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24 July, 2021, 06:53:43 pm
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Story 3: Blue and the Origin of the Goddess. (100% Complete)

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Author Topic: Story 3: Blue and the Origin of the Goddess. (100% Complete)  (Read 1396 times)
« Reply #150 on: 02 September, 2007, 09:13:25 am »

Astartyune: Sorry, but I will not allow you a chance.

*Astartyune gathers energy in her hand and readies to fire at the group*

Astartyune: Judgement.

*Astartyune fires a gigantic beam of purifying light at the group*

ILS: Ah! There's no way we're gonna dodge that! We're toast!

Lilia: Blue! What do we do!?

Blue: Ah...I..I..

Leadan: Stand behind me!

Blue: Le..Leadan?

*Leadan crosses his arms and prepares to take the hit*

Leadan: I have to protect the three of you at any cost!

*The beam collides with Leadan, shielding Blue and the others from getting hit*

Leadan: Aaaaaaahhhh!!!

Lilia: Leadan, no!

Astartyune: How foolish.

*Leadan falls to the ground, having lost all of his energy*

Leadan: This is it for me...

ILS: Leadan...

Leadan: The rest...is up to you. You..can do it...

*Leadan falls unconcious*

Blue: Leadan...thank you.

Astartyune: So he risked his life to save you. Unfortunately it was all for naught.

Blue: You'll pay for what you've done!
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« Reply #151 on: 02 September, 2007, 09:38:01 am »

*Blue casts an Elwind spell. Several blades of air collide with Astartyune, dealing minimal damage*

Blue: Agh, that didn't look too effective..

Astartyune: It will take more power than that to pierce my veil.

*Astartyune swipes Blue away with her arm*

Blue: Aaaggh! Ah!

Lilia: Here I go!

*Lilia takes out several daggers and launches them at Astartyune. They bounce off, dealing next to no damage at all*

Weak. Is that the extent of your power?

Lilia: Ah! I'm not strong enough!

ILS: Watch out, Lilia! I'll show you real power!

*ILS takes several swings at Astartyune, but the damage isn't enough to phaze her*

ILS: No way!

*Astartyune blasts away Lilia and ILS with a large amount of force*

ILS/Lilia: Aaaaagggh!!

Astartyune: I think I'll have you destroy one another. Ha.

*Astartyune fires an ominious energy at Lilia. Lilia is still, and her eyes have grown dark and emotionless*

Blue: Lilia?

Astartyune: Go. Kill them.

*Lilia charges at Blue and attempts to strike at him*

Blue: Lilia! What's the matter with you!?

Lilia: ...

*Lilia lands a hit on Blue, severly damaging his arm*

Blue: Guh!

ILS: Blue! Lilia's not herself! She's being controlled!

*Blue is dodging Lilia's attacks*

Blue: Then what do we do? We can't fight her!

ILS: We may not have a choice.

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« Reply #152 on: 02 September, 2007, 10:13:33 am »

Blue: Eh, but..! *sigh* Fine. Lilia, you're gonna have to go down.

*Blue grabs Lilia's arm and kicks her in the stomach*

Astartyune: What? They would fight against their own? Interesting. I may have underestimated these people.

ILS: Okay, Blue. While you take care of Lilia, I'll take care of her!

*ILS jumps in the air and prepares to slash Astartyune overhead*

Astartyune: Dark Bind.

ILS: What!? Aggh!!

*Several black strings wrap around ILS' arms and legs, holding him in place*

ILS: What..what is this!?

Astartyune: Dark Drain.

*The strings begin to glow. They sap ILS' energy straight from his body*

ILS: Aaah! My energy! It's being....drained...

*ILS falls unconcious. Astartyune releases the Dark Bind, and ILS tumbles to the ground*

Blue: ILS! No!

*Blue delivers the final blow to Lilia, knocking her out of her trance*

Lilia: Ah! What happened? Why..why do I ache so badly?

Blue: Sorry, Lilia. You were under Astartyune's spell, so I kinda had to rough you up at bit.

Lilia: Eh, no problem. But did you have to be so rough? Ow!

Astartyune: Hmm, they actually broke my trance. Astounding.

Lilia: Yeah! And I'll teach you for taking control of me!

*Lilia strikes Astartyune from all around with her daggers, but she can't deal any damage*

Blue: Lilia! It's no use! Get away from there!

Astartyune: Dark Bind.

