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Wii Wars

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Author Topic: Wii Wars  (Read 304 times)
the nameless one
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I won't fade.....ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!

« on: 22 September, 2007, 03:07:50 pm »

This is my story. It is not a user story, nor a Mario story, but both. I hope you like it.

*The mushroom kingdom, on an amazingly beautiful day. Mario has woken up early to go to Peach's castle, while Luigi is still sleeping *

Mario: Luigi, are you a-ready yet? We have to be at the castle in 20 minutes!
Luigi: z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.
Mario: Mama MIA! Luigi get off your lazy bum! 
Luigi: Daisy, Daisy! I want a threesome!
Mario: Get up you skinny pervert. We have to leave in five minutes!
Luigi: But I'm hungry!
Mario: O.K. You can get some breakfast, and tell me about your little dream.
*Luigi jumps, and walks toward the door*
Luigi: Yeah, let's go.
Mario: I thought so.
Mario: < that better had not had been Peach he was going for. >   
*they take off for the castle, but about half way there they see a familiar face coming toward them*
Toad: Help! Help!
Mario: Toad, calm down! What's a-the matter?
Toad: Mario! Peach has been kidnaped!
Luigi: <again? > Just tell us what happened, Toad.
Toad: Well, we were cleaning the castle, when this freaky blue guy with
gun attached to his arm stormed in and took the princess!
Luigi: Well why didn't you fight him off?
Toad: Luigi, we're three inch mushroom people! If we could defend the princess, we wouldn't need overweight plumbers to do it! Just look at you!
Luigi: What's wrong with us?
Luigi: What? I want to know what is wrong with me!
Mario:............................So, a  blue guy?
Toad: Yeah, and then he said something strange.
Mario: What did he say?
Toad:  He said " The Wii will be ours."
Mario: hm . . . Lets go see what Toadsworth has to say.
Luigi: There's nothing wrong with me.

*Toadsworth's cabin*

Mario: I hope you’re home, Toadsworth. *knocks on door*
Toadsworth: I'm coming, I'm coming. Damn kids, if you leave one more-
Mario: One more what?
Toadsworth: Master Mario! Come in! I swear, kids these days. They think it's funny to throw koopa crap at me and my-
Luigi: Um, Toadsworth, as much as we would love to continue on that subject, we need your help.
Toadsworth: Oh, of course. What can I help you with?
Mario: What can you tell us about the Wii?
*Toadsworth face darkens*
Toadsworth: How do you know about that?   
Mario: Princess Peach has been kidnaped. The perpetrator said something about a Wii. Do you know anything about it?
Toadsworth: I had hoped this day would never come.
Luigi: Toadsworth, what's going on?
Toadsworth: You might want to come with me.
*Toadsworth pulls a book out of his bookshelf, and it swings open. *
Toadsworth: Well, I assume you have heard how the Nintendo kingdoms formed?
Mario: Of course. Our ancestors fought the PS invaders and banished them to the other side of the Infinity Desert.
Toadsworth: Well, that's part of it. You see, halfway through the war, a horrible monster appeared. He was too powerful for either side to destroy. So the most powerful of our ancestors banished him to a prison from which he could never escape. 
Luigi: The infinity desert?
Toadsworth: Yes and no. They did hide the prison in Infinity desert, but the only way to access it is to use a key. The key was split in half to prevent the key's keeper with that kind of power. So the PS side named their half PS3, and we named our half-
Mario: The Wii.
Toadsworth: Spot on, Master Mario! The Wii was hidden somewhere where no one could find it.
Luigi: Where is it?
Toadsworth: Right here.
*Toadsworth reaches into the end of the passageway and pulls out a sparkling fragment of what seems to be an infinity symbol*
Mario: So the person who a-kidnaped Peach?
Toadsworth: Was probably a PS Warrior.
Luigi: But why would he be after Peach?
Toadsworth: He probably  thought Peach had the Wii. So He took her.
Mario: Does she a-know anything about it though?
Toadsworth: She knows as much about it as Bowser does about soap.
Mario: So what should we do?
Toadsworth: Mario, you must go to the PS kingdom and rescue Peach, and Luigi you must find out what is going on in the PS kingdom.
Mario: Let's a-go!
Luigi: Hell a-no! This happens every time! You go and rescue the princess, and I end up getting captured. Well not this time!
Toadsworth: Master Luigi, should I remind Mario what you were doing yesterday in the castle dungeon with a Yoshi?
Luigi: You promised you wouldn't tell!
Toadsworth: I lied.
Luigi: Fine! I'll go. < Why does everyone blackmail in this kingdom? >
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the nameless one
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I won't fade.....ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!

