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30 July, 2021, 09:35:38 pm
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Story Final: Fate Returned (Complete)

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Author Topic: Story Final: Fate Returned (Complete)  (Read 1313 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 22 April, 2008, 11:09:09 am »

*ILS runs down the right hallway and rejoins the group*

ILS: Hey guys. Sorry I'm late.

Blue: What were you doing?

ILS: Just..taking care of some business.

Blue: Fair enough. Let's go. The basement door is just ahead.

ILS: Right.

*The group descends the stairs leading into the Castle Basement*

Lilia: Aaah! It's pitch black down here!

Zeldafan: Yeah! I can't see a thing!

Lilia: Blue! Do something!

Blue: Alright alright! Just put a sock in it, would you?

*Blue uses his fire magic to ignite his hand, lighting the way*

Blue: Stay close, everyone.

*The group ventures deeper and deeper into the lower levels of the castle. After a while, they come across a large steel door*

Lilia: Is that the door?

Blue: We'll soon find out. ILS, try and open the door.

ILS: Got it.

*ILS pulls on the door handles with all his might, but to no avail*

ILS: Didn't budge an inch. This looks like the real deal.

Blue: Alright. I'm trying the key now.

*Blue inserts the key into the keyhole. Upon turning the key, the door completely fades away, revealing the entrance to Ancient Castle Rothaire*

Zeldafan: Alrighty! We made it!

Lilia: And it's not dark in there either. Thank goodness.

Blue: Yeah, I guess I can put out the fire now.

*The group enters the decrepit castle. It's interior is riddled with old dusty statues and fallen pillars*

Blue: Be careful guys. This place looks rickety.

Tobi: Psst, Blue.

Blue: What is it, Tobi?

Tobi: It's Bob. He's gone!

Blue: What!?

*Blue looks around, but Bob is nowhere to be seen*

Blue: What could've happened!?

Lilia: Do you think he got lost back there?

Zeldafan: Knowing Bob, he's probably wandered off somewhere on his own again.

Blue: But without him, how are we supposed to find the Dimension Key?

ILS: Well, we're in the general area, right? I guess we'll just have to do it the old fashioned way.

Blue: *sigh* I guess you're right. In that case, let's split up. If we all search in different places, we'll find it that much faster. ILS, you take the corrider to the west.

ILS: Got it.

Blue: Lilia, you go down the East Corridor.

Lilia: Alright.

Blue: Zeldafan, you take the Northwest Corridor.

Zeldafan: Gotcha.

Blue: Tobi, you take the Northeast Corridor.

Tobi: Understood.

Blue: And I'll take the North Corridor. We'll meet back here in 1 hour to check our progress. Okay, let's get started.

Group: Right!

*The group seperates and heads down their designated paths*

Lilia: Uh oh. I've forgotten how creepy this place was. Oooh, doesn't Blue know that he's not supposed to let the defenseless girl go alone?


Lilia: *gasp* What was that!?

*Lilia turns around*

Lilia: Oh. It was just an old painting. I really need to calm--

*The floor beneath Lilia collaspes and she falls through*


*Lilia's cry was heard throughout the entire castle. It alerts the group*

Blue: Ah! That was Lilia! She must be in trouble!

*The group comes together at the meeting point upon hearing Lilia's cry*

Blue: You guys heard it too!?

ILS: Yeah! Is Lilia alright!?

Blue: I don't know!

Zeldafan: Well then let's find her! Where is she!?

Blue: She went down the East pathway. Let's hurry!

*The group follows the East corridor in search of Lilia. They come across the hole in the floor and stop to investigate*

ILS: Do you think...she fell down there?

Blue: I sure hope not. There's no telling when it ends. I don't think she could survive a fall that long.

Zeldafan: Tobi! Do it!

Tobi: Yes, sempai!

*Tobi performs a handseal*

Blue: What's he doing?

Zeldafan: If Lilia's still alive, Tobi will be able to tell. How's it look, Tobi? Is Lilia still with us?

Tobi: ....Yes. Lilia's still alive and well. Apparently the hole isn't as deep as it looks.

Blue: Well that's good enough for me.

*Blue yells into the hole*

Blue: Lilia! Can you hear me!?

Lilia: Ugh....Blue? Blue!? Is that you!?

Blue: Yeah! It's me! Are you okay!?

Lilia: Yes! I'm just fine!

Blue: What's down there!?

*Lilia looks around*

Lilia: Ah! It looks like an entrance to some kind of temple!

Blue: A temple?

Zeldafan: Blue, Bob told us that he found the first Dimension Key inside of a temple like structure.

Blue: Yeah, I'm guessing we found our mark.

*Blue yells into the hole*

Blue: Lilia! Stay where you are! We're coming down!

Lilia: Alright!

Blue: Ready, guys?

Group: Ready.

Blue: Let's go!
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« Reply #16 on: 22 April, 2008, 05:35:41 pm »

*The group jumps down the hole and joins back up with Lilia*

Blue: Lilia!

Lilia: Guys! You made it!

Blue: You're not hurt, are you?

Lilia: I might have a scrape, or a bump or two, but I'm okay.

Blue: Good. I guess you falling down that hole wasn't such a bad thing afterall.

Lilia: You think the Dimension Key is in there?

Blue: Looks like it. But there's only one way to find out. Let's go in.

*The group enters the temple*

Zeldafan: Hmm...

Tobi: Watcha lookin at, sempai?

Zeldafan: Compared to the rest of the joint, this place is in pretty good shape.

Tobi: I guess you're right.

Blue: Think it has any relevance, Zeldafan?

Zeldafan: Nah. It was just an observation.

ILS: But now that you mention it, I wonder who built these temples. And who enshrined the Dimension Keys there.

Blue: Yeah, that is strange. Do you think that there's any ancient folklore or legends surrounding them?

Zeldafan: There's a good possibility, Blue. I'm thinking that civilizations of old maybe found them and thought they were symbols of power or something to that effect.

ILS: Hmm, I was thinking the same thing, Zeldafan.

Lilia: Gee, since when did you guys get so boring, huh?

