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Final Clash: Start of a Journey (still thinking of a title...)

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Author Topic: Final Clash: Start of a Journey (still thinking of a title...)  (Read 737 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« on: 10 August, 2007, 12:02:02 am »

(Out in the distance, there are 3 silhouettes. They are journeying to Magil, were rumors are quickly spreading about an elemental user, and an age-progresser living there. So the quickest way would be to go through Soldier’s Grave, which would take 4 days to progress through. This foggy, swampy forest was home to many battles. Many soldiers have lost their lives in this place, as per say the name. It also holds the rumor of the dead coming back to kill the wandering within the forest. So far only 46 people have been killed in the past 4 years because of this forest. So the trio is going to the forest with caution.)

Grou: Be wary of this forest, guys. Traps may be everywhere.

Macin: Pffft. Yeah right, there are no traps here.

Kas: You idiot, you have to be careful in this forest. Otherwise we will be stuck here for the rest of our lives.

(Unfortunately, on the first day, they are within a trap left by bandits. Kas pulled a dagger and cut the rope with one powerful thrust. The trio falls in awkward positions.)

Macin: (angrily)We were struggling to get out for 15 minutes, and you had that all along?!

Kas: Well if you moved your butt, I would have gotten to it earlier…

Macin: Why I oughta…

Kas: Well if you wouldn’t be so oblivious to what is around you, we may be sooner to the exit.

Grou: We don’t have time to lolly-gag. Let’s go.

(They hurry on their path. Unfortunately, they are tired because of the arduous work of getting out of the net with only a dagger at hand and go to sleep earlier than expected. While the group is sleeping, Grou is woken up by sinister laughter and moaning. A bit nervous he wakes up in a sweat.)

Grou : (drowsy) Who is there? Friend or foe?

(The ghost leaps out at him, shrieking. Grou blocks the attacks with his sword just in time. However, he lowers his sword to find himself in another dimension. This dimension was very gray and wavy. The ghost transported him to his world for the advantage. Luckily, Grou’s dark powers are strengthened in this place as he can read on his sword “ghosts feel pain, exploit it…” The ghost shows himself, taller and fiercer than before, and has a blade ready.)

Grou: Humph. Hope you are a challenge.

(Grou draws his sword in a stance and the ghost attacks. Grou narrowly dodges the move and is going in for the hit. The ghost phases out and reappears 10 feet from Grou. The ghost starts to glow in one fist and charges at Grou. All of a sudden the fist is turned into a sword. Grou parries the hit and gets a good hit on the ghost in the back of the head.

Ghost (Dazed): You mortal!! I shall vanquish you!

(The ghost hits Grou with a beam before he is sent back to the underworld. Grou finds himself lying on the ground with consciousness slowly regaining to him, right near where Macin and Kas were sleeping. The insignia disappeared we he was in his own world. He mutters the words “This forest…” before he goes back to sleep.)

(The next day, the trio spots a sparkling lake in the middle of the forest. They go to the river to cleanse up and to refill their water supply. All of a sudden, 15 thieves with demon masks come out of nowhere. They all land on tree branches. The leader, who has an elaborate mask detailing that of a Dragon Demon lands comes up to the trio.)

Boss: Give us your treasure or die!

Macin: What a fool…

All of a sudden, a thief takes aim at Macin.


(Luckily, Macin charges up his arm gun and shoots the thief in the eyes with a magic bullet. The thief falls down, in pain. Two more thieves appear out of nowhere and carry the wounded one to another part of the forest.)

Boss: (vengefully)You...

(He runs off to the path where the injured thief was located. The others do the same. The trio went on about what they were doing. At night time, Macin was practicing his aim. All of a sudden, he hears a battle cry and moves to see what is happening. A 7-foot, claw-wielding chimera is standing in front of Macin, ready to swipe his claw at him. Luckily, Macin does a backflip to avoid the swipe. He turns his arms into pistols, ready to fight. The chimera jumps at him full speed.)

Macin: Man, is he fast! This guy could take me out if I’m not careful. Gotta aim for his head…

(The chimera turns around and runs at Macin at full speed. Macin turns his right hand into a sniper rifle, turns his left hand back into a human hand and turns his ammo into regular bullets. Macin jumps up and gets on the chimera’s back. He headshots the chimera from behind.)

Macin: Sayonara...

He walks back to the site where the trio set up camp.

Macin: What an unlucky creature. Must have been half-crazy to mess with someone like me.

(He sets his hands back to normal and walks back to the group. Kas is fixing a fish snack. Unfortunately, he burns the fish.)

Kas: What? I like ‘em this way. If you don’t want these, go get your own.

(Disgusted, Macin and Grou go to the nearby pond to get some fish for themselves. They succeed and catch 2 fish 4 times bigger than Kas’s 3 regular sized fish.)

Macin: (Smugly) Go on. Eat your burnt fish…

(Grou is quietly eating his fish as they are talking. They all eat their fish and go to sleep the next day.)

