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Title: My uninteresting combination of SSBB and Users...Extravaganza?
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I know I shouldn't do two stories at once. This one will *hopefully* be slightly more serious...and interesting maybe.

It was a pretty darn nice day at the BP mansion, other than SA2 pointlessly setting people's closets on fire. That was the norm, though. The funny part? When GSD's had his lifetime supply of gasoline.
Yeah, yeah. Mansion crap all over again. Can't we get more interesting? Ooh, maybe this can be a SUPER MANSION!!!
[Raizor runs off to the left and starts gluing 2 by 4s to the side of the mansion]
Alright! We are good. Let's go see how people are waking up at this good little 9 AM...timeness.

k3v: Meh? *grunts in sleep*
[ILS breaks through the skylight]
k3v: Curse my being on the top floor!
ILS: Curse my fear of heights! *jumps out window*
k3v: wat i dont even get back in h3r na0
ILS: noo! gravity!
k3v: wat
911: It's burning my brains!!!
[Shockwave of 911's yell goes into Ingslayer's room, which makes him fall off the top bunk and land on LuigiKong]
LK: Hey! *chucks Ingslayer out the window, who crashes into ILS and they land in a tree*
Spat: OUT OF MY TREE! *perches on Ing and pecks ILS in the face*
ILS: Ahhh!

...Well, it does start slightly chaotic. Once things calm down a bit it's more easy to follow. Let's take a break from that.
~~~~In the Smash world~~~~
 ???1: Wow. Are you so sure this will work?
 ???2: Of course it will. It's just...taking a while to create.
 ???1: Honestly. A...vortex? What's it supposed to even do?
 ???2: I told you already.
 ???3: *psychic talk is symbolized with =* =He did indeed.=
 ???1: ...Oh. Yeah. Supposed to morph us into stronger beings or whatnot?
 ???3: =I thought after you remembered you'd know it perfectly, you moron.=
 ???2: Cool off and help me put in the power.
 ???1: Tuh. Fine. *sneers* At least I got into Brawl.
 ???3: =Oh, shut up.=
 [Dark purple energy shoots from the three, and creates a whirling vortex]
 ???1: And how does this work again?
 ???2: *rolls eyes* Easy. When it sucks us in, it brings us halfway to a sort of alternate universe. That allows us to gain the powers we would have there. Then it brings us back, so we have BOTH powers.
 ???1: Cool!
 ???3: =You sound like a squealing child.=
 ???2: Get into the portal.
[The 3 figures leap in, one by one. A bright light flashes, and they are gone. The vortex, however, remains.]
[Another figure peers around the corner, but the room, illuminated, shows him; it's Snake. He moves away...]
~Slightly later~
[Cut to the Midair Stadium, where most of the brawlers are gathered.]
Mario: What!? This makes-a no sense!
Snake: It's what I saw....
Samus: That's strange. I thought...how's it even possible to slip into an alternate universe?
[Blue blur runs in at top speed and flattens Snake, then stands on his head]
Snake: Ow!
Sonic: You've been owned by a hedgehog. How do you feel? Anyway, I think I can explain that universe thing. Mr. Gadgets here and I--
Snake: Stop calling me that and please get off my head.
Sonic: No. *starts dancing* Snake and I were in different universes too, technically, right?
Lucario: =That's true, now that you bring it up.=
Sonic: Yeah! *flips* So...maybe these 3 did the same type of thing. For all we know they're now in a Playstation killing Spyro the Dragon.
Young Link: What did he say?
Lucario: =I don't know. It was sort of jumbled. Along the lines of: "Holy crap! Not Spyro! I must save him!=
Young Link: Hm...
Mario: Quiet down, everyone...
[Confused chatter]
Snake: SHADDUP! *stands up and Sonic goes flying*
Lucas: 0_0
Ness: O_o
Snake: Thank you. Look, this portal looked MADE from evil. I don't even think we could comprehend this! *spitball hits him in the ear* GAAAAAAAH!
DK: *anything in ## is translated* #Well, that's hilarious.#
Sonic: *runs away, shoots another spitball, runs farther* You're too sloow!!
Diddy: #Something tells me letting in third party characters was a mistake#
Snake: *Death Glare*
Diddy: #Ahhh!# *he hides behind DK*
~At the same time~
[Ganondorf and Bowser land flat on their faces coming out of the portal. Mewtwo quietly hovers down]
Bowser: What happened?
Ganondorf: ...Crap. It must have malfunctioned somehow...
Mewtwo: =Hmm, the intelligence.=
Bowser: So...what, are we stuck here!?
Ganondorf: The type of portal we made only allows for one use.
Mewtwo: =When we get back to where we belong, I'll be sure to send Petey after you.=
Ganondorf: Why would he do that?
Mewtwo: =I'll tell him you stole his nachos.=
[Just then, Dustin sees the three while strolling by]
Dustin: o.0 I have been playing too much Brawl. This is a paradox.
Bowser: ...Word up, homie.
Ganondorf: It's a human that's not pyrokinetic or has arrows or a sword!! *curls up in a ball in fear*
Dustin: ...
Mewtwo: =Hey there.=
Mewtwo: =Cool off, little man. Can you tell me where we are?=
Dustin: H-Here? This is right next to the Brawler's Paradise mansion.
Ganondorf: *glances up* Brawl?
Dustin: Yeah. You are playable characters. *glances at Mewtwo* Well, most of you.
Mewtwo: =A shadow ball will be in your eye within the hour. Now, take us there...=

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Chapter 1

The brawlers are all gathered at the Stadium.

Wario: Hold on, then. You and Sonic can make a portal down there, you say?
Snake: Sure, I suppose. As long as I can remember how they did it...
Sonic: You're too sloooow!
Snake: It shouldn't be that hard, once I get this numskull to help me out.
[15 minutes later]
Snake: Done.
Sonic: You're still too sloooow!
Snake: *C4*
Sonic: Ahhhhh!
Snake: Tuh. Alright. We gotta find out where those guys went...
[The brawlers hop into the portal one by one. After all have passed, the stadium darkens. A few unknown silhouettes enter the portal, and it is no more]

Back at the BP mansion

Dustin brought in the 3 villains.

Bowser: Hm, kinda roomy in here, if I say so myself.
Dustin: Yea--*gets shadow ball in the eye* OWWW!
Mewtwo: =Told you. Now, where--=
Sasori: what is this i dont even
Dustin: Sasori!!
Sasori: Someone with a name I forgot!! ... GIANT SPIKED TURTLE!! *curls up in ball*
Bowser: ...Hey!
Ganondorf: *chuckles*
Dustin: Sorry, he has a phobia of evil kings. <_<
Bowser: ...........
Mewtwo: *shadow ball*
Sasori: WHAA--Oh. Um. Dustin. Please explain this confounding...incident.
Dustin: Yeah, um. I was going on a little stroll and these three popped out of nowhere.
Bowser: You see, we made this por--
Mewtwo: =Glitch in the universe.=
Ganondorf: Yeah, it was a glitch in the universe. Even I don't know what happened.
Sasori: Um...cool. You here to stay?
Mewtwo: =I guess.=
Dustin: Sweet. Let's show them around the mansion.
[They walk around for a bit. Eventually, -911- has latched on to Ganondorf's head and won't let go. Mewtwo and Agaranok are walking side by side, and Cads is next to Bowser]
Sas: This here is the rec room...
Ganondorf: *glances at Mewtwo*
Mewtwo: *glances at Ganondorf*
Both: Pool. Now.
[They dash for the table]
Ganondorf: I bet I can beat you in 2:04. No strategies, just shooting as well as I can.
Mewtwo: =I'd like to see you try.=
Bowser: ...I'm alone.
Cads: I'm here!
Bowser: ...I assume that's the equivalent--
[Pokemon Trainer breaks down the door]
PT: I FOUND YOU! Go, Poke Ball!
Bowser: ...Um...
PT: Oh, you aren't Articuno.
Bowser: Yeah.
PT: Sorry...
Cads: o_o The crap?
[Mario walks in behind him]
Mario: Word up-a.
Cads: When did you become gangsta?
Mario: I-a--
[The rest of the brawlers pour in, trampling Mario]
PT: Hangin' on to the rafters for no reason at alllllllllll...
Wario: *farts*
Pikachu: *sneezes*
Popo: *hugs Pichu*
Nana: *hugs hammer*
Pichu: *freaks out*
[Chaos ensues]
Mario: SILENCE!!!
Mario: Thank you.
[You're welcome]
Cads: K, I'm scarred for life. *walks away*
[The brawlers disperse through the mansion, each attempting to figure out what to do and where to go]
Ganon: Gaaaaaaaah!
Mewtwo: =I win.=
Ganondorf: Nooooooo...
Mewtwo: =Do it.=
Ganondorf: ...*huggles -911-* D:
Agaranok: ...Whoa.
Mewtwo: =I'm awesome.= *hovers pool stick in front of self*
[Lucario is wandering the halls, Pikachu next to him]
Lucario: =Hmph. I really wish I knew where I was going and what I was doing.=
Pikachu: Pika, Pikaaa? #Well, what should we do then?#
Lucario: ...=Um...I just said I didn't know what I was doing.=
Pikachu: Pika. #Oh.#
[Ermine turns the corner and sees both of them]
Ermine: O_O
Pikachu: Pika pi, pikachu pi pika pi. #Salutations, good sir. Can I buy you a chocolate?#
Lucario: =Hush, Pikachu.=
Ermine: ...It's a dream come true.
Lucario: *turns* =Hey. Can you explain this place to us...?=
Ermine: O_O...*spaces out*
Lucario: ...=Hello in there?=
Ermine: O_O
Lucario: =Give 'em a jolt, Pikachu--=
[Before he's finished, Pikachu's thunderbolted the heck out of Ermine]
Lucario: =Goodness...=

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You should of began it with me being viciously killed off for my immovable apathy of brawl.

Title: Re: My uninteresting combination of SSBB and Users...Extravaganza?
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Haha, awesome story, Spat.

You should of began it with me being viciously killed off for my immovable apathy of brawl.

So.. if you don't mind me asking, how come you've never really seemed to care for Brawl at all?

I'm just wondering.

Apathy of gaming in general. Melee started coming off as dull as soon as I played it for the first time in years during 2006, so I didn't have the high hopes for Brawl that everyone else did, but did have the "Well, this oughta be neat..." mindset until 2007.

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This story is great! =D

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Chapter 2

Unreal: Yo S-man, methinks it be way 2 easy if we, y'know, like totally just send all our jolly good guests to the Grand Hall.
Sas: What have you been smoking!?
Unreal: Dunno, Maniac sells some funky stuff.
Sas: <_< At least it's a good idea.
Unreal: WHAT I SAY!?
Sas: We'll have everyone meet in the grand hall...makes things a lot easier.
[Voice over on the intercom]
~10 minutes later~
Sas: Hi everyone.
[General murmur]
Bowser: You kind of look like a raccoon.
Mario: That's not-a nice manners, Bowser.
Bowser: Sorry, mommy.
All of BP: O_________O
Bowser: I've been wanting to do that since the day I was born.
Sas: <_< Yeah, k. Anyhow. Mario?
Mario: Yes, sorry. To all brawlers-a, I'm not quite sure how, but we've been warped to an alternate universe-a.
Mewtwo: =Hmm, no way, genius.=
Mario: And I believe there's no way for us to get back...none we've devised, that is. I can't think-a of a thing.
Charizard: O_O
Squirtle: Squirtle? o.0
Mario: What-a did he say..?
Charizard: ...Chaaaaaaaaar. #It...can't be translated.#
Diddy: #What do you mean--#
Squirtle: #Honestly, just leave it at that. O_o#
Mario: ...Okay-a. I'll just ignore this awkwardness. But we'll make-a our home with these people for now-a, so get acquainted and have fun-a. We'll be sure to figure everything out soon. Questions?
Metaknight: *sneezes* Yeah, um, do you guys know what tissues are by any chance?
Sas: *facedesk*
Spat: They're over here. *Throws box at Metaknight*
Meta: Ahh, thank you--
[Wolf swats it down]
Wolf: Can't let you eat those, Star-Meta.
Metaknight: ...I was not going to eat them.
Wolf: Oh. Have fun, then. [walks away]
Samus: You have a nose?
Metaknight: It's very complicated. See, I--
[Master Hand breaks through the wall]
Gaffit: Holy crap!
Master Hand: Hello! This entire idea of living here is pathetic, meaningless, senseless, and stupid! Go on with it!
Samus: Yeah, um, we don't have a way to get back either.
Master Hand: Ah, fair enough. *belches*
Samus: How did that happen?
MH: Very complicated.
Adol_The_Red: Meh. Whatever. *walks over, fixes wall in an instant*
Cads: I didn't know you were magical.
Adol: I can only use it once a day. Thankfully, we don't have anything else to break through the wall right now.
ILS: Hold on, if Master Hand is here, that can only mean...