Blue: Well excuse us for making astute observation, Lilia.

ILS: Yeah. Heaven forbid that we do something useful.

Lilia: Hey! What's that supposed to mean!?

Tobi: They mean to say that you're usele--

*Zeldafan covers Tobi's mouth*

Zeldafan: Tobi! Shhhh!!

*The group continues to the deepest area of the Temple. There they find the altar with the Dimension Key atop it*

Lilia: Is that the Dimension Key?

Blue: Sure is. I'll go get it.

*Blue ascends the altar and grabs the Dimension Key*

Blue: Alright! We got one!

ILS: Yeah! Now smash it, Blue!

Blue: Got it!

*Blue prepares to smash the Dimension Key on the ground, when it suddenly begins to shine fiercely*

Blue: Eh, what the...?

Lilia: What's going on?

Zeldafan: Blue! Get rid of it! Hurry!
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« Reply #17 on: 23 April, 2008, 12:46:25 pm »

Blue: Egh!

*Blue tosses the Dimension Key far away, just before it bursts into a column of light*

Blue: Whew, that was a close one. Thanks, Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: No problem, Blue. But I don't think we're in the clear yet. Look.

*A massive red paw is seen reaching from out of the column of light*

ILS: W-what IS that!?

Tobi: I think we're about to find out.

Blue: Be on your guard, everyone!

*The creature fully emerges from the light. It's an enormous lion-like creature with a fiery mane and a ruby jewel shining in its head*

Lilia: Ah!

Lion: I am Rubian Leonis, one of the 4 crystal beasts.

ILS: It can speak!?

Leonis: Silence. I was charged with the task of guarding the Dimension Key from any and all who seek to destroy it. Leave now.

Blue: And if we don't!?

Leonis: Then I will crush you!!!

Blue: !!!

*Leonis leaps into the air over the group, he descends, intending to crush the group under his overwhelming weight*

Blue: Everyone! Out of the way! Quickly!

*The group quickly passes behind Leonis just in time to escape unharmed*

Leonis: Raargh!!

Zeldafan: Blue! Any ideas on how to fight this thing?

Blue: No, not yet. For now, just focus on evading his attacks.

Zeldafan: Okay!

Leonis: You won't get away from this!! Ha!

*The flame on Leonis' tail begins to flare. He swings his tail back and forth, causing embers to shoot at the group*

Lilia: Aaah!

Blue: Lilia!

*Blue grabs Lilia and sets her beside him*

Blue: Everyone! Get by me!

*The group huddles around Blue and he quickly erects a barrier, sheilding the group from the ember attack*

ILS: Good work, Blue!

Blue: *panting* At this rate, we won't be able to keep dodging his attacks. We must go on the offense to find a weak spot.

Lilia: Leave that to me!

*Lilia rushes off to confront Leonis*

Zeldafan: No, Lilia! Don't go alone!! We have to work together!

Lilia: I'll find your weak spot, no problem!

Leonis: Foolish girl! Ryah!

*Leonis fires a searing beam from the ruby in his head*

Lilia: Aah!

Tobi: She won't be able to avoid that!!

Zeldafan: Lilia! Look out!

*Zeldafan quickly moves in and pushes Lilia out of the way, causing her instead to get hit by the attack*

Zeldafan: Aaaaaaagh!!

Blue: Zeldafan!

Tobi: Sempai, no!!

Leonis: This will end it!

*Leonis fires another beam at Zeldafan*

Tobi: Hang on, sempai!

*Tobi rushes in and slings Zeldafan over his shoulder*

Tobi: Sempai, are you okay?

Zeldafan: Ugh...Tobi..look out...

Tobi: !!!

*Tobi quickly performs a handseal, but it's too late. The beam tears through both of them*

ILS: *gasp*

Blue: No! This can't be happening!

Lilia: It's all my fault!

Leonis: Impudent fools. ...What? A log?

Blue: Why is there a log...?

Tobi: Substitution Jutsu. Pretty nifty trick for getting out of jams.

ILS: Tobi! Zeldafan! You're alive!

Tobi: Of course. We won't go down so easily.

*Tobi lays Zeldafan on the ground*

Tobi: Zeldafan, will you be alright?

Zeldafan: Yeah...I'll be fine. I just won't be able to fight anymore. I'm sorry.

Tobi: It's okay. Rest.

Zeldafan: Go. Blue and the others need your help. I'll try not to get in the way.

Tobi: Understood.

Leonis: *growls* Impressive tactic.
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« Reply #18 on: 23 April, 2008, 01:48:34 pm »

Blue: Alright guys, we have to attack together. He's much too large and powerful for us to take individual shots.

ILS: Do you have a specific strategy, though?

Blue: Hmm..I think...ILS, go for his tail. You get rid of it while the rest of us keep him distracted, got it?

ILS: Yeah, I'm on it.

Blue: Let's get going!

*Blue casts an Aqua spell on Leonis to grab his attention*

Blue: Ha!

Leonis: It's going to take a lot more water than that to quell my flames.

Tobi: Well then this should keep you busy...

*Tobi performs a handseal*

Tobi: Ninja Art: Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu.

*A multitude of Tobi clones appear*

Tobi: Blue, Lilia, leave this to us. We should keep him distracted long enough.

Blue: Alright. It's in your hands, Tobi.

Lilia: Good luck.

*Tobi and his clones begin to hurl shuriken at Leonis, but none are able to penetrate his rough hide. Meanwhile, ILS takes the opportunity to sneak behind Leonis and leap onto his tail undetected*

ILS: Alright, let's cut this baby off, shall we?

*ILS takes one of his swords and slices clean through Leonis' tail*

ILS: Yeah! That did it! .....Wha..?

*In a burst of flame, Leonis' tail completely reforms itself, and the resulting blast sends ILS flying back towards the group*

ILS: Aaaaaaaaagh! Ooof!

Lilia: ILS! Are you alright!?

Blue: What happened?

ILS: Damn. I cut off his tail, but...it came back!

Blue: Agh, I guess that plan's out.

