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Character bios

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Author Topic: Character bios  (Read 21913 times)
Adol the Red
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Adol, walking across the Garden of Madness

« on: 06 March, 2008, 07:21:27 pm »

weapon:Blade of Zeme (a sword made of a white crystal called Emelas virtually indestructible and inbued with the holy element
Appeance: Red hair with a scar on the right side of face wears gold guilded white armor that appears to be made of the same materal.
Bio:Comes from a race of winged beings that live in another world not much is known about this man but he claims to be a high ranking general in his world despite his youthful appearance he is a master swordsman and skilled mechanic. 

        Yakumo Fuuji
appearance:shaggy black hair demin Jacket two armguards with retractable blades.

Bio:Once a normal human with a normal job and a normal life Yakumo was still a student in high school when he crossed paths with Pai and and his normal life shattered when Pai's familar Takuhi a massive demon bird with a human like head went berserk and killed him...feeling sorry for him Pai merged his soul with her own and revived him making him into a Wu a Sanjiyan's undead guardian Yakumo now travels with her fighting countless demons while trying to find a way to make Pai human and himself as well.

age:350(appears 18)
appearance:long black hair blue jeans green shirt and a tattered robe sometimes is seen with a third eye.

Bio:is the last of a ancient race of triclops demons with powerful magical abilities the power to grant immortality because she wittnessed the eradication of her race the truama caused her to develope a split personality one being kind hearted and naive Pai and a darker more collected alter ego named Parvati.

Train Heartnet
Bio:A ex-assasain that used to work for the orginization CRONOS but due to some events he decided to break free and begin his life anew so he faked his death and became a freelance handleing all sorts of oddjobs even though he is presumed dead his name still strikes fear in the criminal underworld.
Other things:The handgun "Hades" that he uses is made of Oricalcum a indestructable metal it is also specially made not to jam due to his insane firing speed.

Sven Vollfied
Bio:A Ex-Detective and Train's partner in the oddjob business he follows the code of chivilry like a religon and is a expert at explosives He is also Eve's guardian and he constantly makes sure she doesn't get in too much danger.
Other things:the eye under his eyepatch is special once he removes his eyepatch he can use a technique called Vision Eye which allows him to perdict his opponents movements but he can only use it once every 10hr because it drains his energy drastically

Race:Bio Weapon
Appearance: (see Sven's pic)
Bio: A bio weapon created by a Mafia boss to serve as his Bodyguard and assasian her body constists of entirely out of Nano machines giving her the ability to customize her body at will after the Mafia boss was arrested by the police she was then taken in by Train and Sevn and now works with them.
Other things:likes birds and books.
New Changes:Is now much taller and much more busty is still very quiet her powers are much more powerful as well.

Maya Natsume (Hayabusa)


Bio:Comes from a long line of Martial artists she is the middle child of three sibilings; One being her older brother Shin Natsume(deceased),and her younger sister Aya Natsume. Maya is considered a genius by mastering various fighting Styles and is skilled at the sword the sword she carries is considered a cursed item because it is said that it can warp the weilder's mind and send them in a murderous frenzy Maya is the only one to be able to weild it without being corrupted.

Other things:can manipulate her chi so he can appear younger than she appears and is often seen in the form of a 9 year old girl*
Appearance of her younger form:



A being of unknown origins she simply appeared before Testament after he turned into a Gear and has been his familiar ever since Zio
 can also transform into a raven and has abilities that are very similiar to Testament's she looks devious but she is rather kind hearted with a strong curiousity torwards the world.

Vincent Valentine

A man shrouded in mystery has a dark personality due to his grim past and is fairly quiet he states that his existance is his sin but the reason he says that is unkown, is extremely skilled with guns of all types and has errie supernatural abilities the source of his power is known by very few people.


A strange woman who was created by a scientist long ago her ghostly appearance causes people to think shes mentaly unstable and dangerous but shes quite the opposite shes in fact very gentle and full of curiousity though she is also incredibly timid and shy torwards stranger and will most likely run away if someone approaches her though she has a fondness for keys the giant one  named Paracelsus she lugs around is actualy a ancient battle axe that can communicate with people and such she is madly in love with him and is trying to get a body for him.
Anji Mito

A wandering monk who uses dual fans in battle. has a laid back personality so you'll most likely see him asleep somewhere.

Ky Kiske


A swordsman with a strong hatred torwards evil his sword has the power to control lightning. is very arrogant but he is also chivilorous.

Ryofu Housen

A young woman who has met a unfortunate end when the world was destroyed and somehow made it to Celestial plane she now wanders as a spirit.


