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Title: Mondays: My Story about the Lives of Nintendo Characters
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Chapter One: Must be a Monday.

It was nearly dark in the Orange Ocean. Of course it was, Meta Knight thought. It always is. The Battleship Halberd tore across the sky like a crimson dagger piercing through an orange-purple cloak.

Meta Knight did not know what he was flying to. He had received a distress signal from a downed ship on a remote island, and figured if there were no survivors, he could use the parts. If there were survivors, his sword could use the blood. He had forgotten his mask being in a hurry, and but one mortal creature, his own parents aside, had seen behind the steel veil and lived.

It was a nice sword he had. Galaxia was its name, and it had seen many foes fall, tasted the blood of many. He forgot where he found it. It was very, very long ago, he recalled, and it was in a forest somewhere. There were three of them there. The first one seemed to weak, though when he tested it, he recalled that the tip shattered a tree with one strike. The second one repulsed him beyond touching it, but the third, Galaxia, was perfect for him. Its darkness was nearly at peak level.
Meta Knight was pulled out of his thoughts by a crash on the deck of the ship. Looking out, he saw the despicable penguin, King Dedede. His army had probably already taken control of half the ship by now.

Breaking through the window and diving down, Meta Knight engaged him. After a quick battle, he held Galaxia to the king’s throat.
“Give me but one good reason why your blood shall not meet my blade this second.”

The penguin grinned slyly. “Because, old fool, you won’t get the chance.” A flash of light, and Meta Knight felt a hard impact at his back and then a coldness washed over him. Looking down, he found that he was covered in a gooey, black, metallic liquid. It grew, and he saw that it was coming from the hammer Dedede held. Meta Knight dashed to his feet, but found that the liquid was impossible to get through. It started to get dark.

“That’s no use, Meta. You’re going to die here. Well, not die, per se, but, well, you’ll see what I mean soon enough.”
It was getting into his eyes. The last thing he saw was a bright star crashing into Dedede’s plump, ugly face.


“Meta Knight! Hey, wake up! Come on” He knew that voice. Kirby.

Meta Knight leapt to his feet. “Kirby! What are you doing here! You could have been… killed… What did you do?!” Half the deck was destroyed, yet somehow the ship was still flying. Dedede was on the floor a few yards away.

“Oh, I made a crash landing. Took out Dedede, though! And hey, I brought your mask!”

Meta Knight tore it out of his hands and put it on, all in one fluid motion.“How did you get this? I’ve been out all day…”

“Oh, well, You weren’t at the hangar, so I went to your house and broke in. I didn’t break anything, except your back window. You really should get an alarm,” Kirby replied while blissfully walking into the Halberd. “So where are you headed, anyway?”

“I got a distress signal on some remote island. I could use the parts.”

Kirby turned and frowned. “Or you could help them fix their ship. They might be nice people. You could be a nice person too, it’s not that hard.”

“I have enough to think about, and silly things like feelings aren’t one of them.” He opened the door to the Bridge. “In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t exactly have a crew. I have to run every single one of these consoles alone.”

“I heard the Game & Watches are good with computers.”

“That’s not even funny.”

“You know it is.”

And it was. So for the first time in a long time, Meta Knight laughed. Kirby laughed with him. After an hour, they arrived at the location of the beacon. What looked like a crude rocket ship waited below.

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Chapter Two: Stranded

Meta Knight and Kirby climbed down the ladder onto the island. Within seconds they were surround by small plant like creatures.

“Ow! Ow! God, these things are annoying!” Kirby spazzed about to get them off. Some were red, some blue, yellow, purple, and white. The white ones were especially obnoxious.

“That’s it!” In a flash, thousands of tiny ghosts were floating away. The creatures were gone. Meta Knight turned to see a small man in a space suit with a huge nose, tiny eyes, a smaller mouth, and three swept brown hairs standing before him, shivering.

He flew at him and grasped him by the throat. “Was it you?” Kirby came up behind him.

The little man was in tears. “Please, please stop! I didn’t mean to hurt you! I was scared!”

