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Character bios

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Author Topic: Character bios  (Read 22117 times)
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Because Dustin's awesome

« on: 26 January, 2008, 04:46:38 pm »

Keep your bios IN THIS TOPIC, not in the character list topic.

Race: God/Demon
Abilities: Magic, swordplay
Bio: Long ago, he attempted to gain ultimate power in the land of Hyrule, causing much destruction and chaos as he went. This went on until he was defeated by the land's hero, Link, and sealed within the Four Sword. He remained trapped for thousands of years, until he managed to escape, and he fled. The goddess Amaterasu happened to be in the area when he broke free, and she followed him, taking him away with her before he could do any harm. Eventually, Vaati began to fall in love with Amaterasu, and the two became married, having two daughters, Rose and Lilith.

Agrias Oaks/Beoulve (Oaks being her maiden name, and Beoulve being the surname she took when she married)

Bio: After the story of Final Fantasy Tactics, she had wandered by herself for a time until she reunited with Ramza. After being with him for a while, she confessed to him that she had feelings for him, and that she always had feelings for him. Fortunately for her, Ramza returned those feelings, and in time, they ended up married. Agrias ended up having two children, her son Aenaes and her daughter Miala.

Name: Violet
Sex: Female
Race: Gardevior
Abilities: Pyschic and physical attacks
Family: Gardie (sister), Blade (brother), Will and Elixios (sons)

Name: Will
Sex: Male
Race: Human/Pokemon
Abilities: Can speak in the language of Pokemon. has use of pyschic abilities
Family: Violet (mother), Blade (uncle), Gardie (aunt), Elixios (younger brother)

Name: Elixios
Sex: Male
Race: Human/Pokemon
Abilities: Same as Will, but more pyschic powers, since he is directly descended from Violet
Famiy: Violet (mother), Blade (uncle), Gardie (aunt), Will (older brother)

Name: Lucruthos
Race: Incubus
Abilities: Many magical attacks, and very strong physical attacks. Excellent with weapons.
Info: Son of Veran and Dark Link

Race: Goddess/Demon
Abilities: Not really sure, I'll update later
Parentage: Amaterasu (mother), Vaati (father)

Race: Human
Abilities: Swordplay, limited magic
Parentage: Ramza (father), Agrias (mother)

Calyx Hanayama
Race: Cambion
Abilities: to be determined
Info: unplanned son of Nariko Hanyama, his father being Lucruthos

Age: 16
Bio: A vampire child that lives with Rose and her family. Despite his age, he is mentally young, due to being by himself for a while, as well as a disease contributing to his mental condition.


Race: Succubus/Witch
Abilities: Primarily magic attacks inherited from Veran, though knows some weaponplay from Dark Link


Race: Human
Abilities: Martial Arts
Bio: A pretty nice guy. Never fights to attack, only to defend himself or others. Puts needs of others before his own.

Race: Demigod (Goddess mother, human father)
Bio: Son of Blaisa and Dart, brother of Diana. Kind hearted, and quite curious.
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Adol, walking across the Garden of Madness

« Reply #1 on: 06 March, 2008, 07:21:27 pm »

weapon:Blade of Zeme (a sword made of a white crystal called Emelas virtually indestructible and inbued with the holy element
Appeance: Red hair with a scar on the right side of face wears gold guilded white armor that appears to be made of the same materal.
Bio:Comes from a race of winged beings that live in another world not much is known about this man but he claims to be a high ranking general in his world despite his youthful appearance he is a master swordsman and skilled mechanic. 

        Yakumo Fuuji
appearance:shaggy black hair demin Jacket two armguards with retractable blades.

Bio:Once a normal human with a normal job and a normal life Yakumo was still a student in high school when he crossed paths with Pai and and his normal life shattered when Pai's familar Takuhi a massive demon bird with a human like head went berserk and killed him...feeling sorry for him Pai merged his soul with her own and revived him making him into a Wu a Sanjiyan's undead guardian Yakumo now travels with her fighting countless demons while trying to find a way to make Pai human and himself as well.

age:350(appears 18)
appearance:long black hair blue jeans green shirt and a tattered robe sometimes is seen with a third eye.

Bio:is the last of a ancient race of triclops demons with powerful magical abilities the power to grant immortality because she wittnessed the eradication of her race the truama caused her to develope a split personality one being kind hearted and naive Pai and a darker more collected alter ego named Parvati.

Train Heartnet
Bio:A ex-assasain that used to work for the orginization CRONOS but due to some events he decided to break free and begin his life anew so he faked his death and became a freelance handleing all sorts of oddjobs even though he is presumed dead his name still strikes fear in the criminal underworld.
Other things:The handgun "Hades" that he uses is made of Oricalcum a indestructable metal it is also specially made not to jam due to his insane firing speed.

Sven Vollfied
Bio:A Ex-Detective and Train's partner in the oddjob business he follows the code of chivilry like a religon and is a expert at explosives He is also Eve's guardian and he constantly makes sure she doesn't get in too much danger.
Other things:the eye under his eyepatch is special once he removes his eyepatch he can use a technique called Vision Eye which allows him to perdict his opponents movements but he can only use it once every 10hr because it drains his energy drastically

Race:Bio Weapon
Appearance: (see Sven's pic)
Bio: A bio weapon created by a Mafia boss to serve as his Bodyguard and assasian her body constists of entirely out of Nano machines giving her the ability to customize her body at will after the Mafia boss was arrested by the police she was then taken in by Train and Sevn and now works with them.
Other things:likes birds and books.
New Changes:Is now much taller and much more busty is still very quiet her powers are much more powerful as well.

Maya Natsume (Hayabusa)


Bio:Comes from a long line of Martial artists she is the middle child of three sibilings; One being her older brother Shin Natsume(deceased),and her younger sister Aya Natsume. Maya is considered a genius by mastering various fighting Styles and is skilled at the sword the sword she carries is considered a cursed item because it is said that it can warp the weilder's mind and send them in a murderous frenzy Maya is the only one to be able to weild it without being corrupted.

Other things:can manipulate her chi so he can appear younger than she appears and is often seen in the form of a 9 year old girl*
Appearance of her younger form:



A being of unknown origins she simply appeared before Testament after he turned into a Gear and has been his familiar ever since Zio
 can also transform into a raven and has abilities that are very similiar to Testament's she looks devious but she is rather kind hearted with a strong curiousity torwards the world.

