressed a button which caused the ship to move faster through the sky.

Back at the HQ of the other universe, Ruby, Max, Adam, Zoom, Jessica, Kyle, Alex, Felicia and Blade met up in the main room while Adam stood a bit ahead of the rest.

“So what’s the meaning of this?” Zoom asked.

“We’ll all been called here for an important notice.” Adam replied.

Kat then walked into the room and up to Adam. “That’s right, I called Adam since the others were away doing something. You’re all here because there seems to be something weird going on recently. There’s a creature which seems to be attacking two areas at the same time.”

“So we split into two groups and go kick ass?” Max asked.

“Pretty much.”

“Sweet! Who’s on my team then?”

“I’ll go with Max.” Kyle said.

“Same here.” Jessica replied. “And so are you, Zoom.”

“Fine, whatever.”

Adam then looked at Ruby and said, “I guess me, Alex, Felicia and Blade will go together.”

They all then ran out of the room as Kat said, “Good luck, you guys.”

Back in the Sonic Universe, in the middle of a forest, Throw it all away from Sonic Adventure 2 started playing as Eggman robots were walking up and down paths in the forest. After twenty seconds Shadow spin dashed straight threw several robots then continued running down the path. After thirteen seconds he jumped across a few rocks over a river and landed on another path at 00:47 then continued running again for a long period of time.

At 01:14 he jumped up and then jumped across the tree branches with robots chasing him and firing. He avoided the shots while firing a few chaos spears which destroyed the robots. He then reached a rocky cliff at 01:41 and stopped to look around. At 02:08 he saw part of the robotic crab moving through a bigger part of a forest down the cliff. Shadow then jumped and ran down the cliff at 02:15, avoiding the sharp rocks and reaching the bottom at 02:28.

He continued running down the path, chasing the crab. The crab soon came to a wide grassy area at 03:22 then stopped, turned around and prepared to attack as Shadow arrived. Shade arrived shortly after; the two hedgehogs then looked at each other moments before the crab fired its two claws at them which they both jumped out the way from.

Shadow then jumped over the claw and kicked it back at the crab, Shade then hit the crab with a flying kick seconds later. As the second claw hit the crab, Shade threw a chaos spear which knocked the crab into the air. Shadow quickly took off his power bracelets, sped towards the crab covered in several energy waves and spin attacked it, sending it flying back. After the crab got up it quickly ran off. Shadow then put back on his power bracelets.

Shade then walked up to him and Shadow the looked at Shade. “…”




Shadow then got into a fighting stance. “Enough talk, let’s do this.”

“Anytime you’re ready.”

They then heard a familiar voice say, “Calm down, boys, you’ll have plenty of time to continue this later.” Shadow then looked up at one tree to see Rouge sitting on a tree branch. The scene then paused and the words, “Rouge the Bat.” came up on a greyish bar below her.

Rouge hopped off the branch and walked up to Shadow and Shade. “I’ve recently been informed that Eggman is up to something again.”

“Well I was just making my way there.” Shadow said. He then walked off in the same direction as the crab. “Follow if you think you can keep up.”

Rouge looked at Shade and said. “I think he’s talking to you, you must be from a different place, right?”

“Yeah.” Shade replied.

Rouge flew off after Shadow and Shade quickly followed her. In the Mystic Ruins area, Rush was walking up some rocky stairs and looked around on his way up. “So this place does really exist…”

Rush walked up to Tails’ workshop at the top to see him working on the tornado. “Hey, you’re Tails, right?”

Tails looked up at Rush. “Yeah, I don’t recall seeing you around these parts.”

“I’ve not from here; I come from a different universe entirely.”

“That sounds fascinating.” Tails said before jumping in the tornado. “But I’ve gotta track down the seven chaos emerald before Eggman does, so I’m gonna have to get back to you on this.”

“I can help out; I’m got a few weapons of my own.”

“Alright, hop in.”

Rush jumped onto the wing of the tornado and then Tails drove the tornado down the runway and flew off into the sky. In the middle of a forest, Amy had finished explaining what happened to Sonny. “So you got kidnapped by some robot bear, Sonic chased the bear up some mountain, then the place started shaking violently and you and the bear fell down this side while Sonic fell on the other side. The bear then got crushed by a bunch of rocks and Eggman robots started chasing you.”

“That’s pretty much it.” Amy replied.

“So where’s Sonic now? While I’m here I wanna get his autograph.”

“We’ll have to travel round to find him, and why do you look like Sonic?”

“Because every world needs a Sonic substitute. Now let’s get going.” Sonny said as he began to walk off.

“Wait, aren’t you gonna carry me?”

“Well, you look kinda heavy…”

Amy quickly took out her hammer. “What was that?”

“You look as light as a feather.” Sonny said before picking up Amy and ran off through the forest.

In a grassy area, Amber was walking through firing small beams of fire at robots which caused them to explode. A small airship then flew into the area and prepared to fire at Amber, something then quickly moved through the grass, jumped up and went through the ship covered in fire. The figure landed five feet away from Amber and the fire evaporated. The scene then paused and the words, “Blaze the Cat.” came up on a greyish bar below her.

“Are you okay?” Blaze asked.

Amber stood in shock for a few seconds before saying, “I think I just wet myself…”

“Too much information…”

At a rocky area, Mads was firing charged shots at a big robotic brown mole that deflected the shots with its claws. It then dug underground and tried to attack Mads from behind. Knuckles appeared and punched the mole, sending it flying off the edge and to an area below. Mads then looked at Knuckles and said, “I guess dreams do come true…”

“I think that robot had shards of the Master Emerald…” Knuckles muttered to himself.

“The Master Emerald? It shattered again?”

“How do you know about that?”

“The Sonic Adventure series.”


“Never mind. So going off to find the pieces again, huh?”

“Yeah, so I need to get going.”

“Please let me come with you, you never know when you might need help, plus I can fly with my jetpack.”

“Just try not to get in the way.” Knuckles said before jumping off the cliff.

“Anything you say.” Mads said before following him.
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our seventeenth guest!”

Zoom walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Zoom the Porcupine, I’m male, and I’m 15…apparently. My height was 3’8” when this began and has recently become 4’0”. And I weight 79 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“It’d probably be something pun related to my name.”

“Your hobbies?”

“Racing, sleeping, eating.”

“Favorite song?”

“It Doesn’t Matter…no really, it doesn’t.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“I like my “owner” a lot just for letting me live there, but I think she might swing “that way”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Zooming in allows you to see things clearer.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“I wish I did.”

Sonic Universe Saga: Chapter 72 – The Master Plan

In an unknown area, Amber and Blaze were still walking through a grassy field. Amber was ahead of Blaze and looking at her while watching backwards. Blaze eventually asked, “What?”

“What are you doing here anyway?”

“The Jeweled Scepter from my world was stolen recently; I chased the culprit and ended up around here.”

“Oh yeah, the same one from Sonic Rush Adventure.”

“Sonic Rush Adventure?”

“It’s a game back on my planet, don’t worry about it. I just can’t believe I’m travelling with the great Blaze the Cat.”

“There’s no need to refer to me by that, just call me Blaze.”

“And I just remembered you’re also a princess. The great princess Blaze the Cat.”

“I’m not sure if you’re trying to annoy me or if that just comes naturally…”

Meanwhile, Jessica and Light were walking through a forest and discovered a normal chao which Light ran up to. The chao had scratches all over it and was lying down. Light then placed his hands on the chao and healed it. Light and the chao then communicated with each other using chao language and hand signals while Jessica just watched. Light then looked at Jessica afterwards. “Chao, chao chao chao!”

“Sorry, I don’t speak chao.”

Light thought for a second then took out a board and pen and wrote something down then handed it to Jessica who read it out loud. “There’s a small base a bit further away where several chao are being held by a large robot, I managed to get away when I was attacked by the robot.” Jessica then put the note away. “Let’s go then, Light.” Light nodded then they both ran off ahead.

Somewhere in the sky Tails and Rush were flying in the tornado when small green ships started coming towards them. Tails then said, “Looks like we got company.”

“I can take them down while you avoid the shots with my arm cannon, which I carry around regularly.”

“You made that?”

“Yeah, didn’t take that long really.”

“Interesting, although we’ll talk about that afterwards.” Tails sped off faster towards the ships then started moving left and right as they fired at them. Tails then fired several missiles which hit the ships. Tails then continued to move the ship left and right while Rush started firing at the ships and blowing them up. Rush eventually said, “This feels like space invaders...”

Rush then looked back to see a large robotic light blue eagle coming towards them. “Hey, we got company.”

