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Story 4: Blue and the Return of Dragonia (100% Complete)

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Author Topic: Story 4: Blue and the Return of Dragonia (100% Complete)  (Read 998 times)
« Reply #90 on: 26 September, 2007, 11:36:38 pm »

Part 6: Blue vs. Darkhan: Lorrie's inescapable fate

*Blue and Lorrie arrive at the castle. Though as they prepared to storm in, they are halted upon hearing Darkhan's voice*

Darkhan: I congratulate you on making it this far, Blue....

Lorrie: *gasp* King Darkhan...

Blue: Hmm, the King, eh? Alright, show yourself.

*Darkhan steps out of the castle*

Darkhan: Ah, so forceful. I like that.

Blue: Okay, enough small talk, let's get down to business.

Darkhan: Hah, I'm glad you said that, Blue. You see, I've been waiting for your arrival. Since you were strong enough to make it past my pawns, you are worthy of challenging me to a battle.

Blue: I'm not "challenging" you to anything. We're here to kick your butt and haul you out of here, and nothing more.

Darkhan: That is, if you can, boy. Me, I'm not like that rest of them, oh no. I'm 100x more powerful than any of the dragons you've faced out there.

Blue: Oh yeah? Well I'm quite powerful myself.

Darkhan: Ah, I know you are. And I'd like to test that power.

Lorrie: King Darkhan, you won't win this fight!

Darkhan: Hm? Who are you? Oh! You're the little Valyurian girl, the one who dared to try and foil our plans. Ha ha ha ha! Why don't you just stand in a corner and watch or something?

Lorrie: No! I'm gonna put an end to you right here!

Darkhan: Bah ha ha ha ha ha! You put an end to me!? That's funny, kid!

Blue: Alright, that's enough!

*Blue casts a Thunder spell at Darkhan*

Darkhan: Heh...

*Darkhan takes the attack head on and shrugs it off*

Blue: What!?

Darkhan: Did you think I didn't know what you're capable of? I know full well of our weakness to Thunder attacks. But there's one thing you haven't noticed, I'm not in dragon form, so those attacks are easily shrugged off.

Blue: Agh, darn. Looks like I'll have do this the old fashioned way. Lorrie, stay close to me.

Lorrie: Right!

Darkhan: Heh heh heh, then let us begin!

*Darkhan takes off his cloak and sprouts black dragon wings from his back, and flies toward Blue and Lorrie*

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« Reply #91 on: 28 September, 2007, 12:21:43 am »

Blue: Lorrie, run away from me! Hurry!

Lorrie: Ah uh...right!

*Lorrie runs to a safe distance away from the fight. Darkhan approaches and throws a punch, but Blue catches his fist*

Darkhan: Ah, you're stronger than you look...

Blue: You have no idea! Yah!

*Blue pushes Darkhan's arm away, leaving him open to attack. Blue then attacks with a flurry of punches to his abdomen, finishing it with a kick that sends him flying back*

Darkhan: Eerrrrrragh!

*Darkhan shrugs off the attack and immediately regains his composure*

Blue: *sigh* Oh man...

Darkhan: Strong, but not strong enough. Now it's my turn again!

*Darkhan flies back at Blue, and before he could react, he is hit in the face with a powerful punch and is sent flying back*

Blue: Agh....!

Darkhan: Don't think I'm done with you yet!

*Darkhan flies toward Blue again and grabs his arm before he could fall to the ground. He then pulls him forward and begins attacking him with a flurry of punches, ending with a blow to the face that knocks him to the ground*

Darkhan: Ha ha, how was that?

Blue: *spits out blood* Not bad, Darkhan. You're strong, but not strong enough, right?

Darkhan: Hmph, you insolent...

Blue: Now let's go!

*Blue and Darkhan rush at eachother and clash. They attack eachother blow for blow. Each of them dodging and blocking eachothers attacks*

Lorrie: Wow...this...this is...surreal! I can't believe how extreme this fight is.