« Reply #1 on: 22 September, 2007, 03:10:34 pm »

Chapter 2

*Just past the border of the Mushroom and Hyrulian Kingdoms, where on the other side of Hyrule, is the Infinity Desert *

Luigi: How long until we reach the Infinity Desert?

Mario: Well we're on foot, so it might be a day, two days maybe, and then who know's how long it'll be to cross it.

Luigi: Oh man.

Huh??: Need some help?

Luigi: Who's that?

 * Riding on his trusty steed Epona, the hero of Hyrule rides to the Mario Bros. *

Mario: Link!

Link: I had a feeling you'd come, guys.

Luigi: Huh?
Link: You are looking for your princess, right?

Mario: How did you know? 

Link: You see, Zelda was kidnaped by-

Luigi: Let me guess, a blue guy?

Link: Yep, and this guy had Peach over his arm when he busted in, and took Zelda too.

Mario: We have learned that they've taken the princesses to the other side of the Infinity Desert, so we are going to rescue Peach.

Link: I'm coming with you.

Mario: Are you sure?

Link: Of course. I will protect Zelda if it is the last thing I do.

Luigi: Then let's go! Its still is at least a 10-day walk before they reach the PS kingdom.

Link: Who said any thing about walking? Epona is the fastest horse in all of Hyrule! She'll get you there in three days flat. Hop on!

Mario: great!

Link: Now tell me, what do you guys know about our enemies?

Mario: We'll tell you along the way, now let's go!

* and so they went. The Mario Bros. told Link about the Wii and the PS kingdom legends. Epona got them to the Infinity Desert in half a day, and in by the night, they were well into the desert*

Link: I think we should stop here for the night. Epona's getting tired.

Mario: Yeah, we've already made a lot of progress.

* Mario and Luigi build a fire and a light it, while Link takes off some blankets from Epona's saddlebags*

Link: Mario?

Mario: Yeah, Link?   

Link: What if the worst happens, and there is a war?

Mario: Than we do what we always do, and save the day.

Luigi: Mario, but those were one on one good vs. evil fights, but this is a war, thousands of people fighting, and almost everyone will die.

Mario: Luigi, that's not the way to think!

Link: He's right though! This would mean all our people could Die! I know you think it's true!

Mario: I know about that! What I'm worried about is the monster. If it was horrible enough that no one could defeat it, what would happen if it got released?


Luigi: You're right. How would we fight something like that?

Link: What do you think is behind that prison?

Mario: If they created the Infinity Desert as a prison, it must be dangerous.

Luigi: but why didn't they destroy the key?

Mario: They probably couldn't

Luigi: What do you mean?

Link: I think he means that the monster was so powerful that they needed something extremely powerful to lock him away with. Am I right Mario?

Mario: Pretty much.

Luigi: Yeah I see, but I wonder if the PS warriors are trying to unseal it?

Link: How would they stop, let alone control something like that?

Luigi: I don't know, but why else would they want the Wii?

Link: Maybe they want to control the Nintendo kingdom?

Mario: I just hope they are not.

Link: Me too.

Luigi: Well, we still don't know if they are planning anything yet.

Mario: You're right Luigi. Good night.

Luigi: Good night

Link: Good night

* after the exhausting trip, the heroes fall to sleep *

Huh??: Your friends’ bravery is admirable, too bad they will die.

Mario: Who are you?

Huh??: I'm you, Mario

Mario: What you can't be-

<Mario>: I am your inner self

Mario: What did you say about my friends?

<Mario>: You friends are weak. One day you will grow too strong for them, and they will turn against you.

Mario: No!

<Mario>: You will kill them all.

Mario: You lie!

<Mario>: And you will enjoy seeing them suffer.

Mario: NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Mario wakes up, and finds a sword pointed at his throat*

Huh??: Get up! 
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the nameless one
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I won't fade.....ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!

« Reply #2 on: 23 September, 2007, 08:23:52 pm »

Chapter 3

*The heroes find themselves captured at the hands of a mysterious tribe, hidden by masks. It is still early in the morning, as they are walked through the desert by their captivators. *

Mario: Link, I have a plan. (Mumbles)

Link: ...Got it.

