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My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board

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Author Topic: My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board  (Read 1335 times)
« on: 20 June, 2007, 09:29:39 pm »

**Chapter 1: a new cast-away**

~It was daytime in the city of Brawl. It was a rather calm day today. The Trolls were probably still sleeping in their hideouts, while the citizens were trying desperately to repair the Cafe. Suddenly, the sirens go off.

BlueAnnihilator: *looks out his window to the city gate* Well, looks like some new people are coming here today…

~Across the street…

SA2: *opens his door and walks out* hmm……*sees Blue* Well, I’m goin’ over there to “greet” our new friends. You gonna just stay in your condo?
Blue: Pfft. I ain’t afraid of the Mods. I run this city, don’t I?
SA2: yea, sure you do…….
Blue: What was that?
SA2: nothing, I said the Mods smell like poo…C’mon. We’re gonna miss them get kicked off the plane!

~They, and some other people, run to the city gates to watch the Mods “drop” off some people in the city. The Mods (also known as the Corrupt Law of the World of GameFAQs) dump off people who are seen as troublemakers at this once prestigious city, as a punishment for their actions. Transporter Planes come at least once a week to banish these people.
~As the plane flies overhead above the lake near the city….

Mod 1: Ok, who’s the first to jump? *he opens the side door*
Mod 2: I think this one wants to go first. He is obviously shaking with eagerness!
Sasori: N..no….I don’t want to….
Mod 2: Ok then, off you go!! *grabs Sasori and chucks him out of the plane*
Mod 3: *pulls out a gun* ALRIGHT! Everyone, GET OUT OF HERE!!!
Just_eat_it: Don’t tell me twice!! *jumps out*
JudgmentAngel: AAHH!! *runs out of the plane*
*a few others “willingly” jump out of the plane*

~as they jump out, one of them trips on a crooked floor panel and falls to the floor…..

Mod 3: *kicks him in the face* GET YOUR FILTHY ASS OFF OF MY PLANE!!! *throws him out and takes a shot at him, barely scratching the banished one’s arm*

~The plane flies off, as the exiled ones land in the lake and swim to shore, right outside the city gates…
…as the exiled swim to the shore…….

Just_eat_it: Jeez……*stands up*….where the hell are we?
Adol_the_red: Who cares? It’s a lot better than being in jail….
JudgmentAngel: *panting* They had frickin’ guns, man!!
Adol_the_red: *remembers something* Hey, I heard a gunshot! *looks back into the lake*

~they all see someone in the water having trouble swimming…

Sasori: Hey, we better help him!
Adol_the_red: Why?
Sasori: ummmm, because it’s the nice thing to do?
Adol_the_red: Ha! You think we’d be here if we did the nice things??

~as they argue about whatever………..
~by the city gates…..

SA2: wow, they look pretty weak.
Blue: Heh. Compared to me, they are!
SA2: >_>…………
Devicho: *sees the person in the water* Hey, look! *points* I think he’s bleeding on his shoulder!
SA2: No wonder he can’t swim…….
YamataDemon: Ha. Maybe the piranhas will get him!
Blue: Yea. He’s screwed.
Devicho: What? You guys are asses, you know that?
SA2: Hey, I didn’t say much….

~meanwhile, after the arguing died down…

Sasori: Whatever. I’m going to help!
Just_eat_it: I’m going, too!

~the two rush into the lake to aid the injured swimmer to the shore, just in time.

Sasori: Dude, you don’t look so hot……
Adol_the_red: *insert joke about the cold water here*
Jawo’ (yea, it was me…): sweet jesus……..I nee…ed a towel….

~back at the gates……

Yamata: Darn, another pest in the city I guess….
Blue: Hey, they’re coming this way.

~the Exiled pass through the gate and see the few citizens near

SA2: Hello. Nice day for a swim?
JudgmentAngel: *throws a rock at SA2’s foot* <_<…..
SA2: I take that as a no……Anyways. My name is SA2. This here is BlueAnnihilator, and over here is Devicho.
Yamata: I’m Yamata. Stay out of my business, and we’ll have no trouble, got it?
Devicho: Hey, you! That shoulder doesn’t look good. I think you should go to HouseCallDoc’s home.
Jawo’: Sure. No needles, please…..

~Devicho escorts Jawo’ to HouseCallDoc’s home.

JudgmentAngel: So, where the hell are we?
Blue: You are in my kingdom, dear people! I call this place “the SSBB board”!
SA2: A-hem, let me tell them…….
Blue: Good idea. They must earn the privilege to hear my voice!
SA2: This city used to be a more relaxing place. But recently, we’ve had trouble with trolls. We think that our “true” ruler had merely dismissed our city as a place to dump law-breakers. You see, It’s not all that easy to just leave this place, so I suggest you find out who you can trust here. I am one of these people, but be warned, that we abide by our own law here. I hope to see you all alive in the next couple of days, as the fresher meat usually have more drive for our cause.
Sasori: Your cause?
SA2: We are at war with the trolls. BUT, we are also having a struggle with the MODS ourselves. They have forsaken us, and do not care for our well being. Take a look. Buildings are demolished, and they refuse to help us repair them. Many of us are lacking protection form the trolls. The only one they seem to show favor for is Blue here….
Blue: Hey. I’m as important as they come.
SA2: Anyway, why don’t you let me show you around the city….er….what’s still standing in the city….
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