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My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board

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Author Topic: My User Story: The Land of the Brawl Board  (Read 1903 times)
« on: 20 June, 2007, 09:29:03 pm »



*in a time before the Divine Barrier that is responsible for our Social Board was made…*

Once upon a time, on the world of GameFAQ’s, a God by the name of Sakurai underwent a project. Sakurai announced that he was creating an epic journey of adventure, and he created a city for people to correlate and await the perfection of this epic journey. He named this city “The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Board”, and the people rejoiced. Sakurai left to continue his work, whilst the people began to develop the new city. The people expected great things from Sakurai, as he was responsible for the success of his previous work, now simply known as, Melee. The city was brimming with people, and quite quickly, the city was the most populated of them all.
But, from this point on it would only decline. People would begin to bicker over what territory of the land was theirs, or who was considered more powerful to run the city. While Sakurai was off tending to his masterpiece, he forgot of his city. This was what allowed the invasion to happen. The invasion of the trolls. The city folk didn’t expect them, and it proved a success for the trolls. While the people fought hard to protect their great lands, the trolls proved to be too powerful to drive away. However, the people did manage to severely diminish the invasion force by issuing a truce with the trolls, which said that the trolls would live alongside the people in a co-existent manner, without conflict.
Unfortunately, the truce only held together for so long, and now, as some still insist on it’s effects, others have disregarded it and waged war again. The once peaceful city has now been plagued. In a last attempt for peace again, some brave ones set out to find the ruler of the kingdoms, CJayC, and requested that he place a divine barrier upon the Brawl city, splitting it in two, to meet the wants and needs of both sides of the war. CJayC did not grant this request, and the brave ones returned with sorrow. They see the once bright city now half-annihilated. 
Some buildings are defended with nothing but the soul of the people. Some others are run over and converted to troll spawns. The trolls seem to be ill, and their sickness is seen infecting the citizens. They don’t realize they are sick until it’s too late. They change before your eyes into the very trolls that loiter near. The disturbing part is that you cannot tell the difference between a troll and a normal person just by looking at them. It is like their attitudes change for the worse, and they only think madly, without feeling.
Travelers from the other cities don’t know where they are going when they come here. They don’t realize that they are sealing their fate as soon as they cross that border into the city lands. To put it simple, they are brainwashed as soon as their feet touch this soil. The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Board was nothing more than a neglected wasteland now.

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« Reply #1 on: 20 June, 2007, 09:29:39 pm »

**Chapter 1: a new cast-away**

~It was daytime in the city of Brawl. It was a rather calm day today. The Trolls were probably still sleeping in their hideouts, while the citizens were trying desperately to repair the Cafe. Suddenly, the sirens go off.

BlueAnnihilator: *looks out his window to the city gate* Well, looks like some new people are coming here today…

~Across the street…

SA2: *opens his door and walks out* hmm……*sees Blue* Well, I’m goin’ over there to “greet” our new friends. You gonna just stay in your condo?
Blue: Pfft. I ain’t afraid of the Mods. I run this city, don’t I?
SA2: yea, sure you do…….
Blue: What was that?
SA2: nothing, I said the Mods smell like poo…C’mon. We’re gonna miss them get kicked off the plane!

~They, and some other people, run to the city gates to watch the Mods “drop” off some people in the city. The Mods (also known as the Corrupt Law of the World of GameFAQs) dump off people who are seen as troublemakers at this once prestigious city, as a punishment for their actions. Transporter Planes come at least once a week to banish these people.
~As the plane flies overhead above the lake near the city….

Mod 1: Ok, who’s the first to jump? *he opens the side door*
Mod 2: I think this one wants to go first. He is obviously shaking with eagerness!
Sasori: N..no….I don’t want to….
Mod 2: Ok then, off you go!! *grabs Sasori and chucks him out of the plane*
Mod 3: *pulls out a gun* ALRIGHT! Everyone, GET OUT OF HERE!!!
Just_eat_it: Don’t tell me twice!! *jumps out*
JudgmentAngel: AAHH!! *runs out of the plane*
*a few others “willingly” jump out of the plane*

~as they jump out, one of them trips on a crooked floor panel and falls to the floor…..

Mod 3: *kicks him in the face* GET YOUR FILTHY ASS OFF OF MY PLANE!!! *throws him out and takes a shot at him, barely scratching the banished one’s arm*

~The plane flies off, as the exiled ones land in the lake and swim to shore, right outside the city gates…
…as the exiled swim to the shore…….

Just_eat_it: Jeez……*stands up*….where the hell are we?
Adol_the_red: Who cares? It’s a lot better than being in jail….
JudgmentAngel: *panting* They had frickin’ guns, man!!
Adol_the_red: *remembers something* Hey, I heard a gunshot! *looks back into the lake*

~they all see someone in the water having trouble swimming…

Sasori: Hey, we better help him!
Adol_the_red: Why?
Sasori: ummmm, because it’s the nice thing to do?
Adol_the_red: Ha! You think we’d be here if we did the nice things??

~as they argue about whatever………..
~by the city gates…..

SA2: wow, they look pretty weak.
Blue: Heh. Compared to me, they are!
SA2: >_>…………
Devicho: *sees the person in the water* Hey, look! *points* I think he’s bleeding on his shoulder!
SA2: No wonder he can’t swim…….
YamataDemon: Ha. Maybe the piranhas will get him!
Blue: Yea. He’s screwed.
Devicho: What? You guys are asses, you know that?
SA2: Hey, I didn’t say much….

~meanwhile, after the arguing died down…

Sasori: Whatever. I’m going to help!
Just_eat_it: I’m going, too!

~the two rush into the lake to aid the injured swimmer to the shore, just in time.

Sasori: Dude, you don’t look so hot……
Adol_the_red: *insert joke about the cold water here*
Jawo’ (yea, it was me…): sweet jesus……..I nee…ed a towel….

~back at the gates……

Yamata: Darn, another pest in the city I guess….
Blue: Hey, they’re coming this way.

~the Exiled pass through the gate and see the few citizens near

SA2: Hello. Nice day for a swim?
JudgmentAngel: *throws a rock at SA2’s foot* <_<…..
SA2: I take that as a no……Anyways. My name is SA2. This here is BlueAnnihilator, and over here is Devicho.
Yamata: I’m Yamata. Stay out of my business, and we’ll have no trouble, got it?
Devicho: Hey, you! That shoulder doesn’t look good. I think you should go to HouseCallDoc’s home.
Jawo’: Sure. No needles, please…..

~Devicho escorts Jawo’ to HouseCallDoc’s home.

JudgmentAngel: So, where the hell are we?
Blue: You are in my kingdom, dear people! I call this place “the SSBB board”!
SA2: A-hem, let me tell them…….
Blue: Good idea. They must earn the privilege to hear my voice!
SA2: This city used to be a more relaxing place. But recently, we’ve had trouble with trolls. We think that our “true” ruler had merely dismissed our city as a place to dump law-breakers. You see, It’s not all that easy to just leave this place, so I suggest you find out who you can trust here. I am one of these people, but be warned, that we abide by our own law here. I hope to see you all alive in the next couple of days, as the fresher meat usually have more drive for our cause.
Sasori: Your cause?
SA2: We are at war with the trolls. BUT, we are also having a struggle with the MODS ourselves. They have forsaken us, and do not care for our well being. Take a look. Buildings are demolished, and they refuse to help us repair them. Many of us are lacking protection form the trolls. The only one they seem to show favor for is Blue here….
Blue: Hey. I’m as important as they come.
SA2: Anyway, why don’t you let me show you around the city….er….what’s still standing in the city….
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« Reply #2 on: 20 June, 2007, 09:30:04 pm »

**Chapter 2: The Tour**

~SA2 is showing the new people around the city…

SA2: So, I’m curious. Why were you all sent here anyway?
JudgmentAngel: I pushed a brick wall on someone because he made fun of my hair.
Adol_the_red: I went streaking all through the city of the Halo2 Board.
Sasori: I accidentally threw up on a Mod.
Just_eat_it: ….uh, I saw that happen. I ended up doing the same thing…. *shudders* ….just gross, man.
SA2: Well, that seems like hardly any reason to be so severely punished….But…you are here now, and you can’t do much about it. I do hope that you intend to behave a little better here.
Adol_the_red: Why should we? What will they do? Arrest us and make us jump from the plane again into that same lake??
JudgmentAngel: Yea. This is supposed to be our severe punishment. What worse can they do?
SA2: Oh trust me. They can, and WILL do worse. You see, anyone in this city is on their last chance. If the Mods don’t like what you are doing, it’s over. They will kill you where you stand.
The 4 new people: *gasp*
SA2: But don’t get me wrong. Over half the time, Mods aren’t even around, which is why we suffer greatly from troll invasions. The Mods may kill the trolls, but they just keep coming back. We don’t know how they do it.

~SA2 and the others keep walking through the city……

SA2: Ah, here we are. This building is….or …..was the Café. It’s mostly just a hangout spot. People usually come here to eat.

~They walk down a block…

SA2: This here is the Lounge. Somehow, the Lounge has its own laws and the Mods can’t enforce anything in there. I expect it to be blown up within an hour or so…..

~A person crashes out of a window of the Lounge…..

DarkXDizi: *hits the ground* Grrrr. Shadow, I’m gonna kick your ass for that! *he runs through the front door with a baseball bat*
SA2: Moving along……

~A chair flies through the same window….

SA2: Moving along QUICKLY!

~they come to a small neighborhood…..

