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30 July, 2021, 09:23:03 pm
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Story 3: Blue and the Origin of the Goddess. (100% Complete)

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Author Topic: Story 3: Blue and the Origin of the Goddess. (100% Complete)  (Read 1396 times)
« Reply #135 on: 24 August, 2007, 08:47:45 am »

*Gaion rushes and swings his sword at Blue, but he dodges with no effort at all*

Blue: You're gonna have to do better than that!

*Blue delivers a swift kick to Gaion's gut*

Gaion: Gaaah! Egh, I won't lose!

*Gaion crashes his sword into the ground, sending a fierce shockwave straight for Blue, but Blue seemingly disappears right before it hits*

Gaion: Ah! Where did he go!?

Blue: Right here!

*Blue reappears in front of Gaion and delivers a powerful blow to his face*

Gaion: Aaaggh!

*Blue calmly gets back into his fighting pose*

Blue: What's the matter? Got nothing left?

Gaion: *panting* (How? How is he so fast!? It must be....his inability to use his magic. Now that it's not weighing him down anymore, he can move a swiftly as possible. We may have made a grave error in setting up this magic seal)

Blue: Are you coming? Or do I have to make the first move!?

Gaion: Silence, boy!

*Gaion constantly swings at Blue, but he dodges all of them. Every miss resulting in Blue delivering another blow*

Blue: You're too slow, Gaion. Give it up. You can't win.

Gaion: Never. I'm not done yet.

*Gaion strips off his armor in an attempt to become lighter and more limber*

Gaion: And now, we do this for real.

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« Reply #136 on: 25 August, 2007, 03:48:33 pm »

Blue: (Alright, Blue. Stay calm. You can do this. Just watch him carefully.)

*Gaion slashes at Blue, but Blue is barely able to dodge it*

Blue: Ah, that was close. This could be a nuisance.

*Gaion then slashes again upward and and cuts Blue's face*

Blue: Agh! (He got me that time. Darn it!)

Gaion: Heh heh ha. Not so quick on your feet now, are you?

Blue: I'm just getting started, Gaion.

*Meanwhile, a mysterious figure is watching Blue's battle from the shadows*

??: So, he's made it this far. Let's see how you handle this one.

*Blue spots him*

Blue: Hmm? (Who's that?)

Gaion: Better concentrate on the battle, boy!

*Gaion swings his sword across, slashing Blue's abdomen*

Blue: Guh! Agh...big mistake..for me..

*Meanwhile, Lilia and the others are trying to keep an eye on the battle whilst fighting the Holy Guard*

*Lilia is staving off an attack*

Lilia: Blue! He's in trouble! He won't last much longer at this rate!

*ILS strikes down a soldier with a swing from his sword*

ILS: I know, Lilia, I see it! But what can we possibly do? He's trapped behind that barrier!

Lilia: Blue..please hang in there...

??: This will not do. Come on, Quentin. Show me your power. I know you have it in you.

Blue: *panting* I can't...lose here. I WON'T..lose here. My friends...Sirios...they're all counting on me!

Gaion: It's too late! This is the end of the road for you.

*Gaion rushes toward Blue, reading to deal the finishing blow*

Blue:....Noooooooo!! I won't let you!

DEM moment coming up. You knew it was coming...

*Just then, Blue's body erupts with a massive amount of energy. His body is overflowing with blue energy and his eyes glow a luminescent blue*

Blue: You'll never win, Gaion! My friends are relying on me and I won't let them down!

Gaion: Aaah..aahh! This power! What the heck are you!?

??: So...this is it. The power I've been waiting all these years to witness.

Gaion: Agh...(I can't show fear. I have to stay resilient. I can't falter!)

*Gaion rushes at Blue in a futile attempt to strike him*

Gaion: I don't care how strong you are, you won't defeat me!

*Gaion's strikes, but Blue grabs his sword with his bare hands and stops it cold*

Gaion: Aahh! Nooo! Let go!

*Blue takes Gaion's sword and flings it across the room, out of reach*

Blue: You're done, Gaion. This is it for you.

*Blue delivers a devastating upward kick to Gaion's chin, sending him flying straight up*

Gaion: *coughs up blood* Too...strong..

*Blue then jumps up in the air and punches Gaion with enough force to send his body shattering through the barrier*

Gaion: GaaaaaahhhH!!!

*Lilia and ILS witness the spectacle*

ILS: Whoa! Is that Blue!?

Lilia: He's...he's...supercharged!!

*Blue then sets his sight on the remaining holy guard soldiers*

Blue: Lilia! ILS!

Lilia: Uh, yeah?

ILS: What's up, Blue?

Blue: Tell everyone to get back!

Lilia: But..why?

Blue: Hurry! Just do it!

