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20 October, 2021, 12:34:58 pm
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Sonny and Shade (Finished)

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Author Topic: Sonny and Shade (Finished)  (Read 3226 times)
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« Reply #135 on: 31 December, 2008, 09:53:51 am »

Sonny and Shade: The Movie

It was six days after Christmas day, on December 31st (the same day I’m uploading this). In an unknown clear grassy field, there stood half a dozen individuals, Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber, Ruby and Max. A gentle breeze filled the air, the leaves rustled, and the description wasn’t that great but it was necessary. Ruby and Max stood side by side and took out two emeralds.

Max then yelled, “Ready?” Ruby nodded at him. They both then slid by each other as they said, “Chaos!” they then flipped to the side past each other as they said, “You!” they then spun in circles towards each other and as the emeralds touched each other they said, “Nison!” there was then a bright flash around them and the two morphed into Rux.

They then threw the two emeralds to Crystal and Amber ahead of them who did the same. Afterwards they passed the emeralds to Sonny and Shade to the right and they did the same also. As awesome inspirational battle music came on, the three rushed at each other. Crystar attacked Rux with a low punch, a straight punch then quickly spun and spin kicked Rux. Shany then elbowed Rux, and then kneed Rux, knocking Rux back a few feet.

Rux quickly powered up and had a glowing red aura. As Rux did so, Crystar charged up an energy blast and fired it, which Rux dodged a moment before Shany fly kicked Crystar. Rux charged at Shany and as Rux tried to punch him, Shany quickly teleported behind him. Rux did the same and this carried on for a few moments before Rux hit Shany with a fiery tornado attack.

Crystar flew towards Rux as Rux was charging a beam attack. Crystar flipped over the beam as Rux fired and landed behind Rux. She then unleashed a flurry of high and low kicks before knocking Rux face first to the ground. She then crossed her arms and said, “Wanna go some more?”

Rux quickly flipped up and fired an energy wave which Crystar dodged. She then fired back as Rux jumped over hers. Shany threw a chaos wind which hit Rux then punched Rux a few times before knocking Rux to the ground. Crystal flipped and landed next to Shany and frequently tried to punch and kick him as he quickly dodged her attacks, and then he jumped back as she did a fiery tornado attack. Crystar charged at Shany and elbowed him back a few feet, then flew after him and punched him in the chest a few times before sending him flying with a kick.

Crystar flew after him again and Shany regained his balance seconds before she reached him. Their right fists connected, and then their left fists, then they started dodging each others punches and kicks for several moments before they saw a beam of energy coming towards them which they both jumped out the way of.

As Rux ran up to them, a large solar beam flew past them and Mads waved from further away. “Are you guys done now?!?”

“Just two more minutes!” Shany yelled.

“Fine! We still going for ice cream?!?”

“Yeah, man! Ice cream is cool!”

“Damn right it is!”

“Why are we yelling when you could just walk over to us?!?”

“I don’t know!”

Meanwhile, Three minutes later…

Shany, Crystar, Rux and Mads were now standing near an ice cream kart eating ice cream (of course). What the flavours were won’t be mentioned.

“Why can’t I ever try that fu-I mean, unison thing?” Mads asked.

“Because you don’t have a significant other.” Rux replied.

“Oh right. And what’s with this, exactly? Wasn’t the one before this the last chapter? Wouldn’t this be contradicting that fact?”

“Think of this as like a DVD extra.” Crystar replied.

“I’ll try to.”

Meanwhile, in a place pretty far away…

Raizor, Slasha, David and Yukiko were sitting in Raizor’s base, watching a show on Raizor’s big screen.

“What are we even watching?” David asked.

“Who cares?” Raizor said with a shrug.

Just then, there was loud knocking at the door, Raizor got up and answered the door to find Zulu outside who strolled in on his motorcycle. “Hey guys, guess what I found?”

“A whole years supply of fresh chicken?” Yukiko responded.

“What’s your deal with food?” Slasha asked.

“I’m just hungry is all…”

“Nope, not food.” Zulu said, shaking his head.

“You found out you have no purpose for living?” Raizor asked.

“You wish.”

“You found Slasha’s yellow panties with the little red hearts on them?” David asked.

“Hey! How do you know about those?!?” Slasha responded.

“You just told me.”


“HEY GUYS, LETS STOP TALKING ABOUT THAT AND KEEP GUESSING WHAT CRAP ZULU FOUND!” Raizor sarcastically yelled while waving his arms.

“So anyway…” Zulu began. “After that bit of info I didn’t need to know, I’d like to tell you guys that I found this big gem in this big pyramid which contains big power, though the trip is pretty big…did I mention it was big?”

“So where is this pyramid?” David asked.