Macin: Man you should seen the thing I just defeated. Bigger than all of us put together.

Kas: Yeah right. You brag so much but chicken out in real situations.

Macin: Well let’s see if that stands true. You and me, right now.

Kas: Later. I got to go to sleep. My body is too worn out. +And you are more of a nuisance than a challenge.+

(Kas quickly falls asleep.)

Macin: Humph. Thinks he knows everything. Little punk doesn’t know what he is up against. Hey Grou you awake?

(Grou is shown to be asleep, visually. However, he is awake thinking of various things about the odd occurrences in the forest.)

Macin: … I might as well go to sleep myself.

(He goes to sleep in a matter of minutes, muttering “I am gonna kill Kas one day…)

Grou: +These past events in this forest have been too hectic. If we don’t watch it, we may be finished before we even set foot out of this forsaken forest There is that boss of thieves we haven’t dealt with. Then there is the ghost I fought that ended in a draw.+ (sighs) +Better get ready for the unexpected.+

On tomorrow, the day is eerily quiet. The whole forest is covered in a 3 foot fog from the ground up. The trio is carefully walking through, trying not to trip. All of a sudden, 3 ghost samurai come up to attack the trio. One says to Grou “Remember me, black samurai? I am back with friends now…” They all send a beam to each fighter, displaying them in a different reality. Grou is back with the ghost he defeated in the gray and wavy area.

Grou: Heh. You got stronger. I have too, now that I am awake. Let us see by how much…

(The ghost is petrified of it and is standing still. He tries to run away, but Grou vanishes to in front of the ghost’s face.)

Grou: Not fast enough!

(Grou swipes the ghost, killing the ghost in a bright flash.)

Grou: What is going to happen now?

(Just then, he is sent to Macin’s arena. He is yelling at him, but Macin can’t hear him, nor see him.)

Grou: Well looks like I am gonna have to sit this one out…

(Macin looks around to see where he is.)

Macin: I have got to cook my food better…

(Macin then sees the ghost he has to fight. He readies his arm into shotgun-mode and readies his magic bullets. He reads his insignia and it says “Go on, brave warrior. Headshot the ghosts with no fear…”)

Macin: This should be easy. +But where are these dang ghosts?+

(The ghost charges at Macin before Macin made a move. Unfortunately, he is slow and Macin headshots the ghost’s head off. )

Macin: Didn’t even make me sweat. What a joke…

(Macin is transported to the invisible bubble Grou is in.)

Macin: Grou, what the heck is going on in here?!?

Grou: Well I defeated a spirit last night. I think he wants revenge.

(All the while they are talking; they are transported to Kas’s arena. Kas puts his scouter on his face and analyzes the ghost.)

Kas: These ghosts are really annoying. Time to put them in their graves.

(He finds out everything about the ghost and prioritizes his mines to defeat the ghost. He plants one on the ghost while the ghost missed him with a failed attack. Two minutes later the mine explodes, thus killing the final ghost. Kas is transported to the bubble and the trio is sent upward. )

Grou: So our final member is here.

Macin: Wow, I thought they wouldn’t even mess with a twerp like you.

Kas: I swear, one day, BAM! Mouth Gone.

(45 seconds later, they find themselves not in daylight, but at nighttime. They wasted a whole day fighting ghosts, although the fighting made it seem shorter. They quickly move to a different area and go to sleep for the night.)

(On their final day, the trio is nearing the exit of the forest. The fatigue and weariness is showing their effects on them, noticeably Macin. )

Macin : WE ARE LOOOSSSSTTT! We have been running and attacked these past 3 days and we are not even close to getting out of here!

Kas: Quiet! You may disturb something…

Huh?: Too late…

Macin: Who said that? A weird thing that is normal for this forest or my imagination?

(Macin is hit on the head hard with a pebble. Macin falls quickly.)

Kas: Serves him right. But who was that voice?

Grou: Look there he is!

(The figure shows himself to be the leader of the thieves. He lands on an adjacent tree near the trio.)

Boss: Now you three shall taste my fury…

(Just then he grows to two times his original size, with a dragon appearance and starts to attack the group. Grou tries to swipe at him with a regular sword attack, while Kas slaps Macin back to reality. The boss dodges the attack. The demon spits fire at Grou. Grou blocks the hit with his sword. When Grou drops his guard, he finds the demon nowhere in sight.)

Grou: Where did he ---Oomph!

(The demon smacks Grou to a nearby tree from behind, only doing slight damage to him. Grou is quickly getting to his feet. Macin then wakes up from unconsciousness and readies his arm in sniper mode. He tries to get a good postion but can’t. The demon quickly figures out what Macin was going to do and swipes at him. Macin dodges the attack and lands near Grou. He sees Grou calling him over and orders Kas to follow him to go to Grou to tell of an attack plan he thought of.)

Macin: Guys, we need to put all of our strength all at once on this guy. I will attack his eyes.

Kas: Right. I got his mid-section.

Grou: I got his back.