[Crazy Hand breaks through the same spot]
Master Hand: Brother, I told you to stay at home with Mom!
Mario: Goodness-a gracious. Keep-a him quiet...
[Several hours later]
[Samus is playing Snake in Brawl]
Snake: Wow, I'm pretty good at this.
Samus: Shut up. *suicides again* Dang it!!
Snake: You lose.
Samus: ;_;...
Snake: Okay then, get rid of the power suit.
Samus: Meh, okay..
[Samus fires her Zero Laser at Snake]
[Snake goes flying out the window]
~Elsewhere, in Gargravarr's room~
Gargravarr: Why...won't...it WORK!?!?
Captain Falcon: Hrrugh, never fear, I can fix anything. FALCOOOOOOOONE--
Gargravarr: Don't do it!!!
[Computer goes flying out the window]
Gargravarr: D:
CF: Oops.
~In the hallway~
Squirtle: *Note: Anything in <> is thought privately* <I really wonder where this random urge to walk down this hallway came...meh, I'll go fetch me some pringles, I suppose. I wonder where everyone is, it's kinda dark over here...>
[The hallway darkens further suddenly. An eerie rumble echoes through]
Squirtle: *eyes wide* Squir...tle?
[Rushing wind is heard. The ceiling above Squirtle collapses, beams breaking.]
Squirtle: *shocked* SQUIRRRRT!
[Squirtle curls into his shell, trembling. One beam lands on him, straight on. The trembling stops...a large dragon-like figure is noticable flying overhead as he blacks out]

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Using futuristic technology, I have fused every drug into one. With this, the projected mortality age of the U.S in 10 years will be 25.

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Lol I can magically fix walls

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Chapter 3

[Charizard hears the crash, as he is only a short while away. He flies over to save time, when he notices his friend buried. Enraged, he uses rock smash and sheer strength to destroy and lift everything covering Squirtle. He then picks his buddy up and flies to Doc's office]
~15 minutes later~
[Pokemon Trainer, Ivysaur, and Charizard are outside Doctor Mario's office. PT is nervously twiddling his thumbs and rocking back and forth. Charizard looks rather angered, and Ivysaur looks glazed and tired, having been awakened from his nap]
Charizard: *eyes fiery* #I'll find who did it. I'll burn them alive!#
Ivysaur: *topples over and falls asleep*
PT: Way to go, Charizard.
[Doc comes out with a clipboard]
PT: Way to go--Oh, I mean, hi Doc. How is he?
Dr. Mario: Well, I'm-a sorry to say your Squirtle has-a suffered quite a severe trauma. He suffered wounds to the head and his shell is cracked, his leg looks in bad shape. Plus--
Charizard: #Cut the crap and tell us if he'll be okay.#
[Dr. Mario raises an eyebrow]
DM: Do you THINK he'll be okay? He suffered-a some pretty bad injuries. If he even recovers, he won't be in any shape to brawl for a long time--or ever. You'll also notice a lot of differences in his...personality. The way he acts...
Charizard: #What do you mean?#
Doc: Oh-a, he'll pretty much be-a mentally retarded.
Charizard: ...-_-
Doc: Well, sort of. I don't know. I'm no doctor. Oh, wait. But still, it's too early to tell. Also...I was forced-a to induce a coma so that his brain would be as normal as possible after he awakens.
Ivysaur: *awake now* Saur, Ivysaur. #Won't it take shorter for him to be back to brawl if you just let him go on as he is?#
Doc: Perhaps-a, but that's putting his life at risk. He's suffering from some intercranial swelling.
Ivysaur: #Try to revive him. If he gets screwed up, he can go catch another one.#
[Charizard whips Ivysaur through the wall]
Doc: *glances at PT* You're-a paying for that.
PT: Way to go, Charizard. <_<
[Wario bikes through a door, into Upgraded-Form's room]
UF: What the crap?
UF: O_o
[Judgment breaks down the bathroom door]
UF: What were you doing in ther--
Judg: Halt! Stop in the name of awesomeness!
[Judg throws a tennis ball at Wario]
Wario: *eats it*
Judg:  :o My alter-ego!! *runs over and pats Wario on the head*
Wario: Heh heh, it's okay. Any time.
UF: ........Yeah. I'm...I'm not even gonna try that one.
[Wario releases a fart and he goes ripping through the wall into the next room]
UF: Gahhh!
Judg: And I'm out. *levitates out the window*
UF: My room...it's been completely destroyed. Why...why me.
[Wolf's landmaster breaks through the other wall]
UF: -_-
Wolf: It smells in here! Should you not accomodate me better!?
UF: *throws a rock at Wolf*
Wolf: Agh! My foot! What the heck!? I don't believe it!
[Pegs it back and hits UF in the stomach]
UF: Ahh!
Wolf: You're good, but I'm better.
[Fox breaks through the other wall in his landmaster and runs Wolf over]
Wolf: I can't looooose!
UF: <_< >_> How is my room not fallen over.
[Back in Sas's office]
Sas: So Mario, about that idea Luigi had...
Mario: Yeah. You see-a, he thinks it could be an interesting idea to hold a series of brawl-a tournaments, as well as even make-a our own stadium; a brawl here with all of you as well, if you will-a.
Sas: Hm...it sounds like an interesting idea...I think Spat will be too addicted to Target Smash though...we'll never get him back.
[Peach and Zelda walk in]
Peach: Um, excuse me.
Zelda: There's a severe lack of women around here.
Sas: Um...yeah.
Mario: It's-a like that in brawl-a too, you know. The only girls were like...You two, Samus-a, and Jigglypuff. I don't-a think she counts either.
Zelda: Oh, yeah, good point.
Peach: I'm used to it. Thanks!
[They leave]
Sas: ...Um...
Mario: They're blonde-a.
Sas: Oh, right...
[Jigglypuff stumbles in and falls over, struggles up, and then eats some yarn]
Mario: What-a the heck!?
Jigglypuff: Hello, mortals.
Mario: O_o Didn't you used to be...speaking in...puffs and jigglies?
Sas: There is so much innuedo in that sentence--
Jigglypuff: Oh, well, you see, some nice little dude over here sold me some cool stuff--
Sas: Curse you, Maniac...and by the way, Mario, that brawl here is a good idea. I'll have Adol start tomorrow.
Mario: Adol-a?
Sas: No. Not a dollar. Adol.
Mario: That's-a what I said, Adol-a.
Sas: No. He's...not...money. Um...how do I explain...anyway, he has magic of some awkward sort and could do something.
Mario: Great-a. I'll have-a all my minions--I mean, friends, help him-a out tomorrow morning.

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Haha, My lifetime supply of gasoline. *continues to read*

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I'm making a killing off of this business. I plan on getting rich, or die trying.

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Tell me who I'm leaving out, leave some suggestions too, please.

Chapter 4
[Snake is walking down the hall]
Snake: Why do I get this imminent feeling...
[GSD turns the corner]
Snake: Of doom.
GSD: Hi, hi, hi. I'm like your biggest fan how'd you get here it's so awesome--
Snake: Yeah, calm down--
GSD: I mean it's really really cool it's just--
Snake: Shut up.
GSD: But I only want to be your friend--
Snake: SHUT UP! *does grab attack on GSD, who falls unconscious*
Snake: O_O *looks left* *looks right* Holy. Crap. I just killed a 14 year old.
GSD: *is still alive*
Snake: Uh...no one can find out about this.
[Captain Falcon runs over]
[Sees GSD]
CF: ...Falcon doesn't comment. *runs away*
Snake: V_V *hides in box*
[Kirby comes over]
Kirby: #Snake? What are you doing in that box?#
Snake: Shh.
Kirby: Oh, come on out.
Snake: No.
Kirby: Why?
Snake: You'll yell at me.
Kirby: No I won't. You won't get into trouble.
Snake: Really?
Falcon: Yeah he will.
Kirby: Shut up, you're just making things worse.
Falcon: Tuh. *runs over and falcon punches a hole through UF's bathroom door*
Kirby: Come on, Snake. *takes the box off*
Snake: Make me! *pulls another box on*
Kirby: Snaaake...*takes it off*
Snake: Nyeh. *hides under another box*
Kirby: Where do you keep getting these things!? Come on out!
Snake: Meh, fine.
[Snake throws the box off, and it hits Spat, knocking him unconscious]
~Elsewhere, outside~
Adol: Yeah, sure Mario. I'll start up. Let's see...get the dimensions..mumble mumble...okay, I'm all set!! I'll start in 3...2...1--
[Zero Suit Samus walks by]
Adol: *raises eyebrow* Hellloooooooo.
Mario: >_<
Adol: Hey! Wait! Come back!
Mario: Adol-a! *stops him* I need-a you at work!
Adol: Well, yeah, the work isn't a sexy chick with no suit on, so I don't give a crap right now--
Mario: -.-
ZSS: *winks*
Adol: *twitches violently*
Mario: >_>
Luigi: *standing to the side* Uh...are we ever going to get started...?
Adol: Trust me, we have.
ZSS:  :-*
Adol: O.O
Mario: Samus, get-a out of here!
ZSS: Oh, fine.
Mario: You NEVER act like this! You should be ashamed!!
ZSS: I don't know. I got stopped by this one guy in the hallway and he gave me this thing that smelled really good...
Mario: I can't-a express my disgust. Adol-a, please continue with your work-a.
Luigi: Finally. We can start on this.
Raizor: :D I can't wait to bomb some dodongoes!!
[10 foot square explodes right next to him]
Raizor: O_o
Adol: ...Huh. I guess we both have powers...whenever I think of Nurse Joy from Pokemon, that's what repairs stuff. I'm not so sure why.
Unreal: Weird.
Fooby: Hey, maybe we ALL have powers like that. Let's see here...*closes eyes, thinks*
[Raizor, Unreal and Luigi suddenly warp miles away]
Fooby: Oops.
Adol: <_< I hate you.
[The group begins work on their new stadium, with some of their newfound powers. Oh, minus Raizor's, I suppose.]
~10 minutes later, in some barren wasteland~
Raizor: Fooby. Is. An. Inconsiderate. Jerk.
Luigi: I need water! Need...water...
Raizor: We haven't even been out here 15 minutes!!
Luigi: Oh, I know, I'm practicing for later.
Raizor: Wait. Don't you have an accent?
Luigi: I think I lose it when I panic. It also kind of makes me sound like an Englishman....
[A giant shadow suddenly encompasses them]
Raizor: Whoa.
Luigi: Ooh! Rain!
Raizor: I don't think that's a cloud. *points up*
Unreal: O_o Whoa! What's that thing!
[A purple colored dragon with shimmering, razor-sharp teeth flies above them at incredible speed]
Luigi: What-a the heck was that-a!?
Unreal: I thought you said you lost your accent when you panicked!
Luigi: I know-a. I suppose it cancels itself out-a when I panic twice-a.
Unreal: Which is also why you sound Australian?
Luigi: Precisely, mate-a.
[Blue blur suddenly runs in]
Unreal: It's a ball!
Raizor: It's a popsicle!
Luigi: No...it's a hedgehog!
Sonic: Sonic's the name, speed's my game!
Raizor: :O Hi!!
Luigi: Yay! You've-a come to save us-a, mate!
Unreal: But how do you bring us back all at once...?
Sonic: You see, some random shady fellow in the hall sold me something that gave me super strength. It makes me feel REALLY weird, though.
Raizor: *facepalm*
Unreal: He's probably an enterpreneur by now.
[Sonic heaves them all up and dashes back to the mansion]
~5 minutes later~
Fooby: Raizor! Unreal! Luigi! You're back! How'd you get here so fast?
Luigi: Well-a, you see mate, our friend Son--
Raizor: Magic.
Unreal: Yeah, magic. We found a way to counter your teleport.
Fooby: Awesome. Are you alright?
Luigi: Yep-a. Except...
[The 3 recount their tale of the big purple dragon]
Fooby: Hmm. I wonder what it could be...sounds scary, though.
Samus: *stops digging* Hm....
Fooby: What is it, Samus?
Adol: *hopeful glance*
Samus: I don't know. That purple dragon thing sounds really familiar...I just can't put my finger on it...
Adol: V_V *goes back to stadium building*

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XMFD @ Snake

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Chapter 5
Ermine: D: I suck at Solitare so much...
Lucario: =Hm...maybe I can try.=
Ermine: You've never done it before. You'll probably fail miserably--
Lucario: =Just let me try.=
[Lucario beats Solitare in 3 1/2 minutes]
Lucario: Interesting puzzle....
Ermine: -.-?
[Days pass, the stadium is mostly done. Mario gathers everyone into the grand hall]
Mario: Hello-a everyone, and thank you for attending-a.
Mewtwo: =You have 3 seconds to say something interesting before I go back to clubbing Ganondorf with a pack of sardines.
Ganondorf: I object.
