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02 July, 2020, 04:37:46 pm
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Story 2.5: Blue and the Guardian Sta (scrapped)

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Author Topic: Story 2.5: Blue and the Guardian Sta (scrapped)  (Read 468 times)
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« on: 09 November, 2007, 01:44:53 am »

*After 5 days of traveling, the group reaches their destination. They arrive at the IL Guild, which lies on the southern edge of Baldovain*

ILS: Oh yeah! We made it!

Blue: Hmm, so this is the IL Guild, huh? Pretty swanky.

Lilia: Well what are we waiting for? Let's go in. I wanna see what this place is all about.

ILS: Sure. Just follow me.

*The group enters the guild through the front doors, but upon entering, they are immediately halted by another guild member*

ILK: Hold it right there! State your business!

ILS: Hmm, ILK? Don't you know me when you see me? It's me, ILS.

ILK: Huh, is it really? ...Oh! It is you! I-it's been so long, we had feared the worst for you!

ILS: Yeah, well we've been through a lot...

ILK: We?

*ILK looks past ILS to see Blue and Lilia standing behind him*

ILK: Oh, who are these two?

ILS: ILK, I'd like you to meet Blue and Lilia. They're my best friends!

Lilia: Hello!

Blue: Hi there.

ILK: Ah, nice to meet you. I'm ILK. And any friend of ILS' is a friend of mine. Welcome!

ILS: Well, I'd love to stay and get reacquainted, but I've gotta go to the head master's office to make my report. Catch ya later, ILK. Come on, Blue, Lilia.

*The group walks away, but ILK stops them once again*

ILK: Hey wait! You there! Blue!

*Blue turns around*

Blue: Uh, me?

ILK: Yeah you. Come here.

Blue: W-what is it?

ILK: ...You look familiar... Do I know you from somewhere?

Blue: U-uhm. N-n-not that I know of... *sweatdrop*

ILK: Are you sure...?

Blue: P-positive...

ILK: Mm, okay. You can go.

Blue: Phew...

ILS: That was a close call. For a second there I thought he might've recognized your face.

Lilia: ILS, let's hurry and get out of here. The longer we stay here, the more danger Blue gets into.

ILS: Aw, don't worry. I told you guys that there's nothing to worry about. Even if someone does recognize him, we'll just explain the situation and there'll be no problems!

Blue: I sure hope so...

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