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Story 4: Blue and the Return of Dragonia (100% Complete)

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Author Topic: Story 4: Blue and the Return of Dragonia (100% Complete)  (Read 998 times)
« Reply #15 on: 10 September, 2007, 01:51:16 pm »

*Meanwhile, in the Serade Oasis, Blue, Isaac, and Raine are observing the ongoing conflict through reading energy disturbances in the atmosphere*

Isaac: Alright! They made it through!

Blue: Eh, it only gets harder from here on out. They may not be so lucky next time.

Isaac: Master, what's the matter with you? These guys are your friends! If you're not going to help them, at least give them moral support. You're being horribly negative right now.

Blue: Ah! Hrrm....

Raine: Master does have a point though. That was only the beginning. They have a much harsher road ahead of them.

Isaac: Feh, I don't care what you guys say. They're going to win no matter what. You'll see.

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« Reply #16 on: 10 September, 2007, 02:09:46 pm »

*Leon and the group continue to make their way to Baldovain, cleansing every town they come across of the Haram soldiers. Meanwhile, King Sirios is in the secluded Kegol Forest, taking a breather after a whole day of traveling*

Sirios: Alright, I found us some food to eat. So come on out, Rider.

*Sirios' horse, Rider, is nowhere to be found*

Sirios: Hm? Rider, where are you?

*Sirios rustles through various bushes and trees looking for any traces of Rider's whereabouts*

Sirios: Aw man. Where could he be?

*Sirios looks behind another bush to find Rider, dead and full of arrows and slash wounds*

Sirios: Ah! Rider! Who could've done this!?

H. Soldier: Heh heh, so there you are!

Sirios: Huh? Who's there!?

*A group of soldier come out into the forest clearing, and surround Sirios*

H. Soldier: I knew if we offed that stupid horse we'd bring you out of hiding. Now we're gonna finish the job.

Sirios: I won't go down so easily.

*Sirios takes out his Gungnir lance*

H. Soldier: It's just you against all of us. Not even the Gungnir will save you now. Once we're done with you, our conquest of Baldovain will be complete.

Sirios: I will never surrender my Kingdom to you. I'll die before I let that happen.

H. Soldier: How funny you should say that. Get him!!!

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« Reply #17 on: 10 September, 2007, 03:05:22 pm »

*Leon and the others reach Kegol forest, completely unaware that Sirios is up ahead, fighting for his life*

Eunice: *sigh* How much farther til we make it to Baldovain, Leon?

Leon: Um, I'd say we have a few more days of traveling.

Eunice: Oooh, why is it taking so long?

Leon: Well, we're not traveling on steads, so it's gonna take a while. Just stick it out, would you?

Eunice: Fine...

Cal: Yeah, embrace the wilderness, Eunice. It's fun!

Eunice: No it's not! It's hot and muggy and icky and gross. Ugh, I just wanna take a nice hot bath.

Dan: Hey pipe down, would you? Geez, you're giving me a headache.

Eunice: I'll give you something worse than a headache.

*Eunice's hair begins to flare about, as if she's preparing a spell*

Dan: Oh yeah, you wanna rumble?

*Dan flicks out a dagger*

Sean: Oh come on, we don't have time for this right now.

Leon: Yeah, stop it. Or I'll knock out the both of you.

Eunice: Ergh, he started it...

Dan: Nuh uh.

Lorrie: Ari, are your friends always like this?

Ari: *sigh* Yes, unfortunately...

*Just then a soldier comes careening through the air and slams into a tree*

Soldier: Aaah! Ugh...

Leon: Huh? What the heck!?

Dan: A Haram Soldier! So they're here too.

Sean: If so, then someone must be up ahead fighting them.

Leon: Yeah, let's see who it is.

*The group comes to the forest clearing. They see Sirios doing fairly well against the Haram Soldiers, despite his disadvantage*

Leon: Ah! Sirios! He's alive!

Ari: Yeah, and he's fighting those soldiers by himself!

Eunice: You don't have to say it, Leon. We know the drill.

