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24 September, 2021, 09:47:15 pm
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Story 4: Blue and the Return of Dragonia (100% Complete)

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Author Topic: Story 4: Blue and the Return of Dragonia (100% Complete)  (Read 1006 times)
« Reply #60 on: 19 September, 2007, 07:19:41 pm »

*Day 4*

*Meanwhile, Blue and the others have weathered out the storm, though the ship is badly battered and they've lost the sail*

Lilia: Hmm, so how long have we been at it now?

Blue: Four days. So that means we have one more to go.

ILS: Phew, thank goodness. Being on this cramped ship is starting to get the better of me.

Lorrie: Hmm, that's weird.

Blue: What's up, Lorrie?

Lorrie: The seas...it's calm.

Blue: Oh yeah, isn't it supposed to get rougher to closer we get to Valyura?

Lorrie: That's right, but the water is it's calmest once we reach Valyura's waters, and this is what is feels like.

Lilia: Are you saying we're here?

Lorrie: That's what it looks like, but I have no idea how.

ILS: Hey guys! Look! Land ahoy!!

*The group looks to their front to see the Land of Valyura coming into view*

Lilia: Yay! We made it!

Blue: And a day sooner than expected. This is great!

Lorrie: Okay, let's get ready to disembark.

*The ship finally hits land, and the group disembarks. ILS ties the ship to the land so it won't get lost at sea*

ILS: There, that should do it.

Lilia: Hey Blue, do you see that?

Blue: Hmm? See what?

Lilia: That up there. It looks like, a bunch of towering crystals off in the distance.

Lorrie: Oh, those are the buildings of the City Fyoura. Every building in the city was crafted from pure crystal. It's the most beautiful place in the world.

Lilia: Oooh! We just have to see that! Oh can we go!? Please!?

Lorrie: Sure of course we can. That's where we're headed anyway. The King's Palace lies in that city.

Blue: Alright, then what are we waiting for? We've got work to do.

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« Reply #61 on: 20 September, 2007, 06:29:18 pm »

*Blue and the others arrive in Fyoura City. A grand city, with extremely tall buildings made of pure crystal giving it a look of pure elegance.*

Blue: Whoa, this place is really something else.

Lilia: I can't believe how beautiful it is!

Lorrie: I knew you guys would like it. Oh and I forgot to mention that I live here as well. It's a really great place, just bursting with Valyurian history and culture.

ILS: Hmm, and from the looks of it, hot Valyurian girls! Heeheehee. Time to get cookin'.

Lilia: Not this time, lover boy! We've got a King to meet!

Blue: Yeah, can you lead us there, Lorrie?

Lorrie: Sure, it's just up ahead. Follow me.

*Blue and the others arrive at the Castle gates, only to be halted by the guard soldiers*

Guard: Hold! Who are you people?

Lorrie: Hey, come on. It's me, Lorrie. You remember me.

Guard 2: Yes, but we DON'T know your friends here. Whyever did you bring foreigners to the palace?

Lorrie: We need to have an audience with the King. It's very important.

Guard: Oh yeah? Just how important?

Lorrie: Like, the Dragonians have returned and are wreaking havoc upon the world king of important.

Guard 2: *gasp* Are you serious!? Oh..okay. We'll take you to him immediately. Come with us.

Lorrie: Alright guys, we're in!

Blue: Good job, Lorrie!

*Blue and the others follow closely behind the soldiers and enter the palace*

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« Reply #62 on: 21 September, 2007, 12:09:37 am »

*Blue and his friends follow the guards all the way to the throne room, where King Yarath awaits*

Guard: My liege, you have visitors.

Yarath: Oh do I?

Guard 2: Yes, Lorrie has returned. And she has brought foreigners with her. She says it's important.

Lorrie: Yes, my King. I have come back, and I have grave news to report.

Yarath: Hmm, yes. Go on.

Lorrie: The Dragonians, they've broken free of the barrier, and they're terrorizing Meloria, just like grandmother predicted.

Yarath: Hrrmm, so Dearia was right afterall, was she? This is grave news indeed. And who are these people?

Lorrie: Oh, they're from Meloria. They're my friends, and they tried to help me with this whole situation. I'd like you to meet them.

