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30 July, 2021, 09:02:50 pm
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Story Final: Fate Returned (Complete)

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Author Topic: Story Final: Fate Returned (Complete)  (Read 1313 times)
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« Reply #60 on: 19 May, 2008, 10:33:16 am »

*Leadan releases Blue and faces toward Mizuna*

Leadan: Little girl, you'll pay for interfering.

Mizuna: Ha, just try me! I'm not afraid of you!

Blue: No, Mizuna! Get out of her--

Bob: Blue, no! Let her fight.

Blue: But--

Bob: Just make sure you help her out. Meanwhile, I'll tend to the others. Okay?

Blue: Got it.

Mizuna: Take this!

*Mizuna throws both chakrams at Leadan*

Leadan: You caught me off guard last time, but you won't have that luxury again!

*Leadan blocks the attack, and the chakrams return to Mizuna's hand*

Mizuna: Mmn....

Leadan: Now to end you! How's this!?

*Leadan prepares to fire a beam at Mizuna, but he is blasted in the back by a fire stream from Blue*

Leadan: Aagh! *turns head* You again!

Blue: Hey there. *salutes*

Leadan: I'm going to make sure you don't get up again.

Tobi: Not so fast.

*In a split second, Tobi appears behind Leadan with his arm restrained and a kunai aimed at his throat. Zeldafan is at his front with his other arm restrained and her bokuto aimed for his chest*

Zeldafan: Move a muscle and we'll cut you open.

Leadan: What!? But how!? I defeated you!

Bob: I guess you should've been paying more attention, Leadan. While you were so fixated on Mizuna and Blue, I was tending to the other's injuries.

Leadan: Curse you...

Bob: And now it's time you met your end. Tobi, Zeldafan, do it.

Tobi/Zeldafan: Right.

*Tobi and Zeldafan slice. Blood sprays from Leadan's wounds as he stumbles back and falls to the ground*

Leadan: Guh! W-why..?

Blue: We told you before, nobody's going to stop us from saving Earth. The real Earth. OUR Earth.

Leadan: I...I failed. F-for...give...me.

*Leadan dies*

Bob: Hmph, it's over.

Blue: And it's thanks to you, Mizuna. If you hadn't bailed us out back there, we'd be goners.

Mizuna: Aw, gee whiz, Blue! *blushes*

Zeldafan: Well, isn't it time?

Bob: Yes, it is.

*Bob grabs the Dimension Key from the machine*

Lilia: The final Dimension Key...

ILS: We've made it.

Bob: Here goes nothing.

*Bob shatters the Dimension Key in his hand*

Bob: 5 down, no more to go.

Blue: Thank goodness.

*The entire island begins to rumble and shake*

Lilia: Aah! What's happening!?

ILS: It's the island! Without the Dimension Key, it's going to fall to Earth!

Zeldafan: Oh no! The people of Ozu Town! What do we do!?

Bob: Everyone, get back to the ship!

Mizuna: But what about you, Bob?

Bob: I'll take care of this. Now get going!

Zeldafan: But--

Blue: Guys, we don't have time to argue! Let's move!

*Blue and the others leave Bob behind and head back to the airship*

Bob: *sigh* I guess it's time. I just hope my body can handle it.

*Bob places his hands together and concentrates his energy*

Bob: Summon: Neo Bahamut!
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« Reply #61 on: 19 May, 2008, 11:08:28 am »

*Blue and the group are on the airship and flying away from the condemned city*

Blue: Bob...

ILS: Do you think he'll be alright?

Zeldafan: Come on, guys. This is Bob we're talking about! Of course he'll be alright!

Lilia: I sure hope so...

*Just then, a large orange beam fires through the center of the island. It explodes and pieces of rubble go flying everywhere*

Tobi: Bob, he did it!

Mizuna: But, where is he?

Zeldafan: There!

*Bob, riding on Neo Bahamut, flies alongside the airship*

Bob: Hello, kids. Did you miss me?

*Bob leaps onto the ship as Neo Bahamut reverts back to mana*

Zeldafan: Bob, you saved Ozu Town just like you said! I knew you could do it.

Bob: Yeah, but...*kneels down* that really took a lot out of me. It's not often that I summon a being so powerful.

Zeldafan: Oh right. You may be strong, but you're still only human. Your body can only take so much.

Blue: Will you be okay, Bob?

Bob: Yes. I'll be fine after a little rest. Just...don't ask me to do anything else today...

Blue: Heh, alright. Leave everything to us.

Bob: Thank you, Blue...

*Tobi lands the ship and the group returns to Ozu. They find the citizens standing outside of town, looking upon the destruction caused*

Remy: Blue! Everyone! You made it back!

Blue: Hello, Remy. But--

Lilia: *gasp* What happened to Ozu!?

Remy: Oh that. Yeah, you guys may've destroyed the island, but the pieces of rubble still fell upon the town.

ILS: Geez, sorry, buddy.

Remy: Oh, don't worry about it! It's nothing we can't fix up. Besides, it could've been worse. The whole town could've been crushed under a giant slab of rock instead.

Blue: Yeah, well, when you put it that way, I guess things did turn out okay.

Remy: Hey, I almost forgot! Did you find the crystal rumored to be powering the island?

Blue: Oh...about that...

*Bob puts out his hand and shows Remy the broken fragments of the Dimension Key*

Bob: Our apologies, Remy.

Remy: Oh no! It's been shattered! *sigh* I guess it can't be helped. I suppose I should just be thankful that Ozu is safe.

Lilia: Yeah, now you don't have to live in fear of Ghyar falling anymore.

Remy: You're absolutely right, Lilia.

Bob: Here. You should still take these fragments, Remy.

Remy: Huh? Why?

Bob: It may not be much, but there's still some energy remaining. Perhaps you can make use of them in some way.

*Bob hands Remy the fragments*

Remy: Gee, thanks Bob. And thanks to all of you. It's because of your efforts that the people of Ozu Town can live in peace again.

Blue: No problem, Remy. We were happy to help.

Bob: Now if you'll excuse us, we should get going.

Remy: Bye everyone! We'll never forget you!

*The group returns to the airship and takes to the sky once again*
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« Reply #62 on: 19 May, 2008, 11:33:20 am »

Blue: Hmmm....

Bob: Something the matter, Blue?

Blue: Yeah, actually. We've destroyed all the Dimension Keys, right?

Bob: Yes, we did.

