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Mondays: My Story about the Lives of Nintendo Characters

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Author Topic: Mondays: My Story about the Lives of Nintendo Characters  (Read 600 times)
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Liberty or Death

« on: 18 March, 2008, 07:26:09 pm »

Chapter 4: Tensions Rise

Olimar looked over his inventory. “That should be the last part. Lucky we found this wagon, eh?”

Kirby’s unconditional kindness was on the verge of becoming conditional. When Olimar had said “missing a few parts,” he hadn’t said thirty or more very large parts. It was lucky they had found the wagon, yet they had found no horses. And Olimars suit was too expensive to risk tearing.

“We have been carrying this wagon the whole time, and what have you been doing, good sir?” Meta Knight was not so afraid to speak his mind. “Tell me again, if you will, why you can’t pull this with us?”

“I must keep inventory.”

That was it. Kirby had reasoned that there must have been a legitimate reason for Olimar doing no work. Until now, Kirby had figured it was completely necessary that Olimar sit on his lazy rump and watch as the two toiled in the traces. But enough was enough.

“Keep inventory?!” Kirby thundered, as much as he could. “Why can’t you do that while pulling, hmm? Can’t say, stick the list in your pocket? Can’t wrap it round your arm? Wear it as a hat? I don’t care, but you certainly can put some of your boundless energy you use to shout at us to pull the wagon!”

Meta Knight was shocked. “Kirby, I didn’t know your voice could achieve such an octave.”

“When I’m angry, anything is possible.”

“Well, I’ll tell you now. I have no pockets, it wouldn’t stick, and it would fall off and block my vision.”

“Then leave it in the wagon.”

“That’s silly. It might get lost.”

“Well we don’t need it now, we have all the parts. Place it in the wagon and start pulling."

“That won’t be necessary.” Olimar blew into a whistle, and in that instant, a sea of small, plant like creatures, the ones that had attack them, popped out of the ground. “For I have an army at my disposal. PIKMIN, START PULLING!”

And they did. Olimar, Kirby, and Meta Knight sat atop the wagon, while the thousands of tiny flower men lifted it off the ground and carried it back to the ship. Meta Knight and Kirby were impressed.

“Why didn’t you call them earlier, before Kirby had snapped?” Kirby was now gleefully playing with the Pikmin, as though it had never happened.
“I had forgotten.”

Meta Knight felt as though he was going to cry. “Can they build the ship?”

“Of course, what kind of army would they be? PIKMIN, BUILD!” And so they built.


Popo looked at the inside of the Halberd. “I wonder what it was storing, it’s got a lot of cargo space.”

“Whatever it is, it’s lost now. Look, we’re just over Cabbage Canyon.” Nana said looking down. “Well, I suppose Green Team will find it, if they really ever go down there.”

“Green Team?” Steve was confused. He’d never heard of the Ice Climber’s Organization, which he later learned was called Mountain Corps.

“The only team that ever goes into Cabbage Canyon. They have the best members overall out of any team, but they don’t have us. They did that on purpose, so no one team would get to powerful,” Popo explained. “We’re part of Blue Team, one of the better teams out there. Not as good as Green, but still pretty good. Better than Red at least. Purple’s the worst of the lot, there’s seven teams in total, one for each color of the rainbow. But the worst from Mountain Corps is still better than the best of any other group out there. Except maybe Dark Valley, they’re not bad. How are they doing right now Nana?”

“They’re a bunch of corrupt loonies, they’ve already conquered three mountains. They’re building cities, I hear.”

“Dark Valley? I’ve heard of them, Dedede usually employs them, they’ve got a whole mercenary group that even works in outer space,” Steve said. “I heard they’ve got this one team, Star Ermine, Star Liger, something like that, they’re the best in the Universe.”

“Really? We’ll keep an eye out for them,” Nana said. “Now, Popo, how’s the map?”

Popo looked up from the map. “Nearly finished. We just to map a good way down and we’re done. We’ve still got twenty days left. Down the mountain will take five, plus two since we’ve got a newbie with us.”

Nana perked up. “Great, I want to explore the inside of this thing. Maybe there’s treasure!”

Popo checked over the supplies. “I suppose I’ll set up camp here, then we’ll head right in. Steve, d’you know what’s in there?”

“No, only one hour of my life has been spent aboard that ship. I hadn’t got to see much more than the deck and the bridge.”

“Very well then, we’re going in with no prior knowledge. Just how I like it.”

Popo and Nana crossed mallets, then started setting up camp with Steve. They did not know what awaited them inside the Halberd, but they knew that if it was there, it was meant to be explored. Such was the motto of Mountain Corps.

I liked this one, better than the last few. I really wanted to explain the Ice Climber's group more, and so I did. Hope you all like it. Olimar is hilarious, I had fun writing him.
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