(The demon spots the group and breathes fire on the area. The trio jumps up in time to dodge the attack. Macin shoots the demon in the eyes, blinding him. Kas throws his Bomb-net at the demon, entrapping him and doing significant damage.)

Macin: It’s going off smoothly!

(Grou comes from behind the demon and slashes him, killing the demon in a bright light.)

Grou: Man what a fight.

Kas: Look! I see civilization!

(The group sees a light protruding from the forest. They rush to it and find the town of Magil in front of their faces.)

Macin: YEESSS! Civilization at last!!

Kas: Finally we can get some decent food now!

(They all are excited, except Grou, who feels an evil presence at work from the “aura” of the city.)

Grou:+What is going on here? This city seems calm, but there is an evil force at work here…+

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« Reply #1 on: 11 August, 2007, 07:55:51 pm »

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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #2 on: 11 August, 2007, 10:36:24 pm »

Ok here is the second part to this story. Enjoy.

(Grou’s suspicions were right. When the trio enters the town, they find it to be very bare and desolate. No one is seen with 20 feet on the area. The building look as thought they haven’t been open in years. )

Macin: What happened here? There is nothing living here except us and Kas.

Kas: Not now, imbecile! We have a serious problem here.

Grou: Kas’s right. We may not find that age-user at all…

Macin: Hey guys I hear some noises coming from over there, northwest from here.

Grou: He’s right. Sounds like a party or something.

(The group was heading in the direction. While walking, a bell is heard clanging to suggest the time is noon. To their enjoyment, the place is a restaurant and was open at noon. However, due to the appearance of the shop, they quickly find out the place is run by Serkal, the force this trio is taking down.)

Macin: Dang, we can’t possibly eat or stock up here.

Kas: No food?! After 4 days of eating nothing but undercooked fish?!

Macin: I thought you liked that undercooked crud…

Kas: Well it was all I had at the time. I had to do with what I had at the time.

Grou: Quiet you two. Serkal doesn’t even know of us. If we don’t bring commotion, we can come out of this unscathed.

Kas and Macin: Right

(The trio walks into the restaurant. They order there food and pick a place that is closest to the entrance, just in case a new face comes around. Everyone is looking at the trio with a confused look on there face.)

Clerk: That table over their sirs. By the way, my name is Walen. I hope to serve you gents well.

Macin: These folks are looking at us weird. What did we do?

??: Haven’t seen you folks around here.

Grou: Who are you?

??: The name’s Grigan. I am a loyal servant of Serkal and this restaurant is to let people like me rest up and eat. It’s expensive, but worth it. You three must be new recruits.

Kas: No we aren--- Ouch!

(Macin smacks Kas on the back of the head, shutting him up. Kas is busy massaging his head after the blow.)

Grou: Don’t mind him. He is just cranky and will curse out anybody he doesn’t know. We are specially sent recruits. Serkal heard of us and we are going to see him.

Macin: We just got sidetracked and decided to eat to refuel ourselves.

Grigan: Ok you three are ok with us then if that is the case. You just eat here til’ you burst ok?

(Grigan walks back to his seat. Around that time, the food is also delivered to the group.)

Macin: That was cutting it close. Our cover was almost blown.

Kas: Why did you hit me, you cretin?!

Grou: To make you not spit out our plans. That's enough for now though. Let’s eat.

(So they eat. The meal consists of passes allowing them to eat buffet style. Kas has the most to eat, taking up to 7 plates. Everyone, including Macin and Grou, are amazed that someone as scrawny as Kas could fill up with the grotesque amount of food he consumed.)

Macin: This guy is a bottomless pit! He may put this place out of business.

Grou: Or us out of money…

(45 minutes later, the bill is sent. Much to their dismay, the bill reads 15 yeli( 1 yeli= 5 US Dollars). The group is in uproar about how high the bill is. The trio rush to Walen to discuss the amount.)


Grou: I admit this bill is outrageous. This bill is practically breaking us.

Walen: Well sirs, the food here is made of the finest material available. You made a commitment to eat and pay here.

Kas: Well I got my fill.

Macin: Shut up, little piggy. It’s partly your fault for putting us in this mess.

Grou: Well, Walen, is there something we can do to substitute for this bill.

Walen: As a matter of fact there is. Guards! Take these ruffians to jail to teach them to pay if you want the finer things in life.

So here is the installment to this part. Don't worry, there is more to come, just you wait.
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« Reply #3 on: 12 August, 2007, 09:40:16 am »

I feel your pain...Writing a story and no one reading it...it sucks...and the people who do read it dont comment, so here is my opinion: This Story Rox!
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #4 on: 13 August, 2007, 12:12:19 pm »

Thanks man, it really does suck when nobody wants to read it due to their lazy nature. So what makes my story rock? Is it the recent installment of funny or what?
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #5 on: 26 August, 2007, 03:07:36 pm »

Ok sorry for the long period of time with no story. I was sidetracked by school and white water trip. >.> Um, yeah here is the next installment.

Macin: Not on your life, pal! Guys, let’s take these fools down!

