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15 October, 2021, 03:45:18 pm
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Story 2.5: Blue and the Guardian Sta (scrapped)

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Author Topic: Story 2.5: Blue and the Guardian Sta (scrapped)  (Read 514 times)
« on: 21 October, 2007, 12:30:37 am »

(Okay, I think I got it now. Time to get started once again)

*This chapter of our story begins directly after the second, with Blue, Lilia, and ILS having just defeated the evil Solaris. As you may remember, due to all of the irreparable damage Solaris caused to the people of Earth, the goddess, Astartyune, made the decision to erase Solaris from history, thus causing the afore mentioned events to never occur. But this time, something a little different will happen...*

*In the space between Heaven and Earth, Blue and his friends have just learned of Astartyune's plan*

Lilia: Hey wait! A-are you sure about all this!?

Astartyune: Why wouldn't I be? This is for the best, is it not?

Blue: Hmm, well...that's debatable...

Astartyune: What do you mean?

Blue: Well, just look. Lilia's clearly upset about this. And if everyone else knew about this, I doubt she'd be the only one. To be honest, I'm not too keen on the idea either.

ILS: Me neither. Sure, the world may become a better place, but we like this world just how it is.

Lilia: That's right. The world is safe, and we still have our friends and family to go back to. We wouldn't want to lose all of that now.

Astartyune: Hmm....

Blue: What happened in the past, needs to stay in the past. Yes, the people of Soleanna did lose their lives, but what's done is done. Does changing their lives justify changing the lives of everyone else in the world? People who are happy with how their lives are. I'm sure they wouldn't want this to happen.

Astartyune: ....I understand what you are saying. Ah, I was such a fool for trying to change fate.

Lilia: No! Don't say that! You were just doing what you thought was best. No harm done.

Astartyune: I see. Thank you all for showing me that I was in error. This world will remain the same. For the people who are happy with how things are.

ILS: Yeah!

Lilia: Alright!

Astartyune: I think it's time I let you all get back to your friends. They're waiting for your return.

Blue: Oh yeah, I forgot that Zeldafan and Tobi were waiting for us to come back. I hope they're not too worried about us...

Astartyune: I shall send you back immediately. Thank you once again, young heroes...

*Astartyune uses her power to send Blue and his friends back to Earth. They are brought back just outside the Baldovain gates, where they initially departed for Jahannam*

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« Reply #1 on: 21 October, 2007, 02:14:57 am »

ILS: Aah! It feels so good to be back on good old solid ground again!

Lilia: Yeah! For a second, I thought we'd never get out of there.

Blue: Well now that that's all over, let's see what the guys are up to.

Lilia/ILS: Right.

*The group goes back to the city gates and is greeted by the guard*

Guard: Oh, hey! It's you guys! You're back! And you brought back your girlfriend!

Blue: *blushes* Oh uhm..yeah. Heheheh.

Lilia: Ugh, I'm not his girlfriend! I'm just a friend, who happens to be a girl. So get it right, buddy!

Guard: Oh! Well excuuuuuuuuuse me!

ILS: Yeah, she's my girlfriend!

*ILS puts his arm around Lilia*

Lilia: Grrrrr, hands off!!!

*Lilia takes ILS' arm and throws him to the ground*

Guard: Now is that any way to treat your boyfriend?

Lilia: Just shut up and let us through...

Guard: Okay okay.

*The guard opens the gates, and the group enters the city. Meanwhile, Zeldafan and Tobi, along with the rest of the inn dwellers are still looking into the crystal ball, which apparently has lost its signal since Blue defeated Solaris*

Zeldafan: Argh! What's wrong with this thing!?

Tobi: Tobi thinks you should change the channel...

Zeldafan: Gah! It's not a TV, Tobi! I just don't know what's wrong!

Tobi: Maybe something happened to Blue and his friends.

Zeldafan: Tobi, don't say things like that! I'm sure Blue and the others are just fine. I believe in them. I know they'll pull through. In the meantime, I'm gonna go see if I can fix this thing.

