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13 June, 2024, 08:39:10 am
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 on: 31 August, 2021, 09:21:55 am 
Started by Random - Last post by Random
I've been annoyed at this site ever since my theme changer stopped working. It's not the same without the Christmas theme.
Also the read/unread indicators seem to be broken on the front page.

Anyway, what have I done since I was playing Sekiro in April.

A whole season of Destiny came and went. Now we're in the second week of a 6-month season leading up to Witch Queen. So far, so good.

I also played through the whole Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Those games hold up for the most part. I tried being less of a cop this time but still was mostly Paragon. Successfully romanced someone this time around, so that alone made replaying worthwhile. Also I didn't realize this, but there's a backstory where Shepard's mom is alive and you get to talk to her like once a game. There were a few small things like that I found this time around.

After that, I picked up Darkest Dungeon. A streamer I follow had been playing it a fair bit, and I've always had a passing interest in the game, but never picked it up for some reason. I want to go on record as saying that game rules. I should be nearing the end of my first playthrough. I've got 2 region bosses left and then 2 more missions in the DD. Hasn't been a flawless run by any means, but I've mostly avoided catastrophe. I might try playing Stygian or Bloodmoon next time. Maybe.

That's pretty much it. Apex probably fills in any gaps in my gaming otherwise.

Also watched Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and the EVA rebuilds, and I'm keeping up with MHA even though I feel like that show is getting progressively dumber. There's some stuff that keeps me watching, but I dunno. It might lose me depending on how the season wraps up.

 on: 31 August, 2021, 09:06:24 am 
Started by ganonfloyd - Last post by Random
Why hasn't Strive landed for you?

Looking forward to talking Eva during our next Dark Souls session

 on: 30 August, 2021, 07:20:48 pm 
Started by ganonfloyd - Last post by ganonfloyd
dang its been awhile, this was the first time i typed in "br" into the search bar and autofill didn't do the rest so that's gotta be a record for me

I have been playing mostly fighting games and Age of Empires games, one of which I play against other people. I have never been confident enough in my RTS skills to play anyone other than friends in AoE, despite it being a series I love. The fourth one is coming out soon, and with my brother moving back to New Jersey I will have access to an Xbox One again and thus will have access to AoEIV. I hope its good. My friend has been playing a lot of Strive and making real headway in it, which has put me in a tough spot. I don't really like Strive, and I don't like having the role reversed (normally I am the one winning the vast majority of our fighting game sojourns) but I don't want to quit on him because he is into the game and dropping out for any reason seems like an act of cowardice, even if the game doesn't really speak to me. Here's hoping KoF XV will swing things around. I have been playing a ton of Virtua Fighter V which is the surest sign of any that I am getting old. I'm decent at it. Hovering around level 23-24 with Goh and a win percentage in the high 50s/low 60s. I have a sort of settled technique and approach to most fights, but every now and then while messing around a new move sort of opens up to me. I don't think I will ever truly be amazing, but its fascinating to approach and I get less mad when I lose at this than other games. My above mentioned friend and I have talked about going to EVO next year. Maybe I will lose in the first round of an off main stage VF tournament just to say I did it.

I watched the Rebuild movies finally and somehow avoided knowing anything about them going into them. I enjoyed them all quite a bit and the fourth movie is possibly the best Evangelion has ever been. That's probably my anime watching covered for a year or so.

24 Hour Horrorthon is coming back in the first weekend of November. Last year it didn't happen obviously, but I knew that even before the pandemic. I truly missed it, and now I am terrified of it getting cancelled again. Its been hard to navigate the post-vaccine pandemic honestly. I was about as okay with the stay at home rules as anyone could be, but now that things were supposed to be better before the delta variant and everything, I feel confused. I still wear a mask and mostly avoid things, but everywhere and everyone else it my life seems to have just moved on and don't care. I've gone to a few wrestling shows and nothings happened, but the balance of "I should still not be doing anything" and "I have wasted a year of my life and will relax now that I am vaccinated" are constantly causing friction against one another.

In other news, I have become obsessed with the Legion of Super-Heroes. I needed some sort of reading project at the start of the year and bought some digital collections. It is well known that thanks to a ton of characters and history and three (four now?) fucking reboots have made it completely impenetrable to a casual fan, so I just started at the beginning. Its so dense and filled with weird scifi stuff. I've been collecting the actual issues which I don't normally do. It feels like the last frontier of a superhero universe; I don't know if I will ever feel that amazing feeling of jumping into something with so much history and lore and trying to figure it out. Its thrilling.