Blue: Then why are we still here? Shouldn't Copy Earth be gone and real Earth turned back to normal?

ILS: Hey, I've been wondering the same thing. Just what's going on here?

Bob: Hmm, now that you mention it, that is quite peculiar. Maybe there's something we've overlooked.

*At that moment, purple electricity thunders in the sky*

Lilia: Ah, this is just like last time.

Zeldafan: You think maybe something's going to happen...?

Bob: We'll soon find out.

*A swirling void begins to open at a point in the northern sky*

Mizuna: What is that?

Blue: I don't know, but it looks like it's worth checking out. How about it, Bob?

Bob: Hn?

Lilia: What's up?

Bob: I'm getting a reading from another Dimension Key in that direction.

ILS: You mean there's another one!?

Bob: That appears to be the case. But I wonder why I couldn't detect it until now...

Blue: Well then, we know we're going next. Let's g--

Bob: Wait, Blue. That's where the Goddess' Tower is located.

Blue: You mean that's where Astartyune is hiding?

Bob: Yes, meaning she's likely to be in possession of the last remaining Dimension Key.

Zeldafan: So I guess this going to be...the final battle.

Bob: Precisely. I think it's best that we get well prepared first before heading for the tower.

Mizuna: Well in that case, let's head back to my castle. We can take a breather there.

Blue: Yeah, good idea. Tobi, takes us back to Teneabre Castle.

Tobi: I'm on it, Blue!

*Tobi sets the airship enroute for Teneabre Castle. Meanwhile, atop the Goddess' Tower, Astartyune awaits*

Astartyune: Leadan, you fool. Not even you were a match for them. So Blue, you dare to challenge my supreme authority? Well take heed, for a far more formidable opponent awaits you. Your end is coming anon.
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« Reply #63 on: 19 May, 2008, 01:01:40 pm »

*The group returns to Teneabre Castle. Upon entering, they are surrounded by the castle guards*

Guard1: There they are!

Guard2: The cretins who kidnapped Princess Mizuna!

Guard3: Surrender, fiends!

Blue: Mmph, get ready everyone...

Mizuna: Blue, wait. Ahem. *shouts* What are you doing!?

Guard1: Princess?

Mizuna: These people are my friends, they didn't kidnap me. I order you to stand down immediately!

Guards: Yes, your highness!

Mizuna: Sorry for the misunderstanding, guys. They're just looking out for me.

Blue: Don't worry about it.

*Suzumi approaches the group*

Suzumi: Mizuna! Where have you been!?

Mizuna: Ah, Suzumi! I was just traveling with Blue and others. I'm sorry for worrying you...

Suzumi: Oh, you're the ones who came to visit Mizuna the day before the Ball.

Mizuna: Yeah, they're my friends!

Suzumi: Well, you're home and you're safe, so I guess that's all that matters. But your mother and father were worried sick about you! Go see them and let them know you're okay.

Mizuna: Ah, mom and dad! I almost forgot! Guys, I'll be right back. Just make yourselves comfortable, okay?

Blue: Okay. We'll be here when you get back.

*Mizuna runs off to her parents quarters*

ILS: *stretches* Aaaah! It's been a while since we've had some time to relax.

*ILS sees a maid walk by*

ILS: And I know exactly what I'm going to do! Hey honey! Yoohoo! *waves* <3

Lilia: Oh no you don't!!

*Lilia stomps on ILS' foot*

ILS: Ow ow ow! Geez, Lilia. You act as if you're my girlfriend or something.

Lilia: What!? No I don't! I'm just trying to keep those loins of yours in check.

ILS: Yeah, sure. Whatever you say.

Lilia: Ah! *blushes* Hmph!

Blue: Well anyway, ILS is right. It feels good to be able to take a break every now and then.

Zeldafan: Soooo, do we have to rest of the day to ourselves?

Blue: Sure. But just don't go too crazy. We gotta be in tip top shape for tomorrow, you know.

Zeldafan: You got it!

Bob: Hmm...

*Bob begins to walk off*

Tobi: Hey, Bob. Where ya going, huh?

Bob: Eh, somewhere. Don't wait up.

Tobi: Er..okay...

*Meanwhile, in the King and Queen's quarters*

Mizuna: Mom! Dad!

King: Oh Mizuna. We're so glad you're okay.

Queen: We feared you had left us forever.

Mizuna: I'm so sorry! Me and my friends, w-we just..we were just trying to find a way..to make you better.

King: Is that the truth, dear?

Mizuna: Yes! But..I guess we never found a way afterall...

Queen: Don't worry, sweetheart. You tried, and that's all that matters.

Mizuna: Yeah, but..! *sigh* I just wanted to do something to help...

*Just then, Bob walks into the room*

Mizuna: Bob!

King: Mizuna, is this your friend?

Mizuna: Yeah. This is Bob.

Bob: It's a pleasure, your Majesties.

Mizuna: Bob, what are you doing up here?

Bob: I think I can help your parents.

Mizuna: *gasp* Really?

Bob: Yes, that is, if I have your permission.

Mizuna: Yeah, of course! Of course! Fire away!

Bob: Alright then.

*Bob kneels by the bedridden Royals and place his hands out over them. A green aura covers their bodies as they are cleansed of their ailments*

King/Queen: Ah!

Mizuna: Mom? Dad?

*Mizuna's parents get out of bed for the first time in years*

King: W-we're healed!

Queen: It's a miracle!

Mizuna: Bob, you did it! You really did it!

Bob: I told you we'd find a way to restore your parents, did I not? Now then, I'll leave you to your business.

*Bob leaves the room*

Mizuna: Bob, wait!

*Mizuna follows after him*

Mizuna: Bob, I don't know how I'll ever repay you for this.

Bob: That won't be necessary. Just stay here with your parents. It's been years since you've been together like this, correct? Go on. They need you here.

Mizuna: But the world needs me more!

Bob: Hn?

Mizuna: Do you think that I could sit around here knowing everything that's going on? No way! I'm going to fight alongside the rest of you to save Earth!

Bob: Heh, if you insist. Come.

Mizuna: Insist? Of course I insist! What did you think!?

Bob: Guh...

Mizuna: Ah, Bob! Are you okay?

Bob: I pushed myself further than I should have...

Mizuna: Come on, let's get you to a bed, now!