*Zeldafan takes the crystal ball and heads up to her room*

Zeldafan: Okay...how to fix this thing...Do I crack it open or something?

*Zeldafan shuffles through her belongings*

Zeldafan: Hmm...yo-yo...nope...space blaster...nuh uh...embarassing photo of me at the Christmas party...nah......Ah ha! I found it! Super mega jumbo mallet! Now to smash this thing open and take a look inside!

*Zeldafan lifts the mallet over her head and prepares to hit when Bob appears behind her*

Bob: Ah, that..won't be necessary...

Zeldafan: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Bob: Calm down. It's only little old me.

Zeldafan: *panting* You know how I hate being snuck up on, but you do it anyway!!! Why, Bob? WHY!?

Bob: Eh, it's what I do.

Zeldafan: ...Well stop.

Bob: No. Anyways, I came to tell you that Blue and his friends are alright.

Zeldafan: Really!?

Bob: Yes. And they're on their way here as we speak, so you won't be needing to smash that ball open. Besides...that wouldn't have worked anyway. You would've whacked it to irreparable bits...

Zeldafan: Gah, now you tell me. Anyway, since they're coming back here, I'm gonna go meet up with them! Thanks a bunch, Bob!

*Zeldafan bursts out of the room and down the stairs*

Zeldafan: Tobi!

Tobi: Zzzzzzzz...HUH!? W-wha..what? Who?

Zeldafan: Come on, Tobi! Blue and the others are coming, so we're going to greet them! Let's go!

*Zeldafan grabs Tobi's collar and drags him along with her*

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« Reply #2 on: 21 October, 2007, 05:16:30 pm »

Blue: Hey guys, there's the inn! Let's go!

ILS: Hmm, hold on. I see someone coming this way...

Lilia: Yeah, I do too. But who?

Blue: Hmm...

*The group looks of in the distance to see Zeldafan and Tobi running towards them waving and yelling out*

Zeldafan/Tobi: Hi guys!!!

Blue: Well whaddya know!? It's Zeldafan and Tobi! Hi there!!!

*Zeldafan and Tobi reunite with the group*

Zeldafan: Phew. I finally caught you guys. We were so worried about you!

Tobi: Yeah. When the crystal ball lost its signal, we feared to worst for you guys.

Blue: Oh yeah, that. Well, after we defeated Solaris, Jahannam kinda collapsed in on itself. I suppose that caused the signal to disappear.

Zeldafan: Hmm, no wonder. But if that's true, then how did you guys get back here?

Lilia: After that, we found ourselves in the space between Heaven and Earth. We thought we were stuck there forever, until the most amazing thing happened! The God-

Bob: Do not speak another word.

Lilia: Huh?

*Just then, Bob appears. Floating above the group*

Bob: You are not to speak of what occured there, understood?

Lilia: But..why not?

Blue: Yeah, what's up, Bob?

Bob: Her existance was only trusted to the three of you and no one else. If that information was to be spread to the common folk, well, the results could be catastrophic.

ILS: Whoa uhm, I'm not following you, but..okay...

Blue: Yeah, just why is it so bad?

Bob: Okay. Since you really wanna know, it may cause...

Lilia: Yes....?

Bob: The birth of....Religion!!!

ILS: *gasp* No way!!! ....Wait. What's religion?

Bob: It's the greatest evil ever to plague mankind. It must never, I repeat, never be known.

Blue: Uhm...I'm still not gett-

Bob: NEVER! *Ahem* Anyway, just don't do it.

Zeldafan: Uhm, what's going on here?

Tobi: Tobi's confuzzled...

Bob: Oh, don't worry about it. Ahem. Anyway, come along now, your assignment is complete, so we're leaving.
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« Reply #3 on: 05 November, 2007, 05:33:41 pm »

Now I've gone and forgot what I was doing. *cracks knuckles* Let's see if I start this up again.
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« Reply #4 on: 06 November, 2007, 03:24:33 pm »

Zeldafan: AW! We're leaving already, Bob!? But we barely got to spend time with Blue and the others...

