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Story 3: Blue and the Origin of the Goddess. (100% Complete)

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Author Topic: Story 3: Blue and the Origin of the Goddess. (100% Complete)  (Read 1396 times)
« Reply #15 on: 16 July, 2007, 04:15:31 pm »


Leon: Oh man! Oh man! This isn't good!

Blue: What's happening now?

Leon: The house, it's surrounded with soldiers!

Blue: Ah! No way!

Ari: Quentin! What do we do!?

Blue: Everyone just calm down. I'll think of something.


Soldier: General Ved, we have the house surrounded. What are you orders, sir?

Ved: The Prince ordered us to do this as painlessly as possible. Someone write them a note, tell them that if they don't surrender the girl immediately, then we'll attack.

Soldier: I'm on it sir.


*A note slips under the door*

Blue: Huh? A note?

*Blue takes the note*

Blue: "Surrender the girl now, or we will attack." "If this happens, we cannot guarantee your safety."

Leon: Darn it. It's no use now.

Yune: Ah, no. I won't let that happened. I'm going to them right now.

Blue: Yune! Don't leave!

Yune: Huh?

Blue: If they won't leave, then we'll make them leave.

Ari: Quentin, you can't be serious! It's just us three against a whole unit of highly skilled soldiers!

Blue: Ha ha, do you doubt me, Ari? I haven't earned the title of Archsage for nothing, you know. Just me, you, and Leon is all it'll take.

Leon: Yeah! We can do this!

Ari: If you say so, Quentin, I'll place my trust in you.

Yune: I-I can't believe it. You three would really put your lives on the line for me?

Blue: Think nothing of it, Yune.

Yune: I-I-I...Thank you.

Blue: You guys have your equipment ready?

Leon: Yup, I'm all set!

Ari: Me too.

Blue: Then let's do it.

*Blue and the gang bust out the door*

Blue: Ah, so there they are.

Leon: There's so many of them.

*Just off in the distance, there is a unit of 10 soldiers, and the General, Ved*

Soldier: General Ved! There they are!

Ved: Hmm, a cleric, a swordfighter, and oh ho, what's this? An archsage. And quite the formidable one.

Soldier: Sir, is seems the girl isn't with them.

Ved: From the way they're looking, it appears they intend to fight. You two!

Soldier (2): Yes sir!

ved: Go up there and give them what for. All of us aren't necessary for this.

*The two soldiers charge up to Blue and team*

Blue: !? They're coming!

Leon: I'm ready!

Soldier 1: If you won't surrender the girl, then we'll just have to run you through! Rah!

*The first soldier thrust his lance at Blue, but Blue skillfully dodges the attack*

Blue: Okay, how about this!?

*Blue casts an Elfire spell. A large burst of flames strikes the soldier*

Soldier 1: Erraggh! *dies*

Soldier 2: I'll kill you!!

*The second soldier swipes his lance at Leon, but Leon ducks, narrowly avoiding the attack*

Leon: !? That was close! Now for the attack!

*Leon rolls foward, springs up thrust his blade upward then downward*

Soldier 2: Aaaggh! *dies*

Leon: Ha. That wasn't too bad.

Ari: Are you guys okay?

Blue: Stay on guard.

*Suddenly, a third soldier hops out of a bush near the group, and thrusts his lance at Leon*

Leon: !? Aaah!

Ari: Leon!!

Yune: Watch out!

*Yune casts a magic spell. 3 orbs of dark energy collide and explode into the soldier, sending him flying*

Soldier 3: Graaaahhh! *dies*

Blue: Ah, t-that was...Dark Magic!

Veb: Those kids, they're tougher than I thought. Hmph, no matter. They won't be able to defeat the rest of us. Ready men!?

Soldiers: Ready general!

*Several soldiers begin to march toward the group*

Leon: Ah, I was almost a goner! I owe you one, Yune.

Yune: I-I will fight with you. I'm fairly skilled in the dark arts.

Blue: Thanks a lot, Yune. We could always use another hand.