Mario: Anyhow. The stadium is nearly finished, and we want to have the same type of effect the crowd had back at brawl...however, we have a lack of a crowd now, so we simply have SURROUND SOUND built in! :D
[Some excitement, some confusion. Some just aren't impressed]
Marth: [Japanese]
Mario: Ike? What-a did he say-a?
Ike: He said he's going to go get an abortion.
Marth: -_- [Strained Japanese]
Ike: Oh. He said he's going to go get some croutons...
Roy: [Japanese]
Ike: No. They're like square, hard pieces of bread, you see.
Roy: [More Japanese]
Ike: <_< No.
Mario: So do I have any volunteers-a?
Yoshi: Yoshi?
Mario: I'll take-a that as a yes.
Yoshi: <_< Yoshi.
Ike: No, Roy. Those are really big things...*emphasizes by raising hand high*
Mario: Thank you, Ike!
Ike: Um...what?
[Later, Mario, Sasori, Luigi, and -911- are watching the demonstration of the 'crowd' on Yoshi]
Mario: He'll-a usually taunt when it makes him happy-a.
Sasori: I'll play the tape.
[Yoshi looks up with his eye twitching]
[Yoshi curls into a ball, trembles, and whines]
Mario: O_o-a
Luigi: Marioooo?
-911-: This is not a good thing.
Mario: V_V I'll-a go help him.
[Tape shuts off and Mario carries Yoshi away]
Sas: Right. Moving on to Ike...
[Ike is at the very top-most platform of the Skyworld remake]
Ike: 'k.
Sas: *plays tape*
[We like Ike!]
Ike: What?
[We like Ike!]
Ike: Um.
[We like Ike!]
Ike: Who said that!?
[We like Ike!]
[We like Ike!]
[We like Ike!]
[We like Ike!]
Ike: I'll kill you! [starts attacking and swinging sword randomly]
[We like Ike!]
Ike: AHHHHH!! *destroys all the platforms*
Sas: O_O *turns off the tape*
Luigi: Okay, screw-a the crowd idea.
[Ike and Yoshi come back to the grand hall, now calmed down, though Ike is still at the ready to slice open something]
[We like Ike!]
Ike: WHAT!?
Sas: I couldn't resist.
Ike:  >:(
Mario: Sorry-a everyone, but the crowd-a does not work-a as planned.'
Ike: Oh, really. *glares at Sasori*
Mario: So-a--
[Power suddenly goes out]
Mario: What-a the crap-a!??
[Wall gets ripped off from the side and UF goes plummeting through]
UF: I'm cursed!!!
[He crashes into Jigglypuff and they go flying]
Jigglypuff: Puff, Jiggly Jigglypuff! D:
UF: I'm not that heavy, moron.
[Giant purple dragon sweeps in and carries off Young Link and Unreal]
Raizor: Hey! It's that purple dragon again!
Luigi: What could it be!?
Raizor: Wait--oh.
Luigi: Yep, panicking.
[Wall seals itself backup]
Luigi: What the--
Adol: Not me.
Luigi: Hmm...
[Meanwhile, this giant dragon carries those two away]
Unreal: Who are you anyway?
Young Link: *panics*
Dragon: *smiles oddly, and in his raspy voice* Riiidley.
Unreal: Hm...sounds familiar...
Young Link: *panics*
Unreal: Wait. If Fooby and Raz and Adol...
Riiidley: <_<
Unreal: >_>
Riiidley: <_<
Unreal: >_>
[Cut back to the grand hall]
Sasori: How do we get out!? We're stuck!!
[Cut back to two people in the back]
Magic4224: You know what to do.
Bloodmage391: <_< >_>
Bloodmage391: FOR NARNIA!!!
[He breaks through the wall and chases the dragon]
[Crowd chant]
[We like JT]
[We like JT!!]
BM: How do they know my name!?!
[We like JT!!]
Magic4224: *breaks sound system* Go on, young cricket! Save him from the Russians!!
Bloodmage391: *finds Unreal on the ground* Weren't you supposed to be killed off?
Unreal: Don't worry, I'm fine on weekends. And spring break. *dusts self off* I burned off the dragon's arm, all's well.
[Everyone else comes out through the hole, one by one]
Samus: Hey...did you catch that dragon's name?
Unreal: Huh? Oh yeah! ...It sounded like Riddle, or something...
Samus: Tom Riddle?
Unreal: Maybe...
Samus: No, only he can have that name...he must mean Tom Sawyer.
Unreal: Of course!
Samus: *runs off* Link! Link! Tom Sawyer kidnapped your younger self!!
[Screeches to a halt]
Samus: Wait. Riddle...Riiidel...Ridellly...RIDLEY!
Everyone: *collective gasp*

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Chapter 6
[Mario and Link come out of the hole. Please don't take this out of context...]
Mario: Unreal-a? I thought you were kidnapped.
Unreal: No worries, I'm fine. Now, Link, Ridley is holding you hostage. What do you recommend we do?
Link: Hm...
Ness: Why don't we just leave him? He won't be in any more games with Toon Link AND Link...
Mario: Good idea.
Link: But...if Young Link dies, what happens to me?
Mario: If-a we didn't have Link in the next Smash-a Bros game, that might-a be a problem...
Link: Yes.
Lucas: Let's go find him I guess...
[A long trek later]
Samus: What could that giant purple spiked tail swinging through the air be?
Snake: I have no clue, honey.
Mario: Wait-a a sec--
Samus: Yeah, this happened about 3 seconds ago, bear with it. Back to that spiked tail thing.
Snake: Yeah. What....could...that...be...
[They peek around the corner]
Mario: Nobody-a say anything.
Mario: D:
Ridley: *turns around*
Samus: Oh crap.
[Ridley flies away]
Bowser: ...Hang on. That makes no sense...
Snake: Just let it go.
Falco: There's Young Link.
[Falco goes up to him]
Falco: Hey, you okay?
Young Link: Yeah...yeah, I'm fine....
[They return to the mansion. We cut to Ridley, still flying. He alights down in what seems to be a type of dungeon]
 ???: You've failed me.
Ridley: hhhI have not...
???: Then where might be those hostages you promised?
Ridley: I had some complicationssss...
???: Close enough to failure.
Ridley: hhhI still managed to plant a coin with the boy...
???: ...Fair enough. Be careful and do not come this close again. *turns away* Bowser Jr.
Ridley: hwwwwwwhat? You're sending that pipsssqueak off?
???: For simple mischief. He can be worthy. Did you ever play Sunshine?
Ridley: I don't have fingers.
???: Right...
Bowser Jr: What is it?
???: I need you to do some tasks for me.
Bowser Jr: Alright!
[Cut back to the mansion]
[Young Link strolls through the halls. As he walks, he bumps into Cads]
Cads: Whoa! Watch where you're going!!
YL: Sorry...still a little disoriented...
Cads: Ah, no problem.
[YL slips into a room at his side. Suddenly, Cads goes absolutely berserk]
[Cads releases a giant shockwave of energy at LuigiKong, the first person he sees]
LuigiKong: Waugh!! *goes crashing into wall* ugh...I've been...everything'd...*collapses*
[Hearing the commotion, several BPers and brawlers run into the room to see what Cads has done]
Spat: Look what you did!!
[Spat leaps on in front of everyone, unleashing several rabid chihuahuas. He goes to punch Cads, but Cads catches his fist with lightning reflexes and pegs him to the ground]
Spat: Holy carp...
[Before Cads can turn away from Spat, he's hit with Lucas's attack and is sent flying. He charges back for Spat when someone breaks through the wall next to him]
[Cads is sent tumbling back. As he comes, Spat shoves a rabid chihuahua in his face. Mewtwo sends his shadow ball and Lucario his aura sphere...but this only seems to add to Cads' energy as he gets back up]
Spat: What the...
[Sasori runs onto the scene carrying a giant hammer]
-911-: O_O I thought you said we were never going to use that!!
Raizor: o.0
Ermine: 0.o
Everyone except Global Mods/Admins: ...?
Sasori: BAN HAMMAR *attacks Cads, but misses*
[Sasori chases after Cads trying to hit him with the Ban Hammer, but misses every time]
Sas: We need someone who knows how to use this thing!!
[Judgment Angel Zero and King Dedede run over]
Judg: Did someone call my name!?
DDD: *down taunt*
[Dedede charges up his rocket hammer, and Judg takes the ban hammer. Dedede swings his hammer into Cads, knocking him full force at Judg, who smashes him full on with the Ban Hammer]
[Cads disintegrates]
Judg: Oops. Was...
Sas: That was supposed to happen. He'll come back later I think, just with a much lower post count. What the heck drove him insane?
Captain Falcon: Falcon caught a glimmering shine in yonder pocket. Methinks it could be some sort of evil gadget.
[Sasori pulls a coin from the shattered fragments of wall]
Sas: Is this it?
Falcon: Falcon thinks so.
Sas: I wonder...I'll get Master Hand to do some research on this thing....

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Damn, i got bannz0rd.

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Damn, i got bannz0rd.

I knew you'd have that reaction <.<

At least you can "come back, but with a lower post count"

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No updates till a comment. I need people to read this if I write it.

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Chapter 7

Sasori: Okay, Master Hand. What did you find out?
MH: Hello Brenda. You see, I checked up on that coin you gave me.
Sasori: Mhm.
MH: It's really unusual so I was unable to find much about it. However, it seems as though some strong power was put into this coin to make the user act against their friends and companions.
Sasori: It seemed that way...
MH: Yes. It was transferred to Cads by someone.
Sasori: Who?
MH: I have no clue.
Sasori: Why didn't this "someone" go berserk?
MH: I have no clue.
Sasori: You suck.
MH: Hey, there are a lot of variations to this little coin here.
Sasori: I suppose...
MH: We just have to find who was closest to Cads at that time. Who might have seen him?
Sasori: LuigiKong...but he's in medical with Housecalldoc and Dr. Mario...Oh, Captain Falcon!
MH: Falcon?
Sas: He was right next door, maybe he saw. He was the one who found the coin.
MH: True. Go see what he knows, I'll do more research.
Sas: Alright. Oh, uh, how do we counter it?
MH: ...I...don't know.
Sas: ...
MH: Stick with the ban hammer for now and hope no brawlers get it.
Sas: O.O Are you saying--
MH: Maybe.
Sas: <_<
[We cut to Captain Falcon's room, who's flexing in his mirror]
CF: Oh yeah. Who's da man!? *falcon punches Sandbag* *flexes* FALCON--
[Sasori knocks on the door]
CF: Uh oh. Can't let him see me without my helmet on. Crap, where is it!?
Sas: Falcon? Is that you?
[Sounds of rustling and searching are heard]
Sas: Falcon?
CF: I'm...changing. Hang on.
[Very. Awkward. Silence.]
[CF runs out]
CF: Show me your moves. I mean, what do you want?
Sas: *explains*
CF: *listens* Yeah...um...Falcon scratch head...oh. Young Link slipped into the room right next to Cads. That's all I remember before he went nuts and I had to put my helm--I mean, change...
Sas: <_< The heck is with you and changing your outfit?
CF: I think I look better in blue.
Sas: Well...Young Link. Makes sense...Ridley must have planted it with him...
CF: But why would dragon-man do such a thing?
Sas: Maybe...he's in employment.
CF: Hm...
Sas: Anyway, Young Link...I'll get everyone into the Grand Hall..
[Several minutes later]
[Everyone is in the grand hall except for LuigiKong, Squirtle, Housecalldoc, Dr. Mario, Diddy, and Young Link]
Sas: Alright. Is everyone accounted for?
-911-: Six chairs are missing.
Sas: Hmm...anyway everyone. Master Hand will do some explaining on the coins--
Lucas: Hey, wait! Where's Diddy?
Ness: And Young Link?
DK: Groo hoo grooh. #Diddy had some sort of bad headache and wanted to take a nap.#
Link: I don't know what happened to my younger self. He sort of just wandered off--
Link: O.o
Sasori: He's going after Diddy next!!
DK: #What are you talking about!? What's happening to my little bud--#
[Sasori, Master Hand, and Captain Falcon dash out of the room]
Luigi: ...What.
[Fox and Falco run after them, and then Lucas]
Ivysaur: #Screw this, I'm bored.# *charges after Lucas*
[Eventually, nearly everyone has gotten out of the room...]
~2 minutes ago~
Diddy: <Agh...my head...hurts...gotta take another Monkeyvil. Hey, who's there?>
[Young Link quietly comes in]
Diddy: #Oh, hey Young Link. Don't talk too loudly, I've got a pretty bad headache...#
Young Link: Oh...okay...
Diddy: #You okay? You look dazed.#
[No response]
Diddy: #Young Link?#
[He walks over]
[Suddenly a voice comes over the intercom]
Sasori: Diddy!! Watch out for Young Link! Get to the Grand Hall NOW!!
[Diddy glances at Young Link, surprised]
Young Link: ...
