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24 July, 2021, 06:17:36 pm
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Short Story: A Hero in the Making (100% Complete)

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Author Topic: Short Story: A Hero in the Making (100% Complete)  (Read 364 times)
« on: 12 October, 2007, 11:54:53 pm »

*This short story will tell the origins of Blue and how he came to set out on his extravagant journies. The story begins with young Blue, at the tender age of 11. In the original world where the Iblis still reigns over Jahannam. Blue lives a rather paltry life, with his mother, father, and older brother Saru. Always being put down by them for not having any natural ability or talent. After a while, he gets fed up with them and decides to do something about it...*

Blue: Hey mother, where's father? He hasn't been home in a long time...

Izalina: Pah, don't you know anything, child? Your father is a great General. He's always busy with his work. And your brother is soon to follow in his footsteps. But you, you can't do anything...

Blue: That's not true! See?

*Blue conjures a flame from his hand*

Blue: I've been studying fire magic. Pretty neat, huh?

Izalina: Put out that fire right now! Who knows what could happen? You could end up burning us all to a crisp!

*Blue dissipates the flame*

Blue: Mmmnnn....

Izalina: Now run along and play or something. Just stay out of your brother's way. He's doing his daily training session and he doesn't need a failure like you bothering him.

Blue: I'm not a failure...

*Blue peeks into Saru's room and spys him rigorously training his sword arm*

Saru: Ha! Hyah! Sha!! Hyah ha!!

*Saru then spots Blue peeking through his door*

Saru: Alright, I see you...

Blue: Gah!

Saru: It's okay. You can come in. I'm done for the day.

Blue: Saru, do you think I'm a failure?

Saru: Huh? Why no. Why would I think that?

Blue: Well, because mother and father do...

Saru: Oh, it's that again. Come on, don't let them get to you.

Blue: But...what if they're right!?

Saru: Well, do you believe they're right?

Blue: What?

Saru: If you think you're a failure, then you most likely are one.

Blue: No! I'm not a failure!

Saru: Then prove it.

Blue: Prove it...?

Saru: That's right. Prove it. If you want mother and father to stop belittling you, you'll have to prove to them that you're not weak. That you can be somebody.

Blue: But...how do I do that, Saru? How did you become so strong?

Saru: I trained long and hard, that's how. And if you wanna become strong, you have to as well.

Blue: Hmm, so that's it, huh? I have to train...

Saru: Want me to help you?

Blue: What?

Saru: Yeah, we can start your training right now. Come on, let's start with a little sparing session.

Blue: What!? Me fight you!? But..but...

Saru: Alright, Quentin. Lesson number one: If you wanna be strong, you can't show fear in the face of an enemy, and that means me. So come on, put on your game face.

Blue: A-alright! Let's do it!

Saru: Good! Then show me what you got!

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« Reply #1 on: 13 October, 2007, 12:27:28 am »

Saru: Come, Quentin! You make the first move!

Blue: Okay! You asked for it!

*Blue charges at Saru and throws a very lackluster punch. Saru catches Blue's fist. He then takes him by the arm and throws him into the wall*

Blue: Guh, agh!

Saru: Ha! Nice try, Quentin.

*Blue then gets to his feet and takes another shot at Saru. This time he tries a kick to the abdomen, but Saru once again guards against the blow by grabbing Blue's leg. He then let's go, causing Blue to lose his balance. And finishes up with a palm thrust to the gut*

Blue: Aaaaaagggh! Oof!

Saru: Aw, come on! You haven't had enough already, have you? I'm just getting warmed up!

*Blue struggles, but is able to get to his feet once again*

Blue: No way...*panting* Saru. I got one last trick up my sleeve...

Saru: Heh, is that so? ....Huh...?

*Blue gathers his magic power and casts his first full blown Fire Spell. Three fireballs are hurled straight at Saru*

Saru: Gah! No way!!

*Saru, being taken completely off guard, tries his hardest to dodge the incoming fireballs. He successfully dodges two of them, but is struck by the last one and is taken down*

Saru: Agh...good one...

Blue: *panting* How was that...Sa...ru....

*Blue, having lost all of his strength, collapses*

Saru: Ah! Quentin! Are you okay!?

Blue: Yeah....I'll be fine....after a little rest...

*Blue falls unconscious*

Saru: Ha. You surprised even me, Quentin. I would've never figured that you were proficient in magic. That may just be your claim to fame.

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« Reply #2 on: 13 October, 2007, 12:44:51 am »

*After several hours, Blue finally awakens*

Saru: Hey there, sleepy head. Have a nice nap?

Blue: Ugh...Oh! Yeah, sure.

Saru: That magic you got there. That's quite a powerful weapon.

Blue: Oh, that. I'm not too good at it yet. I only know that one spell.