Leon: That's right. We're helping him immediately. Let's go.

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« Reply #18 on: 10 September, 2007, 03:27:37 pm »

*Leon steps in the fray and strikes down a soldier behind Sirios*

Leon: Long time, no see, Sirios.

Sirios: Leon!? What are you guys doing here!?

Leon: We figured you were in trouble so we came to lend a hand.

Sirios: Well you figured right. Thanks a lot.

H. Soldier: Huh? Who the heck are they?

H. Soldier 2: I don't know, but it's not looking good. We were having enough trouble with Sirios alone. I think we need to retreat.

H. Soldier: *gulps* Yeah, sounds good.

*The remaining soldiers begin to flee the battle scene*

Leon: Heh, they're running away again*

Sirios: Not on my watch!

Leon: Huh?

*Sirios runs after the soldiers, intent on keeping them from getting away*

Sirios: Take this!

*Sirios lauches his Gungnir at one of the soldiers. It pierces right through his back*

H. Soldier: Aaaagggh! No...

Eunice: Well, we may as well do our part.

Cal: Let's do it!

*Eunice launches a Fire ball at a soldier, scorching him*

H. Soldier: Ah! Aaaggh!

*Cal shoots three arrows at a soldier, stopping him in his tracks*

H. Soldier: Aaauggggh!!

Dan: Hah, one more left!

*Dan takes out a dagger and launches it at the last soldier. It skillfully sticks into his neck, killing him instantly*

H. Soldier: Aaaagghugh...

Sirios: Ha. That takes care of them.

Ari: Good to see you safe, Sirios. We had thought you were already taken by the Haram troops.

Sirios: Me? Nah. I can't be beaten so easily. Although, if it hadn't been for my loyal soldiers, I wouldn't be here right now. They...sacrificed themselves so I could get away...

Eunice: That's terrible...

Sirios: Yes. They're all dead. And my castle was taken under the control of the Haram Army. They've beaten us.

Leon: No. We're not beaten yet. As long as we're still alive, they haven't won this war. We'll fight together and take back our country.

Sirios: Yeah, then I'll demand to know why they did this.

Lorrie: Uhm, I think I can answer that. See, I overheard Lord Haram talking with a certain someone.

Sirios: Really now? Tell me all about it.

Lorrie: Sure.

*Lorrie informs Sirios of everything leading up to these events*

Sirios: That's...not good. So you're telling me that someone else is pulling the strings?

Lorrie: That's right. There's much more to this than just gaining control of your country. Eventually, every country will fall, and the Dragonians will take over.

Leon: Yeah, and we have to stop them before they make their next move.

Dan: If we can just take back Baldovain, this would be over before it even starts.

Sirios: Alright, then it's settled. We assault the castle and take it back from the enemy.

Leon: Right. With a little cunning and ingenuity, we can pull this off.

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« Reply #19 on: 10 September, 2007, 04:11:47 pm »

*Leon and the group, now joined by Sirios, continue onward to Baldovain. They decide to take a break at a nearby city*

*Itari City*

Eunice: Ah finally. A City that's not overrun with Haram goons. We got lucky.

Leon: Yeah, thank goodness for that. But too bad we don't have time to enjoy the sites. It's getting late, so we need to retire for today.

Ari: Sounds good. It's been a while since we slept in a nice warm bed.

*Itari Inn*

Sirios: Hey wait. Leon.

Leon: What's up?

Sirios: Before we go to sleep, I think we all need to agree on something.

Leon: And that is?

Sirios: Someone needs to stay up and keep watch. You never know, the Haram soldiers could storm through the city while we're all asleep. We need someone to stay up and keep a look out, just in case.

Leon: Yeah, good idea. Hmm, but who?

Cal: Who else? We all know who's the best at keeping a lookout on things.

*Cal glances at Dan*

Dan: Huh? Oh no, not me. I'm so not doing it.

Leon: Oh come on, Dan. We need your help.

Dan: But I wanna sleep too! I'm always the one doing all the dirty work.

