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Mondays: My Story about the Lives of Nintendo Characters

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Author Topic: Mondays: My Story about the Lives of Nintendo Characters  (Read 607 times)
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Liberty or Death

« on: 16 March, 2008, 07:20:54 pm »

Chapter Two: Stranded

Meta Knight and Kirby climbed down the ladder onto the island. Within seconds they were surround by small plant like creatures.

“Ow! Ow! God, these things are annoying!” Kirby spazzed about to get them off. Some were red, some blue, yellow, purple, and white. The white ones were especially obnoxious.

“That’s it!” In a flash, thousands of tiny ghosts were floating away. The creatures were gone. Meta Knight turned to see a small man in a space suit with a huge nose, tiny eyes, a smaller mouth, and three swept brown hairs standing before him, shivering.

He flew at him and grasped him by the throat. “Was it you?” Kirby came up behind him.

The little man was in tears. “Please, please stop! I didn’t mean to hurt you! I was scared!”

“Meta! Leave the guy alone!” Kirby pushed Meta Knight away and helped the little man up. “Hey, sorry about my friend. He’s a bit of a hot head. I'm Kirby, and he's Meta Knight.” Kirby shot Meta Knight an angry glare. Meta Knight grunted.

“It’s okay, I shouldn’t have attacked you like that. My name is Olimar, three-star Captain of the Space Armada. Although my ship isn’t the best, as you can see…” He wasn’t kidding. The ship was crashed. “The missing parts are probably scattered all over the island by now, so I’m stuck until we find them. Plus, my life support only lasts thirty days, so things could get bad.”

Kirby was confused. “Life support? What’s that for?” He looked at Meta Knight.

Meta walked over and inspected the damage. “It allowed you to survive in space and hostile planets. We don’t need it though, Kirby, our bodies adapted faster than most. And Olimar, you shouldn’t need it either, this planet is safe.”

“Really? Huh.” Olimar removed is helmet. “Oh, you’re right. Feels good to breathe fresh air.” He quickly put it back on. “ Wouldn’t want to lose the helmet though, valuable equipment. I guess I’d better start looking for those parts. Is this a big island?”

Meta Knight took out a sea chart and studied it for a moment.“No, not really. What are your parts made of?”

“Iridium alloy, needed to survive the high temperatures environments the Space Armada usually heads into.”

“That’s good, we could run a scan from my ship. Wait… Where’s Dedede?”

Kirby looked up from playing with the little creatures. “On the Halberd.”

Meta Knight’s eyes widened and he looked up. The Halberd was taking off.

“Haha! See you later, Kirby! And as for you, old man! Nice ship, I must say! Perfect for me to build a nice, pretty castle on! Hahaha!”

And it was gone.

“Damnit! I’ll kill that insolent swine!” Meta Knight was at his fiercest. Kirby hated when he got like that.

“First of all,” Kirby started, “ He’s a penguin. Secondly, nobody deserves to die. We’ll have plenty of time to find the Halberd once we fix Olimar’s ship.”

“Thank you, good sirs. Once we fix my ship, I’ll help you find yours.” He headed off into the woods and Kirby followed.

“What a day…” Meta Knight had cooled off. It was hard to believe that only an hour ago he’d been cruising, almost blissfully, through the eternal sunset of the Orange Ocean. And now he was stranded on a remote island with two’s company. “What a day. At least I have my mask.” He’d have hated to kill Olimar, he was a nice guy.

And so he trudged off into the woods.
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