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Story 4: Blue and the Return of Dragonia (100% Complete)

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Author Topic: Story 4: Blue and the Return of Dragonia (100% Complete)  (Read 998 times)
« on: 05 September, 2007, 02:38:10 pm »

Part 1: A Kingdom in Peril


Desius: Lord Haram, trust me. If you don't strike while they're weak, you won't get another chance.

Haram: But, we are allies. If we attack them, we'll be seen as enemies by all our fellow countries.

Desius: Do not worry. The other countries will not interfere. Of that, I assure you. Now hurry. Baldovain is still weak after the situation 3 years ago. If we attack now, they won't be able to put up a fight. And then, the land will be ours for the taking.

Haram: Understood. I will ready the army for battle.

*Lorrie has been secretly listening to the conversation from around the corner*

Lorrie: Ah! (Grandmother was right! I can't believe it! Why, that dirty Dragonian! I have to tell someone about this, but who?)

Lorrie is a young 17 year old girl. She has no combat abilities, but she is a very acccomplished healer. Not much is known about where she hails from, however.

*Desius notices Lorrie*

Desius: Alright, come on out!

Lorrie: (Uh oh, I've been spotted! What do I do? What do I do!?)

Desius: Not coming out, are you? Fine, we can do this the hard way.

*Desius apprehends Lorrie*

Desius: It seems we have ourselves a little interloper.

Lorrie: Agh! Let me go!

Desius: I don't think so. You know about our plan, so you will be terminated.

Haram: Good. It shall be done publicily tommorow.

Desius: Public? Tommorow? Why don't we save time and do it here and now?

Haram: Because, it will turn the citizens attention away from the rallying soldiers. The people can't know about this just yet.

Desius: Ah, I see. Good idea.

Lorrie: (Ah, I'm going to be executed! Oh, this doesn't look good at all.)

*End Prologue*

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« Reply #1 on: 05 September, 2007, 05:44:35 pm »

*Now we join our hero, Leon. Now 18 years old, Leon has grown into quite the accomplished sword fighter and leader. Just one year after the events of the last story, Leon, together with Ari, formed a group of mercenaries. But unlike most other mercenary groups, they have a moral policy. They won't take any jobs that they consider too dirty. Ari, now 23, has been taking care of the household as usual and takes care of all the other utilities for the mercenary crew. She has since learned basic swordfighting from Leon, and her healing skills have greatly improved. Although I wonder, where could Blue have gone?*

*Leon and the others are at the City of Tehran, in the Kingdom of Haram. Just having completed another one of their assignments*

Leon: Yes! That job payed incredibly well. Nice going everyone!

Eunice: Eh, that job was no problem, Leon. Those bandits were the easiest we've ever taken down.

Eunice is a 15 year old girl. She is a mage of great talent and skill, having been tutored in magic by Blue himself. Despite her stoic appearance, she is very outspoken and confident.

Cal: Hey! I didn't think so! Not everyone is as tough as you are, Eunice. That was rough!

Cal is a 16 year old boy. An amateur archer, Cal is very meek and unsure of himself. Despite that, he's not afraid of Eunice and often argues with her.

Cal: Oh, why can't we get some easier jobs? Fighting these bandits is dangerous stuff.

Leon: We're mercenaries, Cal. Everything we do is dangerous.

Cal: Well yeah...I suppose..

Eunice: Yeah! Stop being a wimp. Instead of complaining, how about you get stronger? Like me!

Cal: Well how about you drop that annoying ego of yours?

Eunice: Why you..!!

Sean: Hey hey, calm down, kiddies. *sigh* It's always so embarassing being around you two.

Sean is the oldest of the group, being 30 years old. A fierce axe fighter, Sean is often the voice of reason when the group have their bouts with eachother. Despite his class, he is very frail and nerdish.

Eunice: Oh, shut up, Sean. If anyone's embarassing, it's you. Nerd.

Sean: Hmph. I resent that.

Dan: How about all of you settle down?

Ari: Ah, Dan. You're finally back.

Leon: Did you find us a way out of here, since the bridge is down?

Dan is a 24 year old young man. Being a Rogue, he is often gathering information or running other such errands for the group. Though, is most cases, he is very unreliable. Very light-hearted and kind, he very rarely losses his cool and he never steals unless it's necessary.

Dan: Nope. I sure didn't. Ha ha.

Leon: Ugh, well then what did you find then?

Dan: Well, there's an execution going on up in the city square. Maybe we should check it out.

Leon: An execution? Of who?