SA2: Over here is where all of our houses are. There are a few vacant ones, so you should go see the Landlord about………

~A mob of people is seen and heard in the distance…
SA2: Oh no. They’re here! *pulls out transmitter* Killer_Spatula, Mazzamatt, Raizor_Blaid!! I need you at the village front NOW!!

~Meanwhile, at HouseCallDoc’s home…

Devicho: Here we are.
Jawo’: Thanks. *walks in*
HouseCallDoc: Well, hello. *sees Jawo’s shoulder* Wow, compared to my last patient, you got lucky. Something about a baseball bat…..anyway, come sit down and I’ll stitch you up.

~back at the village…

Raizor_Blaid: What’s the situation?
SA2: The trolls are back! We need to defend the neighborhood before they run over the houses!
Mazzamatt: Right!
Killer_Spatula: We’re on it!

~Mazzamatt and Killer_Spatula begin setting up some explosives while Raizor_Blaid Rushes into Melee combat. What looks to be the Troll general comes forth.

PhoenixRuler: Gordondarf and WizdomKube, FRONT AND CENTER!!!
Gordondarf: Hehe, can I moon him?
WizdomKube: No, lets just throw these NOOB! Pies at him!
PhoenixRuler: I don’t care what you do, just destroy them all!!

~BlueAnnihilator, along with some of his followers arrive…

Mariomanrevived: Blue, those trolls are gonna destroy our homes!
Blue: No they won’t. As soon as they look at me, they will freeze in their tracks and behold my awesomeness!
Mariomanrevived: Then we can attack them, right?
Blue: Exactly!!

~Raizor_Blaid is rushing towards WizdomKube…

Raizor: AAAARRGH!!!!! *draws a katana*
WizdomKube: Hey, I can draw, too!!! *draws on a piece of paper*
Raizor: *slices the paper in half, along with one of Wizdom’s fingers*
WizdomKube: *cries*
Raizor: *kicks Wizdom in the gut so hard that Wizdom flies backwards into Gordondarf*
SA2: You two ready yet?
Mazzamatt: Almost!
PhoenixRuler: AAH!! You two are worthless! Fine, I’ll take you on myself! *draws a sword*

~ Raizor and Phoenix engage combat. Meanwhile….

Killer_Sptula: Finished.
SA2: Fire away! *yells…* RAIZOR, RETREAT!!!
Raizor: *runs back*
PhoenixRuler: Ha, coward!! *looks up to see a missile coming down towards him and his group*  ……crap. *runs away* LET’S GET OUTTA HERE!!!!

~the missile explodes, killing a few of the trolls while the others high-tail back to their cave.

JudgmentAngel: Hey, SA2. Can I join in this fight?
Adol_the_red: Yea, me too!
Sasori: I want to, too. I have nothing else to do here….
Just_eat_it: same here.
SA2: I was hoping you would ask to! Come, follow me. I will take you to our base. *they head off*
Blue: Awww, they didn’t get to see my awesomeness…….
Mariomanrevived: That’s ok, they weren’t worthy to.
Blue: Of course!!
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**Chp. 3: The Base (are belong to us)**

~At HouseCallDoc’s home…

Jawo’: *all stitched up* Thanks, doc. *gives HouseCallDoc a carrot*
HouseCallDoc: >_> ……….Don’t make me charge you for this visit!
Jawo’: Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Anyway, I should probably go find those other dudes I came here with. Thanks again. *walks out*

~Meanwhile, SA2 Has led the others to a Double-Steel Reinforced building….

SA2: Ah, here we are. Let’s go in and I’ll introduce you to everyone here. *leads the group inside the base*

~They walk into the operations room…..

Adol_the_red: Hey, isn’t that that one Blue fellow?
Blue: Oh, you’re here.
SA2: Blue, what are you doing here?

~Missing_My_Head walks near…

MMH: I let him in. He said that he had something important to give us.
SA2: Oh really? What is it?
Blue: I made a shelf.

~Dead Silence for 10 or so seconds…..

Blue:…….you can use it to put all of your vital information on!

~NinjorzZ walks near…

NinjorzZ: I agree with you, Blue!
SA2: NinjorzZ, shut up. Missing, can I …*cough* Ahem……Discuss something with you in private? Duprav, can you show my guests around?
MMH: uh, sure. *discusses*
Duprav: Yea, sure. Follow me people.

~They follow…..

Duprav: This here is GameBeaten. He monitors suspicious Mod activity. He’s responsible of the sirens going off when they decide to swing by our city.

~GameBeaten Waves….

Duprav: Over there…*points to two men near some animal cages*…is Silver_Ermine and Snaketheserpent. Those two can communicate with their respective animals, Snakes and Ermines.
Snaketheserpent: *walks up* Hi. Yea, what me and my buddy over here usually do is have our animal friends venture out to the hideouts of the trolls and let us know of any important going-ons with them.
Silver_Ermine: *walks up* Yea. We used to have them tag along near the Mods to find out what they are planning, but we recently stopped that activity because of an unfortunate incident where we tried to have the snakes hijack one of their planes….
Duprav: *cough* Ahem…I think that’s enough for now…going on ahead….

~They come to a room with cool gadgets in it…

Duprav: *pulls out transmission device* Where is Killer_Spatula?
Killer_Spatula: *walks up behind Duprav* Right here!
Duprav: AH! Jeez…..anyway, I want you to sort these newbies out with some of your fancy gear, ok? I have to find the app. forms for them.
Killer_Spatula: K. *hands out some transmission devices* Use these for when you see anything dangerous or suspicious around. We also have a range of weapons here; swords, hammers, exploding pop rocks, and even some pictures of Blue to scare trolls away!
Blue: I heard that!!! *leaves*
Killer_Spatula: Well, go ahead, take your pick.
Just_eat_it: *takes pop-rocks and a hammer*
Adol_the_red: *takes a long-blade*
JudgmentAngel: *takes curved-sword and a rock he found on the floor*
Sasori: hmm……..*takes a lighter and 4 pictures of Blue*
Duprav: *walks back with applications* Ok, we have some specific jobs that need people to do them. I hope you can fill these shoes…*hands out apps.*
Just_eat_it: I can be pretty sneaky……*signs up to be a mod scout*
Adol_the_red: I wanna kick some ass! *signs up as a troll fighter*
JudgmentAngel: I could kick more ass than you. *signs up as a troll fighter*
Sasori: well…..I do have quite the knack of making little trinkets…..*signs up as Killer_Spatula’s intern*
Duprav: Good! Now that all of this is settled, all of you have an assignment!!
All 4 at the same time: YAY!!
Duprav: *hands them some planks and nails* I need you to help repair our Café!
All 4 at the same time: Awwww!!
Duprav: You will meet with a person named Fooby_Kamikaze. He will let you know what is needed to be done.


Jawo’: Woah, wonder if they are in here? *enters the building of the Geno Alliance*
DemonShadowBolt: …….yes, we are finally making them realize Geno’s chances in Brawl everyone!
*crowd cheers*

~Blue walks in….

Blue: Geno sucks!!
DSB: Oh No, He’s BACK!!!! *a flame war breaks out*
Jawo’: well, I’m tired…..*sits down and starts roasting some marshmallows on a flame that just appeared*

~As pop cans and spitballs are thrown left and right, in the distance……

Izzypar: just great. We gotta leave now, loungers. GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!
Jawo’: Hmmm?
Izzypar: Hey, you! Come with us before something bad happens!
Jawo’: I don’t like choppers….
Izzypar: Suit yourself. We’re only flying over to the next building to the left!! *leaves on DA CHOPPA with some others*
Jawo’: I wonder…..*gets up and walks out of the building as Blue and DSB are still arguing*
Blue: Hey, look! It’s Pinocchio!
Blue: He sure as hell ain’t a real boy!
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**Chp. 4: Pay your dues…**

~The 4 arrive at the Café and see someone at the front doors……

Fooby_Kamikaze: You four must be here to help finish fixing this place up. Duprav telecommed me about your arrival. I’m Fooby.
Sasori: Hello, fooby.
Adol_the_red: Yo.
JudgmentAngel: meh…
Just_eat_it: I’m thirsty……
Fooby_Kamikaze: Well, this place is almost done anyway. I just need some help on reinforcing the walls and it’s finished. Come, I’ll show you what you can do to help…..


Jawo’: *after walking out of the Geno Alliance building* Ah. There it is…

~He walks over next door where DA CHOPPA landed and enters the Lounge…

Izzypar: Man, that was somethin’, wasn’t it?
DarkXDizi: Yea. That one poor kid didn’t even see the flaming log coming!
CujoEtner: Wait, that was YOU who took my log?!
Jawo’: *walks in*  uh, hello?

~Everyone in the Lounge stops and looks at Jawo’.

DarkXDizi: Who’s this noob?
Shadow_Solder: Who cares? *runs at Jawo’ attempting to tackle him from behind*
Jawo’: *sees Shadow_Solder running at him and back flip jumps behind her* Hey, what’d I do?
Izzypar: Easy everyone. I know this guy.
Jawo’: You know me?
Izzypar: *whispers* not really, but we met in the Geno Alliance, remember?
Jawo: oh, yea….anyway, what is this place?

~VisualPun enters….

VisualPun: This here is the Lounge. I built this place. We have a bar, an entertainment room, and a secret store….
DarkXDizi: More like a black market, heh….
Jawo’: Cool. You guys mind if I hang around here for a while?
Izzypar: Sure!
VisualPun: Yea. Anyone is welcome here.
Shadow_Solder: I’m sure you’ll have some real fun with us. *evil snicker*
Terrormokes: I’ll show him around. And I think you should get some new clothes. You look kinda bland…..
Jawo’: uh….
CujoEtner: Kicked off the plane, huh?
Jawo’: Yeah.
CujoEtner: Been there…

~Back at the Café…

Fooby_Kamikaze: A little to the left!