Blue: No! Lilia!

*Blue casts a Fire spell on the dark strings, but it has no effect*

Blue: Darn it!

*The dark strings wrap around Lilia's arms and pull her into the air*

Lilia: Agh! Let me go!

Astartyune: Heaven Ray.

*Astartyune fires a ray at Lilia, dealing heavy damage to her body*

Lilia: Aaaaaah! Bl..ue.....

*The Dark Bind releases and Lilia falls to the ground, unconscious*

Blue: No! They're both gone. It's..no use.

Astartyune: Now do you understand? You were a fool to have challenged my infinite power. Now you will pay the ultimate price.

Blue: Agh..(What do I do? I can't...I can't do this alone)
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« Reply #153 on: 02 September, 2007, 10:31:59 am »

*Just then, Astartyune begins to act strange*

Astartyune: Ah. What's happening to me?

Blue: Hmm?

Astartyune: My...my body. I can't...control it...

Blue: What the heck is going on?

*Just then, Astartia's voice is heard from Astartyune*

Astartia: Blue! Are you there!?

Blue: Huh? Astartia? Is that you?

Yune: Yes it is. And me too.

Blue: Yune!

Astartia: Blue, you must listen to us! The darkness, it hasn't taken full control of Astartyune. But soon, it will.

Yune: We're using all of our strength to keep Astartyune's body under our control! You must hurry and deliver the finishing blow! Before it's too late!

Blue: But...but how can I? None of my spells have that kind of strenght!

Leadan: And that's....where I come in...

Blue: Leadan! You're alive!

Leadan: Yes, but no time for that. Here...take this...spell book.

*Leadan hands Blue a magic tome that reads "Rexaura"*

Blue: Huh? Rexaura? But...I can't cast light magic!

Leadan: Blue...you have no other choice but to try. If you don't....we're all finished.

Blue: But, why can't you cast it?

Leadan: Blue, I'm in...no condition to cast a spell of this level. My body...it won't be able..to handle it...You, Blue. You...must cast it.

Blue: But..I...

Leadan: No buts! We're depending on you! The whole world...is depending on you! Astartyune..herself..is depending on you! We need you! Don't...you understand!?

Blue: I...I do! I do understand! You're right! I won't let everyone down! I will cast this spell and save the world!

Astartia: Blue! Hurry! We're losing our grip!

Yune: The darkness...it's taking over!!

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« Reply #154 on: 02 September, 2007, 11:06:30 am »

Blue: Alright! Here we go! I cast..Rexaura!

*Blue casts Rexaura. A brilliant blast of light energy envelopes Astartyune. The force knocks Blue and Leadan off their feet*

Yune: Goodbye..Blue.

Astartia: See ya later, Blue...

*The spell purges Astartyune of the dark spirits that threatened to consume her. She has now returned to normal*

Blue: Ugh...oh man. What a blast that was.

Leadan: Excellent job, Blue. Simply magnificent.

Blue: Yeah, but I don't think we'll ever see that again. This tome is toast.

*The Rexaura tome crumbles to pieces*

Leadan: Ah, oh well. At least it served its purpose.

*Blue sees Astartyune lying on the ground*

Blue: Hey! Astartyune!

*Blue runs over to her*

Blue: Hey, are you okay?

*Astartyune rises to her feet*

Astartyune: Ah, yes. I am fine. Thanks to you and your friends.

Blue: Ah! Speaking of my friends, they're still frozen in time.

Astartyune: Ah, never you worry. I shall restore them.

*Astartyune uses her godly healing powers to restore Blue's friends to full health*

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« Reply #155 on: 02 September, 2007, 11:48:46 am »

ILS: Ugh...oh man. Don't tell me I missed the party?

Blue: I'm afraid you did, ILS.

ILS: Aw crud. Well, at least everything turned out okay.

Lilia: That's right, we...I mean, Blue, saved the world again.

Blue: No no, you're right, Lilia. We saved the world, together. I couldn't have done it without your help.

Astartyune: Quentin is right. Although it was him who saved me from the dark spirits, I do believe that you all deserve some of the credit. He could not have made it this far alone. Only with the help and guidance of his friends was he able to succeed here.

Leadan: Yeah, you all did a splendid job. You should all be proud of yourselves.

Royce: Heh heh, who would've thought that we'd actually help save the world?

Erin: Yeah, it's almost unbelievable!

