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24 July, 2021, 06:57:40 pm
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Story Final: Fate Returned (Complete)

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Author Topic: Story Final: Fate Returned (Complete)  (Read 1313 times)
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« Reply #75 on: 27 May, 2008, 10:48:53 am »

*Tobi is poking Zeldafan with a stick*

Tobi: Sempai? Sempaaaaaaai. *pokepoke*

Zeldafan: Mmmn...

Tobi: Wake up, sempai!! Ergh!!

*Tobi fiercly jabs Zeldafan with the stick*

Zeldafan: OW! Tobi, what's the matter with you!?

Tobi: You wouldn't wake up, so I poked you with this stick.

Zeldafan: Hey wait, where did you find that stick anyway?

Tobi: *shrugs* Meh. Somewhere? *tosses stick*

Zeldafan: Weird.

Tobi: I wonder where everyone is?

Zeldafan: Let's find out where we are first.

*Tobi and Zeldafan walk through the darkness together, until Bob appears behind them*

Fake Bob: You...

Zeldafan: Aaah! How many times do I have to tell you not to sneak up on me like that!?

*The Fake Bob pushes Zeldafan. The sheer force sends her rolling along the ground*

Zeldafan: Ack! Hey! What did I do!?

Tobi: Are you mad at us, Bob?

Fake Bob: Come recieve your punishment now...

Zeldafan: Aw, man. I hope it's not curdled milk again.

Fake Bob: Oh no. This is much worse.

Zeldafan: *gulp* W-worse?

Tobi: What could be worse than curdled milk!?

Fake Bob: Come here, and I will show you. You first, Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: Oh...okay...

*Zeldafan walks up to Fake Bob*

Zeldafan: *closes eyes* Alright, make it quick!

Fake Bob: Gladly.

*Fake Bob's hand crackles with electricity*

Fake Bob: Prepare to die, Zeldafan!

Zeldafan: Gah!!

Tobi: Sempai, look out!!

*Fake Bob strikes, but Tobi pulls Zeldafan out of the way just in time*

Tobi: Are you okay?

Zeldafan: Yeah, thanks a lot.

Fake Bob: *waggles finger* Naughty naughty. Tobi, you bad boy.

Tobi: *gasp* Tobi's a...bad boy...?

Zeldafan: Bob, what's gotten into you!?

Tobi: Hey, wait a minute. Something's not right...

Zeldafan: What, you mean besides Bob going crazy?

Tobi: He feels different, somehow. Like...it's not really him.

Zeldafan: You think it's an illusion?

Tobi: We'll soon find out!

*Tobi places his hands together*

Tobi: Release!

*Nothing happens*

Tobi: Hey, what happened? The illusion should be gone now...

Zeldafan: It would've...had this been a genjutsu. But this is a magic born illusion.

Tobi: Then what how do we get rid of it?

Zeldafan: We hack right through it!!

*Zeldafan runs up to Fake Bob*

Fake Bob: Now now, Zeldafan. You wouldn't hurt your boss, now would you?

Zeldafan: My boss, no. You, yes!!!

*Zeldafan pulls out a large Zanbato and cleaves Fake Bob in half*

Fake Bob: Ooh. That's smarts...

*Both Fake Bob and the illusion fades. Soon Zeldafan and Tobi are reunited with the rest of the group, and the illusion is completely shattered*

Zeldafan/Tobi: Guys!!!

Blue: Zeldafan! Tobi! You made it!

Bob: Hey. You're late.

Zeldafan: Eep! You're not going to shock us, are you!?

Tobi: Or douse us in curdled milk!?

Bob: Uhm, no? What's the matter with you two?

Zeldafan/Tobi: Eeeh, nothing... *nervous laugh*

Blue: Alright, Kaixin! Your illusion is broken! Stop these games and come out!

Kaixin: Well, if you insist...

*Kaixin reappears before the group*

Kaixin: Heheheh. Well done. I didn't think you would escape so fast. Ah well, playtime has ended. Now it's time for me to finish you off.

Blue: This is it, guys. Are you ready!?

Group: Ready!

Kaixin: Come. Meet your end.
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« Reply #76 on: 27 May, 2008, 11:32:18 am »

Bob: Blue! Keep Kaixin busy while I prepare a powerful enough summon.

Blue: Will do. Let's do it guys!

*Blue steps forward and casts a spell*

Blue: Try this on for size, Kaixin! Meteos Fireball!!