Tails looked back and said, “Look’s like he’s hot on our tail!” Tails moved the tornado right as the eagle flew past, the eagle then turned around and its claws turned into machine guns and started firing at the ship. Tails then noticed it had a chaos emerald in its mouth. Tails flew up higher and the eagle followed while Rush fired at the eagle who dodged the shots. The eagle then fired a missile which hit the tornado, the eagle then fired another which Rush shot at and caused smoke to spread around the area. As the smoke disappeared the eagle got hit by a charged shot from Rush’s arm cannon, which blasted off a quarter of its face and it fell to the ground.

Tails turned around the tornado and flew towards the ground as he said, “I’ve gotta follow it and get that chaos emerald.”

“I don’t have any complaints.” Rush said with a shrug.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Light entered a small base and came to a steel door, Light charged up a beam of energy and blasted down the door then they ran through. Down the corridor Jessica then climbed up a ladder then a silver bat started firing at her. She jumped up and kicked the bat, knocking it into a wall. She then came up to one robot which had a glowing yellow sword connected to its arm. As it tried to attack her she sidestepped the attack, kicked the robot in the stomach then ripped off its arm holding the sword and sliced it in half.

She then ran left and climbed down some stairs and found a normal chao behind a steel bared door with a control panel next to it. Jessica sliced the control panel in half with the sword which opened the door. The chao then flew up the stairs and Jessica followed. Jessica then ran left and climbed down the second stairs to find another steel door then sliced the control panel in half, releasing the chao. She then climbed up the stairs and travelled further down the hallway, slicing enemies in half and freeing the chao.

Soon Jessica finished freeing all the chao and made it to the end of the hallway by the exit to see the chao waiting there with Light. Light took out a board and wrote on it then handed it to Jessica who read it out loud. “The Snake guarding this area is waiting outside; the chao can’t escape until it is destroyed.” Jessica then gave the board back to Light. “Alright, I’ll be done in a few short minutes.” She said before walking through the door.

Jessica arrived outside again in a grassy field with the large robotic green snake 15 feet ahead. Jessica then reached into her pants and took out a double bladed gold and dark blue sword shaped like a bow. She then pulled on both sides and separated it into two short swords and got into a fighting stance. “Alright, let’s go.”

The snake charged towards her, trying to bite her as she jumped out the way. The snake then stopped, charged up a big ball of energy and fired it at Jessica who jumped over it and slashed the snake with her swords. The snake then spun round in a circle then went underground. The snake moved around the area, jumping out from underground while Jessica moved around. It eventually stopped then backed a bit away.

It prepared to go underground again but then suddenly charged forward and hit Jessica as it went by. As Jessica got up it spun around and whacked her with its tail, knocking her into a tree far away. Light then appeared and punched the snake to the ground. As it got up it extended its tongue and tried to grab Light as the chao moved around. Light eventually grabbed its tongue and ripped it out.

The snake then quickly flew towards Light in a zig zag pattern while spinning and hit Light as it went past, making him dizzy. As it came back around Jessica ran past and grabbed Light before the snake bit him. The snake turned around and charged at them again. Jessica jumped up as it got close; Jessica stuck her two short swords into its head and slid all the way to its tail as it went past, Light then punched it hard in the forehead which brought it to a halt and make it shake violently. As Light backed away it then exploded.

Jessica then attached the swords to each other again and put it back in her pants. “Well that was a decent workout, nice moves there, Light.”

Light nodded and smiled at the comment. Minutes later all the chao were outside and most of them flew off. Cheese the chao walked up to Light and then started talking; afterwards Light took out a board, wrote on it and handed it to Jessica. Jessica then said, “Lead the way.” Cheese then flew off and Light and Jessica followed him.

In a dark room, Crystal came out of a portal and saw dozens of robots that surrounded her. A wall then broke down and three figures moved quickly around the room. As three robots held up their guns they were hit by three shuriken. One of them then punched two robots which the third figure flew through, blowing them up. They continued to move around the room, destroying the robots while Crystal watched.

One of them bit the last robot in half, and then the three of them walked up to Crystal, revealing themselves as Team Chaotix. The scene then paused and the words, “Team Chaotix.” came up on a greyish bar below them. “Excuse us, little lady.” Vector began. “But we need to get to t-”

“The computer room, am I right?”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“Call it a hunch…”

“Well we’ll be leaving now.” Vector said before braking down another wall then the three ran off. Crystal shrugged and then followed them.

Knuckles and Mads were walking down a rocky path with robots coming towards which Knuckles punched through as he started saying, “Here I come! Rougher than the rest of them, the best of them, tougher than leather! You can call me Knuckles, unlike Sonic I don’t chuckle.” He then flexed his muscles as he said, “I’d rather flex my muscles.”

Knuckles then stopped and looked up at a volcano which the robotic mole was climbing. It then dug inside the volcano. Knuckles then ran towards the volcano and Mads followed him.

Somewhere in a futuristic city, Grand Metropolis from Sonic Heroes started playing in the background. After seven seconds Tails and Rush started running down a path while Tails was wearing rocket shoes then jumped on a grind rail six seconds later. The rail moved in a zigzag pattern, then straight, then in a zigzag pattern again. Tails and Rush then jumped over a gap twice and continued moving along the rail. The rail then went up steadily, and then went down steadily and they jumped over three small gaps. 

Robots then appeared on both sides, Rush blasted the left one while Tails jumped to the right and whacked it with his tails, and then jumped back. At 00:52, the rail descended then went round in a large loop; they then jumped left then back to the right, avoiding spikes. The rail then went down then round another loop, before Tails and Rush jumped off at 01:17 and ran down a path blasting robots. Down the path they hit a spring six seconds later.

They flew left and hit another spring, then flew right and hit another, then hit a spring which sent them straight up and onto another rail going down at 01:34. They went along jumping from different rails which led to dead ends. At 01:48 they grabbed onto a pole and spun round all the way to the top at 02:08 then ran along a neon blue path and jumped on another rail at 02:14. They then continued moving from rail to rail until they arrived at one path at 02:52 and picked up the chaos emerald lying on the floor.

In a lab area with tubes containing purple liquid, a portal opened up and Blaze and Amber jumped out of it. Amber then looked around. “The great princess Blaze the Cat, are you sure this is the place?”

“There’s only one way to find out.” Blaze said before running on ahead. Amber then quickly followed her.

In Eggman’s ship, he was still by the controls when David walked up to him. “Alright Eggman, what’s the plan then?”

“I plan to release a mythical creature somewhere in a pyramid within the desert.”

“You seem to know a lot about these mythical creatures, huh?”

“An evil genius needs to examine his possibilities…”

Back in the lab, Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2 started playing as Blaze and Amber ran through a room with large containers to the sides. After seven seconds they entered another room where robots came towards them which they punched out the way. At 00:14 they jumped across two platforms then jumped to a higher path, they then jumped across two more platforms at 00:28 and entered an elevator. Several enemies started dropping down as Blaze and Amber dispatched of them quickly, the doors then opened at 00:40.

They then covered themselves in fire and ran through three walls, jumped up to a higher path then ran through three more walls, turned right and ran through three walls then jumped on three platforms and landed on a slide which went down then up around a very large loop at 00:55 and jumping off at 01:12 and onto a platform moving along purple coloured water.

Robots jumped on which they continued to destroy and the speed of the platform sped up. The platform suddenly turned right at 01:31, then turned left seconds later, then went right away seconds later, then went forward and travelled down before ending up at a door at 01:50 which Amber broke down. They then entered the area.

Back in the forest, Sonny was carrying Amy while running and said, “You’re lighter than I thought you’d be…”

Amy quickly took out her hammer. “What was that?”

“It was a compliment!” Amy quickly hit him. “Ow! How much further to this place?”

“It should be another minute or so.”

“Good. Anymore and that would have been NO good!”

“You say that a lot, don’t you?”

“It’s my catchphrase, sue me.”


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our eighteenth guest!”

Jawo’ walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Jawooooooooooo, but call me Jawo’, I’m male, and I’m 19. My height is 6’0” and I weigh 147 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“Might come up with something to do with sprite eventually.”

“Your hobbies?”

“What’s there to say which hasn’t already been said?”

“You’re right, I might skip that soon. Favorite song?”

“No favorite.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“Yes, I like a lot of people, but I happen to keep it real.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Obey your thirst.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Nope, keeping it real, you know how I do.”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our nineteenth guest!”

Jessica Tricity walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Jessica Tricity, I’m female, and I’m 17. My height is 5’7” and I weigh 116.2 lbs.”