Vincent Valentine

A man shrouded in mystery has a dark personality due to his grim past and is fairly quiet he states that his existance is his sin but the reason he says that is unkown, is extremely skilled with guns of all types and has errie supernatural abilities the source of his power is known by very few people.


A strange woman who was created by a scientist long ago her ghostly appearance causes people to think shes mentaly unstable and dangerous but shes quite the opposite shes in fact very gentle and full of curiousity though she is also incredibly timid and shy torwards stranger and will most likely run away if someone approaches her though she has a fondness for keys the giant one  named Paracelsus she lugs around is actualy a ancient battle axe that can communicate with people and such she is madly in love with him and is trying to get a body for him.
Anji Mito

A wandering monk who uses dual fans in battle. has a laid back personality so you'll most likely see him asleep somewhere.

Ky Kiske


A swordsman with a strong hatred torwards evil his sword has the power to control lightning. is very arrogant but he is also chivilorous.

Ryofu Housen

A young woman who has met a unfortunate end when the world was destroyed and somehow made it to Celestial plane she now wanders as a spirit.


The daughter of Morrigan and Aeneas posesses her mother's abilities and is handy with a sword. she has a gentle nature, which is odd among succubi, and is a bit naive at times. is bisexual


Bio:A woman shrouded in mystery is very manipulative and cruel her current objective is unkown has the power to bend time and space.

Holy-Order Sol


Bio:A powerful soldier I-no brought from the past has a mastery of fire and even though it appears that he just swings his sword wildly he aim it with deadly persision.


A mysterious young woman with strange powers has a bit of a childish personality but she's very cunning and strategic has a balloon like creature named Lucifero that is fiercely protective of her...

age:?*looks about 19*

A being known as a Claymore hunters that sacrificed their own flesh so they can fight demons known as Yoma Claymores are known for their large swords and silver eyes (Another name for them is Silver eyed witches) however regardless of what they do they are shunned by humans because to become a Claymore you must go through a surgical procedure that involves adding the flesh of a yoma into the human body.

Gamma Akutabi

A swordsman who is searching for the twelve rings of the dead to gain immortality is a S-rank criminal with a 6 billion dollar bounty on his head but he isn't as bad as the stories about him claim but his skill is no joke he weilds a massive chainsaw and black armor nailed to his right arm up to his cheek bone which gives him the ability to catch bullets in mid air without being harmed thus giving him the nickname: The Black Handed Death God.

Age:? Human form:(appears 13) Demon form:(appears in early 20's)

Demon form:

A once powerful demon known as Chrono the Sinner though he eventually betrayed his kind when certain things happened and his horns the source of his power were removed so he must stay in a human form to stay alive he can however forge a pact with a human so he can regain his powers though it will greatly reduce the humans lifespan his time living in solitude apparently turned him into a gentle soul.

Thor Fact (The Claw)

Romantic status:single

A wandering assassin of unknown origins his weapons are long blades strapped to his arms kinda like claws is a quiet individual though he will take down anyone who will get in his way of his assignments

Reah & Feena (the one with the long hair is Feena and the one with shorter hair is Reah)

Age:At least 400
Romantic statuses:single(Feena is straight and Reah is Bi)

Twin goddesses that live in the Celestial Plane not much is known about them since they rarely leave their temple which resides within a ancient city floating high in the sky both sisters are kind and gentle souls though they have different personalities Feena being shy towards others and Reah being more outgoing though a bit reckless.


A dark Sorcorer who was sealed away within a tower by Reah and Feena due to him attempting to spread evil around the world and turning living things into demons to serve his cause his tower mysteriously appeared in Eden which proves that he is a force to be rekoned with. he normally appears as a large black pearl(his sealed form) though he has a human form.

Sera Ericcil

A Homunculi with the power over lightning is calm and collected she has two other sisters though they went seperate ways after their master's death she now wanders the CP, her powers are fueled by her emotions when shes calm you don't really feel anthing though when she's upset you can reicieve a light shock from the air if she's nearby and if she's in absolute bliss you can feel a tingling sensation due to stactic electricity if she's nearby..is Bi.

Moka Akashiya

A young vampire with a gentle heart is hard to befriend but is a great companion to have is timid of humans because she was rediculed  by them at a young age likes tomato juice but she also likes to take a little blood from humans the Rosario on her neck is a seal to hide her true vampire self which removed her appearance changes completely and becomes arrogant and cold when she is fully awakened is is said she has power that is almost equal count Dracula's himself.

Her vampire form



Kuroi Hasu (custom)

A young Dark Knight that traveled the world as a Mercenary her past is unknown even to her all she knows is her name and the name of her sword which is called Animus Effrego (Soul Breaker) , is somewhat a loner though is very kind if you befriend her, and is also a fierce warror..Is unaware that she is a Damphir.


Can also transform like Alucard except she can turn into a mare and Falcon.

Horse form


A diclonian (girls born with horns on their head) with a extremely bloody past redeculed by people at an early age because of that and a dog her only friend at the time, was blugeoned to death by her classmates, she snapped and tore them to peices ever since she became a soulless killer, eventually she found by the government and underwent dangerous and cruel experiments that made her loath people more she managed to break free and escape though and after a series of events occurred afterwards she has been able to show remorse and only kill when the situation calls for it.. her weapons are called Vectors which are somewhat invisible hands that can move at supersonic speed giving her the ability to block bullets they also possess immense strength able to pick up large object and throw them long distances, not only that they can be razor sharp and cut through anything the farthest she can stretch her arms is two meters.
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« Reply #2 on: 06 March, 2008, 08:11:03 pm »

Siegfried Schtauffen
Soul Calibur-Soul Calibur 3 and Legends.

Biography- The Son of Siegfried and Sophitia. When he got older, he learned dual sword wielding from watching and getting various trainings from Siegfried and Sophitia. He later on learned lightning magic (Which are the yellow swirls in the back). He can be a bit shy but he can also be friendly. Very Smart, knows many things. Also very fast at running.


Biography- When she was young, she was outside walking alone. She was caught in a celestial storm. Scattering weird zones everywhere. She was caught in one. And caught in a world of nightmares, horror and everything scary, tear-jerking, life ruining things possible. She fell into a coma, only able to see these nightmares. A sage was called many years later when she was older to help her. He put the gold necklace on her neck. Sealing her away from the nightmares. If she were to lose the necklace or it were to come off, she would fall into the coma and nightmares. She still has images in her sleep and memories that she can't seem to escape. Which makes her often upset, quiet, shy and unsocial. She knows wind magic.