Tobi: Yeah! Tobi just made a fresh batch of cookies and he was gonna share with them...

Bob: Well that'll have to wait for another time. We have much to do. Now let us go.

Zeldafan: *sigh* Alright. See ya around, Blue.

Blue: So long, guys. And thanks for your help.

Lilia: Yeah. We really appreciate it.

ILS: We'll meet again, won't we?

Bob: Oh yes. And if my hunch is correct, it'll be sooner than you think. Oh and by the way...my hunch is always correct...

Tobi: Hoo hoo hoo...Tobi doesn't wanna say goodbye!

Zeldafan: I don't want to either, but it's time to go.

Bob: We're going. Congratulations on your success, you three. We'll see you soon...

*Just then, Bob, Zeldafan, and Tobi disappear from sight*

Lilia: They're gone...

Blue: Ah well, now that's over. What's next?

ILS: Hmm...oh yeah! I should be getting back to the IL Guild to make a report on my assignment.

Blue: IL guild?

ILS: Yeah, have you forgotten already? It's the guild of bounty hunters that I-uhm...wait...

Lilia: You mean, the guild of bounty hunters...

Blue: ...That assigned you to bring me in dead or alive, right?

ILS: Well uhm...eh heh heh...yeah?

Lilia: ILS, are you crazy!? How could suggest that we go there with Blue? If they see him, they'll tear him apart!!!

Blue: Hmph. Not only are you a pervert, you're brain dead too.

ILS: Hey hey hey! Cut me some slack, will ya? Jahannam doesn't exist anymore, so what are you still worried about? You're not the ruler anymore, so the bounty on your head is completely null and void.

Lilia: Hmm, I guess I see your point...

ILS: Yeah! So there's nothing to fear, right?

Blue: Alright then. I suppose we've got nothing to lose anyway. Let's go to this IL Guild, ILS.

ILS: Alrighty! You'll like it there, I promise!

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« Reply #5 on: 07 November, 2007, 02:52:30 pm »

*After parting with Zeldafan and her gang, Blue and friends get back on the road and begin their travels once again. Their destination this time, the IL Guild. Home to the IL Bounty Hunters with which ILS belongs. One their way back to southern Baldovain, where the guild lies, the group passes through a nearby city. But little do they know that certain tourist attraction will attract more than they bargained for...*

*Elrenyos City*

Blue: Okay, so where are we now?

Lilia: Hmm, this sign reads "Elrenyos City".

ILS: Ah, Elrenyos City! We've come a lot farther than I thought.

Blue: How much farther is the Guild, ILS?

ILS: From this point, we'll get there in about 5 days.

Lilia: Hey, there's something else written on this sign. "Site of the Ancient Guardian Statue".

Blue: Guardian Statue?

ILS: Oh, it must be that big thing in the middle of the city. I hear it attracts a lot of tourists.

Lilia: Ooh! It sounds interesting! Can we go see it, Blue? ILS?

Blue: Hmm, I don't know...

Lilia: Oh come on! Please please please!?!?

ILS: Aw, why not, Blue? We're not exactly pressed for time, you know. We can take a little break.

Blue: Eh, okay then. I guess we can go see it. I must say, I'm a little interested in this guardian statue myself.

Lilia/ILS: Alright!!!

*Lilia and ILS share a high five*

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« Reply #6 on: 07 November, 2007, 04:59:07 pm »

*Blue and his friends arrive at the Guardian Statue standing directly in the middle of the City. Surrounding it are many people, tourists and citizens alike staring at the statue in all of its glory*

Blue: Hmm, so this is the Guardian Statue...

Lilia: Oh wow! It's so pretty! It gleams and sparkles like a precious jewel!

ILS: Looky here. There's a plaque. Let's read what it says...