Grou: No, Macin, there are too many goons here. We will be ambushed before we get a chance to dent this force.

Kas: Right, besides if we fight, we will dig ourselves into a deeper hole.

Grou: +That means we can look for survivors in this dead town while incarcerated. +

Macin: +What in the… what are they thinking?! We will get thrown in the clink if we don’t do something. Unless…+

(Just then a big net is thrown over the trio. The guards then hoist the ensnared “ruffians” in their net and throw them in jail. Kas and Macin are arguing about whose fault it is for their recent uproar. After 5 minutes the group is thrown in a dank and dark jail.)

Guard 1: You three fools sure caused an uproar in there.

Guard 2: Yeah, everyone knows that you have to pay a pretty penny to dine at that diner.

Guard 1: Now you guys got the rest of your natural lives in order to think about what you did.

(The guards then walk out laughing. The trio presumed they went back to the diner to get back to their post.)

Macin: Great. We are stuck here for the rest of our natural lives. Any brighter ideas Kas?

Kas: No worries. Luckily these bars look pretty frail. I think we can bust out of here without anybody noticing a thing.

Grou: No chance. The guards may spot us since they may be all over the place. On a side note, did anyone notice the diner people looking scared?

Kas: Yeah I saw that. They looked like they were cooking for their lives.

Macin: Well that is just great. But what about us? We are stuck here for NOTHING!

(Macin kicks the floor out of frustration. All of a sudden, a trapdoor opens. Grou notices it at a glance, but nobody else did. Macin is seen holding his foot in pain.)

Grou: Macin, you didn’t notice that? Kick it again.

Macin: For what? My toe hurts from kicking the dang thing.

Grou: That is a trapdoor.

(Macin then kicks it again, but with little reaction. Macin also stubbed his toe. In the process a loud rumbling is heard.)

??:  Hey you little punks! Keep that racket down before I smack your heads off!

Macin :Says who? Who made you boss of the jail cell?

(A big explosion then happens on the west wall of their cell. The dust clears up. A 6’4, muscular figure wearing nothing but a torn brown vest with torn blue pants and worn sandals comes out.)

??: The name’s Beas. Unless you wanna a beatdown, I suggest you shut yer trap. I killed 43 men in one swoop with meh bare hands…

(While talking, Grou notices the beat-up shape the man is in. One prominent feature is his right ear is nearly mangled beyond repair, suggesting his hearing in that ear may be greatly restricted.)

Macin: (scared and high-pitched) Sir yes,sir.

(Beas then takes the remains of the wall, which is still intact, and places it back on the wall while he was on the other side. Macin lets out a huge sigh of relief).

Kas: (smugly) Looks like you got scared…

Macin: Shut up! Like I knew he was right there.

Grou: You guys don’t have anything to worry about. His right ear is nearly deaf. He can’t hear things up close like us talking right now. The only reason he heard the clanging floor was because of the loudness up-close.

Macin: Ok, smart samurai, do you have any idea to get out of here?

Grou: I am gonna pry this open with my sword, while keeping quiet. Stand back.

(Grou prys his sword into the trapdoor and thrusts his sword to open the door, all while keeping quiet. What they see is the opening to another town.)

So yeah, here it is. I will probably post another part up in a few hours or so.
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Do you earnestly think you can defeat me?

« Reply #6 on: 26 August, 2007, 08:44:26 pm »

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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #7 on: 27 August, 2007, 05:41:52 pm »

Hey everybody, how are you doing? Well here is the next part.

Grou: So THIS is the real town…

Macin: Well the elemental user has to be here. Otherwise our quest will be void…

Kas: No there are other fighters. The elemental user is our closest one yet though.

(After the initial talk, they slowly descend down to the city thanks to the convenient rope that was on the entrance. When they hit the bottom level, they quickly notice that everybody is looking at them. The trio look at each other to wonder what is everybody looking at. Then an old figure comes out of the crowd.)

??: My name is Locin. What are you travelers doing here and how did you find this place?

Grou: We are looking for an elemental user. Alas, we did not know the town above us was corrupt. So we found this city while incarcerated. We are not bad guys; we want to stop Serkal's evil reign.

Locin: Ah, if that is the case, you are welcome here at any time. We are currently in a revolt to take back our town. If you help us out, we will help you out. I don't know of an elemental user, but I hear rumors of a teen your age who can summon the elements…

Macin: Ok, show us your troops.

Locin: Follow me. (About 65 feet from their initial conversation, they are in a battle arena. The arena is very badly torn. In the distance, there are soldiers who are sitting around.)

Locin: Here are our soldiers.

(The total number the trio saw was 30. The soldiers were also not in peak condition. Coughing and sneezing were heard from a variety of the soldiers.)

Macin: What?! You gotta be kidding me. These soldiers look like they can’t even fight off a cold.

Locin: I want you 3 to lead this revolt. Get more recruits. Teach them to fight more effectively. Do what it takes for us to win.

(Locin then leaves out of the building.)

