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My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board

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Author Topic: My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board  (Read 1335 times)
« on: 20 June, 2007, 09:31:15 pm »

**Chp. 5: Business Picks Up**

~Magic4224 signals the other 4 with him to commence attack. Bloodmage3 guides them to the ground via levitation while Magic stays on the roof and attempts to cast more lightning at JoshCube, whom Fooby is still chasing. Heavens_Reaper and Gargravarr slash down at one troll as they land on the ground, killing him instantly. 911 tackles another troll straight to the ground and drills a spear right through him. Off in the distance……

MaxRebo: Damn. We weren’t quick enough. Looks like I’ll just have to kill some of them myself…*he runs into the fray*
Bloodmage3: *as he lands on the ground, he sees MaxRebo* Heh, I’ll take you on!

~Bloodmage3 sends a shockwave towards MaxRebo, causing him to lose balance and fall to the ground.

Fooby_Kamikaze: Get over here!!! *still chasing JoshCube*
Magic: Take this! *casts a lightning bolt directly in front of JoshCube as he runs right into it*
JoshCube: *BZZZT* AHH!!!!!! *falls to the ground*
Magic: Ha, direct hit!
Fooby_Kamikaze: *finally catches up to JoshCube as he tries to get back up and dropkicks him back to the ground, knocking him unconscious*

~As two trolls run towards Heavens_Reaper, he stabs them both at once with his blade, and flings them off of it into another group of trolls running to attack 911.

911: Thanks, man. *punches a troll in the face*
Heavens_Reaper: No proble…ugh!!! *gets hit in the back by another troll*
Gargravarr: No!! *runs at the troll and spin-slashes at him* You ok?
Heavens_Reaper: *on his knees, holding his back* I’ll be…fine. Just keep fighting…BEHIND YOU!!

~Gargravarr turns around, and a troll almost cuts off his head, but out of nowhere, a fireball lands on the troll’s hair, causing him to run in panic.

Sasori: I’m not just gonna sit on the sidelines, you know….
Gargravarr: Thanks, kid. C’mon, let’s finish this guys!!
911: *picks up one of the dead trolls’ blades, now wielding two* I’m ready.

~Meanwhile, at the lounge…

Jawo’: *walks into the game room with his new look* Hey there everyone.
Strike Alpha: *looks away from his Gundam Game* Cool.
Izzypar: Likin’ the hat!
DarkXDizi: Meh, needs more dark colors.
Shadow_Solder: You always say that! *throws a hockey puck at Dizi*
Jawo’: So, can I get a drink or something?
Izzypar: Sure, hang on. *puts on bartender suit* So, what can I get ya?
Jawo’: Uh, you got any Sprite?
DarkXDizi: Hey! No slashing! *whips a hockey stick at Shadow_Solder, whom he is playing Hockey with now*
Terrormokes: *shrugs, then puts on referee outfit* Ok you two. I want a good, clean fight.
CujoEtner: Ooh!! *sets up a lawn chair and grabs some popcorn*

~As the hockey brawl goes underway, someone crashes through the window.

Revolution636: Hahaha, time to tear this place down!!
DarkXDizi: ****!
Shadow_Solder: You piece of ****, LEAVE US ALONE!!!
Terrormokes: *blows whistle* OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE, #636!!!
CujoEtner: *starts booing and throwing popcorn at Revolution*

~Back at the Café battle….
~911 and Gargravarr rush into combat again. Judgment and Adol follow up closely behind. Sasori stays behind and protects Heavens_Reaper from more trolls. Bloodmage and MaxRebo continue to face off….

MaxRebo: *gets up slowly after the shockwave from Bloodmage: Hey, I thought you were supposed to be a pyro?!
Bloodmage: Well, duh! I just figured it’s best not to start with such a predictable move!

~Bloodmage starts charging a light from his left hand as he throws a fireball with his right at MaxRebo. Max dodges the fireball, and starts to run to Bloodmage, unaware that his left hand has fully charged the light.

Bloodmage: Say goodnight. HEEYYAA!!!!!! *unleashes a bright fire beam right into MaxRebo, DBZ style*
MaxRebo: Oh noes, it’s t3h ph1r3!!!

~MaxRebo gets scorched by the beam. The attack lasts for about 4 seconds. Bloodmage looks into the dust as it settles, and sees MaxRebo still barely standing. He was trying to use a flame shield, but it gave way after the 3rd second. MaxRebo then drops to the ground.

Bloodmage: Success!

~Fooby walks near JoshCube, who is still unconscious and on the ground also. Fooby then proceeds to drag him across the battlefield to Bloodmage.

Fooby_Kamikaze: I have a present for you.
Bloodmage: We should let the new kid finish them off. He hasn’t done much in a while…..Hey you! Come here!! *points to Just_eat_it*
Just_eat_it: Yes?
Fooby_Kamikaze: Here’s a golf club. Take a swing at these two clowns please…
Just_eat_it: Ok!

~Just_eat_it swings at  JoshCube and MaxRebo, driving them into a mountain in the very far distance. The rest of the trolls notice this and begin to retreat. Magic, who is still on the Café rooftop, sends a storm cloud over the trolls as they run.
~Elsewhere, in a random point of this time…..

BlueAnnihilator: *in his condo, sipping some lemonade* Ahh, ‘tis good to be the ruler here.

~A random pedestrian walks by his condo and hears him say that.

randomguy44: I agree with you, Blue!
BlueAnnihilator: I never tire of that……oh, Hey! You don’t rule anything here!!
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