Dan: Eh, I don't know. Some girl.

Leon: A girl? That doesn't sound quite right. As a matter of fact, I think we will check it out. Let's go.
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« Reply #2 on: 05 September, 2007, 06:09:45 pm »

*Leon and the others go to the City Square, site of the execution. A large crowd of people have gathered to witness the spectacle*

*The soldiers are carrying Lorrie over to the gallows*

Lorrie: Aaah! Wait! You have to listen to me! That man is gonna get you all killed! Don't believe him!

Soldier 1: Girl, you're starting to annoy me.

Lorrie: Please listen to me! He doesn't care about this country! He only wants to-Aah!

*The soldiers knocks out Lorrie*

Soldier 2: That oughta shut you up.

Leon: Darn, I can't get any closer. All of these people are in the way!

Ari: Dan, can you get up closer and see what's going on?

Dan: You got it.

*Dan uses his stealthiness and speed to get up closer to the gallows*

Dan: Hmm, now let's see what the deal is.

*Lorrie is set up on the gallows, ready to be hung*

Lorrie: Pl-please...somebody..please listen...

Dan: Huh? Please listen? To what?

Soldier: This girl is an international spy! That kind of villanism is not tolerated here, and she will pay the ultimate price!

Lorrie: No...I'm not..a spy. I want..to warn...you.

Dan: Warn us? Hmm, this doesn't look good.

*The crowd begins to cheer*

Crowd: Kill the wench! Make her pay!

Dan: I better get this back to Leon.

*Dan runs back to Leon and the others as fast as he can*

Dan: Leon!

Leon: What's up, Dan? What did you find out?

Dan: That girl, I don't think she's guilty of anything.

Leon: I thought as much. Did you find out anything else?

Dan: She said she was trying to warn the people of something. Sounded bad.

Leon: That settles it. We're getting her out of there.

Cal: Huh? Are you sure about that, Leon? If we do, then we'll be in the same fix she's in!

Eunice: Yeah, think about what you're doing!

Leon: Doesn't matter. She's innocent and I won't stand by and let her get killed. (Besides, I know...that's what Quentin would do. The old Quentin)

Ari: Oh no. Looks like another life altering decision.

Leon: Pretty much. But hey, that's what hereos do. Cal!

Cal: Yeah, Leon?

Leon: I want you to hit that rope with an arrow. You gotta cut it down to keep her from getting hanged.

Cal: What!? But...but that's too far!

Leon: Come on, you have to try. We're depending on you.

Cal: Oh..okay.

*Cal readies his bow to fire*

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« Reply #3 on: 06 September, 2007, 01:16:00 pm »

Leon: Alright Cal, just hold that bow steady. I'm going up there to catch her when she falls. When I give you the signal, Cal, you fire. The rest of you, back me up. Okay?

Everyone: Got it!

*Leon dashes through the crowd, intent on reaching the gallows before it's too late*

Soldier 1: It's time. Pull the handle.

Soldier 2: Right.

*The Soldier reaches over to pull the handle*

Lorrie: (Ah, this is it.)

*The Soldier pulls the handle. The floor beneath Lorrie collapses and she falls along with it*

Leon: Okay, it's time!

*Leon lifts two fingers straight in the air for Cal to see*

Leon: Do it!

Cal: That must be the signal!

*Cal fires an arrow at the rope. Right before Lorrie is hung by the noose, the arrow cuts the rope and she falls to the ground unharmed*

Eunice: Cal! You did it!

Leon: Nice going, Cal. Now it's my turn!

*Leon grabs Lorrie and slings her over his shoulder. He then pulls out his sword and gets ready to fight*

Leon: Hey, are you okay?

Lorrie: Uh..yeah. I'm fine. But...but who are you?

Leon: I'll explain later. But right now, we're getting you out of here.

*A group of soldiers surround Leon, barring his escape*

Soldier: I don't who you are, but you won't get out of here alive!

Dan: Leon's in trouble! Let's move!

*The group runs through the crowd to Leon's aid*

*Lorrie casts a wind spell. A gust of wind blows away a couple of soldiers, allowing Leon to get out*

Lorrie: Alright, Leon! Come on!

Leon: Right!

*Leon runs out, slashing through any soldier that gets in his way*

Leon: Ari, can you take care of her? She's badly hurt.

*Leon places Lorrie on the ground and leaves her to Ari*

Ari: Yeah, I can take care of it. She'll be okay in no time.

*The crowd is standing around in awe*

Person: What are you guys doing? She's the enemy.