“Meta! Leave the guy alone!” Kirby pushed Meta Knight away and helped the little man up. “Hey, sorry about my friend. He’s a bit of a hot head. I'm Kirby, and he's Meta Knight.” Kirby shot Meta Knight an angry glare. Meta Knight grunted.

“It’s okay, I shouldn’t have attacked you like that. My name is Olimar, three-star Captain of the Space Armada. Although my ship isn’t the best, as you can see…” He wasn’t kidding. The ship was crashed. “The missing parts are probably scattered all over the island by now, so I’m stuck until we find them. Plus, my life support only lasts thirty days, so things could get bad.”

Kirby was confused. “Life support? What’s that for?” He looked at Meta Knight.

Meta walked over and inspected the damage. “It allowed you to survive in space and hostile planets. We don’t need it though, Kirby, our bodies adapted faster than most. And Olimar, you shouldn’t need it either, this planet is safe.”

“Really? Huh.” Olimar removed is helmet. “Oh, you’re right. Feels good to breathe fresh air.” He quickly put it back on. “ Wouldn’t want to lose the helmet though, valuable equipment. I guess I’d better start looking for those parts. Is this a big island?”

Meta Knight took out a sea chart and studied it for a moment.“No, not really. What are your parts made of?”

“Iridium alloy, needed to survive the high temperatures environments the Space Armada usually heads into.”

“That’s good, we could run a scan from my ship. Wait… Where’s Dedede?”

Kirby looked up from playing with the little creatures. “On the Halberd.”

Meta Knight’s eyes widened and he looked up. The Halberd was taking off.

“Haha! See you later, Kirby! And as for you, old man! Nice ship, I must say! Perfect for me to build a nice, pretty castle on! Hahaha!”

And it was gone.

“Damnit! I’ll kill that insolent swine!” Meta Knight was at his fiercest. Kirby hated when he got like that.

“First of all,” Kirby started, “ He’s a penguin. Secondly, nobody deserves to die. We’ll have plenty of time to find the Halberd once we fix Olimar’s ship.”

“Thank you, good sirs. Once we fix my ship, I’ll help you find yours.” He headed off into the woods and Kirby followed.

“What a day…” Meta Knight had cooled off. It was hard to believe that only an hour ago he’d been cruising, almost blissfully, through the eternal sunset of the Orange Ocean. And now he was stranded on a remote island with two’s company. “What a day. At least I have my mask.” He’d have hated to kill Olimar, he was a nice guy.

And so he trudged off into the woods.

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I just realized that Meta and Kirby never gave there names... *facepalm*

EDIT: Fix'd

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^_^ wewt im lovin it

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Chapter Three: Give and Take, or The Other Way Around

“Bwhaha! This thing is great!” Dedede’s small amount of hair swayed through the wind. “So fast! How did you catch up with it Dedede? You must be a genius.” The penguin often referred to himself in third person in moments of triumph.

“Yes you are sir, yes you are.” The Waddle Dee named Steve was eternally loyal to Dedede, and was his right hand man. “The smartest in the world, I’d say, sir. Whoa!”

Dedede swooped him up his left hand and extended it out over the side of the ship. He leaned his head back and bellowed out, “You see all this kid? Some say it’ll all be mine! All of it! Ha ha!”

“Sir, I see a mountain. A large, icy mountain which is probably tearing a hole in our hull by now sir. Sorry to burst your bubble, sir.”

Dedede’s eyes widened and his pupils shrunk. Pulling a rope seemingly out of nowhere (his hammer, perhaps) he rappelled down the side of the Halberd to see the mountain puncturing the fuel tank. It would be a long way down.

“I hate Mondays.” And the king fell.

“You got the soup ready, Popo? “ Nana looked up excitedly. Popo’s soup was the best.

Popo had a pot of boiling soup in his hand. Nana eagerly held her specialty eggplant bread. “Right here, Nana. Oh, that smells great, doesn’t it?” He set the steaming pot down on the cold, rock ground. It was certainly cold at the top.

