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06 December, 2021, 07:10:19 pm
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Playthrough Topic (Hades)

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Author Topic: Playthrough Topic (Hades)  (Read 23369 times)
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« Reply #1215 on: 07 July, 2016, 04:55:33 am »

I don't think anyone here plays the Zero Escape series, but here goes nothing. Spoilers for all three games follow:

I just beat Zero Time Dilemma. Overall, I prefer it to Virtue's Last Reward, but I don't think it beats 999.

One thing I didn't enjoy about VLR was its selection of characters, aside from Sigma, Phi, and Tenmyouji. I honestly didn't feel as much of an emotional attachment to the other characters, and I think that was VLR's biggest flaw. I thought 999 nailed its character development though. Junpei and Akane's relationship felt meaningful, and the game's final segments were really touching. VLR had none of that.

I think ZTD does a decent job with its characters. Eric was a jerk, and Junpei turned into an ass, but they were still much more interesting than characters like Dio and Quark. I might even say that ZTD's cast is better than 999's. But my problem is that the game doesn't flesh them out completely. My biggest disappointment is that Junpei and Akane's relationship was completely swept under the rug. They obviously acknowledge it, but it doesn't really go anywhere. I think this is kind of offset by Sigma and Diana's relationship. Actually, this game did an excellent job with that team, although I do wish Phi wasn't dead most of the time.

That's another thing. The writing for Team D seemed to be a lot better than the other teams, especially Team C. Junpei's quips honestly made me cringe. Apparently Uchikoshi only wrote Team D's script, so maybe that partly explains it. I just wish this game didn't consider itself a sequel to only VLR. I was really hoping we'd see some 999 stuff. More Junpei/Akane, maybe some insight as to what's going on with Aoi, and so on.

In any case, I think ZTD's biggest flaw was its presentation. I was able to forgive the blocky animations after a while, but I would have preferred if it remained a visual novel. This game was much more disturbing than the other two, but I didn't feel the shock. It felt so much more visceral in 999, and I think that can be attributed to the writing. The cutscenes in ZTD somehow brought out the flaws in the dialogue to the point where it felt robotic. It's a shame too, because the 2D artwork for this game is fantastic. I would've loved to have seen that used in the format of 999's storytelling. I think it would have made some of the already impactful scenes (Phi dying, Diana and Sigma sleeping together, Junpei's proposal, etc.) more meaningful.

Also, **** this mind hacking stuff. What even was that. Okay, he can read and control minds. I'll take it at face value like I do everything else in these games, although to be honest, they kind of just threw that nonsense in there. But do you have to call it "mind hacking?" Delta was interesting, but his reveal just didn't have the same impact that Zero's reveal did in 999 and VLR.

I'm coming off as much more resentful of this game than I actually am. Truthfully, I loved it, and I really enjoyed what was going on. I think I understood it better than VLR, but that's relative. Music was on point too, especially the Morphogentic Sorrow and Blue Bird Lamentation remixes. But there was no Chill and Rigor, and that is a problem.

Anyways, I'm also making some progress in Chrono Cross. Got to Viper Manor and then stopped when I picked up ZTD.

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