Lilia: Ah uh, okay then! Come on, ILS!

ILS: Right!

*Lilia and ILS gather up the rest of the group and stand aside*

Blue: Alright then, I've been wanting to try this out.

*Blue then gathers his energy in preparation*

Blue: Magi Triangle: Triple Attack! Rexflame! Rexcalibur! Rexbolt!

*A mass of raging flames, a torrent of rushing gales, and a blast of roaring thunder crash down on the remaining holy guard, defeating all of them*

Leadan: Ah! That was simply amazing!

Leon: Who knew Quentin had so much power in him!?

Ari: I don't think any of us did, Leon!

??: I knew, young man. But I didn't know it was this kind of power. I had thought it stemmed from anger and rage, but instead, it came from the desire to protect his friends. The need to keep them from harm. You'll never cease to amaze me, Quentin.

*Blue's energy is all used up, and he reverts back to normal form*

Royce: Wow. He just made toast out of all the soldiers, and he put a serious hurtin' on Gaion!

Erin: Now I know why he's the commander. There's no one stronger than him!

*Lilia and ILS run up to Blue*

Lilia: Blue! Blue! Are you okay!?

ILS: That was some damage you dealt there, Blue buddy!

Blue: Yeah, I'm fine. I just have some unfinished business to take care of.

*Blue walks over to Gaion*

Gaion: *gasping for air* He's...too powerful. I'm no...match..for this man. I...failed.

Blue: Gaion!

Gaion: What...are you...waiting for..boy? Finish...me.

Blue: Oh, you don't have to tell me twice!

*Blue runs over and grabs Gaion's sword*

Blue: Now, I'm gonna take your life with the same sword that you used to take countless others. Your fate is sealed, Gaion!

*Blue jumps in the air, then careens down and slams Gaion's sword into his chest*

Gaion: Gah...aaah....*cough*..Well..done..Archsage. You fought....valiantly...

*Gaion dies*

Blue: *panting* It's finally over.

Sirios: Blue...you did it!

Blue: Sirios, I'm sorry.

Sirios: Sorry? What are you sorry for?

Blue: For taking away the privilege from you. I know you wanted to be the one to finish off Gaion.

Sirios: That's okay, Blue. I don't care. My father, and Lemia, they've been avenged. That's all that matters. Now, they can finally rest in peace.

Blue: Yeah, you're right..

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« Reply #137 on: 25 August, 2007, 04:11:56 pm »

Zeldafan: Blue! You were absolutely fantastic out there!

Tobi: Yes! You have the skill and agility that rivals even that of a ninja like myself. A job well done.

Blue: ...

Link: Commander, what's the matter?

Blue: Nothing...I'm just not in the mood for celebrating right now.

Presea: Yes, he's right. We still have work to do.

Zeldafan: Gee, Blue. I'm sorry...

Blue: Don't worry about it. You didn't do anything wrong.

Tobi: Blue, one more thing...

Blue: Yeah?

Tobi: I saw someone...standing in the shadows, observing the battle.

Blue: Yeah, I saw him too.

Tobi: Do you know who it was?

Blue: Not at all. But...for some reason...he didn't seem like an enemy.

Tobi: I felt the same way, Blue. Although, he looked to be very intrigued when he saw your power explosion. As if..he was waiting to witness it.

Blue: Waiting...to witness it? Ah...

Tobi: Something wrong, Blue?

Blue: Nah, I'm fine. (Witness my hidden power...could it really be him? But that's not possible...)

Leadan: Blue, it's about time we got going. The upper levels await, along with the Enlightened Ones. We better be ready.

Blue: Are they really such a threat?

Leadan: I'm not so sure, but I am certain that they aren't to be taken lightly.

Blue: Okay then. As soon as we're finished with them, there'll be no one left to stand in our way.

*Meanwhile, at the top of the tower*

Juni: Gaion, he's failed. He and the rest of the holy guard have been decimated.

Noel: Truly? This doesn't look good for us.

Katsui: I guess we have no other choice...

Juni: Yes?

Izalina: You must go fight them yourselves.

Noel: But what about you, Izalina?

Izalina: I will stay here and continue the preparations. We must not allow them to reach us before we're finished.

Juni: Understood. We shall go.

Noel: The Archsage and his friends shall fall to our might.

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« Reply #138 on: 25 August, 2007, 04:49:27 pm »

*Blue and the others teleport to a higher level of the tower, only to be stopped in their tracks by a ball of light heading right for them*

Blue: Ah! Watch out!

*Blue and the gang dodge the attack*

Juni: You won't be going any farther, Archsage.

Blue: Agh, it's you.

Noel: Astartia, what are you doing with them?

Astartia: Don't pull that with me, Noel! I know the truth! You led me to believe that Blue and his friends were the enemies, but it's really you! Well the jig is up now. You guys are going down!