Ari: Whew, it's finally over. I'm only glad that my healing arts were put to good use.

Leon: We did it! My supreme sword skills helped save the day!

Kaius: Heh, you mean MY supreme sword skills.

Leon: Shut up, you jerk!

Kaius: Hey calm down. I was only kidding. OUR supreme sword skills helped save the day.

Leon: Heh heh, that's right!

Tobi: Sempai! We did it! We did it! We saved the world! Hooray!

Zeldafan: Yeah! And we didn't sit on the sidelines this time! I'm so happy I could dance!

Tobi: Dance with me, sempai!

*Zeldafan and Tobi do a happy dance*

Link: Our mission is finally complete. I'm just glad it's all over.

Presea: Chances of success were 100% percent the whole time. I can't believe I ever had any doubt.

*Blue sits down and gives a sigh of relief*

Blue: *sigh* Done at last.

*Lilia walks over and pats Blue's head*

Lilia: Blue, you did the best job of all. Had it not been for you, we would've been lost.

ILS: Aw enough about that, Lilia. The world is safe and peace is restored, let's just leave it at that.

Blue: Yeah, ILS is right. I'm just ready to go home and take a nice long rest.

Sirios: Uhm...excuse me...Ms. Astartyune..

Astartyune: You need not say it, Sirios. You do not need to apologize.

Sirios: But...it was all my fault. If it wasn't for my misplaced rage, we wouldn't have been in this mess.

Astartyune: It's okay now. That's all in the past. You need to look toward the future. Understood?

Sirios: Ah, yes. I understand..

Astartyune: Quentin, I'd like one final word with you.

Blue: Sure, Astartyune. What's up?

Astartyune: I'd just like to thank you one more time. I knew I was right in choosing you to be the world's savior. You're strong, pure of heart, and a great leader. All the qualities of a hero. I know now, that as long as you still draw breath, this world is in good hands. I hope that we may continue to rely on you.

Blue: You know it, Astartyune. I'll never let this world fall to any threat. So long as the world needs saving, I'll continue to fight. With my friends by my side.

Astartyune: It pleases me to hear that. Now, I believe you're tired of waiting around here. Leadan, can you please send them back?

Leadan: Yes, Astartyune. Well Blue, I guess this is goodbye.

Blue: Leadan, you've been a real help. More than we could've ever hoped for. You're a true friend.

Leadan: Likewise, Blue. I enjoyed our little adventure. It was the best time I had in...well..ever!

Blue: Leadan, will we ever meet again?

Leadan: Well, nothing's certain. But I will say this, I will always be looking forward to it.

Blue: Same here.

Leadan: So...where shall I send you and your friends, eh?

Blue: Hmm, Wastone City should do. From there, we'll all go our separate ways.

Leadan: As you wish. To Wastone City!

*Leadan teleports Blue and the gang to Wastone*

Leadan: Goodbye, Blue....my friend.

*Wastone City*

Lilia: Yay! We're finally back in civilization! What a relief.

Blue: Yup. Well then...I guess it's time for all of us to...go our seperate ways.

ILS: Hmm, I guess it is time..is it?

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« Reply #156 on: 04 September, 2007, 01:00:12 pm »

Kaius: Yeah, well..I think it's time I got on the road.

ILS: Kaius, you aren't going to one of my mercs anymore?

Kaius: I'd love to say, boss. I really would, but I just can't. Sooner or later, I'm going to take the reigns of my father's dojo. I won't be able to do that if I'm out there risking my life everday for cash. I hope you'll understand.

ILS: Yeah, I understand. It was nice having you around, Kaius.

Kaius: Likewise, boss. I'll never forget our time together, I truly enjoyed it.

Blue: See ya around, Kaius. You were a great asset to our team. Maybe we'll meet again someday.

Kaius: Sure, I'll be looking forward to it. It was an honor serving under you, Commander Blue. You truly are wonderful person.

ILS: Kaius..good luck man.

Kaius: You too, boss.

*ILS and Kaius clapse hands*

Kaius: Bye, boss. So long everyone.

*Kaius begins to walk toward Oura town*

ILS: Bye, Kaius. Take good care of that dojo.

Blue: Well then, shall we go?

ILS: Yeah, let's.
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« Reply #157 on: 05 September, 2007, 11:30:15 am »

*Blue and the others continue walking when they come across the city pub*

Lilia: Oh man, I almost forgot!