~Adol_the_red and Sasori move the café sign to the left.

Fooby_Kamikaze: Perfect!

~Just_eat_it and JudgmentAngel finish adding steel beams to the walls for re-enforcement.

Just_eat_it: Finally done.
JudgmentAngel: GAAAH!! *throws a hammer at a random pedestrian*
Just_eat_it: What’s your problem?
JudgmentAngel: I didn’t apply for a damn Construction contract, that’s what! I want to kick some ass!!!
Adol_the_red: I’m with Judgment on this one. *also throws a hammer at a random pedestrian*
Sasori: My Hammer!! *runs to grab the thrown hammer*
Fooby_Kamikaze: Easy, peoples. Now first, you all did great helping me fix this place up. As a treat, I’ll let you guys pick out some new clothes in the building next door, and you can get a drink in the Café, for free!
Adol, Sasori, Just_eat_it, and Judgment: SWEET!

~They all enter the Café and request a drink of their choice. Then, they head over to the clothes shop
and pick out some new clothes and ditch their previous “convict” ensembles. As they all walk out, a small group of persons are seen coming towards the Café.

MaxRebo: Ha! So they’ve repaired their puny coffee shop. No matter. Better for us when we take it over! JOSHCUBE!!!
JoshCube: *walks up* Yes, sir?!
MaxRebo: Lead your squad for the invasion!
JoshCube: Right. CHARGE!!!!!

~JoshCube leads the small group of trolls on an attack on the Café.

Fooby_Kamikaze: *sees the small troll force* oh no.
Just_eat_it: what?
Fooby_Kamikaze: The trolls are attacking the Café again! *pulls out transmission device* This is Fooby, requesting forces to rally at the Café, ASAP!!!!
Sasori: Reinforcements won’t make it in time, Fooby!
Fooby_Kamikaze: I know. That’s why you all need to help me hold them off until help arrives!
JudgmentAngel: Finally, its…
Adol_the_red: …Ass kickin’ time!!
Fooby_Kamikaze: Alright, it’s time for you to show me why you are worth something, guys. Let’s Go!!!

~Fooby runs into the small  group, slashing one troll’s leg as he enters the troll force. Adol and Sasori run in right behind Fooby and both bash in the same troll’s head with hammers.

JoshCube: You’ll never catch me, Fooby. Not as long as I’m wearing THESE!!! *puts on red sneakers*
Fooby_Kamikaze: tisk, tisk….. *runs after JoshCube* ….you’re not blue or have spines, moron!!
JoshCube: AAHH!! *runs away*

~As Fooby is chasing JoshCube, Adol_the_red comes into battle with his long blade and charges at a troll.

MaxRebo: *from a distance* Heh…*chucks a random road sign at Adol_the_red’s sword, knocking it out of his hands*
Adol_the_red: WTF?? *looks around for his sword*

~As he is looking, the troll dropkicks him. Another troll jumps on top of Adol and dog-piles him.

Just_eat_it: Good thing I saved this….*pulls out the drink he got earlier from the Café and adds pop-rocks to it*

~Just_eat_it throws the drink at the trolls, causing it to explode upon hitting one of them. They are blown off of Adol, and he gets up…

Adol_the_red: nice one….cherry flavored too!
Just_eat_it: Yea, but I think I just pissed them off more…*points to the trolls running in a rage at them*
Adol_the_red: A-Ha! *picks up his sword just in time and slices upwards as he picks it up, connecting with one troll*
Just_eat_it: Eat this!! *takes a swipe with a hammer, putting a dent in a troll’s arm, then kicks him in the face*
Sasori: *appears behind Just_eat_it while throwing flaming balled-up pictures of BlueAnnihilator at trolls*
Adol_the_red: *turns around as sees a troll about to cut his head off*
JudgmentAngel: *out of nowhere, throws a rock at the troll’s head, causing it to turn around* Hello! *slices the troll’s gut with his curved sword*
Sasori: How many more are there?!?
JudgmentAngel: Holy crap, they are everywhere!!

~The 4 end up backed into the Café wall as the trolls begin to surround them. Fooby is still chasing JoshCube, when all of a sudden, a lightning bolt strikes down the trolls.

Fooby_Kamikaze: They’re here!!

~Magic4224, Bloodmage3, Heavens_Reaper, 911, and Gargravarr appear on the roof of the Café.
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**Chp. 5: Business Picks Up**

~Magic4224 signals the other 4 with him to commence attack. Bloodmage3 guides them to the ground via levitation while Magic stays on the roof and attempts to cast more lightning at JoshCube, whom Fooby is still chasing. Heavens_Reaper and Gargravarr slash down at one troll as they land on the ground, killing him instantly. 911 tackles another troll straight to the ground and drills a spear right through him. Off in the distance……

MaxRebo: Damn. We weren’t quick enough. Looks like I’ll just have to kill some of them myself…*he runs into the fray*
Bloodmage3: *as he lands on the ground, he sees MaxRebo* Heh, I’ll take you on!

~Bloodmage3 sends a shockwave towards MaxRebo, causing him to lose balance and fall to the ground.

Fooby_Kamikaze: Get over here!!! *still chasing JoshCube*
Magic: Take this! *casts a lightning bolt directly in front of JoshCube as he runs right into it*
JoshCube: *BZZZT* AHH!!!!!! *falls to the ground*
Magic: Ha, direct hit!
Fooby_Kamikaze: *finally catches up to JoshCube as he tries to get back up and dropkicks him back to the ground, knocking him unconscious*

~As two trolls run towards Heavens_Reaper, he stabs them both at once with his blade, and flings them off of it into another group of trolls running to attack 911.

911: Thanks, man. *punches a troll in the face*
Heavens_Reaper: No proble…ugh!!! *gets hit in the back by another troll*
Gargravarr: No!! *runs at the troll and spin-slashes at him* You ok?
Heavens_Reaper: *on his knees, holding his back* I’ll be…fine. Just keep fighting…BEHIND YOU!!

~Gargravarr turns around, and a troll almost cuts off his head, but out of nowhere, a fireball lands on the troll’s hair, causing him to run in panic.

Sasori: I’m not just gonna sit on the sidelines, you know….
Gargravarr: Thanks, kid. C’mon, let’s finish this guys!!
911: *picks up one of the dead trolls’ blades, now wielding two* I’m ready.

~Meanwhile, at the lounge…

Jawo’: *walks into the game room with his new look* Hey there everyone.
Strike Alpha: *looks away from his Gundam Game* Cool.
Izzypar: Likin’ the hat!
DarkXDizi: Meh, needs more dark colors.
Shadow_Solder: You always say that! *throws a hockey puck at Dizi*
Jawo’: So, can I get a drink or something?
Izzypar: Sure, hang on. *puts on bartender suit* So, what can I get ya?
Jawo’: Uh, you got any Sprite?
DarkXDizi: Hey! No slashing! *whips a hockey stick at Shadow_Solder, whom he is playing Hockey with now*
Terrormokes: *shrugs, then puts on referee outfit* Ok you two. I want a good, clean fight.
CujoEtner: Ooh!! *sets up a lawn chair and grabs some popcorn*

~As the hockey brawl goes underway, someone crashes through the window.

Revolution636: Hahaha, time to tear this place down!!
DarkXDizi: ****!
Shadow_Solder: You piece of ****, LEAVE US ALONE!!!
Terrormokes: *blows whistle* OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE, #636!!!
CujoEtner: *starts booing and throwing popcorn at Revolution*

~Back at the Café battle….
~911 and Gargravarr rush into combat again. Judgment and Adol follow up closely behind. Sasori stays behind and protects Heavens_Reaper from more trolls. Bloodmage and MaxRebo continue to face off….

MaxRebo: *gets up slowly after the shockwave from Bloodmage: Hey, I thought you were supposed to be a pyro?!
Bloodmage: Well, duh! I just figured it’s best not to start with such a predictable move!

~Bloodmage starts charging a light from his left hand as he throws a fireball with his right at MaxRebo. Max dodges the fireball, and starts to run to Bloodmage, unaware that his left hand has fully charged the light.

Bloodmage: Say goodnight. HEEYYAA!!!!!! *unleashes a bright fire beam right into MaxRebo, DBZ style*
MaxRebo: Oh noes, it’s t3h ph1r3!!!

~MaxRebo gets scorched by the beam. The attack lasts for about 4 seconds. Bloodmage looks into the dust as it settles, and sees MaxRebo still barely standing. He was trying to use a flame shield, but it gave way after the 3rd second. MaxRebo then drops to the ground.

Bloodmage: Success!

~Fooby walks near JoshCube, who is still unconscious and on the ground also. Fooby then proceeds to drag him across the battlefield to Bloodmage.

Fooby_Kamikaze: I have a present for you.
Bloodmage: We should let the new kid finish them off. He hasn’t done much in a while…..Hey you! Come here!! *points to Just_eat_it*
Just_eat_it: Yes?
Fooby_Kamikaze: Here’s a golf club. Take a swing at these two clowns please…
Just_eat_it: Ok!

~Just_eat_it swings at  JoshCube and MaxRebo, driving them into a mountain in the very far distance. The rest of the trolls notice this and begin to retreat. Magic, who is still on the Café rooftop, sends a storm cloud over the trolls as they run.
~Elsewhere, in a random point of this time…..