“Cup size?”

“B…and that was unexpected.”

“I’m an unexpected kind of person. Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“It’s shocking that I don’t.”

“Your hobbies?”

“You’ve heard the same answers a dozen times.”

“I’m sure I have. Favorite song?”

“Death Egg act 1 theme from Sonic and Knuckles.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“Nope, no-one…no-one at all. Yup. No-one.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“It’s also shocking that I don’t.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Having a humanoid porcupine living at your house is a pain in the a-”

Sonic Universe Saga: Chapter 73 - An Ancient Pyramid

In a forest, Sonny was running in a straight line when Sonic ran past him in the opposite direction. They both stopped, Sonny and Amy then looked at Sonic while he did the same.

Amy jumped up and hugged Sonic. “I knew you’d come to look for me.”

“Well I’m just glad you’re ok.” Sonic then looked at Sonny who walked up to him. “And who are you?”

“Sonny the Hedgehog, the resemblance is uncanny, no? I’m from a different world entirely.” Sonny took off his shoe and took out a pen. “I need your autograph, address it to Sonny the Hedgehog, please.”

“Maybe later, I have to go after that bear; he has one of the chaos emeralds.”

“Where is the bear?” Amy asked as she looked around.

“In the same direction I was running in, let’s go.” Sonic said before running off. Sonny quickly followed him then Amy noticed them running off moments later. She ran in the same direction as she said, “Hey, wait for me!”

In a large base, Team Chaotix broke down a door when suddenly several robots down the corridor turned towards them and started firing. Team Chaotix dodged the bullets; Vector then punched one robot, knocking it into a few others. Charmy flew forward with his stinger out and went threw several robots, Espio jumped up and threw three shuriken which hit three robots then landed on one robot and threw it at another one.

Down the corridor there were three rooms, Espio went into the left one, Charmy entered the right one and Vector went into the middle room. In the left room, an Eggman robot holding a gun turned towards Espio. Espio ran towards the robot and threw a shuriken, slicing off its arm. He then picked up the arm and whacked the robot with it as he ran past. After entering the next room three robots started firing at him.

Espio jumped around for a short while before throwing a shuriken at a light switch, making the area pitch black. The three robots then blew up moments later. In the right room, Charmy flew across the room with several robots firing at him. Charmy landed down and kicked a chair at one robot which knocked it into another one, then jumped up and kicked the other in the head then flew out the room.

Vector entered the middle room, picked up a table and quickly threw it at a few robots as he entered. He then jumped up and landed next to two robots then hit them with his tail before punching down a door and began running down a large area while Espio and Charmy joined him.

As some robots ahead started firing at them, Crystal appeared on a path higher up and fired a beam which destroyed the robots, Team Chaotix then ran through another door then Crystal jumped down and followed them.

In a forest area, Blue on the Run from Sonic and the Secret Rings started playing in the background. Sonic then jumped out from some bushes seven seconds later and ran through the forest with Sonny close behind. Ten seconds later they avoided obstacles such as tree branches and tree logs while spin attacking several robots as they ran along. At 00:40, Sonic and Sonny ran along a bridge over a waterfall then back into another forest again.

At 00:56, they reached an area which went down in the circle and ran down the path. At 01:07, the robotic bear was a bit ahead cutting down trees as it ran past which Sonic and Sonny jumped over. At 01:24, Sonic and Sonny moved about avoiding random trees throughout the forest, at 01:40, they ran across a bridge filled with robots which they spin attacked and spin dashed through before making it to the other side at 02:02.

They entered through another forest jumping over fallen trees again then went down a hill and hit a ramp at 02:24, they then soared into the sky in slow motion before hitting the ground at 02:35, Sonic then rolled into a ball, went round a loop and through several robots before going into a cave at 02:46 as Sonny followed. They went through the cave spin attacking enemies before exiting at 02:58 as the song stopped.

Sonic and Sonny then stopped and Amy caught up with them moments later. “No fair, I can’t run as fast as you guys.”

“Sorry about that, must have gotta carried away, and how did you catch up so quickly then?” Sonic asked.

“Stalker with a crush.” Sonny said quietly. Amy then hit him with her hammer. “Ow!...It’s true though…” Amy then hit him again.

In Eggman’s ship, Eggman was at the controls, Raizor was playing a DS while leaning against the wall, and David and Yukiko were playing blackjack with two Eggman robots round a table. Slasha then entered the room and said, “Good news everybody! After laying off some of the junk food and getting a little more exercise, I’ve lost weight! I’m now 134 lbs! Yays!”

Everyone else continued with what they were doing. Slasha then sighed. “You guys suck.”

Yukiko then looked at her. “You barely look any different, and what compelled you to lose weight?”

“Well, maybe this did…”


In Raizor’s base, the four robots were watching a show on Raizor’s big screen. Slasha walked in and yawned, the blue robot then said, “We got more potato chips recently.”

“Great!” Slasha replied before opening a random cupboard and taking the potato chips then went to a dark room. “Now to continue where I left off in chapter 46.” Slasha took some potato chips out of the bag and said, “I’ll take a potato chip…AND EAT IT!” she said repeatedly as she ate them.

Camy then hovered down and Raizor’s face appeared on Camy’s screen. He then said, “I see you’re enjoying those chips, but you’re not doing your teeth any favors.”

Slasha slammed her fist on the table and yelled, “Damn it, you got me!”


“I feel like eating potato chips now...and you need to lose some weight as well, Yukiko.”

“Not really, it’s more muscle than fat. Wanna see?”

“Sure, why not?”

Yukiko got up then walked into another room with Slasha then shut the door. Raizor looked up then looked at David. “What was that about?”

“Don’t know, don’t care.”

Eggman turned around from the controls and said, “We seem to have arrived at our destination, Zulu seems to be approaching the area as we speak.”

“Excellent.” Raizor replied. “Let’s put the plan into action then.”

Shadow, Rouge and Shade were on a large patch of sand in the desert, while Shade was sitting down. “So this is the area Eggman is meant to be at?” Shadow asked.

“Yes, he should be arriving at a pyramid far from here.” Rouge then looked at Shade. “Are you coming to?”

Shade shrugged. “I haven’t got much else to do. You go and I’ll catch up.” Shadow and Rouge then ran off ahead as Let the Speed Mend It from Sonic and the Secret Rings started playing in the background. They then started jumping over sand pits 00:14 before coming towards small scorpion robots at 00:25. Shadow dodged their attacks as he ran past while Rouge spiral kicked a few then kicked the others out the way. At 00:36, Shadow and Rouge slid into a hole and landed ten seconds later on another path covered in sand. 

They ran along then started jumping from platform to platform on the way up at 00:58 before making it to another path at 01:09. They then hit a spring and flew up then hit another spring, went through two loops then off a ramp and through a few robots then ran down the path at 01:30 before coming to a platform going down at 01:52. They got off at 02:04 and ran along whacking robots out the way and running up the path before reaching a platform going up at 02:15.

They destroyed several enemies which dropped onto the platform as it went up then they got off at 02:36 and ran up the path knocking out more enemies then came to two walls which they wall jumped up to a path with a spring then hit the spring which sent them to the surface at 03:10. They then ran along avoiding holes in the sand and came towards a pyramid as the song stopped.

Jessica, Light and Cheese were near the area, approaching the pyramid as Cheese pointed to it. “In there?” Jessica asked. Cheese then nodded. Jessica shrugged and ran on ahead.

In a volcano, Knuckles and Mads were running down a path with golems coming at them which glowed red. Knuckles punched down several of them while Mads fired at the ones which tried to attack from behind as they ran down a path which curled round then led to a large room. On the path in front where pools of lava which they ran past, following the robotic mole climb up into another hole.

Knuckles climbed into the hole while Mads flew up then they ran down the path which had large skulls to the side, spraying fire occasionally while there were golems knocked out to the side. The robotic mole up ahead dug a hole deep into the ground and dived in. Knuckles and Mads approached to and looked deep into the hole. Knuckles dived in, Mads quickly shrugged then jumped down into the hole.

In the other universe, Max, Zoom, Jessica and Kyle were running through the streets and ran past SA2 reading a newspaper and a little girl sitting on a bench. She had purple hair going down to her shoulders and blue eyes, wore an orange cardigan and a red skirt. She looked at them as they ran by then continued staring forwards.

Back in the Sonic Universe, deep in the lab, Blaze and Amber entered a large room and walked to the middle where there was a container with the Jeweled Scepter inside which only displayed its shadow with a question mark on it.