Saru: But hey, at least you can use magic. I hear you gotta be born with that ability.

Blue: Huh, really?

Saru: Yeah! Quentin, with that gift, you have the potential to be one of the strongest people in the world. Even stronger than father and me.

Blue: Okay, I see what you're telling me, Saru.

Saru: Oh yeah?

Blue: Yeah. I have to hone my magic skills. I have to get better.

Saru: Okay, you're gettin' it. But that's not all. Your body and mind need to be honed. Magic's all well and good, but without the resilience to handle it, it won't do you any good.

Blue: Understood! Brother, I'm going on a journey.

Saru: A journey? For what?

Blue: A journey for strength and knowledge. Through my travels, I plan to better hone my magic abilities, and I will train my body and become a better fighter. Just you wait, Saru. I'm going to leave. And when I come back, I'll challenge you again.

Saru: Ha, oh really? Well then I'll be looking forward to your challenge, Quentin. Venture forth, and make us proud.

Blue: I will, Saru!

Saru: But wait, you can't go yet. Wait til tomorrow. By that time, you'll be all packed up and well rested for your trip.

Blue: Yeah, good idea.

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« Reply #3 on: 13 October, 2007, 01:11:06 pm »

*The next morning, Blue awakens bright and early, ready for his journey*

Blue: Hey Saru....oh. He's still asleep. I guess I'm a little early. Oh well, he'll get the message.

*Blue leaves the house and shuts the door behind him*

Blue: Hmm, I've got a lot work to do, so I better get started. Just you wait. Mother, Father, Saru. I'm gonna come back to you all stronger than ever. And then I'll make you thinking so little of me.

*Blue leaves his hometown of Luce. He heads out onto the road, unsure of where his journey will take him*

Blue: Okay...where to go...

*Blue takes out his map*

Blue: Alright, the closest place from here is.....Shura Town! Okay, that's where I'm going. What will I find there? Who knows.

*Meanwhile, back at the house Saru awakens to find that Blue had already left*

Saru: Oh Quentin. Didn't even wait to say goodbye. That's so like you. Ah well. Just make sure you come back alive.

*Saru walks out of the room and is greeted by his mother*

Izalina: Ah, Saru. Where's that brother of yours? It's time for breakfast?

Saru: Oh, mom. Quentin left.

Izalina: What? Oooh, I told that boy about leaving without permission. Where did he go?

Saru: On a grand journey to achieve power. He wants to become stronger.

Izalina: A journey? Pah. That boy is nothing more than a lousy failure. He'll never become stronger no matter how hard he tries. It's futile.

Saru: Eh, I guess we'll just have to see, now won't we?

Izalina: Hmph.

Saru: Come on, Quentin. Prove us wrong...

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« Reply #4 on: 13 October, 2007, 01:51:39 pm »

*Meanwhile, Blue continues on his journey. On his way to Shura Town, he comes across the Yushue Forest. But little does Blue know that Yushue Forest is the stomping ground of the Swali Bandits*

Blue: *sigh* Man, I hate forests. I need to find the way out of here quickly.

*Just then, a large worm plops down in front of Blue. Blue is startled by the worm's sudden appearance and casts a fire spell on it*

Blue: Gah! *panting* Oh...it was just a dumb worm. Eh, it's dead now.

*Blue continues through the forest. The sunlight gets weaker and weaker the further he goes in*

Blue: Uh oh. It's looking pretty dark in here...Okay, just stay cool. You can make it through this.

*Blue then suddenly hears rustling in the bushes*

Blue: *gasp* Is...someone there...?

*Blue then hears rustling in another bush, and then more*

Blue: Alright, come on out!

Bandit: Oh so the punk wants us to show ourselves, huh?

Bandit2: I don't think he knows who he's dealing with.

Bandit3: Well then let's show him, shall we?

*The bandits then leap from the bushes and surround Blue*

Bandit: Alright kid, if you want live, hand over all of your valuables.

Blue: Hah, sorry but I have nothing. So beat it, why don't you.

Bandit2: Kid, you'd best watch your tongue.

Bandit3: Before we cut it right out of your head.

Blue: I already told you I don't have anything. So are you going to take a hike or not?

Bandit: That does it, kid. You opened your mouth one time too many. Now you're gonna get it.

Bandit2/3: Yeah!

*The bandits slowly advance on Blue with axes ready*

Blue: (Okay, Quentin. This is your first test. Facing these guys is the first step on my goal to becoming stronger. So let's show em what I can do)

Bandit3: You're mine! Argh!

*The bandit leaps and strikes at Blue. He evades, causing the bandit to slam his axe into a nearby tree instead. While he's distracted with trying to pull his axe out, Blue casts a Fire spell on the bandit and blasts him right through the tree*

Bandit3: Aaaagggggh!!

