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Story Final: Fate Returned (Complete)

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Author Topic: Story Final: Fate Returned (Complete)  (Read 1313 times)
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« on: 19 April, 2008, 12:51:18 pm »

This final chapter of the Blue stories takes place shortly after the Dragonian incident. It begins with the Goddess Astartyune and her trusted confident, Leadan, atop the Holy Tower.

Leaden: It's just battle after battle, indefinitely. Didn't we change history so that we could prevent this kind of bloodshed?

Astartyune: I understand, Leaden. This is not the new world I envisioned. What have I done wrong?

Leaden: But..there's nothing we can do now, is there?

Astartyune: ...No. Nothing at al-aaaaagh!

*Astartyune kneels from a sudden jolt of pain*

Leaden: My lady! What is the matter!?

Astartyune: N-nothing is wrong. I..am fine.

Leaden: Are you sure?

Astartyune: Yes, I'm sure. (My control..I feel..it is slipping. Due to my error, I feel an even worse catastrophe will befall us)

*Meanwhile, back at their hideout, some familiar faces are relaxing after yet another completed assignment*

Zeldafan: Mmmm, got any 3's?

Tobi: *shifty eyes* Go fish.

Zeldafan: Huh? Wait just a darn minute!

*Zeldafan stops the game and looks at Tobi's hand*

Zeldafan: You lying snake! Your hand is nothing but 3's!

Tobi: Go...fish?

Zeldafan: ARGH! This is why we don't play Go Fish anymore...

*Bob walks into the room*

Bob: Aryll, you look flustered. Did Tobi lie about having 3's again?

Zeldafan: YES! And don't call me Aryll...

Tobi: Tobi was just trying to play Go Fish...

Zeldafan: Yeah, well you suck at it.

Tobi: Oh Sempai! *cries*

Bob: That's enough. I have another assignment for you two, so get ready.

Zeldafan: Oh finally! What is it time, Bob-O?

Bob: Bob-O? Eh...anyway. I want you to go--

*Just then, a pillar of energy crashes through the room, opening a portal to an unknown area*

Bob: Hm?

Tobi: What's with the swirly energy thingie?

Zeldafan: Egh..it's a portal, Tobi. Where does it lead to anyway?

Bob: Hang on. I'll look.

*Bob walks up to the ominous portal and observes the inside. What he finds out shocks even him*

Bob: W-what? What is the meaning of this?

Zeldafan: Bob, what's up?

Bob: Come and see. This is..unbelievable.

*Zeldafan and Tobi observe the portal as well. Inside, they see the negative zone where Blue and his friends fought Solaris, but they are still inside frozen in time!*

Zeldafan: Wah! Bob! It's...it's Blue and LIlia and ILS!

Tobi: But didn't...how did..what is..ooooh, my head hurts!

Bob: (That fool. Could she really have done what I think she did?)

Zeldafan: Bob, do you know what this is all about?

Bob: I'll explain later. For now, just watch over the hideout until I return.

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« Reply #1 on: 19 April, 2008, 12:57:35 pm »

*Bob enters the portal and it closes behind him*

Bob: I guess Astartyune didn't really change history afterall. What a mess she's caused.

*Bob walks up to Blue and friends frozen bodies*

Bob: Completely stiff. I should be able to undo this.

*Bob put his hands together and concentrates his power. The color returns to Blue and friends bodies and they are able to move once again*

Blue: Ah! What's going on!?

Bob: Glad to have you guys back.

Blue: Bob? What are you doing here? What's going on?

Lilia: Weren't we supposed to go back in time? To a new world?

ILS: Yeah, what gives!?

Bob: *sigh* So much to explain. Allow me to start by saying that there is no new world. At least not for you.

Blue: Wait, what do you mean? Is something wrong?

Bob: Horribly wrong. Astartyune overestimated her own power. It was beyond her capabilities to erase Solaris' existance from Earth's timeline, so she created an alternate Earth.

ILS: Alternate Earth?

Bob: Yes. An Alternate Earth. She couldn't change the fate of Earth, so she started over with a new one.

ILS: So Astartyune is reigning over a new Earth while we're all stuck here? What's the point of that? Wasn't the new world supposed to be for us to live in?

Bob: Oh, you are living there. It's just, they aren't...you.

Blue: What are you trying to say? That there are alternate timeline versions of us running around?

Bob: Precisely.

Lilia: Okay, this is just too weird. So basically, Astartyune botched up this Earth, so instead of fixing her mistakes, she slips it under the rug and starts anew? The nerve of her! Aren't Goddess' supposed to be perfect beings?

Bob: Supposedly, but that's apparently not true. Astartyune is not free from flaws or defects, especially those of a moral nature. Her lack of understanding is what caused these crises to befall Earth.