*Meanwhile, Leonis has just defeated the last of Tobi's clones*

Leonis: Is that all you can muster up?

Tobi: *panting* That happened quicker than I expected...

Blue: Tobi, are you still good to fight?

Tobi: Yeah, I'm fine. We just need a better plan. This guy is gonna fry us before long.

Blue: I know, I know, but we can we do?

Leonis: Are you ready to concede? I really don't want to have to kill you.

Tobi: Not likely. We're just getting started!

*Tobi performs another handseal*

Tobi: Water Style: Water Dra-- Ah!

ILS: Tobi, what's the matter?

Tobi: There's no source of water here! I can't do the ju--Aaagggh!!

*Leonis crushes Tobi under his paw*

Zeldafan: Aaah! Tobi!!

Leonis: I gave you a chance to flee, but you didn't take it. Now I'll make your end slow and painful!

*Leonis applies further pressure, slowly crushing Tobi's body*

Tobi: Guaaaaaagh!!

Zeldafan: Guys, Tobi's going to die if you don't do something!!

ILS: Zeldafan's right, Blue! What do we do!?

Blue: Hang on! I'm thinking!

Lilia: No time to think, Blue! We need to take action!

*Lilia reaches into her hip bag and pulls out a small circular object*

Lilia: This should work. Cover your eyes, everyone!

Blue: Ah, alright!

*The group covers their eyes*

Lilia: Try this on for size, Leonis!

*Lilia tosses the object at Leonis. It explodes, causing a flash of intense bright light to fill the entire area*

Leonis: *roars* My eyes! What have you done!? Gragh!

Lilia: How did you like my special flash bomb? <3

*Leonis thrashes about, freeing Tobi from his grip. Lilia then quickly recovers him and brings him back to the group*

Lilia: Tobi, how are you feeling?

Tobi: *cough* Thank you, Lilia. I owe you...my life.
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« Reply #19 on: 23 April, 2008, 03:11:20 pm »

Blue: Nice going, Lilia!

*ILS helps Tobi to his feet*

ILS: Are you alright, buddy?

Tobi: Yes. I may be a little beat up, but I can still fight.

Zeldafan: Blue!

Blue: Zeldafan?

Zeldafan: While he's distracted, hurry and nail him! This is your chance!

Blue: Yeah, but with what?

Tobi: Blue, can you perhaps conjure up some water for me? I'll handle the rest.

Blue: Sure.

*Blue casts another Aqua spell. A sphere of water forms above his head*

Tobi: That should do nicely. Now then...

*Tobi performs another handseal*

Tobi: Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!

*The water sphere turns into a massive water dragon and heads straight for Leonis. The dragon opens its gaping mouth and clamps down on Leonis, submerging him in a torrential deluge*

Leonis: Noooooooo!!!

*After the attack, Leonis is left completely incapacitated, unable to move*

Leonis: Uuugh....

Zeldafan: You did it, Tobi!

Tobi: Now, Blue! Finish him off!

Blue: Got it!

*Blue runs toward Leonis to deal the finishing blow, but is halted when he hears a yell from above*

??: Hyaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Blue: W-what the..?

Lilia: Who is that!?

Zeldafan: It's....Bob!!!

Tobi: Bob!?

*Bob descends from the air above Leonis' head. He comes down and stomps on the ruby in his head with devastating force, shattering it completely*

Bob: Hmph!

Leonis: Grraaooooooohhh!!!

*With his core being destroyed, Leonis' body turns into flames and then dies out, leaving the Dimension Key where his body once stood*

Bob: Hey there, kids. Hope I wasn't too late to the party.

*Blue quickly angers*

Blue: Bob!

Bob: Uh oh.

Blue: Where have you been!? We needed you!!

Bob: Hey hey, calm down! I was los--

Blue: Don't say it! You were lost on the path of life. What a load of bull!

Bob: Actually, I was just going to say I was lost. I was stuck in that dark basement for hours before I found my way out!

Everyone: *sweatdrop*

Blue: Ah well, whatever. We defeated Leonis and got the Dimension Key, I guess that's all that matters.

Bob: Allow me.

*Bob picks up the Dimension Key and shatters it in his hand*

Bob: 2 down, 3 to go.

Blue: Let's get out of here, guys. I've had just about enough of this place.

Lilia: Sounds good to me.

ILS: Uhm, but what about Tobi?

Blue: Huh?

*Blue looks to see that Tobi is asleep on his feet*

Tobi: *Zzzzzzzzzzzsnort*

Blue: Ah well, I guess we can wait. He did have a rough time of it.

Zeldafan: Yeah, he deserves a little rest.

*After successfully destroying another Dimension Key, the group returns to Rothaire Castle. ...Well, after Tobi's nap, of course*
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« Reply #20 on: 24 April, 2008, 09:28:00 am »

*Meanwhile, atop the Holy Tower*

Astartyune: Mmmm...

Leadan: Is something troubling you, Goddess?

Astartyune: Leonis has been defeated, meaning they've destroyed another Dimension Key.

Leadan: Hmph, they are persistent, aren't they? Well I can't say I'm surprised.

Astartyune: Blue and his companions must be stopped at all costs.

Leadan: There are 3 more crystal beasts left. They will not make it through them all.

Astartyune: Perhaps, perhaps not...

*Meanwhile, the group has returned to Rothaire Castle to inform Mads of their success*

Mads: So guys? How did it go?

Blue: We destroyed the Dimension Key, just like we said we would.

Mads: Well that's good to hear. You guys took so long that I was started to get worried.

Blue: Yeah, we ran into a little unexpected trouble down there.

Lilia: *sigh* And that's likely only the beginning of our troubles...

ILS: Why is that, Lilia?

Zeldafan: Remember Leonis' words when he first appeared? He said that he was one of the 4 crystal beasts.

Blue: ...Meaning there are 3 more where he came from.

ILS: Oh yeah. *sigh*

Mads: Ha ha hah! Looks like you guys got your work cut out for you! So where are you all headed next, huh?

Blue: Bob?