Bandit2: Guh, that kid's a magic freak!

Bandit: Who cares what he is!? Get him!

*The next bandit charges at Blue and attacks. Blue evades once again and kicks the bandit away, causing him to drop his axe. Blue then picks up the axe and hurls it at the bandit. It slams deep into his chest and kills him*

Bandit2: Auuuggghhhuuhhg...

Bandit: Argh! What are you!?

Blue: Someone you should've never messed with. I'm on a journey to become stronger. And you're not going to bar my path. Get out of my way, or else.

Bandit: Okay okay! I'm sorry! Just..just leave us alone!

Blue: Glad you could see it my way.

*Blue then turns his back and continues on his way through the forest*

Bandit: Hah, got ya!

*The bandit takes his axe and hurls it at Blue. Blue, with his back still turned, evades the flying axe*

Bandit: What!? H-how did you...!?

Blue: That was your only chance.

Bandit: Wait! Noooo!

*Blue gather his strength and casts an Elfire Spell. A plume of flames is launched at the bandit, and he is burnt to a crisp*

Bandit: Stop! Noooo! Aaaaggggghhh!!!

Blue: Hah, sorry, but I gotta run!

*Blue turns his back once again and continues on his way through the forest*

Blue: (Alright! My first victory! I can already feel myself getting better! But this isn't enough. I have to get even stronger)

*Blue finally makes his way out of Yushue Forest. He can spy Shura Town just over the horizon*

Blue: Yeah! I can see Shura Town! It's only a little farther!

*Blue begins to run towards Shura Town, but after a while, he starts to grow sluggish*

Blue: *panting* What's happening? I'm...I'm so...tired..

*Blue then comes to a halt and kneels to the ground*

Blue: *panting* Maybe...maybe I shouldn't have...tried that Elfire...spell.......

*Blue falls unconscious from exhaustion in the middle of the road...*

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« Reply #5 on: 13 October, 2007, 02:16:33 pm »

*After a while, Blue awakens to find himself in a bed in someone's house*

Blue: Huh? Wha-wha-what is this? What is this place?

Girl: Hey kid! It's about time you woke up! You've been out for almost a week now.

Blue: I did? But..but how did I get here?

Girl: I brought you here! I was out running errands when I found you just lying there unconscious. I didn't want to leave you there, I carried you home with me.

Blue: Oh, well uhm, thanks. But where is here?

Girl: This is Shura Town, of course. Is that where you were headed?

Blue: It was, actually. I guess I made it here afterall.

Girl: Well good. You just stay here and I'll get you som..

*Blue tries to get out of bed*

Girl: Wait! What are you doing!? Don't get up!

*Blue struggles to get out of bed, but he doesn't have the strength to make it, and gives in*

Blue: Gah!

Girl: I was trying to tell you not to get up! You can't move yet. I don't know what you were doing, but you're way to exhausted to move.

Blue: Darn. I didn't think that spell would have such an adverse affect on my body...

Girl: Spell? You're a magic user?

Blue: That's right. But I'm still just a beginner. I ran into some bandits in the Yushue Forest and in the midst of the fight, I tried casting a higher level spell than I could handle...

Girl: Ah! That's dangerous! Don't do anything like that again! Don't you know that no matter how powerful a spell caster you are, it doesn't do you any good if your body can't handle the stress?

Blue: Yeah..my brother told me the same thing...

Girl: Geez, you're just lucky that you only fell unconscious. It could've been much worse. Promise me you won't overdo it again.

Blue: Ah, okay. I promise...

Girl: Good. Now stay in bed and don't try to move again. I'm gonna bring you some yummy soup to eat. Oh, and by the way, my name's Maylene. What's yours?

Blue: Uhm, it's Quentin.

Maylene: Quentin, eh? That's a nice name.

Blue: Thanks.

Maylene: Well then Quentin. I'll be right back with your soup!

*Maylene leaves the room*

Blue: *sigh* This really sets me back. Ah, may as well enjoy it...

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« Reply #6 on: 13 October, 2007, 05:02:17 pm »

*After a while, Maylene comes back with a bowl of soup*

Maylene: Oh Quentin! I've brought you some nice hot soup! Here you go!

*Maylene hands Blue the bowl*

Blue: Thank you. *slurp*

Maylene: Sooooo how is it?

Blue: Hey, this is great! What kind of soup is this!?

Maylene: Oh, you like it!? It's my specialty, Wildbird Soup with Wildbird Eggs right in the mix.

Blue: Well this is awesome. You're a really good cook, Maylene.

Maylene: Heehee. Thank you. You're so nice!

Blue: There. All finished.

Maylene: Done already? Wow, you must really liked it. I'll go make you some more.

