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26 November, 2021, 09:33:17 pm
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Maniac's QUALITY anime log

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Author Topic: Maniac's QUALITY anime log  (Read 11682 times)
« Reply #1185 on: 19 April, 2011, 01:54:02 am »

You probably guessed right. The next page after that was also obvious.

Zodd is so awesome. He should appear more often.


I think that the greatest mystery of Berserk is how Silat has managed to survive this long.

- He attacked the Band of the Hawk prior to Griffith's rescue, and managed to slip off before Guts got around to killing him.
- He arrived at the Tower of Conviction during a three-way match between his forces, Guts and his company and Zodd.
- He was right on ground zero for the rebirth of the Band of the Hawk, featuring Locus, Irvine, Grunbeld and Zodd massacring the Kushan forces stationed in that area.
- He was discovered spying on Ganishka's process of creating demon soldiers while chasing after Rakshas.

This guy is pretty damn weak by Berserk's standards. How has he lived this long?


Irvine has opened up the battle between the main Kushan army and Griffith's force. I mean, just look at that accuracy.


Here's our main villain! Leading the charge against Ganishka's army.


Oh man, watching Locus kill things is always amusing.




In retrospect, this makes Ganishka's defiance of Griffith's will look rather impressive. Pretty much everyone is willing to make Griffith into a divine figure; his charismatic aura from his time as a human has returned with his rebirth and has essentially has been multiplied by the power of itself. At this point, he attracts followers with more effectiveness than how a carrion attracts hornets and maggots. Even the ****ing pope has become deluded by Griffith's divine essence and has now sided with him. With that said, I think that, by this point, I'm now cheering for Ganishka instead of Griffith, even though both of them are evil incarnate.




Farnese has come a long way since the days when she was that creepy girl masturbating to the mental image of a man burning.


We have reached the point where Guts' face is now more messed up than Ganishka's. Look at him; covered in scars and burns and perennially entombed in bandages. Even then, he's perfectly willing to do even more. Guts is the best protagonist ever, hands down.

This site is missing 8-9 chapters, so I'll stop here. I don't have the time or patience to search for more, so I'll wait until tonight to do that.
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