I've been thinking about getting a fish tank. I need a new hobby and have exhausted most of the available nerd stuff (comics, games, wrestling, DND, its all done.) My friend decided to get into drum machines and the like but I don't have much musical talent so I've half convinced myself to try keeping a bunch of organisms alive instead.

 on: 26 August, 2021, 02:37:03 am 
Started by HyperOmar - Last post by HyperOmar
Man, who would have guessed being a decent person on the internet would be so rewarding.

 on: 01 June, 2021, 10:10:21 pm 
Started by Maniac - Last post by Maniac
Beat Nioh 2. Pretty fun game, hard as nails. I had a bunch of stuff in my build like a stun cancel and a slow down spell that I honestly can't think of as anything but cheating and I still died at least once to pretty much every boss. Still, I enjoyed it a decent bit, which is more than Bloodborne and every single "inspired by Dark Souls" game out there.

Bought Spyro: Reignited Trilogy as well. Overall a much better-handled remaster than the Crash one, feels generally authentic to the game and not very clunky like that one. Probably the only thing wrong with it is that gliding feels harder in the first game, before they added a hover extension in Spyro 2 -- I think they balanced gliding with hover instead because every jump in Spyro 2 felt right. 100%'d the first two games and now that Nioh 2 is out of the way, I'll probably move on to the third soon.

Also bought some Kingdom Hearts package that has the first two games among a constellation of side games I never touched, but I dunno when I'll go deep into that.

 on: 14 May, 2021, 10:14:47 am 
Started by Maniac - Last post by ganonfloyd
I played a little bit into the first one and could never really get into it. A friend of mine swore up and down it had the best combat system of any game he ever played.

 on: 11 May, 2021, 08:07:38 pm 
Started by Maniac - Last post by Maniac
2 chapters into Nioh 2. Never played the first Nioh, skipped to this because CHARACTER CREATION

been streaming it for a friend to make him happier. I just did a boss I hated, but overall this is probably the best soulslike I've played so far.

 on: 02 May, 2021, 10:27:00 pm 
Started by ganonfloyd - Last post by ganonfloyd
oh hey i did p5r its finally done after what felt like an eternity, new stuff was rad and i fused lucifer then proceeded to not use him for the final fight

A buddy of mine very generously bought me a copy of Nier Replicant so I feel obligated to put that up front in the docket. But there's also a new R-Type game which I am doing very badly at. Why are they still making video games, stop that there's too many of them.

 on: 02 May, 2021, 05:52:54 pm 
Started by Maniac - Last post by Maniac
ok i take back what I said about crash n. sane trilogy, holy **** this just feels like **** in every single way

 on: 29 April, 2021, 12:28:23 pm 
Started by Maniac - Last post by Maniac
only played a bit of code vein so far. I replaced my computer and have been making up for lost time with it. However, I also bought:

- Crash N. Sane Trilogy: Beat Crash 1 so far. My favorite thing about this is how people constantly said jumping felt bad in this game, and the actual reason for that is because they only played Crash 1 where jumping was absolutely awful in the original game too and they completely preserved that awful feeling. They preserved it so hard that when you move around in Crash 2, you can notice the difference because the game moves incredibly weirdly because the engine speed and models were clearly calibrated to Crash 1's movement and not adapted to 2 or 3. but yeah crash 1 is a terrible game, can't wait to play 2 and 3 which are way better
- Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory: hey let's play another digimon game. this one is a normal rpg so that's cool right. it has a million digimon in it and systems to make a bunch so the cool thing so far is just seeing what's in the game through trial and error. it's okay so far I guess

also tales of vesperia hd and dragon's dogma: dark arisen for the ps4 (because I can't get audio on my tv so I don't want to play my ps3 right now). i'll probably replay dark arisen again soon because I really like that game, but I dunno when I'll get to tales of vesperia which I never beat because my 360 disc was incredibly shitty and gave out halfway

also I've been watching a guy marathon the kingdom hearts series and covid evidently gave me enough brain damage that it's made me want to buy the trilogy for $25 but I haven't given in to that

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