ILS: Now that you mention it, do we even had need of Gods? I mean, she's hawt and all, but come on!

Blue: I don't care whether we need her or not. I just know that we can't let things stay the way they are.

ILS: You're right, buddy. The beautiful women of Earth are counting on me afterall. I can't let them down.

Lilia: Let's do it, Blue. It's up to us to make things right again.

Blue: Well there you have it, Bob. I guess we're going to Copy Earth to settle this, right?

Bob: Correct, but first, we need to pick up a few friends.

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« Reply #2 on: 19 April, 2008, 01:38:10 pm »

Blue: A few friends?

Bob: That's right. We can't forget Zeldafan and Tobi. They're still frozen back at the Baldovain inn, if memory serves. We'll need their help as well.

*Bob uses his power to rip open a portal to the forgotten Earth. Just like Blue and his friends, the entire planet is gray and in permanent stasis*

Lilia: This is awful. What's become of our world?

Bob: It's been forgotten. Lost in time in favor of Copy Earth.

ILS: I can't stand looking at this.

Blue: That's why we have to fix this. Earth will remain like this for all eternity of we don't do something.

Bob: Let's hurry along. The inn is just ahead.

*The group makes their way to the Baldovain Inn. Inside are the townspeople, along with Zeldafan and Tobi, frozen in their cheers*

Bob: They were here rooting for you the whole time, you know. Those two have the utmost faith in your abilities, Blue.

Blue: Heh. *to himself* Thanks guys.

Lilia: Can you save them, Bob?

Bob: Sure. I revived you, didn't I? Just stand back and watch.

*Bob concentrates his power and places his hands on Zeldafan and Tobi's lifeless figures. The color returns to their body and they can move once again*

Bob: Are you two okay?

Zeldafan: Ah! Blue! Everyone! If you're here, then that means...

Tobi: You defeated Solaris!

Blue: Yeah, we did. But look around you. It wasn't much of a victory.

*Zeldafan and Tobi glance around the room to see everything and everyone is gray and devoid of life*

Tobi: They're...statues..

Zeldafan: What happened here? Did Solaris do this?

Bob: Zeldafan. Tobi. Listen well. I'm about to explain to you the details of your next assignment.

*Bob informs the two of the entire situation involving Astartyune and Copy Earth*

Bob: So, do you both understand?

Zeldafan/Tobi: Uh....no.

Bob: I knew you wouldn't... Oh well, it doesn't matter anyway. Your job is to assist Blue and his companions.

Zeldafan: Got it!
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« Reply #3 on: 19 April, 2008, 02:10:56 pm »

Bob: So I assume everyone's ready to depart?

ILS: Hold on just a minute.

Blue: What is it, ILS?

ILS: If we want regular Earth back to normal, wouldn't that mean we'd have to confront our alternate selves as well? I mean, I doubt they'd be too keen on just having to throw their lives away.

Bob: Good question, ILS. And you raised an important point. I implore you all to avoid antagonizing your alternate selves.

Lilia: Why is that?

Bob: Because they are much older and far more battle tested than you are. Going against them would mean certain death.

Blue: But, don't you think that we could convince them to fight on our side? I mean, they are us, aren't they?

Bob: Blue. We're trying to destory their world. The lives they fought so hard to protect. What would you do in their situation? Just go along with it?

Blue: ...I guess not.

Bob: Like I thought. Now I think we've spent enough time dawdling here. Let us be on our way. Zeldafan! The reverse lens!

Zeldafan: I'm on it!

*Zeldafan shuffles through her bag for the reverse lens*

Zeldafan: Hmm...bokuto, no *toss*...sorcerers ring, no *toss*...pudding cup, no *toss*...


Tobi: My eye!

Zeldafan: Tobi, you're wearing a mask!

Tobi: Oh yeah.

Zeldafan: Now let's see...fairy in a bottle, no *toss*...potted shrub, no *toss*...sexy lingerie, Oh! How did that get in there? *blushes*

ILS: I'll take that! <3

Lilia: ILS!!!

Zeldafan: Where is it...Aha! Here it is! Reverse lens coming up!

Bob: Well it's about time. Now let's begin.

*Bob focuses his energy through the lens. The focused energy then creates a portal*

Bob: There. This should be a portal back to Copy Earth. Come along, everyone.

Blue: Let's go, guys!

Everyone: Right!

*The group enters the portal as it closes behind them. The portal then reopens, leading to a wide plain*

Blue: Is this...Copy Earth?

Bob: Looks like it. Well, I'll be seeing you kids later.

Lilia: Wait! Where are you going!?