The daughter of Morrigan and Aeneas posesses her mother's abilities and is handy with a sword. she has a gentle nature, which is odd among succubi, and is a bit naive at times. is bisexual


Bio:A woman shrouded in mystery is very manipulative and cruel her current objective is unkown has the power to bend time and space.

Holy-Order Sol


Bio:A powerful soldier I-no brought from the past has a mastery of fire and even though it appears that he just swings his sword wildly he aim it with deadly persision.


A mysterious young woman with strange powers has a bit of a childish personality but she's very cunning and strategic has a balloon like creature named Lucifero that is fiercely protective of her...

age:?*looks about 19*

A being known as a Claymore hunters that sacrificed their own flesh so they can fight demons known as Yoma Claymores are known for their large swords and silver eyes (Another name for them is Silver eyed witches) however regardless of what they do they are shunned by humans because to become a Claymore you must go through a surgical procedure that involves adding the flesh of a yoma into the human body.

Gamma Akutabi

A swordsman who is searching for the twelve rings of the dead to gain immortality is a S-rank criminal with a 6 billion dollar bounty on his head but he isn't as bad as the stories about him claim but his skill is no joke he weilds a massive chainsaw and black armor nailed to his right arm up to his cheek bone which gives him the ability to catch bullets in mid air without being harmed thus giving him the nickname: The Black Handed Death God.

Age:? Human form:(appears 13) Demon form:(appears in early 20's)

Demon form:

A once powerful demon known as Chrono the Sinner though he eventually betrayed his kind when certain things happened and his horns the source of his power were removed so he must stay in a human form to stay alive he can however forge a pact with a human so he can regain his powers though it will greatly reduce the humans lifespan his time living in solitude apparently turned him into a gentle soul.

Thor Fact (The Claw)

Romantic status:single

A wandering assassin of unknown origins his weapons are long blades strapped to his arms kinda like claws is a quiet individual though he will take down anyone who will get in his way of his assignments

Reah & Feena (the one with the long hair is Feena and the one with shorter hair is Reah)

Age:At least 400
Romantic statuses:single(Feena is straight and Reah is Bi)

Twin goddesses that live in the Celestial Plane not much is known about them since they rarely leave their temple which resides within a ancient city floating high in the sky both sisters are kind and gentle souls though they have different personalities Feena being shy towards others and Reah being more outgoing though a bit reckless.


A dark Sorcorer who was sealed away within a tower by Reah and Feena due to him attempting to spread evil around the world and turning living things into demons to serve his cause his tower mysteriously appeared in Eden which proves that he is a force to be rekoned with. he normally appears as a large black pearl(his sealed form) though he has a human form.

Sera Ericcil

A Homunculi with the power over lightning is calm and collected she has two other sisters though they went seperate ways after their master's death she now wanders the CP, her powers are fueled by her emotions when shes calm you don't really feel anthing though when she's upset you can reicieve a light shock from the air if she's nearby and if she's in absolute bliss you can feel a tingling sensation due to stactic electricity if she's nearby..is Bi.

Moka Akashiya

A young vampire with a gentle heart is hard to befriend but is a great companion to have is timid of humans because she was rediculed  by them at a young age likes tomato juice but she also likes to take a little blood from humans the Rosario on her neck is a seal to hide her true vampire self which removed her appearance changes completely and becomes arrogant and cold when she is fully awakened is is said she has power that is almost equal count Dracula's himself.

Her vampire form



Kuroi Hasu (custom)

A young Dark Knight that traveled the world as a Mercenary her past is unknown even to her all she knows is her name and the name of her sword which is called Animus Effrego (Soul Breaker) , is somewhat a loner though is very kind if you befriend her, and is also a fierce warror..Is unaware that she is a Damphir.


Can also transform like Alucard except she can turn into a mare and Falcon.

Horse form


A diclonian (girls born with horns on their head) with a extremely bloody past redeculed by people at an early age because of that and a dog her only friend at the time, was blugeoned to death by her classmates, she snapped and tore them to peices ever since she became a soulless killer, eventually she found by the government and underwent dangerous and cruel experiments that made her loath people more she managed to break free and escape though and after a series of events occurred afterwards she has been able to show remorse and only kill when the situation calls for it.. her weapons are called Vectors which are somewhat invisible hands that can move at supersonic speed giving her the ability to block bullets they also possess immense strength able to pick up large object and throw them long distances, not only that they can be razor sharp and cut through anything the farthest she can stretch her arms is two meters.
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