*Blue raises his hands in the air as an enormous fireball forms over his head. He then hurls it towards Kaixin*

Kaixin: Ha! Is that the best you can put up!?

*Kaixin casts a spell*

Kaixin: Asorboray!

*A glass like sheild forms in front of Kaixin. The fireball collides with the sheild, and it grows smaller and smaller until it disappears. The aura of power around Kaixin glows brighter*

Kaixin: My my, that was a tasty snack.

Blue: Damn, she absorbed it...

Lilia: Blue, I don't think magic will work against her. Leave this to us!

Blue: Go for it!

*Lilia runs forwards and leaps into the air*

Lilia: I've been saving this one just for you!

*Lilia pulls a bomb out of her satchel*

Lilia: Take this! SuperNova Bomb! Hah!

*Lilia hurls the bomb*

Kaixin: Is that all?

*Kaixin puts her hand forward, and the bomb stops in midair. She cluthes her fist and the bomb fizzles out and falls to the ground*

Lilia: Ah! No way!!

Kaixin: Now, let me show you a real bomb!

*Kaixin crosses her arms as a sphere of energy forms in front of her*

Kaixin: Dead Blast!!

*The sphere shoots toward Lilia. It collides with her. Exploding on contact and sending her flying*

Lilia: Uaaaaagh!!!

Blue: I got you!

*Blue catches her*

Blue: Are you alright?

Lilia: Y-yeah. I'll be okay...

Blue: Good.

ILS: I guess it's my turn!

*ILS runs toward Kaixin*

ILS: I'm going to give it my all with this one! Mana Charge!!

*ILS charges all of his remaining mana into both his arms*

ILS: Steeeeel Explosion!!!

*ILS slashes overhead with both swords at once. He cuts through Kaixin's body as it was nothing*

Kaixin: Aaaaagh!!

ILS: Got you!

*Kaixin's body melts away and disappears*

ILS: Yeah, I did it!

Lilia: Nice going, ILS!

Blue: Wait...No you didn't! ILS, behind you!

ILS: Wha--

*Kaixin reappears behind ILS and puts her hand out in front of her. A large hand made of pure energy materializes and grabs hold of ILS*

ILS: Aagh!!

Kaixin: You were a fool to have thought you've beaten me so easily! Take this!

*The hand rises into the air and slams ILS into the ground at a great speed*

ILS: Huuaaaagh!

Lilia: ILS, no!

Kaixin: Hahahaha!
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« Reply #77 on: 27 May, 2008, 12:48:04 pm »

Bob: Please, hang on just a little longer...

Zeldafan: You can count on us, Bob. We'll slow her down! Get ready, Tobi!

Tobi: I'm good to go!

*Zeldafan runs up to Kaixin and pulls out a steel katana. She attacks, but the blade shatters when it strikes her aura*

Kaixin: Your meager blade cannot harm me, little girl.

Zeldafan: Oh yeah? Then try this!

*Zeldafan pulls out a Dao and attack again. But it too shatters when it comes in contact with the aura*

Zeldafan: No good. Then let's go with this! Hyah!

*Zeldafan pulls out a Ninjato and strikes multiple times. The Ninjato's blade shatters as well*

Zeldafan: Uh oh!

Kaixin: Child, I've had enough of your games. Away with you!

Zeldafan: Tobi, do it!

Tobi: Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu!

*A dragon of flames comes at Kaixin from behind. The attack connects and Kaixin is engulfed in incinerating flames*

Kaixin: What!? Aargh!

Zeldafan: Ha! How did you like that, Kaixin?

*The flames die out, and Kaixin reappears with burn wounds across her body*

Kaixin: You...how dare you trick me. I will make you pay for that...

Bob: There! It's finished! Tobi, Zeldafan! Out of the way, now!

Zeldafan/Tobi: Got it!

*Zeldafan and Tobi jump back to the group as Bob prepares his summon*

Bob: Now then. Dual Summon: Dialga and Palkia!!

*Both Dialga and Palkia appear through a warp in time and space*

Kaixin: Hmm, that's quite impressive. To have summoned two beasts such as these must require a lot of power and concentration. I'll have to keep my guard up.

Bob: Dialga! Palkia! Use Hyper Beam on Kaixin, now!

*Dialga and Palkia both fire a devastating beam of energy at Kaixin. The two beams converge, making the attack twice as powerful*

Kaixin: Such power. Can I stand up to it?