Ari: Guys! They're coming!

Blue: Alright! Get ready everyone!
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That guy

« Reply #16 on: 18 July, 2007, 06:22:13 am »


What more can I say?
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A nostalgic wind blows....

« Reply #17 on: 18 July, 2007, 10:12:54 am »

Tobi: Oh no! The magic guy is getting attacked by those soldiers! What should we do, ZeldaFan-sempai? *looks at ZeldaFan* Sempai!? What's wrong!?

*is shaking* That guy.....I don't know him, but he's giving me this weird feeling of deja-vu. It's like know him.....but I've never seen him before in my life. God, this feeling is soooooo creepy.

Tobi: ....Tobi thinks you're being silly, sempai.

You're probably right Tobi. Still....I have a feeling that despite whatever reason he's being attacked, he's a good guy. We...should help him.

Tobi: Yes ma'am! One super awesome ninja assassination, coming right up! *pulls out a single kunai and throws it directly at a soldier's throat*
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« Reply #18 on: 18 July, 2007, 08:26:53 pm »

*a strange aura is felt near, as I walk up to ZeldaFan out of nowhere*

would you mind taking this blindfold off? I seem to not know what's going on...
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« Reply #19 on: 18 July, 2007, 08:54:24 pm »

*One of the soldiers falls dead from the kunai attack*

Blue: Huh? What was that?

*Blue looks over to see Zeldafan and Tobi in the distance*

Leon: What the heck? Who are they?

Blue: Ah! Those people...w-what's this feeling? It's like..I know them from somewhere. Agh! My head!

Ari: Quentin! Are you alright?

Blue: It's okay, I'll be fine.

Yune: What do we do about these strangers?

Blue: Ah uh, nothing. Just leave them. We have more important things to deal with.

Ved: Argh, someone's interfereing. Ah, no matter. You four! March up there and kill them all!

Soldiers (4): Yes sir!

*The 4 soldiers approach the group*

Leon: Here they come!

Blue: I'll take the initiative with this one!

*Blue casts a meteor spell. Several flaming meteors fall from the sky, killing 3 of the soldiers*

Soldiers: Aaaargggh!

Ari: There's still one left!

Blue: Take him, Leon!

Leon: I got him!

*Leon strikes overhead with his blade, but it's blocked by the soldier's shield*

Soldier: Ha ha!

Leon: Agh, darn it!

*The soldier readies his lance*

Ari: Leon! Watch out!

*The soldier lunges, but Leon sidesteps out of the way and jump slashes the soldier, defeating him*

Soldier: Ugh...*dies*

Leon: Heh heh, awesome.

Blue: Hrrm, their forces are weakening, there's only two left, and their leader.

Soldier: General! The situation is looking bleak, what do we do?

Ved: Doesn't matter. The soldiers of Baldovain never turn tail! I'll take them out myself!

*Ved approaches the group*

Blue: Guys, leave him to me. His clunky armor is no match for my superior magic.

Leon: You go, Quentin!

Ved: Har har, do you think you can beat me? You may have taken out my unit, but you're no match for a sturdy general such as myself. Now get ready to die!

Blue: How foolish. You won't even be able to touch me.

Ved: Why you! We'll see about that! Aaaah!

*Ved lunges his lance at Blue, but he dodges the blow easily*

Blue: I'm taking you down!

*Blue casts an Elthunder spell. A large bolt of lightning strikes down on Ved, dealing immense damage*

Ved: Gaaahhh! H-how? How could I lose...to someone..like you? I'm....a...supreme....ugh. *dies*

Soldier: Aaaah! General Ved has fallen! Retreat immediately!

*The remaining soldiers flee the battle scene*

Leon: Hey! We did it! Yeah!

Ari: Yay! Hee hee. I knew we would pull through.

Yune: Phew, so we made it afterall.

Blue: Guys, listen. We don't have time to celebrate.

Leon: Quentin, what's up?

Blue: We have to get out of here now. It'll only be a matter of time before they come back with an even larger unit.