BlueAnnihilator: *in his condo, sipping some lemonade* Ahh, ‘tis good to be the ruler here.

~A random pedestrian walks by his condo and hears him say that.

randomguy44: I agree with you, Blue!
BlueAnnihilator: I never tire of that……oh, Hey! You don’t rule anything here!!
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** Chp. 6: A History Lesson**

~In the Lounge…

Revolution636: *pulls out some pepper spray* Bring it!
DarkXDizi: *summons MayingNo, a demonic blend of MissingNo and May from Pokemon* MayingNo, meet your newest victi…I mean, playpal!
Revolution636: uhhh, crap?

~MayingNo pounces on Revolution636 and proceeds to *CENSORED* him. At the bar…

Jawo’: *hic* sheeya, damn. Thish is good sh**!
Izzypar: Holy cow. That was like, your 30th Sprite!
Jawo’: I know, GIMME ANOTHER!!! *hic* *falls off the stool and cuts his arm on the counter* Owie….
Izzypar: OMG, your not bleeding real blood!!
Terrormokes: *looks over from the “play session”* LOL, his blood type officially changed to Sprite!
Jawo’: *sobers up slightly after hearing this* Wait, what?
Izzypar: Well, I was wondering what your first Loungifying experience would be.
Jawo’: Huh?
Terrormokes: Yea, it happens to anyone who comes here. Take me for example. I have this cool ability to turn into smoke when I’m in the lounge. And Dizi over there gets to summon up these weird demon-creatures like that MayingNo over there….
DarkXDizi: Hey, I think he should visit our Black Market, guys, now that he’s had his Loungified expo….
Izzypar: Good idea. Jawo’, follow me. The rest of the loungers will clean up this mess.

~Jawo’ And Izzypar walk out of the room while Revolution, MayingNo, and the other loungers continue their business.
~At the former battle ground near the Café, all of the trolls have vacated the area, and the heroes have gathered inside the Café, sitting at a table.

Fooby_Kamikaze: Well, you all did a great job defending the Café. I am grateful, especially to our new recruits here, who also helped me finish repairs in the first place.
Adol_the_red: Something bothers me, though. Exactly why in the hell do these trolls want to invade this city?
JudgmentAngel: I was wondering that, too.
Fooby: Y’know, we’re trying to figure that out, too. We think it has something to do with the actual purpose of the city itself. Do you know why this city is so populated?
Sasori: *shakes head*
Just_eat_it: nope…
Adol_the_red: uhh…
Bloodmage3: We have all gathered in this city in anticipation of the Holy one known as Sakurai’s current creation of an alternate reality of adventure called Super Smash Bros. Brawl…
911: Well, all of us that came here by choice, this is.
Gargravarr: Yes, some of us have been exiled here, like you four.
Magic: Anyways…as for the reasons of these invasions, one theory is that in fact, this city is not alone. We’ve gotten information of other cities that also have troll invasions, and even some that have been completely taken over.
Fooby: And this is the only theory we have, as it makes the most sense. What is left unanswered is why….

~A beeping sound is heard on Fooby’s belt. It is his transmitter….

#SA2#: Fooby, come to the base quick, and bring everyone with you! We may have discovered something vital in our fight for troll freedom!!
Fooby: You all heard SA2. Let’s get going!!

~They all run off to the base.
~Meanwhile, back at the Lounge, Jawo’ and Izzypar arrive in the Black market, on the sub-floor of the Lounge.

Izzypar: Here we are. *goes behind the counter and opens shop* So, what can I get for ya? We just got a new shipment of goodies yesterday.
Jawo’: Ok…

~Jawo’ looks around the store and notices a dusty chef hat.

Izzypar: Oh, that is one of Kirby’s special chef hats! I have one myself, as I am the head chef of this place. This one is our last one I think. You can have it for free.
Jawo’: Cool, thanks! I’m gonna look a little more….

~He continues to look around, but he doesn’t find anything else that interests him. He starts walking back to the counter, and then he trips on an abnormally sized gemstone. As he hit’s the ground, he feels a sudden surge of energy flow through him. He picks it up and brings it to the counter.

Jawo’: Hey, what’s this?
Izzypar: *takes a look* Woah, I didn’t know we had one of these here! Jawo’, this is a Chaos Emerald, straight from the realm of Sonic the Hedgehog! *pause* hmm, we don’t even have an asking price for this since we didn’t know we had one here……
Jawo’: So I can have it for free then?
Izzypar: ….>_>……well, it IS policy that the prices are firm, and since this doesn’t have a price…..it’s yours.
Jawo’: YAY!! *takes the chaos emerald* I’m done here. Thanks, Izzy! *runs off*

~At the Base…
~Fooby and the others arrive in the central room, meeting up with SA2 and some others.

SA2: Come everyone. Join me at the table.

~Everyone Sits down at the table.

Fooby: So, SA2, what did you learned about these trolls?
SA2: Well first, I’d like to thank Gwaak and GameBeaten for finding this new information out.
Gwaak: It was surprising we overlooked this for such a long time, though…
GameBeaten: Yes. Well, here’s the thing. Me and Gwaak here were trying to break into CJayC’s confidential files of our world to add an order to give us our divine barrier…
Gwaak: …which is almost an everyday attempt that fails…
GameBeaten: Anyway, we came across a log of CJayC’s great actions of the world. Apparently, there was some sort of affiliation with another world a long time ago, before this city was ever created even. There wasn’t too many details in the log, but what was mentioned was that these beings from this other world were allowed to roam free in ours.
Gwaak: *stands up and walks over to a whiteboard and pulls down a map of GameFAQs, then points to it* This area right here, is the GameFAQs Home-land, a place where all of the people of GameFAQs begin their lives. It is also at this place, where we experience the most frequency of these new beings from this other world. We think it is all from this affiliation CJayC has created.
Adol_the_red: I have a question.
GameBeaten: Yes?
Adol_the_red: What exactly is this other world’s name?

~A breif slence fills the air, as GameBeaten looks over his papers in search of the world’s name. He stops, then puts the papers down…..

GameBeaten: The name of the world is GameSpot.
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**Chp. 7: Misunderstandings…**

~At the Lounge…
~Jawo’ walks out of the Lounge in search of the rest of his “fellow exiled”. He heads down the street…

Jawo’: Hmm, if I’m reading this map that Dizi gave me correctly, I have to take a left in two blocks.

~As he crosses the street to the next block, someone form behind him yells out to him.

Huh?: Hey you! STOP RIGHT THERE!!!
Jawo’: *turns around* Huh?
Huh?:You are under Arrest for trolling in the streets!! *pulls out a gun*
Jawo’: WHAT?! *looks closer and sees a uniform on the person that looks strangely familiar…..*
Oh great, it’s a stupid Mod!

~Jawo’ starts to run franticly as the Mod gives chase. Jawo’ takes a turn on the street corner, but then trips on the sidewalk, knocking his Chaos Emerald out of his pocket into the air.

Jawo’: Crap!
Mod: Stop, NOW, or I’ll shoot!!!

~Jawo’ keeps on running, but jumps up to grab his Chaos Emerald. As he touches it, he feels a surge of energy run though him just like when he first found it in the lounge. Right then, he disappears in front of the Mod’s eyes.

Mod: Where’d he go!?!

~A second later, Jawo’ re-appears 3 blocks down.

Jawo’: *confused and startled* What the he…*realizes what he just did*….no way….

~Jawo’ grins, then turns around and faces the Mod.

Mod: That’s it, I’ve had enough of your fooling around!! *aims his gun at Jawo’ and shoots*
Jawo’: Oh yea? *begins to feel more energy surge through him, still holding the Emerald* CHAOS CONTROL!!

~Jawo’ teleports away and avoids the bullet, then appears again right behind the Mod unnoticed. He then grabs the Mod’s leg and whips him into a nearby garage door, knocking him out cold.

Jawo’: Haha, this is frickin’ sweet!! See ya later, loser!

~Jawo’ pulls out the map again and chaos controls around the city in search of the Base where the others are.

~Meanwhile, at the very Base…

Sasori: GameSpot?
Gwaak: Yes, GameSpot.
JudgmentAngel: I’ve heard that name before…
Fooby: So, how is this information helpful to us?
GameBeaten: Well, there’s a little more to it. According to these documents, GameSpot was a world that actually stopped existing once CJayC affiliated with it.
Gwaak: Stopped existing in this dimension, at least. See now, GameSpot is merely an alternate world of GameFAQs. It’s like our two worlds are bizarro mirror images of each other, and these “GameSpotters” as we call them can travel between the dimension and stroll around in our world.
GameBeaten: The trolls are linked to the GameSpotters also, in the sense that most of them are one in the same.
SA2: So, how are we going to stop them?
GameBeaten: I’m afraid that’s impossible. But, we can prevent them from invading us, IF we can somehow convince the GameFAQs ruler CJayC to grant us a Divine Barrier to be placed in our city…

~All of a sudden, Jawo’ walks in the room escorted by Missing_My_Head…

MMH: Sir SA2, this man was asking to find you.
SA2: Wait, aren’t you that one fellow who…..yes you are!
Just_eat_it: It’s Jawo’!
SA2: Yes, Jawo’. Now Missing, could you go fetch MasterAhriman for me please?
MMH: K, hang on. *walks out of the room*

~Everyone in the room start to fill Jawo’ in on the going-ons, as he tells them what he has done also. 20 minutes later…

Jawo’: Mods, trolls, what’s the difference? They both don’t like anyone who isn’t one of them, and I am neither.
SA2: Yes, but there is a diff…
Jawo’: I don’t care. I’ll beat them all senseless if they mess with me. SA2, I want you to let me find this CJayC myself!
Everyone in the room, minus Jawo’ and SA2: *gasp*

~Missing_My_Head walks in the room with MasterAhriman trailing behind him.