Katsui: Not quite, Astartia. You see, we're more powerful than we look.

Blue: No matter how powerful you are, you still can't beat us!

ILS: Yeah, it's all of us against the 3 of you. What chance do you think you have?

Juni: And that's why we have this.

*The 3 cast a resurrection spell. All of the holy guard that were once defeated have been brought back to life*

Tobi: Ah! I thought that was a ninja art only!

Zeldafan: Well..*gulp* not anymore...

Noel: And that's not all. They're also more powerful than before. Energized by the spirits of the dead. They won't be so easy to defeat this time.

Blue: Well guys, looks like we got some trouble on our hands.

ILS: Hey hey, come on, Blue! You know we can do it!

Lilia: Yeah! Let's bag us some zombie soldiers!

Blue: Alright!  Let's gooo-uh..hey. Zeldafan, what's the matter?

Zeldafan: *shivering* Ugh, I just can't stand zombies! They're so icky and pasty and gross and decayey. Aaah!

Blue: Oh geez. Uhm, okay...stay close to me. I'll make sure they don't get you.

Zeldafan: Hooray! Thanks, Blue-kun! You're such a gentleman!

Blue: Ah, right. Okay, now let's goooo!
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« Reply #139 on: 27 August, 2007, 12:32:01 pm »

*The battle begins, but something catches Lilia's eye*

Lilia: Huh? Hey, ILS, do you see that?

ILS: Hmm? Where?

Lilia: That up there. They look like...stairs.

ILS: Ah, oh. Now I see, but they're barely visible.

Lilia: I'm going up there!

ILS: What!? But the guys need our help down here!

Lilia: Then you stay, but I'm going. Something's up there, and I'm gonna find out what it is.

*Lilia jumps up onto the staircase and begins to run up*

ILS: Oh man, that girl...

*Meanwhile, at the top of the tower*

Izalina: Hmmm, I can sense...someone approaching...

*Leon is struggling to fight off several of the undead soldiers*

Leon: *panting* Man, he wasn't kidding! These guys are tougher!

*Just then, Kaius unseenly slices through the soldiers in Leon's path*

Kaius: What's the matter, Leon? Having a rough time of it?

Leon: *scoffs* No, I just..need some time to get going, that's all.

Kaius: Heh, whatever you say.

*Kaius speeds off and continues one-hitting the soldiers*

Leon: Hmph, show off.

*Royce is fending off a horde of soldiers, blowing them away with powerful strokes from his ax*

Royce: Ryaaaaah! Yaaaaah! Take that!

*Just then, another soldier sneaks up behind Royce and readies to strike him*

Royce: !?

*Before the soldier strikes, an arrow pierces his heart, falling him instantly*

Erin: Bullseye! Man, you wouldn't believe how fun this is!

Royce: Erin!

Erin: Ah, Royce. I'll accept all gratitude in the form of precious gifts.

Royce: You scoundrel.

*Lilia reaches the top of the staircase to find herself in a large room with dark spirits swirling about*

Lilia: What...what is this place? I can feel...darkness...pure evil everywhere.

Izalina: Oh ho, so you've come. And here I thought it'd be that wretched boy himself, but instead, it's just his little girlfriend. Away with you.

Lilia: I'm not going anywhere! I will stop your devious plans here and now!
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« Reply #140 on: 27 August, 2007, 06:38:41 pm »

Izalina: Tell me, before you stop my "devious plan", why do you fight alongside that despicable child?

Lilia: What do you mean why? Because Blue's my best friend, that's why! And I'll do anything to help him out! Becuase that's what friends are for.

Izalina: Blue? Is that what you call him? Heh, such nonsense. That boy isn't deserving of any friends. He's nothing but a failure. An unwanted waste of flesh.

Lilia: How dare you. You speak of him as if you know him! You know nothing about him!

Izalina: Oh, do I? That boy has been nothing but a curse on me since the day he was born.

Lilia: Uh wha? Since the day he was born? Then that must mean....

Izalina: Ah, so you finally get it. Yes, I am the boy's mother. Unfortunately.

Lilia: You're his mother!? Then how, why!? Why would you say such things about your own son!?

Izalina: Why, you ask me? I'll tell you. Back, many years ago, I was next in line for the position of Grand Chancellor of Soleanna, a position surpassed in power only by the Queen herself! But they wouldn't give the position to anyone with more than one child. So I was in the clear for a while, I had only one son. But then, HE was born. That wretched, cursed child! I tried to get rid of any trace of his existance by throwing him away, but the officials found out anyway. Thus, they striped the position away from me. He took my dream. He stole my life away from me! Now, now do you understand why I loathe him so?

Lilia: No, I don't.

Izalina: What!?