Bob: A-alright.
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« Reply #64 on: 19 May, 2008, 04:20:47 pm »

*The next morning, the group reconvenes in the Main Hall of the Castle, ready for departure*

Bob: Morning, everyone. I assume you're all ready to go?

Blue: Yeah, we're gonna put an end to this once and for all.

Lilia: That's right. Goddess or no, she can't have her way with Earth any longer!

ILS: Everyone's counting on us; we can't lose.

Bob: And I trust that you two feel the same way?

Zeldafan: You know it! Helping Blue may be our job, but even if it wasn't, we'd help him anyway!

Tobi: Because Blue isn't just our comrade, he's our friend. And friends fight together.

Bob: Well then, Blue?

Blue: Yeah, we're ready.

*Mizuna comes running into the Main Hall*

Mizuna: Wait! Don't forget about me!

Blue: Mizuna, but--

Mizuna: Hey, don't start with that "It's too dangerous" thing again. Wasn't I the one who saved your butt from that Leadan guy?

Blue: Well yeah, but this is far more dangerous. This'll be our toughest battle yet.

Mizuna: Don't you think I know that? That's exactly why you could use my help. Come on, don't make me stay behind again!

Blue: I'm sorry, Mizuna. But you just can't.

Mizuna: *sigh* Okay. ...No! I'm coming whether you want me to or not!

ILS: Aw, come on, Blue. Let her come. Like she said, we could use the help.

Lilia: Yeah, it couldn't hurt.

Blue: Fine...

Mizuna: Alright!

Bob: Mmph...

Zeldafan: Bob?

Bob: Mizuna, could you come with me for a second?

Mizuna: Uhm, sure.

*Mizuna follows Bob to a private area*

Mizuna: Now what?

*Bob rips open a portal to the void dimension and pushes Mizuna in*

Mizuna: Oof! Hey what's the big idea!? Pushing me around like th--

*Mizuna looks around*

Mizuna: Whoa...what the heck is this place? There's nothing in here. It's like...just blank...

Bob: It's where you're staying. For your own safety, you won't be participating in the upcoming battle.

Mizuna: What? No this again! How many times do I have to tell you guys?

Bob: It's not the fight I'm concerned about. It's the aftermath.

Mizuna: Huh?

Bob: You will remain here, so that you'll be spared from the fate that'll befall the rest of Earth.

Mizuna: Wait, what fate? What's going to happen!?

Bob: There's no guarantee that we'll make it through this alive. Just stay put.

Mizuna: But you still haven't told me yet! What fate!? What's going to happen to my parents and the rest of the people on Earth?

Bob: You'll find out when it's over.

Mizuna: No, I want to know now! ....They're going to die, aren't they?

Bob: Mmm...

Mizuna: It's true, isn't it!? I knew it! Take me back! I don't want to stay here!

Bob: You'd rather die?

Mizuna: No, but...I don't care! Just take me back now!

Bob: I'm afraid that's not an option. Blue and the others have recognized you as a dear friend and companion. We just can't lose you.

Mizuna: I..but..I...

Bob: If you understand, we'll be heading off now.

Mizuna: Bob, wait!

Bob: Hm?

Mizuna: Uhm...nevermind...

Bob: Okay.

*Bob leaves the void dimension and closes the portal behind him*

Mizuna: Wait! Now I remember! If you don't come back, how do I get out of heeeeeeeeeeeeere!?

*Bob returns to the group*

Blue: Hey, Bob. Did you do it?

Bob: That's right. I took her somewhere safe, just as we planned.

Blue: Great. Now that everything's out of the way, let's go! The Goddess' Tower awaits!

*The group boards the airship once again and sets off for the Goddess' Tower, the final destination in their long journey*
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« Reply #65 on: 20 May, 2008, 08:11:57 am »

Tobi: We're coming in, Blue!

Blue: Alright, take us down.

Tobi: Roger!

*Before Tobi can initiate the order, a multitude of light beams shoot from the Tower and straight for the airship*

Lilia: She's attacking!

Zeldafan: Quick, Tobi! Evasion action! Get away from those beams!

Tobi: I'm on it!

*Tobi skillfully manuevers the ship through the barrage of beams*

Blue: Good job, Tobi! Keep it up!

ILS: We're not done yet! There's more on the way!

*Another group of beams shoots from the tower. Followed by one more*

Bob: Tobi!

Tobi: I know, but there's too many of them! I can't avoid them all!

*Tobi tries his best to evade the beams, but the ship is eventually struck and rendered inoperable*

Lilia: Tobi, where are you going? You're flying straight into the Tower!

Tobi: It's not my fault! I can't control the airship anymore!

Blue: Then we have no choice but to abandon ship. Let's jump, everyone!

*The group leaps from the airship and lands safely on the ground. Meanwhile, the airship crashes into the Tower, exploding into a fiery mess*

ILS: Oh man. Our airship is really toast this time....

Bob: It doesn't matter. We're not coming back anyway.

Blue: Yeah, after this is over, we'll be back on Real Earth where we belong.

Bob: Let's go. The gate is just ahead.

*The group arrives at the Tower gates*

Lilia: Wow, this place is a lot bigger than I thought.

Blue: Looks like we've got a lot of climbing to do. Let's get started.

*The group proceeds to enter to gate, but they are stopped when a pillar of light crashes down in front of them*

Blue: Argh! W-what is--

Bob: Careful! Someone's descending from the light!

Zeldafan: What!?

*The light pillar disappears, revealing a very familiar face*

ILS: I-Is that--?

Lilia: Blue!?

Zeldafan: No way!

Blue: Hah, I knew it was only a matter of time before we ran into you.

A. Blue: Hmph, you've carved yourself quite a path through this world. Too bad that's all coming to an end now that you're facing me.

Blue: Oh yeah!?

Bob: Blue, why do you stand in our way? The fate of this planet is already sealed. There's no point in fighting anymore.

A. Blue: That's not true. Astartyune will restore this world to its proper order. All will be as it should be again.

Bob: You fool. Despite looking us right in the face, you'd still accept this false world as the truth?

A. Blue: True or false, none of that matters anymore. My friends and family are here, and I will fight to protect them.

Bob: Wake up, Blue! There is nothing here! Nothing but a shell of a reality!

A. Blue: I've heard enough.

*A. Blue sets his fist ablaze*

A. Blue: To protect my world, I will kill you all!

Bob: Fine then, Blue. You leave us no choice. We'll just have to subdue you by force!

Blue: Bob, wait.