*Kaixin casts a spell*

Kaixin: Giga Barrier!

*Two layers of glass like barriers form in front of Kaixin. The Hyper Beam collides with the first barrier and instantly shatters it*

Kaixin: No!!

*The Hyper Beam continues onto the next barrier and shatters it as well. Kaixin is hit by the Hyper Beam and sent flying*

Kaixin: Aaaaaggh! How can this be!?

Zeldafan: Alright, Bob! You did it!

Bob: No, not yet. The power of the Hyper Beam was weakened due to having to go through Kaixin's barriers first. We'll have to try something stronger.

*Kaixin rises to her feet*

Kaixin: Fools! Take this! Ha! Hah!

*Kaixin fires two bolts at Dialga and Palkia*

Bob: Time for the showstopper. Dialga, use Roar of Time! Palkia, use Spacial Rend, now!

*Dialga charges its energy and fires a beam of energy that distorts even time. Palkia's arm glows and then slashes, sending a wave of energy towards Kaixin*

Kaixin: W-what..what IS this!? It's too powerful! I..I can't--

*The attacks collide with Kaixin. The combination of distorted time and space causes Kaixin's body to stretch and twist beyond recognition*

Kaixin: Aaaagh! What's happening to me!? I can't be defeated! Nooooooooo!!!

*Kaixin's body is reduced to nothingness and disappears*

Bob: Ha ha. It's done.

Blue: It's...it's over. We've won...

*Just then, a field of gravity appears around Dialga and Palkia. The two are crushed by intense gravity and return to mana*

Bob: What!? Dialga! Palkia! Who did this!?

Kaixin: You've...won...nothing...

*A spectral image of Kaixin reappears before the group*

Lilia: *gasp* It's Kaixin!

ILS: She's still alive!

Zeldafan: But how!? She was torn to shreds!

Blue: Bob, can't you pull up another summon for us?

Bob: It's no use, Blue. My body won't be able to handle another summon that powerful. I can do no more.

Kaixin: Hahahaha. I can never be defeated. I'm through playing games with you fools. This last attack will finish you off once and for all!

*Kaixin raises her hands into the air, as a gigantic sphere of black energy forms over her head*
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« Reply #78 on: 27 May, 2008, 01:07:54 pm »

Kaixin: Die! Death Buster!!

*Kaixin hurls the attack at the group. Unable to escape, they watch on as the attack inches closer and closer*

Blue: I guess...this is it...

Lilia: Blue, what are you saying!? We can't give up, we have to do something!

Bob: He's right, Lilia. We've lost...

Lilia: No! That can't be true!

Zeldafan: *to herself* It's now or never. Please, let this work...

*Zeldafan begins to pull an object out of her bag as the attack collides. It bursts on contact, causing a devastating explosion. When the chaos clears, nothing is left but the bodies of Blue and the group collapsed on the ground*

Zeldafan: Ungh...Spirit...Lan...tern...*dies*

*Zeldafan's body grows limp and the object she was holding slips away from her grip. As her life fades, the lantern begins to glow on the inside...*

Kaixin: It's over for all of you. What a shame. Despite all your efforts, you never stood a chance of defeating me.
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« Reply #79 on: 27 May, 2008, 02:05:05 pm »

*Meanwhile, Zeldafan awakens to find herself and the rest of the group floating in an area with a strange golden sky*

Zeldafan: Ohn...Ah! Did it..did it work?

Blue: Where are we? We can't still be alive, can we?

Bob: No, Blue. I'm pretty sure we've departed the world of the living.

Lilia: So...we died afterall...

ILS: Oh man..this can't be happening.

Blue: Damnit! Afterall we've done...we still failed! I can't believe it!

Zeldafan: Don't despair, Blue. It's not over yet!

Tobi: What are you talking about, sempai? We can't fight Kaixin if we're dead.

Zeldafan: That's true. We're dead now, but we won't be for long.

Blue: I'm not following you, Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: Thanks to the Spirit Lantern, we've got one more shot at it.

Bob: Zeldafan, you used a Spirit Lantern? Excellent thinking.

Zeldafan: Yeah, I brought it with me just incase something like this happened.

Blue: But I still don't understand. What's a Spirit Lantern?

Zeldafan: That's easy! A Spirit Lantern is an object that captures departed souls that have yet to reach the afterlife and contains them for a brief period of time.