Blue: Hello, King. My name is Blue. And these are my friends, ILS and Lilia. It's a pleasure.

Lilia: Hi.

ILS: Yo.

Yarath: Oh so you helped little Lorrie, did you? I suppose I should thank you. And the pleasure is all mine. Okay, Lorrie. I know you didn't come back here just to inform me of this. What do you need?

Lorrie: I was just getting to that. My King, you know there's only one way to successfully defeat the Dragonians. We need the Ancient weapons, the ones used to defeat the Dragonians centuries ago.

Yarath: *sigh* I was afraid you'd say that.

Lorrie: The weapons, they no longer exist, do they?

Yarath: Well yes, they still do. But after the battle, they were sealed away, never to be used again.

Blue: And why was that?

Yarath: As you may have noticed, we Valyurians are a peaceful people. Ever since the battle, we've enjoyed a long time of peace and prosperity, and we intend to keep it that way. To insure this, we've sealed away the weapons used in the war, to make sure that nobody would use to them their own selfish ends.

Lilia: Hmm, yeah. That makes a lot of sense.

ILS: Indeed. But from the way it sounds like, we won't be getting those weapons easily, am I right?

Yarath: That is correct, unfortunately. I can release the seal on the weapons, but you'll have to travel through the place they're sealed in...

Blue: And that is?

Yarath: The Temple of Shadows.

Lilia: Well that doesn't sound inviting.

Lorrie: Ah! The Temple of Shadows...

ILS: What's so bad about this place? Besides the creepy name.

Yarath: The Temple of Shadows is the final resting place of those who died in the war with Dragonia. Their spirits are restless, and they'll attack anyone who invades the temple. They are incredibly merciless beings. Even the spirits of some Dragonians lie within. It's best that you be prepared before venturing for in there.

Blue: We're prepared. We'll take on anything that gets in our way.

Lilia: Yeah, you tell em, Blue!

ILS: That's right. We'll bust in there and show em who's boss!

Yarath: What spirit you all have. I have no doubt that you'll all make it through safely and come back with the weapons.

Lorrie: Okay, my King. I think it's time we head out.

Yarath: Take care, children. The whole world is depending on you all.

Blue: Don't worry, we will. Let's go guys!

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« Reply #63 on: 21 September, 2007, 12:13:00 pm »

Yarath: Please, rest up for today. I know you must be exhausted from your long trip here.

Blue: *yawn* Yeah, I guess we could use a good nights sleep.

Yarath: Excellent. I shall have someone prepare rooms for you. Servant!!!

Servant: Yes, my lord?

Yarath: Prepare 4 rooms for our guests please.

Servant: Yes. Right away, my lord.

*The servant turns to Blue*

Servant: Your rooms will be ready shortly.

Blue: Yeah, thank you.

*The servant leaves*

ILS: Wow. Now that's service. Now if only it was a fine female instead.

*Just then, a beautiful female servant walks by*

ILS: Oh thank you, sweet goddess. My prayers have been answered! *whistles* Oh beautiful! Come hither.

F. Servant: You called, sir?

ILS: Heh heh, yeah. You see, I'm gonna be staying in my own room here tonight, and uh, I was wondering if you wanted to come over for some "fun".

F. Servant: Oh my. *blushes*

Lilia: ILS! No!

ILS: What?

Lilia: Oh, don't you worry about him. He was just kidding. Right?

ILS: No...

*Lilia kicks him*

ILS: Ow! I mean yes! Yes! I was kidding! Sorry to bother you, miss.

F. Servant: Very well.

*The servant leaves*

ILS: Lilia! Why do you always do this to me!?

Lilia: Eh, just because...

Blue: Hey! Settle down, you two.

*The male servant returns*

Servant: Your rooms are ready. Come right this way.

*Blue and the others follow the servant to their rooms*

Servant: Here you are. You each have your own room, completely furnished and full of various refreshments. Please, enjoy your stay.

Blue: Thank you, sir.

Lorrie: *yawn* I guess it's time to hit the hay. Night guys. I'll see you all in the morning.

Blue/Lilia/ILS: Night, Lorrie.

*Lorrie goes into her room*

Blue: We should get some rest too. Night guys.

Lilia/ILS: Night, Blue.