Cal: But you're the best one suited for it! None of us have the same ever vigilant hawk eyes like you do.

Dan: *sigh* Okay okay. But just this once.

Leon: Great. Well, we're going to sleep. Night.

Cal: Night, Dan.

Dan: Yeah...night...

*Later that night, Dan is outside the inn, keeping a lookout over the city*

Dan: They always do this. Making me do all the work. They're just lucky that I'm a nice guy. They'd be...totally lost without me. Stupid Leon, stupid Cal...*yawns* Stupid....everyone...*zzzzzzzz*

*Dan falls asleep!*
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« Reply #20 on: 10 September, 2007, 04:26:16 pm »

*About an hour later, the group is awakened by a large explosion*

Leon: Huh!? What the hell was that!?

*Ari storms into Leon's room*

Ari: Leon, hurry! Get your gear and come outside!

Leon: Right!

*Leon and the others go outside of the inn, to find the entire city erupted in a plume of flames. Citizens are lying dead in the streets and homes are destroyed*

Sirios: What? What happened!? This is awful.

Cal: Where's Dan? He's gone!

Leon: Man, this doesn't look good. We need to find him.

*Meanwhile, Dan is in the upper part of the city, fending against the invading Haram Soldiers on his own*

Yans: Now, where are the others?

Dan: *panting* I'll...I'll never tell you. Haram scum.

Yans: You insolent brat. I'll destroy you for your defiance!

*Yans strikes with his lance, but Dan barely dodges the attack*

Dan: *panting* (I can't keep this up. But...I have to protect them for as long as I can. They've gotta be awake by now) Come on! Bring it on!

Yans: Get him! Don't let him get out of here alive!

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« Reply #22 on: 11 September, 2007, 12:46:44 pm »

*A group of soldiers charge at Dan*

Dan: (Heh heh, just a little closer...)

*As the soldiers near, one of them steps down and triggers a mine set by Dan. It explodes, sending them all flying*

Soldiers: Aaaaaggggh!!!

Yans: What the!? Mines!?

Daniel: Boom! Ha ha! And there's more where those came from! Come at me if you dare.

Yans: Hmm, this could be troublesome. I suppose it would be best to play it safe.

*Yans calls forth some mages*

Yans: If we can't attack up close, then we'll attack from afar! Get him!

*The mages attack Dan with a flurry of different spells, but he dodges them all, while skillfully avoiding his mines*

Yans: Ergh, how can he remember where he put them? Curse you, Rogue!

Dan: (Hah, at this rate, I can last a while longer. I just hope the others get here soon)

*Just then, an arrow lodges itself into Dan's arm*

Dan: Agh! Where the heck did that come from?

*Dan looks to his left to see a group of archers with arrows ready and aimed on top of a building*

Dan: (Man oh man. Things just got a whole lot worse)

Yans: Ha ha! Weren't expecting that, were you? Now, archers, mages, attack him all at once!

*The archers and mages launch a joint attack at Dan*

Dan: (Shoot, I can't dodge this one. *sigh* I guess it's over for me)
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« Reply #23 on: 11 September, 2007, 01:08:23 pm »

*Just then, a blast of wind blows away the onslaught of attacks, saving Dan from utter destruction*

Dan: Huh? I'm not dead yet?

Eunice: Of course you're not, since I saved your hide.

*Leon and the group have arrived just in time*

Dan: Oh, Leon and crew. It's about time you guys got here.

Leon: Dan! How could you let this happen? We told you to keep watch.

Dan: I did! Well, uh..I was. I kinda...dozed off, and then all of a sudden I hear a huge explosion and wake up to find the whole city in flames. They were trying to nail us with that stunt, but I guess their aim was off.

Leon: *sigh* Oh well. I suppose you couldn't have stopped it even if you were awake.

Yans: So they've come. Ergh, and I was hoping the Fire Blast would've killed them all. But who's to say we don't have another shot at it? Fall back and ready the catapult!

Ari: What? Catapult?