Kas: Looks like we are in a bind here…

Macin: We can't possibly raise fighters in this short amount of time!

Grou: We can do this if we try guys.

(They ask the soldiers their names, what are they doing here, and who else can fight with them. The information the trio received was mainly about personal information about the soldiers, but they also got useful information, like when is the weak point for the enemy. They also got directions for the people who wanted to fight, but couldn't due to some strange reason. From the information they found out they had a week to prepare for the revolt and learned the destination of 75 additional people, which would bring the total up to 105 soldiers, for the fight. So day one was teaching the soldiers how to guard effectively. Day two was to teach the soldiers how to attack and how to hold their weapons. Days two and three were the recruitment days, in which they not only got the 75 additional people, but also 50 more, which brought the total up to 155. The fourth and fifth days were to teach the new recruits the fundamentals of how to attack as a team. The sixth day, the trio, being departed from the army, where walking down the street of the underground city. Kas then sees an eyeglass shop. He eagerly puts on different pairs and asks Grou and Macin their opinions.)

Kas: Glasses give me different properties on how I see my enemies. One pair could give me temperature readings, while another pair can let me see invisible enemies, and this pair can even let me see the celluar structure of any organism. (He puts on a pair.) How do I look?

Macin: You look like an insect no matter what you do.

(Kas then looks at the ground in shame. Grou punches Macin in the arm for saying that about Kas.)

Grou: Look, you are who you are. And you are a good person.

??: So it is you three …

Macin: Who said that?

(A fiery figure appeared in front of the trio. As the figure walked towards the trio, the heat was rising.)

??: The name is Valce and I am the only elemental user in this forsaken town. I hear you 3 were looking for me. Well if that is the case, beat the enemy out of the above town and I will maybe consider it…(While he is talking, he reverts to his human form.)

(Just then he turns to wind form and tornadoes his way out of the visibility of the trio.)

Macin: What was that all about? That was so weird…

Grou: I don't know, but we need to finalize the army to attack at 12 noon. We need to attack early to catch the enemy offguard.

Kas: Hey what is going on in that bar over there?

(Kas points to where the noise is coming from. The trio goes to the bar to see a celebration is being held. The trio was displeased with what they saw.  The soldiers were drinking and being merry to their content.)

Macin: What are you guys doing?! We haven’t won yet and you guys are celebrating.

Grou: If you want to die, continue with what you are doing. Otherwise listen to my instructions.

(Ashamed, the soldiers do so and learn what to do for the next day. On the seventh day, the soldiers wake up at 9AM and get ready by 11:30 in the morning. The trio is making sure the 155 soldiers are up and ready to attack. In the distance Locin and Valce, in his human form, cheering the soldiers on with the remnants of the town.)
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« Reply #8 on: 28 August, 2007, 10:26:30 pm »


*Strict Rater*
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #9 on: 16 October, 2007, 04:31:58 pm »

^I can accept criticism, but for what in your case? You just told me *strict rater*. Tell me the problem and I will fix in the next installment.

Again people, sorry for the long period with no story, but school has been hounding me the past 6 weeks. Well enough bickering. Here it is:

Locin: You know, son, you could have helped those nice people in helping them take back our town.

Valce: Well I want to make sure they do what they say. I am just too tired of the naysayers here saying they will do something, and either don’t do it or fail miserably at doing it.

Locin: Son, these young fighters are just what we need to take back our town. If they don’t take it back for us, we are doomed to stay under cover until the end of time.

Valce: Look father, I am keeping my end of the bargain. They succeed, I will join them. They fail; I stay here and live a decent life being a mole.

Locin: Well, I can’t change your mind then. But they are going on an adventure to take Serkal down. Even though they are powerful, they may need help.

Valce: They are going to take down that vile man? They are insane if they think they can take him down! I will help them as best I can. But I am a boy of my word. If they take back the town, I will certainly help them.

Locin: Well that is good news to hear.

(Meanwhile, the trio climb up the ropes they used to climb down to the town. The troops do the same, one by one. All the while, joking is heard. They then break the lock on the jail cell, careful not to wake up Beas and wait in the above town in the jail cell.)

Macin: We got a few minutes before we attack. What do we do now to kill the time, guys?

Grou: We wait until the moment rises. I noticed while up here, the guards head over to the diner at exactly noon, the same time the bell rings. That is why I assembled the forces here. We will attack the enemy when they are assembled at their weakest point.

Macin: Well that short summary of the plan wasted 2 minutes. What now?

Kas: We could listen to the soldiers’ crude attempts at jokes until then.

Grou: I’ll pass.

Macin: Yeah, these guys jokes could make our mom and dad cry.

(5 minutes later, Grou yells "ATTACK!" The soldiers and the enemies do so. The battle is decided 40 minutes later, with the underground army winning with 20% of their fleet dead. The remnants of the enemy are seen running away. The underground residents are quickly populating their newfound city.)

Locin: Congratulations, you 3 have done well. We will keep our underground city and use the new above city to make a new city. This place shall now be called Ralsin!