Blue: What is it, Lilia?

Lilia: My crew, they're still here! I told them to wait for me!

*Blue and the gang walk into the pub to see Lilia's crew...still sitting there*

Lookout: Hey, it's about time you got back.

Lilia: Heh heh, sorry. It took a little longer than expected.

Lookout: Yeah, about 2 weeks longer. And look, you brought Erin and Royce back with you.

Erin: Hello guys.

Royce: Hey there.

Lookout: Well now that you're back, we can go back to pirating again!

Pirates: Hooray!!!

Lookout: First, we need to find a new ship. And then..

Lilia: Uh..yeah..about that.

Lookout: What?

Lilia: You see...I wasn't planning on going back. I'm...giving up being a pirate.

Pirates: What!?!?

Lookout: No way!

Erin: Captain, no!

Royce: Are you serious?

Lilia: Yes, I am serious. I'm not your Captain anymore. I want to live a more carefree life. Without having the law on my tail everyday.

Lookout: Oooh! But without you, Capt-uh, Lilia, what do we do!?

*Lilia takes her hat and put it on Lookout*

Lilia: Lookout, you're the new captain of the Bluebirds.

Lookout: Huh? Me? Oh, but I couldn't...

Lilia: Of course you can! Why, I believe you're more capable than I am.

Lookout: *sobs* Oh thank you, Captain!

Lilia: I told you not to call me....oh nevermind. Come here you!

*Lilia gives Lookout a hug*

Lilia: Well guys, it was nice knowing you all. See ya around.

Lookout: But Captain, where will you go?

Lilia: Wherever the wind takes me, I guess.

Royce: Here, take this.

*Royce gives Lookout the rest of his money from the slot games*

Lookout: Wow, I can really have all of this!?

Royce: Sure! I don't need it anymore. Use it to buy yourselves a new ship.

Lookout: Royce! Thank you! But wait, you're not staying with us?

Royce: Nah, my place is with Lilia. I'll always stick by her.

Lookout: And Erin, you too?

Erin: Yup. The three of us are a team. We'll always be together!

Lilia: Oh, you guys...

Lookout: Well, I guess I have no choice but to accept. Bye you guys. Perhaps we'll see eachother again.

Lilia: Yeah, I'm sure of it.

Royce: So long, guys.

Erin: Bye everyone!

Pirates: Bye!!!

*Blue and the others leave the pub*

Blue: That was quite a decision you made there.

Lilia: Yeah, but I meant it. It was time for a change. I wanna lead a life more like yours, Blue. Being regarded as a great hero. That can't happen if I'm a big bad pirate, now can it?

Blue: Hey, you're right. At least you'll have your friends by you.

Lilia: Yeah, I'm so thankful for them. I don't know what I'd do without them.

Royce: Well you won't have to find out. Me and Erin will always be here.

Erin: Yup. We'll follow you to the ends of the planet if we have to.

Lilia: You guys are the best!

Blue: Well, we're done here. Time to finally leave Renzelia. Let's find us a ferry back to Meloria.

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« Reply #158 on: 05 September, 2007, 11:57:35 am »

*sigh* Screw it. I'm getting on with this.

*Blue and the others finally get back on Melorian soil. They disembark at Rogail and prepare to head home*

Blue: Ah, it's so good to be back!

Leon: Yeah, but Quentin, don't you notice someone missing?

Blue: Hmm? Like wh-Ah! Zeldafan! The others! Where did they go!?

*Meanwhile Zeldafan and her friends are speeding off to their next destination*

Tobi: Hey sempai, why didn't we say goodbye to Blue and his friends?

Zeldafan: Sorry Tobi, but Bob is calling us, and that means our next mission awaits! Besides, we'll being seeing Blue again, so don't worry.

Link: Yeah, that means you can stop crying now.

Tobi: Crying? Who's crying? *sniffle* I just had...something in my shoe!

Presea: Er...don't you mean eye?

Tobi: Oh yeah! Eye! I always get those mixed up.

Zeldafan: *sigh* Tobi, what am I gonna do with you?

*Back to Blue*

Lilia: Blue! They're gone! And we didn't even get to say goodbye!

Blue: It's okay, Lilia. I'm sure they have their reasons.

Lilia: Oh, but..! *sigh* I hope we'll see them again.

Blue: Don't worry, if I know Zeldafan and her friends, they'll pop up again. Just trust me.