*Maylene takes the bowl and leaves the room*

Blue: This might be a nice place to stick around for a while. *sigh* Yup. I think I'm gonna like it her-whoa..whoa...whooooooa!

*Blue falls out of the bed and smacks into the floor*

Blue: Guh! Agh, darn it...

*Just then, Blue gets to his feet without any problems*

Blue: Huh? Wow, I'm all better! That soup must've really did the trick! Guess I'll go tell Maylene the good news.

*Blue leaves the room and goes downstairs*

Maylene: Alright Quentin! I'm coming back u...Wha!!! Quentin!!

Blue: Gah! Maylene!

Maylene: Quentin, h-how are you walking!? Just a second ago you weren't even able to move!

Blue: Hmm, not quite sure. I guess that soup revitalized me or something. I'm feeling great, and ready to get back to training!

Maylene: Huh? Training? For what?

Blue: I'm training to become stronger. I'm traveling around, trying to strengthen my body so that I can handle the recoil of casting magic. I've still got a long way to go.

Maylene: Oh! Well why didn't you tell me sooner!? I can train you!

Blue: What? You can!?

Maylene: Yeah! Of course! I may not look it, but I specialize in ten different forms of martial arts. If anyone can help you train your body, it's me!

Blue: Okay! Then let's go now! I'm just bursting to get started.

Maylene: Alright, follow me! I have a training center in the back over there. We'll get started right away.

*Blue and Maylene go back to Maylene's training center. A large empty room with nothing but a large ring in the middle*

Maylene: Alright, we're here.

Little Girl: Oh! Hi Maylene! Who's your new friend?

Maylene: Hello, Gina. You remember Quentin, don't you? This is the boy I brought home with me that one day.

Gina: Oh, so you're the mystery boy! Hi there!

Maylene: Quentin, this is my little sister, Gina.

Blue: Hello.

Gina: What brings you two here, huh?

Maylene: I'm here to train Quentin. He's on a journey to strenghten his body, so I've decided to help him out. Gina, if you could, would you bring Quentin a training gi, please?

Gina: Sure! Be right back!

Blue: Uhm, training gi?

Maylene: Of course! You can't train in that ragged magician's garb! We gotta get you some light weight clothes.

*Gina comes back with the gi and hands it to Blue*

Gina: Here you go, Quentin! Blue was the only color we had left, so I hope you like it!

Blue: Thanks, I'll put in on right now.

*Blue puts on the gi*

Maylene: Hey, not bad! In fact, you're looking pretty good! Blue is really your color.

Blue: Eh, you think so? Yeah, I kinda like it too. A whole lot.

Gina: Heehee, since you like Blue so much, maybe we should call you Blue from now on. Heehee.

Blue: Oh..I don't know...

Maylene: I think Blue is a great nickname! How about it, Quentin?

Blue: Oh, okay. Blue it is.

Maylene/Gina: Yay!!!

Blue: Hmm, so now my name's Blue. What a day this is turning out to be...

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« Reply #7 on: 13 October, 2007, 10:06:16 pm »

*Maylene leaps back and gets into a fighting pose*

Maylene: Alright, Blue. Training begins now. Come at me with all you got!

Blue: Okay. Here I come!

*Blue charges at Maylene and throws a punch. Maylene easily smacks Blue's arm away. The force of the blow causes Blue to stumble and fall on his face*

Blue: Whwhoaoooooaaaa! Ooof!

Gina: Yikes! Blue!

Maylene: Huh? Uhm, Blue, are you alright? I didn't think I put that much power into it...

*Blue springs back to his feet*

Blue: Yeah, I'm okay. I was just caught off guard is all.

Maylene: Okay then. If you're ready, come at me again.

Blue: Alright! Hyah!

*Blue charges once again at Maylene. This time he tries a kick to her side. She blocks the kick by putting her arm up and throws Blue off yet again.*

Blue: Guh! Aaaaah!

Gina: Blue! Get yourself together!

*Blue plants his feet in the ground and braces himself*

Maylene: Now it's my turn!

*Maylene charges at Blue, but then seemingly disappears*

Blue: Huh? Wh-where did she go?

*But before Blue could even know what hit him, he is sent careening into the wall by a fierce blow*

Blue: Aaaaaagggggh! Aah!

Gina: Blue! Oh no!

Maylene: *gaps* Blue!

*Maylene runs over to Blue*

Maylene: Oh no...Blue! Are you alright!? I..I didn't hit you too hard, did I? Oh gee, I did! Ah, I'm so sorry!

Blue: Kuh...I'm...I'm okay. Don't worry about me...

Maylene: It's looks like we're gonna have to start with the basics. Having you try and fight me from the jump was a bad idea.

Blue: The basics?

Maylene: Yeah. Before we train your body, we're gonna train your skills first. I wasn't aware that you lacked even the most basic combat skills.