Diddy: #...Um.#
[Young Link suddenly pegs his boomerang and Diddy, causing him to dodge it, but trip. He then sticks a shiny object to Diddy's cap and runs]
Diddy: #Ow! Hey, get back her--#
[Diddy looks exactly like he would after you've broken a smash ball]
Diddy: BWAAAAH! *runs out of his room just as Captain Falcon, Sas, and Master Hand get there*
Sas: Diddy! Don't--uh oh.
Falcon: ...Falcon worry.
[Diddy blasts into the air with his rocketbarrel boost]
MH: We are so screwed.
Falcon: There's Young Link!
Young Link: <They're on to me.> *fkees*
Falcon: Hey--
[Diddy starts firing exploding peanuts]
Sas: !!!
Falcon: !!!
Master Hand: Cheesecake!!
Sas: Take cover!!
[They hide behind walls]
Sas: We need a plan.
CF: K. *runs out and does Smashing Knee to Diddy*
Sas: No!
*Diddy flinches*
CF: ...Uh oh. *runs for his life*
[Diddy basically shoots wildly as the 3 try to come up with a plan. Others start arriving on scene]
[Master Hand whips out a laptop]
Sas: What are you doing?
MH: I gotta figure out a way to stop him.
Sas: ...How long do you need?
MH: 3 minutes.
MH: Distract him.
Sas: On my way.
[Sasori, Falcon, Luigi, Lucas, and Falco come out from behind the wall]
Sasori: Quick! Lucas! Fusion!
Lucas: Huh?
[Flash of light]
Luigi: o.O
Falcon: O.o
Falco: Hands off my prey!! *tries to kill Diddy*
Lusori: PK OWNAGE!!
[Diddy is forced to dodge the attacks from the combination of Lucas and Sasori, who seemed to have somehow linked their minds. Captain Falcon dashes over and knocks Diddy at the ground with Raptor boost, and Falco catches him in his laser lock
Falco: It will only work for so long. Hurry up, Master Hand.
MH: 40 seconds...
[Diddy breaks from laser lock and flies towards the group. Falco dives out of the way, Sasori and Lucas vanish, and Captain Falcon dodges]
Falco: Wait. Where's Luigi?
[Cut to Luigi flying 10 feet above them]
Falco: That is just...awesome.
Diddy: Bwah?
Luigi: No one expects KARATE CHOPPIN' LUIGI!
[Luigi does his forward air. Diddy loses his rocketbarrels and ducks behind a wall for 20 seconds]
MH: Got it!
[As MH says this, Diddy flies back in]
MH: ...Whoa...
Marth: [Curious Japanese]
MH: Listen. This says, "In order for the power of this coin to be diminished, the people against must find someone to de--"
Sasori: *now apart from Lucas* Just cut the crap and tell us how to stop him! *punches diddy*
MH: Someone close to Diddy must be the one to defeat him.
[Sas pauses mid fight]
Sasori: ...Donkey Kong...

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Nobody reads it any more... :(

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I still read it...

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I love it!!!!!!
So many random, hilarious moments.

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Chapter 7, part 2

[Sasori explains the situation to DK]
DK: #So...you mean...#
Sasori: I'm sorry, DK. It has to be you to take the power away.
DK: #Why!?#
Sasori: It's too hard to explain...you just have to trust me!
DK: #No!!#
[Lucas comes over]
Lucas: Come on, DK. Do you really want him to get us all killed? Have you seen Luigikong? Cads? Squirtle?
[DK hangs his head]
Lucas: I'm sorry, but it has to be done. Trust me, I know...how you feel right now.
[DK sighs. Then he abruptly charges onto the battlefield]
Luigi: Hee-yah! *karate chop*
[Fox and Falco both leap up and do their drill kicks, knocking Diddy to the ground; straight in front of DK with a fully charged punch.]
DK: Grooh...#I'm so sorry, Diddy.#
[DK unleashes his punch, and Diddy goes flying. He tumbles to a stop, unconscious. The coin falls out.]
DK: Groo hoo! Grooh! Groo! #Hey! Look! He's okay! Diddy, can you hear me? Diddy?#
[DK starts to lumber over, but Captain Falcon pushes him back]
CF: Wait, DK! Something's wrong, stay back!
DK: #No! I need to help--#
CF: Stay!!
DK: #NOO!!!#
[CF falcon punches DK behind the wall and takes cover himself. Moments later, Diddy's rocketbarrels explode, consuming him in fire]
[The fire expands. The Ice Climbers do everything involving ice to stop it, but it only slows down]
Popo: Dang it!! We need water!! Can't...do it on our own!!
[Mudkip suddenly appears]
Popo: ...Oh, crap.
Mudkip: Mud! Kip! Mud! Kip!
[Mudkip uses surf, and with the combined power of the Ice Climbers, the fire stops]
Nana: Good. Now, where'd you come from?
Pokemon Trainer: Good job, Mudkip! Return!
Nana: Oh, answers my question.
Popo: For mine. Why a Mudkip!?!?!
PT: I'm using him until...I get another Squirtle.
Popo: Oh...sorry.
PT: No problem.
[DK's been silent this whole time, apparently in shock]
[Dr. Mario comes onto the scene, and takes Diddy's body away.]
DK: ... :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
Mario: Not-a another river...
[Hours pass. Mewtwo and Ganondorf are playing badminton]
Ganondorf: *huff* No...fair...YOU CHEATER!
Mewtwo: =Psychic powers are such win.=
Ganondorf: Hmph...hey!
Mewtwo: 18-1.
Ganondorf: Nrgh...Captain Falcon, I need your help.
CF: Show me your moves.
[2 minutes later]
Ganondorf: 18-18.
Mewtwo: =You suck so much.=
[Intercom clicks on]
Mewtwo: =We'll just call it a draw.=
Falcon: Oh, lawl.
Dr. Mario: Hello-a, everyone. Please-a come down to the Grand Hall in 10 minutes. Again. That-a is all.
Ganondorf: <_<
Mewtwo: >_>
Falcon: We have time, we're only 3 minutes away.
All 3: Time to vandalize.
Ganon: I'll get the spraypaint.
[10 minutes later]
Mario: Hey, everyone. Thank-a you for coming--Captain, what the heck is that giant blue spot on your hand?
Captain Falcon: Us F-Zero characters...get...odd versions...of...the common cold. Um...achoo?
[Meta Knight gives him the box of tissues]
MK: Forgot I had this. Have fun.
Wolf: I can't let you eat--
Mario: ANYWAY. My Doctor-Dressed self would like-a to give a few announcements before we attempt to make a plan for finding who's-a behind everything that's happened.
Dr. Mario: Thank-a you, me. Now, as he--me...said. I have some announcements regarding-a our injured comrades.
DK: ...*hopes rise*
Dr. Mario: First off, I'd-a like to say that LuigiKong is going to-a make a full recovery. In fact-a...
[LK hobbles in on crutches.]
LK: Yo.
Everyone: LUIGIKONG!!1111/1/1/1!!11/1.1
[Several BPers begin to pounce on him]
LK: Oww!!
Dr. Mario: That's not good for his health, you-a stupid-a morons!
Spat: Oops.
Judg: Sorry.
Ingslayer: <3?
Dr. Mario: Squirtle is also recovering. He should return to the mansion soon-a...I'm afraid he will never brawl again, though.
[Some mixed feelings around PT and his Pokemon]
DK: #And Diddy?#
[Dr. M's face clouds]
Doc: Diddy...Diddy is gone. He died shortly after I brought him in. I'm sorry, DK.
[Silence. Then DK simply walks out of the room and locks himself in his.]
Doc: I hate-a myself.
Mario: It-a had to be said...

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Poor DK....Poor Diddy!

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Falcon is hilarious.

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*waits rather impatiently*

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*points at my topic in the Social Board*

Give me a while. <_< Just got back.

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Again great story.

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Lol XD

Also, I wouldn't say Lucario would fail at Solitaire... Only I can do that.... X_X

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Chapter 7.8
Time passes.
Time passes.
Time passes.
People finally go off and do stuff.
Captain Falcon: Falcon what the heck?
Fooby: You're hilarious.
Ermine: Hi Lucario.
Lucario: Hi.
Ermine: I thought you couldn't speak?
Lucario: I'm not quite sure.
[Everyone glances at Spat]
Killer_Spatula: Hello.
Samus: ?
Snake: ?
Lucas: ?
Cads: ?
Lucas: Wait, weren't you--
Cads: I'm not sure.
Spat: Okay, fine. I'll update so that you guys stop being stupid and spontaneous. I had lots of plans, but nothing came to mind when I sat down to type this. I was going to throw in tons of stuff...hey, that's right! I remember now...oh yeah. Well, anyway, many apologies for lack of updates. I was away. Now I'm back. Performing for you. If you know the words, you can join in too. But I should--
[DK walks in]
Spat: ...
DK: ...
Spat: ...
[DK ducttapes Spat to a wall, punches him in the face, and walks away]
Spat: V_V

[That was the intermission to get my brain going, I remember what do write now...]

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Chapter 8
[It seems like hours, and no one has moved. People suddenly drift off to sleep, and wake up a couple minutes later]
Lucario: =There was just a severe disturbance in the force.=
Spat: How did I get taped to a wall? It brings back memories of last summer...
Ermine: Some sort of odd feeling of love feels like it's passing from me.
Lucario: =That was too poetic and creepy for me to ever be your friend. Ever.=
Ermine: Sorry.
[Knock at the door]
Sas: Yay something interesting!!
[Sas runs over and opens the door]
[It's Cads]
Cads: :3?
Sas: O.o *slams door*
Sas: No!!
[Crazy opens the door and runs out]
[Cads walks in]
Cads: Hey.
Sas: Oh, sane. Hey there. Forgot.
Cads: No problem. Did you ever catch Young Link?
Captain Falcon: *snaps fingers* I knew I forgot something.
Sasori: You mean the author forgot something.
Judg: This is true.
Spat: Wow. I guess I have to think up what will happen next like, now...
Judg: Improv?
Spat: Afraid so.
-911-: The fourth wall was just broken like, 18 times.
Spat: Can someone get me down?
[Young Link suddenly falls through the ceiling]
-911-: What's with you and ceilings!?
Spat: *shrugs* Get me down.
-911-: *Gets him down*
Raizor: *takes that out of context* Tee hee.
Young Link: *starts randomly slicing all over the place*
Spat: Oh, we have a crisis at hand.
Spat: Holy crap!
Lucas: I hate you!!!
Cads: You got me ban hammered!
Judg: You let me ban hammer Cads, indirectly!! ...You know what, that's not so bad--
Fooby: I'm back in the story!
Pikachu: Pikaaa!
[King Dedede comes in with rocket hammer]
King Dedede: Hold on!! Feed me something quick!!
Sas: The person with the lowest post count has to go!!
[Cads gets eaten by Dedede]
Dedede: AHM ON FIAH *hammers the living crap out of Young Link*
Olimar: Wait, hang on, don't kill him!!
Dedede: Nrgh. Fine.
[Cads comes in the door again]
Cads: I hate you.
Sas: thanks
Olimar: Hey, hey.
Young Link: *twitch* *cough*
Falcon: There's the coin.
[Falcon reaches for it]
Master Hand: Wait, don't--
[Falcon grabs it]
Master Hand: RUN!!
Falcon: No sweat, it seems as though I'm okay.
Master Hand: I didn't get that far in my research. Darn you.
Falcon: Yep.
Olimar: SHUT UP!!!
Mario: ...Whoa.
Luigi: For a little guy, you've got a big voi--
[Death glared]
Luigi: O.o
Olimar: Wake up, young cricket.
Young Link: Ugh...
Olimar: Do you know anything about Ridley and who he works for?
Young Link: Can't...tell...you...
Young Link: *looks at Olimar* ...
[Tortured with poison Pikmin]
[He dies]
Olimar: ...Oops.
Toon Link: YAY! I mean, noo!!
Fooby: ...Why do so many people die? This story, I tell you...
[Day passes. DK refuses to leave his and Diddy's room.]
Jigglypuff: Puff, Jiggly Puff Jigglypuff Puff, Jiggly Jigg Puff puff puff puff puff.
Kirby: Jigglypuff thinks it would be a really good idea to have a brawl tournament in the stadium when it's done.
Mario: Which it nearly is.
Adol: Yeah.
Mario: Overused idea.
Adol: Yeah.
Mario: But a good one.
Adol: Yeah.
Mario: Want a tournament?
Adol: Yeah.
Mario: I trust you.
Adol: 'k.
[Mario announces they'll have a tournament]
Mario: Okay, let's plan.
Adol: Yeah.
Ganondorf: These basketball teams suck! Neither of us can run or jump!!
Captain Falcon: Sucks for you. *slam dunk*
Bowser: Dang it!!
Mewtwo: 254-9.
Ganondorf: Agh!!
Bowser: Wait, look!
[A giant M is spraypainted on the wall of the mansion]
Captain Falcon: Oh no he DIDN'T!!!!!!!
Ganondorf: Find him!!!
[They dash off]
Bowser: I...keep...thinking...*pant* That...M...seems...familiar!!!!!