Amber nodded and said, “Ahh, since we never saw what it actually looked like in Sonic Rush Adventure, I guess it would be better with no description at all.”

Blaze punched through the glass and pulled out the Jeweled Scepter, an alarm then went off and a dozen robots appeared at the door. Amber turned around and fired a blast of fire which knocked them into a wall, the two of them then ran out the room and down a corridor.

In a pyramid, Live at the Sandopolis by Project Chaos started playing in the background as sand rained down. After four seconds Jessica entered the pyramid and jumped across several platforms before reaching a large sandy area at 00:18 where a large robotic orange scorpion rose from the sand and fired a beam from its tail six seconds later, which Jessica jumped from platform to platform avoiding until it ran down off at 00:38. Jessica ran along a stone path high above and came towards a few scorpion robots. She then took out her double bladed sword and sliced them in half as she ran past.

She then jumped down to a platform at 00:45 and kicked the robot there, then jumped to another platform and kicked that robot, then jumped to a stone path containing robots with guns. As they fired she reflected the blast back with her sword while moving along then dropped into a hole at 01:07. Jessica landed in a large room which was really bright; she walked across the room then left through a door to another sandy area at 01:25.

Jessica then went down a sandy slide and jumped onto another slide going diagonally left at 01:36, ten seconds later she landed on a path then jumped across three platforms and slowly went down a sandy waterfall at 01:53 and landed on another platform at 02:05. She then jumped across the platforms, slashing at enemies as she moved across.

Then run down a path containing several dozens of robot scorpions which she ran through slashing at them until 03:00 and ran ahead as the song stopped.


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 20th guest!”

Kyle walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Kyle Forst, I’m male, and I’m 17. My height is 5’10” and I weigh 135 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“Nope, a phrase to do with ice would probably be too corny to use.”

“I’ll just skip the hobbies question.”

“That you should.”

“Favorite song?”

“Ice Cap Zone act 1, as if that wasn’t clear.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“Are you coming on to me?”

“No. Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“When you get stressed you gotta slow it down, chill.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Nah, just chilling, as usual.”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 21st guest!”

Felicia walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Felicia the Cat, I’m female, and don’t know how old I am. My height is 4’2” and I weigh 85 lbs.”

“Cup size?”

“I don’t even know what that means...”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“I never thought about a catchphrase until now.”

“Favorite song?”

“The Super Sonic theme, anyone of them.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“What are you implying?”

“Nothing... any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Cats really do have nine lives.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“I keep my claws razor sharp.”

Sonic Universe Saga: Chapter 74 – Look Out for Viruses

Inside one pyramid, Eggman, Raizor, Slasha, David and Yukiko entered a room lit by four torches around a sandy tomb in the middle. Slasha walked up to the tomb and opened it, then saw it was empty. “So where’s your ancient monster?”

“Try blowing out the torches around the tomb.” Eggman said. Slasha quickly blew out the four torches; the smoke coming from them was purple. The purple smoke then slowly combined with each other into the tomb and started to form something. When it finished there floated a creature with a small ghostly purple body, with purple flames on its head and blue eyes. It had purple sharp claws and a ghostly purple tail.

“So, what’s your name?” Raizor asked the creature.

“My name? They call me, Virus.”

Shadow and Rouge ran into the pyramid, shortly after the others turned towards them then Shade ran in afterwards.

“Nice of you to drop in, Shadow.” Eggman said.

“So what is that thing?” Shade asked, looking at Virus.

“This here is Virus, as the writer just said.” Raizor replied. “He is somehow very useful for our plan.”

“Nice to meet you three.” Virus said before creating a puddle of darkness under him. “I’ll be seeing you soon…” he said before sinking into it. Eggman, Raizor, Slasha, David and Yukiko then sunk into it as well and the puddle vanished.

“Hey Rouge, do you have any information on this Virus creature?” Shadow asked.

Rouge took out a PDA and a stylus then started pressing buttons on it. “It seems to be an ancient creature of pure evil created by using the negative power of the chaos emeralds. This Wiki doesn’t list what the creature can do, sadly.” Shade looked at the screen of the PDA to see Rouge playing tic tac toe. Rouge lost to the computer and quickly exited the game. “But we still don’t know what Eggman’s up to.”

“There’s no other option but to track him down.” Shadow said before walking off.

“Shadow, wait!”

Shadow turned around, they both stared at each other for a few seconds then Rouge threw the green chaos emerald to him. “You forgot you signature green chaos emerald, I found it earlier.”

“Thanks. I’ll be taking off now.” Shadow then looked at Shade. “I look forward to speaking with you later.”

“I look forward to it.” Shade replied.

Shadow then teleported using chaos control. Rouge walked off as she said, “I’d best get going to, see you, mini Shadow.” Shade then took out an ultra emerald and teleported using chaos control.

In a forest, Sonic, Amy and Sonny were walking while Sonny was talking to Sonic. “So anyway, I was moving the speed of sound, making tracks! The fastest hedgehog around, I had myself a situation; I was stuck in a new location! With-out-any-ex-plain-na-siooooon! Had no time for relaxation!”

“That sounds familiar…”

“No it doesn’t, you’re thinking too much.”

In a lab, Blaze was running down a path with Amber shortly behind, Blaze jumped over a hole then kicked a robot down the second hole as it jumped towards her. She jumped up a cliff then across platforms moving up and down. She made it to another path, ran along and slide tackled a few robots, one then threw a bomb which Blaze kicked back at the robot. As it blew the robot up, Blaze and Amber jumped onto a platform going up and went up to another floor.

In a dark cavern, Knuckles and Mads were riding in a mine kart down a railway track. It turned left then Knuckles started punching some bats ahead. A few Eggman robots climbed into the kart, Mads blasted a few then hit the last one with the arm cannon, knocking them off the kart. The kart soon came to a dark circular room, Knuckles then jumped off the kart and walked to the centre.

The robotic mole which was clinging to the ceiling dropped down and attempted to stab Knuckles when Mads blasted the mole. Knuckles then turned around and punched the mole hard through a wall which led outside. Knuckles ran up to the hole and looked around to see the mole had vanished. “Damn it! Why is it taking so long to beat this one robot?”

“Maybe because the plot says you can’t?” Mads said.

“Oh right…”

In one of Eggman’s bases, Team Chaotix entered a brightly lit room with several control systems 25 feet away and Crystal entered shortly after. Charmy was flipping several times in the air yelling, “Yahoo! That was awesome! The bad guys are no match for us! Yeah!”

“Is he always this energetic?” Crystal asked Espio.

“Almost 24/7.”

Vector was pressing several buttons on the control panel and eventually stopped. “Ahh, here it is. The page on this creature called Virus.”

“Virus?” Crystal asked.

“I hate viruses!” Charmy yelled. “They suck!”

Vector then said, “Says here it’s a being made of purely negative energy within the chaos emeralds. It has the ability to manipulate others by getting inside their bodies through cuts in their skin and can give the user a big power boost in the right hands.”

“Yay! Power boost!”

“You’re less annoying in the games…” Crystal said. “And why did you guys need this information?”

“Our client needed this information.” Vector said.

“And who’s your client?”

“I’ll let you figure that out.” Vector pressed a few more buttons and a portal opened up just ahead of the systems. “You’re pretty tough for a little girl, take care little lady, we’ve got somewhere to be getting to.” Team Chaotix jumped into the portal. Crystal then jumped in moments later before it vanished.

In a pyramid, Jessica came to a sandy area where the robotic scorpion was. It fired its claw at Jessica who jumped onto it then jumped up and towards its tail. The scorpion fired a beam which Jessica reflected back with the two swords which blew off part of its tail. As Jessica prepared to stab it the scorpion moved and tackled her. Jessica then kicked it off her and it landed on its back, Jessica then jumped up and stabbed it in the centre. She then jumped off the scorpion, grabbed part of the tail, swung it round twice and threw it into a wall.

The scorpion then stopped moving moments later. Jessica put her swords away as she said, “That was easier than expected.”

In Eggman’s ship, Eggman, Raizor, Slasha, David and Yukiko were standing in a row while Virus was in front of them. “So Eggman, what’s the full plan?” Raizor asked. “What’s with this virus creature?”

“Yes, Eggman, what is your plan?” Virus asked.

Eggman grinned widely. “I might as well tell you all now while there’s still time. I have designed a new super weapon, the Death Egg 2. I call it, Death Immunity Egg, also known as D.I.E. Observe.” Eggman took out a robot and pressed a button which showed the Death Egg on a screen behind them. It looked exactly like the first but had red lines along the spaces on the inside and a large red sphere in the middle. “Right now it’s still gaining power but it will be ready soon. I will use it to threaten the inhabitants of this planet into letting me rule or to meet their end.”