Ari: Yeah, you're right. We need to get packing!

Blue: Take only the essentials. We need to travel lightly.

Leon: Right. Let's get to it everyone.

*In the house*

Leon: Hey Quentin, is that all you're taking? Just those old books?

Blue: Yeah, that's all I need. I trust you guys have everything else taken care of.

Ari: Yup. I packed us some food. It should last quite a while.

Leon: And all I need is my sword and scabbard.

Blue: Good. Then we're all set. Let's get moving.

Yune: Mr. Quentin, am I coming too?

Blue: Why of course you are. Don't be silly. And please, just call me Blue.

Yune: Blue? Erm, okay then.

*At the town gates*

Man: Please wait!

Blue: Huh?

Leon: Hey wait! He's the creep who ratted us out!

Man: No! Please listen! I had no other choice. They threatened to kill my family if I didn't tell. Please understand. I just couldn't let them harm my family.

Ari: It's alright. We made it out okay, so don't let it bother you anymore.

Man: Thank you.

Blue: Time to go everyone.

Leon: But where to?

Blue: Away from the capital, that's where. We need some time to rest and regroup. I know of an old castle, just south of here.

Man: Farewell! May your endeavors turn out successful!

*Meanwhile, at the Baldovain Palace*

Leadan: My Prince...

Sirios: Yes, Leadan?

Leadan: We've recieved a report from the soldiers dispatched to Geldrar.

Sirios: Well? We're they successful?

Leadan: I'm afraid not. General Ved, and most of his unit were defeated.

Sirios: This can't be!

Leadan: It seems that the Archsage is more formidable than we once thought. He cannot be taken lightly.

Sirios: Argh...where are they now!?

Leadan: They've been reported to be heading south.

Sirios: Is that so? Well then, send an even larger unit after them. They will not escape this time.

Leadan: ...But sir, are you sure that is wise?

Sirios: Are you questioning me, Leadan!?

Leadan: !!! Erm, no sir. I'll dispatch a unit immediately.

Sirios: Good. Now leave me at once.

*Leadan leaves the room*

Leadan: This...this is most unforseen. I may need to take action a little sooner than I thought.

*Blue and his friends successfully defeated Ved and his unit, but with the Baldovain forces on their tail, they quickly flee Geldrar and arrive at an old fort in the south for some much needed rest. With a unit even larger than the first quickly approaching, and Blue and friends unsuspecting, how will they deal with the oncoming threat?*

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« Reply #20 on: 18 July, 2007, 08:56:40 pm »

(if you are near ZeldaFan, could you take the blindfold off for me?)
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« Reply #21 on: 18 July, 2007, 09:03:45 pm »

(if you are near ZeldaFan, could you take the blindfold off for me?)

Are you talking to me?  If so, I'm not anywhere near her.  Huh?
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« Reply #22 on: 18 July, 2007, 09:06:38 pm »

(great, i'm left in a cliffhanger again...)
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A nostalgic wind blows....

« Reply #23 on: 19 July, 2007, 07:47:43 am »

( Sorry, I got kicked off yesterday )

*turns to Jawo* Um....do I know you? Arg, what's with all this deja-vu? It's so troublesome! And why can't you take the blindfold off yourself....whatever you mean by that. *sits down on the roof*

Bob: *suddenly appears behind Jawo* Trust me, the events that are happening now are not meant for any of you to know. The fact that ZeldaFan is feeling deja-vu is actually surprising. Jawo....I will tell you what I think I can. You....were once caught in a chain of events that almost led to the destruction of the human race. However, a group of three people were barely able to stop it. As a result though....well, I can't really get into that. All that you really need to know right now is that the archsage that just left this city that is a good person, and it would be in your best interests to try and help him.

Bob! It's about time you arrived! That's so like you! You disappear right before something big happens, then you reappear and spout of some really cryptic stuff. It gets kind of annoying, you know? Anyways, what do you think Tobi and I should do?