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« Reply #92 on: 28 September, 2007, 02:51:56 am »

*Blue and Darkhan back away and glare at eachother, awating the other to make another move*

Blue: *panting* (He's tough. And to think he hasn't even transfomed yet. This could be bad...)

Darkhan: *panting* (At this rate, I won't be able to keep fighting. I may have to change forms sooner than I had hoped)

Blue: Well, Darkhan?

Darkhan: Oh? You wan't me to make the first move? Then I'll make this one good.

*Darkhan puts his hands above his head and conjures a sphere of black energy, and hurls it at Blue*

Lorrie: Aah! Blue, be careful!!

Blue: Oh yeah? I can match that!

*Blue casts a fire spell. He hurls a fireball at the energy ball to contest it*

Darkhan: So you think your fireball can beat my dark sphere, huh? We'll see about that!

*Darkhan pushes his hand forward, causing the Dark sphere to increase magnitude and push away Blue's fireball*

Blue: Ergh, not so fast!

*Blue does the same, and pushes back the dark sphere. They continue to clash*

Darkhan: !? Hmph!

*Darkhan pushes his other hand forward, and increase the magnitude even further*

Blue: Agh! Eragh..!!

*Blue does the same, but Darkhan still has the advantage*

Darkhan: Ha! I told you you couldn't win! Now take this!

*Darkhan pushes once more and causes the dark sphere to blast right through Blue's fireball*

Blue: !?

Lorrie: Blue! Watch out!

*Lorrie steps in front of Blue and uses the power of her staff to erect a barrier, shielding them both from the dark sphere*

Darkhan: *growls* You little rat...

*Darkhan rushes straight for Lorrie*

Blue: !? Oh no! Lorrie, get out of the way! Hurry!

Lorrie: Huh? Aah!!

*Before she can react, Darkhan lifts Lorrie into the air and throws her. She slams into the wall of the castle and falls unconscious*

Lorrie: Aaaah! Blue.....

Blue: Lorrie, no!!!

Darkhan: That oughta take care of you. Now that the pest is out of the way, you're all mine.

Blue: You'll pay for that, Darkhan!

Darkhan: Then come on. Make me pay.
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« Reply #93 on: 28 September, 2007, 01:39:41 pm »

Blue: Alright! You asked for it! Hyah!

*Blue pulls out all the stops and attacks Darkhan with every fighting technique he can pull out, finishing with a kick that sends him sky high*

Darkhan: Ergh! (He's getting serious. I guess it's time I did the same)

Blue: *panting* (That was all I had. If something doesn't change, I probably won't win this one...)

*Darkhan flies to the top of the castle and lands*

Darkhan: Ha! Blue! Your skills are very impressive! But I wonder, can you handle this!?

*Darkhan gathers his energy and begins to transform*

Blue: Agh...(He's changing shape. Alright Blue, it's time to get serious)

*Darkhan changes into his fearsome Black Dragon form and lets out a deafening roar that can be heard across the continent*

*Meanwhile back in Oporio Town...*

Lilia: *gasp* What...what was that!?

Raine: It...it sounded like a roar...from a dragon.

Lilia: *sigh* I hope Blue and the others are okay.

Cal: Don't worry, Lilia. They'll be fine. I just know it.

Sean: Yeah, stay confident. You have to believe in them.

Lilia: You guys are right. I will believe...

*Back at the battle*

Darkhan: Ha ha ha! How do you like me now, Blue!? Are you frightening? Afraid of my terrible power!?

Blue: Heh, I don't think so. This is just what I was waiting for.

*Electricity begins to crackle in Blue's hand*

Blue: Now the real fun starts!

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« Reply #94 on: 29 September, 2007, 12:32:04 pm »

*Darkhan flies into the air and prepares to launch an attack*

Darkhan: Let's see you get away from this!

Blue: Huh? Oh no!

*Blue runs over and grabs Lorrie*

Darkhan: It's too late! Haaaaaaa!!!