[They dash into a room and see Fooby playing Super Mario Sunshine]
Fooby: Hello hello. I--
Bowser: *lightbulb goes off* Jr.!?
[The four run out]
Fooby: Why me?
[Footsteps 3 minutes later]
Bowser: I think I'm getting high off it!!
Mewtwo: =He's to your left, Bowser.=
Bowser: Son-face!
Bowser Jr.: Daddy!
[Family embrace]
[Off somewhere else]
Ridley: hhhI told you it was a sssstupid idea...
 ???: Ugh. For once you're right...
[Bowser and Ganondorf bring Jr. down to Mario's office]
Mario: Word up.
Bowser: *points at Jr.*
Mario: Oh, hey there.
Jr.: ...
Mario: ...
Jr.: ...*whispers something into Bowser's ear*
Bowser: Oh.
[Bowser whispers back]
Jr.: Oh.
Mario: <_<?
Jr.: Hi Mario. You see...the boss had told me not to talk to you...or anyone else...
Mario: Boss?
Jr.: I was working for someone.
Mario: Anyone else help?
Jr.: Some giant dragon thing.
Mario: Can you tell us what we want to know?
Jr.: I do think so.

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I give this chapter an epix approval.

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Chapter 9
Link: So, it seems as though they're giving the stadium a small test...
Zelda: Yeah. It only works with brawl characters though.
Link: What do you mean?
Zelda: Only characters like us can brawl there right now, we're still working on it.
Link: So if someone else goes in...
Zelda: They will be morphed into a brawl character.
Link: Huh. Let's watch then.
[Bloodmage391 and Killer_Spatula enter the stage]
[They both morph into Captain Falcon]
Bloodmage: O_o
Spat: O_o

BM: ...No items.
Spat: Paunch only.
BM: Final De...
Spat: Big Blue.
[This happens:]

Spat: Pwn'd. <_<
BM: Stupid suicides.
[Inside that thar mansion]
Kirby: NOOOOOO! D: *Running*
DDD: *Charges up rocket hammer* I'll get you!
[10 seconds of chasing]
DDD: Hey, it's damaging me! I need to get rid of the charge!!!
[Pichu walks around the corner]
Pichu: <Hey, have you seen the bathroo-->
Lucario: =I told you it would work.=
Pikachu: *down taunt* Pikaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Ermine: *Pikachu's down taunt* Pikaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Pikachu: *down taunt* Pikaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Lucario: =...Ah, what the heck.= Pikaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
[Excessive taunting]
[Back in Mario's office]
Mario: Wait, so you never saw the person who directed everything?
Bowser Jr.: Right.
Bowser: Then, um, why did you follow him?
Bowser Jr.: Because...*sob* I wanted to be in braaaaawl! And Mario *points* wouldn't let me in!!
Bowser: >8U
Mario: O_o Hold on. Um, remember Melee, how we had 5 Mario characters?
Bowser Jr.: Yeah?
Mario: And that was too much, apparently. Now look at Dr. Mario.
[Dr. Mario is running down the hall]
Squirtle: Squirt! Squirtle! Squirt!
Dr. Mario: Please stop bouncing on me...
Bowser Jr.: O_o
Mario: Hey, Squirtle's okay...but yeah, look at him and the other cut characters.
Bowser Jr.: Okay...
Mario: Now, do you think you'd want to be cut?
Bowser Jr.: O.O No.
Mario: Good, we were simply watching out for your safety.
Bowser Jr.: Aw, thank you. :3
Mario: So you can provide us with a location?
Bowser Jr.: Um, yeah.
[Stereotypical freakin' Grand Hall meeting again]
Mario: Bowser Jr. has some information regarding those who have attacked our friends. Hey, where's DK?
Lucas: In his room...
Mario: Still? Falcon, go get him.
Falcon: 'k.
[3 minutes later, Falcon comes flying through the wall]
Falcon: I afraid I just...*cough* was paunched.
Mario: o_o
Lucas: My turn! *runs to DK's room*
Falcon: Wait for it...
[Lucas walks back in with DK at his side]
Falcon: Falcon's charm fail'd!?
Lucas: Well, I can relate since I lost people close to me too.
Roy: #Stop making things depressing, Falcon!#
Falcon: I don't know what you just said, but okay.
Roy: #Thank you.#
Dr. Mario: Oh, Pokemon Trainer, here's your Squirtle. He can't brawl though, don't try. And he's...um, not quite the same?
PT: You gave him a sex change!?
Dr. Mario: ...No. <_<
PT: Sorry, always wanted to ask someone that. *pats Squirtle on the head*
Bowser Jr.: I wanna talk...D=
[Everyone shuts up]
Peach: He has the most adorable eyes...
Samus: Agree'd.
Zelda: Third'd.
Link: ...Did a 7 year old steal my woman...
[Bowser Jr. describes the location of the place]
Mario: Thank you. Now, how can we get there...
Judg: Um, don't you think this guy probably can watch over what's happening here and know what Jr. did, so he can just move at his own will?
Spat: He has been the bad guy pretty often.
Mario: Yep.
Spat: I found this new power I have though. I can like, see inside places as long as I have a set location. I accidentally saw into Falcon's room, that's how I found out. Then Sasori knocked, so I left him alone.
Falcon: ...o_o
Spat: I should be able to let everyone else see if I can get in there.
Mewtwo: =Hey, you.=
Spat: <Huh?>
Mewtwo: =Can you see into Samus's room for me tonight?=
Spat: <_<...
Sas: Okay, KS, do that and let us see what you see.
Spat: 'k.
[A dark dungeon appears. No one is inside.]
Spat: Moving up to the second floor.
[A long red carpet leading to a throne is in the stone-enclosed room. 2 small windows, blinds closed, are on either side of the room.]
Spat: That was where the boss must have been.
Ridley: Hhhhhheee's seeing too much...
 ???1: Yeah, gimme a sec, he'll be out of the way.
 ???2: Good, because I want them to come find us fast so I can get in the story!
 ???1: You aren't supposed to show up yet!
 ???2: Oh, sorry...
Spat: Okay, bottom floor. Over there there's a pool--
[He stops speaking]
Sas: Huh?
Spat: *words come out all jumbled*
BM: I think he told me something about this.
Spat: *Falls to the ground shaking all over, crying despite no pain, anxiety, fear, or depression*
BM: Definitely told me something about this. It's unhealthy, I think.
Sas: Seems like it.
Mewtwo: =Wait, if they can see inside the mansion, they know what he saw.=
Sas: They inflicted him with that?
Mewtwo: =Yeah, hang on. Lucario, anyone else with psychic powers, come here a second.=
[A few minutes later]
Mewtwo: =We've sealed ourselves away from what they can see so we can make plans.=
Luigi: Good...*wipes brow*
Sas: When does he stop shaking?
BM: 10 minutes.
Spat: Yea-h, th-is was...not ve-ry fun...
Sas: Shh, it's k.
Spat: <I hate this. Why can't I talk right? Dang it, I know where they are! Graghrghaghghahghghghghghghh! How did I just pronounce that?>
[For 7 minutes, the entire group debates where the villains could be]
Mewtwo: =Honestly, I've searched for like a hundred mile radius here. Can't find 'em.=
Lucario: =Uh...could they be underground...=
[Spat stops shaking]
[He falls down and gets a severe headache]
Spat: I forgot about this part v_v
Wolf: So how do we get back there, then?
BJ: I has idea!
[BJ paints a giant M on the wall of the mansion]
Bowser Jr.: Come on!
[All go through the portal]

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XD, This is getting better and better! Keep 'em comin' Spat! =P

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Chapter 10--The entrance to the Smash world
All of the brawlers (and Melee players) entered through the M to the Smash world, as did most BPers. They alight in the Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1 stage.
Mario: Uh...Here we go!!
[They all start walking forward. Suddenly a powerful force field stops them from moving.
 ???: Heh heh heh....
Spat: ...I know that voice.
UF: It can't be.
Wolf: I don't believe it!
GSD: Utter shock and surprise.
[A medium sized figure comes out of the pipe in front of them.]
Luigi: Wait, you look almost exactly like me, except cartoon.
Yoshi: o_o
Mama Luigi: Hi.
Luigi: So wait, let me get this straight. You're the person behind all these killings?
Mama Luigi: Yes.
Luigi: Paradox.
Link: Now you know how I feel.
Toon Link: i lol'd
Toon Link: But seriously. Since I'm also a cartoon, you can't get away from my power. Hyutah!
[Does Final Smash]
Mama Luigi: Heh. *throws a massive bagel at Toon Link, knocking him unconscious*
GSD: Oh, bagel. *Chomp*
[Dr. Mario heals him]
GSD: Thank you.
Mario: Why are you here, then, instead of owning the crap-a out of us if you can so easily!?
Mama Luigi: I like to see a little torture. Welcome to the Subspace Emissary...version two.
Charizard: #Get over your swearing phase already!#
Mario: ...Oh no you didn't...
Mama Luigi: Oh snap.
[75 Alloys come down from nowhere. Mama Luigi teleports out. The group is surrounded]
Snake: Parrothair, grab on to my legs.
Parrot: What--
[Snake grabs Parrot and does his bomb recovery away. The two are soon out of sight]
Fooby: Hey wait, I have a power, don't I? Gimme a sec...I think only 5 at once will--
[GSD, Sonic, Raizor, Jawo', and Pokemon Trainer vanish]
Fooby: Why Sonic!? DX...
Pikachu: Pikaaa...*huddles behind Fooby*
[The group gets into a protective stance]
Sasori: Hey, Mario, Lucas, get together for a sec. I have to fuse you since your names come out the same as Lucario's, then I'll fuse the two of you to make Super Lucario.
Lucario: =What?=
[Mario and Lucas disappear, but Lucario grows to three times his normal height]
Lucario: Hey, I can talk. And...
[Lucario preforms his final smash as the alloys attack. He takes out about 30 of them before he comes down and he, Mario, and Lucas unfuse.
Mario: Ow, my brain.
[As the alloys are distracted, Pit and Meta Knight take the opportunity and fly away]
UF: Cowards!!
[The group fights hard, but little is happening]
Luigi: Oh crap.
Kirby: Cruel alloys!!
[ROBs suddenly come in at the left side]
Luigi: No!!!
*The alloys crouch, taking damage but not moving*
Mario: No!!!
Peach: We can't get out...oh, bye. *Parasols away*
[Zelda teleports away]
[Captain Falcon taps Spat on the shoulder]
Captain Falcon: Yes.
Spat: Show me your moves.
[All the alloys look up, confused]
Captain Falcon: Blue Falcoooooon!
[Alloys on the right are taken out. Rabid chihuahuas fall, taking out 5 more. Only 30 alloys remain but the BPers are still trapped. Mario squints at the timer]
Mario: 54 seconds!!
[Suddenly the Halberd comes down. Pit and Meta Knight leap from it, and slash at the alloys. While they're distracted, the BPers and Melee...ers...jump onto the ship. Several alloys flee, knowing they have no chance any longer, but a few remain, restraining Pit and MK. Meta Knight escapes with shuttle loop, but Pit is stuck]
Pit: Oh...crap.
[Pit escapes from the alloy after a brief struggle. Both run]
Pit: Falcon?
[He turns around. Falcon tripped]
randomguy: Meta Knight, go!! We're out of time!
[The ship lifts off as the bomb explodes...Pit and Captain Falcon are nowhere to be found]
Mario: ...I...thought the bombs were gone...
[Annoying noise heard]
Link: Hey, look!
[Pit flies onto the ship]
Pit: My recovery is made of win. =D
Meta Knight: *puts ship on auto pilot* Right, where's Falcon?
Pit: ...I'm afraid he tripped.
Meta Knight: Wow. <_<
Pit: He never did have good timing...
Captain Olimar: I'm...so sorry...the guy was amazing...he...saved my Pikmin...
Pit: No, he Falcon punched your Pikmin.
Olimar: Oh yeah...
[Olimar turns into a rabbit]
Sasori: What?
Spat: Nick's idea.
[Olimar turns back]
Olimar: Fun.
[The ship cruises on. Others who fled have returned.]
Snake: We were gonna come in my ship, but it exploded somehow...*cough*
Parrothair: I didn't mean it <_<
[It cruises on]
Mario: We're so screwed.
MK: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.
[Ship explodes]
MK: I haaaaate yoooooooooooooooooooou!!!
[Everyone flies in different directions...]

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There must be more with me and the Pokemon! I actually have to do sommmmething with them >_>

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There must be more with me and the Pokemon! I actually have to do sommmmething with them >_>
Don't worry. You'll get your turn... ;)

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I demand that my drug-dealing business causes at least one casualty!

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Sorry for such a long hiatus.

Chapter 11
Ike: Ow.
Mario: Oof...
Spat: Cake.
Ike: Where'd you come from?
Mario: *shakes head*
Spat: *general confusion* What just happened?
Mario: Gah...hard to remember. We only fell for a good 25 days. <_<
Spat: I'm sorry.