Ari: Pipe down! She is not! She was just trying to help you people!

Person: Oh my! Well...is she going to be okay?

Ari: Sure. She'll be fine.

*Ari heals Lorrie's wounds*

Ari: There. That should do it.

Lorrie: Oh. You..you healed me. I don't know who you are, but I'm in your debt.

Ari: That's all fine and dandy, but we need to split. Come with me!

*Cal is hiding behind a fruit cart, easily downing soldiers with his arrows*

Cal: Whew, now this is what I'm talking about. Easy as pie.

*Sean is assisting Leon with the fighting, mowing down every soldier with powerful axe blows*

Sean: Leon! The girl's safe and secure! It's time to jet!

Leon: Okay! Dan! Secure us an escape route, pronto!

Dan: Wait? I don't get to bust any heads?

Leon: Later! Now just do it!

Dan: Okay okay. *sigh* Alright.

*Dan scouts the landscape, looking for a way to escape*

Dan: Ha! I got it!

Leon: Yeah?

Dan: No time, just follow me!

Leon: Okay! Everyone, we're out!

*Leon and the group follow Dan's planned escape, with Lorrie in tow*

Soldier: They're getting away!

Soldier 2: Not for long! Let's follow them!

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« Reply #4 on: 06 September, 2007, 02:51:52 pm »

*The group makes their way to a forest, just on the outskirts of town*

Leon: Whew, looks like we lost them, for now.

Dan: I knew it. Worked like a charm. Those soldiers are gonna have a rough time tailing us through this forest with all that clunky armor.

Sean: I think it's best we got back to Geldrar while we still can. While they have been slowed down, it's only a matter of time before they catch us anyway.

Leon: Yeah. So Dan, how are we getting out of here exactly?

Dan: The bridge back into Baldovain is just up ahead. We're gonna cross it.

Ari: But Dan! That bridge is up!

Dan: Not anymore it isn't. The bridge was let down, say 2 hours ago, to let the daily commerce traders and the like into and out of the country.

Leon: Alright, then let's go.

Dan: Just one problem.

Leon: What now?

Dan: The bridge goes back up in 5 minutes. And it won't go back down again until the same time tomorrow.

Leon: Why didn't you tell us that sooner!? We have to go!

*Leon and the others make it out of the forest to find the bridge already up again*

Leon: *sigh* Oh man.

Dan: Uh oh.

Eunice: Dan! This is all your fault!

Cal: Now we're stuck here! The soldiers will be here any moment now!

Dan: Hey hey, chill out. It's no use getting all worked up about it.

Eunice: Then what do you suggest we do, huh?

Dan: What else? We stand and fight.

Cal: You've gotta be out of your mind! Did you see how many soldiers were tailing us? We can't possibly take them all.

Dan: Well look again, because here they come.

*The troop comes out of the forest. But there are many less than there were before*

Soldier: There they are! We have them now! The bridge is up so they can't escape!

Soldier 2: But some of the troop are still making their way through the forest. Will we still continue?

Soldier: Of course we do. They'll just have to catch up.

Dan: See? Look. Some of them must be still hanging around in that forest.

Leon: In that case, we have to take them down before the rest arrive. Let's go guys!

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« Reply #5 on: 06 September, 2007, 07:47:42 pm »

Leon: Hey, you two.

Eunice: Yeah, Leon?

Cal: What's up?

Leon: This is your first time going up against actual soldiers. Are the two of you going to be okay?

Eunice: Yeah, we'll be fine. Ah, at least I will.

Cal: Ugh, I'll be fine too, Leon! If she can do it, then I can too.

Leon: Okay. I'm counting on you.

Eunice: Leave it to me!

Cal: And me...

*Leon rushes into the fray head first, slashing down the two soldiers that tried to engage him*

Leon: I've gone against worse. I just have my concerns about the others.

*Sean is engaged by a lance knight*

Soldier: Rah! Here I come!

*The lance knight charges toward Sean and attempts to lunge at him, but Sean dodges the attack*

Sean: Let's see how you like this!

*Sean takes out a hand axe and throws it at the knight. It slams right into his chest and knocks him off his stead*

Knight: Aaaaah! *dies*

*The axe returns to Sean's hand*

Sean: You might wanna learn your facts next time. Knowing your advantages is crucial in a battle.

Ari: Hey, are you alright now?

Lorrie: Yeah, I'm fine.

*Just then, a soldier appears behind Lorrie and prepares to strike*

Ari: Ah! Watch out!