Setting there hammers down for the first time in a long time, the Elite Ice Climber Team of Popo and Nana set up camp and had decided it was time for dinner. Nana was getting ready to dip the bread it when Popo stopped her.

“Wouldn’t it be better to eat in the tent? It’s hard to eat in the mittens…”

Nana giggled. “You’re probably right, I’ll take the table and the bread.” And she walked in.

Popo looked up, sensing something was wrong. Shrugging it off he walked into the tent. One half was blue, and one half was pink. The Ice Climbers removed there mittens and dug in. It was the best food they’d had in ages. After living off condensed food for a while, carrot soup and eggplant bread was perfect.

“Weird, isn’t it,” Nana started between bites, “How eggplants and carrots grow on this mountain?”

“I suppose someone left them here for Ice Climbers like us. I wonder how many other teams are up here. Speaking of which, how’s the map coming?”

“Good, we just have to get to the top, and then we can head down for a good break. Eight months!”

“Eight, really?” Popo hadn’t had a break that long since before The War. Ever since it’s been cartography missions up the wazoo, wouldn’t want another surprise enemy attack. The longest break they’d had was a week, maybe more when other teams from their sector were out.

The Climbers heard a crash. Thankfully, they had just finished, so, throwing on their mittens and grabbing their trusty hammers, they dashed outside. What they saw was a huge

battleship, the Halberd crashing through the side of Icicle Mountain. They also saw a large form hurtling towards them at what seemed like high downward velocity.
It landed with a thud. A hammer landed next to it. “An Ice Climber?” Nana suggested. “Nah, never seen a guy this big on the listing.”

The body sprang to life, grabbing his hammer and Popo all at once. “Who you callin’ big, runt?” Dedede wound up his hammer menacingly.

“Put him down, you lugnut!” In an instant King Dedede had a sore on his head and Nana was standing on his belly. Popo was standing next to him.

“Listen, I’m sorry for insulting you by your weight, but that’s no reason to threaten killing someone, I’m afraid!” Popo was never spiteful, and neither was Nana, unless Popo was endangered. Popo was the same way about her.

“No kid is gonna tell me what to do! Steve! Where are ya?” Steve appeared at his side. “Private Steve Miller, reporting for duty! What’s your bidding, sir?”
“Tell these runts what for! They called me fat!” thundered Dedede.

“Yessir, right away sir, shall I call the army, sir?”

“Naw, I’m sure you can handle ‘em yourself, I trained you well. I’m off to look for gold, hear Icicle Mountain is rich with it!” With a snap, a single-wheeled bike appeared out of nowhere and Dedede was off with it. Steve was terrified.

“Listen guys, I really don’t want to fight you, I can’t fight for beans, I can hardly break a target… My master, he’s a bit controlling…”

“We’re not going to hurt you, we’re friendly people.” Nana comforted him.

Popo took a heroic pose. “Yeah, we just want to get to the top of this mountain, map it out, and get back down. You with us?”

“Yeah, I’d love to get out of that cursed Waddle Dee Army!”

“Good, we leave in the morning. Want some soup?”

And so a friendship was formed.

I liked how this one turned out, I though it was fairly actiony with some character dev. in there too. I always fancied the idea of the Ice Climbers being some organization which made maps and performed other work, some times mercenary in the seedier sides of the group. Also, I love Steve.

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lol @ "Ice Climber Society"

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Chapter 4: Tensions Rise

Olimar looked over his inventory. “That should be the last part. Lucky we found this wagon, eh?”

Kirby’s unconditional kindness was on the verge of becoming conditional. When Olimar had said “missing a few parts,” he hadn’t said thirty or more very large parts. It was lucky they had found the wagon, yet they had found no horses. And Olimars suit was too expensive to risk tearing.

“We have been carrying this wagon the whole time, and what have you been doing, good sir?” Meta Knight was not so afraid to speak his mind. “Tell me again, if you will, why you can’t pull this with us?”

“I must keep inventory.”