*The others go into their rooms*

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« Reply #64 on: 21 September, 2007, 12:25:19 pm »

*ILS' room*

ILS: Another night alone. *sigh* Why the heck did they have to give us such a large bed? It's like they're mocking me....Well I'll show them! ILS will get himself a lovely female! Even if it kills me!

*Lilia's room*

Lilia: Hmm...I can't sleep. I wonder if Blue's still awake.

*Lilia taps on the wall separating her and Blue's room*

Lilia: Blue...Blue...can you hear me? Are you awake?

*Blue's room*

Blue: Where the hell is that tapping coming from? I'm trying to get some sleep over here.

*Blue walks over to the wall*

Blue: HEY! I'm trying to sleep! CUT IT OUT!!!

*Lilia's room*

Lilia: Aah! Gee, I'm so sorry, Blue...

*Blue's room*

Blue: Aaagh! Lilia! That was you tapping? Well..what's up? Is something the matter?

*Lilia's room*

Lilia: Blue, I can't sleep. And I don't wanna be up alone. Can I...can I come into your room?

*Blue's room*

Blue: Is that all? Yeah, sure you can come. The door's open, so just walk right on in.

*Lilia's room*

Lilia: Thank you, Blue.

*Lilia leaves her room and goes over into Blue's*

Lilia: Hi...Blue.

Blue: Hey, Lilia. Is something troubling you?

Lilia: No..not really. I just wanted to be with you.

Blue: Well uh, I guess that's okay. Er uhm, I'm gonna go back to bed. I'll see you in the morning.

Lilia: Wait, Blue!

Blue: Yes?

Lilia: Can I...sleep...with you?

Blue: Lilia! How could you say that!? *blushes*

Lilia: But we don't have to..do anything! I just wanna..cuddle up with you, that's all.

Blue: Oh fine. Come on.

Lilia: Yay!

*Blue and Lilia get in bed together. Lilia cuddles up close to Blue, she's as happy as can be*

Lilia: Thank you, for letting me do this, Blue. I don't know what I would've done if you had said no.

Blue: No sweat, Lilia. I was skeptical at first, but this feels...pretty good actually.

Lilia: Blue...can I ask you something?

Blue: Sure, Lilia. Anything.

Lilia: Do you...love me?

Blue: Of course. You know I do, don't be silly.

Lilia: Then...then why don't you wanna be with me?

Blue: Who said that!? Because I sure didn't!

Lilia: Huh? Then you do want to be with me?

Blue: Yeah, sure I do! But, I never knew that's what you wanted...

Lilia: Hmm, I guess I was barking up the wrong tree, huh?

Blue: Lilia, when this is over, I want you to come live, with me. I want you to stay with me, forever.

Lilia: Oh Blue, you've made me the happiest girl in the world! I could just kiss you right now!

Blue: Well then...go for it...

Lilia: Blue...I...I...

*Blue and Lilia close their eyes and share their first kiss, which leads to much much more...*

*ILS' room*

ILS: *zzzzzzzsnort* Huh? He..hey! What's that noise? It sounds like something's going on in Blue's room. I wonder if he's in trouble.

*ILS grabs his gear and goes over to Blue's room. He peeks in the key hole to see what's happening*

ILS: Hmm...now just what's going on....*gasp* NO WAY! Blue you DOG! I never knew you had it in you! *sigh* I don't want to, but I'll let you both have your privacy. It is your most intimate moment afterall. But just you wait, Blue. Everyone's gonna know about this. Heeheehee.

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« Reply #65 on: 21 September, 2007, 11:55:48 pm »

*The next morning*

Lilia: Hey Blue...are you awake?

Blue: Huh..uh..uhm yeah. I'm awake. What's up?

Lilia: Blue! We did it! We did it!

Blue: Hmm? Did what?

Lilia: We did it!

Blue: It? Whuh oh...

Lilia: What do you mean 'whuh oh'? That was a magical experience!

Blue: Okay okay, geez...

Lilia: *gasp* Someone's coming! Blue hurry! Get decent!

Blue: Alright!

*Meanwhile ILS and Lorrie are going towards Blue's room*

ILS: Lorrie you won't believe what Blue and Lilia we're doing last night!

Lorrie: Wha..what were they doing?

ILS: They did it! It!

Lorrie: Uhm...what's it?

ILS: IT!!!