Lilia: You're horrible. You would choose a position of power over your own flesh and blood? I just can't believe you. You should be ashamed of yourself!

Izalina: Ashamed!? Never. Why, you would do the same if you were in my position.

Lilia: Don't you dare compare yourself to me! I'm nothing like you! I treat people with kindness and respect! I would never desert anyone for anything, especially my own child! You're nothing but a cruel power hunger miser who would betray anyone to get something you wanted.

Izalina: Ha, I wouldn't expect you to understand.

Lilia: No, I DO understand! In fact, you did Blue a favor by giving him up. At least then he was able to find a family who gave him the love and respect that he deserved. And thus, he turned out to be a kind and caring person, who'd do anything to make people happy. I shudder to think what would happen had he been raised by someone like you.

Izalina: You little witch! How dare you talk about me in such a manner!?

Lilia: Blue doesn't need a mother like you. As far as I'm concerned, you're NOT his mother. A mother would never treat their child as if they were an obstacle to be removed.

Izalina: I've had enough of your mouth! Die!

*Izalina hurls a dark bolt at Lilia, but she easily dodges*

Izalina: *grumbles*

Lilia: On Blue's honor, I will defeat you!

*Lilia brandishes her daggers and heads straight for Izalina*

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« Reply #141 on: 28 August, 2007, 12:27:13 pm »

Izalina: Ha ha ha! On his honor!? How silly. Then if you think you can defeat me, come on. I'm ready for you.

Lilia: (I know...I know I'm not the strongest fighter around, but..but I have to do this. I have to beat her! If I don't have the strength to triumph over this demon, then what good am I? Blue...he's always helping me, saving me, taking care of me, but now...it's my turn! I'm gonna show him that I can be strong too!) Here I come!

*Lilia runs toward Izalina and throws one of her daggers at her, but Izalina easily reflects it back at her*

Izalina: Ha. Is that it?

*Lilia catches her dagger*

Lilia: Nope. I'm just getting started!

*Lilia jumps into the air and begins to pull out more daggers from her hip pocket. She then chucks them at Izalina one by one*

Lilia: Let's see how you handle this!

Izalina: Heh, that old trick again? When will you learn?

*Izalina reflects the daggers back at Lilia*

Izalina: That won't work on me! If that's all you got, then you should just give up now!

*Lilia catches her daggers and throws them back at Izalina once again*

Lilia: I'm not through yet!

Izalina: Fine by me! I can keep this up all day!

*Izalina reflects the dagger back at Lilia, but she notices something wrong*

Izalina: Ergh...

*Lilia catches her daggers and throws them back, each time increasing in throwing speed*

Lilia: Ha ha! How do you like that!?

*Izalina reflects some of the dagger back at Lilia, but she is throwing them too fast for her to keep up, and she is struck by some of them*

Izalina: Aaagggh!!

Lilia: (Yes! It's working!)

*Lilia throws the remaining daggers back at Izalina and she is struck by them all*

Izalina: Aaaah! So...that's your game, is it!? Very clever...

Lilia: Ha, that's right! Sure, you can reflect my daggers back at me, but what happens when I pick up the pace? You're packing some powerful magic, but you're too slow to make good use of it!

Izalina: Agh, why you...!!

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« Reply #142 on: 28 August, 2007, 12:50:59 pm »

Izalina: Alright then, missy! We'll see how fast you are now!

*Just then, two hands of darkness sprout out of the ground and grabs Lilia's legs*

Lilia: What!? No! Let me go!

Izalina: Ha ha ha! Now what good is your speed if you can't even move!?

Lilia: Agh! (It's no use! It won't budge. The more I struggle, the tighter its grip gets!)

Izalina: Now we'll see how you like getting slashed by sharp objects!!

*Izalina conjures spears made of pure darkness and hurls them at Lilia*

Lilia: Ah! No!

*The spears slash Lilia all across her body, damaging her greatly*

Lilia: *panting* (I can't give up. I refuse to give up!)

Izalina: Now I think I'll finish the job!

*The spears combine to make one large extremely sharp spear. Izalina then hurls the spear straight for Lilia, intending for it run directly through her*

Lilia: *sobs* (This is it. So it's true, I am no good afterall. Blue, ILS, I'm sorry. Royce, Erin, I don't deserve to be your captain. I'm completely worthless. Maybe I...maybe I...deserve to die here)

Izalina: Ha! Ha ha! This is what you get for thinking you could ever defeat me! I am all powerful!

*The spear draws ever closer*

Lilia: *sobs* (Goodbye, everyone)

*Just then, before the spear could hit, ILS jumps in and knocks it away, saving Lilia's life*

Lilia: Huh? What? I'm not...dead? ILS!!