Grou: Our work here is done. Let's go

(Just then Valce appears in front of the trio.)

Valce: Ok you got me fair and square. I will join your team. So why was this team formed? I know to stop Serkal, but for what purpose?

Macin: Oh so you know about our plans? Well we are going to stop him and we are recruiting the most powerful allies to help us accomplish that goal. We are kind of recruiting based on rumors we have heard. Me and Grou’s goal are kind of based on revenge, while Kas wants to show him he is not useless, since Serkal spat him out a long time ago. What is your purpose in fighting him?

Valce: Not only did he take my town, he also killed my entire family. Only me and my dad, Locin lived. I kinda want to pay hime back for that.

Macin: Wow that is harsh. Well strength increases in numbers. Welcome to the team.

Grou: I wonder why Locin didn’t tell us his son is the elemental user we were looking for.
Kas: I think to keep it a surprise for us.

Valce: Right. Well, guys, the age- slowing user moved out of here 3 weeks ago. He moved to the nearest city northwest of here. You guys can still catch him.

Kas: I guess our adventure is just starting.

(The group, now with a new member, is seen going to the hotel to rest up. Meanwhile, Beas is sitting in his cell.)

Beas: <Sir, your troops have been run out of the city. What should I do?>

Serkal: <Get out of that infernal cell and regroup to your base.>

Beas: <As you wish sir.>

Serkal: +I don’t know who this force is, but I will make certain to stop it before my weakness is exploited…+

(Beas then knocks a hole into the wall of the cell, revealing an exit. He is seen walking to the forest Grou and the group got out of a week ago.)

Beas: +Thanks to Serkal and his magic, my weaknesses are gone. I can now be any animal I want to be. I shall be restored soon!+ (Evil laughter.)
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #10 on: 04 December, 2007, 08:53:39 pm »

Yeah, sorry for the delay...

(The next day, the group sees festive ornaments everywhere and hears drunken men singing.)
Kas: What are they singing and why are they celebrating?

Kri: It is the New Year for Zene. We happen to just come in at this time. They are just singing the anthem in a drunken slur.

Macin: Wow, this town sure is in denial. The whole country is at war with Serkal’s forces and they are not even getting prepared for the war…

(Just then an indistinctive cry is heard from the eastern direction. Mistaken for a serious tone cry, the group heads to the western direction, ready to fight the opposing force. However they stop to see that the cry was really a beautiful woman practicing her kicks. The cry was from a beautiful, young woman who was practicing her kicking style with weights.)

Kri: Wow look at those movements! She is so graceful yet forceful, even with weights. I never had a chance to meet her in person, so I never knew she would be so beautiful. Guys, our kicker is very pretty.

Grou: Careful Kri, she may seem like a dove but she may be a crow or even a vulture.

Kas: How did we turn the conversation from women to birds all of a sudden?

Macin: Kas, Grou simply meant that statement only to compare his views.

Kri: It’s a figure of speech, kid.

(Just then the woman hears the group conversing without them noticing her. She jumps into the air and surprises the group.)

??: If you guys want to be perverts, do so elsewhere, I am not your eye candy…

Grou: We are nothing but mere travelers. We were debating on what we should spend our money on in the next town for our journey ahead.

Kri: We were sidetracked by your beauty, however.

??: Save it for your woman perv. I see that the young child and black samurai only have their true intents.

(Just then Kri disappears from the group and reappears behind the woman.)

Kri: Come now, missus. Don’t be so hard on us, me specifically. We are good people with good intents.
Macin: What the… How did he get over there?

Valce: That is part of his nature. He sees an attractive girl; he rushes to her side immediately.

Grou: Something tells me he is going to get smacked hard in 5, 4, 3…

??: Where did you come from, imp?!

Kri: Miss, I will serve you well as a husband if you choose me as your destiny.

(All the while Kri is feeling on the woman’s posterior deviously.)


(The woman kicks Kri hard in the stomach over to where the rest of the group is.)

??: How dare you feel on me without permission. Didn’t your mother tell you any better than to not touch until given permission?

Kri: It is the hands, they made me do it. They’re possessed!

Valce: Sure it is pal, and the feeling in your head is nothing but monarchs.

Grou: Enough of this, I will talk to this woman to get on her good side. You guys tend to Kri and his bruised stomach.

(Grou proceeds to go through with his plan.)

Grou: Sorry miss, my pal is very lonely in his life and only spent his time with males. When he sees a woman, he wants to feel every aspect of the woman so he will be satisfied on the road.

??: Spare me the talk, samurai. I know he is destined to be the pervert he wants to be.

Grou: No he doesn’t. He is simply a little shy around girls and doesn’t know what to say. His true intents are pure. He wants to beat Serkal like we do.

??: Is that so? Well my name is Yane and I will help you. Just keep that pervert away from me.

(Meanwhile, about 20 feet from where Grou and Yane are talking.)

Kri: Guys, she wants me. Why don’t you accept it?

Valce: …you are an idiot.