Lorrie: *gasp*

*Ari takes out her Wind Sword and shields Lorrie from the blow*

Ari: Agh..just let me...handle this...

*Ari strikes the soldier, blowing him away with a blast of wind energy*

Ari: Phew, this really does come in handy.

Lorrie: Here, allow me to assist in this fight.

Ari: What can you do?

Lorrie: Uh, well...I can heal small wounds. I know it's not much, but I just wanna help.

Ari: Okay, just stay close.

Lorrie: Right!
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« Reply #6 on: 06 September, 2007, 08:08:53 pm »

*Eunice and Cal are standing together, downing any soldier that comes close*

Eunice: Hey, you're not bad!

Cal: Heh, you're not bad yourself, Eunice.

*Just then, two Wyvern Riders fly in from over the forest*

Leon: Ah! Wyvern Riders! And they're heading for Dan!

*Leon yells out*

Leon: Dan! Watch out!

Dan: Don't worry, Leon. You needn't worry about me.

*Dan takes out two dagger, coated in poison, and flings them into the air at the Wyvern Riders. The daggers hit, and within seconds, the Wyverns fall out of the sky*

Dan: Ha! As expected. They dropped like flies.

Soldier: We're low on foot soldiers, but the Wyvern reinforcements are coming in.

Soldier 2: Good. They won't last long.

*Sean notices the increase in the number of Wyvern Riders*

Sean: Uh oh. At this rate, we won't be able to win. Leon!

Leon: Yeah, I know I know! Everyone, we need to fall back!

*Leon and the gang begin to flee the battle scene*

Soldier: They're making a run for it! Wyvern Knights! Run them down!

*The Wyvern Riders speed off in pursuit of the group*

Dan: Leon! We can't outrun them!

Leon: Yeah, I get it! Cal! Eunice! Slow them down!

Eunice/Cal: Right!

*Eunice cast a Wind spell. A gust of wind blows on the Wyvern Knights, knocking some of them out of the sky*

*Cal continuously fires arrows at the remaining Wyverns. Each arrow downing one of the Wyvern Knights*

Leon: That's good! Keep it up!

*The few Wyvern Riders remaining begin to flee, allowing Leon and the group to escape*

Soldier: Grrr. This isn't good.

Soldier 2: Lord Haram said it was imperative that we silence the girl. Now she's gotten away.

Soldier: Ah well. Nothing we can do now. We'll just have to face the music.

Leon: Yes! We got out of there! Great job, everyone!

Dan: Our first real battle and we were already forced to retreat. *sigh* Something tells me this'll only get harder from now on.

Leon: Hey, don't get discouraged. We weren't prepared for a battle of this magnitude. Next time, we'll be ready. I gaurantee it.

Dan: Eh, if you say so.
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« Reply #7 on: 07 September, 2007, 11:15:52 am »

*Leon and the group return to the base, stationed at their house in Geldrar town*

Leon: Phew, finally made it back. I was worried there for a second.

Ari: Yeah, we had to hide out until the bridge came down again. Thanks to a certain someone.

Dan: Hey, I said I was sorry...

Leon: Oh well, that's old news now. We have more pressing matters to attend to.

*Leon glaces at Lorrie*

Leon: Hey you. Mind telling us your story? Why were you about to get executed?

Lorrie: Ah, okay. I'll start from the beginning. My name is Lorrie, and I hail from the country of Valyura, far to the west.

Eunice: The continent of Valyura? Hey! I read about that place in history books. Supposedly the Valyurians warred with the Dragonians thousands of years ago.

Lorrie: Yes, I was just getting to that. My people, the Valyurians, fought against the vile Dragonians when they tried to invade our country. They nearly overwhelmed us with their immense power, but we were able to defeat them. With our vast knowledge of weaponry, we created powerful weapons, specifically forged to strike down the Dragonians. Then, we banished the Dragonians back to their own country, and sealed them there, so they would never threaten another country again. But now, something bad has happened.

Sean: Oh, don't tell me, the Dragonians have returned, haven't they?

Lorrie: That's correct. Well, one of them anyway. We had thought it wasn't possible, but somehow, one of the Dragonians broke through the seal and made his way here. If only we had listened to my Grandmother, this wouldn't have happened.

Cal: Your Grandmother? What did she say?

Lorrie: My grandmother was a powerful psychic. Before she died, she made one last prediction. She told us "The land shall once again be awash in war and strife. And the Dragonians will walk amongst the ruins." At first, we had thought she was talking about Valyura, but she was really talking about this continent.

Ari: So you're telling me a war is going to break out in Meloria?