Phalanx. His name does mean an old military formation, but meh. Phalanx is a magician, and not just like SCWHING PHOOM WACHAW Magician. I mean like, Pick a card, any card, pull the bunny outta the hat magician. But this time it's all real. He sorta speaks with mostly questions of people questioning his magic. However, he does have some powerful magic and sorta uses those gimmicks to fight.

Avant (Ay-Vaunt)

Avant is a very much a gentlemen. He mostly acts very formal, but behind him, he loves to have fun and enjoys women rather much. Those blue things on his hands are what one can call "superpowers" which he gained from an ancient ritual in a library at his homeland. He can use them as blades, or morph them into hammers, blasts or spears, etc.
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"Unfortunately, Hell had no vacancies."

"There's no need for sorrow, Queen. I died once already. I can't die twice. "

"Insane? We might be the only one's telling the truth."

"You, too... Immortal?"

Solid Snake: "Now you're a mere mortal, just like us."
Vamp: "But can you kill this mere mortal?"

"How about it undying man? care to die too?

"I can.....die?"

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« Reply #3 on: 06 March, 2008, 09:04:56 pm »

Species: Gardevoir
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Appearance notes: Her hands are shaped much more like a human's hands. She has a much larger, er, chest than most Gardevoirs. She has two large, angelic wings extending from her back. Her left arm is missing.
Personality: Quiet, shy, timid; also incredibly kind-hearted
Bio: She was born as the youngest, and last, of three children. She had an older brother named Blade and an older sister named Violet. Violet simply seemed to vanish one day back when they were very young, and Gardie did not see her again for many years. Blade eventually evolved into a Gallade. At this point it was becoming apparent that Blade was mentally unstable, but by the time her parents had decided what to do, it was too late for them; Blade killed them both. Gardie managed to escape, but only just. She was deeply traumatized by the event and became very shy and timid, not speaking to others unless she had to. Even so, she managed to fall in love with a male Blaziken after he saved her. A year after they met, they were engaged, and were supposed to be married on Valentine's day, which also happens to be Gardie's birthday. However, the night before their marriage, Blaziken was killed by Blade.

Species: Lucario
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 110.1 pounds
Abilities: Very skilled at hand-to-hand; enhanced senses, as well as ESP and telepathy
Personality: Very shy and timid.

Species: Lopunny
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 99.4 pounds
Fur color: Brown
Fur style: Fluffy on the ends of the ears, as well as on the fur encircling her hands; otherwise, the fur is short. Her fur is very soft.
Eye color: Blue
Appearance notes: She, like most females of her species, is exceedingly shapely and attractive, with a very large chest and shapely hips.
Abilities: Able to leap very high; extremely quick, and fairly strong, too; her footwork is second to none
Personality: Timid and shy; extremely humble

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Height: 4'11"
Weight: Unknown (refuses to reveal XD)
Skin color: Caucasian
Hair color: Red
Hair style: Straight, down to around her hips
Eye color: Blue
Clothing: Red T-shirt, tan skirt that goes down to just above her knees
Personality: Cheery

Gender: Female
Age: 15

Species: Blaziken
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Appearance notes: Retractable claws, human-like hands. Very busty (big suprise there).
Bio: Is a professional masseuse and chiropractor. Also an expert at acupressure and acupuncture.
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Derp it!

« Reply #4 on: 07 March, 2008, 03:47:07 pm »

My profiles, finally. (will put the bios up later)

Grinning man

Race: Demon/god
Sex: Takes a male form, but is genderless.
Age: is ageless
Height: 6' 7''
Weight: 164 lbs.
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Red

Race: Sun Goddess
Sex: Female
Age: Is ageless
Height: 7' 3''
Weight: 141 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Gold
Cup Size: God only knows.


Race: Moon Goddess
Sex: Female
Age: Even though she was created after Ammy, she still is ageless
Height: 6' 7''
Weight: 134 lbs.
Hair Color: Pale blue
Eye Color: Bright blue
Cup size: A little smaller then Ammy's


Race: Archangel
Sex: Female
Age: Is ageless
Height: 9' 1''
Weight: Not sure...
Hair Color: Pale blond
Eye Color: Light blue
Cup Size: Large D


Race: Half goddess half demon
Sex: Female
Age: dunno
Height: 5' 3''
Weight: 111 lbs.
Hair Color: light purple
Eye Color: Dark purple
Cup Size: C


Race: Accidental biproduct of a scientific experiment
Age: Stops aging at 18
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: Long, has never been cut
Gender: Female
Cup Size: C
Usual Clothing: A long T shirt that hangs down to her mid thigh
Notes On Appearance: Mia is only about 8 inches tall(if she was normal sized, she would be about 4' 9'').  She also has dog ears and tail the same color as her hair.  She is also fairly skinny.

Physical Notes/Abilities: Mia has no Special abilities, besides the fact that she can jump up to 5 feet.  She has below average intelegence.

Personality: Mia is very kind and sweet.  She is innocent and has a carefree attitude.

Notes on Personality:
-Mia has a need for attention(being held, pette, ect.)
-Mia is very afraid of large crowds, but is also afraid of being alone.  Her other fears include: spiders, snakes, most reptiles, being stepped on, and being smaller then she already is.
-Mia enjoys having her ears scratched, being petted, and being kissed.  she also enjoys having her tail stroked, but it makes her feel weird(turns her on).
-Mia is easily amused, but has a low attention span.
-She does not wear pants or underwear, because they irritate her tail.


Race: Fairy
Age: 16
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White/gray
Hair Style: Very long, usually tied back
Gender: Female
Cup Size: Large D
usual Clothing: Wears a skirt and a shirt, is barefoot.
Notes on Appearance: She is about  2-3 inches tall, and has wings.

Elena Smith

Race: Accidental biproduct of a genetic experiment
Age: 5, but looks 16
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 7''
Weight: 121 lbs.
Eye Color: One blue, one gold
Hair Color: Gray
Hair Style: Long, thick
Cup Size: Large C
Small Notes:
-Elena has dog ears and a tail, which are the same color as her hair.