“Somewhere in the desert of course.”

“Let’s get moving then.” Raizor said.

“Right after we finish watching this show.” Yukiko said before turning to the TV.

“What show is it?” Zulu asked.

“Hell if we know.” Slasha said with a shrug.

Meanwhile, sometime later in another place pretty far away…

On 42 news (Chapter 1), the reporter was reporting on role models. “So in conclusion, anyone who whines about girls needing a female character to be a good role model and to tell you what’s right and wrong on a comedy show which wasn’t created for that purpose, is an idiot. You know who you are...and we have a caller, RAZR, you’re on the air.”

“Hello, unimportant person, anyway, I agree, some people just need to stop talking, like yourself for instance.”

“Is there a reason you decided to call in, besides insult me?”

“Well, this week, there is a reason. Hello troublesome heroes, I have received word of a super powerful gem in the Sahara desert, I will be making my way there shortly after this message. I just thought you guys should know...see you soon.” Raizor said before hanging up.

The reporter then cleared his throat. “Well, good luck, heroes, and farewell.”

Crystal was watching this at her house while talking to Melissa and Polly over the phone. “So you going?” Melissa asked.

“I haven’t exactly got a choice.”

“Bring me back a souvenir!” Polly yelled.

“Shouldn’t you be a bit less hyperactive today?” 

“Bite me, “Demon Slayer.”

At Mads house, Sonny and Mads were getting ready while Shade was on the phone with Ivy. “I guess we have our work cut out for us again.” Shade said with a sigh.

“So I’ve heard. Enjoy your trip, Shade, and remember to pack extra underwear!”

“That’s not funny and it never will be.”

Meanwhile, a bit later at the HQ...

Crystal and Amber arrived to see Sonny, Shade and Mads already there in their battle suits.

“You guys got here fast.” Amber said, a little shocked.

“Once we saw the message, we knew it was business.” Shade said. “But not just business, serious business.”

“Let’s just go to Rush’s room now.” Crystal said.

And so, they were there moments later. As they knocked on the door, Rush opened up, all ready to go. “So we all ready? Used the restroom? All warmed up? No cramps whatsoever? Totally wide awake? Wearing clean underwear and such?”

“We’re all fine.” Mads replied.

“Then let’s go!” Rush yelled as he ran into the ship room and then jumped into his ship. The others hopped in shortly after. “Chilli Con Carne!” Rush yelled before turning on the engine, left the base and flew off into the sky.

Shortly after leaving the base, Sonny asked, “So where is Kat anyway?”

“Oh, she got kidnapped.”

“Again? Doesn’t she have like, elite ninja skills now?”

“They gassed her.”


“Why do you care so much anyway?” Shade asked.

“I care a lot about things.” Sonny replied. “And I was looking forward to using more innuendo, like these two times...”


Kat was in the entertainment room of the HQ, watching a screen when Sonny walked up to her and said, “Y’know, I’ve been thinking, I should change my suit number to number 6, and then you should have Rush make you a suit with the number 9 on it.”

“You know two new members?”

“No I...” Sonny sighed and walked off.

“Um, nice seeing you, Sonny, I guess.”


Sonny and Kat were building an electronic chair. Kat was looking at the instruction sheet and then put it down and pointed at a hole near her. “Okay Sonny, put your pole into the first hole.”

“Is the second hole available?”

Kat looked back at the map. “There’s a second hole?”

“I wish you’d become more aware of my comments...”


It returned to the present time as Sonny sighed. “It’s not fun when my comments aren’t even acknowledged...”

 “So...where is this pyramid, exactly?” Rush asked.

“Hell if we know.” Amber shrugged.

“Just keep flying overseas, we’ll find it eventually.” Shade said. “Or we’ll just get lost, whichever comes first.”

“Well, this is meant to go on for a really long time to pad out the chapter, so we’re gonna occasionally make some stops during this journey, most likely a fanservice area at one point.”

Crystal shook her head. “Nah, that would be too obvious and would be insulting our attention span.”

“If you say so.”

Meanwhile, on Raizor’s space station...

Raizor was at the controls while David and Yukiko played cards at a table, and Slasha spun round randomly in a chair. Kat was tied down to a table near Slasha. “Y’know, this is really annoying. First I’m kidnapped by Raizor, then Slasha, then a few others villains, and now you guys again. Why must you feel the need to kidnap me?”

“For kicks.” Raizor replied. “Hey Zulu! So where is this pyramid?”

Zulu suddenly drove into the room on his bike and up to Raizor. “Just keep going straight.”

“Well that’s informative...”

“Hey, there’s some small city up ahead.” David pointed out.