Leon: That must've been what they used to flare up the city.

Dan: If so, then we really need to get out of here.

*Yans and his unit retreat from the city. They then prepare the Fire Blast and launch it straight at Leon and the group*

Yans: Ha ha! They won't escape this time!

Sean: Uh, Leon. Don't look now, but a Giant Fireball was just launched straight into the sky.

Dan: And I'd say we've only got a few seconds to get out of it's way.

Leon: Then what are we waiting for! Run for it!

Dan: No wait! I have a plan, but we gotta make it quick. Leon, you take the others and get to safety, me and Eunice will buy you some time.

Eunice: What? Me?

Dan: Yeah, you. Now go! Hurry!

Leon: Right.

*Leon and the others run to safety*

Dan: Okay, we're out of time. Eunice, I want you to aim a wind spell right at the Fireball, in an attempt to stall the collision.

Eunice: You're kidding!

Dan: No! Now do it!

Eunice: *sigh* Fine.

*Eunice casts an Elwind Spell straight up at the Fireball, slowly keeping it from descending any further*

Eunice: Ergh ah...so...what now..huh?

Dan: I wait until you run out of energy and then I hightail it out of here while you burn to a crisp.

Eunice: Dan! You rat!

Dan: Ha ha! Just kidding! Okay, we wait til the others are far enough away, and then I whisk you out of here before the Fireball hits.

Eunice: Ah...okay...anytime....you're ready..

Dan: Okay. Just hold on tight! This is gonna be a bumpy ride!

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« Reply #24 on: 12 September, 2007, 01:28:50 pm »

*Dan grabs Eunice and put her on his back. He then attempts to make his way out of the city at full speed before the Fireball hits*

Eunice: Come on, Dan! Run! Or else we're toast!

Dan: Maybe I could run a little faster if I lost some weight. Hint Hint.

Eunice: Yah...uh..shutting up now.

*Meanwhile, Leon and the others are safely outside the city, awaiting Dan and Eunice*

Leon: Agh, what could they be doing?

Sean: It's too late, it's about to hit!

*The Fireball crashes into the city, causing a huge explosion and setting the city even further ablaze*

Ari: Aaaah! Dan! Eunice!

Cal: Ah, no one could survive that!

Lorrie: I guess...they didn't make it afterall...

Dan: Hey, you talking about us?

Leon: Huh? Dan?

*Just then, Dan walks out from the flames, with Eunice still on his back*

Cal: Hey! You're both alive!

Dan: Of course we're alive. My plans are foolproof, remember?

Eunice: *cough* Whatever. Just another second in there and we would've fried.

Leon: Well at least you two are alright. That's all that matters.

*Several hours later, the flames finally die out. Nothing is left of Itari City but a smoldering pile of burnt debris*

Sirios: This..this is just terrible. We couldn't save these innocent people.

Leon: Don't worry, Sirios. They'll pay for what they've done. We'll make sure of it.

Ari: Yes. We can't let them get away with slaughtering these people. They can't have their way any longer.

Dan: It's a pity. There weren't even any survivors.

Eunice: And none of the bodies can be retrieved either. They can't even be given a proper burial.

Sirios: I've had enough. We need to get back to the capital as soon as possible. We must end this now.

Sean: Baldovain capital isn't too far now. We'll be there in a matter of days.

Leon: Good. We're almost there. Let's go everyone.
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« Reply #25 on: 12 September, 2007, 02:57:51 pm »

*Leon and the others continue onward. About 2 days later, they finally arrive at the capital. But it seems completely deserted*

Leon: Hmm? What's going on with this place? No one's here.

Sean: Not quite, Leon. Everyone's just indoors.

Sirios: They must be afraid to come out because of the Haram Army. I bet it's been like this since the moment the castle fell. Well they don't have to live in fear any longer.

*Sirios yells out to the people*

Sirios: Everyone! Your King has returned to reclaim his country! Come out! You don't have anything to fear!

*The people poke their heads out of their windows and doors*

Man: The King, has he really returned?