“That’s nice.” Yukiko replied. “And where’s Zulu then?”

“Zulu?” Slasha asked. “The same one who stole that prism from me?”

Raizor shrugged. “I thought we could use the help.”

“Because of him I was frozen in the Antarctic for months!”

“Villains work together to take down good, all rules apply in that case.”

“You seem awfully calm considering you were there too.”

“I don’t get worked up over such nonsense.”


Virus nodded. “I like your plan, I’ll be back shortly.” Virus said before creating another black hole which he sunk into and vanished.

In the sky, Tails and Rush were flying by and they had three chaos emeralds in the tornado. “Man, finding the emeralds is easy with that emerald radar.” Tails said.

“Yeah, I’m surprised it actually worked here.” Rush replied.

Tails looked ahead to see dozens of Eggman robots on small ships with the large robotic eagle in front of them. Tails then said, “Whoa! Look at all those Eggman’s robots!”

A hole suddenly appeared in front of the eagle and Virus popped out. He then called off the Eggman robots and gave the eagle a brief nod. The eagle then flew off and Virus went back into the hole. Tails then followed the eagle at full speed.

In the forest area, Sonic and Sonny were fighting the robotic bear when Virus rose from a dark puddle in front of the bear, they both then sank into the puddle and Sonic quickly jumped in before it closed.

“Hey, where’s Sonic going to?” Amy asked.

“I don’t know.” Sonny replied.

“Well let’s go try to find him again then.”

“Uhh, hey, is that him behind you?”

“Where?” Amy said as she turned around. Sonny then quickly ran off and by the time Amy turned around he was gone. “I hate it when they leave me behind…”

In the middle of a city, a portal opened up and Crystal jumped out to see a big grey robot coming towards her. Several steel poles flew out from the sky and impaled the robot, stopping it in its tracks. Someone then jumped down and landed in front of Crystal. The scene then paused and the words, “Silver the Hedgehog.” came up on a greyish bar below him. Using his psychokinesis he then grabbed another steel bar, jumped up and whacked the robot with it into a building.

“Heh, he seems a bit cooler than in that bad game which shall not be mentioned.” Crystal said.

“Who are you?” Silver asked as he turned around.

“Crystal, I went through some portal and ended up here…apparently.”

“I have to stop Eggman Nega by getting to the past!” Silver said before running off.

Crystal shrugged. “Sure, guess I’ll help out with that.” She said before running after him.

In a rocky area, Knuckles and Mads approached a very tall rocky mountain then Knuckles started climbing it. Mads prepared to fly up but then saw 3 feet tall spiders climbing up into a cave inside the mountain, Mads then said, “Actually I think it’d be best for me to wait out here.”

“Suit yourself.” Knuckles replied before continuing to climb. At that moment Rouge flew into the area and landed on a rock, looked up and saw Knuckles climbing up towards the cave entrance. Rouge then jumped across the rocks on the way up the mountain and said, “See you inside, Treasure hunter.” as she passed him. Knuckles then stopped climbing and jumped across the rocks as well until he reached the entrance shortly after Rouge.

Back in the other universe, a five foot tall clear blue creature with horns was in the middle of the streets causing destruction to cars and buildings. Max, Zoom, Jessica and Kyle ran up to the area and stopped ten feet away from the creature in the middle of a street.

“So that’s the monster, huh?” Max asked.

“Seems so.” Zoom said with a shrug. “Let’s get started then.”

The four of them moved to four corners around the creature and ran towards it. The creature turned around and fired some clear blue liquid from its hand at Max who rolled out the way as it almost reached him. Kyle then punched the creature from behind, knocking it forward. Jessica then kicked it in the face, knocking it to the ground. As the creature got up, Zoom ran towards it. The creature turned to him and fired more clear liquid at him which hit him and sent him flying.

Zoom landed near a food stand where SA2 was and got up. “Hi, I’d like that apple pie there, please.”

The creature extended its arms and tried to hit Max multiple times as he moved back while dodging the attacks. Kyle then froze one of its arms which the creature smashed on the floor then grew a new arm then whacked Max into a car. Jessica hit the creature with blasts of electricity. Zoom then called Jessica over shortly after.

Max came running towards the creature yelling, “KILL IT WITH FIRE!” He then set the creature on fire; it then turned around and ran after Max. Max then yelled, “KILL IT WITH ICE!” he turned around and saw Zoom, Jessica and Kyle over by the food stand. “I said, KILL IT WITH ICE!

“Oh, right.” Kyle said before putting his pie down. He then froze the clear creature’s legs. Max then yelled, “KILL IT WITH LIGHTNING!” Jessica then shocked the creature for a short period of time while Zoom bought a Sega orb from SA2 and crushed it. Max then yelled, “KILL IT WITH…whatever you can do.”

Zoom jumped up towards the creature, spun into a ball and floated into one spot, firing several dozens of tiny spikes off his back at the creature. After Zoom stopped the creature turned into a puddle of water and ran off while the four of them ran after it.

In an Eggo factory, another clear blue creature was inside by a rotating machine eating boxes of eggo which went past and getting bigger with each box it ate. After a few boxes, the creature picked up another and started eating them, and then a blast of energy hit the box, turning it to ashes. The creature looked to the left to see Ruby, Felicia, Blade and Alex standing by the wall, Ruby then said, “Let go of my eggo.”

The creature turned to then and dropped the burnt box, it then shot several tentacles from its hands which the four of them avoided by moving in different directions. Ruby jumped about avoiding the tentacles then jumped onto a box and fired a wave of energy which the creature dodged. Felicia then did a spiral claw attack through the creature, creating a big hole. The creature closed up the hole, extended it arm and grabbed Felicia then throw her into Ruby.

Alex flew towards the creature and created a tornado around himself and went through the creature, Blade then whacked it with his sword, Alex then flew back around and hit the creature again, knocking it to the ground. As it got up Blade fly kicked the creature. The creature then turned into a puddle of water and attempted to escape as the others followed.


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 22nd guest!”

Blade walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Blade the Weasel, I’m male, and my age is unknown. My height is 4’2” and I weigh 90 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“You have much yet to learn.”

“Favorite song?”

“Lost Impact from the Shadow the Hedgehog game.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“I like Shade, but just as a friend, I’m totally straight. I also seem to have quite a few fans; maybe it’s the mask...”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Nothing ventured is nothing gained.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”


“There’s that silence again...”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 23rd guest!”

Adam walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Adam Clear, I’m male, and I turned 18 a while ago. My height is 5’11” and I weigh 135 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“I’m gonna start using the phrase, “Solid as a rock.”

“…That’s lame.”


“…Anyway, favorite song?”

“Chaos Angel act 1 theme from Sonic Advance 3”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“I like a lot of people…”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“I rock hard…no, not in that way, you perverts.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”


Sonic Universe Saga: Chapter 75 – Attack at the Chaos Emerald Shrine

Shortly after the liquid creature in the eggo factory ran off, it met up with the liquid creature in the city and they joined together, forming a bigger creature. Ruby, Felicia, Blade and Alex eventually met up with Max, Zoom, Jessica and Kyle as they chased the monster down a path. Adam suddenly came towards the creature riding on a large wave of rocks and hit the creature with the wave, covering it with rocks then jumped off and landed beside it.

“Solid as a rock.” Adam said as the others arrived.

“So that’s it?” Max asked.

Suddenly the creature reformed outside of the rocks and ran off again. Adam then said, “Apparently not, let’s follow it and see where it goes.” The others nodded then they ran after the creature.

In the Sonic Universe, inside the rocky mountain cave where rock platforms in random places. Rouge jumped onto them and went up higher while kicking spiders on the platforms. Knuckles jumped across the platforms and followed her. Knuckles eventually reached the same platform as her; Rouge then kicked a spider at him which he punched into the air. Rouge jumped onto the spider in mid air then flew up to a rocky path going diagonally up while Knuckles climbed up to the path.

Rouge fly kicked one robot coming towards her then started kicking a brown and orange coloured robot beetle, knocking off its shell. Rouge then jumped over the beetle as Knuckles attempted to punch her, blowing up the beetle. Rouge then jumped left and right onto small spaces avoiding spikes and pressed a switch which opened a rock door then entered as Knuckles quickly followed.