*Darkhan fires an intense beam of energy at the ground. It connects and causes a huge explosion*

Blue: Aagggh!!

*Blue covers Lorrie and protects her from the impact. The two are blown away by the explosion, and nothing is left but a giant cloud of smoke*

Darkhan: Heh heh, I guess they just couldn't hack it. What a shame.

*Just then, a thunder bolt fires from out of the smoke cloud and strikes Darkhan*

Darkhan: Aagggh! What!? Who!? No!!

*The smoke clears and Blue, carrying Lorrie, is still alive and well*

Darkhan: But how!? How did you evade my attack!?

Blue: Heh heh, a magician never reveals his secrets, remember?

Darkhan: You smart alecky little brat...

*Blue takes Lorrie to a safe place next to a bush*

Blue: Lorrie, you stay here. I'll take care of this.

*Blue stares up at Darkhan*

Blue: Come on down! Your fight is with me!

Darkhan: Fine. Since you're so eager, we'll do this the right way.

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« Reply #95 on: 29 September, 2007, 01:03:32 pm »

*The fight continues. Darkhan crashes both his claws into the ground, uplifting masses of rocks and sending them at Blue*

Blue: Uh oh! Gotta move!

*The rocks approach and Blue skillfully dodges them while moving in. Blue then takes the last rock and smashes it in Darkhan's face*

Blue: Eat rock, Darkhan!

Darkhan: Aagh! Why you....!!

*Darkhan fires an energy blast at Blue, but he quickly ducks and dodges it. Blue then gets up close and casts an Elthunder spell on Darkhan. The blast greatly damages him and sends him flying back*

Darkhan: *growls* (I underestimated this boy. If I ever want to stand a chance, I'll have to change to a more powerful form)

Blue: Well?

Darkhan: Alright, boy. Heh, I didn't think you'd push me this far. Now prepare to witness my next dragon form.

Blue: Huh? (No way, he has another form!?)

*Darkhan begins to transform yet again. This time into a humongous quadropedal dragon (ie. like Salamence)*

Darkhan: Heh heh ha ha! This time you're dead!

Blue: *sweating* Oh man...(No! I can't show any fear. I can do this!)

Darkhan: Ho ho! Is that despair I see!? Excellent...

Blue: No! I'm not afraid of you! Take this!

*Blue casts an Elthunder spell on Darkhan. The spell hits, but surprisingly does minimal damage*

Blue: What!? No way!

Darkhan: Heh heh, impressed? Well you should be. My thick hide can resist even Thunder attacks. Your spells are useless!

*Darkhan whips Blue with his massive tail, sending him careening into the castle wall*

Blue: Aagh! Ergh...*panting* What...what do I do...now...?

Darkhan: There's nothing you can do! Your days are numbered, Blue!!

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« Reply #96 on: 29 September, 2007, 01:30:14 pm »

*Just then, Lorrie awakens and begins to speak to Blue*

Lorrie: No Blue....don't....listen to him. There...there is a way...I just know it.

Blue: Lorrie...

Lorrie: Blue...get up and fight. It's not...over yet.

Blue: Yeah...you're right, Lorrie. But...I'm gonna need your help.

*Lorrie springs back to action*

Lorrie: You got it, Blue. Let's do it...together.

*Lorrie runs over to Blue and helps him to his feet*

Blue: Thank you, Lorrie.

Darkhan: Ha. What nonsense. I'll show you just what hope you have!!!

*Darkhan flies toward Blue and Lorrie and prepares to attack*

Blue: Lorrie, on my cue...

Lorrie: Yeah?

Blue: JUMP!

Lorrie: Right!

*Before Darkhan can strike, Blue and Lorrie jump onto Darkhan's back*

Darkhan: Agh! What are you doing!? Get down from there!!

Blue: No can do, Darkhan! Lorrie! Hang on tight!

Lorrie: Yeah!

Darkhan: So, you think you can hang on, do you? Well I'll show you!