“Let’s stop there to fill up on gas and visit the supermarkets!” Yukiko yelled.

“Well, we still have a long while, so we might as well.” Raizor replied.

And so, Raizor parked the space station…somewhere with a lot of space and they got off it.“Okay guys, we’re only gonna be here for a bit. I’ll fill her up, some of you guys get food, and...I don’t care about much else.”

“Imma go explore for a bit.” Zulu said before driving off.

Meanwhile, back in Green Hill City...

Ruby was watching television when the news came on. The reporter then said, “It seems, after a long period of time, Pedobear has returned!”

Ruby gasped before he continued talking. “He has somehow gotten aboard a kids school bus and is in a high speed chase with the police on Nou Avenue.”

“Man, Pedobear and I had some good times...”


It flashed back to 10 years ago (when she was 2) when Ruby was playing with blocks as a baby...in standard baby clothes and stuff, with a binky. Suddenly, Pedobear climbed through the window and charged at her. Ruby threw the binky to the floor, pushed the blocks aside and leapt at the bear. After a short period of attacks, Ruby kicked Pedobear out the window and yelled, “And don’t you come back!”

Just then, she heard footsteps and quickly got back into position and grabbed the blocks.

“Is everything fine down here, Ruby?” Her mom asked as she entered the room.

“Yes mommy.”


Seven years later, Ruby continued to keep foiling Pedobear’s plans to molest her. She was wearing her usual outfit when she walked up to an ice cream kart. “I’d like a spin dash scoop please.”

The person at the kart turned around to reveal himself as Pedobear. As Ruby gasped, the bear flung himself at her. Ruby quickly jumped and her knee connected with Pedobear’s face, knocking him back several feet. Ruby ran up to Pedobear and began attacking him with Pedobear blocking every hit. He then tackled her and they rolled around for a few moments before Ruby kicked him off her. As Pedobear got up, Ruby threw a park bench at him and he went through some bushes.

Ruby ran up to the bushes and looked for several moments; he was nowhere to be seen. “Man, he’s actually gotten good now; I gotta be on guard...”


“Good times...sadly I haven’t seen him since I hit puberty...”

Just then, the phone rang and Ruby quickly picked it up. Max was on the other line. “Hey Ruby, you watching the news?” He said faintly in a serious tone.

“Yeah, he’s back.”

“I remember seeing that bear when I was younger; I kicked his ass at least a dozen times.”

“Same here, though he improved over time.”

“I didn’t think I’d see him again.”

“Me neither. You ready?”

“I’m ready. The park.”

“Five minutes.”

“See you there.” Ruby put down the phone and nodded in a serious tone and then walked in a serious straight line towards the front door. “Bye mom, bye dad, I’m going to beat up Pedobear with Max.” She said, seriously.

“Have fun!” Both her parents replied.

She then shut the door, seriously, and made her way to the park, surprisingly calm.

Meanwhile, Raizor, Slasha, David, Yukiko and Zulu had finished their business in the city and were now getting back onto the space station while Yukiko carried a few grocery bags.

“So what did you guys do?” Kat asked as they entered.

Slasha sat down and then said, “Raizor filled her up, Zulu drove round and stuff, we got some food, and then me and Yukiko went to go do girly stuff, because it was in the script.”

“You could have invited me to do girly stuff.”

“Yeah, but then you would have run away, and we can’t have that.”

“I guess that’s true...”

“I’m glad you see my point.”

Meanwhile, ten minutes later after the space station had left, the others arrived in Rush’s ship and stayed in the city for around 15 minutes. As Crystal, Amber, Mads and Rush were waiting in the ship; Shade had finished talking to a civilian about which direction Raizor’s space station travelled in. Afterwards, Shade hopped into the ship and he called over Sonny. Sonny ran over carrying a hot dog in his hand.

“What is that?” Shade asked.

“A hot dog with chilli sauce.” Sonny replied cheerfully before eating it in one bite.

“…There’s a joke in there somewhere but I’m too lazy to point it out. Anyway, let’s go, we know which way they’re going.”

“Cool.” Sonny said before jumping into the ship.

Meanwhile, in Green Hill City...

On a one way street, Pedobear was driving at 75 mph avoiding cars in his path when suddenly Rux crash landed through the roof next to Pedobear wearing shades. Rux took off the shades and motioned Pedobear towards Rux. “Bring it.”

Rux and Pedobear attacked each other, with Rux landing at least three times more hits than Pedobear did while Rux steered the school bus as he fought Pedobear off. Rux kicked Pedobear out the window and shortly after brought the bus to a stop. Rux looked out the window towards Pedobear standing down the street who pointed at his eyes then pointed at Rux. Pedobear then quickly ran off as the children on the bus cheered.