Lorrie: Uh..okaaaaaaaaay...

*Inside the room, Blue and Lilia have heard what ILS was saying*

Lilia: Ooooooh! That ILS! Wait til I get my hands on him!!!

Blue: Don't worry, Lilia. I'll take him down a peg. *cracks knuckles*

*Outside the room*

ILS: Oh Lorrie, I'll just have to show you. Watch this!

*ILS busts down the door to Blue's room*

ILS: Ah ha! We caught you!! Uh....wait....

*Blue and Lilia are fully clothed and geared up*

Lorrie: ILS, now what's so it about this?

ILS: Hey! You two were naked!!

Blue: Naked? I don't know what you're talking about.

Lilia: Yeah, lay off the **** mags, why don't you.

ILS: Oooooh! You win this time! But I'll get you!

Blue: Yeah yeah. Come on. We've got work to do.

*Blue and the others leave the room*

Blue: Hey, Lorrie, Lilia.

Lorrie/Lilia: Yes?

Blue: You two go on ahead. I need to talk to ILS for a minute.

Lilia: Uhm, sure. Let's go, Lorrie.

Lorrie: Right.

*Lilia and Lorrie go on ahead, leaving Blue and ILS alone*

ILS: Hey..what's up, Blu-aaaaaggggh!!!!

*Blue grabs ILS by his shirt and rams him up against the wall. He gives him a glare so fierce that it pierces through his very soul*

ILS: Bl-Bl-Blue...c-c-calm down, man!

Blue: Now you listen to me! You tell no one, and I mean NO ONE about what went on last night! Do I make myself clear!?!?

ILS: S-s-s-sure t-thing, Bl-Blue. C-can you p-put me down, p-please?

*Blue throws ILS to the ground*

Blue: Now come on. We've got a temple to explore.

*Blue goes on ahead*

ILS: Man...who knew Blue could be so scary? *gulp* Now I guess I can't tell anyone about the sexiness...

*ILS catches up with the group and they meet with the King once more before heading out*

Yarath: Ah, good morning. I trust you all slept well?

ILS: *under his breath* Some of us better than others...

Blue/Lilia: ILS!!!

ILS: Yipe!

Yarath: Hmm? Did I miss something?

Blue: Oh no, it was nothing. *sweatdrop*

Lilia: Yeah! Nothing at all! *sweatdrop*

Lorrie: Don't worry, King. You don't wanna know...

Yarath: Hrmm, if you say so. Now, about the Temple of Shadows. The weapons are lying within the depths of the temple, being guarded by the former King of Valyura.

Lorrie: Huh? The former King? Oh, that doesn't look good for us.

Blue: What's up, Lorrie?

Lorrie: The former King of Valyura, King Teranos, was said to be the most powerful King in the history of Valyura. It was due to his incredible strength and leadership that we were able to defeat the Dragonians when they invaded. He's not one to be taken lightly.

Yarath: Yes, it is as she says. You must be very careful when battling him.

Blue: No matter what, we'll get those weapons back.

Lilia: That's right. And we'll go through anyone to do it.

ILS: Yeah! Even a deranged zombie General King!

Yarath: I hope you're right. Well then, I think it's time you all got on your way.

Blue: Yeah, let's go everyone.

*Blue and the others set out for the mysterious Temple of Shadows*

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« Reply #66 on: 22 September, 2007, 01:50:53 pm »

*Blue and his friends arrive at the Temple of Shadow, located just on the outskirts of Fyoura City. It is a large stone structure, broken down from years of wear and tear*

Lorrie: *shivers* This place gives me the creeps. Let's hurry up and get this over with.

Blue: What's wrong, Lorrie? You're not scared, are you? *snicker*

Lorrie: Well why wouldn't I be? You guys know what lies in here. We could be attacked at anytime!

Blue: Don't worry. I told you, we'll get through this.

Lorrie: Ooh..I sure hope so...

ILS: Lorrie! Look out behind you!!

Lorrie: AAAAAAAAAAHHHH! Somebody help me!!!

Lilia: Hey....there's nothing there...

ILS: Heeheehee.

Lilia: ILS, you jerk!!

*Lilia delivers a left hook straight to ILS' gut*

ILS: OOOOH! Lilia...that hurt...