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But... if our leaders actually reflected the wants of the people... then we'd be a democracy, and that's just gross.
Stalin was that **** guy who pops the ball during a basketball game and ruins it for everyone.
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« Reply #5 on: 11 July, 2008, 11:36:07 pm »

Nu Wa

Age: Unknown, as she is a Goddess
Orientation: Bisexual
Romantic status: Selena's GF

Nu Wa is a chinese goddess. The picture above is her appearance in Warriors Orochi 2: Rebirth of the Demon Lord, which is a fusion between Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors. She previously appeared in Dynasty Warriors 3 with the same weapon but a much different appearance. But then she vanished, till WO2.

Anyways, she's often attributed as one of the Creator Gods, having created humans and animals. Myths say she was alone and bored at the dawn of all things, so she started creating living beings like humans, chickens, and cows.

ALRIGHT! Since Warriors Orochi 2 is out in Europe, and it comes to the US in a few days, I have a better grasp of Nu Wa. Turns out my version of her character was off. By a lot. @_@. She's like, flirtatious and a bit of a seductress and stuff. @_@

Anyways, she wields a rapier w/sheild and can use magic obviously due to her divinity.

Ramza Beoulve

You know who he is.
Debut: Final Fantasy Tactics
Orientation: Straight
Rom. Status: Married to Agrias.

Miala Beoulve

Debut: Custom

Ramza and Agrias's daughter. She's kind and caring, but very sensitive, so it's easy to upset her. She's a bit shy. Despite what her parents are, she's not much of a fighter or magic user, only knowing a few weak spells. She's a little bit gullible, and loves cats.
Orientation: Lesbian
Rom. Status: Had fallen in love with Iroha, but had her heart broken when Iroha said she wasn't into women. She managed to get over it with the help of Ryofu, and is now in a relationship with her.

Debut: Custom
Miri is the black cat that Miala is holding in her pic.

Miri is a little black kitty, nuff said. Tongue

Fu Xi

Debut: Chinese myths, though has been in Dynasty Warriors 3 and Warriors Orochi 2
Age unkown
Race: Ancient Chinese God

He is Nu Wa's brother, and another one of the ancient Chinese gods of Creation.

Like Nu Wa, he was in Dynasty Warriors 3, and later, Warriors Orochi 2. This pic is him in WO2. He wields a huge-ass sword, as you can see, and can also use divine magic like most gods/godesses

Once again, I can't quite derive his personality, so bear with me. I'll just be improvising, like I'm doing with Nu Wa. Once I get WO2, in late September hopefully, I'll update their bios.

Orientation: Straight
Rom. Status: In love with Sera

Alma Beoulve

Debut: Final Fantasy Tactics
Ramza's younger sister, and the only famly he has left. (Well, he's got a wife and kids now, but y'know what I mean). She's kind and sweet, and very loving, as well as beautiful. She's extremely skilled with White Magic, but she's hardly a fighter, only wielding a cleric's staff for channeling her magic (and defense, if necessary).

Nariko Hanayama
Age: Unknown (Looks to be in her mid 20s)


Debut: Custom
Bio: Ex-assassin... She vanished one day, shortly before Calyx, her son by ****, was taken by Lucruthos (Calyx's father) Dark Link, and Veran. (Calyx's grandparents). Deciding to dedicate herself fully to Calyx, she tracked down everyone she had ever worked for and killed them, essentially quitting her job as an assassin-for-hire. Anyone who tried stopping her also died. Upon cutting down the last person, she swore never to kill again, and discarded her blade and poisons.. The only thing about her assassin past she could not erase is the tattoo on her back. All assassins in the group she aligned herself with got said tattoos.

Weaponry: None

Orientation: Straight
In love with Testament


Debut: Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Age: unknown, though he's probably in his mid-to-late 20s

Joshua's a very skilled mercenary with a secret. In Sacred Stones, he can become one of your best units if you make him a Swordmaster

Anyways.. He loves to take chances, and gambles quite a bit, usually putting his life in the hands of "Lady Luck".
He's usually a bit of a flirt, though he has his nice/caring/sensitive side as well. :3
Recently hooked up with Momiji


Debut: Final Fantasy X
19 years old
Yuna's very kind and sweet, yet somewhat quiet. She is by no means shy though, and can easily make friends. She has good skills in magic, and in ranged combat.
Orientation: Straight
Other Notes: Yuna has a condition called Complete Heterochromia. Basically, it means she has two different colored eyes. One eye is green, with a somewhat swirly pupil. Her other eye is a normal blue eye. The reason she has heterochromia, is because she is half Al Bhed, and all Al Bhed have green, swirly looking eyes.


Debut: Final Fantasy X
17 years old
Rikku's extremely energetic and happy-go-lucky. She's SO easy to befriend, and she very rarely gets upset. (Though if she does get upset, it's pretty serious)
Orientation: Straight
Other Notes: Rikku is Al Bhed, a fictional race from the Final Fantasy universe. Al Bhed are often subject to racism. The only way to tell if one is Al Bhed is to look at their eyes. All Al Bhed have green eyes with swirly pupils, instead of round pupils. Because of this, many Al Bhed wear goggles, or conceal their eyes. Rikku is one of the few who does not cover her race.


Debut: Final Fantasy X-2
18 years old
Paine's pretty quiet and unsocial. Rikku and Yuna are her only good friends. She's hard to befriend, but if you do get to know her, you'll find her to be very wise and loyal.
Orientation: Bisexual
Rom. Status: Lucruthos's GF
Other Notes: Paine was once a candidate for an elite military unit called the Crimson Squad. Unfortunately,  many horrible events happened to her and the other candidates, leading her to become how she is today: Unsocial.

Jayna and Anurla

Debut: Custom

Jayna is the girl, Anurla the demon dude behind her.

Taking a page from Fable here. Jayna is a blind seeress, like your sister in Fable. Her eyes were cut out at a young age, but losing her sight only increased her power. She always has a bandage or something wrapped around her eyes, since without it her face would be a bit freaky, since she doesn't have eyes anymore. ._.

Anurla found her crawling through the forest, injured and bleeding, since she had just been blinded and stuff. He took her in and basically became her guardian, protecting her all the time. He's sorta like Kimahri in FFX: Quiet but strong.

Since she's spent most of her life with Anurla, she herself is fairly quiet and dark as well.

As I said earlier, she's a seeress. She possesses the power of foresight, and can also use some magic. She's trained herself in wielding a sword, relying on her hearing and other senses to help her fight.

Orientation: Jayna is straight, and Anurla is an Incubus.
Other Notes: Anurla has never used Jayna for a "charge", and she's never offered herself to him, so he'll sometimes leave her for a time when in need of a charge. Also, here's a pic of Jayna WITHOUT the bandage around her head...