Bob: Me? Oh, I'm just going to do some...research. I'll come find you in a while. Until then, stay out of trouble, would you?

*Bob disappears*

ILS: Well gee, that's reassuring.

Blue: Oh well. No use standing around here. We may as well find a town to rest at.

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« Reply #4 on: 20 April, 2008, 06:45:18 pm »

*The group travels to the nearby city of Yuhagi. The group heads to the local inn to purchase a room for the day*

Zeldafan: Hey Blue! Why are packing it in already? The day's barely begun!

Blue: Because, Bob said we needed to stay out of trouble, didn't he? What better way to do that than settling down early?

Tobi: Aww, but Tobi wanted to go to the pub...

Blue: Not today, Tobi. Now let's go. Our room's upstairs.

Zeldafan/Tobi: *sigh*

*The gang heads up to their room to call it a day*

Blue: Here you go, Zeldafan.

*Blue gives Zeldafan a room key*

Blue: You and Tobi have the room across from ours. Me, Lilia and ILS will have this room. We'll see you guys in the morning.

Lilia/ILS: Night guys.

Zeldafan/Tobi: Night.

*The group goes into their rooms. Later that day...*

*Blue is looking out the window*

Blue: Hmm, seems like the world isn't that much different from ours.

Lilia: Yeah, I thought the same thing. Though I still can't help but wonder how much our lives have changed.

ILS: I'm probably the King of some country who married a hawt kung fu babe. Bet on it!

Blue: ILS, are you feeling alright?

ILS: Yeah, why?

Lilia: Because that's completely stupid.

ILS: It was just a hunch...

Blue: Well anyway, Bob said that our alternate selves are older than we are. That makes me wonder just how far ahead is this world than ours.

Lilia: I have a feeling we'll find out before long.

Blue: Perhaps...

*Meanwhile, in Zeldafan's room...*

Zeldafan: I wonder if our alternate selves still work for Bob.

Tobi: I wonder if they like pudding. Mmm, pudding...

Zeldafan: *facepalm*

*Meanwhile, Bob is journeying through an unknown temple of some sort*

Bob: Hmm, I can feel the transdimensional energy readings getting stronger. I must be close.

*Bob continues to the deepest area of the temple. There, he finds an altar with an ominous crystal glowing of various colors atop it*

Bob: That crystal must be the source of the energy.

*Bob grabs the crystal from the altar*

Bob: According to my research, these crystals are what's bonding the two worlds together. If my theory is correct, this may just be the solution to saving Real Earth.

*Bob disappears*
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« Reply #5 on: 20 April, 2008, 07:20:17 pm »

*Later that night...*

*Bob reappears in Blue's room*

Bob: Everyone wake up! NOW!

*The roar of Bob's voice causes the 3 to immediately spring out of bed*

Blue: Ah! Bob! Ugh..what's going on?

Lilia: Is something wrong?

ILS: And while you're at it, explain why this couldn't wait til the morning. I need my beauty rest, you know.

Lilia: In that case, you should never wake up.

ILS: *sadly* Oh, Liliaaaaaaaa...

Bob: Here. Look at this.

*Bob takes the crystal out of his bag and places it before Blue and the gang*

Blue: What is that?

Bob: It's a catalyst of pure transdimensional energy.

Lilia: What is it for?

Bob: It's energy found only in the space between dimensions. It allows for crossing between one dimension and another. Without it, we wouldn't have been able to come here.

ILS: Okay, we get that. But what does it have to do with us?

Bob: This energy, is being used for another purpose.

Blue: Another purpose?

Bob: That's right. This very energy is being used to sustain the existance of Copy Earth.

Lilia: Really? Then that means...

ILS: Destroying that crystal will destroy Copy Earth, right?

Bob: Yes. Well, if this was the last remaining crystal, that is.

Blue: There are more than that?

Bob: 5 to be exact.

*Bob crushes the crystal in his hand. The energy spills out and fades away*

Bob: Now there are 4 more.

*Meanwhile, atop the Holy Tower*

Astartyune: *gasp*

Leadan: My lady, what is the matter?

Astartyune: The Dimension Keys. One has been...shattered...

Leadan: What!? Who could've done this? ....Wait. Do you think they've...

Astartyune: I do not know. But I do know that whoever it is must be stopped, now.

Leadan: As you command, my lady. I will put a stop to this.

*Leadan disappears*

*Meanwhile, back at the inn*

Blue: So there are 4 more of these things, huh?

Bob: That's right. According to my readings, they are scattered across the planet.

Lilia: Across the entire planet? Oh boy, we've got a lot of work to do...

Leadan: Stop! You will go no further!