Bob: You've already been seen helping Blue.....I must say, your best interests would be to help him as well. Listen....he's heading south. If you hurry, you may be able to catch him. I will try to send you some help to meet you on the way, but I can't promise anything. Now hurry Zel....Blue really needs your help. *teleports away*

Bob! What do you mean by Blue? Is that the archsage's name? Why does he need my help? ARG! And why do you always have to disappear like that? Come on Tobi, let's go. And you! Jawo or whatever Bob called you. If you want to come with us, you better hurry. *begins to jump from roof to roof, heading towards the city's exit*

Tobi: Don't worry Jawo-san. ZeldaFan-sempai is only grumpy right now because she's confused. Normally she's much friendlier. Anyways, please come with us. Tobi thinks it would be cool to have another traveling companion! But Tobi better hurry before ZeldaFan-sempai gets too far ahead. *begins jumping from roof to roof, following ZeldaFan*
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« Reply #24 on: 19 July, 2007, 09:37:01 pm »

*In the fort*

Blue: Whew, we finally made it. And just before nightfall too.

Leon: Ah! It's feels so good to finally be able to rest.

Blue: Yeah, but we have to keep our guard up.

Ari: Oh Quentin, just relax for a little bit. You don't need to be so tense all the time.

Blue: Hrrm...I guess you're right. Alright then, guys. Let's just take it easy for now. We'll spend the night here and regroup in the morning.

*Now it's time for the info conversations. These are just random chit chats between the characters meant to show their relationships with one another. Sometimes they'll talk about story based events as well. These will always take place before a major battle*


Blue: Hey, Leon.

Leon: Yeah, what is it, Quentin?

Blue: You did pretty well back there. Better than I thought.

Leon: Really? But all I did was get in the way.

Blue: That's not true. You did as well as anyone would expect you to do.

Leon: What's that supposed to mean?

Blue: Swordfighters have a distinct disadvantage against lance users. You really handled yourself well against them.

Leon: Ah, so that's why I had such a tough time.

Blue: Don't worry, Leon. You'll get better. Something tells me we're gonna be journeying for quite a while. You're bound to get much stronger.

Leon: I sure hope so. It's my dream to become a swordmaster. Maybe even a Sword Saint.

Blue: At this rate, you'll get there in no time at all.

Leon: You really think so? Thanks a lot, Quentin!


Blue: Hey, Yune.

Yune: Yes, Mr. Quen...I mean Blue.

Blue: That dark magic of yours was pretty impressive. Wherever did you learn it? I thought the dark arts were lost centuries ago.

Yune: I'm sorry, Blue. I can't tell you that, because well, I don't even know myself.

Blue: Oh that's right. You couldn't remember anything before you crashed into the King's quarters.

Yune: That's correct. But, if I ever remember, I'll be sure to share it with you.

Blue: I'd really appreciate that.


Ari: Leon, come here.

Leon: Oh, what is it now?

Ari: Look, you have a wound that hasn't been treated. Here, let me heal you.

Leon: Agh, that wasn't necessary. It was just fine.

Ari: Nonsense. If you had let such a thing go unoticed, it would've gotten infected. And then it'd hinder you in battle. And that would lead to your downfall. How could you be so careless?

Leon: I, uh, well...

Ari: Seriously, Leon. You need to be more careful from now on. Me and Quentin won't always be there to babysit you.

Leon: You be quiet. I'm 19 years old and I can take care of myself.

Ari: *sigh* You're gonna worry me to death one of these days.

Leon: Yeah yeah...

*Back to the main story*

*Late in the night, while everyone is resting*

*Yune jumps out of her sleep*

Yune: *gasp*

*The others wake up*

Blue: Yune, what's the matter?

Yune: I-I can hear something. Off in the distance.

Ari: Just what is it?

Yune: It's..it's the sound of footsteps and clanging armor!

Leon: Oh no, it's must be Baldovain soldiers!

Ari: Agh, did they have to come at this time of night? We're not fully rested yet.

Blue: I'll go take a look. The rest of you stay here.