Rux bowed a few times before walking off the bus. Rux then said, “Stay in school, kids.” before flying off.

Meanwhile, aboard Raizor’s space station...

Raizor sat at the controls again, Zulu practised punching combos on a punching bag, Slasha randomly spun around in her chair, Kat didn’t do anything because she was tied down, Yukiko lay down next to Slasha and ate a chicken, and David shape shifted into Slasha and imitated her for the lulz. As they approached a beach, Yukiko suddenly sat up and yelled, “Hey look, a beach! Let’s take time off of our important journey to provide a fanservice scene for the sole purpose of gaining more views!”

Raizor shrugged. “Sure, why not.” And with that, he landed near the beach.

Raizor, Slasha, David, Yukiko and Zulu didn’t do much besides lay on carpets by the sand, though the others were a little disturbed by Slasha’s bikini outfit which was yellow with little red hearts on it, mainly because part of it had blood on it...or maybe they were just assuming the worst.

Meanwhile, in an area which isn’t that important...

Rush’s ship was approaching the beach when Sonny pointed it out. “Hey look, the beach! Activate unneeded fanservice scene!”

Crystal sighed. “And here I thought the beach thing got old after chapter 70...”

As Rush landed the ship near the beach, David noticed it and said, “We’d better get moving, the competition is here.”

“Thank goodness, I was getting bored.” Raizor said, getting up. Within moments, he was fully dressed again. Before the others could ask, he said, “My assholish level is so high, it’s not worth wondering about these things.”

The five of them quickly ran off and jumped in Raizor’s space station. Rush pointed at the space station and yelled, “They’re getting away, after them!” As Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Mads and Rush jumped back in the ship, Amber asked, “So that’s a no on the fanservice scene?”

Rush started up the engine a moment before Amber said, “I thought so.”

Meanwhile, on a planet far, far away…

On the demon planet, the demon princess, Ivy, made her way to the castle and walked up to the throne room where one demon blocked the entrance. “Are you authorized to be here, little girl?”

“You naïve imbecile, don’t you know why I am? I’m the only child of the now deceased king, Ivy, the demon princess.”

The demon quickly moved aside and bowed. “I’m terribly sorry, princess, how kind of you to pay us a visit.”

“Yeah right, you forgot all about me.” She said before walking into the throne room. “Hey Poison!” Ivy yelled, waving at him.

“Ivy?” He said in confusion, wondering if his mind was playing tricks on him. He rubbed his eyes and saw she was still there, he then quickly leapt from his seat and landed next to her then hugged her. “I missed you so much!”

“Really? I didn’t expect that. Are you secretly a masochist?”

“Only if you want me to be. But how are you still alive? Didn’t you say you were gonna suicide?”

“Nah, I sacrificed my clone, it’s a long story, don’t ask. So how’s the king thing going?”

“Pretty boring, speaking of which, did you know it’d be really boring and gave me the title because of that?”

“I honestly didn’t know, I spent most of my time bossing around other demons and practicing with my scythe to wonder what business my dad was doing.”

“Well, can you at least tell me how to enjoy being king more?”

“Do nothing. Just do what you wanna do, most demon problems sort themselves out. So what do you wanna do?”

“I’ll tell you after a game of rock paper scissors.”

The two played rock paper scissors and Poison won with rock against Ivy’s scissors. He then walked off saying, “I’ll get the whip.”


“Y’know, the whipped cream?”

“The whip suddenly sounds a bit better...”

Meanwhile, on earth, in the sky...

Rush’s ship was gaining on Raizor’s space station. As they approached the space station, it began firing missiles and bullets from small holes around the outside of the space station. Rush evaded the shots while firing back, causing very minimal damage to the space station as they entered the desert. A few missiles soon hit Rush’s ship, causing them to crash land in a nearby city as Raizor’s space station continued to head towards the pyramid.

Moments after crash landing, the six of them slowly got out and Rush inspected the ship. “It doesn’t seem too damaged; I should have it fixed up in about ten minutes.”

“’Kay.” The other five replied, leaving the ship very quickly to look around.

Meanwhile, in Raizor’s space station…

They were all sitting in their normal spots before they arrived at the beach, in total silence. Slasha then said, “Y’know, its weird how some people just expect you to be embarrassed and blush when they look at you, even if you’re just laying down on the beach, life doesn’t work that way.”

“Anime stereotypes, don’t ya know.” Zulu replied.

“That doesn’t apply to me.”

Raizor suddenly spun round and said, “Okay guys we’re here, preparing to land!” he said as they arrived at the generic pyramid. “Getting ready to land!” Raizor said as the space station hovered over a spot. “Now landing!” He said before landing. “We’ve landed!” he said before turning off the engine.