Bob: What is it?

Blue: Leave him to me. I'll handle this.

ILS: Blue, are you crazy!?

Zeldafan: Yeah, we need to take this creep together!

Bob: Blue, are you absolutely sure?

Blue: Yes. Now go on. Get to the gate. I'll catch up later.

Bob: ...Alright. It's in your hands. Come, everyone.

*The group passes into the gate, leaving Blue to fight alone*

Lilia: Bob, you can't really mean to let him fight by himself, can you? He'll get killed!

Tobi: Yeah, he's too powerful for him to face alone!

Bob: I don't know what Blue is thinking, but we must have faith in him.

*Outside the Tower*

Blue: Alright, it's just you and me!

A. Blue: Heheheheh.

Blue: What's so funny?

A. Blue: You are. I hope you realize that you just dug your own grave.

Blue: I don't think so. Because I'm going to win here today.

A. Blue: I don't recall myself ever being this delusional.

Blue: Hah, you're one to talk.

A. Blue: Enough games. Time to settle this.

*A. Blue removes his glasses and tosses them*

Blue: I'm ready.
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« Reply #66 on: 20 May, 2008, 08:58:07 am »

*The fight begins. In a split second, A. Blue is staring down Blue in the face*

Blue: Agh!

A. Blue: You'll be the first person I get to try this on...

*A. Blue pulls out a short blade that was strapped to his waist*

A. Blue: Wind Blade!!

*A. Blue charges the blade with Wind Magic and slices Blue. The force of the wind blows Blue backwards*

Blue: Gaaah!!

A. Blue: You withstood my magic blade pretty well. Your resistance must be strong.

Blue: Here I come!

*Blue charges at A. Blue and tries to mow him down with skillful punches and kicks, but A. Blue dodges them all by simply taking steps out of the way*

Blue: Hyah! Hah! Huh!

A. Blue: Is that all?

*A. Blue grabs Blue's leg in mid kick and slams him to the ground. He then attempts to jam his blade in Blue's chest, but Blue rolls out of the way just in time*

Blue: *panting* That was too close...

A. Blue: You can't be out of steam already.

Blue: Not yet! Haah!

*Blue casts a Fire Stream spell. A stream of fire shoots toward A. Blue, but he puts his hands out and blocks the attack with no effort at all*

A. Blue: Are you even trying?

Blue: Damn.

A. Blue: Allow me to show you real magic.

*A. Blue moves his hand in a peculiar pattern. He then puts it out in front of him and fires a massive fireball at Blue*

Blue: Ah! I can't dodge it! I have to defend!

*Blue casts a magic barrier around himself to guard against the attack. The fireball collides with the barrier and explodes on contact, leaving Blue unharmed, but severly weak*

A. Blue: Not bad.

Blue: (What do I do? He's stronger, faster, wiser. Just all around better than I am. ...But I can't give up! I have to keep fighting.)

*Meanwhile, inside the Tower*

Lilia: ...

ILS: Lilia, what's the matter? Why do you keep looking back?

Lilia: I'm worried about Blue. What if he needs our help?

Bob: We can't go back, Lilia. We have to honor Blue's word.

Lilia: I know, but I can't stand it anymore! If he dies back there, I'll never forgive myself...

Bob: Hmm, perhaps I can mitigate some of your burden. Summon: Navi!!

*Navi the Fairy appears*

Navi: Hey! Listen!

Bob: No, you listen. Go to Blue right now. Aid him in his battle.

Navi: Yes sir!

*Navi flies off*

Bob: No need to worry now, Lilia. Navi will watch over Blue.

Lilia: Really?

Zeldafan: Yeah! She may be annoying, but she's definitely more helpful than most give her credit for.

*Outside the Tower*

A. Blue: Now, prepare for this! Flame Blade!

*A. Blue charges his blade with fire magic. He runs toward Blue with a blade engulfed in flames*

Blue: Egh!

A. Blue: Take this!!

Navi: Watch out!

Blue: Huh!?

*Blue, having listened to Navi's words, Blue flips backwards, successfully dodges A. Blue's attack*

A. Blue: What? How did he--

*Navi begins flying around Blue*

Navi: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Blue: Agh! Annoying thing! What do you want!?

Navi: Hey! Listen! Bob sent me to help you fight.

Blue: Oh, he did, did he? How are you going to help me?

Navi: I'll help you avoid and time your attacks on your foe. I'll even give you helpful advice.

Blue: Heh, okay. I guess we're a team from now on.
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« Reply #67 on: 21 May, 2008, 08:30:11 am »

A. Blue: So you're got yourself a little friend now, huh? Well no matter. You're still no match.

Blue: That's what you think! Let's get em, Navi!

Navi: Hey! Listen! Don't go after him. Wait until he attacks you, and we'll counterattack.

Blue: Alright.

A. Blue: Try this. Thunder Blade!

*A. Blue charges his blade with thunder magic and rushes after Blue. He strikes*

Navi: Watch out!

Blue: Got it!

*Blue backsteps and avoids the attack*

Navi: Now! Get him!

Blue: Understood!

*Blue delivers a roundhouse kick straight to A. Blue's face*

A. Blue: Guah!

Navi: Again!

Blue: Yeah!

*Blue knees A. Blue in his abdomen, causing him to stumble back*

A. Blue: Agh!

Navi: One more time!

Blue: Alright!

*Blue engulfs his fist in flames and punches A. Blue in the face. The force of the impact sends A. Blue rolling along the ground*

Navi: Good job, Blue!

Blue: Hey, you were right! This is a great strategy. Let's keep it up, okay?

*A. Blue gets to his feet and wipes the blood from his mouth*

A. Blue: Lucky shot. But that won't happen again. Try and dodge this! Fireball Spritzer!

*A. Blue sends a multitude of small fireballs straight for Blue*

Blue: Navi, let's do it.

Navi: Just follow my lead.

*Blue dodges the fireball barrage while continuing to advance on A. Blue at the same time*

A. Blue: W-wha--T-that's impossible!

*Blue leaps into the air and lands an axe kick right on A. Blue's head*

A. Blue: Gaah!

Navi: Once more!

Blue: It's not over yet! Eragh!

*Blue nails an upward kick to A. Blue's chin. He's sent flying backwards*

Blue: Alright, Navi! A little more and I think we've got him.

A. Blue: *panting* How is he doing this? I'm faster, stronger, more skilled than he is. How is he able to avoid me so easily? I'll figure out his trick.