That was it. Kirby had reasoned that there must have been a legitimate reason for Olimar doing no work. Until now, Kirby had figured it was completely necessary that Olimar sit on his lazy rump and watch as the two toiled in the traces. But enough was enough.

“Keep inventory?!” Kirby thundered, as much as he could. “Why can’t you do that while pulling, hmm? Can’t say, stick the list in your pocket? Can’t wrap it round your arm? Wear it as a hat? I don’t care, but you certainly can put some of your boundless energy you use to shout at us to pull the wagon!”

Meta Knight was shocked. “Kirby, I didn’t know your voice could achieve such an octave.”

“When I’m angry, anything is possible.”

“Well, I’ll tell you now. I have no pockets, it wouldn’t stick, and it would fall off and block my vision.”

“Then leave it in the wagon.”

“That’s silly. It might get lost.”

“Well we don’t need it now, we have all the parts. Place it in the wagon and start pulling."

“That won’t be necessary.” Olimar blew into a whistle, and in that instant, a sea of small, plant like creatures, the ones that had attack them, popped out of the ground. “For I have an army at my disposal. PIKMIN, START PULLING!”

And they did. Olimar, Kirby, and Meta Knight sat atop the wagon, while the thousands of tiny flower men lifted it off the ground and carried it back to the ship. Meta Knight and Kirby were impressed.

“Why didn’t you call them earlier, before Kirby had snapped?” Kirby was now gleefully playing with the Pikmin, as though it had never happened.
“I had forgotten.”

Meta Knight felt as though he was going to cry. “Can they build the ship?”

“Of course, what kind of army would they be? PIKMIN, BUILD!” And so they built.


Popo looked at the inside of the Halberd. “I wonder what it was storing, it’s got a lot of cargo space.”

“Whatever it is, it’s lost now. Look, we’re just over Cabbage Canyon.” Nana said looking down. “Well, I suppose Green Team will find it, if they really ever go down there.”

“Green Team?” Steve was confused. He’d never heard of the Ice Climber’s Organization, which he later learned was called Mountain Corps.

“The only team that ever goes into Cabbage Canyon. They have the best members overall out of any team, but they don’t have us. They did that on purpose, so no one team would get to powerful,” Popo explained. “We’re part of Blue Team, one of the better teams out there. Not as good as Green, but still pretty good. Better than Red at least. Purple’s the worst of the lot, there’s seven teams in total, one for each color of the rainbow. But the worst from Mountain Corps is still better than the best of any other group out there. Except maybe Dark Valley, they’re not bad. How are they doing right now Nana?”

“They’re a bunch of corrupt loonies, they’ve already conquered three mountains. They’re building cities, I hear.”

“Dark Valley? I’ve heard of them, Dedede usually employs them, they’ve got a whole mercenary group that even works in outer space,” Steve said. “I heard they’ve got this one team, Star Ermine, Star Liger, something like that, they’re the best in the Universe.”

“Really? We’ll keep an eye out for them,” Nana said. “Now, Popo, how’s the map?”

Popo looked up from the map. “Nearly finished. We just to map a good way down and we’re done. We’ve still got twenty days left. Down the mountain will take five, plus two since we’ve got a newbie with us.”

Nana perked up. “Great, I want to explore the inside of this thing. Maybe there’s treasure!”

Popo checked over the supplies. “I suppose I’ll set up camp here, then we’ll head right in. Steve, d’you know what’s in there?”

“No, only one hour of my life has been spent aboard that ship. I hadn’t got to see much more than the deck and the bridge.”

“Very well then, we’re going in with no prior knowledge. Just how I like it.”

Popo and Nana crossed mallets, then started setting up camp with Steve. They did not know what awaited them inside the Halberd, but they knew that if it was there, it was meant to be explored. Such was the motto of Mountain Corps.

I liked this one, better than the last few. I really wanted to explain the Ice Climber's group more, and so I did. Hope you all like it. Olimar is hilarious, I had fun writing him.

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(b '_') I approve of this story. Are you going to use any other chars besides the IC, Meta, Kirby, DDD, and Olimar?

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so is this thing done or what?