*ILS reads the inscription on the plaque out loud*

ILS: "This sacred structure is one of the four guardian statues. The Water Blue statue, it depicts a scene of a drop of water. These four statues all contain are said the contain a spirtual power, and it is believed that those who lay their hand upon it will have their greatest desire come true"

Lilia: Greatest desire come true...Awesome! I wanna try it!

ILS: Yeah! Me too! Let's do it!

*Lilia and ILS approach the statue and place their hands upon it*

Lilia: Hmm, let's see. I wish for...(I wish..that Blue will one day fall in love with me and sweep me off my feet!) *giggles*

ILS: Oh yeah, I got one...(I wish to become awesomely wealthy, so that all of the cool cuties will come smother me with their bosommy embrace.) *snicker*

Blue: What are you two so giddy about, huh?

Lilia/ILS: Oh nothing! *sweatdrop*

Blue: Meh, if you say so...

Lilia: Okay Blue, it's your turn! Touch the statue and make a wish!

Blue: Oh come on, this is so silly...

ILS: Stop being such a spoil sport, Blue! Do it!

Lilia: Yeah! Come on! Come on!

*Lilia and ILS push Blue towards the statue*

Blue: Alright! I'll do it! Geez...

*Blue approaches the statue and puts his hand out to touch it. But before he does, he stops abrutly*

Blue: Guh...

Lilia: Blue? What's wrong?

Blue: There's...I'm feeling..a lot of magical energy enamating from this statue...

ILS: You are? But...I don't feel anything...

Lilia: I don't either...maybe...it has to do with Blue's ability to use magic.

Blue: There's...too much energy. It's...overwhelming...I..I-I can't move...my body...

Lilia: Ah! Blue's in trouble!

ILS: Hang on, Blue! I'm coming!

*ILS steps in and pulls Blue away from the statue*

ILS: Blue, are you okay?

Blue: *panting* Yeah...I'm alright. It's just...there's something unnatural about that statue...

Lilia: I think we should take Blue back to the inn to rest. He looks pretty wiped out.

ILS: Yeah...

*ILS slings Blue over his shoulder*

ILS: Just hang on tight. We'll have you in a nice warm bed in no time.

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« Reply #7 on: 07 November, 2007, 07:21:29 pm »

*ILS and Lilia brought Blue to the nearest inn to rest. Meanwhile, Blue springs up from his sleep, breathing heavily as if he just had a nightmare*

Lilia: Ah! Blue, what happened? Are you alright?

Blue: *panting* Yeah, I'm fine. I just..had the weirdest dream.

ILS: Yeah?

Blue: I saw, images. The four guardian statues, a strange world unlike our own, and an entity of some sort.

Lilia: I don't know what's going on here, but I think that statue had some kind of affect on you.

Blue: Yeah, I think so too. There's definitely more to that thing than meets the eye. And I plan on figuring it out.

ILS: Blue, you're really not gonna go messing with that statue again, are you?

Blue: I don't want to, but I can't just leave this alone. We have to get to the bottom of this. But now isn't the time. We should keep pressing onward to the IL Guild.

Lilia: But Blue, are you sure you should be getting up?

Blue: Don't worry, Lilia. I'm fine. Really.

*Blue gets out of bed and onto his feet*

Blue: See? I'm as good as new. Let's get out of here.

*The group leaves the City of Elrenyos behind and gets back on the road*

Blue: Alright ILS. Where are we headed again?

ILS: We keep going straight south from here. Like I said earlier, we should arrive at the Guild in say, 5 days time.

Blue: Okay, let's go.

*As the group continues on their travels, Lilia looks at Blue with a solemn look of concern on her face*
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« Reply #8 on: 09 November, 2007, 01:44:53 am »

*After 5 days of traveling, the group reaches their destination. They arrive at the IL Guild, which lies on the southern edge of Baldovain*

ILS: Oh yeah! We made it!

Blue: Hmm, so this is the IL Guild, huh? Pretty swanky.