Ike: ...*fsmash*
Spat: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Mario: No.
Ike: Fine.
[The group finally looks around a little bit]
Ike: Where in the world are we?
Spat: Psh, I'm one to know.
Mario: Isn't this around where Olimar was?
Ike: Hey, yeah...
Mario: Listen.
[F-Zero music is heard in the background]
Ike: FALCON!!! *Cries*
Mario: ...
[The world is so surprised that an earthquake happens]
[Ike, Mario, and Spat fall through the crevice]
Ermine: What the crap!?
Pikachu: ......Pikaa--
Lucario: =No.=
Pikachu: -.-
Ermine: Dudes and dudettes, we gotta do something.
Lucario: =Sure, you have fun with that. I'm going to get me some food, catch you later.=
[Lucario walks away]
Ermine: What's with you guys and ditching me?
Pikachu: ...Pik--
Ermine: Just shut up.
Pikachu: Pika pi! PIKA PIKA PIKACHU!! *points frantically*
[PT is glowing a dark red. A coin flashes in his pocket as he turns]
Ermine: ...No...
Pikachu: Pika pi...
PT: Get 'em, Ivysaur!
[PT tosses out a Poke ball. After that, two more come out; Charizard and Squirtle, who's still looking slightly injured]
Ermine: It's like 3 on 2! How are we going to do this...
Pikachu: <Idea.>
[Pikachu uses thunder. Squirtle gives a cry and curls into his shell]
Pikachu: <Pwnt.>
Ermine: Now it's two ridiculously overpowered Pokemon against the two of us.
Pikachu: <Uh...>
Ermine: And we're against a cliff.
Pikachu: ...
Ermine: Well, one option left.
[Battle ensues. Ermine grabs Charizard by the tail and begins swinging him, Mario style. Charizard's flame singes Ermine's arm and he yelps in pain. Charizard stomps the ground]
Charizard: <Fear the wrath of...CHAIRZARD!!!!!!>
Ermine: ...
[Charizard turns into a chair with his head and arms sticking out from it. He strikes Ermine in the face with a leg, but Ermine stops.]
Ermine: Hang on. Your tail is flaming. How do you do that?
Chairzard: ...
[Chairzard goes up in flames]
Ermine: mindgamez, son
{While that was going on, Ivysaur had slammed Pikachu into the cliff with his up-smash. Ivysaur uses stun spore and Pikachu is paralyzed, but just then Ermine tackles Ivysaur from behind}
Spat: OW!
Mario: Gah...
Ike: Whee...hey, the music's louder!
Spat: ...We're on the Falcon--
[Captain Falcon jumps out of the ship]
Falcon: Show me your moves.
Spat: Falcon!!
Mario: You're okay!
Falcon: Yeah, you got that. I called this baby in just before the bomb went off. No one saw because Pit was so distracted and they were all scared of the bomb, rightfully. What happened  after that, I don't know--
Ike: Everyone got on Meta Knight's ship. Mario jinxed us, Parrothair screwed something up and everything blew up.
Falcon: Sucks.
Ike: Yeah.
Falcon: That would explain...
[Falcon points inside his ship. Meta Knight and Captain Olimar, both unconscious, lay on the ground. Meta Knight's wing is badly damaged, but bandaged. Dr. Mario glances up]
Falcon: These guys landed here after the explosion. Dr. Mario didn't know what happened so he couldn't tell me. MK was a priority anyways...these guys have been out cold.
Dr. Mario: He-a said it all.
[Lucario suddenly alights on the Falcon Flyer]
Falcon: Hey ther--
Lucario: =No time for tea and crumpets, there's a disturbance in the force. Thataways.=
[Lucario points in the direction of the cliff where Ermine and Pikachu were]
Lucario: =I went berry picking and those idiots couldn't fend for themselves.=
Mario: lolermine
[Captain Falcon turns them toward the cliff]
~A couple minutes later~
[The group of people on Falcon's ship jump off, Dr. Mario remaining to drive it off at a moment's notice.]
Mario: Holy crap...
[Ivysaur is strangling Ermine with his vines]
Ermine: Ahh! Spotted dinosaur ****!! Help!!
Falcon: Halfway right. FALCONE...PAUNCH
[Ivysaur goes flying into the wall]
[PT, Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Chairzard turn into trophies. Ermine, coughing, restores PT, Squirtle, and Ivysaur. Suddenly, a roar is heard, and Rayquaza's twisting form comes down from above]
Mario: Hang on, guys, time for a battl--
[Rayquaza takes out a machine]
Spat: It's the trophyfier!!
Mario: Run!!
[Instead, Rayquaza aims it at Chairzard. The trophy is blasted to pieces]
PT: Charizard!!

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Yay the story continues!

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Awesome job, Spat.
The sections with Ermine and the Pokemon are always funny.

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Awesome job, Spat.
The sections with Ermine and the Pokemon are always funny.
[Ivysaur is strangling Ermine with his vines]

Oh, I agree.

Sorry Ermine, I had to go there <_<

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But Pokemon are my friends ;_;

That wasn't very nice =P

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Chapter 12
Ermine: How the heck do the Pokemon always blow up whenever I'm near? <_<

Snake: No. Go fish.
Wario: >8U Fine...
-911-: Wario, do you have any nines?
Wario: ...*gives away a nine*
-911-: That's right.
Snake: You're out!?
-911-: Mhm.
Snake: Dang it...
Ganondorf: lolgofish
Bowser: lolgofish
Mewtwo: =Hey, what do you know, I'm back in the story..=
SaltyKracka: Anyone up for a game of ping pong?
Parrothair: You gotta love how we all land here in the middle of a rec room, out of nowhere. Freaking awesome...
Dedede: *laughs*
Judg: *sniffs Dedede*
Dedede: <_<

So here, all the villains and Snake landed. They were all too lazy to go search for others, and thus started up games of ping pong. Suddenly...

Parrothair: Um.....
[Fox and Falco's landmasters hover over. UF, Fox, Falco, and Kirby jump out]
Kirby: Hiiiiiiii!
Falco: Can I have some bread?
Parrothair: No...
Wario: My bike is better than your landmaster.
Fox: Oh no you di--
Ganondorf: Shut up.
Fox: -.-...Whatever. Let's go find the others and get united so we can go stop Mama Luigi from killing us all.
[Another landmaster hovers]
Wolf: Can't let you do that, Star Fox.
Fox: What?
[Wolf throws a coin at Mewtwo]
Fox: O.O Bowser, do--
[Wolf bats Bowser away. The coin hits Mewtwo, who begins to glow fiery, as if having grabbed a smash ball.]
Wolf: K, go ahead.
Falco: Don't do it!!!
Wolf: Whatsa matta, scared!?
Mewtwo: lol, fear the power of the hax
[Everyone gets warped into the lylat system]
Fox: Hey, I've been here.
Falco: No way, Einstein...
Fox: Is it me, or are we--
Falco: ...
Fox: I...where are we?
Wolf: Eh, this would just so happen to be Andross' cottage.
Fox: ...>_<
Wolf: Have fun with that...
[Wolf and Mewtwo quickly scale the funnel-shaped building to the top, then several ships, including a couple arwings, come out of a small opening]
Fox: Hey!
Falco: It's Krystal there...and...dang, it's Slippy...whoa, what--...he just fired at me!!
[Peppy does a barrel roll into the ground]
Fox: ...Ok.
[Peppy bursts back out right under Snake]
Snake: O_o *carried away*
Parrot: Snake!
Fox: Snake?
Peppy: Uh...bogey on my tail? *tries to shake Snake off*
Snake: Warrrrrrrrgh!
Fox: NO!! :O
[The rest of the ships start firing at Fox and the entire group]
Falco: Krystal!! What are you doing!?
Krystal: I wanted to be in brawl! D: *blows up Falco's landmaster*
Slippy: ME TOO LOL *blows up Fox's*
Fox: And everyone else...
Panther: We just came along to annoy you.
Fox: Right. But since the story writer knows absolutely nothing about you, *reflects panther's lasers back in his face*
Panther: Crap! *asplodes*
Fox: One down, 7 to go...
[Falcon Flyer suddenly pulls up next to him]
Falcon: Yo.
Fox: Hi.
[Something else explodes]
Falcon: You seem to have a small problem.
Fox: That I do.
Ike: Maybe you wouldn't mind a bit of help. There's that stupid little frog.
Falco: Be my guest.
Ike: GREAT...
Slippy: Wha?
Ike: AETHER!!!
[Slam slam slam slam slam pow boing slam RIBBIT slam slam slam slam]
Slippy: DAGNABBIT *also asplodes*
Wolf: ...I can't let you do that, Stupid Ike. *laser*
Ike: Oh crap. *shields*
[Ike's shield is broken through]
Falcon: Ike!! *tries to get to him* What?
Mewtwo: And that, my dear Falcon, would be a force field only able to be broken by women or extremely girly men.
Spat: ...Well, can I tr--*laser'd*
Falcon: He was our only chance <_<
[Wolf continues descending toward Ike, as Peppy turns to come back for help. Suddenly, Snake breaks through the arwing]
Peppy: Uh oh.
Snake: Gotta love the cypher. *Snaps peppy's neck* Now, how can I turn this into a suicide mission where I don't die...

[As Wolf descends, Marth suddenly appears from nowhere and does shield breaker to break through the force field]
Marth: <Martha for the win.> *ushers Ike into the Falcon Flyer*
Wolf: But...I...can't...loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooose!!!
[Wolf simply increases his pace, now obviously intending to smash his ship into whoever he can find]
Fox: No! His strength is overwhelming, he'll survive!
Falco: How do yo--
Fox: Scouter.
Falco: Powa level?
Fox: It's over nine THOUSAND
Wario: lolninethousand *Fully charged Wario wafts into the Wolfen, crashing it to the ground*
Krystal: ...Curses. Fly away, poor remains of friends.
[Krystal, Leon and Pigma fly away]
Leon: Silly bird.
Wario: im no bird
[Wolf breaks out of his ship, superpowered]
Fox: ...K. Now what?

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Title: Re: My uninteresting combination of SSBB and Users...Extravaganza?
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Post by: Killer_Spatula on 18 June, 2008, 06:58:59 pm
Chapter 12.5
Ermine: Good, question, that. Except, I'm actually...SUPER DUPER ERMINE MAN!!!
PT: Say what?
Ermine: HUTTAH! *backflips into Wolf and clings onto his head*
Wolf: What the heck? I can't seeee!

Mewtwo, still weak from the force field, didn't have enough power to throw Ermine-Man off Wolf. Just then...

Wario: Ermine-man!? Pah! Wario-man, more liek!
[Wario transforms and starts beating the crap out of Mewtwo]
Ike: I fight for my friends. *slashes at Wolf's legs*
Ermine: Dude! He's too strooooong! *gets thrown off* If only Chairzard were here...
Ivysaur: Ivy, Ivy.
Ermine: What you say?
Wolf: All your base are belong to us!!! *slashes at Spat*
Spat: Oh yeah!? Since I pretend to be a mailman sometimes who gets attacked by dogs, fear pepper spray!!!
[Spat shoots pepper spray in Wolf's eyes]
Snake: Idea get! *throws grenade into Wolf's eye*
Wolf: Gahhh!
Fox: ...What you say?
Mewtwo: =All your bas--=
[Ivysaur sinks into the ground and causes a sudden earthquake]
Mewtwo: =Fiddlesticks.=
Falco: Crap...we'll get murdered like this! Yet, I prefer the air. LANDMASTER!!!
[Falco's landmaster comes down and everyone jumps on except for Ivyfloor for obvious reasons, and Ermine and Ganondorf attacking Wolf and Mewtwo]
Mewtwo: =Pestering worm!!= *shadow ball*
Ermine: Aha, no STAB!
Mewtwo: =Dang it.=
[Falco's landmaster hovers toward the top of the funnel shaped building]
Fox: How will this help?
Falco: I'm not quite sure...but you can throw anything at me. Tornadoes. Hurricanes. The Lylat System. I'll stand up to it. ...Wait, what did I just say?
Spat: Sorry, my cat said that to me in my dream the other night and I--
Falco: This whole scene is based off a dream you had!?
Spat: Stop breaking the fourth wall!!! ...And yes.
Fox: *facebird*
Falco: <_<
Fox: Hey, we stopped hovering.
Falco: That is a problem.
Spat: Everyone jump out!!
Mario: WHAT!?
Ike: He wrote the thing, just listen to him.
[Everyone pointlessly leaps out of the landmaster...and somehow land on the Falcon Flyer]
Marth: <What!?>
Pikachu: <Pikaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...>
Bowser: Dude. Stop making Falcon save our lives. It's degrading, him being so terrible in brawl and al--
Falcon: I heard that! <_<
Bowser: >_>
UF: lol, cat fights
Falcon: Heard that too. Except, we're out of fuel.
Ike: I hate you, Spat...