SA2: Well then Jawo’, you will need to meet this guy. He is MasterAhriman.
Ahriman: Hello there. *waves to everyone in the room*
SA2: I was planning on sending someone to meet with CJayC himself anyway, and since you seem so eager, you will fill the position, Jawo’. This is also the reason I asked Ahriman to join us. See, he is the one who will journey with you to meet with someone who knows how to meet with CJayC. *turns to Ahriman* Do you remember the city of the Twilight Princess?
Ahriman: Why yes I do. It’s been a while since I’ve been there though.
SA2: Great. I would like you to bring Jawo’ here to the city border and find a person by the name of Agaranok. You remember him, right?
Ahriman:Oh, that fellow.
SA2: Yes, him. You two will sleep here for the night and take off at dawn.

~Jawo' and Ahriman walk out of the room.

MMH: Umm, SA2? Can I take my leave now? I accidentally broke Blue’s shelf and I need to fix it before he finds out.
SA2: Fine, you are dismissed. Now where was I?
Sasori: You were getting to the part where you were going to mention me out of nowhere?
SA2: Ah yes, the other new blood. First you, Sasori. As Jawo’ sets out to the Twilight Princess city, you are going to meet up with Killer_Spatula in the weapons & gadgets room. He will need your help in creating some parting gifts for Jawo’ and Ahriman.
Sasori: Great, I'll get right on it! *leaves*
Adol_the_Red: What will be my assignment?
SA2: Adol, you, JudgmentAngel, Fooby, and a couple more volunteers are going to go on a Troll raid tonight. It’s time we went on the offensive for once!
Judgment and Adol: Yay!!
SA2: You will meet up with Silver_Ermine and Snaketheserpent, and they will help you find some trolls to hunt down. Now off you go! *they leave*
Bloodmage3: I’ll volunteer to go with them.
Heavens_Reaper: Me too.
SA2: Alright. Off you go, too! *they leave also*
Just_eat_it: What about me?
SA2: Ah, good ol’ JEI. Can I call you that…..?
Just_eat_it: uh, sure…
SA2: You are going to partner up with GameBeaten and keep watch for Mods while Jawo’ and Ahriman leave the city from our lookout tower. The Mods don’t want anyone leaving, so we need to make sure they get out quietly.
GameBeaten: Ok then. JEI, follow me to the scouting area. *they walk out of the room*
SA2: …and that leaves you three, 911, Gargravarr, and Magic. I want you to remain in the city lands on citizen watch to keep the people safe. Oh, and keep your transmitters running incase something goes wrong. *looks out the window over the city horizon* For some reason, I’m sure it will…
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**Chp. 8:  Night-time Shenanegins**

~As dusk sets upon the city of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl board, the city streets are eerily vacant with Mods in search of loiterers who are, in their eyes, breaking the Laws of trolling. In a familiar location on the street, an unknown lurker walks near a certain Mod who is unconscious by a garage door…

TheMissingLink: *notices the fallen Mod, and walks up to him* Woah, what happened here?

~TheMissingLink lifts up the Mod and vanishes in a flash of light, teleporting to a Mod base of his own. This catches the eye of SA2, who sees this light from a window inside the Base.

SA2: Perfect. We’ll see if this part of the plan works.
Duprav: See, I told you that leaving him there to be noticed would pay off. I’m positive that unfamiliar face is one of them.
SA2: You think he noticed the bug we put on the Mod?
Duprav: Nah. I just asked a random pedestrian to put it in his pants. TBizzle I think his name was…
SA2: Was he the RealTBizzle?
Duprav: I think he was a fake…

~BlueAnnihilator walks into the room unexpectedly.

Duprav: uhhh, What??
SA2: But Missing said he was going to fit it….

~Missing_My_Head walks in with some papers in hand…

MMH: Hey SA2, I have some letters from our Treasurer regarding his pay…*looks up and sees Blue* ….oh, crap.
Blue: ….YOU!!!

~Missing_My_Head bolts out of the room, chucking the papers in the air as Blue gives chase. SA2 and Duprav continue observing the city.
~Meanwhile, in the weapons & gadgets room, Sasori is mixing chemicals together while Killer_Spatula is in the other side of the room scrimmaging  through the storage closet.

Sasori: Hmmm, it needs some heat and the mixture is complete.
Killer_Spatula: *a trashcan lid falls on his head from the top shelf of the closet* Ow….ah, here it is! Sasori, once the chemical compound is finished, I want you to dump it into this water tank over here, along with this lid.
Sasori: uhh, ok? But I thought I was going to use it with this leather vest…
Killer_Spatula: Oh that…that goes in the tank as well. It’ll be fine.
Sasori: Ok then. I’ll just heat this over the open flame and the mix will be completed.

~As they continue their little project…
~Elsewhere in the base, in the kitchen…

Jawo’: So, Master_Ahriman, how do you know this Agaranok guy anyway?
Ahriman: Well you see, I am one of the people in this city that is not barred from leaving this place, as I have not gotten in trouble with the Mods. Before I ever came to this city, I used to live in the city of Twilight Princess.
Jawo’: *looking through the cupboard for food* Oh. Well go on, I’m listening…
Ahriman: Agaranok has established a living residence in a nearby cavern of sorts, close to a magma river by the city. He sometimes walks around Twilight Princess, but has also been seen in this city as well.
Jawo’: *now putting a pot roast in the oven* So, is he gonna like, fight me or something?
Ahriman: Funny you should bring that up. He doesn’t like anyone he doesn’t know, and luckily for you he knows me, otherwise he probably would like to tear you up.
Jawo’: …comforting to know…..
Ahriman: Hey, how did you learn to cook like this?
Jawo’: I’m not sure. Maybe it’s this cool chef hat I bought in the Lounge earlier.
Ahriman: You were inside the Lounge?!
Jawo’: Uh, yea. There something wrong with that?
Ahriman: …no, but I thought those people were insane. I’m surprised you didn’t end up like them.
Jawo’: What’s that supposed to mean? I thought that place was cool when I saw it. They even have free drinks in their own bar!

~As they talk more while the roast continues to *cough* roast…
~At the front door of the base, Fooby, Adol, and Judgment are hanging around just inside the lobby area….

Adol_the_Red: So, when are them two other dudes getting’ here?
Fooby: I think it will be a couple more minutes….

~Silver_Ermine and Snaketheserpent walk up to them…

JudgmentAngel: Ah, they’re here.
Silver_Ermine: Yes, we are. Are you all ready?
Judgment, Fooby, and Adol: *nods*
Snaketheserpent: Ok, let’s get this show on the road.

~Silver_Ermine and Snaketheserpent sends their animal friends out to search for any trolls.

Fooby: Uh, what now?
Silver_Ermine: now, we wait….
JudgmentAngel: WHAT? But that’s Boring!!

~Meanwhile, at the Lounge…

DarkXDizi: *smashes a lawn chair over Revolution’s head* Ha! Now, drop to the floor weakling!!
Revolution636: *slightly woosy* …no! *takes a swing at Dizi, but misses*
CujoEtner: *crashes through the ceiling* INCOMING!!! *pounds right onto Revolution’s head, knocking him out cold*
DarkXDizi: Cujo, QUIT STEALING MY KO’s!!! *starts chasing Cujo*
Shadow_Solder: *sigh* ……..*then walks to the bar where Izzy is still tending*
Izzypar: Ya want something’?
Shadow_Solder: Meh, just some water for now.

~Upgraded_Form and Gwaak walk in the room.

Gwaak: I would like to speak with the one who owns this Lounge…
Izzypar: Uh, he’s not here right now. Oh, hey there Upgraded_Form.
Upgraded_Form: Hello. So where is Visual then?
Izzypar: Beats me.
Gwaak: Well then maybe you can fill me in. I’d like to speak to you about someone who recently stopped in here earlier today.
DarkXDizi: You mean that Jawo’ kid?

~as they continue the conversation….
~Back at the base kitchen…

Master_Ahriman: *eating some pot roast* …so basically that gem you got lets you teleport?
Jawo’: I guess. Sweet, isn’t it? Those jackass mods won’t ever lay a finger on me again, now that I got this baby!

~Missing_My_Head bolts past the two out of nowhere, with BlueAnnihilator still chasing him…

BlueAnnihilator: GET BACK HERE!!!!!

~As they both leave…

Jawo: *looks around, then shrugs*….it’s late, man. I think we should turn in for the night.
Master_Ahriman: You’re right. We gotta get up quite early after all.

~As nighttime finally approaches, Fooby and the others are playing a poker game while waiting for the animals to return.

Fooby: gimme two.
Adol: I want 3.
Silver_Ermine: I’m good, none for me.
Snaketheserpent: I want only one.
JudgmentAngel: Ok…*deals out*  I bet 50 bucks!
Adol and snake: *gasps, then both fold*
Silver_Ermine: …..hmmmm, I’m in.
Fooby: Me too. I see your 50, and raise you 50!
JudgmentAngel: *slight pause* Ok, I call your hand.
Silver_Ermine: I fold. Too rich for my blood….
JudgmentAngel: Fooby, show me what you got!

~Fooby lays down his hand…

Fooby: Full House, kings over 6’s.

~More gasps are heard from the folded….

