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The Lounge Talk Show Story (I'll continue it eventually...)

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Author Topic: The Lounge Talk Show Story (I'll continue it eventually...)  (Read 191 times)
Marie Rose
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« on: 25 November, 2007, 05:49:29 pm »

Yeah, I said I was gonna do this a long time ago, I eventually got off my lazy ass and started
Chapter 1

It is night time, SA2, wearing a black ninja outfit with the Sonic Adventure 2 logo on the front walked and a video camera up to a big building. Jawo’ opened the door and let him in. SA2 pointed out that the video camera was on when he entered.

Jawo’: Hello my audience, since this is the first part, there won’t be an interview yet, since I have to show you round first. I’m Jawooooooooooo, but call me Jawo’.

Jawo’ walked on and SA2 followed.

Jawo’: We have mainly rooms here, because this place is pretty big, and isn’t just used for interviews, and stuff.

Jawo’ stopped at one room which was an arcade, it was slightly dark inside and filled a dozen games. CujoEtner was inside playing one game.

Jawo’: As it was already described, this is the arcade, and a fellow lounge, Cujo 

Cujo: Hey Jawo’

Jawo’: Hey Cujo…let’s move

They both walked on and came to the kitchen which hasn’t been explained much either so I’ll leave it at that. Izzypar was in the kitchen.

Jawo’: Hey there Izzy

Izzy: Sup Jawo’

Jawo’: Just going round with SA2, showing the place on that camera.

SA2: Yo.

Izzy: Yup.

Jawo’: Laterz

Izzy: See ya.

Jawo’ and SA2 went left down the corridor and approached some holes in the ground up ahead.

Jawo’: You see the holes, peoples? These are Lounge holes, they do a hole bunch and crazy crap, avoid em’ unless you know how to use em’!

Jawo’ and SA2 walked around the lounge holes and came to DarkBlaze’s room where he was inside watching TV. DarkBlaze looked at them as they entered.





Jawo’:…See ya.

DB:…Yeah, later

The two of them kept walking and soon passed Visualpun. Jawo’ and Visualpan nodded at each other as they walked past.

Jawo’: That right there is Visualpun, the guy who made the glorious place known as the Lounge.

Jawo’ and SA2 continued walking and came to a orange room. Dizi and Trejik are sitting down at a table playing poker while Shadow_Solder is watching TV. Dizi has 1 queen, 2 kings and 2 jacks. Trejik has 3 aces and 2 kings. Dizi turned round to SS.

Dizi: Join me, and I will make your face the greatest in all of the lounge! Or else…I’ll be mad at you for a while.

SS walked over to Trejik’s side and gave Dizi a thumbs up.

Dizi: Your move, Trejik

Trejik put down his cards, Dizi looked at them then looked up at him


Dizi tackled him and they rolled around on the floor, punching each other. Jawo’ and SA2 walked into the room as this happened.

Jawo’: What’s going on here?

SS: Don’t worry, I’ll take care off it.

SS grabbed the table and hit Dizi with it. Trejik then got up and dusted himself off then threw his fist in the air.

Trejik: Fear the Trejik!

SS took a flower pot and hit him in the head with it, knocking him out.

SA2: Why?

SS: Why not?

Jawo’: Well we’ll be going through a few more rooms, see you soon

SS: Bye.

Jawo’ and SA2 walked a bit more and came to a doctors office. Inside was HouseCallDoc.

Jawo’: Sup Doc.

HCD: What ya doing?

Jawo’: Introduction

SA2: Yo. *holds up the camera and waves*

HCD: I see.

Jawo’: Time to move, laterz

HCD: Laterz.

Jawo’ and SA2 went down another path and met Blue

Jawo’: Hey Blue

Blue: Hey you, you got any lemonade?

Jawo’: Not right now, we’re just going around the area and stuff

Blue: I’ll be seeing ya then

Jawo’: But we’re not done here yet.

Blue: You are now, bye

Jawo’ shrugged and walked on with SA2 behind him. They soon came to the talk show room.

Jawo’: The setup is similar to many of the talk shows you may see on TV in the sense that the audience is very close to me and my guest. I sit behind a desk most times, and my guest has their own comfy chair with a glass table next to them. I used to have a director get the show started, but I ended up killing him because he always got me riled up. I have at least 2 cameramen, sometimes "played by" other users. That about covers it, I’ll be starting the actual interviews tomorrow.

SA2 turned off the video camera, gave a thumbs up and they both walked out of the room.
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Marie Rose
Totally legal
Semi-epic Post Whore
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Gender: Male
I'm: 18
Power Level: 3,149,743.69
Username: SA2
Mood: Amazing
Posts: 19,199

« Reply #1 on: 25 November, 2007, 05:50:33 pm »

Chapter 2, Part 1

The next morning, it was time for the talk show to start. SA2, Dizi, DarkBlaze, Cujo, Izzy and Shadow_Solder are in the main room and the audience are all sitting down in their seats. Izzy is on the left side of the stage, sitting next to a grill while SS is on the right side, lying on a couch. Cujo and SA2 are the cameramen while Dizi and DarkBlaze are sitting in the middle on two chairs. SA2 walked up to the front of the stage with a microphone.

SA2: Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Jawo’!

Everyone clapped as he came onto the stage and sat down behind his desk.

Jawo’: Thank you all, now is the beginning of those interview things, now for our first guest, Pikachu!

Pikachu walked onto the stage as the Pokemon theme played and sat down in a chair next to his desk


Jawo’: For funnies

DB: Pikachu? He doesn’t even speak English!

Pikachu: Pika Pika!

DB: My point exactly.

Jawo’: Well is there like a translator here or something?

HouseCallDoc suddenly came into the room.