Blue: How does that help us though?

Zeldafan: I was getting to that! Geez, you're so impatient. Anyway, as long as the original bodies are nearby and still intact, the souls can return to them.

Lilia: Ah! So that means--

ILS: We can all come back to life, right?

Zeldafan: That's right. But we only get this opportunity once. If we were to die again, the Spirit Lantern wouldn't be able to contain our souls a second time.

Blue: That's okay. We won't need it again. We'll defeat Kaixin for sure this time!

Bob: Don't get ahead of yourself, Blue. If we couldn't defeat her the first time, what makes you think we could do so now? If we went back now, we'd surely be wasting our second chance.

Blue: Oh, you're right. But what can we do? Is there anything we have that's strong enough to defeat her?

Zeldafan: Ah ha! And that's where the second part of my plan comes into play.

Blue: You have an idea, Zeldafan?

Zeldafan: Yeah, but it'll require a great sacrifice on our part.

Lilia: What kind of sacrifice?

Zeldafan: A sacrifice of our souls.

ILS: Wait. A what!?

Bob: I see what you're playing at, Zeldafan. You're thinking of having us convert our souls into energy and using them in one last all out attack against Kaixin.

Zeldafan: You got it, Bob. You're pretty sharp to have figured it out already.

Bob: That's a pretty risky plan. If it's to fail, we'll be left with no viable options.

Blue: I know, but it's not like we have any other choice.

ILS: Hold on a minute. What happens when we sacrifice our souls?

Zeldafan: Well we certainly won't go on to live happy lives.

Bob: Or afterlives for that matter.

Tobi: You mean...to sacrifice our souls means to give up our chance for an afterlive as well?

Bob: That's exactly right.

Blue: But..but that's...

Zeldafan: Blue, there's no time to debate over this. If we don't hurry, the Spirit Lantern will release our souls and it'll be too late.

Blue: Fine... But who's going to go?

Bob: Who else? It's gotta be you, Blue.

Blue: M-me!?

Zeldafan: Well duh, who did you think we'd send? Tobi?

Tobi: Hey!

Blue: You guys can't really be okay with this, can you?

Lilia: Like you said, Blue, we don't really have a choice. Besides, I'm willing to sacrifice it all for the sake of Earth.

ILS: ...Yeah, I can't say I'm really kosher about this. But...I'd rather die for the ladies than have them be enslaved by the foul Kaixin.

Blue: Guys...

Bob: There's not much time left. Let's do it.

*The group nods in agreement*

Zeldafan: If anyone can do it, you can. Show er what you're made of Blue!

*Zeldafan's soul turns into pure energy and converges with Blue*

Tobi: Blue, if you mess this up, Tobi will come back and haunt you! Oh wait, I won't be able to do that. Oh well. I believe in you..and stuff...

*Tobi's soul turns into pure energy and converges with Blue*

Bob: Blue, you have what it takes. All you have to do is trust in yourself. We're giving you our energy, the rest is up to you.

*Bob's soul turns into pure energy and converges with Blue*

ILS: I'm not going to bother with words of encouragement. I've been traveling with you this whole time and I know full well what you're capable of.

Lilia: Yeah, ILS is right. Just remember that you're not alone. We'll always be with you, Blue, even if we're not right there beside you. We have faith in you...

*ILS and Lilia's souls turn into pure energy and converge with Blue*

Blue: Thank you guys. I promise, your sacrifices won't be in vain. With the power you've given me, I'll defeat Kaixin and save Earth!

*Blue's soul escapes the Lantern and reunites with his body. He is revived, covered in a rainbow colored aura formed from the power of his friends souls*

Kaixin: What is this!? How can this be!? I killed you!

Blue: Kaixin, your days are numbered. With one final attack, I'll rid the world of you forever!
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« Reply #80 on: 27 May, 2008, 02:20:38 pm »

Kaixin: You fool! This'll be the last time you get back up! I will destroy you!

*Blue runs towards Kaixin at full speed. He takes all the energy from his aura and gathers it into the palm of his hand*

Blue: This is the end for you!

*Blue slams the energy into Kaixin, it pierces her aura and connects with her*

Kaixin: No! Nothing is that powerful!

Blue: You're wrong! The combined strength of me and my friends can overcome anything! Die, Kaixin!