Group: !!!
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« Reply #6 on: 20 April, 2008, 07:56:14 pm »

*Leadan reappears behind the group*

Leadan: Stop what you're doing. Right now! Leave this world be.

Blue: And just who are you!?

Leadan: Ah! Blue! So, it's true...

Blue: What's true? And how do you know me?

Leadan: Nevermind. It doesn't matter.

Bob: ...Leadan.

Leadan: You! I should've known you'd be behind this.

Lilia: What's going on?

Bob: Leadan, you can't hide the truth anymore. We know everything. We won't allow you and that failure of a Goddess to toy with the people of Earth anymore.

Leadan: Hold your tongue, knave. You will not mock the Goddess.

Bob: Can't you see what's happening here? This isn't real. It's all just a false reality.

Leadan: No. It IS real. The Goddess created this new world so that the people affected by her past mistake could have a second chance.

Blue: No. She created this world so that she could cover up her mistakes.

Lilia: That's right! She didn't do this for us. She did it for herself.

Leadan: Silence, you children! She was only doing what was right!

ILS: That's a lie! If she was really doing what was right, she would've owned up to her mistakes and strived for a better future. What she has done is twisted and selfish!

Leadan: Enough! I wouldn't expect you fools to understand. You will stop your actions, or else you'll pay the price.

ILS: I don't know about you guys, but I've had enough of listening to guy's prattling!

*ILS unsheathes his swords*

ILS: Get lost, or I'll cleave you in two!

Lilia: I'm with you!

*Lilia brandishes her daggers*

Lilia: If you want to stop us, you're going to have to fight us first!

Leadan: Do you children really think you can defeat me?

ILS: I don't see why not! Let's do it, Lilia!

*ILS and Lilia charge straight for Leadan*

Bob: No! Stop!!

ILS: Take this! Rrragh!

Leadan: ...Aura.

*ILS and Lilia attack, but their attempts are made futile when a barrier erects around Leadan. The barrier sharply expands and sends the two flying into the wall*

ILS/Lilia: Aaagh! Oof!

Blue: Ah! Are you two alright!?

*The sounds of the struggle awaken Zeldafan and Tobi. The two rush into the room to see what's happening*

Zeldafan: Guys! What's going on here!?

Tobi: Who is that?

Leadan: Hmph. More pests.

*Zeldafan readies her bokuto*

Zeldafan: Just who are you calling pests, pal!?

*A red light shines forth from the hole in Tobi's mask*

Tobi: You'll regret messing with us.

Bob: No! Stand down, you two!

Zeldafan: Wait, why!?

Bob: Just do as I say!

Zeldafan: *grumble* Fine.

Tobi: Mmph.

Leadan: This is your last warning. Stay away from the Dimension Keys, unless you all have a death wish.

*Leadan disappears*
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« Reply #7 on: 20 April, 2008, 08:47:26 pm »

*Meanwhile, atop the Holy Tower*

Leadan: I've returned.

Astartyune: Did your efforts prove successful?

Leadan: No, unfortunately. And it's just as I feared. The Original Blue and his friends are the ones behind all of this.

Astartyune: So they've uncovered the truth. But how did they escape into this world?

Leadan: They were assisted by him.

Astartyune: You mean...the dimension traveller? But how? Why?

Leadan: I wish I knew. But now that he's interfered, this makes things that much more difficult. What do you suggest we do?

Astartyune: Calling upon this world's Blue and his companions will be a risky prospect.

Leadan: Do you question their integrity?

Astartyune: I'm only saying that considering the circumstances, relying on their aid is not the best idea. I will handle this problem on my own.

*Astartyune raises her hands into the air. Just then, 4 beams of light rain down from the sky and down to Earth*

Astartyune: If they wish to destroy the Dimension Keys, they will have to defeat my ancient guardians first.

Leadan: But, what if they are to fail?

Astartyune: Even if they do not succeed, the final key will not fall to them. I will make sure of that.

*The next morning, back at the inn, the group is wide awake, troubled about the events of last night*

ILS: Damn. I can't believe I botched that up!

Lilia: ILS, settle down! You've got a nasty scrape on your leg. Let me take a look at it.

Blue: Mmmn...

Bob: Something the matter, Blue?

Blue: You mean besides everything?

Bob: Point taken. Ah well, no use sulking about it here. It's time we got going.

Blue: Yeah, I guess. But where to?

Bob: Hmm, the closest crystal from here is the one that lies hidden somewhere in Rothaire Kingdom. It's due southeast of here.

Blue: Rothaire Kingdom, huh? Well then let's go, everyone. We've got a long road ahead of us.

*The group leaves the inn. On their way out of the City, the local trinkets shop*

Zeldafan: Oh wow! A trinkets shop! Oooh, can we go in!? Please please please!