Bob: Ah yes, the next Dimension Key. As my readings would dictate, the next Key lies somewhere on the continent south of Meloria.

Mads: South of Meloria, eh? That's the continent of Aashorei. Good thing too. It's best that you get as far away from him as possible.

Blue: Him? Him who?

Mads: Well...you, Blue.

Blue: Ah! Why me!?

Bob: Surely you don't think he'd share the same sentiments as ILS, do you?

Blue: Well no, but...I...

Mads: Bob's right, Blue. Over the past several years, he's become very cynical. Why, during the last crisis on Earth, he refused to fight with us and rathered the world fall into ruin. If Lilia wasn't there to convince him, we would've been a lost cause.

Lilia: Me?

Mads: Yeah, even now he refuses to fight, if only for the sake of his wife and daughter.

Blue: I..I have a wife? And a daughter!?

Mads: Ha ha, you sure do! And wait til you get a load of who the lucky lady is!

Lilia: Who...is it?

Mads: Funny you should ask, Lilia. It's you!

*Upon hearing the news, Lilia's jaw drops in a comical fashion*

Lilia: Waaaah!?

ILS: Uh...wow?

Zeldafan/Tobi: That's adorable! <3

Bob: Heh...

Blue: You're kidding, right ILS? Right? Right!? This isn't funny!

Lilia: If Blue and me had a child, then that means, we...

Mads: Oh ho, you sure did. And I heard the whole thing do down too. Ah, those were the good times.

Lilia: I guess some things never change...

Mads: Well anyway, back to my point. Unlike myself, Blue will pose a significant threat to your cause.

ILS: But if that's true, aren't we going to have to face him at some point in time?

Mads: I suppose so. But when that time comes, do make sure to take care. He'd gladly forfeit his life for the sake of his family. There's no doubt that he'll spare no effort in killing every one of you.

Blue: We'll be sure to remember that.

Zeldafan: Well that's all fine and dandy and everything, but you're forgetting one thing. How are we going to cross the sea without a ship?

Mads: Leave that to me, Zeldafan. My personal ship is docked at the harbor on the eastside of town. It's all yours. Here.

*Mads hands Blue a peculiar seal*

Blue: What's this?

Mads: Show this seal to the guard at the harbor and he'll let you onto my ship.

Blue: Alright. Thanks a lot, ILS. I guess we'll be heading out now.

Mads: Wait, don't go yet. At least get some well-deserved rest first. I've already got your rooms prepared, so go ahead and make yourselves at home. Food, drink, anything you want, just ask and we'll get it for you.

Tobi: Even p-p-pudding?

Mads: Uhm, sure?

Tobi: *drools*

Zeldafan: Ew, Tobi, your mask is leaking...

Blue: *yawn* Well, I guess we could all use a little rest after what happened today. Let's go guys.

Mads: Sleep well, everyone.
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« Reply #21 on: 24 April, 2008, 10:39:30 am »

*The group goes to the upper level of the castle where the bedrooms are located. There, they find 3 rooms reserved for them*

Blue: Hmm, 3 rooms, huh?

Bob: How's it gonna go, Blue? We'll let you decide.

Blue: Fine then. Zeldafan and Tobi, you two will share a room.

Zeldafan: Typical. We're always being paired off.

Tobi: Is that a problem, sempai?

Zeldafan: No, it's just...*sigh* nevermind.

*Zeldafan and Tobi retire to their room*

Blue: ILS and Bob, you two will share a room together.

ILS: Huh? Me and Bob? Are you sure?

Blue: Something wrong, ILS?

*Bob's face rears towards ILS'*

Bob: Yeah, ILS. Is something wrong?

ILS: *shudders*

Blue: And I guess that leaves me and Lilia with the last room. How about it, Lilia?

Lilia: Sure, that's fine with me.

Blue: Then I guess that settles it. Night everyone. And don't stay up too late.

ILS: Wait a minute!!

Blue: What now, ILS?

ILS: Why did you pair yourself off with Lilia, huh?

Blue: Er, just because. Why?

ILS: Just because, huh? I think it's for a different reason. *raises eyebrow*

Lilia: Knock it off, dirtbag!

ILS: Blue and Lilia, sitting in a--Aaaugggh!!

*Lilia punches ILS in the gut*

ILS: *gasping for air*

Bob: Ouch.

Lilia: That'll learn ya! Let's go, Blue.

Blue: Yeah.

*Blue and Lilia retire to their room*

ILS: *coughcough* That...hurt...

Bob: Are you okay, sport?

ILS: ...Whatever...guh..

*Bob and ILS retire to their room. Meanwhile, in Zeldafan and Tobi's room, Tobi is stuffing his face full of pudding*

Tobi: Chocolate pudding is Tobi's favorite.

Zeldafan: Tobi, remind me how you're eating that through your mask again?

Tobi: Uhm...secret ninja technique?

Zeldafan: More like physics error...

Tobi: You know, that whole thing with Blue and Lilia lead Tobi to thinking.

Zeldafan: Erm, about what?

Tobi: If sempai and Tobi got married and had a child, what would we name it?

Zeldafan: Aye, Tobi! I..I..*blushes*

Tobi: Tobi was thinking of naming it Little Pudding Cup.

Zeldafan: Gee, Tobi. Way to ruin the moment.

*Tobi rapidly turns his head, causing the pudding on his mask to splash on Zeldafan's face*

Tobi: You say something, sempai?

Zeldafan: Yuck...

*Meanwhile, in Bob and ILS' room, ILS is sitting on the bed with a sour frown on his face*

Bob: Aw, what's the matter, ILS?

ILS: I don't wanna be here with you. You're creepy.

Bob: Oh, I'm not such a bad guy once you get to know me.

ILS: What's your deal anyway?

Bob: I don't know what you mean.

ILS: I mean who are you, really? And why are you going through all the trouble to help us?

Bob: I'm afraid I can't answer that.

ILS: Then how do I know that we can trust you?

Bob: Do you question my motives?

ILS: That's the problem. How can I trust you when I don't know what your motives are?

