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My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board

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Author Topic: My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board  (Read 1335 times)
« on: 23 June, 2007, 01:26:11 am »

** Chp. 6: A History Lesson**

~In the Lounge…

Revolution636: *pulls out some pepper spray* Bring it!
DarkXDizi: *summons MayingNo, a demonic blend of MissingNo and May from Pokemon* MayingNo, meet your newest victi…I mean, playpal!
Revolution636: uhhh, crap?

~MayingNo pounces on Revolution636 and proceeds to *CENSORED* him. At the bar…

Jawo’: *hic* sheeya, damn. Thish is good sh**!
Izzypar: Holy cow. That was like, your 30th Sprite!
Jawo’: I know, GIMME ANOTHER!!! *hic* *falls off the stool and cuts his arm on the counter* Owie….
Izzypar: OMG, your not bleeding real blood!!
Terrormokes: *looks over from the “play session”* LOL, his blood type officially changed to Sprite!
Jawo’: *sobers up slightly after hearing this* Wait, what?
Izzypar: Well, I was wondering what your first Loungifying experience would be.
Jawo’: Huh?
Terrormokes: Yea, it happens to anyone who comes here. Take me for example. I have this cool ability to turn into smoke when I’m in the lounge. And Dizi over there gets to summon up these weird demon-creatures like that MayingNo over there….
DarkXDizi: Hey, I think he should visit our Black Market, guys, now that he’s had his Loungified expo….
Izzypar: Good idea. Jawo’, follow me. The rest of the loungers will clean up this mess.

~Jawo’ And Izzypar walk out of the room while Revolution, MayingNo, and the other loungers continue their business.
~At the former battle ground near the Café, all of the trolls have vacated the area, and the heroes have gathered inside the Café, sitting at a table.

Fooby_Kamikaze: Well, you all did a great job defending the Café. I am grateful, especially to our new recruits here, who also helped me finish repairs in the first place.
Adol_the_red: Something bothers me, though. Exactly why in the hell do these trolls want to invade this city?
JudgmentAngel: I was wondering that, too.
Fooby: Y’know, we’re trying to figure that out, too. We think it has something to do with the actual purpose of the city itself. Do you know why this city is so populated?
Sasori: *shakes head*
Just_eat_it: nope…
Adol_the_red: uhh…
Bloodmage3: We have all gathered in this city in anticipation of the Holy one known as Sakurai’s current creation of an alternate reality of adventure called Super Smash Bros. Brawl…
911: Well, all of us that came here by choice, this is.
Gargravarr: Yes, some of us have been exiled here, like you four.
Magic: Anyways…as for the reasons of these invasions, one theory is that in fact, this city is not alone. We’ve gotten information of other cities that also have troll invasions, and even some that have been completely taken over.
Fooby: And this is the only theory we have, as it makes the most sense. What is left unanswered is why….

~A beeping sound is heard on Fooby’s belt. It is his transmitter….

#SA2#: Fooby, come to the base quick, and bring everyone with you! We may have discovered something vital in our fight for troll freedom!!
Fooby: You all heard SA2. Let’s get going!!

~They all run off to the base.
~Meanwhile, back at the Lounge, Jawo’ and Izzypar arrive in the Black market, on the sub-floor of the Lounge.

Izzypar: Here we are. *goes behind the counter and opens shop* So, what can I get for ya? We just got a new shipment of goodies yesterday.
Jawo’: Ok…

~Jawo’ looks around the store and notices a dusty chef hat.

Izzypar: Oh, that is one of Kirby’s special chef hats! I have one myself, as I am the head chef of this place. This one is our last one I think. You can have it for free.
Jawo’: Cool, thanks! I’m gonna look a little more….

~He continues to look around, but he doesn’t find anything else that interests him. He starts walking back to the counter, and then he trips on an abnormally sized gemstone. As he hit’s the ground, he feels a sudden surge of energy flow through him. He picks it up and brings it to the counter.

Jawo’: Hey, what’s this?
Izzypar: *takes a look* Woah, I didn’t know we had one of these here! Jawo’, this is a Chaos Emerald, straight from the realm of Sonic the Hedgehog! *pause* hmm, we don’t even have an asking price for this since we didn’t know we had one here……
Jawo’: So I can have it for free then?
Izzypar: ….>_>……well, it IS policy that the prices are firm, and since this doesn’t have a price…..it’s yours.
Jawo’: YAY!! *takes the chaos emerald* I’m done here. Thanks, Izzy! *runs off*

~At the Base…
~Fooby and the others arrive in the central room, meeting up with SA2 and some others.

SA2: Come everyone. Join me at the table.

~Everyone Sits down at the table.

Fooby: So, SA2, what did you learned about these trolls?
SA2: Well first, I’d like to thank Gwaak and GameBeaten for finding this new information out.
Gwaak: It was surprising we overlooked this for such a long time, though…
GameBeaten: Yes. Well, here’s the thing. Me and Gwaak here were trying to break into CJayC’s confidential files of our world to add an order to give us our divine barrier…
Gwaak: …which is almost an everyday attempt that fails…
GameBeaten: Anyway, we came across a log of CJayC’s great actions of the world. Apparently, there was some sort of affiliation with another world a long time ago, before this city was ever created even. There wasn’t too many details in the log, but what was mentioned was that these beings from this other world were allowed to roam free in ours.
Gwaak: *stands up and walks over to a whiteboard and pulls down a map of GameFAQs, then points to it* This area right here, is the GameFAQs Home-land, a place where all of the people of GameFAQs begin their lives. It is also at this place, where we experience the most frequency of these new beings from this other world. We think it is all from this affiliation CJayC has created.
Adol_the_red: I have a question.
GameBeaten: Yes?
Adol_the_red: What exactly is this other world’s name?

~A breif slence fills the air, as GameBeaten looks over his papers in search of the world’s name. He stops, then puts the papers down…..

GameBeaten: The name of the world is GameSpot.
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