Tobi: Oh boy! Tobi loves trinkets!

Blue: Aw, come on, you two. You know we don't have time for this.

Bob: Well Blue, it wouldn't hurt to take a leisure trip every once in a while. I must say, I'm interested as well.

Blue: Oh fine. But don't take too long...

Zeldafan/Tobi: YES! *highfive*

*Zeldafan and Tobi rush to the door, only to have it slam open and hit them right in the face. Just then, A group of people storm out of the door in a frantic rush. One of them being the storekeeper*

*The storekeeper notices Blue's group standing by the door*

Storekeeper: Huh? Oh sorry! We're closed. *nervous laugh*

Man: Hey! What are you doing!? Hurry up!

Storekeeper: Right! Coming!

ILS: What the heck was that all about?

Lilia: I don't know. It looked like they were in trouble though.

Blue: Yeah well let them worry about it. We've got problems of our own. Let's get out of here.

Lilia: Mmm, I hope they'll be okay.

Zeldafan: Uuugh....did somebody get the license plate of that Behemoth?

*The group makes their way out of the city through the southeast gate*

Bob: ...ILS.

ILS: Yeah, what's up?

Bob: About Rothaire Kingdom...

ILS: Hm?

Bob: Oh...nevermind. It's nothing.

ILS: Eh? *scratches head*
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« Reply #8 on: 21 April, 2008, 08:16:52 am »

*Blue and the group head on their way to Rothaire Kingdom. Along the way, they come across a small group of thugs traveling in the opposite direction*

Lilia: Hey, who are those guys?

Blue: Why does it matter? Let's keep going.

Lilia: Fine...

*The group passes by the thugs without a care. Just then, the thugs turn around and call out to them*

Thug1: Hey!

*The group turns around*

Blue: What?

Thug2: Don't you know who we are!?

Blue: Mmm, no. Don't care, really.

Thug3: What nerve! We're the Bayview Thugs! And this world will be under our control before long!

Blue: Eh, good for you.

Lilia: Blue!

Blue: What? It's no business of ours. If they want this world, they can have it. It's only going to be destroyed by us anyway.

Thug1: What did you say!?

ILS: Yeah, Blue's right, Lilia. So long as they don't get in our way, they're no threat to us.

Lilia: Ooh, I don't know...

Thug2: No threat, you say? You've got a lot moxy, kid.

Zeldafan: Ugh, will you shut up already!?

Thug3: No you shut up! *raspberry*

Zeldafan: *sweatdrop* Are these guys serious?

Tobi: No one tells my sempai to shut up.

Thug1: Oh yeah? Well we just did!

Tobi: Die then.

*Tobi takes out a kunai and runs toward the Dark Knights*

Tobi: Here I co--oh..OH...whoa! OOF!

*Tobi trips on a rock, causing his mask to fall off*

Tobi: *covering his face* Ah! My mask! Somebody get it! Get it! *cries*


Zeldafan: Geez, Tobi. That's so embarassing...

*Zeldafan grabs Tobi's mask and hands it to him. He then places it back on his face*

Tobi: Tobi has returned! Ha HA!

Blue: Ugh, are we just about done here?

Thug1: Man, these guys are idiots. Let's get out of here.

Thug2: You said it.

Thug3: I'm with you.

*The thugs go on their way*

Lilia: Well gee, that's not good for morale.

Zeldafan: Thanks a lot, Tobi. Now we're incompetent.

Tobi: Sorry, sempai...

Blue: *sigh* Let's just get out of here.

Bob: That was...entertaining...

*The group continues on their way*

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« Reply #9 on: 21 April, 2008, 09:36:20 am »

Bob: Okay...we should be entering Rothaire territory in just a matter of hours.

Blue: Yeah, about that...

Bob: What?

Blue: Just how do you know where we're going? I mean, aren't you a stranger to this world just like we are?

Lilia: Yeah! I've been wondering that too.

Bob: No. Unlike yourselves, there is no alternate version of me.

ILS: Then..why is that?

Bob: Kids, I'm not Bob the Omnipotent for nothing, you know. Although for a time, I wasn't aware that this world was in fact, a copy, Astartyune's power has no governance over me. So instead of falling prey to her trick and being frozen in time, I was merely moved to Copy Earth.

Blue: Mm, okay. I guess that makes sense. But now that raises another question. You and that Leadan guy acted as if you knew eachother. Just who is he?

Bob: He's an enemy.

Blue: But...

Bob: That's all you need to know.

Blue: *sigh* Fine.

Zeldafan: *whispering to Blue* Don't worry about it, Blue. We don't know anything about Bob's past either. Heck, he never tells us anything.