Luigi: Where are you taking us anyway?

?? ??: Don't talk!

* Luigi is knocked to the ground with the butt of the sword *

Mario: Now, Link!

*Link uses a spin attack on the captivators and knocks all but their leader out. *

Mario: Now, let's get some answers!

*Mario goes over to the leader and takes off his to mask*

Mario: Toad?...You *******! You betrayed us!

?? ??: Don't dare call me that! I am not one of those pathetic servants of your pitiful kingdom!

Link: Then who are you?

?? ??: My name is Tresed Tcejer. I am the leader of the desert Toads.

Mario: So Tresed, where were you taking us?

Tresed: To our camp, about a mile east of here.

Luigi: How can you tell?

Tresed: Desert instinct.

Luigi: No, really.

Tresed: The sun always rises away from our camp, every day.

Mario: Let's go. I want some answers.

* They go to the Desert toads camp*

Link: So, why did you target us, in the first place?
Tresed: You. *points at Mario* You have betrayed us and are not welcome here.

Mario: What do you mean?

Tresed: When Bowser first kidnaped us, you saved Peach and her servants, but neglected to save the rest of us. We were beaten and tortured, while some weren't so lucky. In the end the last of us managed to overthrow the koopas captivating us and escape here.

Link: Is that true, Mario?


Tresed: Go on, great one, tell him the truth.


Tresed: Tell him how you left us to-


Mario: Luigi, he's right.

Luigi: I DON'T CARE! My brother has saved thousands of people's lives! You don't have the right to tell him he has done wrong!

Mario: Luigi, calm down . . . what he said is true . . .

Tresed: You were the reason my people are suffering! Our names mean what they are backwards. We need a hero to save us, from our desert prison.

Mario: A hero is, only as a hero does. My actions must justify themselves.

Tresed: Thank you, Mario.

Mario: Before we can help you, we must rescue princess Peach.

Tresed: Where do the sands take you?

Link: The PS Kingdom.

Tresed: May the wind of fate bare you luck.

* With that, The desert toads depart. The Mario Bros. and Link find themselves close to the PS kingdom*

Link: We should set up here for the night.

Luigi: Yeah. *Collapses on ground* Good night

Link: Well, Since we're so close to enemy grounds, I'll stand watch tonight.

Good night.

Mario: Good night

Tresed: < It shall be your last >

<Mario>: Doesn't it feel nice to betray?

Mario: No . . . I hate myself for it.

<Mario>: Mario without me, you can't become stronger.

Mario: What?

<Mario>: I will give you a choice. You can tell your friends about me, and never achieve more power, or you can side with me, and destroy your friends.

Mario: What? What are you?

<Mario>: I will let you alone now.

Mario: NO! COME BACK!! COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Mario wakes up to find Luigi and Link at is side*

Luigi: Mario are you ok?

Mario: Yeah, I'm fine.

Link: You were talking in your sleep, then you started yelling like crazy for someone to come back.

Luigi: Who were you talking to?

Mario:.................................No one.
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the nameless one
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I won't fade.....ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!

« Reply #3 on: 19 October, 2007, 05:08:32 pm »

sorry I have been gone for a while...I had things to do. Anyway, here is a few installments

Link: Time to go. The sun is setting.

* The PS kingdom, More specifically the city of Robotropolis. The city of Robotropolis is a huge neon-lit city where buildings stood high, and people roamed the streets*

Mario: This is the only way to do this. Link you and I will go in and find the princess. Luigi you must go and find whatever information you can.

Luigi: Got it.

Mario: Remember, no one is on our side. We cannot draw attention to our mission.

Link: Let's go.

Luigi: Right, good luck.

*Luigi dashes off*

Mario: Where should we look?

Link: We should probably get some answers from the people here.

Mario: We're trying to be inconspicuous, Link, I don't want you slashing peoples heads off.

Link: Not even a few?

Mario: Link!

Link: Mario: in this kingdom we have to use force to get answers.

Mario: Ok, I'll give it a try.

* A normal civilian walks by and is grabbed and taken into the shadows*

Yuffie: Help! I'm being

Mario: Now listen up, *****. You better tell me where the ****ing princess is or my friend's sword is gonna be through your ****ing throat.

