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My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board

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Author Topic: My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board  (Read 1335 times)
« on: 21 July, 2007, 12:16:00 am »

**Chp. 8:  Night-time Shenanegins**

~As dusk sets upon the city of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl board, the city streets are eerily vacant with Mods in search of loiterers who are, in their eyes, breaking the Laws of trolling. In a familiar location on the street, an unknown lurker walks near a certain Mod who is unconscious by a garage door…

TheMissingLink: *notices the fallen Mod, and walks up to him* Woah, what happened here?

~TheMissingLink lifts up the Mod and vanishes in a flash of light, teleporting to a Mod base of his own. This catches the eye of SA2, who sees this light from a window inside the Base.

SA2: Perfect. We’ll see if this part of the plan works.
Duprav: See, I told you that leaving him there to be noticed would pay off. I’m positive that unfamiliar face is one of them.
SA2: You think he noticed the bug we put on the Mod?
Duprav: Nah. I just asked a random pedestrian to put it in his pants. TBizzle I think his name was…
SA2: Was he the RealTBizzle?
Duprav: I think he was a fake…

~BlueAnnihilator walks into the room unexpectedly.

Duprav: uhhh, What??
SA2: But Missing said he was going to fit it….

~Missing_My_Head walks in with some papers in hand…

MMH: Hey SA2, I have some letters from our Treasurer regarding his pay…*looks up and sees Blue* ….oh, crap.
Blue: ….YOU!!!

~Missing_My_Head bolts out of the room, chucking the papers in the air as Blue gives chase. SA2 and Duprav continue observing the city.
~Meanwhile, in the weapons & gadgets room, Sasori is mixing chemicals together while Killer_Spatula is in the other side of the room scrimmaging  through the storage closet.

Sasori: Hmmm, it needs some heat and the mixture is complete.
Killer_Spatula: *a trashcan lid falls on his head from the top shelf of the closet* Ow….ah, here it is! Sasori, once the chemical compound is finished, I want you to dump it into this water tank over here, along with this lid.
Sasori: uhh, ok? But I thought I was going to use it with this leather vest…
Killer_Spatula: Oh that…that goes in the tank as well. It’ll be fine.
Sasori: Ok then. I’ll just heat this over the open flame and the mix will be completed.

~As they continue their little project…
~Elsewhere in the base, in the kitchen…

Jawo’: So, Master_Ahriman, how do you know this Agaranok guy anyway?
Ahriman: Well you see, I am one of the people in this city that is not barred from leaving this place, as I have not gotten in trouble with the Mods. Before I ever came to this city, I used to live in the city of Twilight Princess.
Jawo’: *looking through the cupboard for food* Oh. Well go on, I’m listening…
Ahriman: Agaranok has established a living residence in a nearby cavern of sorts, close to a magma river by the city. He sometimes walks around Twilight Princess, but has also been seen in this city as well.
Jawo’: *now putting a pot roast in the oven* So, is he gonna like, fight me or something?
Ahriman: Funny you should bring that up. He doesn’t like anyone he doesn’t know, and luckily for you he knows me, otherwise he probably would like to tear you up.
Jawo’: …comforting to know…..
Ahriman: Hey, how did you learn to cook like this?
Jawo’: I’m not sure. Maybe it’s this cool chef hat I bought in the Lounge earlier.
Ahriman: You were inside the Lounge?!
Jawo’: Uh, yea. There something wrong with that?
Ahriman: …no, but I thought those people were insane. I’m surprised you didn’t end up like them.
Jawo’: What’s that supposed to mean? I thought that place was cool when I saw it. They even have free drinks in their own bar!

~As they talk more while the roast continues to *cough* roast…
~At the front door of the base, Fooby, Adol, and Judgment are hanging around just inside the lobby area….

Adol_the_Red: So, when are them two other dudes getting’ here?
Fooby: I think it will be a couple more minutes….

~Silver_Ermine and Snaketheserpent walk up to them…

JudgmentAngel: Ah, they’re here.
Silver_Ermine: Yes, we are. Are you all ready?
Judgment, Fooby, and Adol: *nods*
Snaketheserpent: Ok, let’s get this show on the road.

~Silver_Ermine and Snaketheserpent sends their animal friends out to search for any trolls.

Fooby: Uh, what now?
Silver_Ermine: now, we wait….
JudgmentAngel: WHAT? But that’s Boring!!

~Meanwhile, at the Lounge…

DarkXDizi: *smashes a lawn chair over Revolution’s head* Ha! Now, drop to the floor weakling!!
Revolution636: *slightly woosy* …no! *takes a swing at Dizi, but misses*
CujoEtner: *crashes through the ceiling* INCOMING!!! *pounds right onto Revolution’s head, knocking him out cold*
DarkXDizi: Cujo, QUIT STEALING MY KO’s!!! *starts chasing Cujo*
Shadow_Solder: *sigh* ……..*then walks to the bar where Izzy is still tending*
Izzypar: Ya want something’?
Shadow_Solder: Meh, just some water for now.

~Upgraded_Form and Gwaak walk in the room.

Gwaak: I would like to speak with the one who owns this Lounge…
Izzypar: Uh, he’s not here right now. Oh, hey there Upgraded_Form.
Upgraded_Form: Hello. So where is Visual then?
Izzypar: Beats me.
Gwaak: Well then maybe you can fill me in. I’d like to speak to you about someone who recently stopped in here earlier today.
DarkXDizi: You mean that Jawo’ kid?

~as they continue the conversation….
~Back at the base kitchen…

Master_Ahriman: *eating some pot roast* …so basically that gem you got lets you teleport?
Jawo’: I guess. Sweet, isn’t it? Those jackass mods won’t ever lay a finger on me again, now that I got this baby!

~Missing_My_Head bolts past the two out of nowhere, with BlueAnnihilator still chasing him…

BlueAnnihilator: GET BACK HERE!!!!!

~As they both leave…

Jawo: *looks around, then shrugs*….it’s late, man. I think we should turn in for the night.
Master_Ahriman: You’re right. We gotta get up quite early after all.

~As nighttime finally approaches, Fooby and the others are playing a poker game while waiting for the animals to return.

Fooby: gimme two.
Adol: I want 3.
Silver_Ermine: I’m good, none for me.
Snaketheserpent: I want only one.
JudgmentAngel: Ok…*deals out*  I bet 50 bucks!
Adol and snake: *gasps, then both fold*
Silver_Ermine: …..hmmmm, I’m in.
Fooby: Me too. I see your 50, and raise you 50!
JudgmentAngel: *slight pause* Ok, I call your hand.
Silver_Ermine: I fold. Too rich for my blood….
JudgmentAngel: Fooby, show me what you got!

~Fooby lays down his hand…

Fooby: Full House, kings over 6’s.

~More gasps are heard from the folded….

JudgmentAngel: wow, good hand……..almost as good as this! *lays down his hand* …..Straight Flush, to the Ace!!
Snaketheserpent: That’s a Royal Flush, moron….*sees some commotion outside the door*….Hey the animals are back!

~Snake and Ermine start communicating with the animals to find out what information they know…
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