*A. Blue charges his blade with fire magic and runs toward Blue*

A. Blue: Flame Blade!

Navi: Blue, he's coming!

Blue: I'm ready for him...

*A. Blue prepares to attack*

Navi: Watch out!

Blue: Okay!

A. Blue: You!

Blue: What!?

*A. Blue stops and redirects his attack towards Navi. He lands a clean blow on her*

Navi: Aaaaaaaah!

Blue: Navi!!!

A. Blue: Hah!

*Navi falls to the ground*

Blue: Navi, are you okay!? Speak to me!

Navi: Blue..my wounds...are too great. I-I can no longer...aid you.

Blue: No, don't say that! We're supposed to be a team!

Navi: Forgive me, Blue. My time...is up.

Blue: Navi, don't leave me! You can't! You, you--

*Navi dissolves into mana*

Blue: No...

A. Blue: You've got bigger things to worry about!

Blue: Ah! Uuagh!!

*A. Blue delivers a fierce kick to Blue's rib. He is sent sliding along the ground*

A. Blue: Ha ha, I think I heard a crack.

Blue: M-my ribs. I can't move...

A. Blue: Not so good anymore now that your pixie friend is gone, are you? Now I'll finish you.

*A. Blue's hand crackles with electricity*

*Meanwhile, inside the Tower*

Zeldafan: Bob, what's the matter?

Bob: It's Navi. She's--she's gone...

Zeldafan: No...

Lilia: *gasp* Blue!
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« Reply #68 on: 21 May, 2008, 09:28:19 am »

A. Blue: Heheheh, it's over!

*Blue closes his eyes and prepares for the end*

Blue: Mmmn...

ILS: Sword Blazer!!

Blue: Huh?

*A. Blue turns around to see a wave of energy heading straight for him. He leaps and dodges the attack*

A. Blue: What?! Where did--

*Zeldafan appears in the air behind him*

Zeldafan: Take this! Hyah!

*Zeldafan slashes A. Blue from behind, the impact sending him careening to the ground*

A. Blue: Ergh...

Tobi: Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!

*A barrage of flame engulfed shuriken pelt A. Blue. He covers up with his arms in a futile attempt to defend against the attack*

A. Blue: Aaargh!!

*Lilia leaps overhead and drops a bomb from her satchel on A. Blue*

Lilia: Cherry Bomb!

*The bomb hits A. Blue's body and causes a devastating explosion that leaves A. Blue severely battered*

A. Blue: *panting* (I thought they were long gone by now...)

*Bob helps Blue to his feet*

Bob: Blue, you're hurt...

Blue: What are you guys doing here? I told you to go on ahead.

Tobi: Yeah, you said that.

Zeldafan: But we don't care.

Lilia: We're your friends.

ILS: And we'll never leave you behind.

Bob: When we saw that Navi had been defeated, we knew things had taken a turn for the worse. Good thing we decided to turn back when we did. It was almost curtains for you.

Blue: Egh...thanks guys...

A. Blue: This fight isn't over yet.

Bob: Oh isn't it? It's 6 against 1, and you're hardly in any condition to continue fighting. Do yourself a favor and give up. You can't defeat us.

A. Blue: I don't know the meaning of those words. Prepare to die.

*A. Blue makes another attempt at the Magic Blade, but is unable to do so*

A. Blue: Agh..it's no use. I've exhausted my magic power...

Bob: Well, Blue?

A. Blue: (I have no choice...) I...I concede. You've won.

Blue: Hah.

A. Blue: It's as you said. I'm in no condition to keep fighting, so I will stand in your way no longer.

Lilia: Thank you, Blue.

A. Blue: Save your thanks, Lilia. I don't agree or sympathize with you. I just know when I'm beaten.

ILS: In that case, won't you help us out?

A. Blue: And aid in the destruction of my life? You must be kidding.

*A. Blue begins to walk away*

Blue: Wait, where are you going?

A. Blue: I'm going back home. I have no more time to waste here.

Bob: Going to spend your last moments with your family?

A. Blue: Hah, there's no guarantee that you'll succeed.

Blue: We've come to far to lose here. There's no way we're going to fail.

A. Blue: If you say so.

Bob: Well, shall we go, Blue?

Blue: Yeah, let's do it.

*The group, rejoined by Blue, proceeds into the Tower*

A. Blue: Hmm...good luck...*smiles*
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« Reply #69 on: 21 May, 2008, 11:54:41 am »

*The group is running up the stairs to the room at the top of the tower where Astartyune lies*

Blue: Come on guys, we're almost there!

*Bob stops climbing the stairs*

Blue: Bob, what's wrong?

*Bob has his hand on his head as if it's in pain. For a split second he sees an image of a young woman with jet black hair and piercing red eyes*

Bob: Ah! W-what is this feeling? This...power...

Lilia: Bob?

Bob: N-no. It's nothing.

ILS: Are you sure?

Bob: Yes yes. Now let's continue. It's not much farther now.

*The group continues to the end of the stairway. They arrive at a massive door at the top of the Tower*

Zeldafan: Is this it?

Bob: Astartyune is just beyond these doors.

Blue: Alright, let's finish this.

Bob: Wait everyone. This battle...will determine everything. It'll be the toughest challenge we've ever faced. Are you still prepared to go?

Blue: I said we're doing it, so we're doing it.

Lilia: We've been through too much to just give up.

ILS: Yeah, there's no way we're getting weak in the knees now.

Zeldafan: We're going all the way!

Tobi: And we won't stop until Earth is restored.

Bob: Now that's the determination I wanted to see. Let's go in.

*The group enters the doorway. Before them lies the Goddess Astartyune, the final obstacle in their journey*

Blue: Astartyune!!

Astartyune: So even he failed to halt your advance. I'm most disappointed.

Bob: Hand over the final Dimension Key, Astartyune.

Astartyune: What purpose would that yield? This planet is already on the brink of destruction. Nothing can stop it now.

Blue: If you know that, then why do you still stand in our way!?

Astartyune: You intend to keep me from creating the perfect world. A world without war and strife, where all humans can live in peace.

Bob: There is no such world. It's only a fantasy.

Astartyune: That is not true. I will create the perfect world, even if it is not on Earth.

Lilia: And what about the people on Real Earth? What about them? What did they do to deserve their fate? It's not fair!