Lina Inverse

Age- 16/17
Debut: Slayers (A manga/anime)

Lina's a hotheaded young sorceress, and extremely powerful. She loves food and money, and will often take on jobs like a mercenary so she can get more of both. Tongue
She's a wanderer for the most part, never really staying in one place for too long, but that little tidbit will be changed for this topic. Tongue
Refer to her wiki page for more info... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lina_Inverse
Orientation - Straight
Romantic Status - Single

Saya Minatsuki

Age: 19
Debut: Black Cat (A manga/anime)

Saya is a sweeper. Sweepers collect criminal bounties WITHOUT killing their targets. They always take them in alive.

Anyways.. Saya is a bit of a nomad, sort of like Train. She rarely stays in one place for long. She's outgoing, happy, and can be a bit strange at times.

Saya is the one who inspired Train Heartnet to leave Cronos and become a sweeper himself. Creed, who left Cronos at about the same time as Train, loathed Saya because he believed that she was a witch who used her vile magic to make Train a good guy instead of a quiet assassin. One night, there was a festival in town. Saya asked Train to go with her, and he agreed. She left, and Train received a letter from Creed, in which he threatened to kill Saya. Train, panicing, rushed to the festival to save Saya.

Unfortunately, Creed got to her first. Saya and Creed fought, but Creed easily defeated her, leaving her in a near-death condition. Train then arrived on the scene. He KO'd Creed and went to Saya, who then supposedly died in his arms after they exchanged a few words. Creed then got back up. Train, enraged, attacked Creed, but was also defeated and injured. It's at that time that Eve and Sven found him and brought him along with them in the sweeper business.

But what about Saya? Did she really die? Or did she barely survive? Evil

Orientation - Straight
Romantic Status - Train's GF


Vestra was an assassin working for the same group that Nariko worked for. Vestra was one of the more accomplished members, and when she lost her left arm, left leg, and left eye in a brutal battle against her intended assassination target, the assassin group quickly retrieved her and replaced her missing limbs with automaton limbs. They then sealed her left eyelid shut, which she keeps covered with her hair. Vestra was trained differently than Nariko. Nariko was trained to quietly and efficiently assassinate her target at night, whereas Vestra was trained to seduce and later attack her targets whenever convenient. Vestra is no longer a pure seductress like she was before confronting Nariko on the Celestial Plane. Like Nariko, she was able to get over most of her assassin ways, though still retains a small portion of it. She'll continue to be a bit of a flirt, but she won't be all over people. (Like how Nariko is no longer a heartless, emotionless assassin. She's able to display her emotions, but still retains some of the programming of the assassin group, and thus cannot smile.)

Due to a talk from Nariko and the forgiveness of Calyx, Vestra has been able to redeem herself and get over her need for vengeance against Nariko. She now lives with them on the Celestial Plane.
Age unknown
Orientation- bi


Kilasa is a bounty hunter. Unlike the sweepers from Black Cat, she doesn't mind killing her targets, so long as there's still some reward for them being dead.

Kilasa is a dark and quiet individual, and is often ruthless when tracking down her targets. She's been injured multiple times in various battles, and has some scars, but she hasn't quit bounty-hunting.

SHe's taken out many criminals and gangsters and what-not, so she has a LOT of cash, although she usually doesn't spend it, preferring to stick to the life of a nomad, wandering from place to place, taking bounties. :3

She usually keeps that cloak on, though will sometimes remove it in battle, or wear something else.

Without cloak:
Alternate outfit she sometimes wears:


Age unknown

Ayane from the good ole Dead or Alive series. :3

Ayane was born as the result of Raidou raping Kasumi's mother, Ayame. Though Ayane was allowed to stay in the ninja clan, she was always looked down upon as a "poisoned child", generally ignored by many of the ninja clan. Ever since they were children, Ayane admired Hayate. She looked up to him as a way of increasing her self-esteem and lifting her sadness. Hayate as well was fond of Ayane; he might have learned of the true circumstances behind Ayane's birth and did not see the point of isolating her as everyone else did.

While Kasumi and Hayate joined the rest of the village in a festival, Ayame called her estranged daughter to her and revealed through tears that she was indeed her mother instead of being an orphan as she was probably lead to believe. Shocked at this news, her young mind quickly deduced that it seemed that everyone knew that she was indeed the daughter of Ayame, wife of the leader of their village. Along with a burning hatred for Raidou, the man who ruined her life by creating it in the first place, the focal point of her ire rested on the one who had been treated like a princess, Kasumi, while Ayane was treated like dirt. This envy that Ayane harbors can be greatly compared to the hatred Raidou had over Shinden, Kasumi's father.

Quiet and reserved, she tries to forget her experiences as a child. She has honed her skills to unbelievable heights in an attempt to make others see her to be more than the "cursed child". With the death of Genra, Ayane is now the strongest ninja of the Hajinmon, if not the de facto leader.

Ayane may have managed to reconcile her feelings of hatred towards Kasumi somewhat, as demonstrated when she stops Kasumi from entering the burning DOATEC building seconds before it explodes in DOA 4

That about covers it. ^_^

Orientation: Straight
Rom. Status: Single, though admires Hayate as stated in her Wiki page. It's not a romantic admiration though, it's more of a respect for Hayate's skills and kindness


Age: Appears to be about 18

Jo's one of teh main characters from the anime Burst Angel. She's very close to another main character called Meg (short for Megumi). She always puts Meg first, before ANYTHING that might come up. (For example.. Jo and Meg were sent to claim a data disk. Meg got kidnapped, and their ally Sei reminded Jo of her primary objective which was to get the disk. Jo replied by saying "Screw you! Meg comes first!")

Jo, Meg, Sei, and another girl called Amy all live together in a big bus/RV/trailer thing. They're psuedo-mercenaries for a group known as Bai Lan

Jo wields two Desert Eagles (And occasionally other guns), and usually has a thick red trenchcoat on over her body and part of her face. She almost always unzips or removes the coat completely when caught up in a fight. She can also call on a robot called Jengo. Jengo can pilot itself, but Jo often takes control. Jengo can do just about anything Jo can do, including wielding guns with great skill. :3
She's got a tattoo on her left arm that also goes up and covers her shoulderblade and neck. The tattoo resembles a bunch of wings. The tattoo only appears when she's under a good deal of stress in a battle. Here's a pic with her tattoo showing.