Blue: *sigh*

Maylene: Hey, don't look so glum. With my help, you'll become a fighting machine in no time. So come on, you get to the bathroom and clean yourself up.

Blue: A-alright...

*Blue heads to the bathroom*

Gina: Maylene, is Blue a lost cause?

Maylene: No way. Not in my hands he isn't. It's gonna take more time than usual, but I know he can do it. *sigh* This is gonna be one loooooong training session though...

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« Reply #8 on: 13 October, 2007, 10:49:52 pm »

*Blue and Maylene's training continues on for several weeks. With Maylene's training, Blue progressively shows increases in both his strength and skill. Before long, he is able to keep up with Maylene's ability and even get the better of her at times*

*Today, Maylene and Blue are continuing their training session. They are having a sparring match. They are neck in neck when Blue gets the upper hand and ends the match*

Gina: Whoohoo! You won, Blue!

Blue: *panting* Nice match, Maylene.

Maylene: *panting* Same to you, Blue. I can't believe how good you've gotten in such a short time. You may even be better than myself. It's astounding!

Blue: Yeah, I couldn't believe it myself. But I guess the proof is in the pudding, huh?

Maylene: Sure is! You've become so good that I think it's time that I ended your training.

Blue: Ended? Already?

Maylene: Yes. There's no more I can teach you. I've already taught you everything I know. You've proven that your body is strong enough to handle higher level magic spells, and that you're skilled enough to defeat even me.

Blue: Heh, I guess I am...

Maylene: You're ready, Blue. I know it. As of this moment, your training with me is now complete.

Blue: Thank you, Maylene. I couldn't have done it without you.

Maylene: Aw, don't thank me. I was just glad to help you achieve your goal. Out of everyone I've taught, I've never seen anyone show as much promise as you, Blue.

Gina: Hey wait. I'm the only other person you've taught!

Maylene: Gina, hush!

Blue: Heh heh, thanks you guys. Now I'm all set to go back home and face Saru again.

Maylene: Saru? Who is that?

Blue: My older brother. He, and the rest of my family is the reason why I went through all of this training. I trained hard to prove that I'm strong enough to succeed.

Maylene: Is that so? Well I'm sure you can do it. And I'm behind you all the way! You show this Saru that you're not a weakling anymore!

Blue: Yeah, I'm going to set out first thing tomorrow morning. After a nice long rest.

Maylene: Good thinking. That's the best idea.

Blue: Well, I'll see you both in the morning then.

Maylene/Gina: Night, Blue.

*The next morning, Blue awakens after a good night's rest. Eager and ready to take off for home*

Blue: Alright guys, it's time for me to go.

Gina: Oh wait, Blue! Here. Don't forget your old clothes.

Blue: Thanks, Gina. I can't believe I almost forgot these.

*Blue removes the Blue gi and puts back on his old mage garb*

Blue: Ah, that feels so much better. And I guess you want these back. Here...

Gina: Oh no, you keep them. You earned it. Think of it as a gift for completing your training.

Blue: Really? Thanks..

Gina: Oh, and here's something else for you. Here.

*Gina hands Blue a spell book*

Blue: What's this?

Gina: Don't you know? It's a spell book, silly! I found it while I was out shopping the other day and thought you might like it. I skimmed through it and saw it was full of fire magic spells, and a few other miscellaneous conjurings.

Blue: Awesome! This is just what I needed! Thanks so much!

Gina: Aw, you're welcome Blue!

*Maylene then comes down the stairs*

Maylene: Hey Blue! Are you ready to go?

Blue: Huh? Go where?

Maylene: We're going back to your hometown, aren't we?

Blue: Uhm, we?

Maylene: Yeah, we! I wanna go too! I just have to see the results of all your training. I just gotta see you take down your brother! Oh please!?

Blue: Uhm sure. Uh, I guess, if you want...

Maylene: Hooray! Heehee.

Gina: Aw, I wanna go too!

Maylene: Sorry, Gina. But you gotta stay here and look after the house. But don't worry, when I come back, I'll tell you all about it!

Gina: Okay!

Maylene: So Blue, ready?

Blue: Ready. Let's go.

Gina: Bye you two! See you later!

*Blue and Maylene leave Shura Town and get on the road back to Blue's hometown of Luce*

Maylene: Huh? Hey Blue, watcha looking at?

Blue: This? Oh, I'm just looking through this spell book here. There's a lot of useful fire magic that I haven't learned yet. It could really come in handy.

Maylene: Oh hey! I think I see a section on summoning magic as well!

Blue: Summoning magic?

Maylene: Yeah, magic spells used to summon powerful creatures from another land. It's puts a lot of strain on the body, but it's the most powerful magic anyone could learn.