Macin: I admit, that move you pulled just may have cost you a woman in life. But luckily Grou can talk some sense into anybody. I should know. I am his brother.

Kas: I don’t understand the concept of love nor shall I understand it.

(While the group is talking to Kri about his advance on Yane, Grou and Yane walk towards them.)

Yane: Hello everyone, pervert. (Looks at Kri angrily.) My name is Yane and I want to help you. You see, Serkal came to my town and made it a festive hotspot for his troops. My residents are very tired for doing this every couple of days. They want to go back to their regular lives as soon as possible.

Kri: Well Yane, I will help you out. You see, I want to make amends for pulling my move on you without permission.

Yane: Well that is very noble of you, pervert. What is your name?

(Kri sweeps her off her feet and has her in his arm.)

Kri: The name is Kri, sweet princess.

Macin: This guy tries too hard…

Valce: Amen to that, gun-wielder.

Yane: I see you are the only insane person in this group, but you mean well, Kri.

Kri: I am not insane, miss, but rather, very sensual. (He again touches the area he shouldn’t touch.)

Yane: Perv! (She does a backflip while holding Kri’s neck with her feet, overthrowing him.)
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« Reply #11 on: 24 January, 2008, 11:04:50 pm »

"Very Sensual?"

Is the guy a sex offender? Is he molesting her or what?


Nice story otherwise Grin

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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #12 on: 24 January, 2008, 11:28:15 pm »

"Very Sensual?"

Is the guy a sex offender? Is he molesting her or what?


Nice story otherwise Grin

I'm gonna let that one slide, since I know you and all...
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #13 on: 31 January, 2008, 11:10:09 pm »

Yeah, sorry for the looooooooong delay, but here it is...

Kri: (in the air) Love is so cruel! (Falls facefirst on land.) Ow, the pain is never-ending…

Valce: … Sometimes I think one of us should teach him self-control.

Yane: You should make that a priority.

(While Valce and Macin get Kri, the rest of the group heads into the town.)

Macin: When will this guy learn?

Valce: Something tells me he won’t until he gets tossed like this for the 98474th time in a row.

Kri: Guys I am ok. I don’t need your help.

Macin: Whatever, Kri. You can be around this woman, but keep your hands to yourself. +However hard that may be.+

Valce: Come on guys, the rest of the group is leaving us.

(Up ahead.)

Kas: Psst. Hey Grou. Can I ask you of a favor?

Grou: Go ahead, what is it? Is it about Macin’s rash on his neck or…

Kas: No it isn’t that, although that does bring up another suspicion…

Grou: Well what is it, then?

Kas: Grou, can you tell me about the aspect of love?

(Grou stops and has a stunned and confused look on his face.)

Grou: +I thought kids his age wouldn’t care about love until at least 2 years from now. Besides, I don’t know much about love.+ Uh, Kas, to tell you the truth, there is nothing to it. Just be yourself and a lucky woman will fall for you. +This seems like a question for Yane. I have no clue about women.+

Kas: +Just be myself…+

(After 5 minutes of walking, the group is lead into the entrance of the city by Yane.)

Yane: Travelers, here is my town. Be wary of the streetgoers here. They tend to be unruly at times. I will go ahead and ok you through the town leader. Explore the town and have fun! I will be back in 20 minutes.
(In an instant, she runs in the north direction.)

Valce: To tell you the truth, guys, I really don’t like her. I think women can be the downfall of men everywhere.

Grou: That is so absurd. There are some women who have good intentions. Sure it may be small, up to 20-35%, but there are women who can prove to be faithful.

Valce: Show me a woman who doesn’t go out just to eat. Show me a woman who doesn’t think you are boring and loses interest because of that. Show me a woman who doesn’t cheat on you for some other ‘better’ man. Show me a woman who doesn’t care about her appearance and I will maybe change my opinion.

Macin: Valce, you are being irrational. +Not to mention being a baby. +

Kri: Yeah besides, Yane will be the only woman for me. She is destined to be my wife one day.

(Just then a woman wearing a blue dress walks by.)

Kri: And you must sacrifice to gain!

(Kri thens runs to the woman.)

Valce: See? They dress all nice and neat to attract attention just to deny you in your face.

Macin: Ok Kri is a special case against women. But they do that because they want to feel like something in society.

(Just then a loud yelp is heard, followed by a loud smack.)

Huh?: Pervert! I am married and you do that again, I will put my husband on you!

(The rest of the group is running to where Kri is.)

Kri: What a woman… Able to throw a hook with the best of them.

Everyone: …

Grou: … Come on, get up. We got to waste time ‘til Yane comes back.

Valce: That is, if she doesn’t go shopping.

Macin: Ok you are seriously acting immature now.

Valce: Oh I got a lot to say about the opposite gender. Let me tell you guys the telltale signs.

Grou: This is gonna take awhile, isn’t it?

Kri: I’m afraid so.

(While the group is talking, Kas wanders off into a dark alley.)