Lorrie: Quite possibly, yes. And from what I discovered, Baldovain is the target of Haram. That Dragonian is using them to start a war that'll destroy the land. If we don't do something to stop this, the Dragonians will return, and there will be no one who can stop them.

Leon: Baldovain!? Sirios...we have to help them. Their military strenght isn't up to par yet. They'll be crushed!

Sean: Wait just one minute, how powerful are these Dragonians, Lorrie?

Lorrie: Oh, the Dragonians are a terrible race of people. They look like regular people, just like you and me. But they can transform, into beastly dragons of fearsome power. It was to this power that we almost lost our country. They aren't to be trifled with. The ancient weapons of Valyuria no longer exist, so we cannot allow them to return.

Leon: Yeah, I understand. But first thing's first, we gotta stop the war between Baldovain and Haram. If we can do that, then the whole plan goes down the drain.

Dan: I get ya, Leon. But how can we do that? We're just a simple band of mercenaries. We can't possibly fight against a whole army.

Leon: Yeah, I know...but we have to try. If we don't, we're toast anyway.

Eunice: Well, then what's our plan of action?

Sean: First, I suggest we go speak with King Sirios. We must inform him of what's to come, so that he can get prepared as well as he can.

Leon: Yeah, good idea. Well then, let's go everyone.

Ari: *sigh* It's times like these that I wish Quentin were here.

Leon: I know, Ari. But we can no longer depend on him. He abandoned us, so we have to do it ourselves.

Ari: Okay...(Oh Quentin. Where could you be? We need you)
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« Reply #8 on: 07 September, 2007, 10:51:33 pm »

*Meanwhile, Blue has taken new residence, deep in the Serade Oasis. A place far from any civilization, he has resided there to live a life of peace and solitude. He lives inside of an old abandoned palace, along with his two apprentices, Isaac and Raine. Since his time away, Blue has completely finished his magic studies, gaining total mastery of all schools of magic. His apprentices feel that he may have become the greatest magic user in history. But what could have possibly made Blue leave behind his family and friends?*

Isaac: I'm sensing...a disturbance.

Blue: So it's happening, just like I thought.

Isaac is a 20 year old young man. Having learned all of his magic from Blue, he is a Sage of great power. Being the typical heroic type, kind and considerate of others, and always willing to help out, he often disagrees with Blue's view of the world.

Isaac: So, what do we do?

Blue: We go about our own business. That's what we do.

Isaac: But...it's only a matter of time before your friends get involved. You really won't lift a finger to help them?

Blue: No. I gave them a fair warning. I told them what would happen if they tried to save people that don't deserve to be saved. They're fool enough to bring about their own destruction, so I say let them be destroyed.

Isaac: But master Blue, I don't understand. It's not their fault. They're being manipulated into fighting. Why can't we show them the light?

Blue: Because it's their own greedy ambition that drove them to it. All they needed was a little nudge in the wrong direction. That one nudge will bring death to many.

Isaac: That's exactly why we should stop it. Those innocent people, they did nothing to deserve such a fate. Must we really stand by and let them perish?

Raine: Hrrrm, Isaac, why don't you just quit while you're behind?

Isaac: What?

Raine is a 21 year old young woman. Having also learned all of her magic from Blue, she is a Dark Sage of great power. Being incredibly laid back and half-hearted, she never puts up a fight, and gives in very easily. As such, she has been reduced to always agreeing with what Blue says, regardless of what it is.

Raine: Just don't bother. There's no way you're gonna change Master's mind. And besides, he's right anyway. Those people are a lost cause. If we save them once, there will always be that one power hungry fool who will ruin it for everyone. There's just no point anymore.

Isaac: Only weaklings talk in such a manner!

Blue: Isaac! That's enough! We do nothing, and that's final, understood?

Isaac: Ah! Ye...yes, Master...

*Blue looks down at the ground as if he's having an inner conflict*

Blue: (Leon, Ari, everyone. I just can't do it any longer. I'm sorry, but you're on your own.)

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« Reply #9 on: 08 September, 2007, 06:01:40 pm »

*Meanwhile, at the Baldovain Palace, Sirios is outside in the Flower garden, paying his daily visit to Lemia and his father's graves*

Sirios: *sigh* Guess it's time for another batch of flowers. These ones are already dead.

*Sirios begins replacing the dead flowers with lives ones when a soldier runs up to him, completely flustered*

Soldier: King Sirios! King Sirios!

Sirios: Huh? What's the matter?

Soldier: The Palace! It's under attack!