Lilia: Well that'll teach you to prey on people's fears!

*Lorrie is cowering in fear*

Lilia: Aw, it's okay, Lorrie. Nobody was behind you. That big galoot, ILS was just playing a cruel prank.

Blue: *sigh* ILS, don't do that again...

ILS: Sorry...

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« Reply #67 on: 22 September, 2007, 04:02:24 pm »

*Blue and the group continue through the dark temple, ready for anything that may happen*

Blue: Hmm, I wonder how long this goes on? It's so hard to see in here.

Lilia: I know, Blue! Try casting a Fire spell to light our way!

Blue: Hey, why didn't I think of that? Good thinking, Lilia!

*Blue casts a simple Fire spell. Blue conjures a small wisp of flames. It floats in front of Blue and lights their path*

Blue: There, that should do it.

ILS: Lorrie! Look out behind you!!

Lorrie: ILS! Stop! That's not funny!

Lilia: Yeah! Don't make me hurt you!

ILS: I'm not kidding! There's someone behind you! Look out!

*Lorrie turns around the see the spirit of a Valyurian soldier, about to strike*

Lorrie: Aaaahh!!

ILS: Out of the way!

*ILS tackles Lorrie out of the way, just before the spirit strikes*

Spirit: Leave this place...

ILS: No can do! We've come here for something, and we're not leaving til we get it.

Spirit: Then die...

*Just then, several more spirits appear and surround the group*

Blue: Oh man, this is just what we needed. Get ready guys!
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« Reply #68 on: 23 September, 2007, 07:07:59 pm »

*A spirit wielding a lance heads straight for Lorrie*

Lorrie: *gulp* Ah..I'm not scared, I'm not scared...

*The spirit lunges, and Lorrie freezes up, unable to move*

Lorrie: AAaaaaah!!!

*ILS pulls Lorrie out of the way again, and slashes the spirit in half, making it return from whence it came*

ILS: Lorrie! You've gotta be careful!

Lorrie: I'm sorry, but...but these things are just too scary. I can hardly hold my staff straight...

ILS: Oh for crying out loud!

*ILS slings Lorrie over his shoulder*

ILS: If you can't fight, then you're just a liability. That's why you're sticking with me from now on.

Lorrie: Uhm...okay. ILS, behind you!!

*ILS, without even turning around, slashes the spirit that was behing him*

ILS: Hey, nice looking out. You can be my backup.

Lorrie: Sure thing!

*Two spirits approach Lilia from each side*

Lilia: Hmm, a double team, huh? Not bad.

*The two spirits run charge at Lilia and strike, but Lilia quickly jumps and the spirits unintentionally attack eachother*

Lilia: Hah, that's the oldest trick in the book. Too bad you fell for it.

*Just then, an arrow lodges itself into Lilia's arm*

Lilia: Aaggh! Ergh..that didn't feel good...

*The spirit fires another shot, but Blue steps in and torches the arrow with a fire spell*

Lilia: Blue!

Blue: Lilia, are you okay?

Lilia: Yeah...I think I'll be fine.

*Blue launches another Fire Spell at the spirit, quickly dispatching it*

Blue: Phew, I think that's the last of them.

Lilia: Really? Thank goodness...

Lorrie: ILS, we did it!

ILS: Okay, now off my shoulder.

*ILS tosses Lorrie off his shoulder*

Lorrie: Ow! You didn't have to do it like that!

Blue: Lorrie, can you check out Lilia's arm? It's looking pretty bad.

*Lorrie takes a look at Lilia's arm*

Lorrie: Hmm....it's nothing serious. I can heal this right up.

*Lorrie heals Lilia's arm with her staff*

Lilia: Thanks, Lorrie! You're a life saver!

Lorrie: Aw gee, it was nothing. But something tells me this was only the bottom of the barrel. I have a feeling that this may get worse as we go along.

Blue: I'm not liking that feeling of yours. In any case, we should get going.

*Blue and the others continue on through the temple*

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« Reply #69 on: 23 September, 2007, 07:32:41 pm »

*Blue and the others are traveling through the temple until they come up to a small river with a large boat in it*

Lilia: Yuck! That river is full of icky purple water!

Blue: Hmm, it looks toxic. Wouldn't wanna fall in there. But it seems we can't go any further without going up this river.