Spat: ...You'll get no sympathy from--
Ike: Don't make me great aether you.
[Falcon Flyer crashes back into the atmosphere somehow]
Spat: I'm not even gonna try this one...
Mario: Stop. Being. Omnipotent.
Spat: What? It's fun...
Mario: And why didn't you just have this not happen to us if you can control stuff like that?
Spat: I can't control things, I just know what's going to happen. Besides, otherwise there's no story!
Ike: What?
Spat: Fourth wall, sorry.
Falco: And to all our readers, we--
Spat: Stop.
Wario: Where is my ?-man counterpart?
Kirby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txe5UbkbqK0&feature=related
Judg: What?
Kirby: Sorry, wrong copypasta. I meant, where's that stupid fat king?
Dedede: ...*laughs*
Spat: Don't worry, th--
UF: Stop spoiling everything.
Spat: ...'k.
Zelda: Oh...that hurt...
Popo: Ow!
Nana: My face..
Luigi: *is upside down in the grass*
Link: ...
Peach: And that is why I carry a parasol. *floats to ground*
Luigi: Mama mia...where's everyone else?
[Spat breaks through the sky]
Spat: Sorry guys, I had to cut it off. Chapter was way too long. You'll find out where everyone else is next chapter. *fixes landscape and poofs away*
Luigi: Isn't that chapter 13?
Popo: ...lolunlucky

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Lol No Stab.

Needs to be more with me and the Pokemon =P

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Let me know if I haven't put certain characters in, I'm missing some, I know.

Chapter 13
Nana: Wha--
Popo: What's he--
Peach: Just let it be, he'll stop eventually.
DK: *makes noises at Kirby*
Zelda: He said "When's eventually?"
Peach: Tuesday.
Lucas: Well, crap.
Ness: What he said.
Peach: Put this in your mouth and be quiet. *yanks turnip from the ground and stuffs it in Luigi's mouth*
Bob-omb: im no turnip
Ness: ...Well, crap.
Lucas: What he said.
[They all land in some sort of yard]
Lucas: ???
[Yoshi, Sasori, Nintendude, Mr. Game and Watch, ROB, Jigglypuff, and more users that I will bring in later all turn around]
Sasori: Shh.
Nintendude: Be very quiet.
Ness: *whispering* Um...why?
[Luigi is covering his mouth in pain]
Nintendude: Yeah.
Peach: What's wrong?
Nintendude: Haven't you ever played DK64?
Lucas: It's that K. Rool island thing...
DK: D:...Grooh!!! :D
Lucas: Stop confusing me...
Zelda: He wants his revenge on Diddy and thinks this is his shot at it.
Lucas: Ah, good luck, DK.
Yoshi: Yoshi Yoshi.
Sas: Now, be quiet. Otherwise we won't have the element of surprise--
[Unreal slowly parachutes down from above]
Unreal: I brought Cheez-its.
Sasori: How did you yell!?
Unreal: I'm sorry. I had to make a dramatic entrance because I haven't been here for so long.
Nintendude: If you haven't been here, then--
[22.5 Kremlings run out of the building and charge at them]
Sasori: One of them only has one leg!!
Cube: :D
Unreal: Don't worry, I've been training in secret! UNREAL...PAUNCH!!!
[Void of non-existence opens up and eats 4 Kremlings]
Lucas: ...That was just awesome.
Unreal: Huh, that wasn't what I had in mind.
[Battle between the Kremlings and Protagonists ensues. The Protagonists slowly gain the upper hand, but...]
Sas: My feet!
Unreal: Klaptraps!
[Cranky starts beating Unreal with a cane]
Unreal: o.O
Dixie: I SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN BRAWL *latches onto LuigiKong's face*
LK: Whoa, whoa, I agree! Stop stealing my earwax!!
[Utter silence for about 8 seconds]
Dixie: ...Sorry?
[Battle resumes]
LuigiKong: Vampires!
Luigi: It's over 9000!!
Link: Where's my girlfriend!?
Toon Link: Me vs. Luigi
Jigglypuff: *turns into Burger King ASCII*
Game and Watch: Wait, what?
Everyone: U R DOIN IT RONG
[flash of light]
Unreal: Did it still work!?
 ???: By your confusion combined...I am...
[Iron Man suddenly thuds into the ground in the middle of the Kremling army, creating a shockwave scaring the Klaptraps away]
Unreal: ...How the crap did THAT happen?
Iron Man: Hey, I don't know.
Kremlings: *Generic freaking out noises as they run away*
Iron Man: Since I'm breaking the fourth wall, I gotta go. Bye.
Unreal: ...Riiiiight.
[They enter the place]
Mario: Falcon, didn't you say you had MK and Dr. Mario on this...thing?
Falcon: Yes, I--...Um.
Ike: ...
Spat: Oops.
Spat: I was kidding!!!
Falcon: Where'd they go!?
Wario: You have no time to ponder such things, as we are about to crash into some giant lair.
Falcon: What? Oh--
Snake: Sounds like my kind of woman...Oh, wait.
Falcon: Ugh, Snake...
Snake: Shut up, bottom tier.
Falcon: <_<
Bowser: Get off dah choppa!
Spat: this no choppa!!!
Bowser: Who cares!!11!11
Spat: i doez!!!
Ike: FINE, you'll get sympathy from me! *pulls Spat away from exploding ship*
Falcon: *pulls Bowser away*
Bowser: Dang it, I TOLD YOU
Falcon: Shut up, character who lacks a fiery punch.
Bowser: But I...oh, fine...
Falcon: So. Where is this place--
Samus: Shh.
Falcon: Oh.
Samus: Ridley.
Falcon: Daaaaaang.
Samus: And Dark Samus.
Spat: Well, crap.
Samus: ...I brought friends. Oh, and some of yours dropped by too.
Ike: Do I fight for them?
Ermine: *weakly* I dunno. Do you?
UF: Hey, you're alive!!
Ivysaur: Saur, Ivysaur.
Ganondorf: Yep.
UF: How? What happened?
Ganondorf: Let me try sending a flashback, mentally.
[Flashback happens]
[Wolf shook Ermine off him and began clawing at him viciously]
Ermine: Holy crap!!
Wolf: Can't let you hurt m--
[Ivysaur whisks out his vines to trip Wolf. He shoots a razor leaf, which Wolf reflects. Ivysaur dodges and crawls under the blaster, and continues to use whatever's at his disposal. Ermine picks up on it and attacks Mewtwo, while Ganondorf slowly slips off to the side.]
Ivysaur: Saur, Ivy!!
Wolf: Grr, I hate those vines!! My speed can't beat them!!
[Suddenly, Ermine runs away from Mewtwo at top speed and tackles Wolf from behind. Ganondorf grabs Mewtwo's tail and whips him into the side of the building. Ermine takes something out of his pocket and gives it to Ganondorf]
Mewtwo: =Where did you get a smash ball!?=
Ganondorf: You've no time to ponder, as I have broken it open.
Mewtwo: ...Well, crap.
[Ganondorf uses his final smash. After the ground pound, however, the foundation of the place starts to shake. Ganondorf charges at Mewtwo, knocking him further back. Mewtwo collapses, and the coin shatters.]
Ganondorf: What's going on!?
Mewtwo: =It...Ivysaur and you...earthquake...=
Ermine: ...I think Ivyfloor and a giant beast slamming the ground destroyed it.
Ganondorf: Gah...
Mewtwo: =F...for betraying...I give one last help..=
[The foundation shakes more.]
Wolf: I'm taking you down!
[Wolf becomes a trophy as his coin shatters. Ermine grabs it as the 4 are teleported out. Mewtwo lacked the energy to save himself. As the foundation collapses, Mewtwo is brought with it.]
[End flashback]
UF: Whoa.
Samus: So here we are. Some pretty strong creatures are in there, I'd assume...

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Chapter 14, Part 1
Luigi: Well, it's not like I haven't done this before.
Popo: O rly.
Luigi: Haven't you ever played Luigi's Mansion?
Lucas: I love that game...
DK: *bats Kremling into a wall*
Ness: I'm really not liking the lack of activity here.
[Giant snake-like creature flies over]
Luigi: ANACONDA!??!
Nana: Moar liek Rayquaza.
Popo: And you did a good job alerting it.
Zelda: You'd figure they'd know after ROB made a big deal over Unreal.
ROB: Oh, shut up.
Unreal: Yeah, Cheez-its are a big deal. Back off!
[ROB and Unreal continue eating]
Luigi: Heh.
ROB: I heard that!!! *does his down air on G+W, sending him skyrocketing into the top of the building, implanted*
Luigi: Oomph!! Augh...Hey, a button. I wonder...
Zelda: Don't do it!
Luigi: *Pushes button*
[entire wall crumbles away]
ROB: Ooh.
Luigi: I meant to do that.
[They go into the new opening, and soon come upon King K. Rool and Rayquaza]
K. Rool: We meet again, Donkey Kong!
Rayquaza: *generic roar*

Now guys, Spat's off for some pizza. I'll finish typing when I return.

FILLER MATERIAL: I have thought up an idea for my next story after this. So you have more of me to hate! :D

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Ok, so we did more than just get dinner. I'm back now. Resume typing.

*This and upcoming scenes will be in different format due to more action scenes

Chapter 14, Part 2
K. Rool donned a pair of boxing gloves and sent out a large army of Kremlings and Klaptraps ahead of him. DK grabbed his glove from Mario Baseball and engaged K. Rool in a fight. Rayquaza took out the trophy gun from SSE and started firing rapidly. Due to his lack of hands, this became a rather large problem, and he was soon attacked by ROB and Game & Watch, who had beaten through the army.

G+W: Thank you for that buff, Sakurai! *spams D-tilt*
Luigi: Too strong!!!
Bloodmage391: HOLD UP A SECOND
Sasori: Hey, you're back!
BM391: Being the smart ninja type dude I am, I have come up with a plan! *talks with Sasori, then backs out of the room*

The fighting splits into two sides, slowly, to make a small path in between the two sides. DK and K. Rool are still fighting it out, but K. Rool is clearly stronger. Rayquaza is completely diverted from battle by ROB and G&W.

The group entered Ridley's lair as quietly as they could. Suddenly, Fooby's watch starts to glow, and Spat's shoe starts to glow.

Spat: Foobs.
Fooby: Spat.
Both: Now.

Fooby and Spat warp out of the lair inexplicably.

Sonic: ....The heck?
K. Rool got the upper hand on DK and smashes him to the ground, dazed, and took the trophy gun from where it lay on the ground.

K. Rool: Prepare to meet your end, Donkey Kong!!
DK: <Something's bound to happen. Stupid story writer won't kill off my whole series.]

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song starts playing in the background.

BM: Good, you found the beatbox.
magic4224: That I did.
Sasori: Are you guys about to screw with the plot again?
Spat: Bloodmage and I got bored on AIM.
Sasori: Figures.

G-F-A-QS ninja turtles! G-F-A-QS ninja turtles!

Rayquaza: <This just gets worse as it goes.>

Bloodmage leads the pack

BM: What!? I'm Donatello!!
Fooby: HAH!

Kamikaze's Foobs bane t3h n00bz

Fooby: ...That's lame.

Magic's cool, but shrewd! Killer_Spatula's a party dude!

Magic: Yup. *throws a tree at Rayquaza*
Spat: That's what I'm talking about! Fear the chihuahua!! *attacks K. Rool*

BM: Don't leave me out.
Foobs: What about me!?

Mage aids Spat with K. Rool, and Fooby blasts full force into Rayquaza's face. Rayquaza roars and dives underground, and comes roaring back up, bringing the Ice Climbers with him.

Popo: ...Well, crap.
Nana: You said it.

Rayquaza turned around, abruptly bringing Popo and Nana down at insane speeds.

Popo: Now what!?

Magic4224: *clinging onto Rayquaza's tail*

Nana: Look!!

Rayquaza: ???

Magic4224: Mindgamez, son. *nukes Rayquaza*

Rayquaza crashes to the ground, and K. Rool is stabbed straight through by BM as he was blinded by Spat perching on him.



K. Rool somehow slowly stands up, and pulls the sword out from himself, and Rayquaza forces himself into the air.

Spat: What!? *tries to pull out katana* Oh.
BM: Song's over.
Magic4224: ...And we're out.

Everyone made a blind dash for the door as K. Rool and Rayquaza gain their senses.

Samus: Right...I've never seen anything like this, so--

Meta Ridley swoops from above and makes a grabbing motion for Samus.

Samus: As expected as Jinjo. *shield rolls, leaving Falcon wide open to be grabbed*

Falcon: Crap! *taken away*


Dark Samus glances over.

Snake: ...Sounds like my kind of wom--*gets a missle to the face*

SaltyKracka: Fear my katana that has insults engraved on it!! *stabs at Dark Samus*

DS: <Lulz.> *pulls out trophy gun*

Ike: ...Prepare yourselves.