*The energy erupts into an enormous blast of energy that completely engulfs Kaixin*

Kaixin: My body! It's...it's being broken apart! This is impossible!

Blue: Yaaaaaaaaah!!!

Kaixin: Noooooo!!! Eeeeyaaaaaaagggh!!!

*Kaixin's body fades away for the last time, never to return again*

Blue: Now...it's truly over...

*Blue closes his eyes as everything fades to white*
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« Reply #81 on: 27 May, 2008, 03:31:07 pm »

*After the final clash with Kaixin, Blue reawakens to the sight of his dear friends back on Real Earth*

Blue: W-wha...

Lilia: Ah, he's coming to!

Blue: W-what's going on...where am I...?

Lilia: You're back on Earth, silly!

*Blue springs to his feet*

Blue: We're on Earth? But..wait. How are you guys here!?

Bob: I'm just as shocked as you are, Blue. Last thing I remember, I handed my soul energy over to you, and everything fades to black. The next thing I know, I'm back on Earth with everyone else.

Blue: Hmm, maybe of the remaining energy was used to rejuvenate you guys.

Bob: Perhaps, but we'll never know now.

Blue: It's okay. None of that even matters anymore.

Lilia: That's right! Because Kaixin is gone, Earth is saved, and things are finally back to the way they should be.

ILS: And it's all thanks to you, pal.

Blue: No, it's not. It was you guys. If you all hadn't been so willing to sacrifice your lives, I wouldn't have been able to deliver the finishing blow to Kaixin. As far as I'm concerned, you guys are the real heroes here.

Zeldafan: Aw, who gives a hoot about that, Blue? We should be celebrating! It's been so long since we've been able to just go about our lives. At last, we can take this time to enjoy it.

Blue: You're right, Zeldafan. I don't know about you guys, but I just wanna take a nice long nap and forget this whole thing ever happened.

Bob: Yes, it feels nice to not have the fate of the world hanging on your shoulders, doesn't it, Blue?

Blue: You betcha.

Bob: Speaking of, I almost forgot something. Or someone.

Blue: Hmn?

*Bob rips open a portal to the void dimensions and pulls Mizuna from her place of sanction*

Mizuna: Bob! Oy, it's about time you came back for me! Don't you know how long I've been waiting in there?

Lilia: Mizuna!!

Mizuna: Oh hey guys! I'm guessing you all took care of business, am I right?

Blue: We sure did. Earth is finally at peace once again.

Mizuna: Yeah, too bad my parents aren't here to enjoy it...

Zeldafan: Mizuna, we're sorry...

Mizuna: Nah! Don't apologize! You all were just doing the right thing. I can't blame you for that. I'm just glad that my parents were able to spend their last moments outside of bed.

Bob: You're very welcome, Mizuna.

Blue: Hmm, I wonder. Did we really have to do what we did...?

Bob: Are you regretting your actions, Blue?

Blue: No, of course not. I know what we did was right, and if faced with the same choice, I'd do it all over again. But I just wish that there was another way. A way that wouldn't have cost the lives of Mizuna's parents and everyone else on Copy Earth.

Bob: I'm sure that's how we all feel, Blue. But you have to remember, that when faced with a responsibility such as ours, decisions that inadvertly affect those around you have to be made. Despite the pain and suffering we may have caused, we did do good, and we accomplished what we initially set out to do. It's all a part of being a good leader.

Blue: I understand.

Bob: I'm glad you do. Now if you'll excuse us, we should be heading our way.

Blue: You're leaving already?

Bob: I'm afraid we must. We may've returned the peace, but there's still much for us to do. Zeldafan, Tobi. Come.

Zeldafan/Tobi: *sigh* Alright...

Blue: Zeldafan, wait!

Zeldafan: Yes, Blue-kun?

Blue: It...was nice having you along. You've been a great help to us throughout this journey. And I just...wanted to thank you. And you too, Tobi. We couldn't have done it without either of you.

Tobi: Aw shucks! Eheehee.

Zeldafan: Think nothing of it, Blue. Traveling with you and the others was a blast. The most fun I've had in years! In fact, I can't wait to do it again!

Blue: Heh, well at least you enjoyed it. I think I've had enough perilous, life-risking adventures to last me a lifetime.

Zeldafan: Yeah well, if there ever comes a time when you need us again, we'll be sure to find you, wherever you are.

Blue: I'll be looking forward to it.

Zeldafan: Same here!