ILS: Whew, man that was too close for comfort. Something told me that you were running into trouble. Boy, am I glad that was the truth. If I had paid it no mind...well...needless to say, you'd be a Lilia shishkabob right about now.

Lilia: Oh thank you. Thank you so much.

ILS: Aw, don't thank me. Thank my *cough* cutie senses...

Lilia: Ugh...just get me out of here.

ILS: Sure thing!

*ILS stomps on the hands. They release Lilia and shrivel back into the ground*

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« Reply #143 on: 28 August, 2007, 05:27:41 pm »

Lilia: Ah, much better! Now we can take this creep together.

ILS: Oh wow! Who is that!?

Lilia: She's Izalina, one of the Enlightened Ones...and also Blue's mother.

ILS: My my my, Blue's mother? Hmm, she's looking good for someone her age. Man, talk about a MILF. Whoo!

Lilia: ILS! That's disgusting! Vile! Nasty!

ILS: But...but I can't help it!

Izalina: (Just who is this moron?) Are you just about done? You're starting to bore me.

ILS: Oh yah, ahem. Let me regain my composure....now then! I'm gonna take you out!

Izalina: Heh, a bumbling baffoon like you? That's a laugh.

ILS: Oh yeah!? Then let me show you!

*ILS rushes at Izalina, ready to swing. Izalina then conjures up several sharp dark spikes to protrude from the ground, but ILS easily avoids them*

ILS: Gonna have to do better than that! Hyyaaaah!

*ILS swings and apparently slices Izalina in half*

ILS: Ha! Got ya!

*Just then, Izalina's body melts away, revealing itself to be just a clone*

ILS: Huh? Hey! That's not real!

Izalina: Why of course it isn't.

*ILS looks up to see Izalina floating above him*

ILS: Agh, that was a cheat trick!

Izalina: We're not exactly playing fair here! Take this!

*Izalina hurls a dark bolt at ILS, but he blocks it with his sword*

ILS: Ha, that was easy. No damage done at all!

Izalina: Heh, are you sure about that?

ILS: What?

*The darkness from the bolt begins to envelope ILS and his sword*

ILS: Hey! What's happening!? What is this!?

Lilia: ILS! No!

Izalina: Ha ha ha! When the darkness completely covers you, you will be turned to stone forever! Ha ha!

ILS: Agh! No way! Darn...I blundered. Lilia...it's...up to you...now...

*ILS is completely enveloped and turned to stone*

Lilia: No! What have you done!?

Izalina: I merely showed him what happens when he messes with me. If you want to save him, you have no choice but to kill me! Think you can do it?

Lilia: (That does it! I won't stand by and watch my friends get hurt on my account! It's just me and her and when this is over, it'll be only me!) Alright, Izalina. Let's finish this.

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« Reply #144 on: 29 August, 2007, 01:10:27 am »

*Lilia jumps into the air and begins throwing daggers like before*

Izalina: This again? Girl, you really are pathetic!

*Izalina reflects the daggers back at Lilia*

Lilia: (Hah, we'll see about that!) Espion skill: Shadow Hide!

*Lilia then sinks into her shadow, thus dodging the reflected daggers*

Izalina: What!? Where did she go!?

*Lilia, as her shadow, travels up right in front of Izalina*

Izalina: You can't hide forever!

Lilia: You're right, I can't!

*Lilia then emerges from her shadow, delivering a fierce uppercut to Izalina's jaw*

Lilia: Yah! Take that!

Izalina: Aaaah!!!

*The blow sends her flying across the room*

Izalina: *cough* Little brat! You'll pay for your impudence!

Lilia: Oh, I'm not done yet! Espion skill: Stealth Slicer!

Izalina: What!?

*The rooms grow pitch black. Nothing can be seen anywhere*

Izalina: What are you doing!? Cease with these games!

Lilia: Heh, you call them games, but no one's playing!

*Lilia then mercilessly slashes Izalina all around, taking advantage of her sight handicap*

Izalina: Aaaaggghh!!!

*The room goes back to normal. Izalina is left battered and beaten, with only an inch of her life left*

Izalina: *cough* You won't...defeat me. I'll...NEVER...be defeated!

Lilia: Too late to be saying that! You're already defeated! I'm just gonna finish the job!

Izalina: I won't let you! Ha!

*Izalina hurls a large dark bolt at Lilia*

Lilia: Espion Skill: Cross Slash!

*Lilia crosses her arms with daggers in hand. She then runs toward Izalina at full speed*

Lilia: Here I come!!

*Lilia collides with the dark bolt, using all of her strength to overtake it*

Lilia: Ergh! Come on! I can do it! Agh!!

Izalina: You fool! There's no way you can fight back my magic!

Lilia: I'll...show...you! Aaaahh!!!