Tobi: *whispering* We just follow him because he's cool.

Zeldafan: Isn't he though!?

Blue: *facepalm*

*After several hours, the group finally crosses the border into Rothaire Kingdom. Upon arriving, they traverse into a dense forest*

Bob: Hmm...

Lilia: Bob, are you sure we're going the right way?

ILS: Yeah, there's no specific trail through here. What gives?

Bob: Uhm...

Blue: Don't tell me we're lost...

Bob: Okay. Then I won't tell you.

Blue: *sigh* Aren't you supposed to be omnipotent?

Bob: *Cough* Even my power has its limits.

Lilia: Hmph, nice coverup.

Zeldafan: Now what do we do? It's going to get dark soon.

Bob: Now now, settle down. We'll be just fine. Logic would dictate that going straight ahead in one direction would lead us out of the forest eventually. Let's just keep on our way.

Blue: Hmph. Whoever thinks Bob shouldn't lead us anymore, say "I".

Everyone: I!

Bob: ...Shut up.
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« Reply #10 on: 21 April, 2008, 10:55:53 am »

*The group continued to travel in the same direction for hours, and just as Bob predicted, they arrive at a clearing. At the clearing lies the Fujin Temple. The same temple where ILS met Fallon 8 years ago*

Bob: Ha! I told you that we-

Blue: Yeah whatever.

Bob: *under his breath* Ass.

Blue: Excuse me?

Bob: ...Nothing.

Lilia: What is this place?

ILS: Yo, check this sign. It's written in some kind of weird language.

Zeldafan: It's written in Chinese. Which is strange when you consider China doesn't even exist in this universe. Meh, I'll translate. The sign reads...Fujin..Temple.

Blue: Should we go in?

Lilia: Why not? It looks nice enough.

*Bob glances at ILS*

Bob: Well, should we?

ILS: Huh? Why are you asking me all of a sudden?

Bob: Just because...

ILS: Eh, you're weird. Well uhm, sure. Why not?

Blue: I guess that settles it. Let's go.

*The group ascends the stairway and enters the temple*

Blue: Helloooooooo! Anyone here!?

*A monk of the temple appears to greet the group*

Monk: Welcome travelers to our temple. What brings you to our humble abode?

Bob: Ahem, I'll answer that. Me and my companions here were on our way to Rothaire Castle, but we've seem to have lost our bearings. If you would be so kind, can you point us in the right direction?

??: Oh ho! Who have we here?

*The Master Monk enters the main hall*

Monk: Oh Master! We have visitors! A group of travelers who've appeared to have lost their way.

Master: Ah, I see. Where are you hea--hm?

*Master glances at Blue, Lilia, and ILS*

Master: (Those 3 youths. They look oddly familiar to the individuals in Fallon's vision)

ILS: Hey, is something up, old dude?

Lilia: ILS! Mind your manners!

ILS: What? He's old, isn't he?

Lilia: Well yes, but..oh nevermind...

Master: You. The one with the brazen tongue.

ILS: Who? Me?

Master: Yes you. Are you the one they call, "ILS"?

ILS: Uhm, yeah. But how did you know that?

Master: Weren't you traveling with my former student Fallon several years ago?

ILS: Hey dude, I don't know any Fallon. You must've got me mixed up with some other ILS.

Master: I understand. Sorry for the misunderstanding, young one. Now then, what can I do for you?

Bob: We need to know the way to Rothaire Castle.

Master: Ah, Rothaire Castle. That's just northeast of here. Keep on your way and you'll be there in a matter of days.

Blue: Really? Thanks, Master Monk.

Master: The pleasure was mine, travelers. May your journies be safe.

*The group leaves Fujin Temple and heads toward the northeast*

Lilia: ILS, that guy recognized you. That must mean...

Blue: That alternate ILS was here at some point in time.

ILS: And you knew that, didn't you Bob? That's why you ask me if I wanted to go in, right?

Bob: Hm? I don't know what you're talking about.

Zeldafan: Bob, there's something you're not telling us.

Bob: That's enough. You will find out when the time comes.

ILS: ...
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« Reply #11 on: 21 April, 2008, 11:43:05 am »

*After several days of traveling, the group arrives in Rothaire Castle Town, the location of yet another Dimension Key*

Lilia: This is the place, right?

Bob: Sure is.

Blue: Whew, finally. Man, I'm beat. Let's get to the inn, pronto.

*The group check into the inn and goes up to their room*

Blue: So Bob, why did we need to come here? Is there another Dimension Key here?

Bob: You guessed it. According to my readings, the temple housing the Dimension Key lies directly underneath Castle Rothaire. That's where we're going first thing tomorrow.

Blue: Sounds good to me.