She's usually pretty mellow, though if Meg's in trouble, she gets loud and angry and bi*chy. Tongue
Random note: When NOT on a job, she likes to watch gory and/or horror movies, and eat spicy food. Tongue

Orientation: Lesbian
Rom. Status: Single. Meg is the only person she "gives a damn about" (Her own words), and she likely harbors feelings for her.

Zen Ji

Age unknown

Zen Ji is a servant for the goddess Nu Wa, and lives in Nu Wa's Heaven. Nu Wa and Zen Ji are very close, and have a sort of mother/daughter relationship, Nu Wa being the motherly figure. Zen Ji is mostly an average human, though she can use Water magic. She's also an extremely good cook. She's very kind and sweet

Nu Wa has very few servants, as she only accepts those who truly want to serve her. Zen Ji is her favorite essentially. Tongue

Orientation: Straight
Rom. Status: Elixios's GF


Age: About 19/20

Another main character of Burst Angel. She's sort of the leader of the group, and she's the one who hired Jo and Meg on as members. She usually doesn't go out on missions, but she can fight if necessary. She pretty much stays behind and takes care of the trailer/drives it to where it needs to be, and also keeps in contact with Jo and Meg if they're out on a mission.

Her grandfather is the head of a Chinese organization/syndicate known as Bai Lan (I believe the translation is White Lotus). She herself was raised as a traditional chinese girl, and was also taught the ways of her organization/syndicate.

That blue jacket she wears goes down to about her thighs, and she usually has it on. Occasionally she'll take it off, and just have the white top underneath on. Here's a pic of her without the jacket

Sei is pretty kind, and can sometimes be a bit motherly. She can also be a flirt too, though usually lets guys come to her first. Tongue

Orientation: Straight
Rom. Status: Single, though again, she can be a flirt.

Megumi (Meg for short)

Age: About 17/18

Yet another Burst Angel character. Meg is usually back-up for Jo on various missions that the group's tasked with. She has a revolver, and will occasionally use a huge anti-tank rifle as well. Meg was an orphan in New York City about a year before Burst Angel began. She and 3 other orphans all lived together in an abandoned school bus. One day, one of the other orphans found an unconscious Jo washed up on the shore, and brought her back to the bus. Meg was mad at first, saying that they can barely support themselves, until Jo suddenly sprang to action as an unknown woman attacked the bus, trying to get to Jo. Jo kicked her ass, and Meg decided to keep Jo so she could protect them if necessary.

Meg and the other orphans would often perform petty crimes in order to earn enough cash and food to stay alive. One day they found a gun, and decided to use it to rob a video store which was run by the Mafia. The guys running the store pulled out guns of their own, but Jo kicked their asses and took their guns for herself. The group fled, but got chased by more Mafia doodz. Jo kicked their asses yet again, and the group got away.

The woman who attacked the bus returned one day and attacked them again, transforming into an Alien look-alike. Tongue
But once again, Jo kicked it's ass and saved Meg. It was about this time that the other orphans were taken in by a kind-hearted police officer, and Meg decided to become a bounty hunter with Jo.

Sei eventually learned of them, and offered them a job to act as mercenaries for Bai Lan. They agreed, and moved to Japan.

Meg and Jo are very close, and it's suggested multiple times throughout the series that the two of them have feelings for one another. (Good example: The group went to a new water park. Jo was off by herself in a sort of isolated area, and Meg found her. They got to talking, and Jo said that the only reason she fights is for Meg. Meg, blushing, scootched up next to her and layed her head against Jo, soon falling asleep. Jo responded with a smile, which is rare for her. :3 )
Here's a pic of Meg hugging Jo. :3

Anyways.. Meg is a bit hot-headed, but once you get to know her, she's a very good friend to have. She's kind and loyal under her bitc*y exterior. Tongue

Orientation: Bisexual
Rom. Status: Single, loves Jo


Age: About 11

Another main character from BA.. @_@

Amy's the tech-whiz of the group. She can track stuff, hack into systems, and other tech-whiz stuff. Tongue
She also controls Jengo when Jo isn't in the cockpit.

Amy's a typical 11-year old girl, and as you might've already guessed, extremely smart for her age. ^_^
That pink stuffed-animal she always carries actually has her personal laptop in it, which lets her hack/track/etc.

Orientation, Rom. Status: None. She's too young. >_>

(Leo's the big buff dude in the background. I couldn't find any other pics of him)

Age: Unknown. Looks like he's in his late 20s/30s

Leo's the mechanic. He built Jengo, and hates it when Jo plays rough with it. Tongue
He doesn't live with the group, but often hangs out with them. He's sometimes prone to acting childish. (Example: At the water park I mentioned in Meg's bio, Leo jumped out of a go-kart track and drove around teh whole park in the go-kart. Tongue )

Orientation: Straight
Rom. Status: Single, seems to like Sei.

Kyohei Tachibana
(Kyo's the kid in the background. Like Leo, I can't really find any decent pics of him)

Age: 18

Kyo is a culinary arts student proficient in Chinese, Italian, and Japanese styles of cooking. He was hired by Sei to be a cook for the group, since all they eat is junkfood and candy. He works to save up money in order to go to France and become a Patissier (Pastry Chef).

He usually gets caught up in the group's antics, which sux cuz he's pretty cowardly.

He's a good guy and all, but he's just a bit wimpy.. Tongue

Orientation: Straight
Rom. Status: Single, though seems to have a crush on Sei


Age: About 23

Ameria is one of the 108 Stars of Destiny from the game Suikoden IV. She's one of the last 20 or so characters you get, and can be one of your strongest fighters. She wields a sword in combat, and is skilled with Wind Magic. She's well aware of her good looks, and always keeps herself well-groomed, with makeup and what-not.. She also trains a lot too to keep in shape and get even better with her sword. (ANd yes, that meshy thing under her jacket IS completely see-through, so without the jacket, you could see her you-know-whats. Tongue )

She can participate in a Unite attack called "The Beauty Attack" with the pirate queen Kika and the Runemaster Jeane. In the attack, Jeane summons a big red ball of energy. Kika then cuts it into the shape of a heart with her swords. Ameria then jumps up and cuts the heart in half, damaging all enemies. Tongue

Anyways, I digress.. Ameria isn't an important character, and it's easy to miss recruiting her, but she still kicks ass. When you meet her, she's been hired as a bodyguard for some citizens on the island of Razril. When you ask her to join, the citizens who hired her say that it's okay, and they say that she should use her skill to help you out now. And so Ameria joins up with ya. :3

So yeah, she's basically just a hawt mercenary. ^_^

Orientation: Straight
Rom. Status: Single


Age unknown

Zuuma is an extremely skilled assassin from the 4th season of Slayers, Slayers Revolution. He was hired to kill Lina, and will stop at nothing to fulfill his mission. He's a deadly opponent in combat that can even give a powerful sorceress like Lina, or an accomplished swordsman like Gourry a run for their money.

