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18 January, 2022, 03:33:29 am
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My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board

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Author Topic: My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board  (Read 1343 times)
« on: 20 June, 2007, 09:30:50 pm »

**Chp. 4: Pay your dues…**

~The 4 arrive at the Café and see someone at the front doors……

Fooby_Kamikaze: You four must be here to help finish fixing this place up. Duprav telecommed me about your arrival. I’m Fooby.
Sasori: Hello, fooby.
Adol_the_red: Yo.
JudgmentAngel: meh…
Just_eat_it: I’m thirsty……
Fooby_Kamikaze: Well, this place is almost done anyway. I just need some help on reinforcing the walls and it’s finished. Come, I’ll show you what you can do to help…..


Jawo’: *after walking out of the Geno Alliance building* Ah. There it is…

~He walks over next door where DA CHOPPA landed and enters the Lounge…

Izzypar: Man, that was somethin’, wasn’t it?
DarkXDizi: Yea. That one poor kid didn’t even see the flaming log coming!
CujoEtner: Wait, that was YOU who took my log?!
Jawo’: *walks in*  uh, hello?

~Everyone in the Lounge stops and looks at Jawo’.

DarkXDizi: Who’s this noob?
Shadow_Solder: Who cares? *runs at Jawo’ attempting to tackle him from behind*
Jawo’: *sees Shadow_Solder running at him and back flip jumps behind her* Hey, what’d I do?
Izzypar: Easy everyone. I know this guy.
Jawo’: You know me?
Izzypar: *whispers* not really, but we met in the Geno Alliance, remember?
Jawo: oh, yea….anyway, what is this place?

~VisualPun enters….

VisualPun: This here is the Lounge. I built this place. We have a bar, an entertainment room, and a secret store….
DarkXDizi: More like a black market, heh….
Jawo’: Cool. You guys mind if I hang around here for a while?
Izzypar: Sure!
VisualPun: Yea. Anyone is welcome here.
Shadow_Solder: I’m sure you’ll have some real fun with us. *evil snicker*
Terrormokes: I’ll show him around. And I think you should get some new clothes. You look kinda bland…..
Jawo’: uh….
CujoEtner: Kicked off the plane, huh?
Jawo’: Yeah.
CujoEtner: Been there…

~Back at the Café…

Fooby_Kamikaze: A little to the left!

~Adol_the_red and Sasori move the café sign to the left.

Fooby_Kamikaze: Perfect!

~Just_eat_it and JudgmentAngel finish adding steel beams to the walls for re-enforcement.

Just_eat_it: Finally done.
JudgmentAngel: GAAAH!! *throws a hammer at a random pedestrian*
Just_eat_it: What’s your problem?
JudgmentAngel: I didn’t apply for a damn Construction contract, that’s what! I want to kick some ass!!!
Adol_the_red: I’m with Judgment on this one. *also throws a hammer at a random pedestrian*
Sasori: My Hammer!! *runs to grab the thrown hammer*
Fooby_Kamikaze: Easy, peoples. Now first, you all did great helping me fix this place up. As a treat, I’ll let you guys pick out some new clothes in the building next door, and you can get a drink in the Café, for free!
Adol, Sasori, Just_eat_it, and Judgment: SWEET!

~They all enter the Café and request a drink of their choice. Then, they head over to the clothes shop
and pick out some new clothes and ditch their previous “convict” ensembles. As they all walk out, a small group of persons are seen coming towards the Café.

MaxRebo: Ha! So they’ve repaired their puny coffee shop. No matter. Better for us when we take it over! JOSHCUBE!!!
JoshCube: *walks up* Yes, sir?!
MaxRebo: Lead your squad for the invasion!
JoshCube: Right. CHARGE!!!!!

~JoshCube leads the small group of trolls on an attack on the Café.

Fooby_Kamikaze: *sees the small troll force* oh no.
Just_eat_it: what?
Fooby_Kamikaze: The trolls are attacking the Café again! *pulls out transmission device* This is Fooby, requesting forces to rally at the Café, ASAP!!!!
Sasori: Reinforcements won’t make it in time, Fooby!
Fooby_Kamikaze: I know. That’s why you all need to help me hold them off until help arrives!
JudgmentAngel: Finally, its…
Adol_the_red: …Ass kickin’ time!!
Fooby_Kamikaze: Alright, it’s time for you to show me why you are worth something, guys. Let’s Go!!!

~Fooby runs into the small  group, slashing one troll’s leg as he enters the troll force. Adol and Sasori run in right behind Fooby and both bash in the same troll’s head with hammers.

JoshCube: You’ll never catch me, Fooby. Not as long as I’m wearing THESE!!! *puts on red sneakers*
Fooby_Kamikaze: tisk, tisk….. *runs after JoshCube* ….you’re not blue or have spines, moron!!
JoshCube: AAHH!! *runs away*

~As Fooby is chasing JoshCube, Adol_the_red comes into battle with his long blade and charges at a troll.

MaxRebo: *from a distance* Heh…*chucks a random road sign at Adol_the_red’s sword, knocking it out of his hands*
Adol_the_red: WTF?? *looks around for his sword*

~As he is looking, the troll dropkicks him. Another troll jumps on top of Adol and dog-piles him.

Just_eat_it: Good thing I saved this….*pulls out the drink he got earlier from the Café and adds pop-rocks to it*

~Just_eat_it throws the drink at the trolls, causing it to explode upon hitting one of them. They are blown off of Adol, and he gets up…

Adol_the_red: nice one….cherry flavored too!
Just_eat_it: Yea, but I think I just pissed them off more…*points to the trolls running in a rage at them*
Adol_the_red: A-Ha! *picks up his sword just in time and slices upwards as he picks it up, connecting with one troll*
Just_eat_it: Eat this!! *takes a swipe with a hammer, putting a dent in a troll’s arm, then kicks him in the face*
Sasori: *appears behind Just_eat_it while throwing flaming balled-up pictures of BlueAnnihilator at trolls*
Adol_the_red: *turns around as sees a troll about to cut his head off*
JudgmentAngel: *out of nowhere, throws a rock at the troll’s head, causing it to turn around* Hello! *slices the troll’s gut with his curved sword*
Sasori: How many more are there?!?
JudgmentAngel: Holy crap, they are everywhere!!

~The 4 end up backed into the Café wall as the trolls begin to surround them. Fooby is still chasing JoshCube, when all of a sudden, a lightning bolt strikes down the trolls.

Fooby_Kamikaze: They’re here!!

~Magic4224, Bloodmage3, Heavens_Reaper, 911, and Gargravarr appear on the roof of the Café.
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