Lilia: Oh, I hope you're right, Blue.

Blue: Let's go guys. We're almost home!

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« Reply #159 on: 05 September, 2007, 12:39:26 pm »

*Blue and the rest arrive just outside of Geldrar Town, hometown of Blue, and the beginning mark of their extravagant journey*

Blue: Whew, we finally made it.

Leon: Yeah, it's been so long since we've been home. I almost forgot what it looked like.

ILS: Hey, I'm glad you guys are finally back home, but I think it's time I headed home myself.

Blue: Leaving already, ILS?

ILS: Yup. I have a lot of stuff to catch up on. My Lovely Loli weekly's have been piling up ever since I left. Oh, there's just some much for me to explore!

Blue: Uh....Lovely Loli?

ILS: Yeah, just take a look.

*ILS shuffles through his coat and pulls out an old issue*

Blue: What!?!? Oh...I think I'm gonna puke...

Leon: Oh my goddess! Is this crap even legal!?

Sirios: Ugh, this even goes outside of my boundaries...

*ILS snatches the magazine*

ILS: Well...I never said it was for everyone...

Blue: ILS, you're a bad bad man.

ILS: Uh..well...gotta go! See ya!

Ari: Hold on a second!

ILS: Hmm? Oh, sweet Ari! What's up, huh?

Ari: I wanna...I wanna go with you!

Blue/Leon/ILS: Whaaaaa?

Leon: Ari, are you out of your mind!?

Ari: No! I'm not! I love this man and I wanna be with him forever!

Blue: Oh, I was afraid of this...

ILS: Ariiiii! Come fly with me! You will be my queen, and I shall forever be your handsome hunky King.

Ari: Heehee, oh you.

Lilia: Psst, Blue.

Blue: What?

Lilia: Isn't there anything you can do to stop this?

Blue: But..what can I do? It may not be the best idea, but none of us have any right to stop them from being happy.

Lilia: *sigh* Blue, you're such a goody goody.

Blue: Sorry...

Leon: Ari nooooooo!

Ari: Hmm?

Leon: That guy is a gross womanizing pervert! Can't you see that? He'll never treat you right!

ILS: Hey squirt, put a sock in it!

Leon: Why don't you make me, huh!?

ILS: Oh, I'll make you alright!

Ari: Stop it!

Leon: But Ari, he's a big creep!

Ari: He is not! You guys don't know him like I do. I know he's a big nasty disgusting pervert. But deep down, he's a very sweet man.

Lilia: Psh! Yeah right! You know you only like him because he has....the "goods".

Ari: I do not! *shifty eyes*

ILS: Well honey, shall we go? I have a lot planned for us, ee hee hee hee.

Ari: Yes, let's!

*Just then, a beautiful young woman walks by, she looks at ILS*

Girl: Hey big handsome. Teehee.

*ILS is instantly infatuated, much to Ari's chagrin*

ILS: Uh...hello...hee hee.

Ari: Ahem, what the heck are you doing?

ILS: Wha uh..nothing. Just..uh...exchanging greetings!

Ari: I saw you! You were checking her out!

ILS: No! I wasn't!

*The girl walks over and whispers something in ILS' ear. She then walks away laughing*

ILS: Oh oh oh! I'll be there!

Ari: What!? Be where!?

ILS: Oh, uh..she just invited me to.....go shopping with her!

*The girl comes back and yells out*

Girl: Remember! The Honey Hut at 12:00!

ILS: Yeah! I got it, babe!

Ari: The Honey Hut!? That's not a grocery store! That's a dirty party place!

ILS: No it's not! They renovated! Now it's the place to go for all your shopping needs! *sweatdrop*

Ari: Ooooh, I've had it with you! Leon was right! You're nothing but a big womanizing pervert!

*Ari balls up her fist*

ILS: *gulp* Wait! No! I swear!

Ari: Enough! Yaah!

*Ari delivers a powerful uppercut to ILS' chin, sending him sky high*

ILS: Whoooooooooooaaaaaaahhh! Bye Blue! Bye Lilia!

*ILS disappears from sight*

Ari: Hmph. That'll take care of him.

Lilia: Whooo! Nice going, Ari!

Blue: Heh heh, so long buddy.

Leon: Yah! I got my sister back!

Ari: Oh Leon, I'm so sorry for not believing you.

Leon: Eh, no prob. That's what family's for. We watch out for one another.