Lilia: Well what are we waiting for? Let's go in. I wanna see what this place is all about.

ILS: Sure. Just follow me.

*The group enters the guild through the front doors, but upon entering, they are immediately halted by another guild member*

ILK: Hold it right there! State your business!

ILS: Hmm, ILK? Don't you know me when you see me? It's me, ILS.

ILK: Huh, is it really? ...Oh! It is you! I-it's been so long, we had feared the worst for you!

ILS: Yeah, well we've been through a lot...

ILK: We?

*ILK looks past ILS to see Blue and Lilia standing behind him*

ILK: Oh, who are these two?

ILS: ILK, I'd like you to meet Blue and Lilia. They're my best friends!

Lilia: Hello!

Blue: Hi there.

ILK: Ah, nice to meet you. I'm ILK. And any friend of ILS' is a friend of mine. Welcome!

ILS: Well, I'd love to stay and get reacquainted, but I've gotta go to the head master's office to make my report. Catch ya later, ILK. Come on, Blue, Lilia.

*The group walks away, but ILK stops them once again*

ILK: Hey wait! You there! Blue!

*Blue turns around*

Blue: Uh, me?

ILK: Yeah you. Come here.

Blue: W-what is it?

ILK: ...You look familiar... Do I know you from somewhere?

Blue: U-uhm. N-n-not that I know of... *sweatdrop*

ILK: Are you sure...?

Blue: P-positive...

ILK: Mm, okay. You can go.

Blue: Phew...

ILS: That was a close call. For a second there I thought he might've recognized your face.

Lilia: ILS, let's hurry and get out of here. The longer we stay here, the more danger Blue gets into.

ILS: Aw, don't worry. I told you guys that there's nothing to worry about. Even if someone does recognize him, we'll just explain the situation and there'll be no problems!

Blue: I sure hope so...

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« Reply #9 on: 10 November, 2007, 02:04:44 pm »

*Blue and Lilia follow ILS to the office of the Leader of the IL Guild*

ILS: *knocks* Hey! Can I come in?

??: That depends. Who are you and what do you want?

ILS: It's me, ILS. I've returned and I came to make a report on my previous endeavors.

??: Oh, well in that case, come right in. I'll open the doors.

*Just then, the doors to the office open by themselves and the group walks inside. Once inside the office, the group is greeted by a lovely young woman. Appearing to be in her late teens*

??: Ah, ILS. So good to see you again.

ILS: Likewise. Oh how I missed your succulent face and your soft, supple breas-

??: Save it. You must tell me what you've been up to for the past month and a half. Did it really take you that long to apprehend Blue?

Blue: ...

ILS: Uhm well, you see. Eh heh heh. I didn't really capture Blue...

??: Really now? Then what's he doing with you? I thought you were told to bring him back here so that we could claim the bounty on his head?

ILS: Yeah, but wait! Let me explain!

??: I'm waiting...

ILS: O-okay. Uhm...erm..where to start..uhm...

??: Hurry it up. Tell me why I shouldn't slice you both in two right now.

ILS: Aaah! W-w-wait!

Blue: I'll explain.

??: Hmm, I'm listening.

Blue: Okay, so it all started a month and a half ago...

*Blue then proceeded to tell the woman about all of the events that had occured*

Blue: And there you have it.

??: Oh, interesting. So you're telling me that Jahannam no longer exists due to these events?

Blue: That's right.

??: Heh, then I guess I was mistaken. Please, accept my sincerest apology. That bounty no longer holds any water it seems.

Blue: Eh, it's okay.

ILS: Phew...

??: Oh, silly me. I still haven't introduced myself, have I? I'm YLM! The leader of the IL Guild. A pleasure to meet the two of you.

Blue: Yeah, nice to meet you too.

Lilia: Hey wait. How are you the leader of the IL Guild if you're not an IL?

YLM: ...