Blue: Hmm, is that so? I oughta take a gander at that too.

*Blue skims through the section on summoning magic*

Blue: Hrrrm...Ifrits, huh? Interesting....

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« Reply #9 on: 14 October, 2007, 02:28:57 pm »

*Blue and Maylene continue onward. Before long, they reach the Yushue Forest*

Blue: Well, this marks the halfway point. We should be back in Luce by sundown.

Maylene: Hey, look Blue. There are dead bodies strewn across the ground. What...what could've happen, you think?

Blue: Oh, well uhm...that was my doing. Remember when I told you I ran into some bandits?

Maylene: Ah, I see...Gee. You really did a number on these guys...

Blue: Lucky for me, they were someone that somebody with my level of skill could handle. All in all, they weren't so tough.

Maylene: Yeah well, let's just get out of here. This place is giving me the creeps...

*Blue and Maylene are almost out of the forest when Blue hears something up in the trees*

Blue: Stop.

Maylene: Huh? What is it?

Blue: Did you hear that?

Maylene: Hear what?

Blue: There, up in the trees.

Maylene: But..I don't see any-Oh!

*Blue and Maylene look up to see Saru standing on the branch of a giant tree*

Saru: Quentin! So you were able to spot me! Good. That's proof that you're better than before!

Blue: Saru! You're right, I am improved. Much improved! And I'm ready to challenge you again!

Maylene: So...this is Blue's older brother...

Saru: Then come up here, and show me what you've learned!

Blue: Gladly!

*Blue skillfully uses his agility to hop from tree to tree and reach the branch where Saru is standing*

Saru: Impressive.

Blue: Yeah, isn't it? But that's not all I've got up my sleeve. You'll soon see that I can really pack a punch now.

Saru: Enough talk. It's time you proved yourself. Come at me, Quentin. And don't hold back. Because I won't.

Blue: Alright, Saru. You asked for it!

Maylene: Go Blue! You can do it! I believe in you!
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« Reply #10 on: 14 October, 2007, 02:56:11 pm »

Blue: Here I come, Saru!

*Blue rears back and runs toward Saru at amazing speed. He then leans his body forward and lets his arms flail behind him to increase his speed even further*

Saru: (Oh, he's fast. Really fast. I better be careful)

*Just when Saru prepares for Blue's attack, Blue runs right past Saru, much to his surprise*

Saru: What!?

*Blue then comes to a stop and gives Saru a back knuckle, which sends him flying back*

Saru: Aaggh! Good hit...

Maylene: Whoo! Good one, Blue! Keep it up!

Blue: You haven't seen nothing yet! Hyah!

*Blue turns around and jumps forward at Saru. He throws two consecutive kicks, which Saru blocks with his arms*

Saru: Egh..

Blue: I'm not through yet!

*Blue then grabs Saru's shoulders and uses them to flip over him. Still clutched on his shoulders, Blue delivers a double kick to Saru's back and sends him slamming into the tree's side*

Saru: *panting* Good show, brother. You really have gotten much better. Before, you couldn't even land a hit on me, and now, this! I never thought it possible.

Blue: Come on, Saru. I know you're better than this. I thought you said you weren't going to hold back.

Saru: Alright, you got me. I was holding back just a little. But I know now that I shouldn't underestimate you. Now it's my turn.

*Saru runs toward Blue at a blinding speed*

Blue: Gah! (He's much faster than I am. I..I can't block the hit!)

*Saru shortly pauses in front of Blue and then delivers a quick punch to his face, causing him to stumble back.

Blue: Aaagggh!

*Saru then throws a sweep kick at Blue's feet, causing him to lose his footing and fall on his back*

Blue: Gah! Oof!

*Saru attempts to stomp on Blue, but Blue quickly rolls out of the way before the hit is landed and gets to his feet*

Saru: Here I go. Get ready.

*Saru disappears and then reappears directly in front of Blue. Unable to mount a defense, Blue does nothing but brace himself for the attack*

Blue: Ergh...

*Saru throws and upward kick to Blue's chin and sends him flying upward. Saru then jumps in the air after him. He grabs Blue and pile drives him through the tree branch and they land on another one below it*

Blue: Uaaaaaaaggggggh!

Maylene: Blue! Oh no!

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« Reply #11 on: 14 October, 2007, 08:49:35 pm »

Saru: I hope that's not all.

Blue: Ergh...no...it's not...Agh...

*Blue slowly gets to his feet*

Blue: I'm not gonna be the one to lose here.

Saru: Ha, I was hoping you'd get up. I would've been disappointed if you gave up now.

Blue: I won't give up. Not until I've beaten you! Yah!

*Blue wildly charges at Saru and throws a punch. Saru easily smacks away the blow and knocks back Blue with a punch of his own*

Saru: Quentin, what's happened to you? You won't beat me attacking wildly like that.