JudgmentAngel: wow, good hand……..almost as good as this! *lays down his hand* …..Straight Flush, to the Ace!!
Snaketheserpent: That’s a Royal Flush, moron….*sees some commotion outside the door*….Hey the animals are back!

~Snake and Ermine start communicating with the animals to find out what information they know…
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**Chp. 9: Defiance and deception**

~At the Lounge…

Gwaak: So he has abilities then, as well as all of you?
Shadow_Solder: Pretty much, yes.
Upgraded_Form: What about this “Black Market” he mentioned?
Izzypar: Dizi, relax. They won’t confiscate anything…..*looks at Gwaak and Upgraded_Form eerily while flashing a remote control in his pocket at them*…….right?
Upgraded_Form & Gwaak: *shakes their heads in agreement while slightly in fear of their lives*
Izzypar: Glad to see we’re on the same page.
Gwaak: Well, actually…We would then like to offer a proposal. We would like for you Loungers to help us. You seem to have a knack for being unpredictable fighters, and on a personal note, I’m quite impressed by the beating you gave that one over there.
Dizi: What’s in it for us?
Upgraded_Form: Ah yes. Well, have a look at these…*hands each of the present loungers some documents* In these papers, you’ll see that we have discovered plans from the Mods to issue a termination of the Lounge. They hate you all since they, up until now, couldn’t figure out how to get rid of you. The deal is simple. If you help us, We’ll use all our power to ensure the Lounge’s safety.
Izzypar: Hmmm…..
Gwaak: If it helps, the only thing we would ask from you at this point is that you allow a select few of our party to simply hang around here, for scouting purposes.
Izzypar: Well like I said before, I’m not the manager around here, so I can’t make any decisions…….

~Visualpun walks in.

Visualpun: What’s going on here?

~As Visual learns of the proposition….
~The Sun starts to rise. Jawo’ and Master_Ahriman are still sleeping when all of a sudden, Duprav slams open the door.

Duprav: Get up, you gotta get movin’ NOW!

~The three run out near the back entrance to the base to meet with Killer_Spatula, Sasori, and SA2.

Killer_Spatula: Good to see you two up. Now here, take these with you.

~Killer_Spatula hands them a leather vest and a trashcan lid.

Master_Ahriman: Uhh, thanks?

Sasori: They are flame resistant items, Ahriman. The trashcan lid is the shield. Sorry we couldn’t get a real one. You’ll need them while near the Twilight Princess city. The people there tend to unleash flames at us SSBBers.
Master_Ahriman: …….>_>
Jawo’: What? I like the blue color…
BlueAnnihilator: Say what?

~Everyone looks over to see Blue and Missing_My_Head.

SA2: We weren’t talking to you, Blue.
BlueAnnihilator: Ok then. *looks over to MMH* NOW HURRY UP AND FIX IT!!!
Missing_My_Head: I’m going as fast as I can, Blue! Just chill out already!!
BlueAnnihilator: How DARE you tell the great BlueAnnihilator to chill! Fix my shelf now, or I’ll have my minions toss you over a bridge!!!

~Meanwhile, somewhere in the city, wandering around…

JudgmentAngel: This was a stupid idea.
Silver_Ermine: How so?
JudgmentAngel: We’ve been up all night and we haven’t found any damn trolls to fight!
Snaketheserpent: But the animals said…
JudgmentAngel: Like I care what you think they said. Apparently they were wrong.
Fooby: Would you just calm the hell down?
Adol_the_Red: I kinda agree with Judgment. I swear we circled this entire city already.

~The animals suddenly run into an open plane…

Silver_Ermine: Hey, they found something!

~Everyone gives chase to the animals. All of a sudden they stop and turn around in the middle of the open field.

Silver_Ermine: What is it?

~He recites what an Ermine tells him…

Silver_Ermine: We’re really….screwed now?

~The Ermines blow up and the snakes burrow underground.

Silver_Ermine: AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
Snaketheserpent: NOOOOO!!!!!!
Fooby: What the hell?!!!

~A rumbling is heard in the ground. All of a sudden, WizdomKube bursts out of the ground.

WizdomKube: Haha, Losers! You fell right into my trap!!

~WizdomKube hurls a big bone from the ground at a startled Silver_Ermine and Snaketheserpent, pinning them to the ground.

Silver_Ermine: My Ermines…….*starts crying*
WizdomKube: Haha, if only they were real.
Fooby: Say what?
WizdomKube: Oh, c’mon. I wouldn’t Blow up REAL Ermines. They were just some drones I had lure you out here.
Silver_Ermine: *sigh of relief*
WizdomKube: Besides, blown up Ermines are no good to me. They taste better when they are whole!
Silver_Ermine: *starts crying again*
Snaketheserpent: *is out cold*
Fooby: You son of a b****!

~Back at the base…

SA2: Ok Jawo’ and Ahriman. You’re both set.  *pulls out intercom* Gamebeaten, are they in the clear to make a break for it?
#GameBeaten#: Right now there is no sign of any mods. They are clear, sir!
SA2: Alright, now’s your chance you two. Get out there now, and keep your intercoms on incase something happens!

~Jawo’ and Ahriman run out of the building towards the city outskirts, while GameBeaten and just_eat_it scout the area from the base’s tower.

SA2: There they go…*his intercom buzzes*
#GameBeaten#: SA2, just_eat_it knows why the mods aren’t around!
SA2: Why is it, then?
#GameBeaten#: JEI got a message from 911. Him, Gargravarr, and Magic have been arrested by the Mods for trolling!!
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*Chp. 10: Plans in Motion**

~Jawo’ and Ahriman race down the street to the city border. They coincidentally run right past the lounge, as Gwaak and Upgraded-Form walk out with DarkXDizi and Izzypar, and Jawo’ crashes into Dizi.

Dizi: Hey, what the f***?! *attempts to kick Jawo’ in the face*
Jawo’: ugh…….wha?! *blocks the kick* Dizi?
Izzypar: Dizi, it’s just Jawo’…..hey, what’s going on here anyway?
Gwaak: Oh, you two must be heading for Twilight Princess, am I right?
Ahriman: Yes, exactly. And we can’t stick around here to explain……

~An armored truck appears off in the distance with sirens blazing, as Jawo’ and Ahriman’s intercoms go off.

#SA2# : Jawo’, Ahriman, get a move on! There’s a Mod Squad Truck heading right for you!!
Upgraded-Form: Uh oh. Either the Mods know what Jawo’ and Ahriman are up to, or they’ve come early to tear down the Lounge!
Jawo’: Well, only one way to find out. *grabs Ahriman’s arm* We gotta make a run for it now!

~Jawo’ takes off, pulling Ahriman with him. As they make their getaway, the rest run back into the Lounge as Jawo’ shouts back to them “Sorry to leave ya hangin’!!” Moments later, the Mod Squad Truck stops near the Lounge entrance, and Mod SineNomine comes out the back of the truck with a megaphone.

SineNomine: *turns on the megaphone* Attention all Loungers. In compliance to the GameFAQs Law, I am hereby issuing a cease and desist order on your precious little Lounge. Also, the one who is in charge of the Lounge is hereby ordered to serve 2 months in purgatory, for failure to comply with the topicality Building Code!

~Two more Mods come out of the truck.

SineNomine: Failure to respond in the time of 5 minutes will force us to start tearing the Lounge down with or without you in it. I suggest, for the sake of your lives, that you all come out quietly!

~Meanwhile, Jawo’ and Ahriman just make it to the outside of the city.

Jawo’: *sigh* man, we really hauled ass just now.
Ahriman: You got that right……but I think the Mods weren’t after us anyway.
Jawo’: Well, should we go back and help them? I kinda feel bad that they’ll probably get hurt or somethin’…
Ahriman: Gwaak and Upgraded were there, so I’m sure that they will have a successful defense.
Jawo’: If you say so. You probably know those two better than me.
Ahriman: Not at all actually…uh, let’s get going!
Jawo’: ……

~Back at the Base, SA2 rallied a group of others into a meeting.

SA2: Ok people. Our plans are hitting quite a few bumps on the road. First, 911 and his group are arrested, leaving us with very little backup. Second, I’ve just received word from Gwaak that the Lounge is being attempted to be tore down by the Mods as we speak. The only plan that HAS gone well so far is Jawo’ and Ahriman reaching the outside of the city. They are well on their way to Twilight Princess, and reaching Agaranok.
Missing_My_Head: So what is this meeting being called for if we’re on a limited time clock in terms of the Lounge, then?
Duprav: MMH has a point.
SA2: Well, to be honest, I have no idea how to help them, and I’m looking for ideas from you guys.
MMH: …
Duprav: …
Killer_Spatula: …
Sasori: …
GameBeaten: …
Just_eat_it: …
randomguy44: I like pie.
Everyone (minus randomguy44): *>_> @ randomguy44*
BlueAnnihilator: Hey, would someone tell me why I’m in this room?
SA2: Because I asked every single person in the base at the time to come in here.

~Bloodmage3 and Heavens_Reaper walk in the room….

Bloodmage3 + Heavens_Reaper: Hey guys, what’s going on?
Heavens_Reaper: What, they left already?!
Bloodmage3: Great, someone forgot to write us in the story…….I mean, set the alarm!!
SA2: There’s no time to argue about that. I need you two to go help out the people at the Lounge then. They are being raided as we speak, now Off With You Two!!
Killer_Spatula: Hey SA2, me and Sasori will go with them.
SA2: Alright, but as soon as you drive off the Mods, I’ll need you two to come back here, otherwise we’ve got noone to defend the Base here. How hurry!