HCD: I can translate

SS: You’re a doctor, stick to one job

HCD: I ain’t got nothing to do, and you need me to understand what he’s saying

Pikachu: Pika Pi

Jawo’: What’d he say?

HCD: He says I should stay

Dizi: He’s lying, Pikachu, zap his ass!

Pikachu: Pika?

Jawo’: Translation?

HCD: lolwut?

Jawo’: Let’s get this thing started already, Doc, sit your ass down somewhere already

HCD sat down near SS while Jawo’ cleared his throat.

Jawo’: Now Pikachu, you seem to be the most popular Pokemon, like ever, what have you got to say to that?

Pikachu: Pika Pi Chu, Pikachu!

Everyone looked at HCD.

HCD: He said he feels honoured to be the most popular Pokemon and that so many people love him

Jawo’: Pikachu, did you let yourself go?

Dizi: He sure did.

Pikachu: Pika Pika Chu! 

HCD: He says he’s just big boned

DB: Those are some pretty big bones

Izzy: Tru dat.

SA2: Agreed.

Jawo’: Pikachu, you are an electrical giant rat, how does that feel?

Cujo: Makes you wonder what the producers were smoking when they came up with him.

Pikachu: Pika Chu Pi Pika Pi Chu!

HCD: He said, how would you like to feel 300 volts of electricity?

Izzy: It’s amazing how a rat can hold that much electricity

SA2: A fat rat…

Pika: Pika…

HCD: He’s awfully close to laying the shockdown on someone!

SS: Shocking!

Jawo’: Calm down now Pikachu, don’t make me get security

Pikachu: Chu…

Jawo’ looked at HCD.

HCD: Do I really have to say it?

Jawo’: Yes.

HCD: He said K’.

Jawo’: Oh…guess you didn’t need to say it

HCD: Damn straight.

Jawo’: Lets take a short commercial break for now, and when we come back they’ll be more questions.

It showed a desert area. A bunch of soldiers holding machines guns are standing next to each other. Far ahead are a dozen tanks and several dozen soldiers carrying rocket launchers.

Soldier 1: We don’t stand a chance against that army!

Soldier 2: You’re right, we should just prepare for death

Huh?: Not while I’m around!

Someone who looked just like Mario walked up to them. He had a black cloak and gold overalls with black shades on.

Soldier 3: It’s The Mario!

The Mario: I’ll finish these invaders

Soldier 1: But you’re just one man!

Soldier 2: He’s not just one man…he’s The Mario

The Mario: And I’ve got the Power glove!

The Mario ran towards the other army and started knocking them out and destroyed the tanks. The Mario destroyed the entire army a minute later and walked up to the other soldiers again.

Soldier 3: Amazing, you truly are the king of kings!

The Mario: *Threw his fist in the air* Now your playing with power!

The N64 logo appeared in the corner and the screen went black moments later

Chapter 2, Part 2

It cuts back to the talk show room again.

Jawo’: And we’re back! With more questions!

The crowd clapped for a few moments.

Jawo’: And where’s Trejik anyway?

SA2: Playing some racing game in the arcade

The screen shows Trejik playing the racing game in the arcade. He is on the last lap and is in first place.

Trejik: Yeah, I got this man, I got this by the ass!

The screen went back to the talk show room.

Jawo’: Now we’ll be letting the audience ask you questions

Pikachu: Pika Pi

Jawo’: I’m assuming you agree

HCD: He does

One guy stood up.

Guy: Pikachu, what language are you speaking now?

DB: I think we’d all like to know that one

Pikachu: Piiiii chuuuuu!

Everyone looked at HCD who shrugged.

Jawo’: Moving on then

Girl 1: Is it true you have a Pikachu series now?

Pikachu nodded.

Girl 2: Pikachu, why do you take that crap from Ash on the anime, he’s like the worst Pokemon trainer ever

SS: I’d like to know as well

Dizi: Yeah, you should #@$!£ slap that guy

Pikachu: Chu, Pika Pi Pi, Pika Chu, Pika Pika Pi Chu

HCD: He says that Ash and him are now good friends, earlier on he wanted to shock him to death but he’s fine now, and he gets free pie

Girl 3: Why do you keep adding new Pokemon to every main game?

Cujo: She makes a good point

Izzy: How many are there now?

DB: 508


DB: It’s somewhere around that anyway

Izzy: WTF?

Jawo’: Yeah, it’s pretty random

Blue walked in a moment later

Everyone: Blue!

Blue: Hello people, got some lemonade

Jawo’: Sure Blue, Thirst, lemonade!

Thirst took a glass of lemonade and shot it like a basketball at Blue who caught it. Pichu stood up from the audience

Pichu: Pi Chu, Pi Pichu Pi Chu Pi Pi Chu!

Pikachu: Pikaaaaa, Pikachu Pi Pika Pi chu!

Pichu: Pi Pi Pi chu, Pi chuuuuu Pi!

Pikachu: Pika Pika, Pikachu Pi ka Chu!

Everyone looked at HCD

HCD: Too be honest, I can’t understand them

Dizi: I knew it! Pikachu, zap his ass!

Pikachu shrugged and chased HCD around the stage, zapping him several times.

Jawo’: Well I think that’s a rap then, I-

A Rhydon suddenly broke down a wall and roared. Pikachu jumped up and ran towards it.

Izzy: Aim for teh h0rn!

Pikachu skull bashed it in the horn and knocked it out. Lugia and Ho-oh then smashed through the ceiling and landed on some of the seats. The legendary birds and the legendary dogs came in through the sides and fired attacks at each other while the audience ran off.

Jawo’: We’ll see you for more mayhem tomorrow!

The screen went black moments later.
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