Sirios: What!? Under attack? By who?

Soldier: It's a battalion, riding under the flag of Haram!

Sirios: Haram!? What's the meaning of this!? Agh, no time for that. Get a troop together and mount a defense in front of the castle gates. We can't allow them to get through.

Soldier: Yes sir!

*The soldier sets out on his task*

Sirios: Hmm, I feared something like this would happen. Due to our battles with Blue and his friends, our military power has been cut by more than half. I guess I have no choice but to take up arms myself.
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« Reply #10 on: 09 September, 2007, 01:18:04 pm »

*Outside, at the castle gates, a brigade of Armor Knights are doing their best to keep the enemy from getting in. But they are slowly losing their grip*

Knight: Ergh! Keep it steady, men! We can't let the castle be taken by the enemy!

*A unit of mages arrives to take out the remaining Armor Knights*

H. Mage: Ready!?

Knight: No! Mages! We won't be able to stand against them!

H. Mage: Fi-

*Before the mage can get out his order, Sirios rides in on his horse and strikes down the mages with his Gungnir*

Knight: King! You've arrived!

Sirios: Yeah, and just in time it seems. Continue to hold your ground here. I'm going to the front lines with the others.

Knight: Yes sir! *sigh* He's so brave and courageous.

H. Soldier: So the King himself has joined the battle, eh? This just makes things easier for us. Charge! Bring him down!

*A flurry of soldiers charge at Sirios, but they're no match for his power. He easily defeats them all in one fell swoop*

Sirios: Come men! We shall not show any fear! We will make them rue the day they decided to attack us!

Soldiers: Yes sir!!

*The battle rages on. Sirios and his army are dwindling down the enemy's numbers, despite their disadvantage. But due to their vast numbers, they grow tired and weary*

Soldier: *panting* My liege, it's no use. They're too many of them!

Sirios: No! We won't give up! We can't let them win!

Soldier: No, my King. You must flee! We will hold them for as long as we can.

Sirios: What!? How could you suggest I do such a thing? I will not leave my men behind!

Soldier: Please! If we lose you here, all that we have fought for, all that the others have died for, will have been for nothing. We need you to live, my King. Live to fight another day.

Sirios: But...but I...I can't...

Soldier: Yes you can! Now go! Hurry!

Sirios: I...I'm sorry.

Soldier: Don't worry about us. Now go!

*Sirios begins to ride off, away from the battle*

H. Soldier: Hey! He's trying to get away! Stop him!

*A group of soldiers attempt to follow Sirios, but they are halted by his troops*

Soldier: We won't let you! Haaa!!

*The armies continue to fight, and Sirios has escaped from the battle scene*

Sirios: *sniff* I'm so sorry, everyone. But I promise, I will avenge you all!

*The battle rages on, but the Haram Soldiers eventually overtake Sirios' army. The castle is lost and Haram wins the day*

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« Reply #11 on: 09 September, 2007, 06:30:51 pm »

*Leon and the gang set out for Baldovain, completely unaware that it was already lost to the Haram forces. They come across the town of Sardena, the first stop on their journey. And what they find there will lead to yet another battle*

*Sardena Town*

Leon: Well, we got a pretty long trip ahead of us, why don't we take a rest for a while?

Ari: But Leon, we just got started. I'm sure we can keep going for a little while longer.

Leon: Yeah, but the sun's going down. It's a bad idea to travel at night.

Eunice: What are you so worried about? We're mercenaries, remember? We can handle anything!

Leon: Maybe so, but we're still not taking any risks.

Dan: Leon's right. If we happened to get ambushed by Haram troops in the middle of the night, it could get ugly for us. It's best to stay put til the morning.

Eunice: Ooh, you and your possibilities.

*Just then, a crowd of townspeople coming running, screaming for their lives*

Man: Aaaaah! They're here! They're here!

Sean: Hey wait! Who's here?

Woman: The Haram Soldiers! They've come to take control of our town!

Leon: What? They made it here already?

Man: Run for your lives! Aaaaah!!

Ari: Leon, we need to save these people.

Cal: Yeah! We can't let them get away with this!

Dan: *sigh* Wasn't planning on this happening so soon.

Eunice: What are you sighing about? We get to kick some tail!

Dan: Oh. Yeah. That's always fun.

Leon: Well. You guys know the drill. Let's move.

Dan: Hey. Wait a sec.

Leon: What now, Dan?

Dan: Don't you think we should charge someone for this? I mean, we are mercenaries and we do get paid for this kind of stuff.