“We got the point.” David responded.

Meanwhile, this running gag got old ten meanwhile’s ago…

Rush had finished fixing the ship and it was ready to go. Sonny, Crystal, Mads and Rush were already in the ship when Shade and Amber showed up seconds later and hopped in the ship with Amber carrying a bag with some clothes.

“Sorry about that.” Amber said. “Just trying on some new clothes.”

“In that one hut?” Crystal asked.


“The same hut Shade was in?”


“…And you couldn’t have found somewhere private?”

“Shade didn’t even take one look; if he didn’t dislike me I’d assume he was gay.”

Shade nodded. “That’s about right.”

“Pineapple juice!” Rush yelled before the ship took off at full speed towards the pyramid.

At the same time…

Raizor and Slasha in their battle suits, as well as David, Yukiko and Zulu entered the pyramid with David carrying Kat over his shoulder and Zulu leading them. Zulu punched out most things in the way, and the six of them evaded Indiana Jones style traps along the way then soon came to a stone door which Zulu punched down.

The others arrived at the door a minute later. They slowly entered and discovered a massive room with several branching paths around, and saw a sand trail going along the bottom of the massive room. Shade turned to the others and said, “Okay, those guys probably split up to find that gem faster, we should probably do the same to find it before them. They can’t have gotten too far.” And with that, Shade ran down a path to the right.

“Yeah!” Sonny yelled. “Time for one last speedrun, Sonic Unleashed style!”

“So you haven’t been trying to copy that style until now?” Amber asked.

“Not really. Remember to keep your eyes peeled, guys.” Sonny said before running off in Shade’s direction.

After a few moments of silence, Crystal finally said, “I’m guessing I’ll be stuck with Amber while you and Mads go of together, huh?” Crystal asked, turning to Rush.

“Pretty much.”

Crystal shrugged. “Can’t fight the status quo, I guess.”

“Damn right you can’t.” Amber said with a nod.

Meanwhile, at someone’s house…

Kevin, Kyle and Alex were at Kevin’s house, sitting on a couch and playing Pure Ownage 3.

“So what’re you doing these days?” Kyle asked.

“Not much, playing games and such with Crystal, not much in particular.”

“You still haven’t told us how you got that black eye last week.” Alex said.

“Maybe Crystal likes it rough.” Kyle replied.

“Ha ha, very funny.” Kevin said sarcastically.

“I’m not hearing you deny it.”

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and using his psychokinetic powers, he used a broom to unlock the door. Jessica Tricity walked in and sat on the couch. “Hey guys, Pure Ownage 3 again, huh? Mind if I join?”

“You know what they say…” he said, handing her a controller.

“Who doesn’t?” She said before taking it. “Besides, shouldn’t you be helping Crystal with that thing today, on the news?”

“When your girlfriend is capable of beating up demons three times her size it’s quite hard trying to be a knight in shining armor and not look foolish.”

“I see your point.”

“I wish more people would.”

Meanwhile, something something…

In the brightly lit pyramid, Sonny and Shade were travelling down a rocky path and spilt up as Sonny ran on ahead and Shade turned right. Shade ran down a big tunnel, punching and kicking rocky creatures out the way, then hit a speed pad and moved left and right, avoiding blocks in his path. At the end of the path he spin dashed through a golem then flipped a switch before jumping up.

Sonny ran along another route and past a recently opened door, jumping over blocks on the path which fell off, then drifted to the right as the path curved downwards. He curled into a ball and went through three creatures before going through a loop and hitting a ramp. He flipped then grabbed a pole sticking out of a wall further away and swung up to another path then hit a second switch.

Another door down Shade’s path opened and he ran through. He arrived in a large room with several mummies roaming around, which he slide tackled as he moved forward. He jumped on a spring at the end of the room and landed on the side of a pillar, then jumped to another diagonally right, then one to the left before running to the top jumping to a path ahead. He hit a speed pad, quickly went through a loop and jumped on a rusted rail, which led to out of the large room and to another tunnel. After reached the end of the tunnel, he pressed another switch.

Sonny jumped on a rail which arrived in a massive room with other rails in mid air and circular path with sand travelling along it below. Sonny flipped onto another rail moments later which spun round. He flipped to the right before the end of the rail and it went round several times while going down before he landed on the sandy path. A large golem began chasing him as he ran ahead, dodging stone blocks left and right and also jumping when the golem punched the ground. Sonny soon flipped over a stone block and exited the room through a small opening he slid under.

Mads and Rush had just exited a room full of large golems when they saw a shadow of a figure coming towards them. They got ready to attack, but lowered their weapons when they saw it was Kat in her ninja outfit.