Kas: +If I be myself, I will understand this concept of love easily. But is it worth it?
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #14 on: 11 February, 2008, 08:44:50 pm »

However, if I don’t, I will be confused on the opposite gender and love altogether. This is giving me such a headache…+ *sighs*

(Kas then looks up to see he is completely lost.)

Kas: Oh great, my mind made me lost. What do I do now?

(Just then, a drum thump is heard. Kas hears it and gets ready for retaliation.)

Kas: Who’s there?

(A homely figure appears with various drums and drumsticks all over his body. He has a scrawny appearance about him and has a bad left eye. He has a posture that says he wants to help.)

Kas: You don’t look dangerous. What’s your name?

(The figure just stands there, drumsticks in hand. He gives the signal he is mute.)

Kas: Oh you can’t speak… Well this is a major problem. Um, can you point me back towards town?

(The figure then shows him the signal to follow him.)

Kas: Ah okay, so you do know where to go.


Valce: … And that is why women will drive you crazy into the ground.

Macin: Is he done yet?

Kri: I’ll give him 5 more minutes to vent.

Grou: Hey guys, where is Kas? He just disappeared…

Kri: Yeah, that guy also looked like he had a lot on his mind about something.

Macin: It’s probably what toy to get while we are here.

Kri: No it looked like something he had trouble understanding.

Valce: Why do women always talk all the time? It’s mainly about nothing!

Grou: … He seriously needs common sense beat into him.

(Back in the alley.)

Huh?: <My name is Jaten. I am an orphan here. I will lead you to the nearest way out of this town. The reason I couldn’t talk to you earlier is because I was scared of confrontation.>

Kas: Oh you know telepathy. Well that is a good excuse. Well Jaten, what do you like to do?

Jaten: <I like to play the drums and sharpen my mind for intense sessions.>

Kas: Do you have any immediate family that I should know of?

Jaten: <… I don’t have any family. My family was killed by a raging fire. I am now an orphan, living off the excess of this city.>

Kas: Oh I am so sorry.

Jaten: <It’s ok. I got over it a long time ago.>

Kas: Well at least you had a family at one time. Me, I was more or less created rather than born. You know, you are very good company.

Jaten: <I was about to say that very same thing.>

Kas: Thanks. Don’t mind me asking, but what happened to your eye?

Jaten: <I don’t mind. My family was being robbed at one time. I was the only one awake at the time and I heard him plundering. Well I didn’t knew he had a dagger and while fighting him he sliced my eye. Luckily my father heard the commotion and shot the criminal. I was 9 at the time and now I am 16.>

Kas: Ouch that sounded painful. Well at least you were spared your life.

Jaten: <At first, the pain was unbearable. I used to cry all the time about how painful it was. But then my dad gave me special training to heighten all of my senses, so that my remaining eye would take over the other’s eye job. He also had a doctor make me a glass eye to make the pain go away.>

Kas: How?

Jaten: <You know, phantom’s eye.>

Kas: Oh gotcha.

Jaten: <What I think also eased the pain was me playing drums all the time. I think it helped soothed my pain. When there was  +I am getting a signal from Serkal.+ <Um Kas, can you wait for me in a minute? I got to check up with something of mine.>

Kas: Ok I will wait for you.

(Back in the streets…)

Yane: Hey guys, what are you doing?

Macin: Listening to Valce’s whining.

Yane: About what.

Everyone: Women.

Yane: …

Grou: Don’t think too hard about it. By the way, what took you so long?

Yane: Oh I almost forgot. Not only is this town notorious for bringing in the thugs to party, this town is also famous for no-hit murders.

Kri: No- hit murders?

Yane: Yes. Murders were the victim has no entry wounds on the body, but upon inspection, organs are crushed or worse, punctured.

Macin: Wow, harsh.

Grou: Guys you don’t think…

Kri: No of course not. Kas can handle himself.

Yane: Yeah, we just had our 17th victim just a few minutes ago. Poor guy, he had his heart, lungs, and stomach punctured…

Grou: Come on guys, we got to find Kas! Valce, you, Kri and Yane go in the south direction. Me and Macin will take the north. Let’s go!

(Back in the alley.)

Jaten: <Yes, what do you want me to do, Serkal?>

Serkal: <I want you to KO that group of “heroes” coming your way. I have sources that point to them coming that way. Take them out as fast as possible. Or else…>

Jaten: <Ok.> +Is Kas one of those heroes? I mean, the only person I like besides my parents is Serkal and Kas. This is such a predicament.>

(He then rushes to where he left Kas, who is looking around his surroundings. He doesn’t know Jaten is sneaking up on him.)

Jaten: +I am going to kill one of my few friends in this dreaded land for my other friend. Well if I don’t do it, I will get punished. If I do, I lose a friend in the process. *sighs* Guess I have to do the prior.+

(Jaten then shoots a sound wave at Kas. Kas goes down before getting back up.)

Kas: Who’s there?!

(He looks around to see no one is there. Then Jaten sends another sound wave amplified in power at Kas.)
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