Bob: I want to save Earth just like all of you. Isn't that enough? Honestly, ILS. My mysterious nature is no reason to doubt me.

ILS: Mmm, I suppose.

Bob: Now it's about time we got to bed. There's a lot to do tomorrow.

ILS: Yeah, ri--

*Bob disappears*

ILS: right...

*Meanwhile in Blue and Lilia's room, the two are still wide awake, unable to fall asleep*

Lilia: You can't sleep either, Blue?

Blue: Nope.

Lilia: What are you thinking about?

Blue: Isn't it obvious? I still can't believe that we ended up together like that.

Lilia: Even though, is it such a bad thing?

Blue: What?

Lilia: I mean, love is a beautiful thing. It may have took me by surprise when I found out, but I didn't object to it like you did.

Blue: It's not like that, Lilia. It's just...

Lilia: Yeah?

Blue: Everytime I think about it, I feel as if that's how what we're destined to become.

Lilia: You think that me and you are destined to be together?

Blue: Right.

Lilia: Blue, that's silly!

Blue: Huh?

Lilia: Blue, nobody but us can shape our own destiny. Can't you see that? If we don't want to together, then we won't.

Blue: I guess, you're right.

Lilia: Besides, I wouldn't change what we already have for the world.

Blue: Me neither, Lilia.
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« Reply #22 on: 25 April, 2008, 10:21:34 am »

*The next morning, the group reconvenes in the main hall and readies for departure*

Blue: So I guess everyone's all set to go, eh?

Bob: Do you remember where we're going, Blue?

Blue: To the docks on the eastside of town, right?

Bob: Correct. Just making sure.

Blue: In that case, let's get going.

*The group begins to leave the Castle when Mads shows up in the Main Hall*

Mads: Hey! You weren't thinking of leaving without saying goodbye, were you!?

Blue: Oh, there you are, ILS. We went to the throne room, but nobody was there.

Mads: I was busy *cough* pleasuring the lady upstairs.

Lilia: Ugh...

Mads: What was that for, Lilia? A guy's gotta have his fun, you know.

ILS: Yeah, what gives? It's his wife, afterall. Right?

Mads: Erm..actually it was the cleaning maid...*sweatdrop*

ILS: Oh oh oh! You mean the one with the voluptous, dainty rump?

Mads: And the succulent, supple bosom? Yes, my boy! Yes!

Lilia: Hmph! I guess old habits die hard. You're just as filthy as you always were.

Mads: Ah heh heh, good ol Lilia.

Blue: Hey ILS, could you perhaps tell us anything about Aashorei?

Mads: Aashorei, huh? Sorry, Blue. Don't know a thing about it, to be honest.

Zeldafan: Huzzah! That means we're diving head first into unknown territory! Talk about an adventure, eh?

Bob: Zeldafan, this isn't a field trip. Stay focused on the task at hand.

Zeldafan: Tsch. Like you never get excited about things...

Blue: I guess that means we have to be careful then. Who knows what could be waiting for us there?

Mads: Is that all you wanted to know?

Blue: Yeah, I suppose. I guess we'll we leaving now.

Mads: Stay well, guys. The fate of Earth is in your hands.

Blue: We understand. Well then, let's go, everyone.

*The group leaves Rothaire Castle and heads for the Town port. Upon arriving, they find ILS' ship, along with two guards standing before it*

Guard1: Hold it! This vessel is the property of King Mads himself.

Guard2: Any trespassers will be forcibly removed immediately.

Blue: If you'll excuse us, we'll be taking this ship now.

Guard1: Oh yeah? Who says, pal?

Blue: King Mads, that's who.

*Blue takes the Royal seal out of his pocket and show it to the guards*

Guard2: Hmm, so you have the Royal seal as proof, eh?

Guard1: Alright, kid. You check out. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

*The two guards walk off, allowing the group passage onto the ship*

Lilia: Blue, it worked!

Blue: Let's climb aboard.

*The group boards ILS' ship. They all frantically run around the ship, taking in the sights and playing around with its assets.*

Lilia: Hey Blue! Doesn't this bring back memories?

Blue: Memories? Oh yeah! You used to be a pirate, didn't you? How could I forget?

Lilia: That's right. Also, it reminds me of when we first met. You were tagging along with me and the rest of the pirate crew. You always kept to yourself, never speaking, always with your head buried in your books.

Blue: Heh heh. Yeah, I was pretty meek back then. I had no idea where I was going or what I was doing. Just traveling the continent with no destination.

Lilia: I'm glad I decided to talk to you that one day.

Blue: That's what kinda triggered our whole journey, wasn't it?

Lilia: Yeah, now that you mention it. If I hadn't dragged you to that pub with me, who knows where we would've ended up?

Blue: I'm glad we don't have to find out.

Lilia: Me too, Blue.

*The two continue to lean over the railing of the ship, watching the calm ocean waters. Meanwhile, Tobi is high atop the mast, in the lookout area*

Tobi: Look at me, sempai!

Zeldafan: Ah! Tobi! Get down from there!

*Tobi is using his hands as a pretend telescope*

Tobi: Thar be land over...thar!

Zeldafan: *facepalm* Oooh....

*Meanwhile Bob is staring at the steering wheel of the ship, rubbing his chin*

Bob: Hmm...I'm Bob, and I will be your ship's captain on your cruise today.

ILS: What are you talking about? What cruise?

Bob: Oh nothing. I've always wanted to say that.

ILS: Eh, whatever. Are you gonna steer this ship or what?

Bob: I thought you'd never ask.

*Bob dons a Captain's hat and gives the steering wheel a spin, causing the ship to abruptly turn*

Lilia: Ah, I wish this moment would never en--Aaah!

*The ship's sudden movement causes Blue and Lilia to topple all over eachother*

Lilia: Oooow!

Blue: Egh, what was that!?

Zeldafan: Tobi, be careful!

Tobi: Wh-wh-wha..whoa...

*Tobi loses his footing and falls out of the Crow's nest, tumbling to the ground*

Tobi: Yaaaaaaaah!!

Zeldafan: Tobi, no!