*Darkhan begins to speed up and fly crazily through the air*

Lorrie: Aaaaaah! Blue!!

Blue: Just....keep....hanging on!

*Darkhan then begins to fly upside down*

Lorrie: Waaaaaah! Help me!

Blue: Lorrie! Stay calm!

Lorrie: Blue..I...I can't....hang...on!!

*Lorrie begins to lose her grip*

Blue: Lorrie, please hang on!

Lorrie: I'm sorry Blue...but...I can't...

*Lorrie lets go of her grip and begins to fall, but before she can, Blue grabs hold of her hand*

Blue: I won't let you fall, Lorrie.

Darkhan: Agh, lucky move...but neither of you will last through this!

*Darkhan begins to fly around in circles*

Lorrie: Blue! Hurry! Think of something!

Blue: I...I don't know, Lorrie!

*Lorrie takes a look around and sets her gazes on Darkhan's wings*

Lorrie: *gasp* Blue! The wings!

Blue: What about th...Ah! Now I get it!

Lorrie: That's right. His wings aren't as sturdy as his body. If you can just fry them with a thunder spell, he'll smash right into the ground and be totally helpless!

Blue: Good thinking, Lorrie! Let's do it!!
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« Reply #97 on: 29 September, 2007, 02:00:24 pm »

Blue: Time to make an emergency landing, Darkhan!

*Blue casts an Elthunder spell on both of Darkhan's wings. They are both instantly crippled and Darkhan freezes in mid-air*

Darkhan: Hmm!? Wh..what's happening!? I...I can't fly anymore!!!

*Darkhan looks back to see his wings crippled and useless*

Darkhan: Noooo! What have you done to me!!!???

Blue: I've finished you off, that's what. Now I think it's time you took a little fall.

*Darkhan begins to plunge from the sky*

Darkhan: Aaaaaggggh! Noooooooo!!!

Blue: Lorrie, let's go!

Lorrie: Right!

*Blue and Lorrie jump off of Darkhan's back as he falls to the ground. Darkhan smashes into the ground, creating a huge crator where he fell*

Darkhan: *growls* Cur...curse...you...Blue...

*Darkhan reverts to his human form*

Blue: Phew, that was close.

Lorrie: Blue, we did it! It worked exactly as planned!

Blue: Yeah, it did! But...where did Darkhan go?

Lorrie: He fell just over there.

Blue: Alright, let's get him!

*Blue and Lorrie run over to find the huge crater Darkhan created when he fell*

Blue: Hmm, there's no doubt about it. This is where he crashed.

Lorrie: But...but he's not there anymore...

Blue: Where could he have gone...?

Lorrie: *gasp* I..I hear something...

*Blue and Lorrie turn around to see Darkhan, battered and beaten, slowly inching towards them*

Darkhan: *breathing heavily* Bluuuuuuuue....Loooooooorrie....you'll pay for what you've done to meeeeeeeeeeeee!

Blue: Heh, what can you possibly do to us?

Lorrie: Yeah, give it up, Darkhan. You can barely stand.

Darkhan: Ha ha! Didn't you know? I'm immortal! I can never die!!

Lorrie: ...

Blue: Oh yeah!? We'll see about that!!

*Blue charges his fist with thunder energy and runs towards Darkhan*

Blue: It's over, Darkhan!!

*Blue slams his fist deep into Darkhan's body*

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« Reply #98 on: 30 September, 2007, 01:02:20 am »

*Upon the impact, Darkhan's blood spatters everywhere, and his body falls limp*

Blue: Ha, not so immortal now, are you? .....Huh?

*Blue looks down to see that Darkhan has a tight grip on Blue's wrist. He struggles to get free, but to no avail*

Blue: Ergh...eh! Let go! H-how are you...still alive!?

Darkhan: *breathing heavily* I...told you. I.....am immortal!!!