~As the four of them run to help save the Lounge…
~Back at the open plane…

Fooby: Eat Watermelon, WizdomKube!! *throws a kamikaze watermelon at Wizdomkube*
WizdomKube: OOHH, I LOVE WATERY MELONS!! *catches the watermelon in his mouth* …and I’m expecting that you think it’ll explode in me, am I right?
Fooby: …In 3...2...
WizdomKube: *crunches into the watermelon* Heh, I know better. Also, you made another big mistake.
Fooby: Oh yea, and what is that?! *gets ready to draw his weapon*
WizdomKube: You should’ve chosen Seedless!! *spits out watermelon seeds at Fooby*
Fooby: Damnit…

~Fooby tries to block the seeds, but with their bullet-like speed, he gets laid out on the ground.

WizdomKube: So, who’s next?

~JudgmentAngel and Adol_the_Red look at each other.

Adol: Uhh, rock-paper-scissors for it?
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**Chp 11: Lounge Stand-off**

*a slight recap of events…*
~Jawo’ and Ahriman are well on their way to Twilight Princess. 911, magic, and Gargravarr are being taken to a prison to await their punishment for their “heinous” crime. Snaketheserpent is unconscious, trapped under a giant bone with Silver_Ermine, who is weeping from WizdomKube’s comments about his ermines. Fooby is knocked out as well, while Adol and JudgmentAngel decide who gets the next swing at Wizdom. SA2 is up in the base along with others, waiting anxiously for some form of response from ANYONE out in the fields. The Lounge has less than 3 minutes to respond to SineNomine, while Killer_Spatula and Sasori are nearing the aforementioned location, with bloodmage3 and Heavens_Reaper following them…

Killer_Spatula: *pulls out an intercom*  Upgraded-Form, do you read me?! Answer your intercom ASAP!!

~moments later…

#Upgraded-Form#: Killer_Spatula, is that you?
Killer_Spatula: Yes it is. Don’t worry, me, bloodmage3, Heavens_Reaper, and Sasori are coming to help you. Have any of you thought of a plan yet?
#Upgraded-Form#: ….uhh, no…
Killer_Spatula: *sigh* Well, we have to think of something. Me and Sasori only brought a limited supply of explosives…
Sasori: Wait, Killer_Spatula, I just got an idea!
Killer_Spatula: O RLY? Well tell me then!
Sasori: There’s no time. Just tell everyone there to get ready to surrender.
Killer_Spatula: ok…..wait, WHAT?!


SA2: *pacing back and forth inside the base* Oh God, we’re f***ing up, we’re f***ing up, we’re f***ing up, we’re…
SA2:…..excuse me? Who do you think you’re talking to?!
Duprav: A wuss, that’s who.
SA2: *eye twitch*
MMH: Hey, that wasn’t necessary to say…

~Cube_Cubed walks in…

MMH: Hey, it’s our Treasurer!
Cube: Yea, and I’m here because apparently YOU, MMH, can’t deliver messages! SA2, I have a problem with my current pay.
SA2: Can we talk about it some other time? We’re in the middle of getting our asses kicked here.

~Yamata Demon walks in…

Duprav: Uggh, who is it now?
Yamata: Well, excuuuuuuuuse me! I just thought that you’d like to know that a Mod seized my house.
SA2: …and why exactly did he do that? He can’t just do it without a reason.
Yamata: He said something’ about picking off any runners from a nuisance building. He was holding a Suspension Sniper Rifle, so I really didn’t want to say he couldn’t come in…
Duprav: Oh damn. SA2, he’s probably talking about the Lounge!

~Back at the Lounge…

Upgraded-Form: Ok, I have faith in their idea, even if they didn’t tell me how it’s supposed to work.
DarkXDizi: I swear, if I get thrown in jail I’m gonna kill you. So for the entire planet’s sake…
VisualPun: Dizi, calm down. We all knew that the Lounge was an illegal building. Upgraded, I will go out their first. All I ask from you is that you make sure that the Lounge lives on, even if they take me away.
Upgraded: Don’t worry Visual. I’m sure we’ll all be ok….

~Upgraded-Form’s intercom buzzes…

#Killer_Spatula#: Ok, we’re right on the street corner. Sasori told me the plan. There’s no time to explain though. All we need is for at least three of you to go out there and……surrender. Don’t worry though. You will know EXACTLY why when you realize what the plan is…

~A voice is heard from the outside of the lounge…

#Killer_Spatula#: Looks like it’s now or never. Hurry up. *end transmission*
Upgraded: Ok, I guess me and Visual will go out there. We need one more…
Dizi: That would be me. I’ll kick the holy hell out of them if I have to.
Upgraded: Good enough. Let’s go. The rest of you wait here, and keep watch of us to see if you find an opening or something.

~Outside the Lounge…

SineNomine: 10.….9.….8.….aw, f*** this. Get the rocket launcher Now!!

~Upgraded, Visual, and Dizi walk out of the Lounge with their hands up…

Sine: …wait. Looks like they grew some balls after all…

~inside the lounge…

Shadow_Solder: *mumbling* I take offense to that…

~back outside…

Sine: Ok, you three are the only ones in there? I find that highly doubtful. Our records show that this Lounge has at least 20 members.
Visual: Uh, they didn’t show up today…

~Sasori runs up behind the Mod Squad Truck unseen.

Sine: You must be the owner then. I’ve been waiting for this day. You and your Lounge have been a major pain in the ass for us Mods…

~The other two Mods along with Sine walk near the three, holding handcuffs.

Sine: VisualPun, you are now ordered to serve two months in purgatory. As for you two, you will be placed on the warn list. Break the rules while on this list, and you can join Visual as well…

~while the Mods are preoccupied, Sasori climbs in the back of the truck and arms a dozen explosives. He sets the last one to explode in 7 seconds, and jumps out of the truck. At the corner of the street…

Killer_Spatula: Holy crap, he pulled it off…
bloodmage3: *finally catches up* Hey, thanks for waiting for us!
Heavens_Reaper: *catches up as well*…so, what’d we miss?
Killer_Spatula: Nothing yet. Just make sure to fend off the Mods once the big bang happens…
bloodmage3: Huh?

~Back at the Lounge…

Sasori: *yells out in a stereotypical white gangster voice while running away* GET ON THE FLOOR……NOW!!!!
All 3 Mods: WTF?
Sasori: *points to their truck while still running*

~The Mods’ Truck flashes a bright light, then gets engulfed in flames. The Mods become startled…

SineNomine: Oh my God. What the hell have you done, you!?!

~Sine pulls out a gun and takes aim at a running Sasori, but before he gets a shot off…
…the Truck explodes with a kaboom heard 200 miles away, causing Sine to fall to the ground in shock.

Killer_Spatula: There’s our cue. Let’s get ’em!!
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**Chp. 12: Lounge Showdown**

~Killer_Spatula, along with bloodmage3 and Heavens_Reaper charge into battle. VisualPun, Upgraded, and Dizi, all confused as to the events, stand around wondering what to do. Sasori comes up behind them.

Sasori: We’re here to help you guys out. This was the plan Upgraded knew about. Now hurry back into the Lounge while we take care of these buffoons!
DarkXDizi: Like hell I’m sittin’ on the sidelines. These guys threaten to close my only home and you want me to be a spectator of their demise? Not gonna happen!

~Dizi starts walking up to the Mods…

VisualPun: Uh oh. This ain’t gonna end well…
Upgraded-Form: Well I’ll stop him before he gets hurt.
VisualPun: Huh? I was talking about the Mod. People don’t survive when Dizi gets pissed off.

~Dizi taps one Mod on his shoulders. The Mod turns around, and Dizi punches him right in the face, breaking his nose. He falls to his knees, and Dizi kicks the side of his head so hard that his boot cuts the Mod’s ear.

bloodmage3: Holy crap. Such brutality.
Heavens_Reaper: I like it!

~Dizi turns around and stares at bloodmage3 and Heavens_Reaper.

Dizi: Would you two shut the f*** up and kick their asses already?!

~Sine Looks up from the ground and sees the fallen Mod, then glares up at Dizi....

Sine:......*in low-tone* you....You motherf-
VisualPun: Hey now! No cussing!! You ARE a Mod after all...*snicker*
Sine: *gasp* , then *eye twitch* HOW DARE YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!!!

~Out of nowhere, Izzypar crashes out of the window and lands right next to VisualPun.
Izzypar: Oh, we'll do alot more than that. This is the Lounge, b****! You don't have a clue what you're messin' with!
Sine: You will all pay for this. Do you hear me?! *shouts* DO YOU HEAR MEEE?!?!

~Sine darts off of the ground and charges right after an unsuspecting Dizi.

Dizi: Wha-

~Sine pistol-whips Dizi in the face with his Colt-3KL pistol, dropping Dizi to the Ground.

VisualPun, Izzypar, and Everyone else around: *gasps*

~Sine looks down at the fallen Dizi, then looks up at VisualPun as he points his gun at Dizi.

Sine: Wanna test my patience now, VisualPun?!
VisualPun: .......Don't you dare. You'll be dragged into purgatory with me if you do, I swear to it!
Sine: So what? One less of you filth around forever in exchange of a preiod of my time? Besides, at this rate, you won't be the only one in purgatory for this. I'll make it a point to have you all arrested after you're locked up!

~Dizi slowly regains consciousness unnoticed my Sine. He doesn't move, but Izzy notices him...

Izzypar: Heh, wanna bank on that claim?
Sine: *twitch* *then points the gun at Izzy* Give me one reason why you doubt me!
Izzypar: Because Dizi's gonna attack your weak spot for MASSIVE DAMAGE!!!!

