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My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board

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Author Topic: My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board  (Read 1335 times)
« on: 12 November, 2008, 07:41:20 am »

**Chp. 12: Lounge Showdown**

~Killer_Spatula, along with bloodmage3 and Heavens_Reaper charge into battle. VisualPun, Upgraded, and Dizi, all confused as to the events, stand around wondering what to do. Sasori comes up behind them.

Sasori: Weíre here to help you guys out. This was the plan Upgraded knew about. Now hurry back into the Lounge while we take care of these buffoons!
DarkXDizi: Like hell Iím sittiní on the sidelines. These guys threaten to close my only home and you want me to be a spectator of their demise? Not gonna happen!

~Dizi starts walking up to the ModsÖ

VisualPun: Uh oh. This ainít gonna end wellÖ
Upgraded-Form: Well Iíll stop him before he gets hurt.
VisualPun: Huh? I was talking about the Mod. People donít survive when Dizi gets pissed off.

~Dizi taps one Mod on his shoulders. The Mod turns around, and Dizi punches him right in the face, breaking his nose. He falls to his knees, and Dizi kicks the side of his head so hard that his boot cuts the Modís ear.

bloodmage3: Holy crap. Such brutality.
Heavens_Reaper: I like it!

~Dizi turns around and stares at bloodmage3 and Heavens_Reaper.

Dizi: Would you two shut the f*** up and kick their asses already?!

~Sine Looks up from the ground and sees the fallen Mod, then glares up at Dizi....

Sine:......*in low-tone* you....You motherf-
VisualPun: Hey now! No cussing!! You ARE a Mod after all...*snicker*
Sine: *gasp* , then *eye twitch* HOW DARE YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!!!

~Out of nowhere, Izzypar crashes out of the window and lands right next to VisualPun.
Izzypar: Oh, we'll do alot more than that. This is the Lounge, b****! You don't have a clue what you're messin' with!
Sine: You will all pay for this. Do you hear me?! *shouts* DO YOU HEAR MEEE?!?!

~Sine darts off of the ground and charges right after an unsuspecting Dizi.

Dizi: Wha-

~Sine pistol-whips Dizi in the face with his Colt-3KL pistol, dropping Dizi to the Ground.

VisualPun, Izzypar, and Everyone else around: *gasps*

~Sine looks down at the fallen Dizi, then looks up at VisualPun as he points his gun at Dizi.

Sine: Wanna test my patience now, VisualPun?!
VisualPun: .......Don't you dare. You'll be dragged into purgatory with me if you do, I swear to it!
Sine: So what? One less of you filth around forever in exchange of a preiod of my time? Besides, at this rate, you won't be the only one in purgatory for this. I'll make it a point to have you all arrested after you're locked up!

~Dizi slowly regains consciousness unnoticed my Sine. He doesn't move, but Izzy notices him...

Izzypar: Heh, wanna bank on that claim?
Sine: *twitch* *then points the gun at Izzy* Give me one reason why you doubt me!
Izzypar: Because Dizi's gonna attack your weak spot for MASSIVE DAMAGE!!!!

~Dizi, still on the ground, kicks Sine right square in the crotch, then gets up. Sine drops to his knees in an instant in pain...

Dizi: Oh man, you are SERIOUSLY gonna wish you never did that to me, boy!
Izzypar: You ok, Diz?
Dizi: I've had worse happen to me. 'Sides, look at him now, all on his knees and crap. I bet you're comfortable in that position, aren't you mister Mod?

~Dizi lets out a snicker, as Sine fumes away on the ground, unable to recover enough to retaliate. All of a sudden, a small red beam appears from nowhere, pointing at Dizi's head.

VisualPun: *gasp* Dizi...watch out!

~Visual tackles Dizi to the ground, as a loud gunshot is heard and a bullet sears right along the red line.