Link: < Man, he's overkill. >

Yuffie: I-I-l don't know! Maybe the castle up north?

Mario: you better be right or so help me, I'll blast you from here to-

Link: That's enough. We got our target.

Mario: You're right. Let's go!

Link: Hey, Mario, did you enjoy that?

Mario: No?

*The PS Kingdom, _______ castle* ( help me out here, I don't know any)

Mario: Link, we should split up.

Link: yeah you're right. I'll search the east corridors, and you search the west.

Mario: Good idea.

*link sneaks away.*

<Mario>: Nice threat. You should do that more often.

Mario: Go away.

<Mario>: Aw. Don't you want more power?


<Mario>: Ah! That is why you lied to your friends.


<Mario>: Now you must find Peach and kill whoever is responsible.

Mario: You are not calling the shots here, I am. I will save Peach without your orders, now get out of my head!

<Mario>: As you wish. I will be back tonight.

Mario: < should I listen to him, or should I destroy him? >

Link: HELP!


Luigi: < I should probably stay in the shadows >

Person1: hey did you hear about the mushroom invasion?

Luigi: < this sounds interesting >

Person2: Yeah the invasion is in a week, to get the Wii.

Luigi: < Bingo >

Person1: I heard they are hiding something big int the egg factory at the end of town.

Person2: really? That's cool.

Luigi: < I should go have a look, myself.>

*Luigi goes to the egg factory*

Luigi: <how do you get in?>

Guard1: I hear someone coming!

Guard2: Come on! Get in the factory!

*Guard 2 walks to the factory wall*

Guard 2: PS3!

*the wall opens*

Luigi: <interesting>

*Luigi walks over to the wall*

Luigi: PS3!


Luigi: AHHH!!

Wall: Intruder Alert in sector five!

Luigi: NO! I gotta get out of here!

Guard2: There he is!

*Luigi runs away, but is grabbed and held until the guards come*

Guard1: Thank you commander.

*Luigi is let go and falls to the ground. He looks up at the captain*

Luigi: YOU!

Tresed: Hello, Luigi.

Chapter 5
*Kingdom Hearts, east corridors*

Mario: Link! Where are you?

<Mario>: Leave him!

Mario: What did I tell you? I am in command!

<Mario>: Fine.

Mario: Link!

Link: Mario! I'm in the dungeon!

Mario: Link, I'm coming!

*Mario rushes down the steps to find Link battling a Giant Robot snake*


*Mario super jump punches the snake, sending it into the wall*

Mario: Link, are you ok?

Link: Yeah, but this thing got me by surprise.

Mario: Where is the snake?

Link: *looks around* Look out!

* The snake drops from the ceiling, as Mario and Link dash away, where the snake eats the ground where the heroes stood.*

Mario: Come on Link, this thing isn't so tough.

Link: Let's finish this.

Link and Mario jump up on the snake. Link lands first, and cuts a hole in the snake. Mario lands, and shoots a large fireball through the hole. They both jump down and the snake explodes*

Mario: That was easy.

Link: Yeah, a little too easy, you know?

Huh??: Smart boy.

Link: Who are you?

*A robed figure steps out of the shadows*

Huh??: I am Ansem, the keeper of this dungeon.

Mario: Let me guess, you we won't be getting any further?

Ansem: No, I will let you pass, but you must deal with the consequences.

Link: Always a price, isn't there?

Ansem: the choice is yours.

* Ansem dissipates in a cloud of darkness, leaving The heroes alone.*

Link: let's just go. We can deal with anything that we come across.

Mario: Ok.

*Mario and Link walk deeper into the dungeon, to the prisoners barracks*

Link: Maybe one of these guys know where the princess is.

Mario: I don't think letting prisoners out is a good idea.

Link: Remember, we're not in the nintendo kingdom anymore. The worst offense is being us right now.

Mario: Good point.

*They open a door, and find an old acquaintance of Links on the other side.

Tingle: Master Link! Thank goodness you came!

Link: Tingle what are you doing here?

Tingle: I was captured yesterday for being here!

Mario: um, Tingle, do you know if Peach is in here? She was captured about a week ago.

Tingle: I'm sorry Mario, but your princess is in another castle.

<Mario>: You gotta be tired of hearing that by now.

Mario: < Tell me about it. >

Link: Thanks for the help, Tingle. See ya!