ILS: And lucky for us, there's a free boat with no one on it. I say we take it!

Blue: Yup. Looks like the only way. Let's go!

*Blue and the others board the boat, but they can't get it moving at all*

Lilia: Hey! What's the matter with this thing!?

Blue: Yeah, it's not moving...

Lorrie: Hmm....Ah ha!

Blue: What is it, Lorrie?

Lorrie: This symbol, is the mark of my people. If I just...

*Lorrie jabs her staff into the symbol. The boat glows with life and it begins to move up the river all on it's own*

ILS: Lorrie! You did it!

Blue: How did you know to do that?

Lorrie: My people implemented this system a long time ago, to keep enemies from stealing their ships. Only one with Valyurian blood can release the seal. It works pretty well, wouldn't you say so?

Blue: Ha hah, sure. I guess we should be thankful that you're here with us.

*Blue and the others continue to ride the ship along the river*
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« Reply #70 on: 24 September, 2007, 02:07:09 am »

*Blue and the others reach the end of the river and reach the entrance to the second part of the temple*

Blue: Phew, can't be much further now. Let's keep going.

ILS: Hey, didn't that King guy say there are spirits of Dragonians in here too?

Lilia: Ah! ILS, don't remind me...

Lorrie: Yeah, he did. But what about it?

ILS: Oh nothing. I just think we better keep a good look out for them. I scuffled with one of those things myself, and it wasn't pretty, that's for sure. I wouldn't have made it out of there alive if it wasn't for Fallon saving my hide.

Lorrie: *gulp* Really? Gee, I've heard all about their terrible strenght, but I never thought it'd be that bad...

ILS: Well it is. And that breath of theirs, it nearly burned the flesh right off my bones!

Lorrie: AAaaaaaahhh!!!

Blue: ILS! What'd I tell you about scaring Lorrie!?

ILS: Oh, sorry. But everything I'm saying is the truth. Those Dragons, really aren't to be taken lightly, at all.

Blue: Hmm, thanks, ILS. We'll remember that if we happen to run into them...

*They continue through the temple, getting ever closer to the end*
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« Reply #71 on: 24 September, 2007, 11:03:09 am »

*Blue and the others continue traveling through the temple until they are stopped when the temple begins to shake*

Lilia: Hey! W-what's happening!?

Blue: I don't know! It feels like the temple is coming down!

ILS: But nothing's crumbling...

*The shaking stops*

Lorrie: What was that all about?

Blue: Hmm, I wonder...

Lilia: That was weird...

*Just then, a ghastly breath blast shatters through the wall heading right for Blue and the group, they all safely dodge it*

Lorrie: *panting* What was that!?

ILS: That looked just like Dragon breath! But it was white this time...

Blue: It must be a Dragonian spirit!

*Several spirits phase through the walls and surround the group*

Lilia: Ah! These are the Dragonians!? They're massive!

Lorrie: *curled up with her hands over her head and shivering in fear*

Blue: Lorrie! ILS, take care of Lorrie!

ILS: You got it!

*ILS slings Lorrie over his shoulder yet again*

ILS: You're gonna be okay, trust in me. Guys! Be careful! One hit from their breath may prove to be fatal!

Blue: Understood, let's take em down!

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« Reply #72 on: 24 September, 2007, 01:32:58 pm »

*The fight begins. ILS is hesitating to take a swing at the Dragon Spirit*

ILS: Ergh...*sweatdrop*

Lorrie: ILS, what's wrong? What are you waiting for?

ILS: It's...it's just...the last time I fought this thing...my weapon had no effect at all.

Lorrie: But ILS, this is different! It's just a spirit, it doesn't have a tough hide. One good slash should be enough to get rid of it.

*The spirit fires its breath at ILS. ILS, being distracted by his hesitation, is singed in the arm by the fiery breath*

ILS: Agh! Damn, not again! Ergh...

Lorrie: ILS, you have to watch out! Here, let me heal you.

*Lorrie heals ILS' arm, although she can't do it completely*

Lorrie: Hmm, that must be one wicked burn. I can't heal it all the way.

ILS: It's okay, Lorrie. That's good enough for me!

*ILS runs forward and slashes the spirit in half*

Lorrie: You did it!