*Lilia fights with all of her might. She succeeds in tearing away the dark bolt and continues to charge at Izalina*

Izalina: Wha!? No...no! That's impossible! Nobody can do that! Nobody!

Lilia: This is it for you!!!

*Lilia delivers the final blow to Izalina. A massive amount of blood sprays from her wounds*

Izalina: Aaaggggh!!!! How could this happen!? I'm all powerful!!

*Izalina falls to the ground and dies*

Lilia: *panting* Well....not anymore you're not.

*Lilia falls to her knees, completely exhausted*

Lilia: *panting* Man..that was the first time I pulled out those moves. Took more out of me than I thought.

*ILS is finally freed from his petrification*

ILS: Huh? Hey! I'm free! Free at last! Lilia, you did it!

Lilia: Yeah, I sure did. I showed her who's boss.

ILS: Aw, I knew you could! Come here! I wanna give you a big hug!

Lilia: Wait, ILS! No! I'm not...my wounds..they still...!!

ILS: Oh hush you!

Lilia: No!!!!

<3 hug <3

Lilia: Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!

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« Reply #145 on: 31 August, 2007, 08:56:12 am »

*Meanwhile, Blue and the others have defeated the 3 EO's and their undead army*

Noel: How...could we be beaten so easily?

Juni: Our plan....it was supposed to be fool proof.

Blue: Alright, you guys are done for. Just be glad that we didn't finish you off. Now I suggest you turn tail and run away before I change my mind.

Katsui: Fine. We....we surrender...

Leadan: Excellent. Now where is she? Where is the other one?

Juni: You must mean...Izalina. She's...upstairs.

Blue: (Izalina? That name sounds familiar) Upstairs? I don't see any stairs.

Leadan: Blue, look closely. There is a staircase above us. It's made of light.

Blue: Hey, you're right. I do see it! Okay then, let's go.

*Blue and the others run along the staircase*

Noel: Archsage! Wait!

Blue: What is it?

Noel: Please. Stop Izalina...before it's too late.

Blue: What? But I thought you were on her side?

Juni: Not necessarily. She...she goaded us into following her scheme.

Katsui: Yes. She promised us infinite power, but we were fooled. No such thing can come of this. You must stop her, before something terrible happens.

Blue: I understand.

*Blue and the gang continue up the staircase*

Zeldafan: Say, Blue.

Blue: What's up?

Zeldafan: Don't you..notice someone missing?

Blue: Who?

Zeldafan: Well, Lilia and ILS. They've been gone for quite a while now.

Blue: Really!? Darn it. Where could they have gone?

Tobi: If they're anywhere nearby, Tobi can sense them.

*Tobi puts his hands together and begins to concentrate*

Tobi: There! At the top.

Blue: They're at the top of the tower?

Tobi: They should be. I'm sensing two energy signals. But also, another one that's almost completely faded.

Blue: Completely faded? That means one of them could be in trouble! We need to hurry!

*Blue and the gang reach the top of the staircase to find Lilia and ILS both safe and sound*

Blue: Hey guys! Are you alright!?

Lilia: Blue! You made it here!

ILS: Yo Blue! Good to see ya!

Blue: Whew, I'm glad you guys are okay. I was worried for a second. Just what happened up here?

Lilia: Ah, nothing really. Just taking out some trash.

ILS: Yeah, Lilia here beat the snot out of that Izalina lady.

Blue: Ah, did you really? Nice going, Lilia.

Tobi: Blue...

Blue: Yeah?

Tobi: The fading energy signal...must belong to her. That means, she's still alive.

Blue: You're right!

Lilia: What? She can't be still alive! I swamped her!

Blue: Maybe so, but Tobi is still sensing her giving off energy. I'm gonna go check her out, just in case.

Lilia: (Huh, but if he does that...!) Blue, wait!! Don't look!

*Blue walks over to Izalina's body*

Blue: Hey. Are you awake?
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« Reply #146 on: 31 August, 2007, 09:30:44 am »

*Izalina comes to to see Blue looming over her*

Izalina: Ah! You!!

Blue: Huh? Me?

Izalina: Get away from me! You wretched child!

Blue: Wretched child? Do I know--!!!

*Blue finally recognizes her*

Blue: M-mother? Is that you?

Izalina: I told you to get away from me! Get back!

Blue: So it is you. And even in this new timeline, you haven't changed a bit. Always with that perpetual scowl. Eyes full of scorn and hatred. And this is all because of me, isn't it? Why? This time, I will get an explanation.

Izalina: I hate you! You stole everything from me! My life, my dreams, everything! Your existence is a curse on my very soul. I have no son! You're dead to me!

