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My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board

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Author Topic: My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board  (Read 1738 times)
« on: 31 August, 2007, 03:26:47 pm »

*Chp. 10: Plans in Motion**

~Jawo’ and Ahriman race down the street to the city border. They coincidentally run right past the lounge, as Gwaak and Upgraded-Form walk out with DarkXDizi and Izzypar, and Jawo’ crashes into Dizi.

Dizi: Hey, what the f***?! *attempts to kick Jawo’ in the face*
Jawo’: ugh…….wha?! *blocks the kick* Dizi?
Izzypar: Dizi, it’s just Jawo’…..hey, what’s going on here anyway?
Gwaak: Oh, you two must be heading for Twilight Princess, am I right?
Ahriman: Yes, exactly. And we can’t stick around here to explain……

~An armored truck appears off in the distance with sirens blazing, as Jawo’ and Ahriman’s intercoms go off.

#SA2# : Jawo’, Ahriman, get a move on! There’s a Mod Squad Truck heading right for you!!
Upgraded-Form: Uh oh. Either the Mods know what Jawo’ and Ahriman are up to, or they’ve come early to tear down the Lounge!
Jawo’: Well, only one way to find out. *grabs Ahriman’s arm* We gotta make a run for it now!

~Jawo’ takes off, pulling Ahriman with him. As they make their getaway, the rest run back into the Lounge as Jawo’ shouts back to them “Sorry to leave ya hangin’!!” Moments later, the Mod Squad Truck stops near the Lounge entrance, and Mod SineNomine comes out the back of the truck with a megaphone.

SineNomine: *turns on the megaphone* Attention all Loungers. In compliance to the GameFAQs Law, I am hereby issuing a cease and desist order on your precious little Lounge. Also, the one who is in charge of the Lounge is hereby ordered to serve 2 months in purgatory, for failure to comply with the topicality Building Code!

~Two more Mods come out of the truck.

SineNomine: Failure to respond in the time of 5 minutes will force us to start tearing the Lounge down with or without you in it. I suggest, for the sake of your lives, that you all come out quietly!

~Meanwhile, Jawo’ and Ahriman just make it to the outside of the city.

Jawo’: *sigh* man, we really hauled ass just now.
Ahriman: You got that right……but I think the Mods weren’t after us anyway.
Jawo’: Well, should we go back and help them? I kinda feel bad that they’ll probably get hurt or somethin’…
Ahriman: Gwaak and Upgraded were there, so I’m sure that they will have a successful defense.
Jawo’: If you say so. You probably know those two better than me.
Ahriman: Not at all actually…uh, let’s get going!
Jawo’: ……

~Back at the Base, SA2 rallied a group of others into a meeting.

SA2: Ok people. Our plans are hitting quite a few bumps on the road. First, 911 and his group are arrested, leaving us with very little backup. Second, I’ve just received word from Gwaak that the Lounge is being attempted to be tore down by the Mods as we speak. The only plan that HAS gone well so far is Jawo’ and Ahriman reaching the outside of the city. They are well on their way to Twilight Princess, and reaching Agaranok.
Missing_My_Head: So what is this meeting being called for if we’re on a limited time clock in terms of the Lounge, then?
Duprav: MMH has a point.
SA2: Well, to be honest, I have no idea how to help them, and I’m looking for ideas from you guys.
MMH: …
Duprav: …
Killer_Spatula: …
Sasori: …
GameBeaten: …
Just_eat_it: …
randomguy44: I like pie.
Everyone (minus randomguy44): *>_> @ randomguy44*
BlueAnnihilator: Hey, would someone tell me why I’m in this room?
SA2: Because I asked every single person in the base at the time to come in here.

~Bloodmage3 and Heavens_Reaper walk in the room….

Bloodmage3 + Heavens_Reaper: Hey guys, what’s going on?
Heavens_Reaper: What, they left already?!
Bloodmage3: Great, someone forgot to write us in the story…….I mean, set the alarm!!
SA2: There’s no time to argue about that. I need you two to go help out the people at the Lounge then. They are being raided as we speak, now Off With You Two!!
Killer_Spatula: Hey SA2, me and Sasori will go with them.
SA2: Alright, but as soon as you drive off the Mods, I’ll need you two to come back here, otherwise we’ve got noone to defend the Base here. How hurry!

~As the four of them run to help save the Lounge…
~Back at the open plane…

Fooby: Eat Watermelon, WizdomKube!! *throws a kamikaze watermelon at Wizdomkube*
WizdomKube: OOHH, I LOVE WATERY MELONS!! *catches the watermelon in his mouth* …and I’m expecting that you think it’ll explode in me, am I right?
Fooby: …In 3...2...
WizdomKube: *crunches into the watermelon* Heh, I know better. Also, you made another big mistake.
Fooby: Oh yea, and what is that?! *gets ready to draw his weapon*
WizdomKube: You should’ve chosen Seedless!! *spits out watermelon seeds at Fooby*
Fooby: Damnit…

~Fooby tries to block the seeds, but with their bullet-like speed, he gets laid out on the ground.

WizdomKube: So, who’s next?

~JudgmentAngel and Adol_the_Red look at each other.

Adol: Uhh, rock-paper-scissors for it?
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