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17 January, 2022, 10:28:35 pm
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User Story Part I

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Author Topic: User Story Part I  (Read 1761 times)
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The Puppet Master...is now pulling the strings

« on: 20 June, 2007, 07:49:54 am »


   Suiku disliked swamps, but that was exactly what he was forced to go through.  At least I don’t have to walk in this muck though, he thought to himself.  Indeed, he skimmed lightly over the surface, and his robes stayed just clear of the water and sludge.  He needed to find the man known as the Shaman.  As far as Suiku could recall, his mother had once said that the Shaman’s true name was doctorwomx.
   The Shaman being the only living being more gifted in necromancy than himself, Suiku would have to be careful with how he treated this task.  He needed the man to use his powers to take out the group in the swamp.  This certainly wasn’t a place Suiku was willing to work in himself.  Off in the distance, The Shaman’s stilted dwelling finally came into view.

   Stopping at the base of the ladder, Suiku decided it best not to use his abilities here.  He climbed up slowly.

   In the house, The Shaman sat staring blankly across the swamp.  Slowly he turned his head.  His eyes were a freakish grey, like a ghoul.  “What do you want here, woman?”

   Suiku immediately took a disliking to this man…he hated when people confused his gender.  “I simply come to ask you a favor; I need you to take out a group that is traveling through these swamps.  They are irking me and my master greatly.”

   “I gave that up many years ago…now, I am left to sit here, and grow older, until I die.”

   Suiku suddenly remembered something else about this man.  His wife had been slain by the Kilitians in a war decades ago.  “Maybe I failed to mention that this group is from Kilitia…that should be of some interest to you…ku-ku-ku.”

   “I will eliminate them, then…leave me now…I must prepare.”

Suiku left and let himself walk on the fog this time…he would be out of the swamp in a day, and everything was going according to plan.  If his luck held up, he thought to himself, he would get boosted up highly in Judgment’s ranks.  He relished the thought of ordering around all of the others…especially re4master…who did he think he was…trying to convince them to betray Judgment…Suiku laughed at his foolishness…


   Heavens_Reaper was trying to find someone he could use to his advantage…he knew it would be hard to find anyone in the many deep canyons that surrounded the area, but he did not give up hope…he had to find somebody…his job, and maybe even his life, depended on this mission being successful…and he needed to find a person to employ…almost giving up his search, he found luck had decided to favor him…at the edge of one of the canyons was a crew of sky pirates…surely some money would be enough to persuade them into assisting him…considering the target was what they might call…an easy target…a small group with plenty of money…

   He approached the group silently…finding the leader of the crew, which was surprisingly small…only four people…but they should do…he walked up behind the leader…and spoke..

“I will require your assistance…I can pay you well for this endeavor, not to mention you will be able to reap a reward from this…will you take the job…?”

    The leader, Sonick54, replied…
   “What sort of job is this…and who are you to approach us with it?”

   “You merely have to take out a group of travelers that are coming this way…there are only four of them…and I know they are loaded with money…and I am certain that Lord Judgment would treat you well for your service…” Reaper knew that was a lie…Judgment would never reward someone like a sky pirate…

“We will accept your offer…”

Reaper payed him…and drifted off into the night, vanishing into the darkness…


It was hot…but what else could be expected from a desert…Yamata trudged across the windswept dunes…he was supposed to be looking for someone to hire…or manipulate into work…but he would have been happier with an oasis…

Looking across the endless wasteland…he saw what looked like one in the distance…but it was probably another mirage…he had fooled himself a few times already…but nonetheless he was in desperate need of water at this point…luckily it was a real oasis…

He found plenty of water…and fulfilled his need…soon after…a hideous girl…he thought it was a girl…came into the oasis…she was one of the sand people…truly hideous to look at…but would prove useful…he decided an abduction was in order…

He kidnapped her…and had her lead him to her village…where he threatened to kill her if they didn’t do as he said…he forced them into the job…and laughed inwardly…
They would be going after the group themselves…and as soon as they left…he would kill this girl…and leave…

It was a truly brilliant plan…he thought…he barely had to do any work at all…it was all going so well…he laughed…surely this would find him Judgment’s favor…but what of re4master…where exactly did his allegiance truly stand…Yamata decided he would have plenty of time to think that through once all the villagers had gone…and he had executed his prisoner…

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