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My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board

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Author Topic: My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board  (Read 1335 times)
« on: 20 June, 2007, 09:30:04 pm »

**Chapter 2: The Tour**

~SA2 is showing the new people around the city…

SA2: So, I’m curious. Why were you all sent here anyway?
JudgmentAngel: I pushed a brick wall on someone because he made fun of my hair.
Adol_the_red: I went streaking all through the city of the Halo2 Board.
Sasori: I accidentally threw up on a Mod.
Just_eat_it: ….uh, I saw that happen. I ended up doing the same thing…. *shudders* ….just gross, man.
SA2: Well, that seems like hardly any reason to be so severely punished….But…you are here now, and you can’t do much about it. I do hope that you intend to behave a little better here.
Adol_the_red: Why should we? What will they do? Arrest us and make us jump from the plane again into that same lake??
JudgmentAngel: Yea. This is supposed to be our severe punishment. What worse can they do?
SA2: Oh trust me. They can, and WILL do worse. You see, anyone in this city is on their last chance. If the Mods don’t like what you are doing, it’s over. They will kill you where you stand.
The 4 new people: *gasp*
SA2: But don’t get me wrong. Over half the time, Mods aren’t even around, which is why we suffer greatly from troll invasions. The Mods may kill the trolls, but they just keep coming back. We don’t know how they do it.

~SA2 and the others keep walking through the city……

SA2: Ah, here we are. This building is….or …..was the Café. It’s mostly just a hangout spot. People usually come here to eat.

~They walk down a block…

SA2: This here is the Lounge. Somehow, the Lounge has its own laws and the Mods can’t enforce anything in there. I expect it to be blown up within an hour or so…..

~A person crashes out of a window of the Lounge…..

DarkXDizi: *hits the ground* Grrrr. Shadow, I’m gonna kick your ass for that! *he runs through the front door with a baseball bat*
SA2: Moving along……

~A chair flies through the same window….

SA2: Moving along QUICKLY!

~they come to a small neighborhood…..

SA2: Over here is where all of our houses are. There are a few vacant ones, so you should go see the Landlord about………

~A mob of people is seen and heard in the distance…
SA2: Oh no. They’re here! *pulls out transmitter* Killer_Spatula, Mazzamatt, Raizor_Blaid!! I need you at the village front NOW!!

~Meanwhile, at HouseCallDoc’s home…

Devicho: Here we are.
Jawo’: Thanks. *walks in*
HouseCallDoc: Well, hello. *sees Jawo’s shoulder* Wow, compared to my last patient, you got lucky. Something about a baseball bat…..anyway, come sit down and I’ll stitch you up.

~back at the village…

Raizor_Blaid: What’s the situation?
SA2: The trolls are back! We need to defend the neighborhood before they run over the houses!
Mazzamatt: Right!
Killer_Spatula: We’re on it!

~Mazzamatt and Killer_Spatula begin setting up some explosives while Raizor_Blaid Rushes into Melee combat. What looks to be the Troll general comes forth.

PhoenixRuler: Gordondarf and WizdomKube, FRONT AND CENTER!!!
Gordondarf: Hehe, can I moon him?
WizdomKube: No, lets just throw these NOOB! Pies at him!
PhoenixRuler: I don’t care what you do, just destroy them all!!

~BlueAnnihilator, along with some of his followers arrive…

Mariomanrevived: Blue, those trolls are gonna destroy our homes!
Blue: No they won’t. As soon as they look at me, they will freeze in their tracks and behold my awesomeness!
Mariomanrevived: Then we can attack them, right?
Blue: Exactly!!

~Raizor_Blaid is rushing towards WizdomKube…

Raizor: AAAARRGH!!!!! *draws a katana*
WizdomKube: Hey, I can draw, too!!! *draws on a piece of paper*
Raizor: *slices the paper in half, along with one of Wizdom’s fingers*
WizdomKube: *cries*
Raizor: *kicks Wizdom in the gut so hard that Wizdom flies backwards into Gordondarf*
SA2: You two ready yet?
Mazzamatt: Almost!
PhoenixRuler: AAH!! You two are worthless! Fine, I’ll take you on myself! *draws a sword*

~ Raizor and Phoenix engage combat. Meanwhile….

Killer_Sptula: Finished.
SA2: Fire away! *yells…* RAIZOR, RETREAT!!!
Raizor: *runs back*
PhoenixRuler: Ha, coward!! *looks up to see a missile coming down towards him and his group*  ……crap. *runs away* LET’S GET OUTTA HERE!!!!

~the missile explodes, killing a few of the trolls while the others high-tail back to their cave.

JudgmentAngel: Hey, SA2. Can I join in this fight?
Adol_the_red: Yea, me too!
Sasori: I want to, too. I have nothing else to do here….
Just_eat_it: same here.
SA2: I was hoping you would ask to! Come, follow me. I will take you to our base. *they head off*
Blue: Awww, they didn’t get to see my awesomeness…….
Mariomanrevived: That’s ok, they weren’t worthy to.
Blue: Of course!!
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