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24 September, 2022, 03:07:18 pm
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User Story Part I

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Author Topic: User Story Part I  (Read 2172 times)
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The Puppet Master...is now pulling the strings

« on: 20 June, 2007, 07:48:24 am »


   LuigiKong pulled the group along with no trouble at all.  The calm tropical sea made the journey especially easy, and the warmth of the water made it quite pleasant.  The group could see a long ways into the depths, and there were many varieties of fishes; luckily, there were no sharks.

Soon, the Fisherman’s Haven loomed up on the horizon, and they would be arriving shortly.

LuigiKong: There it is dudes, our destination…looks like will be there soon.
Penguin: Hey…I have a relative living here…we can stay with them!
Snaketheserpent: Really, that’s cool…
Ermine: Now why didn’t you tell us this earlier?
Penguin: I forgot…
Ermine: What? Are you stupid or something?
Magic: Stop arguing, guys…

They pulled up to the massive town…it was an island…that used to float freely on the ocean, and was only recently set still by long supports down to the ocean floor…
They thanked LuigiKong for his generosity, and paid him a small token of gratitude.

Penguin: Hey guys, this way…
Penguin led them off through the bustling town.  He rushed towards the residential zone, which was in the center of town…he found the house he was looking for…and knocked on the door…
Penguinish_Two answered the door.
Two: Oh, hey cuz…
Penguin: Hi…we are on a journey…and we need a place to stay while we are here…can we stay here?
Two: Of course you can.

The group got settled into the house and got some rest.  The food was great, fresh from the sea, and all of the people were so nice.  After a few days of rest, the group really needed to move on, and so, they were going get tickets for the cable car.  Penguin decided to stay behind, to do some catching up with his cousin, and the others would come back for himafter they got the tickets.

The group headed to the cable car station.  They were heading along, but then someone stepped out from a dark alleyway.

Yamata: Well.  It seems we meet again.  Hmm…it seems that you are missing that brat who shot my beast with ice last time.  This time you won’t be so lucky.

 He pulled out a nasty looking axe, which looked unwieldy, but he could move it with such speed and ability that it would surely be unstoppable in close combat.

As a precaution, Snake called upon his elemental ability, and formed a wall of earth between them…blocking the attack…

Magic: We’d better be going now…
The group took off…and soon, Yamata broke through the wall, and began to pursue them.  They had to get away so Ermine came up with a plan…
He, too, evoked the element inside him…and launched a blast of lightning at Yamata, followed by a burst of wind that flung him away…

The group made it safely to the ticket station, and bought their tickets, but they had no time to go back and get Penguin, so Magic used powerful magic, and brought him straight there via teleportation…

The group set off in the cable car, for the two hour journey across the sea…

They were pretty calm for a while…but then something landed on the roof…

Penguin: What was that?
A slash opened in the ceiling to reveal Yamata glaring down on them…
Ermine: Uh-oh
Magic changed his legs to kangaroo style, and launched himself up, headbutting Yamata, and knocking him over…
The others climbed up after him…
Snake transformed and wrapped Yamata up…he used his power to surround himself in flame, to cause damage…
Ermine caused a small bolt of lightning to hit Yamata…and Snake got off of him…
Penguin then finished it by blasting him with a water ball…and knocking him off the car…
He was gone when they looked down after him…mysteriously vanished…

The group went back down and rested until they arrived at the desert…


   Judgment was furious.  His four warriors had failed him again.  He would not tolerate this sort of failure.  As a punishment, he stripped them of their titles, and told them that they would get them back only if they could succeed the next time.
Re4master could do nothing but look on.  He was afraid of Judgment, to be sure, but he sympathized with the four.  They didn’t deserve that.  Re4master had always planned to betray Judgment one day, to take his place at the top.  These four could prove of some use…he decided that he would go to them, and begin to sow the seeds of betrayal.  In a matter of time, Judgment would fall.
It was all re4master could do to contain his ecstasy with how well his plans were going.  Soon, he would be on top of the world.
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