ILS: Oh come now, sweet Lilia. Let's not ask such silly questions. Heh heh heh. *sweatdrop*

Lilia: I still wanna know...

YLM: Ahem. Anyway, now that I've been made fully aware of what was going on, you're all free to go.

ILS: Hmm? Even me?

YLM: That's right. Well, I did have another assignment lined up for you, but with what you've been through in the past month, I think you deserve some time off.

ILS: Alright!!

YLM: ...Yeah.. Just make sure you're back here by tomorrow morning...

ILS: Huh? That's not time off...

YLM: Meh, what can I say? We've got a heavy work load. Now out of my office, all of you.

ILS: *sigh* Let's go...

*The group leaves YLM's office*

Lilia: Well that worked out better than expected.

ILS: So, what do we do now?

Blue: What else? We're going back to Elrenyos City to check out that statue again.

Lilia: What!? Oh no, Blue. You remember what happened last time.

Blue: Yeah, I do. But like I said, there's more to that statue than meets the eye, and I'm going to figure out what that is. So are you two in or out?

Lilia: Mm, I guess so. I'd be deathly worried otherwise...

ILS: Alright, I guess I'm in too. If something big happens, maybe I can dodge my next assignment.

Blue: Great. Then we set out now. Let's go!
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« Reply #10 on: 10 November, 2007, 02:36:28 pm »

*The group returns to Elrenyos City, and they arrive at the Blue Guardian Statue once again*

Blue: Alright...Here goes nothing...

Lilia: Wait, Blue! A-are you sure you should be doing this? I mean, what if you get seriously hurt?

ILS: Yeah, Lilia's right. Last time you didn't even touch the statue and you were out for a whole day. I hate to think what would happen if you actually placed your hand on it.

Blue: I know. But...but I've gotta do this. I just gotta know what's up with this statue. Now..wish me luck.

*Blue approaches the statue and reaches his hand out to touch it*

Blue: Ergh....aaah!! It's...the energy again...

Lilia: Blue, stop!!

ILS: Blue...

Blue: I can't...quit! I have...to know...! Errrrgggh!!

*Blue puts forth all of his strength and finally places his hand on the statue*

Blue: *panting* I...I got it.

Lilia: Blue...are you okay?

Blue: Yeah, surprisingly, I'm feeling just fine.

ILS: Sooo, is something supposed to happen or what?

Blue: I...don't know.

*Just then, the energy within the statue erupts and flows outward*

Blue: Gah! What's happening?!

Lilia: Blue! Get away from there!

Blue: I..I can't! It's just like last time! I can't move!

Lilia: Aah! We have to help him!

ILS: Right!

*Lilia and ILS rush to Blue's aid, but before they can reach him, Blue disappears, and the energy dissipates*

Lilia: W-w-where did Blue go?

ILS: I don't know. H-he...he disappeared...

*Suddenly we find Blue spiraling through a void of nothingness*

Blue: Aaaaaaaah! Where am I!? W-what's happening to me!? Aaaah!

*Back in the City, Lilia and ILS search the statue frantically for any signs that'll lead them to Blue*

ILS: *sigh* I've got nothing.

Lilia: Me neither... Oh Blue, where could you have gone?

*Meanwhile, in the unknown hideout of Bob and crew*

Bob: Hmm, yup. That'd be our cue.

Zeldafan: Cue? Cue for what?

Bob: You'll find out soon. Just come with me. I've got a new job for you and Tobi.

*Bob vanishes*

Zeldafan: *sigh* He never tells me anything. I don't even know why I bother asking...Come along, Tobi.

Tobi: Aw, can't it wait? Tobi's favorite show is on...

Zeldafan: No, Tobi! You can watch Naruto later. Now come ON!

Tobi: *sigh* Okay...

*Zeldafan and Tobi vanish and follow Bob*
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« Reply #11 on: 10 November, 2007, 10:23:50 pm »

*Suddenly, Blue escapes from the void and finds himself laying next to the very same Guardian Statue. But only, it's not in the same place*

Blue: Ugh..huh. W-where am I? Ah, I'm..I'm still at the guardian statue. But..there's something strange about it...