*Meanwhile, ILS is standing in the corner of the room, with a troubled look on his face*

Lilia: ILS, what's the matter? It's not like you to sulk.

ILS: He's there, isn't he?

Blue: Who are you talking about, ILS?

ILS: Me. I'm in that castle, aren't I?

Lilia: ILS, that's nonsense.

Bob: Not nonsense at all. He's indeed correct. ILS IS the King of Rothaire.

Blue/Lilia: !!!

ILS: So it's true, huh? I've been having that feeling ever since we left Yuhagi City.

Lilia: We're not going to have to fight him, are we?

Bob: There's a possibility, Lilia. One that can't be ignored.

Blue: But you said the Dimension Key lies beneath the castle, right? Can't we get there without having to confront ILS?

Bob: Hmm, it's unlikely. The door leading to the lower levels is sealed off. Chances are, ILS holds to key to that door.

ILS: Well can't we just bust it open? I mean, it's just a door, right?

Bob: One would think that, but no. It is no ordinary door. The door leads to the remains of Ancient Rothaire Castle. It's no place for regular people to trudge through, so the ministers sealed it off using archaic magic. The only key allowing entrance should be in the hands of the ruling King.

Blue: Hmm, is that right? Hey wait! How do you know all of this, Bob?

*Bob strikes a heroic pose*

Bob: I'm Bob the Omnipotent, remember? I know everything.

Zeldafan: That....or he just looked at this old history book here. See look. It has everything he just said word for word.

Bob: I didn't look at that! Honest! *shifty eyes*

Blue: Eh, suit yourself. Anyway, it's time for bed, guys. We've got a big day ahead of us.

Bob: Yeah. Make sure you all get a good nights sleep. See you all in the morning.

*Bob disappears*

Lilia: Zeldafan, do you know where he goes every night? He never sleeps with us at the inn...

Zeldafan: Eh, beats me. I guess he's just mysterious like that.

Tobi: Tobi thinks he goes out for pudding.

*The group glares at Tobi*

Tobi: ...What?
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« Reply #12 on: 22 April, 2008, 07:37:37 am »

*makes a worthless post just to spite you while you're adding another chapter*
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« Reply #13 on: 22 April, 2008, 08:23:51 am »

Stupid Jawo...

*The next morning, the group reconvenes outside the Castle gates, ready for the infiltration*

Blue: Mmmmn, where his Bob? He should've been here hours ago.

Lilia: Do you think we should go without him?

Bob: Perish the thought, Lilia.

*Bob appears behind the group*

Blue: About time. Where were you?

Bob: Sorry. I was lost on the path of life.

Zeldafan: Hey! That's my line!

Tobi: Oh no it's not, sempai! It's Kaka--

Zeldafan: Don't say it!

Blue: Who cares who's line it is!? Let's just get this started.

*The group, now rejoined with Bob, proceeds to the Castle gates. As usual, they are halted by the guards*

Guard1: Hold! State your business!

Blue: Uhm...

*Blue whispers to Bob*

Blue: What's our business?

Bob: What do you think? We request an audience with King ILS.

Blue: Huh? So soon?

Bob: What choice do we have?

Blue: Fine. I get it.

*Blue consults the guard*

Blue: *Ahem* We request an audience with King ILS.

Guard2: King ILS? Excuse you, but our ruler is the Great King Mads.

Everyone: Mads???

*The group looks at ILS*

ILS: Eh heh heh.. *turns red*

Guard1: Anyway, King Mads isn't accepting any audiences now, so be on your way.

Lilia: Ha, I thought you'd say that. *cracks knuckles*

Bob: Lilia.

Lilia: Yes?

Bob: You're not going to do one of those ridiculous cutie poses, are you?

Lilia: Yeah, why?

Bob: Don't.

Lilia: Aww, but...

Bob: No.

Lilia: Tsch, fine.

Zeldafan: Hiiiyah!

*smack* *twack* *thud*

Blue: Hm?

*The group looks over to see that Zeldafan knocked out the guards*

Zeldafan: Door's open, guys. Let's mosey!

Blue: We should've done that from the get go...

*The group enters the front gate and arrives in the Main Hall*

Blue: Okay, does anyone know the way to the throne room?

Zeldafan: I think ILS is asking one of those maids over there.

Lilia: *sweatdrop* Oh, he's not asking her where the throne room is...

*ILS is hitting up a castle maid*

ILS: Hey, sweetheart. Let's say you and me find an empty room and I'll show you my sword. And I don't mean the ones strapped to my back either. *raises eyebrow*

Maid: Try me. *giggles* <3

ILS: Enguarde, my pet. Just follow me and we'll get this party sta-aaccck!