Bob: Zeldafan, Tobi! Let's get a move on!

Zeldafan: Ah! Right right! Let's go, Tobi.

Tobi: Yah.

*As Zeldafan and Tobi are walking back to Bob, they stop when they notice Mizuna with a sad look on her face*

Zeldafan: Mizuna, what's the matter?

Tobi: Yeah, why the long face?

Mizuna: Oh, it's just...all of you have a place to go home to..and I don't have anything...

Tobi: Mizuna, you silly. Castle Teneabre is your home!

Zeldafan: Tobi, you idiot! Mizuna isn't from our world. If she went back to Teneabre, nobody would recognize her. She's like an outcast.

Bob: Hmm, outcast, huh? I think I know how I can rectify this situation.

Mizuna: How?

Bob: Mizuna, would you join our motley crew?

Mizuna: No way! D-do you mean it!?

Zeldafan: Nice suggestion, Bob. I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner! Our band is full of outcasts! I'm not from this era, and Tobi isn't even from this universe!

Tobi: It's true!

Zeldafan: You'd fit right in with us!

Bob: Well, Mizuna? What say you?

Mizuna: ...Okay! I'll do it!

*Zeldafan and Tobi hug Mizuna*

Zeldafan: Yay! You're gonna be so happy with us, I can just tell!

Tobi: We'll have slumber parties and eat pudding, and read manga and--

Bob: And do menial tasks...

Tobi: Oh yeah...and that...

Blue: So, Mizuna. You're going with Bob and the gang?

Mizuna: Looks like it. See you later, Blue. And thanks again. Next time you see me, I'll have become a much better fighter! Just you watch!

Blue: Heheh, I look forward to seeing that. See you guys around.

Lilia: Bye everyone!

ILS: Check ya later.

Zeldafan: Bye, Blue-kun! Bye guys!

Tobi: See you again someday!

Mizuna: Bye!!

Bob: Take care.

*Bob and the group disappears*

Blue: Well, they're gone...

ILS: I guess it's time I got on back too.

Lilia: Where could you be going, ILS?

ILS: Ah Lilia, did you forget already? The only reason I met up with you guys was because I was supposed to collect the bounty on Blue's head.

Blue: Oh, I forgot all about that...

ILS: I need to report back to the guild and let them know that I failed my assignment.

Lilia: Will we ever see you again?

ILS: Of course you will! They'll be sending me after you guys again, so when that time comes, we can start traveling together again.

Blue: Well ILS, I guess this is goodbye.

*Blue puts out his hand*

ILS: Yeah, for now.

*ILS and Blue clapse hands*

ILS: Blue, Lilia, we'll meet again.

*ILS parts ways with Blue and Lilia*

Blue: Well, Lilia? Shall we go?

Lilia: Yeah...
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« Reply #82 on: 27 May, 2008, 04:05:18 pm »

*Blue and Lilia being walking through the fields together when a familiar voice calls out to them*

??: Blue!!! You wait!!!

Blue: Huh? Who the heck is that?

Lilia: *gasp* It's Mr. Jawo!

Blue: Jawo!? Oh, you've gotta be kidding me...

Jawo: *panting* Blue...I've finally...got you.

*Jawo takes out the Water Blue ring and points it in Blue's face*

Jawo: Now it's time for us to finish our battle!

Lilia: Mr. Jawo! You're alright! Last we heard you got attacked by Mephiles and sent to a care facility afterwards. Oooh, I'm so glad you're not hurt...

Jawo: Uhm...*blushes*

*Jawo rapidly shakes his head*

Jawo: Blue! Today we end this!

Blue: Yeah right. Do you have any idea what we've been through? I don't have time to play with you right now.

Jawo: Oh yeah!? Well I'll just have to tag along until you DO have the time.

Lilia: Mr. Jawo, you're going to travel with us?

Blue: Whoa whoa whoa! No way, pal! I'm getting out of here! Lilia, run!

*Blue takes off running*

Lilia: Ah! Blue!

*Lilia runs after him*

Jawo: Hey! Come back here now!

*Jawo runs after them*

Lilia: Blue, where are we going!?

Blue: Just keeping running, Lilia! If we get far enough away, maybe he'll give up and go home!

Jawo: Come back, Blue! Come and face me! I knew you were a coward! You know I'm superior to you, right? When will you learn that you can't beat me?
I mean, you're just so--

Blue: Ugh, I have a feeling this is going to be a loooooong journey...