*Darkhan takes his free arm and puts it up to Blue's chest. He then conjures a sphere of dark energy and explodes it. The blast knocks out Blue and sends him flying back*

Darkhan: Fool.....you really though you could....defeat....me?

Lorrie: Blue! No!

*Lorrie runs over to Blue and tries to wake him up*

Lorrie: Blue! Blue! Wake up! Come on, I need you!

*No response from Blue. He's out cold*

Lorrie: I guess....I guess it's my time...

*Lorrie looks at her staff and then prepares to face Darkhan*

Lorrie: Alright, Darkhan! Now it's time to face me!

Darkhan: Heh heh, face you? Ha ha hah! Don't make me laugh! I may be in a weakened state, but you're still no match for me.

Lorrie: I'll just have to show you then! (It's time....I face my destiny...)

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« Reply #99 on: 30 September, 2007, 02:37:24 am »

*Lorrie plants her staff into the ground and it begins to glow. She closes her eyes and starts to concentrate*

Darkhan: Pah, another one of your staff tricks?

Lorrie: Oh, you'll soon see that this is no trick. Are you familiar with...Twin Soul Sacrifice?

Darkhan: Wha-what...? It can't be....!

*Blue comes to and has overheard Lorrie speaking*

Blue: T-twin Soul...Sacrifice....?

Lorrie: That's right! It's the same technique used to put away your ancestors! And now I'm gonna use it on you!

Darkhan: No! Don't you realize that you'll be destroying yourself as well!?

Blue: What!? Lorrie! What are you doing!?!? Don't do this!!!

Lorrie: Blue..it's okay. I knew...all along...that it would come to this.

Blue: But how?

Lorrie: It was back...when we were still in Valyura...


Lorrie: You wanted to speak with me, King?

Yarath: Yes, it is about the ancient staff you now wield, and your eventual battle with the Dragon King...

Lorrie: Wha..what about it?

Yarath: That staff, is the key to defeating the Dragon King. In order to finally put an end to him, you must make use of an ancient technique.

Lorrie: Ancient....technique?

Yarath: That's right. The ancient technique known as...Twin Soul Sacrifice.

Lorrie: *gulp* Twin Soul Sacrifice. What...does that do?

Yarath: *sigh* Lorrie...this particular technique, destroys the soul of the one it is used on......at the cost of the users own soul...

Lorrie: *gasp* Then...then that means...!

Yarath: Lorrie, you must stay strong. This is....this is your destiny. And you must face it without fear. Understood?

Lorrie: I....I....yes. I understand....

*flashback ends*

Lorrie: So now, do you see? This is the only way to defeat Darkhan! I have to do this!

Blue: Lorrie...I don't...I don't want you to die...

Lorrie: I don't wanna die either, Blue. But...but this is something I must do. In order to save the world....I must sacrifice my life!

Blue: Lorrie....

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« Reply #100 on: 30 September, 2007, 02:59:38 am »

*Lorrie finishes preparing the technique*

Lorrie: (This is it...I have to do this...for my family..for my friends..for the whole world..) Twin Soul Sacrifice!!!

*Lorrie's soul leaves her body and manifests into physical form. It then shoots straight for Darkhan*

Darkhan: N-no! You don't know what you're doing!!!

Lorrie: You're wrong. I do know what I'm doing! I'm ridding the world of you! Even if it means I have to rid it of myself!

Darkhan: Noooooo! Stooooop!!!

*Lorrie's soul tears through Darkhan's body, stripping him of his soul in the process*

Darkhan: Aaaaagggghh!!!

*The two souls then break apart and wither away. Lorrie's and Darkhan's bodies both fall lifeless to the ground*

Blue: *gasp* Lorrie!! Lorrie!!

*Blue runs over to Lorrie's body and holds her*

Blue: Lorrie...Lorrie, can you hear me? Lorrie! Lorrie!!!

Lorrie: Bl...Blue....

Blue: Lorrie! Are you gonna be okay!?