Astartyune: The people of Earth have been reborn into a new era.

ILS: No they haven't, and we're the proof of that. When you couldn't fulfill your promise, you tried to hide it by casting us away and starting anew.

Zeldafan: Gods are meant to watch over and protect. You're no protector! Just a coward who gives up whenever something doesn't go your way!

Astartyune: Silence, worms! All those who defy the Goddess' will, will recieve her judgment! Begone!

Tobi: If anyone's going to begone, it's you! You're the cause of all the world's problems!

Bob: You've done nothing but manipulate and decieve those who believed in you. Earth has no need for Gods. Especially not one as foul and corrupt as you.

Blue: It's over, Astartyune! We're taking back the lives you stole here and now!

Astartyune: Enough of this! After I've destroyed you, I will destroy what remains of Earth, and create my OWN world! A utopia where sadness and pain cannot exist. And there's nothing you can do about it.

*A voice is heard from the void*

??: You have not the right.

Group: !!!

*Astartyune is struck by a bolt of black lightning from above. The group watches in shock as her body deteriorates*

Astartyune: Aaaaaaaagh!!

Blue: W-what's going on!?

Lilia: Who's voice was that!?

*Astartyune's body disintegrates, left behind is the body of a young girl holding the final Dimension Key. Both she and the key collapse to the ground, causing the Key to shatter*

Zeldafan: A..girl..?

ILS: This just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Bob: Blue, go see if she's alright.

Blue: Okay...

*Blue walks up to the girl and tries to wake her up*

Blue: Hey, are you okay?

*The girl opens her eyes slightly and looks at Blue*

Girl: *quietly* T-thank...you...ooh...

*The girl closes her eyes as her body slowly fades away*

Blue: Wha-- (Thank you? What did she mean?)

Lilia: She's gone...

Tobi: This is...so confusing.

Zeldafan: Bob, do you have a clue what's going on here?

Bob: None.

Blue: Well, Astartyune is gone, and all the Dimension Keys have been destroyed. So I guess it's over, right?

Bob: Seems like it.

Lilia: But something doesn't add up. We still don't know where that voice came from, or who that girl was.

Blue: Maybe not, but there's no point in worrying about it now, is there?

ILS: Yeah, this whole thing is giving me a headache. Let's just get out of here.

*The Tower begins to rumble*

Tobi: What's happening now?

Bob: I'd assume Copy Earth is beginning to fade away.

Zeldafan: Yaaah! Then shouldn't we be splitting right about now!?

*The rumbling stops*

Blue: Hmm? *scratches head*

Zeldafan: Bob, can we please just go now? This is giving me the chills.

Bob: Yeah, sure. Come along, everyone.

Lilia: Wait, does anyone else hear that?

ILS: Hear what?

Tobi: It sounds like...glass cracking...

Blue: But...there's no glass in here.

*At that moment, the surrounding area cracks and breaks away as if it was a piece of glass, leaving the group in a place that's seemingly outer space*

Blue: Aagh!

Lilia: Where are we...?

ILS: Just what the hell is going on here?

Zeldafan: Bob, are we in *gulp* space!? How are we breathing? And what are we walking on!? This is so freaky!

Bob: This is certainly perplexing.

Tobi: Guys, look! It's Earth!

*The group looks to see planet Earth in the distance, with its color returned and back to normal*

Lilia: Its...it's restored!

Blue: Yeah, we did it!
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« Reply #70 on: 21 May, 2008, 07:21:11 pm »

Bob: Mission accomplished, everyone. Let's go home.


Bob: ...Ah!

Zeldafan: What's the matter?

Bob: Are you telling me you don't feel that?

Lilia: Feel what?

Bob: This...this pulse of energy. I first felt it back at the Tower. It's horrendous.

Blue: Bob...I feel it too.

ILS: How come we can't feel this...energy pulse?

Blue: It's magic born energy, so I guess that only those intuned to its flow can feel it.

Tobi: But where, or who, is it coming from?


*Blue's body begins to tremble*

Blue: This power...it's stronger than anything I've ever felt before. It's..it's unreal!

Lilia: Blue, calm yourself! What's gotten into you?

Zeldafan: Snap out of it, Blue!


Blue: I can't take it! Aaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!

*Blue faints*

ILS: Blue!

*Bob kneels down*

Bob: *gasping* This pressure. It's....

*Bob faints*

Zeldafan: Bob!

Tobi: They're both out cold...

Lilia: I don't understand! What's the meaning of all this? What happened to Blue and Bob!?

Zeldafan: I don't know, but judging from what they said, there's something out there giving off astounding levels of magic energy. I think it may've overloaded them.

ILS: Will they be alright?

Zeldafan: They only fainted, so they should come to in a little while. Let's just leave them be.

Tobi: *to himself* I get the feeling that something bad is about to happen.
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« Reply #71 on: 22 May, 2008, 09:12:06 am »

(Note: Who are these fools that dare disturb my rest...)
*After an hour or so, Blue comes to*

Blue: Ugh...

Lilia: *gasp* Blue! You're okay!

Blue: ...Yeah, I'm fine. I just kinda konked out there.

Bob: Glad to see you well, Blue. That energy disrupted our magic balance and caused us to lose consciousness. I came to just a little sooner than you did, but we both appear to be alright.

Blue: Well, the magic pulses are gone anyway. I wonder where they came from.

*At the moment, space becomes wavy and heavily distorted*

ILS: Something's happening again!

Zeldafan: It's as if reality itself is being twisted!

Bob: Prepare yourselves for anything.

*The scenery then changes of that of complete darkness, with nothing but a sphere of energy floating in the center*

Lilia: Where are we now?

Blue: Quite possibly nowhere.

Bob: Accurate assumption, Blue. This appears to be a place completely seperate from any universe or reality. It's, as Blue said...nowhere.

Zeldafan: How the heck do we keep going to all these crazy places?

ILS: I don't care how we got here. I just wanna know how we get out!

??: At last...

Tobi: Huh?

??: ...my power...

Blue: That voice...

Lilia: It sounds just like the voice we heard back at the Tower.


*The sphere of energy shrinks and shapes into the form of a woman with long black hair and red eyes*

Bob: Her!

Zeldafan: Her?

Bob: She's...the split image I saw flash in my head. It's her...

Zeldafan: But who is she?

Bob: I don't know. But the high concentration of magic power we felt, she's the source...

*Blue calls out to her*

Blue: Hey!