And here is where we bring this final chapter of the story to a close. A tale of courage, bravery, hardships, and most of all, friendship. A boy who began his travels as a disgruntled youth, went on to cleanse humanity of a beast gone mad, bring peace to a long corrupted soul, and save the very planet itself from destruction. All with his trusted friends by his side. He can only be called, a hero.

As the young Blue and his companion Lilia wander into the unknown, with only the whims of fate guiding them by, the spirit of adventures lies nestled deep in their souls. Over time, the two will have met many new friends and overcome challenge upon challenge together. But that, is a story for another time.

End: The Adventures of Blue
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*Character Information (Profiles)*

Name: Quentin "Blue" Simpson

Age: 13 (beginning) 16 (end)

Occupation: Student of the Magic Arts

Weapon: Attack "Black" Magic, Martial Arts

Height: 5'9 (currently)

Weight: 122 lbs.

Blood Type: O+

Appearance: Dark-skinned, short dark brown hair, glasses. Wears a blue robe with dark blue long sleeve shirt underneath, dark blue pants, brown shoes.

Hobbies: Reading (especially magic books), Drawing, Traveling, Practicing Magic.

Description: The main character of the story. Blue starts his travels as a young troubled boy bent on ruling the world. Though after meeting with Bob and Zeldafan, he soon learns the value of fighting for others and abandons his selfish goal. Since then, he's been thrust into struggles that'd decide the fate of the entire planet.

Being a very frank and forthright young man, Blue has crushing determination towards a righteous goal and always speaks his mind. Unlike the rest of his companions, he rarely goofs off and can come off as very strict and stern. Despite this, he never fails to gain the respect and admiration of anyone he comes to meet.

Name: Lilia Presser

Age: 14 (first appearance) 15 (end)

Occupation: Former Pirate

Weapon: Dagger, Various Explosives

Height: 5'8 (currently)

Weight: 112 lbs.

Blood Type: AB

Appearance: Caucasian, long light brown hair, brown eyes. Wears a light blue headband, white tank top, light blue shorts, and brown boots.

Hobbies: Crafting, Sailing (particularly boat racing), Fishing, Taking walks.

Description: Lilia is a former member of one of the most infamous pirate crews in the seven seas. Her life took a complete turn when she met Blue on that fateful day. She's been with him ever since and has promised to always remain by his side.

Lilia is a very sincere and genuine girl. She has a very kindred spirit, which sometimes leads her to disagree with some of the groups actions. Such as ILS and his flirtatious ways. Being fairly inept compared to the rest of the group, Lilia is often plays the damsel in distress, getting captured and falling in trouble throughout the events of the story. Despite this, she always tries her best to pull her weight and aid the group in their struggles.

Lilia shares a very close relationship with Blue, even to the point where they admit their mutual feelings for eachother. But when the two see what comes of their relationship being taken to the next level, they opt to remain just friends.

Name: Mad "ILS" Andersen

Age: 14 (first appearance) 15 (end)

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Weapon: Dual Swords

Height: 5'9 (currently)

Weight: 129 lbs. (currently)

Blood Type: Doesn't know

Appearance: Caucasian, fairly short brown hair. Wears a black shirt with a thunder bolt design, loose blue jeans, and brown shoes.

Hobbies: Reading magazines (guess which), eyeing attractive females, collecting small bounties, flirting.

Description: ILS is one of the top ranking bounty hunters in the IL Clan. He first met up with Blue 2 years after the Iblis incident when he was sent to collect the bounty on his head. But instead of doing so, he opted to travel with Blue and Lilia, thinking it would be of more benefit to him. Since then, he's aided the two in their journey and joined them as the obligatory third wheel. But, shortly after the events of the final story, with their mission complete, ILS leaves the two to head back to the IL Clan, promising to meet up with them again.

The token womanizing pervert, ILS never fails to hit on any pretty girl the group comes in contact with, which often earns him a scolding from other members of the group. While some may be swayed by his roguish charm, others, most notably Lilia, deny his every advance and sometimes returns the favor with a punch or two. Despite his numerous failed attempts, ILS never gives up, in hopes that he'll one day find that special girl.

Name: Mizuna Cashia Teneabre

Age: 17 (end)

Occupation: Princess

Weapon: Dual Chakrams

Height: 5'10

Weight: 125 lbs.