*Blue walks outside and looks around*

Blue: Ah, they're getting closer, and they're coming from all sides!

Leon: Then that means we're completely surrounded!

Blue: I'm afraid so. I was planning on us running away, but there's no way out of here.

Ari: Then what do we do? We can't possibly fight our way out of this one.

Blue: Hmm, or can we?

Ari: What are you talking about?

Blue: We don't have to take them all out. All we have to do is clear a path for us to escape. It's that simple.

Leon: Yeah, that sounds easy enough.

Blue: Alright then. Come on guys, let's do it.

Yune: Blue, leave me behind. You're gonna need all the help you can get.

Blue: Right. You can help too. Just stay close to me.

*Outside, in the dense forests*

Soldier: General Reid, we've spotted the fort where the Archsage and his friends are said to be hiding.

Reid: Heh heh, excellent. There's no way they can defeat us all. We'll charge at them and overwhelm them with our vast numbers. We will deliver the girl to the Prince.

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A nostalgic wind blows....

« Reply #25 on: 20 July, 2007, 07:41:58 am »

*is standing on a hill, slightly off to the distance, overlooking the fort Blue is in* Wow.....that's a lot of troops. Hehehehe, I wouldn't want to be in Blue's position right now. Whoever he is. Arg.....how am I suppose to help him. I have no army, so it's not like I can just charge in there and rescue him.

Tobi: Sempai! Tobi found some backup! Tobi found the people that Bob sent to help us!

Link: Hey Zel. Heard you could use my help.

Presea: Hello ZeldaFan. I hope that I can be of assistance.

Guys! Am I happy to see you! Alright....the four of us aren't much....but I've been in worse situations. Hehehehe, I haven't led a battle in so long. Ok, this is going to have to rely heavily on tactics, as opposed to power. Now, it's not so much that we have to beat the opposing army, we just need to save Blue. Presea, stand on this hill and tell me how many enemies you see!

Presea: It is difficult in this light, but I can tell that there are many. Chances for success: 48.739%

.....that's encouraging....oh well. Anyways, we'll have to rely on everyone's skill. Ok.....let me think for a moment. *closes eyes and gets into Shikamaru's thinking pose*

Link: Well, I guess all we can do now is wait for her to make her plans. *leans against a tree*

Presea: *pulls out her ax, Gaia Cleaver, and begins to sharpen it*

Tobi: *is standing on his head*
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« Reply #26 on: 20 July, 2007, 11:32:12 am »

*chaos controls right next to ZeldaFan, inadvertantly breaking her concentration*

uhhh, hi there?

Sorry i'm late. I was hungry.  Say, anyone know where my Water Ring went off to?
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« Reply #27 on: 22 July, 2007, 12:09:19 pm »

Hoo boy, I'm so not motivated to continue right now. I just need some more time to think. I always procrastinate when it comes to doing the battles.  Undecided
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« Reply #28 on: 25 July, 2007, 09:40:24 am »

Blue: They seem to charging towards us from all around.

Leon: Then that means we can't escape!

Ari: Then what do we do now?

Blue: We wait.

Ari: What!? You can't be serious. We'll be overtaken in no time!

Blue: Not necessarily. These entrances are narrow. Only a few of them can enter at a time.

Leon: Oh, I get it! Then we take them down one by one!

Blue: Precisely. But there is one problem.

Ari: What's that?

Blue: I don't know if we can hold out that long. These numbers, they'll have us exhausted before we're done with even half of them. And there could be even more than that.

Leon: Ergh...

Blue: But we have to keep going. For as long as we can.

Ari: We must make sure that Yune gets out of here alive.

Blue: Right. That's top priority.

Leon: Hey Quentin! I can see them coming!

Blue: Alright then! Hold your ground guys!
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« Reply #29 on: 30 July, 2007, 05:04:55 pm »

Okay, I promise I'll update next time I have the chance. I know you're probably waiting on me, Zeldafan. Sorry for the horrid delay.  Tongue
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