“Oh Kat, what’re you doing down here?” Rush asked.

“I just got away from those villains; thank goodness I found you two.”

“Waaaaait a minute!” Mads said. “How do we know it’s really you?”

“I do have ninja skills now, you know. I got gassed, remember?”

“Okay, but I’ve got my eyes on you...”

In another area close by, Amber was zapping several golems with her small fiery beams while Crystal communicated with Shade. “So how are you guys doing?”

“We’re fine, doing pretty well so far.”

“Cool.” At that moment, Crystal saw one big golem throw a massive boulder at Amber from behind her. “Excuse me a moment.” Crystal quickly moved behind Amber and stopped the boulder with her psychokinesis, then knocked it back with a roundhouse kick which hit the golem and slammed it into a wall.

“You should do that more often.” Amber said a second later.

“It drains more power than you think, which is why I only do it occasionally.”

“Lame excuses.”

Mads, Rush and Kat approached a door which they knocked down and entered the massive room.

“So where are the others at the moment?” Kat asked, looking around.

“Somewhere around.” Rush said with a shrug.

Mads suddenly stopped in his tracks. “Hey Kat, what did I get you for Christmas again?”

“Uhh...a shirt?”

“Wrong!” He quickly fired a charged shot which Kat dodged by jumping out the way. “I got you a DVD box set of...well, that part isn’t important. Show yourself, David.”

Kat quickly morphed into David. “Well done, Mads, we really should have asked her that question...”

“I knew it; I was just too bored to pay attention.” Rush said with a shrug.


“Generic beam attack!” Mads heard Slasha yell from high above before firing at him. Mads flew up and landed on a platform opposite her. “It’s that time again, Mads.”

“Why do we always end up doing this?”

“Because it’s tradition, and I’m sure you enjoy it too, otherwise we wouldn’t still be doing it. Remember the first time, on that space station, with the sunset, and the awesome remix of Sonic 3’s final boss theme playing in the background...at least I think it was, I might have been hearing things.”

“Yeah, it was pretty awesome.”

“Exactly, now let’s begin.” Slasha jumped up and shot a charged blast at Mads who moved left and fired a beam attack. Slasha flew down and underneath the platform and fired up as Mads jumped off the platform and into another room.

Down below, David morphed into Sonny and ran in circles around Rush, punching him every few seconds. Rush soon threw several bombs around him which caused David to jump back and morph into Shade who then threw a few chaos spears at Rush as he jumped around and fired back at him. David morphed into Crystal and deflected the blasts while flying at him then fired a beam which Rush jumped out of the way from and threw several bombs at him. David morphed into Amber and fired a long wave of fire which blew up the bombs.

Back in the other room, Slasha flipped and skidded a few feet before stopping. Mads jumped over Slasha as he threw three bombs in mid air. Slasha evaded the bombs by moving diagonally right and left then shot a cable which connected to the soles of Mads shoes. She swung him round then threw him through a wall. Slasha jumped into the next room and charged at Mads who hit her with a charged shot as she got near him and knocked her to the ground.

As Mads ran towards her, she started sobbing and held her right leg. “Ow! I think my bruised my ankle!”

Mads stopped in his tracks. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, nor did I want to. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, I always say.”

As Mads went on, she slowly reached behind her with her other hand and grabbed a small capsule and threw it. As it hit Mads, several cables wrapped around him as he fell over and Slasha laughed. “Honestly Mads, you’re too gullible.”

“You fiend, taking advantage of my caring nature, you’re evil.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere.”

Sonny and Shade were fighting Raizor and Zulu near a long staircase with a golden gem at the very top. Sonny jumped, flipped and somersaulted around the area, dodging Raizor’s razor blades which he fired at him while moving closer to him. Sonny spin attacked him and they rolled around for a few seconds before Raizor kicked Sonny off of him. He then jumped up and attempted to stab Sonny with one blade as he quickly moved out the way.

Shade slide tackled Zulu then flipped and kicked him into the air. Zulu landed on his feet and pounded the ground, sending a wave of rocks at Shade who quickly moved right. As he did so, Zulu quickly punched him. As he flew into the air, he flipped and threw three chaos spears which Zulu blocked with blocks around the area, and then he threw two blocks at Shade who jumped across them and attempted to spin attack Zulu which he blocked and jumped back a few feet.

As this was going on, a mysterious figure appeared at the top of the stairs and picked up a big gem. The four of them noticed as the entire pyramid started rumbling and looked up to see Tentallix.

“Good job, Tentallix.” Raizor said.

The eye on its chest suddenly glowed bright red and RX and the large robot Raizor used in chapter 31 (and the first chapter of the Toxic Saga) came out from the darkness. The two robots combined together and a triangular space opened up in the middle. Tentallix stuck the gem inside it then also combined with the robot. The outlines of the robot glowed with golden energy.