As Rouge entered a dozen robots ran towards her. Knuckles ran in afterwards and punched one to the left. Rouge then turned around and tried to kick Knuckles, Knuckles moved and she kicked one robot into another. Knuckles then jumped up and did a spiral claw into the ground while hitting a robot before going underground. Rouge cut one robot in half with a swift kick then did a spiral kick through several robots. Knuckles came out from underground and gave one robot an uppercut then picked up a large rock and threw it at the last robot, blowing it up.

Knuckles and Rouge continued jumping up platforms while trying to attack each other and other enemies on the platforms. They then climbed up a few ladders on a rocky path with a few rock golems on the way up. Rouge avoided the golems while Knuckles knocked them down. Rouge eventually reached a door and pressed a switch, leading outside where she picked up a chaos emerald.

Knuckles came running out shortly after and got into a fighting stance. “Hey, I found this place first.”

“If you want it you’ll have to fight me for it.” Knuckles and Rouge then got into a fighting stance. They ran towards each other then Knuckles hopped forward and did a downwards punch as Rouge stepped back and kicked Knuckles twice, knocking him back into the air. As Rouge jumped towards him Knuckles recovered and preformed two quick punches, knocking Rouge back. As they touched the ground, Rouge slid across, trying to slide tackle Knuckles as he jumped out the way.

Knuckles then jumped towards her and tried to punch her, she side stepped the attack and kicked Knuckles, knocking him back. Knuckles then picked up a large rock and threw it at Rouge who jumped over it and tried to hit Knuckles with a spiral kick. Knuckles dodged it and picked up a smaller rock. As Rouge tried to kick him he jumped up and threw the rock down which hit her then kicked her as he landed, making her drop the chaos emerald.

Rouge landed on her hands, flipped backwards and kicked Knuckles from behind. Rouge jumped towards him and tried to kick him in the air but he quickly dug underground and hit her with an uppercut. Rouge then flipped and kicked Knuckles to the ground. Knuckles ran away as Rouge followed him then as she got close Knuckles jumped backwards and hit her with the back of his fist.

Knuckles ran after her and tried to punch her again as she rolled behind Knuckles, grabbed him and then kicked him twice before letting him go and knocking him back with a third kick. At that moment, Virus appeared and picked up the chaos emerald as Knuckles and Rouge noticed him.

“I’ll be taking my leave now.” Virus said before sinking into a pool of darkness. Knuckles then jumped in before it closed up. Rouge stood there for a few moments then flew off the mountain.

Mads was still watching at the bottom of the mountain when Jessica, Light and Cheese ran up to him. “Hey Mads.” Jessica said.

“Hey, what have you been up to?”

“Saved a bunch of chao, fought two robots, it’s all good. You?”

“Just been roaming around with Knuckles.”

“Yeah, well Cheese apparently wants to go to some chaos emerald shrine, so I’ll see you soon.” Jessica said before running off as the chao followed her.

Mads then continued standing in one spot. In a city, Silver was running along throwing any large objects at robots in his path when he soon came to a bridge which was destroyed. He then rubbed his chin and said, “Now how am I gonna get across…”

“Palm to forehead.” Crystal said as she put her palm to her forehead. Crystal picked up three large steel bars in a corner using her psychokinesis and lined them up over the hole.

“Ahh, of course!” Silver said as he slapped himself. “So you have psychokinesis too?”

“Yeah, I’ve had this power almost a year now. Anyway, you haven’t got time to waste, right?”

“Yeah, I should get going.” He said before crossing the gap, after Crystal crossed it the steel bars fell down. They then came towards a large oval shaped robot with long arms which tried to grab them as they jumped out the way. Crystal flew towards the robot while Silver threw objects at the arms of the robot as it repeatedly tried to grab Crystal. Crystal covered herself in psychokinetic energy and flew through it, causing it to blow up and leaving a chaos emerald. Silver picked it up then took out another emerald. “Now I can go after Eggman Nega.”

Crystal flew down next to Silver. “Pass it here then.” She said before Silver threw the emerald to her. “Don’t worry; I know how this chaos control stuff works.”

Meanwhile, Blaze and Amber recently broke out of the base and were walking through a small forest while Amber started talking. “So aren’t you gonna find out why the scepter was there in the first place?”

“I got it back and that’s all that matters.”

“Ok, I very much admire your fiery powers, it reminds me of the first day I got mine and couldn’t control them very well, leading to this…”


Amber was in a grassy field, rolling around the ground and completely covered in fire while yelling, “Craaawling in my skiiiiiin! These woooounds, they wiiiillll not heeeaaaallll!”


Amber smiled. “Heh, Linkin Park songs, anyway, I ended up burning off my clothes and had to run home naked, it was a funny day.”

“I’m sure it was.”

“So I guess we’re done here then, since you got what you needed.”

“I guess so.”

A portal suddenly opened a bit to their right and Crystal and Silver jumped out of it. Amber then turned to the screen and said, “These portals seem to turn up in just the right area, don’t they?”

“Oh, Amber, what are you doing here?” Crystal asked.

“Helping Blaze get her scepter back.”

Silver walked up to Blaze and they stared at each other for a few moments. Crystal then ran past and grabbed Silver while yelling, “No time to fill in plotholes Sega created! We gotta find Eggman Nega!”

Amber ran after them moments later and Blaze quickly followed. Near a very large grass covered mountain with several pillars the large robotic eagle flew down and landed in the middle. Four black puddles of darkness then opened up and Sonic, Knuckles, the robotic bear and Virus came out of them. Tails saw the five of them then looked at Rush. “I might have to land here.”

“Ok, I just received word that there’s something going on at this chaos emerald shrine so I’ll be going there.” Rush flew off and waved goodbye and Tails flew down and landed the tornado next to Sonic and Knuckles then jumped out. The large robotic crab flew down from the sky and landed next to the robots then the robotic mole came up from underground.

“Hey guys.” Sonic said. “I guess it’s five against three.”

“Make that four.” A familiar voice replied. Sonic looked to his right to see Shadow. “Hey Shadow, long time no see.”

“We saw each other just a few days ago.”

“I still like to greet people that way. So now it’s four against five.”

Virus shook his head. “I’d prefer to take my leave and make it even.” He said before stepping back behind the robots.

Knuckles tapped his fists together. “I’m ready for these guys, unlike Sonic I don’t chuckle!”

“Hey!” Sonic responded.

“It says it in my theme song…and what about Tails? He isn’t a fighter.”

Shadow shrugged. “The rule of cool has no boundaries.”

Tails nodded. “Shadow is right, now let’s begin!”

In Eggman’s ship, most of them were watching the fight on a screen. Eggman then took out a walkie-talkie device and said, “Nega, operate the Death Immunity Egg to destroy that mountain.”

“But of course.” Eggman Nega said before starting up the Death Egg. It raised high into the sky and aimed at the mountain very far off in the distance. Raizor then said, “I suppose us four should get moving.” As he, Slasha, David and Yukiko went to Raizor’s ship on the other side then took off.

Back at the mountain, the Emerald Challenge theme from Sonic Heroes starting playing. The crab then fired a large beam at the four of them after seventeen seconds who moved to the side. Shadow then threw a chaos spear which hit the crab, sending it flying back then ran after it. The eagle flew up and Tails flew after it while Knuckles punched the mole through a cliff then ran after it. The bear ran up to Sonic and threw two punches which Sonic dodged, he then jumped up, flipped and kicked the bear down into the ground. The bear came up from behind and punched Sonic, sending him flying.

Sonic flipped twice before touching the ground near a tall cliff. The bear ran up to him and punched the cliff as Sonic ducked, Sonic then punched the bear twice before hitting the bear with a spin attack. As Shadow ran towards the crab it fired its two claws at him which he avoided. He jumped onto the side of a cliff then jumped off and fly kicked the crab into the air. He then flew over the crab using his air shoes and hammered it down to the ground.

Knuckles and the mole stood in one spot attacking each other and dodging every hit before Knuckles tried to punch the mole’s feet which made it move a few steps back. Knuckles then quickly hopped forward and punched the mole backwards. In the air, Tails was dodging machine gun fire from the eagle and got close to it. He tried to whack it with his tails but it moved and tried to attack with its wings. Tails took out a wrench and whacked away the wing then hit its head. He then hit the eagle again and knocked it away.

Down below, Sonic knocked back one of the crab’s claws back at itself then spin attacked it, causing it to land near a pillar. The crab got up and walked past it, Knuckles then jumped out and punched it hard through three pillars in a row just before the mole kicked him from behind and ran after him. Sonic then ran after the mole. The bear also tried to run after Sonic but Shadow dropped down in front of the bear and kicked it, sending it flying.