*Lilia jerks ILS by his collar*

Lilia: Ugh, you're disgusting!

ILS: But, Lilia! I was just trying to have some fun!

Lilia: Whatever! Ms. Maid, please excuse this sex-driven beast. If it's not too much trouble, could you tell us where the throne room is?

Maid: Eh, find it yourself.

*The Maid walks away*

Lilia: ...That ****.

Zeldafan: Don't worry about it, Lilia! Tobi found the way, didn't you, Tobi?

Tobi: I sure did, sempai! I'm sensing energy akin to ILS' down the hallway to the left.

Blue: To the left, huh? Let's go!

*The group trudges down the left hallway*

Tobi: Wait! Isn't Tobi a good boy!?

Blue: No time for that!

Tobi: ...Meanie.
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« Reply #14 on: 22 April, 2008, 09:31:19 am »

*The upon reaching the end of the hallway, the group arrives at the throne room*

Blue: Is this it, Tobi?

Tobi: The energy I sensed is coming from this room. This is definitely it.

Blue: Well you heard the man, let's get in there!

Bob: Wait, everyone!

Blue: What is it?

Bob: I just wanted to say that, if the worst does happen, if we do have to fight ILS, I want none of you to hold back. Understood?

Blue: Yeah, we know that, Bob. He may be our friend, but if he intends to keep us from saving Earth, he's our enemy as well. And we don't pull punches with our foes.

Bob: I trust you all feel the same way?

Lilia: I do.

Zeldafan: Same here.

Tobi: You got it.

Bob: And you, ILS?

ILS: I'm fine.

Bob: Well then, Blue?

Blue: Yeah, let's go.

*The group opens the door and enters the throne room. Upon entering, they find King ILS, who will be referred to as Mads, with his back turned, staring out the window*

Mads: Oh boy, who is it now? I thought I told the guards no audiences!? Man, I hate those.

Blue: ILS!

Mads: What the? I think I recognize that voice...

*Mads turns around to see Blue and his group standing before him*

Mads: Ah! A-am I seeing things? There's no way... Blue? Lilia? ME!? Ugh, I need to lay off the ****...

Bob: You're not seeing things, ILS. It's really us.

Mads: Well if it isn't Bob, Zeldafan, and Tobi too. Just..what's going on? If we're here, then how are you here? Aren't you guys supposed to be...us?

Bob: Supposedly, yes. But we're not. Listen well, for I have much to explain, though you may not like it.

Mads: Yeah, I pretty much got that vibe the moment I saw you all here. Tell me everything.

*Bob explains to Mads the entire situation involving Earth and Copy Earth, and the quest to find the Dimension Keys*

Bob: So now do you understand? Stand in our way, and we'll have to fight you.

*The group gets into fighting position*

Mads: Hey hey hey, calm down. Why would I stand in your way?

Bob: What?

Mads: You're just doing what's right, afterall. I've no right to try and stop you.

Blue: But..don't you care that we're trying to destroy this world?

Mads: Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Lilia: What's so funny!?

Mads: You! I thought you guys knew me better than that! Just look at me! I'm everything I never wanted to be!!!

ILS: Agh...

Mads: You should know that better than anyone, little me! You are me, aren't you!?

ILS: Yeah..you're right. I always despised being royalty. That's what urged me to run away from home and become a bounty hunter.

Mads: I took up the throne after Father was murdered 5 years ago. I didn't want to, but I knew it would've made him happy. Even still, it was the worst decision of my life.

Lilia: But ILS...if you didn't want to live like this, why didn't you just leave?

Mads: And abdicate my responsibilities? I couldn't do that. The people of this country needed me. I may be a selfish pervert, but there's no way I'd betray the hopes of my Father and my people.

Blue: ILS, I'm sorry...

Mads: Enough of that. Here. You said you needed this right?

*Mads tosses the basement Key to Blue*

Blue: But ILS..I...

Mads: What are you getting all mopey for? Go! Save Earth. I don't care what happens to me. I'm already dead anyway...

ILS: ...

Mads: You'll find the stairway to the Basement down at the end of the right hallway. Now get moving.

Blue: ILS...Thank you.

*The group leaves the Throne Room and heads for the right hallway*

Mads: Little me! Wait!

ILS: Yeah, Big me?

Mads: Listen to me. Never ever abandon your hopes and dreams due to obligation for another. It's just not worth it. Cherish life, and live it how you want to. You've already got the right idea, don't turn back now. Understand me?

ILS: I got ya!

Mads: Good. Now go on. Get out of here.

ILS: Alright! Oh, and Big me...

Mads: Yeah?

ILS: Thanks.

Mads: Of course.

*ILS leaves to catch up with the rest of the group*
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