??: You dare address me? Who are you?

Blue: You tell us first.

??: Hmph, very well. I am Kaixin, a sorceress from the far future.

Lilia: Wha-- Did she say future?

ILS: But how is that possible?

Kaixin: I've been watching you. From here, I've watched your exploit to defeat my false goddess. Your endeavors were most impressive.

Zeldafan: False goddess? Y-you don't mean...

Kaixin: Yes, the "goddess" you all know as Astartyune, was but my own creation, though a failed one.

Blue: But...how? Why? This doesn't even begin to make sense.

Kaixin: Allow me to explain. I used my powers to travel back in time several thousand years, to the era of Soleanna. Watch closely...

*Kaixin produces an image, presenting her past memories. The image shows Kaixin collapsed in the city of Soleanna*

Kaixin: When I arrived in that period, I found myself collapsed on the ground, with my magic power completely exhausted.

*The image then shows a young girl walking up to Kaixin*

Young Girl: *gasp* Are you okay, Lady? Lady!?

Lilia: Blue, that girl...

Blue: She's the one we saw after Astartyune was defeated...

Kaixin: Little girl, come closer...

Young Girl: Alright...

*The girl approaches Kaixin. She then places her hand upon her*

Young Girl: Aaah! W-what's--what are you doing!?

Kaixin: Before retreating to recover my own, I gave the last of my power to the girl, so that she may be able to fulfill what I could not. My powers turned her into a powerful being, with power far greater than that of the average human.

*The girl absorbs Kaixin's energy, taking on the form of a full grown woman*

Kaixin: You...are a goddess. It is your destiny to rule over humankind.

Woman: Understood.

Kaixin: With the seeds of my ambition scattered, I retreated to this place you see now. For thousands of years I waited for my power to return to me. I had thought that all would go as I planned. But no. Over the years, I watched as that creature made mistake after mistake. Error after error. It was only until now that I was finally able to silence her.

*The image disappears*

Blue: *angrily* You... You did this! The Goddess, divinity, us being the chosen saviors of Earth, it's all a lie, isn't it!?

Lilia: We've been tricked this whole time. Even Astartyune was nothing but a pawn. A little girl corrupted by you. How could you do that!?

Kaixin: Hahahah. It was all apart of my elaborate hoax to rule over Earth. It's not my fault that you simpletons would believe in such a thing as Gods. The concept of holiness and divinity is nothing but a fairytale. Restricted entirely to the realm of fiction.

Bob: I see. It's all falling into place now. You corrupted that young girl with your magic, and brainwashed her into believing she was an ultimate being, meant to rule over the world. Despite all of that, her human conscious was left intact. I can only assume that it started to fall apart after the Solaris incident, where in remorse, she felt she needed to atone by keeping her existance secret from the people of Earth. Ha, you even had me fooled. And to think it would've worked had her moral fiber not been as faulty as Windows Vista.

Zeldafan: *giggles* Nice one.

Kaixin: Perhaps, but it matters not anymore. My near infinite power has returned to me, and I will use it to enslave Earth by force. There is no living being in this world or the next that can stand in my way.

Blue: Ergh, you're not getting away with this!

Kaixin: You. Boy.

Blue: What do you want?

Kaixin: I deeply admire your resolve and fortitude. To fought against all the odds, leading your companions into battle and through hardships. I want you to come with me. Abandon your friends and rule Earth with me.

Blue: Huh? Uhm, well gee, that's--I don't know...*blushes*

*Lilia punches Blue in the head*

Blue: Ow!!

Lilia: Blue, what are you thinking!?

ILS: Yeah, I can't believe you'd even comtemplate throwing away everything we've done. You know what we've been through!

Zeldafan: Seriously, Blue. I wouldn't even expect something like that out of Tobi.

Tobi: Yeah, not even me!

Bob: Despicable.

Blue: I apologize. You guys are right.

*Blue vigorously shakes his head*

Blue: No deal, Kaixin. Earth doesn't belong to you, and it never will.

Kaixin: Hahaha, you'd choose death over power? You lesser beings really are stupid.

Blue: Me and my friends can overcome anything together, and you're no exception! We'll put an end to all of this, once and for all!

Kaixin: Fools.

*Kaixin unleashes a pulse of energy. The sheer force pushes the group back*

Bob: Agh, such power...

Kaixin: Hahaha. I think I'll play with you a little. Since you're so adept at defeating illusions, try overcoming this!

*Kaixin raises her hands in the air and a blinding light fills the area*
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« Reply #72 on: 24 May, 2008, 10:13:23 am »

*The light fades, and Blue finds himself in the darkness all alone*

Blue: Hello? Guys? Are you here?

*Blue runs through the void, calling for his friends*

Blue: Lilia! ILS! Can you hear me!?

*He frantically looks around*

Blue: Zeldafan! Tobi! Bob! Where are you!? ...I can't...I can't be all alone...

*Lilia appears*

Lilia: Blue!

Blue: Huh? Lilia! You're here!

Lilia: Come on, Blue. Let's go home, back to Earth.

Blue: But, where's everyone else?

Lilia: They're already back on Earth. You got lost, so I came back here to look for you. Now come on, everyone's waiting!

Blue: But Kaixin, what about her? I thought we were--

Lilia: Don't worry about that! It's all over! Now take my hand...

Blue: A-alright.

*Blue reaches out to grab Lilia's hand, but then quickly pulls it away*

Lilia: Blue, what's the matter?

Blue: There's something wrong here. Something feels...off about you.

Lilia: Off? Don't be silly. Now let's hurry.

Blue: No.

Lilia: We don't have time for this, Blue. Now come on!

Blue: No! Get away from me! Hah!

*Blue casts a Fireball spell on Lilia*

Lilia: Aah!! Blue! W-what are you doing!?

Blue: You're not Lilia! You're just a fake!

Lilia: *in Kaixin's voice* Hmhmhm, very perceptive of you, mage.

*The fake Lilia changes into Kaixin*

Kaixin: I wonder how you figured me out.

Blue: I felt there was a difference in the energy that Lilia was giving off. It was much more than usual. Way too much for her.

Kaixin: Hahaha. I see. But that's something only a magic user could sniff out. The rest of your companions won't be so lucky!

*Kaixin disappears*

Blue: Wait! Come back!

*Bob appears*

Bob: Ah, Blue. There you are.

Blue: Bob. You're not another illusion, are you!?

