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My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board

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Author Topic: My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board  (Read 1335 times)
« on: 20 June, 2007, 09:30:26 pm »

**Chp. 3: The Base (are belong to us)**

~At HouseCallDoc’s home…

Jawo’: *all stitched up* Thanks, doc. *gives HouseCallDoc a carrot*
HouseCallDoc: >_> ……….Don’t make me charge you for this visit!
Jawo’: Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Anyway, I should probably go find those other dudes I came here with. Thanks again. *walks out*

~Meanwhile, SA2 Has led the others to a Double-Steel Reinforced building….

SA2: Ah, here we are. Let’s go in and I’ll introduce you to everyone here. *leads the group inside the base*

~They walk into the operations room…..

Adol_the_red: Hey, isn’t that that one Blue fellow?
Blue: Oh, you’re here.
SA2: Blue, what are you doing here?

~Missing_My_Head walks near…

MMH: I let him in. He said that he had something important to give us.
SA2: Oh really? What is it?
Blue: I made a shelf.

~Dead Silence for 10 or so seconds…..

Blue:…….you can use it to put all of your vital information on!

~NinjorzZ walks near…

NinjorzZ: I agree with you, Blue!
SA2: NinjorzZ, shut up. Missing, can I …*cough* Ahem……Discuss something with you in private? Duprav, can you show my guests around?
MMH: uh, sure. *discusses*
Duprav: Yea, sure. Follow me people.

~They follow…..

Duprav: This here is GameBeaten. He monitors suspicious Mod activity. He’s responsible of the sirens going off when they decide to swing by our city.

~GameBeaten Waves….

Duprav: Over there…*points to two men near some animal cages*…is Silver_Ermine and Snaketheserpent. Those two can communicate with their respective animals, Snakes and Ermines.
Snaketheserpent: *walks up* Hi. Yea, what me and my buddy over here usually do is have our animal friends venture out to the hideouts of the trolls and let us know of any important going-ons with them.
Silver_Ermine: *walks up* Yea. We used to have them tag along near the Mods to find out what they are planning, but we recently stopped that activity because of an unfortunate incident where we tried to have the snakes hijack one of their planes….
Duprav: *cough* Ahem…I think that’s enough for now…going on ahead….

~They come to a room with cool gadgets in it…

Duprav: *pulls out transmission device* Where is Killer_Spatula?
Killer_Spatula: *walks up behind Duprav* Right here!
Duprav: AH! Jeez…..anyway, I want you to sort these newbies out with some of your fancy gear, ok? I have to find the app. forms for them.
Killer_Spatula: K. *hands out some transmission devices* Use these for when you see anything dangerous or suspicious around. We also have a range of weapons here; swords, hammers, exploding pop rocks, and even some pictures of Blue to scare trolls away!
Blue: I heard that!!! *leaves*
Killer_Spatula: Well, go ahead, take your pick.
Just_eat_it: *takes pop-rocks and a hammer*
Adol_the_red: *takes a long-blade*
JudgmentAngel: *takes curved-sword and a rock he found on the floor*
Sasori: hmm……..*takes a lighter and 4 pictures of Blue*
Duprav: *walks back with applications* Ok, we have some specific jobs that need people to do them. I hope you can fill these shoes…*hands out apps.*
Just_eat_it: I can be pretty sneaky……*signs up to be a mod scout*
Adol_the_red: I wanna kick some ass! *signs up as a troll fighter*
JudgmentAngel: I could kick more ass than you. *signs up as a troll fighter*
Sasori: well…..I do have quite the knack of making little trinkets…..*signs up as Killer_Spatula’s intern*
Duprav: Good! Now that all of this is settled, all of you have an assignment!!
All 4 at the same time: YAY!!
Duprav: *hands them some planks and nails* I need you to help repair our Café!
All 4 at the same time: Awwww!!
Duprav: You will meet with a person named Fooby_Kamikaze. He will let you know what is needed to be done.


Jawo’: Woah, wonder if they are in here? *enters the building of the Geno Alliance*
DemonShadowBolt: …….yes, we are finally making them realize Geno’s chances in Brawl everyone!
*crowd cheers*

~Blue walks in….

Blue: Geno sucks!!
DSB: Oh No, He’s BACK!!!! *a flame war breaks out*
Jawo’: well, I’m tired…..*sits down and starts roasting some marshmallows on a flame that just appeared*

~As pop cans and spitballs are thrown left and right, in the distance……

Izzypar: just great. We gotta leave now, loungers. GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!
Jawo’: Hmmm?
Izzypar: Hey, you! Come with us before something bad happens!
Jawo’: I don’t like choppers….
Izzypar: Suit yourself. We’re only flying over to the next building to the left!! *leaves on DA CHOPPA with some others*
Jawo’: I wonder…..*gets up and walks out of the building as Blue and DSB are still arguing*
Blue: Hey, look! It’s Pinocchio!
Blue: He sure as hell ain’t a real boy!
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