Lorrie: No Blue....this...this is it for me. My soul....was already destroyed...

Blue: Lorrie no...*sobs* Please...don't die...

Lorrie: Blue...don't cry...Tears....don't suit you. The world...is safe...so...I want you to smile....be happy....

Blue: But, Lorrie! I....I...can't...

Lorrie: Yes you can, Blue. P-promise me....that you'll.....smile........for......me.......

*Lorrie's body grows limp and she passes away*

Blue: Okay Lorrie....I promise. I will...I will smile for you.

*Blue picks up Lorrie's body and begins to walk away with her....with a smile on his face*

End Part 6: Blue vs. Darkhan: Lorrie's inescapable fate

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« Reply #101 on: 30 September, 2007, 06:54:46 pm »

Part 7: The End of a Hero's Tale

*Completely battle worn, Blue's friends are laid out all across the battlefield*

Dan: Phew, that was tough. *panting* I...almost didn't make it there...

Leon: You think you had it rough? I can only imagine how Blue and Lorrie are doing.

Dan: Yeah, you're right.... I hope they're okay.

Royce: Ever since we heard that giant crash, nothing has happened...

Eunice: Do you think....something happened to Blue and Lorrie in that crash?

Isaac: Let's hope not...

*Just then, Blue, still carrying Lorrie's body appears before the group*

Leon: *gasp* Is that...Blue...?

Dan: It is him! And he's....carrying Lorrie...

*Blue walks by the group, saying nothing at all*

Erin: Blue! What happened to Lorrie!?

Blue: ...

Eunice: Well?

Blue: ...

Erin: Blue! Answer us! What happened to her!? *sobs*

Blue: Stop crying...

Erin: What..?

Blue: Lorrie....told us not to cry for her. She told us....to be happy.

Eunice: Blue, what are you talking about?

Blue: That was...Lorrie's final wish...Now let's go. We're leaving...

Erin: Ah...uhm...right...

*Erin wipes her tears and the group leaves the battlefield behind*

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« Reply #102 on: 01 October, 2007, 02:12:43 pm »

*Meanwhile, back in Oporio Castle Town*

Lilia: *sigh* It's been a week now...and they still aren't back..

Raine: Are you suggesting that they've failed?

Lilia: I don't wanna think that, but there's always that possibility. In any case, Blue told us that we need to go in after them if they're not back in a weeks time.

Ari: But Lilia, you can't fight in your condition! It's too dangerous!

Lilia: I know, but we don't have much of a choice. Whether Blue and the others have been defeated or not, we must go.

Ari: *sigh* Lilia...

*The group gets ready to leave town when Lilia notices Blue and the others coming their way*

Lilia: Huh? Who is that...?

Cal: Hey, that's Blue and the others! They've done it!

Ari: Really!? Then they didn't fail after all!

*Blue and the others approach*

Lilia: Blue! You're back! How did it....oh..?

*Lilia notices Blue carrying Lorrie's body*

Lilia: Blue...how..what...what happened to Lorrie..?

Sean: Blue, she's dead, isn't she?

Blue: She is...

Lilia: Oh no! Why did this happen!? *sobs*

Blue: Lilia, stop it!

Lilia: What..?

Blue: Lorrie...she told us to be happy for her. She gave her life...to save ours. We must honor her sacrifice.

*Lilia tries her best to stop her tears*

Lilia: *sniff* Okay...I understand. But...but I just wish...she was still with us.

Blue: We all do, Lilia. We all do...

Lilia: Blue, wait. Where are you going?

Blue: I have...some business to take care of. You guys go back to the Oasis, and I'll meet you there later.

Lilia: Alright Blue, see you then.
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« Reply #103 on: 01 October, 2007, 02:42:37 pm »

Dan: Where do you think he's going?

Leon: Who knows?

Sean: Ah well, I guess we should just do as Blue says and go back to the Oasis...

*Blue leaves the group. He sails with Lorrie's body back to Valyura, to tell King Yarath of the news and to give her a proper burial*

Blue: Yarath...