Woman: Our King! It really is him!

Boy: Hooray! Our King has come to save us!

*The people rush out of their homes and gather around*

Sirios: Yes, my people. It is me and I have come back. King Haram and his army's days of terrorizing you are over! With the aid of my friends here, we will win back our country! No more living in fear!

People: Hooray! Long live King Sirios!!!

Leon: Heh, Sirios is such a great leader. So strong and compassionate.

Ari: Yeah, it's hard to believe that we once fought against him. I'm glad those days are over.

Sirios: Leon, Ari. Are you guys ready?

Leon: Always.

Ari: We sure are.

Sirios: Then we march. We will win this day.

*Leon and the group continue to the castle. They arrive at a small woods area separating the town from the castle*

B. Soldier: Captain Neville, the others are ready to go on your command.

Neville: Good. This is the moment we've all been waiting for. We will take back the castle, and drive those knaves out of our country!

Soldiers: Yes sir!!

Dan: Hey, do you guys hear something up ahead?

Leon: Sounds like...clanking armor and people talking?

Dan: Precisely.

Cal: Could be Haram Soldiers.

Leon: Most likely. Let's take a look.

*Leon and the group sneak up on the small regimen of Baldovain Soldiers. They burst out and surprise them*

Leon: Alright! Drop your weapons and freeze!!

Sirios: Huh? Leon, wait! These guys aren't Haram Soldiers! They're my soldiers!

Leon: What? Really?

Neville: Huh? Who are you? Oh! No way! I can't believe my eyes! Is that you, King Sirios!?

Sirios: Yes, it is me, Neville. Good to see you again.

Neville: King, it is you! My, we had thought you were dead! We were told that you didn't make it out of the castle when Haram attacked.

Sirios: Oh no, I'm very much alive. But what are you all doing here? I had thought that no one was left after the attack.

Neville: Me and my unit were out on a training excersize when the attack happened. When we returned, he had found out that the entire country was overrun with Haram soldiers, so we were doing our very best to help rescue the citizens. Unfortunately, I lost a good amount of my men in the process.

Sirios: That's okay. They gave their lives to help save this Kingdom. Their lives were not lost in vain.

Neville: Yes, I understand. So finally, we made our way back here, planning an assault on the castle. We were just about to strike when you guys arrived.

Dan: Well, you wouldn't get very far with a such a small unit of soldiers.

Neville: I understand that, but we had to at least try. But, my King, please tell me that some of the others survived the attack.

Sirios: I wish I could say that, but it took all we had to just maintain a simple defense. I almost didn't even make it out of there.

Neville: I see. But it's okay now! Now that you're here, we can attack together!

Sirios: That's right. With our combined strength, we can do this easily.

Leon: Well it sounds like you're all ready. How about you guys?

Ari: Ready, brother.

Sean: I'm all set.

Dan: A-ok, Leon.

Eunice: I'm ready.

Cal: Me too. Let's go for it!

Lorrie: As ready as I'll ever be.

Leon: Then it's settled. Let's fight!

*The group charges out and begins the assault. Neville and his troops are fighting the enemies in the courtyard*

H. Soldier: Aaah! We're being attacked! Somebod-aaagggh!!

Neville: Leon!

Leon: Yeah!?

Neville: We'll handle things out here! You take your group and go inside! King Haram is in there!

Leon: Is he now? Alright then, we're counting on you!

*Leon and his group rush indoors*

Leon: Alright Sirios, we're going to go pay King Haram a little visit.

Ari: Wait, but what about us?

Leon: I want the rest of you to stay and help out Neville. He's gonna need all the help he can get.

Ari: Understood. Wait...Leon...

Leon: Yes, Ari?

Ari: Be careful.

Leon: Aw, you don't need to worry about me. I'll be fine.

*Meanwhile, in the King's quarters*

Desius: Hmm, this could be a problem.

K. Haram: What's the matter?

Desius: It seems that a few stragglers have launched an assault on the castle.