Zeldafan: Are you alright!?

Tobi: Murrrrrgh...

ILS: Bob, what are you doing!?

Bob: Sorry. But hey, at least we're out at sea now. Next stop: The continent of Aashorei!
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« Reply #23 on: 26 April, 2008, 11:06:45 am »

*Blue and the group finally set sail southward for Aashorei. With a long trip ahead of them, there's no telling what kind of trouble they'll get into. Day 1 of their sea voyage begins*

Bob: Zeldafan! Come before me!

*Zeldafan hurriedly runs to Bob's side*

Zeldafan: Yes, Bo--Oh hey! Nice hat! Where'd ya get it?

Bob: Oh, you like? It's my Captain's hat. I'm the Captain, so only I get wear it.

Zeldafan: Sure...Anyway, you needed me for something?

Bob: Ah yes! Give me the intercom system, and make it snappy.

Zeldafan: Intercom system? What do you need that for?

Bob: Just give it to me!!

Zeldafan: Okay okay!! Geez, who put a kipper in his pants?

*Zeldafan shuffles through her bag once again in search of the intercom*

Zeldafan: Hmm, let's see.....baseball cards, no *toss*...half-eaten sandwich, no *toss*....*mischeivious imp from another dimension, no *toss*

Imp: Yiiiih! *splash*

Zeldafan: Uhm...leg of lamb, no *toss*...embarassing photo of Tobi from the christmas party, no...wait..I'm keeping that. Teehee.

Tobi: *from the Crow's Nest* Aww....

Zeldafan: Erm...electric toothbrush, no *toss*....Playgirl magazi--Oh! How did that get in there? *blushes*

ILS: I'll take that! Oh wait...no I won't! Eck!

Zeldafan: Ah ha! Here it is! The intercom!

Bob: About time.

*Bob sets up the intercom and prepares to make an announcement*

Bob: *clears throat* Ahem! This is Bob, your ship's Captain speaking, wishing you all have a wonderful trip.

Zeldafan: What!?

Bob: Oh oh oh! And don't forget to stop by the snack bar, where you'll find a plethora of ocean delicacies that'll soothe any seafood cravers palatte.

ILS: What are you talking about, Bob!? What snack bar? What IS that!? There IS none of those!

Zeldafan: Oh no. Please don't tell me you're acting out that weird fantasy, Bob.

ILS: Wait, what fantasy? Acting like a lunatic?

Zeldafan: Ever since we took that trip to Post-Modern Earth last year, he's had a facination with cruise ships.

Bob: It's true. And that's Captain Bob to you.

ILS: I...don't know what you guys are talking about...

*Meanwhile Tobi is still atop the Crow's Nest, being pecked by an annoying seagull*

Tobi: Ow ow ow! Stop it! Stupid bird. Take this!

*Tobi tosses his telescope at the seagull, but he misses and it falls below*

Lilia: Ah! Blue look out!

Blue: Look out? For what?


*Tobi's telescope bashes Blue's noggin*

Lilia: Blue, are you okay!?

Blue: I ith mah ung!

Lilia: Tobi! What have you done!?

Tobi: Sorry! But this stupid bird won't leave Tobi alone!!

Blue: Oh pfftor iying ow oud!

*Blue casts a Fire spell on the seagull, causing it to fly off in terror*

Tobi: Thanks Blue! Oh, and do you think you could throw my telescope back up here?

*Blue picks up Tobi's telescope and chucks it at his face*

Tobi: Huh? *bash* Aagh! You didn't have to throw so hard! *cries*

Blue: pferves ou ight!!

*The rest of the day continues on in the same manner. Once night falls, the gang gets ready to head belowdecks to call it a night*

Blue: *yawn* Goodnight Bob.

Bob: Oh Blue, is your tongue feeling alright now?

Blue: Huh? Oh yeah, it is. Thanks for asking. (Stupid Tobi)

Bob: That's good to hear. Anyway, good night.

Blue: Aren't you coming down with us?

Bob: Oh no, someone's gotta steer the ship, you know? You go on ahead.

Blue: Alright then. See you in the morning.

Bob: Sleep well.
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« Reply #24 on: 26 April, 2008, 01:24:38 pm »

*The next morning, Blue and the group awakens and heads out to the deck. Day 2 of their sea voyage begins*

*Zeldafan calls out to the group*

Zeldafan: Guys, guys! Gather around!

Blue: What's up, Zeldafan?

Zeldafan: Well uhm, seeing as this is our ship now, I think that's appropriate that we come up with our own name for it. Just to make things official, you know.

Blue: What a silly idea.

Lilia: No no! It's a great idea, Blue!

ILS: Yeah, let's do it. Heck, it could be fun.

Tobi: Blue, you meanie head!

Bob: Nobody likes a spoil sport, Blue.

Blue: Fine, whatever! We'll do it.

Zeldafan: Great! Let's all take the time to come up with our idea for name and then we'll vote on which one is the best, okay?

Lilia: Sounds good.

ILS: Alright. My name is so gonna rock.

Blue: Meh...

*The group goes off and brainstorms ideas for the ship's name. About an hour or two later, they reconvene at the front of the ship*

Zeldafan: Soooo, is everyone finished?

Blue: Yeah, we're done. Let's get this over with already.

Lilia: Oh boy! Who's gonna share first?

Zeldafan: Oh oh oh! Me me me! I wanna go!

Blue: Then let's hear it.

Zeldafan: Okay, here it is! The name I came up with is...


Zeldafan: The SS Linebeck! <3

Tobi: Oh sempai! That's a wonderful name!

Bob: Someone's been playing too much Phantom Hourglass...

Blue: It's mediocre at best.

Lilia: Blue, you're so rude! It's a fine name, Zeldafan.

Blue: Okay okay, let's keep this moving. Who's going next?

Lilia: I'd like to go, if you don't mind.

Blue: Sure. What's the name?

Lilia: Alright, here goes. My idea is...


Lilia: Lilia's Ship! Teehee.

Blue: Terrible.

*glass breaks*

Lilia: Blue!! How could you!?