Falcon is now being clawed at by Ridley, and is trying to escape.

Falcon: Help me!
Bowser: No. I'm not playing the role of the hero solely because you saved me.
Sonic: Wait, I have a plan. *puts on bunny hood and uses spring jump*

Sonic grasps onto Meta Ridley's face, trying to block his eyes. Meta Ridley snaps at him viciously, but Sonic slips back and avoids.

Sonic: You're too slow!

Meta Ridley attacks with his claw, thus releasing Falcon but striking Sonic and knocking him to the ground. As Sonic falls, he's hit fully with the trophy gun's arrow, thus becoming a trophy himself. Dark Samus snatches it and throws it backward to prevent others from getting to it, and continues firing.

Mario: Wait...I've got an idea.

As the arrow heads toward Mario, he reflects it with his cape. Dark Samus had no time to ponder such questions as to why a cape overpowered it, and was forced to dodge. The arrow destroyed the gun, thus throwing Dark Samus backward.

Dark Samus: =Gah! Ridley! Now!!=
Meta Ridley: =Right.=

Ridley roars, causing the brawlers to cover their ears in pain. The roar translates to:

Falcon: Oh no!
Ike: We're doomed!!!

A giant slab of meat lands in front of everyone.

Ermine: ........It's not very effective.
Lucario: =That DEFINITELY had no stab bonus.=
Dark Samus: *facepalm* =Let's get out of here.=

There's a bright flash of light, and Dark Samus and Meat Ridley vanish. The lair itself is gone, as is Sonic's trophy.
Falcon: YES!

Voice: =Oh, don't be so sure.=

Falcon: ...No?

Meta Ridley and Dark Samus come back down from above.

Falcon: Something smart. Now. Ermine, come here.

[Ermine, Falcon, Pikachu, Lucario, and Samus rush off]

DS: I'm just gonna stay here to see what hap--


DS: ...Wow.

Lucario: =I really think this is a bad idea..= *aura spheres Dark Samus*
Ermine: Come on! You even got to be the blue one!! *Bites at Ridley's tail*
Pikachu: <Guess what, Ridley? Electric's good against flying.> *Zap*
Ridley: *ROAR*
Pikachu: <Ooh, and I got STAB bonus.>
Falcon: FALCONE...
Ermine: Ahem.
Falcon: Right. RANGER PAUNCH!
[Park Rangers start flying out of Falcon's arm]
Falcon: Good crap!
DS: It's no use! Out now!

BM: Why? They won't come...Oh, don't tell me.
Spat: Yep.
Fooby: This whole entire scene is based off another one of your dreams!?
Spat: Yep. Except the antagonist was a guy named Dave Williams, not King K. Ro--
Fooby: Get more creative.
Spat: You're jealous of my dreams.
[Ceiling starts caving in]
Spat: ...I don't remember this part. Up the staircase then?
[The brawlers are forced to run upward instead of down, due to the ceiling beam creating a blockade in front of them.]

In other news, Spat has developed severe pain in his wrist and must stop now. This keyboard actually reads, "To reduce risk of serious injury, read Safety & Comfort guide

I'm in a lot of pain though. Sorry. Gotta stop

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That format makes the story a hell of a lot easier to read, especially IMO, considering that I tend to get lost in large walls of text. And I have less of an urge to skim through it as is.

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Many apologies to that sudden ending. I don't know where that pain came from. o.o

Anyway, to finish that off.

Chapter 14, Part 3
Fooby: Grah, when do we be stop nao?
Spat: K. Rool and Ray should be after us soon.
Fooby: But...ok, right.

As the brawlers and users turned the corner, K. Rool's swooping figure passed by above the staircase.

Magic: ...'k. Foobs, can you warp us to where the other dudes are?

**Cue Warp**
So thus, all brawlers and users were gathered where Ridley's lair had once been; save Dr. Mario and Meta Knight. Captain Falcon still doesn't know where they air.

Falcon: WHERE!? *looks under his shoe*
Mario: ...
Wolf: Woot.
Spat: Gah, I can't do this at midnight.

Suddenly, a cartoon version of Luigi's mansion crops up in front of everyone.

BM: Hey, that wasn't too bad.
Spat: Hm...maybe my mind goes into weird spasms of recongesture and stuff, thus falling back upon all the crap I've learned and throwing sentence structure into awkward combinations.
SpazzyPeanut: ....Whats recongesture?
Spat: I have absolutely no idea, it just sounded cool.

**Guys, forgive me if that's actually a word. I'm sorry.**

Everyone enters Mama Luigi's mansion.

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Lol good stuff XD

Title: Re: My uninteresting combination of SSBB and Users...Extravaganza?
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Sorry about that total randomness. I had absolutely no idea what I was writing. I again blame the car ride <_<

Next chapter within a couple days.

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Post by: Adol the Red on 30 June, 2008, 01:44:53 pm

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When did Sawnik come back?

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Chapter 15
UF: Gasp
Ermine: Gasp
Spat: I remembered to write again.
Adol: I'm bac--
Sonic: Yay!
[Massive explosion]
Sonic: Yay!
Spat: Now that that's over.

Now the brawlers and users after a two week hiatus of existing walk along the dreary hallway of the mansion up a spiraling green marble staircase (what) into the master bedroom.

Mama Luigi: I am in the bedroom.
Toon Link: I wonder if this guy is related to me.
Mama Luigi: LINK. I...am your mother.
TL: :O
Mario: :O
Luigi: ...No, please no.
Link: What are you doing?
TL: Don't you get it? I'm now pointlessly evil to add to the severe lack of villains!!
Spat: Gah!! My entire mind is melting..
Magic: I tHInk tHIS cHApteR MIGHT BE hard to UNdeRSTAND

King K. Rool, Ridley, Dark Samus, and Rayquaza suddenly burst through the wall.

Fooby: Oh teh noez!
Rayquaza: im no fish
Fooby: What?
Spat: I don't even know. Stop breaking the fourth wall and pretend we're normal! WE NOW GO TO THE SORT OF SERIOUS PART OF THE STORY

[lights go off]
[lights go on]

Ridley: ...
Mario: Since when could he talk?
Link: Since when did you lose your accent?

DK starts beating the crap out of Ridley.

Ermine: Hey Pikachu.
Pikachu: Pikaaaa?
Ermine: Dark Samus looks like a water Pokemon.
Pikachu: Pikachu...
Ermine: ...STAB?
Pikachu: PIKA!

[Poke ^5]

Pikachu: PIKAAA...
Dark Samus:  ???
Mario: Hwaaaaaa!!
Link: Hyurg...
Spat: *perch*
Adol: *fixes wall*
GSD: *explodes*
Bowser: RAWR
Meta Knight: BEHOLD
Kirby: Hi.
[Insert a ton of dust and explosion]
[Dust clears]

Everything is somehow still normal. Everyone's OK except DK, laying on the floor in pain, and Spat, asleep on Ridley's head.

Ermine: It's time for...
Sonic: WUT

[Gogogo Power Rangers]

Ermine: YAY
Mario: How the heck did you guys survive all that?
Mama Luigi: Simple.


Mama Luigi: We're immune to physical attack and everything, only psychics can defeat that barrier.
Mario: Not a problem! Mewt--...Oh.
Mama Luigi: I lol'd.
Rayquaza: I'm still not a fish
Sasori: I am in the bathroom
Spat: *wakes up* O_o

Everyone looks at Ness, Lucas, and Lucario.

Lucario: =Right, I have a tea party to be at. *runs away*
Ness: ...Ok.
Lucas: *trips*

Rayquaza twisted through the air, biting at Ness. Ness dodged nimbly and used PK fire, catching Rayquaza's tail. Rayquaza roared in pain and turned around.


Everyone warps outside the mansion

Mama Luigi: That's better, resume fighting please.

Spat flies from Ridley desperately, who snatches with claw and tooth. Spat takes something out of his pocket.

Ridley: O_o
Spat: Lul, a smash ball. However, I can't break it in this--YIPE *flies*

Mama Luigi spawns bagels from under his hat at throws them toward Samus. Samus goes into morph ball and rolls under, then shoots her grapple beam. Mama Luigi dodges and throws a baby Yoshi.

Mama Luigi: mindgamez
Samus: Hu--

Mama Luigi kicks Samus in the head, damaging her power suit's helmet. She tries to fix it as Mama Luigi attacks GSD.

GSD: N...No!! I'm your biggest fan!!

[Ermine, Falcon, Pikachu, and Lucario don body suits and attack King K. Rool, who attempts to fend them off with boxing gloves]
Captain Falcon: FALCONE...
K. Rool: TRY DOING A SOMERSAULT *hits button on pad next to him*

Galleom, Porky, and Duon burst out from below ground. Pikachu, Ermine, and Lucario go flying through the air, and the three bosses hit the ground, causing a huge tremor.

Galleom: IT'S OVER 9000
Duon: ...Don't...don't hurt me...

K. Rool: *watches Ermine and the Pokemon* Ahahahahaha! HAHAHA! H...w...wait. Weren't there 4 of...oh crap.
Falcon: *behind K. Rool* PAAAAAAAUNCH
[K. Rool flies into a mass of users attacking Mama Luigi and knocks them over]
Adol: >8U
SA2: >8U
SA2: What?
Jawo: I do have my priorities..
Spat: I have a feeling this will suit you guys better and throw everything in turmoil...

Spat stops flying and plummets toward the ground, then releases the smash ball.

GSG: You rigged this to be the hero!!
Spat: No, Adol gave this to me right when we left.
911: ???
Spat: You'll see.

Spat does a barrel roll to avoid the oncoming Ridley and flies away. Suddenly, Toon Link grabs the smash ball.

Unreal: *was fighting Toon Link* ...Uh oh...
Toon Link: >=D

Toon Link tries to use his final smash. Unreal braces himself and feels no pain.

Unreal: ...lolwut?

Toon Link is somehow doing the Triforce Slash to his own face.


Toon Link falls over unconscious.

Dedede: Ahma throwing mah lazer!!!
Judg: No.
Dedede: Waddle dees!!

Waddle dees start coming out of Dedede's sleeve. Finally, he spawns a smash ball.

Mama Luigi: How?
Judg: We put Smash balls on none.
ML: Grr....
Dedede: But dis ain't no ordinary smash ball.

Dedede eats the smash ball. Suddenly, everyone gets smash powers!

Magic: Ooh. Epic Ninja Turtle go?
Mama Luigi: Foolish fool! I told you that won't work!
Dedede: No one expects...

Mewtwo floats up out of a river.

Rayquaza: IT'S A FISH!?!?!??!?
Mewtwo: So I didn't die when I fell. But my power level is too far under 9000 to do much more. So.

Everyone goes into slow motion.

Mario: Whaaaaaaaaat?
Mewtwo: It's for the dramatic effect.
GSD: *explodes*
K. Rool: ...Why did I want to do a barrel roll?
Rayquaza: Am I fish?
Mewtwo: Barrier lifted.

Mewtwo falls back into the river.

Mario: *looks at Mama Luigi*
Link: I lol'd.


DK: I can play the drums.
Lucas: PK...

Dust clears again.
K. Rool is down. Rayquaza is down. Toon Link's been down. Mama Luigi is severely injured. Ridley twitches, and is down on the ground. Dark Samus is down. GSD explodes. We're still in slow motion. DK walks up to Ridley.

DK: Groo.
Ridley: *twitch*
DK: *beats the crap out of Ridley and walks away*

Mama Luigi attempts to struggle to his feet.

ML: Augh...I...


ML: Well, crap.






Me: Writing
You guys: Supporting
You guys: Ideas
GSD: Ideas, exploding
JT: Ninja turtles
Me: Posting
Me: Breaking the fourth wall
Me: Existing
Me: ^5?

Title: Re: My uninteresting combination of SSBB and Users...Extravaganza?
Post by: Zigzagoon on 10 July, 2008, 04:16:54 pm
What the... My ending was lame. PROTEST!!!


Title: Re: My uninteresting combination of SSBB and Users...Extravaganza?
Post by: GSD on 11 July, 2008, 10:14:15 am

Title: Re: My uninteresting combination of SSBB and Users...Extravaganza?
Post by: Dusty Starr on 12 July, 2008, 04:01:41 pm
Just got around to reading this, and it was awesome.  Good job spat.

Also the fact that I was in it was a nice plus.

Title: Re: My uninteresting combination of SSBB and Users...Extravaganza?
Post by: Judgment Angel Zero on 22 July, 2008, 11:29:19 pm
It's over.


Title: Re: My uninteresting combination of SSBB and Users...Extravaganza?
Post by: Gotenks on 14 August, 2008, 11:23:51 am
Ill read this after :D