* Link closes the door*

Tingle: Wait, wait!

Mario: Shouldn't we get him out?

Link: Nah, I always hated that guy.

*Egg Factory courtyard*

Luigi: Tresed, why are you helping the PS kingdom?

Tresed: When I was residing in the Infinity Desert, it seemed that my tribe was going to die, and then they came. The saved us from our fate and made us one of them.

Luigi: Then why were you in the desert?

Tresed: They sent us out to look for you and guide you to the city to trap you.

Luigi: So you just set us up to die?!

Tresed: Isn't it Ironic how 5 years ago, you did the same to us? The tables have certainly turned, haven't they?

Guard2: What shall we do with him sir?

Tresed: Execute him at midnight.

*The outskirts of Robotropolis, one half-hour later*

Mario: Link, where is Luigi? We told him to meet us here.

Link: I hope he is ok.

Tresed: Mario, Link! Thank goodness I found you! Luigi has been captured, and is going to be executed!

Mario: Damn. Why now of all times? Where is he?

Tresed: Follow me.

Chapter 6

* Egg Factory courtyard*

Tresed: Luigi is on the other side of this factory. Now if we-

Mario: I don't have time for plans!

*Mario rushes in. He has an enraged look in his eye. *

Tresed: Link, has he ever looked like this before?

Link: Yes, a few times before. He dearly loves his brother. It's the only family he has left.

Tresed: Link, why don't you stay behind? I will stop Mario before he does anything too rash.

Link: *looks Tresed in the eyes suspiciously* Yeah. Go on ahead.

*Tresed runs after Mario*

Link: < How did he know about Luigi in the first place? >

Mario: Hold on, Luigi. Hold on.

Guard2: Hey, it's that -

*Mario rams the guard into the wall. When he tries to get up, he finds a fireball at his throat. *

Mario: Where is my brother?!

Guard2: I-I don't know!

Mario: TELL ME!

* The fireball is now scorching his throat from the heat. *

Guard2: H-He is through that door.

*Mario shoves the guard through the wall, the guard doesn't respond. *

Mario: Luigi, I'm coming!

*Mario blows the door open with a fireball, and jumps in*

Mario: Luigi!

*Luigi is on the ground. There are several slashes along his chest. He faintly looks up and stares at gazes at Mario with blank eyes*

Guard1: Get him!

*Several guards converge on Mario, but are thrust away by Mario's arm.

Guard1: Come on! Attack!

*The guards recover and converge again, but Mario blasts them away with a fireball. *

Guard1:Retreat! Retreat! He's too strong!

Mario: Luigi, Luigi! Speak to me!

Luigi: Mar . . . io, beware . . . of Tres . . . ed

Mario: What do you mean?

Tresed: He's right.

Mario: Tresed, what's going on?

Tresed: Didn't you wonder how I knew Luigi was captured? How I knew where he was?

Mario: You . . . mean . . . you did this?

*Tresed draws his sword and smirks*

Tresed: Who else?

*Mario's glows red with anger. Fire swirls around him, and forms a sword*

Mario: I'll burn you to death and back!

Tresed: Time to see if the hero can save himself.

*Mario lunges at Tresed, and slashes at him. *

Mario: How dare you! You betrayed our trust, and I will not forgive you!

Tresed: Seems familiar, doesn't it?

*Mario lunges at Tresed again, and jumps behind him*

Tresed: Your princess, was nice. It pained me to capture her. It hurt even more to slash her so many times.

Mario: DIE!

*Mario slashes again, and breaks Tresed's sword in pieces. He knocks Tresed against the wall, and shoots a barrage of fireballs at him. *

Mario: You will die where you stand.

*Mario nears Tresed and holds his sword at Tresed's throat. *

<Mario>: Kill him, Mario. Just like I said.

<Mario>: Kill him now! He has mutalated your loved ones, and deserves death.

Mario: <I'm not sure.>

<Mario>: Look at your dear brother. HE has gotten pleasure from that!

*Mario's rage peaks, as he cuts a gash through Tresed's chest, right below his heart*

<Mario>: Yes, good! SHow him the suffering that he has forgotten!

* Mario looks in Tresed's eyes and remembers how he had caused him this pain so long ago*

Mario: <I can't.>

*Mario staggers*

<Mario>: do it !

Mario: no.