Blue: Hey it's not my fault it's an awful name.

Lilia: Oh Blue!!! *cries*

*Lilia runs off crying*

ILS: Wow, Blue. You sure have a way with the ladies.

Tobi: Oh oh! Tobi wants to go next! Let Tobi go! Oh please!

Blue: Fine. Let us have it.

Tobi: Okay! Tobi's super special awesome name is...


Tobi: The Red Moon!

Blue: Hmm, not bad, Tobi.

Zeldafan: And here I was expecting something with pudding.

Bob: I guess even Tobi can be creative at times.

Blue: Alright, ILS. How about you?

ILS: Oh yeah! Stand back everyone, because this is gonna blow you away! My name is...


ILS: The Lovemaker!


ILS: It's so good, that it's left you all speechless!

Blue: It's the dumbest thing I ever heard.

ILS: What!? </3

Zeldafan: Geez, Blue. You're one tough critic.

Blue: Okay, Bob. You're next.

Bob: Hm, me? Oh, I'm not participating.

Blue: Uhm, are you sure?

Bob: Yes. Besides, you'd just reject it anyway.

Blue: Hmph.

Zeldafan: Well then, Blue. That just leaves you.

Blue: Alright then. *cracks knuckles* Get ready for this. My name for this ship is...


Blue: The Blue Annihilator!

Everyone: Lame!!

Blue: Erk! Well I'm the leader, and I say the name's gonna be Blue Annihilator. So bleh. *raspberry*

Zeldafan: Blue, you're such a cheater...
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« Reply #25 on: 02 May, 2008, 11:21:00 am »

*Several days pass as the group sails in the newly dubbed "Blue Annihilator". They continue to venture through calm waves and clear skies. Day 7 of their sea voyage begins*

Blue: Hey Bob, I--

Bob: Ah ah ah.

Blue: What?

Bob: That's Captain Bob to you.

Blue: ...Yeah, I'm...not calling you that.

Bob: But--

Blue: Forget it.

Bob: Fine. What do you need?

Blue: We've been at sea for about a week now. When do you think we'll be getting to Aashorei?

Bob: According to my sea chart, as long as we stay en route and suffer from no turbulances, we should arrive by tomorrow morning.

Blue: Tomorrow morning huh? Great. I'll go tell everyone else.

*Meanwhile Tobi is surveying the seas through his telescope*

Tobi: ?

*Tobi yells out to Blue*

Tobi: Blue! Blue hurry!

Blue: What is it, Tobi!?

Tobi: Tobi spys a flock of seagulls just ahead! What should we do!?

Blue: What do you mean? They're just seagulls!

Zeldafan: No, Blue! Tobi's right. If my playthroughs of Wind Waker taught me anything, it's that a flock of seagulls flying over a central point is never a good thing.

Blue: Alright then. I'll go tell Bob to steer away from the seagulls.

*Blue goes to warn Bob of the danger ahead*

Blue: Bob!

Bob: Blue, what's the matter?

Blue: Stay away from the seagulls!

Bob: Wait, why?

Blue: Because, it's danger--


*The ship comes to a violent stop, causing the group to lose their footing and tumble over*

ILS! Ah! What's going on!?

Bob: Ergh...I don't know. Something's caused the ship to stop moving.

ILS: But..we didn't sail towards the seagulls, did we?

Zeldafan: No, we didn't... Then this must be something else!

Lilia: Ah! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Blue: Lilia? Wha-- Aah!

Zeldafan: What IS that!?

*The group turns around to see the lower half of the ship ensnared by a large blue, serpentile creature. And Lilia is standing face to face with the monster*

??: I am Saphirria Vesperius, one of the four crystal beasts. You trespassers in my domain will be destroyed.

Blue: Lilia!
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« Reply #26 on: 02 May, 2008, 12:16:21 pm »

Vesperius: Take this!

*Vesperius fires a stream of pressurized water at Lilia, but Tobi whisks her away just in time to evade the attack*

Tobi: You're fine now. Don't worry.

Lilia: Thanks, Tobi.

*Vesperius loosens his grip on the ship and sinks back into the water. Meanwhile, Tobi and Lilia rejoin with the group*

ILS: What was that all about? What's a crystal beast doing out in the middle of the ocean?

Blue: Bob, do you know anything about this?

Bob: Hrrm, I'm going to guess that the Dimension Key moves with the crystal beast guarding it. Last time I checked, it was still somewhere in Aashorei, now it's out here.

Blue: Then we have no choice but to find Vesperius and defeat him.

ILS: That's great and all, but how are we going to get him when he's underwater? It's not like any of us have gills.

Blue: Good question. *sigh*

Zeldafan: Well how about we just keep sailing? Maybe he'll show up again.

Bob: No good. The ship was too badly damaged by Vesperius' attack. And with no supplies to repair it, we're not going anywhere.

Lilia: So...we're stranded..?

Blue: Oh just peachy. This is another fine mess we're in.

Zeldafan: Bob! What do we do!? We can't just stay here; we'll die!!

Bob: Well, I could always rip us a wormhole out of here, but that'll terribly cheapen the adventure aspect of this story. So no dice on that.

Zeldafan: What good are your powers if you can't even use it to save our skin!?

Bob: With great power comes great responsibility, Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: I hate that line.

Bob: Just hang tight. Like all stories, something flashy and unexpected is going to happen that'll get us out of a seemingly impossible situation.

Zeldafan: That does tend to happen, doesn't it? When do you think we'll get our lucky break?

Bob: Oh...say..sometime in the next entry.

Lilia: Blue, what ARE they talking about?

Blue: I have no idea. They've done this more than once. I just tune them out...
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« Reply #27 on: 03 May, 2008, 03:00:15 pm »

*It's been several hours since the group has been stranded out at sea. The solitude and lack of scenery is taking it's toll*

ILS: Ugh, we're never getting out of here. Someone just kill me now.

Lilia: Don't say that, ILS. We'll find a way to land somehow.

Blue: Ergh, we've made it too far to just give up here! There has to be a way out! Think!