The others arrived moments later with Yukiko carrying Kat and Mads still being tied up and hopping there.

“What on earth is going on here?” Yukiko asked.

Zulu cleared his throat. “Tentallix appeared, fused with two of Raizor’s other creations, used the gems power…” he then saw the robot point a finger at him. “And now wants to kill us, typical.”

“Why so serious?” Slasha said with a smile.

“I dislike that phrase because of how much it’s been used; never say it in front of me again please.”

“I’ll think about it.”

Amber scratched her forehead. “So, the robot problem?”

“Let’s do the unison thing and kick ass!” Sonny yelled.

Shade, Crystal and Amber all nodded while everyone else didn’t care very much.

“Don’t forget me, guys!” They heard a voice yell. Rux then showed up moments later.

“Um, what are you guys doing here?” Crystal asked.

“The news.”

“Oh right.”

“I overheard, now let’s do this!” They all nodded again, while the others didn’t care, again.

Tiara was watching this through a crystal ball. “Man, their adventures are so wacky it’s pretty amusing.”

Meanwhile, in a place very, very far away…

Light, wearing a small gray ninja outfit, was in a small cardboard city throwing shuriken at criminals and Stickman look-alikes. After a minute of doing so, the cardboard cut-outs stopped coming and SA4 popped up. “Well done, Light, you got 18 out of 20 that time!”

“Chao!” He yelled, raising his fist into the air.

“You’re so cute when you do that…”

Light held up a sign saying, “If I had a nickel for every time someone said that, I’d own a mansion.”

“Indeed you would, Light, indeed you would.”

Meanwhile, something something something…

Inside the pyramid, the fused robot got ready to attack as dozens of tentacles sprouted from random areas inside it. As Perfect Dark Gaia’s (Endless Possibility Remix) theme from Sonic Unleashed started playing in the background. As this happened, Rux gave their two emeralds to Shany and they used the seven to transform into Super Shany and fly towards the robot after ten seconds. The hedgehog travelled in a straight line, flying slowly towards it and dodging its tentacles by moving slowly left and right.

After thirty seconds, Shany crushed one tentacle with his foot, then another with a punch before speeding up and slamming through some tentacles while moving left and right. He jumped across one, and then jumped across another before smashing through more. At 00:48, he whacked one to the left, then another to the right, and then quickly flew past several other tentacles, flipping and sliding under them with lightning speed then bounced off one tentacle and into the air at 00:55 as he dodged more tentacles.

He then dodged one by inches to the left, then one to the right, flew straight past several tentacles, then curled into a ball and went through several more before hitting the robot in the face at 01:06. The robot quickly fired missiles which Shany avoided in zig zag patterns, and moved around the missiles, making them crash into each other.

Crystar then flew towards the creature at 01:16 from the side, which the robot noticed moments later. Crystar did a spinning tornado kick while flying through several tentacles, and then crushed one with a kick. Crystar grinded along one tentacle and punched two. She then swung along one and flipped over another moment later. She then punched half a dozen ones in her way before covering herself in a crimson aura as she charged at the robot at 01:51. She slid along another tentacle, punching two others which came for her, then jumping and hammering one before flying ahead.

Crystar then avoided several others while Shany destroyed a few on the left and Rux destroyed a few on the right. She reached the robot at 02:09 and fired just over half a dozen energy blasts at Tentallix before moving back.

The robot slowly stepped back several feet and gathered up energy before producing even more tentacles and missiles at 02:15. Rux then flew straight towards the robot seconds later. Rux obviously dodged, evaded, destroyed and blocked the missiles and tentacles as Rux made his/her/it’s way towards the robot. He vaporized most of them, along with Shany and Crystar and the three of them hit the robot’s head straight on at 02:48, as it slowly fell, and then the robot exploded when it hit the ground as the music stopped.

Shany turned to the left with his arms crossed and smiled while Crystar spun round to the right and Rux flew down and hovered right behind them as the results screen came up and presented them with an S rank.

Mads sighed. “I wish I had a unison partner…” He then looked at Rush who then said, “It would never work.”

The gem split into a hundred tiny gems which caused Zulu to sigh. “Great, now that priceless gem is ruined.”

After a few seconds, Slasha said, “Why so serious?” before running off as Zulu chased her.

Meanwhile, blah blabidy blah blah blah...

In the future, Future Ruby and Future Max were in a park having a picnic.

“Too bad we weren’t involved in this.” Future Ruby said.

“Yeah.” Future Max replied before biting into a sandwich.