Izzy/Upgraded/sasori/bloodmage3: *loud gasps*
Heavens_Reaper: Are they ok?!
Killer_Spatula: Quick, someone go check on those two!

~At the base, SA2 and Duprav are overlooking the commotion from the inside of their meeting room, with Cube and Yamata Demon talking to each other.

Duprav: Where the hell did that gunshot come from?!
SA2: *gasp* you don't think....oh no.

~SA2 looks over at Yamata.

SA2: Where is your house situated again?!

~Yamata gets up and points in a general direction outside.

SA2: I KNEW IT! It's that Mod who seized Yamata's house!
Duprav: Should I alert the guys out there?
SA2: We have to. They need to know what they're dealing with.

~back at the Lounge battle, Heavens Reaper gets a page from Duprav, as bm3 and Izzy run up to check on Dizi and Visual.

Heavens Reaper: *takes out is transmitter* This is Reaper, make it quick whoever this is!
#Duprav#: It's Duprav here. Me and SA2 are watching over you. We know where that gunshot came from.

~Sine, still on the ground, overhears Duprav's message.
Sine:...urgh...heh, so they...got an extra pair of eyes, too...*cough*

Heavens Reaper: Well out with it, man!
#Duprav#: Another Mod is hiding out in a civilian's home armed with a suspension Sniper Rifle. Keep that red line in check, guys! Duprav out. *end transmission*

~bloodmage3, along with Izzypar, come upto Dizi, who is seemingly unconscious and laying on top of Visual.

Izzy: He's out cold, but I don't see any open wounds...
bloodmage3: Could've been the unexpected impact to the ground. Help me move him off of Visual!

~They push Dizi off of Visual, who has a mortal wound in his chest, and is barely moving.

Izzy: *gasp* NO! VISUAL!!
Visual: *grasps his chest in pain* *cough*...iz...izzy. Is...is Dizi ok?
Izzy: He's not hurt, but look at you!
bloodmage3: Visual, I...I don't think...you're gonna ma-
Visual: ...save it. If I...kept Dizi safe, then that's all...*cough*...that matters.
Izzy: B...but Vis! You can't leave us!
Visual: It's...never over for me, Izzy. So long as the Lounge lives on.......I'll never be gone.

~Visual struggles to stand up, yet eventually does, and in plain sight of everyone else on the scene, including the ones still inside the Lounge.

Visual: You...hear me, you damn Mods?! My creation ain't goin' nowhere, you bastards!

~From inside the Lounge...

Shadow_Solder: *has a worried look on her face* Visual...don't do it...
Strike Alpha: I don't think there's anyone who's gonna stop him.
CujoEtner: He....He's going out in a blaze of glory.
Terrormokes: I can't look...*turns his head away*

~Visual notices the red beam once more, now clearly aiming at him.

Visual: *struggling to stand* y....you wanna finish the job, you *****?!

~He lifts up one hand and gives a still downed SineNomine the finger.

Visual: I'll be back someday, you asshats... *looks in the direction of the red beam, and flicks it off as well* ...**** all of you.

Izzy/bm3/H_Reaper: NO!!!

~Another loud gunshot is heard as another bullet connects with Visual, sending him falling backwards to the ground, this time, unable to respond.

Everyone minus the Mods watching: AHH!
Sine: *struggles to finally get up himself*...Eh....heh....ha...Haha! YES!! He finally got what he had coming to him.

~Sine touches a button on an earpeice he's wearing..

Sine: SineNomine to Zhuge Liang.
#Zhuge Liang#: This is Zhuge.
Sine: Nice shot. He's out of the picture...finally.
#Zhuge Liang#: Anytime. I'ma get the hell outta this city now. Zhuge out.

~A beam of light is seen from the house Zhuge was in as he teleports away.

Sine: Well, we've got what we've come for. Fellow Mods, let's beat it.

~Sine rallies up the other two Mods and they are also teleported away by a similar beam of light, while everyone else stands still in complete shock at the events that have just transpired.
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