Zeldafan: Blue, you have to relax. Getting all upset isn't going to get us to land any faster.

Blue: Yeah, I know but...*sigh*

*Meanwhile, Tobi is leaning over the side of the ship, throwing pieces of debris into the ocean*

Tobi: *sigh* Tobi is bored...and *yawn* sleepy...


Tobi: Hn?

*Tobi looks into the water to see the ocean beginning to darken*

Tobi: Ah! Blue, come quick!

Blue: What is it, Tobi? What's happening?

Tobi: Something is...coming out of the ocean!

*The rumbling grows louder and the ship begins to rock*

Lilia: Yikes! What's going on!?

Blue: Something's emerging from the ocean...

ILS: Is it Vesperius again!?

Zeldafan: Ah! This is too big to be Vesperius!

*At that moment, a large mass of earth rapidly protudes from the water, sending the ship and the group sky high*

Blue: Is that...an island!?

Lilia: We're saved!

ILS: Not quite! Aaaah!!

*The ship descends from the air and smashes into the Earth below. The force of the impact completely wrecks the ship and the group is sent scattering*

Blue: Eugh...is everyone alright?

Lilia: Yeah...

ILS: I'm alright.

Blue: Bob, Zeldafan, how about you two?

*Bob gets to his feet and wipes the dirt from his coat*

Bob: I'm just fine.

Zeldafan: Yeah, me too. But where's Tobi?

Bob: Uhm...*cough*

*Bob points the others to Tobi's location. He's nestled high atop the mound of Earth on the island*

Zeldafan: Tobi, what are you doing!? Get down from there!

Tobi: I can't!! It's too high!

Zeldafan: What do you mean it's too high!? You're a ninja, just jump!

Tobi: No!!

Zeldafan: Well fine then! Stay up there!

Tobi: *cries*

*The group looks around to see their ship in ruins; its pieces strewn all across the island*

Lilia: Blue, our ship is totaled...

ILS: Now instead of being stranded on a broken ship, we're stranded on a hunk of rock.

Blue: Out of the frying pan and into the fire, I suppose.

Bob: Blue, take a look at this.

Blue: What's up, Bob?

Bob: There's an opening in the mound of rock Tobi is sitting on, and I'm getting strong transdimensional energy readings from it.

Lilia: You think maybe the Dimension Key is in there?

Bob: That's the likely conclusion, yes.

ILS: Well what are we waiting for? Let's get in there and bag us that Key, huh?

Blue: ILS is right. Let's go, guys.

*The group, following Bob's energy readings, ventures into the opening in the rock*

Tobi: Hey! You're not going without Tobi, are you!?

Zeldafan: Oh for goodness sake, Tobi!

*Zeldafan takes a rock and chucks it at Tobi's head. His body grows limp and he falls from rock and crashes to the ground*

Zeldafan: Uhm, Tobi? *poke* Oh...maybe I threw it too hard. *nervous laugh*

*Zeldafan sets off to rejoin the group, dragging Tobi's unconscious body along with her*
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« Reply #28 on: 04 May, 2008, 11:38:44 am »

*As the group ventures deeper into the cavern, the pathway becomes less and less visible, until it becomes entirely pitch black*

ILS: Well this is familiar.

Blue: Yeah, no kidding. Just a second, guys. I'll fix this.

*Blue uses a fire spell to set his hand ablaze, illiminating the path*

Blue: Stay close, alright? We don't want anyone getting lost again.

*Lilia and Zeldafan quickly cling to Blue's waist*

Lilia: You don't have to tell me twice!

Zeldafan: Ditto!

Blue: Ergh, not that close!

*The group ventures through the narrow pathway, until finally arriving at a much larger space in the cavern. Rushing water fills the area, as they are seemingly below sea level*

Blue: Alright, now we're getting somewhere. Is everyone okay?

Zeldafan: Yeah, we're fine. Except for one thing.

Blue: And that is...?

Zeldafan: Bob isn't here!

Lilia: Oh no! Not again!

Blue: What!? I told everyone to stay close! Gah, he's like a two year old. You can't let him out of your sight for a second.

Zeldafan: Well, we did it without him last time, maybe we can do it again!

Blue: We don't really have a choice in the matter. Let's keep going.
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« Reply #29 on: 05 May, 2008, 11:36:54 pm »

Blue: Watch your step everyone, this pathway is kinda narrow. You don't wanna fall into this water.

Lilia: Why is that, Blue? Something wrong with it?

ILS: Yeah, it is poisonous or something?

Blue: Uhm, no. You'll get wet. Nobody likes getting wet.

Lilia/ILS: *sweatdrop*

*Just then, Tobi and Zeldafan stop walking*

Blue: Er, is everything okay, you two?

Tobi: No. I'm...sensing something.

Lilia: Sensing what?

ILS: Could it be Vesperius?

Zeldafan: I don't know. But whatever it is, it's powerful.

Blue: Alright then, stay on guard everyone!

*The group is posed, keeping a lookout for the source of the lurking danger*

Tobi: !!!

Zeldafan: Blue! Behind you!

Blue: What!?

*Blue turns his head to see Vesperius lunging straight for him*

Blue: Aa--aaah!

ILS: Hang on, buddy! I got you!

*ILS wraps his arms around Blue and pulls out of the way, just in time to avoid the attack. Vesperius, having failed in his attempt, sinks back into the water*

Lilia: Blue! Are you alright!?

Blue: Phew, that was a close one. Thanks, ILS. I owe you one.

ILS: No problem, pal. Someone's gotta have your back.

Blue: Alright, Vesperius, come out! We know you're there!

*Vesperius slowly emerges from the water*

Vesperius: You, who've trespassed in my domain, shall pay with your lives.

Lilia: Not today! Take this! Ha-ah!

*Lilia attempting to blind Vesperius, throws a flash bomb. Vesperius sees the attack coming and dives into the water, avoiding the flash*

Lilia: Eugh, didn't work.

Tobi: Blue, he has the advantage here.

Blue: I know. We're going to have to stay on our toes for this one.
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