*Mario stops glowing, and the sword dissipates. He slowly backs away from Tresed, and turns to Luigi, who is staring at Mario*

Luigi: What . . . happened?

Mario: I don't know, but it's over.

Luigi: Peach and Zelda . . . are behind the door.

*Mario opens the door to see the Princesses sitting on the floor, with slash marks on their chests and arms. *

Peach: *Looks up* Mario!

Mario: Peach! Are you Ok?

Peach: Yes I'—

Zelda: Mario, look out!

*Tresed jumps at Mario with a shard of his sword, and attempts to stab him. *

Tresed: Revenge!

Link: Get down!

* Link draw his bow. Tresed tries to attack, but is helplessly pinned to a wall by Link's arrow. *

Link: Sorry I'm late.

Zelda: Link!

*The princess hug Mario, Luigi, and Link, and exit the egg factory. *

Mario: Let's go home, Toadsworth is waiting for us.

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the nameless one
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I won't fade.....ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!

« Reply #4 on: 03 July, 2008, 04:52:28 pm »

Chapter 7

* Our heroes have returned to the Nintendo Kingdoms with Peach and Zelda, and take them to Toadsworth. 

Mario: * knocks*

Toadsworth: Master Mario! You have returned!

Mario: We have bad news, Toadsworth.

Toadsworth: I assume this is about the PS kingdom, no?

Luigi: I’m afraid so.

Mario: The PS kingdom is planning a war, and they are going to attack on the Mushroom festival.

Toadsworth: I had feared as much.

Link: So, what should we do?

Toadsworth: We must gather an army. There are dark times ahead of us, and we cannot afford to lose the Wii. After what Dezites did to the world, we must not afford to lose this battle!

Mario: Dezites?

Toadsworth: Dezites was the beast sealed away in the desert. That can be the only reason the PS kingdom wants the Wii.

Link: Tell us more about Dezites, Toadsworth.

Toadsworth: He was a great beast with the head of a demon, the body of a giant ogre, and the wings of an angel.

Link: It sounds like he has muscle, but no mind.

Luigi: So basically, a giant, winged, Bowser?

Huh??: Hey! I heard that!

* Out of the shadows, the king of koopas himself, marches over to Luigi*

Mario: Bowser!

* Mario jumps over to Bowser and readies a fireball*

Toadsworth: Master Mario, no! I asked Bowser to come here!

Luigi: Why?

Bowser: Stow it, greenie! Believe it or not, I am a citizen of the Nintendo Kingdoms too!

Toadsworth: *cough* Like I was saying, despite his brute strength, his main power was in his mind. * glares at Link * ....He could manipulate victims to doing anything he wanted. He called it his “mind veil.” The worst Mind Veil was when he took control of the PS kingdom’s lieutenant and tricked him to sending most of the army to a trap.

Mario: What happened?

Toadsworth: They all died. In fact, it was that technique that sealed him in that prison.

Link: Please explain.

Toadsworth: One general from our kingdom listened to the Veil, and told Dezites that their ultimate weapon was in deep in the desert. He destroyed the “ weapon” to find our ancestors ready to seal him away.

Bowser: Enough chatter! We gotta round up an army and show the  PS kingdom who’s the boss!

Mario: Let’s go!

* everyone goes except Link *

Link: Toadsworth, we ran into some trouble on the way, a band of toads.

Toadsworth: You don’t say.

Link: Do you know about a toad named Tresed?


*Toadsworth face glooms and he looks to the floor. *

Link: What’s the matter?

Toadsworth: Yes.....Tresed Tcejer is my son.

* Toadsworth walks away. *

Link: Poor Toadsworth.

* Outside, Link catches up to the group. *

Bowser: No way! I could take you on, Greenie!

Luigi: Yeah right, I’d destroy you!

* Mario: is staring into space. *

< Mario>: What’s the matter, afraid you might lose?

Mario: < you can stop the act, Dezites. I know it’s you.>

Dezites: < Ah, so you figured out my Mind Veil, eh? >

Mario: It’s over. As long as I know it’s you, I will resist you easily.

* Somewhere, in a different dimension. A prisoner stands alone. *

Dezites: If only you knew Mario.

* Dezites flicks his fingers, and a rip forms in the fabric of time and space. A lock appears with the infinity symbol on it. Dezites picks it up, and with his hand, the lock starts to crack*
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