ILS: Hey, you're right! It went through him like a hot knife through butter!

Lorrie: See? I told you it'd be a piece of cake. Now come on, let's get the rest!

*Blue is matched up against two Dragon spirits. To keep them at bay, Blue charges at them with a flurry of punches and kicks, but to no avail, as they pass right through them with no effect*

Blue: Darn, I should've seen that coming.

*One of the spirits takes its mighty arm and sends Blue flying straight into a wall*

Blue: Aaggh!! *panting* These may be only spirits...but they're just a strong as the real thing... Alright, take this!

*Blue launches a volley of fire spells at the spirits, but they are absorbed with no effect at all*

Blue: Hmm? No effect, huh? I guess all dragons have an innate immunity to fire. I oughta take note of that.

*The other spirits launches a breath blast at Blue, but he ducks, evading the attack*

Blue: Whoa! ILS wasn't kidding! One good hit from that, and I'm a goner... Okay, since fire won't work, let's try thunder!

*Blue casts a Thunder spell on the spirit. It has a massive effect on the dragon, as it has torn it to shreds*

Blue: Hah, I found your weakness. This should help greatly.

*Blue casts a Thunder spell on the other spirit, immediately dispatching it*

Blue: Heh, too easy!

*Lilia is slashing through a Dragon spirit numerous times, but it is having little effect*

Lilia: Agh, I guess it doesn't work as well when your weapon isn't huge like ILS'. *sigh* I'm gonna need some help over here...

*The spirit launches a breath blast at Lilia, but it's too late for her to dodge*

Lilia: Aaaaah!!

Blue: Lilia, watch out!!

*Blue steps in front of Lilia and shields her with his back. The blast hits Blue, tearing right through his clothes and greatly burning his back*

Blue: Aagh...ergh....

Lilia: Blue, no!!

*Blue, with his last ounce of strenght, cast a Thunder spell on the spirit, blasting it away. With his strenght depleted, he collapses to the ground*

Blue: Phew...that was...the last one..

*Lilia turns Blue over, to keep him off his back*

Lilia: Aaaaah!! Blue! That wound is terrible!

Blue: It's...okay. I'll be fine...

Lilia: No you won't! You need help right away!

*ILS and Lorrie rush over*

ILS: Oh no! He must've gotten hit by their breath!

Lorrie: Stand back, I'm going to heal him.

*Lorrie does her best to heal Blue's back, but as with ILS, she can't do it all the way*

Lilia: Lorrie, what's the matter? Blue's wound is still open...

Lorrie: This is the best I can do, Lilia. The intensity of that burn is just too great to heal completely. Hang on, Blue. I'm gonna apply a little first aid to your back.

*Lorrie sprays some ointment on Blue's back, and bandages it up*

Lorrie: There, that should do it. You'll be okay, but that wound is going to need a lot of time to heal. You're in no condition to fight.

*Blue stands*

Blue: N-no. I can't...allow that. You guys need my help. Aaagggh!!

*Blue collapses yet again due to the pain*

Lilia: *gasp* Blue! Be careful!

Lorrie: Blue, you have to listen to me! If you try to continue fighting, the strain on your body, your back specifically, will cause you to lose consciousnes. We can't have that happening, understood?

Blue: *sigh* I suppose...

Lorrie: Good. Now we should be almost to the sealed chamber. We should keep going.

ILS: Come on, Blue. Lean on me, I'll take care of you.

*Blue leans up against ILS, and they continue onward through the temple*
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« Reply #73 on: 24 September, 2007, 02:27:31 pm »

*The group finally reaches the end of the temple. The sealed chamber lies right before them*

Lilia: Hey! Is this it!? Did we make it!?

Lorrie: Yes, this it. This is the sealed chamber!

Blue: The ancient weapons lie right behind these doors, am I correct?

Lorrie: You are, Blue. King Yarath already unsealed the door, so let's go in.

*The group opens the door and heads into the chamber. Before them stands a pale man with long black hair and decked out in powerful armor. And behind him, are all of the ancient weapons*

Lorrie: *gasp* Is it really....?

Blue: Lorrie, who is this guy? Another spirit?

Lorrie: Yes, but...this is the spirit of King Teranos..

Blue: Agh, how could we forget? King Yarath told us about him..