~Dizi, still on the ground, kicks Sine right square in the crotch, then gets up. Sine drops to his knees in an instant in pain...

Dizi: Oh man, you are SERIOUSLY gonna wish you never did that to me, boy!
Izzypar: You ok, Diz?
Dizi: I've had worse happen to me. 'Sides, look at him now, all on his knees and crap. I bet you're comfortable in that position, aren't you mister Mod?

~Dizi lets out a snicker, as Sine fumes away on the ground, unable to recover enough to retaliate. All of a sudden, a small red beam appears from nowhere, pointing at Dizi's head.

VisualPun: *gasp* Dizi...watch out!

~Visual tackles Dizi to the ground, as a loud gunshot is heard and a bullet sears right along the red line.

Izzy/Upgraded/sasori/bloodmage3: *loud gasps*
Heavens_Reaper: Are they ok?!
Killer_Spatula: Quick, someone go check on those two!

~At the base, SA2 and Duprav are overlooking the commotion from the inside of their meeting room, with Cube and Yamata Demon talking to each other.

Duprav: Where the hell did that gunshot come from?!
SA2: *gasp* you don't think....oh no.

~SA2 looks over at Yamata.

SA2: Where is your house situated again?!

~Yamata gets up and points in a general direction outside.

SA2: I KNEW IT! It's that Mod who seized Yamata's house!
Duprav: Should I alert the guys out there?
SA2: We have to. They need to know what they're dealing with.

~back at the Lounge battle, Heavens Reaper gets a page from Duprav, as bm3 and Izzy run up to check on Dizi and Visual.

Heavens Reaper: *takes out is transmitter* This is Reaper, make it quick whoever this is!
#Duprav#: It's Duprav here. Me and SA2 are watching over you. We know where that gunshot came from.

~Sine, still on the ground, overhears Duprav's message.
Sine:...urgh...heh, so they...got an extra pair of eyes, too...*cough*

Heavens Reaper: Well out with it, man!
#Duprav#: Another Mod is hiding out in a civilian's home armed with a suspension Sniper Rifle. Keep that red line in check, guys! Duprav out. *end transmission*

~bloodmage3, along with Izzypar, come upto Dizi, who is seemingly unconscious and laying on top of Visual.

Izzy: He's out cold, but I don't see any open wounds...
bloodmage3: Could've been the unexpected impact to the ground. Help me move him off of Visual!

~They push Dizi off of Visual, who has a mortal wound in his chest, and is barely moving.

Izzy: *gasp* NO! VISUAL!!
Visual: *grasps his chest in pain* *cough*...iz...izzy. Is...is Dizi ok?
Izzy: He's not hurt, but look at you!
bloodmage3: Visual, I...I don't think...you're gonna ma-
Visual: ...save it. If I...kept Dizi safe, then that's all...*cough*...that matters.
Izzy: B...but Vis! You can't leave us!
Visual: It's...never over for me, Izzy. So long as the Lounge lives on.......I'll never be gone.

~Visual struggles to stand up, yet eventually does, and in plain sight of everyone else on the scene, including the ones still inside the Lounge.

Visual: You...hear me, you damn Mods?! My creation ain't goin' nowhere, you bastards!

~From inside the Lounge...

Shadow_Solder: *has a worried look on her face* Visual...don't do it...
Strike Alpha: I don't think there's anyone who's gonna stop him.
CujoEtner: He....He's going out in a blaze of glory.
Terrormokes: I can't look...*turns his head away*

~Visual notices the red beam once more, now clearly aiming at him.

Visual: *struggling to stand* y....you wanna finish the job, you *****?!

~He lifts up one hand and gives a still downed SineNomine the finger.

Visual: I'll be back someday, you asshats... *looks in the direction of the red beam, and flicks it off as well* ...**** all of you.

Izzy/bm3/H_Reaper: NO!!!

~Another loud gunshot is heard as another bullet connects with Visual, sending him falling backwards to the ground, this time, unable to respond.

Everyone minus the Mods watching: AHH!
Sine: *struggles to finally get up himself*...Eh....heh....ha...Haha! YES!! He finally got what he had coming to him.

~Sine touches a button on an earpeice he's wearing..

Sine: SineNomine to Zhuge Liang.
#Zhuge Liang#: This is Zhuge.
Sine: Nice shot. He's out of the picture...finally.
#Zhuge Liang#: Anytime. I'ma get the hell outta this city now. Zhuge out.

~A beam of light is seen from the house Zhuge was in as he teleports away.

Sine: Well, we've got what we've come for. Fellow Mods, let's beat it.

~Sine rallies up the other two Mods and they are also teleported away by a similar beam of light, while everyone else stands still in complete shock at the events that have just transpired.
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**Chp. 13 Confinement**

~Somewhere, inside a bus-sized vehicle, in an unknown area…well, at least to 911, magic, and Gargravarr anyway, they, and the 2 Mods who arrested them arrive at a very large building which seems to be a prison of some sorts. The vehicle comes to a stop as the Mods escort them at gunpoint into the building.

Mod1: Alright, you three. As you already know, trolling is not tolerated. So you are ordered to serve 1 week in the Warn cells.
911: Gah! You guys can’t do your jobs for ****! We weren’t bothering ANYONE!!
Mod2: *smacks 911 across the face*  Watch your damn tone, boy!
Gargravarr: …as soon as you  learn the correct way to enforce the rules, we will.
magic: Yea. We’ve got more than enough REAL trolls in our home for you to arrest, but you refuse to open your eyes!

~The mods get fed up with their talking, and grab both of them and slam them into a nearby wall, and keep
911 from moving by pointing their guns at him.

Mod1: Wanna push your luck?
Mod2: We’ll throw you three in purgatory if you say another word.
Mod1: Good. Now that that’s settled, keep your asses moving.

~They walk past a long line of containment rooms with large, barred windows in the walls, noticing several other people inside many of them. They almost come to a large room, when they are met by another Mod.

CyricZ: Are these Brawl captives?
Mod1: Yep.
Mod2: But they’re not the ones from that Lounge building. These three are simple trolls.
CyricZ: Ah, I see.

~CyricZ unlocks the door to a containment room just aside the large room.

CyricZ: These three can spend their time in here. I want them to be easily checked on.
Mod2: You heard him. Get in there!

~Each Mod grabs a captive and forcefully shoves them inside the room, and CyricZ locks the door behind them as the Mods all walk away together and continue talking.

CyricZ; So I suppose you didn’t hear then? I guess there won’t actually be any Lounge captives.
Mod2: Why not? The building’s owner was supposed to-
CyricZ: I know. Turns out he’ll be gone for much longer. He tried defaming the name of the Mods, so they dropped the sorry S.O.B.
Mod1: You mean he-
CyricZ: Yep. He’s history.

~The three captives overhear the entire conversation as the Mods turn the corner into the other room.

911: The hell was that about? You don’t think…nah. They couldn’t.
Gargravarr: I dunno. Sounded pretty definite to me.
magic: GAH! We need to get in touch with SA2 fast!
Huh?: SA2? I’ve heard of that name.
911/Gar/magic: Huh?!

~The three look around the room and see noone, but then magic looks through a window that shows the hall they were once in and notices a lone person in another room directly across from them.

Huh?: Well whaddaya know? A few more Brawlers in the cells.
Gar: Hey, who are you and how do you know of SA2?!
Huh?: Me? My name is Shadow Wolf X, and I guess you could call me a wanderer of your little hometown. I've heard alot of names thrown around over there.
911:So...have you heard enough of him to know how to get in touch from Ceejus-knows-where we are?
SWX: ...nope.
911/Gar/magic: *facepalm*
Huh?: AHEM!
Everyone else: ?!

~Everyone suddenly notices a Mod standing just outside the corner, staring at them.

CyricZ: So...planning to attempt contact with the outside world, are you? Hmm, well we'll see about that...

~CyricZ, gun in hand, opens up SWX's cell.

CyricZ: You! Get your ass out of the cell and start walking down the hall! I warned you about keeping your mouth shut, so it looks like I'm gonna have to throw you in purgatory for the next week...once again!
SWX: Hm. You think your fancy names for solitary confinement scare me? I couldn't give any less a f-

~Cyric Pistol-whips SWX right across the face, but failing to make SWX cease standing as he simply turns his face back towards Cyric.

911/magic/gar: *gasps*
CyricZ: ...make it two weeks for that, then. Now march, boy.
SWX: ...so be it.

~As SWX walks out of his cell willingly, he looks over at the other three...

SWX: Don't worry. I'll see you three again soon enough, trust me...
CyricZ: I told you to SHUT UP!!
SWX: ALRIGHT! I'm going, sheesh...

~As SWX walks away with Cyric trailing him at gunpoint, the other three look on in near shock.

Gar: ...good God...
911: ...and he didn't even seem to care one bit. Is there something wrong with that guy or what?
magic: I dunno, but I'm more interested in what he said...about seeing us again soon enough...
Gar: Well I for one don't plan on mouthing off to these mods anytime soon to join him in...wherever the hell he just went, so if you're like me I don't think you need to dwell on his words.
911: Gar's got a point. The longer we get stuck here by getting on their bad sides, the longer it's gonna take us to get back home.
magic: *sigh* and it doesn't seem like we can actually break out of here, either...seems like this entire building has a mystic lockout so my magic is useless...damnit...

~Suddenly a gunshot is heard, followed by an agonizing yell.

Huh?: AHH ****, MY LEG!!!

**to be continued...**
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