Leon: Now's not the time for that. Now let's go. We're driving those soldiers out of this town!

*Leon and the others hurry to the battle*

Dan: Eh, sometimes I think this isn't worth the trouble.

*Dan hurries to catch up with the others*
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« Reply #12 on: 09 September, 2007, 10:24:24 pm »

*In the town square, a unit of soldiers have gathered. A crowd of people are quivering in fear, but two small children stand up to them*

Astor: From this day forward, this country is under the rule of Haram! You will bow down to us!

Boy: No! We won't listen to you! King Sirios will come to save us, then you'll be sorry!

Girl: Yeah! You'll be sorry!

Man: No! What are you doing!? Get back over here!

Astor: Ha! Foolish children. Don't you know your king is dead? No one will save you now! Ha ha ha!

Boy: He is not dead! I don't believe you! King Sirios will come and beat you up!

Girl: Yeah! He'll beat you up!

Astor: You brats are starting to get on my nerves.

*The children begin to throw rocks at Astor*

Boy: Take that!

Girl: Yeah! Take that!

Astor: Ergh, you'll pay for that!

*The children's mother steps in front of the children*

Mom: No! Please don't hurt them! They're just children!

Astor: Heh, since you care so much for them, you'll die in their place!!

*Astor lifts his sword to strike*

Boy: Momma! No!

Girl: Mommy!

*Astor strikes, but he misses. And the mother is nowhere to be seen*

Astor: What? Where did she go?

Dan: Over here!

*Dan is standing on top of a building, with the mother in his arms. He used his blinding speed to whisk the mother away from harm*

Astor: What the..!!

Dan: Hey, are you okay?

Mom: Yes, I am. Thank you so much for saving me.

Dan: Eh, no problem. It's what I do. Now you stay here, while we take care of these goons.

Mom: Yes. Okay.

*Dan jumps from the building and rejoins the group*

Leon: Nice job, Dan. I knew we could count on you.

Dan: Sure. While I may regret not getting any cash out of this, it's not in my nature to stand by and watch innocents get hurt.

Astor: Hmm? Who the heck are you people?

Leon: We're the Blue Mercenaries! And we don't take kindly to you picking on these innocent people.

Astor: Heh. Just a bunch of sellswords.

Leon: This is your only warning. Get the hell out of this town or we'll make you get out.

Astor: Ha! What nerve! This little band of pups trying to tell US what to do! What's the world coming to?

Leon: Well?

Astor: We're not going anywhere. This town belongs to us!

Leon: I figured you'd say that. Oh well, your loss. You just better get ready to die.

Astor: I think it's you who needs to get ready to die! Ready men!? Attack!

Leon: Let's go guys!

Everyone: Right!

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« Reply #13 on: 09 September, 2007, 11:31:41 pm »

Leon: Alright, here I come! Yah!

*Leon charges straight for Astor with his blade drawn, but before he can reach him, he is surrounded by soldiers*

Astor: Heh heh, before you can fight me, you have to take down my squad first.

Leon: Get out of my way!

*Leon begins slashing through the soldiers, but they start to overwhelm him*

Leon: Agh...

Eunice: Leon needs some help!

*Eunice casts a Wind Spell. A powerful gust of wind blows away the soldiers attacking Leon*

Leon: Thanks a lot, Eunice!

*Sean is attacking a group soldiers. He easily takes care of them, until two mages arrive*

Sean: Huh? Uh oh. Mages.

H. Mage: You won't be able to withstand this!

*The two mages pool together their magic. They cast a fireball spell twice the power of a regular one*

Sean: Agh...

*Before the spell hits, Lorrie steps in and twirls her staff in front of her, deflecting the shot back at the mages*

Mages: Aaaaaah!!!

Sean: Hey, nifty trick.

Lorrie: Heehee. Thanks. It's my specialty.

*Cal is up on the roof of a building, raining down arrows on the enemy*

Cal: Perfect. Non confrontational battling is so my style. Whoop, there goes another one. Heh heh.

Mom: Uhm, excuse me?

Cal: Yeah, what's up?

Mom: Why are you helping us? I mean, I'm not complaining, but it's not like a bunch of mercenaries to just step in and do something like this without getting paid for it.

Cal: Yeah, well...we're not your usual mercenaries. It's true, we do normally tackle this kind of stuff for cash, but..let's just say we're not on duty now. We're here strictly to help save this country and its people. Because, as our leader, Leon, says, "We're more than mercenaries, we're heroes."

Mom: Wow. That's so courageous of you.