Yarath: Oh, little Lorrie...

Blue: You were aware that this would happen, weren't you?

Yarath: I was. But we cannot mourn her. She has fulfilled her destiny, and in doing so, she saved us all. She will be regarded as a hero to all of Valyura. We are so proud of her.

Blue: That's right...*Blue looks down at Lorrie* We're proud of you. And we can't thank you enough.

Yarath: Blue, why don't you take Lorrie on home? There, you can give her the burial she deserves.

Blue: Alright, I will. Thank you.

Yarath: No, thank you, Blue.

*Blue leaves the castle and goes to Lorrie's house*

Blue: There's...no one here. Does she not have any parents? *sigh*

*Blue buries Lorrie's body, and he lays flowers on her grave*

Blue: Lorrie, I'll never forget you, and what you've done for us. You may not have thought so, but you're stronger than any one of us could ever be. Goodbye....Lorrie.

*Blue walks away from Lorrie's house, when he believes he hears her voice*

Lorrie: Blue...Thank you...

Blue: Huh? Wha..L-Lorrie? Is that you? Agh, I guess I must be hearing things...

*Blue gets back on his boat and sails back to Meloria*

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« Reply #104 on: 01 October, 2007, 03:06:21 pm »

*Blue returns to the Oasis and greets his friends*

Blue: Alright guys, I'm back.

Lilia: Blue! How did it go? Was everything okay?

Blue: Yup, everything's all done. Lorrie is back home and we can all finally go on with our lives.

ILS: Yeah! Now that's what I wanted to hear! This whole mess is finally caput, so now I can catch up on my subscriptions.

Leon: We've been through a lot. I think we all have some catching up to do.

Ari: Ahem, speaking of catching up, Lilia, don't you have something you need to tell Blue?

Lilia: Eeeek!!

ILS: Oh, do you now, Lilia? Hah, I can't wait to hear this!

Leon: Yeah, Lilia. Let's hear it.

Eunice: Oh this is so exciting! What could it be!?

Lilia: Well don't get too excited, because none of you are going to find out! Hmph!

Erin: Aw, why not?

Lilia: Because it's just between me and Blue, that's why...

Eunice: No fair! Blue! Tell Lilia to let us all know!

Blue: Hey, settle down. If Lilia doesn't want to tell everyone, then that's her business. Now then. Lilia, lay it on me.

Lilia: *gulp* Alright...

*Lilia whispers the news in Blue's ear*


Lilia: Uh oh, I saw this coming. I knew you'd be mad....

Blue: I uh, no! I'm...I'm not mad. I..I..I'm just...s-s-startled.

Ari: Teehee.

ILS: Whoa, now I'm really interested.

Leon: What's the news?

Fallon: Heehee, I heard it. Congratulations, you two!

Lilia: Fallon, don't you tell them!

Blue: Lilia, it's okay. Really.

Lilia: *sigh* Alright. Guys...I'm pregnant. With Blue's child.

ILS: Huh!? Oooooh....

*ILS faints*

Fallon: ILS!!

Sean: Well that was unexpected.

Eunice: Aw, that's so cute!

Leon: Quentin! That's great!

Raine: Master Blue...that's wonderful...

Isaac: Way to go, Master Blue!

Cal: You guys'll be great parents! I just know it!

Dan: Heh heh, nice going, you two.

Blue: Thanks guys, I'm gonna be the best father I can be.

*Just then, a mysterious, yet familiar figure appears behind Blue*

??: Oh little bro!

Blue: What? Aaaaah!!

*Blue's older brother Saru comes up behind him and gives him a hug*

Saru: Quentin! I'm so happy for you!

Blue: *sigh* Saru...it's just like you to show up when you're not wanted...

Saru: Hmph, that's no way for a daddy to behave. That attitude of yours has got to go.

Lilia: That, among other things.

Blue: Oh man....

Everyone: *laughs*
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