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My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board

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Author Topic: My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board  (Read 1335 times)
« on: 07 August, 2007, 06:36:46 pm »

**Chp. 9: Defiance and deception**

~At the Lounge…

Gwaak: So he has abilities then, as well as all of you?
Shadow_Solder: Pretty much, yes.
Upgraded_Form: What about this “Black Market” he mentioned?
Izzypar: Dizi, relax. They won’t confiscate anything…..*looks at Gwaak and Upgraded_Form eerily while flashing a remote control in his pocket at them*…….right?
Upgraded_Form & Gwaak: *shakes their heads in agreement while slightly in fear of their lives*
Izzypar: Glad to see we’re on the same page.
Gwaak: Well, actually…We would then like to offer a proposal. We would like for you Loungers to help us. You seem to have a knack for being unpredictable fighters, and on a personal note, I’m quite impressed by the beating you gave that one over there.
Dizi: What’s in it for us?
Upgraded_Form: Ah yes. Well, have a look at these…*hands each of the present loungers some documents* In these papers, you’ll see that we have discovered plans from the Mods to issue a termination of the Lounge. They hate you all since they, up until now, couldn’t figure out how to get rid of you. The deal is simple. If you help us, We’ll use all our power to ensure the Lounge’s safety.
Izzypar: Hmmm…..
Gwaak: If it helps, the only thing we would ask from you at this point is that you allow a select few of our party to simply hang around here, for scouting purposes.
Izzypar: Well like I said before, I’m not the manager around here, so I can’t make any decisions…….

~Visualpun walks in.

Visualpun: What’s going on here?

~As Visual learns of the proposition….
~The Sun starts to rise. Jawo’ and Master_Ahriman are still sleeping when all of a sudden, Duprav slams open the door.

Duprav: Get up, you gotta get movin’ NOW!

~The three run out near the back entrance to the base to meet with Killer_Spatula, Sasori, and SA2.

Killer_Spatula: Good to see you two up. Now here, take these with you.

~Killer_Spatula hands them a leather vest and a trashcan lid.

Master_Ahriman: Uhh, thanks?

Sasori: They are flame resistant items, Ahriman. The trashcan lid is the shield. Sorry we couldn’t get a real one. You’ll need them while near the Twilight Princess city. The people there tend to unleash flames at us SSBBers.
Master_Ahriman: …….>_>
Jawo’: What? I like the blue color…
BlueAnnihilator: Say what?

~Everyone looks over to see Blue and Missing_My_Head.

SA2: We weren’t talking to you, Blue.
BlueAnnihilator: Ok then. *looks over to MMH* NOW HURRY UP AND FIX IT!!!
Missing_My_Head: I’m going as fast as I can, Blue! Just chill out already!!
BlueAnnihilator: How DARE you tell the great BlueAnnihilator to chill! Fix my shelf now, or I’ll have my minions toss you over a bridge!!!

~Meanwhile, somewhere in the city, wandering around…

JudgmentAngel: This was a stupid idea.
Silver_Ermine: How so?
JudgmentAngel: We’ve been up all night and we haven’t found any damn trolls to fight!
Snaketheserpent: But the animals said…
JudgmentAngel: Like I care what you think they said. Apparently they were wrong.
Fooby: Would you just calm the hell down?
Adol_the_Red: I kinda agree with Judgment. I swear we circled this entire city already.

~The animals suddenly run into an open plane…

Silver_Ermine: Hey, they found something!

~Everyone gives chase to the animals. All of a sudden they stop and turn around in the middle of the open field.

Silver_Ermine: What is it?

~He recites what an Ermine tells him…

Silver_Ermine: We’re really….screwed now?

~The Ermines blow up and the snakes burrow underground.

Silver_Ermine: AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
Snaketheserpent: NOOOOO!!!!!!
Fooby: What the hell?!!!

~A rumbling is heard in the ground. All of a sudden, WizdomKube bursts out of the ground.

WizdomKube: Haha, Losers! You fell right into my trap!!

~WizdomKube hurls a big bone from the ground at a startled Silver_Ermine and Snaketheserpent, pinning them to the ground.

Silver_Ermine: My Ermines…….*starts crying*
WizdomKube: Haha, if only they were real.
Fooby: Say what?
WizdomKube: Oh, c’mon. I wouldn’t Blow up REAL Ermines. They were just some drones I had lure you out here.
Silver_Ermine: *sigh of relief*
WizdomKube: Besides, blown up Ermines are no good to me. They taste better when they are whole!
Silver_Ermine: *starts crying again*
Snaketheserpent: *is out cold*
Fooby: You son of a b****!

~Back at the base…

SA2: Ok Jawo’ and Ahriman. You’re both set.  *pulls out intercom* Gamebeaten, are they in the clear to make a break for it?
#GameBeaten#: Right now there is no sign of any mods. They are clear, sir!
SA2: Alright, now’s your chance you two. Get out there now, and keep your intercoms on incase something happens!

~Jawo’ and Ahriman run out of the building towards the city outskirts, while GameBeaten and just_eat_it scout the area from the base’s tower.

SA2: There they go…*his intercom buzzes*
#GameBeaten#: SA2, just_eat_it knows why the mods aren’t around!
SA2: Why is it, then?
#GameBeaten#: JEI got a message from 911. Him, Gargravarr, and Magic have been arrested by the Mods for trolling!!
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