Shadow jumped towards the bear and punched it twice before knocking it back with a kick then chaos controlled behind the bear, grabbed its arm and threw it into the air. Tails was flying backwards and crashed into the bear. He turned around and flew over it as it tried to grab him. The eagle then bashed into the bear and Tails knocked them to the ground with his tails.

Down below, the crab recovered and punched Knuckles back towards the mole. As the mole prepared to attack Sonic kicked it from behind, then flipped and punched it, knocking it back. Knuckles spun and landed on his feet then jumped up and delivered a 12-punch combo on the crab before kicking it back.

Tails was running across the area when the mole popped up from underground and punched him. Shadow then appeared and fly kicked the mole. The bear appeared and tried to attack Shadow as he ducked; the eagle then flew by and hit Shadow with its wing. Sonic then spin attacked the bear, followed by the crab tackling Sonic then Knuckles giving the crab an uppercut. The mole then tried to attack Knuckles as he dodged the hits and Tails avoiding the eagle’s wings a bit away.

The four robots were in a row as Knuckles and Tails blocked one attack from the eagle and mole. Sonic and Shadow jumped forward then all four of them punched one robot each at the same time into a large cliff. Sonic quickly ran forward, Tails flew up to Sonic, Knuckles dug underground up to Tails and Shadow appeared next to Knuckles using chaos control.

Viruses floated down from one cliff and up to the four robots. “Impressive, but we’ve got to get going. Keep your eyes on the Death Egg.” Virus said before creating a puddle of darkness which he and the robots sank into before it closed up. The Death Egg charged up energy for a few moments as Tails quickly jumped in the tornado and then the Death Egg fired a large beam from the red sphere. Knuckles jumped in while Sonic sat at the back and Shadow grabbed onto one wing as it took off.

The blast hit the mountain, causing a massive explosion, which spread and got bigger as the ground shook. The shockwaves soon hit the tornado and caused the tornado to crash into the ground as the song stopped. Jessica, Mads, Light and Cheese were running along a path in the grass when they saw the explosion far off in the distance. They then looked on a bit ahead to see Sonny and Shade running down another path and Virus on top of a hill holding a large laser cannon.

Virus aimed it at them and prepared to fire when Jessica sliced it in half with her double bladed sword. Mads then ran up the hill and aimed his arm cannon at Virus. Virus stared at them for a few seconds before vanishing. Jessica then spotted Zulu very far to the right driving his motorbike with dozens of Eggman robots following while one was carrying Cream the Rabbit who was tied up. Cheese then flew towards the robots while Light flew off in Sonny and Shade’s direction. Jessica looked at Mads and said, “You go to that shrine, I’ll catch up.” before running off.

Crystal, Amber, Blaze and Silver were on a hill watching the Death Egg slowly float across the sky. Crystal then asked, “Eggman Nega is most likely there, right?”

“He’s got to be.”

Blaze turned to Amber and said, “I think we can handle this alone, if you’ve got somewhere to get to.”

“You’re just saying that to get rid of me, aren’t you?”

“I actually wasn’t but now that you mention it, yes I’d like you to leave.”

“As you wish, the great princess Blaze the Cat, I shall go help my friends at that shrine place.” Amber then looked at Crystal. “Let’s go.” Crystal nodded then they both ran off.

In the other universe, somewhere in some mountains the clear blue creature approached a large black base in its puddle form and entered under a gap at the front doors. The others then appeared at the top of a hill far away. Adam nodded and said, “Time to make our way inside.” before running off ahead and the others followed shortly after. SA2 watched them silently from another hill as they ran towards the base.


SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 24th guest!”

Alex walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Alex Macel, I’m male and I’m almost 18. My height is 5’8” and I weigh 138 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”


“Favorite song?”

“Catch me if you can from Sonic Riders.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“Maybe one or two, which I’m not telling.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Ride with the wind and free your mind. But trying to ride a tornado may result in death.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Normal people can’t ride the wind, just for your information.”
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SA3 was sitting in the bio section area again and said, “Now for our 25rd guest!”

Zulu walked in and sat a few feet away from him.

“Hi there, give me an introduction of yourself!” SA3 said.

“My name is Zulu the Lizard, I’m male and my age is unknown. My height is 4’5” and I weigh 130 lbs.”

“Have you got a specific phrase which you say?”

“Who needs a phrase when you got power?”

“Favorite song?”

“The Eggman theme.”

“Do you by any chance, “like” any characters?”

“I like money, and lots of it.”

“Any personal tips you could give to others?”

“Every lizard, man and woman for themselves.”

“Well that’s all we have time for! Any last comments you want to say before this ends?”

“Had over your wallet, it’s mine now.”

“Ninja’s don’t carry wallets.”

“…You got lucky then.”

Sonic Universe Saga: Chapter 76 – The Super Power of Teamwork

Back in the Sonic Universe, Jessica reached Zulu and the dozens of Eggman robots then started slicing them in half. Eventually she sliced the one carrying Cream in half as Zulu got off his bike. He then ran towards Jessica and threw several punches which she dodged then tried to slash at his head as he ducked. He then tried to swipe at her feet as she jumped back and tried kicking him several times.

Cheese untied Cream while this was going on and Cream said, “Thank you, please be careful.” before they ran off.

Jessica looked at Zulu and asked, “So what’s the deal with stealing the chao and Cream?”

“I guess I could explain, this part isn’t important so we’ll change the scene.”

In another area, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles slowly got up where the tornado crashed. One of the wings was bent slightly and it was smoking. “I think it’s still ok to fly.” Tails said.

“Let’s quickly make our way to the Death Egg then.” Sonic said.

“Where did Shadow go?” Knuckles asked.

“He just seems to turn up unexpectedly, he’ll be back.” Sonic, Tails and Knuckles jumped in the tornado then took off towards the Death Egg.

Crystal and Amber were running along a field whacking robots out the way then jumped across large gaps before running up a hill and down a rocky path towards a large cave where Sonny, Shade and Mads were at. Crystal and Amber stopped by the cave as Sonny looked into the darkness.

“So can you see clearly inside?” Mads asked.

Sonny turned his head from the cave and was wearing a cap with an ‘S’ on it and said, “No.”

"Did you bring a light?"

Sonny turned round again and said, “No.” He then took the cap off. “Amber, you can light the cave, right?”

“Yeah, it’ll likely drain my energy kinda fast but I can do it.” Amber walked in the cave as she said, “Follow me people.”

The others then walked in after her. Amber then produced a big ball of fire which lit the area up and continued moving. The five of them then jumped down a hole ahead and entered a small room with a few robots carrying drills which they quickly destroyed then ran on ahead and jumped into a mine kart which quickly took off. Robot bats came towards the kart while Mads blasted them down and Crystal punched them, the kart eventually turned left and went down a slope. The five of them then jumped out before it went down a deep hole.

They then approached a watery filled area with stone platforms going up which they jumped across while destroying robots with drills for hands and made it to a rock door high above. They entered it then ran forward and jumped across small water filled holes then across moving pillars before coming to a wall. Crystal punched the wall, revealing another path which they went through.

They ran ahead then entered a room when four robots with green swords dropped down from platforms. Crystal jumped up and fly kicked one robot into a wall. One robot tried to chop Shade in half who rolled behind the robot then stuck his foot through the robot. Sonny spin dashed towards one robot which tried to slash at him as he went by. Sonny then jumped back and kicked its head off. The last one ran towards Crystal then Mads blew its head off. Crystal then said, “Nice headshot.”


The five of them then climbed up the platforms and reached a rock door leading outside again. In the other universe, Ruby, Max, Zoom, Felicia, Blade, Jessica, Kyle, Adam and Alex punched down a door in the base and entered a very large factory area with banisters all over the place and large metal containers around the area while SA2 sat on a banister high above eating a sandwich. In the middle of the room high above was a large platform with a large container in the middle and Nintendude was standing by it.

He then said, “Duuudes! Where’s the main five?”

“Main five?” Adam asked.

“Yeah, the tricky speedster, Blue Lightning. The dark and mysterious hero, Chaos Demon. The graceful and elegant, Psychic Angel. The beautiful and hyperactive, Wildfire, and the perverted friendly sharpshooter, Animan.”

“Is it ok for a villain to be a fan of a hero team?”

“Yes, it is. Now that you’re all here, Liquid here can destroy you all in his new fully powered form.”