Back in the present time, a little later, Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber, Mads, Rush and Kat were flying back to Green Hill City in Rush’s ship.

After a few moments of silence, Kat said, “It’s nice that this all worked out.”

“Yeah, shame about Tentallix getting destroyed again though.” Shade replied.

“He deserved it.” Amber responded.

“So is everyone here going to the new year’s countdown thing tonight?” Crystal asked.

“I’d be Mads not to.” Mads replied.

“It’s essential to the plot.” Shade said with a nod.

Skipping ahead to near the end…

The seven of them were at the New Year’s countdown where it was snowing, there was a massive crowd of people and there were only a few minutes until the new years.

“It’s almost time.” Shade said with a nod.

“We’ve noticed.” Sonny replied. “That Sonic Z show is starting tomorrow as well, and I’m looking forward to watching that.”

“Yeah, same here.”

Crystal nodded. “And this will be the very last chapter which will end in a few minutes; we’ve come so far too.”

“We came far for one reason.” Mads said before taking out a microphone and moving a bit away then pointed at Rush. “Hit it, Rush!”

Rush began playing a piano as Mads cleared his throat and put the microphone to his mouth. “Do the impossible, see the invisible!”

Slasha suddenly appeared out of nowhere with a microphone and pumped her fist in the air with Mads as they yelled, “Row row, fight the power!”

Slasha then said, “Touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable!”

They then came together and yelled, “Row row, fight the power!”

As Raizor, David, Yukiko and Zulu were watching, Raizor asked Zulu a question. “Hey Zulu, do you know any more priceless gems out there?”

“Not at the moment, sadly.”

“Ahh...I need to take a vacation again...”

As the others watched, Amber randomly said, “Hey, I just noticed we haven’t seen that ninja guy today.”

“Huh?” Crystal asked in confusion.

“Y’know, that black ninja guy who seems to appear a lot.”

“Oh, he’s over there.” Kat replied, pointing far behind her. “And here he comes now.”

SA2 quickly ran over to them and said, “Oh my gosh, there you guys are! Quick, we must get into positions, after the title screen, we need to open with the screen divided into five parts presenting one colour.” SA2 then ran up to Sonny. “We need you dodging traffic while running across the screen, and Shade needs to jump into the air and fire chaos spears at some enemy which isn’t decided yet.”

SA2 then pointed at Crystal and Amber. “We need you two standing opposite from each other with your hair flowing in the wind and looking sad, like to gain sympathy and such.” He then pointed at Mads. “You need to blast through the screen and Rush needs to upgrade his ship on screen for no reason at all. Then we’ll get all the secondary characters appearing in random scenes which will go be quickly.”

As SA2 continued to go on, Crystal turned to Amber and said, “What’s this guy on about?”

Amber shrugged. “He’s probably just making light hearted fun of normal anime openings.”

A bit later, after Shade had signed a few papers, SA2 suddenly vanished in a puff of smoke which left Shade confused for a few seconds before he shrugged it off. Rush placed a flying camera ten feet away from them and said, “Let’s take a group picture.” Before he approached them, they got into position, with Sonny making bunny ears over Shade’s head while he stopped when Shade turned to him. A puff of smoke appeared near them and out of the smoke came Light who landed on Kat’s shoulder.

“Nice of you to join in.” Kat said.

He held up a sign which said, “I couldn’t miss this.”

Rush cleared his throat and said, “Everyone say candy canes!”

“Cheese!” The others said in unison.

“I guess that works too.”

As the picture was taken, in the photo it showed Shade trying to strangle Sonny, Amber playfully glomping Crystal with Crystal having a shocked expression on her face, a bomb coming out of nowhere and exploding in Mads face, Rush being hit from the right with a snowball, Kat rolling her eyes at these events and Light pumping his fist into the air holding a shuriken. 

Afterwards, they all sighed, due to the bad timing of unfortunate events. “Can we try again?” Crystal asked. “And Amber, stop doing that.”

“Just another ten seconds.”

“Is it just me, or are they a lot of sexual instances in this chapter?”

“It’s just you...y’know, you feel really soft.”

Crystal suddenly pushed her back. “Now you’re just creeping me out.”

Rush stared at the pictures. “I think we should leave them how they are, because it’s funnier that way.”

And so they did, and they spent the next ten minutes doing random stuff, and then came the New Year’s countdown and they watched the fireworks for around five minutes before leaving. Rush made many copies of the picture and they each kept a picture then left to go to their houses. After Crystal went home, she quickly got ready for bed, placed the picture on a purple heavenly picture frame. She then changed into her pyjamas and looked at the picture once more, which brought a smile to her face before she climbed into bed and covered herself with the sheets.

Well that's that, feel free to comment or whatever.
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