*Blue examines the guardian statue to see that it's no longer Blue, but a dark and dank gray*

Blue: Hmm, that's weird. It's lost its color, and it's no longer giving off massive amounts of magical energy. What's the meaning of this..?

*Blue then takes a look at his surroundings. He soon finds that he's no longer in Elrenyos City, but that he has somehow landed in a post modern city, much like the those that we live in*

Blue: What the heck? This isn't Elrenyos City, that's for sure. All of these tall strange structures and blinding lights. Where the heck am I? Hmm, I guess now's not the time to be pondering. It's dark out, so I should find some kind of shelter for the night. *sigh* Let's get started.

*Blue begins to walk down the streets of the modern city in search of shelter. Meanwhile, Lilia and ILS are still hanging at the Guardian Statue in Elrenyos City*

Lilia: Ooh...

ILS: Lilia, it's been 5 hours now. What are we still waiting for?

Lilia: *sigh* I don't know. I was just hoping that Blue would show up...

ILS: Come on, let's not wait out here anymore. Let's go back to the inn and get some rest. Maybe we can come up with a plan in the morning.

Lilia: Alright, I guess. We've got nothing to gain from just standing out here...

*Just then, Bob appears behind Lilia and ILS*

Bob: That...won't be necessary.

Lilia/ILS: Waaaaaaaahhh!!!

Bob: Oops. Did I frighten you? Sorry. Apparently I have a nasty habit of doing that. (Heh heh)

*Zeldafan then appears, along with Tobi*

Zeldafan: Oh yeah. He does that to me all the time. You never get used to it...

Lilia: *panting* Geez, you'd think you were a serial rapist. Sneaking up on us like that...

ILS: *panting* Yeah. What's your prob, dude?

Bob: Hmm, I do have that look about me, don't I? Erm, anyway, I came to inform you that Blue is indeed alive.

Lilia: He is? Phew, that's a relief.

Bob: Yes, but whether he's safe or not is a different matter entirely.

Lilia: Huh? What do you mean?

Bob: Ah, allow me to explain...

Zeldafan: I just love when Bob explains things.

Tobi: Oh me too, sempai. Want some popcorn?

Zeldafan: Sure!
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« Reply #12 on: 15 November, 2007, 11:10:58 pm »

Bob: Blue...has crossed over into another world.

Lilia: Another world? But how?

Bob: I'm not certain of the details, but these structures that we know of as the guardian statues, they bind this world to another and can apparently serve as a portal between to two.

ILS: So you're saying that Blue somehow used the statue to cross over into this other world?

Bob: That's correct.

Lilia: Then what are we doing standing around here? We need to go and find him right now!

Bob: Agh, so impatient. I was just getting to that. It takes someone with a lot of magical power to cross over between worlds. So that means Blue fit the bill pretty well.

ILS: But Blue's the only one of us who can even use magic. I guess that means we can't go...

Bob: Hmm, not quite. I'm not Bob the Omnipotent for nothing, you know. I possess the ability to use magic as well. Why, I even have enough magical power to give Blue a run for his money.

Lilia: Yeah, but how does that help us? That means only you can go.

Bob: That would be the case, but I have a trick up my sleeve. Using my vast amount of power, I can make a portal large enough for all of us to travel through.

ILS: Then...we're all going to help Blue afterall!

Lilia: Yeah! You're the best, Bob!

Bob: Hah, and don't you forget it.

Zeldafan: Well, that's finished. And just at the right time too. Cuz we're out of popcorn...

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The Puppet Master...is now pulling the strings

« Reply #13 on: 27 December, 2009, 12:14:08 am »

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« Reply #14 on: 27 December, 2009, 09:31:43 am »

What on Earth...? Why'd you do that!? I wrote this and scrapped the plot over two years ago, so put it back where it belongs. >_>
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