Ari: Heehee, oh Leon.

*Ari hugs and kisses Leon*

Leon: Agh! Stop! Nooo!!!

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« Reply #160 on: 05 September, 2007, 12:55:35 pm »

Sirios: Heh heh, well that was...entertaining. But I think it's time I went back too.

Blue: So, you're leaving, huh?

Sirios: That's right. My Kingdom needs me. It's time I stopped being a child and became the King that my father..and Lemia wanted me to be.

Blue: I know you'll make a great King, Sirios.

Sirios: Thank you, Blue. This journey, it taught me a lot. I've become stronger, a better person. And it's all thanks to you, Blue.

Blue: Oh no, it wasn't me. It was you, Sirios. In order to change one's self, one has to believe that they can change. And that's what you did.

Sirios: Yes, I think you're right. Well, I guess this is farewell.

Blue: Yeah, I'll see you again, Sirios.

Sirios: Of course. Drop by anytime. You and your friends are always welcome.

Blue: I expect good things from you, King Sirios.

Sirios: Likewise, Commander Blue.

*Sirios heads back to Baldovain*
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« Reply #161 on: 05 September, 2007, 01:15:26 pm »

*Blue and the rest travel back to Blue, Leon, and Ari's home in Geldrar*

Blue: Well, this is our stop.

Lilia: Yeah, I guess so.

Blue: I'll see ya around, okay?

Lilia: Okay...

Blue: Lilia, what's the matter?

Lilia: Oh nothing...

Blue: Come on, I know you better than that.

Lilia: It's just...I don't wanna leave. I wish our journey wasn't over. I don't care if we fought forever, as long as I can be by your side.

Blue: Oh Lilia, don't talk like that. You can come visit me anytime. I'll always be here whenever you want to drop by. I'll always welcome you with open arms.

Lilia: Thank you, Blue. You really know how to cheer me up.

Blue: Good. Now come here. Give me a hug!

*Blue and Lilia embrace*

Lilia: Blue, I love you.

Blue: I love you too, Lilia.

Erin: Aw, isn't that just adorable!?

Royce: Ugh, sure...

Lilia: Okay Blue! I'm ready to go on now!

Blue: Great. I'll see you guys later then.

Erin: Wait. Blue.

Blue: Yes, Erin?

Erin: I enjoyed serving under you. This journey helped me out in a lot of ways.

Blue: Really? How so?

Erin: Well, for starters, I won't have to worry about shooting anyone in their backsides anymore. My perfect sniper accuracy will take care of that.

Blue: Heh, oh yeah...I can still feel it...

Royce: Yeah, I enjoyed our time together as well, Blue. I've never had this much fun before. Back when we were pirates, I never had the chance to swing this old axe as much as I did on our journey.

Blue: Hah, well I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Royce: Yeah, we should do it again sometime!

Erin: Uh er....let's hope not..

Blue: Ha ha, I really enjoyed having you two along as well. You're both great people and your fighting skills are very admirable. You were both very reliable assets.

Royce: Thanks, Blue. It feels good to hear that from you.

Erin: Yeah, we were glad to have helped out.

Blue: I hope I'll be seeing more of you guys too.

Royce: You sure will. When Lilia comes by, we'll be right there with her!

Erin: That's right!

Blue: Well....I'll see ya then.

Royce: Right, so long, commander Blue.

Erin: Bye, commander Blue!!

Lilia: Ready to go, guys!?

Royce/Erin: Yeah!

Lilia: Then let's move!

*Lilia and the others head off, with an unknown destination in mind*

Blue: *sigh* I guess that's that. Everyone's gone now.

*Blue, Leon and Ari walk into the house*

Leon: Ah! Home sweet home!

Ari: *sigh* Home at last. It feels so good to be back.

Blue: Yeah, I'm gonna go take a big long nap.

Leon: One of those sounds good right about now.

Ari: I think we could all use one.

Blue: Good night, guys.

Leon/Ari: Good night, Quentin.
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« Reply #162 on: 05 September, 2007, 01:59:16 pm »

*Blue and the others go into their rooms and take a nice long rest*

*Later that night....a dark figure slips in through Blue's window*

??: Hey. Wake up you.

*Blue awakens*

Blue: Uh..huh, who's there?

??: Oh come on now, don't you know your own brother when you see him?

Blue: What!? Saru! So it was you..back at the tower. You were the one watching my battle with Gaion.