K. Haram: Is that all? We'll just waste them.

Desius: That's not all actually. As of now, a mercenary, accompanied by King Sirios himself are making their way up here.

K. Haram: What!? Sirios!? Here!? He's supposed to be dead!!

Desius: Well apparently he isn't. And he's plenty angry.

K. Haram: Wha..what do I do!? If he gets me, our plans will be ruined!!

Desius: Heh, you should've thought about that beforehand. You're on your own now.

*Desius disappears*

K. Haram: Desius! No! Come back here! You snake! Curse your eyes!!

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« Reply #26 on: 12 September, 2007, 03:20:28 pm »

*Leon and Sirios arrive at the King's Quarters and they bust the door down*

Sirios: There you are! Lord Haram!

K. Haram: Sirios...

Sirios: Your days are numbered. You will toy with my Kingdom no longer. You've slaughthered my people, destroyed their homes, and left them dead in the streets. For that, I'll never forgive you.

*Sirios takes out his Gungnir, ready for battle*

Sirios: Face my lance, you coward!

K. Haram: Hah. I may be at the end of my ropes, but I can still take out a little punk.

*Haram draws his blade*

K. Haram: Prepare to taste steel, Sirios.

Leon: He's not alone! If you wanna get to him, you gotta go through me first!

Sirios: Leon, no.

Leon: Huh?

Sirios: Leave this one...to me. This is my fight.

Leon: Ah...okay then.

Sirios: Here I come, knave!!

*Sirios charges at Haram and lunges at him, but he halts the attack with his sword*

Sirios: Ergh..ah..!!

K. Haram: Pah. You're a weakling, boy!

*Haram breaks his sword away, knocking Sirios to the other end of the room*

K. Haram: Fighting like that, you'll never beat me.

Leon: Sirios, are you alright?

Sirios: Yeah, I'm fine. Don't count me out yet.

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« Reply #27 on: 12 September, 2007, 04:56:46 pm »

K. Haram: Coming back for more, eh?

Sirios: You know it.

*Sirios makes an attempt at Haram yet again. Instead of lunging at him, Sirios swipes his lance across Haram's abdomen, delivering a clean hit*

K. Haram: Ergh! (That one cut deep)

Sirios: Ha, how's that?

K. Haram: Don't get cocky!

*Haram slashes Sirios' right arm with his blade, putting him in a big fix.*

Sirios: Aagh! (This isn't good)

Leon: Sirios!!

Sirios: I'm fine, Leon!

K. Haram: You won't be for long. Let's see how well you handle a lance with only one arm.

Sirios: Heh you're right. My right arm is out for the count. But I'm not through yet. Leon!

Leon: Yes?

Sirios: Give me your sword.

Leon: Ah, sure.

*Leon tosses Sirios his blade. Sirios flings his Gungnir across the room and wields Leon's sword instead*

K. Haram: Ha. Very crafty. But I doubt you're much of a swordfighter. Take this!!

*Haram attacks, but Sirios lifts his sword and halts the blow. Now they are trapped in a power struggle*

K. Haram: You're better than I thought, but you can't overpower me.

Sirios: We'll see about that!

*Haram and Sirios continue their struggle. Haram seems to be gaining the upper hand*

Sirios: Ugh..ergh.ah!!

K. Haram: Give it up, boy! You're finished!!

Sirios: No! I'll never lose to you!!

*Sirios pushes Haram back and wins the struggle. The blow knocks Haram's blade clear across the room, leaving him defenseless*

K. Haram: No!!

Leon: Great, Sirios! Now here's your chance to strike!

Sirios: I have you now! Ryah!!

K. Haram: No! Stop!!

Sirios: I don't think so! You're going to pay for what you've done!

*Sirios jumps into the air. He then careens down and slams Leon's sword straight into his chest*

K. Haram: Aaaaaaaggggh!!!

*Haram stumbles back and then falls to the ground*

K. Haram: *cough* My plan....it..has failed..

Sirios: And you used to be such a good man. Greed and ambition brings nothing but disaster, Lord Haram.