Orientation: Straight
Rom. Status: Single (In the manga he has a son, but I'm using his anime counterpart. Tongue )

Gourry Gabriev

Age: Late teens, early 20s

Gourry is one of Lina's traveling companions, and is basically her bodyguard in a sense. He possesses the legendary Sword of Light, also known as Goranova. Because of this, Lina insists on sticking with him with the hopes of getting the sword from him. He never does give it to her though. Tongue

Gourry is.. well he's just plain stupid, but he's extremely skilled with his sword. His sword has two forms. A normal sword, and the Sword of Light. All he does is remove the blade of the sword and call out "Light Come Forth!', for a blade of light to emanate from the hilt. It's like a lightsaber. Evil

Several times throughout the Slayers series it is suggested that Lina and Gourry harbor feelings for one another. THey do kiss at one point, but neither of them remember doing it. Tongue

Orientation: Straight
Rom. Status: Single
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Dart Feld

Age: 23

Bio: Pretty much summarized in the first pic, but for those who can't read it it says: Instilled with a strong sense of justice and honesty, Dart is a true hero. On a quest to avenge the death of his parents, he bravely searches for the "Black Monster" (And insert LoD story line here). Although at times his youth shows though, his conviction attracts others to him, making him a strong and promising leader. He is able to use techniques known as "Additions", each one has a different style and effect. He can also transform into what is known as a "Dragoon" (second pic), or a Dragon Knight. In his Dragoon form his additions gain a power boost and he is able to use Dragoon specific magics.

Orientation: Straight.

Romantic Status: Is married to Blaisa.


Age: 16

Bio: A bright, cheerful, and happy go lucky girl that loves to dance. Meru is known as a wingly, an ancient and magically adept race. She's been a friend of Dart for a long time. Unlike Dart she does not use additions, but in their place she uses her magical abilites instead. She can also transform into a Dragoon.

Orientation: Straight.

Romantic Status: Single

Mustadio Bunansa

Age: 23

Bio: A long time friend of Ramza. Mustadio is a very smart and kind person, although people don't tend to notice him because of Ramza, but that doesn't really bother him. Just like Ramza, Mustadio is able to class change, but Mustadio prefers his default class of the Engineer. He's also quite the sharpshooter with a gun, which he can use in his Engineer class.

Orientation: Straight

Romantic Status: Single

The Great Mizuti

Bio: Mizuti is a masked creature who is shrouded in mystery. She frequently calls herself the "Great Mizuti" and most of the time she speaks of herself in the third person. Without all her clothing she's just a surprisingly cute little girl. Mizuti is also known as a "Child of the Earth". Mizuti is able to use magical cards known as "Magnus", which absorb the "Magna essence" of real-world objects for storage and later use. These magnus also allow her to use various elemental attacks.

Orientation: Straight

Romantic status: Single


Race: Demigod (Goddess mother, human father)
Sex: Female
Age: Same as Apollo
Height: 6'3"
Cup size: A little smaller then Blaisa's.
Bio: Daughter of Blaisa and Dart, Sister of Apollo. Her usual clothes are similar to Vaati's but more girlish and bright blue. She has long, flowing pale blue hair which goes down to her waist and Bright blue coloured eyes. She has a thin and slender but at the same time sexy figure. She's cheerful, sometimes childish, fairly happy-go-lucky, and doesn't get upset often. She can also handle herself quite well when it comes to fighting.Her weapons of choice are the Rapier and the Bow and Arrow. Like her mother she can also manipulate water.

Orientation: Bi

Romantic status: Single


Bio: Angelo is a former Templar in Maella Abbey's templar knights. Unlike the rest of the Templar knights, who live with the strict moral code of the Templars, Angelo doesn't live like the rest of them and is more interested in gambling and women. In this RP Angelo will be known as a world famous Gambler. Angelo is essentially a cleric because of his healing, buffing and debuffing spells, as well as wind-based attack spells. He can also use a bow, his fists, and a sword & shield.

Orientation: Straight

Romantic status: Single


Bio: Is a citizen of the country of Daein and a former member of the Greil Mercenaries and the Daein Liberation Army. He now works as a traveling mercenary. Zihark is known as a Trueblade, a higher class of Swordmaster. He is very skilled with a sword with his weapon of choice being a type of sword called a Killing Edge. Zihark also knows a couple of skills. The first is called Adept which allows him to hit twice with one attack. The other is his signiture move called Astra which is a 5-hit combo attack.

Orientation: Straight

Romantic status: Single
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Being: Normal Ilynine, Winged Serpent Ilynine

Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Appearance: A blue-scaled winged snake. Serpentine's length is around 9-10 ft. long whereas his body width is around 4 inches. Being blind, he naturally keeps his eyes closed most all of the time. The exception is when infuriated or in a fight. His eyes, when opened, are colored blood red all around except for the pupil, as well as a somewhat thick line that appears behind and curves slightly away from each pupil. When Serpentine is angry, his scales will become red as his eyes.

Personality: Serpentine is generally sassy and indifferent towards strangers, although he is extremely introverted around and likes female creatures he finds beautiful and kind. However, if he finds the opposite in a female, he will show his neutral side. When Serpentine is angry, he does not show much of this in his personality, although his speech will show this without raising his voice.

Abilities: Serpentine has natural innate and possibly unmatchable agility. He is able to move so swiftly that he can be from one place to another without leaving any trace or blur. However, he cannot move while he casts his elemental attacks. He has prowess over the elements of electricity and earth in various forms. If irked enough, which takes a lot of effort to do so to Serpentine, he may transform into a monstrous form twice his size and his abilities are upgraded further.


Being: Large Miserable Ilynine, Blob Ilynine

Color: Gray

Gender: Female

Appearance: Mysl has either one of two forms, but either way she is the same texture: A rock solid blobby-appearing gray body. Her first form is where the lower half of her body is like a slime and irregular while her upper body appears more of a human female, which is dubbed her Ilynine form. Her second form resembles very much a wolf, which she appears to favor more. In either form, she is quite large (about 8 ft. tall in her Ilynine form, and standing at about 5 ft. and 8 inches high in her wolf form).

