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My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board

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Author Topic: My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board  (Read 1335 times)
« on: 05 July, 2007, 11:39:26 pm »

**Chp. 7: Misunderstandings…**

~At the Lounge…
~Jawo’ walks out of the Lounge in search of the rest of his “fellow exiled”. He heads down the street…

Jawo’: Hmm, if I’m reading this map that Dizi gave me correctly, I have to take a left in two blocks.

~As he crosses the street to the next block, someone form behind him yells out to him.

Huh?: Hey you! STOP RIGHT THERE!!!
Jawo’: *turns around* Huh?
Huh?:You are under Arrest for trolling in the streets!! *pulls out a gun*
Jawo’: WHAT?! *looks closer and sees a uniform on the person that looks strangely familiar…..*
Oh great, it’s a stupid Mod!

~Jawo’ starts to run franticly as the Mod gives chase. Jawo’ takes a turn on the street corner, but then trips on the sidewalk, knocking his Chaos Emerald out of his pocket into the air.

Jawo’: Crap!
Mod: Stop, NOW, or I’ll shoot!!!

~Jawo’ keeps on running, but jumps up to grab his Chaos Emerald. As he touches it, he feels a surge of energy run though him just like when he first found it in the lounge. Right then, he disappears in front of the Mod’s eyes.

Mod: Where’d he go!?!

~A second later, Jawo’ re-appears 3 blocks down.

Jawo’: *confused and startled* What the he…*realizes what he just did*….no way….

~Jawo’ grins, then turns around and faces the Mod.

Mod: That’s it, I’ve had enough of your fooling around!! *aims his gun at Jawo’ and shoots*
Jawo’: Oh yea? *begins to feel more energy surge through him, still holding the Emerald* CHAOS CONTROL!!

~Jawo’ teleports away and avoids the bullet, then appears again right behind the Mod unnoticed. He then grabs the Mod’s leg and whips him into a nearby garage door, knocking him out cold.

Jawo’: Haha, this is frickin’ sweet!! See ya later, loser!

~Jawo’ pulls out the map again and chaos controls around the city in search of the Base where the others are.

~Meanwhile, at the very Base…

Sasori: GameSpot?
Gwaak: Yes, GameSpot.
JudgmentAngel: I’ve heard that name before…
Fooby: So, how is this information helpful to us?
GameBeaten: Well, there’s a little more to it. According to these documents, GameSpot was a world that actually stopped existing once CJayC affiliated with it.
Gwaak: Stopped existing in this dimension, at least. See now, GameSpot is merely an alternate world of GameFAQs. It’s like our two worlds are bizarro mirror images of each other, and these “GameSpotters” as we call them can travel between the dimension and stroll around in our world.
GameBeaten: The trolls are linked to the GameSpotters also, in the sense that most of them are one in the same.
SA2: So, how are we going to stop them?
GameBeaten: I’m afraid that’s impossible. But, we can prevent them from invading us, IF we can somehow convince the GameFAQs ruler CJayC to grant us a Divine Barrier to be placed in our city…

~All of a sudden, Jawo’ walks in the room escorted by Missing_My_Head…

MMH: Sir SA2, this man was asking to find you.
SA2: Wait, aren’t you that one fellow who…..yes you are!
Just_eat_it: It’s Jawo’!
SA2: Yes, Jawo’. Now Missing, could you go fetch MasterAhriman for me please?
MMH: K, hang on. *walks out of the room*

~Everyone in the room start to fill Jawo’ in on the going-ons, as he tells them what he has done also. 20 minutes later…

Jawo’: Mods, trolls, what’s the difference? They both don’t like anyone who isn’t one of them, and I am neither.
SA2: Yes, but there is a diff…
Jawo’: I don’t care. I’ll beat them all senseless if they mess with me. SA2, I want you to let me find this CJayC myself!
Everyone in the room, minus Jawo’ and SA2: *gasp*

~Missing_My_Head walks in the room with MasterAhriman trailing behind him.

SA2: Well then Jawo’, you will need to meet this guy. He is MasterAhriman.
Ahriman: Hello there. *waves to everyone in the room*
SA2: I was planning on sending someone to meet with CJayC himself anyway, and since you seem so eager, you will fill the position, Jawo’. This is also the reason I asked Ahriman to join us. See, he is the one who will journey with you to meet with someone who knows how to meet with CJayC. *turns to Ahriman* Do you remember the city of the Twilight Princess?
Ahriman: Why yes I do. It’s been a while since I’ve been there though.
SA2: Great. I would like you to bring Jawo’ here to the city border and find a person by the name of Agaranok. You remember him, right?
Ahriman:Oh, that fellow.
SA2: Yes, him. You two will sleep here for the night and take off at dawn.

~Jawo' and Ahriman walk out of the room.

MMH: Umm, SA2? Can I take my leave now? I accidentally broke Blue’s shelf and I need to fix it before he finds out.
SA2: Fine, you are dismissed. Now where was I?
Sasori: You were getting to the part where you were going to mention me out of nowhere?
SA2: Ah yes, the other new blood. First you, Sasori. As Jawo’ sets out to the Twilight Princess city, you are going to meet up with Killer_Spatula in the weapons & gadgets room. He will need your help in creating some parting gifts for Jawo’ and Ahriman.
Sasori: Great, I'll get right on it! *leaves*
Adol_the_Red: What will be my assignment?
SA2: Adol, you, JudgmentAngel, Fooby, and a couple more volunteers are going to go on a Troll raid tonight. It’s time we went on the offensive for once!
Judgment and Adol: Yay!!
SA2: You will meet up with Silver_Ermine and Snaketheserpent, and they will help you find some trolls to hunt down. Now off you go! *they leave*
Bloodmage3: I’ll volunteer to go with them.
Heavens_Reaper: Me too.
SA2: Alright. Off you go, too! *they leave also*
Just_eat_it: What about me?
SA2: Ah, good ol’ JEI. Can I call you that…..?
Just_eat_it: uh, sure…
SA2: You are going to partner up with GameBeaten and keep watch for Mods while Jawo’ and Ahriman leave the city from our lookout tower. The Mods don’t want anyone leaving, so we need to make sure they get out quietly.
GameBeaten: Ok then. JEI, follow me to the scouting area. *they walk out of the room*
SA2: …and that leaves you three, 911, Gargravarr, and Magic. I want you to remain in the city lands on citizen watch to keep the people safe. Oh, and keep your transmitters running incase something goes wrong. *looks out the window over the city horizon* For some reason, I’m sure it will…
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