K. Haram: Save your words...*cough* I do not...need them...

Sirios: That's right, you don't. Because it's over for you.

K. Haram: *cough* D..Desius...I'll curse your name...until..the day..you die...*dies*

Sirios: Hm? Desius?

Leon: Sirios, you did it! It's finally over!

Sirios: Ha, yeah. You're right. I wonder how everyone else is holding out.

*Leon and Sirios go outside to see that the fighting is over. Neville and Leon's friends have completely triumphed over the Haram Army*

Leon: Hey! Are you guys alright!?

Ari: Yeah! Everything's fine over here! We've won!

Neville: Victory! We've done it, men! The day we strived for has finally come!

B. Soldiers: Hooray!!

Sirios: *sigh* Thank goodness. This nightmare is over at last.

*Haram and his Army was defeated and the day was won. Leon and his friends have finally freed Baldovain from the oppression of the Haram Army. But what of Desius? Where has he gone?*

Desius: Heh heh heh, two down...two to go. Thanks for making my task so much easier, Leon.

*Meanwhile, after the battle, Sirios hosts a Victory party in his castle*

Sirios: Cheers, for a job well done.

Everyone: Cheers!!

Sirios: And a special thanks to you and your friends, Leon. If it hadn't been for you guys, this wouldn't have been possible.

Leon: Heh, you don't need to thank us, Sirios. We just did what we had to do. This is our home too, you know. We couldn't just let them take over without a fight.

Sirios: You may be right, Leon. Ah well, let's just enjoy ourselves for now.

Leon: Yeah, this whole mess is over, so we can finally relax.

Lorrie: Hmm, I wonder...is it really over?

Ari: What do you mean, Lorrie?

Lorrie: I mean, that Dragonian that was with Haram is still out there somewhere. Who knows what he could be up to.

Dan: That's true, but what can he possibly do? The countries are no longer warring with eachother, so he's got no ammo.

Lorrie: Oh, I hope you're right.

Dan: Of course I'm right. Just chill out and relax.

*The next day, Leon and Sirios say their farewells, as they prepare to head back to Geldrar*

Sirios: Thanks again, Leon. May your travels be safe.

Leon: Sure, but what are you gonna be doing?

Sirios: Me, I have a lot of work to do. I have to begin a huge restoration project. All of the towns and cities that we're devastated during the invasion need to be restorted and rebuilt, and I need to rebuilt my army, in case something like this happens again.

Leon: Well, I hope that all goes well. See ya around, Sirios.

Sirios: Goodbye, Leon. Goodbye everyone.

*Leon and the group get back on the road to Geldrar, after a long and harsh journey*

Leon: Mission complete, guys. Great job.

Eunice: Yeah! Our first big job and we pulled it off without a hitch!

Cal: Uh yeah, just don't let it go to your head.

Dan: Too late for that, Cal.

Eunice: Why you..!!

Sean: Hey hey, calm down. *sigh*

Eunice: Keep it up, Dan! I'm gonna get you one of these days.

Leon: Oh, what am I gonna do with you guys?

Dan: Well, I'm still bummed that we didn't get any money for this. I mean, any kind of reward would've sufficed.

Leon: Eh, are you sure about that, Dan?

Dan: Hmm? What are you trying to say?

Leon: Take a look.

*Leon pulls a bag out of his pocket. Dan looks inside to see it's full of gold*

Dan: Whoa, so we did get something afterall. What are we gonna spend it on, huh huh huh?

Leon: It's going to be used to maintain the company's expenses.

Dan: What!?!?

Lorrie: Teehee.

Ari: Oh yeah, Lorrie. What are you going to be doing now since the crisis has subsided?

Lorrie: I think I'm gonna stick around, if that's alright with you guys.

Ari: Sure it is, but why?

Lorrie: Well, I just can't shake the feeling that something bad is gonna happen. I can't return home until I'm sure this is all over.

Ari: Lorrie...

Leon: It's okay. If something does happen, we'll be there to help out.

