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26 November, 2021, 09:16:58 pm
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My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board

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Author Topic: My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board  (Read 1335 times)
« on: 23 November, 2008, 07:52:53 am »

**Chp. 13 Confinement**

~Somewhere, inside a bus-sized vehicle, in an unknown area…well, at least to 911, magic, and Gargravarr anyway, they, and the 2 Mods who arrested them arrive at a very large building which seems to be a prison of some sorts. The vehicle comes to a stop as the Mods escort them at gunpoint into the building.

Mod1: Alright, you three. As you already know, trolling is not tolerated. So you are ordered to serve 1 week in the Warn cells.
911: Gah! You guys can’t do your jobs for ****! We weren’t bothering ANYONE!!
Mod2: *smacks 911 across the face*  Watch your damn tone, boy!
Gargravarr: …as soon as you  learn the correct way to enforce the rules, we will.
magic: Yea. We’ve got more than enough REAL trolls in our home for you to arrest, but you refuse to open your eyes!

~The mods get fed up with their talking, and grab both of them and slam them into a nearby wall, and keep
911 from moving by pointing their guns at him.

Mod1: Wanna push your luck?
Mod2: We’ll throw you three in purgatory if you say another word.
Mod1: Good. Now that that’s settled, keep your asses moving.

~They walk past a long line of containment rooms with large, barred windows in the walls, noticing several other people inside many of them. They almost come to a large room, when they are met by another Mod.

CyricZ: Are these Brawl captives?
Mod1: Yep.
Mod2: But they’re not the ones from that Lounge building. These three are simple trolls.
CyricZ: Ah, I see.

~CyricZ unlocks the door to a containment room just aside the large room.

CyricZ: These three can spend their time in here. I want them to be easily checked on.
Mod2: You heard him. Get in there!

~Each Mod grabs a captive and forcefully shoves them inside the room, and CyricZ locks the door behind them as the Mods all walk away together and continue talking.

CyricZ; So I suppose you didn’t hear then? I guess there won’t actually be any Lounge captives.
Mod2: Why not? The building’s owner was supposed to-
CyricZ: I know. Turns out he’ll be gone for much longer. He tried defaming the name of the Mods, so they dropped the sorry S.O.B.
Mod1: You mean he-
CyricZ: Yep. He’s history.

~The three captives overhear the entire conversation as the Mods turn the corner into the other room.

911: The hell was that about? You don’t think…nah. They couldn’t.
Gargravarr: I dunno. Sounded pretty definite to me.
magic: GAH! We need to get in touch with SA2 fast!
Huh?: SA2? I’ve heard of that name.
911/Gar/magic: Huh?!

~The three look around the room and see noone, but then magic looks through a window that shows the hall they were once in and notices a lone person in another room directly across from them.

Huh?: Well whaddaya know? A few more Brawlers in the cells.
Gar: Hey, who are you and how do you know of SA2?!
Huh?: Me? My name is Shadow Wolf X, and I guess you could call me a wanderer of your little hometown. I've heard alot of names thrown around over there.
911:So...have you heard enough of him to know how to get in touch from Ceejus-knows-where we are?
SWX: ...nope.
911/Gar/magic: *facepalm*
Huh?: AHEM!
Everyone else: ?!

~Everyone suddenly notices a Mod standing just outside the corner, staring at them.

CyricZ: So...planning to attempt contact with the outside world, are you? Hmm, well we'll see about that...

~CyricZ, gun in hand, opens up SWX's cell.

CyricZ: You! Get your ass out of the cell and start walking down the hall! I warned you about keeping your mouth shut, so it looks like I'm gonna have to throw you in purgatory for the next week...once again!
SWX: Hm. You think your fancy names for solitary confinement scare me? I couldn't give any less a f-

~Cyric Pistol-whips SWX right across the face, but failing to make SWX cease standing as he simply turns his face back towards Cyric.

911/magic/gar: *gasps*
CyricZ: ...make it two weeks for that, then. Now march, boy.
SWX: ...so be it.

~As SWX walks out of his cell willingly, he looks over at the other three...

SWX: Don't worry. I'll see you three again soon enough, trust me...
CyricZ: I told you to SHUT UP!!
SWX: ALRIGHT! I'm going, sheesh...

~As SWX walks away with Cyric trailing him at gunpoint, the other three look on in near shock.

Gar: ...good God...
911: ...and he didn't even seem to care one bit. Is there something wrong with that guy or what?
magic: I dunno, but I'm more interested in what he said...about seeing us again soon enough...
Gar: Well I for one don't plan on mouthing off to these mods anytime soon to join him in...wherever the hell he just went, so if you're like me I don't think you need to dwell on his words.
911: Gar's got a point. The longer we get stuck here by getting on their bad sides, the longer it's gonna take us to get back home.
magic: *sigh* and it doesn't seem like we can actually break out of here, either...seems like this entire building has a mystic lockout so my magic is useless...damnit...

~Suddenly a gunshot is heard, followed by an agonizing yell.

Huh?: AHH ****, MY LEG!!!

**to be continued...**
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