Personality: Mysl regularly appears sad in her expression, although thanks to an event through which she was helped, she is now able to feel more emotions besides sadness, fear and anger. Because of this, she is somewhat more social than she used to be and loves being friendly, but is still very wary when meeting strangers of any kind. She is also angered somewhat easily.

Abilities: Mysl has the unusual ability to possess a limitless number of tongues inside of her mouth, although this is hardly visible when she speaks. It is notable that each of her tongues have a mouth that contains another one. This leads to the popular conception that she might have no real stomach. Mysl is able to extend her tongues fairly long distances and enlarge them, effectively being able to easily capture a medium-sized creature inside of her mouth. As well as this, Mysl also has elemental control inside of her mouth.

Mysl also has the ability to alter the hardness of her skin, although making it too soft will end up placing her in a liquid form. At a certain softness, Mysl's wolf form will actually feel like it has fur.


Being: Large Ilynine, Crane Ilynine

Gender: Female

Appearance: Celusia is an Ilynine that very much resembles a Japanese Crane at a very tall height of 10 feet high possessing beauty and a gentle expression that would easily make her stand out in a group of similar animals.

Personality: Celusia is extremely gentle, friendly and delicate with friends. She is a complete pacifist and against violence to where she refuses to fight at any level. She also feels no anger whatsoever and that is instead traded to sadness. If Celusia hurts a friendly creature in any way, she likes beating herself up for it.

Abilities: Celusia has no abilities other than healing her allies' wounds.

Extra: It is noted that those that upset Celusia are often seen feeling sudden extreme regret for it. She is also best friends with Lundra, as well as being his girlfriend, and is around him most of the time.


Being: Humanoid Dragon

Gender: Male

Appearance: As his species suggests, Lundra appears as a purple-skinned dragon with a human shape. On each of his hands are four fingers, which possess somewhat long claws. He has three separate toes of equal size and length on each foot that, unlike his hands, lack claws. The wings that protrude from his back are about half of his body size. He has semi-long hair and medium-length horns that start from the top of the front of his head and move backward.

Personality: Lundra is often quiet and usually expressionless. Lundra never shows visible anger, despising it more than feeling sadness, and trusts no one until he has met them for up to several weeks. If he feels that someone is trying to threaten him at first meeting, he will either attack them or fake an attack in an attempt to intimidate them. Despite this, Lundra dislikes starting fights. Lundra occasionally jokes around and is more lively with friends.

Abilities: Lundra has the ability to control the time of day, as well as the sun and moon, although favoring the element of twilight (which, in his terms, is the sun and moon combined). Depending on the time of day, his attacks are noticeably improved in that matter. His specialty and ultimate attack is named the "One thousand and one style".

Extra: Lundra had previously believed that he was truly an Ilynine, due to Ilya being the first place he visited and made home, but was convinced that he was a foreign being, and it is no longer known what kind of creature he really is. Otherwise, he is commonly called a "humanoid dragon".

Lundra is Celusia's mate and is often seen with her than not. He will say that she is the only one he feels he can really trust.


Being: Unknown, but frequently called an Ilynine

Gender: Female

Appearance: A lovely creature that has a human shape while possessing odd traits: for one, the color of her skin is cyan. There also is a cushy three-sided star on the back of her head with the center point straight up and the other two perpendicular. The robe she wears that is easily distinguishable has wide sleeves in the arms and also reach slightly past her hands to the point where her hands are hidden. Partly because of this, very few are able to see her hands normally, and thus it is hard to tell or imagine what her hands really look like. Her feet appear round and she has three somewhat large claws on the front of each rather than toes, though her robe also usually covers her feet as well. Her expression usually appears pleasant and honest. It is thought that part of the reason her name is Hazel is because she has hazel-colored eyes.

Personality: Hazel is a calm and cheerful character who is often friendly and loves meeting new creatures. She is both noble and humble at the same time. If anyone treats her negatively or even jokes with her (which, in that sense, she does not mind, but), she will also treat them with the appropriate consequence. Towards those she feels are friends, she also acts more humble, giving and naive.

Abilities: Like her personality, Hazel has the corresponding abilities. She is able to grant the wishes of others that they ask (directly or indirectly) that are not intended to harm others. She is also able to shapeshift into the form of any creature (most favorably a dog or fox). However, she is also able to control the physical, mental & emotional states of a creature in appearance, personality, abilities, form, etc. Part of her shapeshifting ability also allows her to change her own size, and if she is not regularly at 6 feet in height, she may be at 20 feet instead.


Being: Pokemon (Ninetails)

Gender: Female

Standard beautiful ninetails, though she evolved in an accident with ten tails.

Personality: Foxy is a kind, though sensitive Ninetails. She is nice, yet shy. Even though she is easily afraid of horrid weather (Heavy rain/hail, severe thunderstorms, earthquakes, the like), she likes being outside.

Abilities: She's a Ninetails. She does whatever a Ninetails does.


Being: Bahamut dragon (not the one from Final Fantasy)

Gender: Male

Appearance: A large dragon with green scales, a blue underbelly and purple claws, horns and tip of tail.

Personality: A nasty dragon with a short temper. Jethro likes to think of himself as an evil side, liking to search for new comrades and enemies both. He naturally does not have much of a friendly side towards the good-natured.

Abilities: Jethro possesses abominable strength as well as abilities of earth and water. He is also able to summon certain monsters, mainly weak blue slime creatures called puddles (for this he is more commonly called the "Puddle Commander").


Being: Quetzacoatl

Gender: Unknown

Appearance: A lengthy and large teal-scaled serpent with a fuchsia underbelly and rainbow-schemed wings, also possessing a magenta-colored horn and eyes.

Extra: Quezel is Jethro's subordinate.

Personality: Quezel, like its leader, tries to be malevolent and evil. It is humble towards Jethro, who acts somewhat fatherly towards it. However, Quezel does not really adore Jethro's intentions and goes along with him anyway, but often leaves to be alone as well. Quezel is not truly as evil-minded as Jethro and is rather calm to strangers when not around him. It is dependent on Jethro for security and care because of being found by him without parents. It is not quite known what Quezel's age is, so it is usually referred to as young by others because of his need of dependence. 

Abilities: Quezel possesses elemental and magic prowess (mainly over wind).
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