Blue: Look at you, you're pathetic. And that gives you the right to disown your own son? Just because you didn't get some stupid position of power? You're awful. It wasn't my fault. I didn't choose to be brought into this world. It was you and father. You both brought me here! You can only blame yourselves. But instead, you take out all of your anger on your innocent child, who did nothing to deserve it. You're right, you don't have a son. And I...don't have a mother either.

Izalina: *sobs* Wh..what have I done? I'm a monster!!

Blue: Huh?

Izalina: *sobs* Oh, what a fool I've been. How could I have done such a thing? My dear son, I've treated you so badly. And all because I didn't get something that I didn't deserve in the first place. I...I don't deserve to be called your mother. I'm a terrible, horrible person.

Blue: Mother...don't say that.

Izalina: But it's true. You, and your friends, you all taught me a valuable lesson. Your family, the people you love and care for, are more precious than any worldly possession. It's such a shame that I just realized this now after all these years. Quentin, can you ever forgive your foolish mother?

Blue: Yes, it's okay now. Rest. We can start over. We can do this the right way.

Izalina: Oh, I'd love nothing more than to get to know you better. But...I'm afraid...my time is near.

Blue: Mother! No!

Izalina: My son, you've become so strong and handsome. Your friend, she was right. You are a kind and caring person. To have forgiven me after all I've done to you. You truly are a wonderful man. I only regret that I did not raise you to be so myself. Quentin, please. Accept my final apology. Just know, that you..and your older brother, Saru. You are both...my precious...children....and...I....love you...both...

Blue: *sobs* I love you too, mother.

Izalina: One...last..thing....before I pass on...

Blue: What is it, mother?

Izalina:....The goddess....don't....don't...re.....un.....i....

*Izalina passes away*

Blue: Mother! What..what were you saying? What about the goddess? Please, tell me! ...........It's too late. She's gone.

Lilia: Blue...I'm so sorry.

Blue: What? Why are you sorry, Lilia?

Lilia: I'm the one who took your mother's life. You have every right to hold it against me.

Blue: No, I won't do that. It's not your fault.

Lilia: But...but..

*Blue embraces Lilia*

Blue: I told you. Don't worry about it. If I were in your position, I'd have done the same thing. And besides. Through death, I believe...my mother has truly found peace.

Lilia: Blue...*sniff* Thank you.

Astartia: Blue...

Blue: Astartia. Yes?

Astartia: Blue, I'm sorry about your loss. But...we have one final thing left to do. We can't fall apart now.

Blue: You're right. Our journey is finally over. It's time to do what we came here to do.

Astartia: That's right. It's time for me and Yune to finally reunite. At long last.

Blue: (But..mother's final warning. I can't help but wonder what she was trying to say)
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« Reply #147 on: 31 August, 2007, 10:00:44 am »

Leadan: Well? Is everyone ready to go?

Lilia: Where are we going?

Leadan: To the top of the tower, of course. That's where Astartia and Yune need to reunite.

ILS: But, aren't we already at the top?

Leadan: Well, yes. But we need to go outside.

Blue: Alright then, Leadan. Take us out.

Leadan: As you wish, Blue.

*Blue and the gang teleport to the top of the tower, outdoors*

Leon: Wow, would you look at this view? It's amazing!

Ari: Who knew we were so high up? We're almost at the edge of space!

Leadan: Astartia and Yune need to be up here, so they can gather energy from the planet.

Blue: Well, are the two of you ready?

Yune: Yes.

Astartia: Yeah! Let's get this show on the road!

*Yune and Astartia clapse hands and begin to glow with energy from the Earth*

Astartia: Here we go!

Yune: Yes! Let's do it!

*Astartia and Yune begin to converge with one another*

Lilia: It's finally happening...

Blue: Astartyune is returning to the world.

Leadan: Things will finally return to normal. As it should be.

*Astartia and Yune are reuniting, but then the tower begins to rumble*

Ari: Aaah! What's happening!?

Blue: Ergh, what is this, Leadan? Is this supposed to happen!?

Leadan: Agh! I..I don't know what's going on!

*A group of dark spirits emerge from the tower and begin to interfere with the restoration*

Royce: Hey! What are those things!?

Erin: I don't know, but this doesn't look good!

Leadan: Blue, we're in trouble!

Blue: Why? What's happening!?

Leadan: Those dark spirits. They're combining with Astartyune. They're going to bring out her darkness and negativity from within.

Blue: This...this must've been mother's final warning. She knew this would happen. She tried to tell us not to go through with the restoration.

Leadan: But now...it's too late.

*The restoration is complete, but Astartyune has been completely tainted by darkness. Her being is nothing but pure evil*

Leadan: A..Astartyune?

*Astartyune takes a glance at Leadan, then fires a malevolent beam of darkness at him*

Leadan: Ah!!

Blue: Leadan! Watch out!!