Bob: Whoa whoa, calm down. I'm real. Like you, I was also able to see the difference between the illusion and reality.

Blue: Yeah, but the others...

Bob: I know.

Blue: Can't we do something?

Bob: I'm afraid not, Blue. Without the gift of magic, they'll have no choice but to see through the illusions on their own.

Blue: Damnit!

Kaixin: Hahahaha! Too bad for you. Unless your friends can defeat my illusion, you will all remain trapped in it forever!

Blue: Agh...
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« Reply #73 on: 26 May, 2008, 05:28:51 pm »

Lilia: Ugh...where am I? Where is everyone?

*Lilia walks through the darkness, searching for Blue and the others*

Lilia: Blue? Guys? Are you here? Can you hear me?

*The darkness turns into a pool of gunk, and Lilia begins to slowly sink*

Lilia: Aah! What's going on!? I can't..ergh...get out! Somebody! Help me!

*Blue appears standing before Lilia*

Lilia: Blue! You're here! Hurry and help me out of here!

Fake Blue: Lilia, you useless thing.

Lilia: W-what..?

Fake Blue: Need me to save you again? When will you learn to help yourself?

Lilia: Blue, what are you saying...?

Fake Blue: You know full well what I'm saying. Ever since the start, you've been nothing but a hinderance to us. Always in the way, never contributing to anything.

Lilia: B-but..but, I tried. I know I'm not the strongest...but I always tried my best to help out.

Fake Blue: You're too weak to be of any help to us. You're better off just dying here. It's not like it'd make any difference.

Lilia: No! That's not true! I wanted to help...I just...I..I..*sniff*

Fake Blue: Look at you. Crying like a little weakling. You're just proving my point. You're too weak to be of any use to anybody.

Lilia: No! No! No! Stop it!!

Fake Blue: Do you want me to save you, Lilia? All you have to do is beg for Kaixin's forgiveness and pledge loyalty to her. Then your life will be spared.

Lilia: *sobs*

Fake Blue: Well? What's it going to be?

Lilia: No!! I won't do that!

Fake Blue: What!?

*Lilia's body rises from the muck and the ground becomes solid once again*

Lilia: I may be weak, I may even be just a burden to my friends, but even so, I will never turn my back on them! Ever!

Fake Blue: Lilia, you foolish girl.

Lilia: And you, Blue. ...No! You're not Blue. The Blue I know would never say those things to me! No matter how feeble I am, he's always there for me! He's my best friend!

*Lilia runs up to the Fake Blue and stabs him with her dagger*

Fake Blue: Gyah! You...you failure!

Lilia: Shut up!

*Lilia takes take out her daggers and thrusts it's again*

Fake Blue: Ggaaagh!

*Both the fake Blue and the illusion disappear, and Lilia is sent back with Blue and Bob*

Lilia: Blue! Bob!

Blue: Lilia! You're okay!

*Lilia throws herself into Blue's arms*

Blue: Whoa!

Lilia: Oh Blue, *sniff* I'm just so happy to be back with you.

Blue: Everything's okay now, Lilia.

Bob: Ahem, sorry to break up this heartfelt reunion, but we're still not in the clear as of yet.

Blue: Yeah, you're right. ILS, Zeldafan and Tobi are still trapped in the illusion.

Lilia: Do you think they'll be alright?

Blue: There's no telling. But we have to believe that they'll pull through.
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« Reply #74 on: 27 May, 2008, 10:07:59 am »

ILS: Hm? Yo! Guys! Where are you!?

*ILS looks around*

ILS: Damn, don't tell me I got seperated from them. *sigh* Better get looking then.

*ILS runs through the darkness, but suddenly, his entire body is frozen in place*

ILS: Aah! What's the deal? I can't move!

*ILS' Father appears before him*

ILS: D-dad!? How did you get here!?

Father: Mads, my disgraceful son.

ILS: What's this all about?

Father: How dare you run away from your responsibilities and usurp your duties to our family.

ILS: But Father, I...I didn't want to live like that.

Father: And being a dirty, money grubbing bounty hunter is any better? You should be ashamed of yourself. I had thought you were better than that. But I guess I was wrong...

ILS: I'm sorry, Father...

Father: Be quiet now. Your poor sweet mother died of a broken heart soon after you fled from the kingdom. She left this world thinking that you didn't love her anymore.

ILS: M-mother? She..she...died?

Father: Yes. And it's all your fault. She layed on her death bed, hoping, praying that you would come back. But you never did.

ILS: N-no! I didn't want this to happen! I just wanted to live life my own way!

Father: And that rebellious attitude is exactly what caused the death of your mother. Don't you see now? Your actions have helped no one. Now come back home with me, and assume your rightful place as Prince.

ILS: ...

Father: Well, my son?

ILS: That's not happening.

Father: What!? You dare defy your father's whims!? And what of your mother? Would you rob her of her dying wish?

ILS: I'm sorry about what happened to Mother, but I'm not going back on my word. I promised myself that I would never relinquish my dreams due to oligation to another, and that I would live life by my own rules.

Father: No! You will obey your father! You will come back with me right now!

ILS: No way, pops. I'm nobody's puppet. Castle life made me miserable. When I left, it was the first time in my life that I was ever truly happy.

Father: You really are a pathetic boy. What can you ever hope to achieve in life? Your place is at the castle.

ILS: No, my place is with my friends. Blue, Lilia, the others. They all like me for who I am. And as far as my actions not helping anyone, well, look where I am now. All this time, I've been fighting to save Earth. For yours and everyone's sake.

Father: Why you...

ILS: I don't care if you're an illusion or not. Nobody will ever change who I am. My friends need me. I'm going back to them, and you're not going to stand in my way!

*Life returns to ILS' body. He runs up to his illusion father and slashes through him with his sword*

Father: Nyagh!!!

*Both the fake father and illusion fade, and ILS is soon back with Blue and the others*

Blue/Lilia: ILS!

ILS: Guys!

Blue: It's good to have you back, pal.

ILS: It's good to be back, Blue. But...where's Zeldafan and Tobi?

Bob: Still trapped in the illusion it seems.

ILS: Well then let's break them out!

Bob: That's a no go, ILS. There's nothing we can do for them here. If they want to escape, they'll have to see through it on their own, just as we did.

ILS: Damn.

Lilia: Don't worry, ILS. They'll be okay.

ILS: I hope you're right.
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