Lorrie: Thanks, guys.

End Part 1: A Kingdom in Peril

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Part 2: The Lost Heir

*Now we join ILS, after having been slugged by Ari, has landed in an area unknown to him. Having completely lost his bearings, he's been wandering aimlessly, making ends meet however he could. Luckily he's had his sexy anime girls to keep him company all this time*

ILS: Okay, does anyone know where we are?

Sheena: Ugh, ILS, we haven't known where we ever since we've been here. Why don't we just find a town or something, huh?

Yuki: That's easier said than done. We could be lost forever.

Naru: With that attitude we may just be. Let's just keep going, we're bound to come across something. :3

ILS: Okay..uh...onward...thataway!

Sheena: Whichaway?

ILS: Uhm...thataway!

Sheena: I said whichaway?

ILS: Uhm, that way you're looking.

Sheena: Ugh, you mean north?

ILS: Sure.

Sheena: We've been going that way the whole time!!

ILS: Then what's the problem?

Sheena: Ooooh!!!

Naru: Sheena, calm your nerves. You know what happens when you get angry. :3

Yuki: Yeah, I don't want you having another outburst. Someone could get hurt. (*gulp* And it's always me)

Sheena: *sigh* Fine. But I don't wanna have to deal with captain dunderhead over here. I'm outta here!

*Sheena unsummons herself*

Naru: Yah! Sheena's left us! X3

Yuki: Oh no! (Yes!)

ILS: Eh, her loss. Let's go.
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« Reply #29 on: 13 September, 2007, 12:00:12 am »

*Meanwhile, at the Fujin Temple up ahead*

Girl: Hmmm....Ah!

Monk: What is it, Fallon?

Fallon: I'm sensing travelers approaching the Temple.

Monk: Are they the one's you seek?

Fallon: Yes...well, one of them anyway. I'm gonna go greet them!

*ILS and his anime girls reach the Fujin Temple*

ILS: Hey look! A temple! Finally some real people!!

Naru: Hey! We're real too, you know? X3

ILS: Hah, I don't need you guys around anymore.

*ILS snaps his fingers, thus dismissing the anime girls*

Naru: Wait! Nooooooo! X3

Yuki: Uh oh...bye ILS sir...

ILS: Ha, that takes care of that. Now let's see what we got here.

*Just then, Fallon bursts out of the temple*

Fallon: Hi there! Hello!!

ILS: Ah uh..hi. Who are you?

Fallon: Me? My name's Fallon. And you must be ILS, right?

Fallon is a young 17 year old girl. She is a monk of great skill and abililty. Despite her upbringing, she is very cheerful and sociable, almost to a fault. Always willing to help out, Fallon will jump headfirst into action.

ILS: Uh, yeah, I am. But how did you know that?

Fallon: Well, I've been waiting for you to come here actually. You see, I've been here for a long time, meditating. And through my meditation, I saw 3 people, one was a magician, one a girl, and one was you. So I figured I was destined to meet you all at some point.

ILS: Hmm, I know the other two you're talking about. They're my friends, Blue and Lilia.

Fallon: Really? Great! Then do you know where we can find them?

ILS: Unfortunately, no. I don't even know where I am.

Fallon: Oh that's easy. You're at the Fujin Temple, deep in the Kingdom of Rothar.

ILS: Huh!? Rothar!? (Uh oh, that's not good at all)

Fallon: What? What's the matter?

ILS: Uh I uh...nothing.

Fallon: Sure doesn't look like nothing. Let me take a peek.

ILS: Huh? Whoa, what are you doing?

*Fallon places her hand on ILS' hand and begins to concentrate*

Fallon: Oh wow!!

ILS: What did you do?

Fallon: I read your mind, and boy did I see a lot. But some of it I could've gone my whole life without seeing. Yuck. Anyways, you're really the missing prince of Rothar!

ILS: Yeah, so what?

Fallon: Well why did you leave?

ILS: That's a long story.

Fallon: No prob, I got time.

ILS: Okay, so it goes like this...

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