*Blue pulls Leadan out of the way, just in time to save him*

Astartyune: I have deemed my judgement. You humans, aren't worthy of living. You will be purged.

Leadan: Astartyune...

Blue: Leadan, it's no use trying to talk! We have to fight!

Leadan: But...we can't do that! If we fight against her, she could die!

Blue: We have no choice! If we don't, we're all dead. Come on, pull yourself together!

Leadan: I...I understand.

Blue: Good! Come on guys! We have to give it our all with this one!

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« Reply #148 on: 31 August, 2007, 12:49:52 pm »

Astartyune: Fools. You cannot fight against your creator. What do you think you can accomplish?

Blue: We not be able to defeat you, but we will stop you. You're not yourself, and you have to be brought back to normal!

*Blue casts an Elfire Spell. A blast of fire is launched at Astartyune, but she erects a peculiar barrier and stops the attack*

Blue: Darn, I should've seen that com-Aagh!!

Lilia: Blue! What's the matter?

Blue: I don't know what happened, I just felt a sharp pain all of sudden.

ILS: Then you stay back, Blue. I'll handle it!

*ILS runs forward and slashes the barrier with his sword*

ILS: Ha, how about tha-Aaah!!

Lilia: ILS, you felt it too?

ILS: Yeah, I don't know what's going on.

Leadan: That barrier must be the cause. Everytime it's attacked, you take a certain amount of damage as well.

Blue: Agh, then what's the point!?

Leadan: That barrier, although resilient, isn't invincible. If we attack it enough, it will eventually give out. We'll just have to endure the pain we suffer from it.

Zeldafan: If that's the case, then we'll all help smash that barrier!

Link: Zeldafan's right. We can't have the 3 of you taking all the damage. Leave some of it to the rest of us.

Royce: Yeah! Remember, we're here to fight too.

Blue: Alright then. Thanks guys, I knew I could count on you.
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« Reply #149 on: 01 September, 2007, 08:38:49 pm »

Astartyune: Go ahead. Fight. You will only destroy yourselves.

Royce: I don't think so!

*Royce bashes the barrier with his axe, also taking damage from it*

Royce: Guh! *panting* That was nothing..

Erin: Here! Let me help!

*Erin shoots an arrow at the barrier, taking damage as well*

Erin: Ah! It's gonna take...more than that to bring me down.

*Sirios jabs at the barrier with his lance, taking damage*

Sirios: Egh! We're not gonna fall here. Not...like this.

*The barrier is beginning to weaken*

Sirios: Keep it up guys, it's working!

*Kaius and Leon take their swings at the barrier, taking damage also*

Leon: Agh! I'm not through yet!

Kaius: Gah! *panting* What's the matter, Leon? Too much for you?

Leon: Heh, I was just about to ask you the same thing.

*Link and Presea attack the barrier, weakening it further, but also taking damage*

Link: Ergh! No sweat. A little Lon Lon milk'll fix that right up.

Presea: Ah! Damage..inflicted: 10%. Very minimal.

*Tobi attack the barrier with his shuriken, taking recoil damage*

Tobi: Egh! Just...a little more!

Zeldafan: This'll do it! Yaaah!!

*Zeldafan lands the finishing blow on the barrier, also taking recoil damage*

Zeldafan: Agh! *panting* There...we did it...

Astartyune: Hmm?

*The barrier begins to crack and break apart*

Blue: Alright! We did it everyone!

Leadan: Blue, don't celebrate just yet, the real battle lies ahead.

*The barrier shatters, causing an immense explosion of energy*

Lilia: Waah! What's happening!?

Blue: Aaah! I don't know!

Leadan: Brace yourselves!

*The explosion of energy subsides and clears*

Blue: Whew, hey. Is everyone alright?

Lilia: Yeah, I'm fine.

Leadan: Me too.

ILS: I am as well...but I can't say the same for the others.

Blue: What? What happened?

*Blue and the others look around themselves to see that the rest of their friends have been completely grayed out and frozen in place*

Lilia: What the? What happened to them!?

ILS: They're stuck there. Like statues.

Leadan: The amount of raw energy from the explosion...it must've caused a tear in the fabric of time and space. Thus..freezing them in time.

Blue: But..if that's true, then how are we still alright?

Leadan: I'm not entirely sure. It must be, because of our divine blessing.

ILS: Divine blessing?

Leadan: Yes, the three of you are the children of destiny. Chosen by Astartyune herself to be the saviors of the planet. And in doing so, she has given you her blessing. A small fraction of her own power and protection.

Lilia: That's...that's amazing!

*Just then, Astartyune rematerializes in front of the group*

Astartyune: Well done. You managed to break apart my barrier, but now, you will be made to regret it.

Blue: Agh, come on guys. This is the final battle! We end it here!

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