Blue: Errr shut up!

Maylene: No Blue! He's right! Stay calm and regain your composure! This isn't what I taught you! Now get back on track!

Blue: Uhm, yeah. You're right...

*Blue calms himself and gets back into his fighting pose*

Saru: Hmm, so she's the one who trained you, huh? Well it looks like she taught you well. But we still have yet to see if it was well enough.

Blue: Oh yeah? Well let me give you a taste of what my training has accomplished.

*Blue conjures a Fireball and hurls it at Saru*

Saru: Hn? What's this?

*The Fireball completely misses its target*

Saru: Hah, you've gotten stronger but your aim hasn't gotten any better. Try again, why don't you.

Blue: If you insist!

*Blue conjures several more fireballs and hurls them at Saru. Once again, they all miss their target*

Saru: Ha ha hah! That wasn't any good, Quentin. In fact, that was terrible. You're never gonna hit me like that.

Blue: Are you so sure about that?

Saru: What are you getting at? ....huh?

*Saru looks up to see all of the fireballs Blue had thrown were hovering above him. All at once, they come crashing down on Saru, causing a large explosion of flames*

Saru: Gah! Ergh, nice trick. But not good enough!

*Saru jumps out of the flames relatively unharmed. He then searches around, but sees no sign of Blue*

Saru: Ah! Where did he go!?

Blue: Did you think that was it?

Saru: What!?

*Saru turns around to see Blue heading straight for him. Before he can get away, Blue lands a hard punch on Saru and sends him spiraling into the side of a tree*

Saru: Gaaaaaaaaaaggh!

Maylene: Hey! Nice move, Blue! Didn't see it coming!

Blue: Heh, that's the idea.

*Saru gets to his feet and wipes the blood from his mouth*

Saru: Ergh...I see I'm gonna have to get serious...

*Saru takes the sword that laced around his back and takes it out of its sheath*

Blue: Ah, a sword...

Saru: You're good, brother. Really good. I didn't think I'd have to go this far, but boy was I wrong. I just hope you're ready!

Maylene: Blue! Be careful! That sword looks dangerous!

Blue: I am. And you better be ready for what I have in store for you.

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« Reply #12 on: 15 October, 2007, 12:01:14 pm »

Saru: Watch closely, because I'm only going to show you once.

Blue: What are you talking about

Saru: This.

*Saru makes a quick slash at the air*

Blue: What...nothing happened...

Maylene: What was that all about?

*Just then, Blue is inflicted with a gaping slash wound across his chest. The force of the impact causes blood to spew all over*

Blue: Guuuaaaaagggggh!!

Maylene: Blue! What...what happened? How did he do that!?

Saru: It's a secret sword technique. Using my energy from within, I can slash anything, near or far, without even making direct contact.

*Blue falls to his knees from the pain*

Blue: *panting* I....I...I can't...

Maylene: Come on, Blue! It's not over! Pull yourself together!

Saru: Yeah, better do it quick. Or else you won't survive this next attack.

*Saru slashes at the air once again for the final attack*

Blue: It's over....I'm finished...

Maylene: Blue! No, don't say that! Please, you have to keep going!

Saru: Too late.

*Blue is inflicted with another slash wound across his chest. Blue then falls unconscious from the pain and loss of blood*

Blue: ...

Maylene: No! Blue, wake up!!

Saru: Can't you see? It's over. He lost.

*Saru sheathes his sword and walks over to Blue*

Saru: Hmph, is that all there is? No more resistance? None? I expected much more from you.

Blue: ...

Saru: And to think that I had actually thought you'd beat me. I guess I was right afterall. You're strong, but nowhere near strong enough. You'll never defeat me.

Maylene: You're wrong! Blue is strong enough! He can beat you!

Saru: Well he still has yet to prove this. Until he can get up and face me once again, I guess he will remain to be nothing but....a failure.

*Saru's words echo into Blue's unconscious mind*

...a failure....a failure....a failure.....a failure.....a failure....a failure....

*Those words spark new feelings into Blue. Not of determination, but of anger and rage*

Blue: No! I'm not a failure!!!

Saru: I'm done here. It's time I left.

*Maylene looks over to see Blue's body exploding with blue energy*

Maylene: Wha..what? Blue?

Saru: Hn!? What is this!?

*Blue quickly springs back to his feet and glares at Saru*

Blue: I'm not....a failure!

Saru: (He looks at me...with eyes full of hate. This power, isn't from his will and determination, it's from pure anger. Most...interesting..)

*Saru unsheaths his sword once again*

Saru: Then come on. Prove to me that you're not a failure. I'm still waiting.