Blood Type: B+

Appearance: Caucasian, Purple hair, blue eyes. Wears a powder blue shirt, purple skirt, powder blue stockings and arm warmers, purple shoes. Also wears a yellow bow in her hair, with yellow streamers attached to the back of her skirt.

Description: Mizuna is the Princess of Alternate Earth's Teneabre Kingdom. First meeting Blue and friends during the Saiphon Ball Arc, she gives the group invitations to the ball after being wooed by ILS. When the dance is crashed by a group of thieves, Blue runs into action and stops them from escaping. As thanks for saving (or not) the "Saiphon Jewel" and helping to find a way to restore her parents, Mizuna pleads with Blue to allow her to join them in their journey. Blue reluctantly does so, and she is quickly accepted into their ranks.

Mizuna is first impression is that of a kind and sensible girl, but soon after joining Blue and the group, she is depicted as having a wicked temper, spoiled attitude, and stubborn temperment. Despite her character flaws, Mizuna has a heart of gold and will anything in her power to aid her friends.

Mizuna isn't much of a fighter (even less so than Lilia) and thus is often told to stay behind when danger lurks ahead. But even still, in a very heroic fashion, Mizuna saves Blue from being killed by Leaden during their fight in Gyhar. She even manages to hold him off for a brief period. At the end of the story, when Mizuna decides to leave with Bob and his crew, she promises to Blue that the next time they meet, she'll have become a more able fighter so that she'll never be left behind again.

Name: Michal "Zeldafan" ?? (Keeps last name a secret)

Age: 17-19

Occupation: Warrior, dojo owner.

Weapon: Various swords.

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 160 lbs.

Blood Type: Doesn't know.

Hobbies: Combat, exploring, goofing off, video games, Internet stuff

Appearance: Caucasian, long brown hair tied into a ponytail, brown eyes. Wears a dark green sleeved shirt, plaid green skirt, white stockings, brown boots.

Description: A young girl with a hobby of travelling through dimensions and seeking adventure. She's also a legendary hero of some renown in certain places. Her sword skills are often considered unrivaled, and her ability to improvise in the midst of battle is very dangerous to her foes.

She's a rather easy going person, with a habit of acting weird for fun. She reads a lot of manga, and sometimes has a habit of imitating her favorite characters. She's kind of lazy, but knows when it's time to work hard, and once she's deidcated to something, she won't stop until she's done all she can do.

A little known fact about her is that she's bisexual. She prefers girls over boys, and actually has a girlfriend...but that doesn't stop her from ocassionally flirting when she feels like it.

Name: Obito "Tobi" Uchiha

Age: Unknown (Estimated to be around 26 or 27)

Occupation: Ninja

Weapon: Kunai, Shuriken, other ninja tools.

Height: Exact measurement unknown, close to Michal's height.

Weight: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

Hobbies: Being a ninja, hanging out with sempai, dancing.

Description: ZeldaFan's sidekick, Tobi is a ninja and a former member of Akatsuki. With little memory of his past, almost all information on Tobi is unknown. He knowns a large number of useful jutsu, and he secretly possess that Sharingan. His orange mask is his prized possession, and he secretly has a girlfriend who happens to be a catgirl.

Name: Bob the Omnipotent

Age: 42. For reasons unknown, when asked, Bob always, always claims his age to be 42.

Occupation: Dual class red mage and summoner.

Weapon: Magical +5 rapier, any weapon he thinks of to summon.

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 176 lbs.

Blood Type: O

Hobbies: Studying magic, researching people, researching other worlds, making pop culture references that nobody else gets

Description: A very mysterious wizard, Bob has a special gift. He can "pierce the veil between this world and the next". In much simpler terms, he has the ability to break the fourth wall. He's completely aware of the his fictional nature, and uses it to his advantage. Because his mind is not limited to knowledge that only people in his world should know, he can pull summons from anything that the "gods" in charge of his current existence want. In fact, he largely views himself as a tool of the "gods" of whatever world he finds himself in, and will gladly limit his knowledge to whatever they need him to know. As such, he doesn't have all the answers unless the "gods" want him to have all the answers.

He also claims to know the secrets of reincarnation, and claim that age is nothing to him. However, he has a habit of grossly exaggerating his abilities, so they could be baseless claims.

*Credit goes out to Zeldafan for doing her, Tobi, and Bob's profiles*
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