The container near Nintendude opened and out came another version of the clear blue creature that was slightly bigger, had a grey steel helmet which covered its head and horns, had steel gloves, steel shoulder pads and steel shoes which all blue jewels in them. Liquid then summoned dozens of clear blue solid balls which circled around the creature as it floated into the air. Most of them then separated and formed little copies of the creature around the area.

Adam then said, “Well this doesn’t look good…”

In the Sonic Universe, Rouge was flying through the air high above when she looked down and saw Shadow quickly running along a grassy area. Rouge then flew down towards Shadow. Meanwhile in another area, Cream and Cheese were running up a hill and met Amy who was walking down it. “Cream, where have you been?” Amy asked.

“I was kidnapped by some big lizard and taken to places, and then I was saved by this person with two short swords.”

“That’s great, now you can fly me up to that big thing over there.” Amy said, pointing at the Death Egg.

“Why do you want to go there?”

“I know for sure Sonic is up there and he’s not gonna get away again!”

Cream sighed. “Fine. Cheese, get into combat mode.” Cheese nodded and then Cream flew off and grabbed Amy as she took off while Cheese followed them. Near the cave area, Zulu was still talking with Jessica with his back turned. “Collecting the chao was mainly to provide the life force for the ghostly creature, to help it become stronger, but since Cheese escaped I thought I’d take the rabbit and wait for him to come back, but then again there were robots on patrol as well. Plus, they could boost the power of a certain robot again.”

“You mean…”

“Yes, him, he may not do much, but he’s far from being useless. But, as you know, I can’t let you live…” Zulu turned around and saw Jessica was gone. “You could have waited until I was done…I’m gonna go raid that pyramid.” He said before jumping on his bike and driving off.

Inside the Death Egg were bright shiny metal rooms in which Eggman robots walked around as Dead Batteries by Project Chaos started playing in the background. After thirteen seconds Knuckles punched down a wall and Sonic, Tails and Knuckles ran in. They ran along, kicking and punching enemies out the way, then at 00:26 hit a spring and flew up to a path higher above. Sonic then spin dashed through one enemy, Tails spun around and went through a few with his tails and Knuckles pounded the ground and caused a shockwave which destroyed the rest.

They then hit another spring at 00:32 and flew to another path then destroyed more enemies, then went through two loops at 00:39 then Sonic spin attacked four enemies before they went through two more loops, Knuckles then punched out four enemies. They then jumped across four platforms; Tails then took out a wrench and threw it as a boomerang which took out four enemies. They jumped across four more platforms; Tails then punched one robot while Knuckles punched one then Sonic spin dashed through the last one. They then ran along the wall at 01:07 avoiding blasts of robots shooting at them until they reached a door high above at 01:20.

In another area, Amy and Cream were on a moving steel platform going up while Amy whacked enemies with her hammer and Cheese head butted a few enemies. They then jumped onto another platform which moved right seven seconds later while destroying more robots. They then jumped on a platform going diagonally down to the left six seconds later. They then jumped on one platform seven seconds later which right then another six seconds later which went up as Amy spun in circles and destroyed the robots on the platform before they reached the top.

At 01:46, Silver and Blaze ran along a hallway where they passed three big holes in the wall where three robots fired at them, Silver threw the bullets back at them using his psychokinesis as they ran by. Blaze then slide tackled one enemy ahead, then back flipped and hit the second with her feet. They then took an elevator up to one floor then as it opened at 02:02, they entered a large room and Silver fired a wave of psychokinetic energy which blew up a few robots. Blaze moved around creating a fiery tornado and blowing up enemies she ran into. They then jumped on a big box and Silver moved it along the corridors using his psychokinesis and knocked door a door at 02:28.

Shadow and Rouge jumped across a few platforms while destroying enemies then jumped onto an escalator moving right six seconds later. They moved along while Shadow spin attacked the robots then jumped onto another escalator to the right and Rouge kicked some robots out the way before they jumped to another escalator and Shadow spin dashed through the last few robots. At 02:47, Shadow and Rouge ran down a hallway and Shadow spin attacked more robots, moments later Rouge did a spiral kick through several enemies then when they reached the end Shadow ran left and Rouge ran right.

At 03:00, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles punched down another wall and ran along a corridor punching through robots which shot at them. Tails knocked one in the air with his tails then Sonic went through it, Knuckles then shortly punched the ground, sending a shockwave across the floor which hit several robots. They then punched down another wall and slowly walked down the new path as the song ended.

At the chaos emerald shrine (from Sonic Adventure, only seen in the flashbacks, why am I using it? I don’t even...) there were dozens of chao by the stairs as several dozens of robots came towards the shrine, firing at the chao. Jessica and Light were there, attacking some of the robots while Jessica split into two and continued destroying them. Chaos 0 rose from a puddle of water near the stairs, extended its hand and whacked several robots then spun around with its arms out and destroyed more robots.

Far in the distance stood Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads on some rocks. Shade then said, “Alright guys, time for our ass kicking poses!” they then got into fighting stances one by one which I can’t be bothered to mention then jumped off the rocks and towards the shrine, then as they landed started charging through the robots and knocking them into others. A ship then descended into the area and Raizor stood up. “Hey guys, let’s settle this in a bigger environment.” Raizor took out a cuboid glass container with a shining white crystal inside which opened up a portal.

Raizor then flew the ship into the portal and Sonic, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads jumped in before it closed up. Back on the Death Egg, Tails and Knuckles arrived at a room where the robotic bear was. Knuckles quickly ran in and punched it through a wall to a very wide open area which was grey with machinery and a few flashing lights. Knuckles then picked up the last chaos emerald it dropped. Eggman Nega contacted Eggman and said, “A few pests seem to have gotten in to the Death Egg.”

“No problem, we’ll just have to resort to extreme measures.” Eggman pressed a button on the control panel, which caused the four exterminators eyes to glow red. Tails and Knuckles jumped out of the hole up to the bear. The eagle, mole and crab then met up with the bear and began forming together to create an even bigger robot as Amy and Cream ran up to Tails and Knuckles. After it finished the bear was the head of the body, the eagle was the middle of the body, the crab was attached to the eagle, and the mole was at the bottom.

Just then Blaze dropped down to the right of the others and Silver dropped to the left. Rouge then landed behind them as the robot prepared to attack. The robot then fired two beams from the crab’s claws which they dodged. Knuckles then jumped towards Amy who whacked Knuckles towards the robot with his fist held out. As he got close the robot whacked him away then stomped on the ground, knocking a few of them over.

Meanwhile, Sonic entered a small room as the Final Zone from Sonic 1 played to see Eggrobo from Sonic 3 (Robot version of Eggman, of course) slowly descend in the Eggmobile which took out an orange shiny ball attached to a chain. Sonic avoided the ball while spin attacking it several times then hit it once more before it flew off. Sonic then entered the next room with Eggrobo in a small red vehicle with a drill at the front. It drove around the room trying to run Sonic over as he spin attacked it several times before it blew up.

Sonic then entered the third room where Eggrobo was in a hovering blue circular machine with two smaller parts attached and fired fireballs from them at Sonic as he ran around the room. Sonic hit it a few times then spin dashed through it, destroying it. He then went through the next door and walked a bit to find Metal Sonic standing in the middle of the area. Metal Sonic then slowly got into a fighting stance.

Metal Sonic then sped forward and threw several punches while Sonic dodged them then kicked him back and tried to punch him. MS ducked then swept at Sonic’s feet, Sonic landed on one hand and quickly spin dashed past MS, who landed on his feet and ran after Sonic. Sonic turned around and ran towards him. When they reached each other Sonic tried to punch MS, who dodged it then tried to kick Sonic as he took a step back then Sonic tried to fly kick MS as he side stepped then MS tried to slash Sonic as Sonic rolled behind him and hit MS with a spin attack, causing a small tear in his armor as they both moved back.

Virus then slowly rose from a puddle of darkness beside MS and said, “I thought he may need my assistance.” Virus then turned into purple smoke and flew into the small tear in MS’ armor, turning MS purple with purple energy waves and gaining a big ‘V’ on its head. MS’ eyes glowed as the four robots joined together suddenly blasted through the roof. Shadow quickly ran up to the area and met Sonic. Shortly afterwards the others below made it to the top as MS’ merged with the four robots. The larger robot then gained spikes on its arms, legs and back, turned purple and had a big ‘V’ on its chest where it also had a purple eye.

The new robot then shot a blast of energy through the roof and flew into the air. While everyone looked up, Sonic and Shadow had recently used chaos unison and were now Super Shadic thanks to the emeralds, he then pursued the giant robot into the sky.
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