Saru: That's right, bro. And I must say, you really lived up to your word.

Blue: My word?

Saru: Tsk tsk, don't tell me you forgot that too. It was back all of those years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. The little boy who wanted to show everyone that he could be strong. The little boy that wanted to be acknowledged. "I'll show you! I'll show everyone that I'm not worthless! I will become strong, then you all will regret belittling me!" Remember that?

Blue: I...I do! But the real question is, how do you remember that!? This happen...in the old world. The world that was erased from everyone's minds.

Saru: Hmm, about that. To be honest, it happened the moment I saw your energy overflow. It was like..something just jogged my memory. As if the energy itself unlocked the seal on my memories.

Blue: Then, if that's true, then what were you doing there in the prior to that?

Saru: I overheard Mother talking about you. She said that the Archsage was her "cursed spawn". And I had remember when she just threw you away when you were born. I was so filled with anger and sadness, I just had to see for myself, the brother that was taken away from me.

Blue: Yeah, but...aren't you aware that mother is dead?

Saru: Yes, I am fully aware. I'm only glad that she realized her wrong doings before she left the world. I'm happy for her.

Blue: I see...

Saru: Brother, you showed us all. You proved to Father, Mother, and myself, even the whole world that you are strong. And you only continue to grow stronger. You've already surpassed me in strenght, which I never thought was possible. And to think, you were really that little pipsqueak who aspired to take over the world to prove his strenght.

Blue: Oh yeah...who could forget that? I had almost forgotten, that's why I set out to take over the world. Well, that completely backfired.

Saru: I wouldn't say so. It was because of those events that you became who you are today. Instead of taking over the world, you saved it. And since then, you've accomplished many great things. You've saved the world from a ancient Sun God, you've rescued the Goddess herself from the darkness within her, and you've even been deemed as the savior of the world. All with loyal and trusting companions by your side. That's no simple feat.

Blue: Yeah! You're right! I guess I have done a lot of good things. But all of that, it makes no difference to me. I just wanted to make people happy. To keep them safe and prosperous. That's all that matters to me.

Saru: Oh you. Look at how you've changed. It's almost unbelievable. Quentin, my brother, you really are an amazing person.

Blue: Heh heh, you're making me blush. Say, since you're here, why don't you stay with us, huh?

Saru: Eh, I don't think so.

Blue: Why not?

Saru: Er uh, I just don't want to. I like observing you from the shadows. It's...quite fun.

Blue: Oh, you haven't changed one bit, Saru.

Saru: Continue to grow stronger, Quentin. Continue to keep this world safe. You're the only one who can do it.

Blue: You don't have to worry. I swear on my life that I will do everything in my power to keep this world safe.

Saru: Good, and with that, I take my leave.

*Saru vanishes*

Blue: *sigh* Man, what a day this has been. I'm going back to bed.

*Outside the house*

Saru: And thus the wheel of fate continues to turn. Quentin, I feel it's only a matter of time before the world sees more of your power. And when that time comes, I'll be right there, watching you.

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« Reply #163 on: 05 September, 2007, 02:15:21 pm »

*one week later*

*Blue and Leon are carrying bags of groceries*

Leon: *sigh* Why doesn't Ari do her own chores, Quentin?

Blue: Well, it's the least we could do for her. I mean, she does everything else around the house.

Leon: I guess you're right. But I just get sick of carrying these stupid groceries all the time.

Blue: Eh, oh well. It's either this or cleaning duty.

Leon: Uh on second thought, this is better.

Blue: I thought so.

*Just then, Blue trips on a rock and drops his groceries*

Blue: Uh wha..wha...whoooooaaaahh!! *thud*

Leon: Ha ha, wow. You know what's coming, Quentin.

Blue: Ugh, shut up, Leon!

Ari: *gasp* I heard a thud!

*Ari comes running out to see the groceries lying on the ground*

Ari: Ah! I knew it! Now my dinner's ruined! You know what to do, Quentin.

Blue: Don't say it!

Ari: Go back and get some more.

Blue: Oh, why do these things always happen to me?

*And this is were we bring this story to a close. The world is safe once again, due to the efforts of Blue and his friends, and life returns to normal. But what of Saru's words? Will the world really be threatened by another crisis? And if so, will Blue be able to handle it? As Saru said, "The wheel of fate continues to turn"*

The End.
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