Blue: Here I come!!!
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« Reply #13 on: 15 October, 2007, 12:32:46 pm »

*Blue runs toward Saru with maniacal speed. Breaking apart the bark of the tree branch beneath him with every step. He then delivers a fierce punch to Saru before he could even move*

Saru: Gaaaaah! *coughs up blood* (He's too fast for me to evade. I have to go on the offensive!)

*Saru bounces back and runs toward Blue. He continuously slashes at Blue with his sword, but Blue blocks every blow with just his bare arm*

Saru: What!? How is that possible!?

*Blue then grabs Saru's arm to stop his attack, and throws a powerful kick to his gut. The force of the blow was so strong that Saru's body plows straight through the tree and he falls to the ground*

Saru: Guh...*panting* I won't lose. Not here.

*Saru struggles, but is able to get to his feet. Blue then leaps from the tree branch and down to the ground in front of Saru*

Blue: What's wrong, Saru? Am I too much for you!?!?

Saru: I don't think so. Let's see how well you block this attack!

*Saru slashes several times at the air. The invisible slashes connect with Blue, but they deal no harm to him*

Saru: No! Impossible!

Blue: I've had enough of you! Agh!

*Blue runs foward and punches Saru to the ground. He then picks up his sword and flings it far away, only to have it get jammed into a tree*

Saru: Errrggh....

Blue: Now, I'm gonna finish this.

*Blue gathers his remaining energy in preparation for his most powerful spell*

Blue: Rexfla-Aaah?

Saru: Huh...?

*The energy flowing from Blue's body fades, and Blue immediately falls to the ground unconscious once again*

Maylene: Ah! Blue!

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« Reply #14 on: 15 October, 2007, 01:05:41 pm »

Saru: *panting* So...I guess that outburst took it's toll on his body. Lucky for me, had it been just a second later, I would've burned to cinders...

*Maylene runs up to Blue*

Maylene: Blue! Are you alright?! Speak to me!

Saru: He'll be fine. But this fight..is over...

Maylene: What do you mean?

Saru: He's out cold. It's remarkable though. He almost had me....But I guess it just wasn't his day. This match, is mine.

Maylene: *sigh* Poor, Blue.

Saru: No, he did very well. Better than I had initially thought. But I never knew, that he had such power lurking inside of him. If one day, he could ever learn to harness it, well, the rest is self explanitory. It has me intrigued, and I plan to look more into it.

Maylene: What should...what should he do now?

Saru: What else? He needs to train even harder. He's just not strong enough. His body still can't handle the vast amounts of energy it contains.

Maylene: I see...

Saru: Will you train him even further?

Maylene: I will, if he will allow me.

Saru: Excellent. With you, I believe he is in good hands. Now then, until the next time we meet.

*Saru disappears*

Maylene: *sigh* I'm proud of you, Blue...

*Maylene stays with Blue in the forest, cradling his body until he regains consciousness. Several hours later, he finally awakens*

Blue: Oooh..M-Maylene...what..what happened?

Maylene: You konked out, Blue. All of that energy was just too much for you.

Blue: I did? Darn it! But what..what of Saru?

Maylene: He claimed victory and left. He said that you needed to train more.

Blue: No...I lost. Again...

Maylene: Oh come on now, don't beat yourself up over it. You did exceptionally well and that's all that matters.

Blue: No, it's not. I was supposed to win. I was supposed to prove myself.

Maylene: And you did that, Blue! He acknowlegded your strength. Isn't that good enough?

Blue: No, Maylene. It can't end like that. I have to beat him!

Maylene: Then let me train you some more! I can help you get stronger!

Blue: Sorry, Maylene, but no. I need to get power in my own way. By my own means.

Maylene: Wait, Blue. A-aren't you overdoing it a bit? Just let it go!

Blue: I can't. I won't. I will do this my way and my way alone. And I know exactly how.

Maylene: How?

Blue: I'll summon powerful creatures to do my bidding! Then, I will use their strength to defeat the Lord of Jahannam and gain his powers. I will use said powers to take control of the entire world! That will surely prove my worth.

Maylene: Blue! Wha..what!? You're crazy!!!

Blue: I'm not crazy, I'm determined.

Maylene: Blue, please, don't do this!

Blue: Stop, Maylene. This is the path I've chosen. Whether it is wrong or right does not matter to me now. I'm going...

*Blue begins to walk away*

Maylene: Blue! *sniff* Don't..please...

Blue: Maylene, don't cry. And..and be sure to tell Gina, that I didn't succeed.

Maylene: *sigh* (Blue, please make the right choice. I beg of you)

*And thus our hero begins his conquest of the world, the first of his many adventures. But little does he know that this journey will lead to a major turning point in his life. A turning point that'll change his life, and that of the world itself, for the better*

To Be Continued...In the Adventures of Blue.

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