ILS: But wait, he looks different from the others spirits. Almost like...he's still alive...

Teranos: That's because I am alive.

Lilia: You are? But..but how is that possible? You died hundreds of years ago...

Teranos: That is correct. I did die long ago, but I used these wandering spirits and made them my own. My body lives, but only through manipulating a spirit that is not my own. In doing so, I live forever.

Blue: That's...that's unbelievable...

Teranos: Believe what you will, now, what are you doing here? Trespassers, especially foreigners, are not welcome here.

Lorrie: We've did not come to fight. We've only come to retrieve the weapons.

Teranos: Ah, a pure Valyurian. Why have you come with foreigners to take these weapons?

Lorrie: We need them. The Dragonians, they have returned yet again, and they're wreaking havoc on the homeland of my friends. And it won't be long until they've brought their terror upon the whole world.

Teranos: So the Dragonians live still, do they? This is most interesting. I see. I will grant you the weapons, but only under one condition...

ILS: Aw, please don't tell me we have to fight you.

Teranos: No, you don't...

ILS: Phew...

Teranos: But you do, Lorrie!

Lorrie: *gasp* Me!? But..but why!?

Teranos: You have a great destiny before you. You must prove to me that you are strong enough, that you have the valor and courage to accept your fate.

Lorrie: *trembling in fear* I...I...I...

Teranos: Why do you tremble, young one? Why do you fear me? One with a duty such as yours should never cower in the face of an enemy.

Lorrie: But..but...how could I possibly defeat you? Y-y-you're so much stronger than I am. And me...I'm weak...

Teranos: That's for you to figure out. But then again, if you're not up to the task, I suppose I'll just keep these weapons. And the world shall become the play toy of the Dragonians. Is that what you want?

Lorrie: N-n-no...

Teranos: Then come, Lorrie. And face me! Show me that you can face your destiny head on!!

Blue: Yeah, you can do it, Lorrie!

Lilia: We believe in you!

ILS: That's right!

Lorrie: O...okay. I'll try...

Teranos: Do not try, do it!

Lorrie: A-alright! I'll do it!!!

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« Reply #74 on: 24 September, 2007, 04:50:51 pm »

*Lorrie wields her staff and charges straight for Teranos, unsure of what she can actually accomplish*

Lorrie: Here I come, Teranos! Hah!

Teranos: Stop.

*Lorrie comes to a halt*

Lorrie: What? Why?

Teranos: You've passed your test. Congratulations, Lorrie.

Lorrie: I did? But..I didn't do anything.

Teranos: Oh really? I disagree. You've proved to me that you can stand up to your enemy, and that you can face your destiny. Whether you were actually capable of doing so or not. That, Lorrie, is true strength.

Lorrie: Heehee. *blushes*

Teranos: (Ah, such an adorable little tyke) I now stand aside. These weapons, now belong to you, Lorrie. You've earned them.

Blue: Lorrie, you did it!

Lilia: I knew you could!

ILS: Way to go, Lorrie!

Teranos: There are weapons here for everyone of any class. An axe, two swords, a bow, a dagger, a lance, and most important of all, a staff. For you, Lorrie.

Blue: Hmm...but no magic...as I suspected.

Teranos: You are correct, Blue. There is no magic. We Valyurians are physically incapable of casting magic spells, so we did not use them. Though unfortunately for us, magic, particularly thunder magic, is the Dragons one true weakness.

Blue: Hah, so I figured.

Teranos: You hold a very valuable weapon in your hands. Use it well.

Lilia: Now that the weapons no longer need guarding, what will you do?

Teranos: Me, I will be leaving this mortal coil, and finally move on to the afterlife with my brethren.

ILS: So you're really leaving, huh?

Lorrie: King Teranos, thanks. For everything that you've done....

Teranos: You are welcome, Lorrie. Now my time has come. Farewell, brave children. May you restore to the world yet again.

*Teranos' body disappears*

Blue: Alright guys, we've done it. Are all of the weapons rounded up?

ILS: Yup. We've got em!

Blue: Alright, then let's get out of here.

Lorrie: Yes, let's.

*Blue and the group make their way out of the temple*

Teranos: Lorrie, your fate, although tragic, will ultimately lead you to saving this land. Our hopes lie with you...

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