Cal: Think nothing of it. We're glad to help.
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« Reply #14 on: 10 September, 2007, 10:30:58 am »

*Dan takes out several poison daggers and launches them at a group of soldiers, but they bounce off of their shields*

Dan: Uh...okay. That's not gonna work.

H. Soldier: Get him!

*The soldiers charge at Dan*

Dan: Hoo boy, guess I have to make this quick.

*Dan slashes through each soldier one by one, so quickly that they didn't even see what happened*

H. Soldier: What? Aaaarggh!!

Dan: Heh heh. The speed of us Rogues can't be matched.

*A lance knight rides toward Ari, intent to strike*

Ari: Oh man, here he comes.

L. Knight: I have you now! Yah!

Lorrie: Not so fast!

*Before the knight can attack, Lorrie takes her staff and trips up the horse, causing them both to tumble to the ground*

Lorrie: Hiyah! Take this!

*Lorrie repeatedly jabs the knight in his chest with her staff, until he's no longer moving*

Ari: Wow. I thought staves were only for healing.

Lorrie: Maybe, but mine is different. It's longer, more limber, but also more durable than regular staves. It is usually for healing, but I can wield it just like any old bo staff.

Ari: Hah, you never told us you could fight like that. Amazing.

Lorrie: Yeah, well...I may have left that part out. Heh heh.

*Astor's forces are weakening and the battle is drawing to a close*

H. Soldier: Aaaah! Lord Astor! They're too strong!

H. Soldier 2: Let's get out of here!

Astor: What are you doing!? Stand and fight! You miserable cowards. Let me show you how it's done!

*Astor approaches Leon*

Astor: Alright boy, I'll go through you first.

Leon: Oh yeah? Go ahead and try!

Astor: Gladly! Raaah!!

*Astor swipes at Leon with his sword, but Leon ducks, avoiding the attack*

Leon: Not good enough!

*Leon continuously slashes at Astor, each blow dealing minimal damage*

Astor: Ha ha ha! Is that all you got? My armor is too strong for your weak attacks!

*Leon continues attacking, each hit getting stronger and stronger with every blow. Astor's armor begins to break*

Astor: What!? No!!

Leon: Take this!

*Astor's armor shatters, and Leon delivers the final blow*

Astor: Aaaaaagggh!!! How could I lose...to a small...pup...*dies*

Leon: Ha. This battle is ours.

H. Soldier: The commander! He's fallen!

H. Soldier 2: Let's run while we still can!

*The remaining soldiers flee the battle*

Cal: Yeah! We did it!

Mom: Oh thank goodness.

Cal: I guess we can get off this roof now. Come on.

*Cal grabs the mom and they jump off the building*

Boy: Mommy! You're safe!

Girl: Hooray!

Mom: Oh my precious babies. Don't scare me like that again.

Boy: Hey mister, thanks for saving our mommy.

Girl: Yeah, thanks!

Dan: Heh, sure. Anything for the kiddies. Here, have a lollypop.

*Dan shuffles through his bag and takes out two lollypops*

Children: Yay! Lollypops!!

Cal: Dan, what were you doing with lollypops in your bag?

Dan: Eh, what can I say? I have a sweet tooth.

Mom: I don't know how I'll ever repay you.

Dan: You don't have to. I just did what comes naturally.

Crowd: Hooray! We're saved! We don't have to live in fear anymore! Yay!

Eunice: Ha ha, this feels kinda good. Being cheered on and such. I feel like a real hero now.

Sean: Yeah, it does feel good. And here I thought this would bode ill for us. I think we can really save this country if we try hard enough.

Eunice: You're right. But I never had any doubt at all. I know we can do it.

Ari: Well Leon, that's one down.

Leon: And who knows how many more.

Lorrie: They couldn't have occupied every town and city yet. We need to hurry before this gets worse.

Leon: Yeah, it's time to move.

Man: Hey, before you go.

Leon: Yes?

Man: I'm not sure if you've heard, but it pains me to say that the castle has already fallen to the Haram forces.

Leon: Really!? But what of Sirios?

Man: The King was reported to have escaped from the castle before it fell, but his whereabouts are currently unknown. For all we know, he could have been already captured by the Haram Army.

Leon: Oh man, this doesn't look good.

Ari: Leon, we need to find Sirios quickly!

Leon: Yeah, I know. We have no time to waste! Let's go everyone!

*Leon and the group leave the town*

Man: So the fate of our country is in their hands, eh?

Mom: Yes, but I believe they're good hands.

Man: I do too.

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